Blazers Continue To Wait On Oden

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The good news for Blazers fans is that Greg Oden wants to resume his NBA career in Portland and the club has given indications that it will pick up the qualifying offer on his contract by the June 30 deadline.

The further good news is that Blazers fans might not have to suffer through the disappointment of Oden suffering another season-ending injury in November or December of next season.

That’s because the bad news is that his agent Bill Duffy says it could be January before the 7-foot center is ready to play.

Duffy spoke with Brian Berger on 750 AM The Game in Portland and the plan this time is to take it very slooooowly:

“You proceed with caution,” Duffy said. “We don’t want to come back too soon. We’re not going to even challenge it until we get to that 12 month threshold. If it were December or November or January we just can’t afford any more slip ups. We’ll wait until we get full clearance and then probably err on the side of caution, maybe a month or so after that.”

Oden, the No. 1 pick in the 2007 Draft, has had microfracture surgery on both knees since the start of his NBA career and played in just 82 of 328 games in his four seasons with the Blazers.

Nevertheless, Portland’s interim general manager Chad Buchanan told 750 AM The Game that the Blazers are still hopeful about the big man:

“It is tough,” Buchanan said. “We drafted Greg No. 1 and we still believe that was the right pick. We love what Greg has provided in the time that he has been on the court. Obviously it hasn’t been as Greg or we had hoped. He’s shown enough glimpses that you know if he is healthy for a sustained amount of time he has a major impact on our team. You have to listen to what the doctors say, you have to listen to Greg and how he’s feeling and make the assessment from that point forward.

“We like Greg for us long term. We didn’t extend the qualifying offer yet but we have some discussions we still want to go through. Right now we’re focused on the draft. We’ll address it when the time comes. We’re happy with what Greg has done this spring and where he’s at right now, working hard, he’s really locked in on getting himself back healthy again. He’s in a really good place both physically and mentally right now. We’re really happy with what we’ve seen from him.”

What’s the opinion of the Hang Time citizenry? Should the Blazers keep going down the path with Oden or is it time to cut him loose?


  1. vlad says:

    should resign him at a minimum offer. If he stops dunking a la Shaq and play a strong game under the rim he will be just fine.

  2. theron c. says:

    don’t know wht to say about oden other than the fact that he is injury prone.two knee surgeries,only played in a limited amount of games and when he did play it probabaly was average at best.i say get rid of him and free up the salary cap. that’s just my opinion though.

  3. gdog says:

    Well F it,just send him to Miami!!!! Miami Baby!!!!

  4. Oden Excuses says:

    Oden is even more OVERRATED THAN THE HEAT

  5. Matt says:

    The guy isint even injury prone man…. did you see the freak injuries he got? Anyone of your knees would be blown out as well. Give the guy a chance. Before the draft Oden was the better choice then KD. KD is the best scorer in the league yes…but! The guy has found the perfect system, team, coach and city to follow him. His transition has to be accounted for in KD’s success.

    I say sign Oden for 2 years cheap. If he can come back healthy. There is no reason he cant be atleast a double double guy. Brandon Roy, J Kidd, Amare all came back from bad surgeries. Nobody doubts them.

    The guy has had a rough journey. Not his fault.

  6. marcus says:

    Hes 22 yet has the body of a 80 year old and looks 50

  7. Shame says:

    U guys can hate all u want, but if you think for a second that your boy KD is better in ANY phase of the game u r STUPID! LBJ is the best player on EARTH and you punks can holler Lechoke or whatever but he has played in 2 more finals than KD has regardless of the outcome! @ MVPs back to back, and like he said he can lead the league in scoring EVERY year if he wants, which is obvious when ya boy KD only beat him by exactly 1 pt this season, and LBJ is sharing the ball with 2 eventual hall of famers! Tell ya boy KD to get his weight up and come see us when he gets to the finals because KING JAMES will definitely be back and all you haters KNOW it!! LBJ took the pitiful CAVS and they’re funny little owner to the finals in his 4th year in the league by HIMSELF!! He took the MIAMI heat to the FINALS by HIMSELF when WADE was a NO SHOW! He shouldnt have to win every series alone, that is why they joined powers in miami! Bring ODEN to MIAMI and we’ll show u how to do it next season!! HATERS!! I hop LA makes it so we can stomp them AGAIN like we did this year! MAVS savor the moment because its over for u lucky boys! See ya in 2012…Roll TIde and Go HEAT!!!!!

  8. chris says:

    Oden Debe Retirarse Del Baloncesto Si Vuelve A Jugar Se Va A Lastimar De Nuevo O Sea Entonces Que No Juegues Mas Nah Porque Va A Perder El Tiempo

    Oden should be retired from basketball Replay If It Goes Again Or Be Hurt So do not play because he is going to waste time

  9. Rich says:

    He looks like an older brother o Lebon

  10. nomatch says:

    what if durant got injured instead of oden?

  11. alex says:

    they won’t sign him for big money, he knows that, he isn’t expecting that, these are real injuries and he just has god aweful luck fact of the matter is, young bulking 7 foot centers are hard to come by, which is why as a celtics fan i dunno why we traded the one guy in the league that can contain dwight howard, none the less oden is one of three with the ideal body type of an NBA center, the other two are bynum and howard, he doesnt need to score just defend and rebound hes had alot of unlucky turns but hes worth a couple years are bargain price and if he can stay healthy and produce he can continue his career hes not like yao ming whose body just isn’t meant for his size, he just has no luck, i think he can come back and be effective and we dont give him enough credit, typically it takes 4 to 5 years for an a big man outta college to become NBA ready, in the 3rd year before he was injured he was showing glimpses of that, we just forgot about the transition because dwight was so effective so fast, irreguardless, im sure they still wish they took durant

    • Rich says:

      Perkins is a bum. You’re lucky OKC took your garbage, after throwing away a treasure (Chandler).

