Fixing The Hole In LeBron

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The next time — and surely there will be a next time — LeBron James gets to the NBA Finals, would he be better served getting a gentle pat on the back or the Heimlich Maneuver?

To choke or not to choke: that is the question.

Actually, the question that’s been percolating throughout the basketball world ever since King James repeatedly sank in the fourth quarter moat against the Mavericks is: Did he choke?

In an illuminating piece by Eric Adelson at, sports psychologist Hap Davis has a biological explanation of what happened to James and a tip on what he can do about it:

In fact, whenever athletes start thinking about the pride or pain of winning or losing, they can become overwhelmed with emotion and unable to perform the basic duties of playing in the present.

“The moment someone thinks about the reward,” Davis says, “they are in a whole different space.”

So you see the brilliance of what Dirk Nowitzki did in Game 6. He held his emotions back until the second the game ended and the title was won. Then he hustled to the locker room to cry. He was completely unemotional and then he was completely emotional. It was the opposite of what so-called “chokers” do.

So what’s the best way to overcome this? How can LeBron James turn back into the fourth-quarter beast he used to be? Move on and forget the 2011 NBA Finals ever happened?

Nope. Davis says the best way to erase the past is to dwell on it. Watch the failure again and again and again on tape until it evokes zero emotional response. Watch the disaster until you’re so numb to it that it feels like someone else is doing the failing.

“I’ve worked with too many athletes who say, ‘Screw it, it’s a bad game,’ ” Davis says. “Some people will get away with ‘Forget about it.’ But most athletes will find that’s a bad idea. They haven’t got past the emotional experience.”

There is certainly a vast difference between the failures of legendary sports goats as Bill Buckner, Scott Norwood and Nick Anderson and what befell James. In the cases of a ground ball rolling through the legs, a field goal pushed wide right or four missed free throws in the space of a few seconds, those are singular errors — a momentary lapse of the motor skills that have driven an athlete to the top of his profession. The crumbling of LeBron late in games all through the six-game series with Dallas was a drama that unfolded repeatedly and as if in slow-motion.

Of course, James only seemed to make matters worse with his condescending postgame remarks in which he said: “All the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they got to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problem they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want do with me and my family and be happy with that.”

Our main man in Miami Brian Windhorst of says that James was backing down from that statement on Tuesday and claims his meaning was misinterpreted:

“Basically I was saying at the end of the day this season is over and — with all hatred – everyone else has to move on with their lives, good or bad. I do too,” James said.

“It wasn’t saying I’m superior or better than anyone else, any man or woman on this planet, I’m not. I would never ever look at myself bigger than anyone who watched our game. It may have come off wrong but that wasn’t my intent.”

One step forward and two steps back.

It is a continuation of what we have seen from James through eight NBA seasons, alternately powerful and petulant, defiant and contrite, one moment hammering home a slam dunk and the next nervously biting his nails.

So now, in addition to time in the gym working on low post moves and learning to make mid-range jumpers, perhaps another summertime task for LeBron is to patch that hole in his psyche by reliving the painful memory on video, frame-by-frame until it doesn’t mean anything.

Somebody pass the popcorn. We’re gonna need a big bowl.


  1. By says:

    cavs organization didnt do thier job on lebron if cavs org,give lebron atleast one star player or a good supporting cast maybe they can won a ring,but they didnt do it so thats y lebron go to south beach to be with an organization want to win a ring,thats the main reason why they are playing,

  2. Dirk is Da Maaaaaan!!! says:

    Send da King of art-i-CHOKE to NY 4 BBB Billups & Melo (Dwade’s longtime buddy)!!!

    • hi haterz says:

      hi haterz,
      lebrons tried he felt short,
      didnt you guys ever failed a test you studied for.
      hes not god you know, just a unbelievble altheet, so plz stop hating on LJ.
      positivity is the key, not negativity.

      sorry for english i really suck at writing.

      next season heat champs (hope so)


  3. Big Poppa says:

    For all you HATERS out there, they will be back and they will win! LeBron, Dwayne and Chris play your game! Don’t worry about what people have to say. It was very clear that you could have and should have beat the Mavs., but unfortunately you didn’t. Stick together and play together and remember that I told in the end you will WIN!!! You guys had a lot on your tables, on and off the court. When time to celebrate, celebrate! Don’t let others determine when it is or isn’t appropriate to do so. You guys had an awesome season and I am a lifetime fan! Go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. BADBOYS says:

    Oh god, LeBron is the GOD-LIKE KING.
    Only he can let DWAYNE WADE play like DANIEL GIBSON.
    Only he can let CHRIS BOSH play like JJ HICKSON.
    Can anybody tell me how he can do that?

  5. gouch62 says:

    What lebron needs to do is work on his footwork and change of direction. Instead of the direct path to the hoop and plowing people over learn to gather himself change directions jump of 2 feet instead of gliding to his left off of 1 foot and not being able to elevate as much. Look at at marion stiff as board but has a few moves to gain some seperation to get his shot off. Stop holding the ball at the top of the key for long periods of time and make quick moves into the paint before they’re able to double team him. If your confident with your game when your having a good game or a bad game all that choking should go away. On the court he needs to be arrogant and not let the opposing players game take him out of his. And finally if Miama is ever going to win a championship the head coach needs to go and they need to a offense nothing complicated something where it put it’s main players in position that plays to there strong point. The coach is good but they need a in your face coach.

  6. Chuba Oyolu says:

    It is true that Lebron should have probably resisted answering that cynical question coming off that painful loss, but people have just been goading this guy all season long… it is just way too much. I mean, you would think that he killed someone or something. I am actually impressed by how long it took him to snap and say something ill advised. He made a mistake, boo him for the first 20 odd games, and get over it. If all those people booing and hating him used a tenth of that energy to learn new skills, or hone their crafts, they would probably be well on their way to greatness in their chosen fields. I’m not a Lebron fan, but that doesn’t mean I cannot appreciate stellar talent when I see it. It’s time people started to let this go, and for all of us to start asking ourselves what we have done with our respective lives to leave a mark on this world… rather than focus on hating a basketball player that makes 10 times more money than most of us do a year

  7. Disappointed Period says:

    With all the talent on the planet the Heat had, they still lost! I am definately shocked! SHAME ON LEBRON, SHAME ON DWADE, SHAME ON BOSS!!!

  8. Viper139 says:

    That psychologist suggest LeBron is supposed to watch his failure over and over again until it does not hurt anymore.

    Well Dirk went a different direction: he never watched any film of that series in all those years. He tried to get better (and did just that) and tried to keep his cool (and how cool he has become). Obviously a different approach that worked as well 🙂
    Voila – a championship.

    Don’t believe everything somebody writes.

    To LeBron choking: he was outstanding against the Bulls, he was outstanding against the Celtics. But he lost it against Dallas.
    Why – good defense…. He did not choke – he was choked by the dallas defense, which did not give him any room to opperate. He is mostly an in the paint player – which could not get into the paint. Yeah he might make four in a row from long range on one night – but not very consistent if you look at his percentages.
    Wade is also an in the paint player – but he does not have to have a straight line like bulldozer LeBron. That is why he was more successfull against Dallas.
    Both need to get their mid-range shots to another level (more like Bosh) and they will be absolutly unstoppable – until then all teams just learned how to stop them. Get into their face on the outside and fill up the lane…

    To LeBrons character: I don’t think it is his fault being like he is. Since he was a kid he has had so much success, so much praise, so much attention that he really started believing that he is better than the rest of the world in every aspect. Every jounalist, every fan tells him that.
    And once he took over that opinion he was doomed.He became arrogant, he didn’t know how to deal with criticism….

    Now he has to go back a step – understand why everybody is upset about him (and that is not his play for sure) and loose some of that arrogance. Be humble and move forward. Proof yourself on the floor in the next finals and win a championship.
    Than all of this will stop.
    His reaction that he did not mean that….is PR talk and nothing else. In that moment he meant just that. He did not think about how everybody would understand that – he did not think about how stupid that sentence was – but it was an emotional moment – so give him a break. He is 26 and not the most intelligent one 😉 Just the most athletic 🙂

  9. QueenJAMEsCHOKE says:


  10. jesse trinh says:

    leave him alone and shut the heck up… lebron james is lebron james he gave up 23 but the cavs gave up on him aka gave him nothing or no one to help him win a title and so he joined the heat so no one will think he is trying to be jordan and so he can win… if u wanna go through life loosing than thats your choice he chooses to try and win. people hate him more than mike tyson and tyson raped someone, along with several other sports stars that have done horrid things. so wut i interperet his comment as is all the people who hate can go back to their crappy lives of hatred and timewasting torment of someone who has never done anything to you… cleavland did a good job at spreading the hatred for james cause before he left almost everyone loved him than the decision came and things are twisted to an unimaginable extent its just so pothetic… so you haters can go back to hating someone who never did anything to be hated for…

  11. benz zoot says:

    For me, Lebron is great player of the season and playoffs only..but coming into the FINALS, he is really nervous..unLike wade,

  12. Ceasar Solis says:

    Hey give him a break… Actually it started when Pippen compared him with the greatest player, Michael Jordan. It added additional pressure on him. You win some and you lose some, that is what life is all about. Sometimes you get bad breaks, sometimes you make wrong decisions, he is human just like everyone else.

  13. LeBron can win trophy but not the heart of people says:

    LeBron is a Joke he is an overated fancy player. Here is some of my points LBJ lost his usual self during finals. He play in momentum and rhythm to guard him like the Mavs did is not to let him jump in comfortable zone to have momentum toward the basket, always make the defender’s feet on the ground and give him a notion of making charging if he push his will, the guards should rotate and always have a fresh feet to follow him wherever he may go on the floor and lastly it should do this consistently so that it will take away his rhythm and confidence throughout the game. There are so many things I notice but I would not tell…LOL

  14. JonJon says:

    He doesn’t know what it takes to win..he thought he just need to sit on Wade’s shoulder will bring in a ring….He has no killer instinct…..all hype ..the dance…the chalk tossing …U never see Kobe Bryant do that ..he wants to win and destroy…Michael Jordan won’t allow himself to score less than 30 points in a finals and be scoreless in the 4th ?? Never ever a superstar will falter

  15. Francisco says:

    There was not problem with LBJ IN THE FINALS, it was not a pressure issue, nobody noticed that lebron DID not perform well
    against dallas in the two regular season games. dallas simply defended him well. was there pressure against celtics and bulls?
    yes , and he was outstanding

  16. basketball fan2 says:

    just notice most people who hates lebron were kobe fans…. —–> i used the word most not all coz im admire them both….HEY PEOPLE DOESNT HAVE TO CRITICIZE ANY OF THEM…. ASK UR SELF CAN U DO WHAT THEY AN???? those two players were completely different… for those kobe and lebron fans just idolize them make them as an inspiration and doesnt need to look for their negatives but all positives! regards to everyone

  17. Basketball Fan says:

    Listen, the thing is that LeBron is the best player around since he came to NBA, despite any failures & successes or talks, that’s why so much love or hate, that’s why so much attention. It’s obvious. I just don’t get it why so much love turned into so much hate in one year? Yes, he moved to Miami, yes, they made a big party there with lot’s of hype, so what? Concerning the game, LeBron didn’t quit against the C’s last year, he had an injury, didn’t he? And this year the game didn’t go his way in the finals, but the Heat had a big chance anyway. And he helped his team to reach the finals in the first place. I didn’t like many things besides the game about LeBron lately too, but it’s all over-reacted, as some say he didn’t kill anyone, come on… Let’s just hope it helps him re-mature, as he was a big person before already, but something must have spoiled him for a while. What is obvious there’s a big talent out there! Let’s watch, enjoy and see how things go.

  18. Roland says:

    well i’m a miami heat fan and especialy wade the way i see it, miami underestimated the dallas mavericks and u can see it from game 2 where they blow off a 15pts lead and in game 3 a 9pts lead but it is still weird how a team like miami beats the boston celtics then the chicago bulls and lose against the dallas !!!!!! if it was the lakers in the finals u would have seen the miami win the champion

  19. Roland says:

    Well i’m a miami fan and especialy wade but the way i see it,the miami heat have underestimated the dallas mavericks u can see it in game 2 where they blow off the lead of 15pts and in game 3 a lead of 9 pts also there is something weird how can a team beat the boston celtics then beat the chicago bulls and lose against the dallas ?!!!

  20. RayC82 says:

    Lebron James, like many other super stars, has been criticized before but never quite like this. I believe the questions and criticism, regardless of his wealth and fame, does get to him. Notice After that ridicules question post game 3 about “shrinking”. The heat never won again and Lebron’s performance as the series went b,y went from bad to worst. In my opinion this is the least of his problems and i do believe a sport psychologist could help. hes 26 years young and has never had a significant injury which is something way harder to come back from because after all it does hinder your physical ability, not to mention the psychological effects also.

    Like him or not, Lebron is a once in life time player. not Jordan but who is? people will argue to they’re blue about who is better. Wade, Lebron , Kobe, Jordan, Magic, Bird, Shaq? my point is: if people are arguing about who the best player is since the start of the NBA , and your name comes up maybe even in the top ten, then i think its safe to say you are one of Elite ball players in the world.

    1) Who does Lebron owe an apology to and who benefits from it?

    Cleavland? Their fans? maybe, maybe not. lets try not to be bias and look at it from a diff view point. Why is it that if a free agent leaves his previous club when his contract is up, that free agent is a labeled as a trader? but when a team is the one making the decision to part ways with that player its for “the better of the team” nothing personal and a business decision. Give me a break, Lebron did nothing wrong. Cleavland fans should be more upset with the front office for not putting the right pieces around their franchise player. How come the number one seed in the Easter conference 09/10 Cleavland cavs couldn’t convince wade or Bosh to go there? In 7 years the closest thing to a super star they where able to bring was an aging, injury prone shaquille o’neal. Bad management and ownership are to blame for Lebron’s departure. Dan Gilbert wanted to spend less while earn more by putting all the pressure of winning on their lone superstar. Which on a smaller scale is what is whats happening in these days. The CEO’s make all the money while their workers get nothing in return for all their hard work and loyalty. And in most cases the second they try to leave for a better opportunity they get a bad referral.

    2 )for those hurt by “the decision”

    Maybe he should apologize for the Hour long decision. Maybe he should give back the 6 million (3 from ESPN-3 from Nike) raised for the boys and girls club during that hour long special on ESPN. Maybe ESPN should give back the 6 million they made from the add sales in that hour long Special. Guys listen, Again try not to be bias. What other player in the league can command that attention from the media and sports fanatics to even pull something like this off? If he would have picked Cleavland at the end of his hour long televised Decision no one would have cared about “the decision”. So please stop pretending that it was the way he went about it and admit that it was in fact “the decision” where he decided to play and who he decided to play with for all the hatred he is receiving.

    3) Miami and Championships

    To say that Lebron or Miami will never win a championship is to admit ignorance, Being a Miami fan there is nothing more i want but to win it all next year and “shut the hater up” (doubt they will regardless what happens). The fact is that its just as dumb to guarantee a title than to guarantee not winning a title. Actually its dumber not to guarantee one because the odds for Miami are better than at least 26 other teams. So I leave it up to you guys, love, hate,be neutral but whatever you decide just like in life, do it with your mind and not your Emotions, for emotion cause grief between husbands and wives, countries and religions but intelligent thinking is truly what makes the world go round.

