J-Smoove On The Move?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Surely guys like Andre Iguodala, Pau Gasol and Josh Smith remember their respective Draft week fondly. They were all first round picks, with Iguodala and Gasol being Lottery picks.

Short of a championship, precious few moments during a player’s NBA career carry the same sort of cosmic feeling than hearing their name called on draft night by NBA Commissioner David Stern.

All of those veteran names have been in the news this week for different reasons. All of them have been mentioned prominently in various trade rumors, with Smith’s name being the latest to pop on the radar.

It’s no secret that the Hawks have been talking to other teams for months, since the February trade deadline, trying to gauge his trade value. But now with Draft night just days away, the chatter is heating up again, per our main man Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports:

The Atlanta Hawks have started to gauge trade interest on forward Josh Smith, and Smith isn’t adverse to ending his seven-year stay with his hometown team, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Monday.

Smith hasn’t requested a trade, but has privately told league friends that the Boston Celtics, New Jersey Nets, Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic are his preferred destinations should the Hawks decide to move him.

“The relationship has run its course,” said a league source with knowledge of the dynamic.
There’s been growing acrimony between Smith and the organization, sources said, largely because of the feeling that Smith has been too convenient of a scapegoat. Smith had one of his most complete seasons for the Hawks, averaging 16.5 points, 8.5 rebounds and 3.3 assists.

Complicating matters for the Hawks is the fact that they know they will be hard pressed to receive anything close to equal value for a player like Smith, whose warts have been well documented but who also brings a unique blend of skills to the party as well.

Even more interesting is this teams mentioned as possible suitors for Smith, were the Hawks to finally get to the point where they are actually talking about making a deal:

“They’re looking for a change,” one Eastern Conference executive said. “They would die to be rid of Joe Johnson’s contract or move Smith, but they won’t give [Smith] away. They want something in return.”

Dwight Howard has been a proponent of the Magic trying to make a deal for Smith, a childhood friend, but general manager Otis Smith is low on assets. Houston has long been intrigued with Smith, but like Orlando and New Jersey, also probably doesn’t have the right pieces to make a trade. Hawks GM Rick Sund has long coveted Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen – two aging Celtics entering the final years of contracts – but Celtics GM Danny Ainge has yet to show an inclination to break up his core for next season.

Good draft or not, if the trade chatter turns into something real by Thursday night we’re going to have some fireworks either way.


  1. Mike says:

    What if Cleveland trades Varejao, jj Hickson Jamison and sessions for Dwight Howard and Earl Clark… That way The magic can use Jamison and sessions to trade for young talent or picks… And CLE would team up Howard with Irving,and thompson then they could pick up J.R smith sg and maybe start Clark

  2. Dew says:

    Game over if the Thunder get a hold of this guy. That lineup would dominate for years. Perkins, Smith, Durant, Harden, and Westbrook. Too scarry to think about. Also, I see Denver here in this mix as well as New Jersey. Two teams with cap room to sign and build around some stars. You will NOT see him go to Orlando (unless Orlando gives up Jameer Nelson and another good player), Boston (already have KG), Miami (already have Bosh), New York (Amare fills the 4 spot on this team), Chicago (why would they have signed Boozer?), Dallas (one word, Nowitski), or the Lakers (Gasol). Atlanta is trying to beat these teams, not make them stronger and I am sure Smith is not wanting to come off the bench for these teams already starters. You will see Smith get traded to a decent team in the west possibly that is not quite on the championship map but a contender in the west that can win over 50 games like OKC, Portland, San Antonio, or Denver. I personally see a Tony Parker for JSmith trade. Hawks need a PG while the Spurs need a big man. No other playoff team is struggling for size or shot blocking except San Antonio right now. Most playoff teams need good scorers from the SF, SG, or PG area. San Antonio has all that, they need a big. Now if Smith goes to a non playoff team, that will be the most upsetting news ever. He is a great player and guy. I cant see the Hawks doing that to him. Teams on the bubble to get Smith are probably Phoenix, Golden State,

  3. Dew says:

    Tony Parker and Gary Anderson for J Smith and Kirk Heinrich. Spurs need a big man to compliment Duncan as well as the Hawks needing a good point guard after losing Bibby. As for Anderson, he gives the hawks another 3 point threat while the Spurs get a veteran point guard in Heinrich that will play well into Pops pick and roll system. Make this deal happen!!

  4. even if Josh smith is traded at Boston celtics,the man in green won,t be able to beat MIAMI HEAT

  5. C3LT1C PRIDE says:

    I think that the dealing of Josh Smith would be most beneficial to the Boston Celtics. It’s no secret that the C’s are getting old and could use some younger talent. The acquisition of Smith in the deal mentioned above would allow Boston to move Pierce to the two and Glen “Big Baby” Davis to the front line. This lineup keeps that same defensive pressure due to Smith on the perimeter, while anyone getting past him and Paul are about as likely to charge into Davis as they are to score. Smith to Boston!

  6. MARK says:

    D.HOWard tO LA ! .. its awesome awe ! …

  7. kalbz007 says:

    gasol for howard?? r kidding?? maybe bynum for howard can be

  8. Roy says:

    As an Atlanta Hawks Fan I would much rather trade horford, marvin and Zaza for dwight howard plus send a future pick to Orlando.

  9. RIO says:

    this will be a good trade nash and gortat for big z, miller and chalmers

  10. Clark says:

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  11. zoe says:

    what ya thinkk about dalembert to miami heat

  12. Kenneth Acuna says:

    josh smith for jameer and some scrubs sounds like an excellent deal. perhaps howard’s positive comments about arenas imply he is on the same page

  13. flea Hendrix says:

    smith need to come to the Celtic’s and win dat ship for the champoinship town Boston and howard too!!!

  14. Rocha262 says:

    I really think J-Smoove should go to the Celtics, think of how it would be to see rondo pair up with Josh Smith and see Jeff Green getting some more minutes.

  15. PistonsFan says:

    So here’s the thing, there as been a ton of rumors and speculation on where Josh Smith is going to be traded if that is the case. Looking at the team Atlanta has now, they are a young team with a bright future, however, what they do lack are seasoned veterans, which I think is the reason they are exploring the trade of Josh Smith, to get some quality veterans in return.

    I have an idea, I have seen some very crazy possible destinations for Smith like Miami or Chicago or Los Angles Lakers, these are not valid because none of these teams want to break up their core (other than possibly the Lakers) for one guy. I say Atlanta should trade him to Detroit. Package him even with Jamal Crawford maybe. In return, Detroit will send Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, and their number 8 pick in the draft. Atlanta would not only get two quality veterans, but also a draft pick. Detroit would get a good power foward which they need to join up with Monroe in the frontcourt and a good backup or even starter shooting guard.

    I am a Pistons fan, and I am not like these other crazy Miami fans or fans of other teams that shout out all these crazy rosters, but I think this could actually be very benefical to both teams. Both Atlanta and Detroit would win from this trade.