  12. JAY says:

    I say keep him paying him the minimum wouldn’t hurt for the possibility that he may come back as a solid center

  13. Playah says:

    Sam Bowie Part II

  14. Ben says:

    I believe at the time it was the correct pick for Portland. However , history repaeted itself, (Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan). The correct thing to do now is to be done with him.

  15. Oden Excuses says:


  16. Nathan says:

    SEND HIM TO THE ROCKETS we could use him!!!

  17. Golden Kamikaze says:





  18. RDN says:

    Yeah, to everyone commenting on this article…a very large number of you aren’t being honest with yourselves. Go back a few years on and take a look at the player profiles for both Oden and Durant. Oden, at the time, was valued higher by most analysts because a lot of analysts felt Durant’s defense was an issue and that he was basically a ballhog. Oden, on the other hand, was a skilled, young, NBA ready bonafide center (and not some 6-10 F/C tweener like you see every year)…of which there are very, very few of those in 10 years, let alone each year. The Blazers had a tough choice, but they already just drafted Brandon Roy the year before, so it’s not like Durant would have been the obvious choice there because they HAD their own ball hog already. Plus, they really didn’t have a quality center…I mean, Joel Przybilla? Really? And I’ve been a life long fan of his alma mater, University of Minnesota. I’m not a fan of the Blazers…I just live here in Portland, but I sympathize. Injuries can happen to any team. Any team can draft a can’t miss guy, only to have something unfortunate happen. Most of the criticism is pure hindsight and I sincerely doubt anyone who would comment on this story actually was involved in professionally medically analyzing Greg Oden before the draft.

  19. Dew says:

    some guys just are not meant to play the nba game. is oden one of them? perhaps. only playing in one seasons worth of games over 4 seasons is rough. i doubt oden is a grant hill story where he is injured much in the beginning of his career and then can play solid ball into his 40s. this guy got hurt his rookie year. i would say see about trading him or releasing him to get something decent and if he ends up doing well on another be it. im sure portland has suffered enough seeing him on the bench this whole time wondering what kind of impact he ”could” have made for their team. time to make aldridge and roy the faces of the franchise and move on imo. put some key roll player guys around these two and you will have a playoff team every year and maybe even a championship. aldridge is a beast and with a healthy roy, they will do some damage.

  20. Andy Teow says:

    Back in 2007, I remember seeing about Oden more than KD.
    I rather agree with many that Blazers seem to have health issues with players.
    Either their training methods or facilities, medical support or maybe just luck is the problem.
    Blake Griffin was also injured like Oden, but look at him now.

    I also do remember watching Oden play.
    He was unspectacular initially, but was soon the best performer for the blazers, an absolute defensive force, which there was also an article on about it.
    Sadly, another injury caused all this reckus about him now.

    And talk about draft bust, no way is he up there with Marko Dilicic, Sam Bowie or Kwame Brown.
    Maybe, he’s just more of another sad case like Len Bias

  21. ap says:

    The cane just makes him look extremely old lolol

  22. Anderson says:

    This whole thing is absurd, everyone knows that Portland is still pulling their hair out being burdened with Oden and watching Durant turn into one of the leagues best players, 2 scoring titles, 2 1st teams ect. Sign Oden but break his balls and sign him on a dime.

  23. Joey says:

    I think Oden is a keeper. He will blossom late as Marcus Camby and Grant Hill have done. When healthy he is a huge IMPACT player…. Still young and can heal.. I suggest to sign him at minimal money however.

  24. Brandon says:

    And what does Brandon Roy playing the 2-spot have to do with Durant? Durant is a small forward, people!

  25. Brandon says:

    Yo B-baller, wtf is calling KD Jordan? I don’t hear that AT ALL. Durant’s only been in the playoffs a couple of times, but he’s already been in the conf. finals. And you say he “comes up short in the playoffs”?! And you say yo’d rather have Lebron. HELLO MCFLY, who just came up short in the playoffs? Your boy Lebron, that’s who! And it took Jordan 7 seasons to win his first title, which means, in your way of thinking (which is weak and limited), he “came up short” in the playoffs several times. The fact is, he lost to better teams, Period. The Thunder made it to the conf. finals with Durant having another league-leading scoring avg. They lost to a better mavericks team, that beat your boys Wade and James. Maybe you need to show some more respect to KD, and show some less love to the likes of Melo and Lebron. And until Portland gets to the finals, they are not better than the Thunder, imo.

  26. KevinDurant says:


  27. Matt says:

    As a life-long Blazers fan who has tasted a great deal of bitter bad luck recently I just know that if we cut him loose he’ll end up signing somewhere else, never have another injury in his career and dominate the league as a multi-time all-star, but if we keep him he’ll blow out his knee AGAIN.

  28. BG32 says:

    I´d definitely wait. I remember 2007 draft. People were saying Oden is one of the best centers thye have ever seen, the best after shaq. He was supposed to have great career, still might. I think with healty strong Oden, Portland would be definitely a title contender,

  29. Dave says:

    Sign him to min or just above, performance based contract for games boards, mins ant potints, if he can average 8 and 8 its worth 3-4mil a year

  30. jiggerish says:

    I would rather have the king and let him choke in the 4th quarter than a center who is injury prone and his knees can’t take the toll (for the moment).

    The king choked, that is a fact! But he will learn from his mistakes and he will bring a championship some day to the city. Oden doesn’t even have the chance to choke cause he hasn’t made it that far yet,

  31. Daniel says:

    I highly question the Blazer’s methods on injury prevention…every year they have 4 or 5 key players out due to injury, then they always bring players back to early. I thought they brought Roy back way too early when they tried to play him in the playoffs against the Suns…it’s not like they were going to win that series anyways and he would have had all summer to get healthy…and they probably did the same with Oden. Anyways with Oden it makes sense to resign him because its not going to cost that much and they’ve waited this long…when the guy isn’t hurt he’s a good player. would be nice to see him play a whole year.