  21. darko says:

    It’s very difficult to be a facilitator and a scorer, even more so to be a defensive stopper and a scorer; they’re different jobs. Some people can juggle the roles in a game, but not many. Dirk, for instance was superb on D through three quarters of game 6; he was backing up strong and weak, clogging the lane and not straying far from Bosh. But he didn’t have to quarterback during crunch time. For James, less time with the ball dealing, some more baseline picks and elbow off ball picks to work off of, would have been apropos. And dealing with that Dallas zone could have led- by way of weak side flooding- to more pure isolations for the king. He didn’t get them. You might blame the coaching staff there, but, hey, there are only so many sets you can run in a game. Time ran out on the brain trust, who maybe were thinking keep it close and expecting miracles to happen at the end of the game. Well, the Mavs were a tougher lot then Chicago in every way. It was a brilliant set of games, the two best teams in the league slugging it out head-to-head in the Finals. Experience beat youth. Kudos and condolences are due for Lebron, who gave an Oscar (Robertson) like performance! This choking stuff is in bad taste and just plain wrong. Although the psychological analysis stuff is interesting, it just doesn’t deal with the whole Heat team dynamic. . .

  22. kl says:


  23. DRe that was a dumb idea says:

    agreed. quit bashin lebron you people are immature. its gettin real old, he’s just chasin a championship just like every other guy in the league. grow up you people are pathetic

  24. sameer patan says:

    Get a life. Stop it with the boring Lebron articles. Its people like you who dont have anything better to do that concentrate on Lebron rather than the whole of NBA. All you write are uninteresting Lebron articles.

  25. Albentiger says:

    STFU – A losser is a losser…That is Lebron..if you ask me 1 reason that he could not win any championship, it is very obvious like what happening now..he left Cleveland and join the Heat but still he could not..Lebron is a Physically good player but Mentally he is not..Basketball is not just physical but its a mind game have to use your brain every time in a game…listen to your coach..think twice or more before executing a play..i didnt find it with Lebron. HE IS capable of making shots but not for making plays specially clutch time period (opposite of what MJ and Kobe does)…he must accept season is time for him to CHANGE! to win a championship..

  26. The Phat Mack says:

    WOW it doesnt matter what this man says people are gonna make a big deal outta it
    i got it the way he meant it
    like we all gotta move on wit our lives
    i didnt take it no other way than that
    its just like its the IN thing to hate lebron and thats what people do
    i just hope for his sake next season the heat win it all and go on to win 4 championships in the process
    and he get MVP all 4x
    thats what i hope happens
    peole still mad he left that sorry city where he is NOT FROM and NEVER WAS A FAN OF

  27. Joko says:

    Still wondering what big gamblers made a ton of money on a thrown series?

  28. Fake Game for Dallas??? says:

    Obviuosly, James and Wade did not play a true championship games during the Finals, i observed somthing secrete!?? hmmm! well thats part of Plans!? James said in Process???, not 3 not 6 and so on… waht are those? it sames business is there in dallas!? but really watch and see again those moves of Wade and james specifically durng crunch time in 4th quater its not James and Wade who Gave no mercy to boston and chicago.Even Rose, Pierce have doubt with that, Wade and James who are already gone so may Pressure games, CHOKE????? or intention hehehe! and look at Game 5 & 6 high score??? championship w/o physical play are ytou kidding me???? hmmm?

    and did you observe where nowitzki after game 6, he went out from Court, i expext him to go to His coach embrace and so… with the others its like ther is something know, agrrement already????

    To all fan haters, watch James and Wade in philadelpia, boston and chicago eleimantion those are pressured games also, but what jamse did? did you see how many times made a crucial shots with Wade??? the defense that even some commentators never seen from him hmmm? interesting to know why? and the wining shot of Cris bosh in game 3 did you notice their reaction?i i should they are happy but know its like bosh dont like that shot are you crazy, after that game wade came to bosh and say something???? hmmmm! see that again, also so those turnover of wade and james and some crucial 4 th quarters of game 4 & 5 an d finally the very cold miami in game 6 their reaction after games, in the Dallas Bench i did not see full and overwelming joy to win a championships, compare to the those priviouse champion winner… hmmmm ! i dont know but i think! those words of james, wade? will see next season. its like the miami eagerness to win a championship is all world wated to see…

  29. energybiscuit says:

    I remember last summer when a lot ball clubs dallas included were recruiting lebron to join their team. I’m just wondering now, what if lebron decided to go to dallas (or with any other team for that matter) instead of miami, would the mavs be as hated or controversial as the heat is now? And do you think he would’ve gotten his first championship if he decided to go to dallas instead. hmmm..

  30. kingjames says:

    lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron lebron….
    he is in the mouth of the world, HATERS keep talking about james everyday, everytime you are lovers of him unknowingly,
    his most faithful followers… lol

  31. SNEAKERxFREAK says:

    In my opinion, when LeBron was playing for Cleveland he was liked by almost everybody. He didnt feel pressure to HAVE TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. But now that he is playing for miami, I think the pressure got to him, because the Heat were in a WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP situation.

  32. KIngKobra2 says:

    Heat vs Lakers next yyear just like chris mullin and jalen rose on sportscenter. Dallas that was your first and last championship parade ever. KOBE VS LEBRON

    • CC says:


    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      your right because lebron has proven himself in the finals many times!!!!!!!! he”ll definetly beat kobe

  33. Powr13 says:

    Damn…. So much hate…

    This guy had an attitude after losing in the finals. No one has any idea how hard he has worked, unless you have played in the NBA and gone to the finals so stop judging this dude if he sounds a little p*ssed. He was right with what he said, people are hating on him. He’s done nothing but bring excitement to the game and continues to do so, but people still hate on him. Would you have stayed at Cleveland if you were him? NO. Would you feel like you deserved an opportunity to win a ring if you were him? YES. Leave him alone. He’s awesome for the game and extremely talented.

  34. go heat says:

    lebron for mvp. 2012 finals will be heat-thunder. Heat will go all the way all silence the haters

  35. core_x says:

    It’s all about attitude!!! LBJ doesn’t have like great players do have.. His ego is higher than he is. Now, who’s to blame…. You!!!! All of you!!!! Even when he was still playing in HS, people and media praised him too much his head looks like a swollen watermelon..Yeah!!! he is a good basketball player…But not yet a GREAT player!!! Who knows what will happen to him….At the end of the day, he is the one to blame for all of his actions!!!! Maybe, and i hope LBJ realizes that basketball isn’t all about individual achievements….. but a team effort……and don’t infect your teamates with your showboating and other stuffs…. it’ll do your team no good….. JUST PLAY!!!! ….. You’ll never be a top player unless you don’t have a championship ring on your finger!!!!

  36. Ice says:

    miami played really good this year , truly i think they don’t know they power’s in the game and when they do ,people will see true miami, as for dallas they ina been dry for moment like this and congradz to jason kid , dirk , and terry. as for steveson he still needs to find his game and relize ur not and never be like lebron,,, hahahahaha….. chris bosh be a fan and still and fan keep doing ur thing bro ,,,, u will get there,,, hopfully we could party again sometimes,,,,, wade keep real,,,,, lebron alot to learn but but it a better feeling when it well hearn it! ………………….. for all u people talking mack str8 up all ain’t know jack,,,,,, just keep hating and it keep me going hahahahaha,,,,,, and whiles ur hating keep spending that money watch hating cause it funny,,,,,,,,,

  37. Jay says:

    Why is everybody so hard on this guy? Just because he wants a Championship? Just because he decided to play for another team? Yes, I was rooting for the Mav’s, Dirk and jason Kidd will be one day Hall of Famers and i really wanted to see them get a ring. You gotta know the LeBron will also one day be a Hall of Famer. He will win a championship, probably multiple rings. Yes, he did not play well, but it is a team game and he cant take full repsonsibility. It was more about what Dallas did and less about what LeBron did not do. The guy is one of the greatest players that has ever played, yet he gets booed at so many arena’s, whats that about? I think people have over reacted. You dont have to be a Heat fan, but give the guy a break! As much as I like the Mavs, I will be rooting for LeBron next year, you gotta like a guy that wants it that bad!

  38. dad pards says:

    miami’s problem is over confidence ..look at game 2!!! it cost it the title if we take look at is leading then they blew it ..if i were pat riley id rather ship wade to other team as well as chalmers and haslem..this 3 instead of playing their heart they gave a scene on the court..give bosh a major part offensively and the main chief is always and always be le bron james…if you are a good player do it on courtr without a scene or are paid by organization to do your act and not acting!!!! come on guys we can still prepare for 2012…i want to see the banner rising in miami..and the people rejoice again and for king james this is your team be the leader dont argue with the coach…just do what you do best …play it!!!

  39. John says:

    Pride is befor a fall. Lebron and Wade are too pompus. That is what killed them in that series. They thought that the Mavs were going to roll over and give them the championship. They thought they were superior to the Mavs and could not lose to the Mavs. If the Heat dont stop playing backyard basketball they will never win a championship.

  40. heat fan says:

    nobody knows what will happen until it happens so cut the crap

  41. Big3Supporter says:

    Jodie Meeks in Philly,,,, dead eye shooter young talent…..
    Raymond Felton in Denver….. GREAT PG,, good shooter,,,,
    Samuel Dalembert in Sac… Great Rebounder,, Legit 7ftr…. has heart….
    Joel Pryzbilla in CHa… Great Fit,,, 7ftr… tuff…. banger…
    Ryan Hollins in Cle…. 7ftr… plays abov rim.. tyson chandler ‘like
    Reggie williams in Golden ST… great shooter.. young talent
    Acie Law. in Golden ST.. good PG… .reminds of damon stoudemire
    SHANNON LA. good role player wit championship pedigree***
    TERRANCE WILLIAMS. in NJ.. good role player very moldable used to full court uptempo game.. pitino pedigree…
    Daquan COOK in OKC… great shooter,, used to MIA system… low contract.
    Patty Por… Great PG…. Olympic pedigee just ask USA team of ’08
    Marcus Thornton in SAC… Great Combo guard…. great scorer/shooter..
    Ronny Price in Utah… good PG good pg defender…
    Nick Young in Wash,,, Great scorer,, good pg defender,, good size….

  42. STFU says:

    IF THERE are ANYONE in here that KNOWS whats gonna happen in the FUTURE let me know if LEBRON will succeed in a championship, be on the same list as Jordan/Kobe or other greats.

  43. AusRob says:

    A lot of what should be said will not be said though. James will never admit failure, because his multi-million dollar shoe deal doesn’t allow for stunts like that. The Decision went to air because there was money to be made out of it, even if some of it went to charity. The bizarre thing about professional sports is that they are promoted as a mixture of storylines, rivalries and histories (in other words, everything is played for dramatic effect) when in the end its all about money.

    That aside, I wanna know (like everyone else) what the plan is if things don’t go accordingly. If they go three years with no titles, will LeBron bolt for the first team that offers him a window? I must admit I found it odd and I still do looking at him in a Heat uniform… he looks more like a glorified gun-for-hire than a genuine Heat team member. Maybe the Decision has left me with the impression that if he could bring himself to lay down the wine-and-gold of the Cavaliers, he could tear those Heat colours off his chest tenfold more easily.

  44. Debbie8025 says:

    I am a heat fan and am not hiding under a rock – i don’t remember which idiot said that – however, Lebron James is perhaps the greatest player as of this moment – regardless of whether or not he won a championship – Dirk did not have a good game 6 – Lebron just missed his shots – period,. Get off his back – especially the media – its getting ridiculous.

  45. wenggers says:

    bottomline people… lebron has still to eat s lots of rice …. before he wins any rings,,, its simply not his time… …

  46. DREI says:

    lebron and mayweather have the speech…lol . small brain talk!!!

  47. annon says:

    You can’t suggest LeBron watch the tape over and over as a solution when you have just used Dirk as an example of someone who got over the clutch issues, and had made a specific point not to watch the ’06 Finals..

    LeBron just needs to concentrate harder on every possession, and learn not to get caught up in the drive/jumper tug of war.

    • PEACE says:

      To all of us guys, I would like to ask this question… Who are we to judge someone? It’s his life, that’s the way he wants it to be!!! We have no right to judge him that way!! Please take note that we all are not bound to please everybody!!! Hope you understand what I mean!!!Peace!!!

  48. jax says:

    he will never win a championship if he will always choke at the playoffs…

  49. LBJISNOKOBE says:

    James is clearly overrated, he is a perfect athlete, but has no good skills in midrange game, not a good post game, is a not good shooter from long distance….in tough moments he struggles, not taking good decisions…; playing as small forward is often in troubles against quick players….like Jason Terry….and so….the chosen one ? Chosen for what ?….

  50. Kiwi says:

    Dude, all the guys does is bounce a ball around and were supposed to idolize him for it? Lebron, get over yourself!

  51. Jason says:

    LeBron did what he had to do and what he wanted to do. It was his choice that he made “The Decision” by leaving Cleveland. You guys got a problem with that? Who in the world are you to tell him what to do? Do you control his life? LeBron saw this coming. He knew he was going to be hated by many people and he was going to be criticized. He can do whatever he wants to do for his well being. You guys are not LeBron’s boss. You are either his fan or hater. When the media brings up these questions about LeBron being a choker and not being able to be a closer, there’s nothing else to do except say what you have to say. Be honest. Don’t lie. This is the problem with people these days. They blow things out of proportion. When LeBron said that the people who hate him have to return to their daily lives, people started to misunderstand LeBron. You think LeBron was trying to say he is better than everyone else? If you do, than you’re just plain ignorant. LeBron may be arrogant and cocky, but he did not mean that. He even said it. If he really did mean that, he wouldn’t apologize afterwards. LeBron came to Miami and in their first season, they made it to the Finals. LeBron needed 4 seasons to make it to the Finals? Who’s the better team? Obviously the Heat. Stop criticizing the Heat. It’s too early to do that. LeBron signed a max-contract with the Heat(6 years). Wait till atleast the next season before you can actually say that the Heat cannot win a title. To build a championship team, you need patience, focus, and TIME! One season isn’t enough to judge if the Big 3 can actually bring a title to South Beach.

    • skimp says:

      haha u would be right but if it wasnt for fans who pay millions for tickets and who vote them into there all star games and vote for the mvp then lebron and nobody else in the nba for that matter would be idolized like they are…………. and nobody said anything about tellin him what to do but we are ur fans it should matter what we think at some point … haha like foreal dude ur put on t.v. to play da game u love and entertain sorry but even tho he’s human he has an obligation for all the people that watch him and idolize him……

  52. To all who glorify Lebron says:

    To all stupid people who say stop and leave Lebron alone, maybe you can ask Lebron to stop being a public figure or retire in the NBA, that way, a lot of people will leave him alone. Public figures serve as GOOD or BAD EXAMPLES. Those who serve as BAD EXAMPLES SHOULD BE CRITICIZED so that they will not be idolized by kids.

  53. philippines says:

    Get back next season LBJ and your Heat and face my Lakers in the 2012 Finals….

