Can Clips’ Small Step Mean Big Things?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With the Clippers, it’s always about the little things. Of course, that’s often because there aren’t a lot of big things.

But there was the announcement that L.A.’s little brother franchise had exercised its fourth-year contract option on Mr. Dunk-Over-the-Car Blake Griffin and also picked up options on Eric Bledsoe and Al-Farouq Aminu, who just completed their rookie seasons in the NBA.

Then over there in a separate release was the quiet mention that the club had also extended a qualifying offer to DeAndre Jordan, making him a restricted free agent.

Is it just a case of them taking care of the necessary details so that they wouldn’t lose the 22-year-old center without a fight? Or is it a clear sign that the Clippers are ready to move veteran big man Chris Kaman and take the next step in building something solid toward the future?

After starting just 25 games in his first two NBA seasons and getting little playing time under ex-coaches Mike Dunleavy and Kim Hughes, Jordan is coming off a breakout year for coach Vinny Del Negro where he averaged 7.1 points, 7.2 rebounds and 1.8 blocked shots per game and shot 68.6 percent from the field.

With amazing athleticism and a nose for going after the ball at both ends, Jordan is an outstanding complement to Griffin’s highlight reel dunks.

Let’s not forget that the clock is already — always? — ticking on the Clippers on their bid to build something permanent as the secondary tenants at the Staples Center. If there is going to be any hope of re-signing the potential All-Star combo of Griffin and Eric Gordon, the Clippers will have to put as much talent around them as possible in order to keep them at home.

If the Clippers were to fulfill any of the items in the rumor mill and send Kaman packing to Philadelphia for Andre Iguodala or Detroit for Tayshaun Prince and committing themselves to Jordan, it’s the kind of move that could allow them to take a big step up in the standings next season. There’s nothing like becoming a legitimate playoff team to show Griffin and Gordon that they’re for real this time.

What’s the verdict? Are they?


  1. YeeDog says:

    oh man, if ivereson came, then i would want mcgrady and vince carter as well, but i know that wont happen

  2. Richard Robes says:

    Does this interview have a thing for this guy or what. She is acting his girlfriend he is like whatever. Jordan she is sweet.

  3. Joe buck says:

    If the clippers can trade kaman for Iguodala then they can really make some noise next season and be a 7th seed. Williams, gordan, Iguodala, griffen, and jordan with exception of williams would be the most athletic team in the league. With the right effort they could become one of the top defensive teams in the league also. There is def reason to optomostic for clipper fans if that trade happens.

  4. Jayden nba fan ! says:

    i agree with you so much here iverson would be a great fit for the clippers and iverson does deserve a championship !

  5. nicgom says:

    i think they should make iverson a phone call, he´s old but he´s one player with balls, he can play pg and sg, he´s still fast and i think he would be able to to adjust to a position where he´s not the ssole star of the team, he playing 25-30 mins a game would be awsome, maybe 17-20 ppg, let him play the 4th quarter and give him a chance to win a deserved championship

  6. heatboy says:

    jordan i mean

  7. heatboy says:

    Deandre the next Joran

  8. Alister says:

    How about Dwight Howard to the Clippers after next season?

  9. philippines says:

    Still Laker and Heat in the Finals next year!!!

  10. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    @UD-WADE… You have a great point about the Lakers vs Clippers scenario in terms of the Clippers young production as compared to the ageing Lakers! BUT history tells me the Clipps have drafted many young talents in the past and have had some really good players at the franchise yet they never stuck and stayed and always fled to another team. How do you know that these young core of the Clipps wont leave aswell?? I guess we’ll find out..

    On the other hand the Lakers are one of the most successful franchises in the game. And the most popular aswell! Put this way buddy superstars love LA and the big hype, they always want to come and play for the gold and purple. Even long after Kobe retires that franchise wont have an issue to stay at top. And even so I myself did a bit of research and found out that Blake Griffin will be a freeagent in 3 years time(2014) and so will the 21 year old Demar Derozan whose a Compton born and even Russel Westbrook who played for UCLA. I heard even Brandon Jennings is from Compton and he will be a freeagent in 2014 aswell..

    As you can see Clipps havent got what it takes to take over the staple center so dont make some dumb predictions!

    • Blake fan says:

      The Clippers will not let a GOLD MINE like Blake get away! They will sign Deandre Jordan to a nice fat contract which will influence Blake to stay. The laker bandwagon people can keep slobbering that they will get Griffin, but they don’t have a chance!

