Wolves Set Up To Howl Once Again?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – If you put your ear against the wall outside the Target Center, you can still hear the calliope music coming from inside. The Timberwolves’ merry-go-round continues.

Ricky Rubio is coming and Kurt Rambis might be going and that means the latest redevelopment project in downtown Minneapolis is back on track, assuming that general manager David Kahn doesn’t take another point guard in the Draft.

But seriously, after two years of running in a knee-deep snow with back-to-back records of 15-67 and 17-65, is it possible that Kahn’s vision for the Wolves comes from some place other than acute hypothermia?

First there is the arrival of Rubio, the Spanish phenom with the Pete Maravich haircut and flair and the Justin Bieber following, who is officially ready to join the Wolves after being the No. 5 pick in the 2009 Draft.

“It is my dream and I want to fulfill it,” he said.” After thinking about it a lot, the time has arrived.

“I am going because I feel prepared. I want to play against the best players in the world.’

“It will mean a change of mentality. Perhaps we won’t be fighting for the title, but we will have other goals. I am willing to do whatever the team needs to win as many games as possible.”

Then there is the possible departure of Rambis, whose has failed so far in his efforts to bring the magic of the triangle offense and anything resembling a competitive instinct to Minnesota. Rambis’ long-awaited meeting with Kahn and team owner Glen Taylor is imminent, and we could know where he stands — or doesn’t — as early as Friday.

That will then turn the Wolves’ attention to Thursday’s Draft, where they have the No. 2 and 20 picks. The team worked out 6-foot-11 Turkish center Enes Kanter on Thursday and assistant GM Tony Ronzone says he’s an option.

Most observers believe that when push comes to shove, Minnesota will select Arizona forward Derrick Williams with the second pick, setting up another logjam scenario on a roster that already includes versatile forwards Michael Beasley, Anthony Randolph and Wesley Johnson.

Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune says such a scenario could have Kahn wheeling and dealing once more on Draft night:

That situation will have the Wolves fielding offers for that No. 2 pick right up until draft night if they can get a veteran such as Lakers forward Pau Gasol or a more experienced young player such as Washington’s JaVale McGee or Toronto’s DeMar DeRozan in exchange for swapping picks with another lottery team.

On Thursday, Ronzone said that he was “happy” with that second pick, indicating the team is prepared to stay where it is now and take Williams if he indeed is there.

“You just can’t pass up on guys and get creative and try to get another guy,” Ronzone said. “He’s a talent. He can play. You look at what he did this year at Arizona and his upside. He just started to play a few years ago, and every year he just keeps getting better and better. That’s what I like about him.”

If Minnesota chooses to keep the No. 2 pick and takes Williams, it also opens the door down the line to move Beasley to shore them up at other positions.

The Wolves already have double-double machine All-Star Kevin Love at power forward and now the exciting, if young, Rubio jumping on board.

Of course, some might argue that all would have been much simpler if Minnesota had simply taken better advantage of those four first-round draft picks in 2009 and chosen four players who could have impacted the starting lineup and the standings over the past couple of seasons.

True … but where’s the fun in that? Kahn’s Byzantine maneuvering might have been more difficult to follow than a Stephen Hawking lecture, but it’s got the Wolves finally ready to howl at a bright future.

Or something.


  1. sergio says:

    Ricky Rubio is a player with great vision of the game to attend, create, and steal many balls for his long arms, it’s also true that the kick is the deficit atcual but if they put a personal trainer for him, as did improve calderon toronto the drive to the basket is good because it’s pretty fast and it should be noted that only 20 years old but with enough experience to his age and won many titles too, it makes maturing players to the NBA style better comes that the European style, that’s for sure and he enjoys running and launching counterattacks to his teammates and help kevin love to raise their numbers if that’s possible after what he has accomplished this year, I have to choose it would be more appropriate KANTER Williams minnesota unless beasley be transferred to achieve another level player, Pau Gasol, Kevin Love inside with Ricky Rubio would attend brutal, would take only that someone will come out, whether or randolph wes johnson …. ridnaur is a good backup point guard and can provide points from the bank and ricky experience in the NBA, Greetings to fans of wolves from Spain

  2. Justin says:

    ricky rubio is an extremely talented player, and he might become the rookie of the year next year!
    the starting line up will be
    Rubio PG
    Johnson SG
    Williams SF
    Love PF
    Darko C

  3. khill says:

    SG-Wes Johnson
    Flynn,Randolph,Darko,Webster,Brown,Tolliver,Ellington,Pekovic,Ridnour and the 20th pick!!!!