  54. this article is crap says:





  55. Chevelle26 says:

    Its all MEDIA works. PROS and CONS, media is winning in our daily lives. It doesnt care now what is right or wrong, good or bad. Its all about to manipulate everyone for the tons of money. Word Descency is not a positive meaning anymore for them.

  56. foxsteve says:

    I just want to ask all of you two question: You guys say it from your heart, LJ don’t deserve a title? and Why?

    • Ray Allen says:

      Who DESERVES a title? You make it sound that if a player is talented than he DESERVES to be handed a title.

      Wake up bro, titles are earned. AND earned as a TEAM. Tons of great players did not win a title, tons of great players in great TEAMs also did not win a title, much less DR CHOKE and his cast of individuals.

      Until finally when he do raise the trohpy, the stats and facts remain this:

      LBJ – just another overpromising underachiever..

    • NBAfan says:

      from the heart….I think his play (NOT HIS POTENTIAL) will decide whether he deserves a title or not…

      I think most people are satisfied already that the Decision and the parade led to a non-title. It’ll be yesterday’s news tomorrow…even the Cavs and the governor of Ohio will get over it soon enough, if they haven’t done so already…if this continues, then they are just being jerks…

      Next season, if there is a next season, the Heat will be the Heat, and Lebron will be Lebron…lest there’s another parade, and a few more media miscues during the off-season…

  57. rocknald_25 says:

    whatever mistakes made by Lebron he is my Idol forever and ever…Time is running,it is possible that King get a Championship Ring…

  58. GSH says:

    When you allow yourself to be called “the king” and you tweet that you will win 7,8,9 championships you define yourself. When you have a victory celebration before the season starts, you define the expectations of your fans. This isn’t about some people wanting Lebron to be different. This is about a lot of people wanting LeBron to deliver what he promises. If Jason Terry had not won the Championship, his tattoo would have made him look like a fool. That applies to LeBron, but in spades. He demanded the spotlight and the microphone. He finally got himself surrounded by all the talent any team could hope for. And in the end, he failed at the most critical times if the series. Fans now want him to step up and be a man about it… not to blame them for being critical. Until he figures that out, he won’t like whatever legacy he leaves.

    • foxsteve says:

      So when the lovers gave him the name King, LJ should just say: Hey you people, don’t call me that, I’m serious. How can I get such a nick name. For god sake please Don’t!

      • NBAfan says:

        He should be like Shaq and give himself a dozen nicknames before the all-star break each year….man, I miss Shaq already…he should be a commentator with Sir Charles…that pre and post- game show would be more fun than most games….

      • BFOULDS says:

        he gave himself that nick name and got it tattooed along with the chosen one which he also named himself. nobody gave him that title, he claimed it himself, and for no reason because he’s definitely not either one of those.

      • joman says:

        perhaps foxsteve..perhaps he should have not let people call him king..much less think that he actually is..that way, the size of his head would still be normal today.

  59. Nate says:

    You can’t even put Lebum in the category of a superstar like most people have done. I told people before the season started not to get caught up in all of the hype. I don’t even know if you can call him a good player anymore. I know high school players that have more basketball common sense than him. He was missing so many shots and forgot about driving to the hole. That was the thing that got him into the league in the first place. I guess it doesn’t matter because he forgot all of the fundamental basketball and started playing like he was at the local YWCA. Come on Lechoke!!!!!! He single handedly caused the Heat to lose. Even Cristina Boshette had a better game lol!!!!!

    • Ray Allen says:

      Dear Mr James,

      Here is another suggestion for you. It seems that with all the mighty talent of yours, plus the fortune of adding D-wade (who is actually a hell more dependable then you) and Bosh (who is also amazing more dependable than you), the so call new Big 3 isnt enough.

      Perhaps you want to consider adding others, try roping in D.Howard and perhaps an aged but stable Nash, or Rondo.. I am sure the big 5 will help u in you quest for a ring.

      • foxsteve says:

        My god! are you actually watching NBA? or do you actually understand what is basketball?
        You think Lakers can ever get a ring without their center (since Shark time)? You think MJ can ever get a ring without PP and RM? You think Dirk can ever get a ring without the other old guys?

      • Ray Allen says:

        I am just poking on King Choke ..

        my point exactly…

        the game is about a team, not players. Great players do not always make great teams, Miami is the best case in point.

  60. hank man says:

    what is worse faking a cough or really choking? MAYBE DIRKS HOT SHOOTING GAVE EM A TEMP. lebron should have kiss dirk at hlftime..a little tounge..

  61. NBAfan says:

    Dear Mr. James,

    I don’t know why a superstar like yourself would even read this, but I really hope you are personally reading all the hate on the net about you right now. I hope that’s all you’ve been doing since Game 6. I hope that you are ignoring all your fans who continue to scrape the bottom of the barrel trying to defend the “title” that they gave you of being the “king”, of being the “best”, because these very same fans are what’s truly keeping you from being the true “king”, from being the NEXT “best” player in the league.

    No, you don’t suck. Of course not. Who’s stupid enough to say that. Even on your worst day, you’re still better than half the league. On your best day, you’re unstoppable…but even Tony Delk scored 50 pts in a game. A few days here and there doesn’t mean a thing. You don’t have to be a closer. I don’t think you need to be the closer that MJ, Kobe, or even your pal D-wade is. Do you have to be a closer to be great? No. Shaq isn’t a closer. He’s great. Bill Russell isn’t a closer, he’s great.

    Just dominate. That’s what you’re built for. You should just start trashing teams left and right 6 minutes into a game and keep it up until the buzzer sounds at the end. You don’t have to play great in the 4th quarter. You shouldn’t even be playing in the 4th quarter. That should be your goal. I know you are a basketball genius and it is an art form for you, but who cares about the aesthetics of the game. My dad used to just post me up to finish up “close” games between us even when I was a little child in the backyard. It annoyed the heck out of me, and I thought it was “unfair”, but see, he was teaching me a lesson…it’s war.

    I haven’t seen you go to war ever since you came into the league. All I’ve seen you was showcase your talent for 7 years, and even though you reached the finals twice, I never felt you were close to winning it. After all this, maybe it’s about time you go to war every single night. The Mavs went to war. D-Wade went to war this series. All the previous champs went to war. Kobe is going to war right now

    When are you going to war Mr. James?

    • foxsteve says:

      I guess you are a Kobe fan? If you are,then there is nothing really need to discuss with you. You know, the feeling is like two tigers can never live together piecefully. It’s meaness to argue between us.
      But one thing I have to say is that if you are saying that LJ is not a great player, you are unfair too. Isn’t it?

      • NBAfan says:

        Actually, I tried to give Lebron a compliment there by acknowledging what he SHOULD be able to do…but I guess the Kobe fan in me just wouldn’t sound like that.

        For the record, I think Lebron is a great player no matter what. It’s just a question of are you one of the greatest, or just one of the greats…

        Thanks though foxsteve…that was the most civilized and mot enjoyable Kobe vs Lebron conversation I’ve ever read/witnessed, or been a part of.

        I hope I was fair enough this time…

  62. vincent says:

    whatever the intention is, what has been said has been already heard and interpreted by those people who heard, the reaction is le bron being an arrogant, ill mannered, immature person will not win any championship ring in his entire basketball career unless he infuses humility in his character.

  63. M0use says:

    lebron is arrogant player he should work a lot this offseason.

  64. M0use says:

    lebron best selling jersey? retarded kobe has the best selling jersey this season

  65. LeChoke says:

    is it just me or it makes sense that players nowadays without college ball/NCAA experience (the feel of win or go home kinda thing) doesnt have the mental toughness and be responsible/real enough to accept such consequences?

  66. bob says:

    LeBron is weird and I want to see him naked.

  67. devs says:

    @ stfu to top it of, team wins championship, 1,2 or 3 players can’t do it. every player in a team has its own role and that is only your going to do. superstars in a team must know he’s got teammates.. that is what mavs is a dallas team with dedication, a heart, humility first above all – certainly lebron lacks the heart especially in the final period

    • STFU says:

      maybe, ill wait and decide if you are correct the moment his carrier ends — but as of now. im looking forward for next season.

  68. fhdfshds says:

    Be a man! do the right thing!

  69. viktor oppenheimer says:

    lebron, wade, bosh and dozens of others are millionaires who have been hyped by the media into making whichever fan base is at hand think they are heroes or semi-gods on earth. well none of them are really. however, many of them, including lebron, believe they truly are hence the one hour show, the celebration in miami when he arrived, always looking at the teletron to see his latest dunk, the theatrics, the angry yell, the talcum powder to the sky, etc. but yet he is just a man; with failings like everyone else. whether he wins one or two championships or not is irrelevant. what he has to understand is that you can’t have it both way; if you want to be the “witness”, the “greatest”, well act like one and do not believe all the hype that has been dished upon him since high school. so my advice for the man is if you want to be treated with respect don’t walk out of the court like he did when he lost to the magic i believe; be humble; be a man.

  70. hank man says:

    leave bron alone..leave bron alone. whats with all the captain save-a-LEBRONS? if he won the title trust me he would be poping his collar taking his shots at haters. but he didnt so guess what/ he got to hear it thats how it is. all you who say your tired of hearing it ,no your not or you wouldnt be here.yah he might win it next year [ if the nba changes the rules to 3 qters } or the one after that. i just want to know one thing. whats worse fakeing a cough or really choking?

  71. andrey says:

    u labron haters suck bunch offf balllls who cares how he left cleavland who whants to live there any way he is geting criticized for a bunch of b ss everybody is hating cuz they jeluse that he has that talant so shuut theee fff uuuuppp

  72. jvn says:

    i real man would not leave his company behind..!! LBJ is a a gay he has no guts to be considered one of the greats..yes!! he has excellent skills then why in the finals such a sucker. he still nothing comparing to jordan.

  73. wagwannn says:

    all the mediaaa is super stupid, and all the ppl r piking on lebron for no reason
    lve the guy alonee, does he comee tlkin bout ur lifeeee
    soo all the haters, stfu and move onnn

  74. Beowulf says:

    Well, for such a dumb question (that reporter is fresh out of Highschool most probably) no wonder he answered that way. He was not great in the Finals (he is not at the level of Wade or Kobe and he will never be) but he played reasonable. In the end Dallas was just shooting 3s like crazy so you can’t win against that. I don’t understand all the fuss about what he said. I would have answered the same way: life goes on. And I am a Lakers fan.

  75. Sam from Australia says:

    As an Australian its difficult to have an emotional attachment to any town/city or team, over here most people just follow players or interesting teams that play the game well or who are just fun to watch. I must say I have been shocked at the demise and fall of a star in lebron james in the eyes of the public. He is one of the most amazing players to ever play the game and does not deserve the hate he has received all season long. Ive heard all the lame excuses and all the reasons why he is the villain, but come on, how soft do people want to be. The guy left an average team ( I know they had the best record but that as all lebron) to play with his best mate, for less money knowing he wouldnt be the main guy most players want to be. Im sure whichever team lebron went to, those fans wouldnt care how he left cleveland which makes me wonder, all the haters are just jealous he didnt join there own team. I mean there have been so many players in the past who have done much worse, stupid things (artest, kobe, delonte west and arenez for the gun stuff etc). to be honest it looks quite pathetic what the media and basketball fans have been whining about, how everything he says is scrutinized so unfairly. Everyone should just take a step back from all this nonsense drama and just love the game. You have a once in a generation player, dont waste it with hate… appreciate.

    • lakersforever says:

      thanks mate im glad someone actully knows what they are talking about. I could care less if lebron left the way he did. im glad he did ya he is freaken arrogant it just makes it funnier when he loses. anyways i am not a lebron james fan. the only reason I havent liked him that much is becuase the media crowned him the best before he even won and because of that he got this big head and thinks he is the best. i stopped liking him when everyone was obsessed about saying he is better than kobe, no offense pau but kobe only ever played with one player the same caliber as wade and it was shaq. they won three. so please everyone lebron is a freaken good player he is amazing he is one of the best in the league just dont give him the crown and dont say he is the best untill he has won. untill he has won it all. if he wins 3 or 4 then we can say ok maybe he is as good as kobe. if he doesnt win any then there is no argument

    • Kiwi says:

      Dude, end of the day, if the guy hadnt taken himself so seriously no one would ridicule him. But who continually talks about themselves in the third person? An arrogant, self indulgent showboat, thats who. Yes, people appreciate talent but they also appreciate humility and humanity. LeChoke’s ‘Im better than you’ sideshow is the reason why everyone loves to see him put in his place. Bottom line, all he does well is bounce a ball, a frickin’ monkey could do that…

  76. what? says:

    D-Wade played like a monster most of these final!

  77. BOSTON FAN says:

    The BEST thing to with James is to -GO BACK TO CLEVELAND and have a second honeymoon.. A saying says “Life is sweeter in the second time around”.. However the question is.. Do they still WELCOME Lebron to be with them..AGAIN.. Maybe YES?? Maybe NOT?? What do you think..

  78. a super sexy dude says:

    i dont like lebrons hair

  79. Random says:

    BTW, Dallas deserves some credit, Why can’t we just congratulate Dallas Mavs, and stop criticizing others? If you truly love sports, then show sportsmanship.

  80. Random says:

    First of all, im not a lebron fan,i’m a heat fan since 2006.It’s really funny how many people say that LBJ sucks.. So what if he’s in the league for 7 years?So what if he has no rings? People comparing him to Jordan are IDIOTS. And to those who comments that Lebron sucks, he isnt near Jordan,Well! Lebron didnt compared himself to Jordan. Its the media that did. As ridiculous as its gets, many people say that “where the heat fans” where the bandwagon fans”, I say YOU are a”bandwagon hater”. Damn! Lebron is just living his life. And if your saying he sucks? your not even on a NBA team, not even at least a bench player, so you have no right saying he sucks. I really dont like to put comments, but i think there are just too many irrational people. If your teams wins be happy, If your team lose, then better luck next time. I’ve read a comment that the celtics,bulls,spurs,lakers are a more solid team, well,the lakers got swept, the bulls put up a fight, the spurs were depleted, and celtics were upset? The heat doesnt desrve much criticsm. People had too much expectations from them, and many people wanted to seem them fail.BTW, if you have a valid reason for hating LBJ, or the heat then say it! BUT then if you will lie, then your a loser and just a BANDWAGON HATER!

    • BFOULDS says:

      the heat doesnt deserve much criticism? people expect too much? they were the ones bragging and parading around as if they had already won the championship before the season ever started. their arrogance brought all this crap on themselves. If THEY THEMSELVES tell the NBA fanbase that they WILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP, and obtain not 1 ring, but 7+, then its their own damn fault that the NBA fanbase is against them. Heat fans obviously won’t feel this way because they are still on their LeBrongasm.

  81. The King LeBron James says:

    I CHOKED! I am sorry


  82. Homie says:

    This article is wrong in so many levels…

    N°1: there’s no way any of us can tell if what happened to lebron is choking or not. It’s more likely to be that it was not choking.

    N° 2: i don’t see another way of interpretating what lebron said in the post game press conference that what he later explained in the latter interview…that’s exactly how i understood it, taking it the way you interpreted it would tell much about basic inability to understand meaning in what other people say…

    The therapy method explained by the psychologist could work but there is no one else who can tell if it does or not but the person who experiences the ‘traumatizing’ event… it won’t work with everyone in every situation, and in many cases it wouldn’t be needed…

  83. bugseed says:







  84. Faith says:

    The correct spelling is Dwyane Wade. We just call him Wade, as in MIami-Wade County.