    Here is a possible starting lineup for the Pistons if the trade happens:

    Center….Greg Monroe
    Power Foward….Josh Smith
    Small Foward….Jonas Jerbeko/Austin Daye
    Shooting Guard….Ben Gordon/Jamal Crawford
    Point Guard….Rodney Stuckey

    Now that would be a damn good lineup, which could possibly accelerate the re-building process for Detroit.

    • thestosh says:

      thats pretty realistic actually, unlike most of the posts here. I think it would work, except idk if ATL wants to have Rips contract. I mean, Rip can still play, but he’s overpayed in my opinion. But with the 8th pick it sweetens the contract a little bit.

      • PistonsFan says:

        Yeah unfortunately Rip is past his prime, but still a very good shooter and ball handler. His contract is a little high, but like you said the draft pick could sweeten the deal. I seriously think Atlanta should consider this possible trade with Detroit, it could really work.

      • otis says:

        The trade doesn’t put them over the hump.
        They lose too much versatility and take on another contract they don’t cap space for like the next 3 or 4 years.
        Problem with that lineup.
        Detroit doesn’t have a true starting shooting guard.
        Neither Gordon or Crawford are good starters.
        They have no real perimeter defense minus tayshaun.
        They don’t have a true Point guard.

  16. Mark T. says:

    I wish J-Smoove could go to PHX cuz Nash would turn him into a superstar but idk if the Suns have the pieces to get him n if they do Nash n Josh Smith 2gether would be great….Then if they make a run at David West because they have expiring contracts…They could be a contender but I doubt that happens because IDK if Lon Babby is the right GM to for PHX -__-

  17. Chris says:

    But on the real, I can careless where Josh Smith goes. Please dont send him to LA because he wouldnt do anything but jack that team up. He’s a solid defensive player but he should have already developed a mid range game by now. So puting him in the starting lineup anywhere sucks because most centers dont have a mid range game, puting him beside them at PF would suck because he cant shoot either. I just hope LA can afford to get either CP3, Aaron brooks, Tony Parker, Jeff teague, jameer Nelson, or any other young quick, smart point guard and im happy

  18. robmeansbizz says:

    i think he would be good on the nets! he could shine there and deron willams would only make him look better, if he was on the nets he would be an allstar

  19. Chris says:

    Let me help out with some of the stupid ideas u guys are posting… The hawks should think about swapping coaches with the lakers, and swapping players with the mavs. They should also sign iverson and put him on reserve. Last but not least they should sign artest and put him in a cage with Al Horford and let them go at it. Artest should break horfords neck and they should 3peat after that

  20. thestosh says:

    Smith, Hinrich
    Bogut,Jennings, (10th? pick), possibly Maggette or some other piece

    It allows Horford to play his natural 4, and gives atlandta two young pgs, plus bogut who is coming off of surgery this year and his aerm should be upper 90% healthy (plus it gives ATL a pick). Milwaukee gets a capable scorer and dominant (at times) all around player who can get it done, plsu some veteran leadership in Hinrich. The only thing MIl loses is a center, but they could try to pick one up in Free Agency, especially if they rid of Maggettes contract, plus Gooden can always function at center. They also lose Jennings who is a potential all star eventually but the way the bucks play, the point guard isnt a huge key anyway.

  21. SYDALE says:

    Since everyone else is doing it, I might as well throw out some crazy trade scenarios…

    Josh Smith for Monta Ellis…

    Josh Smith for Cavs #4 pick…

    Josh Smith for Raptors #5 pick… or for Andrea Bargnani…

    Josh Smith for Rashard Lewis

  22. Josh Smith 5 says:

    Josh here. Yoiu guys are crazy I wanna join my buddy Dwight noy any of your stinking teams (Bulls,Lakers,etc.)

  23. big shug says:

    Trade J-smoove and kwame brown

    • J-Smoove fan says:

      Are you crazy? Kwame is way past his peak and he has never been good. Trade J-Smoove for someone like Z-Bo instead, even though Memphis might not be so keen on it. That way they’ll get proper rebounding and a baller to lead the team when JJ is faltering

  24. dombinator says:

    lets go nets!!!!! j smoove, dwight, d will in 2012!

  25. Law064 says:

    Not sure where he will land but Boston don’t have people to trade Big Baby Troy M Delonte West, maybe. The Bulls Get rid of Carlos Loser & Bogans & draft picks. Orlando? Would be great the paint would be locked. We can all speculate but we’ll just have to wait and see. Atlanta GM was getting stoned when they gave Hoe Johnson that max contract

  26. Michele says:

    J-Smoove isn’t the right pick for LA..I think Lakers should trade Gasol and Blake for Horford and Hinrich, find a shooter for the backcourt (Artest, S.Brown and some draft pick for Gallinari would be a great solution), sign Oden if Portland will waive him (hoping that his bad luck is coming to an end) and doing a “San Antonio’s pick” in the draft (like founding a backup for Kobe).

    PG: Hinrich
    SG: Bryant
    SF: Gallinari
    PF: Horford
    C: Bynum

    “Draft Pick”

    I now it’s Fanstasy Basketball but this moves would be great for LA.

  27. NATHAN BROOKES says:

    If the Hawks can do a Smith for (Ray) Allen straight up and then go hard after Dwight next year, then the Hawks will have the pieces in place. Without Howard, that lineup with Teague, Allen, JJ and Horford will have them matched up very nicely with Boston and Miami straight away!

  28. lets GO mavs!!!! says:

    go to dallas joe great back up for reDIRKulous one

  29. Nguyen Hoang Phung says:

    Lakers should release these players: Bannes, Walton, Odom. They need SF: Josh Smith, PG: Chirs Paul.

  30. Lioux says:


    What do you think of Dwight Howard, a liitle boy???! He’ll play for a team that could give him a better income and has a huge chance of getting a title WITH OR WITHOUT JAMEER NELSON!

  31. choker says:


  32. Oscar Catoico says:

    what about this trade. . . Lakers trade Pau Gasol and Walton for Hawks’ Hinrich and Smith
    This trade really benefits both teams. Lakers will still have the most athletic and defensively best frontline in the league along with getting their starting point guard. They also would dump Walton’s contract. . .As for Hawks I think they might challenge in the east with Pau Gasol… With Jeff Teague they don’t really need Hinrich and Marvin Williams will get his chance in proving himself

    • js says:

      Its definitely interesting. Im not sure how the salaries work out, but josh smith would give them the athletic jolt that everyone has been saying they need. He would fit well next to bynum and could really focus on defense with the lakers. offensively thoiugh his days of 18 ft jump shots would end immediatety with kobe in his ear. Bynum wants to be more involved in the offense, so he could become your #2 scorer with smith being a very good 3rd option. And the hawks would be in great shape with pau alongside horford along with a veteren presence that they desperately need. good deal for both sides

    • jayke83 says:

      No way are you trading a deadbeat Gasol for Smith. Gasol’s gotta prove himself first. Odom would be a better deal.

