Draft Day: The Moving Parts Festival

NEW YORK — Monta Ellis deserves credit for being the man to get this all started a few weeks ago. And sooner or later someone’s going to give the wacky days of trade chatter and pure speculation leading up to the NBA Draft a name.


The Great Speculations?

Basketball’s International Moving Parts Festival?

We’ll keep working on that. In the meantime, it’s time to dive in and sort through the all the mess just hours away from the 2011 Draft and see if we can’t make a little sense of all these rumors:

Ellis Might Not Get Moved

For all the drama surrounding Ellis in recent weeks, he might not go anywhere. Both Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News and Ken Berger of CBSSports.com have confirmed the same things regarding Ellis:

According to an NBA source, new Warriors coach Mark Jackson has made at least two phone calls to Monta Ellis to tell Ellis how much he would love to coach him.

Here’s a full report and breakdown of the latest Ellis info by CBSsports.com’s Ken Berger, who has been all over this situation and everything I’ve heard is totally consistent with this.

It’s an open secret around the league that Ellis and his representatives are starting to believe that this might be the right time to move him to a title contender.

Ellis is in his prime, has put in many years with the Warriors, and two sources indicate that there has been some frank general discussion between GSW management and Ellis’ camp about his future, the team’s future, and whether the two should remain entwined.

Big point: Ellis loves playing at Oracle Arena. He apparently also appreciates what Jackson has been telling him.

But he’s wondering the same thing many execs around the league are wondering: How else could the Warriors get a necessary bigger player if they don’t trade Ellis?

Iguodala Stays Put As Well

Andre Iguodala‘s name has been linked to as much trade bluster as anyone in recent weeks, including Ellis. And yet there seems to be nothing solid in place heading into tonight’s festivities, as Kate Fagan of the Philadelphia Inquirer explains:

In recent weeks, the Sixers have discussed trades involving swingman Andre Iguodala with both the Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Clippers, along with various other teams, but have yet to find a deal they deem worthy of execution.

Two factors seem to be slowing the Sixers’ willingness to deal Iguodala: the impending change in ownership and the impending lockout.

A little more than two weeks ago, news broke that Comcast-Spectacor was in serious discussions to sell the team to a group led by New York investor Joshua Harris. Although the deal is not yet official, many league sources have conveyed the belief that the Sixers front office is in a bit of a holding pattern until the new ownership officially takes the reins.

During a meeting with reporters after Tuesday’s final predraft workout at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Sixers president Rod Thorn said it’s business as usual for the basketball side, although Thorn also said that nothing was imminent with any trades.

“We’ve had conversations with everyone over the course of the last three weeks,” Thorn said. “And we’ve had some what I would call meaningful conversations, and then some not so meaningful. But as of right now, we don’t have anything imminent. But we keep having conversations, so we’ll just have to see.”

(UPDATE: A league source has told the Philadelphia Daily News that there’s nothing to the Iggy-for-Odom swap rumors.)

Bobcats Play “What If?” Game

With the ninth, 19th and 39th picks in this draft, the Charlotte Bobcats’ only chance of getting what they want will require a trade up of some sorts. Otherwise, they play the “What if?” game tonight, per Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer:

What if top-five talent Jonas Valanciunas is still available at No. 9 due to contractual complications?

What if the Bobcats have the choice between forwards Marcus Morris of Kansas and Chris Singleton of Florida State?

What if shotblocker extraordinaire Bismack Biyombo is still on the board at Nos. 9 and 19?

What if they have the option to trade one of those first-round picks for a young veteran?

Bobcats management is preparing for those scenarios and dozens more. This draft is unusually rich in variables, things that can’t be predicted before they come to pass.

“We’re constantly on the phone,” said Rod Higgins, the team’s president of basketball operations. “Rich (Cho, the new general manager) and I are talking to every team around the league, trying to gauge interest in our team as well as seeing what’s there as far as different players on different rosters.

“We’ll be prepared to make our picks tomorrow or who knows?”

Lakers Attempt To Move Up (Lamar Odom For No. 2 pick) Rejected

If there is any truth to the rumor that Lamar Odom was offered for the No. 2 pick and rejected, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, Timberwolves general manager David Kahn should expect a Christmas card from the Kardashians:

The Lakers tried to move up in Thursday’s NBA draft by offering forward Lamar Odom to Minnesota for the Timberwolves’ No. 2 overall pick, but Minnesota turned them down, according to two NBA officials who were not authorized to speak publicly about the trade talks.

The Lakers wanted to use the No. 2 pick to select Arizona’s forward Derrick Williams, the officials said.

However, Minnesota didn’t want Odom, the NBA’s sixth man of the year last season, because the Timberwolves have Kevin Love at power forward and see him as part of the franchise’s cornerstone.

Instead, Minnesota asked the Lakers for either Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol — two players the Lakers were not going to trade — for the No. 2 draft pick. Talks broke down and the teams aren’t talking anymore about a deal, the officials said.

The Lakers don’t have a first-round pick in Thursday’s NBA draft; their second-round draft picks are Nos. 41, 46, 56 and 58.

Champs Keeping Options Open

Give the Mavericks credit for not resting on their championship laurels as the Draft creeps up on us. They’re also eyeballing opportunities to move up in this draft, per Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas.com:

Donnie Nelson isn’t dropping any hints about what the Mavericks hope to happen in Thursday night’s NBA draft.

Trade up? Trade down? Deal the pick for a future first-rounder?

“It’s not beyond reasonable possibility,” Nelson said, although he added that it’s more likely that the Mavs stand pat and make a pick at No. 26.

How about drafting a foreign player who would be stashed overseas for another season or two? Lanky young Euro forwards Nikola Mirotic and Davis Bertans are popular picks for the Mavs in mock drafts.

“If that’s the best player on our board, we’ll pull the trigger and not look back,” Nelson said. “We’d be willing to wait a couple of years.”

Then again, Nelson said he sees “holes across the board” when he looks at what’s left of the roster of a team that’s fresh off the franchise’s first world championship.

Maybe the Mavericks fill one of their more obvious holes and pick a power forward to back up Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavs have been tight-lipped about the players they brought to Dallas to work out, but we know Richmond’s Justin Harper was one of them.