  85. jay fox says:

    guys with regards to greatness…lebron is stil far behind from the likes of jordan,jabar,bird,magic and kobe….he hasnt proven yet…

  86. Faith says:

    Dwayne Wade is my favorite player! Go Heat! He’s a great leader! I like this entire 10/11 Miami Heat Team. I wish they can keep all of them.

  87. bob says:

    Lebron James is one of the best ever who played this game. Definetly this finals was one of his lows in his career(although this performance in the finals will be considered very good for any other player except him). But great things are coming to this supertalented basketball player. Media, critics would love to find a subject to talk about and criticise and predict future sometimes. They even end up by considering a shrink for Lebron!! really?????!! this say it…SO SHALLOW…
    End of the day Lebron is the greatest player in our era by far even without winning the whole thing. This finals was not a spark in his career but lots of brightness to be coming.

    • lakerfan006 says:

      you kidding me! lebron cant do anything agianst teams that know how to protect the post! boston did that last year and mavs zone really did a good job at that, which made lebron take jump shots and try to post(his jump shot is average and post up is horrible considering his size), lebrons just good at dunking the ball, he just relies on his athleticism, Kobe is the best player the nba has seen since jordan…kobe relies on pure skill!!

  88. Ron says:

    Can we please stop talking and writing about Lebron? He gets way to much attention that is part of his problem.

  89. Faith says:

    IMO Michael and Lebron are two different players, with different styles of play, and they both had different routes in life. Not delving into childhoods, but even the way they were drafted into the NBA was different. Lebron James helped Cleveland obtain their first Eastern Conference Championship at a young age. Now, he helped his Miami Heat team get to the Finals. That is talent. By the way, can you say ‘Air Jordan’, well from what I’ve read they were on the market way before Michael even earned his first NBA title. That is a perfect example that the NBA title is given to the greatest TEAM of that year, but you can be a great individual player, too. Lebron James is an awesome player! Go Heat! Basketball is so much fun!

  90. Hello people….most of us are really selfish when we criticize someone who has always work hard when is come to play. I believe most all people make mistake like Lebron does. Nobody can guarantee self righteous all the time. As a fan our job is to watch and enjoy games. Not to criticize on someone’s own games. How would you feel if someone criticize you on your own game? I guess yo would really mad more Lebron does. If he loss in the final, does it really hurt to criticize, did you loose on of your body part. I think no! please just be a humble person and not to criticize on what you expect.
    So James you did mistake as I use to. But in the mean time life goes on. Study from your mistake and hope you bring a Championship to Miami next season…Go Head Go!!!!!

  91. joblagz says:

    so where are the hate comin from??

    IF cavs fans doesnt hate LBJ for leaving then what is it?

    maybe its the childish behaviour? but isnt that natural for his age
    maybe its the “Decision”? but that only garnered NBA the best viewership this decade has to offer..
    so what is it that you hate him for??

  92. Snow-Blind says:

    This is true. Until LBJ shuts up and stops making excuses such as I played bad but I had a triple double, and stop running his mouth and learn to control his emotion, he will never get there. he needs to MATURE. Dirk showed maturity with his demeanor. You don’t have to be a sports analyst to realize that. Things mentioned on this blog applies to everyday life.

  93. Mary says:

    LeBron James is one of the most talented basketball players in the NBA. This post season doesn’t change that. It doesn’t define his eight year career.
    He was given some bad advice last summer and made a mistake, we humans do that. And he DID apologize.
    He is a superior athlete, more scrutinized and criticized than any other and sometimes responds with emotion. Is that wrong? He’s gotten more media coverage than the Mavs, enough already!
    Maybe all of the negative crap got to him mentally, maybe not, maybe he’s human.
    He is still a phenomenal basketball player that we all love to watch!
    Can’t wait til next season…Go LeBron, Go Heat!

  94. Jay says:

    What I took from his ‘You people will still have your problems” comment was “At the end of the day I have more money than you” very condescending exit interview. Dwyane is slowly showing signs of that arrogance.

    Lebron needs to know that nothing comes easy, there is no ‘secret path’. He has always been spoiled in a way.

    Players like Jordan and Wade, both were cut from their HS team. Even Kobe was an outcast when he came to US. Larry Bird, no one thought he was a good player back then. You could say the same for Dirk.

    All these players had something to prove, which feuled their drive.

    Lebron needs to stop thinking about money and image and start making his life about bball.

  95. Mou Flow says:

    Americans are obsessed with everything bout this man
    :p :p

  96. raphz says:

    Lebron asks for this… he made INAPPROPRIATE and IMMATURE announcements when he signs with the miami. he made himself and the “decision” thing that he is so proud of himself and he made himself like more than what the legends are made of. its like saying “no worry miami i’ll be there!” but for what? even saying not 1, not 2 and so on til not even 7 rings. u didn’t even have 1 yet and still u continue to brag things which u can’t simply do it. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!! I REALLY HOPE U CAN TASTE A CHAMPIONSHIP TIL UR 38 SO U CAN BE HUMBLE ENOUGH! UNTIL U DONT BE HUMBLE THEN U DONT DESERVE A RING!!!!

  97. FiNalTHouGht! says:

    I have just spent about 20 or 30 so minutes reading the blogs left by ya”ll. And I must admit, i think everybody is right with this one. With whatever direction or side of the fence you are on. And yes their were a few over the top blogs, but that’s expected. At the end of the day he still tops the chart for the most sold jersey this year. And I Think he sold out every arena he went to this year. So it seems we must like our Villains. And to clarify things I live in Toronto, so you know how bad things are for me. lol

  98. LakerFan says:

    LeBron James has made a new decision. Wath this vid from youtube:

  99. Pat says:

    HEAT lost because of their bench strength. How much can 3 guys do the whole season. MAVS bench is good to be a starting lineup for any team. Pat Riley – improve your bench strength.

  100. 605 says:



    • skimp says:

      lol u tellin him this after 8 years he been in the league why he aint been did this because he thinks he to good already, and fallaway jumper? umm if im not mistaken isnt he 6’8 wat he need to fallaway for when he can jus shot over them already haha

  102. jmk says:

    of all the senseless amount of stretched-out crap that keeps being written about James (who I don’t like by the way) this is one of the most stupid ones. Funny though, but leave the guy alone!

  103. boom says:

    Ego just messes things up. Remove it, and you will be limitless.

  104. AveryDalNegro says:

    Take a page out of Tim Duncans book LeBron!!!!

    TD even after winning 4 titles would never make a promise at the start of the season like “we are going to win the title”…and even after sweeping your sorry a$$ in 07 never talked any trash.

    The best player off the top of my head not to win a Championship Is Sir Charles…at least we he talked a bit of smack it was funny and exciting…unlike LeBron who just makes me cringe.

    • skimp says:

      thank you for bringin up the 07, cause people seem to make it out like this his first time in the finals he has time to prove this and that…………… well im sorry people but this his 2nd time in the finals and this time he had 2 other stars wit him and he still gettin shut down by great defenses cause he dont got no jumpshot if u dont think thats why watch the 07 finals and da spurs did similar things like dallas did they backed up and said LET ME SEE IF U CAN SHOOT, and we all know what that resorted into bricks and misses lol, how he get so much credit and been in the league 8 years and still dont have a reliable jumper and no im not talkin about when ur hot cause anbody can shoot when there hot……

  105. capz says:

    the media is just blowing stuff. in the finals he made a poor performance. yeah everybody seen that, but james still have some years to overcome those misfortunes and show everybody that he’s got what it takes to be a champion. only he can solved his problems so enough of the media analyzing james or telling what he should the way i rooted for dallas and im not a lebron james fan.

  106. Ventruck says:

    Same re-occurring trend:
    -LeBron opens his mouth, says something stupid
    -Words are under scrutiny
    -He then backpedals and makes up something about how “it wasn’t meant that way”.
    -Maybe apologizes or talks about how everyone hates him.
    *a few games later*
    -Opens his mouth again…

    At the end of the day, it’s really just talk that no one should care about. But I am sympathetic for his ex-Cavs teammates that he seems to throw unnecessary jabs at (sans Dan Gilbert, who’s just asking for it).

  107. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    Lebron ment waht he said, but the media, like always, twisted it around and made it sound like he was trying to say he’s superior to people..Cavs fans have been rooting for him to fail ever since he left, and well, they got what they wanted. Move on with your lives, you have the #1 pick, be happy, build your franchise, but SHUT UP about Lebron. He’s moved on, it’s time you should too.

  108. JAY says:

    STFU u really need to stfu your soo full of hot gas man you must have a crush on Bron Lebron hands down is the most complete player but hes not a closer PERIOD thus hes never going to be on Jordan Kobe level or Dirk for that matter until he gets over that hump stop making him seem like hes not arrogance cause he is he will get a title but thats until he can make peace with his self and all basketball lovers

    • STFU says:

      Jay — Learn how to put PUNCTUATION marks. and have you been to the future? you seem to know a lot of what is going to happen… like lebron NEVER going to be on JORDAN or KOBE’s LEVEL….. you high?

    • skimp says:

      lol he do seem like he is in love wit him……. as far as not a closer i think he could be if he GOT A JUMPSHOT, like my boy KD35

  109. Mosi says:

    His career is not one and done~~it’s been said tons of times~~how long did it take for MIke~to be like Mike~~and folks Mike was just as arrogant~~

  110. Not 1, not 2, not ever! says:

    I find it amusing that people think that the Heat will bounce back and win many championships. They may have a chance next year, but if they fail again, I bet Bosh will leave and LeBron might take his talent to NYC. I say Da Bulls will take them out next year.

  111. BlackMamba24 says:

    Hey Lebron you do think your better then everyone else thats why you call your self “King” you douchebag, your not even close to being the king, your more like a marshmello soft as hell when it comes down to big games.

  112. Tom says:

    Just because Lebron is arguably the most athletic basketball player to ever this game doesn’t mean he’s the best or a champion. I still don’t know what possessed Scottie Pippen to say what he said about Lebron on not only over former teammate Jordan but Kobe Bryant. I agree with Carl about giving the guy break but Carl’s got understand he such a topic because the media and fans keep constantly comparing him to Michael Jordan. Lebron has tattooed the “Chosen One”, “King James” and beasts basically saying he’s the most dominant and the we’ve been waiting for him to live up his hype after nine years. Michael Jordan still to this day won’t even admit he’s the greatest, or flaunt his achievements. When Kobe Bryant opens his mouth he backs it up on court. How many times does Kobe have to prove his dominance over this game? He’s consistently dominated in basically 2 basketball generations and the defense seems to get tougher on him every year(Yes his numbers dropped but he always has been the discussion for top players for past and present NBA players. There is really no more excuses for Lebron after 8 seasons of hype. I think we should be focused more on Kevin Durant he has the will, heart and discipline to become the next TRADITIONAL NBA champion.

  113. Lakersfansince91 says:

    LMAO! Lebron STILL isn’t surrounded with enough talent? I can’t believe some of these posts… Just how much talent does Lebron need to be surrounded with to win a championship does he need to be surrounded with 11 all stars to win a championship?

    In any case the biggest lesson Lebron needs to learn is that things you say will be taken out of context so the best thing to do is not give long elaborated comments with the press… It would also help if lebron developed a solid post and mid-range game. There should be no reason why a guy his size and speed can’t post up on 95% of the NBA.

    Time for some sagely Asian wisdom:

    Those who know don’t talk.
    Those who talk don’t know.

    Close your mouth,
    block off your senses,
    blunt your sharpness,
    untie your knots,
    soften your glare,
    settle your dust.
    This is the primal identity.

  114. Sport Fan says:

    People need to stop feeling sorry for Cleveland, one of the worst sports cities in our country with terrible fans. Yes, terrible. Anyone remember how Cleveland fans treated Ernest Byner? He gave the city and the Browns everything he had and they killed him over 1 mistake. The Dawg pound throwing objects at players. They don’t deserve LeBron. And the Cavs owner is a real scumbag loser as well. They got what they deserved, nothing!

  115. Queen_Lebron_James says:

    LOL..u know what guys? its as simple as this, lebron sucked in the finals(4th quarter) and thats it..

  116. Omenka says:

    Take nothing away from Lebron James!!!

    He is an excellent Basketball Player! And my opinion is that He will only get better!!

    He has some weaknesses and some bad attitudes here and there but do not we all ???

    LIfe is a learning process and no one is by any means perfect!!!

    Hopefully he will learn from his mistakes and become a much better person personally and professionally!!

    Hopefully we are learning from ours too!!

    • lakerfan006 says:

      well he can only get so much better lebron relies alot on his physical gifts than skills,(jordan relied mostly on skills and kobe relies all on skills because he really doesnt have any phsyical gifts like speed or hops, or length like durant and dirk have. pure fundelmentals) has lebron gets older he will lose that and there goes the so called king!!!

      • skimp says:

        lol exactly…….. now the kobe wit no physical gifts part ur wrong that boy had pogo sticks in his calfs before he started getting old but everything else u said was on point….. as for lebron all he needs is a jump shot and hell be unguardable he does rely alot on his physical gifts but all starts do when there younger cause u only havem for so long but jordan knew a great balance thats why he never blew his kness out like vince carter who cant jump to save his life

  117. cris says:

    Who won the title? Dallas right? so let’s talk about them instead of the guys that lost. I mean when Lakers won (all the talk is about them, and i’m a lakers fans by the way) but seriously show Dallas more love.

  118. chauser says:

    what Media are doing on him is what he deserve. He went to miami like a pop star…he felt like a pop star, he leaved his friends in cleveland cause he felt better than them. i can remember right now when the big three were dancing like the Jackson Five and show the muscle like hulk hogan in front of miami fans. They thought to be superior of everything and now everything is coming back…even if you are defenitly the best player in the world, to win you have to play, suffer, and do your job. It’s a sport not a concert.

    Miami and lebron had this problem, when the pressure was growing they weren’t able to suffer, they didn’t thought about the possibility to be under…in the last game the last 3 minutes they didn’t make ant pressure on the playmaker, there was a lot of time to win! They fall down psycologically.

    This lesson it’s hard but very important for lebron, for his future. I’m sure, in the future he will win a lot of championship and he will speak less and play more

  119. Carl says:

    He got to the finals with 3 players and a bunch of chumps, it was always going to be hard but they defied all odds and made it there anyway with everyone waiting for them to fail. The pressure on all of them was immense but they still got there. He didn’t choke, they just got beat to a much deeper team with more experience.

    Miami will win titles, dont be surprised if we see a lakers heat finals next year. Lebron made some mistakes and he is a bit arrogant but his life is not like normal peoples lives and you cant expect him to make decisions that make sense every time. He has been humbled in the last 12 months and thats the best thing that could have happened, he will work on his game and come back better.

