Heir Jordan No More

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Has it come to this for Vince Carter?

The one-time heir to Michael Jordan‘s throne (one of many proposed successors) could find himself on the move come Thursday night, when the wheeling and dealing of for the 2011 Draft kicks into high gear.

Actually, Carter could simply be moved off of the Suns’ roster, bought out of the remainder of his contract for $4 million, per my main man Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic. Carter would be a Draft night footnote for the Suns in their quest to get younger:

“We are in constant conversation all day, every day with virtually every team in the league, trying to see if there’s anything we need to get an additional pick or if there are other ways to improve our team,” Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said. “Like most of the conversations in the NBA, they usually don’t come to fruition. We’re trying to take everyone’s temperature.”

Since 2004, the Suns have traded or sold five first-round picks. Of the three first-round picks they kept, Alando Tucker and Earl Clark are gone and Robin Lopez no longer is considered unavailable on the trade market. This 13th pick would be their highest selection they kept since drafting Amar’e Stoudemire ninth in 2002.

“At some point, we have to get younger,” Babby said. “We want to begin with the draft to infuse younger players into our team.”

It would be yet another sad twist in the cruel ending to the career of one of the most exciting players the league has seen and easily one of the most talented players of his era.

Watching past drafts on NBA TV the last few days was a reminder of just how much promise is heaped upon the shoulders of some of these prospects as they enter the league. Carter’s arrival was one of the most anticipated I can remember, not that he was the No. 1 pick or anything (he went fifth overall in 1998 behind Michael Olowokandi, Mike Bibby, Raef LaFrentz and his North Carolina teammate, Antawn Jamison), but because he offered that rare, above-the-rim ability that so few of his contemporaries then or since could match.

To see him tossed aside like he could be in the coming days, after all these years, is just a reminder that Father Time remains the only true undefeated champion in all of sports.


  1. jess cerico says:

    watching vc highlights in 2000.. made me follow the nba until today..

  2. jess cerico says:

    d.rose needs help

  3. Vinsanity to MAVS says:

    Alright folks, shut up okay. Vince Carter GO to MAVS. Reunite with Jason KIDD and join the defending CHAMPS for their second title next season. That, my friends, is a FACT!

  4. mickey18588 says:

    After reading this I feel nth but sadness. I m a VC fan since watching NBA and it pains to see all the expectations of him becoming one of the great but has fallen to this stage. It is left to debate if he is one of the most talented players of his era, but there is no denying that he is one of the top dunkers this league ever has. Hang time, strength, agility in the air, power, flare, he has it all.

    • Laker Fan Since 1975 says:

      Will dunking get him a title……Kobe can do more than dunk and has 5 rings….VC 0 rings

  5. bree says:

    man that dude dunk like no other
    and i remember another spectacular dunk when he was with orlando
    somehow it was not shown here

  6. letsgomavs25 says:

    vince carter: best dunker ever!

  7. Scott Reed says:

    This is a man that has not won anything. He is an OLD Lebron. All flash and no title. Some say that he was always on bad teams. The Nets were not bad they made it to the Finals before he showed up then they went no where after getting VC. Then he goes to the Magic, who suprise suprise they go to the finals before getting him and then they get VC and get booted by the Celtics. The man is a posion and will only be known for his Slam Dunk Title and that is it. In todays league VC is nothing better than a backup for any team that is in the hunt. VC should team up with Shaq and start new careers with ESPN.

  8. Yosi says:

    Suns are more likely to buy out Carter’s contract so they could pay only the guaranteed 4m.

    If he ends up in Chicago (with D-Rose and Boozer) or Dallas (with J-Kidd and Dirk), it would be perfect.

    OKC and New York would be the next best options.

  9. Joex_dvo.city philippines says:

    to the BULLS Rose needs a partner,,

  10. justin says:

    go to nets again or go to

    minisota timberwolves it is the team need you


  11. smoovekid731 says:


  12. smoovekid731 says:


  13. bunny says:

    go to hornets vinsanity..hel be fit w/ cp3 around…….







  20. lalala says:

    i hope VC would go to the bulls! He doesn’t have to be the leader of that team since D.Rose already is. Its a shame that VC isn’t a good leader like Kobe, with all his talents he could be a top 30 of all time. ALso want him to win a ring since he is my first favorite player and until now he is one of my favorites.

  21. Mandigo says:

    It is consensus that Vince was and still remains a great player! One that has added tremendously to the stock of the NBA in particular and basketball in general. For all you armchair sport analysts, perhaps y’all need to look at your personal lives and realise that certain things in our lives are completely out of our control. This applies to VC’s injuries; he is only human!

  22. CHARLES says:

    VINCE to the BULLS….ROSE needs a veteran scorer

  23. Michael says:

    Carter was once considered to be the best player from the 1998 NBA Draft. But since Paul Pierce and Dirk Nowitzki have won Finals MVP’s that is no longer the case.

  24. actually i change my mind if you come to celtics you should be on the bench i like ray ray better he is still good vince carter just getting worse

  25. go celtics go everyother team sucks except new york knicks because they are my 2 favourite team

  26. josh smith might come to the celtics

  27. go 2 celtics carter but i dought thats going to happen

  28. go to the celtics theyll own the line up will be

    jermaine o neal

    kevin garnett

    paul pierce

    vince carter

    rajon rondo ray allen should come off the bench because hes going to be 36 and he said he wants to be on the bench next season acoording to nba.com or the media or the celtics organization

  29. ryan says:

    i would like to see him in a LAKER uniform. trade Artest to VC. he should start at SF.
    KOBE and VINCE together is unstoppable.

    LAKER 2012 CHAMPS!


    Odom of the bench

    • Scott Reed says:

      The Lakers do not need this guy on the team. If the Lakers get him, it will set the Lakers back 10 years. The Lakers are about winning. VC is not a winner. Will never win a title. He is past his prime…..let the Raptors have him back.

  30. meow says:

    go to the KNICKS

  31. AMARE says:

    suns picked Amare at ninth? I thought he was 2nd to Yao Ming?!

  32. noelski says:

    GO TO CLEVELAND…paired with college team mates Antawn would be a good blending..

  33. E K says:

    The bulls couldve used him, when they couldnt find anybody to put up some buckets.