  33. JC2000 says:

    I think J Smoove would be a best fit for the Magics @ the 3 position, in return Hawks can get Jameer and Hedo. Imagine D12 attracting double tean down low and here comes J Smoove running over the baseline I think we have built an Airforce in South Beach.

  34. ´King says:

    The magics should trade jameer and earl clark for J. Smith..

    That will be a good move for both parts!

  35. BC18thCT says:

    Smith shuld come to Boston. Why not, KG, Green, Smith, Pierce, sound too good to be true, but you never know

    • js says:

      Id imagin if he does come to boston, since its mentioned he said thats one of the teams he wants to go to, that green would be involved in the trade. similar players though so im not sure if boston is out there listening. who knows though after danny ainge pulled the trigger on that perkins deal you dont know what he’ll do.

  36. kiko says:

    Why not going to Cleveland ? They need one player. You know… To be on the court.

  37. baller says:

    Arenas to L.A?

  38. renz_garnett says:

    i would have love if he will join CP3 in NEW ORLEANS or PHOENIX SUNS.. as well as LOS ANGELES LAKERS.. but if he move to ORLANDO MAGIC.. they will be in the eastern conference finals or finals maybe..

  39. Joex_dvo.city philippines says:

    JOSH SMITH by the way..heheh

  40. AusRob says:

    It’s all speculation right now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they somehow tried to wedge themselves into a three way trade between Minnesota and Pheonix, with a trade involving the #2 pick to presumably Derrick Williams, Steve Nash + Robin Lopez and J-Smoove

  41. Lee says:

    i think Boston should try to explore the possibility of getting Smith, say you add Big Baby, Murphy and picks for Smith and Wilkins ect.. this would be a win win situation for both teams, the Hawks will get a solid performer in Davis and and extra big man w/ an outside threat and ok rebounder in Murphy plus picks and Boston will get the extra toughness they lack when they lost Perk in Smith.. Howard and Smith may be buddies but i don’t think their game meshes, Orlando needs a slasher/scorer type to compliment Superman.

  42. Joex_dvo.city philippines says:

    I don’t like JR Smith but I like the title “J-SMOOVE ON THE MOVE”:-)

  43. Elliot says:

    Also Nenad Krstic has apparently signed with a Russian team there for Boston’s one and only Center is….Jermaine.

  44. Elliot says:

    He’s not going to Boston. Boston won’t trade a Ray Allen or KG for him with Jeff Green on the team KG will be there until he retires to teach Jeff also lets same they Celtics some how acquire him whiles keep the core do you really think KG, Allen or Pierce are gonna be coming off the bench for Smith?… I don’t think so.

    Also “Trade James Jones for Josh Smith.” yeah and then Boston should trade KG and Allen to God to get Wilt Chamberlain back and in a Celtics uniform.

  45. bostonfan says:

    As much as I hate the lakers, I think their best bet is to try and acquire Steve Nash and not Josh Smith or Dwight Howard. While Smith to Boston is appealing, I don’t think the pieces are there to trade for him unless Atlanta wants Davis and another roll player or cash to cut payroll. The Celtics need to either draft or trade for a younger center and an inside scoring threat. That and a guard that can break down defenses and slash to the basket. Josh Smith will probably end up with one of the smaller market teams that has something to trade back in return.

  46. TRIBINSKI says:

    All of you looking for dumb trades.. why just trade him to New Orleans for Mbenga..

  47. Taigi says:

    Trade James Jones for Josh Smith.

  48. otis says:

    I think the wizards should make a move for him they have the ability to do so with picks and players to get it done.
    I would love to see him suit up in a celtics uniform with rondo, smith, green.
    That doesn’t sound like a bad core to build around.
    But if he ends up in orlando the paint would a disaster area for opposing teams.
    The lakers could swing a deal.
    Philly could make a deal.
    The Cavs or the Bulls.
    There are few teams that could throw something on the table to get Josh.
    I think that the Joe Johnson contract messed the hawks up for some years to come.

  49. boerni98 says:

    smith to the clippers for kaman and moon
    pg williams
    sg gordon
    sf smith
    pf griffin
    c jordan
    go clippers!

  50. Jodi Jezz says:

    Josh Smith is going to the Pistons. They have been trying to get him since last season. Atlanta will get the 8th pick in the draft. Go Pistons!!!


    Josh Smith is one of the best PF i know and it will definitely be interesting to see him on the move to other Teams such as the Celtics and the Magic however the Celtics do not have anyone to be trade for him as the Celtics are already a Ageing team and whereas the Magic is still a Younger team than the Celtics however does not have any really good trade for Josh Smith if they trade Dwight Howard for Josh smith it will be a Major loss for the Magic.But is not up to us to decide guys cos we ain’t the peoples up there doing the trades so we should juz shut up and let them decide^^

  52. RS says:

    Get him to the BUCKS.

  53. ATLfan says:

    Michael Beasley and Jonny Flynn for Josh Smith.
    Since Minnesota wants to get rid of Flynn because of Ricky Rubio
    and since they are Drafting Derrick Williams.

    Trade works for both teams, Wolves get a defensive player in Josh Smith and they also get rid of Flynn.
    and the Hawks get younger and add a great player in Michael Beasley who can give you about 15-20 points per game.


    • NY Knicks for Life says:

      drafting Derick Willams is the lazy thing to do.. This is not the NFL. You can actually be over stocked in one position really quick in the NBA.. they need a SG..

      Back to the KNICKS,, Why dont we have Wilson Chandler right now..

      • otis says:

        Because Melo is a better player than Wilson.
        Question should they go sign Iverson.
        I say Yes

  54. Michael B says:

    The Hawks just arent good enough 2 win a NBA championship no matter what pieces 2 try.

  55. Goat says:

    Josh Smith and 15 future 1st round picks to the bulls for the Brian Scalabrine

  56. Ozzodogg says:

    I think Hawks would be crazy to get of Smith but due to the contract given to Joe Johnson last season I guess they have to. They should’ve never gave Johnson that big of a deal. Now there’s no one who would pick him up for that kind of money. I’m a Hawk Fan and have been for a long time. So I’m used to them making bad decisions, 1. trading Nique for Danny Manning 2.Trading Nique knowing Manning wouldn’t resign with Hawks, so virtually giving Nique away for free(STUPID).3. Letting Steve Smith go. 4. And the Johnson contract. Smith is the Hawks best talent in my opinion. So I guess he’s gonna be gone. Personally I like the trade with the Lakers, maybe Smith straight up for Odom. Odom would propably fit well with the Hawks cause he does some of the same things Smith does. And the Lakers could use some energy on the court, like some blocks and some fast break dunks, a big who can run the court very well. Seems fit since the Lakers and Hawks are my 2 favorite teems.

