Draft Night: Trades “R” Us!

NEWARK — Kyrie Irving was the point guard of note in the opening minutes here Thursday night.

But as the trade winds started blowing, and blowing, veteran names started moving around the league and changing the landscape for several playoff outfits on a night usually reserved for the youngsters.

Draft night turned out to be trade night as deals large and small were made throughout the evening, causing all sorts of confusion for fans at the Prudential Center who cheered for players as they walked across the stage with one team’s hat on only to find out later that several of those players would have to switch hats later.

For a complete look at all the deals that went down on Draft night, you need to dive in here and study NBA.com’s Trade Tracker.

The Portland Trail Blazers acquired Raymond Felton in a three-team deal that sent fellow veteran Andre Miller (back) to Denver. The Trail Blazers did draft a Duke point guard of their own, selecting Nolan Smith with the 21st pick. Dallas also got in on the deal, acquiring Rudy Fernandez and the rights to the 30th pick in 2007, Petteri Koponen, from the Blazers in exchange for their first-round pick (Jordan Hamilton, the No. 26 overall choice). Portland then shipped Hamilton to Denver.

With the likelihood of a lockout growing stronger with every statement released by both sides in the labor negotiations and the very real possibility that the free agent summer could be delayed at best, draft night provided teams with their last chance to do any significant business for a while.

Another three-team deal highlighting the top of the draft involved Charlotte sending Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston and the draft rights to No. 19 pick Tobias Harris to Milwaukee, Sacramento trading Beno Udrih to the Bucks and the draft rights to No. 7 pick Bismack Biyombo to the Bobcats and the Bucks sending Corey Maggette to the Bobcats and John Salmons and the draft rights to No. 10 Jimmer Fredette to the Kings.

After all the chatter about the Spurs possibly moving Tony Parker, it was his backup, George Hill, who found himself on the move Thursday night. The Indiana Pacers acquired Hill and for the rights to 15th pick (Kawhi Leonard), the 42nd pick  (Davis Bertans) and the No. 46 pick from 2005 (Erazem Lorbek).

Draft Night Trades:

  • Charlotte trades Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston and the draft rights to No. 19 pick Tobias Harris to Milwaukee
  • Sacramento trades Beno Udrih to Milwaukee
  • Sacramento trades the draft rights to No. 7 pick Bismack Biyombo to Charlotte
  • Milwaukee trades Corey Maggette to Charlotte
  • Milwaukee trades John Salmons and the draft rights to No. 10 pick Jimmer Fredette to Sacramento
  • Boston trades the rights to No. 25 pick MarShon Brooks to New Jersey for the rights to No. 27 pick JaJuan Johnson and a 2014 second-round pick
  • New Orleans trades the draft rights to No. 45 pick Josh Harrellson to New York for cash.


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  2. kevin says:

    pacers 2012 nba champs!!! we have hibbert granger collison hill and u cant forget about hansbourough all we need to do is start those 5 like coach o’brian WASNT doing come on why would u only give hibbert 20 minutes. pacers gotta good strong young team they need to add a veteren at the point or sg position for collisson

  3. schri says:


  4. blitzy says:

    .. i dont think it is the good thing for spurs..to move hill .. hill can provide more ability to create jump shots than parker.. however.. pop is always make a good decision.. they need sf that can provide defensive presence aside from that .. he can shoot … rj definitey to be trade right now

  5. AgentA says:

    If you’re an NBA fan then you should realize that the main reason why those guyus that you mentioned stayed in school is because they want to hone their skills more and show up the scouts. They realized that enetering the draft early will never guarantee them of being picked. so by completing college they can show up more of their skills and get a lot better chance of being picked. Unlike those lottery pick dudes. entering the draft on their frosh or soph seasons is enough for them to fulfill their college obligations before being drafted.

  6. choker says:




  7. Listen up! says:

    To the guy who stated the Lakers are a poor team! What are you smoking dude. They were beat by the champs this year! They’ll be back! Stop the hating man! I have all the confidence in them! Pau will not have the same bad playoff performance again! Bet on it!!!!!

  8. mesud bajrektarevic says:

    I’m happy to see spurs equiring new players, they need more help down low for Tim Duncan. Come on spurs we need to see more trades soon. Duncan dont have allot more to go dont wast time go for another championship at least. Go Duncan Go

  9. Rich says:

    Kyrie Irving will come down as one of the worst 1st draft pick. Kemba Walker sizzles next season. Rookie of the Year ! CAVS wasted both picks – should’ve been Williams and Walker. But what the heck – LET’S GO MAVS ! Although I don’t particularly like tghe Rudy F trade.