  34. Nick says:

    At this point of his career, it really comes down to what Vince wants. He can play a lead role on a team like Toronto, or take a paycut and be a role player for a contender like Boston or Miami. Believe it or not, he’d be a perfect fit in Miami if he would take a pay decrease and be content with a role off the bench. Really depends on what he wants.

    The days of dunking over half of the other team were done 4-5 years ago. Anyone thats seen Vince will know he’s a shooter now. He’s aging, and a risk for a team thats willing to throw big money at him. Ive read some really ridiculous comments here on Vince…

  35. Keep silent and watch the playoffs says:

    Many veteran would like to join Dallas Mavericks and VC is one of those guys. Dallas Mavericks back to back champions.

  36. Nate says:

    Sorry, as great as VC was offensively, he no longer has the speed and ups he had in those videos. Have any of you seen him play this year or even last year with the Magics? He looks old and can’t create his own shots anymore!!! Plus VC never was a good Defensive player. He will not be a good fit in Chicago, cause you can’t count on him to be consistent scorer anymore. Last years playoff with Orlando proved it, for being the second go to guy he couldn’t even help out Howard in the offensive end. He’s probably just better used as a sixth man now.

  37. eleyas says:

    who needs him anyway

  38. JR says:

    Hey cavs get vince and tmac and win a championship before lbj.

  39. John says:

    End year career where you started if you got balls.

  40. Jae says:


  41. jeremy says:

    Vince come back home to Carolina we need you as a bobcat if you will take a pay cut

  42. jb says:

    Go To Cavs….

  43. Dnzo says:

    Come to Boston…Back paul up…Celtics could use 12-14 ppg

  44. Denzo says:

    Its easy. I sort of feel bad for saying this after the effort that was made, but Bogans and Korver, Bulls get Vince.

    Then the Bulls can have another three peat ahahah

  45. Baller84 says:

    Go to the Hornets help CP3 get a ring πŸ˜€
    Or to the Bulls they need a consistend SG
    Or even the Knicks πŸ˜‰

  46. J.Lim says:

    Chicago need u, Vince! Just like many buddies said here… D-rose need another gaurd to link up the team.

  47. SixerFanEurope says:

    Insanely athletic, but average (at best) shooter, defender and ballhandler. As he got older and consequently less athletic, his game severely deteriorated. Sorry to see it, but it’s a fact.

  48. Kubilay says:

    Let’s say Vince Carter is the closest to MJ without rings and championships.
    I wish him to go to a good team like Dallas Mavericks or Chicago Bulls.
    Maybe New York Knicks.

  49. Prince says:

    If NY get carter they will most likely get Howard…they need someone to play D

  50. Prince says:

    He should go to NY!!!

  51. Joe buck says:

    Vince Carter would be a nice fit with the bulls, to help take some of the heavy load off of rose, but he is inconiostent does not go to the rim anymore. Does not play D and is not clutch and worst of all he is injury prone. But he would def be an upgarde for the bulls in scoring department.

  52. Tony says:

    From recent posts from the playoffs maybe Vince Carter would be a good fit in OKC I think most people would agree that it was inexperience that effected OKC in the playoffs but maybe if they had the experience of Vince Carter it might help in those types of situations. I guess that would depend on whether he wants to be the scorer of the team or whether he’d be a role player.

  53. Paolo Santos says:

    in order fo VC to get on a rthym…is to give the ball to him early in the game and make plays for him and if he will missed shots,don’t sent him right away on the bench like alvin did to him…if he missed,keep on giving him the ball..he just need more touch to be a scorer like he was in his younger days…and make him a starter,not a bench player.he is to good just to be a player coming off the bench…

  54. Diego says:

    welcome to Bulls!

  55. Mental1981 says:

    Carter for Artest in LA is a just move.

  56. Brandon says:

    Vince would be a perfect fit in Chicago. A veteran two-gaurd who can handle the ball and provides CLUTCH and leadership is exactly what Chi Town needs. Some may say he’s a waste of talent, but he’s proven his worth over the years & there is still an ample amount of gas in the tank. Dallas would also be a decent fit for Vince, providing even more depth to their line up slashing alongside Caron Butler and Shawn Marion.

  57. Pierre says:

    half man half amazing aka vinsanity should hook up with the chicago bulls because he’s a veteran and a starter with great scoring, even thou he’s not what he was years ago but i see him playing with a team like the bulls because d rose would need him in his plays he makes and the bulls doesn’t have shooting guard like him and never had a shooting guard like him since the mj era, but he would that special ingredient that the chicago bulls thirst for and once playing and starting for the bulls i believe that vince carter would regain his libido he once played with in his hey day years playing with a so promising team the bulls a have next season

  58. Real says:

    Haha..look at you, everyone is being an expert.

  59. Connor says:

    VC needs to go to the Knicks because they really don’t have a dominant SG (or Center for that matter)
    Other options are:
    Miami (move D-Wade to PG)(Miami also needs a dominant center)
    Mavs (why do the mavs even start stevenson? terry or if carter comes are both much better)
    Heck maybe even Philly

  60. msingyheat says:

    VC GREATEST NBA DUNKER ALL TIME!! yeah i said it! please come Miami lets get you a ring in your final few years…

  61. Michael Jayfox says:

    Carter to OKC

    They badly need a guy like him which will play at 2 guard.

  62. Karl says:

    VC should go to the Miami where he could be good fit off the bench or to the Chicago. Bulls need a decent shooting guard.

    My picks. Miami,Chicago,dallas or Boston. Many choices…

  63. ChrisC says:

    to “larry”,

    ALL shooting guards become jump shooters when they get into their 30s. And VC is a very good three point shooter, so you don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s shot over 40% from three in three different seasons, and shoots 37.4% from three career. That’s a very good number. It’s better than Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Jason Richardson, Pierce, Kidd, and many many others.

