What’s Next For The Heat?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With The Finals in the books (and in case you missed anything, check out our nifty recap above), it’s never too soon to start analyzing the participants. We’re not ones to wait, so here’s our quick post-Finals take on the state of the Heat and Mavs and what’s next for each of them. Up first are the Eastern Conference champs and Finals runner-up.


A quick look back: The most anticipated combination since beer and pizza, the debut of the Dwyane Wade-LeBron James-Chris Bosh Era left a bad taste in the mouth when the Heat lost at Boston on opening night and delivered the message that this was going to be a process.

After Udonis Haslem was lost to a torn ligament in his foot on Nov. 20, things hit rock bottom on Nov. 27. A 106-95 loss at Dallas dropped the Heat to 9-8 and was marked by the episode of James bumping into coach Erik Spoelstra. The loss precipitated a postgame, players-only meeting that cleared the air and set things straight.

The meeting led to sizzling stretch of 21-1 from Nov. 29 through Jan. 9 where the only loss was — in perhaps another hint at the future — at home to Dallas.

A four-game losing streak in January and a five-game losing streak in early March set the alarm bells ringing again. But the Heat closed the regular season on a run of 14-3 to complete a 58-24 record that was good enough for the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference and they cruised through the playoffs with a swagger that never stopped until they ran into the Mavs again.

Who’s still around?: Wade, James and Bosh, Haslem, Mike Miller and Joel Anthony are all under contract through 2014. Eddie House and Zydrunas Ilgauskas have player options for next season, but Big Z is considering retirement after being dropped from the rotation after the first round. The rest of the roster is a blank canvas for Pat Riley to do his work.

Who’s leaving town?: Of the free agents, only Mario Chalmers is a likely keeper, especially after the way he stepped up in The Finals. The Mike Bibby experiment didn’t work and 3-point shooting champ James Jones barely got on the court against the Mavs. Juwan Howard, Erick Dampier, Jamaal Magliore missed their chance to get rings.

Problem areas to address: For all of the impressive things they did individually, Wade, James and Bosh — especially the first two — have to find a more harmonious way to co-exist in the offense. It can’t continue to be a relay race of handing off the baton. James needs to work on a low-post game to get him closer to the basket and develop a mid-range shot that he can get off in the fourth quarter.

For all of the hustling that Anthony did in the middle, he’s undersized and can’t protect the rim. Dallas free agent Tyson Chandler would be an excellent answer if Riley could pay him enough to convince him to change uniforms. Kings free agent Samuel Dalembert is said to be on their radar, too.

Is it time to start over with just the Big Three?: It would be rash and foolish to have spent all the time, energy and money bringing James and Bosh to Miami to play with Wade and then toss it all overboard based on one loss in the NBA Finals. They were 12-3 through the first three rounds of the playoffs. But to maximize their ability, the Heat have to develop an offensive plan that is more than simply running in transition off their defense. With Miller coming off an injury-plagued season, they need another wing shooter and an active big man in the middle who can defend the rim and gobble up rebounds. What’s fresh in everyone’s mind is the way the Heat crumbled against Dallas. But the truth is Miami might be closer to winning those multiple championships than the rest of the league would like to admit.


  1. Powered By EHonda says:

    get a better coach… like a phil jackson of somesort

  2. PJ_Johnson says:

    The Miami Heat really should consider trading Lebron James for Dwight Howard, and adding some extra players from both sides. There’s just two problems….Lebron and Orlando.

    Orlando won’t trade the best center of the NBA and the most dominant for the next years and Lebron won’t accept the trade since he doen’t want to return to the role he had in Cleveland.

    Honestly…there’s not much that Miami can do. They can get rid of Miller, Bibby, Howard, Z, Jones, House, Magloire, Anthony, Dampier…but what will they get in return? More vets and low budget guys.

    I’d rather sacrifice one of the big three in order to have a competitive team than to have a big three and a roster filled with bad players.

