Spurs’ Parker On Trading Block …

NEW YORK — Go ahead and add Tony Parker‘s name to the growing list of veteran stars being rumored to be on the trading block.

Never mind that Parker recently professed his eternal love for the organization, Tim Duncan, Gregg Popovich and all things Spurs (check the video above). The Spurs haven’t even dignified the rumor, first reported by Yahoo! Sports, with a response.

But as we’ve learned, where the 2011 (or any other) Draft is concerned, basically nothing and no one is sacred. Parker’s name has been mentioned previously, but this latest chatter is particularly intriguing because of the teams rumored to be involved. More from the Express-News:

Yahoo! reports that the Spurs have talked to Toronto, which is picking fifth, and Sacramento, which is picking seventh, about their first-round draft picks.

Parker, who turned 29 last month, is considered to be the most marketable of the Spurs’ “Big Three” because of his age and potential replacements at the position in George Hill and Gary Neal.

But still, it’s a shocker the Spurs would want to trade into the upper part of what most observers believe is a shallow, weak pool of talent.

Kyrie Irving of Duke is considered the overwhelming choice for the No. 1 pick. Most talent analysts believe he will struggle to reach the level of Parker, who averaged 17.5 points, 6.6 assists and led the Spurs in minutes played last season.

League sources also said the Spurs are shopping Hill for a potential pick at the back end of the lottery as well.

Yahoo! reporter Adrian Wojnarowski also reports that Sacramento forward Omri Casspi could be a part of a Spurs deal with the Kings. Casspi, a 6-foot-9 small forward from Israel who averaged 8.6 points and 4.3 rebounds last year with the Kings, has been a personal favorite of Spurs general manager R.C. Buford.

The Kings appear most interested in getting a point guard. If they can’t get Parker, Yahoo! reports they are interested in Denver guard Raymond Felton.

In a league being dominated by point guard play, it seems strange to us that Spurs would contemplate moving one of the best in the league (yes, Parker is still in the top-tier) for whatever unproven commodity they would acquire with a high Lottery pick.

Even with the way the Spurs finished the season, the idea of them tearing up the fabric of their team for some sort of package from this draft just seems like a peculiar way to go about contending again next season.


  1. bigboy says:

    I say Tony Parker and DeJuan Blair for Stephen Curry, David Lee and some bench players or a high lottery pick.. then Spurs will have to sign Tayshaun Prince or Richard Hamilton. Then provide some aging cream for Duncan and Ginobili. LOLS! :)))

  2. K-ROB3K (Spurs fan) says:

    To me it’s lest than likely TP is goin anywhere!

  3. K-ROB3K (Spurs fan) says:

    I hope this doesn’t happen with TP but Hill and Neal both can bring what TP can..maybe not as well as TP individually bu together they can…If we could get Dwight Howard..alongside TD we could be a contender..but our defense has went down hill over the past 4years..with the absence of Bruce Bowen ans an aging TD and Manu….Dwight would definetly help….but TP is part of the Spurs legacy..so I would hate to see it but if that puts my Spurs back in a contender status then so be it!

  4. ManuTimTony says:

    @ anonymous..WAT..??!! parker to matt barnes..?are damm an idiots or mybe a man who did not know anything about basketball..?! barnes is not worthy to parker..! dream on dude.!

  5. chz says:

    @BLM, good idea, I really want that, Miami needs a powerful center who can dominate offensive and defensive rebounding..

  6. BLM73 says:

    Trade LeBron for Dwight Howard, far better chance for Miami to win a Championship. Of course the Heat fans will get REALLY confused lol.

  7. Michael B says:

    The spurs are done in this era.Their time has come and gone.I love Karl Malone but Tim is the best PF of all time. Tiie for him 2 retire. I would trade Parker and Manu

  8. RIO says:

    i don,t care parker goes,i,ll go for nash and gortat traded to heat for chalmers,anthony and miller..go heat

  9. For all Heat fans can you please stop getting stupider everyday!!! I mean they are not getting Dwight, Parker, Carter, and Amar’e. Now can anyone please answer these 3 questions plese!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear different rumors different places. I stated what I think above.

    1. Who has a bigger chance to get Dh12? Lakers or Bulls

    2.Who will be the Bulls 2 guard next year?

    3. Who wins it all next year?


  10. Holden says:

    Hi Parker.

    Please don’t leave the Spurs.

    Thanks for reading.

  11. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Now everyone likes tony, but when he wins rings in san antonio yall hate. eff all yall that think hes moving, hes gonna stay and we will rip nba up again. not worried

  12. LAKER says:

    just ike gm Kupachak said there will be no move for the big guys in LA until the end of the next season… if ever getting Tony P will be a great add for the team of lakers that’s what they need a guard that can run i expect that next season blake can improve his abilities in what he is good at..i could say that LA can be a great Contender agains next season after what happen to them lol n_n

  13. kevin says:

    Forget all these TP trade talks. Why not just bring Dwight to S.A WITH TP, TD, and MANU? Now THERE’S something to talk about.

  14. miami says:

    i know this sounds crazy, but i think the miami heat should trade lebron for dwight. Wade plays much better as the go to guy on the perimeter and has great chemistry with centers(2005 with Shaq). Bosh will also stretch the floor with his shooting ability

    • miami says:

      so now that bosh is more of a faceup player it will provide a lot of space for dwight to roam the paint

  15. karibkween says:

    My preferred deal is the Sac #7 pick and Caspi; Caspi could be a great addition to the Spurs, he is confident, aggressive and would be perfect for those corner 3s; Tyler most likely would still be available at #7 as the preceding 6 picks can’t afford to draft potential.