    • bruce says:

      The thing that amazes me is, Irving is good, but he only played 11 games. The PG that got Duke to the NCAA was drafted by Portland @21. Twenty spaces lower and the “experts ” said he went too high???? Yea Blazers!! might be the steal of the draft….

  10. Mark R says:

    I was really surprised to see Tristan Thompson go at number 4, think the Cavs should have gone with Valanciunas


  11. Nobody says:

    I’m pretty sure these are the start of things, these players might still be on the move later with bundles or multiple team trades.

    Starters, i don’t think Dallas is done with the trades.

  12. Rich says:

    The Timberwolves will start a new system of basketball play. 5 PFs starting line-up !

  13. Rich says:

    Bobcats hate good players. After Chandler, it was Wallace last season and then now Jackson. They really don’t care about winning nor getting in to the playoffs. They just want low-salaried players who will play the seaosn for them and ride other team’s popularity to get tickets sold. They probably have the least chance of losing money, but they’re also not expected to gain much. Their home agains cannot even be considered a neutral ground because most of the time the people go there to cheer for the opposing team. so sad, so pathetic. Jordan may be the greatest to ever play (which i think not), but he’s certainly one of the worst owner ever.

    • BFOULDS says:

      6 finals appearances, 6 championships won, 6 rings. Jordan is the best player of all time. Sorry to burst you bubble.

      • Rich says:

        There’s no bubble to bust. Are you saying Robert Horry is a close second ?

        Jordan is great in his era, that may be the only fact. All other talks are subjective.

      • Stop it says:

        then bill russel is the best of all time cus he has 11 rings as a player which is almost double what jordan has so rings dont mean anythig, its all about skill.

      • STFU_NOOB says:

        Jordan changed the game, jordan added ART to the game, BILL JUST ADDED POINTS on the game.. there is a difference, when was NBA at its HIGHEST? its when jordan was around…

  14. Team Heat says:

    How come no one is bringing up the Miami deal with the Wolves I think for Norris Cole?

    • Rich says:

      Coz Heat sucks ?

      • Stop it says:

        better than your team .

      • Rich says:

        You probably did not watch the Finals, I forgive you. You can still watch the mini-games available online. Oh, don;t watch game 2, not good for Heat fan’s health.

      • Stop it says:

        no prob did your team win the title or did the team who you were rooting for cus yours was already out of the playoffs did.but i forgive you jr.

      • Rich says:

        MAVS fan here, been rolling with them since Dirk, Nash and Finley wore the MAVS uniform. MAVS fans are not bandwagoners. Heat so-called fans are. No wonder you have that kind of thinking.

  15. jb123 says:

    Why didn’t the Knicks try to get R. Felton back knowing he was on the trade block ?? Dumb MOVE !! The Knicks are constantly dragging their feet. Doing that gets you nowhere. I would have liked to see Ray Felton back in NY. The offense was run so much better, when he was here. Good draft pick in Iman Shumpert. Hope he fits in.

  16. ChrisP says:

    I love the way the Wizards drafted. Seeing the highlights of Vesely reminds me of a more athlethic Nowitzki. Singleton was a steal and Shelvin Mack has proven experience. Great draft for the Wiz!

  17. Jake says:

    looks like the Bobcats are freeing up a BUNCH of cap space for free agency, especially next summer. getting bad to get good… it’s a long shot but it looks like Jordan will be making a push for Howard and maybe another top-tier free agent this year or next year. Gotta love the Bobcats, they’re always interesting.

    • Rich says:

      No, they always suck. Expect for the new high-scorer next season to be traded during the all-star break. Expect them to avoid the playoffs – yes they’ll find a way not to make it to the playoffs. Because Jordan doesn’t want to have any part of it unless they can go all the way – he said it himself.

      • hipphopcat says:

        I think one of those top players he can direct and make a better person is JR SMITH. He has the potentail to be another Jordan if giving the right opportunity. Coaches he has played for is not giving him respect for his game by not making him a starter. The streets loves JR’s GAME!

  18. SkinnyKidNW says:

    Milwaukee don’t want Jimmer? Good for SAC!

