A Little Outside-The-Ring Thinking

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s one thing to be a Maverick. That means you’re a champion.

But it’s quite another thing to be a maverick and that’s the area where Mark Cuban is usually most comfortable.

This time though, Cuban could be going too far with his notion to abandon the tradition of championship rings in Dallas.

“Rings are done,” Cuban told NBA TV. “It’s time to take it to the next level.”

Before he goes off on a hare-brained spending spree, Cuban might want to consult with his players and staff who have worked so hard for so many years for the right to slip that gaudy bauble onto their finger.

“We got to talk to him about that,” said Dirk Nowitzki, the Finals MVP. “I don’t think the last word has been spoken yet. You know he always wants to do something different, wants to do something bigger, but I mean, the ring is just so classic.

“I think I would vote for a ring. I mean, I’m a man. I don’t know how I’d feel about a bracelet. I’ve gotta go with a ring.”

Coach Rick Carlisle, who owns one championship ring from 1986 in Boston, agrees.

“It’s got to be rings. I don’t know what he’s thinking,” Carlisle said. “You win an NBA championship, you gotta have a ring. If he wants to give guys something else (in addition to) a ring, that’s great.”

So in the interest of fairness and in helping a billionaire go shopping to break barriers, let’s take a poll on some possibilities:

  •  Diamond-encrusted saddles. Of course, in 21st century Texas, horses would have to be included.
  •   2011 NBA Champion tattoos designed by Jason Terry.
  •   A box of “Cuban” cigars.
  •   24K gold choker necklaces engraved with “2011” and “LeBron.”
  •   Mavericks blue Rolls-Royces for everyone.
  •   Rings! Rings! Rings!


  1. deedz says:

    They should get the ring not as mocked up as it is. They make enough money.. Too much money. Funny how sports and entertainment are our top paying gigs in the great ole usa the people who are important are making minimum wage and paying atrocious fees to watch these thugs play. Where would you be without basketball nuff said

  2. MIA-OKC says:

    lol. first of all, congrats Mavs, you guys deserved it (i have been in exams for the last 3 weeks). i have to admit, that Lebron thing was funny. but why would u not want a ring? i wonder how much farther you can go above a ring without going into the category of insane. 😛 maybe they just get gold for everyone, gold bars. but the sports car idea does sound nice.

  3. Rich says:

    How about a full year’s access to any of the MAVS cheer leaders of their choice. That will even make them play all their guts out all year to defend. That will also surely make Chandler re-sign, not sure about Barea because he’s already banging a former miss-U. We might even get Dwight, CP3 and Deron on their free agency – for a discounted price !

    • DJ says:

      Not quite sure about the legality of this one, but it would certainly be an incentive to keep on winning.

  4. James McBurse says:

    The Mavs needs that Championship Ring. It is ok if Mark Cuban want to do something else for the team. When the season 2011-2012 start the Mavs should have that red carpet rolled out each team mate named would be called one by one to receive their rings, then the CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER would be raised to the rafters.

  5. James McBurse says:

    Everyone was glued to their television when Lebron James decided that he was taking his talents to South Beach. He knew that Mr. Gilbert was not going to surround him with any help. I didnt see anyone getting upset when Boston got Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen or when Shaq left Orlando to go play for the Lakers. The media hype up every little thing. Lebron needs to stop talking to you guys and let the ball talk for him

  6. Jay says:

    wow cuban is pretty stupid, i already knew that

  7. Tan says:

    well, cuban likes the WWE, why not championship belts? lol

  8. marcus says:

    If he gets them bracelets the mavs will continue to look like a soft team lol

  9. Mental1981 says:

    Cuban stop being silly. Just give the guys their rings. It’s like waiting all year for your mom to give you a Jansport backpack for school and she comes home with a trapper keeper. It’s not about the price of the ring to the guys, it could be made out of wood for all they care, but it has to be a ring. You can’t give them anything that they can’t just go out and buy for themselves. THEY’RE RICH! Oh wow thanks for the Ferarri Mark, now I gotta find another spot for my Lambo. *sarcasm*.