  16. Listen up! says:

    I’m really chuckling at all these trade scenarios everyone’s offering up! There might not even be a season next year, and if there’s a lockout, no trades will happen. Period! You all might wanna get used to your favorite team staying the SAME! With the exception of the draft. So you can dream on all you want! LOL!

  17. karibkween says:

    As much as I’ve loved Tony Parker, as a Spurs’ fan I have no desire to see them become the Hawks or Magic. If they can trade TP for a higher pick, I say great foresight. How about a roster that features DeJuan Blair, Da’Sean Butler, Jeremy Tyler; #5/#7, Tiago Splitter, James Anderson, and George Hill, how’s that for youth going forward. The Spurs lose some speed, but Manu and George Hill can run the offense just as well as TP did, and the Spurs get to remain contenders until Duncan retires without missing a beat as all the above mentioned players are NBA ready.


  18. js says:

    im kinda shocked that the kings are so focal about wanting a PG. I guess they have given up on tyreke being the floor leader? I dont agree that hes a SG. He doesnt have a good enough shooting stroke, and he thrives with the ball in his hands and dishing. I really am caught of guard by that. I dont see them bringing in a guy like felton and moving him to the 2 guard and them having success I really dont. Perhaps SA swaps parker for evans? if the kings are really that determined to move on from him

  19. Michael B says:

    Dallas could package Chandler,Beauois,Butler and 1 or 2 first round picks Orlando gives up Howard

  20. tee says:

    i feel like every team in the NBA has a big 3 but wen miami did da big 3 ppl were mad and hated it…but look at
    mavs- butler, dirk, terry
    boston-allen, pierce, garnett, rondo even big 4 here
    lakers- odom, kobe, gasol
    warriors- lee, curry, ellis
    philly- iggy, holiday, brand
    new york,billups, anthony, amare
    chi- rose, deng, boozer
    okc -westbrook, durant, harden
    memphis-zach, oj, rudy, conley
    and da list goes on…but all im sayin is all dese teams dont jus have a dyanamic big three but dey all have at least 3 players capable of puttin up big numbers any night…but wen miami decides to put a three together everybody say its never been this many miami fans and dey suck, and dey wont win a champioship..well mayb it wasnt dat many fans because they were bosh and bron fans so dey followed der favorite player…so in that case dey went for that team…but n e how if miami fans wanna thank we can fill our roster up with superstars den let dem thank dat it aint hurting nobody…lakers and miami fans get dawged out the most…you dont hear about spurs and chicago dey had da best records and lost den wen miami go to the finals and lose we suck…come on now…its obvious who sucks…im out

    • Queiros says:

      I’m going to make it very loud and clear to you:

      It was how the “Decision” happened;
      Wade and James are two of the TOP FIVE PLAYERS ON NBA TODAY!
      They had it already arranged between the three (though they’d never say it publicly)

      And as for your supposed big threes of Philly, Warriors and even Chicago… please, if those are “Big Three” then you don’t know jack about basketball

  21. Michael B says:

    if LA wants Howard they could package Odom/Bynum or Gasol and 1 or 2 1st round picks 4 Howard and Jameer Nelson. Bulls could package. Noah,Booser, and 1 or 2 first round picks 4 Howard, Nelson

  22. I hope he doesn’t go to the Lakers….he is a cockroach…

  23. Nick says:

    I mean…can’t we just take this story as it is and send parker to the kings? I sure wouldn’t mind haha. Oh and you laker and heat fans are hella ignorant. That’s all

  24. Kelvin T says:

    Honestly the best breeding grounds for Tony Parker if he is interested in a championship ring is in New York. The Knicks need him to complete their “Big 3” for an NBA Championship.

    • js says:

      agreed if he can hand pick where he goes, if im him thats where I want to land. IDK how much control he has though

  25. ipad32 says:

    finally the spurs decided to get younger.

  26. Facundo says:

    The only way that SA leave Tony Parker to LA is getting a big player like Lamar Odom or Pau Gasol, and other bench player

  27. niggy row says:

    laker fans just know that there time is over because kobes old and cant carry the team anymore, and when kobes done the franchise is done

  28. Chimanuel says:

    there’s no way they trade tony parker its just a rumor,dont u all over react..spurs is not like any other team that they just let go there star player.san antonio spurs is family we just dont let go our brother bcoz what happen last post season..we will be back nxt season wid the vengence hehhe!!go spurs go spurs go!!!

  29. bill says:

    dwight to the jazz

  30. SALARY CAP! says:

    Why do all these stupid trade rumors exist? Dwight to LA along with Tony Parker? I prevent stuff like this from occuring. I deny all stupid rumors that stupid fans wish would happen! Bwahahaha!

  31. Ailton Tertuliano says:

    Parker would be in Oklahoma… he’s the point guard that the Thunder need!

  32. Chris says:

    3 team trade, parker to the lakers, Gasol and blake to Orlando and Dwight howard to the Spurs. Go spurs!!

  33. will says:

    i think the magic need to trade dwight to the hornets. with him there it will atract more fans which brings more money to a low market franchise plus it will help gice cp3 a career year

  34. bunbury says:

    i would love to see ariza back with LA.

  35. shutupCRITICS says:

    It would be so incredibly stupid if you start thinking Tony Parker will fit with New York Knicks because Tony Parker is a terrible defender and Knicks defense is already terrible..

    I think Tony Parker will fit with the Orlando Magic since I always hate Jameer Nelson as a starting point guard.. They should give up Gilbert Arenas and Jameer Nelson so Tony Parker can concentrate his point guard spot.

