What The Cavaliers MIGHT Be Thinking

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The fact that the Cavaliers have not come out and pledged eternal love to Kyrie Irving yet, three days before the Draft, does not mean a thing. There is no need to commit. Cleveland keeping its options open, whether to stoke trade offers from around the league or throw the next few teams in the picking order off balance, does not have to equal Cleveland not wanting Irving.

But there is this to consider, because any front office would undoubtedly give the premise at least a few minutes of internal conversation:

Take Derrick Williams at No. 1 and go point guard at No. 4.

It works only if the Cavaliers think Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker are only slight downgrades from Irving and that Williams will be a star. Neither uncertainty would likely be answered in the affirmative around the league. Williams wouldn’t be this close to the top of the draft in any other year while Knight and Walker are not held in the same regard by front offices compared to the way Irving is rated by some as being in the Chris Paul mold.

It’s credible enough, though, to be a worthwhile discussion because the three point guards are rated high enough that they could all be gone within the first five picks on Thursday. The Cavaliers would be surrendering the best player in the Draft, and that is never easy, or smart, but with the payback of landing Williams and still addressing the point with a top prospect.

There is almost no chance it happens, and even that may not be shutting the door enough – every front-office member from another team has checked in with the certainty that the Cavaliers will take Irving first and hit forward or center at four. But at a time when Cleveland is weighing countless scenarios, it had to at least come up.

Other news, notes and observations as Draft Week arrives:

  • Kawhi Leonard said he has worked out for or will work out for the Cavaliers, Raptors, Wizards, Kings, Pistons, Bobcats and Bucks, and there are reports a Jazz visit is also being arranged. Workout calendars do not mean everything. But the fact that every team that brought him in is in the lottery indicates that teams picking after 14 do not expect the San Diego State small forward to slip at a time when some executives think he is overrated.
  • After previously saying he would only audition for teams that visit him in Spain, Bismack Biyombo scheduled workouts for several front offices on this continent. At least one veteran executive read it as Biyombo’s camp becoming concerned he is slipping and being passed by Tristan Thompson or Marcus Morris among power forwards. The new approach seems designed to put Biyombo back in front of personnel departments again and remind them of his athleticism and potential as a game-changer on defense and the boards.
  • On the other hand: Maybe it’s not slipping as much as a settling in. Some clubs thought the relative unknown from the Republic of Congo and part of a season in Spain should have been on the edge of the lottery all along, before the hype machine drove his draft standing to unrealistic expectations. This could just be the morning after.
  • One aspect to the appeal of Jimmer Fredette that didn’t fit in the story on the local pressure for the Jazz to take the former BYU star: He is not only handling the massive attention during the pre-Draft tour, he is encouraging it. Fredette allowed a film crew to trail him early in the process when a lot of players in his position might have wanted normalcy after an entire season of spotlights. He wants the expectations. “Leading up to the Draft, I think it will be good for your hype and good for letting people know who you are,” Jimmer said. “Having a personal connection to you off the floor is a good thing. I’m looking forward to hopefully having more fans because of it.”
  • But enough of the speculation that the Kings might take Fredette at seven to spark fan interest. Fan interest has been more than sparked by the forced decision to stay in Sacramento at least another season. Ticket sales will go way up in 2011-12 with or without him on the roster. And any player will be as popular as Fredette around town if the arrival leads to more wins.


  1. Johnathan says:

    Those Morris twins will be future all-stars no matter what team they get drafted to. Not saying Cleveland should go for them but they will be huge

    • Josh says:

      Did you not watch Derrick Williams absolutley destroy the Morris twins all by himself? Irving hasn’t proved himself to be able to make it through a college season. What happened when Williams and Irving were on the same floor in the biggest game of their seasons…Williams DOMINATED and took his team to a unchallenged victory. Williams is the only choice at number 1. Morris twins need to much phychological work to ever be allstars.

      • Let's Not Forget says:

        let’s not forget that during the NCAA Texas had the Chance to beat Williams team had it not been for the blown call by the official, if it wasn’t for that the best big everyone would be talking about would be Tristan Thompson cause in the next round if they were to face Duke, i still think Texas would’ve won cause Duke “lived and died” @ the 3pt line while Texas was almost unstoppable inside the paint. Irving still hasn’t proven himself though cause he was injured but had amazing stats through the games he played, if not limited to injury, Irving would’ve been #1 like Durant even if his team didn’t go far in the NCAA tournament

  2. Chris Ross says:

    Very good article. I think they gotta go with Irving. I don’t think the poing guard situation should be an issue for them. Davis and Sessions aren’t going to lead them into the future so why not start now and go with Irving who has the potential to be very good. Derrick WIlliams is a beast but who knows how it will translate to the NBA. Going to be a fun draft fur sure though. Lots of question marks all around,.


  3. asar says:

    Miami will be Champs? NOPE…They have to beat the BULLS first because big rumours says DENG for Monta Ellis and Noah and Boozer are for Dwight…So ROSE, DWIGHT AND MONTA ELLIS…

  4. Don't judge players by their current play. says:

    I’ll say it again for Cleveland Cavaliers to become a playoff team once again, they need to get Derrick Williams and Kemba Walker,
    Sixers should get the Morris twins with their two draft picks, to make them effective.

  5. Max says:

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  6. anonymous says:

    lebron james > jordan > kobe > you

    • utah says:

      jordan and kobe are so far above lebron james it’s not even funny.

      • thestosh says:

        lebron easily has the ability to be better than them, considering he is such a physical beast. But considering he has no championships and falls apart when it counts, he stays behind kobe and jordan.

  7. maniac says:

    The cavs are such a fickle and pathetic club, they would trade their 1st and 4th to get LeBomb back… hahaha
    Then they could get back to being a 50+ win team

  8. Miami champs 2012-onwards!!! says:

    Take the best player in the draft which is irving.. dont gamble on williams cuz he plays power forward, but he’s too small to play that position.. he’s too small to play at 4 and he prefers to play 3 but he’s style of play is 4.. take irving at 1 then get kanter at 4.. trade antawn and baron..

  9. Joex_dvo.city philippines says: