Bobcats, Kings, And Bucks Rumored To Have 3-way Deal In Place

A three-way deal involving the Bucks, Bobcats, and Kings is in place. The particulars:

  • Milwaukee gets Beno Udrih, Steven Jackson, Shaun Livingston and 19th pick (which currently belongs to Charlotte).
  • Charlotte gets Corey Maggette and 7th pick (via the Kings).
  • Sacramento gets John Salmons and 10th pick (Milwaukee’s pick).

That’s a pretty big trade, and an excellent way to get the night underway.

Obviously we have to wait and see which players get chosen with the swapped draft slots, but if it happens, which team do you think gets the best end of this one?


  1. choker says:


  2. Jordan Forever says:

    MJ Rocks,

    He has an eye on CP3 For so long now. But if he’ll pull a lever for an earthquake of CP3-Howard in 2012 free agency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

    Either way, i Believe MJ-Silas did what they believe in most – Get Hot blooded adrenaline rushed players to run the floor like Crazy. Just hope that Corey can deliver after a self satisfying role which he will get.

    Again, MJ ROCKS

  3. Ventruck says:

    Only time will tell if Jimmer ends up with the Kings – or if he’s even going to fulfill expectations, but man the Kings for three years straight getting nice draft picks. How can they not nail at least get 8th seed next post season?

    But I do think Milwaukee’s side of things is a bit difficult to make out. I would’ve been willing to move around Maggette, and maybe Salmons if I had to, but Jimmer?

    Stephen Jackson is well…a good player. A good investment? I don’t know at this point.

  4. bill black says:

    Terrible trade for the Bucks. A total salary dump. Problem is no one wants to play in Milwaukee so saving cap room for free agents is a dream. Not reality. This team is hopeless and eventually Scott Skiles will be fired even though he’s the best coach they’ve had since George Karl had a couple of good years between 1999 and 2001. I would rather Milwaukee keep Jimmer. Then trade Salmons and Magette if they have to.

  5. KelsYeDigg says:

    Kings = Tony Parker, Tyreke Evans, Richard Jefferson, DeMarcus Cousins, Samuel Dalembert!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  6. BLM73 says:

    Yeah….Was really hoping the Kings would get Leonard (with Vesely off the Board). Oh well, new PG in the house in Sactown, is Evans FINALLY going to play Point Forward like he should? lol

  7. asdf says:

    my bad,didnt notice the kings had 10th pick. still i believe bad pick for kings lol.

  8. asdf says:

    Bucks got it all wrong lol… they just traded for Stephen Jackson, a sg. Now they had a solid backcourt with captain j and jennings. now they could have used the pick to select Leonard, to fill the wings. but they pick jimmer. he is not going to start over jennings, and jackson will get real pissed if he gets major minutes.

  9. asdf says:

    MJ finally gets a nod as a bobcat

  10. asdf says:

    seems like the bobcats got the best of the deal… great pg and leader on Kemba, strengthening the backcourt and huge frontcourt help desperately needed with the defensive freak Biyombo.

  11. JMackk says:

    Seventh pick sorry :/

  12. JMackk says:

    As a Bobcats fan I am reasonably happy with this deal. I always liked Corey Maggette and i want the second pick to grab kawhi Leonard, Play Kawhi or Corey off the bench and get a bit of depth there, I like this alot.

  13. Mark says:

    Did u guys not c the whole video tho, the guy said that kings will probably trade the 10 pick and salmons to SA for Parker, thats a heka good trade

  14. Also I am wondering who might head to orange county at the honda center in anaheim, once it is finished with the renovation. They project to be nba ready in about 1 year. I am thinking the kings, clippers, hornets, and timberwolves could all be good possiblities for the orange county market in california. It would be great to see kevin love or chris paul in anaheim. The clippers if they are smart will take that renovated stadium and make it their own. I mean seriously how long are you gonna sublease to the lakers and kings at staples. The angels, clippers and ducks could probably create their own tv station for sports: and throw in cal state fullerton, and uc irvine and their respective sports conferences plus all the talent at orange county high schools.

  15. Hopefully tonight the clippers will swing a deal for a small forward: igoudala or granger would matchup salary wise with chris kaman. Deandre Jordan looks like he is already improving to the point of needing 30-35 minutes a night, instead of being a backup. Griffin and Gordon will be the new ” G &G Slam Factory” in staples center with all of their high flying alley oops, and facials at the rim.

    I also would like to see the thunder get a solid 3/4 like kyle singler at their spot, or possibly take a run at jeremy tyler: who has the body and just needs coaching and hard work to become a good piece for a team at power forward or center. I like singler cause he is tested in tournaments and can drop in treys, and is very active on defense and rebounding. Coach K always prepares his guys on how to play the right way. And the Duke stars normally translate well to the league.

  16. D_Brennan says:

    The B’Cats made out on this…Good move Jordan! They dumped some unwanted old salaries and got more athletic with maggette and with 2 top 10 picks to get younger, more athletic and some more defense. Get tristen thompson or a euro big and maybe snag Kemba.

  17. I like what the bobcats are doing in getting maggette for his energy and ability to drive to the hoop, and get to the free throw line. And by moving up to number 7 in the first round, they can probably grab one of the big centers from europe to come in and play the post for them, especially since they dealt mohammad last year. I think their only post guy right now is kwame brown who is a good rebounder, and decent shotblocker, but he still doesnt have a strong offensive presence in the post, or even in mid range shooting.Vesely,Montejunias, Kanter, Jonas Valanciunas, Biyombo, could all give the bobcats some size in the post. If not they could go small and get kemba walker, or fredette to pick up strong offensive catalysts for their backcourt.

