Jimmer-Mania Headed For Sacramento

NEWARK — The celebration was interrupted at the start, delayed a little longer and then held mostly behind closed doors for No. 10 pick Jimmer Fredette.

Sure, the Prudential Center got a dose of “Jimmer-Mania” during Thursday night’s draft, but nothing like we might have seen had Fredette not been a part of a three-team trade that saw him put on a Milwaukee Bucks hat to make his ceremonial walk across the stage to shake NBA Commissioner David Stern‘s hand, only to swap it out later for a Sacramento Kings’ lid.

Instead of making the normal media rounds like most of the other draft picks, Fredette remained sequestered in a private room in the bowels of the arena as the details of that trade were worked out.

By the time he did emerge from the back, it was clear that former BYU star was just relieved to finally be able to celebrate properly.

“Took a while waiting back there,” Fredette said. “But it’s a great moment for me and my family, and for the Sacramento Kings organization. Hopefully their fan base is excited, because I’m really excited to get out there and start the season with them and have a great year. So I’m looking forward to it.”

Not anymore than the folks in Sacramento.

The 10th pick in the draft was the only one to receive a shout out from the mayor of the city he will call home for the start of his professional career.

Former NBA star and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson made his approval of the Kings’ pick public immediately.

“Jimmer is exactly what the Kings need right now,” he said in a statement. “He’s electric, a fan favorite and a competitor. Together with Tyreke [Evans], they will create one of the most dynamic, young guard combos in the NBA. Congrats to the Kings on an exciting pick.”

Someone even asked Fredette, tongue in cheek, of course, if he had any plans to run for President.

“No,” he shrugged. “I’m definitely going to stick with basketball for now.”

Evans was at one of the many draft night parties held in Sacramento and told the Sacramento Bee that he’s as eager to play with Fredette as the rookie point guard is to dive in with his new teammates.

“It’s gonna be a good one-two punch,” Evans said. “We’ll have to wait until training camp to see where each of us likes the ball, and it’s still up in the air if he plays the point and I play the two, or he plays the two and I have the ball. But he’s a great player, he can shoot, pass, score, do it all.”

Fredette was feeling the love from all sides on his big night. The Glens Falls, N.Y., native was surrounded by family and friends, had the crowd in the arena on his side from the moment he set foot in the building and drew a pack of reporters to rival any of the nine players picked ahead of him, including No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving.

Fredette’s a folk hero in Sacramento and Utah, but especially so in his hometown, which partied hard on the night their favorite son made his way to the biggest stage.

“It’s great,” Fredette said. “It’s great to have that support back home. It’s obviously where I grew up and was raised my whole entire life, and I’ll never forget the people that helped me get to this position where I am today. So it’s very exciting for myself and everybody back in Glens Falls and I’m glad that they are still supporting me.”

Fredette’s arrival in Sacramento could have a similar effect on a Kings fan base that has grown weary of the drama that has surrounded its beloved franchise the past few years. Now that they have a young core of Evans, DeMarcus Cousins and Fredette, things should get really interesting on the court.

With Cousins assuming more responsibility in the paint and Fredette, a lethal outside shooter and scorer, playing off of Evans on the perimeter … the possibilities and matchup nightmares for other teams could be endless.

“He’s a slashing guard and able to get into the lane,” Fredette said of Evans, “a very physical guy who can guard the point and the two because he is so big. So that’s an advantage. I think we’ll be able to play really, really well together. Like I said, it’s a young team, young nucleus of guys they have out there. But we’re an exciting team that likes to get up and down and score the basketball, so it’s a great fit.”

A great fit for all involved.