  4. khill says:

    I like the Gasol for Love trade! I live in MPLS and Kevin is so negative about his own team! I hate when players go back and forth about if they want to stay or hit FA! I say trade him if he doesn’t want to be here!!! Since K-Love is young and talented, they would have to throw in Shannon Brown as well. Man, Rubio throwing lobs to Brown and Wes Johnson with Beasley and D Williams baggin and putting up numbers would be exciting to watch up here!!!

  5. gore says:

    Trade Love to Lakers for Gasol
    Trade Millicic to Grizz for M. Gasol w/ cash consideration
    Trade Wesley johnson to Portalnd for R. Fernadez
    Trade ridnour to Raptors for calderon

    Now this is the starting line up

    R. Rubio – guard
    R. Fernadez- forward
    M. Gasol -center
    P. Gasol – forward
    J. calderon – guard

    This will be a great starting five all spanish player.. Spanish will invade NBA

  6. les diamond says:

    Pau is so much better than Kevin Love he put up a bunch of good numbers on a bad team.

  7. David says:

    Ricky Rubio has an awful shot that has turned even worse this last year. He gets into foul trouble quite often, despite playing in a top team and being an ACB star; don’t want to imagine what will happen when being a rookie at the worst team of the league. This season has lost the starting position to Víctor Sada, an unknown player outside Spain. Barça fans are more excited with Rubio’s departure than Minnesota fans with his arrival. So if Minnesota can pick a point guard at the draft, don’t hesitate: do it.

  8. maikel says:

    Maybe he was lucky, but it was the European Cadet Final and he was 51 pts, 24 rb, 12 ast and 7 st.

  9. maikel says:

    Ricky Rubio best plays in ACB League, his debut was with 14 years old. He is a phenom but last year has a lot of problem trying to improve his shot.


  10. adriel says:

    wolves got #2 pick, they should get enes kanter not derrick williams, imagine this wolves starting line up

    pg – flynn
    sg- rubio
    sf- beasley
    pf – love
    c- kanter

    they don’t need williams though he is a very good player but beasley is the guy that a young rebuilding team like minnesota needs.
    anthony randolph will be beasley’s back up but this is still KEVIN LOVE’S team! he is their leader!

  11. 24 Black Mamba says:

    i think rubio is either going to be really goood or really bad

  12. Twolves42 says:

    michael beasley, kevin love, ricky rubio,wesly johnson, and derrrick williams….perfect

  13. SoulBraveStarR says:

    I think to all the haters to just stop hating Rubio, NBA is not the same as it used to be. The Americans are having trouble playing FIBA style, even though they won the championship, they are having trouble with teams like Spain, Argentina and Lithuania. To many soft fouls now, NBA is turning out to be Euro style ball. R. Rubio had a bad season this year because he was struggling with his shooting, NBA players all have bad seasons, stats go up and down. In my opinion it all depends how the other players react to his style of play. He could be a Calderon but younger and a better shooter.

  14. Suns Fan Down Under says:

    Minny needs to trade down the pick to the Suns. Trade the 2nd pick to them for the 13th pick and Robin Lopez.
    Here the Suns get a three/four (Williams) that they need and Minny can get a 3pt Shooter (Klay Tompson eg.) and a defensive big.

    Wolves Starting 5 for 2011-2012 season:
    Ricky Rubio
    Wesley Johnson
    Michael Beasley
    Kevin Love
    Robin Lopez


  15. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    i am not hating on him or anything, i don’t know about him that well but when i check highlights and plays of his game i feel like he is more of a flashy show player than a great player. and i notice the European plays and NBA plays are a lot different I feel like NBA defense is a lot tougher than European teams. i think he will have tough time facing best of NBA point guards such as CP3, Rondo, D will, Westbrook….and so on. i don’t see him become star European player like Dirk, Tony parker or Pau but i think he can become good role player like peja. I don’t know what he will grow to become if he play in NBA 5 years from now , he got a lot of time so i will give him the benefit of the doubt he might become a star but as for now i only see him as a good role player (again not hating just saying how i see)

  16. affernee says:


  17. John says:

    Wolves shouldn’t pick william, the need to pick Enes Katner . they need a center not power-forward thats Kevin Love spot

    Wolves should make this their starting 5 for 2011-2012 season:
    Ricky rubio
    Wesley Johnson
    Michael Beasley
    Kevin Love
    Enes Katner

    and have Anthony Randolph, Darko, and Ridnour come off the bench or trade darko for another center or defensive shooting guard that can make big shots.

