Magic-al Message In L.A.?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A little bird thinks it’s time the Lakers stopped kidding themselves and made a run at Dwight Howard if they’re going to jump right back into the business of collecting Larry O’Brien trophies.

Tweet, tweet.

Well, a big bird actually. One with five championship rings.

In the aftermath of the Mavericks’ Finals win over the Heat, Hall of Famer Magic Johnson tweeted: “Lakers should think about calling the Orlando Magic.”

It should be noted that @MagicJohnson quickly deleted the tweet, but the message was delivered by the living legend and Lakers’ ambassador, even if he sold his ownership slice and is no longer officially connected with the team.

We’ll call the episode: “Magic & Magic” or “Making Dwight Disappear.”

After all, for what other reason would Johnson suggest the Lakers place a phone call to central Florida – Disney World tickets or to enroll in the Stan Van Gundy Charm School?

So it is officially the opening of hunting season on 6-foot-11, All-NBA First Team centers, especially after our very own good buddy and blood hound Scott Howard-Cooper caught up to Howard in Italy this week and got him to acknowledge that he won’t sign a contract extension with the Magic and will reconsider his future in Orlando if the team doesn’t win a championship next season.

“I want to win a championship,” the All-Star center said. “I think the owners have to really know that. That’s been my goal and my mission since I’ve been in the NBA — to win a championship. I don’t have side goals or agendas. My main goal is to win a championship. I want to have 14 other guys who feel the same way.”

Asked if the Magic have that now, he said, “It’s off and on. Sometimes guys are there whole-heartedly and then sometimes I’ve had teammates allow people getting in their ears and things like that effect the way that they play and approach the game.”

Howard said he did not tell DeVos and Vander Weide specific roster moves he wanted to see.

“I just told them, ‘We’ve got to have guys who are going to play hard 48 minutes and who are going to battle the other team, who are going to fight night in and night out for a championship,’ ” he said.

With a potential a labor lockout looming, the Howard-to-Lakers story/hunt/rumor could be the most entertaining activity of the offseason.

Of course, the topic started moving to the front burner as soon as the former two-time defending champions were swept aside by Dirk & the Miracle Mavs in the West semis. The call from one side of Laker World is to stop waiting on 23-year-old center Andrew Bynum and ship him to Orlando along with, say, Lamar Odom in return for a package of Howard and maybe J.J. Redick. Or if the Magic insist on unburdening an earlier huge mistake, find a way to shoe-horn Gilbert Arenas’ and his huge contract into the deal.

The pressure will only build on the Magic as next season progresses if Orlando hasn’t moved toward the top of the standings and re-established itself among the elite level where it was perched in 2009. Do the good folks in Orlando really want to see another All-Star big man walk out the door like Shaquille O’Neal did in 1996 for no compensation?

But the other side of the conversation says there is no reason for the Lakers to panic after just one trophy-less season out of the past three. Can’t L.A. simply make minor upgrades to the starting lineup (goodbye, Derek Fisher) and the bench to increase athleticism and foot speed? And won’t the implementation of new coach Mike Brown’s defensive philosophy bring about a rebirth of the Lakers as a force?

In short, is there a reason for the Lakers to panic? The smart guys in Las Vegas who set the odds at the sports books have already established Kobe Bryant and the Lakers as the second favorites, just behind Miami, to win the 2012 championship. The Heat check in at 5/2, followed by the Lakers at 11/2, Bulls at 6/1, Thunder at 8/1 and Dallas at 10/1.

In case you’re wondering, the Magic are currently listed at 22/1. So it doesn’t sound like much chance of Howard fulfilling his championship dreams in Florida.

That’s why the little bird named Magic Johnson delivered his message. Tweet, tweet!


  1. ya dnt kno wat ya talkin bout, chris paul teaming up wit howard and creat a new big 2, fukk a big 3, we jus need paul and howard, and good role players. like the mavs squad….

  2. 3r1k says:

    bet on this: dwight signs w/ orlando.. why? he doesnt want to be the 2nd LeBron.. he doesnt want to jump ship.. or so we thought.. he wants out but not in the same fashion as lebron (or, more fittingly, shaq).. but even though he’s on the roster, he’ll be whining mad for drastic roster changes (and i’m talking to you arenas).. bottomline: if everything doesnt change around dwight in orlando, then orlando will practically be the same save for a defensive player of the year in their line-up come trade deadline.. best place for him is miami though (dont start on the hate now, please).. trade for bosh or lebron (though i hardly doubt lebron is “trade-tasty”) and a bunch of scrubs.. try a new big 3, heat! 2nd team would be lakers for pau and/or bynum and a few scrubs (yeah walton, you!).. chicago is probably good but out of the conversation.. boozer tanked, face it.. new york too.. nobody wants to degrade a player they spent an entire offseason to acquire (stoudemire).. but heck.. he may, after all, stay..

    best scenario: goes to heat w/ chris paul and heat dumps bosh and bron.. better team and definitely lesser ego..

  3. MARCO says:


  4. jay fox says:

    please dnt trdae lamar…his the one who complete LA’s puzzle…get howard and a real point guard,trade bynum,artest walton, and blake,get ariza back…then its starting a new era one’s again..

  5. marco says:

    dwight to la! and the lakers will find a young annd athletic point guard maybe darren collison?or jrue holiday?if la get howard and an athletic pg,la will be the 2012 champs!

  6. LAKERS says:

    tangina nyo,,,,tani mahalin na c dwight xa lakers….kay la man xa kwaon xa orlando….!!!

  7. AB says:

    i would say that howard might be end up in chicago with d rose. i would love to see him in dallas or any team in the west.

  8. JAY says:

    Howard needs to go to either the clips rockets or Boston to stop Miami from ever getting out of the east conference the most realistic is the Rockets cause they have a lot of pieces to offer but imagine Blake Gordon and Howard??? Or in Portland?? teaming up with Aldridge the Nuggets also lack real star power they have enough players and to spare to front a DH trade

  9. miami sucks says:

    oh c’mon dwight! don’t be stupid, there’s no way orlando will win a championship nxt season..if you really want a golden oppurtunity to have a ring nxt season, going to L.A is the best choice

  10. kobe fan says:

    lakers should only get dwight. kobe still needs to score , and they need a big man. they should go for cps later, when derek fischer retires.

  11. mr. lonely says:

    and imagine who’s team can stop it boston’s fantastic four plus the Black Superman

  12. mr. lonely says:

    i agree dwight is perfect fit with celtics

  13. defdun says:

    Orlando is gonna ship Howard, so that they get something in return. I mean his comment is clear: he won’t stay unless they get a championship in 11/12 and the chances them doing that are minimal which everyone would agree to.

    So bye bye Dwight and Orlando will see they get max return value like Bynum plus someone else. Or they package him with AgentZero so to get rid of that contract burden. I#m pretty sure the Lakers will gat into trade talks with Orlando sooner than later, but so will other teams…

  14. Go Bulls Go says:

    Noah,Boozer,Asik for Howard, Arenas or Turkoglu

  15. Go Bulls Go says:

    If traded Howard gona go to La or Chichago. But if he become a free agent gona go to Houston.
    Problem with Orlando is huge salary of Gilbert and Hedo, somethnig like 30 mil combine, and none of teams arent to crazy about them. If traded Orlando would demand to get rid at least one of them with Howard

  16. BullSheet says:

    It will be better if Dwight stop talking about his teammates… He can talk with media about their weaknesses but if he thinks himself as a leader he has to stop making excuse about “teammates”. And there is a concept I don’t really understand. Win a championship to make dwight happy? If that is what he wants he can sign for a cheap contract with one of the conference finalists and that team will win the championship almost for sure.
    I think this summer managers of magic wont make a big change in the lineup(They can’t actually). There are some holes to fill for sure but they don’t need an overhaul….

  17. There is nothing wrong with Howard if he leaves Orlando. The question is where? If he goes to a team like Nets, Rockets, some place where he would be the automatic leader hands down then that’s fine. Kind of like Shaq when he went to L.A. he was the man that the offense ran through. He didn’t cop out because it wasn’t like he was joining 2 other superstars no offense to the Lakers who were there at that time! Same goes with D-Howard it would only be a cop out if he went to the Lakers or some other team where he wouldn’t be the leader.

  18. bball21 says:

    The lakers have made sum dumb moves like letting Farmar & Ariza go, getting rid of Sasha yet keeping Walton smh they need a pg who can push the ball an score, Bynum & Gasol are good, I think LA should gun for Iverson if he agrees to come off the bench thats a garenteed 10-15 a night & LA’s weekness in there bench, Matt barnes was hurt as was Kobe, the rest will do them well. as for Howard if u can get him get him but if not no biggie. AI is the best move if all else fails

  19. blah blah says:

    If ur going to ask me guys…deron willams will not sign in NJ without a reason…i think he is waiting for a good opportunity….orlando should think of that before NY make a move…if im not mistaken he will be restricted free agent this summer or next season?