    People should give the guy a break, hes a phenomenal player and they are just starting out in miami, he put to much pressure on himself and as he said maybe thats to a fault but he wants to win and do it in style, he young, rich and has alot of hype around him. Its easy to get caught up, fact is when they win hes a superstar and when they lose hes a choke artist, thats always going to be the limelight he plays under his whole career, because people know how special a player he is and how good he can be. Human nature means they want to see him fail rather than succeed.

    he makes himself an easy target but when they wing a ring (and they will) everyone will still hate on him, because hes that good! and if you aint being hated then your not doing anything worthwhile in this life…Period

    • Queen_Lebron_James says:

      are u a lebron fan? Lebron teamed up with 2 superstars(bosh & wade) and still didn’t win the championship. what does that mean? Simple, he is a LOSER!. He might be the best player to ever play the game…or maybe not.

  120. Sherry says:

    Oops I meant not just 2 or 3 players.

  121. Sherry says:

    First of all, Lebron (wanna-be-a) King James is a joke. Our friend, Charles Barkley said it best, Lebron needs a LIFE coach instead of a basketball coach. An older, more mature cast of people around him would make all the difference in the world. They would have told him that “The Decision” was going to ultimately be a ‘bad decision”. His attitude needs to come up to his level of play. All those years in Cleveland only inflated his ego even more. He proved himself to be “NOT” ready for the big stage when he got swept in the finals by the Spurs. His is not a finisher and YES he needs to post up more and improve his overall game. Like the youngsters say “don’t believe the hype”. Lebron is a good player, but as time has shown, not quite yet a champion. He needs to understand that YES he may have taken his talents to South Beach, but the Miami Heat team belongs to Dwayne Wade and Lebron simply needs to fall in line and learn from a proven champion in D-Wade. Will the Heat win a championship, YES, but they’ll have to work together collectively. Remember, it takes an entire team to win a championship, NOT just 2 or 2 players!

  122. Mr Lover Man says:

    Why is this even news?? I would have said even worse.. “Yeah Im rich and you are hating on me for what?? Go pay your mortgage!!” Mike Tyson was a convicted rapist, Big ben was a two time accused rapist, Jason Kidd a spouse abuser, Jose Canseco a snitch and so on and so forth and for this silly young minded “Decision” people hate Lebron more?? I think people need to wake up to their regular lives…

  123. Jess Sanley says:

    People are funny. Everyone keeps saying things like ALL he had to say was he’s sorry or do things different, etc. The truth is, people and the media like to build people up and then break them down. From sports to musicians to politicians. What did LBJ do that was so wrong? He had THE DECISION. Was it the best move, no but it wasn’t that bad. What giving millions to charity for it really is that bad? Then they had the party. I’m from Miami, they party for everything. It’s part of the city and life there. Also, the team went in financially and needed to capitalize on it. They got press, sold out season tickets and had some fun together. Big deal. I think it’s funny what the press decides to beat down and glorify. I do recall a little Rape case with Kobe Bryant that was blown over fairly fast. Or a gambling problem and numerous crappy quotes from MJ. But the media decides what to let go. I remember when LBJ walked off the court when losing a few years ago and everyone went crazy on him for being a poor sport. But Dirk, the guy who won, walks off without saying anything to Riley, Spo or any players, even though the full Heat team and staff congratulated them. LBJ and Wade were the ones who told J-Kidd afterward they were HAPPY it was him who won. That’s the losers doing the right thing. But not only did Dirk not get crap for it, you found a way to GLORIFY his unsportsman like behavior. The whole team for that matter. The Heat also ALL said positive comments about the Mavs in their interviews. No excuses. Not the Mavs. Only Carlisle said their day will come. Cuban even said,”I can care less about Miami.” So, let’s be fair. Don’t say the BS. People would have hated the Heat no matter what. And most of it was from fans pissed they didn’t get any of the players. They were cheering for LBJ and crew when they thought they’d get one of them. THAT’S the truth.

  124. caloy says:

    “It wasn’t saying I’m superior or better than anyone else, any man or woman on this planet, I’m not. I would never ever look at myself bigger than anyone who watched our game. It may have come off wrong but that wasn’t my intent.”

    -didn’t it?? Let’s go back last fall,didn’t “The Decision” made you feel that you were the superior? Holding the Cleveland loyalties hostage for a long time. You did not giving them a clue, did you? but instead you appeared on a Live ESPN Telecast and announce where you were heading. Don’t they deserve to be the first few of many to know about what’s in that head-banded head of yours before airing your “blha-blahs”? Was it that you were just too narcissistic to announce, not just to Cleveland, but to the whole world that “Hey! i’m the King of the world, I can be wherever I want and I can do my pre-game routine wherever I want.”. Or was it just me? You are a self-proclaimed King who dared to abandone his throne. A Robin who was in desperate need of a Batman. A king without a ring.. You are a good player, maybe even better in the future (not in the likes of an MJ or Kobe though). You left an epidemic in Cleveland that’s airborne and is spreading exponentially throughout the world. So no matter what P.R. you do ,not even NIKE or Gatorade or McDonalds, can help you erase the devastation that you left Cleveland with.

  125. RWhite says:

    If I were him, I would rather lose in the finals then watch everyone call me Robin to a Batman (Wade).

    Let me just say this in Lebron’s own safety…. If Lebron cannot win a championship with Miami in the next 2 years, I would put Lebron on 24/7 suicide watch…. because this type of pressure must be killing him. And YOU KNOW it matters to him. There is no doubt he NEEDS to shut up all the critics or else he won’t beable to leave home without fans, friends, and family talkinga bout it, putting a shadow on him.

  126. kobe says:

    James has big problems, anyone can see it. It’s just difficult to face them publicly.

  127. julian says:

    I think Lebron is a choke artist and always will be people say he is as good as jorden call me when he has as many rigns as kobe or jorden with all that extra help!

  128. Bebopman says:

    Look at it this way. Wade and James now have plenty of time to practice their coughing.

  129. Aurel says:

    Darn, who is this Lebron ? You all seem so worried about him ? Is he dying ?
    Anyway, i wish him luck because he seems to be in big trouble.
    If only he was rich, talented and famous, things wouldn’t be so bad and we could just let him live his life and see what he can do on his own. But no. He has problems. Big issues. So we all are here to discuss and find solutions. Without him of course. He knows nothing about his problems anyway.
    Darn again, how lucky this Lebron is to have us watching over him !

  130. Manuel Patrick Katapang says:

    Everyone (or most people), it seems, is rejoicing in the Miami Heat’s loss in the recent NBA Final series. They are NOT really rejoicing (unless u come from Dallas) in the Mavs gutsy and clutch drive to give their grizzled (meaning elderly) veterans winners’ blings before walking into the sunset. They are NOT really rejoicing because the long suffering Mavs have vindicated themselves after that shocking collapse in ’06. Not quite! THEY ARE REJOICING BECAUSE LEBRON JAMES HAS FAILED ONCE AGAIN. After arrogantly insinuating that multiple championships were within their grasp in an admittedly premature celebration last July, the Man who would be King (of Darkness in most eyes) has again fallen flat on his face – at least for year one of the Superfriends, or the Heatles. But the Miami team of ’10-’11 were more Police than the Beatles (3 outstanding instruments rather than 4) and King James was Sting if you want to take it further. As such, as the leader, he became the obvious scapegoat when everything went downhill at basketball’s biggest stage, and he didn’t have the rhetorical fluency nor tact that Gordon Sumner had to apiece critics. But was last season truly a failure for the team from South Beach? The Heat were made up of 2 Superstars (D-Wade and ‘Bron) plus a glorified although reliable supporting player in Bosh – and nothing more of consequence. They had holes at the 3 (coz LBJ preferred to play point rather than shooting forward) or the 1 (when
    James did rarely decide to play the 3) and a bottomless chasm at center (Joel Anthony, you should be ashamed of yourself). The bench? A conglomeration of hasbeens and rejects, most of whom should be coming off the bench in the NBDL. That being said, the Heat were playing all the other teams 3-on-6 to 8 ALMOST EVERY NIGHT, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE COURT! Conventions borne out of the last 11 NBA championships dictated that for a team to go all the way, their most productive players should be from the 2 and 4 or 2 and 5 positions (Detroit in ’04 may have had their best player at the 1,in Billups and 2, in Hamilton, but they had great defensive and or competent offensive players in the other 3 positions (Prince and the Wallace boys). IT WAS A TRIBUTE TO WADE AND LEBRON’S GREATNESS THAT THEY WERE ABLE TO COMPENSATE FOR SUCH GLARING DEFICIENCIES AND GO ON TO BEAT MORE COMPLETE TEAMS IN THEIR MARCH TO THE FINALS!
    And they almost won it all too if not for righteous, though premature and immature arrogance that ultimately jinxed their drive. If you look at it in this light, how can you call their campaign anything but a success (…in the right direction). But most people willl choose not to look at it this way, too blinded by LEBRON ENVY to see straight. IT’S NOT HIS FAULT HE WAS GIVEN THE GIFTS HE WAS GIVEN. It was the same with WILT CHAMBERLAIN…50 years on, we still haven’t matured much.

    • BFOULDS says:

      playing 3 on 6? your logic baffles me.

    • jp says:

      Beat more complete teams?

      Ok, everyone celebrating the cHeat getting to the finals needs to take a step back and reflect on a few key points:
      1. What were the 76ers going to do? Really.
      2. Boston was really out of the running the moment Perkins got traded away. And then Wade tackled Rondo and dislocated his elbow. Seriously, how COULD Boston have won in their condition?
      3. Chicago was/is a one man team. It was 2.5 super stars vs. 1 super star.

      Dallas was the only complete team the cHeat faced all playoffs, and they couldn’t beat them. And here’s the new fact:
      If Chicago gets D.Rose some help, the cHeat aren’t winning anything anytime soon.
      If Boston resolves its issues at center, the cHeat won’t be winning next year at least (Boston IS getting kinda old…)
      The Knicks will only get better.
      If Dwight Howard gts some help in Orlando Orlando will become a major player again.

      And then the west is just brutal and will continue to be so for a few years. Honestly, unless Chicago or Orlando get some help (or if Cleveland’s two draft picks turn out PERFECT), I don’t see the East winning for years to come.

      Bottomline is this: The cHeat were handed a path to the finals on a silver platter but were bested by a great TEAM. I have my doubts that this silver platter will be coming around again for the cHeat, and unless they get rid of LeQuit and build a TEAM around Wade and Bosh, I don’t see them winning another ring in the forseeable future.

  131. Lebron JAmeees says:

    Lebron is good dude, Jason Kidd says it Dwade says it even Charles Barkley said it. its just pathetic how so many people would love to see him fail, he will win a couple rings, just to you ignorant people, would you be happy if he left NBA tomorrow? I hate Kobe but i love to watch him play, I as a kobe hater dont want him to go away, I wish he was 28 and had 5 6 years left, same thing goes for lebron, after Kobe is gone who do you wanna watch play? Lebron is good for NBA for us fans and He is the best player in nba right now, you can hate him but dont put your time and energy to prove he is bad or he wont be great, as he is great now, you are going to tell your kids that, you think (future player) is a good SF? OMG you should have seen lebron this dude dunked the ball like crazy shot he ball from inside and outside the arc he was a beast and you had to put 2 player on him so you might have stopped him. Lebron James is the best active player period.

  132. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    I think people hate lebron not because he leave Cleveland but i think because of the way he did. it is good he wanna donate to boys and girls club but why can’t he do the decision earlier? it’s kind of kill cleveland. if Cleveland knew he is leaving they would have get a star players to replace but because they waited on him most of the stars are gone and sign by the time the Decision is announce. He didn’t leave cleveland any fighting chance, They went from #1 to last. suppose if cleveland knew about it they could have go out and try to get joe johnson or amare and they still could be a playoffs team. I think that’s why cleveland hated him so much cleveland cuz he didn’t leave any chance but totally demolished the team with that one move.
    and the preseason celebration doesn’t help either, he did promised to cleveland that he won’t stop working hard until he bring championship to cleveland, then all of the sudden he left cleveland and celebrating in maimi saying about winning 8 championships. and that put target on miami’s and his back. every other teams’ fan will a piece of miami and every other players will looking to beat miami. Sure Pat and shaq did something similar but they promised like one championship, but 8 seem to be arrogant in every NBA fans and players eyes. (except miami ofc)
    i will be lying if i didn’t want him to come to NY last summer but after this playoffs i kinda feel like he is lack heart of champion. i don’t hate him so i hope he can show us NBA fans what he can really do one day.

    • Cavs says:

      Good post. I think it was awesome that he donated millions to charity, but he could have done a better job of making that clearer, among other things. Even if he left the TV show just the way it was and brought up that he is donating millions, it really would have helped and Cleveland would have been the bad guy for hating on lebron… but I guess his “PR” staff (aka “friends”) didn’t know any better.

      • IX says:

        ….@Cavs, maybe ppl from CLE cant read or just dont want too. But even if you watched the “Decision” It was VERY clear it was for a charity… seriously dude. Im not trying to show you up, but a fetus coulda told you it was for charity.

  133. Team Heat says:

    He made errors yes, but everyone does. The media blows stuff out of proportion. Im tired of hearing about LeBron.

  134. phil says:

    y do u people always keep mocking on lebron…when he wen 2 cleveland its not in the map in the nba and he bring it 2 the finals… and hey DAN GILBERT you should thank lebron 4 using him and giving you a millions!!!!!!

  135. If the Heat had won the finals, would surely have a lot of people giving
    pats on the back of Lebron and saying he would be the next Jordan
    basketball, but just as victory is normal in the sport, the defeat
    also belongs. Lebron went to Cleveland not only to gain more
    money and fame, but to enhance and grow their basketball. In
    other seasons was a guy focused on the attack, but in Miami this
    learning something else, like playing defense and think defense.
    He was wrong to say anything about “… taking their talents to South
    Beach, “but the press should stop abusing the guy. He did that
    that 10 of 10 people would do, or look for something better …

  136. D S says:

    I have said before and I am still saying this. I personally feel DWade is leader material. Let DWade lead and LeBron Bosh et al play second fiddle. DWade has more game IQ than any of the other dudes in Miami. He is a better defender, a finals MVP (lets not forget), went to college (more mature). You cannot do everything at once. Let Wade be the distributor and leader. Then watch how both LeBron and Bosh average 25+points 10+rebounds (Thats an easy 50+20+ from just 2 people). Bring in a solid grade-A bench player (Andre Igoudala anyone?). Win it all next year.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I highly doubt Iggy would play off the bench especially with a team that can’t afford him, except maybe trading half their bench away, Wade is still the scorer, Lebron is the better distributor, Bosh is the third scorer, Chalmers showed himself he can be a great PG, only thing they need now is a defensive minded C, Joel Anthony is a good defender, but shouldn’t be a starter, they need to trade Big Z away for one reason he can’t defend against the likes of Tyson Chandler, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, etc. If Greg Oden can show he can stay healthy next season, I think Miami should go get him before the Trade deadline.

    • Cavs says:

      You are right Wade really should be the leader. I blame coach Spo for not letting Wade be the man.

      • IX says:

        @cavs fan, why should someone have to be labeled? If Lebrons hot he should take the shots, if wade, then he should take the shots. I love them both, but lets get real, Lebron got the heat past the bulls and celtics… if you were coach are you telling me you would have made him Defer while he was hot? I love how short ppls memories are, Lebron dismatled those two teams. He led the Heat in those two Series, against the Mavs Wade took the Lead. So whats wrong with Usi g the both of your superstars to lead may i ask?

