Kobe, Brown All Good In LA?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Apparently time does heal all things.

All that angst over the perceived disconnect between new Lakers coach Mike Brown and Lakers star Kobe Bryant has disintegrated over the past couple of weeks, , according to Hall of Famer Mark Heisler of the Los Angeles Times.

Seriously, all that drama that accompanied Brown’s hiring — a move that Lakers’ brass decided they need not consult Bryant on — has vanished since Brown and Bryant got together for a couple of  meetings of the minds:

Despite Kobe Bryant’s silence, people close to both sides say Coach Mike Brown has won over his new star in two face-to-face meetings.

Their first was May 31 at Bryant’s home in Newport Beach, on Brown’s way to his news conference in downtown Los Angeles . . . more or less.

Apparently, the meeting went well. The second was 10 days later at the El Segundo practice facility, where they went through plays on the court.

A good working relationship between Brown and Bryant is the only way the Lakers will survive their first season of the second post-Phil Jackson era. Brown is one of the best in the business at relationship-building with players, so he was going to win Bryant over sooner or later anyway.

What we’d really like to know, however, is exactly what Brown has in store for the Bryant and crew now that there are loud rumblings that the Triangle offense will not be the primary mode of operation for the Brown-led Lakers.

If not the Triangle then what?

Too bad Kobe’s not talking, publicly at least.



    its funny how people kept on saying that kobe is the best and lebron just joined the band wagon to win a championship, but the laker fans really knows deep inside them that kobe is not the best anymore. he was great but he cant really do it by himself thats why all you laker fans are screaming the name of HOWARD. just like the heat, you want your own band wagon.

    • THE TRUTH says:

      Tell me who won by it self, not even the great Jordan, with Pippen the underrated player because Jordan. is like Lebron and wade, for me one of the best combination, but they still need a great and young center and not Bosh, the don’t need another scorer. SHAQ W/OUT KOBE AND WADE, SIMILAR PLAYERS, NEVER WON A RING, TELL ME HOW MANY TEAM HE PLAYED FOR.

  2. Comparing two players whose careers arent even over yet is pointless. As it stands now kobe is superior but thats because hes been in the nba for a much longer time. Just sayin

    • THE TRUTH says:

      PEOPLE, 1 REG SEASON MVP (DON’T FORGET 35 PTS AVG SEASON AND GAVE IT TO DIRK (MVP) AND DALLAS WAS ELIMINATED IN THE IST ROUND) 2 FINALS MVP, 3 OR 4 ALL STAR MVP, 81 PTS ONE GAME, RECORD 12 3′S DUNK CHAMP, 5 CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS i guess you don’t get it, Kobe minutes going down but he still playing at his best, let’s see Lebron at this age, His mind will blow out if he keep his attitude.

  3. jeffrob says:

    The BLOG got off-base (a completely different subject), But let’s be real. Lebron is a good player, but has too many weaknesses in his game. When it comes to Kobe, there’s no comparison. Kobe is perhaps the most skilled offensive player the game has ever seen. His only weakness is his age. They call Lebron the Chosen one, but they call Kobe the Great one. Enough said! Kobe has nothing left to prove, Lebron has a long ways to go. It’s becoming apparent that he can’t handle pressure, i.e… the 6 foot airball he shot at crunch time during the final game of the series. You can say all you want about Shaq, but the truth is the Lakers wouldn’t have won any of those titles without Kobe. First of all Leborn needs to respect the game and it’s fans. The Heat got what they deserved after all that preseason trash talking they did. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. Lebron’s not even the best player on his team. Lebron keeps giving excuses.

  4. LeBrick says:

    LeBron Traveled

  5. marq123 says:

    im dumb than so is the rest of the nba then cus they agree with what i say not what you want to believe dont trust me watch nba for an entire season if another one happens and we will see how many times the words lebron is the best player in the nba over kobe is the best player in the nba i promise you my statement will be said more than yours will
    now how does kobes nuts taste i bet if it needs to be cleand they have the broom to clean it just ask dallas the heat didnt do any better oh yeah they did the actually won a game against them
    im not a lebron fan im with bosten i just respect the heck out of that guy cus hes that good
    imma remember you a year from now dont forget cus i wont, i’ll be ready to rub it in your face again.

  6. LeBrushed James says:

    KOBE is the best, i recommend LeBoobs to take his talents to South-ern China and leave the NBA

  7. Unknown says:

    Okay people that don’t watch basketball would say LeBron is better than Kobe. I’m not a big fan of either but i give respect where it is due. Firstly Kobe has more rings than Lebron 5 to 0 which shows that Kobe knows how to win while Lebron does not even though he has had many chances. Second people argue Lebron has 2 M.V.P’s (1 of which belongs to Kevin Durant) Kobe has one the M.V.P is a popularity contest where the good guy or the most popular guy wins. Steve Nash has 2 does that make him better than Kobe not even close (both of those M.V.P’s should be Kobe’s). Next Finals M.V.P Kobe has 2 as compared to Lebron who has none. So let’s leave this Kobe is the best player in the world arguably ever and Lebron is not even the best player on his team. So before we continue this argument just end it Lebron lovers no point when it’s not a debate.

  8. rico24goo says:

    Kobe And The Lakers Got Swept…True…But They Played At Their WORST….On The Other Hand..Lebron..D Wade…Bosh and THE Heat Played Their BEST and Still LOST…PIDD…Enuff Said..

  9. rico24goo says:

    KOBE IS THE DA BEST THING SINCE MICHAEL…Point…Blank…Pidd…Lebron Is Another Magic..Or Should I Say Scottie…

  10. lliillii says:

    lol…..kobe is now “LEBRON MODE”

  11. DIRK IS THE BEST says:


  12. qibn215 says:

    if u wanna play numbers numbers dont mean anything carmelo can score his behind off.. so can durant they both great but what do they need a team kobe is also Mr 81 and dropped 62 on new york and lebron tried to do that but fail also and dallas had a good year what did they do in the past few years in the playoffs….

  13. qibn215 says:

    i dont know why there is even a discussion kobe had shaq so did wade so did lebron so did nash and even boston had him thruout his whole career kobe never played as many minutes as lebron played if u compare the years his number show he is great his rings show he is great..lebron is overated and he should be fined for his comments on people having to go back to their same lives…… why dont he stop being a cry baby and suck it up…………… if he is so great why doesnt he ever shake hands to the team that beats him he did it with tim duncan when he lost to them he walks off the court like a crybaby but he was excited when he beat boston he wanted to shake their hands he doesnt give respect thats why he doesnt get any

  14. THE TRUTH says:


  15. lbjchokes says:

    stupid lbj fans

    having 5 rings mean more than silly stats

  16. dude says:

    lebron is not a clutch player. wade is sometimes clutch.Kobe/Nowitski clutch. Bird/Magic super clutch. Jordan supermega clutch

  17. dude says:

    Kobe never lost international games such as the olympics. Lebron won his last olympics with the help of Kobe and Kidd. Now who’s better???

  18. dude says:

    Kobe never lost an international games such as olympics. Lebron won his last olympics with Kobe. Now who is better???

  19. Lakeshow says:

    LAKERS and HEAT in 2012 FINALS! let’s see if what can big 3 do against THE GREAT ONE MAMBA!

  20. Delonte says:

    Rashard Lewis > Lebron
    At sex with Lebron’s girlfriend

    Delonte West > Lebron’s daddy
    At sex with Lebron’s Mom

  21. Howard2Nets2012 says:

    This shouldn’t even be a topic of conversation until Lebron “la diva” James proves something in this league. He is extremely overrated and is not a team leader. If Lebron was so good, he would still be in Cleveland rather than jumping on Pat Riley’s bandwagon!


  22. THE TRUTH says:


  23. bukkkk says:

    miami lost bc too much 1on1

  24. THE TRUTH says:


    • THE TRUTH says:


  25. Umang says:

    Lebron and Kobe are borth incredible athletes and nobody can deny it. However Kobe’s age has made him less of a factor when it comes to driving the lane so he relies on his shot and this year he was the leading scorer per 48 minutes. Kobe is a much better scorer but Lebron’s overall game is better and this is coming from a die hard Laker fan. Heat should have won the championship but Lebron couldn’t step up his game if he played like he usually did the Heat would be the team with the hardware. Is it weird for a die hard Laker fan to feel bad for Lebron? It would be a shame to see a great player like him never win a ring.

  26. hershey says:

    silly lebron, championships are for kobe!!!

  27. Peter Kenji Lopez says:

    Yeah, Lebron is so good he scored 8pts in the finals. and one shot in the 4th quarter. real heart out there.
    Kobe on the other hand must suck so much cuz i mean he ONLY has 5 rings and 2finals mvps. and oh yeah MVP is so much better than Finals MVP.

  28. conclusionist says:

    LBJ is an epic fail . (period)

  29. Heatchick says:

    Wade is the best player in the nba now! What guard that is his size can block as many shots as he does and still scores and players defense
    I wish the Heat never signed la brick James what a joke he turned out to be if his game was as big as his mouth we would have won

  30. kb24FTW says:

    is there more clutch than kobe??

  31. kb24FTW says:

    how can you say lebron is all around?? he can’t post. . he can’t shoot decently. . . tsk tsk. .
    KB can do it all. . .

  32. kb24FTW says:

    kobe . . one of the greatest all time

  33. kb24FTW says:

    we all know who the biggest looser is. . isn’t it obvious?? . . .
    oh well you can call him
    leWrong sHames.
    Lepuss. . .
    Lequit . .
    Leboom. .

    My point is. . whats the point on getting succes in the regular season?? and what do you play for??? Stats??? duh!!!
    Championship is what matter the most!
    I agree whoever said “LEWRONG SHAMES” The greatest Regular Season Player off all time. . .

    and WTH!!! this blog did not include Lequit! Stupid LeBoom fan who started it. .
    think first before you comment! LePuss! not even close to Black Mamba!
    Compare The two at their skills at the same age. . let’s see if lebrick can perform the same lvl when he is at 30’s

  34. boybits says:

    wow. outstanding knowledge of the game you guys, this is fun. however, im with Kobe currently the best player than who’s that name james never heard such name.

  35. Nobiasguy says:

    This whole thing is like, Red Power Ranger > Blue one. C’mon you can’t compare Bryant and James. Neither could you compare Shaq and Jordan. Wilt to Rick Barry and so on. They’re all great players. Different areas, different positions.
    Kobe struggled to admit he got flaws in his game until they shipped Shaq out of town, because Shaq covered for alot of his early career mistakes. Shaq had the same problem(“I can hit FTs when they count..”). It’s a thing of maturity and every starplayer has to find out that he’s still only 1 player and can only do so much.

    If James is still caught in that mindset 2 years from now(and maybe after another upsetting playoff exit), I’d be worried from a neutral perspective. James could learn alot from Bryant.
    I guess he’ll get (atleast) one ring if he matures.

    There’s no such thing as Lebron>Kobe or Kobe>Lebron if you’re really into basketball.
    It’s as 1-dimensional as Dwight>CP3 or the other way round.
    Kobe just has a more successful career and that doesn’t affect their personal skillset either.
    Any Basketball fan would take Lebron over his SF on his Team anyday except for NY, OKC, BOS(,maybe Dallas, Marion was great this playoffs in my opinion) or stubborn hating fans maybe.

    Even you Lakers fans would have James and Bryant Jersey in your closet now, if he went to LA.

  36. TP28 says:

    I like how marq123 keeps referring to kobe and being swept yet lebron got swept in 2007.
    That’s called a fanboy right there.

    • marq123 says:

      you see tp28 while you bring up 2007 you should bring 2004,2008, and 2011 you know what they all have in common kobe blowout to the greatest proportians
      take that groupie.

  37. Ian says:

    I always hate that Horry > Jordan/Bryant/James number of rings comparison. Horry never was the leading scorer or leader, for that matter, for any championship team. You should only be in the conversation if YOU’RE THE BEST PLAYER IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM.

  38. LBJ can’t be considered anymore as one of the top players in the NBA. Most people will think of him as a quitter. He will never regain the respect he had before. what happened to LBJ should serve as a lesson for the superstars in the league. Think Dirk. Loyalty will win most people’s heart even if you don’t win a ring.

  39. Even if Lebron wins a ring, it’s not going to make an impact on his career. I doubt it if people will even be happy for him because he joined Wade and Bosh. with that move, most people felt like LBJ was a big loser to give up at such a young age. yeah, LBJ is a big LOSER imo.

  40. Lebron?? says:

    Where is LeBron in this article??