  20. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    Dwight isn’t going to go to the Lakers.. I think he doesn’t move until after the summer.. Hey, I hear that the HEAT want a CENTER/?? hmm…

    • tingyman1 says:

      O YA!!1!! the heat want a center!!, maybe dwight should accept 500,000 dollars to play for the heat! and sacrifice the other millions he could earn!!!


  21. VinceNBAFAN says:

    I’m a solid fan of D12 and the rest of the orlando team, but the things did last seasons was not good. I think if the management wont give him a good shot or team mates, he should be at the team where he can get his goal (championship). And the best team i’m eyeing for him is the Lakers or Bulls!!!

  22. Just sayin' says:

    Chris Paul to Orlando!!

  23. Bobby says:

    Dwight has low chance of getting support from LA Fakers. He is a defensive man and he fits in a defense-oriented team like the Celtics. Dwight has better chance in Boston or Chicago but I’d pick the former than the latter.

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      dwight to boston… r u kidding me..they are done. why would he even go there

      • Chris says:

        Does Boston have cap space? No!
        Does Boston have someone to trade for Dwight, except Rondo? No!
        Does Boston have any great players in their prime, who will be around the next couple of years except Rondo? No!
        Is Dwight Howard going to Boston? …!

  24. Kobeballin says:

    Lakers need a solid three point shooter, and a fast point guard such as Aaron Brooks, have Fisher on the bench until it is crunch time when he needs to hit clutch plays. That’s it.

  25. John Andrea says:


  26. Victor Lebron says:

    Are you kidding me. Bynum is as injury prone as it gets and to top it off he gets injured in the worst places and while Odom is a good player, I just dont see him being that big of an enticing factor that would warrant Orlando to trade Howard to the Lakers. If a trade were to be done the most logical spot would be Chicago because they not only have better pieces to trade, they also give Howard a better chance to win multiple championships which is what he wants. The pairing of Loul Deng and Joakim Noah in some sort of trade for Howard would be a much more enticing trade for Orlando because they are younger and more talented. Besides just think about it, Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard put up amazing numbers last year without much talent around them. Put them together and they would be as dominant a duo you will ever see. More so then LeBum and Wade.

  27. KB24 says:

    k take fisher away and gasol and put in chris paul and howard now thats the team boys whz in wif me

    • shoboy says:

      will you be paying the salaries of both dwight and cp3(so they play on lakers for free)? if yes.. then we’re with you !

  28. qweewq1 says:


  29. Lou says:

    Like what Dan Gilbert said: THERE ARE NO SHORT-CUTS.


  30. Chad says:

    Dwight will be 110% sure of his ring if he teams up with Chandler as the paint menace in Dallas!=) Dirk, Howard, Chandler plus the 3 kids: Terry, Barea and Kidd would be 5x more lethal than a combo of James-Dwade-Bosh even if you add kobe to the Heat!..

    I hope mark Cuban considers fishing Dwight. But don’t ever give up Chandler! He’s been the missing piece that helped Dallas got over the hump! He’s been lacking help but did it all anyway..

    • Chris says:

      As a Mavs fan, I don’t think that’s going to happen, and I don’t think Dallas needs this… When you win a championship, you want to keep the team together and maybe bring in one or two new faces to improve your roster without giving up on what you already have.
      If the Mavs can resign their free agents, they’ll be fine, cause they would “add” Caron Butler and Roddy Beaubois to their championship team… Don’t think they are very likely to repeat, but if e.g. the Heat would have won the finals, and then added Caron and Roddy, everybody would agree it would be a good move!

  31. NBAfan says:

    trade pau + another/pick for Howard (why wait for free agency)…Kobe will go for this; he just wants to play ball and keep winning, he knows father time is ticking, he isn’t a dummy.

    if not, trade Artest + another/pick for Iguodala (keep Pau and Bynum and Odom)…he can be Kobe’s Pippen and really fill in all the gaping holes in the Laker’s team

    Other than Dwight and Iggy, I can’t think of any SINGLE player they can just be added to the mix that will make them really special…

    if not, then go for Ricky Rubio somehow….who knows how good he’ll be in LA, especially with Pau there…maybe it might wake Pau up as well, having another Spaniard in the team to mentor

    CP3, that’s a nice thought, but he’s going to NY or staying put in my opinion…

    Deron and Dwight sounds like a good tandem (especially if Brook Lopez stays put)…the new Stockton-Malone combo…with the “Cuban” of the east as owner, and a move to Brooklyn? I’ll buy into that hype…

    • Chris says:

      Dwight to NJ is not going to happen (at least via trade), if Lopez is not included… Who would the Magic want in return? Anthony Morrow??? Travis Outlaw???

  32. lebron says:

    dwight, would you rather do a lebron or a tim duncan?

  33. drooly03 says:

    i guess there will be 3 reasons for dwight to stay in orlando
    1. if orlando win a championship the next season or at least be in the finals
    2. if he sees teammates performing really well thus relieving him the burden of doing it all. (like winning games despite dwight performing poorly) in my opinion, the orlando magic is also missing someone who can perform in the clutch. the last time (the season where they reached the nba finals) they had hedo turkoglu as that go to guy in the last minutes of the 4thQ, but he lost that ability when traded
    3. loyalty to the organization. loyalty like dirk had shown to the mavs organization.

  34. Ventruck says:

    Dwight’s hungry, not desperate. I am a Lakers fan foremost, but no way is Dwight some surefire way to another championship. Magic was right in retracting the comment/tweet. The only good reason for Dwight to give up his title as franchise player is because Orlando have virtually exhausted their options in helping him. J-Rich and Hedo came well, but Gilbert Arenas only arrived to use the toilet. What should Dwight do? It’s an iffy situation. He’s either going to swallow his pride by leaving or finding a huge challenge by staying. And it’s funny. We’ve got an example of LeBron and an example of Dirk. Both got far this season, but who came on top? Apparently Dirk with his elderly club, getting a highly-regarded win that speaks over having multiple championships. So if Dwight stays, he’s not in an impossible situation.

    Lakers have a 1) Laziness problem and 2) a PG problem. They ran the triangle like it was routine, not as an offensive tool. And lately it seems that D-Fish works as a role player more than anything now. Blake outright sucked and to be honest money could be saved by using Shannon Brown as the back up. I think there’s a lot of development space for Brown to take on the position. No need to pull in CP3 just yet. If anything, isn’t AI desperate to come back into the NBA? I’d rather try him for minimal pay.

  35. U guys know better than the GM says:

    u people are crazy..

  36. FACE THE FACTS says:

    Dwight shouldnt go to LA. Or the west, they all have solid big man. The East is less competitive (except the top end). In the end Orlando has an ok PG in Nelson and good role players they just neeed a 2nd star at SG/SF. Hedo could be that man but he doesnt want to. They lack a bit of personality but if they have another guy who wants it as bad as D12 they’ll be bad!

    Anyway, probably if he doesnt go to OKC, MIAMI or CHICAGO he wont see a ring anytime soon!!

  37. quiintus says:

    If Dwight is smart he will go to the Lakers. What Lebron and Bosh did was to go to a team that didn’t really have proper veteran championship players. Sure one for Wade but Dwight will learn a lot more playing with the Lakers Kobe and Gasol than he will going to a younger team like Lebron and Bosh did, Miami have zero cap space so unless Dwight is willing to play for the minimum he’s not going there.

    Bynum for Dwight straight up plus future draft picks. Bynum will have every chance to blossum which it sounds like he wants more than anything. To be the man. Lakers should not get rid of Lamar.

  38. TRADE NELSON AND OTHERS, TO GET CP3 AND IGUDALA, THATS ALREADY ON THE MARKET…..AND ITS A WRAP BABY, PROMISE U THAT…… l.a needs to fall back…. ya already got a good team, jus need a young pg. Miami overrated

  39. diehardNFFLbarnone says:

    If he does go to L.A., it will be to the Clippers – and no that is not a misprint.

  40. Aussie Thunder says:

    Why dont we give the Magic Perkins, Nate Robinson and our next 2 1st round picks? Howard, Ibaka, KD, Harden and Westbrook…….. Who’s gonna beat that?

