Players ‘STAND’ Together At Labor Talks

NEW YORK – Wearing gray T-shirts over their street clothes that said, “STAND / 2011 NBPA Summer Meeting,” about 50 NBA players arrived in a group, exiting a limousine bus to attend Friday’s negotiating session for a new collective bargaining agreement.

The threat of a lockout looms, with the current CBA set to expire Thursday and the NBA owners and players still far apart after two years of proposals, counter-proposals and wrangling.

“The message is just solidarity, that we have to stand together, we have to be unified and be prepared to address whatever the circumstance is, but address it together,” said Billy Hunter, executive director of the National Basketball Players Association.

The session that began Friday at 11 a.m. ET was the seventh, small- or big-group, since The Finals began in Miami on May 31. Comments from both sides after the initial meetings focused on positive elements, but more recent reactions – as specifics of the two sides’ proposals have been shared – have turned pessimistic that a compromise can be reached.

The owners have a Board of Governors meeting scheduled Tuesday in Dallas at which they are expected to vote to authorize a lockout that would begin on July 1. NBA commissioner David Stern has not said if an extension of that deadline, so that negotiations might continue, is being considered.

“We proposed that some time ago, but we didn’t get a response,” Hunter said. “They will determine how crucial it is. The 30th, it can be just another date. They’re the ones who determine whether or not it should carry more significance than it really should.

“What happens on the 30th is that the collective bargaining agreement expires. It doesn’t mean that it has to be the end of negotiations, it doesn’t mean that it has to be a lockout. The ball is in their court and they will decide how to treat it.”

The last time the NBA went into lockout, negotiations ended on June 22 and did not resume, in a brief session, until Aug. 6.

Citing financial losses by as many as 22 of the 30 teams, the owners have proposed a 10-year contract that would establish a 50-50 split of league revenues and a “flex” salary cap, generating givebacks that the players say would cost them $7 billion over the deal’s term. The union, resisting what they still consider to be a hard salary-cap system, has countered with pay cuts of approximately $500 million over a five-year contract.

Some insiders had joked about the likely duration of Friday’s session, suggesting that it might adjourn 15 minutes after it started. But the two sides still were in the room 40 minutes into the meeting, with the afternoon blocked out if needed.


  1. Joseph V says:

    Looks like players are going to have to hold their own workouts this summer like the NFL teams were.

  2. karibkween says:

    Charles Barkley says owners are preparing for armageddon, he says there’ll be no basketball next season. We might want to listen to the Barker, he told us Dallas would win the Championship. I’m also sure Barkley collected big on his bet as the odds in Vegas for a Dallas win were 24-1. One wonders how many owners made that same bet and are now releshing in their surplus, knowing that they cannot lose, and if they wait long enough the players will eventually capitulate. What would happen though, if all the elite players signed up with European or Chinese professional leagues? The winds of change are blowing; after decades of billionaire businessmen outsourcing American jobs we might have the first case of American jobs outsourcing their billionaire businessmen.

    • tata says:

      I wonder how much LeBum made betting AGAINST Miami and then tanking in the 4th quarter every game.

  3. Its even funny I say those things, ’cause I’m not a Cavs fan, I’m a laker. But with all my strength I was rooting for Dallas even they sweeping Lakers like they did. But the kind of basketball that Miami Heat represents today, its not the real basketball, a team sport. And Dallas won fair and square as a team sport, with one of the most brilliant stars coming from the bench

  4. @karibkween the false hopes, the betrayal, and with your home state, that sort of thing has to be as far from the NBA as possible. ‘Cause that is everything but professional. Professional would be ask to be trade so that plan could happen in the right way, ’cause there was a decent way for that to happen. But greed didn’t let that was way to do things.

  5. @karibkween But nothing happened, no one got injured, for those who payed attention in the interviews of the Miami Big 3, notticed that they were talking about for quite a while about playing together if they reach a certain age without winning a ring, Wade already had one, But the other 2 didn’t. Your asking me if I ever heard about free agency. but free agency doesn’t have nothing to do about this. The free agency was a possibility, how many players use their right as a free agent and nothing happens and team and player goes different ways, the big problem is what is underneath. Go ahead, in an interview for a job and say:”I’ll be happy to work here, but if in 4 years I do not reach my first million, I’m out”. I would guess that you won’t get the job and that company won’t recomend you for anyone. Now substitute that for the phrase:”I’ll be happy to play for the Cavs but if I reach my 7th year without winning a title, I’ll join my friends Bosh and Wade in Miami to try to wining a ring”. That would spair the Cavs owners quite some time and money, ’cause they would never sign LeBron

    • karibkween says:

      “What’s underneath?” ’cause I’m not a Cavs fan, I’m a laker” “I was rooting for Dallas even they sweeping Lakers like they did.”
      Seems to me you have a lot more problems than your command of the Queen’s language.