  18. spain says:

    i will be very surprised if Ricky makes some kind effect for the team bcos in europe he strugles to come up with a good game since i have been watching him, he struggles with shorts from the europe outside line then imagine how the nba line will feel to him the lakers preseason game in barcelona where thy adjusted the 3p.line to nba standard was a prove he short airballs all d way ,, well i hope i am wrong really really wrong

  19. asdfghjkl says:

    hope this isn’t another Darko Millicic.

  20. hapsychord says:

    That is not the top five plays of Ricky Rubio FOR SURE,

  21. roberto says:

    get pau gasol? the lakers would have to be insane, and he to accept or even consider the trade… why not consider getting lbj? after his recent struggles the heat must be willing to trade him for the 2nd pick of an awful draft!
    (evident sarcasm)

  22. Miami 2012!!! says:

    Kemba Walker is a leader that can take a team all the way by himself.

  23. Rico says:

    Draft Williams
    Trade Kevin Love and Flynn for Pau Gasol and Steve Blake
    Trade Wes Johnson and Luke Ridnour for Rudy Fernandez and future 1st round pick
    Trade Mike Beasley to Charlotte for 8th Pick & Boris Diaw


    • QuestionMark says:

      Many are asking for a veteran PG, I think Toronto will be willing to trade Jose for WJ, but that is if Toronto drafts Kemba Walker

      P.S Im joking because that isn’t going to work.

  24. Ben says:

    I’m optimistic about the Timberwolves, but the players need some continuity to develop. If they get used to playing together, they should cut down on turn-overs and start being in better position to help each other on defense.

    Rubio’s got talent for sure, but I don’t think he’s an instant fix. He’s very young, and he should be good someday, but I like him coming off the bench for now and going small in the second unit alongside Ridnour, who can run the half court set if their isn’t anything open for Rubio to exploit in transition. (Just until Rubio’s game has a little more time to mature.)

    Rambis played for some good offensive teams during his pro-career -notably the showtime Lakers, and I still like him as a coach, but the triangle offense has to go. It has only ever worked w/ Jordan and Kobe in the line-up. Those are once in a generation type players. Rambis has to dig back and remember what Pat Riley taught him, and forget about zen master Jackson until we’ve got a team full of ego driven superstars that are so good that all you have to do is manager their ego’s to win games. (I know Phil did more than that, but…)

  25. lakersFAN says:

    You guys mentioning LA and trades are not thinking straight. There is no way that LA is going to trade away one of their big men, the fact that they have Gasol, Bynum, and Odom is what is so damn strong about LA (talented big men are hard to come by). Plus, they are aging, the only way they are going to trade is if there is going to be an immediate return, Kobe is getting old and he wants one more ring. I just hope that they start playing more inside out ball with Bynum and he is able to stay healthy. I love D. Fish but we do need a new starting PG.

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      your right man but i think the lakers are gonna have to trade someone for a good small foward because artest isnt really that good anymore

  26. cool knick fan says:

    if they got rubio, trade ridnour and flynn for a veteran point guard or maybe shannon brown and if they got williams, they gotta trade one of the forwards, or maybe get gasol.

  27. Alex says:

    I do not see Rubio as a player who can make significant change in Wolves’ game. I watched every single game of his this season, and he did not make a huge impact in Barcelona. The fact is that there are so many point guards in European basketball who are ready to jump in NBA league more then Rubio, such as Teodosic (Olympiakos, Greece), he is only 4 years older than Ricky… All in all, he is not NBA caliber, plays on a young stage do not guarantee you big professional career on a senior stage…So far, that is the case with Rubio.