  41. YeeDog says:

    i would like to see him go to New Orleans, so he could still play with Chris Paul, or Brooklyn to play with Deron WIlliams

  42. Eric says:

    I would think one of these superstars would want to stand up and do things differently…how about sticking with the team that took a “chance” on you, and drafted you number one overall? Like somebody said, if Orlando hadn’t had taken you number one, you would be playing on the Bobcats. How about a little loyalty? The team got the the Eastern Conference finals the two years previous for crying out loud!…or you could be like everybody else and leave, where things are a whole lot easier for you.

    • STFU says:

      How about putting a lot of GOOD pieces in orlando to prevent him to leave? you already deserve what you got on that 1st round pick….

  43. theninja says:

    Kobe won’t go for Howard, believe me. And you wouldn’t want to mess with an unhappy Kobe. Anyway the Lakers don’t need a Howard to contend, they are still very good. And speaking of Howard, I hope he stays in Orlando, he looks good in that uniform. LOL.

    Why the @#$* did the Magic trade Lewis for Arenas?!


    LA are already stacked inside, just need to bolster their guard stocks. Whats to stop them chasing CP3? Howard is a big contract too, similar trades to different teams would yield a big fish for LA either way
    I always thought the Lakers need someone like Aaron Brooks, a young guy who is quick, can manage the offense, and jack treys when required. Howard isn’t the answer for LA

  45. Airwind says:

    Personally, if Howard jumps to LA, I will no longer support his championship crusade. I don’t hate LA. I just dislike them because of the dynasty they made for decades. Many fans would love to see fresh team stepping up against the giants and eventually get the gold.

    On the other hand, much respect to Kobe, his shelf life is nearly expiring. It would be a big gamble for Howard to join LA. Given that Kobe’s mentality is a killer. However, his body is not as highly performing as he was 5-7 years ago. Kobe might not play side by side with Howard as it expected from him.

    In the end of the day, still it’s going to be Howard’s decision.

  46. Rob says:

    I love Dwight but the Lakers don’t need a new center, LA’s big men are good the way they are. The Lakers need a PG. like CP3. I’d put my money there instead.

  47. XBLaZzINGBeAsTx says:

    im a lakers fan and im letting you know right now…we need a new pg because all derek fisher is good clutch..which dont get me wrong it comes in handy..but we def need a pg who is definately make some play and be a scorer…also if we wud try to get dwight i say get rid of bynum and gasol…keep odom..sixth man of the year right there

    • shoboy says:

      nope.. not a scorer, maybe a spot up shooter and a defender (I.E. Early years of fish and Ron Harper). Didn’t you here Kobe’s comments, “I shoot the ball, Pau will get his touches. Everybody else has to fall in line”

  48. the Lake Show says:

    I disagree with trading Gasol, but I think the Lakers should make a move for Howard! Gasol has given them 3 great years. He just had some downtime this playoff run!

  49. lolno. says:

    Everyone knows howard is going to leave orlando and drive a couple hours to miami to play with wade and lebron. miami will trade bosh cause he just isnt a good fit.


  50. Jon says:

    Now I know why Sekou didn’t let my comment go thru week. I speculated exactly what is posted in this article.

  51. jacktrip716 says:

    Dwight should come to Boston……He would be a perfect fit…….Just picture the starting five Dwight, KG, Paul P, Ray Allen and rondo. WHO’S STOPPING THAT!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOBODY…..

  52. AurikSarker says:

    i like how Laker fans want Dwight to come to LA and join Kobe, yet they hated the Heat because Lebron teamed up with Dwyane Wade

  53. christopher says:

    Hey, this story sounds like LeBron’s

  54. GO Lakers! says:

    Forget about Iverson. If he still could produce 13-15 points off the bench, you would see so many teams trying to sign him already. Have you seen/heard any news about it?

    Im no hater but Iverson has an attitude problem. He isnt the same AI like 5-8 years ago. Yet doesnt want to come off the bench. Thats why no team in the NBA has wanted to sign him since last year. Plus his playing style wouldnt be compatible with the Lakers and Kobe.

  55. LAKERS FOREVER says:

    bring sasha vujacic back……LA needs him…..kobe need that guy… with a good shooting touch who can relieve kobe….

  56. LEBRON-WADE says:


    People in LA doing what they criticized by Lebron joining the Heat. Now trying to take D. Howard to LA.

    I hope the Miami haters, also hate LA if DH going there.


  57. Sean says:

    Come to New Orleans and join Chris Paul!

  58. chi-town#1 says:

    why would dwight go to the lakers? the only reason the lakers did good was cause of phil jackson n hes gone now. he should definetly go to chicago. theyre a great hadworking team tht could use a hand in scoring. rose cant do it by himself. n plus the lakers have won plenty of championships with eachother they con do it again. but the bulls really need him.

  59. Carlo (Lakers fan) says:

    dwight howard should go to the lakers if he wants a championship. but if he stays in orlando his time will be wasted

  60. VictoryAtl says:

    I wish my hometown favorite to win a ring where he was drafted. He is a man of substance and doesn’t wish to be traded but wishes for Orlando to act accordingly. I am sure if free agency is his option, he would move to a city that will accept him just as Orlando has. That city would be his hometown of Atlanta. Yet, against my wishes, I seriously doubt Orlando would trade within their conference if they feel they cannot piece together a team dominant enough to beat Atlanta, NY, or Miami. But, to have Teague, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, and Dwight Howard with a decent role player at SF or PF…the league would have serious problems for years to come. Yet…that is an Atlanta fan’s dream to win a championship in my era.

  61. infamousball says:

    Almost forgot Baron Davis could lead Lakers at pg, Baron Davis best pg in the league when he wants to, he took down Mavs, Baron been looking for a contender play well

  62. Ben says:

    Dwight shouldn’t leave Magic, neither should Vince Carter in the first place. If Dwight leaves Magic is like Lebron leaving the Cavaliars. Lakers already have enough stars and alot of good players , Ron Artest, Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher should step it up and help Kobe, Pau and Odom

  63. luthier says:

    I hope Howard doesn’t “””betray””” the Orlando Magic!!

  64. AhmedNO says:

    As lakers fan i would like him to LA but bulls could offer noah and booz. He will give them boozers points and some more and also noahs rebounds… And bulls are a young team that he can have a long career with…

  65. insider says:

    LA ,NJ or chicago are dwights best options

  66. Justin says:

    If he leaves he’ll go to Chicago. Bulls have the best options in a Sign and Trade Deal and multiple 1st round picks this year and next year. In addition, he’ll be teamed with a YOUNG SUPERSTAR not even in his prime yet in Derrick Rose. Why would he go to LA when Kobe going to retire in 2 years and leave him?

    Top teams Dwight will go to. Stay in Orlando or go to Chicago. Hell Miami could send Bosh or Lebron to Orlando for Dwight Howard. Lakers are far from this picture in my opinion.

  67. Wendell says:

    Sorry to write this, With all do respect Mr.Howard, if you leave Orlando, you’re a coward just like LeBron & Bosh. If you want a winning team, demand Mr. Smith to give you players that who is playoff material.

  68. infamousball says:

    The lakers dont need Dwight, wat they need is a star point guard like Chris Paul or Deron WIlliams. The lakers champion history has been dominated by centers Mikan, Wilt, Kareem, Shaq, Gasol(center/forward). Time make a change and dominate the Magic way with a point guard like CP3 or Deron Williams. Lakers shoud attempt for DWill since Nets are relying to get a star (Dwight) and CP3 looks like he wants Knicks or stays in NO

  69. Chris says:

    NEW YORK NEEDS HIM A.I. & CP3 & We Will Win.

  70. Wendell says:

    Dwight, you should stay with the Magic. You’re not going to waste your talents on those L.A. rejects. Look at Kobe. You don’t see him went to no team and i suggest you the same

  71. yuwaszk says:

    Magic fan & id like howard to stay on the magic but if he decides to leave i hope it isnt the lakers cause he would be repeating shaq & in 2-3 years he would be stuck in the same situation again. Kobe will be old & he will be the big fish with no supporting cast until the lakers poach another talent from a small market team. IMO he should be looking at the thunder or bulls as his best places to win a team with the knicks & maybe the clippers at a lower level & this is if he leaves during free agency like shaq did so the other team wont have to give up anything for him just like lebron last year compared to carmelo to knicks where they lost 2/3 of their starting line up +draft/cash.

    Im hoping he atleast TRIES to get chris paul/deron williams to join him in orlando before he leaves. Its one thing to bail when your team cant get you help & a whole other to not try & just bail.