  64. Alphablondie says:

    In what way, exactly, is the end of Carter’s career cruel and sad? The only sad thing is how much he wasted his immense talent. Vince Carter will go down in history as the player who did the least with the most talent. After his first 3 or 4 seasons, he stopped working on improving his game and neglected his conditioning. Health issues and poor or spotty production followed. “Half man-half a season” is a more fitting moniker than any other. Carter made plenty of money and let down plenty of teammates along the way. He is so lazy and disengaged, Gentry chose to bench him down the stretch of this season because his presence on the floor was hurting the team. Can you imagine that happening to Jordan in his early 30s? Carter is supposed to still be in his prime yet he’s fading faster than a blown-out light bulb. That alone speaks volumes about Carter’s motivation and attitude. If you are going to feel bad for him, feel bad for his lack of will and work ethic.

  65. Rondo9 says:

    VC to the T Wolves may be a good idea for the Wolves, a proven scorer to compliment all the young guys, heck it might even reignite Vinces game. However trading Derrick Williams is just not an option. A much better idea is a package invlolving the #20 draft pick and another young player like Johnny Flynn as the suns desperately need to get younger. This trade would benefit both teams, Personally i like the sounds of a starting lineup of, Rubio, Carter, (Williams/ Beasley), Love & Randolph. Add a few more good rotation players and its a team for the future

    • Larry Legend says:

      sorry man dont think rubio gonna start watch nba tv once in awhile thay were talking about him being third string point guard

  66. AusRob says:

    All things being honest though, Carter only once found himself on a true contender (Magic in 2009-10). Toronto have never been a serious league threat, when he joined the Nets it was over a year removed from the glory days of 2002-2003. Then the Suns, well, when they lost Amare Stoudemire they lost a little of their heart. Wish Steve Nash would get traded somewhere decent, maybe to that great retirement home in the NBA known as the Boston Celtics πŸ™‚ He should go to Miami though, not because I’m in any way a Miami fan, but because if they win the championship seeing Steve Nash as a winner would make it at least bearable.

  67. kevin says:

    i would say miami ( not a miami fan ) then you could have a good back-up carter would easy avg. 17ppg and miami could need someone with his skills if they can afford him.. but hope he can find a team because it would be sad to see him leave….

  68. maro says:

    he dont play def = so sorry VC you belong to teams that not bother play offs

  69. Beber says:

    Quite difficult to find a new team with a player like Vince Carter… He could choose a loosing (rebuilding) team like the Nets / Bobcats … But one thing is sure : he won’t certainly remain under the Suns jersey next season
    But why not the Bulls ? Chicago is in crual need of a shooting guard who could brings more than 10pp. Vince could still bring almost 15pp if he wants… Bringing points ok, but about defense and motivation ?? But does he still want to play ? Since his trade to the Suns, he did not score a lot, losing his playing time and then his starting spot for Jared Dudley… Except the Bulls…we still have the Mavs (Peja is probably considering retirement / will be Butler healthy ?) or the Knicks… Do you imagine the offense ? Amare – Carmelo – Billups (if he can support the rythm imposed by his coach) and Carter ?
    Ok let’s see : Mavs or Bulls… 50-50 lol

  70. Matt says:

    I want to see a team brave enough to sign Iverson, Carter and McGrady and start all three.

  71. marv23 says:


  72. Dew says:

    watch san antonio take a shot at him. seems the spurs like veteran players anyhow…remember doc rivers, terry porter, dominque wilkins, moses malone, dennis rodman, chuck person, mario elie, robert horry, steve kerr. yeah, i can see him going to san antonio. especially to team up with RJ again.

  73. alfredisonfire says:

    he should join miami in replacement for mike miller :))

  74. Yoann says:

    Boston would make good use of him too…
    Then there’s a number of teams that could use him 20-25min off the bench. He’d score 12ppg…

    My fav player of all time. Such sad events in his career. It’s tough, almost impossible to be a Carter fan these days !….

  75. cuban for president says:

    i can’t see the mavs taking on carter, especially now with young guys like beaubois and jones and to a lesser extent corey brewer. i hope they don’t try to take him anyway.

    he is still a reasonably good shooter, roughly 45% over the last two years and as everyone’s said he can create and is a great finisher. he also hasn’t had any major injuries which makes him more attractive than michael redd.

    i hope he goes to chicago and becomes a beast for the bulls.

  76. spectator says:

    go to miami with wade at point carter at sg lebron at sf. haters will hate more. lmaof =)

  77. alvin081988 says:

    trade vince to caron butler…if that’s possible..hahaha MAvs would benefit from it

  78. Marley says:

    There is no heir to MJ, and never will be, the closest thing to MJ is Kobe, and there the story finishes !!
    BTW Vince go to Detroit

  79. t5 says:

    VC plays like an old gizzard with nothing left on his tank.

  80. Win says:

    This guy was a video game back in the day, just amazing.

  81. dirkfadesaway says:

    vinsanity is the best dunker i have ever seen in this planet, hand down!!!!!! he can join dallas because dallas lacks a fancy dunker and it will bring more excitment in the game which is already a champions town.

  82. JOLAS says:

    VC please go to MIAMI.. and Miami please trade him to Antonio Mcdysse

  83. Chris says:

    Carter could be a good fit in Dallas, if they can’t keep Peja and if they can get him for small money. The Mavs will have a hard time keeping all their rotation players, cause they’ll have to spend a lot to keep Tyson Chandler… IF (!!!) Carter is willing to come off the bench, I think this could work. It worked with Stackhouse some years ago, it works fine with Terry right now, Marion and Butler accepted their “lesser” roles. Of course, another older player is not really what Dallas needs, but like I said, if they can’t keep their bench together (and I’m sure Cuban already knows a tendency if he can keep them), Carter would be a real option to maintain a good bench-scoring-punch for next season! (There would even be a starter’s job, if Stevenson leaves… he’s a free agent too, I think…)
    I’d rather have the “old” crew back with Chandler, Barea, Stevenson, etc., but if that’s not possible, why wouldn’t they want to have Carter. I even think in this veteran team, there would be enough players who look after him, going to practice a lot harder than he did ever before!

  84. VinsanityFan says:

    Go To Boston VC :D….