  6. ClevelandfAN says:

    If the league lowers the amount bench warmers make the bench warmers will go play in Europe where they can make 6 figures and be provided free lodging and tax exempt status. The league would lose talent.

    • tata says:

      Let LUKE WALTON try to go to Europe and sit on the bench for $5million/year. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  7. ClevelandfAN says:

    In the end they all succeed if the league succeeds. If the league fails they all fail. Players have guaranteed contracts. That means they get paid rather the stands get filled or jerseys get bought. The owners have all the risk. If they have a bad year they still have to pay the players (hence 22 teams losing money.) So the losing teams then have to cut losses and trade away talent becoming less competetive which may just make things worse. As teams become less competetive with top teams (big markets) get more talent the league becomes less competetive and fans lose interest…less tickets and less money till the league fails…then the players have no jobs and the fans have no teams.

    In the end A hard cap is good for sports if the cap is flexed to keep pace with the league proceeds. All teams are made to spend roughly around the same amount…no one spending less than 90% of the cap or more than 100% of the cap. Teams are made to remain competetive that way. It works with the NFL where the distance between the last place team and the first place team can be bridged in 1 season because they are all quality teams. That is why the NFL enjoys the biggest following of all sports. The cap in the NFL is the conduit for that and guarantees the league is profitable for everyone.

    NFL also shares proceeds to a degree guaranteing no team loses money…some can say that is not fair and it isn’t but in the end it keeps teams cometetive which increases value of the league and everyone makes more money. I would share $100 with my cometitor if we both make an extra $10,000 because of it wouldn’t you?

    NBA needs a hard cap based on revenue, revenue sharing between the wealthier teams to the ones struggling (they at lease break even), min and max cap to keep competition going, The NFL has it right and is the model all sports should follow. Then all you have to argue about at the end of CBA’s is the percentages of the revenue to go to players vs. owners.

    Both must make money or the whole things falls apart. If the body dies (NBA) every part of the body dies (players and owners)

    • R4 says:

      Man you have it right. Will I watch the nba if hard cap in place yes. Would I watch it if things stay the same. Why? I bet you if Miami win next year that I could back 2 years later and see the same result. All my life I tried to do different things, when things stay the same what is the purpose of me watching nba if I could predict the next three years. I think three peat are great in a competitive nba but not in this new nba.

    • karibkween says:

      “That is why the NFL enjoys the biggest following of all sports” You forgot to add the caveat, in the U.S.A. Basketball is GLOBAL! Second only to Soccer.

    • tata says:

      SOCIALISM!!! Whatever happened to running your business into the ground=failure? Why should Buss pay Sterling when they are both in the same market? Buss runs his team smartly and the Clippers always find a way to suck. Buss should reward Sterling for his incompetence?

  8. mr.bball says:

    The owners are the problem ..period …..all you people complaining about the players making too much money are one are really complaining because most of those athletes are minorities and kids that make more than you. because if you really had a problem with money you would be complaining about the owners…who have billions ,and still charge YOU top dollar for seats,popcorn,food , parking ect. There are approx 450 players and only 150 of those make BIG dollar contract money , the rest not so much . But every OWNER is rich …not to mention Coaches & Team presidents & you dont complain about them. I myself think if a guy makes money for the league and is a top draw in every city, he deserves to be paid. Like the previous poster said earlier adjust the amount bench warmers make and the amount team owners can charge for tickets parking and food. ……..its we citizens that pay for the owners buildings /venues anyway.

    • karibkween says:

      Lebron James earned, pre-tax, in his first four years with the Cavaliers, roughly what he will earn each year with the Miami Heat.
      Averaged over the life of his contract that amounts to about seventeen million per year. He does have an option in the 4th year of his contract. After tax he’s probably netting about $13m per year.