Or how about a point guard who might eventually replace Jason Kidd? There is a batch of point guards expected to go in the late first or early second round: Cleveland State’s Norris Cole, Boston College’s Reggie Jackson, Kansas’ Josh Selby, UCLA’s Malcolm Lee, Michigan’s Darius Morris and Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins. (The Mavs might have addressed that need a couple of drafts ago when it picked Nick Calathes, who spent the last two seasons playing in Greece and might join the Mavs next season, depending on his buyout and other factors.)


  1. Jacye Staggs says:

    Yeah Lakers Got Darius Morris….WE woN!!! HAHAHAH SUCKERS!!! WE WIn again . WInning ! 😀

  2. Ronnie says:

    I’ve been hearing that the Lakers might trade Odom and Brown for Ellis. I’m a huge Golden State fan and I can honestly say we need Ellis way more then the Lakers do. He won’t even start on the Lakers. The Warriors need him.

  3. Jay-d says:

    Are u crazy, Odom why? they need to get ready of gasol and let Odom play 36 mins, he is prolly the second best player in L.A. Gason is not as good as people thinks.

  4. get rid of kobe!!

  5. bonesofGOLD-bloodofPURPLE says:

    PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE! Historically the Lakers has always had a strong BIG MAN to control the back court, so getting rid of Bynum goes against the fabric of the team. Yeah, I know you are all talking about replacing him with another BIG MAN, but who’s out there, if you were GM, you would replace him with? … Bogut, G. Oden(!!?), D. Jordan, D. Howard(!!!!)? Yeah, I would love to see D. Howard wearing purple and gold, and white on Sundays, but there’s 2 major issues with that scenario:
    1) We don’t have enough viable pieces to make that deal tasty enough for Orlando to bite. Unless, of course, it included multiple teams.
    2) It wouldn’t satisfy our #1 fundelmental weakness that was successfully exploited by every NBA team, even the Cleveland Cavaliers … STAYING IN FRONT OF & DEFENDING AGAINST QUICK & ATHLETIC GUARDS!!!!!!!!!!
    So, as much of a “Hollywood Finish” -like story it would be to bring D. Howard to the Staples Center, I think the best thing for the front office to do is FIRST concentrate on the team’s most dominant weakness. Baring there’s no lock-out Orlando has until February to trade him risk losing him for absolutely nothing in return. Trust me, they will do everything under the sun between now and February to show him they are serious about building around him, like the Lakers did with Kobe.

    Also, for those saying trade A. Bynum for the #2 ….GET REAL! Have you forgotten we are starting this season with, a new coach, therefore, a new system and a new mind set and you want to put a new body, mind and soul in control of your back court? Suicide! You can kiss returning to the Finals good-bye for the next 2-4 years, because now you’re asking that person to go up against Howard and BYNUM, and neither has hit their prime.

  6. Butta says:

    You guys need to understand that Bynum and Gasol won’t be getting traded. Bynum is young and healthy so to see him play next season will be interesting and a good thing for the Lakers. Gasol had a bad post season: So what/? He’s a good player and if there is anything to say about Gasol, he’ll bounce back and he’ll be better next season.

    What the LAKERS need is a better productive bench, and a new PG. Brown’s the only good bench player I can say is worth keeping. Blake, Walton, Smith, Radiff, should go. Odom shouldnt get traded.

    Lets hope we get a better productive bench/PG this year.

    Lakers2012 Champs.

  7. 24 Black Mamba says:

    something big is happening today

  8. JH says:

    yah actually i agree with a trade of pau gasol, but not for a prospect that no one knows will do well or not in his career. pau gasol is extremely useful in the triangle offense, but brown clearly said he was not gonna go with the triangle this season, so the offense will be ran through the guards and not the big men. sure paus got the post, but its not as easy if they arent running plays through him all the time

  9. yoo2 says:

    Silly lakers fans, stop dreaming, orlando will never trade howard for bynum or gasol EVER

  10. Joe says:

    why is it that the lakers fans seem like the least knowledgable fans on these posts? Is it due to sheer numbers?

  11. ramher says:


  12. laker says:

    use anyone to make a trade that would get an allstar caliber player, d12, cp3, tony paarker, love, or monta. If its no. 2 pick get kemba he will affect it right away. Still think that the gasol for love and no 2 is the best…. u get a replacement in love for pau and a pg in tje draft. or trade odom or bynum and blake and some one for d12 and jameer nelson

  13. Arman says:

    Hopefully Darius Morris is available at the 26th pick. He would fit great to Dallas. He is a good point guard, who is big enough to defend shooting guards when playing with Terry, Roddy or Barea and gets to the rim, what exactly is what Dallas needs when they want to play that kind of offense which brought them the championchip. But other teams have to be very careless if they let him slip down to this late pick …

  14. Immaculant says:

    Some Laker fans need to get off the drugs with these trade proposals. Bynum or Pau for Howard straight up lmao. Iggy for Odom not unless a pick is involved.

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      why are you laughin. the magic are gonna end up losing him for nothing. and who else can they get for howard. no point to trade him in the east because they would have to face him

  15. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    everyone that says bynum is injury prone………… well guess what!! theres something called getting it back it shape and that helps reduce the risk to injury lol

  16. Darryl Quick says:

    it would be hard to trade
    bynum because defensively he has size and he has youth on his side

    gasol because he is a sure 20 point player despite his downside

    odom because he was 6th man of the year for a reason

    however andre iguodola is a great option. he doesnt demand to score and he plays defense. he can be the scottie pipper player to kobe…


  17. Joe B says:

    if the lakers trade artest they need to bring in another good defender, id say get trevor ariza back but whether they can or not is another question, i think michael pietrus would be a good move

    i dont think going after howard is sensible but with kobe getting older, retiring in 3-4years, maybe they see dwight as the new lakers franchise face.

    a more sensible move for me, would to trade artest, gasol and blake
    i love gasol, and he proved he can be tough when they won the back to back championships
    but hes older now and he was soft again in this years play-offs, if it was my team i id wanna keep
    gasol and trade bynum because gasol and kobe have a great rapor on the court but bynums potential when
    he’s fit plus his age, makes him better to keep than trade.

    ellis doenst make sense because ud have to play him at the point or the 3 coz the 2 is no doubt kobes

    i think they should try to trade for josh smith, michael pietrus (defensive ability), and a good point guard but keep fisher as back up. heard ray felton might be up for trade, he ran the knicks pretty well and is a good facilitater plus good scorer, i think he’d do the job. until maybe they get cp3?