  85. knicksfan2k11 says:

    let tje knicks get him they could use for offense bcuz i noticed somtimes theys truggle offensively, he cld definitley give them a more steady flow sharing minutes with fields dont 4get this guy is clutch

  86. tsskk says:

    GO TO HOUSTON VINCE. I SAY HOUSTON NEEDS HIM. VC WILL BE A GOOD ADDITION TO HOUSTONS BENCH. ALSO HE MAY BE HAPPY WITH THE WAY HOUSTON PLAYS? if ever yao goes back into his “BEST” shape and maybe try to at least play most of the season HOUSTON may Be at the top of West Conf again (with oklahoma of course)

    • tsskk says:


      • Laker Fan Since 1975 says:

        you had it right VC to the bench……no longer good enough to be a starter…..he scores 30 one night and then less than 10 for the next 15 games. No longer a top player in the league anymore.



  88. stof says:

    I’m a big fan of VC. Frankly i didn’t expect him to still beΓ―ng able to play at 34, because the insane above the rim play really must weight on his body. So don’t say he doesn’t put in the work, he takes care of his body.
    The Suns just weren’t a good fit, I knew in advance this wasn’t going to work.
    I just hope he won’t be tossed around the league.
    I think Minesota would be a great fit for him. They need a veteran leader for that young core and he can be that man, he showed that in NJ when Kidd and Jefferson were already traded. He might not get a ring but it can revive his career and show how great he is. It would also prove those who doubt he is HOF material wrong, because he belonges, he has meant a lot to this league.

  89. ryan says:

    Go to LAKERS!

  90. tom says:

    VC is 1 of my fave highflyer player in 2000,i even got his NETS jersey in my closet. He deserved to any team , Pacers,Bucks,Bobcats are best destination for him. but if Chicago will be interested on him. ALAS! that would be a good fit since theyre looking veteran SG that could spark D-Rose ability in penetrating of both end in offense…

  91. Infamous says:

    Raptors! Where it all began.

  92. Bragi Einarsson says:

  93. aj main says:


  94. Taigi says:

    Vince carter will go to NY,

  95. Ron Biggs says:

    Vince may end up in becoming a Celtic, most veteran free agents get offers from Boston Celtics and I can definitely see him heading that way. I don’t think that would be a bad move at all for him and the Celtics.

  96. motki says:

    this guy will end up with the silver and black in texas believe me…ill bet my @#!#$%!@ off with this prediction

  97. nic says:

    if VINCE CARTER want to prolong his NBA career, he should sign with the Miami HEAT. at least he’ll get to play 20-25 minutes the most then the HEAT need 3 points shooter which i see Vince Carter are doing now. He have already limited his driving to the basket and daredevil move which he once known for.. Sign with Miami Heat and win a Ring then retire πŸ™‚

  98. manny says:

    vince is not that old. when i see jabron james it remindes me of vince carter a once verty athletic player who overnight became a jump shooter and very satisfied with tbeing a complementary player. Vincer always sprain his ancles and had to take time of and now as an older player it seem like he lost the disire to win it all and just try to stay on the court to get paid.

  99. AIR CANADA says:

    VC was the Best Raptor EVER!!! I’m from Toronto and I know everybody Hates on him..But He put Toronto on the MAP…i mean we had NBA on NBC every Sunday when he was a raptor…He took us to the playoffs and we actually won…HIm and Iverson dropping 50 a game in that series was AMAZING!!! Vince’s Jersey should be Retired at The ACC..after all he did have the first ever 2 points in that Arena…no mattter how much TDOT hates on VC I still got nuttin but love for him

  100. Alvin says:

    VC had a great show for all of us. I think it’s time for him to do his contribution off the bench in a championship caliber team. the best fit team would be Miami (They been hallin veterans), Knicks, OKC (as a Vet), Memphis, and Dallas. But he should sacrifice some money to get into this teams.

  101. mana says:

    i see him on the HEAT bench with bibby haslem jones and miller

  102. catmeyo says:

    Hey!!!!!!!! Carter Return to Raptor

  103. Crucialcigar says:

    Lebron Shames should really study Vince Carter’s career.
    This is a living example that if you don’t address your weakness in your game
    You will end up a contract people try to trade for relief..

    Vince carter has the highest protential in his era, however he really never improve his game and condition (- injury prone) lead to ineffective and shorten peak period.

    let’s hope Lebron work on his post game, jumper and condition

  104. Jacye Staggs says:

    VINCESANITY and CRAZYMcGrady are seriously talking about joining the Clippers to offer veteran leaderships πŸ˜€ hahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. jordan Ma' main man says:

    i like to see vc play some D… to complete his game.. then go to C’s or to Miami..and finish his career there

  106. oshea says:

    People come on now, you cant say VC didnt have heart. He played his heart out until the end of his time in Toronto. At the same time, when did he ever have a really well rounded team besides that 1 1/2 seasons in ORL? From 2000-2005 Kobe, T-Mac, and VC were without question consistently the best SG’s in the league. I hate when ppl downplay what Carter has done. Kobe was lucky enough to not have gotten the injury bug like the other two. I agree though, we could use him in Chicago.

  107. hey says:

    go to chicago! there is no good shooting guard there and you and derric rose would be perfict!

  108. Juice3008 says:

    Now, where is the Vince Carter dunk from the USA game OVER the 7’0 Frederic Weiss? Why is that not the number 1 Vince Carter dunk?

  109. Jess says:

    Ring or no ring! That’s not the question. He will never get it.
    Same as his cousin, TMac, VC does’nt have a heart in game, the trip of NBA makes them rich, rich enough to provide a wonderful/luxury life for the rest of the years, that is all. They had come to the end of their profession soon as the big fat contract had been signed. They play dumb, injured, and they don’t care.
    It is no doubt that some teams should have interest on them, there were the star with lots of fans. It is good for ticketing.

    • otis says:

      You do know T-Mac had to major injuries back to back and back problems to boot.
      Before, but still plays for the love of the game.
      lol he easily could’ve have retired comfortably.
      He may not be the T-Mac from the Houston and Orlando days.
      He and Vince are different in the heart department.

  110. The Rocker says:

    Go 2 Miami VC! D-Wade can then play PG

  111. KLO says:

    Go back to the nets!

  112. Rock&Roll says:

    Im with you VC wherever team you go!

  113. sean says:

    The suns better get rid of carter and get something good in return. He was hit or miss every game. The trade obviously made us worse (again) Aside from the addition of gortat. So phx can we please make a GOOD DEAL that makes us better??