  1. MORI says:


  2. Miik3 says:

    Jimmer is a GREAT scorer but he needs to work on the rest of his game, which is cool considering hes a rookie and still needs to develop more… but for the kings to contend right away they may need a guy like DWest or any good available BIG in free agency. If they do that then i can see them contending for a Loooooooonnnggggg time lol…

  3. Erick Lee says:

    1. Jimmer Fredette’s gonna be a superstar.
    2. He will ofcourse be a starter.
    3. He will win RINGS.
    4. You guys dont know anything about basketball…..LAMERS

  4. B Mill says:

    It’s so funny to read all of these posts. People just throw all of this stuff out there like they’re profits or something. It’s okay to do that because there are no consequences if you’re wrong. The truth is that nobody knows how good any of these guys are going to be in the NBA until they actually start playing. Usually it takes 2-3 years to know for sure. I am a huge Kings fan and while it’s easy to get caught up in “Jimmermania” all of us just need to take a wait and see approach. I hope Jimmer is great, just like I hope Tyler Honeycutt and Isaiah Thomas end up being great but we won’t know for awhile. The Kings are currently not a playoff team and the addition of Jimmer has not changed that. By the time the season starts they could very well be a playoff team. There are still a few months (hopefully not more) for teams to make trades and free agent pickups. The Maloofs have vowed to be aggressive this off season and we don’t know what the team will look like on opening night. A lot of different things can happen that will affect what Jimmer’s role will be, how many minutes he will get, or if he starts or comes off the bench.

    People always feel like they’re going to win some award if they predict how a player is going to turn out. Rather than thinking you have to claim Jimmer the next all star or the next American player to go play in Instanbul how about just being happy for a good kid who is realizing his dream. Jimmer stayed in school, he’s well spoken, and he’s a very positive story. Let’s just let him be that for awhile before we put him on a pedastal or bury him in a grave before he’s even stepped on an NBA court.

  5. ArVIN says:


  6. Dieymen says:

    Ok let me analize this for a moment….

    SG – MARCUS TORTHON (wich i see everyone forgot about, even after a great season ending with the kings)


    ETC…. (Dont Remember the rest LOL)

    I think we kings have a very good young and talented group of players who can take us to the playoff, and if another move gets made maybe we can go a little bit deeper than everyone can expect… FROM DOMINICAN REPUBLIC I CAN YELL AGAIN: GOOOO KINGS!!!!!

  7. CB says:

    Even though i am not a kings fan… i think they have a lot of potenial. I hope to see Jimmer succeed in the NBA.
    Jimmer is what this franchise needs right now. Hopefully Jimmer can really help the kings stay in Sactown. They have some of the best fans and it would be a shame to see another franchise move to a big market. That being said… the kings aren’t going to playoffs this year… They are too young with a weak bench. If their potential lives up a couple years from now, with additional players of course… i can see this team going to playoffs for a long time.
    Good Luck Jimmer!!!

  8. Yancey says:

    Kings need to resign Marcus Thornton… and if they do, Jimmer should play backup to him… Not Start… Thornton has proven he is one of the best on the Kings team and has earned a starting spot

  9. Growskey says:

    Chuck Norris tried to roundhouse kick Jimmer, the result?

    And one.

  10. Game Winner says:

    The King lost more games in the final seconds than any other team in the NBA. If they had won half those games, they might have been fighting for the last spot in the playoffs. With Jimmer they now have a guy that can make a 3 point shot at the end of a game. If you play tight on him than Tyrike, Thorton or Cousins will burn you. Look Jimmer is replacing Beno. Beno couldn’t play D at all. If Jimmer is at least as good as Beno on D than he will be an upgrade. Go Kings!!!!!

  11. David says:

    i think jimmer is a great palyer and love to have him on the team But yaw forgettn all about marcus thorton the person who was holdn the team down when tyerek was injured droppn buckets

  12. The Jimmer says:

    Dude in the video talking bout the need a veteran. They got John Salmon in the trade retard…

  13. Rooney says:

    Fredette is the real deal. He’ll do what it takes to be successful. Great pick for the Kings.

  14. Mulet says:

    I just got converted to Kings Jimmerland

  15. Sp says:

    people are raging on about Jimmer like he is doing stuff in the NBA already, and at a level that matches derrick rose. Calm down and give him a chance to shine before setting him up to fail The prospect of Evans beefing up even more this offseason and cousins, evans and fredette forming a brutal 1, 2, 5 combo is pretty damn scary, though.

  16. Miguel says:

    Well, here’s to hoping this leads to a solid season for the Kings and further builds up a better case to keep the Kings (and any NBA team) from Orange County, CA.