  32. Brandon says:

    robbay2 must’ve been sniffin’ some glue. Oden was “supposed to be the next Shaq”? Wtf?!?!? KD “the next Joe Johnson”?! Whaaattt?! I never heard ANY of that nonsense. Oden was compared (erroneously) to Russell. Durant was a force in college, with all the skills to dominate when unleashed in the NBA. Portland screwed up. But they are hardly alone. The Pistons’ front office chose to draft Darko Milcic in ’03, rather than Wade, Melo, or Bosh. The Pistons would’ve repeated with ANY of those 3, and possibly 3-peated if they could’ve kept the guy for 3 seasons without losing a key starter (except maybe Prince). Darko wasn’t injury prone, he was just sucking prone.

  33. anthony says:

    i would pick greg oden than that so called king over in miami. its better to be injured than to choke on the 4th qtr.

  34. JV says:

    yea so im just gonna go ahead and chuck this one out there… HE IS ONLY 23 !!! How can you POSSIBLY say his career is over? He isn’t gonna be the star everyone was hoping for when he was drafted but he can still make a huge impact, especially with this blazers team

  35. les diamond says:

    Please just admit you would have been better off with kevin durant. This guy has played in 25% of games he has been paid for. potential never won anybody a championship, or got out of the first round for that matter

  36. 344012 says:

    you can’t blame portland for his bad knees or the fact that he’s only played 82 games the past 4 seasons. But you can blame them for not picking Durant, or even Jordan way back in the day…

  37. DF says:

    1) never give up as long as there’s a chance whatsoever. 2) i don’t think he’s a problem for the rest of the team – quite the contrary as there’s a guy trying so hard to come back. 3) certainly the Blazers’ salary cap has an impact on the entire situation (but besides the cost of the actual injury his salary must be quite low). 4) if not the Blazers’ what other team would even consider signing Odom (without any certainty or closure about his status and everything) … maybe the Thunder would be the only team just to find a way to say “thanks… for letting us have KD instead”. 5) how ironic? the big fellow seems to have weak bones (!) and the skinny guy has made it to the top in no time although *everybody* had doubted he c/would ever make it that far. … last not least, good luck to Greg Odom… maybe he should try his comeback on a lower level than the NBA but who am I to say…?

  38. defdun says:

    Oden was an OK No. 1 pick at the time for Portland (eventhough whatever the GMs say about who they would draft infront of whom is just tactical and cannot be taken for real.)

    Oden’s prime is still in front of him if he manages to locate the reason for his injuries and changes his mindset. Mind you injuries are not just “bad luck” or “coincidence” they are a reaction to how and what you are doing. Once you understand that, it’s much easier to heal/prevent sickness and injury.

  39. drussell says:

    All of you sound like the Trailblazers at the 1984 draft. I know that many of you feel that is an overstated analogy but it is not. Even if Oden was healthy his offensive basketball skills would be suspect at best. Oden would be a 15 points 10 boards and 2 blocks a game guy. These are very respectable numbers, but they are not the 1st picks numbers. KD has all the skills neeeded as a Basketball player. You can always go the gym and lift weights and become stronger . Roy/Drexler are great 2 guards but KD has already led the league in scoring and taken his team to the West Conference Finals.

  40. P says:

    I think he should stay, and heal himself to 100%, and than come back on the court, hes a great center.

  41. TRIBINSKI says:

    This will be a lesson for NBA team in selecting draftee they must consider also the health of the player not only their skills…

  42. kieran wagstaff says:

    i think if the Blazers wanted to get rid of Oden they would of done it earlier, they have already stuck with him for this long, he will be back and he will be strong. Just gotta have faith.

  43. watcher says:

    Don’t know if he’ll come back strong or not, however the Blaze should beware the Grant Hill scenario. He who spent his best years and greatest contract basically on ice in Orlando while the team stuck by him. Only to have a finally healthy Hill bolt out the door when free agency called. I guess they’re in the unenviable position of either cutting him loose and perhaps watching him blossom elsewhere, stringing him along on short contracts and small money for the foreseeable future (the Hill scenario looms large here) or betting the house on the unlikely chance he’s still gonna be a game changer. Tough situation and sad for him and the Blaze.

  44. jiggerish says:

    To be honest, Greg Oden is a liability for Portland. He only played a fraction of the games and he is so young and already has knee issues. Of course he is a liability now and you will never know how things will turn around in the future, especially if you look at Grant Hill and how he has rejuvenated himself and is playing exceptional good basketball at the moment. Best would be to cut him loose, make him work out and also make sure that the knees will hold up. Then sign him for a year or 2 for 2-4 million dollars and then take things from there. At the moment he isn’t helping them at all and help is what the blazers need at the moment. Sad to see Brandon Roy go through similiar issues, maybe its a portland thing?! Who knows.

    For the ones saying that KD doesn’t have a NBA body. TRUE, he doesn’t but don’t forget that when Dwight came into the league he was also very thin and he bulked up over time. Durant is more like Pippen, they both are atheletic, long wingspan and are very agile. Pippen came into the league looking like a school boy, then he started bulking up and we all know that he was ripped like no other. Once KD starts bulking up, then all other teams will have issues, cause you will have a guy who is strong (maybe not as strong as LBJ, but still strong), can shoot the ball so well like no other and is faster than some of the guards nowadays who play in the NBA. Plus i don’t believe taking KD would have been a good move for the Blazers especially with Roy playing similar position and style.

    Oden was what they needed and therefore took him hoping they will get a new shaq/howard type of centre. But i still believe that Oden is not a good fit for the Blazers, at this age to already have knee issues is a huge problem.