  114. Farseer says:

    the wise move would be Detroit team up with T-Mac, to bad you 2 couldnt get along in Raptors, would have rings on your fingers today πŸ™‚

  115. heatfan says:

    we will get Tmac, camby and VC next year and we will show raptors how to win rings with those 3 guys

  116. michr16 says:

    go to MIAMI and play along side with the other JORDAN HEIR WANNABE CHOKER! lol!

  117. VC fan says:

    Go to Asia and play as an import!

    • Larry Legend says:

      ya he could score 40 points a game like ny fellow indiana native bonzi wells did go bonzi

  118. Marc Jay says:

    I want Vince to experience a championship… *sigh* before he even retire. He’s really one pf my faves in this league. πŸ™‚

  119. jax says:

    @jwy of Singapore-TADO KA! ungas mukang unggoy!

  120. jc says:

    think he should go to miami he could be there sixth man or start at pg or he could go to chicago they need at sg no way hes going to new york there awful defense and ball hogging sf pretty sure he wants to win a championship with the bulls or heat

  121. Regg says:

    Vince Carter to Boston!!!!!
    Would b a great fit and the C’s are known for getting the elderly.

  122. Larry Bird says:

    chris paul and dwight are mine pacers are gonna have their first championship granger,paul,howard, and vc

  123. Larry Bird says:

    I’m already looking at him for a trade he will fit perfectly with danny and the pacers

  124. lets GO mavs!!!! says:

    go to dallas vc and be a great second unit with jkidd.

  125. AusRob says:

    Vince Carter will play somewhere else in the NBA if only as an attraction to get the people through the gates. Perhaps more interesting than where he will go is whether or not he’s good enough for the Basketball Hall of Fame. There are a number of players now who are locks: Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Steve Nash, Reggie Miller (this needs to happen), Shaq, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard. I believe right now those players have achieved enough in this league.

    Carter falls into that second tier of players which include the likes of: Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Shane Battier and Manu Ginoboli who are no doubt fine players but may not have the personal credentials which elevate them up into the HOF locks. Carter’s greatest credential perhaps is re-igniting the Slam Dunk competition and winning one of the most incredible performances in NBA All-Star Weekend history. Is that tangible enough for a HOF place? My guess would be no only because the field will be very intense for a few years to come.

    • NBAFan says:

      Vince is not a hall of fame player. He was extremely valuable to the league in the same way Shaq was because he entertained and he was unpredictable (in a good way). He brought excitement to the game and probably the best dunker we’ve ever seen.

      On a side note, Manu Ginobili is a total lock for the Hall of Fame. It’s not the NBA H.O.F but the basketball H.O.F. He won a
      euroleague title, the olympics and an NBA title, one of only 2 players to ever do it (Granted only a select few have attempted it but still an awesome feat). He was the best player on the Argentina team to beat the US team in the olympics for the first time ever.
      In the NBA, one of the best 6th men the NBA has ever seen (arguably the best), 3 titles as a key contributer and he is the winngingest player of this era with a total win percentage (regular season and playoffs) of .702. Ahead of the likes of Lebron, Shaq, Kobe, Duncan, Garnett, AI, Nash, Nowitski…etc.

      Pau Gasol is probably a H.O.Fer and I’d throw Chris Paul into the discussion as well. People have forgot just how good Paul is. IMO he is a top 3/4 player in this league and still the best PG in our league. He’s not a H.O.Fer yet but if he can be surrounded by better players than he can showcase his talents in the playoffs more regularly.

    • Jake says:

      Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Shane Battier are nowhere near as good as Vince has been for the past decade. His career numbers are very similar to Dr. J’s (look it up I promise) and he’s performed better in the playoffs. He was the ROY and he won an Olympic Gold Medal in 2000. In terms of pure basketball ability, not accomplishments which are usually the result of a great player being on a great team, he’s better than more than the majority of the players in the HOF. He helped elevate the game to new heights and kept people interested in the NBA during the post-Jordan years of the early 2000’s. If he doesn’t find a place in the hall it will be a shame.

      Also, I agree with NBAFan, Manu is a lock for the hall. He’s one of the greatest winners the sport has ever seen.

  126. vince says:


  127. Chabo says:

    VC to NEW ORLEANS!! =)

    • knicksfan7 says:

      theres no way vc is going to new orleans cause chris paul is going to be in a knicks jersey after next year

  128. knicksfan7 says:

    he would perfectly in new york or chicago on a mid expection pay cause new york and chicago both need a shooting guard to score

  129. joe smith says:

    Hopefully by now Vince will understand that high flying jams, and body shaking does not add up to rings. Maybe a little bit more of TEAM instead of I. I guess it’s too late unless He decides to go and join Boston Celtics

  130. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    VC was a waste of talent. He had amazing body too but he’s lack in heart. Imagine if he had heart and will like kobe or jordan? last decade might have been more interesting. he might even get a ring or two if he play his heart out like kobe. if he gave his best and denied title like malone, ewing,….. i can understand but VC was a waste of talent. kemp and coleman were same boat with VC…..i hope great players in today NBA don’t follow VC and waste their talents cuz it’s not only a waste of their potential but not giving their all is also insult to us NBA fans

  131. Philip says:

    what happend to him?

  132. Tinkerbell says:


  133. lakersforever says:

    what would make most sense in out of everything you said is for chicago to go and get him but if I were them I would still be going after JR smith or a younger guard I wouldnt depend on Vince to be a huge help to any team

  134. Dan says:

    Vince has had a great career. He’s no longer the 1st option, but can still contribute 14-16 a game and be a valuable part of a team. New York should take notice – they don’t play defense anyways. It seemed that Orlando tried to make him a spot-up shooter, which he isn’t. Phoenix did some of the same, and his strengths are slashing and getting to the rim.

    If Phoenix buys out the last year of his deal (as expected), he’ll be signed and playing in 2011-12, mark my words. He’s not the wasted talent (Iverson, Marbury) or a coach-killer. Chicago would be a good landing spot, he’d be an upgrade over anyone at the two-guard there. New York, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Detroit, Utah, Golden State, all could be possible landing spots for the former Air Canada.