  17. Basketball Purist says:

    OK, I am about to write a short novel. Listen, I love to exchange opinions. But, that is all we have, OPINIONS. Jimmer had a standout college career. He has lethal range on his jump shot. We would be blind not to admit that. The rest of his game is very solid, he even has the ability to create his own shot. This kid hasn’t played an NBA game yet guys. None of us know what he WILL do. Let’s enjoy watching what he actually does instead of telling him what he can’t do. Don’t be a dream killer, wish him well. This is the same criticism that Reggie Miller and the Pacers received when he was drafted. Guess what? He turned out to be one of the most clutch shooters of all time. Also, defense is important, but how well a guy defends is over-hyped. Good team defense is all that is needed. Nobody on the Mavericks is a outstanding defender except Marion and Stephenson. THEY USED A FRIGGIN ZONE TO WIN THE O’BRIEN! Dirk might be one of the worst on-ball defenders ever, but dude gets buckets. Nobody can keep the likes of CP3, D-Will, D-Rose or LeGarbage in front of them consistently, whoever PLAYED ball knows that. So, in closing, may Jimmer have much success, after all, in an NBA full of cocky jerks, isn’t his humility is worht rooting for ?

  18. Jake says:

    looks like the Kings will be my #3 team behind the Lakers and my hometown Bobcats. cant wait to see what Jimmer does at the next level. Him, Tyreke, and Cousins will create a very unique team and possibly cause headaches for teams in a few years.

  19. E K says:

    Kings in Playoffs in 2012. Lets GO!

  20. K says:

    OK Jimmer is a good player,but you all need to hop off his sack a little,no matter what he did at BYU it doesnt mean it will be the same in the NBA,but i do wish him luck at sacremento

  21. Whocares says:

    “oh ok. so a guy who was taken 10th in a relitively weak draft will do all that huh?”
    -good thing draft position picks always indicate how good a player will be, amrite?

    ““Jimmer to Anaheim”. Just stop trying to save a city where there true fans has die or just don’t care anymore.”
    -Yeah you really know basketball a lot, Sacramento fans definitely died, they for sure did not fight for the team to stay,
    they just did not care, oh wait Sacramento is staying for another year, and now it is up to the city of Sacramento to provide a new arena, so if they do move, it was not the fans, it was the city, and any idiot who supports 3 teams in the greater L.A area is an idiot.

    Get a clue.

    who knows if jimmer will work with Sacramento, haters will be haters.

  22. Listen up! says:

    Hey I’m a Laker fan but to be honest, I think Sacramento needs to get back in the mix! They used to be a big rival for my Lakers. I think this guy from Brigham Young will help them tremendously! You guys got a steal here! Utah really wanted this guy. Good luck Sacramento! This coming from a Laker fan. Let’s get the rivalry back. And the cowbells!!!! LOL!!!

  23. jimbo says:

    Jimmer will be a star for one reason and one reason only, he was drafted by the bucks and traded same day, reminiscent maybe of somebody named Dirk?

  24. joem says:

    i thought kings made the wrong move when they picked biyombo, hahahahahaha what a shame….
    and it turned out i missed the news

  25. Max says:

    Check out this basketball blog. It’s really interesting.


    Give it a try!

  26. Mike says:

    I moved from Salt Lake to Modesto a year ago and I’m grateful that Jimmer and I will reunite. I used to study next to him at the Athletic Building on BYU’s campus. Kid is a hard worker and will not disappoint. Now I’ve got to start attending King’s games. This is awesome….

    And just so you know, Jimmer won’t have any problem driving to the bucket in the NBA and finishing against NBA Big men, he doesn’t play out of control, he has a finesse game and won’t need to contend with a shot blocker at all. People make such a big deal out of defense….guess what, they don’t play defense in the NBA!!! If they did, Dwill and Cpaul wouldn’t be avg. 20+ per game. Now that Derrik Fisher is washed up, there isn’t one point guard in the NBA who can guard a point guard in the NBA, get over it!!!!

    Jimmer will win you 10 games close games a year with .30 seconds or less on the clock. Also Tyreke can guard Dwill and Cpaul and JWall. Jimmer will just avg. 30 a game.