  18. Adam says:

    Only way that i think that the lakers trade bumum is to trade for the number 1. They need a PG, if they can package Andrew, Odom and a couple of the seconds and a future 1st cleveland will have a big man that will be there number 1 and production to make them relivant and the Lakeshow will have there PG that will be a big UPGRADE ,.

  19. Philbert says:

    All the trade rumors are good but the best possible trade is Bynum for labron. The heat needs a solid centre. King James will never win a ring as long as he is in a heat uniform, he don’t fit there he and Wade have too much alike, it just won’t work .The steal of a trade is definately Lakers aquiring King james from Miami Heat Only then can Labron win a Championship.

  20. BlackMamba24 says:

    Andrew bynum is better then Dwight Howard.But I’d still trade him for Deron Williams, I doubt Nets would do that trade tho.

  21. CARTER71185 says:

    lakers fans dont u understand they people that are saying trade gasol are not laker fans cause they know gasol is still a good player and there scared of what he can do next year so stop agreeing with these fake lakers fans cause real laker fans wouldnt say trade gasol smh we would say keep gasol keep bynum and trade odom For andre and trade brown for dru hill we need a point guard asap!

  22. Tmac says:

    Lakers dont need ellis, love, dwight ,cp3, the no.2 pick etc. They just need to get a young PG maybe sign Felton this offseason, and trade away barnes and blake for a spot up shooter. no major changes need to be done on these laker team.. The Lakers have maybe the best frontcourt in the NBA (Bynum,Gasol,Odom). Trading Bynum or Gasol for the no.2 pick? come on why would you want a player that needs to be develop when you have your superstar(Kobe) getting old.You dont want to waste 2 years just waiting for this guy to develop his skills because lets face it kobe is getting OLD.

  23. kk says:

    you know what the Lakers staff and owners are to blame for not having any first round picks when their dumb selves decided to trade Sasha to the nets and gave them their first round pick instead and also traded him for that dude Joe smith of what value is he I’m still trying to figure out cause that was a flat out dumb mistake period that dude was of no use to the Lakers.
    they need to focus on point guards and more shooters and then when Dwight is a free agent next season if they is one then they really should consider trading bynum for him and next time think before they make stupid trades like that for someone that is even worse than who u are trying to get and another thing i will rejoice and pray if they can get just get rid of Luke Walton for good.

  24. Whozdat says:

    I thought I would never say this about Lamar Odom, but he can come to Chicago for Boozer. He can create and at this point in his career we dont need a guy that put up 20-30 just someone to take slack off of Rose. Not the key to the problem, but surely a great role player who can benefit as well as the team. Iggy could do as well cause he will atleast defend and put up points. Great 2 guard with Rose & Deng already running the show. Boozer can go asap for sure especially with Gibson emerging.

  25. Curious says:

    supposed to be not because of a lack of talent…

  26. Curious says:

    I don’t understand why the lakers would make any of these trades. Their problems occur because of a lack talent, but because of their lack of focus. I don’t understand what any of these trades would accomplish. I agree that the point guard situation is a bit of an issue, but what will adding a small forward like most are advocating do in the way of that. And lastly, this draft is questionable at best. Why trade proven contributors for question marks?

  27. Crystal says:

    Are u all hearing yourself the league loves the big guys and the lakers have 3 of the best big guys. i would not trade ODOM, GOSAL or BYNUM …… GOSH i HATE RUMORS

  28. BJZ90631 says:

    Lakers should not trade bynum pau kobe brown and get rid of everyone else and build a team get ellis!

  29. kobeisthebest says:

    Lil’ Buss trade Gasol for that no.2 pick because Williams can score and rebound and defend and he has something that Gasol doesn’t toughness. IF Lil’ Buss doesn’t do that Jerry Buss need to be in charge again and if he doesn’t he should at least name Lil’ Buss’ sister the new owner. Little Buss would start the destruction of the Lakers. Jerry Buss please tell your son to trade Gasol for that no.2 pick. Lakers also need to fix that bench it needs major renovation.

  30. SMACK JOHNSON says:



    BYNUM is like 3 trips down the court from being GREG ODEN.
    Huge contract means nice chess piece.
    I say MAKE THAT MOVE before he makes that move to just kicking it on the bench REHABBIN’

    Lakers DO need a PG…
    but if the Lakers had a CONSISTENT ENFORCER in THE PAINT…
    like UM…i dunno…DWIGHT HOWARD??
    the problem at the PG position would be eliminated.

    All this talk about moving ODOM is STRAIGHT NONSENSE.
    He’s the 2nd best player on the team next to KOBE.
    And the MOST Versatile player on the team.

    Same with PAU. He had a WICK WICK WACK playoff appearance.
    But honestly, dude was tired from carrying the load that BYNUM left being hurt…AGAIN.

    as far as the BENCH?
    Don’t get me started.

    should be interesting though.

  31. Michael B says:

    LA Lakers I hate them I love Artest even though she is slowing down but they are being aggressive even though they offered Odom for the 2nd pick in the draft but that’
    s a trashy offer 2 be honest. They should have offered Odom and another player then Minnesota would have gone 4 it.

    • Joe says:

      Minnesota doesnt want to trade for a 4. plain and simple. Offer Bynum and you have a deal.

  32. yng magic says:

    The lakers should trade odom and artest to new jersey for derron williams and derrick favors that would satisfy both parties mybe throw in luke walton or some draft pics.. keep bynum but get some backup help case hes only good for half a season but still worth the trouble unless howard or greg monroe ort maybe yao becomes available.. ellis wold take away from kobes game and a draft pic in a weak draft is not worth giving up a proven player

    • phan79 says:

      Derrick Favors isn’t even on the nets anymore! He’s with Utah! He was part of the Deron Williams trade for Devin Harris, Favors, and a couple of first round picks!

    • ... says:

      That would be a TERRIBLE move on NJ’s part. I think they have a chance of keeping DWill as long as they start getting some pieces together. Odom for Williams = very unequal. Not to mention no one really wants RonRon anymore. Just saying…dude can’t play amazing D anymore, and he has never been any real use on the offensive end (minus the game winning shot in the 2010 finals).