    Let’s do a poll…which team do you prefer? A – after trading Lebron or B – not trading Lebron

    A – Dwight Howard, Bosh, Turkoglu, Wade, Chalmers
    B – Anthony, Bosh, James, Wade, Chalmers

    I would put my money on team A anytime…

  3. Viper139 says:

    Getting good players to join Miami really could be difficult for several reasons:
    – not much money to spend, considering what the big three are getting
    – not many good players want to play besides those three, because they will not get the ball very often
    – and considering the way the heat lost, most players will be concerned about their image as well. Wades image took a huge hit since LeBron got to Miami – just because of the collective lack of maturity.
    – why would anybody good take the risk of not being used at all

    I could get even more difficult to get Chalmers back. He has shown he is a good player – he could make a lot more money going elsewhere. And since it is not set in stone that you win a championship with this group and so many good teams are around, he just might consider taking his “talents” elsewhere 🙂

    • james says:

      its true that if chalmers gets more money on another promissing team he could go for it. hes young, just starting to come out of his shell, had a great performance in finals. probably doesnt want to play in the shadow of lebron and wade for another 6 years (bcuz speaking from finals, whether he plays good or not, he will still be comming off bench). then again may b hes the loyal type

  4. jam tugade says:

    learn from the mistakes, and move on. thats what dallas did, theyre world champions now

  5. Joe buck says:

    They were two wins away from winning an NBA championship, the big 3 will figure it out. Lebron has to step up on the big stage. They need a center and decenet point guard. Chalmers is more fearless than Lebron. with a couple of changes they will be even more dangerous next year.

  6. treblig says:


    • Viper139 says:

      I am not sure what you mean, but I have seen all games live and besides falling to see some acting (mostly by Miami) the officating was OK. Look at the free throws Miami got in Game 6, compared to Dallas 33:18 – you don’t get to the line so often, if the refs really call against you.
      Face it – they missed 13 free throws – not much to do with officicating – just sloppy execution on the free throw line…

      In 2006 it was the officials – but to the favour of the Miami Heat – Wades 96 free throws were a joke back then.
      But Dallas got its revenge – that is OK for me 🙂

  7. midnight_punisher says:

    yeah, that’s absolutely rigth fly….

  8. midnight_punisher says:

    i think they can trade lebron out of miami… then hire steve nash….
    because nash is a crunch time player not like lebron who just like a rookie if you watch him in the finals..
    its like a simple replay of cleveland vs sanantonio back then…

  9. aCe and d LeBrons says:

    One person that could make this team (MIA-HEAT) win the Championship without trading anyone from the current roster…it’s MR. RILEY back on the bench…Spo was out-coached obviously! the heck he never trust BIG Z, Big Z can shoot, rebound, and block some shots. LBJ and Big Z have been together for 7 years and have the chemistry, you put them together on the court…they’re productive along with Wade/Bosh/Chalmers! On second thought…dump DAMPIER and improve D-PITT, he might be a force in the middle!!!

  10. jackdanielc says:

    james to orlando… hehehe… better than the big three…
    just the genetically modified 2 (howard and james)

  11. FK IT says:

    Screw LeBron – Wade & Bosh is all Miami needs..
    They could get some awesome players if trade James away + it would be better for LeBron, maybe people would stop calling him WadesBitch..

  12. marco says:

    people are dreaming or what? those 3 arent going nowhere for a long time.. are u kidding trade one after just one year together?
    lebron and wade cant play together WHAT? they dint even have a preseason together but for their first year they did get to the Nba finals.. or u guys are just coming to conclusion based on one series?
    many free agents will take less money to play with this team.. they cant attract top free agents, but they sure can get a few good ones, guys like dalembert etc..
    we just have to wait and see what PAT Riley does this summer..
    trade lebron for dwight,, trade bosh for nash and gortat.. wow

  13. back down under says:

    how about getting back dorrell wright? i bet he’ll do better than mike miller from long range in the post season.

  14. nic says:

    I’m sure the Miami Heat overachieved despite being together for one season only. But watch out next season for the Heat to come back with a big bang with the big 3 back with Haslem, Miller and Anthony. Plus I’m sure Pat Riley the best coach and president for me will come with new set of supporting cast that will help the big 3. I’m also sure this time Pat Riley will chose the right pieces in the Heat roster.