      So for the first FOUR YEARS of employment with the Cavaliers Organization Lebron James netted about THIRTEEN (13) million; but the media never tells us if the contract amount includes agent, lawyer, and accountant fees, so it might be much less. Without endorsement money, how does Lebron purchase a $50m house in Akron, as was reported by the media?

      The NBA along with a complicit Sport’s media, have a vested interest in Fans believing that the players are the greedy, unreasonable ones.

      • karibkween says:

        The 2nd year players will be the ones to suffer most. Any smart player has probably already learned to save for a rainy day; and by the 3rd or 4th year has probably (or should have) saved enough to purchase their own homes outright; but 2nd yr players probably still owe on those mortgages (Dan Gilbert’s Quicken Loans maybe) and we all know what happens to people in this country who can’t pay their mortgages.

    • karibkween says:

      @ MrBball “150 of those make BIG dollar contract money”

      Actually, there are less than 100 players making so-called big money. and a lot less than 100, so there are 375-400 (or more) of a possible 450 players earning the league minimum; less than five (5) million a year. That’s nothing to thumb your nose at, but its a hell of a lot less than the criminal CEOs on Wall Street earn in a year; that’s their bonus money.

  9. @Derek @robbay2 You are both right, but I think that the “miami factor” of last season turn things a little bit more in favor of the owners, what LeBron and C. Bosh did, can’t happen again, a player can’t have that much power of bankrupt a franchise in the begining of the season, and the owners have the right to protect their franchise of that sort of thing never happen again.

    • karibkween says:

      Its called Free Agency. Ever heard on not placing your eggs all in one basket? How many games has Yao lost to injury? $H!t happens!

  10. Ryan says:

    I as an NBA fan will still be a fan even with a lockout. I’m a true fan and will always support the players, they would have a stoppage for a good reason, and I’m fine with that as long as the NBA players can get their deal done!

  11. thejerr says:

    I dont think theirs any reason why this cant be solved before a lockout has to happen…. my god, its basketball people, i love this game to death and to see all this unfold is just tragic, players mobin to the meetings, owners trying to get a lil more. Why at the very least cant they split revenues 50-50, shorten max contracts. At the end of he day they’re all making millions, for teams who arnt, well, thats why you dont signs goofs to big contracts, now whos faults that? sad

  12. Konstantinos Charitopoulos says:

    I wish that all these comments could be read by the owners and the players. I agree with the most of them (maybe all of them but there are so many so i may missed some). People are having difficulties in every-day living, and we’re watching a $$$ soap opera of rich people who try to be richer! In a period of global economic crisis!

    If they’re clever enough, they must think that besides ads, brands, contracts and all these stuff, the Fans are the power that gives them the opportunity to earn so much. And with this attitude, they’re trying their best to lose them…

  13. is this real life says:

    You guys dont get it… Rich people only speak in numbers. Screw that moral BS. “Its about the money Lebowski”

  14. karibkween says:

    Thanks for proving my case, but no need for hostilities; Was Zo an upper echelon player? Did New Jersey do a bad deal? In a TRULY FREE market, much as it is in nature only the strong survive. You should rent George Carlin’s DVD “Its Bad for Ya.”

    Why must I pay for a season of 25 hundred games when 90% of the games are of low quality. The NBA is like the U.S. or for that matter the Global housing market, it’s facing an over supply. I heard a quote attributed to Alan Greenspan, that the only way to stop the downward spiral of the financial markets, was for the government to buy up all the unsold houses and put a match to them; a suggestion that was made before the bailout; and as you can see, the bailout didn’t work. Bailing out underperforming teams in the NBA will not work, all it will produce is a lower quality product. I’m a quality over quantity person, if a city cannot afford to maintain a professional team then that team should be sold to another city or be allowed to go under. Not every child is special.

    • R4 says:

      so please tell me other market in america that can handle a basketball team. You seem to have many other market begging to have a nba team. And why would another city take someone else trash if they can’t succeed where they are. If teams are to contract then it should be but to think that there 3 cities trying to fight to get nba team you make me suck. This isn’t the nfl and I know my city wants a team just like LA.

      • karibkween says:

        But LA has Jerry Buss and the Laker’s have players like Kobe, Pau and Lamar and fans like Jack Nickolson and the Kardashians. Do you believe Time Warner Cable would have agreed to a twenty (20) year mega-year deal to broadcast Laker games with players like Barbosa and DeRosen?