    • Joe says:

      1. Derrick Favors plays for the Jazz
      2. Derrick Favors contract is nice, in the sense that he is locked up until 2014-2015 and hes getting paid only 23 million over the next three years. If he stays healthy, they are most likely going to be underpaying him.
      3. How would getting rid of Derron Williams satisfy the nets? Why trade for him in the first place? To trade for Ron Artest and his awful contract (6.8 million, 2.4 million more than favors next year) and his player option for the two years after next, grossing over 15 million). Hes also really washed up. Odom is 31.
      yng magic,
      grow up

  33. seveere says:

    i dont care what the lakers do just get it done. and i know they will. i know i wont be happy who ever they trade . but oh well this is busniess

  34. kobebebebe says:

    enough of this ellis talk, he’s not even the best player on his team! am i the only one who is seeing this?

    lakers need to trade artest+fisher+money for stephen curry

    and follow that up with odom+blake for iguodala

    bynum, pau, iguodala, kobe, curry. that’s a championship team right there. we’ll smother the heat with this team.

    Lakers for 2012 Champions!

  35. Slub26 says:

    Jaythelaker… bynum does have good streaks but when he gets on them, he alwayz gets injured and we dont need a player who isnt tough enough to play through injuries ..look at kobe, back roblems, ankle problems, surgery 3 times on his shooting hand.. knee problems..and he still plays through that..thats why we need to trade bynum

  36. Slub26 says:

    Lakers cant trade odom they need to trade bynum because odom bring the lakers higher up and bynum is always getting injured

  37. laker4life says:

    Andrew Bynum For Dwight Howard sounds good to me

  38. D_Brennan says:

    My hornets need to read this message! Get Monta Ellis!!! Trade Mek Okafor for him with a future 1st or bellineli……This will allow GS to get a much needed big and NOLA to get a good scoring combo gaurd which will enable them to make a run for Chandler!! Everybody is happy.

  39. LOS ANGELES says:

    The Lakers were beaten by the mavs due to the play of Terry and Barea.That barely show that they needed a point guard that can defend. Imagine if the Lakers are the Miami Heat opponent in the recent Final series.Thatwould be 4-0 in for LA because they dont have to guard faster point guards. James , Bosh and Wade are fond of attacking inside the paints but it wouldn’t be easy for them because there are 3 giants on the floor to slap their shots for the lakers. James and Bosh can not shoot from outside, Wade can shoot but there is the Black mamba to defend him who is taller and quicker than him even at his age…

  40. clevelandandmiami says:

    the cavs should pick kyrie irving with 1st pick and enes kanter or jonas valanciunas with the 4th pick. then they should trade their 32nd pick and ramon sessions to the pistons for richard hamilton and the 8th pick. the pistons want to trade richard hamilton because he has a big salary (14 million i think). then the cavs pick tristan thompson or chris singleton or kawhi leonard. then kyrie is starting pg. kanter or jonas is starting center. richard hamilton is starting sg. tristan, singleton, or kawhi is the sf. but if they pick jonas then he wont be able to play this season because he’s in a euro league and there are some problems. so is this a good draft and trade?

  41. Laker Fan 1975 says:

    This is something that everyone is overlooking……what if Howard ends up in BOSTON….as a Laker fan would hate to see this happen…..but with no Shaq or KP in the middle they have a HUGE hole to fill. Just a thought and a scary one at that….if it does happen look out Chicago and Miami.

    • @ says:

      That would be a dumb move for Howard. He would win at most, 2 rings. Garnett and Pierce dont have a lot left. He would be better off in NJ.

  42. LABRYANT says:

    ALL U LAKERS Fans who want to trade for Ellis know nothing of the game of bball…he is not a point guard..which we need..we have a TWO GUARD HIS NAME IS KOBE…ELLIS plays no d is always hurt and needs 20 shots a game..dont give up BYNUM FOR ELLIS..WHERE WOULD U PLAY ELLIS..THE ONLY PERSON U TRADE BYNUM FOR WILL B HOWARD..PERIOD ..END OF STORY

  43. Lakers4ever says:

    Trade bynum? You guys are insane. Bynum is the anchor of the Defense. Pau should be traded. But its not going to happen. Bynum and Pau arent the problem. Its our pg and bench.

    • berkamore says:

      Right on.

      Fisher and Walton have to be moved quickly. If you just replace those two with decent players, you are halfwaay there.
      Walton especially, I mean, $ 4 million a year…..the guy is basically stealing from the Lakers.

  44. js10jj says:

    Bynum should go to Miami then the championship would be a wrap!!!! Bron, Bosh, Wade, Bynum and pretty much anyone else on the floor..!! No one would score on that defense! Unstoppable!!

    • @ says:

      Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy, another moronic heat fan. First off num nut, the heat cant afford Bynum, you idiots gotta keep that in mind. Remember, the heat overpaid for what they have on their team now. Unstoppable? Ya, just like they were unstoppable in the finals right? Not only that, but who in the world is on the heat team worth trading for Bynum? Who in the world would the Lakers want off of that team? Ya, you dumb heat fans gotta think before you speak.

  45. Laker Fan 1975 says:

    All I have to say is this….what ever the Lakers touch turns to GOLD…..Look at all of the trades that the Lakers have made going back to when they traded for the Magic Johnson pick and 1979. They traded to get Worthy, Scott, A.C. Green and Kobe. The list goes on and on and on. Not worried at all. Just sit back and watch the Purple and Gold train go on by and turn nothing into GOLD.

  46. really? says:

    WTH??? why are lakers fans keep saying Pau for Kevin Love and 2nd pick??? Do You Guys that Wolves are that stupid? Kevin Love is younger and playing as good as pau. why would they give up younger version of same thing for older one? plus #2 pick?? it’s greedy and not reasonable, you guys are starting to sounds like Heat Fans. I know wolves are not that stupid but somehow if that happen wolves should get ban from NBA for being that stupid.

    • @ says:

      @really you obviously havent been paying attention to whats been going on on ESPN and other sports channels. The Wolves actually wanted Gasol to pare up with Rubio. So ahhhhh, it looks like they are that stupid buddy. Think before you speak, watch sports channels before you speak.