  15. jdog says:

    If I were the Heat I would try and pick up Greg Oden through free agency. I know he is a risk, but he is a risk worth taking. He shouldn’t warrant too much money, because he has been hurt every season, but if he could stay healthy it would be something good for them.

  16. DRose says:

    they just need time to adjust..

    this is just their 1st season..

  17. got who says:

    i guess they need a veteran how about bring the old guy robinson maybe they would be a better unit next time and i hope that time would be next year..
    @miami got all-nice line up dude hope they would have the same fresh legs..
    if the salary cap would permit how about bring greg oden or someone young and aggressive in the rim that would match the strength of dwight..
    for obvious reasons you cannot have dwight on the team

  18. LakerFan says:

    Come to think of it… Their first year together brought them to the Final. Others predicted that they will not even reach the Finals this year. Now they have the experience and the future looks bright for this Heat team..

  19. ballboy says:

    Spoelstra has got to go. If the Heat are gonna play up to their potential they need a coach thats not afraid to get in their face and can call a play. Spo had the most redundant pep talks and clearly didnt care about running an offense. Terrible with managing the bench and minutes and waited too long to call momentum time-outs. “Stay focused on defensive. Don’t worry about offense. The offense will (magically) come to us”- spoelstra

  20. billy says:

    I agree, they need a center badly. Can’t keep depending on LeBron to try to play three different positions, he just keep getting confused.

  21. Clinton says:

    Maybe it is still on transition period. but I think the Heat should find ways in the offense if the opponent have contained Lebron james. And still, with bold letters. they need big men to defend the rim. I’m not satisfied with the Heat in terms of defense. they lack Men to grab the ball and defend the rim. someone should help bosh. he can’t guard dirk. I’am a miami fan but I was disappointed in terms of defense. the defense was good at the beggining of the playoffs but collapsed when they needed it the most in dallas.

  22. Jonas says:

    Go for dwight howard since he will be a free agent also.

  23. Jason says:

    Pat Riler isn’t stupid like you people to even think about trading Wade or James. Get real people! Heat ain’t giving up LeBron or Wade. Heck, why in the world would they? They’ll just get worse! They need a true and solid center who can rebound consistently and not rebound by chasing after loose balls like Bosh. They need someone strong at the post who can get 4-8 offensive rebounds per night. Point Guard isn’t really necessary right now because they have Chalmers who can make plays.

  24. OC says:

    Big Miami Fan and this team went further than I thought they would. I’m proud of them. I think getting a point guard like Nash would be great but unlikely. The Heat already have their point guard. It’s Lebron. The guy could come out next year and be the next MJ, Magic Johnson not Michael Jordan. D wade and bosh can play off of lebron and with Lebron developing a low post game, Defenses wouldnt know what to do. So the Heat have to find a way to sign a big man whose gonna get boards, play defense and maybe get 6-8 pts a game ( hell! Kwame Brown, Dalembert should be able to do that). Then we get a good starting small forward (Battier, Prince or both). One can start and the other go to the bench. So a backcourt of Wade and Lebron, Bosh, Battier and a center. On the bench Chalmers, a HEALTHY Mike Miller and Haslem, Joel Anthony and the other small forward, maybe Prince or JR Smith if we can afford him. Thats a core that can win a championship, I think?

  25. baltazar says:

    I seems that there is a problem between Lebron and Spoelstra!!! Lebron is all around player but mostly he is not a guard. Spoelstra must put Wade in that position and Lebron should play freely. Or, maybe bringing a new coach may solve the problem.

  26. KIngKobra2 says:

    Never mind bibby i have a lot of respect for you so just work on your shooting. Heat are the favorites and Mavs are going to come up short to the Lakers and Blackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk MMMMMMMMMMMAAMMMBBBBAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kobe vs Lebron next year vs Finals. I was right when i said heaT WOULD FACE MAVS AND I WILL BE RIGHT AGAIN.