  45. Oden Excuses says:

    Let just face it Portand is just to Ignorant when it comes to drafting good players like Jordan and kevin Durant

  46. Oden Excuses says:

    how come blake griffin also hand microfracture surgery and came back very strong. he even became an allstar

  47. FCarv says:

    GIve him a new chance – no one besides him want to prove something. And I think he will do it as soon as he’s able to do it.

    If i remember besides KD the only player that had a better college path was Oden. It was a marvelous path that Oden did to the NBA, and the few games he did he prove that he could be BIG in the NBA.

    At that time (draft time) Oden was without a doubt the 1st pick. And if Thunder would have the first choice instead of the second they would most likely go to Oden instead of Durant.

    I’m a Thunder fan, and specially a KD fan, But i do understand what kind of player Oden was and the pontecial he had, and in my opinion he still have.

    Griffin was out one year and still come to be the undeniable rookie of the year (great year for him). Injuries does not all time end a career.


  48. willie says:

    if oden’s contract comes cheap, or at least low… then the blazers should keep him… he’s good for a third of the season anyway… but to increase his salary?? better let him go or trade him. tiago splitter, okafor, joel anthony or mahinmi can contribute more to the team than oden

  49. Taigi says:

    He had great stats in those games he played. In my opinion, he will still eventually be second best C in the league behind Howard of course, if he stays healthy. Blazers should keep him.

  50. Mr. Espn says:

    First of all, It is SO EASY TO SAY NOW after several years to say oh yea picking oden first and not durant is not a good move…. what if durant becomes injury prone while on the blazers it is a WHAT IF but you don’t know so its unfair. but yeah Oden injury prone is really sad to see. but Oden if healthy i can see a good piece 15pts 11rb guy 2 blks i
    a What If… but a Healthy Brandon Roy and Oden with a promising Lamarcus Aldridge and Wes Matthews off bench and sum playoff experience pretty good teamm..
    Oden to Heat could be pretty nice, but I like to see ODen with KNicks and move Amare to PF

  51. robbay2 says:

    hes 23, he has many years to provide talent, maybe not on the expected level.

    he could be a great role player if healthy, and if his knees get fully better, he could rise.

    he is still a jack in the box, however it just does not look that promising to be special.

    give him time, camby is almost done.

  52. anotherperspective23 says:

    Already 2 surgeries on the knees, the young man is like 24 and physically not holding up. Id personally as a GM give him the boot and some cash. But im not, so sure give him one more go, but i think he’s done. Just a quick though, nothing personal, but the Oden looks closer to 40…and could it be bad genes, that just the way he is on the outside, thats how his bone and articulations are..40ish?? and playing NBA caliber level, i wouldnt be surprised he broke down the way he has.

  53. makobix says:

    If you are the one who is drafted as a number 1 on the selection, what would you feel? nobody knows unless you were drafted as anumber 1. Me, as a basketball enthusiast being a number 1 pick in the NBA is hard to be ignore, just like Manny pacquiao being on top is hard to be ignored by floyd May weather. only the boxing ring could tell same as with the basketball ring. being on top is different, you are always favored not just because you were chosen bust because they believe with your skills to finish task……

    Im happy with the MAVS as the newest champion NOWITZKI and his team dezerve it

    go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. old man wilson says:

    heres the story on oden. basically his body is too old. after watchin him in the nba summer league his rookie year. he was poor at best. what he have? 11 fouls, a few boards to match his 4 points. then he said, I GUESS I HAVE TO WORK HARDER. DUH. the top pick was even too tired to give kids his auto. i guess millions isnt enough to play in the nba, then what is? oden, has never showed anything to me, certainly not the next shaq, cut the ties, go get a real player. somebody that can play more than 20 games a year. either that or just save him for the playoffs. now that is funny. as far as pat riley pickin him up, NOT

  55. B-baller says:

    People need to stop putting KD in the same breath as MJ. Seriously. MJ, NO ONE expected that, he became the greatest ever. KD is good. but not THAT good. I would rather have KOBE, LEBRON, WADE, MELLO, seriously. KD is not that good. hes a good player and has a good team, but still comes up short in the playoffs. MJ = Basketball God KD = star player of a small market team. So stop comparing the two. If ODEN gets healthy and gives portland a few good seasons the other pieces in portlands line up can really use him. Healthy ODEN ROY ALDERIDGE WALLACE + whatever point guard you got.. MILLER is not a bad one.. and you have a top 5 team. A team that is BETTER than the thunder, because they have better pieces in place

  56. omar says:

    there will never be another shaq. period.

  57. Jimmy Jones says:

    They drafted what they needed at the time .. you cant blame portland for his bad knees

  58. vincent says:

    In response to “The Man”‘s commnets:
    all im saying is give the guy a chance also lachoke needs to head to the under achiveing spurs he may well fitt in peaacee

    The spurs are not under achieving. They just are getting older, and I believe the spurs fans are patient enough to wait for them to rebuild after all it has been a long successful run for them. D Robinson, T Duncan, T Parker and M Ginobili and G Popovich.

    I think you do not know what the Spurs value, substance over nuisance. Lachoke is super talented but also a super niusance.

    They would take somebody with substance and know’s his role in the team without attracting too much attention. Having super talent would be a bonus.

  59. vincent says:

    I think there is something wrong with how the STAFF at Portland is training big men and players. It is no longer a coincidence that you have such high talent such as the following:
    Darius Miles (from way before), Joel Pryzbilla, Greg Oden, Brandon Roy

    to be injury prone. At one point Zach Randolph was also injury prone when he was with the blazers same goes for Rasheed Wallace.

    There is really something wrong with the training staff, rather than the players. I never saw Zach Randolph got injured when he moved to New York and Memphis. When Wallace was with the Pistons it took a while before he got injured for a long time (old age, I guess).