    • knicksfan7 says:

      there is going to be a big difference in the knicks defense this year especially when we get wilson chandler back the only team that will have more fire power than the knicks is the miami heat

    • Jake says:

      Nice comment.

  135. Christia Joel Tagocon says:

    Carter has alot of choices, he can help Kidd, be an elder for Chicago line-up and put LeBrone to 2nd five Miami for Carter. In that way Wade can relly on Carter to score while time expires.

  136. anthony says:

    vinsanity …wat can i say…i have a soft spot for vince…he was absolutely amazing in his day and it would be a downright shame if he was to leave, vince still has some spark in him, he showed glimpses whilst with the magic….he still has alot to offer to the game and to a young upcoming team…..i’d love to see him back in a magic uniform….but otis smith was stupid enough to trade him and half the magic roster for a much weaker team….otis smith if ur reading resign vince

  137. MIAMI HEAT FAN says:


    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      HUH!!! WOOO!!! Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady to Miami? That’s not going to happen…. Tracy McGrady should stay where is and Vince Carter is definitely not landing to Miami…. he doesn’t want to be the back seat of Wade, James, and Bosh!!!! Why would he want to be a bench player???

  138. Lee says:

    he should go back to Toronto, they need a solid veteran in that team and its the team where he did shine as an all-star.. his return may create a stir that could help them at least fight for the last playoff spot in the east, i think he still got what it takes, Vince just gotta be aggressive.

    • bones says:

      You obviously have little sense…..are you from Toronto? If you are then you realize that Vince is the most hated man in the history of Toronto sports….why would we want Judas back…..get off that!!!

  139. MIAMI HEAT FAN says:


  140. Dustin Bourque says:

    He is toward the end of his career. I suggest MIA, and they also need a vet PG to take a pay cut and join aswell…. maybe steve nash…. or anyone else whos chasing a ring before retirement.

  141. Lebron says:

    vince carter has some nice dunks but watch my top 10

  142. Leonardo Noviello says:

    Best dunker of his era!!
    Could be the best player? Maybe,,,
    But… He never peak… And at 34 he hasn’t any time for that.

    Next MJ, no no no… There isn’t a next MJ… And never will be a next MJ.

    Carter, Iverson… tsc tsc… Even Lebron and Kobe… They can only shine MJ shoes…

  143. nav singh says:

    VC can stil revive his career he just needs to get in the gym and practice

  144. Grant Winfrey says:

    the bulls should pick carter up — they need a shooting guard who can score, and they dont have many big contracts

    • CarmeloNYK says:

      im a huge knicks fan and i would love to see him come to NY, but i think Chicago is his best fit.

  145. YeeDog says:

    man, carter is my favourite player, i still wear the raptors 15 that’s in my closet

  146. Jerome says:

    He should come to Dallas and come off the bench and he is used to playing with JKidd so it would be perfect

  147. KevinD says:

    Vince has certainly not lived up to his potential injuries and all aside. However, I doubted that he could play with Steve Nash and I was proven right. Steve Nash is a brilliant player but he must have the ball in his hands all the time and Vince isn’t much of a spot up shooter, he likes to make his move to get into his rhythm. I wasn’t surprised that Hedo didn’t cut it at Phoenix either. As long as you have Steve Nash, you need great shooters more than great scorers.

    • adam cavnar says:

      One lifetime line is Carter’s the other belongs to a ‘superstar’

      Career — 993 968 36.5 0.476 0.381 0.877 1.2 7.2 8.4 2.7 0.9 1.0 1.92 2.58 23.0
      Career — 925 907 36.4 0.445 0.374 0.797 1.4 3.8 5.2 4.0 1.2 0.7 2.21 2.95 22.2

      High flyers and guys who live on quickness never last as long. Its fragile stuff

      The other line is Dirk’s

      • clite26 says:

        so how did Jordan, koby, and Jason, Shaq etc last so long in the league they all used speed and quickness as a weapon. Dirk is a great a player without the speed and quickness just like zack Randolph but really big stiffs like Dirk usaully dont last long or hold up well..

    • lakersforever says:

      thank you i think you are the only one that made a good comment

  148. Chelsea says:

    While it is a legitimate sentiment to feel this way about Carter, and most definitely after watching some of his most elevating moments in the league, it would be remiss to say that the Suns are simply “tossing him aside”, Alvin Gentry and the Suns coaching staff yielded him every opportunity since his acquisition to be productive and effective, often playing with line ups with no detriment to his minutes to see how he felt most comfortable within the roster. Unfortunately, Vince proved well less than consistent, with few enough glimmers of solid outings to get up the hope of Planet Orange. And to go slightly deeper, Vince was not a focal point of the trade that he was packaged in. If anything he was the part you consider a “wash”…won’t help dramatically but won’t detriment terribly (although one hoped to see a ‘sun’-sational reemergence). The keys to that deal were dumping Hedo’s contract (which unfortunately came at the price of attaching Richardson, the Suns premiere scorer since the departure of Amare) and bringing on a big man in Marcin Gortat to then have a better chance of enticing a worth-while Power Forward to come to PHX. So if casting aside Vince Carter means the Phoenix Suns, who are the 4th all-time ‘winning-est’ franchise in the NBA (and the only 1 of those 4 without a ring) can draft younger and have more leverage during the off season to bring about the roster needed to get them out the statistic previously mentioned…well then, best of luck Mr. Carter. Hope you have enjoyed your time in the Valley of the Sun.

  149. HJP says:

    I think a great team for Vince Carter to go to is the San Antonio Spurs, because his Vinsanity can spread to all the Spurs players like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili they can become the greastest team in the NBA. And when Dwight Howard can come to San Antonio they’ll become invincible. Send Vince Carter to San Antonio for Richard Jefferson.

    • Lakerfan4ever!!! says:

      Ah for starters, why would Dwight Howard go to San Antonio? San Antonio is not that good if u can see… They totally screwed their season up… Their season was just a fluke, losing to Memphis, that is pretty sad!!! Richard Jefferson had a good year, Vinsanity did not… Dwight Howard would never join Duncan and the Spurs…. he is either going to Chicago, New York, or LA Lakers…. Spurs rather hunt for younger players because the Spurs is getting old!!!