        By the way I live in LA but I’m not a Laker Fan. My favorite team is the SA Spurs and they’ve found a way to prosper also.

      • karibkween says:

        Anaheim, CA is dying for a team; they’re about to get the Sacramento Kings, but Sacramento really doesn’t want to lose the Kings, so maybe Sactown, CA is the new home of the Toronto Raptors.

  15. BullySixChicago says:

    Some have said the season the entire season might be lost if that is the case how will the draft be done? If their is no season how will the order of drafting next years players be done?

  16. Andy Andrews says:

    ‘Yeah, I guess we make a lot of money, but people don’t realize we spend a lot of money too,”
    –Patrick Ewing

  17. Michel says:

    People are homeless, services cuts everywhere and players are speaking about losing something? In the name of what? And i’m suppose to pay to see those crybabies play? Having fun? I’ll find myself another hobby you can be shure of that.


    These players aren’t paid just to play 48 minutes a night. They have other obligations and duties to fulfill and you scum sit here acting all high and mighty. There is more to being an NBA player than games and that is why they are having labor talks.

    Bunch of parasites and leeches some of you are.

  19. iopl says:

    this is dumb

  20. Dan says:

    i just hope it doesn’t happen again so that the true NBA fan (me) would have to watch hockey all year, uugghhhh!
    Like hockey’s not bad at all, but i simply can’t survive a year without basketball. Dreadful.

  21. imJUSTsaying says:

    I couldn’t agree more with the spurs fan suck it up, stfu, and play ball like the grown men we’d like to think
    you all are.

    p.s. D.Fisher can come play for OKC after L.A tosses him out on the street for an upgrade

  22. Matt says:

    NBA players disgust me. The owners are offering you 50 percent of the income. If the company I worked for said they are gonna share 50 percent of profits with us. I would be ecstatic. Here you players are making millions of dollars. and even a minimum contract is worth half a million. And you are fighting with owners who bought there team, gave you a job, helped market you and gave you your opportunity. Now you wanna steal from them. I agree that owners are selfish. But if your in there shoes. You built your franchise and now when the league is reaping the benefits. The owners are getting denied the rewards. While the players become more selfish and take all the money.

    Youve lost an NBA fan. This is worse then any previous lockout in sports. A league that is at an all time high. and players are getting selfish.

    • davidzhangcanada says:

      Not all profits, only BRI is what the 57-43 split is about. Plus, you have to keep in mind how have both sides contributed to the NBA. Player goes out there and play the game and trains hard, while the owner does next to nothing because he hires GMs and coaches to do all their jobs for them. If you get a billion dollars, you will not have to work much to see that number grow.

      • R4 says:

        David players do not pay expense to run the team and a players bottom line is the same as it is on the contract. but owner do paid for every other function that allow fans to enjoy the game. It’s not just players salary but the people that put on the game.

      • karibkween says:

        “8-9 percent of player salary is currently held in escrow due to stipulations of the current collective bargaining agreement. Last season, because player salary exceeded a certain percentage of league revenue, players did not get those escrow funds back. They will not see that money this season, either.”

  23. anynimous says:

    AHHHHHHH if this doesn’t get solved then all we will have next year are the 2 most borings hockey and baseball

  24. BFOULDS says:

    Look. I’m 5’11. I’m a waterpolo / swimming all american. I just shot 25 NBA 3 pointers (unguarded) and made 18 of them. I’ll play for $75,000.00 a year, you can use me like the Spurs use Bonner. I’ll just stand on the 3 point line and run off screens and jack them up for you and do nothing else. Infact, I’ll ride the bench all year like some of the other NBA players do and I will make every practice on time without fail. You can cut one of your other bench warmers that make 200-300k and replace them with me. You’ll be saving money. Call me.

    • Ha. says:

      Kid, you don’t know how tough the NBA is. And who’s gonna play defence? YOU? HAHAHA. 5-11 players are usually more offensive and suck on defence because tthey get pushed around. The world’s worst nba is better than 99% of people who have no chance at making the NBA

  25. karibkween says:

    The comments on this board are either generated by the children of owners or by fans ignorant of NBA deals and player’s contracts to begin with.