    Who did Milwaukee get anyway, Beno, & thats all?

  19. SPURS ALLDWAY! says:

    Spurs definitely got a good deal with the Kawhi Leonard / George Hill trade. I do feel sorry to see Hill go, but the Spurs do need another 3 o 4 who’s young and athletic. They have enough guards that can give Parker some rest. But I agree on acquiring another like that of Prince or AK47. Bring in more depth on the bigs. And yes, they should have gotten rid of Bonner a long time ago. He is a defensive liability everytime he’s in the game. As much as a defensive oriented coach as Pops is, I don’t know why he does not realize this. Anyway, the Spurs have always done the right moves on trades int he past. So, I’m sure this trade will prove this fact again. As for Hill, it’s a homecoming for him in Indiana.

  20. Read my comment going 9 up including mine. I have the same name

  21. nuggets says:

    The nuggets shouldn’t have traded a young player like raymond felton, it was a dumb move for one reason, andre millers age.

    • Rich says:

      Not really a fan of Felton but taking Miller is bad. He should be playing for the Hawks where all the most inconsistent and lazy players go.

  22. olibob03 says:

    For all Laker do not panic. please don’t, we still have it. all we need is a good back up PG can keep up with all the youngest PG. again it’s possible we gonna make it but don’t blow up your team. you still on the top. People still afraid of you even Dallas today. you’re true champion they have to bing their A + games if they want to beat you. That’s means you still on the top. don’t worry if Phil is not there Brown will do a great job just to make sure you still on the Top. let go guys do it again….

    • nuggets says:


      • jb123 says:

        Lakers should make some moves. Trade Bynum + Odom for Dwight Howard [$$] already before its too late.
        Try and get M. Ellis from the Warriors. They get a real center and a scorer. Lakers have to get rid of,
        Fisher, Barnes, Blake, Walton, Bynum. If u can get D.Howard while keeping Odom, do so. Bynum has to go.
        I am no Lakers fan but that team is not going to get it done.

      • Rich says:

        errr.. to get into that kind of details just shows that you’re concerned about the Lakers – and that makes you a Lakers fan. Anyhow, guess what – that’s not going to happen. But don’t worry, your team is still a heavy contender with the current line-up they have, even with Fisher.

  23. olibob03 says:

    yaeh! go lakers

  24. olibob03 says:

    For all Laker do not panic. please don’t, we still have it. all we need is a good back up PG can keep up with all the youngest PG. again it’s possible we gonna make it but don’t blow up your team. you still on the top. People still afraid of you even Dallas today. you’re true champion they have bing their A + games if they want to beat you. That’s means you still on the top. don’t wory if Phil is not their. Brown will do a great job just to make sure you still on the Top. let go guys do it again….

  25. I take back what I said about the Knicks because Johnny Flynn is already traded so i guess they have to wait till next year because no sign of Cp3 or D-Will getting traded. Also, I take back about the Timberwolves because they have Brad Miller. so Steve Nash you staying in Phoenix

  26. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Im still wondering whythey traded george hill, Pop? you were saying how much he is your favorite player then you ship him off. Pacers Congrats ur getting a Tough minded good defensive and Good offenseve Player! Pop u should of gotting rid of MATT BONER that nobody. Dissapears in tha playoffs. Sure he hits 3’s but he is only hot one outta every 7 Games. In otha words HE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody wanna trade for a Sorry rebounder Poor defensive player?? We dont need him……………

    • Rich says:

      Who said it’s Pop’s decision ? Why would you trade Boner ? You might not have a bench but at least you always got a Boner, lol.

  27. Silver says:

    portland looking beast now with roy, aldridge, wallace, mathews, felton

    • Rich says:

      Portland ? beast ?! lol. Felton is not really an upgrade. They’ll be lucky to get past the 1st rd, that is if they even make it to the playoffs.

  28. Okay people I will tell you what i think will happen in the offseason excluding the things that already happened.

    Bulls- The Bulls will get DH12 and Gilbert for Noah Boozer, Korver, Bogans, and 30th. Then they will sign a cheap Vince Carter or Micahel Redd. Most likely MR.

    Celtics- They have to break up the big 3 at one point so why not trade Garnett, West for Josh Smith.

    Lakers- Since Felton got traded and Parker ain’t moving they have to sign a low quality PG but better Fisher such as Aaron Brooks.