  137. DRE says:

    James is right, whether he wins a championship or not, it is not going to change or affects our lives. if you are a janitor today, you will still be one if he had win or not. if you are in debts, you criticizing or hating him will not change a think, u will still be in debts. i always though the U.S had freedom of speech but i guess not when looking how you guys keep on complaining about what he said.

  138. NBA FAN says:

    LeBron is a little arrogant but not as much as your average NBA player. How often does someone take anything less than top dollar? James did. How oftern does someone sacrifice their share of scoring and statistic for others to succeed? James did. How often does someone put all their energy to beef up their defensive skills over offensive skills? James did. So I guess he should just continue to take all the criticism from all the ignorant, mindless, coopycats out there. D Stevenson was arrested for public drunkeness wondering around some apartmnet complex. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. Where’s the crtiticism? There is none. Once you reveal your hypocrisy, there really is no point in accrediting any of your thoughts (this goes to all the haters). If that was James (never been in trouble), we’d have killed him for it.

    • Cavs says:

      1. LBJ is in a big market team. The however many millions he sacrificed can easily be made up in something else. How? IDK but Miami is much bigger than Cleveland. He also has to take less out of his paycheck for taxes.
      2. He hardly sacrificed his stats. Wade took a much bigger hit in scoring (no idea why seeing as how wade should be the man of the heat).
      3. LBJ has always been a strong defensive player.

      As for D Stevenson, no one cares about bench players (except maybe 6th men). When delonte was arrested for cutting off a cop while he was in CLE and found with all kinds of guns on him (which btw is much worse than D Stevenson) it hardly created a stir. I’m sure people heard about it, but seriously why would anyone care?

      Next time a bench player commits a crime or gets arrested you should try to see how much you care. You probably won’t.

      • NBA FAN says:

        I like your points, Cavs, but all I’m really saying is that given the current status of hate for James, he would have been utterly destoyed by media, posters, etc if it were him.

  139. RJ says:

    Baby Bron Bron, needs 2 grow up, and he will. So ill keep watching, and don’t choke on the main dish!!!

  140. Jose (Kobe Fan)Lakers!!! says:

    Lebron cry babys….lol..excuses excuse!!!….u failed…u try to be better than jordan u try to be like kobe or maybe like him….u toke the bad decision…im not judging but u should stay in cavs so!u can practice hard and play better…
    needing bosh and wade make u play soft and lazy depending on them..come on now!i know this about a team…but one leader can take u to the finals and championship….look the mavs..take that example and learn…im not a fan of mavs…im lakers fan…like i say..kobe bryan is the best…one more ring 1 lol to break that records…Kobe next Year with 6 rings…lol….lebron can be superman or king whatever he can say he is…but he doesnt have the crown lol…to be a king u have to win the championship…triple double for what…amazing dunks for what…lebron = vince carter….sorry lebron fans…lebron should stay in cavs….too late for u james…u not gonna make it next year….kevin durant is hungry,rose too,carmelo,boston,dwight howard a lot players are hungry for next year if my team lakers lose…then i bet u that oklahoma kevin durant is gonna win the championship…sorry lebron….lol…..

    • Heat Fan says:

      Durant dissapeared worse than LeBronand he didn’t even make it to the finals. And LBJ is not nearly as bad as Vince Carter who refused to share the ball and money with his own family, his cousin T-Mac. Being ‘the man’ was more important for each of them then winning. Now look where they are. LeBron came to Miami to try to win and he shares the ball. If you must criticize, please be accurate and back it up.

      • joman says:

        difference is..KD, being younger than LBJ, is more mature..his parents taught him right..being arrogant and not having anything to show for is just’s understandable if one chokes because there are just so many factors in a finals series.but if one runs his mouth about winning and chokes at the end??it’s just sooo good to make fun!if only he had won, then he would proven and shut everyone else’s mouth..

  141. Thinking logically says:

    Lebron’s faults are the media’s fault. His arrogance, his ego, whatever…all brought upon by the idiotic media who wanted to sensationalize the talents of a 16 year old kid in Akron. I’m not defending the Decision or his attitude towards the game, but he isn’t the villain people make him out to be. And FYI, I never like Lebron, but there is no denying the fact that Miami will be getting a championship sometime in the near future (unless the Bulls can stop them by getting a second and third option on that team). Maybe not next year (or as long as Dallas is still around), but the Heat have 7 or 8 years minimum to win a championship. I highly doubt Wade will let Lebron’s weak psyche to get in the way of a second championship for him.

    • Cavs says:

      Man that’s a tough call and I can’t say I agree on this being the media’s fault. I heard this from a friend so I’m not sure how valid this is (he is a HUGE cavs fan) but Cleveland protected and nurtured lebron and left out any stupid remarks from news stories. On one hand yea it spoiled him and made him arrogant (so freaking true.. I hate it) but on the other he was only 18 when he first came here. I’m sure the Cleveland media wanted him to have a good start. Why would you publicize every little mistake a kid makes who hasn’t seen much of the world beyond high school? Can you really blame them?

      • IX says:

        … so you want me to listen to what your die hard cav fan (prob a bron hater) says?? Riiiiight, unless he works for the mediaand actually ommited things about Lebron then his “story” holds no weight. Guess what @cavs, Lebron is HUGE worldwide, Cle didnt have exclusives with him, the whole media world got to watch Lebron. So i guess your friend is saying the whole media world ommitted Lebrons mistakes and spoiled him… i think not.

      • IX says:

        U have to realize the Media has no loyalty, they’ll pick anyone apart. And unfortunately they have turned their eyes towards Lebron as Pub enemy #1 which in my opinion is completly unfair. but hey, thats how the media works

  142. Office Blvd says:

    Dear Mr. KING LeBron,

    “At the end of the day”, you still have to wake up to the same life that you had before, and that’s losing to the Mavs in the Finals and you choked.


    a common person

    ps. would it hurt to just apologize? instead of a non-apologetic apology if that makes any sense.

  143. Frank says:

    The only way for him to get back on track is to make his mind go back to the ground instead of thinking he’s at the top of the world. A little humility might gain back respect here.

  144. World Champs MAVS says:

    Dear Mr. KING LeBron,

    “At the end of the day”, you still have to wake up to the same life that you had before, and that’s losing to the Mavs in the Finals and you choked.


    a common person

    • NBA FAN says:

      I’m guessing that you felt Dirk was a choker before this year? Failing in ’06 by not being able to hit water from a boat, including free throws. And failing every year of his career until this year when JJ and Terry saved him in games 5 and 6 where he struggled. Oh that’s differnent? Why? So I guess Dirk is a choker who needed help to win after all. Call it like it is and be fair or just be a loser. The Mavs are not losers but you are.

      • World Champs MAVS says:

        NBA FAN, aka, Miami Heat crybaby 🙂 “I’m guessing that you felt Dirk was a choker before this year?” Read your own sentence and see how stuupid you are. Who said anything about Dirk and why are you guessing?

      • joman says:

        at least Dirk did not run his mouth about winning..he just did his job the best he can..that way,Dirk cannot be taunted as one player who said he’s going to win it all but crumbled when he had the chance.

    • STFU says:

      Dear Common Person,

      At the end of the day, even if i “choked” i got paid and enjoyed playing it, you when you watch the game — you just enjoyed watching it.

      Read my name,
      LeCHoke James

      • QuestionMark says:

        Even though playing in games is enjoyable, I don’t think Lebron was enjoyed at all and that is because they did not win.

      • k5 says:

        thats exactly it – lebron enjoys playing and getting paid. so let him do that, and leave rings for ppl who deserve them.

      • STFU says:

        @questionmark — has it ever occured to you that “it doesn’t matter if you win or you lose a game — all that matters is how you play a game.”?

        surely you would say that lebron’s game maybe BAD at the fourt quarters, but hey… seriously guys — you cant judge a story not after reading its ending. lets wait till lebron’s carrier is over…

    • NBA FAN says:

      It seemed relevant considering your name you could relate to the parallel situation. All I did was use your logic and applied it to your team from ’06 to preseent. So do you feel the same way about Dirk who choked just as much or do you just hate James for arbitrary reasons. I am guessing that you didn’t think Dirk was a choker for 12 years and, therefore, are a hypocrite. If you man up and judge them both the same way then I’ll come back and say I was wrong. Oh good you know how to use the little smileys, how fun.

  145. B-Ball says:

    I will go with both Dirk’s 48 points and 24-24 from the free throw line and JET’s 9-10 3-pointers against the defending champ Lakers.

    P.S. Does anyone know why the Mavericks aren’t on the poll to win the title next season?

    • Joey Crawford says:

      Because I’m not helping them next year

    • QuestionMark says:

      Even though they won this year, it is because they are the underdogs still, if they can keep every player they have now, I guarantee you they will win next year, this year they won without one of their top player playing in Caron Butler, once he is healthy, I am sure they will win again.

      • lakerfan006 says:

        they are not going to keep all their players because teams are willing to pay more money for chandler and jj barrea and the other free agents dallas has, look what happen with (ariza and farmar when they won the championship with lakers) its impossible to retain all their players from this year. and if you think their going to repeat your joking, as soon as the lakers get a quicker pointguard and get rid of ron-ron for someone who can shoot then they will be unstoppable.

  146. Aaron says:

    He should of stayed in Cleveland and wait it out. He’s only 26 years old and the Cavs were one of the top teams in the East. Just look at Dirk being with the Mavs for 13 years and he’s the only superstar on the Mavs.

    • Heat Fan says:

      You answered your question. He doesn’t want to wait 13 years. No one does. Even Cuban had to convince Dirk to stay.

      • aaron says:

        yeh well turns out he will still need to wait at least one more year becuz this time it was a flop. and now that the whole nba is teaming up well who knows. next thing u know he ll dump u guys for chicago and pat riley will be sending out voodoo curses on him lmao. hahaha actually i just imagined miami fans if lebron decided to leave again omg lmao

    • Le'Trell says:

      the cavs had plenty of chances to get some great talent around. they kept signing a bunch of role players to build around him. as you saw, none of them can create their own shot. most of them are liabilities on offense much like most of the bulls players. waiting in cleveland for more years definitely wouldn’t help because nobody was going to come there. and you pretty saw how they played without him.

  147. Humberto says:

    I’m really getting the feeling that lebron is crumbling more and more with every season… and the only thing he can do to get back together and to shut everyone’s mouth is win a title

  148. Amz says:

    Because of ODDS, Lebron has changed!

  149. LeBron has brought almost everything on himself. Do you really think that the NBA fans are going to appreciate him saying that we are going to win 8 championships (outside of Miami fans of course). No wonder everyone wants to see you fail. Dallas, Celtic, Spurs, Laker etc….fans are really going to want to see you win? I don’t think so!! He is just an arrogant person who needs to get off those clouds and get to reality! A king is defined by championships how does a person that is 0-2 be a king??? The media and everyone really shouldn’t have started that whole “king” thing. It is just stupid!

  150. Max says:

    Mike, above, you are TOTALLY right my sir! For those who keep complaining about Lebron’s performance and comments in the Finals, first off, you have no clue what it is to endure the pressure that these players have to endure in the FInals. We all handle pressure differently and the emotional response to it is in the same way different for everyone. Lebron does not owe anyone an apology because his game is indeed superior to most players in the NBA. He’s proven it throughout his career. He might not have played according to his standards, that’s right, but you don’t owe anyone an apology when the intention is there. He was obviously trying. I think its pathetic how reporters have been trying to get those kind of emotional responses out of the players. This is an unfortunate reality in todays biased Media.

    • k5 says:

      exactly, not everyone handles pressure the same way. which is why people get angry that lebron wants to be considered at the jordan/kobe/magic/roberston/bird level. its fine to choke. it just means he is not the greatest player of the nba. he still needs development. and nobody asked lebron an apology for choking. apology for his arrogant comments would be appreciated tho.

  151. lakerfan006 says:

    Lebron lost it! he had wade on full fuel during the finals and he didnt take advantage,if he wants to win one he better start by not giving up in games where he is off, he did the same exact thing in games 2,3,4 that he did when he was in cleveland in the boston series, lf it wasnt for wade they would of been swept!

  152. BeliSRB says:

    Nice one Enrique..I’m Laker and Kobe fan and i enjoyed when James “choked” in the finals because of the same things you just sad it..but i’m not “hater”,and i believe he’ll win his ring eventually (not more than 3 i think) he joust need to start behave like a GROWN MAN..god luck to him..

  153. rockafreddie says:

    my thing is why is everybody makin lebron james the primary target since the heat lost the finals..KEYWORDS….THE HEAT…lebron went 2 miami to get more help than what cleveland was offering..yes they did go over board with celebrations but still you dont see anyone talking about dwade fumbling the ball with the game on the line or boshs inconsistency through out the entire playoffs..THE MEDIA PUT LEBRON IN A LOSE-LOSE SITUATION….if the heat would of won the finals dwade would have been the obvious mvp and even with a ring the media would of still hacked lebron for taking back seat to dwade or not being the great player that we knw he can be..i mean wen i was watching sports nation after the heat won they wasnt talkin bout things the team would do to win the next game or the things they did to win the previous games..all they talked about was who would mvp..and so u see miami lost and now the media is basically blaming him for the heats down fall….THAT IS NOT FAIR…I COULD POINT OUT A MILLION THINGS THE TEAM DID WRONG…NOT DIVING FOR LOSE BALLS..BIBBY MISSING WIDE OPEN JUMP SHOTS EVERYONE WAS AFRAID 2 TAKE THE BIG SHOT..AND THE LIST GOES ON..BUT MARK MY WORDS..LEBRON WILL BE BACK TO THE FINALS AGAIN..AND HE WILL ANSWER HIS CRITICS

    • k89 says:

      no, HE put himself in a lose-lose situation. If he even wins – he wont get no credits for it bcuz he couldnt do it without wade, and if he keeps losing – hell get laughed at cuz even wade didnt save him. He knew exactly what was going to happen but he wanted a ring at any cost and never doubted that he would get it this way. except the cost turned out to be too high and for nothing, well for this year.

      • Le'Trell says:

        and. wade couldn’t have won the title in 06 without shaq and payton. kobe could not win his first 3 tiltes without shaq or horry. and couldn’t have won it without gasol or fisher. boston couldn’t win their title without kg, posey, and pj brown. the point is that who cares if can’t win it without wade. at least he has help to where he knows that the team can get to the finals again and possibly win it all.

  154. Pouchon5 says:

    I think you are right to so extent that Lebron doesn’t have to apologize to anyone, but he does have to apologize to himself. He did nothing but making a fool out of himself. He needs wisdom, humility, and understanding. He needs to understand that the media is to a superstar the same thing water is to a fish: it is essential for your survival, but it will be used to cook you if you let them catch you.

  155. Lamido Mohammed says:

    LeBron James is not like Jordan, no, he can never be. people should please stop comparing them.

  156. LeKing of Choke says:

    It was the MANNER by which LeKing chose to “move his talents” to Miami for the PURPOSE of winning “several championships” that got the ire of the entire basketball world (except South Beach). He never really intended of “GROWING” in Miami, because his superego wants him to think that he already possesses all the ingredients of a so-called great basketball player. Remember, he crowned himself “KING”, except that the fans see him differently.