    • im me says:

      do u really expect jimmer to avg 30 points a game? he couldnt even do that in college let alone NBA defense, and in the paint he’ll be shot block candy. but i can see him being a great player in about 2-4 years

  27. Tyeo says:

    guys… no one knows how well he would fit with the kings and how well he’ll do in the next season so stop say stuff like he’s going to be the next Derrick Rose or Rondo or any elite point guard

  28. jnharvey44 says:

    I can’t believe how many IDIOTS are reading this and saying Jimmer is no good. Are you kidding me? It’s people like you who really annoy everyone who are true sports fans, you just listen to what other idiots say and you repeat it instead of inding out for yourself. Don’t be dumb.

  29. Team Heat says:

    Lets Go Jimmer.

  30. LetsGoNuggets says:

    COngrats to the Kings and its fans!!!1
    You guys have one of the most exciting cores of the NBA….hope you can have a great season and keep the team in Sacramento!

  31. Boy_Wonder says:

    Jimmer would wax Steph Curry. Be real

  32. Guy says:

    Kings got talent with Evans, Fredette, Cousins and Thornton – what they need now is to get rid of coach Westphaul – he might be a good coach for a team like Phoenix was but he is definitely not the mentor a group of young talents need.

  33. Arkay says:

    I’ve watched all of Jimmer’s games for four years. He has improved significantly every year. That says something about his smarts and his work ethic. Last year, in spite of every defense coaches could dream up, he simply torched teams. When he’s on, which he is most of the time, he cannot be guarded. I don’t care who you are. When Kahwi Leonard and Malcolm Thomas of San Diego State were asked who they would rather guard, Jimmer or Kemba, both said Kemba, no contest. And they had just been beaten by Uconn in the tournament. In the NBA, no team can afford to double-team a point guard 35 feet from the hoop like teams did in college to Jimmer. No team will be able to play as physical either with NBA refereeing what it is. The MWC refs basically closed their eyes last year when Jimmer had the ball. He got beat up. But he’s very durable and draws lots of contact. He scores better on the road. That speaks to mental toughness. I’ve watched lots of basketballs for 40 years. I haven’t seen as entertaining a player come along since Pistol Pete, and I’m old enough to remember him. I’ve never seen a player who caused defenses so much trouble. He took whole teams out of their defensive philosophies. He stretched the floor so extremely that bigger teams got outrebounded by BYU simply because they were always out of position. Enjoy, Sacramento. You’re in for one heck of a ride. In a year or two, you’ll understand Jimmermania. This kid is so different from anything you’ve seen, you’ll be amazed.

    • shaggy says:

      way too long

    • dropdimes15 says:

      thank you for actually posting something that had some good insight, the above posts really scared me for the sake of the human race today, good to see there’s inteligent life out there. thats really good stuff about what kwahi leonard said, a respected defender and high draft pick said he wouldn’t touch jimmer, thats big right there. jimmers to special of a player his upside is infinite and he will at the very least be an above average gaurd. if the kings could add a veteran leader they could turn things around quick

  34. Al Jimenez says:

    To slow for the NBA the bigger players will eat him up when he drives to the bucket

  35. 24 Black Mamba says:

    im not hating on him but jimmer will only be a good role player. nice to have though

  36. Freakin Freddette says:

    Sacramento fans have something very new and exciting to look forward to – until you’ve watched Jimmer play, live, you have no idea how smart, deceptive and talented he is. He will (at some point) be the “game changer” that comes off the bench and gives the Kings new energy. He is the most entertainer player to watch that I’ve seen in a long long time. Utahns are sad that the Jazz missed him by two picks – You now have a Kings fan in Utah – Jimmer is a marketer’s dream. Enjoy.

  37. JIMMER ''FRED''ETTE says:


  38. DidyoureallyjustdraftaWHITEkid? says:

    Maybe he’ll be seen playing by entering the 3-point contest or something. Otherwise…he’ll be chilling on the bench.

    • BFOULDS says:

      you’re a racist. Tell that to Chris Mullen. Or Larry Bird. You’re a disgrace.

      • WOW says:

        He is a deadly 3 point shooter, I don’t think the fact that he is white has anything to do with it….. way to see things that are not there.