  27. treblig says:

    the reason why miami is lose because of genius ref’s, make a bad call favor for dallas in game 3.4.5, unlike in miami homecourt neutral call, im proud of miami being sports, dallas is a team that need ref’s to win the game.

  28. A better coach says:

    All champion coaches wait until the deficit is about 5 pts but with Coach Spo he just wait until the deficit is just 10 or 12 points. All coaches even know when their team is not scoring during leads. Listening to his timeout huddles the coach just sound like the Heat was playing for nothing. “He don’t care if the shots is not falling…..” Coach Spo even left James in most of these Final games it’s like he’s never resting. I hardly seen Wade after he was on fire. Chris Bosh should’ve played more than Haslem too because Haslem been on injury most of the season. James Jones (three point champ) would’ve been a better pick than Miller(lose his touch after a break). Big Z and Dampier are bigger than Anthony and has more offense. Big Z can tip the ball easily at 7’3. Now big Z is considering retirement because the coach didn’t play him over Anthony.

  29. rAyO says:

    getting dwight is not a good idea bec you need to have a space for the cap and their big3 already have most of it unless you will trade 1 of them and still have a big3, yes they can get nash, he will be free next yr. . and the dream team lineup, ah your still playing 2k11 dude, and you even remove that will block you from overriding trades good one haha. only a dumb one will follow you.. they can get a though 5 with dalembert that will have the intimidations inside and a good pg, bec when lebron or wade bring the ball down its already a one man game. but nash will not fit them bec he is good when players are moving and distributing not just asking for the ball that will make the offense stagnant.

  30. baller05 says:

    i think we can all agree that miami needs to shake up the roster a little bit. the big 3 needs to stay tho. but realistically no one should count miami out just yet

  31. Romelle says:

    Trade Lebron? Are you serious? I know there’s alot of hate for Lebron, They just had matchup problems with Dirk, and he only missed 2 free throws in the finals, it’s not Lebron’s fault. Have you forgot what happened all season long, and in the playoffs? The team just needs to tweak the offensive sets a little bit. No need to trade Chris Bosh, he’s not going anywhere, he can put up 20 points a night, he’s solid from the free throw line as well. You can’t just go trading key players, because they lost in the finals. The changes they’ll make are what they were already probably planning on doing, regardless of if they won or not. It would be foolish to keep big Z, and eric Dampiere Juwan Howard, etc. They were just scrambling to fill their roster.

  32. marco says:


  33. Sucker says:

    The only way for the Miami Heat to win a Championship if they’ve had a Monster Center that could guard the rim for them to built a shooting confidence, in 2006 the Miami got their first championship cause Shaq was a monster under the rim that’s why D-Wade had a confidence to shoot any angles cause he knows Shaq was there to protect the rim

  34. jb says:

    Think about it this way…

    If it was MICHAEL JORDAN instead of LEBRON on the Heat, would the Heat collapse or would they have won?

    Makes thinking who is better pretty simple. MJ – 23 – is the MAN!!

    The intensity of MJ is still unmatched…maybe WADE sometimes, and KOBE sometimes…but MJ has a switch to turn in on ANYTIME.

  35. Blair56 says:

    I’m certain Miami will win at least one champioship with the Big 3 intact. There is far too much talent and they will learn to better play with one another the longer they play together. It’s just the way it is. I’m happy Dirk got his though. Miami can win the next 5 now for all I care. I love watching basketball no matter who’s playing. Although some of the player’s character can be brought into question at times it only makes the drama part of the game that much better which keeps us all coming back for more! I LOVE BASKETBALL!!!!!

  36. wade is better says:

    I think miami would be a better team trading lebron and getting solid players so they can actually have a good 8 man rotation and that way bosh’s offensive talents dont go to waste only scoring about 19 a game. With both wade and bron bron bosh becomes a waste of cap space

  37. Truth says:

    Why so much talk about a Bosh trade? So much hate on Bosh, the truth is the Miami Heat had a great season and without Bosh they wouldn’t have made it to the finals.