    Firstly, when the media reports that a player signs a deal for such and such millions, the question you should be asking is how much of that contract is guaranteed. Last I checked there were few players in the league with guaranteed contracts,much less a guaranteed maximum, except perhaps Kobe Bryant and other upper echelon players. Most player’s contracts have buyout clauses, so the guaranteed contracts concession by the owners is a non-starter; the few players with guaranteed max contracts are primary league revenue generators. If an owner signs a player to Kobe money and that player turns out to be a dud, should the rest of the league be penalized for that owner’s mistake? How do you like that Wall Street bailout?

    Secondly, players are workers, they get paid to play, hence if they’re not playing they’re not getting paid; think about all those players on teams that don’t make the playoffs. In addition there is no overtime pay either as most players are salaried so players who are playing during the playoffs aren’t getting paid either, while the owners are raking in the dollars, as there seems to be no limit to playoff ticket prices. There is a playoff bonus but it doesn’t really compare to the players’ actual salaries.

    That’s why smart teams are determined to make the playoffs and get to the finals because that’s where the real money lies. Why should Jerry Buss and Kobe be penalized because Donald Sterling and his ilk want the reward without the risk?

    • davidzhangcanada says:

      Completely agree, most people on this page don’t know what they are talking about. (except you ofcourse)

    • R4 says:

      foolishness about guaranteer contracts. If you are a true fans you will know that every contract is guarantee. We in toronto had to paid 10 million dollar so Alzonso mourning could play with the heat in his final year. Y should be paid for him to leave us. You like a fool in sheep clothing about paid to play. We all know you need to paid for your work. But in a recession no one is safe from a pay cut. If you honestly believe that there paid for what they do is correct your even a better fool than Derek Fisher. No man should earn millions and disrespect the fans in such a way like lebron did on the podium in the finals. Could you imagine your doctor who makes million himself telling you after he finish helping you telling you that your life hold no weight, and thanks for paying my bills. For you to respect players of today is nonsense. I do believe will always be that a hard cap is the best system for the nba to compete or they can go do road of mlb that has even more money over years of having the yankees succeed the way they do. Teams are playing in half empty stadium. and the only time their r fill is when the lakers and the heat are in town.

      So if 22 teams are suffer and not making a profit do you think the owner are going to continue to run the team. Okay let’s say they gonna sell their teams. Let me ask you will you buy a team that doesn’t run a profit. If you say no I know you went to school and wasn’t living off your hoop dream but if you say no, damn, I feel for you. If a business is not making a profit regardlesss of what the amount of money is. Anyone with a high school dipolma know that its time to close it. I rather see a nba wher I couldn’t tell you contender in the preseason. So I think the best way to continue this is too just cut 10 teams. Take away 150 players jobs so nba and players can co exsit. But that will take away far more from the ecomony if that was to hapen.

      • davidzhangcanada says:

        Whats wrong with the MLB, it’s a good league and running smothly unlike the nba right now. Maybe the NBA should take the cap system away. And anyone with a brain will not believe that 22 teams are loosing money, its probably all accounting tricks. Owner are very greedy and unethical business people. Some teams are ment to contend like the Heat, and some team are meant to give them a good practice. There should be about 8 elite teams in the NBA while the rest are just companions.

      • Jake says:

        Every contract is not guaranteed, and taking away ten teams is an absolutely stupid idea.

      • karibkween says:

        Unless your team’s ownership resembles the Packers of Green Bay, you don’t get to choose sides. If your city cannot afford to maintain an NBA team then you shouldn’t have one. Zo was an upper-echelon player and his deal probably wasn’t even the most egregious commited by Raptor ownership, so you’re actually proving my point. To quote the late great George Carlin, “Not all children are special.”

        Your problem is the problem of the world; the source of all wars and crimes; its the result of being unable to heed the 10th Commandment; “Thou shalt not covet…”

      • karibkween says:

        I’ve got a suggestion for your City, R4, get a Professional Hockey Team and join the NHL. LOL

      • karibkween says:

        The players have agreed to a pay cut; they’re down from 57% of revenue ro 54%.

      • R4 says:

        We do have a professional hockey team in Toronto. It number 1 on forbes and has the one of the highest ticket prices in North America. Go look it up. Even the Toronto Raptors gross more money than 20 other teams in north america without even going to the playoff.