      • BFOULDS says:

        I guess you are not reading his POSTING NAME? learn to read.

      • juju says:

        @WOW, why did you say “way to see things that are not there.” It’s obvious that he was saying that whit guys cant play since the name on the post was “DidyoureallyjustdraftaWHITEkid?” Way to NOT see things that are there.

    • Eric Lee says:

      jimmer in the bench???? are you out of you god damn mind???!!! he’s a guy who scored 52 points in a single game and averaged 28.8 points per game….. now, u wanna sit a guy like Fredetted in the bench??????

      • Beber says:

        Why would the Kings trade their starting PG for a rookie and put on the bench ?? lol Well I don’t know a lot about him except his offensive skills… But I’m really curious to see him on the floor with Evans & Cousins (what about Dalembert ? Should sign with Miami or NY) I will probably follow this team next year
        But just one question : waht about Marcus Thorton ? Is he free agent ? He really did a great job last season !

  39. Jimmer says:

    Jimmer Freddette’s grandpa’s cousing invented the jump shot

  40. SkinnyKidNW says:

    Steph Curry is Skinny. Jimmer is buff, & much stronger than Steph Curry. Jimmer will dunk on people, Steph Curry will not.

    • Rich says:

      Jimmer will be just like another Morrison. I’ll take Steph Curry any time of day. Oh, Jimmer won’t be able to dunk in the NBA even with JJ Barea in from of him. On the other hand Steph Curry can shoot against anybody even with a hand on his face.

      • rh5 says:

        Morrison would’ve been good. He had a good rookie season and could’ve been a great player. But the thing that went wrong for him was he got injured and that derailed his career. So what you’re saying is that Jimmer will get injured and it’ll screw over his career…

      • PISTON'S ALL DAY says:

        ok, don’t forget dude (Morrison) plays behind Kobe n Shannon Brown too..he’s not getting any playing time period, just cause of that, especially since at the time, they were back to back champs

    • R4 says:

      Because the talent level in the nba has gone down in years. Jimmer can co exist with evans but back in the days jimmer is a water boy for pippen not even jordan. Tell kids to stay in school longer and develope their skills, I know many people are tried of watch these players come into the nba can’t shoot a jump shot. I know jimmer is a great example of players staying in school I wish more would do the same. We are the Tim Duncan nowaday. Even jordan did some years in school.

    • mo says:

      jimmer will not dunk on anyone. he’s a good skillful player but he doesn’t have the explosiveness that some of the elite point guards have in this league. he more than makes up for it in scoring but i’ll want to see how he’ll play as point guard. for me he’s mre of an undersized shooting guard

  41. Jimmer says:

    Jimmer Freddette will be the greatest player to ever grace the court of any NBA franchise. Opposing players shall froth at the mouth given the opportunity to bend on their respective knees and receive his greatness deepthroatedly. Especially you.

    • LOL says:


      Jimmer is basically a poor man’s Steph Curry.

      • SkinnyKidNW says:

        Steph Curry is skinny. Jimmer is buff & much stronger than Steph Curry. Jimmer will dunk on people. Steph Curry will not. If Jimmer played Steph Curry 1 on 1, I would put my money on Jimmer.

    • Derek says:


      • rose:) says:

        oh ok. so a guy who was taken 10th in a relitively weak draft will do all that huh? no offence to jimmer but i doubt it. and he dosent need guys like “Jimmer” talking nosence. hell prove what hes worth on the kings court next season… if there is one. 😦

    • R4 says:

      both players are over hyped. A true player plays both ways which curry doesn’t. Curry scores 25 a night but the guy infront him always matches his point average. Jimmer can be good but great is a far catch. He will not be able to guard that play above the rim. But this article should read as follow, “Jimmer to Anaheim”. Just stop trying to save a city where there true fans has die or just don’t care anymore. I would love to see how Anaheim open their arms to this franchise.

  42. allaround baller says:

    Congratz to King. It feels like 2002. I mean the prospect
    Hope this youngs show us great play

  43. papamis says:

    Go KINGS great move that will hopefully pay out immediately as Jimmer is a magnificent guard!