Draft Rumors: Blazers, Nuggets Discuss Point Guard Swap

The Nuggets and Blazers have had discussions about Denver trading point guard Raymond Felton and the 22nd pick for Andre Miller and the No. 21 pick. The talks appear to be dormant for now, with Portland balking at including other assets in the deal.

Earlier in the day, DraftExpress’ Jonathan Givony reported via Twitter that the Magic and Blazers were discussing a swap of Orlando’s Jameer Nelson to Portland for Miller and the No. 21 pick. The Orlando Sentinel‘s Josh Robbins, however, refuted that report:

Orlando Magic General Manager Otis Smith joked the other day on a local sports-talk radio show that trade rumors always surround Jameer Nelson.

Add another unsubstantiated rumor β€” with heavy emphasis on the words “unsubstantiated rumor” β€” to the list, courtesy of Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress.com.

Givony said over Twitter today that the Magic “are talking about” a trade with the Portland TrailBlazers that would send point guard Jameer Nelson out west for point guard Andre Miller and the 21st overall pick in tonight’s 2011 NBA draft.

However, an NBA source indicated to the Orlando Sentinel that the report is being overblown β€” at least for now.

In other words: No matter how juicy this rumor seems to be, you’d be best-served to temper your expectations of it actually happening.


  1. Stan/blazer fan says:

    What a good deal for Portland! Felton is going to fit in great here. Great beside Roy, a better shooter, much younger and quicker than Miller. This makes the Trailblazers a much better team.

  2. cwebb124 says:


  3. Jake says:

    Any time you can trade an older player for a younger player of near equal talent is a good trade as far as I’m concerned.

  4. #1denvernuggetsfan says:

    do not do this trade andre miller should not come back to denver. never ever ever

  5. emin says:

    do not do this trade. i think denver should not trade raymond felton for andre miller. first reason raymond is younger, faster, and hes more of a freinf to ty lawson than andre miller is. andre miller is good and clutch but hes old and isnt as fast as raymond felton. do not do this trade. this trade will ruin the nuggets.\

  6. Joseph V says:

    As a Nuggets fan I don’t like this idea! 1) Felton is better than Miller 2) WOW!!!! one higher pick in the draft. Come on??? 3) If we’re handing over the point guard reigns to Ty Lawson….why do we need Andre MIller

  7. Vince says:

    denver shud call up toronto offer up raymond felton resign wilson chandler and trade for jose and the #5 pick and maybe linas kleza or the tpe to match up numbers. this trade works nice for both teams denver gets a lottery pick and a soild backup/mentor to ty lawson and allows galo to get his minutes. for toronto they get their starting point guard and a solid sf in wilson chandler. two players who get after it on the defensive end good for new coach casey.

  8. Nuggets4life says:

    Great deal for nuggets…gettting a more experienced player plus he has better stats….plus better chance of getting kenneth faried…..

  9. Mario says:

    WHY would the Nuggets do this w/o additional pieces? A straight swap just gives them an older, declining vet at the same position.

  10. goforthanddie says:

    Seems like a grand deal all around. We get a quality younger PG, they get a quality PG or7.8mil off the books.

  11. KobeFan says:

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaah donΒ΄t do that Nuggets srsly … Felton is more worth than the an old Andre Miller

  12. nuggetsfan says:

    i dont like it felton is better younger more talented i think we can get a way better deal out of him

  13. brandon says:

    Seeing how well Felton did when teamed up with Amar’e earlier, I would be totally for this trade. Portland might still be able to get Faried with the 22 pick, and Felton would work well in a system with Aldridge and Wallace (who he already played with for 5 years in Charlotte).

  14. Herr says:

    I’d much rather the Spurs be more realistic and accept the deal they were seconds about to last night. Heck, I wouldn’t mind Raymond Felton or Jameer Nelson as a Portland fan, but TP for Batum and Miller? That’d instantly put both teams in championship contention.

  15. Amanda Simms says:

    According to http://tinyurl.com/69trp8p there is not any real discussion on these. As you said rumors and only rumors. In the link LA does talk about who they want but I’m not sure it will help their team.

  16. roy says:

    Felton to Blazers !!!! YES YES let it happen ! I felt so bad for Felton when NYC let him go, and by letting him go they let this season get away from them too. Yes Felton to Blazers !!! and nelson woudn’t be so bad I guess but felton I would pick over nelson anyday

  17. Alex says:

    miller for felton? (the picks doesn’t count for me – 21st for 22nd)
    are u serious? come on!

  18. Number1Houstonrocketsfan says:

    Andre Miller coming back to the Nuggets??!?!?!? That is a good trade for the Nuggets. Sure Felton can shoot the long, but Andre miller is the best PG playmaker in my books

  19. follow me says:

    3 team trade
    Magics get
    josh smith
    jeff teague
    nuggets get
    jameer nelson
    ryan anderson
    hawks get
    andre miller
    1st rpond pick

    • smarter than you says:

      How does that work miller is from portland. That makes four teams and one team gets nothing. You should stop playing nba video games with all the trade stuff, maybe you will understand how trades actully work.

      Also go back to school and take basic math over again you seem to have forgotten how to count.

  20. Percio Rivera says:

    Not a good desicion for Denver keep the youg team dont get involve whit old players like Miller πŸ™‚ …… Fan of Felton!! πŸ™‚

  21. QuestionMark says:

    Good trade in the sense that Miller is a better playmaker than Nelson, and probably could get the ball to Dwight in the paint instead of Howard trying to muscle his way in, but then again Miller is getting older, maybe try adding Camby in for J-Rich or Turk.

    • Killarific says:

      Miller for Felton is obviously a great trade for portland. And its about time they get rid of cry baby Rudy fernandez to Dallas. That guy was complaining before last season even started for more playing time. Hell be good for a team like dallas who spreads the court w guys that stand around the 3 pt line.
      On other news hopefully the 76ers arent stupid enough to trade Igudoua for Lamart odom. They have a bunch of young talent but need the Right vets to intertwine w them. Tony Battie, antonio daniels, jason kapono, and darius songaila arent the vets to get you in the right direction. all their young guys are better then any of those guys in their prime, why would they take advice from guys that havent done anything?
      Also, i cant wait to see what idiotic GM is going to pick up Baron Davis and his contract, It might be that time for him to take his talents to a beach long long away from the United States. maybe go team up with A.I but he’s def not a starting PG in the NBA anymore. Ive been a fan of Antawn Jamison since his UNC days but he’s def a 6th or 7th man. Not the type of guy you want your young big men learning from.
      Minnosota…. what the hell is going on over there? Im not sure why they got brad miller unless theres a buyoout comming in the next week or 2. Honestly if i was them i would have tried trading that lottery pick and whoeveer has a big enough contract for a very good proven player. what are you gona do with derrick williams, kevin love, michael beasley, anthony randolph? whos getting how much playing time and at what position. Love is 1 of my very favorite players but can he play against centers in the nba every other night with an injury past? Darko is gettin better but def not consistant. And if they really believe in rookie D Williams they need to get rid of some talent at that position. And now with Flyn gone to Houston all they got is Rubio and Ridnour at PG. Ive watched Rubio play about 4 or 5 times and im really not impressed. Flynn is definetly better in nba game but injuries have troubled him.
      Boston needs to get younger as does Miami but miami needs another Center. Its going to be hard with no money and no trade bait. More than likely their going to need to go into the hard cap to get what they need.
      Cant believe SA got rid or george hill, congrats to Indiana. Now if Indiana can get a backup Center theyll push for possibly a #5 seed in the East.