  41. Lakeshow says:

    Kobe average 30 ppg in the finals won 2 finals MVP

    what about lebron? he had a better team this season but still came up short in the finals

    KOBE’s done it all what about Lebron?

  42. steve says:

    lebron’s fans club are fool, he hasn;t proven anything.. 2time season’s MVP is useless when you dont win a CHAMPIONSHIP… so what he’s 2 time season MVP but did he has a CHAMPIONSHIP RING? fools!!!! why you always compare kobe to lebron, they are different in many ways… and they enter the NBA in different year! kobe is old james is younger than kobe.. do you think the athletism is the same of course not!… but kobe still won a championship even he’s old but lebron cant win a championship while he is young! 3superstar in heat cant win against 1superstar of DALLAS.. how can you say they are greater than any other player… hahahahahahaha

  43. Pinoy says:

    I hope that everything will work well to both of them so this they still have the chance to bring back the championship in LA

  44. Pinoy says:

    I hope that they can work it out together to bring back the championship to LA

  45. AA says:

    I bet if only Wade and Bosh in Miami without lebron.. they could have won in the finals….,

  46. AA says:

    I bet if only Wade and Bosh in Miami without lebron.. they could have won in the finals..

  47. AA says:

    no 7 footer? how about Ilgauskas? you heat fans just don’t get it do you? I bet the Heat could have won the finals if they only have Wade and Bosh without lebron..

  48. kobe says:

    nash got 2 mvps n it dosent mean that he s better than kobe, pliz kobe haters lebron cant post, cant shoot, he didnt have clutch in the finals , obviously wade was the better man, he had the better record of the nba twice when he was in cle plizzzzzzzzzzzz

  49. Raginghulk says:

    Whoever is even comparing lebron james to kobe is stupid.

    Lebron uses his size and athletism. Sure he might be better than Kobe at the moment. But look at their ages. Kobe 6 years ago was way better than what lebron is now. He had the ability to dominate games, win 4th quarters and carry teams just as well.

    Anyone with a little common sense will know that age will hurt lebron more since speed is his major factor. Once he starts slowing down and continues to have no post up game, people will realize just how good kobe is at 32.

    On top of this Kobe plays through injuries. Every top analyst in the world knows that only kobe would play through injuries and still carry his team. Give the man credit and stop hating.

    Im not saying lebron sucks, but to compare him to a great without him winning any titles is just stupid. Not only does he not win, but he has no sportsmanship whatsoever. Kobe takes the blame if lakers lose, If lebrons team losess, he straight away talks about team. Barely ever takes the blame. Leaders always take the blame.

    And before someone says Horry has 7 titles, which means hes better than kobe and Micheal. No, why? Because he was not the leader of his teams in any of the 7 titles, nor was he their top 3 players.

  50. dm24 says:

    LOL for the lebron cry babies……….
    forget rings, mvps, and all that stuff
    the reason kobe > lebron is because he has impacted the game a whole lot more…shows that hard work leads to success

  51. Allidoiswin says:

    lebron has a 2-8 career finals record which does include a sweep. that speaks for itself.

  52. ripcitybaby says:

    just watch the game 4 comeback agianst the mavs. BRANDON ROY!!!!! IS MORE CLUTCH THAN KOBE and LeBRON

  53. Scalabrine says:

    stop the arguement!

    Dirk couldn’t get a ring without brian cardinal

  54. ripcitybaby says:


  55. Bryan says:

    Lol all of you kids are obviously just stupid haters. Is every single basketball analyst on tv stupid? Lets see off the top of my head all of the people who have said Lebron is the best player in the NBA. Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Colin Cowheard, Magic Johnson, Mike Wilbon, Jerry West, Mike Fratello, Reggie Miller, Chris Webber, and thats just off of the top of my head. These are people who have ten times as much basketball knowledge as you and even me for that matter. So please everyone just stfu and just listen to people who have lived and breathed basketball

  56. Angel_Killer says:

    Haha, quit bashing, Kobe is the best fly out there. He is the best fly that always gets a ride on top of the bull. Hello, Shaq. hehe

  57. Stradcom says:


  58. Johan says:

    RH5: So since Rober Horry is better than Kobe because he has 7 rings, I guess that means that he is also better than MJ. 7>6 … you idiot. Kobe is still and will always be better than Lebron.

  59. Brad says:

    Michael Jordan – 6 rings
    Kobe Bryant – 5 rings
    What do these 2 players have in common?
    Phil Jackson – 11 rings
    Perhaps LeBron fans should hope Miami can woo Phil out of retirement.

  60. mavs says:

    why are you all arguing… none of this matters since dirk > kobe and lebron

  61. D.RosedaMVP says:

    I am nor Laker fan or Heat fan (BULLS ALL THE WAY). I like both Lebron and Kobe. But Heat fans have to realize that Lebron got exposed in the finals. For lack of post up game, shooting ability, and lack of a killer instinct. If you watch the 4th quarter of all the games. Wade turned his game up and played his heart out while Lebron sat and watched. And im sorry but if your so great why only get 8 POINTS in a finals game? It doesnt matter if your shot aint’ falling. You FIND a way to score i.e. taking it to the rim which is his forte’, free throws, mismatches…SOMETHING. he did nonthin except sit there and take up space. Great players dont end a game …a FINALS game with 8 points. He played like he didnt remember the spanking he got from the Spurs the last time he was in the finals.

    • marq123 says:

      and what did d-rose do against miami except choke on his mommas tittie-milk like a baby or drown cus he did not know how to play with the big fish.

    • Stop it says:

      didnt the bull lose to this choke artist though and where was d-rose in fourth quarters besides crying for his momma.

  62. RESPECT says:

    This is nonsense. I’m not a Kobe or lebron fan but the comments here shows Kobe is better than lebron and lebron is better than Kobe. But this blog is not about Koobe vs. lebron right? Those Lakers fan started this argument. So please stop comparing these two NBA players to stop this nonsense argument!

    • Mr Meech says:

      um get your facts straight us Laker fans did not start this scroll up to the very first post pal

  63. Jordan says:

    OK. First this blog is NOT about Kobe vs Lebron; and why does everyone do dat?! Everytime Kobe’s name is in a Hangtime Blog name then yall bring up the arguement; well the arguement is OVER. Kobe is the superior player to Lebron…PERIOD END OF STORY! Ay Lebron fanboys… do u wanna know why Lebron had a horrible Finals….. well number 1 (everyone knows this) he is a choke, and number 2.. The Mavericks had someone who could stay in front of him and then if he got past Marion (which was rare) then they had Tyson there at the rim to contest or block the shot or force LBJ to kick the ball back out. Wat i am trying to say is; if Lebron had more of an array of moves like (one dribble pullups, post moves, better handles, etc.) he would have scored easier becuz one-two dribble pullups are unguardable if u elevate high where the opponent cant block the shot. Lebron does not have a wide array of moves; he is all strength and athletism; and as much as people dont wanna admit it; I think LBJ’s athletism is declining; he aint getting to the rim like he used to back wit’ the Cavs (you can only be 6’8 265lbs for so long without declining). Also LBJ is not on Kobe or MJ’s level (heck, even Wade) becuz they have that killer instinct and wen it matters most they come thru for their team. Remember game 7 against Boston last year wen Kobe was struggling but he hit a huge shot in the 4th and he grabed like 15 rebounds and I think he had like 10 points in 4 th quarter (mostly off FTs). But LBJ struggled again and wat does he do….. he gives up just like last year!

    Heck, when he made it to the finals in 2007 he choked there too with some sub par stats even though he was the main offensive weapon he could not do anything.

    Yeah Kobe won with Shaq and Kobe and Shaq was the best 2 players in the NBA. But guess wat… Lebron has D-Wade who is a top 2-3 player in this NBA and he has Chris Bosh who is a top 5-6 power forward. I said this from da beginning; Lebron better win it all this year becuz if he doesnt then he has NO excuse becuz of the talent around him.

    People blame Spolestra; but guess wat.. Pat Riley confirmed today that all the talk of Spolestra getting fired is nonsense and teh coach will be there next season; so obviously Riley went over the film and saw the Spo ran good plays its just that his team did not execute and make the rite play.


  64. Kimba says:

    Oh pliz, stop that chit right now… Kobe or James? stupid question… Lbj is a market product not a real Nba star… Kobe is simply the best… may be the best of all time… he play great defense at right time and make big shoot at the money… u know great player have to accepte to fail and this is why bryant’ll stand again to win championships. When the game times come, Mr Chosen One became a role player like the others and if he take that shot, its just cause he dont have choice… he never want that ball… D-wade’ll take it whatever… So pliz guyzzz, stop that crazy comparation!
    Kobe actualy the best all around player… on Nba.
    To be continu

  65. Benjamin says:

    No Triangle = No Rings

    It’s that simple. It is the only offense in which a Kobe or a Jordan can function without dominating the ball so completely that the rest of the team resorts to spectating.

  66. dave says:

    What the hell does the queen have to do with this . We are talking about KOBE whose legacy is cemeted. Go cry with Bosh and the rest of those losers!

  67. i heard that says:

    KB = footwork in the paint LBJ = offensive foul and then complaint
    KB = 5 titles in 7 tries LBJ = O titles “we are all witness to the lie”
    KB = 1180 on his S.A.T. LBJ = c’mon ya’ll know he probably can’t read
    KB = better and better every year LBJ = every year opponents approach him with less fear
    KB = loved around the world LBJ = Mocked and criticized, because he’s a girl
    KB = will go down as one the greats LBJ = will go down as one the aint’s.
    KB = Laker Legend LBJ = “try getting one, before you count to seven = ) “

  68. Kobe = winning when it counts LBJ = gone fishing

  69. Bentley says:


    Jordan was the best from his era since he is top 5 in scoring all time with six rings, Shaq was the best of his era proven by being fifth in scoring of all time with 4 rings. My BOY Kobe is the best of this era by still climbing to the top 5 in scoring of all time and still counting with 5 rings so far. Lebron James will get his ring someday and be top in scoring too. D-Rose, Durant, Melo all will get chances. All these players are great and please stop the hatred for one player..Someday you will look back and say I am glad I had the opportunity to watch such great players play and work so hard at providing us the excitement that they do year in and year out. Period.

  70. Das_Eine says:

    hahaha james avg 17.8 points in the finals, looks like the king choked on his cockyness

    hes not a proven champion

    kobe is a proven champion case closed

  71. me says:

    1team for Kobe and 5 rings > 2 teams for Lebron and 0 rings and 2 chokes

  72. Youfunny says:

    for the dude that said robert horry, he isnt better than kobe just cuz he has 7 rings. u should remember he bounced around championship material teams throughout his career. wen lakers lost after 3 peat he wen tot the spurs and gained another 2 wen they won championships. kobe has been on the lakers all his like except one time he was on the hornets one time

  73. INCUBUS says:

    Think about this.. Heat failed this playoffs obviously.. now if you were have replaced lebron with kobe on the heat. you know the heat would have won the title.. so who is obviously the better player?

  74. D Dogg says:

    Either Way we want have any NBA basketball for a while so enjoy these last discussions we may not see any basketball until early or late 2012.

  75. Jordan says:

    Ask Michael Jordan – you idiot (Lebrick fans)!

    • marq123 says:

      and he will say i never got swept by a team who has never won a championship before we met.
      lebron is the best in the nba today just ask scottie pippen.

  76. LebronBeliever says:

    Are you stupid (Lebron haters), Kobe has been with the Lakers for over 10 years, has 5 rings (3 was Shaq’s), so he has 2.
    Lebron went to Miami and in their 1rst year he went to the finals while Kobe got Swept in the Semifinals, Lebron is very yound, so he has all the time of his career, but he get’s closer and closer, and he will win, for years to come.
    BTW, why are you talking about LBJ, this post is not about him…

  77. LebronBeliever says:

    Are you stupid (Lebron haters), Kobe has been with the Lakers for over 10 years, has 5 rings (3 was Shaq’s), so he has 2.
    Lebron went to Miami and in their 1rst year he went to the finals while Kobe got Swept in the Semifinals, Lebron is very yound, so he has all the time of his career, but he get’s closer and closer, and he will win, for years to come.
    BTW, why are you talking about LBJ, this post is not about him.