  47. Jason from New York says:

    New York dont draft Jimmer Fredette. Rebounds rebounds rebounds thats what the Knicks need. Fredette is an excellent player I fully agree but he is not the piece New York needs. I dont see him getting many bords, yes he can score but thats the last thing the Knicks need. We have an excellent offence but a terrible defence. Getting Jimmer Fredette will just have us lose games 115-112 instead of 114-107. Kenneth Faried from Morehead State is the guy for New York. Not a huge name guy but averaged 12.3 rebounds a game and 14.8 points a game. He is 6 foot 8 and a defencive specialist that can play well without the ball. Every year at college Fariedstats have been increasing and is a leader and an excellent fit for New York. He has a tremendous work ethic and we all know defence wins games not offence and that can be said in any sport. So New York go with defence!!!

  48. LOS ANGELES says:

    Ok, all your suggestions are fine, but i think the Lakers dont need to trade any of odom .gasul and bynum.No other team can match that front court combination of 2 seven footers and a sixteen forward that is very versatile, i mean that is an indespensable front court.Almost all of the teams dont even have one reliable 7 footer.All the Lakers need is a quicker point guard that guard point guard like rose or westbrook.Try to make a deal for a defensive point guard like Rondo ,Jamal Crawford or Nash , give Nash a ring before he retires, he deserve that.You dont have to worry for the perimeter offense because black mamba has still gas on his tank to explode..Fisher has to accept the off the bench role…he is old already

  49. kevin says:

    I agree with most of u, but Ellis wants to be the number one option and that is why Kobe is there. It is better to trade for the 2nd pick then get another star who will ruin the team.

  50. jaythelaker says:

    You all are crazy talking about Bynum ain’t that good….Man did you all watch any Laker games after the all star break when they went on a 18 game winning streak??? Dude was a BEAST on the boards and blocking everything that came in the lane!!!! Bynum will build off that confidence this year, that is why he feels he should be the second option…He was the only one who showed any toughness besides Kobe in the playoffs….The only person I would trade Bynum for is D. Howard….

  51. Slimm says:

    NOOO !!! Ellis can’t go to L.A. lol… This is the time for Memphis or Portland to step up and try to trade for him, we need another proven scorer in both camps, Alridge carried Portland while Roy was down but not out, Roy will play next year but I don’t think extensive minutes as he used to, we can use Ellis as that guy Ellis then pu Roy back in the starting line up, Ellis and Roy in the backcourt all man, Western Conference finals here we come and I feel sorry for who else we’re up against… But no speaking so fast if some how Memphis were to package up a solid deal for Ellis as well, yeah I can say the same for Memphis, I would say trade Conley but GSW already has a point guard in Curry, so that would be much harder to pull off…

  52. mel-v says:

    kb and gasol for cp3, ARIZA, west and laundry!!! not a player fan, LAKERS fan for life,

    • QuestionMark says:

      Trade Kobe why? Kobe is the Lakers All Time Great and would love to finish with the Lakers, trust me, even if you get CP3, Lakers won’t win without Kobe.

  53. Somebody says:

    I agree with Mr Smith.Fisher can`t compete against PGs like Rose,Westbrook,Rondo and so on.They need someone who can make an impact on the team!

  54. CJ says:

    Lakers won’t trade Bynum for No. 2 Draft pick because they need him in a possible trade for Dwight Howard this season or next offseason. What they really need to do is trade Odom to the Kings or Raptors for one of their Lottery picks. They would be able to draft Kemba Walker. Derek Fisher, as far as i’m concerned, needs to retire. If he doesn’t want to retire, move him to the bench. He is no longer effective.

    • seveere says:

      the dhoward thing i can see happen. i heard that some place else. but the rest of the stuff your talking about idk..

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Fish does things that don’t show up on the stat sheets. Sure, he should come off the bench that I agree with. But to say he needs to retire is a bit steep.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I know for a fact Raptors won’t take Odom unless something is wrong with them, Raptors need a PG and most likely will sign Knight or Walker with the 5th pick, and they won’t take Odom when they have a decent rebounding PF in Davis.

  55. Bridges says:

    Trade Gasol get Kevin Love (guaranteed double double) And pick up Williams at the 2nd pick. We aren’t running the triangle anymore having two 7 footers isnt going to be that productive. Our new coach likes to push the ball Williams would be a great fit for that.6’8 athletic and he can shoot the three (60% in college). You know he’s gonna get better if he’s around kobe kind of like Pippen did when he was around Jordan. On top of that he’s young and we need some new blood in L.A too many locker room problems and that was evident in the playoffs..

  56. Stan says:

    Kobez….If you do that trade the lakers wont have any one to guard big centers or guys like Lebron and Durant. That line-up you have would be for a fast tempo offensive team…How many Offensive teams with no defense have won championships? maybe 2 or 3 at best.

  57. Bridges says:

    Trade Gasol get Kevin Love (guaranteed double double) And pick up Williams at the 2nd pick. We aren’t running the triangle anymore having two 7 footers isnt going to be that productive. Our new coach likes to push the ball Williams would be a great fit for that.6’8 athletic and he can shoot the three (60% in college). You know he’s gonna get better if he’s around kobe kind of like Pippen did when he was around Jordan. On top of that he’s young and we need some new blood in L.A too many locker room problems and that was evident in the playoffs.

  58. DutchBasketball says:

    Iguodala should go to the Clippers, he is the small forward the clippers mis. Then they have gorden, williams, iguodala ,blake and Deandre to get to the playoffs. That should be a team that at least will make it to the playoffs. And hopefully more.

  59. Tikboy says:

    Almost all comments posted here are about the lakers or connected with the lakers..can’t blame them though..GO LAKERS!!

  60. Dylan says:

    The Lakers need to get younger in the frontcourt, I would trade Gasol for the #2 pick, the Lakers shouldn’t expect themselfes to win a championship every year, and should think about the future instead of now, if they can get a young Forward, then they should go for it, there’s also the PG problem, if they can get maybe the 3rd of 4th pick instead of #2 they should consider Kemba Walker or any other PG they can score.

    As for the Dwight talk, It would be great for Laker fans, but I don’t see it happening, CP3 going 2 LA is more likely then dwight, they need a PG not a Center.