    If Tony Parker went to Orlando,
    he can maximize Dwight’s letter “A” game
    which Jameer Nelson fail to do it

  36. Rands says:

    If Spurs are looking to trade Parker then they should look for another player with a proven talent, otherwise Pops will just bench that player and probably send them to D-League. Which will only mean another season is over. How about trading him to Lakers for Odom and Barnes? Dreaming is free anyway.

  37. MAVS says:

    How bout Caron Butler for Parker?

  38. mike says:

    It honestly wouldn’t surprise me because the spurs are guard heavy, but Neal proved that he can’t handle the playoffs, with the exception of game 5, his shooting was pitiful. Hill doesn’t seem like a team leader yet so I don’t agree with trading Parker. Yes, they are getting older so they do need to make a move though. I personally hope its RJ, who other than his occasional good job getting some much needed rebounds, was about as useful as poopy flavored lollipop. I wish I could get a refund on that bowen RJ trade. Bottom line the spurs shouldn’t just go and trade one of the big 3 after this year’s meltdown becuase 1) they still had one of the best regular season’s in franchise history, 2) manu, like rando, was pretty much playing with one good arm in the playoffs, 3) Memphis was a bad match for the Spurs, who couldn’t stop the offensive rebounding to save their lives (probably should have gone zone, like Dallas did) and 4) they have won 4 championships and shouldn’t give up one of the main pieces, who was involved with 3 of them.

  39. mark r says:

    spurs probably want 5th or 7th pick so they can try to obtain ashley or jonas, jonas prefably bc of his skill set and game relation to pau gasol. duncan will retire soon and its another way of how robinson retired and duncan became the go to guy.

  40. Remember says:

    Last time there was an all star team In the NBA it did not work out very well (2003 Lakers). Dallas just proved a team is better than a bunch of All Stars yet there are still many reactions like these when trade rumors surface. The Heat have nothing they would give up, the Lakers are not heading in that direction with browns plans, and last i checked the magic were not hurting @ that position.

  41. raptorsfan07 says:

    If raptors get Parker. Fk Chicago. Raps fan 🙂

  42. Andre says:

    The bulls seem to have the most likely to get dwight howard in a trade like zeeshan stated, lakers are more likely to get dwight in free agency if this does not happen. I would like to see cp3 get picked up by lakers as well in free agency, Lakers would be called the big… team period, too much depth would be there and championship gold would be more certain.

  43. Michael B says:

    Dallas is the team that I believe will get either Dwight or D Will they have the pieces 2 trade with New Jersey or Orlando.

  44. Michael B says:

    4 all those Miami Heat fans.That roster will not win a Championship.Reason why Because they have become to easy 2 play against.This year was their best chance. I’m telling you 3 players that could and will decide who wins Championships in the future.If Deron Williams,Dwight Howard,CP3.Hands down.I’m telling you 1 team you have 2 watch out 4 as far as trades this year.Dallas Mavericks.If they somehow get Deron Williams or Dwight Howard or both its over and Dallas has the pieces 2 trade 4 either of them.I believe they will sign Chandler.Barea and Butler and use them as trade pawns.2 get Either Dwihgt Howard or D Will.

    • @ says:

      I cant stand the heat. But this being the heats best year to win a championship, thats just plain stupid to say. All three of those chumps are still capable of winning. Think before you speak dude.

  45. Beber says:

    According to me a talented point guard can be replaced by another talended point guard… Duncan can’t be replaced and like the warrior mentality of Ginobili.
    A PG needs to show the way to his partners, the good mentality… if he’s not able or doesn’t agree anymore with his teamates or coach, he has to go somewhere else… It doesn’t mean TP is guilty for the elimination in the first round ! Memphis was too big in the paint (Gasol an Randolph did a great job inside) and some players were huge (Tony Allen was huge in defense and Mike Conley did a great job… don’t forget the amazing job of the bench players !) San Antonio couldn’t find any answer …
    What about Richard Jefferson ? It seems to me he’s not in the right team to develop his offensive skills…. San Antonio should trade him for a team player like Kirilenko or why not Prince (Pistons) ?
    And TP should leave the Spurs for (really fool I know lol) Steve Nash (29 years old against 38 I know but… ), Kyle Lowry (Rockets), Jose Calderon (Raptors) and a draft pick
    Otherwise San Antonio should use Duncan at nr.5 and play Dejuan Blair at 4 :

    PG : Nash (hum…) or Lowry or Calderon… or TP lol + George Hill
    SG : Ginobili + Mc Neal
    SF : Kirilenko + ?
    PF : Duncan or Blair + Bonner
    C : Splitter or Duncan + another center (Mc Dyess considering retirement ?)
    Will it be enough to reach te secound round ?

    • js says:

      I actually like that proposal as Nash deserves to be on a contender for his last couple years. RJ hasnt lived up to his potentional thats for sure but I think they should stick with him for one more year. IDK what McDyess has planned hes up there although he was very productive in the playoffs and had that great game winner against the lakers. They can definitely make another good run in the playoffs next year they just need to acquire another big to take pressure of timmy. maybe dalembert from the kings since they are logjammed and they are looking at TP. perhaps a 3 way trade with the suns/kings/SA involving nash, TP, dalmbert and other throw ins?!?!

  46. wow says:

    ^interesting. what are you basing your theories off of?