  157. Cali says:

    Lebron hasn’t seemed comfortable in front of the media espeically when he fails. D Wade was actually more composed than him. And he answered the “chocking” question well. Lord knows what Lebron would have said.

    • k89 says:

      he needs a spokesperson. guy is a great athlete but just straight up dumb. fell in love with the spotlight now keeps making a full out of himself in public every time he opens his mouth

      • sbfern says:

        @k89 AMEN! enough said

      • skimp says:

        @k89…. u aint never lied bout dat, and for all u people who say LBJ aint good as jordan and kobe u right, for one because they win…….2 they can shoot and dont jus run and dunk all the time and only can hit shots when there hot haha anybody who a true basketball fan know i aint lyin Lebrick cant shoot thats why he got shut down by a zone defense

  158. baller says:

    Why is everyone so mad at lbj? What did he ever do to you ppl? Okay so he didn’t perform well in the finals, but at least he made it there. He just needs to overcome the fear in the finals and he most defintely CAN become a multiple NBA champ.

    • kareem says:

      lol when lebron failed to get a ring with cleveland yall were saying – why r u ppl mad at lebron? his team sucks. when they rebuilt the team around him yall were saying – why r u ppl mad at lebron? he needs help. when he decided to piggy back on d.wade and bosh – why r u ppl mad at lebron? hes allowed to chose where to work (play.) and with whom. when he made an hour special out of it – why r u ppl mad at lebron? he gave it to the charities. when heat struggled through the season – why r u ppl mad at lebron? he hasnt found his place on the team yet. when he started chocking in 4th quarters – why r u ppl mad at lebron? so what he was under pressure. when he disapeared in the finals and lost – why r u ppl mad at lebron? Okay so he didn’t perform well in the finals, but at least he made it there. at some point i just stopped and asked my self so why exactly do u ppl like him so much?…

      • K says:

        Kareem for the same reason you like whom ever you like! If you only like a player because he wins then your not a true NBA fan; your just someone who backs whom ever is winning at the time! I was a Jordan fan both before and after he started winning. I never took to Bird however; he still was a great player and I enjoyed watching him play. John Stockton never won a championship; but I liked watching him play and compete! Dude it took Dirk 13 years and J Kidd 17 years before they won a championship; however, I like both of those players. LBJ’s is very good player and is one of a handful of players that any team would take in a heart beat. One of the reason so many people like LBJ; which was proven by the sell of his jersey this year; is because, that’s who the NBA and the media is marketing as being the face of the league! So get over it; LBJ is it right now, whether you like it or not!

  159. Mavs fan but not a hater... says:

    I feel pitty for Lebron how the people of ohio treated him.. Pls have mercy on bron, lets just move on.. Lebron just take this a challenge just believe in yourself coz your talented, be humble and mature by that you will prove to them that your the winner and they are the loser…

    • EWreck says:

      The people of Ohio are mad at him because he bsaically embarrased them on National TV by telling everyone he would be “taking his talents to South Beach”. His arrogance is what a lot of people hate.

      He says he is going to win 5+ championships before he even played a game in the Miami Heat uniform, he has a Chosen One tattoo on his back, he makes fun of other basketball players after he loses a game, the list continues on and on.

      Maybe if he learned to keep his mouth shut until after he accomplishes things, then people would find him more likeable.

      -Kobe and Lakers fan-

      • HeatWade says:

        i guess i have to agree with you EWreck about that National TV thing and the EGG COUNTING lebron did…
        that’s what makes him hated the most…

        but i guess we can’t blame him for taking a more comfortable way of getting (with a higher chances) a championship (he saw that in Miami)…
        he’s been surrounded by so much hype in Cleveland Basketball and treated like a KING given anything he wants (except a good enough supporting cast to win a championship) which made him spoiled brat… still he hadn’t reached his goal (to win a championship) so he take a detour in Miami for better chances and believed he can win it easily until Dirk and the Mavs kicked him in the butt (and our Miami Heat’s butt too of course)…

        for Lebron, this year serves as a stepping stone to grow up and mature…
        for now, maybe let’s just look forward for the Miami Heat’s and especially Lebron’s next run for the championship…

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


        I agree wit you, but all that stuff about not a good supporting cast? Half of the players they traded for and signed were guys LEBRON specifically asked for…Jamison, Shaq, Larry Hughes, Moe Williams, and a few others…

        So I blame mangement for doing their jobs right, your best player should endorse moves, but DOESNT make the final say on them, do YOUR OWN JOBS, and I think that led to the Cavs downfall, he knew he had that team in his backpocket.

  160. A Fan says:

    People, stop revolving this all around Lebron James. This finals was the Mavericks vs Heat in a best of 7 game series. The Mavericks won, PERIOD! Lebron and the Heat didnt not just play well, they met their match and lost. They were beat. The Mavericks were the better team. Thats all we can boil it down too, the Mavericks are the better team. Congratulations Mavericks, I have wanted to see you win a championship since 2006. Now you have, Congrats Dirk, you deserved it.

  161. law08 says:

    yeah,.fix the hole..there are so many holes in him…arrogance is the biggest one.

    • K says:

      If the hole in LeBron is arrogance then that hole exist in a whole lot of professional athletes! Whether it’s the in your face type or subtle type; every athlete, especially a professional athlete; has that air of arrogance about themselves. Jordan; Magic; Bird; Dirk; DRose, they all have it or had it! That arrogants is what allows them to be able to perform at the level that they perform! That arrogants is what drives them to try to be the best at what they do! During MJ’s time in the league his arrogance made him believe that he was the baddest man on the court each and everytime he stepped out on the court. It’s nothing wrong with being arrogant; because arrogant is just another word for CONFIDENT!

      • Cavs says:

        There’s a difference between arragance/cockyness and confidence. Pure arrogance with nothing to show for it is NOT what jordan/magic/bird had. Idk why you added dirk and drose – they don’t run their mouths about how they are the best in the league all the time.

        anyways if you are legitimately a great player that doesn’t back down when it matters then MAYBE you can be a little arrogant. Bird was arrogant because he had the skills to back it all up.

        I have some friends who are cocky but they are all talk. They think they’ll be doctors with GPA’s of 2.5 out of 4. My grades are much better and I don’t go around putting them down even though I disrespect them and hate their guts. I’ll let my career do the talking.

  162. Pedro Gonzales says:

    I think all these people that say things that are on their hearts and then come out later to clean up is much too often… I think Lebron watches too much politics or may be that is me. But looking at the attitude at which he said it, He surely meant it even if my 100 dollars a game does not mean much when I go to watch the game it is millions of us that come out to watch your talent that get you to earn the money that you do. Never and Never attack fans for either disliking or liking you unless you do not have any business sense. We go work and come out to get away from daily life and enjoy our families looking at you PLAY a game that we also PLAY maybe not with your skills but we do play the game and that is why we come to watch talent like Dwayne Wade, Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Magic Johnson, Dirk Nowitzki, and other humble and talented players like the kid in Oklahoma – I intentionally did not mention Kobe and Lebron for same reason. Humble yourself let the fans love you and if you have business sense you can profit off of it – college would have been very helpful in these young Millionares lives but anyway hope they do not end up broke like many have.

    • @ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA where are all the heat fans that were on this website saying the heat were going to win it all. Where are all the heat fans that think lebron is better than jordan. Guess they all decided to crawl back under a rock somewhere. Hey i wont trash heat fans or lebron too much. All i will say is, its finally time to put to rest trying to compare lebron to Jordan and Kobe. I think now you heat and lebron fans realize this dude cant measure up to the true great warriors of the NBA. Lebron you will never be a Jordan or a Kobe. And heat fans you will never have as many championships as the true great teams in the league like the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls and Spurs. Your not on that level and quiet frankly probably will never be. Im mean really, you heat fans gotta feel like morons talking all that crap during the playoffs. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a joke. THEHEATSUCK.

      • Heat Fan says:

        I’m right here, buddy. Anyone who compared LBJ to Michael was just an idiot and that applied to many NBA fans not just some Heat fans. Of course I thought they would win it all. Just like you thought about your team and Bulls fan thought about theirs and Celtic fans thought about theirs. IDK about not measuring up. He did pretty well until going cold for a 3 game stretch. He dismantled all other so called “warriors” including the league MVP en route to the finals. As for the teams you refer to as true great, the Heat swept the Lakers during the season and beat the Celtics and Bulls in the playoffs. If you don’t like him or us for personal reasons, that’s fine, but do not fabricate untruths, they only identify you as you unintelligent.

      • @ says:

        @Heat Fan ok, good one. So here are some truths for you. Lebron has been in the league 7 seasons, no rings. Media, heat fans, and lebron fans have compared him to Jordan since hes been in the league. Which is disrespectful to Jordan himself. Your comparing a player that has accomplished nothing except for personal stats, to a player that won 6 rings with one team. Lebron obviously isnt a team leader, hes obviously not a player that makes players around him better, if that were the case he would have at least one trophy to show for it. Oh, and by the way, it was mostly heat fans on this blog comparing Lebron to Jordan. Your right everyone thought their team would win the championship. But not everyones team through a victory parade before they practiced one game. Not every team predicted they would win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7 and on and on and on. Thats just plain arrogant. And you say he did pretty well before going cold for a 3 game stretch, and you say i sound unintelligent. Lebrons finals performance was horrible. He even said so. So how can you say he did pretty well? You mentioned the heat sweeping the Lakers in the REGULAR season. Of course you forget to mention this is after the Lakers went to the finals three years in a row, winning two out of three. Lets see if your heat can do that. That will be easier said than done, with the east being as strong as it is. And once again a heat fan mentioning something that means nothing, the regular season. So tell me Heat Fan. What has been fabricated here. Sorry i hurt your little feelings talking about your sorry heat.

      • Cavs says:

        @@ chill out man. We are all fans and we all love our teams. And there are plenty of heat fans in these forums, just look around. I agree that regular season wins mean nothing (note: bulls swept the heat in the regular season), and that LBJ isn’t as good as jordan, but there’s no need to be rude.

      • HEAT FAN says:

        First, I was pretty clear that comparing him to Jordan was idiotic. I was a big Jordan fan back in the day and, of course, winning a few is a prerequisite before any discusion on the topic should begin. That part was not a disagreement. We agree most people have confidence in their team and the yes the fan fest thing was a bit much, The Heat usually do something in the offseason but it never gets national attention but I guess it was a big deal and everyone was excited including the players so they went overboard. I will say that I have no problem and I don’t think you do either with having players who want to win, want to win big, and want to win often. The way they expressed it was a bit brash but again it was a big day and everyone was excited and then everyone else blew it out of proportion as if some wannabe mesiah made a prophecy. Case and point you and many others are still harping on that trivial issue. I don’t like using regular season for comparisons either but there’s no other criteria to use there and I wasn’t going to entertain the notion that you might be saying they won’t win 16 or 17 titles like the Lakers or the Celtics because that’s obvious. You didn’t dispute my Chicago or Boston claims so I guess are at that level. I stand by the went cold for three games (maybe 3 and half) statement. Before that, pretty well as in not awesome, not great, but just pretty well or ok. He couldn’t get to rim the way they were defending him just like the Chicago series but against Chicago his jump shot was hot so he still put up some points. When his jumper went cold against Dallas he became an ineffective scorer but still did other things. So pretty well for a couple games plus cold for 3 equals a poor series overall but that’s relative to a player of his caliber and what everyone expects of him, including you. If not, it wouldn’t seem like a big deal. So back to your original (but cliched) post the fabrications are that they are not one of great teams in the league, Heat fans are different from anyone else with regard to confidence in there team, and lastly although I didn’t think it needed mentioning was the Heat suck. Oh and no need to apologize, I already knew you were sorry.

      • skimp says:


    • Chalmers_finals says:

      agree 100%. jordan also wasnt THE most humble person in the world tho – i mean not at d.rose & nash level i find – but at least kobe & jordan backed it up. we spoiled lebron too early

      • Heat Fan says:

        I remember Jordan on the Arsenio Hall show talking about he is the greatest and no one can block his shot, especially Lambeer, etc. before he ever won anything. That was cocky and brash and he didn’t back it up until a couple of years later. No one hated him or the bulls for it, though.

      • @ says:

        @Heat Fan pull that up on you tube on post it on this website. You are full of it and you know it. Jordan never proclaimed to be the greatest before he won any rings.

      • sbfern says:

        Jordan could be cocky and i DO picture him as one! But what Jordan never did was quit! Lebron simply quit and let his team down. Jordan could be 0 for 20 and still be willing to take that buzzer beater! Lebron just doesnt do that. Kobe had a horrible shooting night on game 7 against the celtics…what did he do? grab rebounds to help his team (he made sure they did not give second chance points) Lebron just didnt do that. You see Lebron is capable of being the best player to ever play the game ( he definitely has the ability) but just does not have the heart to make himself better. Jordan and Kobe ( Jordan being the better player of course, but they both have the same discipline and will) find ways to win and this is what differs them with Lebron. Lebron should focus on keeping quiet, and “doing work”, but i see him more of a business man.

      • HEAT FAN says:

        @@ You bet he did. I didn’t say he used those exact words but he talked about his greatness and yes it was before he ever won anything. He also bithced about foul calls and no one thought lesser of him for it. We all loved him because he thrilled us with his highlight reel dunks and athleticism at a time when not too many people flew around above the rim. He was truly awesome and was regarded that way by most even before he won any rings. I never said he made any proclamations but he certainly wasn’t shy tallking about his abilities. My point is this: the things Lebron says does are not too different from other stars both past and present who we glorify so the extent and volatility of hate directed at him and his team are really unfounded.

  163. Diego says:

    Ok journalists, please find another subject. The season is over.

  164. Red aries says:

    Did the coaching staff in Miami ever told Lebron to be aggressive in the 4th quarter? I don’t think so.
    They should have let Lebron attacked the basket more rather than making him a pointguard to distribute the ball.

    • Cavs says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if lebron just ignored the coaching staff. He played under mike brown for a while and all cavs fans know mike brown has no spine. In game 6 in boston MB was yelling at lebron to foul in the final minutes but lebron just ignored him.

  165. Law064 says:

    I agree he don’t owe anyone an apology but he should apologize to his team & Miami fans for CHOKING. He really owe his true fans that. His arrogant answers in the press conference was more ignorant than the (Decision) show. @Grant stern how has Miami turned Joel A from raw to dangerous? Joel has been the Jokim Noah of Miami. Hustle,rebounds & D. He has made a name for himself as well as Chalmers. The heat had a good year and they’ll be ok. Lebron just don’t have the heart of a champion, he lacks true killer instinct.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      You knew Lebron didnt have killer instinct when the one guy in an earlier press conference asked him would it bother you if you werent the best player on the team and awarded the Finals MVP? With him answering it didnt matter really…

      Now idk if he was just trying to be polite or haivng respect for Dwade, but when your a top player in the league, actually the best player in the NBA, YOU DO WANT TO BE THE BEST PLAYER ON THE FLOOR, YOU WANT THAT MVP!