  57. Leonardo says:

    He’s going to PHOENIX!!! Traded for Josh Childress+Warrick

  58. Joey says:

    The Hawks need to think about this..if Jamal and Josh both go were in trouble…yes we need a center but losing two valuable and important players isnt wise choice. We need sign jamal back or trade smith for a decent center and some draft picks. Most of smith’s problems are mental and thats on coaching to tell him that. The hawks need a center but they need to be smart and get the most they can with what they got

    • NY Knicks for Life says:

      if im the GM of the Hawks, I ask myself, can Hawford and Smith coexist.. If yes then why havent you produced yet.? if no, then move smith to another team, and get hawford to PF position and get a true center. at least you tried somthing. and u probly would get something good in return. example A Blatche for J Smith. hmmm, I wont like Id like to see Smith in the nyc / BK jersey.. hawks are solid at the 1, 2, and 5 spot currently with smith being inconsistent and hawford be just efficent. in other words they need depth and or cemistry.

      SMH.. Back to the KNICKS… GET A CENTER..

      • Joey says:

        i agree…i think they can fit together but they just have to be in the right position horford is a 4 not a 5 and Josh is a 3 or 4 ( Toss up on that one). The hawks just need a “dirty work center” ( chandler, camby, Javale McGee, okafor, greg oden, Dalmebert) gets boards and blocks shot and defends well…doesnt need to score a bunch.. the hawks were 28th in rebounding so there you have it. It was a big problem. The could sign chandler or trade 12′ first round pick, Marvin Williams, and Pape Sy for Javale McGee. East next year 1.Heat 2.Bulls 3. Hawks 4. Knicks 5. Celtics 6. Orlando 7. Philli 8. Pacers. Back to josh thorough he wont go to orlando becuase they cant offer a good big man in return. wont to to the knicks either cuz they cant offer a decent center either. Possbile places Portland, Nets, Grizzlies, Houstoun, San antionio, Washington.

  59. Gerald says:

    monta ellis is a free agent???

  60. kevin says:

    no cba there is no salary cap heat can sgn any one they want the end of competative basketball as we know it

  61. coach phil says:

    If the Hawks get rid of Smoove and keep Joe and Marvin I know they are on drugs,

  62. Gerald says:

    wow…. lot of ideas and i like the part when arenas gets in the starting lineup for the magic with jsmoove and d12 in the paint

  63. ryan says:

    go to bulls trade smith to gibson…

  64. NY Knicks for Life says:

    Anyone who suggest that the knicks pick up someone besides a center or point need to stop, slap themselvs, and forget the fact basketball exist. If you too slow.. The KNICKS NEED a Center or a PG. The Center doesnt have to be allster caliber. Just big and can get boards.. ill take Ryan Hollins from the cavs. They isnt much out there but make a move.

    As for J Smith.. id be happy to take the 2, 3, 4 and 5 trains to see him play in BK.. It wont take too much to make that happen. in my opinon, D Willis the onlyone unmoveble. ATL dont want Smith and probly would like a pick. BK nets are going to have ta high pick. Would I throw in Lopez?? hmm.. Give me crawford and second rounder and maybe.

    Now back to the KNICKS, Id Take Marc G( he should be a free agent), but im not sure im breaking the bank for that. we all know Dallas is opening the Ranch for Chandler .. so just look away. Oden for two dollars and couple of tickets to see the yanks but id consider making a move.

    1) Aron Gray (Hornets)
    2) Spencer Hayes (Philly)
    3) Samuel Dalembert (Kings)
    4) Any Big man from the Pacers.

    • YungDeuce says:

      gortat would be a nice addition cause turiaf is nothing more than a energy player that should play no more than 15 minutes at the max a game, i think that their gonna use billups as trade bait and get a much younger pg who’s capable of pushing the tempo and getting out on the break more with melo and amar’e

  65. Pedro Roman says:

    If any free Agent is serious about winning CHICAGO is the way.

  66. Michael B says:

    Dallas is the favorites again Mark Cuban will make trades if he needs 2.Dont sleep on them trading 4 Dwight Howard if I was them I would sign Chandler trade him Marion Beauios and a 1st round pick 2 Orlando

    • hi says:

      i dont think they should trade marion i would would trade hayword and chandler and a 1st round pick for dwight beauios is gonna be a very good player and when j kidd retires he will be ur guy u might even add barea to the trade

  67. Michael B says:

    Man spare me the nonsence about Boston needed a center. If that was the case they should have kept Perkins.he is 1 of few big man that can guard Dwight Howard 1 on 1 Boston will not win another championship with that team they have right now because their weakness is at the center position just like Miami.

  68. Cavs fan #1 says:

    Cavs should draft willams trade there 4 pick n some players for joe johnso
    n josh smith.

  69. Know it all says:

    It would be real scary for teams like Miami, Chicago, and Dallas if Josh Smith went to Magic or Lakers…

  70. YungDeuce says:

    josh smith needs to go to the knicks they can give the hawks jared jefferies,shelden williams, roger mason and the 17th pick i’m sure they can pick up some better free agents over the season

  71. ver26 says:

    j.Smith can’t go to Orlando, they can’t afford him because of Arenas. And LA won’t trade Odom for Nelson, LA is targeting Dwight, have you forgotten about that? NETS, MAGIC and ROCKETS can’t really afford him. Only the Boston Celtics could, but Boston won’t trade KG and Allen for him. I think the Celtics needs a good Center and a backup PG. Why would the Hawks trade him for Nelson? they have great PG…

    • Grant says:

      lakers arent looking for anyone mitch has already said they like their size end of story…

      every one must be stupid

  72. Bobcat Hopeful says:

    OKC needs to trade Westbrook for Josh Smith straight up! Grab Kirk Heinrich in da deal to back up Maynor and now you can either start Ibaka at center or bring him off the bench to back up Perkins and Smith. Someone tell Mike to actually bring somebody to Charlotte!!!!!!!!!!!! He destroyed the Wizards and now he will do it to the Bobcats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rich says:

      Jordan is the worst owner in fan’s view. He’s actually making money that way. He releases superstars with high fees and getting cheap players. In the end he has to ride on other team’s popularity to get their share of revenue.

  73. ching says:

    josh smith should stay at hawks, and coach should figure it out what position he would play SF or PF in consistent basis.. try to win as a team and learn to play 48 minutes of defense, look at the MAVS did. only 1 superstar but wins championship,

  74. joe mama says:

    josh smith is going to be traded to the nets everyone, then the nets are going to pick up kirilenko in free agency. that team will make the playoffs and thus making it impossible for howard not to go to brooklyn, the nets will then win a championship and prokorov will deliver on his promise of a championship within his first 5 years as owner

  75. Austin says:

    I have read this and seen the most ridiculous trade ideas. The Hawks do not need point guard depth with Hinrich and Teague. Most likely they will try to get rid of Hinrich and pick up a smaller contract point guard to play behind Teague. A reasonable trade idea would be for the Mavs to trade Caron Butler’s expiring contract and Tyson Chandler for Josh Smith and Jamal Crawford. This would satisfy the Hawks need for a true center in Chandler, would allow Jsmoove to play the 3, and trade the expiring contracts of Butler and Crawford to eachother. That being said, as a Hawks fan, I do not want to see Smith go. Joe Johnson needs out, but no one wants to pick up his ludicrous contract. Marvin Williams also can be traded for a pick because he still has potential. Just my two cents.

