Pistons Add Ewing To List

The Detroit Pistons have expanded their head coaching search by interviewing Orlando Magic assistant coach Patrick Ewing, according to league sources.

Ewing, 49, has long desired to be a head coach, and has decried what he viewed as pigeonholing him as a “big man” assistant, a role he has undertaken while an assistant coach in Houston with Yao Ming and in Orlando with Dwight Howard. Ewing has said that he does a lot more than just work with bigs and is ready to run a team. He badly wanted to get a shot with the Knicks, the team for whom he became a superstar after being taken first overall in the 1985 Draft.

“It’s disappointing that I haven’t moved to the next step to getting a head coaching job, but all I can do is keep working hard and keep on preparing myself for whenever that opportunity arises,” Ewing told the New York Daily News earlier this month. “A lot of people try to pigeonhole me into just a big man’s coach and I’m just not a big man’s coach. I’m a coach.”

He is the fifth known candidate to replace John Kuester, joining former Hawks coach Mike Woodson, former Nets and current Celtics assistant Lawrence Frank, former WNBA coach and current Timberwolves assistant Bill Laimbeer and current Bucks assistant coach Kelvin Sampson, a former college coach at Indiana and Oklahoma. Each has interviewed once with team president Joe Dumars. It is not known if second interviews will be conducted with the Pistons’ new majority owner, Tom Gores.


  1. Ant says:

    What Detroit needs to do is trade RIP, Charlie V, T-Mac, and maybe Ben Gordon and Tayshuan Prince and try to get a starting SF (if they trade Prince), role playing SG (if they trade Gordon), and a 6’11 or 7″ backup C ( I would like to get Greg Oden for that spot). Get Patrick Ewing and let him and Ben Wallace mold Vernon Macklin and Greg Monroe.

  2. Joseph V says:

    At this point the Pistons should hire Patrick Ewing as their center, not their head coach. Heck, they don’t need a head coach, Pat can be both! Maybe then he can’t be fired, then.

  3. GSW8 says:

    Its just not going to work for the Pistons with that bunch, Too many unhappy players in the roster. Yes maybe Ewing is the right man for the job, because he knows how to relate to the players. I say give him a shot at starting the new season with his system. they have to give someone a chance, so why not a former all-star and future hall of famer?

  4. danito says:

    pistons need lot of help rite now, but the most they need is a good center, they have monroe and thats all wat they have in decent bigs, so should be searching for center before searching for a coach, they have lot of perimeter players and pgs they need bigs, get howard lol

  5. jopacs says:

    hey.. t-mac is still in silent mode. if i am right his just being careful of his health from having heavily injured from his past career. But i know 1 day t-mac’s talent will rise up again. he must leave detroit and i prefer him to be a part of lakers backing up kobe..

  6. Jodi Jezz says:

    You all are crazy if you think Gordon isnt good. When Gordon is starting next year and is averaging 20pts per game again you all will be happy. And CV is a good PF to come off the bench. CV shots over 44 percent from the 3pt line! Why in the world would you trade that?? Rip needs to be traded, and Jonas isnt coming back so whoever thinks he is needs to wake up and smell the roses! If the pistons were interested in Jonas we would of offered him a qualifying offer to make him a restricted agent, and just as I thought we didnt, hahaha. Jonas isnt going to win us any games in this league anyway.

  7. Mario says:

    I love the Pistons and I would love to see Prince and Rip back with the Pistons next season but I doubt it. Prince showed he can still score in many games and whenever Rip WAS in, he scored like 25 points so that’s gotta mean something.

  8. Riffton says:

    Like the artical Tyler…..I feel the same way…..I think I have changed my mind too.

  9. Shannon Lewis says:

    Im not a big Piston since the fight with the Pacers, but you are right with BG and VC they dont work in your offence or defence. People like Rip, Prince, and Tracy are out of there prime but atleast Tracy showed some effert in playing good. He had a couple double double’s and 20 point games. He isnt going to be what he was when he played for the Magic or early with the Rockets. Thats what people think he will do and it wont happen he has sever back problems and having super major knee surgery stoped his come back as a super star. he is a great team player and a good role player you just have to use him right and he will get you 15 to 18 points a game

  10. James Lee says:

    The Pistons basically had a signing freeze with the change in their ownership so it’s not fair to say, everybody needs to go.

    With the new owner in place, Pistons need to be aggressive in acquiring free agents. It’s going to take couple of years so we should try to get some young talent for the veterans that are in no man’s land at this point, that being Hamilton and Prince. Gordon just doesn’t fit into the Pistons style. Stuckey is a 2 guard and they are trapping him into being a 1 guard. It won’t work.

    Start fresh and make some moves. We are way behind competitive teams.

  11. choker says:

    Get T-mac he didn’t contribute like he used to but he showed potential

    • chokerwithknowledge says:

      He showed potential????? he’s in his 30s so this shouldnt be the time when he is showing his potential but using his skills that he aquired over years to dominate everyone that comes in front of him….. some of your posts that i read either suggest that you are very young or just lack in knowledge of basketball. In other post you said how Luke Ridnaour MIGHT not be even better than Rondo (no crap Colombo…. one is a champion who leads his team and makes all-NBA teams while other is bouncing from one to another crapy team). lol AND why not Carter? because his prime is over and they already have washed up stars…. this is not 1999 but 2011 and they need to get younger not older… Vince needs to play for a contender where he is just a little piece of the puzzle

      • Shannon Lewis says:

        lets see you do the samething have major knee surgery and najor back problem and come back and be a all star i want you to see you do that, potential yes he as shown some to try to get back to what he was so dont hate the player

  12. choker says:

    why not get CARTER when he becomes a free agent be like the mavericks who always lose but if these losers like the mavs stay together they might win

  13. Larry says:

    Dumars has to go. Worst draft ever. Needed bigs to complement Monroe and didn’t deliver.

  14. Resign Jerebko and Stucky and get rid of Prince/Rip/Wallace/Tracy.

  15. The Pistons need a coach who can relate!

  16. Scott says:

    I’ve wanted Laimbeer as a coach ever since Larry Brown left.

  17. Jon says:

    I hope he is a serious candidate. He knows basketball. Played under some great coaches Pitino, Pat Riley, Van Gundy, Don Nelson. His foundation is Defense.

  18. flakker says:

    Danito the have to have vet’s to teach Knight and have the winning experience

  19. Ryan says:

    Amanda, please don’t spam your random blog that has nothing to do with this article

  20. JaeJAE says:

    I dont think too many teams are gong to take CV and BG they are over paid and both are career back ups. Joe Dumars has alot to explain about those two, Patric Ewing Whould be a good coach option!
    Stucky is good but I ike that they took the Duke PG I think they could make him a soild starter. Build around Him and Monroe.

  21. Milli says:

    All them boyz are bums!!!

  22. Amanda Simms says:

    I would love to see Ewing back in the basketball world. I read an article the other day on him http://tinyurl.com/3ek2u9g
    and I wondered where he had been since retiring. He always made my dad mad growing up when the knicks played the bulls!!!

  23. danito says:

    pistons need to get rid of some of the players first, rip,prince, ben wallace, tracy, there prime time is over. they need new blood.even gordon and villanuave need to go

    • Tinkerbell says:

      I agree…even Gordon and Villenueva needs to go…they threw all that money at those 2 which turned out to be a big mistake..