    Trade Bosh for who?
    Also one of the posters said trade Lebron?
    Get Steve Nash? Lebron is like a point forward, changes will have to be made.

    Pickup some better support and work on the team offense and perfect the already good defenensive set they run.

  38. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    I don’t know about the Tyson Chandler thing, but that would be nice if he did indeed switch teams.. That’s all Miami needs is a big.. If they can get a Big that doesn’t mind “living in the paint” and can score.. They will be UNSTOPPABLE! That’s the key.. Get rid of the guys past 32 and get some nice young guys.. Miami is going to win multiple championships.. Their first will be next year because they are the team to watch out for.. not Dallas.. Lebron will be a champion in the 2011-2012 season and MAYBE the Finals MVP…

    • oh-iceman says:

      I dont think so! The so called blueprint that they stole from Boston exploded right in thier face. Ha Ha Ha!
      Cavs Fan for life!

  39. oh-iceman says:

    Lebron should have kept his butt in Cleveland where he was the Man and where he belonged. He should have demanded the pieces he needed to win a championship like Kobe did getting Gasol. The Cavs were very close if they had a couple more key pieces and not even superstars just consistent players. In order to be called The King you have to beat the best not join them. Unless Lebron accepts the role as Prince James He and Wade will never win a championship.

  40. Wilson says:

    @NBA FAN

    In game 2 in the second quarter, the Mavs were leading, before there were some ridiculous calls starting with a loose ball foul on Dirk. A couple bad fouls later and the Heat are making a comeback, led by D Wades aggressive play. In game 6 the 2nd foul called on Dirk was wrong, as well as the no call when Chalmers pushed off on Barea leading to the break-away open lay up. And for the Mav’s having more fouls called for the Mav’s… Heard of zone defense? They build a wall in front of the penetration to the rim. The Mav’s had the best zone defense all year long. While the Heat are rotation man to man defense, where a lot more fouls occur. The reason the heat lost was simple, they didn’t perform in the 4th quarter, while the Mav’s did.

    You can say Mav’s are delusional, every fan is delusional to a certain extent. However, you need to look at your biased and delusional comments.

  41. J Beezy says:

    First of all, Trade Bosh…

    The reason for this is because Bosh is NOT needed point blank period…You can trade Bosh and actually get VALUE for this team, and players who would be worthy of this trade would be Marc Gasol & Mike Conley, or even Andrew Bogut and Brandon Jennings…but Chris Bosh isnt needed for the Heat, they need to get rid of him and get a QUALITY big man and a QUALITY point guard…mayb even NeNe and Ty Lawson

    • Teezo says:

      I agree…Not that Bosh is bad for the team, but he’s not needed on THIS team…They need quality around the 2 great players they already have…

    • k89 says:

      just like miami doesnt need bosh, nobody else does. y in the world bucks would trade out jennings and bogut.. nah seriously ppl accept the fact that miami wont get a super star point guard+center and have an all-star team. either work with what u have, or think small adjustment but aim muuuuuuuch lower than this.

  42. lakers fan says:

    miami heat are most likely the scariest, and definitely phyiscally most powerfull, group of individuals that ever played.
    Everyone should be afraid that they will win 7 in a row before they retire. But, hey, one year down, only seven more chances left some TEAM beats them.

  43. Romelle says:

    I’m glad that Haslem, Miller and Anthony are under contract, they play well for the heat. Getting Samuel Dalembert sounds like a plan too, he’s a good shot blocker, and will probably bring alot of energy to the team. As for Lebron, maybe he should develop his low post game, to give their offense more balance, instead of him looking for lanes to drive or taking 3s. They have wade for driving and Mike Miller, Chalmers, etc for the 3. They could use a point guard with a high IQ like CP3.

  44. sf11 says:

    Regardless of the fact that they lost in the finals this year, you cannot call the Heat’s attempt, or their season, a failure and you would be foolish to immediately write them off as not being a serious contender for championships for years to come.

    Like it or not the moves they made last year to sign Lebron and Bosh and cobble together a few extra cheap championship hopefuls took this team from losing in the first round in 5 games to the Celtics last year, to nearly sweeping every team up to the finals before finally being eliminated in 6 games.