    • Mr Meech says:

      Once again the stupidest comment I ever heard is “The first 3 championships were Shaqs” So Shaq scored 90 points a game and played all 5 positions while Kobe didnt play 1 minute and contribute anything? Shaq was the lead man of the team back then yes… But do not get it twisted Kobe was a very close second which is why Shaq was traded in 04 and not Kobe because they knew Shaq was the most dominate but Kobe was the most IMPORTANT player of those teams. without Kobe as a lesser of two evils type of scoring option teams would have just stuck 3 guys on Shaq and he would not have been as effective. Plus Kobe averaged 25 ppg with Shaq on the team so how can you say that everything was because of Shaq?

  78. Mike Smith says:

    Lebron is not a crappy player..He is just not as good as Kobe. You can’t explain it, you can see it and yo ujust know it. Lebron had his chance this year to get a ring and maybe even the finals MVP..he blew it vs Dirk and company..expecially in the 4th quarters. He was not playing like the first half..just makes bad decisions..He is not a rookie anymore. Jordan is way better than Lebron

  79. Gfdsa says:

    Eddie House > Steve Nash? (1 > 0)

  80. Russell says:

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  81. booooooooooooooo says:

    kobe’s #1

    Lebron? forget about it looser!!

  82. LAKERS ALL DAY says:

    MJ > KOBE > LBJ

    MJ schooled Kobe, Kobe schooled LBJ. Search and watch in youtube. Kobe is already running out of gas and LBJ is already at his prime but w/ the kind of mentality and basketball IQ he has. He can’t be compared to MJ & KOBE.

  83. truth says:

    LeBron is the second best player on his own team! How could you even put him on the same tier as Kobe? The rings don’t even have to be brought into the argument lol

  84. downtown_brownclown says:

    Kobe better than LeBron… Maybe, but when it’s all done… that’s the only time i could speak…
    best all around player = LBJ; best killer instinct = KOBE…

    The Reason why Miami didn’t win was because having DWade and LBJ in a team, both can’t be as effective when they were handling different teams. (Miami -Wade ; Cleveland – LBJ) those were the times they would show how much they dominate, but having 2 players who demand the ball all the time… tsk, LeBron’s pride gets in the way, he didn’t want to play pippen to DWade’s Jordan. so yeah, they lost…

    Unlike the celtics, every one knew their role from day 1. Garnett as defensive anchor, Paul Pierce as the primary scorer and Ray Allen as the Mayor… ‘coz he works from downtown. 😛

    The Miami HEAT won’t have the same success as the Big Three in Boston if they won’t embrace their roles. DWADE as the primary Scorer, LeBron as the Facilitator/Defensive Anchor and Bosh plays as the big man, secondary scorer… if they can only find it this way then they’ll be a force to reckon with. but for now, 2nd fiddle is what suits them.

    Same as what my team the KNICKS is getting… having two ball hogs in Amare and Melo, they won’t go anywhere… If they can trade for Howard then that’ll be the bomb… Having Melo (The Best Pure Scorer in the NBA); D12 (The Best Defensive Big Man in The NBA) then guess who’ll be the last piece to this.. C.. P… 3… then that’s the time that they’ll be a force to reckon with… until then… they’ll just be a 1st Round Mess.

  85. undisputed says:

    I would love too see dwight in LA but its not gonna happen the lakers are gonna this group another shot, I am a huge lakers and kobe fan but the facts are that kobe has peeked and is gonna be on a down ward spiral he needs a better team around him than before so the lakers should seriously consider a couple of moves they need a real PG blake and fish arent gonna cut it and they need to trade bynum maybe try for dwight doubt it or get love from minisota with a package deal to get the second round draft and get derick williams

  86. Tony says:

    Brian Scalabrine > Lebron James someone had to say it.

    Why did LeBron James get an automatic transmission in his Lamborghini? He’s not good in the clutch.

    • JTU says:

      Dwayne Wade asked Lebron James for $1 .. James gave him 3 quarters and said to Wade ,”Sorry, I dont have a 4th quarter.”

  87. AlternateEarth says:

    In our universe, LeBron James is playing for Chicago Bulls alongside Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki & Dwight Howard. Bench players are: Taj Gibson, Monta Ellis, Jason Kidd, Lamar Odom & Hedo Turkoglo.
    The best team in the West is the OKC Thunder with: Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony & Amare Stoudemire. Bench players are: LaMarcus Aldridge, Steve Nash, Al Horford, Ray Allen & Joe Johnson.

  88. WEAK says:


  89. WEAK says:


  90. blackmamba says:

    kobe is still kobe..he has no signs of aging,,watch out next season!

  91. tylew says:

    Lebron should of went to the lakers he would of been a great role player behind kobe. mutiple rings in LA for sure

  92. blackmamba says:

    kobe is the best player,period!!!

  93. jadanoy says:

    kobe’s silence??? he’s waiting for superman dwight howard to join the lakers post phil jackson era….

  94. Dre says:

    lebron the queen, choke haha
    they say LBJ is better than kb, if so, how come he can’t win a ring with 2 great allstars (dwade and bosh)?
    u have got to be kidding if they think LBJ is better than kobe haha

    • JTU says:

      you cant compare the two .. Lebron has a better skillset .. freak of nature athleticism .. better all around player .. BUT .. all of that cant match Kobe’s tenacity .. Kobe has a better offensive game then Lebron .. better killer instinct .. that you cant coach and thats what sets the two apart.

  95. vinscanity says:

    LBJ couldn’t win a gold medal without KB24 either

  96. NBA FAN says:

    Come on guys,all these nonsense Shaq didn’t win in orlando and he had a pretty good group of players there,until he teamed up with Kobe,he went on to win with Wade in 06 because of wade;s heroics after shaq left lakers had a bad team kobe teamed up with gasol they won,no one player can do without the other,MJ HAD PIP,TEAM SPORT,anyway thatS my contribution,

    Now i need some feedback on somethings that are goin on right now,here is what am thinking about:

    9 Matt Barnes F KEEP
    12 Shannon Brown G KEEP
    24 Kobe Bryant – C G KEEP
    45 Derrick Caracter F KEEP ONE OR THE OTHER
    3 Devin Ebanks F
    16 Pau Gasol F-C KEEP
    10 Trey Johnson G-F KEEP
    7 Lamar Odom F KEEP
    50 Theo Ratliff C TRADE
    1 Joe Smith F-C TRADE

    • JTU says:

      Derek Fisher and Odom are unrestricted free agents the year Howard is a free agent .. so is Artest .. and btw .. at the time .. I would have taken Artest over Ariza ANYDAY .. he hads good defense and toughness Ariza cant provide .. sure hes older .. but he WON THEM GAME 7 against Boston .. as for your take on the roster .. Ratliff and Joe Smith will be retired then .. also Fisher .. they will be able to resign Odom at a cheaper price .. probably a 2-3 year contract .. Luke Walton will probably leave .. and so will Shannon Brown .. I wouldnt be shocked to see more than half of these players to be gone by the time that summer of free agency begins .. When/IF Dwight Howard signs .. you’ll be looking at a best, a 2-3 year window for another title run for the Lakers with Kobe Bryant

  97. ShaNt says:

    Just I want To say !!
    More Than Kobe Bryant There Is No One !!
    Lebron is only good player because he played with 2 superstars players and then no champion so ??
    and lebron is a guard player he dont have 3-point shots or something like that !!
    More Than Kobe Bryant There Is No One !!
    Kobe Best Than Jordan To !!

    • JTU says:

      although your english is TERRIBLE .. im pretty sure you said Kobe is better than Jordan .. NO ONE WILL EVER BE BETTER THAN JORDAN .. NO ONE .. you must be really YOUNG and I FEEL BAD FOR YOU because you have never got to see JORDAN play in HIS PRIME .. simply AMAZING .. dont ever disrespect the G.O.A.T (GREATEST OF ALL TIME) like that ever again ..

  98. YEY says:

    if howard will be in the lakers, then lakers should release bynum injuries can hurt lakers specially the team’s average is 30+.release bynum acquire howard offer the trade and offer the money common guys

    • JTU says:

      WTF ? are you on crack ? you cant release a player with the talent Bynum has .. you use him as a trading chip to get HOWARD .. use your noggin fool .. You can trade Bynum with some future picks .. and maybe a player or two to even out the salaries .. by that time .. the Lakers will have Fisher,Odom, and Artest off the books

  99. miami sucks says:

    how i wish lebron will never win a single ring until he retires..he don’t deserve it

  100. Sisco says:

    Miami is D,Wades team, was clearly shown in these finals,

  101. Sisco says:

    Im a a heat fan, but theres no way lebron is better than kobe,
    kobe is better 3pt, midrange, post moves, ball handling and higher ball IQ
    the only thing he has over kobe is his physical strength, and maybe his court vision. LBJ is more of a pippin type player whereas, Kobe and Wade have the killer instinct ala MJ

    Kobe is still the best player in this league

  102. Click Here says:

    LeBron is better than Kobe guys

    Lebron travels more than kobe

  103. jer0m3_24 says:

    Hmm…so sorry lebron after loosing in dallas wheres the king how bad.. next year kobe will be back to regain his title and honor for lakers…. this year is bad for lakers but next year i hope lakers will be back in their championship form…..
    i hope howard in lakers….

  104. jon barry says:

    kobe wants his old coach , thats why he react ..
    i know Mike Brown is better, but Phil Jackson is the BEST !!

  105. specialfriedrice says:

    got one word for all u kobe lovers, shaq. that man was so dominant he would have won without kobe being his sidekick yes sidekick, would kobe have seen the success in his career if he had to do it like lechoke, no friggn way!

  106. SCALZ says:

    Oh come on, everyone knows that Brian Scalabrine is the best!

    Scalabrine > NBA

  107. hav599 says:

    3 of kobe’s rings actually belong to shaq

    • chefj says:

      Stop. Shaq already admitted during his retirement speech that he wouldn’t have those rings without Kobe either.

  108. broscuro says:

    @RB05…. yes lakers had a sweep… we laker fans mean it… cause kobe and the crew find it hard to go threepeat…. and oh yeah… kobe had a problem with his shooting since he started the season… artest was not focusing on the game but instead he was really into showbiz… Gasol can’t ever guard Nowitzki… never was, never will…( i say no one can guard Nowitzki ) fisher should be replaced as a point guard… and Bynum did not do his best as a center without injury….( i noticed that BYnum plays at his best with injury)… and overall… did you not read the blog?? kobe and the lakers were sabotaged since their match against the Hornets….( i mean it… Dallas really is the strongest team this season) so people wouldn’t be bored…. anyways… its better than James’ shameful loss…

  109. basketball expert says:

    Kobe makes things look fancy,,,, hes fancy huh hes fancy huh…. dunk ball shoot ball everything did! (lol ready it with the rythem of that song ‘ you fancy huh’ LOL

  110. nbafan says:

    lebron, yes he is talented but he’s got no heart. 1-0 nuff said.

  111. Taigi says:

    Kobe has more rings just because LeBron had never played alongside Shaq and never had great supporting cast. Oh wait……………. he had?!!?

  112. Jan says:

    LeBWRONG, SHAMES has been pampered by the NBA. SPECIAL treatments with superstar status as soon as he got to the league. This made him a better player than he should cause the ref’s and NBA as a whole was on his side to succeed. In moments where he needs to advance his game he ends up choking because I believe and all who can truly analyze athletes can see that he has reached his limits. He might be stronger than KOBE, but he is not faster and more agile compared to when KOBE was still young. LebWRONG is not as clutch and just don’t have the same killer instinct and heart that both MJ and KOBE possess. LeBWRONG was just a hype NBA needed when KOBE was in trouble with the law for being wrongfully accused of something he didn’t do. If you guys are true NBA fans, then you fell for a marketing scheme that the NBA needed to get rid of all the bad publicity at the time. It should be a crime to mention LebWRONG, SHAMES in the same breath as MJ or KOBE. Those two earned their stripes and LebWRONG, SHAMES just got promoted to something he wasn’t capable of doing in the first place, which is to be a great player!!!!

  113. rhinojack says:

    Kobe is the ture king ,James not a man

  114. broscuro says:

    Lebron has the lowest IQ player i’ve ever known…. he has no determination in playing games…. have you forgotten the finals when CELTS and LALS collide?? Celts 2 vs Lal 1… kobe said, its a matter of game… if they would lose game4 then it would be a shame… but kobe’s determination is so high that they won 4 – 3 against the CELTS…. and that’s what Nowitzki did to LE D-I-C-K… from 2-1 (MIAMI vs DALS) to 4 – 2… and who’s to blame?? the player who lost against the SPURS who is again a low determination player…. ADIOS!!