  10. Filip says:

    LMAO 24K gold choker necklaces engraved with “2011” and “LeBron”. LOVE IT

  11. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    don’t hate on Melo and Kobe. when did they choke? i am not saying because i am Knicks fan but here is the thing last year GMs and Coaches voted a lot of poll and they voted Lebron is best all around players (for current NBA players)
    in another vote they voted top 3 offensive players in kobe, durant and melo
    and another vote ask who would they play in clutch time or take last shot they voted kobe, durant and melo as top 3
    so obviously GMs, Coaches and ppl who watch NBA know melo and kobe don’t choke

    @everyone i have a question. i don’t know how this thing work in NBA, in other spots like say soccer in other country if a player don’t play enough games in the season and tournament, he didn’t get to be in part of the championship team even if his team win.(so he is not a champion) so i am just curious will Caron Butler get a ring? he didn’t play entire playoffs but i still think he should get a ring. (silly question but then again ofc my Knicks are not doing a lot of those ring ceremony lately so i am lack of that information :D)

  12. dallasisghey says:

    haha i love how lebron is still the number one player and number one topic of discussion he owns ur lives. u follow him and reaed everything he says hes ur master. its ok..dallas should give all the rings to tyson chandler kidd and barea. with out them the deep dallas team with the refs on their side would of lost big time its ok tho d will win one lebron will win to many let the german have his moment he def deserves it.. i guess if u been in the league that long they feel sorry for you and give u a ring before ur career is over. peace out beeches. 305 till i die were real athletes are born

    • Queiros says:

      buah buah buah… now that’s one “cryami” bandwagon fan talking… better said: whining, like LeBron likes to do too… Come on, the refs?? If I recall it correctly, the Heat blew up a 15 POINT LEAD IN THE 4TH QUARTER!!! I saw that game, there was no refs helping. Bad calls are mistakes, they happen once in a while. And it went both ways

  13. billionaire says:

    G6 for everybody on the Dallas roster! LOL! 🙂

  14. DRe says:

    Its one thing for fans to reference a choker, its another for a supposedly objective journalist to do it. Very unprofessional. And until NOW people realize Cuban is out of his mind? SMH

  15. dirk diggler says:

    rings are the norm but if Cuban insists why not make 24 k gold replica’s of the Larry O’Brien trophy ( about the same size as the M.V.P. Trophy)

  16. RV53 says:

    I think that championship blets (like in boxing) would be nice idea if Cuban decides not to go with the rings.

  17. LAL says:

    Congrats to the Mavs for a well deserved championship. It would be nice, however, to read more articles about their win that don’t involve insulting LeBron. It cheapens their accomplishment. As for the LeBron choker gift idea, it appears that he may not be the only one who needs to mature. Enough already.

  18. Tirbs says:

    GIVE the Mavs a championship RING, TRADITION should not be forgotten.
    You win an NBA championship, you’ve got to have a ring. The players deserve it because its like a
    dream come true to win the title of a champion.
    ” kadaug lng ang inyung team mag.ing.ana na daun kah ? cuban murag kag uban ! sa ulo !”

  19. sekura says:

    Its gotta be crowns!!! Yes I am serious 😀

  20. no blingski says:

    i love the idea. you all think about what Cuban will get instead of the rings.. yes, he said he wants to take it to the next level, but does that mean he’s gonna get some other useless bling-bling?
    the truth is: forget the rings.. its useless poser-outfit for mindless opportunists lost in consumption (plus they don’t even look good!). it’s just another absurd tradition kept going for no logical reason.. and you know what? dirk will not wear one! it’s just not his style.. it will stay in the cabinets of most champions. just like any other trophy. so, why not something different?
    or hey? why not just a simple ribbon? (or yes, mandrilko, a handshake!!) or nothing at all? just some money for each of ’em..
    i wonder if cuban will pull off something that makes sense.. but in the end..probably not.

  21. Eric says:

    They should get rings, the players hope all season to win one. If Cuban wants to throw in something extra, maybe he could get all the players’ names engraved in the sidewalk by the stadium or somewhere in Dallas, kinda like Hollywood’s “walk of fame”.

  22. celticslegend33 says:

    I’d suggest an old-school ring and… a car. Rolls-Royce. Mercedes Benz?

  23. Jonas says:

    Maybe all the nba writers should team up and diss on Lebron… Oh wait, they’re already doing that! Real objective journalism… makes me sick

  24. BlueHeat says:

    how about a t-shirt …that says this is our one and only championship

  25. baobao says:

    it should be the ring plus…………balloooonnnnnnsssssss

  26. BlueHeat says:

    how anout a t-shirt

  27. Fiazzi says:

    I’m a miami fan well wade county… well D-wade fan to be precise, i ain’t a LeBron hater but i felt he choked bad… enough but miami… I have a huge respect for Dirk and the Dallas Mavs they deserved it no doubt now why the hell would cuban take away the ring or pretty much the tradition. The Mavs came a long way to win the championship, Its time for them to get married with the title they have earned. ohhhhh… then add a whatever buckle diamond blah blah encrusted with engravings and grills that says Dirk