  60. Pola says:

    Oden is a waste of time and money. The blazer management has not learned anything in the Sabonis cases. Portland waited Sabonis for long and even shouldered the cost of the rehabilitation of his injury. Two years for Oden is reasonable but beyond that is too much. Why not put him in trade block? Portland has lot of scorers and why not take center to anchor the defense inside like Perkins, or some reliable backups from other teams.

  61. lakersforever says:

    you know what i believe that he can still come back but i dont believe that he will ever be better than durant so it was still the wrong pick to take even if he comes back and is good he still will be considered a bad pick can you imagine the team with durant leading the way they probably would be holding a championship trophy right now

  62. russel says:

    give oden to miami……….

  63. baseline j says:

    If it was up to me, I would let him go, but I also listen and read what the coahing staff and the trainers have to say, they work with him and see how dedicated he is on returning to full health. And that is what you look for in a player, someone who is willing to everything it takes to win. That’s the kind of players you want on your team, even if he’s injured, he can still motivate other players, just by doing what he needs to do to get back, that is leading by example. So I say, listen to what the coaching staff and the trainers have to say, before you send him away.

  64. Taash says:

    I think Portland should try to keep him for cheap. I think if he takes enough time off to heal, he could come back and dominate. Remember when he was healthy? He was doing really really really good! Like the beginning of the season, before he got hurt. I was very surprised with how well he was doing. I think he has tons of potential, but he just needs to not rush it. Get well soon Greg and I hope to see you in the Rose Garden soon!

  65. Ken says:

    As a long time Blazer fan, I say we keep him. I think there is a good chance he can still ball.

  66. Jayisk says:

    I try to play ball whenever I can. I would hate to be in Greg’s shoes missing something that we all love so much.

    Come back healthy Greg!

    • YHP says:

      Greg Oden has shown potential with decent numbers when his on the field. i agree portland should sign him alot less then what his getting. he made big money for the past couple of years on the side line. if i was Oden i owe portland for not cutting him and keeping him for all those years and take alot less money. And if he hasn’t been working out on his upper body for the past couple of years at least and comes back as not a dominant player, ill be pissed~! all the time and money wasted on a first round pick will be devastating

  67. KCA says:

    I wish all the best for Greg but the matter of the fact is that during the 82 games he has played he had almost as many fouls as points or rebounds.

  68. Therock says:

    The problem is the guy look like 30 years old and when you have 30 years you go down in nba.

    • LA fan for life says:

      Don’t you remember Hakem he didn’t know how old he is and played for meny meny years.

  69. AusRob says:

    What people forget though is that if KD went to Portland he wouldn’t have had Russell Westbrook running the floor. To say that if you put KD in a Blazers uniform and expected the same numbers out of him is an oversimplification of the problem. He may not have gotten the same number of shots when he has Roy and Aldridge around him. He also wouldn’t be the face of a young upcoming franchise that has wooed the hearts of the nation. Most of all, he wouldn’t have the same training staff, and would be operating around different personalities under a different team ethos with different expectations.

    KD has talent that’s for sure, but you also have to fall to the right team and be a good fit in that system, whether you’re the alpha dog or a bench warmer. Best to keep that in mind.

    • lakersforever says:

      KD is better than all the players on the blazers…. I think that putting up big numbers would not be a problem and he would have a vet and better team around him….

  70. Chinaman says:

    At least Yao got to play good a few years.

  71. dfizl says:

    Blazers cut him loose. So he can sign with the Grizzlies heal up reunite with his boy Mike Conley and go on to win afew championshionships in Memphis

  72. TAMOD says:

    KD was the man on that draft . . .wrong pick I think by the blazers . . .sorry,

    • LA fan for life says:

      KD lost to Dallas becouse they didn’t had experianced center that is my opinion. You need experianced center in this league.

  73. lakersforever says:

    We still think we made the right choice….. ya you should of gone with KD he is one of the best to play the game now and could be one of the best ever

  74. rrb says:

    they should have not picked oden . the reason why his knees doesnt hold up is that his legs arent proportioned to each other. they knew that from the start. we arent even sure that greg oden is as young as he claims to be. he looks like hes old as bill russell.

  75. the man says:

    fact is oden playing to his full ability would start for any team in the nba (other than orlando) and any gm in the postion that the blazers woud have drafted him, years later and injurys later gives people reason to call him a bust? like the guy said in one of the comments he playes like 30 games outa hundreds maybe give him a chance? or is yao a bust cuse he aint played for a while? or maybe shaqs a bust cuse he couldnt play his last season? all im saying is give the guy a chance also lachoke needs to head to the under achiveing spurs he may well fitt in peaacee

  76. blakistan says:

    Oden should be resigned for 5m/yr for 3 years and at most 7m/yr for 3 years with injury insurance. That’d be the best thing to do, but the dude seriously should take as much time off as possible even if it means another entire year off to rest. He’s gotta take it as slow as possible.

  77. zolboo says:


  78. specialfriedrice says:

    silly question, has to go, yao the 2nd

  79. Julz says:

    If i was a GM i would definately take a risk on Oden! At 23 he still has plenty of time to become a dominate center in the nba. There aren’t to many big guys with Oden’s skill set. Blazers will re-sign him and should keep Roy if Oden even comes off the bench blazers will have a great defensive team with an offensive punch.

  80. HipHopWong says:

    Way too much negativity regarding Oden. Please just take a look at Greg Oden Rookie season Highlight on YouTube. No NBA team upon seeing this video would have picked Durant over Oden. What I see in the video is a top 5 NBA center possibly a top 3 ever.

    Microfracture surgery is not that big a deal. You can see the actual procedure on YouTube. It may require some cleanup to mop up the scar tissue but if it’s done right, he can have a full recovery.