      • karibkween says:

        @R4 Thanx again for validating my post. If Toronto’s making a profit, then why should we believe the other teams aren’t, or are unable to; and if they aren’t that it isn’t due to incompetence or mismanagement on the part of ownership?

    • doodleman says:

      it doesnt matter if they are guaranteed or not, they still make enough money to pay for my family’s living for the rest of our lives. My dad’s job isn’t guaranteed if his boss thinks he is doing a poor job or whatever, being fired is just like being cut from a team.. Sure, they work to improve their skills and put work into being a player as a career, but im sure anyone would rather dribble a basketball for thousands of dollars than work in a factory everyday all day for 12$ an hour. — you know you would too man, anyone with common sense would.
      its irresponsible to think that its just the players, i mean, owners included. Real life is happening outside of those rooms that they are scrapping for money in. Just play, after all, its what you’re PAID to do.

  26. Philinbaskets says:

    I dont really see the need for all these meeting it is the owner’s decision to pay players 80 mil or 120 mil. I feel like that shouldn’t be stopped because we are in a recession. These meetings are a waste of time the owner’s pay what they want to pay. Maybe they want to give lots of cash so they can keep players. Not all players are in it for the money, but thats only because they have tons already.

  27. Michael says:

    This is ridiculous, the NBA is entertainment. The fact that they already make MILLIONS of dollars compared to say, doctors and other such jobs who SAVE LIVES and HELP THE WORLD is just sickening. People in this world struggle to feed their families and these greedy players are complaining about losing a few million dollars when they already make millions more? This is just ridiculous.

    • davidzhangcanada says:

      well lowering the cap will hurt dwight howard’s chance of landing in Miami, so wo cares about invidual compensation, I just want to see a team collect stars and win multiple championships.

  28. kleenex says:

    oohh great, now we watch two sides of billionaires/millionaires fight to become richer. Disgusting. Remind me of the movie The Replacement, find those player that wanna play with heart not $$$ and replace those with them. I’m sure that’s lot of talents out there right now.

  29. incrediblemick says:

    Wow,seems people lose perspective pretty quick.To listen to NBPA talk about “we’re gonna lose this n we’re gonna lose that” is ridicuous,take a look at the world around you,we’re in an economic recession,everybodys having to make sacrifices,like loseing their homes,having to spend retirement money to pay bills, and they expect us to have sympathy for them only getting to make millions instead of hundreds of millions? Yeah I don’t think so lol. You can sell that sobb story to what ever moron will buy that story. Really? is a fifty-fifty split of BRI so un-fair?,yeah its the players playing generatng money but its the owners that give them the venue to do so,and the Fans that make any of this possible. And as far as owners demanding a flex cap,how about you just start policeing the overspending of your general mangers, instead of pretending you were held hostage by your star players, I mean these men have made billions running other corperations and were supposed to believe they have completely lost the ability to negeotiate? In the end it feels like the fans are getting punished after we give the NBA the most suport we have in a very long time if not ever.

  30. yoo2 says:

    Kobe and Lebron should be there instead of Fisher

  31. LetsGoKnix says:

    Nobody puts a gun to anybody’s head and forces them to sign a Joe Johnson to the max deal, or a Rudy Gay to the max. deal, and all those other bad contracts. Time for the Owners and GM’s to start taking responsibility for they’re actions and their Franchises. I can ask you for 50 bucks for a burger; but it’ll be your choice to give it to me or not.

  32. doodleman says:

    the US ecomony is in the toilet and people as always, as starving, suffering, and working their butts of in this world. They are poor as dirt, just like myself and my family. I’d love to have lebron james just drop a million dollars in my lap, he can afford to. Even the bench players that might see 20 minutes ALL season long make 200+ times more than my father does working in a factory supporting his family. If i had that money, there wouldn’t be world hunger, because my money wouldn’t go to the 3 houses, 10 sports cars, and expensive unnessary items that NBA players,owners, and whoever buy without a worry of dropping a dime. Men and woman die in the military for us, yet they are treated NOTHING like simple basketball players. Get your priorities straight, give up a few million dollars that you could be whipping your bottom with and just play the game. You’re set for life, just let us enjoy sports again and drop the selfish attitudes that is churning this league into a pathetic money grabbing business instead of a career in entertainment. Just amazes me how these people that the world’s youngersters look up too are so selfish and stingy, setting a bad example.