  61. elias says:

    i would like the gasol for kevin love and 2nd draft pick and get kemba or knight to get a complete team

  62. kobez says:

    Trade Bynum to GS for Ellis…

    Ellis, KB24, Odom, Gasol….

    then trade Artest for anyone

    • Rondo9 says:

      Bynum for number 2 pick isnt a bad idea, but if they haver their sights set on Howard (and Orlando decide to trade him rather than see him lost to fee agency) then they need to keep Bynum as bait. Seems that the T Wolves dont seem to want Lemar Odom then maybe trading Gasol is a good idea for both LA and the wolves, Rubio would be more comfortable playing on the same team as Gasol.

      I also agree wit “Kobez” Lakers using one of their bigs, possibly Pau, to try and get Monta Ellis is a good idea, it would make the Laker quicker in the back court and take some pressure off Kobe.

      Could you imagine a starting 5 of, Ellis, Kobe, Artest, Odom & Howard, that team has everything, speed, scoring, great defensive ability and 2 known closers in Ellis and KB. Plus it compliments itself much more than Miami or New York

      • LakersWillWin says:

        We don’t need another 2 guard which is what ELLIS PLAYS.. Curry is a PG which LA needs…. Do you people even KNOW basketball???

    • Lacedogg says:

      Thank you kobez….you’re the first laker fan on this page to propose a trade that makes sense. However, as a GS fan, I wouldn’t take it. I don’t trust Bynum’s knees.

    • LABRYANT says:


  63. Stan says:

    You guys must have forgot the night bynum went of for 40 on the clippers, then the night before he went of for over 20, while getting a lot of rebounds. MARK MY WORDS, he will be great. Pau Gasol is a big part of the reason the Lakers have won 2 championships, and you want to trade him because of a bad post-season. this guy has more post moves then you can count on your hands and feet…and you want to trade him? Lamar Odom is like an over-sized guard that can finish with his left or right hands, facilitate, and is a good shooter….and you want to trade him? Ron artest has been a little of am offensiv liability since he came, but started getting in his groove late this year. His defense is very valuable, he can shut down position 1-4. Once he gets his shot back, forget it…you do not want to trade him. GUYS, I CAN NOT STRESS TO YOU ENOUGH…PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. Most fans have no patience, and are willing to rip players very fast. They also dont think about the lakers playing more games than any team in the last 3 years and the injuries the team has played through. wait and see what a healthy, rested, and talented Lakers team will do. THE ONLY NEED WE HAVE IS POINT GUARD. we were ripped by JJ berea because our best defenders were on Dirk, and Fisher is to old to be guarding faster point guards. We need someone that is an agressive facilitator and an agressive defender.

    • Shan says:

      Thank you Stan!! Agreed. we need a shooter. Get rid of Luke’s 6mil contract, Blake and his scary butt. We dont want Howard in LA, we will be giving up too much offense w/o pau/bynum and odom. Just a great shooter for the bench buddy.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      THank you Stan. This was the most educated statement I’ve read today.

    • BILL MCBLAZE says:


  64. Amir says:

    Too bad Jerry West isnt there to broker a lopsided trade like he did with the Grizzlies. I’m sure the Wolves were like female dog please!!!! Lakers are always trying to rip someone off. Those slimey bastards. Good for the Wolves! Lamar for the 2nd pick??? WTF? I hope his sister in law (Kim kardishain) was included in the trade. hahahhahah. Kupchek should have offered D Fish. The Wolves love PGs. Send the Wolves to NJ. What a joke of a franchise.

  65. Andrew@LA says:

    I like Bynum, he’s great when healthy, but if we can get the no.2 pick in the draft this year, and if we throw in odom, we can even get more. Minn has another 1st rndr we can also grab, or maybe pick up Ridnour, Webster, or Randolph.

  66. Eli says:

    I think Orlando should aquire iguaodala & Ellis fr jameer,hedo etc…. howard is leaving if tehy dont make some moves to make the team better.

  67. Mr Smith says:

    Lakers needs a P.G fisher is to old

  68. juan says:

    i would give up andrew bynum and gey the 2nd pick but get jimmer freddett and get kobe some rest, besides fisher still has game!

  69. Roy says:

    I think L.A. should trade Bynum for the #2 pick with Minnesota. It’s fair trade it looks like. Derrick Williams is clearly NBA ready and I have no reason not to believe this kid can be an All-Star down the road. He’s got amazing athleticism and can get to the rim. Good scorer and rebounder. L.A. only has a few good young players (Bynum, Brown). The rest are all old and 10+ years in, Kobe, Pau, Lamar, Fisher, Artest. They are gonna have to break it down soon (probably in 2-3 years). Minnesota could use Bynum to, he’s just entering his prime and is a damn good rebounder, defender, and shot blocker. He’d go great with Kevin Love. That’s a pretty powerful frontcourt. Besides Derrick Williams is gonna have a hard time being the player he could be sharing minutes with Webster, Beasely, Randolph, and Johnson. It would be a good trade for both teams in my opinion.

  70. NYM42 says:

    As a long time laker fan, I believe it is now time to cut ties with Pau. Time and time again, he has shown to be as soft as tissue paper when it matters most. Bynum is injury prone, but he is also Laker material…Pau is not. It’s time to land a solid PG and SF and trading Pau away could make the LakeShow much better next season. Kemba Walker would be a good fit as far as the draft goes. I wouldn’t mind getting Josh Smith and Jamal Crawford for Pau either…all us Laker fans need to see that Pau’s time in L.A. is up

    • korver261 says:

      as much as i dont like gasol or the lakers, i will admit this talk of trading him for a anyone that doesnt play the 4 spot isnt smart, trade him for a smaller player and then odom has to move to the starting 4 spot, there goes your best bench player and then the bench is even worse than before, you also give up some size, which was a big factor to there success the past couple years, look i would love the lakers to screw up, almost as much as i would love miami to screw up, but realistically if your going to trade gasol then you have to make sure you dont give up what made you successful in the first place (other than kobe), look at boston when they traded perkins thats all im saying

  71. Shmeker says:

    Watch out for the Grizzlies, Rudy Gay FTW !! 🙂

  72. Dominican A.I says:

    the need changes bynum cuz his injurys and they need a young foward cuz artest man his suck, cant dribble the ball trade bynum and luke walton and select Derrick Williams

  73. sam says:

    i say the lakers do the pau trade and draft the great brandon knight or kemba but then people are also saying draft night howard could be on the move to L.A for odom and bynum so lakers make the trades and there will be a new big 3 in the NBA

  74. trekKert says:

    I want Derrick Williams to play for the Minnesota Timberwolves! I would like to see him play along side Kevin Love, Johnny Flynn, Michael Beasley, Wes Johnson and Ricky Rubio.. Its time for the T’Wolves to get up the ladder. Don’t let anyone get that no.2 pick of yours.