    The fundamental problem with Greg Oden is that he is perhaps too heavy for his frame. There is a belief that NBA centers should look like Dwight Howard. Dwight’s physique works for Dwight but not for Greg. Greg should drop 20 lbs and return with a Kareem Abdul Jabaar type physique and the Portland trainers should not be trying to bulk him up into another Dwight Howard.

    If I were a Blazer trainer, I would put him on a serious Yoga regimen with a serious pro and get his flexibility to an extremely high level before putting him back on the court. His muscles are too big and too strong for his frame. An athlete with the correct flexibility cannot get injured like he has.

    Please stop with all the negativity directed at Greg Oden. He deserves the opportunity to get healed and play basketball. He is way too young for all this negative criticism. If there is anyone at fault it may be the Blazer’s training staff who has been trying to bulk him up too big.

    • LA fan for life says:

      You got that right this isn NFL it’s NBA and in NBA you recover qiclier and you don’t have to have a frame like Dwight Howard. Karem Abdul Jabar had a perfect frame.

  81. NBA2k says:

    It’s still way too early to cut him loose. The kid is freakin’ 23 years old! It’s better to have these surgeries young than it is to have them mid-career. Look at Blake Griffin. He had surgery and came back just as athletic as advertised out of college. Zydrunas Ilgauskas missed just as many games early in his first few years as Oden and ended up being a great center for the Cavs for years. That kind of size, athleticism (even if it is dwindled slightly by surgeries), and skill level shouldn’t be tossed away for a role player or draft pick. Be patient and wait it out.

    • lakersforever says:

      actually its not better to have them young they can shorten your career imensly and can make you more prone to surgry and injury down the road

    • SaveOurSonics says:

      I completely agree, some get drafted in the League when they already are 23, he’s got plenty of years left, how can people say he should retire!?! It’s not like he’s 35 or something.

  82. theninja says:

    He was no Shaq, but he certainly was the logical first pick at that time. Blazers should sign him, and perhaps trade Roy if there are takers.

  83. Tomislav says:

    Bad luck that` s all! Not the first one not the last one to have injure trouble.
    And yes he was made for this! Not as the future Shaq maybe, but most certainly would have become one of the leading centers in the league.

  84. Rosby from Ghana says:

    I think Pat Riley takes a huge risk on Oden and offers slightly more than the qualifying offer from the Blazers. As for Oden’s apparent desire to stay with his current team, compensation for the lost years he cost them perhaps, just give Riley half an hour alone with the young man and let’s see what happens.

    • LA fan for life says:

      You woul’d want oden in miami what would then stooped them it would be unfair and they should be lucky that trio can even olay together what would you say if L. Deng and Rose came to La?

  85. kedu says:

    Oden’s knee cap should have been given ample rest after the initial “knee-on-knee” contact he suffered in one of the games prior to the patella separation catastrophe. An initial hairline fracture (much like that suffered by Blake Griffin) should have been given 1 year to re-anneal. Blake’s people played it safe and smart. “Safe” because they shelved him for the year in order to heal, and “Smart” because he was still a rookie at the start of the following season. If the patella is aligned properly in the femur tibia groove and at full strength to withstand jumping forces, he will hopefully have a successful “second basketball life.” At any rate, microfracture surgery, as I understand it, inherently and in general will have to be done again in about 10 years. Let’s hope for the best in Oden’s case and to other professional athletes who have had the microfracture procedure.

  86. Scobus says:

    I would’ve picked Oden too. He might not have been the next shaq, but he was still a beast. He’s played some awesome ball in those 82 games of his as well. It’s probably over for him now though.

  87. PABLO says:

    Estimados: La historia muestra lo que es Portland en la eleccion de pivots, el ultimo que tuvo determinacion fue el gran Arvidas Sabonis , por lo tanto sugiero que ante las constantes lesiones se busque al mejor pivote europeo de la actualidad y al segundo ( por las dudas de lesion del 1… ) y se le garantice juego , de esa forma nos olvidaremos de Oden y sus lesiones y aqui se escribira mas sobre pivotes que juegan para el equipo sin lesionarse!!!

  88. Herr says:

    I’m a Blazer fan and perfectly fine with this. Our team did great without him, Roy, and Wallace for over half the season. LaMarcus and WM are obviously going to get better. Batum maybe will stop being a coward. I’m not worried about Oden right now, I’m more worried about trading the guys on our bench that are useless, like Rudy Fernandez. But I would much rather Oden come in January than come in the first month and get injured again. That way the team gets rolling without him and can slowly keep adding him as time progresses. If he plays in the first round, Portland should be able to advance. They could have easily beat the Mavericks if they had Oden and had the refs not have handed Game 1 to the Mavs.

    • SaveOurSonics says:

      Are you sure they could have easily beaten them, sure there would have been a chance, but I mean the Mavericks also beat the two time defending champion Lakers, and beat the super trio Miami Heat. I don’t think the Blazers are as good a team as these two at least not yet.

      • HeatWade says:

        Damn right buddy…
        this guy’s dreaming…

      • Teddy says:

        Don’t play that meaningless “would have” game anymore since nobody can ever prove himself right. Portland can definitely give more pressure to Dallas but don’t say they can beat the eventual champion who play marvelously at later rounds. Anyway Portland may not be facing Dallas in the first round if Oden was not injured. End this discussion!!!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Easily beaten the Mavs, Mavs would have beaten the Blazers 4-1, if Blazers didn’t have that miracle game from Roy, also Mavericks did sweep the two-time champs and also beat them by nearly 40 pts in Game 4, Mavs beat the young OKC team, and also beat the stacked up Miami Heat team, they also won the championship, so saying they could have easily won is wrong. Oden would have made an impact but not much. I would say this though, if Roy was healthy and averaged 25ppg and Oden was healthy and averaged good numbers, then they may have beaten the Mavs.

    • ha ha ha hah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ahah. STOP PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!