  28. torn acl says:

    rings … and the rolls would not hurt mark cuban’s pocket …

  29. LeBron win trophy but not heart of people says:

    I want all including tattoo, LOL

  30. suckerz says:

    Mavs should get a ring…bonus would be is that mark cuban give the mavs players a replica of the larry o’ brien trophy..that would be the best option for the Dallas Maverick organization to pay this players for the well earned 1st NBA title in franchise history…

  31. 2nd Best says:

    Mavs players deserve a ring – it’s that small iconic thing that has traditionally been tied up to recognizing a champion player in the NBA. If Mark wants to differentiate himself, he can easily throw in an Audi R8 (his MVP is a German anyway) – and be the eccentric owner of a championship team that he is. Anything less than a ring will break that honeymoon feeling for the players, for all. Don’t spoil it, Mark.

  32. jes says:

    I personally vote for 2011 NBA Champion tattoos designed by Jason Terry! LOL ^_^v

  33. 2011 Champs says:

    A ring will be great, they can even sell it if they want, just like what Artest did. On a sidenote, Artest’ ring even has greater value than Lebron’s future ring (in case he gets one).

    And to the silly person who said that those who hate Lebron are 99.9% Cavs Fans, you are a lunatic. People who hate Lebron come from different types. Some of them are responsible parents who don’t want their kids to idolize such an a-hole and arrogant player.

  34. dray says:

    NBA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BELTS! hahaaa. That sounds like a Mark Cuban suggestion.

  35. Lee says:

    a Ring of course! that’s not a question anymore

  36. Hailey Thompson says:

    Why does Mark Cuban have to be like this? 3 options:
    1) He’s doesn’t understand the beauty and values of tradition and history
    2) He understands them but abuses them to get more attention
    3) He’s just a clueless and obnoxious person

    My vote would be 3.
    Get these guys a ring, or the people will get them one.

  37. Bryant says:


    And what would you consider a “choke” if it’s not LeBron playing well and delivering when it counts most in the Finals? The jumpers that he luckily hit in the Chicago and Boston series didn’t go down and he wasn’t as aggressive due to the zone defense and multiple defenders. Again, if that’s not choking, what is?

  38. Germans don't need cars says:

    Imagine if Dirk went home to his family in Germany and said,
    “Hey, I won the championship and they gave me this really cool (Porsche/Saddle/Tattoo/Anything but a ring).”
    Everyone would laugh at him…
    It HAS to be a ring!

  39. smoothdadue says:

    I think Mark Cuban isn’t talking about changes the rewards of championship rings to something else like a bracelet. I may be wrong, but I comprehended that Owner Cuban is saying that the chase for rings isn’t his top concern anymore now that he has one. It is still a goal for next year, but because he has accomplished this, he wants to go on and do something else and bigger. He probably wants to change history in the NBA. I would say that is pretty big. Yea it’s just what I picked out. The ring is still a goal, he just wants to do earn more, accomplish BIGGER!

  40. shalika says:

    “a box of Cuban cigars” really made me laugh. of course i’ll vote for RINGS. The Jason Terry tattoo is a COOOOL idea though, but i don’t think Dirk looks good with a tattoo. Big NO!haha

  41. Ace says:

    I’d really go for the tattoos by JET. I’d even want him to design the tattoos for the champions from now on.
    At least it’s gonna be fun.
    Or let’s just smash the trophy and let each player go home with a piece of it.
    But this will probably be next year.

  42. Emperor James I The Naked says:

    Rolls Royces? No, that is not stuff for the “common people”! Mavericks Blue Volkswagen Bugs, that’s the ticket. That is a people’s car for a team that is psychologically grounded and in contact with all of us commoners, with our everyday problems, in our everyday lives…

    Had the Heat won, it would have been Bugatti Veyrons all around, just to keep in contact with the plebe.

  43. seriously says:

    How about open tickets to Miami so the players can take their talents to south beach…

  44. Chris says:

    I think every player should get this:

    An ape, dressed in a Mavs jersey, wearing a cowboy hat, smoking a cuban cigar, holding a miniature championship trophy and (of course) with a championship ring on his finger!

    Then the players can decide wether they call him “LeBron” or not 😉

    • Queiros says:

      Now that would be a Cuban-like surprise. Good one! I hope they get enough licenses to have so many monkeys inside their Arena come the season opener. Btw, why not a Lakers @ Mavericks game to start the season, that’d be cool!

  45. lolno. says:

    Im a LeBron fan and I agree LeBron could have done more to help the team in the 4th quarter, even though he had some nasty dimes but the mavericks double teamed LeBron every time he had the ball and he doesn’t deserve all this hate. He made some mistakes with the decision and maybe some post game comments but he should still be respected for the great player that he is.

