Rambis Twists In The Wind

NEW YORK — Ricky Rubio has finally touched ground in Minnesota.

The Timberwolves have the No. 2 pick in Thursday night’s Draft and the leverage that comes with it.

Even the biggest skeptic would have to admit that the future looks  good with the core of a young team coming together quite nicely, anchored by All-Star power forward Kevin Love and a hard-to-guard small forward like Michael Beasley.

The only thing missing from this pretty picture is a coach to pull it all together. Kurt Rambis is still waiting to find out his fate, those two years remaining on his contract clearly don’t guarantee he’ll get the chance to help manage Rubio’s transition to the NBA.

Timberwloves boss David Kahn met with Rambis for six hours last week but said yesterday he needs more time. Kahn wants to talk with owner Glen Taylor and to make a final decision on the fate of Rambis.

Months have passed since the Timberwloves’ season ended. A six-hour meeting, a book report on the season and you still need time to figure this out?

“I recognize that this is painful for everybody involved, or at least awkward at a minimum,” Kahn said. “But I think we understand where we’re at. All in due time.”

Rambis deserves better than this. He at least deserves the courtesy of being dismissed in a timely fashion, if that is the outcome of all of these meetings and reports needed to evaluate a coach who has compiled a 32-132 record in his first two seasons on the job, two seasons with a roster that Phil Jackson likely couldn’t have coached to any more wins than what Rambis did.

By the time we hear the reasoning behind this lengthy delay in a concrete decision on Rambis, it won’t matter. The damage is already done. If they are dumping him, this was just a tasteless way of doing it. And if he is allowed to return for a third season, the confidence inspired by a nearly three-month deliberation …

Like we said, Rambis (and any other coach in his situation) deserves better than this.


  1. Hinghamduncker says:

    Kahn is a loser who forced Rambis to play Darko after he gave him a ridiculous contract. Kahn or Con drafted 3 point guards and now treats a champion like crap. Rambis is better off leaving and letting some other coach get 40 wins while working for con.

  2. Smokin Joe says:

    Kahn and Taylor are too effin cheap to pay Rambis out for his contract. The only reason a guy like Rambis takes that crap job is IF he can get a 4-5 year deal for all the bullsh*t he’s gonna have to endure. Let the next guy beware! Those folks in Minny are crooked.

  3. plastic bins says:

    the future might look bright, but the T-wolves have a history of messing up a bright future.

    You gotta admit, the future looked bright a few years back when they had two top five picks. Well Kahn sure blew that one by picking two guys that play the same position, one who still hasn’t even played a single second in the NBA.

    i do, however, love the potential of a team that starts K Love, Beasley and Rubio. If Beasley would ever wake up and focus on trying to be great, he could be a perennial all-star. <———- that's the world's biggest if (and this is coming from a Miami Heat fan who saw Beasley's potential, in person, for a few years).

    Good luck wolves fans.

  4. RM Poe says:

    Yes the future does look bright for this young team, but just as stated in this story http://tinyurl.com/3oyh2on the timberwolves still will have a way to go before they are a real threat….