  115. Lechoe says:

    @ really 81 points

    are you kidding me? Kobe is not efficient in that game?

    look at the facts 1st before saying anything
    28-46 FG 7-13 3FG 18-20 FT 6rebs 2 ast 3stl..

    Really not efficient? Think again..

    • chefj says:

      your kiddin me right. over 50% from the floor and the 3 that game and he just ended a 64 straight free throw streak that game. Not efficient enough for ya!!!

  116. ALL STFU says:

    Dirk beat you all.. dirk is the best..

  117. KOVE says:


  118. Dzoba says:

    do you know what’s this ?
    my rings=lebron rings

    • chefj says:

      Lol.. That was good!!! We don’t even play in the NBA and got the same amount of rings as Lebron!!!

  119. Lechoe says:

    Not really Wilt is the greatest regular season player of all time..noi lebron..

  120. JiaoTakamkemari says:

    Adam Morrisson – 2
    DJ Mbenga – 2
    Brian Cardinal – 1

    Lebron – 0 LOL!

  121. Mike says:

    To say LBJ > KB, is the same as to say Andy Murray > Federer. That just doesnt make any sense!

  122. hatebreed says:

    Michael Jordan>Kobe_LeBron
    all you suckers!!!

  123. LeQuiter says:

    This shouldnt even be talked about LeBum isnt in Kobes League at this pt in his career…Lebum left the Cavs so he could try and get a ring on Dwade’s Coattail and it didnt work….The Cavs had the best record in the league for 2 straight years(60+wins) So him going to South Beach had nothing to do with his old team not winning but more about him not being able to get them over the top..He now wants us to see him as just another good player ( Please dont call him Magic either) when he has been calling himself KING James since he was 16….He needs to go see the Wizard he got NO HEART!!!!!

  124. nablex says:

    if dwight howard will go to the lakers whta…if not..will blake griffin go..hahaha choose…i know lakers will win 6 titles in ths year…


    if u watch basket ball u kno whos better lets stop dis nowww…..highlights vs skilll stop watchin hightlighjts watch a game
    kobe-9 time all defesive first team
    STOP da comparriosn legend to a young buck

  126. Andrew@LA says:

    Also Kobe has himself a regular season MVP, but he deserved quite a few more. So did the fans think so too, but it’ll be alright. Kobe has finals mvps as well, oh wait… Lebron don’t know what those look like.

  127. Andrew@LA says:

    Let me ask you Heat aka Lebitch fans a question… can lebron learn to shoot with his non shooting hand after suffering a broken finger on your shooting hand? Can he play with basically one healthy knee all season, including playoffs? Kobe has played 15 nba seasons, out of those 15, atleast 12-13 of them are playoff bound seasons where they went all the way to finals. Please tell me where anyway close that Lebron can be in same sentence as Kobe. Lebron will be a ringless cry baby.

    I swear Miami fans are delusional, mentally challenged, and are cry babies just like their leading cry baby himself, LeQuit James. Let me know when James can take over a finals, and wn it for his team. Shaq may have helped Kobe, but Kobe did quite alot of helping for Shaq in those finals. Last I checked it was a 5on5 game, where there was a bench too. Shaq couldn’t do it all, and it showed when he fouled out, and got Shaq attacked in the paint. You idiots out there don’t know nothing you speak of, but just keep ranting on and on about how great Lebron is when the dude can’t even clutch, let alone do anything that doesn’t require getting fouled to free throws, and easy dunks. You saw what happened when the refs let them play. He choked, and couldn’t guard Terry. Hell Marion was all over Lebron.

    Before any Lebron fan speaks… please do us all a favor, just think before speaking. Your ignorance shows when posting.

    • ShermanCeltics says:

      “where they went all the way to finals.” considering in the last 13 years..mavs have gone to the finals 2 times, spurs 4 times and the lakers 7 times….so i dont see how u worked out “12-13” times…


    lol miami is never gon win because dem have da most over hyped player in leuage history get ride of lebron for some real good players aNd dey will win

  129. Andrew@LA says:

    Heat lost becaust Lequit James aka Queen James is on their team. Dude’s got an ego so damn big he think he’s better than Kobe. To think people call us Kobe fans delusional, yet we present FACTS… numbers don’t like, and only thing Lebron has with the numbers is his fake mvps that kobe didn’t get because of the Denver incident.

    • @ says:

      HOLY S**T thats the first time ive heard anyone else besides me say that. That Denver incident is exactly why Kobe doesnt have more MVPS. And we all know he didnt rape that dirty trailer park trash piece of you know what.

  130. Russ says:

    Ummmmm…. you know that he is older and makes more money huh? How about Coach of the year, More rings than fingers, and best coach that will ever or has ever coached in the NBA. Sorry mike brow but as a die laker fan you are anoying and you have no idea the shoes you have to “Phill” get it fill hahaha. Go Lakers

  131. dirky says:


    number of triple doubles in case you dont know


    number of seasons played

  132. dude says:

    GUYS dont forget about Robert Horry without his clutch shooting kobe could only have 4 rings right now… dont forget about shaq without a dominant center on kobe’s team he wouldnt won all those championship..

  133. miami wil never win says:

    miami just need 1 or 2 more superstars like paul as guard and maybe howard as centre then the might win but other than that they can just lick on lakers and prety much the west conf’s nuts

  134. chi483 says:

    how about this….” do you know why kobe is a dirty player…? because he likes to get swept…!!!”

  135. danny says:

    The difference between them two besides age and money?! Did he forget 11-0?????

  136. RB05 says:

    Also If it wasn’t for a real MVP in shaq and one of the best big men in the league in Pau Gasol. Kobe wouldn’t have anything. So really he isn’t great. His teams were but, most valuable player usually means only the PLAYER not a team. And he has a sad and only one

  137. RB05 says:

    At least Lebrons team was able to win a game against the new champion Mavs. Just saying

    • @ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @RB05 the only reason why i wont get on you about that comment is becasue it sounds like its coming from a girl. So i will let you have the comment you little girl. Hey maybe the Lakers got swept becasue they went to the finals three years in a row winning two out of three. Kobe has five rings, so its obvious this man works hard. Whats lebrons excuse? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    • D.RosedaMVP says:

      That happens when you have Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on your team. Your expected to win at least a couple.

  138. OMG BasedGod says:

    The Man Scored 81 Points.. Nuff Said

  139. jose says:

    i see everybody talking about the lakers getting swept but i think that you forgot that only one team in the last 10 years got the chance to three peat twice in thats the LA Lakers so stop that bs because they got swept this years every team had a chance to win because the playoff were wild even memphis came close to go to the western final…and by the way if you put kobe’s in is prime against Lebron actually in is prime and the black mamba will destroy him…..

  140. Respect says:

    I see that many Lakers fan are here in the blog. And few of them are desperate to get Dwight Howard for a ring! I’m not a Kobe or lebron fan but i notice that LBJ is comparing to Kobe. If your going to see these comments the Lakers fan are acting like there’s someone who says that lebron is better way than Kobe even if I know that there are no LBJ fan comment here first.
    No one here comment first here in the blog that lebron is better than Kobe. Please respect each player in the NBA.

  141. Michael says:

    Kobe played through everything. he made no excuses when they lost. it was surprising that they got swept by the mavs but you dont see Kobe making excuses. I dont think the mavs couldve swept the Lakers if Nowitzki played with a fever or his injured finger. I think the Lakers couldve finished the job on both games, though for the series i still think the Mavs wouldve still won.
    so you see, kobes 5 rings + finals mvp + 0 regular season mvp > lebrons 0 rings + 0 finals mvp + 2 regular season mvp

  142. Michael says:

    Lebron has no skill. He’s pure athleticism. no shooting no posting up he’s just lucky his body is built better than the other NBA players. Take that body away and he’s nothing. Look at Kobe. Even at his 30s he finds ways to improve his game. He can shoot the lights out he can post up he’s a very very smart player. Age will take his body away but his mind strengthens as his body degrades. Lebron doesn’t have the guts he doesn’t have the skill nor does he have the will. That’s all he is, a piece of jewelry on whichever team. Who cares if he has 2 regular season MVPs? He hasn’t proven anything at all. By moving to Miami he’s just a piece built around Wade along with the likes of Ilgauskas, House, Chalmers and all these “shooters” they surrounded them with. You don’t need chemistry with shooters they just spot up and shoot. and in the case of miami they all choked like Lebron. Wade won with Shaq, Kobe won with Shaq. Lebron couldnt even do that. No one gives a damn even if he gets 10 regular season MVPs, the number of rings will always validate a graet player’s career. The championship will set you apart from the others.

  143. Miami champs 2012-onwards!!! says:

    we all know great players rebound from their mistakes so just wait for lebron to mature bcuz right i think d.wade is way better than lebron we all witness it in the finals.. i think he rebound from that mistake cuz he doesnt have anyone to blame anymore he’s not cleveland anymore d.wade is THE GUY in miami PERIOD.. 2012 MIAMI WILL BE CHAMPS. GUARANTEED..

    • @ says:

      When they lose in 2012 you idiots will claim 2013 then 2014 then 2015 then 2016. And your sorry lebron will still have 0 rings. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  144. DAICH says:


  145. dirkmvp says:

    dirk > kobe> jordan >> lebron+wade+bosh

  146. hirumaflop says:

    1 game > 3 games..kobe 81 points in a a game is 3 games for lechoke!

  147. Paul says:

    Unfortunately, with Phil gone, Bryant will fail.
    He was already hard to coach most of his career and only recently (the past few years), finally followed Phil’s instruction (most of the time) and also learned to become a team leader, BUT, if you watched the way Kobe played against Miami this year, you can see he lost it and tried to prove he was better than the entire Miami trio, only to fail – instead simply playing team ball and ba a leader like he has been doing the past 4 years.
    That same Kobe you saw against Miami (the ego Kobe) will come out more often now and he will forget the team concept he built during 3 years he went to the finals (08-10).
    Kobe will still put up numbers and be a clutch player, but he will not follow the set plays nor the coach and therefor the end of Kobe is here.
    My prediction.
    Phil – come back and get rid of Bynum and Artest. Artest is a joke player now and only cared about getting the ONE ring (the Ben Wallace syndrome). Bynum doesn’t require an explanation, does he? An injury prone, streetball thug, that will never learn, even when he finally does take out someone’ career and gets a one-year suspension, he still won’t change – the proof can be heard when you listen to his BS interview (after every flagrant 2) about, “How I’m NOT that type of player/person” …… BAHAHAHAHA, that is too funny, and only an ignorant moronic fool would believe that.

  148. mikey d says:

    team accomplishments are used when the individual comparisons have been lost.

    LeBron is better than Kobe, period. the RINGS ARGUMENT became popular because of bums like Kenny Smith who wanted to boost up his ego to make himself feel better than Charles Barkley, by bringing up the championships to say he’s better than Chuck.

    Kobe Bryant can have 100 rings vs Jordan’s 6, Jordan is still better. Wade has 1 ring vs LeBrons, LeBron is still better.

    Michael Jordan became the best player in the NBA before he won a single ring. Yes, that was when Magic had multiple rings already.

    • Mr Meech says:

      Kobe is not better than Lebron because of the rings he has won,… he is better because of the skills that he possess. Be honest if Kobe had Lebrons athletic ability and Lebron still had the same ability who would have the better skills? If Lebron was limited to Kobes athletic ability and Kobe still had his same abitity now who do you think would have the better skills. Lebrons skills come from his athletic ability. Take that away and Lebron is just a much beter version of Luke Walton

  149. fadeaway9 says:

    and lebron has is in a very good team wif dywane wade and bosh

  150. 253-Kobe24 says:

    I had a one dollar bill and ask Kobe for change and he gave me 4 quarters, then I ask Queen Jamie to give me change for a dollar and he gave me 3 quarters…

  151. 7680 ENT says:


  152. Otis Smith says:

    You stupid laker idiots lakers are done no dwight hes staying in orlando and chris is gonna join him

    • ShermanCeltics says:

      i would like cp3 to head to orlando, they’d be a force to be reckoned with. but laker fans always say kobe could of done it without shaq, pau/bynum. but this year they wanted to win it for jackson before he retired and fell short, so they think ‘lets get howard’…. but what u gonna do? have bynum and odom both coming off the bench?

      lakers shouldnt make any big roster changes, they r fine as they r. and howard needs to just stay in orlando.