    • jayke83 says:

      No way Mavs will give up Chandler. Haywood, maybe but not Chandler. And I’d rather have Butler than Jamal. We already have someone who could beat the buzzer.

  76. daddyV says:

    all u orlando fans who think u can get smith for turk are idiots. turk/arenas are untradeable because of their age injuries and huge contracts. no way hawks are gonna pick up another huge contract esp for guys like turk or arenas seeing as johnson already has a big contract. theyre also not gonna want nelson cos they already have hienrich n jeff teague has shown that he is a top quality back up in the playoffs. they probably have more depth at pg than any other team. lakers arent giving u odom for nelson…everyone knows odom n gasol will be trade pieces for cp3 n maybe even howard. the only realistic situation for orlando is if they do a 2-3 player trade including howard and get a couple of good players n future draft picks or risk losing him in free agency next year.

    • Grant says:

      they would trade bynum before gasol…. lol

      they also said they arent trading they like their size end of story. lol read up boy

  77. nate filewood says:

    I would love to see Josh Smith in Orlando. Hell, take whatever you want for him… They need to shake this team up or Dwight walk’s. Hate to say it, but he’s gone unless somethin (good) happens.

  78. Come to Chicago!!! says:

    My name says it all.

  79. sosb24 says:

    I doubt the Hawks would trade Smith to Orlando or within the division for that matter but you can never tell with this management group. I do like what one person posted about Smith for Igoudala. I have always liked Igoudala, not sure about his contract though? Does anyone know how many years and dollars are left on his contract? The thing about Smith is that he must be uncoachable. He never stays within his game. As an Atlanta fan I have watched him chuck up outside shots for most of his career. That’s not his game, he would be one of the best players in the league instead of just a very good one if he knew how to play his game.

  80. Louie says:

    THERES NO WAY THAT MY CELTICS WILL GIVE UP ANY OF THE CORE 4 FOR SMITH, Glen Davis,Troy Murphy,Sasha Pavlovic,Von Wafer,Avery Bradley AND MAYBE Jermaine O’Neal..BUT NOTHING MORE..

  81. ATLhawks says:

    Why not Josh Smith for Andrew Buynum(and maybe kirk hinrich too)

  82. nbeatz says:

    J-Smooth or Bosh…………………….. Witch team would bennifet the most and whos indiviual career would be better. Who will bring the athletisism and determination to the table now and in thier aging career’s. THEY HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THIS BECAUSE IT COULD HAPPEN…………. RIGHT???

  83. Andy M says:

    The Hawks/Sund are just stupid enough to trade him. Tons of teams would love J-Smoove on their team. How bout hiring a coach who is smart of enough to get him to play down low.? How bout not giving away the farm mid season for a backup point guard? How bout not signing JJ to a max contract? We are stuck with a bad ownership / bad management / bad coaching. (Face plant)

  84. BlackMamba24 says:

    Gasol & Shannon Brown for Craword & Josh Smith pull the trigger Mitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. crizven says:

    Hawks Smith for Mavz Butler + Haywood …

  86. Faruk Tuna says:

    It would be great if J-Smoove goes to Magic.They can dominate the painted area with two outstanding shotblockers:Howard and Smith.And think Van Gundy isnt want to lose Turk because of his versatility.After reaching for a good chemistry Magic could play Confernce Finals at least.

  87. Bulls rule says:

    Look these are the players each contending team will add.
    Bulls- Dwight howard and Gilbert Arenas for Boozer, noah, bogans, Korver, and the 30th pick. I am not making it up it’s a big rumors! Rasul butler is the new shooting guard.

    Celtics- Josh Smith for Garnett , West, and von Vafer. no way are the Celtics tradintg2 of the big 3.

    Lakers- they will not get howard because bynum and gasol are not enough. They will sign Aaron Brooks.

    Heat- Samuel Dalebaret

    Thunder- Jr smith for the 2 guard

    Spurs- Tayshun Prince for youth

    Mavs- They will just resign people because Caron Butler is like a free agent.

    Magic- Like I said they will get the players that I wrote above for the bulls offer.

    Hawks- They will get Garnett, West, Von Wafer for Smith like said above

    • Nbafanpt says:

      I just love how everyone is dismissing the Knicks, i got have a feeling they’ll surprise allot of ppl next season.

    • Rocket33 says:

      I enjoyed reading this one. The Bulls/Magic trade sounds great for the Bulls even if I don’t know where Arenas will fit in.
      I can believe the Josh Smith for Garnett trade as it sort of works for both sides.
      No comment on anything else except for this… Tayshaun Prince is the Spurs idea of youth. Brilliant! 🙂

    • kubistar says:

      Prince for youth LOL nice one

  88. Danger says:

    Trade Big Baby and Bradley for J-Smoove then watch the rings roll in

  89. Joe B says:

    who ever said ARENAS sucks is dead wrong! he is a fantastic player, and when at his best, he is one of the best closers in the nba, easily top 10, and in my opinion top 5. some of the game winners he hit for the wizards was unbelievable, he can create shots for others, and also score 30+ some nights, he’s obviously made stupid mistakes and been injured but you never lose your talent, if he trains hard this pre-season and van gundy gives him the minutes he deserves he could take Magic to the finals, i think they should trade nelson, get in j-smoove, offload of turkoglu and get in a more athletic player who can create steals like trevor ariza. I can see why j-smoove would like to go orlando or new jersey BUT come on NOBODY ever wants to go Houston thats a joke haha. being a miami fan id like to see him come SoBe. but unless they trade bosh i cant see a deal being done.

  90. swatguy says:

    If the relationship between Josh and the organization has “run it’s course”, I say trade THE ORGANIZATION!! Most in Atlanta are completely turned off about this ownership. Trading Josh is a terrible idea. Josh is the heart of this team. Joe, Al and Marvin shrink when it is time to “rise up”. Josh, Teague Zaza and Damien Wilkens are the keepers. Trade the disappointments.
    I hope Cleveland wants Joe or Al instead.

    • Rich says:

      the players run the course in Atlanta because of their highly inconsistent play. So much potential but just awfully unprofessional as they only play with real effort when they want to win. They’re just happy to get their pay and sometimes you would have the feeling of the team avoiding a long playoff so they can have a longer summer holiday.

  91. WestbrookFan says:

    What I hear Smith should go to the Thunder… Starter Smith and Back up Ibaka with Perkins and well Ibaka can play some center along with Collison wouldnt that be nice? lol to bad the thunder dont have much to trade just alot of cap space haha.

  92. alfredisonfire says:

    he should go to the nets.. him and deron williams are cool combinations.