  47. omw says:

    with howard not wanting to sign with the magic, the rumors are the lakers will get him. far as gettin parker, shoot hes much better than fish, brown and ESPECIALLY blake. blake aint worth a red cent. gasol. needs a bucket of water and a 220 wire hooked up to him. he played about 1/3 of the season then quit. luke walton cant play, he looks like a high school player tryin to play the big mans game. fish cant play, the cupcake in the big laker oval office is poor at best. fire him and put phil in there. cupcake can not see anything. maybe kobe threatin him again, better yet just fire cupchak. parker if he went to the lakers it would be a great team. i look to the lakers to get something good this summer. if the lakers had parker then kobe and park wouldnt have to be pissy with each other

  48. Michael B says:

    All of the above will not happen Minnesota will not give up that 2nd pick 4 Steve Nash that’s not smart.and its crazy I do agree with U on the bulls Magic trade but it wont happen because Chicago made it known that Noah isn’t getting in any kind of trades I believe Dallas will make major trades they are the ones that’s flying under the radar.

    • bunbury says:

      noah isnt tradeable? really! if orlando offers them howard for him, the bulls will say yes before a blink of an eye.

  49. Ka_man says:

    How about if the Spurs trade Tony Parker for Raptors 5th pick and cash/players. The Spurs could pick Kemba or something.

  50. Not a CAVS fan, but... says:

    Cavs should give up both of their draft picks and get Howard and Parker, then they are ready for revenge 🙂

  51. DefenseWinsRings says:

    Well, if the heat would have kept Michael Beasley on their bench instead of paying washed up guys like Dampier, Big Z, and Mike Bibby veteran minimums, he would be a very enticing trade piece. The Heat’s problem is that James and Bosh aren’t able to produce as much off the ball. Both of them have to create their own shots and don’t have catch and shoot ability like Mr. Wade. Miami is also very small and their bench is full of old and unproductive players. Miami needs to shed these old guys and figure out if Lebron is their point guard or the small forward… Personally I think Lebron can play the full time point and Wade and Bosh can do most of the scoring with James picking up about 18 a night. They could start Miller at the 3, and then they’d just need to work on their Center position and bench. Joel Anthony is a solid back up C but at 6’9 its going to continue to be difficult for him to guard 7 footers in the league. Either way making James the point guard makes them a very tall team that’s gonna be hard to guard and defend against.

    1. James
    2. Wade
    3. Miller
    4. Bosh
    5. ?

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Enough with the Heat talk, please.

    • js says:

      First of all, its just basketball talk now the bandwagoners all ran away after they didnt win, so stfu. I think Bosh is better off the ball than you give him credit for, but hes more of a 3 than a traditional 4 to me. I agree about lebron just go with it, let him run the point why not. Start miller out there to stretch the floor with wade and they need a defensive big. Theres alot of guys out there. Maybe Chris Kaman? since the clippers are seemingly done with him. IDK what kind of trade pieces miami has though. you’re right about beasley. the heat got so caught up with the big 3 they made such a mistake letting him go. He would be a very viable trade piece to acquire a legit big right now. Pat Riley is good but he screwed that up

  52. Okay you must read this! This is what I believe will happen in the offseason.

    1. Dwight Howard and Gilbert/Hedo will go to the Bulls for Boozer, Noah, Bogans, Korver, and the 30th pick! It’s a huge rumor. The Lakers just don’t have enough pieces to trade for Howard because the Magic are rebuilding.Since they have more cap they will sign a cheap Vince Carter or Michael Redd.

    2. The Lakers will sign Aaron Brooks and will not trade Pau or Bynum too valuable.

    3.The Kings will get Raymond Felton for Omri Caspii and their pick.

    4. The Bucks will trade Bogut for Brandon Rush and pick Klay Thompson.

    5. The Timberwolves will get Steve Nash for the 2nd pick. Suns need to get younger.

    6.Spurs will sign Tayshunn Prince for youth and will trade Parker to the Raptors for their pick

    7. The Knicks will trade Tony Douglas for Johnny Flynn.

    8. Miami will pick a point guard in the Draft and sign Samuel Dalembret.

    If anyone disagrees please tell me what needs to be changed. I am very curious this offseason.

    • thestosh says:

      all of those seem fairly possibly. Im just confused on how the Bogut/Rush trade is even fair for the bucks at all. They would be praying to get a center in Free Agency/try to pull off another trade for a center.

    • John says:

      i like what you said besides the part when it comes to the kings. i really think they are interested in tony parker and willing to give up omri to the spurs, and spurs owner likes omri. then i think the kings will through in beno because the spurs will then need a back up pg, then the spurs will trade R. Jefferson. so when its all said and done kings get T. Park, and R. Jefferson and spurs get #7 pick, Omri and beno and maybe some cash.

    • Dieter says:

      1. The Bulls don’t need Hedo -> they have Deng, and they also don’t need Arenas -> Rose. The Bulls have 3 players that are important 2 them: Rose, Deng and Noah. For Orlando: Very bad trade: They get Bogans and Korver -> they already have Richardson who is better than both, so they would have 2 extra players on the bench. Boozer: A good player (but not very good) with a big contract, and can be an injury prone + Noah (the only good thing that comes out of this deal for Orlando). This isn’t really rebuilding for Orlando, this is more like downgrading.

      2. How can they sign Aaron Brooks?

      4. Why the hell would the Bucks do that?

      5. Great deal for the rebuilding Suns, very bad deal for the Wolves -> Why? The Wolves probably aren’t going to the playoffs next year, with Nash the chance is bigger but it’s still a big guess. So why keep Rubio and Flynn’s minutes low, go for a worse draft pick next year, and lose a potential good player in Derrick Williams?

      8. Importance? They’re gonna get a point guard that’s not as good as Mario Chamlers, and who isn’t gonna get many minutes. The only way the Miami can improve is by trading either James or Bosh.

      The things I’m curious about are what’s gonna happen with Iggy and Monta. They can improve some teams alot (like the Bulls). And what about Westbrook, if the Thunder wants to be a big contender I think they should trade Westbrook (who probably has his biggest trade value right now)

    • shaun says:

      i think mario chalmers is just fine with the heat, the need to go and get a solid big man…dexter pittman is still in their D league and can be good down the road…parker to the kings would be better for both teams because the spurs can get omri who is going to be very solid in years to come and the kings pick up a veteran they DESPERATELY need…have the young talent just no one to guide them

  53. christelo says:

    BEST scenario for orlando and Lakers

    Trade Bynum and gasol For Arenas andHoward…. MAgic need to get rid of arenas big contract and They dont want to see Howard walk away at end of season for nothing… lakers need to erase last season playoff images get big time center and let arenas run the point for the laker
    Kobe/shannon brown
    Artest/ mat barnes
    Odom/ character
    Howard/ whoever else

    jameer nelson
    jason richardson
    Hedo tourkoglu
    Pau gasol
    Andrew Bynum

    • eno1028 says:

      id like to get arennas. but bynum is bein underrated. true that his health is an issue and his personality seems to be problematic for the team chemistry. but his skills set is pretty amazing, especially considering that he s not playing full potential yet. howard has been trying to develop his game for many years now and still has some fundemental weaknesses. like im not saying that i wd not b happy to have dwight howard. all im sayin is that ppl r tryn to get rid of bynum as if he s luke walton or smtg. pg position is the major problem

    • @ says:

      You need to leave the crack alone.

  54. RP3 says:

    SInce nobody has brang up this convo yet…..I think that trading Tony Parker to the Nuggets for Raymond Felton is a great deal….Anyone agree???

    • BFOULDS says:

      felton is not good enough to trade for perker, sorry nugget fan!

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Felton alone? No. Now if you’ll include Afflalo… then again he just signed an extension, so that would be a nada as well.

    • Choco13 says:

      I agree! I would say Parker for Felton and if they can grab David the cray blocker that wouldn t hurt too 🙂
      And someone said Bynum 2nd best center…sorry dude but eventhough I m not a huge fan of Bogut, you should consider him for the second spot…

  55. HellBlazer says:

    With the Spurs looking to trade into the lottery possibly at 5 to T.O. or 7 to Kings I can’t help but feel like they must be very high on one of the Intl. bigs. My guess is they really like Valanciunnas and want to potentially groom him as Tim Duncan’s ultimate predecessor.

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Sure hope so! Parker should not take the blame for last season’s fallout and get traded to some useless team. I mean, the Spurs would not have stayed afloat throughout the season if it weren’t for him, especially with Duncan getting a lot of off time and Manu getting hurt at every corner he turns into.

  56. TRIBINSKI says:

    Trade MAVS R. Berbouise to Spurs for T. Parker..

  57. STFU_NOOB says:

    SPURS should really get someone like HOWARD! to get the DUNCAN-ROBINSON tandem back! ehehehehe

    • BFOULDS says:

      that would be sick

    • @ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA there will never be another Duncan Robinson tandem because Duncan is too old.

      • bunbury says:

        let me remind you that Robinson was not too young during the Duncan-Robinson era. please think a little bit before you write. take it as an advise, you dont want to look foolish too many times.

      • @ says:

        @bunbury who are you talking too and what are you talking about? Nobody said anything about Robinson being too young. Sooooo, ahhhhh what are you talking about dude?

      • STFU_NOOB says:

        @bunbury — dont give advice to foolish ones, they dont listen.

        @ — he is comparing DUNCAN TO ROBINSON on that age, incase you didnt notice let me SIMPLIFY….
        DUNCAN is exchanged on BUNBURY’s comment to be ROBINSON (old — accrdg to your comment)
        DWIGHT will be DUNCAN (the young one)


    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Pop would rather slash his left wrist, and then his right wrist, than getting a goofball as a player.

    • Narrew says:

      The Spurs want a lottery pick and Orlando isn’t a team with a lottery pick. Dream on!

  58. J-Smoove fan says:

    Tony parker and Dejuan Blair for Dalembert and the Kings’ 7th pick (which will be Kemba)

  59. jeff says:

    all of u are dreaming in fool gold the spurs want young players not veteran with 7 or 8 years in their hips, tht why they talking to sac town n toronto

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      You may be stuck in 2008. The Spurs aren’t old anymore. Their core may be. And by core I mean Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili. They got three rookies last year (Splitter, Anderson, Neal) and two other young guys (Hill, Blair). The others are just hitting their prime (Jefferson, Bonner, Parker). They may want a big man with ample experience, say, a third to fifth year big man, not just a raw rookie that they’ll stash somewhere else (D-League, Euroleague, what have you).

  60. neil says:

    trade parker he is useless in san antonio and rj

    • @ says:

      You are a fool to say Parker is useless in SA.

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Apparently you don’t watch much Spurs basketball, or haven’t watch any of them for the past decade. If by useless you mean winning three titles, a Finals MVP, and a couple of All-Star and All-NBA honors, then yeah, Parker is “useless.”

  61. kristian says:

    parker knows how important it is to be in the silver and black uniform.. even with the major trades that happened last season, it really didn’t bother him and the spurs organization. look at what happened, they still manage to win 61 games despite of having what people say “a very OLD TEAM w/ a very OLD CORE”.. and i think, if the spurs will make some trades, then it would involve bigs like dejuan blair since they’re lacking of size in the paint. timmy is getting old and he needs immediate help on the paint area.