      • Mr Meech says:

        Lakers on not fine how they are. if they were fine they would be 3x champions. They need a good PG but more than anything that need a consistant dead eye shooter from long distance. That is the weakness that we have been missing for years now. Still surprised that they won 2 of three without consistant 3 point shooting for a good inside outside game

  153. fadeaway9 says:

    im not saying tat lebron suck

  154. fadeaway9 says:

    I meant lebron dunks are so open but kobe is everybody block
    kobe even dunked on yao ming and howard before

  155. lakersfan says:

    the best players ever are Jordan (6x NBA Champion, 5x League MVP, 6x Finals MVP, 3x All Star Game MVP), Kobe Bryant(5x NBA Champion, 2x Finals MVP, 7 Finals Appearances, 4x All Star Game MVP), Bill Russell (11x NBA Champion, 5x League MVP, Finals MVP award did not exist in his day, 1x All Star Game MVP), Magic Johnson (5x NBA Champion, 3x League MVP, 3x Finals MVP, 2x All Star Game MVP) Larry Bird (3x NBA Champion, 3x League MVP, 2x Finals MVP, 1x All Star Game MVP) This is my top 5 i know people like Kareem were left off oo well….. Now for Lebron fans to understand….. Regular season games do NOT show greatness….. Greatness is in the games that MATTER most…. Lebron has league MVP’s no ring he has All Star Game MVP’s but what he’s missing to be amongst the immortals is rings and dominant performances when it MATTERS MOST…. All of the greats were multiple time champions and MVP’s or close to the MVP when they won it……. Lebron must ascend to be on the level of “greatness”

  156. Albert Allego says:

    You mean Bryant will obey Brown?

  157. fadeaway9 says:

    Lebron highlight dunks are mosdtlyu open only some people want to block lebron

  158. ojoker says:

    to l>k saying lebron is better is one thing, but can you prove that he’s better.man look at how wade had to get up in this guy face, can’t you see this guy has no instinct to kill

  159. jay fox says:

    lebron should not be compared to the nba greats,,,like jordan and kobe..the mere facts was the last finals vs dallas…his one man one offense makes him difficult to find shots over a good defender unless hes on the transition…but ob a half court offense hes way far from the greats plus he hasn’t proven anything likes rings…mj and kb have similarity,they both enter the league to win a slam dunk champ after that they amazed the basketball world by being a great a superstar with multiple titles acrros their name…accept it or not u cant be recognized as a real winner unless have a ring..

  160. jay fox says:

    lebron is better all around player than kobe?who said that?lebron relying only on his athleticism..u saw in the last finals?he cant find a shot bcoz he dont have an array of moves…he cnt post up..not a good perimeter shooter compare to bryant…a man of a million moves plus his also a defensive player almost evry year..

  161. jay fox says:

    where’s lebron ryt now?did u see him?his hiding on his own self…now will u ever dare to campare him again in the elite superstars esp. kobe?that’s insane…he hasn’t proven yet…the last finals was the most important time of his career but again..he choke…that’s equivalent to a loser…

  162. robert aka leJames says:

    … uh… the pressure’s really high out there… around 2500 psi.. that’s why i cant shoot well from around ahh… 13 feet… but i guess im not better than anyone else… yknow… anybody coudnt just win a ring with one season.. next question please… (is that right?.. psi? o somethin?)

  163. joe says:

    hahaha. right on… kobe played all season on one leg too.

    • Miami champs 2012-onwards!!! says:

      kobe on leg WTF are you blind???? LOL

      • otis says:

        Lebron is good for stats, but when it is time to show that will to win majority of the time it evaporates.
        For anyone who says he didn’t have a team in Cleveland.
        Think this over. How do you have the best record in the NBA without a team?
        Answer not possible.
        He had good teams in Cleveland.
        He just couldn’t get them over the hump.
        Epic Lebron Meltdowns:
        Orlando 09′
        Boston 08′ and 10′
        Spurs 07′
        Dallas 11′
        Both MVP seasons he got sent home in the playoffs.

      • hatebreed says:

        you fool!

      • RR18 says:

        He means, that Kobe injured his other leg……so…

  164. paul says:

    finals mvp is better than season mvp.. i just shows that the finals mvp ended the season a WINNER

  165. paul aaron says:

    how can lebron be better than kobe? when he scored only 8pts in game4 of the finals ..

  166. DroseNo1 says:



    cardinal>lebron….much horrible yeah…

  167. Myith says:

    Upon reflection, i realize that Kobe and Lebron are compared and argued about who’s better is simply an excuse for others to not realize that they are essentially the same player in a way, it’s kind of like fighting with a twin, when one is involved you can manage, when both come in, it becomes a pain, just because brown coached the Cavs doesn’t mean you haters can imply Lebron, if i said LA you say Lakers, when i say Lakers you think Kobe, when i say Cleveland you say Lebron, suck it up, enjoy the game, or find something better to do than argue with people you dont even know

  168. L>K says:

    sorry but kobe cant win with out an extremely dominant big cough shaq cough gasol/ bynum COMBO if LBJ had shaq in his prime droping 28ppg im sure he would have won also im not a lbj fan but not 1 of those kobe lovers that every1 seems to be but lbj’s al around game WAY BETTER then kobe n his once in a while clutch

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      LBJ’s all around — NO POST UP, SHOOTS 3 BUT BARELY HITS THEM, DONT FORGET he DOESNT have a 4th quarter, so he isnt all around

      and btw, who was with lebron? cough…WADE? cough… BOSH?

  169. rhinojack says:

    i love kobe . legend

  170. KobeFan says:

    Kobe scored 81 points a few years back against Toronto. I will take Kobe on my team over Lebron anyday.

  171. Mitch says:

    Wasn’t this all supposed to be about Brown and Kobe not LeBron??? I love both players but right now I think Kobe is the best at alot of things and LeBron is the best at alot of things. They’re both great players instead of fighting about it just embrace the two as great players. I believe if Kobe retired today and LeBron wen to the Lakers then you guys wouldn’t say any of the things you say about LeBron. Same goes for if KObe was on your team. Brown is a great coach and Kobe is a great player. I’m a Nuggets fan and have been my whole life havn’t had the best of times there but hey you live and die with your team. It would be interesting to see how many Lakers fans would stop cheering if Kobe left town. There are some true LA fans out there like me with my Nuggets, live and die with them but alot of Laker fans that are also very cocky because of the success of the club. I believe that alot of them are the ones that bring up these pointless fights of Kobe being better than LeBron, not just in this blog but all over the internet and if Kobe was to leave town they would stop cheering as much as they do for the Lakers, same with every club but more so from the Lakers going back to when Kobe wanted to be traded and the Lakers fans all of a sudden went quiet for a couple of years. As said before they’re both GREAT players! But time for you guys to see the article is not about KB24 and LBJ6. Just to add to it aswell Kobe does have 5 rings and LeBron does have 0 but alot of great players have 0 aswell. Just embrace them for what they are amazing basketballers that have revived this league post Jordan!

    • marq123 says:

      finally somebody else besides me who thinks this.

    • Mr Meech says:

      I am a True Laker fan and hav always been. I do not care who is playing on the team I root fot the Lakers. I rooted for them when Magic was running the point all the way till Smush and Fisher running the point. I cheered when Vlade Divac was our franchise player and we had young players like Eddie Jones and Nick VanExel. The so called fans you speak of are bandwagoners not TRUE fans. So do not compare all Laker fans because we are not all the same. I do agree about Them both being great players but the difference is what makes them great….Kobe = hard work, great foot work, great mid range shooting, great FT shooting, High basketball IQ, Lebron = 60% athletic ability, not so great midrange shooting, decent 3 point shooting, great finisher at the rim, great weakside and help defense which he can contribute alot of that due to his athleticism and quickness. Skill wise it is no contest between them same as athletic wise. To different players that have totally different abilities.

  172. LIBRON says:

    Where’s LIBRON now?

  173. VanDerHeng says:

    the real great players shows up when it mattered most… when the team needs him most… MJ has done it… Kobe has done it… heck even Dwade! but LeDiva couldn’t! yesh he might hav the crazy stats and crazy highlight reels, but until the day he shows up for the team, dun compare him with the greats of the game,period!

  174. LB6 says:

    Heat lost because of Spoelstra. Lebron and Wade will win many title going forward. First year they went to the finals. Watch the next 3 years. You will all be hating big time. Kobe is good but not better than Lebron. LB took Cleveland singlehanded at a very young age of 22 to the finals. Kobe has never done that. Lost 2nd round against Suns twice.

  175. KIngKobra2 says:

    Look Never mind i am one of the most talented basketball and will be in the NBA soon but i know i was wrong. Heat do need to get a real center. I suggest samuel dalembert because how young and because he is a 7’2 center. Kings……..really samuel, how desperate are you. All of you heat haters like all of sad cleveland and all talk but no hair barkley and others should watch out. DIRECT MESSAGE TO HEAT AND SPOSETRA

  176. Dreas29 says:

    Why does every debate turn into lebum vs Kobe…this yrs finalsproved that lebum shud not b compared to greats, like jordan and bryant…that dude wanna b robin but he better than the 5 time champ….yeah rite…the dude put horry better trhan bryant cuzza rings….actually when u add rings, career, stats, etc, Horry wouldnot qualify for a best convo, idiot

  177. Karl says:

    Kobe > Lebron

    Kobe = 4 quarters
    LeBrick = 3 quarters

    Lebron has no primary scoring threat cause he has no mid range shot and not good low post game 2 things he needs to worrk on over summer.

    • really the 81 point game? says:

      really you’re going to use that as a point?
      I’m neither a fan of kobe or lebron, but it’s hard to compare the two, you could compare kobe to wade, they have a similar arsenal, but lebron really relies on his athleticism to get it done. but if you must kobe is better, rings have nothing to do with it, they are only a pinnacle team acheivment.. so forget bringing that BS up.

      Now we get the off topic BS out of the way, I think Brown will be a great addition to the lakers, all they need to do is make the rebuild as seemless as possible, and try to build around bynum.. because let’s face it, kobe’s losing his lustre, and you can’t keep relying on him.. I also don’t know about the triangle offence staying, maybe something new and fresh, something that gets the entire team running like clockwork..

      Go Bulls!! haha….

      • really the 81 point game? says:

        also he scored that 81 against a sub par raptors team, and it wasn’t even an efficient game on his part..

  178. Jordan says:

    Yall LBJ fans need to wake up fo’ real! Dude CHOKED! Wat LEGIT arguement can yall really say about Kobe vs Lebron?! OK Lebron made it further in the postseason than Kobe for the first time in a long time; but he did not win anything and he was the 4th or 5 best player in the NBA finals (1.Dirk, 2.Wade, 3.Terry, 4.Lebron) Yes Terry played better than Lebron becuz wen it mattered he just lit Lebron up!
    Everyone was saying Lebron was the best defender this league has seen; yet he gets lit up by a 33-34 year old 6’2 undersized shooting guard?! I got one word for Lebron……………………..OVERRATED!

    During the games Jeff Van Gundy was so annoying always talkin bout no one makes tougher shots than Lebron; and wen he said that I was like… c’mon Marc Jackson u aint gonna say nothing becuz that is definetely false!!! Players like Kobe, Dirk, Carmelo, and Kevin Durant make a living off of making tough shots; and sometimes Lebron gets lucky with that end of shot clock heave bullcrap. Yall need to watch Kobe highlights from 2002-2008 and see why everyone is saying it’s not even close how much better and more skilled Kobe is than LBJ in his prime. OK Kobe had 9 straight 40 point games, Kobe had 3 straight 50 point games, Kobe scored 81 points, Kobe won MVP, Kobe won championships IN HIS PRIME! All Lebron has done in his prime is being a cocky regular season show off and a choke on the biggest stage!

    • Law064 says:

      @Jordan well said and 1 thing Lebron was the 5th best in the finals Mario Chalmers played better than him. Overrated yes Kobe vs Lebron is like comparing D.Rose with Kurt Heinrich no real comparison hands down Kobe’s better. The only thing Lebron has on Kobe is youth and size

  179. Thinking logically says:


    (I noticed someone mentioned Dwight)

    What if Dallas somehow got Dwight?? *shudder*

    And, on a related note, I really hope the Lakers don’t get Dwight. They’ve won enough, it’s about time we see colors other than green, gold, and black on the Finals Stage. This year’s finals were extremely refreshing (aside from all that stuff about Lebron and whatever).

  180. Joex_dvo.city philippines says:

    I think this post was out of order!!!!!