  72. munch says:

    Come on guys lets wrap are hands around a real trade possibility. Otis Smith will not trade Dwight Howard to Chicago, especially if the deal involves Carlos Boozer, We already have terrible contracts as is and we don’t need any others, plus the guy sucks lets face it. Hopefully we can lure some players to Orlando, if not DWill or CP3 then good players like Monte Ellis and Andre Iguadala. But if we did have to trade Howard my trade partner would be OKC Thunder. Reason is they have some good young pieces (Westbrook, Ibaka, Harden), that we could actually build a pretty decent team around that would at least keep us relavent. We won’t be championship contenders, but we would at least have young talent that we could build upon. As far as the Lakers, I honestly don’t want anything they are selling. The only deal that seems remotely plausible is Bynum/Odom combo for Howard and Arenas. Don’t really want either player but if we had no choice then this would be the deal to take, we get a quality center in Bynum and get rid of a ridiculous contract in Arenas. Best case scenario is we keep him and get some quality players around him and we will be fine.

    • Chris says:

      I really like your point about trading him to OKC, but for another reason!
      First of all you’re right, the Thunder have some talents, that every team wants to have, and if Orlando should really trade Dwight, they would want young, talented players to rebuild (no offense to those two players, but Odom doesn’t fit in that category, and Bynum is a good center, but he’s not dominant!).
      On the other hand, the Thunder have cap space, they have pieces to make a trade and still have talented young players on their roster, they need someone in the middle who’s able to score consistently (that’s what killed them against the Mavs, good defenders and rebounders, but no inside scoring!).
      If they could get Howard and keep Westbrook (and Durant of course), it would be a brilliant deal for them, but even if they would have to let Westbrook go, they still would have a Kobe & Shaq like one-two-punch in Durant & Howard!!! Plus a talented bench, and some good defenders. All they’d need then, would be some 3pt scoring!
      The only thing they can’t do is lose Westbrook AND Harden, but to lose one of them plus say Perkins and fill ins for Dwight Howard… I would pull the trigger on that trade!

      • munch says:

        great point Chris, you seem to be one of the few smart people on the board. That was what I was pointing toward anyway. If I were OKC I would not give up Westbrook and Harden, but to get Howard they will have to give up Westbrook and Ibaka and take back one of our bad contracts (Arenas or Turk). I hate the possibility of any trade, but to me this seems to fit best because we will have a nice young core of guys that will at least keep us relavent for the future.

  73. ROCKETS#1 says:

    Rockets need to get Dwight Howard and revive this team from the Olajuwan days! This would be a great team for Dwight to go to because he has all the pieces that would surround him as the main guy here in Houston and Yao could be the back-up center. Houston is filled with nothing but players who play 100% 48 minutes night in and night out! This would be SICK to see!!!

  74. danito says:

    we dont need dwight in lakers land, we have bynum he is one of the top 3 centers in the nba. we just need a solid pg and a bench. also we cant get a pg that hold s the ball all the time like derom william or chris paul. cuz we have kobe, we need like a good shooter, we need a guy like billups i think that would be the best fit for the lakers. and a couple young good guys in the bench. also we need to get rid of artest for a better sf

  75. HJP says:

    The perfect team for Dwight Howard to play on is the San Antonio Spurs. Along with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili these four players can become a powerful force to the entire NBA. Dwight Howard can be like David Robinson and along with power foward Tim Duncan, they’ll be a great power players and Howard can help them with an NBA title as well.

  76. infamous mobbdeep says:

    ai would be the best fit for NY. He could join forces with allan houston and latrell sprewell and they would make more of a dangerous three than one which consists to 2/3s of amare and melo. so cp3 please don’t waste your time with that team.

  77. For all those Heat fans that are on here. First, whether or not Howard goes to L.A or not I have mixed feelings about it. However, even if he did I guaranty he and KB would not stand up there and brag to the whole NBA that they are going to win 8 championships!! PERIOD! It was nothing but pride on the part of those 3 (especially LB since he said it) to do that. And as the old saying, “pride goes before the fall.” So, quite saying everyone hates LB don’t you think he brought it (at least most of it) on myself. I have yet to hear a Miami fan admit that LB was arrogant for doing that not to mention his stupid post game remarks not to mention him and Wade making fun of Dirk and the list could go on and on….

    • Damian says:

      Absolutely no question he was and is arrogant. All Heat fans ask for is this…decide what you hate him for ok? Is it the celebration, arrogance, jumping to Heat, joining other superstars, chasing championships? If it is only the arrogance…fair enough. But don’t go and criticise him for everything else as well and if you do, do the same for dwight, CP3 or any other superstar about to jump ship too because of a garbage team and ungrateful owner.

  78. Rajon Rondo says:

    I honestly think that if Lakers dont act during this off-season or next season, the Magic are most likely not winning a championship therfore if D.H isnt dealt away by the end of next season the All Star Center is as good as gone to the Celtics. The Cs are deep in winning history, legends and will have a great roster. The fact that they have Doc Rivers (the best coach in the NBA now that people like Rick Adelman, Phil Jackson are gone). A great defensive team and coach. Rajon Rondo isnt a bad thing to have either along with Dwight Howard.

  79. Eric L. says:

    Dwight’s trippin.Your the team leader man…make them fools play harder!Don’t threaten us with” Im leaving if we don’t win a championship”.Im born and raised in Orlando and I don’t wanna compare you to number 32, but WE will see.Remember you could’ve been in nothing to show for Charolette this whole time.

  80. Golden Kamikaze says:

    I’ve met and seen Dwight Howard in Paris today June 16th!!! He was there for the Adidas EuroTour! Nicolas Batum & Jrue Holiday too! D12 is impressive in real damn!

    D12, stay in Orlando, it’s the best for you! But if ever you move out, come to my New Jersey Nets! With Deron Williams you’ll make a formidable one-two punch, and we’ll trade for other players too!!


    PS: Happy for Mavs!

  81. HEATman says:

    Even though Heat fans are broken hearted, they didn’t go out burning cars and looting stores.
    In some towns, they do that even when their team wins!

    • @ says:

      How do you know how the city of miami will react if your team was good enough to win multiple championships? Thats right, you dont know becasue you only have one. LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Big Snacks says:

    Everyone is so consumed with the laker and miami to see the obvious. Thats means the obvious place to go to be in championship position would be chicago with a proven YOUNG superstar point gaurd in D Rose. The lakers are old and so is kobe dispite the thoughts still in the minds of old fans thinking he’s still in the top 5. Kobe has been declining for the past 2 years, but it has been over shadowed by a title last year. If you all were watching last year he couldn’t hit the big shots but got saved by his teamates several times throughout the playoffs last year. To bad they couldn’t save him this year. Everyone seams to think he hit game winners all the time but the reality is that for everyone he has hit there are 10 he has missed, lets be real. The future is in the east, to move to LA would be stupid when kobe MIGHT have 2 years left. If he goes to LA, in 2 years he will be in the same place he is now, him and a lot of shooters. Honestly the shooters in LA are not as good as the one in Orlando. I said all that to say, the smart moved for the future would be in Chicago

    • shoboy says:

      Hell I still take your “not so good” shooters who knows how to win the chip against your so called “good shooters” who does not even have a heart to win. You could not discredit the Lakers for this seasons failure. Kobe sure is getting old at the same time getting more mature as a player. I’d rate him as one of your top five. Imagine he re-invented his game to cope with the current players. If you want to bring the copy-cat game of Jordan’s game. Maybe other players should copy that style, might be the recipe for success. Lakers sure didn’t play good this post season, But you may never tell, the moment they lost to Boston 2008, they’ve returned with a greater resolve. You saw it coming, you saw their heart during the chip against Orlando. We may see it coming in next season or we may not. Let’s just wait until then

  83. DH12 says:

    He said he wants to win a CHAMPIONSHIP. I see him teaming up with CP3 and going to either NYC or LA. (no they’re NOT going to Miami for the people that don’t know what a salary cap is).

  84. HEATman says:

    Should D-Howard jump ship, will he be booed at the many arenas across the country? Will the media crucify him? Will Magic fans call him a traitor? Will he be the subject of many jokes? And will the Magic owners call him a quitter? Hard to tell, but here’s one for you:what will Heat haters do if he, God forbid, took his talents to South Beach? Just to stir the pot!

  85. joegotgame says:

    Dwight will perfectly fit on BOS’s team offense not only by Rondo will feeding him well, but also he will give huge space for the shooters of BOS. Dwight will also help Garnet in the defense area.

  86. LA24allday says:

    also lakers shud even try 2 get iversion cuz i still think he iz a guy dat can giv u 13-15 points a game coming off da bench.