    Heat- Sign Samuel Dalembert

    Knicks- tony Douglas for Johnny Flynn

    Timberwolves- Need veterans so trade for Steve Nash even though The president of Suns said they are not. A package would go like this. Michael Beaslely, Darco Milicic for Nash.

    Pistons- Couldn’t buyout Rip but HELLO Brandon Knight.

    Spurs- They got the 15th pick for some youth just add a little more by signing Tayshunn Prince.

    Mavs- Resign all guys

    Thunder- They also need a 2 guard JR Smith

    Magic- Get what you got from the Dh12 deal and resign J-Rich

    If anyone disagrees please tell me what needs to be changed. I’m very curious this offsesason especcialy with the lockout. I have done many simular things like this. THANKS!

    • SpursDaBest!! says:

      Thats wut im saying a tayshun prince! or ak47. we need someone exactly like that!

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      Here comes someone saying something like he is a prophet, can you predict the end of the world too?

  29. schri says:

    i think the Lakers need to get rid of Derek Fisher, Steve Blake, and Matt Barnes. Those guys did absolutely nothing in the playoffs. They should start Shannon Brown as the starting point guard.

    • nuggets says:

      I agree, but you still need to add a couple more players on that list, Gasol, Artest, and pretty soon (Cause of his age) Kobe Bryant.

  30. schri says:

    its a good thin that the world champs got rid of hamilton because according to his profile he is a bad defender. Rudy fernandez is an ok defensive stopper. he’ll make the mavs bench even deeper with his 3 point shooting ability. the mavs crunchtime options can be: dirk, kidd, terry, stojakovic, butler, barea, cardinal (who is a decent shooter) , and maybe even fernandez.

  31. GLAZEFACE says:

    Rudy is a pretty boy who chokes down the stretch, not to mention complains the whole year… Dallas won’t start him or give him any serious minutes so they will see what Portland fans got sick of. There is a reason the Zers gave him up for next to nothing. Sorry to see Miller time go. Great player, great guy. Felton can throw oops too though. Can’t wait to have a point guard that has a handle on the ball when driving the lane! Lakers still suck.

  32. rooztian says:

    sorry for the cavs for thompson.. u made a wrong move guys..

  33. Chicaller says:

    Typical Chicago Sports team draft… It was a waste and horrible.. What do our front office exects be thinking.. I’m Tierd of the arogance and the cockyness like we are so good we dont need this person, or another supastar or a difference maker…Its frustrating to see that we didnt prepare for the playoffs the first time by not getting D Rose help and once again here we go with the same results.. This front office continues to drop the ball and its getting freaking old.. You have a team thats on the verge of becoming a champion with the right freaking move!!!! UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!

  34. rooztian says:

    nice trade by the mavs and spurs..

  35. Dakota says:

    the bucks trade jimmer, john salmons there best scorer and corey maggette!! and they get 2 scrubs and a decent stepen jackson who doesnt want to be in milwaukee in the 1st place.

    they could of had ferdette jennings and salmons that would of been a scoring machine team!!!

  36. tRay says:

    I think the Csvs should have gone with Derrick at #1 and then Kemba at #4 that way you have a 1-2 punch for the future. But Dan Gilbert is so retarded lol they get Thompson? I mean he’s cool but a possible Kemba/Derrick combo is just deadly when you think about it.

  37. mav41 says:

    let me put it this way….if anyone can convince fernandez to stay in the NBA it would be Mark Cuban…..guy got money coming out of his orifices. Plus the team did just win a championship

  38. Good move by the Mavs. Acquiring Rudy for basically nothing. I hope Rudy gets the motivation and consistent minutes so he can contribute to the defending champions.

  39. Ason says:

    i can’t believe george hill is not a spur anymore. what a mistake!

  40. mavs2k11 says:

    why did the mavericks give up hamilton for a guy who considers not playing in the NBA anymore D: !!!!

  41. Vakile says:

    I think sacramento made a big mistake … why do they need jimmer fredette ???? They have evans and thortnon who was amazing last year …Biyombo would be a nice support to demarcus cousins or they could’ve pick kawhi leonard to fill the wings spot :///

  42. dBulls says:

    i’m a little confused, when following the draft online there were some tweets about the bulls doing a trade that involved their first pick and cash and possibly something else for the bucks 23rd pick, but there’s nothing about it on any websites now. did that trade actually happen or did someone tweet the wrong facts?