  18. watcher says:

    Petrie has lost his mind. Losing Udrih, who was easily the Kings most consistent player last season, for ‘been there done that’ Salmons is a sideways step at best. Trading the 7th pick for 10 is what pushes this trade into negative territory. Depending on which Jax turns up, the Bucks could get the best of this deal. And the Bobcats? They must have some great draft designs because Maggette isn’t exactly gonna get the turnstiles rolling in Charlotte. The whole thing seems like a pointless shuffling of pawns on a chessboard to me.

  19. DDog says:

    Whoever gets Magette is the biggest loser. He says the right things but is a selfish player that cares about nothing but his numbers. Looks like the Bucks win by getting rid of him, and also gain by bringing in Jackson. Skiles will love his defense, but who knows how they’ll coexist with his wild threes.

  20. Marc says:

    Kings fan here, too….don’t you think Bismack would be a better choice? Only good thing is, now we have a real SF starter…altho 8 mil. sucks and I love Beno…Big Sam probably not coming back…and I would love to keep Reke and Thornton in the team but how is Walker fitting in to this? Who would be starting? Thornton to bench?……..

  21. FlyBoy747 says:

    Corey Magette and two top-ten draft picks ? For an aging Stephen Jackson, who didn’t want to be in Charlotte anymore in the first place ?

    Bobcats will end up looking good for this in a year or two, if they make two decent picks that is.

  22. Buddy the Elf says:

    Stupid trade for SAC.
    What the heck? Makes no sense.

  23. Mark says:

    Is that the good Jackson? Because if it is, it’s spelled Stephen, not Steven

  24. Coolhand says:

    Maybe Milwaukee if Jackson isn’t a jag-hole.

  25. Nizzio says:

    the Kings. they gave up Udrih and the 7th pick for John Salmons and the 10th pick. we all know Salmons plays good right after a trade

  26. The Duster says:

    Bucks for sure. We get the scorer we need with a backup to the off/on Jennings, and we get to dump 2 huge salaries. Maybe we are lowering the cap for a big free agent move next year. . . . .As cool as it would be to land Dwight Howard, we most definitely won’t. But I can dream. . . .

  27. jreman says:

    2nd place to MJ though. Maggette’s still a solid slasher with strength and a good fit on that team, and 7th doesn’t hurt.

  28. c.j. says:

    bucks. no doubt. even though charlotte did pretty good to

  29. mavs2k11 says:

    wait how many pointguards does Milwaukee have now?! i like what they have gotten from this trade but behind Jennings how do you fit the minutes for: dooling, livingston and udrith?

    i think sacramento are getting good and much needed leadership from a former player but now the tyreke must clog alot of point gaurd minutes. i guess the number 10pick can bring in a 3 or 4 which they need. if not sacramento have to hompe they can find free agents who dont mind possibly staying for just one year before likely moving houses and cities

    and who can charlotte get at 7? valacuinas? maggette wont bring much but i suppose they have a shot of signing someone of good value in free agency now Jackson’s contract is gone. but who in the free agent market this year, that isn’t talking extensions with there current team, is honestly a better player than jackson

    all in all i think none of these teams are much of a conference threat. bucks maybe, but you can count on the rest of the east to also bolster up a bit.

  30. Marco says:

    It looks to me that Sacramento has a remarkable net loss in this trade

  31. kristian says:

    what the hell is geoff pietrie thinking? giving out a PG which they badly need PPLUS the 7th pick which could be used for Walker. Bad move for the Kings

  32. JimV says:

    The Kings get a veteran SF who is reported to be a good teammate, good in the locker room, and the possibility of still getting Kemba Walker or Jimmer Fredette at #10. If this is the only trade the Kings make, it’s looking good for them. Better than what Milwaukee gets? I’ll let you know after the draft.

  33. bigmike says:

    bucks! for sure what is charlotte doing giving away those players for a potential 7th pick

  34. Beni Segel says:

    Milwaukee will get the shooting talent they’ve been looking for in Stephen Jackson. Great move for them. Period.

    Sacramento gets a great swing guard in Salmons to back up Tyreke. Plus the talent between the 7th and tenth pick seems to be pretty even so not too much of a loss there.

    The Bobcats are making a gutsy move in my opinion because I just can’t seem to fill in the void that leaves with Jackson. If Vesely is not chosen by the Wizards with the 6th pick, then this could turn out to be a great pick for them. We will see.

  35. Aaron says:

    As a lifelong Kings fan I’m saying “What are you thinking Jeff!!!!”. This is a horrible deal for the Kings! Pick up Salmons 8 million a year salary when Beno was cheaper and arguably better AND drop 3 spots in the draft?? Only thing that will make this worse is if/when they pick Jimmer. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PICK KEMBA @ 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BLM73 says:

      That’s how the Kings roll. I’ve been looking forward to this night for the last week hoping that somehow they could grab up Vesely or Leonard, even Klay Thompson and I’d be happy and they go and pull this lol – Beno for Salmons, while dropping three places in the Lottery? /crossfingers.

  36. lord p says:

    milwaukee for sure..benno is a solid PG..and Captain Jack is an allstar!!

  37. harvey says:

    the Milwaukee gets the best the best because of captain jack

  38. matt jr. says:

    Definitely Milwaukee Bucks because they will get the perimeter scorer that they desperately needed, also they will have a solid PG backup for BJennings also a good young role player and still a middle-round draft pick which can give another good young role player

    • James says:

      I agree only if Jackson reports to the team. He is very selfish and self centered but if he will report and play the game Skiles wants him to i think the Bucks just made themselves better. Jackson is a very consistant scorer which the Bucks really didnt have last year and could have gotten them to the playoffs if they did.