  87. Honestly all of you are saying that oh he is going to win with the lakers
    If HE Goes to the lakers miami will take them out so fast his head will spin
    If you people actually care for dwight you should say for him to go to miami because LeBron is good + Wade + Bosh= Multiple championships if you throw Him into there he the Miami Heat will bulldoze over every team in the NBA

    • Rajon Rondo says:

      Your pretty dumb to think that dude…..The Miami Heat have barely enough to sign a solid bench let alone sign friggen Dwight Howard. You really need to shut up and give up. Your Miami Heat suck and Lebron James is a quitter and has rubbed off on D.Wade

    • @ says:

      Ya just like the heat took at the Mavs. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You heat fans are still dreaming, still hopeful ha? Dont wanna admit, lebron sucks. What a joke.

    • @ says:

      And answer this for me. How can the heat afford Dwight? All three chumps the heat have now have one hundred million dollar contracts. I highly doubt the Magic would want pink panty wearing Chris Bosh. So tell me, how would that work?

    • shoboy says:

      let me iterate what lebron told us.

      “at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today.”

      stop living in fantasy, at the end of the day miami still have the same problems w/ lebron @_@

  88. LA24allday says:

    if da lakers r smart dey shud go after dwight becuz wit him in da line up we wud be a better defensive team and unstoppable. we shud giv up bynum and lamar odom becuz magic wont trade if lamar iz not in da trade. I think dat if lakers get a pg lyk shelvin mack and 2 young athletic defenders in da second round den we wud be a championship team. lakers just need 2 be smart and react NOW!!!!!!!

  89. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    If Lakers acquire Dwight Howard, they must let go either Bynum or Gasol and Steve Blake/ Derek Fisher. Miami Heat will love Gasol for his Gasolina.

  90. Jordan Hugest Fan Ever says:

    I didnt read all your comments guys but keep this in mind:

    The super breath taking trade of perkins from boston was made for a big reason – i believe dwight has an eye on creating another celtic dynasty – another bird told me that :).

  91. LeChoke says:

    to ORL:remember Shaq and 1996???be smart about this!you can get pieces and surround Dwight with the talent he deserves to have!trade Nelson and some for CP3(see those alley oops) or risk losing Dwight ala Shaq!

  92. ted says:

    howard need to come to miami we can use him

  93. Chris says:

    He should join Dallas and back up Tyson Chandler!

  94. smh says:

    Everyone sayin HEY DWIGHT GO HERE TO GET A CHAMPIONSHIP….thats awesome since all the haters are on Lebron EVERYDAY for wanting to get away from a team that could not win a championship though. Wow.

    Just shows HOW GOOD Lebron is. ALL the haters want to bring him down in some way, because of his RIDICULOUS talent level.

    • @ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA another dumb lebron fan. If he is so great why after 7 seasons with the Cavs he has no rings. Why after joining two other superstars he still finds a way to choke in the finals. Oh i forgot, becasue he is sooooo great. What morons.

      • STFU says:

        why criticize LEBRON? are you that GREAT? how many RINGS do you have? do you play in NBA? or do you even play ball? if you do do you have what it takes? do you have the TALENt? DO you have the SKILL? if not the STFU!!!!

  95. CelticsFan12345 says:

    Dwight to BOS! Trade Jeff Green, Nenad Kristic, Carlos Arroyo, Von Wafer, and Delonte West to Orlando for Dwight Howard and maybe Gilbert Arenas

    • munch says:

      yea ummmm, wat gm in their right mind would accept that trade offer.

    • shoboy says:

      When you are a GM of a team, do you ship out a player of D12’s caliber to another team which you contend against for a trip to the finals? if D12 will be released, he’ll be shipped to Western conference teams

  96. LOL says:

    Whats really funny is that Dwight Howard can leave the Magic to go to a team that already has 2 All-Stars and the 6th Man of the Year in the Lakers, and it will be PERFECTLY OK. But yet Lebron gets the crap he does. Its all the whole double standard crap that people just use to hate on Lebron for nothing, other than that hes SO dam good.

    Its ALWAYS been ok for the Lakers to have the highest payroll, to BUY their championships, CONSTANTLY coaxing other top-notch All-Star talent to their team, but NOT ok for Lebron to want to have a team that can COMPETE with that.

    More double standard hating at its finest.

    • STFU says:


    • @ says:

      @LOL and STFU you both sound like idiots. Dwight has never been compared to Jordan. Jordan never left the bulls the chase a championship. Lebron is compared to Jordan, and he sucks it up. Lebron left the Cavs to join another superstars team (Wade) to chase a championship. And just like in Cleveland it looks like he is coming up short. Like ive said, you lebron fans are complete idiots.

      • STFU says:

        @ — ive never seen someone like you so stupid… did you even know what we are talking about.. we are talking about DWIGHT LEAVING ORLANDO and NOBODY hates it WHILE LEBRON LEAVES CLEVELAND and A BUNCH OF BANDWAGONS HATES that… did you get it now?

    • wth says:


  97. JM CRUZ says:

    Lakers should trade Bynum and all the bench excepts Brown and Odom… Howard (Center) Kobe (G) Odom (F) Gasol (F)and Fisher(G)… that is the team that should play in 2011-2012 season… they will win the champioship… TRUST ME!

    • shoboy says:

      I’m not really sure if blaming the bench is the easy way out. Lakers as a whole PLAYED poorly during the post season, same goes during the regular season. They need to comeback with a greater resolve next year, I don’t but to the idea of ridding fish, but i do think he should play as a reserve.

  98. Jamie S* says:

    Its funny how people will grab anything they can, any rumor, I mean anything at all. I can tell you this. “Drew” and “LO” are not going anywhere. “D-Fish” jersey going into the rafters whenever he leaves, and he won’t be pushed out.. They were simply an exausted team after (3) straight trips to the finals. Thats why when #24 was asked if htey could win with their roster as is, he immediately answered yes. #2 was also asked and gave the same answer. Going in with more rest than they have had in (5) years, it wouldn’t surprise me if they have the best record in the league. They don’t need “Dwight”. I expect them to show up, nasty, edgy, with a chip and something to prove. What they needed most, their getting it right now, REST..

  99. JM CRUZ says:

    Howard should go to LA… I think if Howard go to LA, he will win the champioship that he wants… Kobe and Howard can beat any team in the NBA… no matter what happen with NY and HEAT or another team… Lakers with Howard will be the best team in the league…

  100. CelticsFan12345 says:

    Dwight should go to Boston! He is almost guaranteed a championship there!

  101. Federico says:

    Lakers can´t afford a PG like Williams or Paul, and they really (right now) don´t need to add a major star to their roster. They just need small changes (maybe a good young PG, not a superstar, who can play some defense) and Gasol playing as Gasol on playoffs, not as he do on last postseason. And, also, they need to improve their effort, maybe regain their will to win. If this simple things are made, the lakers wll be a championshp favorite again

    • GO Lakers! says:

      100% agree with you! Many people just want to have shortcut to championships. They also neglect the salary cap factor as well. Might as well get Rondo, CP3, D12, Kevin Durant, D-Rose. LOL.

  102. Matt Mathews says:

    As for the Lakers they should keep Bynum and get Derek Fisher replaced, he is a great point guard but age is kickin in now and there are some elite point guards out there like D Will or CP3.

  103. Matt Mathews says:

    Do you really think that the “smart guys” odds mean anything at all? Coming into the playoffs this year I bet the Mavs were listed way lower than 10/1 and the Heat were probably just as high. And that didnt stop the Mavs from sweepin the Lakers and beating the “5/2” Miami Heat. I guess the smart guys aren’t as smart after all. And plus unless any team can shut down a shooting team as good as the Mavs I dont see anyone stopping them.

    • shoboy says:

      we’ll these are just favorites. Sports analyst looks onto numbers and team’s/player’s history then gives out opinion. Their picks might come or might not come true, they are just a person after all.. we make mistakes, we can really say that our pick will be the winner. In the end its up to the players with the “WHO WANTS IT MORE…”

      You can never really blame our analyst if they didn’t pick your team. After all, they just extract opinions from stats and team history. 🙂

  104. STALLION says:

    Fran your article is another trash… MAVS sweep the Lakers by miracle… your funny !!! i know you voted Miami in six game i remember

  105. STFU says:

    Lakers bigmen are already enough for me…. id rather get — STEVE NASH, AI, STEVE FRANCIS, STEPHON MARBURY.

  106. stevO3 says:

    need a point guard or back up shooting guard for L.A to win a championship. L.A doesn’t need need Howard. Wonder why keeping Luke Walton. He is ok player. Should have gone a year ago.

    • aaron says:

      HE IS NOT AN OKAY PLAYER. HE IS NOT A PLAYER AT ALL. omg get rid of this guy for f sakes

    • GO Lakers! says:

      Rumor has it that no team in the NBA wants him. And his dad forces the Lakers to keep his son there. But after Mike Brown comes, we will see what would happen.