  46. mandrilko says:

    rings are so overated… how about a handshake?

    • Grievous56 says:

      hahahhahaha Good one.

    • heatboy says:

      Fran great job… i love your article today… I will choose 24K gold choker necklaces engraved with “2011” and “LeBron” plus a high breed horse for Kentucky derby…

    • LA fan for life says:

      If next year will be basketball and i hope it will be LeBron could have an injury and than what happens if he doesn’t win in next 2 or three years a ring he is not hall of famer and for hall of famers should only be guy’s with rings that is my opinion and NBA should reconfider what i said!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 24 Black Mamba says:

        dude i hate lebron but dont ever wish for anyone to have an injury thats just wrong

    • LA fan for life says:

      what will they’r sons or daughters have for they’r memory a picture of a handshake? Rings have been forever rings are valuble they give you a great inspiration somethin you can show to your friends when they are old and you cant take that away from them in the end trophy’s are owner pride and joy but when they lose next season they have to give the trophy to the best team next year rings stay with you and your family forever not a lot of sports give rings they are pricelles in boxing you must give the belt back when you lose so is in almost all sports. THEY SHOULD NEVER BREAK THAT TRADICION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. visitor says:

    come on, it will be ring and plus whatever you have in your mind. It has to be rings, and it will be rings. OK (plus car or something)

  48. Paul allan says:

    let the haters keep hating

  49. wwwrench says:

    If your from Texas there is nothing wrong with a ring to wear on dress up days and keep in a case, but for everyday wear nothing beats a championship belt buckle.

    Just Sayin

    • Chris says:

      I like the idea of a belt buckle. The WWE did an article too jokingly saying that Mark Cuban might get them Wrestling Belts since he was Guest GM on Raw once and even Shawn Marion and 2 other Mavs were on that episode too. But, back on topic, a belt buckle totally works since they’re from Dallas, Texas. It has to be Platinum with the Mavs in Sapphire Blue and other stuff.

  50. Alvin says:

    I reckon a pair of jewel encrusted knuckle dusters with “Beat” on one hand and “Miami” on the other.

  51. Holden says:

    @anton, people hate LeBron because of his whole free agency frenzy last year. No one said he had to stay in Cleveland, but the entire way he went about leaving was ridiculous. Did he need to have a tv spot about his decision? I don’t recall a professional sports player EVER doing that before. In regards to saying he’s good; sure, he has talent, but he is no where near MJ. It’d be difficult for me to not choose Dirk, Pierce, Ray Allen, Kobe, or even Dwayne Wade before LeBron with the game on the line.

    • Nivla says:

      All of the players you mentioned got rings.. you mean to say that Lebron will be Lebron once he got one? How about Malone, Ewing, Miller, Stockton, Charles? Aren’t they great players too but got no rings? His transfer was by all means legitimate, so what’s the fuzz about it? Isn’t it that all players are entertainers? That’s why they are all populars. Lebron just wanted entertainment, and yet because of that, haters hate him..I just don’t understand the mentality of a hater…

  52. Harry says:

    Mr. Cuban should consider first the consensus of his players & staff & this poll result before he plans to take on something like this… (a bracelet)

  53. Jermaine says:

    I like the idea suggested by The Basketball Jones blog: They should get rings and watches, since watches are actually practical.

  54. just to be fair. 99.9% of all the lebron haters are exclusively cavalier fans

    • Ray Allen says:

      I think we had enuff talk on LBJ, this post is about the MAVS!

      Maybe Cuban should be a gentleman and make runner ups rings for LBJ and his casts. though the ring will only remind them that they came in 1st as the Number 1 loser..lol

  55. Oscar says:

    Hey don’t forget the Puerto Rican Flag at the ring for JJ Barea, Yeah!!!!!

  56. L.T. says:

    So he’s bringing back short shorts ?

  57. Anton says:

    yet another post dissing on LeBron, he is a great player, an awesome player, and he didn’t choke, he just couldn’t do his best to win, it happens to every player, it happened to Kobe, probably Melo, and many many others. I don’t get it, why do people hate LeBron (btw, I am a Lakers fan)

    • LA fan for life says:

      In which final did Kobe choke i want to see that final and than i will tell you if i think so. Please answer me and i will tell you every stat you wanna hear + i have never seen 3,5 min of such poor def. heat could do in 3,5 min alot more than they did.