  28. Nathan13 says:

    Starting lineup: Milicic, Love, Beasley,Johnson, Rubio

    Bench: Williams, Randolph, Flynn, Ridnour,Ellington, Webster, Tolliver

    This is not a bad starting line-up with players who can score (Beasley, Love and Johnson), rebound (Love, Milicic), distribute (Rubio) and a decent bench with some good players who can give a spark of the bench or spread the floor. If the T-wolves give their young players a chance to develop they can be the next thunder or grizzlies, and make the play-offs in the next two years.

  29. Joseph says:

    i say just pick up willams develop Wes Johnson and get a quailty pg so maybe a good pg idk if derrick willams be on bench or not maybe power forward with love at center and beasly at sf

  30. JR says:

    Im sorry for the Wolves and all those who cheer for’em, but Rubio gonna get EATEN by real PGs from the NBA. He won’t be a huge addition, at all.

  31. Pistolero says:

    get milicic for joel anthony and u have 4 of the top 5 picks in the 03-04 draft

  32. Andrew says:

    We will not trade JaVale McGee. Where the hell did that rumor come from? NBA.com, did you go to college? you have to site your sources!

  33. byrdogg89 says:

    Blockbuster trade alert: Danny Granger and Dantay Jones to Minnesota, Darko and Montay to Indiana, Beasly, Rush, andwebster to Golden State….

  34. jigsaw says:

    With three years left on Kobe’s contract, and Bynum asking for more touches, the most logical thing for the Lakers (and hence the T-Wolves) can do would be a sign and trade with Gasol for Love. Obviously, someone like Flynn, Martell Webster or this year’s draft pick, would need to even out the trade, but all in all the chemistry for either team would work and fit. With Rubio leaving a fantastic lifestyle and culture behind (Barcelona) for Minnesota (NOT Barcelona), knowing that Gasol would be there to help in the transition would not only benefit Rubio, but the T-Wolves as well. We saw what the Spain’s national team was capable of doing, and to have the nucleus of RUBIO & GASOL would be terrific. If I were Kahn, I’d even play w/the thought of acquiring Rudy Fernandez as well. Clearly with Wes Matthews and Gerald Wallace on Portland’s roster, he’d be wasting his talents on the pine. With the athleticism, precision scoring, and work ethic all three of these “compadres” have, this dreary team that had made playoffs appearances seven years in a row since being introduced to the league, could get back the recognition it once had.

  35. petar indjic says:

    Jan Vesly with Rich Rubio. Jan is fast and make very good dunks.

  36. Mabs33 says:

    Surley they if they get Williams then Beasley should be a viable trade bait? Him and Randolph could supply them with a good center (well as good as it gets in this era of basketball)? I think DW23 and Wes should play a big part in the roataion and defintley getting rid of rambis will help things. Rubio, Johnson, Williams and Love make a good foundation.

  37. Cole Schmitz says:

    I don’t think that Ricky Rubio will get into the lane as easily as he did in the spanish league becaue he is now going up against the best athelets in the world who will kepp him in front and not let him penetrate deep. I think that Minnesota should indeed trade the second pick to the Lakers in exchange for Pau Gasol. This gives Rubio an old teammate that he used to play with and is easy to throw the ball to and make plays. This also gives the T-Wolves a veteran leader who has plenty of expereince winning and could possibly lead the T0Wolved back into the play-offs for the first time in a while.

  38. Dan says:

    If Rambis stays ya gotta trade flynn. Im a syracuse fan but its obviously flynn isnt a good fit for this offense. Package him with beasley for a good veteran and maybe some future picks or later picks. Rebuild this team. Personally i think a new coach wouldnt be bad. He has tons of young talent to work with and two top picks coming up.

  39. bukkkk says:

    minn should keep all 3 and they could be athletic and fast like miami, ridnour is underrated.rubio shud go to ,la nd memphis.

  40. Lex31llent says:

    They should trade Johnny Flynn for a Shannon Brown.. I reckon the Lakers need a young PG to replace Fisher.. So I guess Darko/Flynn for Brown and whoever .. fair enough I guess… But im hoping the Wolves at least make it to the playoffs next season…

    • QuestionMark says:

      Not likely for them to make the Playoffs unless they make drastic changes, it is the West they are in, even the teams that are 9th, 10th,11th have winning records, so it will be extremely tough.