  62. trav says:

    My bet is the Pistons trading their 8th pick for Parker at the last second. If Parker is still available and the players left arn’t worth it, they would do that: Parker and their pick for the Pistons 8th and Gordon or Rip.

    • f*ckyouth says:

      parker at detroit?that’s not a good idea..parker should go to a good team like NY…or MIAMI HEAT!!!lolz

    • k5 says:

      the players left r very likely to not be worth it. this draft is, to say the least, not particularly exciting

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      I would hate to see Parker go, but if it would be for the better of the whole organization then so be it.

      While we’re at it, I’d like a Tayshaun Prince in silver and black please?

  63. Silver says:

    laker fans are dumb

  64. Crack-a-lackin says:

    Dwight and Bynum can’t be on the same team they both play center and if you trade Pau who’s PF not Odom So keep Pau and trade away Bynum for a perfect fit

    • f*ckyouth says:

      they should try to trade bynum and odom for DH12, that’s a nice offer for orlando…everyone is a winner!right?

    • bunbury says:

      Didn’t Robinson & Duncan played together and won 2 championships. Howard would be the PF, bynum the center. but, but, Orlando would rather get bynum than gasol. but the lakers main problems is NOT the center position. I believe Bynum is the second best center right now. even if they get howard, the lakers still have not addressed their two main problems,.

      1) Need three point shooters (desperately). blake & barnes were not the shooters the lakers expected. & arterts, well let’s just say that it’s not his strenght.
      2) The lakers are TERRIBLE in guarding the 3 point shot (especially Kobe Bryant). i.e., allen in the finals, quentin richardson in 2009 & dallas.

      but of course you can still win a championship even with weaknesses. And Howard alone might be enough for them to win again.

  65. Fuad Adnan says:

    You crazy bengali

  66. got_watcha_want says:

    Rabid (insert team) Fan-

    You are the kind of fan that bodes horribly for the rest of us actual fans.

    Causal Fans like you should get into golf or something other than the NBA.

    Talks about a bandwagon fan, I bet your from Miami.

    Good post though, LOL

    • Rabid (insert team) fan says:

      Actually, I’ve been a big Phoenix fan, since the KJ days (I wasn’t too happy with this past season after what we accomplished just a year before).

      I just think it’s funny that so many “casual” fans will argue for trades that don’t make any sense. Also, you’re spelling “you’re” wrong, OR alternately, your use of “your” is incorrect. I’m not really a big fan of correcting people on the internet, but I do think that a quick edit before posting would help people understand what you’re trying to say.

      And as much as I dislike the way Lebron conducts himself, I think using “you must be a miami fan” as an insult is almost as childish. That’s just my opinion, though. Cheers!

      • k89 says:

        Whats with the grammar lesson ? and if being a Miami fan has become an insult thats thnx to those rabid fans u were after in ur huge waste-of-time paragraph, aint it? I beg u pardon for any misspelling

  67. Stephen says:

    its funny, every trade rumor, some fan has to include he lakers about it. Most of the comments are about lakers trying to get parker. This is not about the Lakers. Lakers are my favorite team(Kobe) but we don’t have to include them in every trade rumor. I bet there won’t be any major trades this summer

  68. Yimmy says:

    bring Tony Parker to the raptors and trade away Calderon. (raptors biased)

  69. John says:

    Why would the spurs want to trade him, did u not just give him an extension last season?

  70. Fuad A. says:

    I can see the Toronto Raptors trading their 5th pick and another young player to acquire Parker. Toronto needs a solid PG, and although they can get a Kemba Walker, I’m not sure they would opt for going for such a young player when their entire roster is filled with kids. Parker would bring that veteran leadership at the point which they so desperately needs. Look for Bryan Colangelo to make some calls.

    • Hi says:

      I could see that if Toronto was just a PG away from becoming a contender, but they are years away from doing anythign significant. By the time they are ready to contend, Tony would have lost a step or two.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I would keep the 5th pick and get Kemba Walker because he has proven he is clutch and Raptors need a clutch scorer, Im hoping they look towards Shane Battier in Free Agency for a veteran, he can be a major help in James Johnson’s and DD’s growth.

  71. Rich says:

    Spurs are getting old. They would need to get younger someday. With the emergance of Hill and Parker spilling out how he felt last season about Spurs not really contending, he just pushed the ‘trade me button’ himself.
    Parker is still one of the best PG out there. Expect the Spurs to trade him for a high draft pick AND a quality sophomore combo guard .

  72. heatfan says:

    hahaha This will happen
    2011-1012 heat

    CP3/tony parker
    Wade/ JR smith
    LBJ/ Vince Carter
    BOSH/ Josh Smith
    DH12/ Tyson Chandler

    hahaha beat that NBA hahaaha

    • McLovin says:

      and Phil jackson comes out of retirement to coach them

    • f*ckyouth says:

      hahaha…that would be very amazing! an all star season for MIAMI HEAT!!!let’s go MIAMI……………….

    • @ says:

      Like i keep saying, you heat fans are idiots.

      • Hi says:

        Yes because josh smith and tony parker would come off the bench while in their primes, and is willing to start losing money due to the ENORMOUS luxury tax involved with such a large payroll just to appease the silly heat fans.

      • k89 says:

        some l.a. fans r starting to exagerate things on these blogs, but there s by far nobody as dumb as miami fans

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      This has already been beaten, by NBA SALARY CAP!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Why not just tell MJ to come out of retirement to play with the Heat? oh yea you could add Larry Bird and Magic along with MJ.