  43. Gerald says:

    YES!!! felton plays for the blazers! he can dish alley oups again for wallace and for aldridge to

  44. Houston Fans in asia says:

    I admire winner is Washington Wizards since they acquire Vasely an athletic freak who can run with John Wall and get another sf defender childress who can help run and gun with the pg.

  45. Randy orton says:

    great trade for the mavs to get fernandez soolid off the bench after caron butler

  46. matt jr. says:

    IF Greg Oden and Brandon Roy can return %100 and stay healthy in the post season the Portland will be one of 4 best teams in West along with OKC,Lakers and Dallas but the health issue is a very big IF.

    • Matt says:

      Brandon Roy has chronic degenerative knee problems (basically bone on bone). He will never be back at “100%” again, as his condition isn’t going to get any better. Don’t hold your breath waiting..!

  47. arvin says:

    i think its a good trade for the nuggets. they don’t need 2 point guards to run the team. they acquire andre miller to back up ty lawson. its a good thing for ty because he can learn a lot.

  48. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    Portland is quietly becoming a championship contender! I just hope Greg Oden is resigned and finally has a input even if its just defense and rebounds, its more than enough for portland who already have scorers!

  49. iceman says:

    Why my hometown cavs didnt take Derrick Williams with the first pick, i have no freaking idea. Where did this fascination with irving even come from?!? If the cavs take Williams, minny isnt taking irving because they have Rubio….even if the Jazz take him, you’re still left to pick from Walker, Knight, Kanter, you’d be in the driver seat to walk away with at least 2 good players, if not starters, instead of possibly one. I just dont get it. When did the idea that “less is more” take over? Irving plays only 11 games total in college, but gets picked over not only the player that crushed his team in the tournament in Williams, but also before the player that lead his team to winning the whole thing in Kemba Walker. but…i guess they’re right, i mean, who needs a 6″8 all around player who put up 20-8 and shot over 50% from the field and 3?…not the cavs apparently.

    • NBALover says:

      My sentiments exaclty. If Kemba did not prove he had the most heart in the NCAA this year I was blind. Derrick was the best pick for the Cavs and this combo would produce for them by next year.

    • Ken says:

      I agree…the Cavs had almost a decade to surround Lebron with talent but they couldn’t do it until the last year or two he was there. The success of the Cavs (or lack thereof) is the owner and management’s fault; not Lebron’s.

  50. Michael says:

    Uh no tyler, you’re completely wrong. Just because their multimillionaires, it doesn’t mean owners are just going throw around hundreds of thousands of dolllars to draft a player they’re most likely not going to use just to make him happy. And besides they’ll get over it and they even get to choose which team they want to play.

  51. laker nation says:

    no upgrade for lakers, were gonna have around 2 or 3 guys who dont give a lot of minutes, but oh well. now we gotta wait for the big trades , after all we are the franchise with the most money. great moves by some teams , props! >.<

  52. artifex says:

    Boston to Give up Rajon, are you mad???
    He’s the big guy to be left after the big 3 are retired. They need some youngsters. I was already very unpleased of them trading Robinson and Perk. I really liked both.

  53. KCEB says:


  54. Herr says:

    I’m surprised Boston didn’t give up Rajon Rondo for Rudy Fernandez and Patty Mills! jk… Anyways.

    I’m satisfied as a Blazer fan. It’s a downgrade for now, but the situation had to be addressed as the opportunity presented itself. Felton has the keys, now we just got to see if he can do well with them. This is also the first time since Damon that we have a point guard that can drive and keep control of the ball, so that adds a new weapon to Portland. Look for Felton to be a scorer on the Blazers.

  55. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    On that note why did Boston get rid off Marshon Brooks? Ray Allen aint getting younger! Jajuan Johnson is a bust and a 2014 second round?? WHAT THE!!!

  56. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    Lets wait and see people the BIG trades havent happened yet!!

  57. chi says:

    the trade of dallas is a good move for them rudy fernandez is a nice player off the bench….

    • TRIBINSKI says:

      Nice move by the Dallas Mavs.. Nuggets is the loser in this trade why they trade young R. Felton to the 35yr old Andre Miller.. Blazers is the winner..rebuilding young team.

      • Heat2011Champs? NOPE says:

        nuggets have ty lawson…..