      I was fond of LBJ before he left Cleveland, so it kind of hurts my heart to kinda since he DOESNT mind be that 2nd fiddle to Wade, he is TOO GIFTED physically, to take a back seat to anybody

      • CC says:

        I agree he should not have took a backseat to Wade. Remember though Wade did not do nothing in the Boston and Chicago playoffs. LBJ got them through that. Just think if Wade was by hisself Miami would have not made it out the 1st playoff games

      • wth says:

        Your dumb because if he said YES , then he would’ve been “arrogant and full of himself, and bad for the team”, so get over yourself man. Lebron is a loser to all his haters eyes, whether he wins the title 20 times or not LOL

        We all know it. And law064, ask yourself then WHO was it that closed out the Boston and Chicago series for the HEat huh?

        Yea LEBRON JAMES did that son. Thats right. NO choke artist here. HE aint goin NOwhere.

  166. Stevie-Jay says:

    Well, I saw the whole farce from june blow up in their faces, so I’m happy.
    If only Lebron became a bit more likelable and a little less choke-artist, he’ll get where he wants to be, and deserve it too.

  167. LeChoke says:

    Good post, talking truth.

    We should never let LeBron know.

    But the other thing is, if this theory is so simple that I can easily understand it, why shouldn’t anyone else, say LeBron, understand it? Because it’s easy to understand but hard to do.

    So even if he understands it, it’s going to take a long process to be finally able to achieve it.

    Took Mike 9 years, took Kobe 11 years.

  168. DANNY says:

    Congrats Lebron, you did your best man!

  169. trefsa says:


  170. Mike says:

    Really LeBron owes no one an apology. Not the Cavs or Cleveland Fans especially Dan Gilbert who wish bad luck agianst him, took little shots throughtout the Regular Season and even the end of the playoffs. He don’t owe the fans he spoke of the the other night. 1 because none of them,the reporters,Dan,Cavs,or Cavs fans are offering theirs! 2. He does not have to say he thinks he is better because he is! Because if he wasn’t then they would have been in the finals and not him! And it will be easier to move on if ppl did too but they won’t because when they play the mavs next season they will bring it up to him. And the media needs to do a better job of how they paint ppl and effect their lives. If you actually watch those post game interviews they use tone and smart-allic comments to evoke reactions. The only thing LeBron needs to work on really is getting ready for the next season. And if they continue the hate look at it this way they thinking about you!

    • KC says:

      Agreed. When you examine Lebron’s initial set of comments, he’s basically saying that if you are spending energy hating on him you’re wasting your energy. And how true that is. People might gamble, drink, or spend their time blaming other people or circumstances, but at the end of the day, none of these activities make problems go away. I think about Dan Gilbert and I pity him: how sad his life must be if he’s still feeling so hurt and betrayed that he must wish another person ill.

      Lebron’s a human being, just like the rest of us. People forget how young these athletes are: Lebron’s all of 26 years old! He’s got plenty of time to mature and find his stride as a person. I like watching basketball as much as the next guy but to that comedian that was mocking Lebron: what’s more pathetic, a guy that bounces an inflated ball for a living and makes 14 million + a year doing it, or you, who is hanging on the actions of that same person and having a laugh at his expense?

    • yo says:

      Do you have a huge ego too? Of course, Lebron doesn’t owe Cleveland and Cavaliers’ fans an apology for leaving. However, it is the process in which it happened and not the result. With Lebron, it has always been like this. He came straight into the NBA from high school with everyone treating him like a god, so it’s no wonder he lacks maturity. And the media is doing it’s job, evoking reactions means more drama, meaning more views and more money. It is a buisness after all, and if Lebron had let his free agency ‘Decision’ be more of a normal free agency signing, there would be no problem. He literally held the organization hostage until his announcement.

      • cj says:

        to hell with cleveland, he made more money for that team than they could have ever paid him.
        he owes cleveland nothing, he was hired to do a job and he did it well. his job was to sell tickets and he sold out the arena of that crackpot of a ball team 7 seasons straight.
        he left the team and they are now getting to pick between 1-3 in the draft, thats how BAD they got without him. LeBron is no slave to that owner. he made the move that he needed to make. the move that Garnet agreed with. remember Garnet said had he known then what he knows now he would have left MIN a long time ago!?!
        give me a break, Bron Bron is talented young and veryyyyyy successful.
        and guess what?? He still had the top selling Jersey this season countrywide, so i guess he still has some fans out there

      • Cavs says:

        read the post cj. He’s talking about why people hate him, not about how he hates lebron. Not all of us are hate mongers.

    • Albentiger says:

      Lebron is just an arrogant player inside the court…he is very far behind the skills of MJ..he is not a championship caliber..he gets in trouble when opposite team is in the lead during clutch time period…he miss free throws often in the clutch time period…

    • Dennis says:

      He may not owe anybody an apology, but it would go a long way to helping him mature. Losing this finals was exactly was he deserved for all that garbadge he talked before the year started and during the season and during the finals. And yea people think of you when they hate, we think about how over-rated PRINCE james really is and he is NOT the best player in the NBA

    • CC says:

      I agree 100% Mike. Good post. I do not know why other states is hating on him. He did not promise to come there. He does not owe no one nothing, but himself and his pride to go out and win ths ring.

  171. Grant Stern says:

    LeBron James left his hometown for Miami to “grow up”. Not in the physical, but in the emotional sense. He had always been surrounded in Cleveland by friends, sycophants, family and everything he had ever known in his 25 years. Miami is a city where even a King can walk around with the rest of us and have a normal life. More importantly, the Heat are a paternal organization and Pat Riley is the Godfather. There was no authority in Cleveland to check his desires or challenge him to improve his game or even play team basketball. It was just a mindless worship of his obvious physical gifts.

    When you see how Dwyane Wade has evolved over the course of his career with Miami, how Joel Anthony went from raw to dangerous, you see why LeBron came to Miami.


    • Dave says:

      LeBron came to Miami to win a championship. Period. He failed. Period. Instead of apologizing for not living up to his promises (Anything less than a championship is a failure, and 7 Championships), he said a lot of things he shouldn’t have said.

      • Greg says:

        @Dave: You talk as if this is Lebrons last year..he has at least 10 more years if he’s healthy. plenty of time to win a ring, 6? idk about that but a championship none the less.

      • Bebopman says:

        And James would leave Miami in a second if another team offered a better opportunity for a title. James is not a part of Miami the way Nowitski is embedded in the hearts of Dallas residents (and that was before the Mavs won the title). James had with Cleveland what Nowitski has with Dallas, even more so, but James decided to throw that away. And he probably will never have that connection with any place ever again. He’s just rent a player. An eternal sidekick. Don’t get too comfortable, city of Miami. James would dump you for New York tomorrow if the Knicks put together a few more pieces.

      • CC says:

        Thank you Greg. LeBron is still young, and I am quite sure he will probably win a couple of rings.

    • shooter32 says:

      I agree

      • cj says:

        I agree with his move to leave Cleveland. they refused to build a team he could win with. he has said he failed to reach his goal, but guess what? i can think of 28 other NBA teams who would have loved to have had that type of failing season. i know many players who can say that in one yr their new team got to the finals.

        Right now LeBron must know he has things to work on, he must also know that when a player like himself who in most peoples opinion should be a quiet, loyal workhorse, takes his destiny into his own hands people will be afraid. much like My fav player Kobe he’ll work on his game and mental toughness and return a better player. Shaq promised multiple championships in every city he played except Boston. Pat Riley said the samething after the first in miami and ge GURANTEED a repeat.
        Terry also guranteed a rign this yr …SO WHAT!! thats what players do!
        EVERY BOXER GURANTEES A WIN!!, thats what they do!
        remember JORDAN?? ive been watching ball for a long time, Jordan called his teammates his “supporting cast” who couldnt get it done…he said that they should give him the ball and get out of his way, and this was before a single ring. this was when he had hair, this was when the bulls had losing season.

      • Cavs says:

        @cj it’s not THAT he left, it’s HOW. I really couldn’t care less about LBJ now (in fact no one in CLE cares, seriously), but when it happened it was HOW he did it that got the NBA riled up. Ask any Cavs fan with a brain and they’ll tell you LBJ had every right to leave.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Grant Stern, ur post made alot of sense….because NO ONE in Cleveland challenged him or put the law down on him either…in Miami, Pat Riley will NOT HAVE IT!

  172. Enrique says:

    Give me a break, he meant it exactly the way it sounded. He was upset at the questions coming to him and honestly I would have been too. Problem is the questions came because of his arrogance last summer. I know he probably wishes he had said things differently, and had done things differently but he didn’t and now he has to face it. It would be really nice if he simply came out one day and said “Hey everyone, I screwed up, I was proud and full of myself, I thought I was bigger and better then I am,. I handled things wrong and I disrespected people I should not have. I’M SORRY” But he never has and because of that he will continue to face these kind of things.

    • Sean says:

      this guy is completely right if lebron hadnt of pulled that dumb stuff he wouldnt be receiving all this criticism
      it really is the way you do things that determine how people see it

    • STFU says:

      Enrique and Sean — there are people like Lebron who, maybe doesn’t really care about what other guys would say, he just wants to live himself to the fullest and not living on someone else’s shadow. You see that isn’t wrong, because what the others(media,critics, sports analyst and etc) say about him — defines him. In this world, when ever someone isn’t doing the COMMON thing is considered wrong — when someone does something and everyone doesn’t thought of him doing that, they will say its wrong, when in fact its not, its just different of what they thought of what he is gonna do.

      the greatness maybe James is looking would be staying on different teams, and winning titles on different teams, unlike jordan and most of the others that won their championship on the same grounds, johnson on lakers, bird on celtics, jordan on bulls….. maybe james wanna be like james won a championship with the heat, then with the lakers, then with charlotte…

      • james says:

        u already know that that’s not going to happen. shaq pulled off 2 teams and lebron is definitely not shaq. besides he has already failed with cleveland for 8 years but hey. and if hes doesnt care about other ppl and u fans support him, then collectively stop tweeting, reading these blogs, spaming them with dillusional posts and crying day in day out about how miami is hated for no reason

      • Chalmers_finals says:

        @STFU it seemed to me that he began to look for this special kind of greatness after he miserably failed with the jordan kind of greatness on the cleveland team loll

      • STFU says:

        oops typo….

        You see that isn’t wrong, because what the others(media,critics, sports analyst and etc) say about him — DOESN’T define him.

      • STFU says:

        JAMEs –LOL! why would i know that its not gonna happen? in fact WHY WOULD SOMEONE KNOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE? it is POSSIBLE, its not IMPOSSIBLE — though it may be hard. im not HIS FAN, i just OBJECTED at the COMMENT… see the difference? ALSO he didnt fail in cleveland, CLEVELAND failed WITHOUT HIM! He brought cleveland to the playoffs, hell even to the finals… to say he FAILED doing that – – is just plain ignorance.

        @chalmers — was he trying to do a JORDAN kind of GREATNESS or is it just you guys thinking that way?

      • John says:

        LeBron will NEVER win a championship… EVER

      • lakerfan says:

        People are reatarted to think that a psycologist is essential for an athlete that lost a basketball game…..its just a sport not a major part of life. Critics and reporters are retarted.

      • lakerfan006 says:

        hes just taking the easy way, dont come with that BS and try to make an excuse for him!!

      • Pardon says:

        STFU–Just out of curiosity, where did Enrique or Sean mention him living in someone’s shadow or doing things the way other greats would have done them or even anything about switching teams?

        By reading their comments it would seem that they meant the way in which he carries himself, NOT that he went to Miami. In fact, Sean’s last sentence even seems to suggest (like most people have said before) that it doesn’t matter what he does or where he goes, but it’s how he does it that’s digging him this PR hole. There aren’t many people I know that fault Lebron for going to Miami. Most people tend to be upsent at the arrogance of a one hour special and then a WWF style celebration/introduction afterwards. Even still, I would have been alright with that had he owned it like a grown man. If he would have said “yeah, we did that, so what,” I could have smirked a bit and thought ‘right on,’ but he didn’t. Instead he apologized. Meaning he must care about his public image. You don’t apologize if you don’t care, and he’s been doing a lot of apologizing it seems.

        So again, who brought up him switching teams? Who brought up other greats? Who brought up doing things the way others have? Go back and reread the statements. I know you were just trying to start an argument where one didn’t exist in the first place, but next time could you at least make it relevant to the comments you’re trying to tear down.

      • MavsWIN says:

        @STFU — was he trying to win titles on different teams or is it just YOU thinking that way? (cause seriously that’s the first time i’ve heard that from anyone)
        you got a nice theory there (anyone who could pull that off would be on another level of greatness) but it’s ridiculous that LBJ stayed 7 years with the cavs trying and failing when his plan was to win on different teams, should have not signed that multi-year extension in 2006 then?

      • STFU says:

        PARDON — Can you read and understand it OUTSIDE the BOX rather than just let the words meaning drown to them LITERALLY? if you can then you should know that PEOPLE expect LEBRON to be LIKE JORDAN/KOBE or whatever GREATS they want the GUY to be.. and NOT JUST BEING HIMSELF! Yeah ENRIQUE and SEAN didnt say lebron is living someone elses SHADOW.. but can you UNDERSTAND what i WROTE? i wrote “there are people like Lebron who, maybe doesn’t really care about what other guys would say, he just wants to live himself to the fullest and not living on someone else’s shadow. ” — is this line an answer to their comments? no… it is just a hypothesis that maybe LEBRON doesnt care about others and just wanting to live himself to the FULLEST and NOT LIVING ON SOMEONE ELSES SHADOW, GET it? or do i have to REPHRASE IT?

        MAVSWIN — did it ever OCCUR to you that MAYBE he was trying to help CAVS win 1 and then transfer? or your mind is just closed inside what the critics/analysts/media, want you to know?

      • CC says:


      • CelticsFan says:

        @Lakerfan. Although a psychologist my not be essential to a team, the Psyche is certainly a big part of the game. In fact its one of the biggest factors to success in any profession, on every level. Your mindset will have a profound affect on your achievements. Look at Jordan. This is a guy who KNEW without a shadow of a doubt that he was going to win! We all remember how relentless he was, and sometimes even cruel. Especially to his teammates. The results speak for themselves.
        Now take the Lakers of this past season. Their psyche was fractured, and they experienced many mental breakdowns in the process. That last game against the Mavs was a result of a total mental collapse. Even the biggest LAL fans have to admit that.
        LBJ will do well in his career. Although he has not won the championship, he seems smart enough to embrace the mental attitude to get it done at the end of the day. This is a process, and he still has alot to learn. He is going to take some lumps along the way. But when its all said and done, he’ll be alot better off because of it.

    • tata says:

      LeBum is Dwayne Wade’s lapdog. He followed him around all year hoping to get a championship. His little celebration in game 2 and “cough-gate” before game 5 and combined interviews(how gay)are glaring examples. It is too bad LeBurn couldn’t have followed Wade over to the Dallas bench to congratulate them for winning the championship. But LeChoke has always been a poor sport and a sore loser dating back to when Orlando knocked him out of the playoffs a couple of years ago. He has MAD SKILLS and wanders around the court during the 4th quarter like a puppy hiding after he just peed the floor. No wonder nobody likes him. An arrogant, cocky creation of Dr FrankenSTERN and the NBA.