  89. deuce420 says:

    with the lack of quality centers the league currently has…Blazers have waited this long for the guy to come around whats there to lose. minus well give Lebron’s little brother a chance.

  90. infamous mobbdeep says:

    So painful to see such a young man walking with a cane. let’s just hope and pray he will get healthy at some point, contracts really don’t matter and all. It’s all about the game I bet he would love to play

  91. robbay2 says:

    Feel bad for this fellow. He will look like dampier and such already.

  92. dad pards says:

    its the same story with ralph sampson and sam bowie!!! bad luck greg!!! but if i were u i wont ask any increase nor long term contract its bad for the organization…i respect portland..32 games in 320 games thats a long term……..injury!!!

    • jaytee says:

      FFS stop comparing picking Oden to Bowie, same arguement as always,
      They had Drexler so didnt need Jordan at the time Drexler was awesome
      Same goes this time around drafted Oden shoulda been Durant but they already have Roy.

      My tip is sign him to the minium offer you can and then if it works out offer more down the track.

      • LA fan for life says:

        i like portland to. they are the toughtest match for LA i’m a little dizzy who oden is but i still remember the name if that is true and if he heals and they get another good payer they could be champs in 3-5 years for sure. It is time for roy to shine to.

      • Jake says:

        I don’t care who you have on your team. You need(ed) Michael Jordan. Clyde the Glide was amazing, but he got old, and Jordan was unreal.

  93. It’s not like they have much to lose. There won’t be any suitors throwing him big dollars, so the Trail Blazers can resign him cheap and if he stays healthy it will be a cheap reinforcement to the team. If he doesn’t stay healthy it won’t cost much. Considering the possible reward and the low bet, it’s worth the risk. — SeteVinteCinco – the portuguese NBA blog

    • Tomas Soares says:

      i’m portuguese too and a big big fan of the blazers. i follow foruns all the time and believe me when i say that a lot of teams want oden and are ready to take a chance with him. he’s only 23 years old. he doesn’t need to be a 7foot scorer, if he can play good D and block some shots he would be a very good center in the nba. i think teams like miami would love to take him

      • jamie portugal says:

        also i think greg oden pretty useful if hes healthy lol

      • McLovin says:

        VIVA Portugal all day long :P!!!! I agree that a lot of teams that are thin at the center position wouldn’t mind waiting until January to see what Oden has. The man is 23, and while his knees aren’t obviously in top shape, the year off will do him wonders and he could be a 10 point 8 rebound role player/non-scoring starter. You have to start somewhere, and if he even approached 10 and 8 this year that would be a great enough leap to give the man a chance. I don’t need his statline from his games FYI, I’m just hypothicizing. Teams that could really use him are Miami, New York, Boston, Toronto (move Bargs to PF), Detriot, etc, etc, etc. Center is easily the hardest position to be truely dominant in, thus why you see maybe 2 or 3 “top” centers today. Ilgauskas was almost sidelined early in his career with Yao Ming like injuries, and now he’s a seasoned vet. He didn’t have the career everyone expected from his size, but he has had a very solid career as a role-player. I really like the Blazers but they seem to be cursed as a team, from every player getting hurt at one time or another to their COACH tearing his FREAKIN ACHILLES TENDON, and I want to see them go deeper into the playoffs within the next couple seasons, so really I just hope that this team can stay healthy long enough to get chemistry. Good luck Oden, I’m sure somebody is praying for you somewhere

  94. papamis says:

    Just admitt you blew it when instead of picking KD you picked Oden…. What a waste of first pick on a draft that brought the most prolific scorer in the league just because of a stupid belief in the NBA that 7footers are a blessing for any team no matter what. Just scout Euroleague a little further and u can come up with a dozen better Centers than any Oden, Kwame Browns etc.

    • robbay2 says:

      Papamis, you must not understand, or you are too young to remember 07. Greg was supposed to be the next Shaq. Durant was supposed to be the next Joe Johnson. Portland would have gone under so much scrutiny that summer. It would have worked out, but everyone expected Oden to be better.

      You would pick a future prime Joe Johnson over a prime Shaq?

      Most players in Euroleague, especially centers, want to stay there. Their game isnt fit for the NBA, they are amazing players, just not NBA players.

      Sad chain of events for Oden.

      • jujitsu says:

        Robbay you must not watch basketball, because if you watched him in ohio he clearly was not the next shaq! So is it that you listen to the critics and media, or can you or are you able to see it for yourself and make your own judgement, dont believe the hype

      • bottomline says:

        bottomline is that Greg Oden did came into the draft where everyone thought he was the better potential…
        everyone thought KD lacked somethings…especially muscles…however that non-NBA ready body turned out to be a none issue…even though he still does not have an NBA ready body he is able to play at a high level…its not portland nor anybodys fault that he’s injured…plus…with Roy at the 2 guard…and playing at an all star level…drafting KD seems like a wrong decision to make…
        its not something u can predict…
        but hopefully this kid stays healthy enough to have a decent career…
        dont try to be shaq…but try to be someone like a PJ Brown…which is no easy task to do…but more realistic at this point…

      • GARY says:

        in 2007 most gms said they would pick oden prior to that draft. hindsight is 20-20.

      • zip says:

        jujitsu, anyone commenting on watches basketball. Believe it. The bottom line is a lot of people had Oden pegged as the first pick and the next dominant big man, but no one could foresee the future and the two microfracture surgeries. In light of what’s happened since the draft it’s easy to go back a re-write history, but you can’t fool me because I was there. You can beleive that too.

      • 1lakerfan says:

        You must go back to 2007 and look at the Blazers team. They had the Rookie of the Year Brandon Roy and young LaMarcus Aldridge. They did not need a #1 scorer like KD. They needed and still need a Big Man in the middle that can rebound and play defense. So Greg was they best choice at the time. Since then Greg has been injury prone and Brandon Roy has been injury prone as well. Hindsight is always 20/20.