  75. Patrick says:

    I agree with Nate, Ellis on the wolves would give them a definite 25 ppg at the guard position, Derrick Williams would start at small forward on the lakers then the lakers should trade Artest or Odom for a point guard like may be Parker or Nash.

    • Lacedogg says:

      the Lakers are good as they are. Your team doesn’t need anymore all-stars. They need something they lost over the past two years: HEART

      • @ says:

        @Lacedogg what Laker team do you watch and on what planet? You say the Lakers have lost HEART the past two years? Seems to me they won the championship the last years. And heart has nothing to do with it. I think three straight runs to the finals has more to do with it than heart. Are you really questioning Kobes heart, Fishers heart, Artests heart. Come one dude, get outta here with the stupid talk.

      • Lacedogg says:

        @, Notice I said OVER THE PAST TWO YEARS. Meaning that desire that won them championships has faded more and more over time. I don’t question kobe’s desire at all. However, he seems to be the only one who wanted a championship this year. 2 time defending champions should not be swept in the second round. They played like crap throughout the postseason. As a matter of fact, Dallas had the least trouble with this team. That’s the Laker team I watched all season. A team this year that was brought down to EARTH. I suggest all you Laker fans do the same. Oh, and please get off off floppin’ Fisher; he’s really that good anymore.

    • lakersforever says:

      parick i love the idea of trading artest for nash or parker but they wouldnt take him for so little and i dont want to lose odam

    • Daniel says:

      yeah ok patrick…u seemed to forget about the warriors and the fact that they hold would get the number 2 pick..not the lakers…and yeah..good luck getting nash

  76. fred t says:

    Keep the same team no matter what people may say we still have a chance to win a championship if shannon brown starts at the point

    • Marcus Day says:

      i agree keep the same team, as long as we got the Black mamba we are contendors every year

  77. Marcus Day says:

    I have been a Lakers fan since 1980, with my favorite player to this day, Magic Johnson. All you need is a point guard and a few
    good shooters, dont trade your big Mens. You still have the best player in the game Kobe Bryant be patient.

  78. MVP says:


    • k89 says:

      & where does this come from??… yo imma huge l.a. fan & im starting to get annoyed with this miami-fans-like comments bout l.a. trades

    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      its not happening even though im a laker fan and would want that but Dwight Howard to my opinion going to Chicago… Help Derrick Rose win a championship!!!

    • laker4life says:

      I have to agree Howard in L.A trade bynum…. Howard is deff. worth the trade

      • BFOULDS says:

        he’s much more valuable than bynum, which is why it would never happen. lakers would have to also give up MONEY and a FUTURE DRAFT PICK for it to be anywhere near fair. Howard is by far the best center in the game currently.

  79. lakerfan says:

    pau gasol+ steve blake for kevin love+jonny flynn+2nd pick…..

    • golakers says:

      pau and blake (especially blake) r not worth all that

    • Lacedogg says:

      you seriously think that’s a good trade?? please tell me you’re kidding and not that stupid

    • BFOULDS says:

      YOU sir, are on some serious drugs. May I have some?

    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      Dont agree on that!!!

    • berkamore says:


      Okay but Blake at least tries. The absolute FRAUD on the Lakers is Luke Walton. Why this guy is even in the NBA is beyond me. But on the Lakers at $4 million a year is……………….well, maybe I don’t understand basketball.

    • bunbury says:

      Do you think Kevin Love is an upgrade from Gasol? all Kevin Love did was put excellent numbers on one of the worst teams in the league. I will take Gasol any time of the day.

  80. YungDeuce says:

    i think the lakers should trade bynum for the no. 2 pick cause he’s injury prone for one and they need to get younger in the frontcourt and they should start shannon brown at the pg, cause if they don’t make any changes before this next season you can kiss being a contender every year goodbye

    • Marcus Day says:

      I wouldnt trade him just yet,there are not that many big men in the league, unless you get Howard for him,but it would
      be insane to get rid of your big man.

    • golakers says:

      andrew s 23 & although injury proned is a big force down low. pg is the position at which l.a. should get much younger. i love shanon brown but so far he hasnt been of elite young pg caliber (i.e. westbrooke rondo rose curry paul etc.). if l.a. want the 2nd pick they should trade gasol.

      • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

        I agree on 2 things u said, yeah LA should keep Andrew Bynum for now, and the L.A. should find a fast young PG because I like Shannon Brown, but he hasnt shown much… I don’t agree on trading Gasol, so he had one bad year big deal, at least he did his job. The Lakers need to focus on getting their bench better and getting a PG. The last two finals they won, Laker’s bench was so solid and their bench now, i dont even recognize them anymore….

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Brown is a 2 guard not a PG….

    • FrankyFinch says:

      Younger in the Frontcourt, Bynum is only 23. But I will agree that he’s injury prone. Shannon Brown is a 2 guard, who replaces Kobe when Kobe gets his minutes rest. But other than that.. you were right. They need to make some changes. Get a fresher PG, Fish and Blake won’t cut it. Pau needs to get out of his funk, and Bynum has to keep improving without denying the fact he isn’t the cornerstone of his franchise.

    • BBallFan31 says:

      You say they should trade Bynum, because they need a younger frontcourt? Did you know Andrew Bynum is only 23. I dont like the guy personally but you cant deny he is a great Defensive, rebounding center, who has shown good offensive ability as well, as seen in his putback, and postup ability. Injury prone ? Yes he is lol. I think they need to trade Gasol though, for the number 2 pick, so they can pick up Williams TBH. Gasol is soft, and is becoming a liability both mentally and physically. Use number 2 to get Williams, or try to draft a good PG to repace fisher. Odom is their 2nd best player right now and Showed how much of a force he was last year.