  11. sam says:

    woah. deandre jordan, iggy and blake griffin on one team? Whilst perhaps not achieving immense success as measured in victories or championships, they would be the most athletic team in the league. dunkathon anyone?

    • NBAfan says:

      Iggy can go to ANY contender and make them the team to beat….hey iggy…go to to the other LA team…you’re no longer a rookie, time to go big time man

  12. Gman says:

    Hey Fran I corrected you. Its Mr. Dunk on top of the Hood of the Car

  13. JBCONS says:

    yes it’s right,,,,enough time is needed for the clippers to earn as what Lakers have,,,these three guys will surely send them to championship 3 to 5 years from now,,,,,Go Clippers.

  14. Jake says:

    With Blake Griffin…anything is possible.

  15. UD-WADE says:

    Lol guys… u seems to think that Kobe will paly basketball for ever… To be generous, the Lakers a most 2 more years of eventual dream… after that The Back Mamba will have no more venom and guess what… (Blake Griffin – Eric Gordon – Deandre Jordan – X)… do you really think the Lakers will do better than the Clippers??? Frankly i think of a Clipper dynasty over Lakers for many years strating from 2013…
    We will see!!!
    Peace out Guys

  16. boswell says:

    Clippers have a good point guard, all-star Mo Williams. Why should they trade Kamen to Detroit when Tayshaun Prince is an unrestricted free agent. DO YOUR HOMEWORK PAL~~~~
    Clippers need to sign Prince, and keep Kament. DALLAS only won because they had 2 centers, Chandler and Haywood. They need someone like Shaun Livingston as backup point. Foye is good during times other team needs to foul, as he’s a 90% f.t. shooter. Bledsoe is good, hope he improves, then they won’t need another point reserve. Blake should have signed with Clippers, not lakers. He never clicked, but looked good when he played 25 games for clips.
    If I was GM , I would sign Prince and Grant Hill to Share the point, keep Kamen, and trade him during next season if they can get a major player for him…. With Hill and Prince, and some good luck, they’re the #5 seed at worst.

  17. Tom UK says:

    As a Clipper fan for many years, I find it hard to believe the hype. I would like to believe the explosive Griffin can take us forward but Iggy would not be a good fit, this team needs solid leadership from the point. I know I’m dreaming but CP3 or Nash (probably younger) would be a great fit. We can only dream and wait until Griffin moves on.

    • ray08 says:

      mo williams aint that bad you knw….a knockdown three pointer the least……and throw the ball up in the air and blake/jordan will take care of the rest……so mo’s a good fit…..

  18. JD WOMACK says:

    I can defitnely dig it get Iggy from philly and they can defitnely make some noise out West next season

  19. Clipper's Curse says:

    Never believe any hype surrounding the Clippers. From the ownership downwards that franchise is a flop. As much as we all loved Blake Griffin this year, I do not see him leading them to any real successes, other than an 8th or 7th seed at best. The Griff will probably re-locate to greener pastures in the 2015 season and co-habit an arena with a stellar point-guard (whoever that is) and a good supporting cast. At least the Clippers can claim they had a Slam Dunk Champ!

    • Boston4Ever says:

      A good formula to follow for success is evident in reivewing the championship Bulls with Scottie and Michael. Build on your two superstars, in this case, Blake and Eric, surround them with good complimentary players (ala Ron Harper, Steve Kerr, John Paxson, BJ Armstrong), develop the next “star/superstar”, like Horace Grant, only in this case it may be DeAndre Jordan or Aminu. Then stick with it for a few years. Let them get to know each other and be familiar with a consistent system. Too much shock and awe tactics (Carmelo + Amare, or Bosh + Wade + LeBron = disaster) are becoming vogue and are proving to be unsuccessful. There is no instant recipe for a championship. The Mavs proved that by following a system and trusting one another. The Clippers have just that potential. Really and truly. And if not, they’re still a heck of a team to watch, eh?

  20. LAboy says:

    this is what all clipper fans have been saying, we need to trade kaman and igoudala would be perfect to fill the clipper small forward hole since aminu isn’t fully or nearly developed yet

    • Winklor says:

      Iggy,DeAndre and Griffin? Sounds like every fast-break will be an alley-oop. Would be Must-see-TV.
      Still, not convinced yet though. It seems like the Mavericks. Nobody believed in them, even when they were 3-1 up in the finals.