  181. marcus says:

    Who made the Finals this year? Kobe or LeBron
    Who got swept by the Mavs? Kobe or LeBron

  182. Aquilas says:

    Lebron always comes up short in the big game…….Mabye he is just satisfied with where he is at securing a huge contract and providing for his family

  183. GARY says:

    0-4 sweep
    35,000,000>over cap
    0 number of 1st round draft picks
    only numbers that count

    • shoboy says:

      doesn’t 5 rings count? how bout 3 straight trips to the finals. Or the finals MVP? how lets see… hmmm yeah, we shouldn’t count those just so to compare kobe and lebron. But if those were counted, we won’t be able to compare bron and kobe. too bad

      • marq123 says:

        if rings are as serious as all of you say the Bill Russel is the best player in the nba with his 11 so as we all know jordan is the best the ring a player may or may not have is clearly overblown. and fyi yes lebron is the best player in the world today and will continue being so for a very long time rings or no rings sorry to open your eyes kobe fans but this is the nba now wake up and smell the dynasty oh and another thing didnt kobe lose in 2008 before winning 2 straight championships so yeah kobe isnt perfect well when it comes to getting blownout he is.

  184. lalala says:

    Right now..Lebron is better than Kobe at some areas especially in the physicality. But to be a best player, you must a have an overall capacity or skills to carry a team which Lebron doesn’t have, specifically a champion mentality, which Kobe has. All of you here lebron fans, accept the fact that lebron choked in the finals. (sorry for my english)

  185. Lakersfan00 says:

    I think we can all agree that Lebron is the best… number 2 man and kobe is the best number 1!!!! Lebron isnt even better than Dwayne Wade!!!

    • ShermanCeltics says:

      u say “lebron isnt even better than wade”, but then again not many people are…

      and if i was a coach, right now i’d take lebron. and hey atleast u know he wont rape your daughter.

    • marq123 says:

      @ lakerfan00
      tell me something what 5 time nba champion superstar named after a steak and cheese did not go to the finals last i saw him he got blown out and swept in the same series so who is still number 1.

  186. LakerFan says:

    LeBron James can come off the bench, because he can damage a lot off teams when bench players are going to play, so why not play LeBron off the bench and maybe bench him in the 4th quarter and let DWade dominate because he has the experience, the drive, and the will to win.

  187. KB says:

    mark cuban = 1 ring
    lebum james = none! hahaha

  188. KObesboiii says:

    apple made a new iphone based on lebron, the only problem is that it only vibrates, because it has no rings!… Did i mention that kobe has not only been a better player, but such more of a rolemodel for the game with his sheeer hard work ethic.

  189. Joseph says:

    Lebron doesnt know how to post.hahaha, Thats what you call all around player?

  190. mario says:

    lebron is wack kobe is da best there is and da best there ever will be

  191. LAKERS8 says:

    Lebron just got a new fone it vibrates but he has NO ring.

    If you ask James change for a dollar he will only give you 3 quartrs not the 4th quarter

  192. Cali says:

    Brian305… are you saying Lebron getting further than Kobe this year in the playoffs somehow voids the arguments/comparison’s made betweenthe two? If so, that’s a ridiculous way to look at it. What’s even funnier is how you’re clingin to it in order to try to quiet down the truth. Which btw is irrelevant with this article.

    • marq123 says:

      so is the lebron jokes so please while your so concerned about the article lets here how the lakers can win it all in 2012 .
      especially with a new head coach and system.

  193. ooooooooooooooooooo says:


  194. patrick027 says:

    how I wish lebron’s fans would realize that you’re idol needs to learn from their previous opponent. the Mavs and Dirk. Dirk stayed for mavs. and then finally wins championship. 🙂

  195. les diamond says:

    Physically LeBron probably is the best but, he doesn’t have that mental toughness that the real great champions possess. This probably due to the fanatic nature of people running around the internet saying “LeBron is the best! He’s better than Kobe.” The Mavericks beat Kobe and LeBron but the difference is Kobe is working on second hand for rings!

  196. Ashera says:

    Yeah, and it’s looking like queen LeBumm still have years to wait until Kobe’s universe fades away…like in the next 5 years or so… THE TRIANGLE OFFENSE STAYS!!!!

  197. Slick 19 says:

    Lebron is to Kobe Bryant as Scottie Pippen is to Michael Jordan.

  198. YourAllHaters says:

    I have never seen soo many haters in one place in my life. I guess its reverse psychology, everyones talking about Lebrons performance in the finals so people can forget about the defending champs getting swept 4-0.

  199. Jordan says:

    Can we get thru one ‘Hangtime Blog’ without a Kobe vs Lebron arguement?! This has nothing to do with Miami and LBJ!

    But to answer your arguements I have one word…………………………………………………’LECHOKE’


  200. karen says:

    Congrats to the Dallas Mavs, Great job Memphis Grizzles! The Kobe vs Lebron dilemma matches on!

  201. Ayedgaf says:

    lmao at people saying kobe cant win without shaq or pau…. Lebron HAS WADE AND BOSH and the crazy azz bench???? and no ring??? lmao

  202. Brad says:

    How did a blog about whether Kobe and Mike Brown are all good in LA turn into a LeBron forum…. LOL?

  203. rh5 says:

    Robert Horry > Kobe

  204. rh5 says:

    Robet Horry > Kobe

  205. Lebrick says:


  206. Anonymous says:

    0<2 if you can really think about it
    the other three rings was because of shaq

    • shoboy says:

      then should we remove kobe’s scoring. Would the Lakers the 1st 3-peat. I don’t think so. and should we remove kobe during period where shaq is having a foul troubled game yet fouling out. how do you think the lakers would have won if not for kobe. They are running the same triangle, inside you get shaq outside you get kobe. No disrespect dude, but your comment is off the charts of a reasonable person ^_^

    • j smith says:

      @ anonymous

      0<2 then lebron will be 0 forever because of wade and bosh if you really think about it……

  207. daslickflip says:

    notice how the first comment is someone saying lebron is better than kobe
    its guys like this that are too stupid to understand that in doing this you create more hate for lebron
    the hate over lebron is 25% him and 75% the douches who make him look bad

  208. Dan says:

    In this year’s finals, Lebron James completely fell apart whenever there was a lot of pressure. He was pitiful. If he performed like he did in the Regular Season the Heat would have one. Wade was excellent and Bosh was pretty good in most of the games. I’m not a Kobe fan, but don’t disrespect him by comparing him to Lebron. Kobe has won so many games for the Lakers in the fourth quarter in really big games. Can you say the same thing about Lebron in Cleveland and in Miami, I think not.

    • Brian305 says:

      yes you can, didnt you see what lebron did against chicago and boston in this years playoffs. you just made a really dumb statement dan

      • STFU_NOOB says:

        Brian — differentiate a PLAYOFFs and A FINALS.

        Pre season — 1st quarter
        regular season – 2nd quarter
        Playoffs – 3rd quarter
        Finals – 4th quarter…..

        hmmmmp, now i know why LEBRON choked in the FINALS — that is the 4th QUARTER! now STFU

      • shoboy says:

        didn’t you see lebron against the MAvs.. oh right, he wasn’t there specially in the 4th quarter 🙂

      • @ says:

        @Brian305 dude you can not be this dumb. If lebron can win games in the fourth quarter like KOBE then why are the heat not NBA champs this year. What excuse will you pull out of you blow hole now? IDIOT!

  209. felix says:


  210. YourAllLosers says:

    To all you Lebron haters, lets not forget one thing here, your kobe beef got swept by the same Dallas Mavericks so………..
    and stop hating. and get a girlfriend or something, every human being who plays ball knows Lebron is the best all round PERIOD!

    • Brian305 says:

      exactly lebrons a physical specimen. he will win his fair share of rings. get off his jock strap, everyones mad because he didnt go to your team.

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        There is nobody hating on LeBron. We all say the truth, this guy is not able to finish an important game, and everybody who say thats wrong, obviosly has no idea what it takes to be a great player. Everyone in future will just remeber the winners like MJ, Bird, Magic, Isiah, Chamberlain, If Charles Barkley wouldn´t work the mediano one of the younger generation would know him. In five to ten years nobody (only the older ones) will know Allen Iverson ( I have a lot of respect for that little guy, definitly one of the greatest players), because he didn´t win it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • karen says:

      He must prove it!!!

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      Agree, if he stays in miami and wade doesn’t go nowhere, he will win a ring…. but thats still a 50-50 if anywhere in another team there is a KOBE

    • shoboy says:

      yeah.. let’s not forget that Kobe and his Lakers went to the finals for 3 straight years and was able to defend their championship not once but twice. Let’s not forget that the as Kobe emerged as the top player of his era, every team is built to counter the lakers, and let’s not forget that at AGE 32 going 33 he’s still very capable of competing against younger players. Lastly lets not forget that Lakers and Kobe is the MEASURING STICK of every team on the NBA right now.

    • Carmelo says:

      not really and you guys got beat with 2 of the top 3 players in the nba, then throw in a top 20 with bosh and you guys still lost, and not really lebron showed that when hes forced to take jumpshots and post up hes horrible, all lebrons good at his dunking the ball with his athleticism, but thats it for lebron. cant post up and his jump shot is average.

      • marq123 says:

        @ carmelo
        and after all of those reasons he is still better than you at basketball and in life considering the fact that he is a millionare while you still cant pay for your own car.

  211. mc47 says:

    Kobe is Kobe he is the best!!! Lebron aka THE QUEEN JAMES is nothing he is a big looser ….

  212. Gabe says:

    Lebron said “They stopped me from doing what i know Im capable of doing on the court.”

    That’s a sad statement. You ever heard MJ or Russell or Bird say that? Hell no, because they went out and did the job anyways.

    If Lebron is so ” capable” of doing it, the why doesn’t he just do it already? Miami lost cause they were too busy reading press articles and making stupid jokes in the finals. If you gotta read press articles for motivation when your playing for a championship, your probably never gonna win one.

    I guess we could call D-Wade a prophet though. He coughed before Game 4, then his team went out and choked.

  213. Cha says:

    I don’t care what happens to their offense, I just want them to play D as good as before or even better. They have enough talent for the offense anyways. PS : We don’t need Howard. We need to show that this roster can win a ring, let’s go L.A.

  214. Marv says:

    Lol. Brian Cardinal – 1 ring. Ian Mahinmi – 1 ring. Caron Butler – 1 ring without ever playing in the NBA finals. LBJ – 0 rings. King James indeed…….

  215. Pat Brown says:

    Kobe will always be the best to me. ThIS year obviously was not their year. tou can’t win them all. As long as he and his team stay healthy there’ll be back strong as ever. GO LAKERS!

  216. sonsonson says:

    reply to…
    June 20, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    If lebron is really that great of a player… why wasn’t he able to win with the help of shaq(you’ll reply because of shaq’s age)? and now with the help of wade and bosh. and they are all at their prime. you’ll say that they just recently built their big 3. Please don’t bring up chemistry and adjustment as an excuse because the boston celtics won the championship the same year they got their own big three. take note… garnett, pierce, and allen are not as young as lebron,wade,&bosh when they got together. if lebron is the greatest player of all time(as a lot of people claim & proclaim him to be), i don’t see any reason why he wasn’t able to win a ring NOW. everybody needed help. so stop making excuses. he already spent 7 years in the league and still wasn’t able to win. a GREAT PLAYER doesn’t need that much time to reach his goal. 7 years is almost half of a player’s career in the NBA. it’s taking him too long that’s why he turned out to be so desperate now.

    • shoboy says:

      Sorry, i’m no lebron fan but your statement regarding

      “7 years in the league and still wasn’t able to win. a GREAT PLAYER doesn’t need that much time to reach his goal”

      It took MJ years to win his first ring. but still he’s on the top of the Pantheon as the numbah 1 GOAT.

    • marq123 says:

      wade is in his prime
      lebron and bosh have yet to enter into their prime
      so please sut up talking about something you know nothing about cause it took dirk 13 years to win a title and hes great
      maybe you should switch to bowling or something basketball isnt your most knowledgeable sport especially concerning great nba players.

    • marq123 says:

      oh and that boston championship just cus they did it doesnt mean everybody else can if you want an example other than the 2011 heat who couldnt do it their first year its the spurs, the laker(shaq and w/out shaq), the 2006 heat it took 2 season, the bulls even lost when they first got pipen and jordan together so no its hard even for great playeres to do it and for kobe doing it his first couple of seasons ask yourself this would he have done it if shaq had stayed in orlando.