      • Renpurso says:

        Felton has a couple years left on his contract as Andre miller, after this season has a non-guranteed team option, allowing him to be re-signed for less $$ or moved on, as we do have Ty Lawson. Essentially a salary cap move as well as allowing Felton to once again be a starting point guard and also getting a veteran experienced point guard to mentor Ty. In the trade we also pick up Jordan Hamilton, who i personaly think will provide the scoring that JR Smith has for denver recently (currently all signs point to JR not being Re-signed, imo a good move, he created too many headaches).

      • jb123 says:

        JR Smith great athlete. Not a smart basketball player.

  58. PILIPINO says:

    That 3 team trade are really confusing. lol , but i believe MJ’s Bobcats really benefits this trade Biyombo can replace G.Wallace’s leaved hole, all in all Kings got a great FAN MAGNET in jimmer.we all know how Scramento fans support their team..watch out for the BUCKS they seams to be clearing out some Cap space… I believe R.Felt is more good than Andre a good trade for the Blazers on that part. I feel sorry for George Hill being trade anyways Spurs loves veteran player… And lastly NY spend CASH on a nobody.. =(((


    • SpursDaBest!! says:

      i feel bad for george hill to. he is a solid player that can give u double digits every night. Pacers better use that boy right.

  59. Vlad(Canada) says:

    San Antonio Spurs winners in the trade! Just what is Larry Bird thinking? Kawhi Leonard is better than some of the top 9 picks
    Nice job by Dallas with picking up Rudy Fernandez without giving up anything

  60. BostonFAN says:

    Bold move for the Celtics, getting two PURDUE players. hopefully can give a BIG impact at the Boston Rosters… Good Job C’s…

  61. LuiOkamoto says:

    They should acquire Rudy Fernandez and felton!!

  62. LuiOkamoto says:

    Lakers is a poor team!!!

    • Joner says:

      Dude, what you been injecting lately?

      • @ says:

        @LuiOkamoto he has been injecting a whole lot of crack and stupidity. How anyone can think a team who has made three straight runs to the finals and coming off back to back titles is a poor team, must be on crack or just plain stupid.

      • Rich says:

        they don’t play basketball in their place.

  63. tyler says:

    the draft was a diservice to guys like david lighty scotty hopson ect. who were left on the board while players never heard of were taken for nba teams to sighn them later and save some cash.i feel its a slapp in the face to those guys who work so hard to have thier dreams crushed over wasted picks and saving a few dollars.

    • lakersforever says:

      thank you dude your the comment above was stupid the reason most players stay four years is becuase the NBA doesnt want them yt aka they arent talented enough to be first rounders. now there are some excpetions now a days like derren collision was a first rounder after four years of college thats becuse he could have been a first rounder after 2 or 3 years he just chose to finish scholl

  64. nuggetsfan says:

    in my opinion nuggets made off like bandits they gave up felton but got miller a legit point gaurd who knows how to run a team kenneth faried ncaas best rebounder and jordan hamilton who slid wayyy down in the draft

  65. tyler says:

    i am one of the biggest nba fans of all time.i watched the draft and i have to say that the picks at the end of the second round were a diservice to the guys who stuck it out in school.waiting to hear thier names called after all the hard work they put it.its a diservice to them that players no one has ever heard of would be drafted and them left with a broken dream.its a diservice to guys like david lighty,scotty hopson ect.just so nba teams can wait and sighn them later to save a few dollars bc of the lockout situation.i understand its buisness but its a diservice to the hard work these guys have put in and a slap in the face.

    • Lacedogg says:

      I completely disagree. If those players were good enough to be nba players early in their college careers, they would have entered the draft early. Just because you work hard in college doesn’t mean you are entitled to have an NBA career.

    • Nick says:

      I completely disagree with you. If those guys like david lighty, and scotty hopson ect. were better than the guys drafted, why werent they drafted. Its what the nba teams need at that certain point and time. The nba teams are trying to make their teams better, they look at whats going to make them better not what some guy wants. Those guys from around the world also worked really hard to get where they are today. So its a slap in the face to them when your saying that some guy is better than another just because one is from the united states and the other isnt.

    • Rich says:

      Very good argument Lace and Nick. Besides those kids whodoesn’t have 1st round potentials should’ve stayed in school to get a sure degree than enter the uncertainties.