  73. Rabid (insert team) fan says:

    Of course he has to come to (insert team) and (other premier player) from (team that has no interest in trading other premier player)in a trade for (players of lesser value that insert team is trying to get rid of). DAT WUD B DA BEST TRADE EVA.


    Why is the media talking about this? You should be covering (Kobe/Lebron/Lakers/Heat/Brian Cardinal), the media is such a sucker for (current story). (Kobe/Lebron/Lakers/Heat/Brian Cardinal) 4 LIFE!


    (Completely wrong claim about different article, in ALL CAPS). GO (Badly misspelled team/player name)!

  74. Another sample of Spurs' arrogance says:

    I wish Tony Parker the best. If he goes to the Lakers he will have a shoot at a championship.

    Nobody, listen carefully, nobody can stop Tony Parker in the paint!

    Parker, Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, … they would be unstoppable.

    Popovich is so arrogant! He is a very capable coach, among the best indeed, but over the past seasons his arrogance in letting the players know who is in control has grown to unacceptable levels.

    Jefferson should also leave the Spurs.

    • mybloodissilverandblack says:

      Also, one thing to consider is their organization’s unwillingness to spend a lot. Well, maybe because they’re a “small market” team (Yeah, right. The ninth most populated city in America is “small market.”). But still, if you want to win, you’ve got to have the Benjamins.

      • andrew says:

        stupidest thing ive ever heard…” if you want a championship have to spend money”…. spurs won 4 champs in 7 yrs… and there payroll wasnt even in the top ten

      • Hi says:

        Tony already has championships, I think he wants to be a first or second option on offense rather than chase rings.

      • mybloodissilverandblack says:

        @andrew, hey don’t get me wrong. I am a Spurs fan till death. But it has become apparent that what they have been doing is not working anymore. I for one am becoming disappointed more and more after three years of playoff knockouts. They’ve got to be willing to spend lots to survive in today’s NBA. But it may simply not work because of the Spurs organization’s spirit of frugality.

      • andrew says:

        i got you “mybloodissilverandblack”… as a spurs fan you see effort form the 13th guy on the bench and honestly it was the rj trade that really set us back… rj has so much potential but no effort. it just seems wierd to break up the big 3…but when the front office wants to do something they do it so it is bye bye for tony

  75. LA Wow says:

    Wow… LA fans are really into having good players playing for them…

    As far as I remember, aside form Artest… and Shaq a long time ago… no good player still in their prime have professed their love to play in LA… Its like you guys are doing the “override trade” a la NBA2K with your line-ups. CPaul, DH, any of the Miami3, Melo, Stat and other players have been put into LA’s line-up, but none has happened. Its just funny :).

    Get real, there are still other teams worth playing for… and not everyone wants to be Kobe’s minion.

    • @ says:

      @LA Wow i dont know what planet you watch NBA on. But on planet earth, the Lakers Spurs Celtics and if you want to throw the Mavs in there after winning one go ahead. But those are the team that win championships here on earth. So of course these are the teams players would like to come to so that they can continue to win. That doesnt make sense to you?

      • Hi says:

        No what he’s saying is that Lakers’ fans take advantage of that mindset and everytime an All-star is rumored to be moving they just blow up and start proposing proposterous trades.

      • @ says:

        @Hi whats wrong with taking a mind set that we are winners. We have a reputation for winning. Players want to play for the Lakers becasue we win championships. 17 and counting baby. So tell me, whats wrong with that.

      • QuestionMark says:

        @ Nothing is wrong with that but saying it for every single trade available is wrong, first Melo, CP3, Dwight, Josh Smith and now TP, Your fantasies are getting more realistic I’ll give you that much, there was no chance in hell L.A would have gotten Melo, and also there is like a legit 0 chance of getting both CP3 and Dwight, or either, unless of course you add Kobe on that trade, TP is realistic and may happen, but still isn’t likely.

      • LA Wow says:

        @ … I do watch the NBA and even know to play basketball myself. If youve read the other’s reply, you’d see that you aint getting the point. Winning isnt about just prying great players out there, there’s such a thing as team work and team chemistry. Its just funny that whenever any great player is up on the market, LA fans would blow up a rather championship contending team (and with all the restrcitions like salary cap et al) to get their fantasy line-up. THIS ISNT FANTASY BASKETBALL bro. Here on planet Earth, champs (Like LA) build a real/balanced team with a good mix of superstars, role players, hussle players, young ones and vets andthe like. That one I hope is well explained to you now 🙂

    • Lacedogg says:

      Its funny how everyone hates miami for their all star line-up yet Laker fans want the same, if not more ridiculous scenario.

      • @ says:

        @QuestionMark i disagree. We wont be getting Tony Parker. Why, he is up there in age himself. I think the Lakers have their eye on CP3, and i think they have a legit chance in getting him. If Chris Paul goes to NY, he will never win a championship. With or without melo and amare.

  76. rodney says:

    I don’t think te spurs want any of the old, not very productive players the lakers have to offer.

  77. lakerschamps says:

    yah!! ryt! tony parker will ft in lakers franchise!! why would it be gasol trade to tony?? wew, we all knew and witness that the lakers are not as team to beat as like now when gasol is not yet a laker member.. so y would it be gasol trade??.. kobe and gasol are the best tandem in the league today!..

  78. AAG_SR says:

    Maybe the NBA should contract down to two teams, Miami and LA because those teams seems to want all the stars on their roster!