  107. Butta says:

    They just need a new PG, with Bynum ending the post season being HEALTHY. We have a goood chance of making it past semi-conference finals. and making it to the finals! Get Chris Paul, or D-will. Fisher.. He’s good and clutch when it comes to crunch time. But we can always leave that to Kobe lol. Having Dwight Howard come to L.A would be a cool thing to have. But think about what you’re losing in the end. Either way, whatever they do. We’re still going to come up on top and take the West this year!

  108. Ryan says:

    Dwight To Orlando (;

  109. geo4fizzy says:

    My thoughts….LA sends Bynum, Odom, and a role player to Orlando for Howard and Arenas, who they will almost certainly make a requirement to get Dwight…

  110. EWreck says:

    I’m a Lakers fan and I have to say, I DO NOT want Dwight Howard coming to the Lakers. Giving up Andrew Bynum for Dwight is not a good move in my opinion. Even though Bynum is injury prone, is is very effective and a defensive force when he’s healthy.

    The Lakers do not need a center. They need a younger Point Guard (when Fischer retires), and they need to get rid of Ron Artest (he’s garbage). If the Lakers make these two moves, I believe they will be serious championship contenders next season.

    • k89 says:

      barnes is garbage. ron is one of the best defensive players in the league. other than that i agree, just a good young PG and all the possible fingers crossed that bynum knees survive

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Yea we need our BENCH changed outside of Odom and Brown (if he returns)

        I like Bynum, but if Howard was offered for him there is NO WAY you say NO, both guys are YOUNG, but Howard NEVER gets hurt, I’ve never seen this guy who takes so much abuse with the fouls not play in a single game. Bynum is injured EVERY YEAR, has been since we’ve had him and to “cross fingers” on him holdin up instead of taking Howard if he is offered at some point during the season IS DOWNRIGHT FOOLISH!

  111. GO Lakers! says:

    And I agree with Allan on the Lakers needing a SOLID TEAM EFFORT. Sometimes when I watch them, it feels like they just dont want to play. Could be the fatigue factor. I have no clue.

    [Lakers getting CP3 and D12, that would be like Miami Heat last years. I seriously think the franchise cannot afford them. And there is no shortcut to a championship. They have won 2 championships back to back with Kobe-Lamar-Pau-Bynum, and Im sure they can do it again without having to add another superstars like CP3 and D12 to the team.]

  112. RileyHeat says:

    Dwight to Miami for Mike Miller Draft Pick and Bosh. Hahaha it’s never going to happen. It would still be amazing. But they would never get rid of one of the 3.

  113. kubistar says:

    If I was Lakers’ GM, I’d try to get CP3 or Deron Williams. A point guard is what Lakers need most right now

  114. General Sandman says:

    Dwight to Chicago is a better option.

  115. GO Lakers! says:

    I think Lakers sticking with Bynum is okay. He is a good prospect. Just his health issue might be a problem. When other teams guarding Howard, very often they need to double team him. With Bynum, his single coverage is good enough.

    As for getting an elite PG, i also disagree. I think Lakers will have problems with their salary cap and plus the Lakers dont need an elite PG. Maybe just a young guy who can play D and shoot 3 is fine. Because the Lakers have guys like Kobe and Lamar who can make plays. Unlike teams like Bulls, Hornets, and Nets. They need PGs who MAKE the plays. The Lakers dont. They just need a PG who can push the ball up court to take pressure off Kobe, thats it.

    So for me, the Lakers just need a, young F/PF who can play defense and bring energy, and/or a back up centre. Trade Trey Johson, Theo Rattlif, Luke, Joe Smith, and Derrick Caracter. I like Trevor Ariza, J.J. Hickson, and Serge Ibaka. Lakers’ Fisher, Blake, and Brown need to sharpen up their 3 point shooting skill.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Yea JJ Hickson, I doubt Ariza will want to come back to the team that didnt want to pay him…so cross him out…

      • GO Lakers! says:

        I was just saying that I like Trevor =P, but what you said is true. I also dont think he would want to come back.

    • shoboy says:

      hmmm.. the play making role of the PG was questionable during the triangle era. Just not sure regarding coach mike’s system. Haven’t really saw the offensive sets during his years with Cavs (due to lebron ball domination). If his plays suggests good PG’s then I guess there’s no need to push for D12. But if they will run the similar offense, maybe going for D12 might be reasonable.

      If I were to be asked, Dwight is athletic but his post moves are inferior to Andrew. Remember Dwight having issues against Perkins defense and I guess we all saw how Hawks clamp it up on Dwight. On the other hand, Andrew owns Perkins every time.

  116. MackDaddy says:

    Ummm….. no way Dwight is going to LA. He wants to win Championships, yes…. but also doesnt want to live under anyone elses shadow either. And LA has a lot of shadows. Nup, he’s going to go somewhere that HASNT won recently, has the right pieces to win with him for the future (Lakers are too old), and is a bigger market than Orlando.

    Chicago (would be my first pick- plenty of pieces to trade, and has a superstar in Rose), then Gotham (either NY or NJ- both have complmentary Superstars).

  117. james says:

    dwight is staying with orlando ofcourse

  118. kid says:

    We need dwight in L.A. One trade will help

  119. Bleek227 says:

    I refuse to get too hyped about the a possible DWIGHT TO LA DEAL. While I’m a HUGE LA fan, i would rather wait til something is imminent before getting too excited. RUMORS are just that. RUMORS…

  120. Showtime Brandon says:

    I really wanna see Dwight in LA; Pau and Kobe get so much attention he would get 2-3 alley-oops/game; not to mention the incredible pick and role options between him and kobe (think Shaq but way more athletic). And the Lakers are for sure gonna replace Derrick Fischer as the starting PG soon, a young point guard would flourish with Kobe, Pau and Dwight, they’d be like the Celtics of 2008 but 2X as good!! The magic will most likely not be able to hold onto him for a contract extension because I don’t see them moving up at all with the recent renaissance of the east. In one or two years he will 90% likely leave Orlando and hopefully fulfill my dream.

  121. Mannyfresh says:

    I am magic fan and would not like to see Howard go, but if he do want to go, we need to send him to the western conference for sure !!!! Otis Smith can be that crazy to trade him to a team from the east…. Also whoever wants Howard need to take Arenas and Turkgulu with him!!!!

  122. chicago fan says:

    forget going to the lakers, kobes getting old, go to chicago with a young mvp in derrick rose, and that will be your best chance of getting a championship dwight howard

  123. Bulls rule says:

    Who do you consider on the Bulls an elite center like Dh12 or just a solid 2 guard like Michael Redd, Jr smith, Jason Richardson, and Jamal Crawford

  124. John Atlas Tumlos says:

    Dwight Howard should stay in Orlando because this is where he start his career. I believe that they will get an NBA Title as long as they will have an great roster. No more trades ok! be practical.

    • Nobody says:

      What Orlando need is a new coach that can setup plays instead of relying on 1 big man and 4 three pt shooters.

  125. YeeDog says:

    i would like to see howard come to New Jersey Just in time for the move to Brooklyn, but i don’t know what New Jersey could realistically offer orlando

  126. Bulls rule says:

    New York! What the hell. They are out of this conversation. Look, the Magic are not going to make this team better, but Dwight will play in a Magic uniform until the trade deadline. The only reason for this is that Dwight wants to see how good the Magic are and he wants to stay in Orlando. And at the trade deadline he is coming to the Lakers or Bulls. Most likely the Lakers because the Bulls can’ t afford Howard because of Boozer’s huge contract unless if the Magic offer Boozer for Arenas.

    • k5 says:

      magic r stupid if they dont trade him away now. they are obviously going to lose them to free agency

  127. Lakers need says:

    Lakers need elite point guard (Deron Williams or Chris Pual) more than elite center like Dwight!!

  128. lord p says:

    i wish that really never happen!!

  129. Joni_Phray says:

    Dwight to Chicago.

    • theillest says:

      if they would manage to get dwight in chicago, for say booze, korver a few draft picks and maybe noah..the bulls would be one of the most scariest teams to face.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        yea you already have a HOLE in the team with no other player other than Rose and Boozer bein able to create their own shot, Deng can sometimes take you off the dribble too…but Chi-Town needs to focus on a SG first before a C because Jo Noah does a good job and gets better every year.

        My question to you is, if they get rid of Noah, and Boozer, and Korver for just Dwight WHO, TELL ME WHO, would replace the role of Boozer and Korver, really more of Boozer…

  130. Allan says:

    — my 2nd thought . he is not the missing piece in LA its just a PG and solid team effort

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      yea we need a solid pg, who can defend and score if needed. and a BENCH, i expected more from matt barnes and steve blake, Odom did good, and Brown is getting better, but those 2 arent enuff coming off the bench…

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Lakers just need some good young players, they are againg as a team especially at the point, Maynor for Bynum? Any takers? lol

  131. Allan says:

    — well if he is the target LA must get him just dont include LAMAR ODOM on the deal ! Lamar has been great for the past year with LA .i♥LA !