  93. wolverine says:

    what about kobe, lebron, dwight, cris paul, durant together in one team?

  94. ZULU says:

    There are a number of teams that could use Josh Smith’s talents. Rick Sund had better do something. The trick is to get market value in return.

    • Johnathan says:

      agreed, but putting all salary caps aside, correction: every team could use josh smith’s talents; it’s just whether he’s better for them in the starting lineup or bench

  95. Rubio & 2nd pick for J-Smoove says:

    Trade Rubio and their 2nd draft pick for Josh Smith.
    So the hawks get PG in Rubio and Derrick Williams
    not only that but they save a lot of money.

  96. lakersforever says:

    well im saying they never should have signed him in the first place he isnt worth what they pay him and they just want to trade him anyways it just is so dumb

  97. cadi says:

    i hate to see this guy leaves man he had his ups and downs but still man he is the highlight of the hawks hate to see him go

  98. wout says:

    smith to the magic for richardson and nelson, then the magic has their big three Gilbert, Dwight and J smoove
    ready to beat the heat

  99. Beber says:

    Oooh I’m really but really sorry Doc ! Didn’t know the English lesson just began !
    Really sorry if my English sometimes sucks like yor present comment !

    Just (try to) make a clever comment concerning the topic ! Or try to translate it in French…

  100. Boston says:

    ..ever heard of cap-space? because thats never going to happend..

  101. zebide says:

    i’m a heat fan and you need to put less on your tobacco ^^

  102. Darryl Jemison says:

    Josh Smith is not the answer for the Lakers. Odom is a much better fit for the team and what they need. The Lakers are in desperate need of a quality point guard and some much needed bench help.

  103. posey says:

    jsmoove is loved in the A, if they trade him alot of fans are going to be pissed, because joe johnson still isnt back into our good graces for him blaming the fans at the end of last year, marvin williams is still a huge dissapointment, we might not be able to resign crawford, which leaves three players we will love: Al horford, jeff teague, and zaza pachulia, and unfortunately that isn’t enough to get us anywhere

    • VictoryAtl says:

      I have been wanting Dwight Howard and Josh to play together in Atlanta since they both were in high school. Trade fire head Jamal Crawford, Marvin William (still playing on potential alone), and Horford to sweeten the deal for Howard to come back home. I am sure we may have to trade Teague or Hinrich for their upside and leadership respectively.

      PG Hinrich/Teague
      SG Joe Johnson
      SF/PF Josh Smith and a shooting or rebounding role player
      C Dwight Howard

      I really want to say trade Joe Johnson and Teague for Derron Williams or Chris Paul…still make a move for Howard and you have a packed house with a ring or two for years to come.

      • Rocket33 says:

        Drafting Marvin Williams ahead of CP3 looks really bad now doesn’t it? You’d be half way to your team without moving anyone. Then just trade Johnson and Horford to Orlando for Dwight and somebody else and you have a really nice Big 3! Having said that, with CP3 in Atlanta the Hawks would have never got a draft pick high enough to get Horford.

      • Johnathan says:

        first of all, joe and teague for cp3 or deron will get a huge laugh. secondly,

        “PG Hinrich/Teague
        SG Joe Johnson
        SF/PF Josh Smith and a shooting or rebounding role player
        C Dwight Howard”

        what was the point of listing these guys and their positions? to trade 5 people for dwight? trading 5 for 1 would never happen

  104. heatfan says:

    haha keep dreaming NBA
    next season we will get Cp3, J smith and DH 12

    we gonna have this line up


    and then J smith and vince carter will coming off the bench
    that’s right! miami will be best ever team in NBA next season

    • Tyeo says:

      stop dreaming

    • haha says:

      you might as well add in Kobe, Durant, Z-Bo and Deron Williams. They say having a deep bench is key to winning a championship.

      oh..and just in case one of them gets injured, you could add in Carmelo and STAT and put them on the reserves, you never know..you might need them.

      ~_~ …

    • Hi says:

      While its not bad to wish with the cap space already taken up by your big 3 it would be literally impossible for pretty much any of those guys to sign with the heat let alone 2 or 3 of them.

      • al says:

        miami fans are just crazy

      • raul says:

        not crazy more like greedy. I think of them as the yankees of basketball. Want to buy a championship. I think wade the best player on the team. But wade could do it if he wanted too with bosh.

    • DH12 says:

      I know you want that to happen but really, salary cap!

    • Gerald says:

      and than comes vinnie de pooh and CJ from san andreas…..

    • Grant says:

      bandwagon fan?

      the team couldnt afford that you are you really retarded or just stupid…

      heat didnt win because they dont have any back up talent for the three hogs 🙂

      notice how a team with only one star beat them :p go suck the three aforementioned cocks of the heat bandwagon boy

      • ME says:

        @ Grant: yea my guess is u will be giving up on basketball for then ext 7 years from next year on, even your patethic dreams will be colored red and white- hot. Then you can start crying about David Stern allowing 3 stars to group up… and let me guess, it probably wasn’t your team either that won a ring this year, so in other words, your team will have to wait another 7 to 8 years for a chance in the finals, cry??

    • chopsuey says:

      are we voting for an east all-star team line up?,.,. you might bring in Phil Jackson as well,.,. Lots of triangle here and there,.,.

    • Law064 says:

      Your a complete IDIOT heatfan

  105. Beber says:

    If Josh Smith is interested to play for the Nets, I think it would be a great deal : the combination of Willams – Smtih (and don’t forget Lopez) could be a good one. Ok but Smith traded for… ?
    Not Orlando / Chicago / Boston : he would loose his versatility with those teams !
    A good deal (for Smith) would send him to Phoenix (if Nash remains with the Suns), Oklahoma (against one of the numerous centers… by this way Horford could become a strong PF) or another tremendous deal : Smith to the Sixers against Iguadola ! Two similar players at respective positions (PF and SF). And both players could immediatly bring (almost the same) energy in their new team !
    Traded to the Sixers ! Let’s go ! 😉
    Greetings from Belgium

    • Speller says:

      Learn how to spell LOOSE

    • js says:

      eh unless they plan on playing im at the 3, that would be the weakest team ever on the boards. Josh Smith needs to play with a strong rebounding center. its why the hawks started using collins at center and smith at the 3. and lopez had such a horrible year rebounding last year you cant rely on him. not a good fit IMO. I dont think he’d lose his versatility playing with chicago/boston. Both have fast PGs that like to push the ball which fits Josh Smith’s strengths. I dont see them trading for iggy hes too similar to JJ needing he ball in his hands

      • Beber says:

        TO JS : yes you’re right : Josh needs a strong inside presence to develop his play … Right : Lopez wasn’t really good this year but take a look at Humphries ! He was tremendous last season ! Smith at the 3, Williams as PG… just need a good shooting guard (Vujavic is quite good… but maybe more as a back-up)
        And Smith to the Sixers … Who starts at 5 in Philly ?
        Concerning Boston, the Celtics play different a different game than the Hawks, no ? Can’t say

        TO the other one : really don’t care of you comment. Just try to give your opinion about the topic … or try to translate it in French if you are able to…

  106. Damon Young says:

    Smith and Hortford to Houston for Scola,Lowery, and 14 pick

    • Johnathan says:

      not a very fair trade for hawks. yes, they get a very good PG but giving up both your YOUNG and athletic starting big men (1 being 2-time allstar and more to come horford.) And scola just turned 30 this year

      • js says:

        yea no way, either smith OR horford and one or two other throw ins to make salaries match.