    • benq2112 says:

      Exactly, i don’t think that LeBron choked cause that would take away from the very good D that Dallas played on him. And people are just hatin cause everybody seems to hate the heat these days. even as a mavs fan i gotta say that enough is enough. And I’m convinced the heat will be back in the thick of it next year…

    • Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

      I’m no Lebron hater but he did bottle the final , especially the last quarter !

    • Law064 says:

      @Anton sorry he choked and didn’t even try. The Mavs D was shutting down the paint and stopped Lechoke.

  58. Herr says:

    I like the tattoo idea. And maybe we should get Kevin Durant to get a Tattoo that says “ChokeKC”.

    BTW, what’s with your other article. Top 5 teams next season? Lakers, Spurs, OKC, Bulls… no Blazers? Cmon man, you gotta be kidding me. Lakers are dead, Spurs are dead, Bulls are overrated, and ChokeKC only got to the WCF because Denver has nothing, and the Grizzlies are even less experienced. They got mopped in the WCF. They’re not title contenders, not over teams like Memphis and Portland. Just thought you should know, since you don’t allow these comments on that blog.

    Anyways, the Mavs should just get rings. It’s all they’ll get. They’re Dirk won’t win another title.

    • No Clue says:

      Obviously a Trailblazers fan is going to say that, just like I’m going to say that your blazers wont win 45 games next year

    • LA fan for life says:

      Belive me LAKERS whith KOBE are never out of contest. I belive he will be the only guy to play in 10 championships now he is at 7 i think. and he is not old. He is only contender to throw Jordan from his place in history. But in my hubel opinion he has allready done that.

  59. danito says:

    just stop acting like an idiot cuban. just get rings

  60. Dominican A.I says:

    i´m with Bear what about Blue diamond-encrusted rolex watches how said this: We Rape LeBron

  61. kantankruz says:

    He will get rings, he was just caught in the moment.

  62. mista M says:

    the ring and the rolls royce

  63. Brydon says:

    I would be so pissed if I didn’t get a ring.

  64. Bear says:

    Since the Mavs felt it was “their time”, why not diamond-encrusted Rolex watches?

  65. Tim@Miami says:

    As a long time Miami Heat fan, I am happy to see Dirk finally got the championship. They deserve more than us. We have noway get any type of title with coach Spo.
    On the other hand, I had to see Cuban’s team get the championship.

    • Cavs says:

      Much respect, man. Thank you for showing us not all heat fans have tourettes.

      • FrankyFinch says:

        I agree. I’m not as much a Heat fan as any other man around town, but since they beat my C’s, I was sort of pulling for them. You know, beat my team, better win kind of thing. But, I was tremendously impressed to see the Mav’s win it this year. They, by-far, were the most deserving team, and it serves good for the Mav vets who have been waiting on this for, 10 – 14 years! Good for them.
        In regards to the Heat, I doubt it’s the last time they make The Finals, and maybe that choker referenced above will turn into a ring or two, or three. But in the meantime, I hope they work on their game. One way to do that is lose to my C’s next year so they have a reason to work harder! 🙂
        Have a good week everyone 😀

      • LA fan for life says:

        God job Dallas i voted 4-2 for Dallas and before game 6 i said that thety will win big time last 3,5 min of the game was the wors defence i ever saw in a way i am saing miami could easely proved me wrong but they just didn’t. What’s the say in all TEAM sport never surender.

  66. Ventruck says:

    Well given the NBA schedule, I think Cuban was forced to delay his April’s Fools joke.

    Either that, or he’s still caught up in the moment.

    Or….there’s just something wrong with him.

    • BLM73 says:

      Fran’s just grasping at straws for something to write about since the season’s over lol. Cuban made the comments, attributed to him here, on the night that they won. It’s terrible journalism TBH, but the ‘LeBron Choker’ joke makes it all worthwhile lol.

  67. lazylays13 says:

    get the necklaces and tattoos too

  68. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    i don’t know if FRAN is being funny or hating on Lebron with that 24K choker but the poll kind of make me smile and it’s funny. almost feel sorry for lebron, it’s keep coming and coming at him. Mark is a Billionaire , so why not buy every players and staff members Audi R8, (R8 over Rolls-Royces cuz that would be tribute to dirk too since audi is german car).

  69. D-mavs says:

    Great Post!!

    • RACISM says:


      • Mike says:

        Lebron decision was bad because he choose to join Wade. I believe they cannot play together on the same team, they make each other worse. It was bad enough watching Clevland or Miami offense in the past were they both hug the ball and mostly play 1 on five. Boston reunion was much more understanding to fans and everybody in the league, you have got three players who played for decade in NBA and could not win championship alone, also roles are more clear in Boston Paul can create stg of the dribble, Allen off the screans and Garnett on a low, high block.