  79. Labor Law says:

    It’s not abou where Parker wants to go, it’s about the Spurs wanting a lotery level pick. LA or Orlando do not have lottery picks, so stop dreaming

  80. moshe says:

    the perfect player for a perfect team
    he should be taken by the lakers even without thinking for a second
    if the lakers don’t take him then they will be making a great mistake
    he is a player that can penetrate almost any time he wants too and can also shoot from outside
    i would love to see him with kobe

  81. anonymous says:

    Parker for Matt Barnes or Walton w/ Steve Blake

  82. miami says:

    why would sacramento want parker?? they already have tyreke evans.

    • f*ckyouth says:

      because evans is a two-guard…and it’ll be great if they have parker at 1, evans at 2 and cousins at 4…that would be great…but it would be great if this will going to happen:
      1 – parker
      2 – wade
      3 – LBJ
      4 – BOSH/HASLEM
      5 – anthony/

      are you agree on that?

      • DidTheNBASuddenlyBecomeTheWWE? says:

        Heel turn for Parker? Is this what the NBA has turned into?

      • McLovin says:

        Yeah I with DidTheNBASuddenlyBecomeTheWWE…. no one’s going to sign with the Heat unless they get traded, and getting traded is 90% of the time not the player’s decision. No one is going to take the wrap of signing with the Heat unless they are desperate for a championship. I really don’t think that the Heat will find the PG they want in this offseason, and will try and trade all season for a new one. Also, DidTheNBASuddenlyBecomeTheWWE…. every sport has it’s “drama” aspect… the real fans ignore that crap and just watch the sport they enjoy.

      • @ says:

        You heat fans get funnier and dumber by the day. Ya send Parker to the Heat. That would just make any championship Lebron wins that much more meaningless. A team with damn near all All Stars in the starting line up. But lebrons the best player ever in the world to you moronic heat fans.

      • aaron says:

        lool and who exactly would you trade to get parker? bibby? lmaoooo heat fans r the best

      • @ says:

        @aaron what the heck is lool? And what are you talking about. Doesnt seem like your making a lot of sense buddy. Your making my point for me about heat fans being dumber and funnier every day.

      • NBALover says:

        That would be nice but will not happen. Miami does not have the cap space for Parker and there is no way he will take 1 Million to play for a team that has proved they are not guranteed to win the Championship just because they have the Big 3.

      • Chris says:

        @, my friend, you are the dumb one. Aaron is making your point through the rhetorical device, sarcasm.

      • f*ckyouth says:

        you’re just one of those pity HATERS..i really pity you ‘coz you still can’t moved on just because LBJ didn’t went to you fave team…what a looser!!!

  83. Nash says:

    Tony Parker is the only player in the Spurs that’s not convinced about the style of team the Spurs are. And I’m talking about the team-first, everyone’s-important-mentality the Spurs have.
    So far it’s been working for the team because he was the most individually revulsive player(Manu is, too, but he’s always done it in behalf of the team). But with Ginobili having his best career year and becoming the number 1 option in the Spurs offense, I think Parker wasn’t able to adjust well to that.
    I think the Spurs should trade him for a young PG with future, maybe someone like Jrue Holiday…

  84. lord p says:

    if tony parker gonna move his destination will be in a great team like the lakers..even orlando would be a perfect fit for him..dwight need a champion like Tony P!!

    • d0m1nu5 says:

      itotally agree. If the rumors are true and dwight goes to la. They would have solid team to contend for the title again. They could trade blake and gasol for parker and dwigh and put fisher on the bench. i saay this because gasol is too weak adn bynum was proven to be the great center he can become(last years playoffs).

      • Rich says:

        Blake and Gasol for Park and Dwight – dream on baby ! Maybe you should ask for Deron Williams or CP3 for Luke Walton also.

      • Nobody says:

        Are you kidding? If Parker does go to Orlando there’s no way they would let go Dwight and Parker for Blake and Gasol. There’s also no way the Lakers can keep Dwight and Bynum on the same team.

      • kizzy k says:

        How come when every “good player” is about to get traded or is a free agent the first thing laker fans say is “He is going to the lakers!” or “let him come to the Lakers” but it never works out that way????

        something to think about lol

      • k5 says:

        lol first of all who in the right mind will take blake for parker and pau for dwight. lets be real. parker is worth both pau and blake forget about dwight. but @kizzy if u wanna give smtg to think about lakers fans, give smtg to think about heat fans.

      • 98' Lil Man says:

        Spurs wont give up Parker for Blake. BE REAL YALL HAVE TO THINK BEFORE U SAY

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Dwight howard is staying in Orlando, rumors are great and all but he said so himself at least for this year he wants to be in orlando. I dont think anyone is willing to give up enough to get him when next year he is a free agent and teams can sign him without giving up anything

      • aaron says:

        its fine that he wants to stay in orlando, but if orlando owners r smart, they will trade him as soon as they can to get good pieces instead of obviously losing him to free agency (no ring nxt year=he leaves. no way they will win a ring nxt year). and some teams would be happy to get them some dwight, even if it means to give up some good pieces.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Actually he said he will stay but won’t sign the extension until the team has proven they can win, that is what he wants, if they can’t get a team within the next year that can match up against Chicago and Miami, Dwight will leave, I think going after J-Smoove will be a good start.

      • js says:

        agreed the ball is in orlandos court. dwight wants them to make the right moves and put the pieces together so they just have to go out and do it. but this is all predicated on them doing just that. if they dont, dwights leaving

    • jhonny says:

      dream on lakers fans, it’s not gonna happen
      kobe no longer dominant like his past two years in the league, he needed much help he can get. like lebron