  107. lakersforever says:

    it kinda makes me mad that they say they want to get rid of joe johnson he just signed a huge deal with them last year is atlanta that dumb

    • VictoryAtl says:

      Joe Johnson disappeared in the playoffs. I am a die hard Atlanta fan and I was extrememly upset…yet, I think Atlanta’s biggest setback in the playoffs was coaching experience. Atlanta finally beat Orlando…to them, that was it. They kicked back after that. We couldn’t be stopped when our pedal was to the metal. Yet, when JJ get the ball, time stands still. Slow is good for the pace of a season…but in the playoffs, ya gotta get some pep in your step. Josh Smith and Teague impressed me. Horford, Crawford, and Marvin Williams, in my opinion, need to go. Bring Dwight to Atlanta would be my ideal trade. Two hometown favorites playing for their city…what a story.

      • CordRip says:

        YES, YES…Dwight to the hawks! Josh and Dwight will not let anybody in the lane. We need a Sund/Magic GM relationship like McHale and Ainge so we can pull that deal off. I’ll keep dreaming.

    • Rocket33 says:

      It just shows what a bad idea it was to give Johnson that much money. That’s Kobe money not Joe Johnson money. He’s good but not great and not getting better. Having said that, if they didn’t offer him the money he may have taken his talents elsewhere and they’d have been left with nothing.

      • denverfan says:

        having denver loseing melo billups i think the Nuggets are looking for a player whos is a good rebounder and scorer
        give away kenyon martin and danillo and u got a good deal 4 both teams.

      • mantis says:

        The Hawks drafted Jordan Crawford, who was more than capable of replacing a declining Joe Johnson, only to let him ride the bench and trade him away. Jordan would have molded into one of the leagues best guards if he had been given time to develop. The Joe Johnson contract was a mistake. A big one. No matter how you look at it.

      • js says:

        this is a great point, thats why owners are playing such hardball with the labor agreement. Thats the position the Hawks were in. We can either completely overpay for this guy, or our franchise player can leave and we cant absolutely nothing in return. They had no options, no 1 year franchise tag to see if they could move him or something, maybe get other pieces. Its brutal. And now you see JJ put in the kind of season he did, and guess what its a guranteed contract. Its ridiculous. You want superstar money fine, but you have to be responsible for putting up superstar numbers, especially when it counts. Cant have your cake and eat it too

  108. TRIBINSKI says:


    • raul says:

      what will they trade to get him. He young and you all are old. But youth for youth is what i am staying.

      • js says:

        after horford has publicaly stated he wants to play his natural 4, the obvious answer would be haywood. I agree though I dont see the Hawks trading a young in his prime josh smith for brandon haywood and his inflated contract. however hes the only player I can see other than maybe chandler but I dont think the mavs want to lose him.

  109. mza36 says:

    Smith to the bulls for Booz

    • jason bain says:

      being a nets fan i would like j smith to go to the nets that would be like a dream come true. bt i think if he go to the bulls or orlando he stands a better chance for a quick ring

      • Johnathan says:

        use lopez and 2 others (maybe vujacic and a PF/C) for smith and collins. good for both and big man downlow

    • fudd21 says:

      johnathan, atlanta would probably do that trade for lopez. it gives them much needed size down low and allows horford to move to pf which he wants to play. Even though I’m one of the few that beleives he actually is a better center.
      mza36 no way atlanta would touch a boozer for smith trade. it does nothing for atlanta. they are already undersized plus boozer brings no defense whatsoever to the equation. people i understand you want your team to get better but geesh be realistic in some of your trades.

  110. Max says:

    Hey everyone, check out this basketball blog. It’s very interesting, it covers everything around the NBA and is written solely by a 13 year old boy.

  111. Dave says:

    sixers should trade iggy for smith

    • Johnathan says:

      iggy for smith straight up would benefit philly way more than atlanta. if they trade smith, they need to try for a big man since they’re already small down there with him and horford at 6’9

  112. mario cheese says:

    Goddamn Laker fans, just when a guy wants to leave they start say ah lakers should do this should get that guy… i mean wtf ??

  113. raul says:

    Tony Parker for Smith would be a great trade for both teams.

    • sean says:

      this guy is right that is a good trade! too bad smith said he wanted to play somewhere else lol

      • raul says:

        Well Josh and Tony are employees and have five years on their contact. So they cant choose where they want to go. Thats a good thing for the Hawks and Spurs.

    • fudd21 says:

      how would that trade benefit the hawks. they already have hinrich (another 30 year old pg) and teague to play the point

  114. HENRY JUAREZ says:


    • Jesse says:

      wow dude you know nothing about the nba do you, bulls already have luol deng and carlos boozer

    • caseybledsoe says:

      josh smith is a ball hog and shoots bad jumpers and would only make the bulls offense worse than it already is…although he would help our defense tremendously

  115. RM Poe says:

    The lakers would benefit from making some kind of effort in aquiring Smith. Great read & there is just guessing going on for now but it is inteesting in thinking about how players would fit into other teams. Read http://tinyurl.com/5umdwxo The usefulness Smith could bring to the Lakers or any other team would be worth a look if they have the money and spot…

  116. Jay says:

    1. Arenas is not a good point guard, he sucks
    2. Orlando will not be able to trade him because of his huge contract\
    3. Atlanta has kirk heinrich and a good prospect in jeff teague

    • KingNyrd says:

      Gilbert Arenas sucks?! Hey if he didn’t have those two or was it three knee surgeries, he would still be a beast. I don’t think he can be the player he once was, but he surely can average at least 17ppg when truly healthy. If he isn’t a starter, that is pretty good numbers for me.

      • Gerald says:

        i hope arenas will score more points nxt season…. he avaregd less than 10 ppg (first time in his career)

      • Grant says:

        but it did happen, even if it didn’t he would probably still suck.

        When someone who haveraged what 25ppg? goes down to 10? hahah yeah… that means they now suck.

    • oz basketball luver says:

      nelson ovr arenas? the only reasn arenas didnt start this season was to keep nelson happy

  117. Aio says:

    1st haha go kobe!

  118. Mike says:

    Lakers better see if they can make something happen there. Smiths energy would be very useful. They have some trading pieces in Artest, Bynum, Brown or Blake. Even Gasol. They could try to swoop both Crawford and Smith for some of the previous.
    But I also thing Orlando can make a good move by trading Arenas (they already have a good PG and Hawks need one). Plus Howard not only would love it (since it’s his childhood friend) but he would love to have that oher guy to throw block parties with.
    Thunders/Cavs/Nuggets and Twolves should have a shot also (they have expendable PGs in Robinson/Maynor + someone else; Davis/2011firstpick/ a bunch of other pieces; and Felton).