      • otis says:

        Memphis is good team as you saw obviously this year if they had Rudy OKC might have had to pack their bags.

      • HJP says:

        As you can see the Spurs were the top seed in the west did the Lakers do that, I don’t think so they were better it was just injuries. Dwight Howard is a great fit in San Antonio because his youth can help that team become a championship team again. Now the Lakers are too great of a team to have Dwight Howard I mean they had a two-peat championship and I thin that Tim Duncan will be delighted to have Dwight Howard join the Spurs that way no more showing off Lakers. Now Vince Carter is still seeking a championship and I think that when he comes here and the Spurs can trade away a point guard. When Vince Carter and Dwight Howard join the San Antonio Spurs along with Tim Suncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili, they can become the mightiest team the NBA has seen other than the Miami Heat.

      • marq123 says:

        like the lakers getting swept after winning back-to-back championships was a better season.lol.

      • tata says:

        The best team ever was the Bulls with Rodman and Longley. 72-10

      • Jake says:

        At least they put up a fight…unlike the Lakers. Plus, if Memphis and L.A. were to play a 7 game series right now I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Memphis won. Also, you forgot that Manu was playing with a FRACTURED ELBOW.

  150. Svetlqka says:

    He is the best dunker ever, anyway (sorry MJ). He shouldn’t be gone of Orlando anyway. He has 9 of the top 10 greatest dunks ever and the best dunk contest.

    • otis says:

      J-Rich had a sick Dunk Contest.
      Vince is the flashiest dunker.
      Wilkins or Kemp is the Nastiest Dunkers.
      MJ has the most Finset to his dunks. MJ made dunking look elegant.

      • YouKnowNothing says:

        actually no. all of those would be vince. he is the best, flashiest, nastiest, best dunk contest, best in-game dunker ever. period.

  151. ala says:

    the pacers could use him

  152. Vincent Van Genechten says:

    If I were him: ask for a cheap but not that cheap contract in Miami or New York and be the leader of the second unit.

    In addition, his top 10 career dunks by NBATV are really off the mark. It should be:

    1. VC shi.. on Zo (correct)
    2. VC over Tim Duncan
    3. VC over Dikembe
    4. VC spin and dunk on Divac
    5. VC over Big Ben
    6. VC biggest windmill ever against Bucks
    7. VC huge alleyoops vs. Bucks and Clippers
    8. VC against Pacers up and under.
    9. VC on Josh Smith
    10. VC on Eddie Griffin.

    HM: VC on uhm OVER Weis?!

    • McLovin says:

      I’m not sure but are one of those his Olympic dunk? That was easily the filthiest dunk I’ve ever seen

      • Vincent Van Genechten says:

        It’s the HM (honorable mention) because it was not an NBA dunk. I know this one was his best dunk ever, and for that the best dunk ever seen on a basketball court.

    • knicksfan7 says:

      he will go to the knicks over the heat

    • Daniel says:

      honestly I don’t understand y people think the dunk on mourning was so great..like i would proly put it at like number 8 or 9 on this list…

      • kobe > thad young > lebron says:

        well it wasnt flashy but it was very mean; don’t forget zo is one of the greatest shot-blockers of all time. i know what you mean though. i think it probably was actually his best dunk, although i’ve seen d-rose, russ westbrook, and definitely shannon brown miss dunks that were more exciting than vc’s dunk on zo. weird…

      • Kobe > Young > Cena > LeBron says:


      • Jake says:

        His dunk against Zo was filthy! He hung, cocked it waaaaay back, and then just detonated on the 7-footer. Plus he had a sick around the back move beforehand.

      • Vincent Van Genechten says:

        Why? That is simple: he drove, jumped, pushed away one of the best shot blockers to ever play the game (in his old days but still) with his shoulder, hung in the air doing a tomahawk forever and than stuffed it home like nobody’s business. That’s why.

    • kobe > thad young > lebron says:

      if “HM” means honorable mention here i disagree… vc over weis (the olympic dunk) is easily the greatest dunk in the history of organized basketball – meaning games, not contests.

      the funny thing is, you could make a top 200 vc dunks vid and watch the whole thing for an hour without losing interest.

      food for thought: what height did the high-jumpers clear at those olympics? freddie weis is 7’2″….

      • Vincent Van Genechten says:

        You are correct, HM = honorable mention. I placed it there because it was not in the NBA. I don’t discredit the dunk because this one is the best one by VC and without an argument, by any player ever. VC is the most complete dunker ever. He combined Michael’s flair and Nique’s power.

  153. Otep Nitura says:

    i suggest vince carter goes back to TORONTO..and then retire…

  154. Angelo says:

    I think the SUNS should try to trade Vince Carter to Minnesota or Cleveland for Derrick Williams.

  155. Ldeez says:

    father time didn’t do carter in; it was his lack of work ethic. He’s the same age as a lot of other players who are still playing at an elite level. carter is a great example of how potential is only useful if you are willing to put in the time and effort to see it come to reality.

    • Chelsea says:

      couldnt agree more…i thought he would be able to take a page out of nash or hill’s book but precisely his work ethic wouldnt allow this….

      • F.S says:

        WOW…that is ignorant…
        no players can average great numbers year after year without having a good work ethic…
        its works the same in any field and anything …

      • larry says:

        this is not ignorant. Carter has been given plenty of opportunity. If you are a die heart suns fan (as I am) you would know. Coah Alvin Gentry said in an interview after a game in Toronto (shortly after he was traded to the SUNS) to AZ republic on how they want Carter to be THAT guy. And I was there in the tripple overtime loss against LA Fakers. he took way way too much 3 point shots in the cornor and none of them went in. Had he decide to put in the helmet and drive to the basket he couldve at least get fouls and go to free throw line and the SUNS probably would win that game after the 3rd quarter come back. He is not a 3 point shoter never was and prob never will. He is a slasher and a GREAT finisher. I love Carter since he came into the league. but he is too inconsistent.

        Anyone remember his playoff game against philly? how he had a barrage of 3s in one game and completely dissapeared in the next game? I think that sums it up. Most SUNS fan will tell you this. We love Carter but he just has to go. he has the pleasure to work with Nashty and HIll (2 of the all time greats and Hall of fame bound) but he just lacks the motivation to do anything. He should learn from Gortat. look at his numbers.