    • davidzhangcanada says:

      Half of the problem causing a lock down will be on the owners too, so its not just players. Owners are much richer than players generally and yet many of them prefer money and business over the game of Basketball. Its sad but true.

  33. madmike OZ says:

    do you all remember playing and training up to 3 games a week and 3 days of training? we did that for free. while i understand the players generate money, cant they call it even and start fresh?

    • Jake says:

      All the players in the NBA spent many years training and playing for free. In fact, most of them have spent the majority of their lives doing that.

  34. tarsier says:

    Superstars, like Lebron, aren’t making too much. They are generating tons of income for the league. It’s the role players who are way overpaid. Sure Joe Johnson and David Lee and lots of other big names have excessively large contracts. But players like James Posey, Wesley Matthews, Charlie VIllanueva, Caron Butler, Mike Miller, etc (in short, most of the players in the league) are the real problems. They are way overpaid. No one pays to watch them play, they are just necessary to fill out rosters. MLE guys should be more like $2M guys. Minimum contract guys should be more like $100-300K guys.

    • Jake says:

      I pay to watch more than just the superstars. Plus, if NBA contracts were to drop that significantly most of the players would probably go to Europe where they would be able to make a lot more money and the quality of play in NBA would nosedive.

      P.S.-Wes Mathews isn’t overpaid, he earned his contract.

  35. STFU_NOOB says:

    Can’t they just set an allotted budget fixed for all the TEAMS? say like only 100 M for each teams, nothing should be above that, and if the player don’t agree on his salary, he can go find another team! heck, i think it would be more balanced that way.

  36. NBPA says:

    How’s Derek Dirty Flop Fisher the representitive of NBPA? That’s the first problem.

  37. rich says:

    ts not all about the money there are player have big salary but in times of playoffs and finals not performing well its all about desire to win your championship not how big your salary…. damn i like michael jordan the bigger salary its championship ring to the team thats all worth it……

  38. rich says:

    its not all about the money there are player have big salary but in times of playoffs and finals not performing well its all about desire to win your championship not how big your salary…. damn i like michael jordan the bigger salary its championship ring……

  39. OMG! Just play the game you guys are already millionaires. How much more do you need? And I agree with Matt, basketball gone in America sucks!!!!!!!!!!1

    ps.Dwight Howard to BUlls

  40. kenny lynch says:

    I’m tiered of hereing billionares and millionares bitching about money when theres people like me living off less thin 700 dollars a month if there is no season next year I will be done watching the NBA for good

    • R4 says:

      I’m back. I just had a thought. Let’s be real, today the real idiot are the fans. We follow these players like our own life has no meaning. Stop buying anything connected to these jerk and move on. Make life better for yourself. I know basketball is all most people have to look up too. But when the lockout comes find something else to do. Travel, go back to school, or stop watching nba for awhile. For things to change for all we as fans need to stand talk together and show the players that we are world. The players are just 450 and if you think 450 has more power than the world let them find out ways to pay their own salary.

      I think this lockout is make people hate more players more than ever. I feel for fisher when the moment they lose and he looking for a new job. A friend of mines that watches only soccer told me. NBA should start over and get new players in that are willing to play the game they love for the fans not the money.

      To lebron I do wake up everyday with the same problems but different thing with me and you. You can’t say what you think, I can. You may have more money but I guess money can’t buy you everything when you have to bite your tongue before you speak. Can’t put a price on everything

  41. Gaz says:

    What happened to sport?

    It’s not about championships anymore, it’s about money in the players pockets. The US is struggling right now and people are doing it tough and they think that they can just walk all over everyone because they can jump high? Stupid, ridiculous, insane and childish are words that come to mind. I have news for you NBA players, get a grip on reality, you’re not gods, you’re humans that don’t really make that much difference in the world. Sure, I like watching you but seriously find it in your hearts to take a pay cut. You’re still going to earn 99.99 percent more then the rest of the world.

    Grow up and open your eyes.

    • davidzhangcanada says:

      Their salery is determined by the market, they get paid that much because their marginal cost is less than the marginal profit their owners make. Unless we have communism, they will continued be paid at their market value wheather its getting a paycut or getting a raise, thats how captalism works.

    • Jake says:

      davidzhangcanada is right, the players salary is determined by the market and revenue they can generate for a team. It’s interesting how everyone is calling the players greedy and selfish, but they forget that the owners make most of the players look like paupers. These negotiations are between millionaires and billionaires, and there is a big difference between the two.