    • Grant says:

      lol gasol are you kidding me?

      Lakers have said they aren’t losing their size end of story. artest, walton and fisher are the peices that can go (but wont), brown has a player option on his contract. They can’t trade him until he re signs… same as barnes and even still the gm wouldnt risk that many players on an investment that could be catastophic to the team.

      btw gasol over odom? are you retarded. seriously?…


      • k5 says:

        id go for smith instead of gasol. he s been more disapointing than not in past 4 playoffs. but we all know l.a. is not going to change its core..

  119. Rocket33 says:

    I’d Love to see Josh Smith play for Orlando. I tried to mention a few days ago about getting rid of Jameer Nelson and turning the team over to Arenas. I was saying to the Lakers for Odom because that made sense for L.A. to get a younger point guard. But bringing in Smith sounds good as well if they can find a way to do that. Might encourage Dwight to stick around too. Then if they clear space to make a run at CP3 through free agency the future looks bright. 🙂

    • HENRY JUAREZ says:

      nope i think he should play for the chicago bulls yea

      • Rocket33 says:

        Hmmm… straight swap for Boozer perhaps… and then Noah and Deng for Howard. A few other bits and pieces thrown in there to make the numbers work. I’d like the look of the Bulls (Team Adidas) with Rose, Smith & Howard. If Vince Carter becomes available as has been suggested he could be the SG with Taj Gibson at PF. Jason Richardson would also be a decent pickup at SG if they can get him.

      • Luke says:

        @Rocket33: You’re playing a fantasy game in your head, Chicago can never get all those pieces! Would love to see Chicago and D Rose pick up a ring or two, but it ain’t gonna happen the way you’ve suggested!

      • Mike says:

        Bulls don’t have the pieces to trade for a top quality players such as Howard or Smith. We saw that in the Carmelo Anthony trade.

      • rhys says:

        Rocket23… chicago would never ever ever evrr do that… josh smith is an idiot, shooting jumpshots instead of ging to the hoop…. id rather noah and deng than howard.. chicago would never kill the chemistry they have for a blokbuster trade like that, they need a reliable SG who can shoot the 3, play defense and put the ball on the floor…. courtney Lee, Oj Mayo… i think a straight up trade of Omer Asik for courtney Lee…

      • Amy Simms says:

        You have got to be joking right??? The Lakers do need young blood but this guy? Really? I mean anyone with a brain can read http://tinyurl.com/3oyh2on and see that the Laker/Orlando deal of any kind has problems…..

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, Orlando should go for a more athletic uptempo team rather than a 3pt shooting team because that hasn’t worked out well against good perimeter defense, Josh Smith, Dwight Howard, time to get ready for a block party, Arenas and J-Rich are good, take out Turk for lets say Ariza, or if Nelson and Turk go to L.A for Odom, Line up could be:

      PG Arenas
      SG Rich
      SF Smith
      PF Odom
      C Howard

      better lineup than last season’s at least, still need to snag CP3 and a backup C, possbly trading back Rich and adding Nelson to PHX for Gortat and Brooks and then Magic trade Turk and Arenas for a good SG and SF.

      • Fredj says:

        J-Rich is not coming back next season

      • Arman says:

        I don’t understand that. Who should the magic trade away for Smith if they trade Nelson and Hedo for Odom, which by the way is a bit unrealistic because Odom was so important for the Lakers all this years and they still need him because they can’t only count on Bynum staying healthy. Also Hedo is not fitting well with any club except the magic and the lakers don’t need two small forwards struggling both on one side of the floor, Artest offensively and Hedo defensively. Nelson has some worth for LA but holds the ball too long in his hands and isn’t known to be a good distributer and even sumed up with Hedo not equally to Odoms work for LA

      • sbfern805 says:

        As a Lakers fan…Keep Nelson and Turk AWAY from LA! Odom is too valuable for the Lakers. We will give you Gasol for Dwight though?? thats what i thought Dwight is too valuable for the Magic. Orlando better get pieces together because that will become a reality. Dwight in purple and gold…fits nice!

      • Arman says:

        Dwight for Gasol won’t happen. The Magic won’t give the most dominant big man in the coming 6-7 years away for an aging player who is allready decreasing and who wasn’t on Dwights level even 2 years ago, when they met in the finals. Nevertheless the Lakers aren’t unrealistic for Dwight to land but then it would be rather a package of players like Bynum (for the Magic will demand some talent) together with Artesrt or Odom … maybe in addition of Brown???

    • Johnathan says:

      As Orlando is not my fav team, I’d have to agree that josh smith and dwight would do major damage together. Turkoglu/Nelson and pick(s) for josh so they can let arenas take over. But they wouldn’t give up jameer cuz him and dwight are best friends and dwight will play where jemeer plays and vice versa

      • caseybledsoe says:

        they would have no backup point guard if they dealt nelson and no backup center

    • Top 5 Picks says:

      Yea Dwight with Josh Smith will be a nightmare in the frontline for any team to match up against. Josh has a very versatile game, he can spread the floor for Dwight with his mid range jumper. Good idea too having Arenas take over, its a little risky but I feel like that he’s one of those players that need to be in the game constantly to gain a rythym, just like Dwight said, that they didn’t give him the playing time that he would’ve liked. If Arenas works out and comes back more mature and physically fit then I can see him being able to take over. Dwight would definitely stick around if they had Smith and Paul on his team. He needs to do his part though and talk to them to convince them to come over, just like Wade did to get James and Bosh.

      • fudd21 says:

        Josh is not a free agent so he just can’t come over so that means a trade would have to happen. Orlando doesn’t have the pieces that Atlanta would want to make a trade for Josh. Nelson nah, Hawks are turning reins over to Teague and Hedo well he’s just Hedo…enough said. I think Orlando has boxed themselves into a corner with some of their moves and right now doesn’t have a lot of flexibility. That’s why Howard wants out.

      • ajpotpot says:

        dwight has a mid range jumper since when, haha, you’re funny i was certain that i watch every nba game and i don’t see that very often, what he developed this season is his hook shot facing the court and not that jumpshot, he may have made some jumphots but it doesn’t mean it’s reliable, ^_^

      • sbfern805 says:

        smith and Paul? how will you do that? make some sense buddy…MAKE SOME SENSE! its one or the other, iether one is a great trade for the magic, but only one is probable!

      • Top 5 Picks says:

        Yea you took it out of context Josh can spread the floor with his decent mid range shot. It’s gonna be a while if Dwight can get a reliable mid-range jumper if he ever does.

    • monkey man says:

      to see josh smith in orlando sounds good. What if he went to the nets! It would be nice to see the New Bronx Nets (sounds funny).