  41. Jesus says:

    Rubio will make an impact in terms of speed and spectacular plays…if he can get the rest of the team to follow his style of fast thinking people in Minnesota will definitely have fun and if there is a roster of consistent defensive players they will get around 40 wins…

  42. popoy says:

    With Ricky Rubio coming to twolves, its better to keep Darko rather than drafting Kanter because Kanter can’t run. I can’t even say that it is better to trade Beasley and get Williams. Beasley is a proven scorer, even though he is inconsistent, but for sure he can put up the numbers. But Williams, we have no idea yet what impact he can bring to the NBA. I’m not saying he is not good, but i’ll go with the one who had played with the team.
    I say trade for a 3point specialist shooting guard, get veteran point guard to help Rubio adjust in the NBA, get a solid frontcourt backup, and a better defensive minded coach.

  43. nat says:

    lets have a COMPLETE team this year PLEASE KAHN!

  44. nat says:


  45. nat says:

    Even though Love gets his double doubles, he is NO KEVIN GARNETT (the original double double machine) hes too FAT and SLOW to really have another season like last years-WERE TOO DEEP in the forward posotion..if KAHN wants that UPTEMPO style of play then we have to get rid of LOVE. everyone else is in that “athletic” depot in which KAHN has been desperatly looking for and has been praying about.=YOU HAVE WHAT YOU WANT KAHN…now lets trade some LOVE for a MONTA ELLIS OR A 2GUARD OR SOME MORE ATHLETICISM…PS I HEAR K.LOVE IS A HORRIBLE LOCKERROOM TEAM PLAYER ANYWAY…LES NOT FORGET ABOUT THOSE IN GAME BLOW-UPS WITH THE COACH…SPREWELL DIDNT GET AWAY WITH IT SO WHY SHOULD LOVE?..THINK ABOUT WOLVES NATION SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

  46. nat says:

    id trade kevin ;ove for a legit 2 guard or center

    • QuestionMark says:

      Why in the world would you trade Kevin Love, you forget his 30/30 game? he is also the top rebounder in the league, I don’t think another C can do that, also that would make the Wolves the worst team in the league, if anything they should trade Darko for a SG and draft Kanter, and possibly trade Flynn for a good hard working veteran.

  47. arbitroki says:

    if minnesota gets with beasly, love and rubio, they should achieve 25 or 30 wins. whit this guys and johnson, ridnour, randolph and changed flynn and 2º pick by a big man and sg are perfect.

    sorry my english, i´m from spain

  48. sean says:

    hope the wolves do better next season the team has a group of good guys
    very curious to see how rubio is gunna play!
    good luck wolves!

  49. jsmooth says:

    I say we take the Enes Katner. Darko is not the answer and overpaid. Starting lineup is Katner love besley rubio and ellington. Not the best starting 5 but def better then what we have has in the past

    • ozlover01 says:

      na they need to give flynn a go at starter, he never really got his chance put rubio as a 2 guard then beasley and love as the forwards and get katner in the draft

      • mikeromero93 says:

        believe me that living in spain and seeing rubio play and beeing a wolves fan and seeing flynn play johnny is a better shooting guard the rubio, it would be losing creativeness on offense.

  50. atleast not a choker says:

    Bring back Micheal Beasly to Miami trade him to Lebrick atleast Beasley is not a choker…I remember he made big shots in crunch time when he is on Miami..

    • QuestionMark says:

      Why would Miami trade Lebron for Beasley? That purely makes no sense at all, Lebron maybe a choker, but he still puts up far better numbers than Beasley, I don’t think Beasley can ever average 27, 8, 8.

  51. carmelo006 says:

    i say they they use that pick to get a 3point shooting guard to spread their floor with kevin and beasly those two can get their own buckets. all they need now is a center.

    • mikeromero93 says:

      get the good pick at no. 2 (willias or kanter) and trade for three point shooter vet or explosive 2 guard that’s been on a winnign team and the playoffs (ja.crawford, james jones, j.r. smith or a big prospect with good shooting like ty lawson, if lucky they may be able to trade for good 2 vet like ginobili or ray)
      if not keep pick and trade beasly for another lottery pick and get a off guard, although i’m a proponent to keep b-easy

  52. Beto says:

    Thats dope that they finally got them to play with their organization. Hopefully Rubio and Kevin Love can put on a show.