  42. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Just play Basketball already!!!

  43. brasichopper says:

    instead of being in negociation about salary-caps, percentages of profit and and and… the leage (teams&players) should think about more important things!!!
    They should found an insurance for all college-players and their families which may not be draftet due to an serious injury. Most of these guys/families had spend a lot of time and dedication to the game without any financial outcome.
    Or they could make sponsorships for public-schools, paying for books and school-hardware.
    They could think about laws which insists that drafted players need to absolve a financial-school period in order to avoid getting poor again (No joke).

    And so on…

    These thinks aren’t the most important things, but imho more important than 50/50 or 45/55% … who really cares?!?!?!?!?
    There will be a lot of “flexible” contracs anyway, which will make all these negociations being nonsense 😉

  44. Silver says:

    players make far more money than they should. it shouldnt be hard to cut their salary by a little bit to save some money. do you honestly think someone like lebron deserves 20 mil a year over someone like a doctor. no. he can easily cut his salary down

    • davidzhangcanada says:

      You see if a doctor is stops working, maybe thousands of other doctors can perform the job just as good. But it is nearly impossible to find a replacement for an elite athelete.

    • Jake says:

      Do crummy politicians deserve to make hundreds of thousands of dollars more per year than dedicated school teachers, firefighters and policeman? No, but they do. It’s pointless to argue how much people deserve to get paid. You get paid what you’re worth, the tricky part is figuring out how much that is.

  45. Matt says:

    America without Basketball? I don’t wanna be alive to witness this.

  46. Tim says:

    is it not the fans that pay for everything, tickets, merchandise and watching on television (making the television rights worth a fortune) who should be though of most highly in these situations. collectively we invest billions in time and money supporting the nba, i just cant see how 500 or so rich men and women could be willing to bite the hand that feeds them. was it not up to the individuals to pay so much for the franchises, how can they say that they are willing to pay 450 million for example and then complain it i not profitable enough, if that is the case then why part with so much money in the first place? unless they are also fans (but then would they also not want play to continue?)

    this is the NBA, we should love basketball first, not money

  47. Derek says:

    This is ridiculous. The players and owners need to get it together! At the end of the day it is just a game, and for the players it should be the game you love most! Why is money such a huge factor now a days? It’s not like (responsible) professional athletes are going broke any time soon…and you owners are making money off of their talent anyway, why try and milk it for all you can? There are people out here struggling and you (nice people…) are out here spending millions, debating millions, and losing fans. I hope something happens in each and every one of your lives that makes you realize at the end of the day, it really wasn’t all about the money after all. You (nice people…) are pampered daily, cooked for, and cleaned up on the regular…..but no, you totally need more money in your bank account to buy CRAP.

    • robbay2 says:

      I agree, both sides are being obnoxious.

      to be honest, I think we need a hard cap. players shouldnt be timebombs in an airport, deciding what to do and leaving their fans and owners biting their fingernails. Joe johnson should not have 120,000,000 dollars over the next 5-6 years.

      people, I would be ecstatic to make 80,000 dollars a year, while some players are offended at getting 8,000,000

    • brent says:

      i agree with derek

    • Joe says:

      The people have spoken

    • Mike says:

      You are completelly right. But the world is just about money now a days….money and power, all that counts. How sad…

    • lakersforever says:

      well regarless of the money the reality is that both sides just need to meet in the middle they arent debating whether or not they are going to starve like the strikers of most unions they are fighting over if the can afford an island or only a block of beach front property haha

    • LA fan for life says:

      why does stupid mlb owners pay players how much they want. MLB is most injury free sport of The NBA, NFL, and NHL. They should get hard cap not NBA, NHL. I hate this i am not from USA and i can’t stand to watch MLB for 3 min.

    • davidzhangcanada says:

      It’s their profession, so although we view it as a game, the pro athelets don’t. The players are getting paid tonnes of money, but that is what happens in a free economy market. People gets paid because they sell ticket and create value for their employers. LAL is paying like 100 million a year, but they are the team that makes the most money, so it is worth it for them. A hard cap makes no sense, we should just let all the teams compete in a free market and spend however they want as long as they see fit. What I want is no cap, shorter contract like max 3 years, and let every one earn their true value.