      • Jake says:

        @ Larry

        I believe Carter has hit 9 threes in a game before, and he’s a 37% shooter from three during his career which is pretty good.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:


        you are the ignorant one here. A player CAN avg great numbers and HAVE poor work ethic. Carter dominated in those previous years in Tornoto and NJ because he was VERY atheltic, great athletism can cover up just how much a player works on their game or not. Its evident now in his older years, without his jumping ability, carter stays out of the lane settling for a lot of 3pters in which he was never good at….

        I say the same will become of lebron james, once you lose your speed, quickness, and jumping ability, all that penetrating the lane comes to an end. You see kobe does alot more step back jumpers and pump fakes because of his ability NOT to get to the rim as in his younger days, but Kobe has always had a smoove fire jumpshot, Lebron doesnt, Kobe has a post up game, Lebron doesnt, if Lebron doesnt get his act together and ACTUAL workout in the offseason with some former greats HE will end up just like Vince Carter…I swear

    • Schemer21 says:

      Ignorance is stating somethin without knowing the facts…
      Carter himself admitted he never really gave 100% throughout his career, particularly when he was with Toronto…
      The man said it himself.

      • Jake says:

        He did give up that last year in Toronto, but I think injuries have slowed Vince down more than anything. Bad knees and have cost Carter that elite athleticism that made him so good to begin with.

  156. Blueprint says:

    “Don’t be too in a rush to try to find the next Michael Jordan. There’s not gonna be another Michael Jordan.”

    • Raptor4lyfe says:

      agreed. People gotta stop doing that. Jordan is unique and one of the greatest and to say there will be another is just silly!!!

  157. STFU_NOOB says:

    To chicago/orlando please.

    • McLovin says:

      lmao Orlando wouldn’t want him back… they traded him to the Suns for J-Rich. As for Chicago, they probably don’t want to give up what they would have to trade for him, unless the Suns are just giving him away, which they could be. I can’t really see a team where he would fit in and contribute correctly right now… dare I say New York? That could just end up ruining what they DO have, but it could work too

      • hasibm says:

        Carter won’t warrant a good player, he’ll be gone with or without a trade, so the Suns are probably going to deal him for a young but not spectacular prospect, or even late pick.

        Chicago has the 28th and 30th pick. They could trade one of those picks for Carter and it’s fair game both ways, maybe Suns will take Bogans along with the pick.

        Overall the cost for Carter isn’t going to be a big deal, it’s just the destination.

      • smoovekid731 says:

        werd he should go to the knicks

    • Michael says:

      I definitely agree about the Chicago deal. Orlando would most likely not go back to Carter, they already experienced what he did with them, it would be illogical to do it again. Chicago on the other hand are in desperate need of a veteran/leader at the 2-guard that could create off the dribble and consistently relieve d-rose from pressure. If Carter is used wisely, he could average about 14-17 ppg which could drastically improve this already improved Chicago team.

      • js says:

        agreed, hes going to want to play for a contender for the remainder of his career which id say hes got 2 or 3 years maybe b/c he looked real old with the suns I hate to say it. He had some good nights but others it just looked like he was ready to call it quits. But I think a good fit like the Bulls he could get it a go for a couple seasons to try and win a ring, and the bulls could definitely use the help in scoring. They already have a young athletic bench for defensive purposes so his role is going to be right, unlike in orlando where they had no other real perimeter defenders after letting matt barnes go. Other than the bulls the celtics could give him a look. Again alot of this hinges on the bargaining agreement and what kind of exceptions there will be, if any.

      • JC says:

        i agree with chicago, d-rose needs another guard to help him out, they made a real good run with him but you could see he was getting tired towards the end of the season, they have good players but it always seems to be rose that has to take the pressure, carter would be able to help them out with his experiance and if they keep him healthy he will be that extra help the bulls need to push them for another run towards a championship. iv gota admit that would be a team to watch!

      • mike says:

        Carter is the perfect and the best player available for their need at SG. And they don’t have to give up anything to get him. Suns are trying to deal him but won’t keep him anyway. Chicago can give up some future picks.

  158. RM Poe says:

    How many heirs did or does he have? I thought this question went away last week but guess it will not go away.. Good writing but the story is already been told at http://tinyurl.com/5umdwxo

    • jwy of Singapore says:


      • knicksfan7 says:

        there is no one playing in MILWAUKEE for the bucks that could scorev with vince carter theres no way hes going there

      • Yasmir says:

        You shold have put Carters dunk over that sorry 7 foot something french guy in the highlight reel … don’t remember if it was an olympics game or International World championship. Anyway, that was a serious dunk πŸ˜€ Just loved it πŸ™‚

      • Jamal says:

        Therein lies the problem. They couldn’t show the Olympics dunk because it isn’t copyrighted by the NBA. It’s why you will so rarely see it outside of Youtube.

    • jwy of Singapore says:


    • R4 says:

      Vince shoulr of never left toronto raptors. He an idiot in sheep clothing. Everything he had in Toronto he never got in any other team. He had a shoe deal in Toronto, He was always voted a top voter getter in Toronto, His jersey were in the top ten in Toronto. You see the pattern here. There had never begin a player that left Toronto that has ascended there status to stardom. This would of begin the team if Vince and T-Mac had stay. They would of had Chris Bosh and maybe instead of trading for a big three it could of begin a team that drafted the big three. Alot of players don’t know about Toronto its not the fault of us in canada but your school system that doesn’t want to educate that there more to the world than america. Toronto may be the worst sport city on espn but people still pay money to watch everyone play and we paid alot more money than miami heat to watch the raptors lose…

      • King James says:

        We dont know if the Raptors would have the same records and have the ability to get the same players if T-Mac and VinSanity would have stayed but if they did stay and the Raptors did get Bosh,Bargnani, Ed Davis, and Derozan and with that #5 pick in this years draft they would be a perrenial playoff team and a serious contender for the title

    • Jake says:

      Imagine if somehow Vince had ended up in NJ in like 2001. Then he and J-Kidd could have played together in their prime for the next five or six years and all the alley-oop highligh reels would have been rewritten.