    • Odysseus says:

      I agree… they should trade for Gasol. The guy’s a wuss. He’s one of the main reasons the Laker’s collapsed so badly.

      • k5 says:

        oh yeah lamar odom is more valuable than gasol at this point

      • JesseO3 says:

        No….we need to keep Gasol. So what he had one sub-stellar season. Since we have had Gasol…minus last season, we have been to the Finals every freaking year.

        Kobe, Pau and Howard….for sure. Howard and Ron can hold down the rough defense. Pau’s low post finese, w Howards low post domination, and KOBE….come on maaaaan.

        We do need a new PG….badly.

        and YES>….definately need to keep Lamar.

      • 24 Black Mamba says:

        hes also the main reason they were back to back champs.

  132. 24kobe says:

    kobe bryant, dwight howard & paul gasol enough said. .

    • DAVID says:

      They need to build some defensive presence around the perimeter which was lacking last year. Kupchak should be able to build something without hurting the salary cap, this will be his most challening work as he is expected to do his job and make the right decisions.

      • Nick says:

        Yes but if teh Lakers had Howard instead of Bynum, his presence is so great in the middle that Kobe and Ron, or whoever is guarding the perimeter can stay out on their men rather than collapsing in the paint to protect Howard. Dwight makes it so much easier to guard outside because the middle is his!

  133. vinciTY says:

    Lakers + Magic of Magic (Dwight) = West Division Champs vs HEAT = The 2012 NBA World Champions is Miami Heat

    • Odysseus says:

      You must be smoking some pretty nasty stuff to think that Miami could beat L.A. with Howard. The Lakers would be pretty much unstoppable with Dwight in that lineup.

    • JesseO3 says:

      LOL….Heat wont even get by NYK next year. Did u watch how they barely beat NYK, bc of whack ref calls and injuries to their stars at the start of the series?

      If the Knicks were all healthy, or at least in the game…Heat do not get past first round this past playoffs.


      LOL@Lebrons no show in the 4th quarter and Finals in general. LOLOLOLOL

  134. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    Dwight to New York!!!!
    if Knicks can somehow pull that thing , NY big 3 will be really good to match with miami big 3 in the east and it will be like old time. i really wanna see dwight more than CP3 in NY. NY need defensive minded center. Amare and melo are offensive player and coach Mike D is in NY so offensive is not a problem for NY. it will be awesome to see dwight and amare clog up the lane for heat (like dirk and chandler did). it’s really hard to see it happening cuz we don’t have pieces like LA to give orlando. (but i can dream :D) other than getting dwitgt (cuz he’s center and defensive player) i don’t really like to see 3 superstars in NY tho. if Knicks can’t get Dwight, instead of getting another superstar (like d will or, cp3) they should get better role players. probably knicks should give a shot at players like Marc Gasol, or tyson chandler (maybe even take a risk with G Oden ) and one of two more good defensive players to come off the bench. (maybe a back up point guard who play D). Billup still got like 2 or 3 years left in him, Landry field will develop into good players too so we don’t have to worry about offensive at all. come on knicks try to get Dwight b4 Lakers get. him.

    • STFU says:

      I would like to have iverson on the knicks. 🙂

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I wouldnt mind having iverson in LA, if he were to act right, because he would do wayyyyy better than Fisher, Blake, and Shannon Brown. We need another guy on our team who CAN CREATE HIS OWN SHOT other than Kobe…

      • Odysseus says:

        Are you guys crazy??? Iverson is a has been. I’ll take Fish any day of the week and twice on sundays over Iverson. True that Fisher has never been a flashy superstar, but just like Robert Horry, the guy has hit some big time clutch shots over his career, and there are the intangibles he brings also, like leadership. Ask Kobe who he’d want over those two guys and I’m 100% sure what his answer will be. And it won’t be “the answer” if you know what I mean.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        My point is he can score better than all three of those guys, and i didnt say get rid of fisher, but derek fisher? at 37? being the Lakers starting point guard? Jason Kidd can get away with it because he is a hall of famer, but fisher i dont think so, i love him for all he has done for laker nation but dont you agree its time for him to go to the bench???

        And steve blake just needs to go, point blank period, we thought he would be good, and turned out to be trash!

      • STFU says:

        Odysseus, do you ever think a 37 year old fisher is good than a 36 year old iverson? kobe can play all around and have a good 3 point percentage, what LAKERS need is someone to drive the ball and kick it out to KOBE/ARTEST to shoot wide open 3’s… now if your asking me, the player, capable of doing that with less money involve(than other good PG’s) is IVERSON.

      • STFU says:

        and hey, can you read KOBE’s mind? saying 100% it wont be the answer? OMFG?!!!

      • JesseO3 says:

        First of all….Fisher is awesome.

        But….hes struggling…and hes struggling in the footspeed area. He cannot keep up w the PGs of today, and its hurting us.

        Yes, he is still damn clutch. And yes, i think we should keep him, but reduce his role to a back up. He also does not nearly have the defensive IQ, the craftiness, nor the hands of a Jason Kidd.

        2nd of all….drive and kick to Kobe or ARTEST for 3? Granted Ron Ron can sink the 3….but I do not think at all he should be relied on as a 3 point threat. Not even close.

        I really dont know who can step in for the Lakers at PG. But we need a new starting PG.

      • STFU says:

        did i ever mentioned RON RON only has a 3 point threat? do you mind READING and UNDERSTANDING what i said?

    • Sigh says:

      If you think NY doesn’t already have a big three, you’re not a Knicks fan. Stop underrating Chauncey.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        they will be getting chris paul tho, billups is not what he used to be….

      • JesseO3 says:

        Im with you. I LOVE Chauncy!

        And i am a huge Knicks fan…and i really hope that CP3 can get to NYK, like they all toasted to at Melo’s wedding.

        I have been arguing that if they were completely healthy come Playoff time….the Heat do NOT beat the Knicks this past playoffs….by the time everyone was healthy…it was too late. The start of the series was very very close, and the Knicks were never with all their stars.

        Go Figure.

        Knicks are greater than the Heat.

      • marq123 says:

        talk to me when chauncy’c knee heals and the knicks don’t get swept by my celtics

    • k5 says:

      straight up @sigh ur right. billups is so underrated. knicks have a big 3 better than miamis big 3 position-wise (billups g melo f and stoudemire c) and adding dwight to that is the same thing as having wade and lebron (i.e. same type of player). that being said lakers need a point guard before they need a big man. bynum carried them thru dallas series still. and noooo way they r trading lamar odom if they do that theyr 100% stupid. the only way bynum should go in favor of dwight is that sometimes it seems like he s the reason for their chemistry problems and that hes always hurt. other than that hes post game is boss

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        billups going be what 34? 35? no one is doubting him, he made denver contenders the first year he came after trading iverson, and he is a NBA champion, but HIS AGE is what forsee being a problem, why do you think they want CP3 so bad!

    • KingNyrd says:

      That is a stupid idea. Both Howard and Amare’ are inside guys. Meaning that a bunch of their points come in the paint. If NY gets Howard, then Amare’ will have the same role as Bosh in Miami. Bosh is a much better player in Toronto than he will be in Miami. Essentially Amare’ will become a third string option, a jumpshooter.

      However, if Dwight is willing to focus more on defense and all that blah blah, and less on scoring, than perhaps it can work. But that is a big if.

  135. Blueprint says:

    The most ridiculous thing about this Dwight-to-LA deal is that it could actually happen even with Kobe’s extremely extravagant contract that would force teams like the Kings to surround him with pedestrians. I kind of dislike how the Lakers (and other teams of course) can just buy their way into championships so easily, but the NBA is a business after all.
    I don’t think that’s particularly necessary though. With the San Antonio offense of early 2000s and his traditional defense that Mike Brown is supposedly bringing, the Lakers should already have a pretty good shot at winning the championship this year (if there’s no lockout, hopefully).

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      our bench is trash, you need a 2nd unit to do well in the playoffs…our oversized contracts on kobe, gasol, bynum make it hard to get pieces in free agency….

      • Larian says:

        People only look at the surface of the game, like Lakers got swept by Mavs, does that mean Lakers are completely done for? Lakers got swept in the 2nd round of playoffs, after going to the Finals for three straight years, can the Mavs do that? they have to prove it.