    • urm0m says:

      Lakers can win without Bynum so it wont make much of a difference if they trade him for the second pick, plus the second pick which WILL be derrick williams is a solid pick and will fit in either PF or SF, this will allow mismatches. Also trade away artest and shannon brown to spurs for tony parker and jefferson, now lakers will have the best odds of winning a championship instead of getting swept lol

    • bunbury says:

      the lakers do not need a rookie, NOT IF they are planning in winning the title NEXT YEAR. it will be STUPID to trade Bynum for a # 1 pick. the lakers never traded him for Melo or CP3, what makes you think they will for a # 2 pick- on a draft considered by most observers to be POOR POOL OF TALENT.

  81. AurikSarker says:

    As a Laker-hater, I would absolutely love it if Andrew Bynum was traded away

    But they’d have to be crazy to do that. He and Kobe were probably to only two Lakers who actually took the playoffs seriously. He is only 23 years old and has a lot of potential for the Lakers.

    • k89 says:

      str8 up. bynum carried lakers thru playoffs. they should trade gasol tho

      • Lacedogg says:

        The Lakers didn’t go anywhere in the playoffs. The reason Bynum looked so good was because they played an undersized Hornets team. Notice how the Lakers got swept by Dallas. Do you still want Bynum to “carry” your team? Wake up Laker fans!! Bynum is a solid player, but really not as good as you think.

    • Lacedogg says:

      I don’t think Bynum has a lot of potential. He will get better, maybe 15-17 ppg and will be a defensive freak. However, I would never build a team around him. The Lakers should trade him because in my opinion, he’s overrated.

      • @ says:

        Ya i agree, kinda how lebron is overrated.

      • lakersforever says:

        15 17 ppg game and a defensive freak…. that would make him the second best center in the NBA for the past 10 years and for the next 10 think about what your saying its dwight then bynum hands down the best centers plus he was averaging 20 ppg and 12 rebrounds against the mavs with tyson chandler on him if you want to trade bynum i say we do it at the mid season mark this guy i believe is comiung around

      • Lacedogg says:

        @lakersforever: Do you think Bynum is the future of your team? Maybe we can compare him to Howard when he plays a FULL season.

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      honestly bynum has better post moves than howard but he gets injured too much

  82. Nate says:

    Minnesota should seriously trade the #2 pick for Ellis. They need an explosive scorer who can average 20+ ppg, which Ellis is. The Wolves would have Ellis getting 24+ppg, Beasley 17ppg, Love 15ppg & 14rpg, and with Rubio running the point that would definitely be an upgrade from last year. But from the sound of it, looks like Ellis is more interested in joining a contender team, and the Wolves are still building.

  83. got_watcha_want says:

    LIL buss won’t trade bynum, he and Brown are the only two parts of that team that he has had a hand in bringing them into the organization. If Jerry was still in charge, Bynum for #2 (Williams) would happen.

    His son’s unwillingness to waiver on previous decision and the fact he wants everyone to know it is his team now, will destroy that team and throw them into a rebuilding funk they don’t want to be in.

    you need some fresh legs LIL buss and Bynum is worth Williams, pick up Dalambert via FA if you really need that much size on your frontcourt. Bynum is not the franchise future on any team. I know he was your pick, but that doesn’t mean he is the next great laker.

    • David says:

      Dude, Bynum is only 23. Trading him for someone much smaller and only a few years younger wouldn’t help at all. Besides, Williams is a foward, not a center. And you’re seriously under-estimating Bynum.

  84. PINOY says:

    i agree kevin, LA can also pick KEMBA for no.2 pick since FISHER is getting grumpy…

  85. kevin says:

    lakers, please trade Andrew Bynum for a no.2 draft pick. he’s brittle and doesn’t want to team up with gasol and kobe. besides, he would like to be the first or second option and that can’t be done in LA

    • aaron says:

      i think they should trade gasol. bynum+odom r so much more valuable

    • lakersforever says:

      this is why you dont work in the lakers front office that would be the dumbest trade even Odam for the number 2 pick the lakers need to win now not develop some player there are no lebrons in the draft this year if there was that would be different. u would only trade a pau or a bynum for a sure thing there are no sure things in this draft. everyone is down on pau becuase he didnt bring his A game to the playoffs well it was obvious that pau was out of gas after the first 30 games of the regular season he will be fine now everybody needs to stop trippin he is still top 3 power forward in the league

      • Steve Mumford says:

        I think the lakers should trade Bynum. Bynum is a very good player, but not when he is dressed in street clothes for half the season.

      • seveere says:

        thats real..

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Bynum had a healthy season quit the Bynum trade talk. I’ll keep Bynum any day to build around. Did you watch him against the best center in the league this season???

      • laker4life says:

        Everyone should be down on Pau. I checked the numbers and it seems that the only year he’s had a good playoffs (including his time with the Grizzlies) was 2009, 2010…the years the Lakers won the title. He’s soft. Get rid of him now and go for another big man. The formula works, but Pau is too soft

    • sbfern says:

      Gasol trade in a heartbeat! or maybe the Lakers are holding Gasol to try to use him on a Howard trade? interesting…

      • 24 Black Mamba says:

        gasols not leaving… the only ones that are probably gonna get traded are lamar (fora good small foward) and bynum (only for howard)

      • DJ says:

        Lol for a small forward? Thats a waste. They will trade for any good defensive point guard.

    • K24 says:

      I agree 100% I don’t think Bynum has played one full season in good health, and I truly believe had the Lakers not aquired Gasol they would’ve never won back to back championships.

      • berkamore says:

        Very true. I don’t even understand why people are so mad at Pau. If Bynum had had surgery when he was supposed to instead of going to the world cup, maybe Gasol wouldn’t have had to play so many minutes early in the season and wouldn’t have bee so tired at the end of the season.

        Lakers fans sometimes…….I was shocked when they didn’t give PJ a standing ovation when the Lakers were going to Dallas down 0-2. It never even crossed their minds that it may be the last game PJ would coach at Staples. And sure enough, it was. Unbelievable.

    • David says:

      He didn’t say he wanted to be the first or second option, he just said he wanted more touches which is understandable considering how big he is. There’s no way they’ll trade him, especially if we get Howard for Gasol. I don’t even see why they’d trade Odom for Williams. They can’t say for sure he won’t be a bust, and the Lakers already have some of the best post players in the league. If anything they should try to trade someone else, Artest or Fisher for a high draft pick to get some help at the point.

    • Amanda Simms says:

      Seriously http://tinyurl.com/69trp8p the lakers say they are not actively seeking, WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???