  217. Eric says:

    You Lakers and Kobe haters: Listen, Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player at this POINT in his era. Jordan was the best player in his era. Lebron James will one day take over and be the best player in his era, I guess when Kobe retire. Until then, KOBE BRYANT IS THE BEST PLAYER RIGHT NOW! Kobe has five rings and he knows how to finish a game. When Jordan was playing, he retired with six rings and he knew how to finish a game. Now LeBron has no rings, he has two of the greatest players playing alongside him and he CAN’T finish a game.

    Like I said, Kobe right now is the best player in basketball!

    • Brian305 says:

      if kobe knew how to close like you say he does the lakers wouldnt have gotten swept in the second round. think before you type

      • Brian305 says:

        people just like to bash on lebron. of course kobe has more rings hes been in the nba for almost twice the years that lebron has. Remember lebron is still a young. hes only been in the league for 8 years he will win his share of titles, lebron is a freak of nature and with players like d wade and c bosh around him and a decent pg and C the heat will be a force to be reckoned with for the next 6 years. Cant say the same for the phil jackson less lakers who are only getting older and without a revamp of that roster they will see an early exit next year gagin. lbj>kobe (now)

      • Will says:

        I agree that LeBron needs a decent PG and C but he also needs a decent SF in his team and the whole all-star calibre substitute team to win a championship. He shouldn’t play at all rather than keep choking and quitting when it matters most. Come on open your eyes. I heard that LeQuit’s girl “quitting” on him because he can’t finish. HA!

      • STFU_NOOB says:

        @Bryan — the YEARS that JAMES has been in the league, BRYANT already got a championship within that year. just so you know!

      • Mr Meech says:

        getting swept in the 2nd round…and? Lebron got swept in the finals in 07. cant win all the titles. Will Lebron win a title one day I think he will. Who is the better player? Kobe has the much better skills. Lebron has the far superior athleticism. You give Kobe the athleticism that Lebron has and he would be the greatest beast the NBA has ever seen. Same if you gave MJ Lebron’s athleticism. Lebron is overrated skillwise but his athleticism is out of this world. If he doesnt work harder to develop more game once his ability has deminished he will be a has been, while Kobe’s legacy is in cement if he doesnt win any more titles and gets swept in the first round for the remainder of his career.

  218. InYourMouth says:

    If Brown can win a championship Kobe and the Lakers…than James will never win a ring!!!

  219. les diamond says:

    Lebron and co. got beat by the same freakin mavs. Kobe is better than Lebron. If you can get 100M from Nike than really why go to college? Most people never comeclose to making 100M in a lifetime.

  220. Showtime_LA says:

    This is to Ugh, so ur saying that you cant judge the players unless you are talking about careers then you can throw in championships. Well if im not mistaken over his career KOBE has 5 AND LBJ has 0 so the argument still stands Lebron cant win a championship by himself or with help. So yes if you are the go to guy the super star that everyone is talking about and you turn into a 3 string player in crunch time during the finals not just for one season or for one team but every year you have made it to the playoffs and for two different teams this guy has bowed out like a lil punk, yeah you cant compare him to a guy that goes hard every game, wants to take all the tough shots and the guy who everyone wants to have the last shot. Kobe’s overall talent just eliminates anything anyone can say about Lebron cause Kobe dominates in the regular season and then destroys not just players but teams in the playoffs….. Compare those stats!!!!!

    • jgheggie says:

      I agree….and lets not forget….Kobe destroyed the #1 ranked Mavs defense in 2006 for 62 points in 3 quarters outscoring the Mavs entirely. Lebrick will never take over a game like that.

  221. big three in lakers kobe chris puil and dwight howard

  222. ugh says:

    Geez this argument is pointless for both sides, they are both good players but you really can’t just judge how good a player is based on championships because it is a team effort. Kobe alone couldn’t win his championships and Lebron can’t do it by himself either. Lebron is only human too, he just had some bad games and shots weren’t falling, simple as that. He’s used to situations with a lot of pressure it’s just he couldn’t make shots, no one can just be like hey I wanna make this shot and miss this one, no, a lot of the time it’s just the muscle memory and sometimes you are just off. Championships don’t measure the player, they may have a big impact on it but no one player can do it by himself. You can’t just say someone like for example Luke Walton is a better player than Lebron just because he has a championship. Both the heat and the lakers lost to the Mavs so no point in arguing because they are both in the same boat. And the only argument for a lot of people are clinging to the past of past championships which is a pathetic reason unless you are talking about career success not how good a player is at the very present, the fact is Lebron and Kobe didn’t win a championship this year so I guess that means the both suck right? Congrats to the mavs they deserved the win though since some of those players needed a ring before they retire.

    • rockets says:

      Cant do it by himself (lebron) he had bosh and d wade wat more do you want him to have d howard and cp3. shaq and mj really.Lechoke just sucks.

      • Law064 says:

        @Rockets agreed he needs even more help maybe Kobe CP3 D.Rose Dwight and then throw in Amare & Melo.

      • @ says:

        Thats my point. These sorry lebron fans keep talking about he never had a team to help him win. He had a team in Cleveland that won 60+ games two seasons in a row. Now he is on a team with two other superstars. And these morons are still saying he needs more help. Ya give him CP3 D Howard bring Melo over and have him come off the bench with Durant Yao Ming lets see if they can trade for KG and bring back Phil Jackson to help lebron get his first ring. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a joke.

  223. johnshmidt says:

    I dont even like the Lakers!
    But the hang up on the 6 of 24!? he played good D and grabbed 15 rebounds. His team won! 31 years old

    Lebron 8 points and COULN’T EVEN COMBINE with D Wade for as many 4th quarter points than Dirk in the whole series. And the follow up game with the low tripdub, he should of scored 35 instead! maybe his team would of won a game.
    If the Heat had of won, D Wade would of got the MVP! Lebron can’t will a team to victory!
    KOBE is and always will be clutch, whilst Lebron keeps pooping on his legacy.


    • jgheggie says:

      See my comment above! Lebron….greatest regular season player? no way. he has slightly better numbers than kobe but you have to think….he’s never had to share the ball with a great player like shaq, or bynum and gasol. and on top of that….Kobe plays 7minutes less per game and still has very close to the same stats

  224. Law064 says:

    For you morons comparing Kobe & Lebron. Yes 5>0 and 24>6 and yes Kobe is greater than Lebron. Don’t get me wrong maybe Lebron has better stats but his skill level is nowhere near Kobe. Give Kobe Lebron’s size and whoa you have a real monster. Give Lebron Kobe’s size and you have a sub par player.

    • jgheggie says:


      and one other thing….Lebron might have better stats….but keep in mind that he averages 7 minutes more per game.

  225. Poochie says:

    funny how u lebrick riders say he is better than kobe when he clearly shys away from the crunchtime spotlight. He doesnt have what it takes to go over the top, and his comments are just as outrageous as his settling for weak jumpers in the 4th quarter. Oh yea thatd be because he is SCARED to have to make clutch freethrows !!!

  226. Huge Lakers Fan! says:

    Lakers are going to be great next season in my opinion, and they will win it all. I think LAL will show that they still are a championship caliber team. They are going to take revenge and probably have a better regular season record and most likely get past the conferece semis

  227. Jlc! says:

    I Dont Know Why The People Is So Afraid Of Brown Leading The Lakers I Think He Would Make A Good Job At Least, If They Can Bring It To The Finals I Think They Already Win, ‘Cuz Brown Is Piece Off For Lost, and The Lakers Are The Most Veteran Team In the Finals, Even Miami Can With The Lakers.

    And Yes, Is Probably Start With Some Loses, Some Prolems Acoplate But, Is Like Miami Fist Year, They Start With Some Loses And Finishied In The Finals, Its My Opinion!

    P.S: I Use The Miami Like An Example ‘Cuz Was A Starting Year For Then But Miami Can Even Compare With The Lakers, The Lakers Are The Best, And Kobe IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE MF LEAGUE!!!!!

  228. KIngKobra2 says:

    Nonya@ you really need to get a life because lebron was actually smart and wanted to get into the nba right away. The Miami heat to win a title needs to get a good backup scorer jaston terry for the maverick. On draft night try to trade chalmers and a another useless palyer for my homeboy Jimmer Fredette and the heat are than unstoppable force in south beach. Lakers need to get howard and we’ll see than…………………..if it happens HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    • al - respect the game says:

      dude, u miami fans are sad. u guys have 3 of the top 10 players and ur still looking for excuses as to why u lost. now u want better shooters???? are u kidding. u have the defending 3point shoot out contest champion(jones – incase u forgot). mike miller, eddie house, bibby, /// come the frak on. u guys want the ALL NBA team tobe able to win are u kidding??? deng u guys dont evn want to work.

    • GO Lakers! says:

      Jimmer wont fit in Miami Heat.

      • DurantJR says:

        they simply lost because they only played 36 mins of basketball and forgot to play the last 12, it has nothing to do with a 7 foot man or lack of team ball

    • JTU says:

      your english is terrible .. you think getting an overrated rookie is going to help you get over the hump when you have two of the top 5 players in the world ? think again buddy .. having 30 players that average 70 points a night between the three, you dont need an off the bench scorer especially when you have a team filled with consistent jump shooters .. on any given night can score 20 by themselves .. and as far as the Lakers are concerned .. who wouldnt want to goto LA ? LA is the 2nd biggest market if not the biggest in the NBA .. Miami lost to the Mavericks because they were joking around too much .. not focused .. making fun of Dirk being sick .. i wish MJ was still playing today .. theyd make fun of his FLU GAME back in 98 .. he would have gone crazy on them

  229. David says:

    Why the f*ck are people still saying LeBron is better than Kobe? Kobe went on to win 2 more championships without Shaq–and if you’re going to say that “Well, he had Gasol” then you’re an idiot. I would take D-Wade and Bosh any day over Gasol.

    LeBron couldn’t carry his team went it mattered the most (and before you say Kobe couldn’t carry his team past the Mavs, well, the Lakers can’t win them all!).

    5>0 b!tches. Need there say more?

  230. KB24hatesLebron says:

    kobe has 5……lebron stilll 0 ahahhahahahhahehehehhehehehheh ahahhaah ehehhehe…..and relax lakers fans….they willll bring it 2gether come playoffs……kobe is going bak 2 the top where he belongs wit the crown and the ring..unlike lechoke artist queen james

    • Respect says:

      Kobe may have 5 rings but 3 of them were thanks to shaq and the other 2 were only achievable thanks to Gasol Bynum, ARIZA/Artest and fisher. Remember Kobe demanded to be traded a few years back because he said he COULDNT win on his own. No one can do it on their own, no matter how good they are not even Jordan.

      • LABRYANT says:

        u have no idea what u r talking about..kobe was huge vs Indiana when they won title..critical game Shaq fouled out and kobe went off…and in NETS finals he and shaq dominated ..both went off for like 25 a game..it takes two superstars to win a title..just ask DWADE..LEBUM HASNT DONE ANYTHING IN HIS FINALS

      • STFU_NOOB says:

        Just so you know, the rule is a 5 on 5 game, not a 1 on 1 game…

      • Theydidittomylakers says:

        Yeah…..I’m pretty sure Kobe has 2 display cases. One with the rings YOU think he deserves and one with the rings YOU thinks he doesn’t deserve. STFU. You don’t know what you are talking about. Go back and crunch Kobe’s Numbers in the PLAYOFFS. Dude averages like 26 per game for his career. Deduct the amount he scored from the years him and shaq won and tell me what the final scores would have been. You know nothing. Only what you hear. Numbers don’t lie.

      • huh?! says:

        true, but with the same argument, LeBron joined Wade and Bosh and he still fell short. How many more great players does he need to win a championship? 12? Sure, and he’d be the towel boy. lol! He’d still get a ring y’know..

      • Mark says:

        Respect = owned. LOL!

      • @ says:

        @Respect your another idiot. So are you saying the Lakers would have won all three of those championships without Kobe? Fact of the matter is, Kobe needed Shaq and Shaq needed Kobe. Dont make it seem like Kobe had nothing to do with it. Further more, you talk about Kobe wanting to be traded. Anybody would want to be traded with the team mates he had then. Kwame Brown and Smush Parker just to name to. Come on son, get real when you write on here. Kobe is the man, no matter what you idiots say.

      • Mr Meech says:

        first of all you sound like a complete fool… how many rings has shaq won without Kobe? 1 ring and he had someone damn near just as good in DWade. How many rings has Gasol and Bynum and Artest and Ariza and Odom all won without Kobe? Zero, Zilch, Nada. This is a team game pal and all of those championship teams that Kobe played on needed Kobe to win. otherwise Shaq would probably only have 1 and the rest of these clowns that play with Kobe none.