        My point is, this current Lakers team with 2 championships, and 3 conference champions is still much deeper than many other teams, and still have good chance of beating the elite teams. Like many said, even with no change in the roster, Lakers will not exactly play worse than this season, most likely, they will play better. However, improvement is always needed after every season, because other teams are getting better. Getting Dwight imo is a improvement, I know Lakers is not going to trade Gasol (a different type of pf/c) for Dwight, not going to trade Artest, a under paid good defensive player nor Lamar Odom who is also under paid. Those who is under paid will never be traded, because he agreed on a low salary contract to be in this team, and the team is benefitting a lot from it. So those who is not under paid except Kobe and Gasol, will have a chance to be traded.

    • lakersforever says:

      there is a salary cap dude what are you talking about the lakers cant spend more money than anyone else. they just choose to spend more then other teams there are several teams with higher pay rolls

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Lakers have the highest payroll in the NBA, have for years. just like the Yankees, of course you will always be a good team, i am an OKC fan and i have been hearing rumors about howard coming to OKC. I dont want him unless the price is right, but OKC could package a deal together, Perkins, Westbrook, Ibaka and a first rounder for Howard and either Hedo or Gilbert (neither of which i want on my team lol) OKC is still considerably under the salary cap and could put the best package together of teams who are interested. As long as we dont give up KD, Harden, and Collison. can u imagine the lineup of Harden(PG) Sefolosha (SG) Durant (SF) Collison (PF) and Howard (C). I dont think OKC will pull the trigger though as both Westbrook and Ibaka have too much upside. I think Howard stays put and Orlando makes a serious run at CP3

      • JesseO3 says:

        Are you dumb? Please dont make Laker fans look stupid.

        Of course theres a salary cap…but you do know that we are WAY over it right?

        We pay crazy luxury taxes…bc…sadly and unfairly…yes we can afford it bc its Los Angeles and its the Lakers.

      • js says:

        it really comes down to what the magic front office does here. no matter what dwight does they are going to need to make roster changes, what they need to do is do them before howard leaves. I thought the midseason trade was terrible, they pulled the trigger just to go from mediocre to mediocre around howard, you might as well wait until the end of the season and make the best moves possible not just panic. IDK what they can do, thet gilbert contract is just so brutal

      • lolno. says:

        Arent the lakers like -55 million in debt? Theres no other team that is above the salary cap than Orlando.

      • Nick says:

        The Mavericks have the highest payroll actually, Lakers are 2nd and Magic not far behind

    • JesseO3 says:

      BUY their way into a championship?

      ahha….did u not just see what happened with Miami and how they tried to “buy” their rings?

      They got SERVED.

      your arguement is out the window. It takes hard work….day in and day out from the start of camp.

      Even the Lakers, they have been beat in the Finals. Once by Detroit when they had Payton and Malone failure. as well as the Celtics. There is not such thing as “buying” a championship.

      Learn something.

      • John Andrea says:

        I think its a combination of talent and hard work. But without the talent hard work won’t do it alone.

  136. Enrique says:

    I would love to see Howard come to LA as long as they hold on to Kobe, Pau, and hopefully Lomar. Straight dea; with Bynam and a couple of guys like Walton etc.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      yes Walton must go…he is another OVERSIZED CONTRACT, holding up like 35 mil for a guy WHO BARELY plays, and when he does HE IS STRAIGHT TRASH….please get him off the team so how, he has overstayed his welcome for far too long, like 8 years of USELESSNESS

      • JesseO3 says:

        HAHAHAH thank you on Walton….

        Everyone knows its bc of his whacko Dad that hes a Laker. It makes me sick to see him on the team.

        Discard him like last nite’s mcdonalds left overs!

      • Grant says:

        are you kidding… yes walton hasnt performed but do you watch the lakers play? do you watch the plays the make have you heard the injuries limiting his abilities… well yes while he has wasted time and it should be him to gohow about also sending artest the same way, he doesnt score, only defends when it suits him and he is too old. people like you only like the flash and blah blah blah. Walton actually played some good basketball the first few years he was signed if you knew the lakers you would know that.

  137. MagicFan69 says:

    It’s funny how everyone wants Dwight to be in L.A. when he has already made it clear Orlando is where he wants to be. The Magic fans here need to back the team and Dwight, and not be prepared for him to jump ship because a reporter says he is!

    • mrGOOFy says:

      Yeah Howard did said he want to be in Orlando, but he also added that he will test his free agency if orlando dont win next year. so its 50/50 that he will leave orlando to get a ring.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        yeah and what are their chances of winning a title next season? very doubtful compared up against Miami and the Bulls and even the Knicks now..

      • Larian says:

        I believe Dwight wanted to be in Lakers for real, but he can’t state that because his contract and the fans behind him. He does not want to have a similar Lebron hangover in Orland like it did in Cleveland. Therefore, his oppinion is very conservative, however, his action did not show any willness to stay in Orland. He lost confident in the Orland management to be able to give him a environment to win Championship. Ron Artest fullfilled his dream in Lakers, and so did Pau Gasol when that so called Jedi type of deal was pulled, well Laker had Marc Gasol as one of the chip though. Lebron has yet to fullfill his dream, so tell me where Dwight will be eyeing at, Heat? Knicks? or Lakers with proven opportunity for championship even for those who jump ship?

      • QuestionMark says:

        Maybe not win but capable of winning like 2009 when they made it to the Finals, and only possible way to do that would be to make a run at CP3, even Deron Williams will be of huge help either that or get more consistent jumpshooters and better defenders than Arenas, and Turk, also a good defensive backup C will help, maybe trading Jameer Nelson to PHX for Brooks and Gortat, Gortat played great for Orlando, and Dwight can’t play 48 mins again.

        Few trade suggestions or Free Agent signings:

        Nelson/Orton to PHX for Gortat/Brooks
        Nelson/Arenas/Turk/ 1st round pick to NJ for D-Will/Kris Humphries (We know NJ isn’t going anywhere for a while)
        Sign Shane Battier if MEM does not sign him
        Nelson/Turk to NO for Ariza/Landry, and then sign Crawford, who is a better shooter and driver than J-Rich.
        Trade Nelson/Turk/Arenas to NO for CP3/Ariza/Landry
        Sign Caron Butler and Deshawn Stevenson if DAL does not go after them

        These aren’t likely but worth a shot.

    • carmelo006 says:

      yeah but he also wants to win championships, where can he do that? with kobe bryant and the lakers!!
      hes not going to win anything with the magic its pretty clear their best chance was in 2009.

      • Top 5 Picks says:

        I’m pretty sure that he wants to stay. I just think that he’s saying stuff like how he will test free agency just to put the burners on the Magic organization to really show him that they can make a good move and get some good pieces to their rosters. I don’t fully support the whole super team stuff that is going on these days but I guess stars are looking towards that especially in the east where everyone is trying to get a superteam. Like New York, and Chicago ( Although Boozer didnt work out exactly as they planned.). But if he does wanna go the route of a superteam then he better do his part and start talking to his boy in New Orleans.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        nah no need to talk to cp3, he already made it clear he wants to go to NYC with his boy Melo

      • christopherdavidson says:

        i think his best shot would be to move 2 ATL with J-Smoove(josh smith), and al horford.. i think they would be the best inside defense team, smith has been 2nd team D almost every year if not 1st. they would be beast thats all im sayin

      • xxkobefan24xx says:

        he just doesn’t want to do a lebron

    • Gizz88 says:

      Supermans right!!! The team needs to make some descisions which will get some players who the feel the same way he does. Hes a center who averages as much points as a all star shooting guard. I think the Orlando Magic should franchise him.

    • bigC'sfansince81 says:

      the best chance howard my have to win a championship is with boston. there are 5 other guys that have been there together and want more than just the one. Along with a proven coach there is where howard should go.imagine 5 allstars in the same team. forget the big three in miami hello big 5 in Boston.

      • Le2e says:

        Dwight said himself he wants teammates that fight night in and night out for the championship, and you can’t deny players like the big 4 in Boston and even some of their bench players like Delonte and Big Baby come out for 48 minutes. Would be awesome to see that me being a Boston fan and all, but I’d kinda like to see Orlando make a move and get a championship too. How funny would that be tho? Your old and injured superman retires so you just pick up a new and improved one.

    • tata says:

      Orlando needs to trade Dwight for LeBronJames now while the getting is good.

      • nbafan1282 says:

        (Orlando needs to trade Dwight for LeBronJames now while the getting is good.) ARE U CRAZY LA CHOKE IS ALL HYPE AND NO HEART BAD TRADE. im not a fan of the lakers or boston but those team have history 27 nba champoinship between them. im a bulls fan forever and it would be nice to see howard there but no cap space and bust c booozer bad sign on the bulls part but we have to live with that one for now

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      if orlando is where he wants to be why not sign the extension