      • dhenzv says:

        it happen again.. sam bowie – greg oden… MJ – KD

      • berkamore says:

        I am sure that some Blazers fans still remember their team picking Bowie over Jordan in 1984. Sometimes, you should not overanalyze things. As the “big” philosopher Shaq says:” Some guys are so smart they becoome dumb.”

      • robbay2 says:


        You clearly dont understand what potential means. He did not look like shaq, but he could have been and people were very well saying he could be.

        Im not the one to get in hype.

      • LA fan for life says:

        I know there are some good centers in euroleague just look at SLOVEVIEN Nesterovič he had good hands and was aswsome.

      • LA fan for life says:

        Vlada Divac was one of the best centers in league he was traded for my best player Kobe Bryant

      • LA fan for life says:

        I will say this if anyone knows former yugoslavia and have seen how they beat USA those were the times to se how much potencial had those players you would’t talk that europeans aren’t fit for NBA you know why the centers dont go to NBA becouse they can live with 1000000e contracts and win multiple championships. Only young players go to NBA and from SLOVENIA which is a size of a hair pin on the map we have Beno Udrih 1 time champ with San Antonio, Goran Dragič, Sašo Nesterovič 2 time champ with San Antonio, Primož Brezec and Saša Vujačič 2time champs with La Lakers. Slovenia has 5 ring Hrvaška former jugoslavia 4 rings 3 Toni Kukoč with Bulls and Žan Tabek, France 3 with tony parker, Ukraina and Spain has 2, Srbia former Jugoslavia has 1 Germeny has one Nederland has one and turkey has one and Slovenia is 100 times smaller than spain or germany and we still have a lot of good centers or playmaykers or pf who won a lot of championships in a row eurobascet and latly NBA teams who came to Europe in summer lost all this teams not many NBA teams won i didn’t belive it but as a guy who bets alot a knew. letters are adressed to robbay2 2

      • AgntStorm1 says:


      • Jake says:

        GM’s and Scouts are supposed to figure out that Kevin Durant is going to be better than Joe Johnson though…it’s their job. I know it’s easy to criticize them looking back 3 or four years later, but they are supposed to be able to anticipate how a player will develop. Injuries are virtually impossible to predict though.

    • Schemer21 says:

      Sorry guys, lot of relevant points here but why is everyone talking about the next Shaq, never. He was closely compared to Bill Russell, a potentially superb inside defensive presence with good potential to gro as an offensive presence. In most minds he had the ability to create a bigger immediate impact in the league. Portland weren’t to know that he’d run into the injury problems that he’s had.
      Personally i’d love to see him make a career of it, as much for him as for Portland. He’s had so many set-backs already it must be so disheartening for him and the team. Unfortunately i really can’t see it happening for him now. His knees just don’t seem able for it. It’s a pity.
      Anyway, you have to wonder, would Durant have had the same impact on the league if Portland had selected him. A players impact can have a lot to do with confidence and sometimes confidence can be reliant on particular opportunities and particular defining moments that maybe Durant might not have immediately gotten with Portland. Who knows?

    • QuestionMark says:

      Trust me when i say Oden would have been averaging 17ppg and around 13 boards while block 2 shots per game if he hadn’t been injured, that is not KD but Portland has a superstar in Brandon Roy and a star in Aldridge and solid players in Miller, Matthews and Wallace, they have Wallace so I get KD? if they have a superstar in Roy might as well back Roy up with a lowpost scorer which “Would” have been Oden, in this case two low post scorers, Aldridge and Oden.

      • dietrich says:

        I think you\re understating his case re: blocked shots his 2nd year he was avging 2.3 blocks and that was after an injury and playing less than half the game.

      • dietrich says:

        scoring wise you probably underraated him as well rebounding too the guy was still developing offensively and not playing huge minutes yet but was putting up good offensive numbers.. IMO at least.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      Thank you Portland, we love KD in OKC, next stop 2012 finals!

    • kaare weidling says:

      Durant expected to be Joe Johnson. never heard that one. When i learned they picked Oden i must admit a had to giggle. my thoughts immedialy ran to the 1984 draft. this must have happened to just about everyone else who is familiar with that years Draft. the Blazerscould have selected the best player ever. instead they went for another big man, and one of the worst No.2 of the draft history. and now Oden might be the biggest No. 1 bust ever along with Kwame. I guess history is repeating itself or the Blazers staff forget about ´84.

  95. im_no_baller says:

    geeez kiddo, you should retire already.

  96. jujitsu says:

    please cut him loose, it makes no sense to hold on to him a continue to mess up their salary cap for a player who hasnt produced in 3 years, his career is over, he wasnt built for this. Its sad but true, they have a fairly young team build now on the future by letting him go

    • David says:

      You are right. As easy as that.

    • willie says:

      i wonder how the blazers can even think of adjusting and raising his salary… if the blazers get him for a bargain, sure, re-sign him… but he’s definitely not worth the big bucks

    • LA fan for life says:

      i would smile all year if salary cap was cut.

    • Perro says:

      Touché!,,I agree totally except,, I also still think he CAN have an impact in the league,much because of that he´s still fairly young for a big guy,and C´s tend to have long careers despite injuries,but again I fully agree on letting him go not so much for the capspace since I think his salary´s fairly low,but all the medical expences must be huge no matter what insurance company u have,somebody still gotta pay for that,and then also because I really think the team is starting to get tired of him sitting by the sidelines all the time,and also for the fans. So let him go to another team that gives him new motivation and energy so I think it´s best yeah,,,,

    • Luis says:

      Besides, they have to deal with an injured Brandon Roy. I understand we have other players that had successfull comebacks from the same problem, but I wouldn’t take the risk.