  53. geo4fizzy says:

    the wolves are too young and if anyone has noticed…Love is not an uptempo player…meaning he better drop some pounds and get ready to run if Rubio is running the offense…. Rambis has to go…if they take Williams and if Love can run, then can be similar to the suns of old…the really need an outside shooter to help space the floor for when they do run half court sets…otherwise they’ll pack it in and Love and Williams won’t be as successful… Darko is clearly not the answer and is way over paid…but…if he can run with the team, he might have somewhat of an impact.. I would look to trade Beasely for a 2 guard….Shannon Brown of the Lakers would fit well in this system…and he’s very underrated… Anthony Randolph, Johnson, and Ridnour (sp?) would make a good bench…

  54. rob says:

    yea phil jackson is going to go to minesota! HAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHA not happening

  55. Patrick says:

    I bet they will go in play-off this time, R. Rubio is one the fatest player in the world. No time for players to read his game, he put everybody in expectative.
    There are famous point guard in N.B.A.who hypnotize as they run in the zone. The most recent hypnotizer was Jose Barea. You never know which side he will choise, and it’s rather hard to read the direction he will take.
    Rubio is a great point guard too.

  56. lakersforever says:

    im not convinced that rubio will make a huge difference I guess we will find out but I like kurt and love i hope they make it happen and get some more wins

  57. Andy says:

    Rubio is not even a star player by any means in the Euro-League. There is no way he will be able to hang with all the great NBA point guards. Not even in 5 years. I see many bad years to come for Minnesota fans.

    At least Kevin love puts up some pretty stats. 😀

    • Kyle says:

      Rubio is a star in the Euro League, have u ever watched it??? They are the defending champs, also he battled with chris paul and d will as a 17 year old at the olympics and was fine. He will be an elite point guard for sure

      • F.S says:

        he wont be an elite point guard…heck i dont even think he’s better than johnny flynn…
        and he’s average in euro league is like 6 points in 20 minutes…hardly a star..
        plus the reason why he is coming to the NBA is becuz he lost his starting job…
        he will be a bust…no matter how flashy or how quick he is…he is from euro..
        they dont really have great athletes…
        dirk isnt a great athlete…but that man worked hard and became a great basketball player…
        i really doubt rubio will have the same impact…even tho he enters the league with way more attention…
        he’s overrated…

      • Queiros says:

        @ FS

        You show total lack of knowledge about European basketball. Here, those averages aren’t exactly bad when you consider that the game has less 8 minutes of total time and the defenses are allowed a lot more than in the NBA. Much of the teams here will average around 70 ppg.

        Plus, you americans all have the same preconcepts about European atlhetes. They aren’t athletes? Well, many times they are better at thinking the game, rather than relying on pure force or jumping ability as you do. They don’t need to be flashy or super atlhetes, they are great players nonetheless. Just watch, Rubio will do good once he has a consistent medium to long range shot

    • QuestionMark says:

      Even if he isn’t a star, Minni’s GM said Rubio looks taller and stronger, so better taking him now.

  58. blakistan says:

    Raptors aint giving out Derozan anyday of the week

  59. nat says:

    do not get rid of beasley!!! thats 20 points per game

    • Josh says:

      I say keep beasley as well, Williams is virtually the same player Beasley was coming out of college and will likely take a few yrs to get the hang of it, Beasley has all the tools to be a great player he is just still recovering the confidence he lost by playing second fiddle to Wade all those yrs. Personally I’d shoot to get a center, Enes Kanter is intriguing but he is also a question mark, if they can find a trade somewhere to bring in someone more experienced thatd be better. Also this team is in desperate need of veteran leadership, They have a very talented roster full of potential, they just need a winning mentality

  60. YeeDog says:

    like Kevin Garnett said, anything is possible

    • flyballa says:

      Kg did say that, but not in this case. Why would phil leave a championship caliber team and go to a lottery team?

      • mikeromero93 says:

        hello? anyone hear about the 2010-2011 season to be phil’s last season? lakers are lookin’ for a new coach for a reason not for sport. phil coaching is the hallucination of someone not gettin enough sleep…

  61. MPLS612 says:

    All I hope or expect from my Minne-Wolves this upcoming season is they win 30 or more games. If Rambis couldn’t make the traingle offense wrk, why not try and get the “OG” Phil Jack.

    • robbay2 says:

      i dont think they need the triangle, why not just simple offense? picks and rolls, cuts and the such in an easy looking format.