  231. nonya says:

    kb24’s comment meant kobes 5rings own lebrons 0 rings. And speaking of lebron, why didn’t he go to college, cuz he was afraid to show up for the finals.

  232. fazalyszn says:

    the lakers shouldnt tamper with the triangle Brown should work to master it. Add defense get Howard and win 2 more rings

    • jgheggie says:

      getting howard will not be 2 more rings…it’ll be more like 4-5 more rings. every year untill kobe retires lol

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        Be careful Lakers fans. when the Heat where getting they´re 2 and half (LeBron not Bosh) man, they also screamd ´4-5 rings, but finally will end up with nothing. IF they get luck the Heat could get one ring in the next five years. But just if they got luck.

  233. jers says:

    Kobe>Lebron / 24>6

  234. lord p says:

    my question is..mike brown is able to handle..a team who has Bryant,Artest,Barnes,Bynum???do you think he got the pedigree??remember what happened with bron & company

  235. Zac says:

    At losing!

    • @ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ Zac your a dumb a** hater. Anybody that has a brain and knows anything about basketball knows as long as the Lakers still have Kobe, they still have a shot at winning a title. Can you say the same for Leb**ch. Ah dont think so.

      • marq123 says:

        you should also add that as long as the lakers have kobe they also have a chance at getting swept, blownout by 36, or even blownout by 39.

  236. bob says:

    The question is not if Brown can connect with Bryant because both are mentally well set on winning.
    The bigger task for Brown is to ‘revive’ Gasol. If he’s able to get Gasol to play like he did at the start of the season and if the Lakers can bring in a decent PG they will be favorites in the West once again.

  237. anonymous says:

    lebron > kobe

    • kb24 says:

      5 > 0 ( I hope u understand wut this numbers are about )

    • Lawrence says:

      Please explain yourself

    • NBA Realest says:

      your silly

    • LeBOOM says:


    • even more anonymous says:

      lebron > kobe ha thats funny because there are 5 things that make kobe better
      in case you dont know these are all the years kobe won a title soooo yeah KOBE > queen james

      • al - respect the game says:

        good one. all these sad &&& broken hearted lebron followers

      • marq123 says:

        @even more anonymous
        oh yeah i forgot kobe got swept that year

      • Le-caution....choking hazard says:

        oh yeah i forgot lebron got swept that year. in the finals. oh yeah, he lost this year too didn’t he? with….with….TWO other all-stars? man. talk about fail.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        LMFAO @LeCaution …thats the way to tell them haters!!! LBJ is a choke artist, he is just a stat machine, with no HARDWARE (RINGS) to prove it!!!

    • Luiz Santoro says:

      lebron who???

    • kobe is the best says:

      how is lebum better than kobe. kobe has jewelry on his 5 fingers lebum has none

    • chubbena says:

      He’s talking about the head or the ego

    • Ball says:

      yup. 5 rings > 0 rings

    • ? says:

      What how is Lebron better, I mean just compare their games its pretty simple Kobe can score anyway he wants to jumper, post, drive, etc… while Lebron as was highlihgted in the finals heavily relies on his athleticsm to get easy layups and dunks I mean the guy cant shoot or post up.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        exactly! pople just love to ride the lbj bandwagon, when KOBE has been doing his thing since the beginning of the new millienium

      • marq123 says:

        if hes not the best you must know more than alot of NBA Analyst who clearly have said this year that stil after the finals choke he is still the best player in the game today but yeah you know more than people who play the game considering the fact that you all are only watching the game. oh and by the way your comparing a 33 year old to a 26 year old not even in his prime.oh and why people are bringing up 2007 is the question cuase if i was to bring up 2008 finals and that history setting game-six 39 point blowout you would all be saying how its in the past.Lol!

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        marq like i said the only reason lebron is better now because of lebron being younger at this point…and actually lebron is in his prime the guy is 27, if he not in his prime now, he NEVER will be, because when he hit about 30/31 kiss all the athelticism good bye

        and better question, who is the player of the decade? SOmething that TNT actually did and SETTLED, with Kobe Bryant winning those honors, and at 27 who is more beast Kobe or James? Its Kobe all day, when Kobe still had his jumping abilitiy Lebron couldnt never be his equal

      • Wow says:

        Some people do actually get it.

    • STFU_NOOB says:

      in Choking

    • HEAT says:

      LeBron dusted kobe in most their games against each other, plus kobe has a better team thats why he has 5 rings. LeBron left cavs cause they just suck

      • Sam says:

        With that logic, Jordon had the best team and thats why he won 6 championship! You can’t say Kobe has a better team or not. Cavs had a wonderful team while Shaq was around. Lebron has a wonderful team with him right now at Miami – he has won nothing. Kobe simply is the best amongst the current players of NBA.

      • NYK! says:

        kobes basicaly avg. triple double vs lbj and hes had a game winner and he put away another 2 games late…. ilove how these ppl 4get so soon and just think in the now….

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        STOP here please right now DIRK NOWITZKI is the best player. And kobe is much better then LeBrick. LeBron is a good rollplayer not more.

      • @ says:

        Kobe has a better team, and Lebron is on a team with 3 Superstars. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA give me a break. You lebron fans will never stop being idiots.

      • don't know says:

        LeBron is the best individually…. why? then research..

      • chefj says:

        Teams with 66 wins don’t suck!!! Lebron just ain’t clutch like Kobe!!!

    • syan007 says:

      lebron’s forehead > kobe’s
      i’ll give u that.

    • shoboy says:

      FYI as of current, ONLY KOBE was able to defend his championship. 🙂

    • lakerfan says:

      dude really? the first thing…lebron hasnt proven anything but that he’s more athletic and baskeball is about improving all aspects of ones game….lebron doesnt focus on his game he focuses on what others say more.

      • Sandile says:

        Lol!!!!!!! kobe will always be ahed of James.

      • marq123 says:

        yo lakerfan you know i saw kobe in target buying brooms right . i just wanted to point that out.

      • marq123 says:

        yeah kobe has proven he knows how to get swept.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        marq123, you have lebron’s sack in ur mouth wayyy to hard, jus cool it out….

        Lebron is the best player in basketball right now, and thats all because Kobe is getting older, which will happen to all players, luckly Kobe can still play at a high level, when Lebron gets 32/33 he will lose his speed and quickness, without a postgame and better jumpshot he will become like Vince Carter is now, shooting more threes rather than getting to the lane

    • lol says:

      can you geeks shut up

      • @ says:

        yo @marq123 i saw lebron in K mart buying fake gold rings becasue he cant win a NBA ring. Just thought id point that out.

    • dillon says:

      4 quarters>3 quarters

      • Paul says:

        4the quarter in particular: Kobe> LeBron

        LeBron comes out of the closet every now and then to play very strong in the 4th quarter, and then people oooh and aaah about how many stats he put up or how he single handedly won the game in the 4th quarter, so much, that those same moron fans forget the other 80+ percent of the time he fails in the 4th quarter (particularly in crunch time of games- and especially in the playoffs!).

        Kobe has consistently been a better defender and clutch shooter/foul shot maker in the 4th quarter – this is how he made his living in the NBA.

        People don’t care to recognize the reality.

        The year LeBron won his first MVP, Kobe was voted as the hardest matchup in the league (Team GM votes at year end)!

      • Will says:

        Kobe > Wade’s Pippen
        Kobe > LeChoke, LeQuit, LePuss, LeBum, LeBrick, Le(insert your negative adjectives here)

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Paul nailed it right on the head!!!!

    • Bobson says:

      FMVP = 4-7 games….. the MVP of 15 players….

      MVP = 82 games… the MVP of 400+ players….

      FMVP is not even close to the valuability of MVP…… its no more valuable than an All-Star MVP…. basically the same thing as its the same criteria…. the player who played the best for 1 game wins All-Star MVP…. but FMVP is 4-7 games………. and MVP is 82 GAMES……………..

      With the new rules if you havent heard the MVP will be extended to the playoffs…… so that means the MVP will eliminate the FMVP completely……

      • kaare says:

        that is the most idiotic sh!t i´ve ever heard. ask any player in the League and they want FMVP over MVP ´cause FMVP includes a ring. (execpt for Jerry West)
        winning = everything – stats = nothing

      • UrDaddy says:

        With that Logic you will tell me Steve Nash (winner of the MVP 2x’s) is a better player than Shaq? MVP means you were flashy in the regular season and is just a cool trophy unless you extend that play into the Playoff’s, It has the slogan win or go home for a reason. LeBron likes going home. I do not care if he wins six MVP’s and 3 Rings, just remember he had to jump on D-Wades Back to get there…

      • 82+ says:

        FMVP is the MVP of 82 plus post season games
        MVP is the MVP of the 82

        Basketball is a team sport. if you can be the MVP of the season then good for you, but if you can be the MVP of the Finals and that means you’re a champion. then that’s good for the organization. besides, leBron’s MVP doesn’t kept him in bringing his talent to southbeach while kobe stays in long beach.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        Bobson let me tell you this, you better hope the MVP doesnt extend to the playoffs, because if so Lebron wouldnt have that 2nd MVP because his EPIC FAIL against Boston would’ve erased anything good he did in the REG SEASON

        2010 Playoffs, in every series, you heard the playoff game announcers saying “Kobe has turned his game on” and “he is the MVP of this postseason”….man if Kobe didnt mess his finger up in Dec 09 he would’ve won MVP for the 09-10 season because he started the season off at the top of the MVP race before that injury made his shot off and him having to re-adjust

    • Bobson says:

      And please dont tell me you still debate KOBE vs LEBRON…………??




      • Sandile says:

        Simple thing to Ponder.
        if you had James and Lebron playing in the same team, who would you want taking that game winning shot????

        Thouth so……. end of discusion. Kobe>James.

      • Ay says:

        Haha you know what the funny thing is tho…Kobe has more rings than all those guys COMBINED!!

      • @ says:

        @Bobson you have GOT to be the biggest idiot on this stage right now.

      • AMARE says:

        ok. That’s it!

        LeBron>Bobson haha

      • Bobson is and Idiot says:

        Bobson doesn’t know what he is talking about. Kobe is getting old and obviously he’s gonna decline but look at the fact that hes 33 and he still drops 25 a game on anyone. Lebron at kobes age will be happy to drop 15 a night. and remember who dropped 81 points on the Raptros? what has lebron done, o yeah, talk his talents to south beach to jump on wades piece

      • Yay says:

        So we all agree (except Bobson and Marc123) Bobson is a complete moron.

      • Mr Meech says:

        Yeah but getting to the finals and not getting it done stings alot more than getting swept in the 2nd round after winning 2 of the last 3 finals trips

    • @ says:

      Those two names shouldnt be mentioned in the same breath.

      • Carmelo says:

        your just counting this year where lebron had to get on dwades nuts so he can actually get to the finals, and when he gotthere he choked like the fruitcake he is, bosh played better than him…mar123 you are a idiot. mj even says kobe is better retard.

    • Spectator says:

      Wade > Lebron

    • KB (king burger) says:

      clutch player > choker
      best closer > best looer

      • marq123 says:

        you all need to stop criticizing lebron and the heat and worry about your lakers not getting swept again oh i mispelled swept its really spelled kobe. now come on predictible puppies say that you mispelled choke and spell it heat or lebron or lechoke like i know some idiot who cant make up is own joke will.

    • 82+ says:

      we should ask Mike Brown who’s the better player after the season is over.

    • awwyeaa24 says:

      kobe > lebron

    • Gerald says:

      scalabrine has more rings than lebron and he was just sitting on the bench:)) LOL

    • Dave Lob says:

      Lebron cant even be put in a ‘greatest’ conversation. You can say he is the better player between the two right now but in his prime (which is where lebron is now) Kobe was much better. Until Lebron has handled the pressure of the playoffs and won a ring he cant even be put in the same breath as a Kobe, Jordan, Magic, Bird, Duncan, Jabbar, Russell or Chamberlain. He’s a great regular season perfomer but he has yet to win the one that counts.

      • marq123 says:

        lebron is not in his prime he is only 26 when michael was 26 he wasnt winning any titles. and even though he was clutch he really couldnt prove it in the finals till larry and magic were way past their primes even though magic went on to the finals to meet michael everybody knew they werent the same showtime lakers as the past as the bulls clearly showed.

    • Amanda Simms says:

      http://tinyurl.com/69trp8p well if the latest sex scandle doesnt bring Kobe down nothin will….