    Second best record in the east, 4-1 record in the first, second, and third round of the playoffs, 2-4 in the finals, all in their first season together as a team. I’m not a heat fan but I respect what they pulled off, yeah they fell short of their ultimate goal, but they came within 2 games of reaching it their first try.

    Hate them all you like, but some of you people are being plain ignorant to suggest they immediately trade away their best players just because they didn’t win it all right away. Lakers were swept by Dallas in the 2nd round, Heat actually won 2 games against Dallas and in the finals to boot. By that logic the Lakers need to trade Kobe Bryant right away. Foolish.

  45. Hardwork and Pride says:


  46. dude says:

    they need matt malony back in the mix…. (lol)

  47. Mddy0 says:

    I think that Miami has to build around the Big three. Dump Z, chalmers, miller, and bibby. Look who was productive over the season and add to fill holes. The fourth quarter offense was a mess that exposed the coaching flaws. I don’t see a title in the future without big adjustments. They might even go backward before getting back to the finals.

  48. jordan Kelly says:

    all your trades are dumb….they did good with the team they had…they just need a better big man that can finish in the post, and keep anthony as backup..they dont need big z or magloir… keep big 3 try fro chandler or dalembert..and as they said post up is needed for lebron and thats all. bibby isn’t needed anymore either..keep chalmers and get devin harris along wit chalmers..thats the champ team right there

    • LA AC says:

      The lane’s already clogged enough with LBJ and Wade trying to drive in there. Like Magic said after the game, LBJ needs to develop a low-post game. Then, who will guard him? Put a smaller forward like Marion, he takes him low-post. Put a bigger forward, LBJ takes him outside or off the dribble. Remember, Nowitzki had no low-post game in ’06 and lost to veteran team in the finals. Sound familiar?

  49. NBA FAN says:

    I don’t see any need for substantial changes. Maybe a center who can add a little offense to go with Anthony’s defense and a dependable shooter at the point. It would be nice if Chalmers takes another step in his development. There’s no way Dalls would have won games 2 and 4 without the charitable loose ball and rebound fouls and off the ball fouls which enabled Dallas to put their best ft shooter at the line in fourth quarter of those game (and game 3 as well). Without those fts leading to 2 w’s, it’s a sweep. Mavs fans can deny it and remain dellusional, that’s fine but there’s no explaining how a jump shooting team drew ridiculously more fouls and attempted more fts than the attacking team who was among the league lead in drawing fouls. Everything else being equal, the Heat appeared to be the better team, but they still have room to improve.

  50. heats oh yea says:

    heat will get better, they just need a true center because as of right now they do not have any. Wade bosh and james will figured thing out. The coaching staff needs to make better changes. They need help on the boards and in the post.

  51. Law064 says:

    Lebron has great athletisism but his skill level is not that great. If he was Kobe’s size he would be a average player like Harold Miner when he 1st came in the league(Just a dunker) . The heat will be ok in the long run but when you look at the Bulls NY and possibly Orlando making changes I think the heat missed a golden chance this season. They will be hated even more next season and that overrated overhyped chant will be back with avengence. I give them credit for getting as far as they did.

    • khenny says:

      I agree. Miami did a very good job of recovering from regular season struggles and comming in post season playoff-ready. now if the east would just stay east exactly the same way it was this year, and miami would have the time to solve all the little important details they are missing, they would cruise to the trophy. we all know thats not whats going to happen. miami are going to get better but everybody else is going to get better. especially knicks that may not have as much star power but have a better position-wise combo (melo F, billups G, stoudemire C). althought still a major threat, chicago needs some roster adjustment to measure up and a huge part of celtic’s core is moving towards the end of their prime, but knicks have a descent bench and a trio meaning that the squad is ready – they r just gettin to know each other better at this point, juuust like miami is. melo is arguably the best scorer in the league right now, vs. kevin durant, and stoudemire was a runner-up for MVP the entire first half of the season. real talk i think ny is going to be the excitement next year. & besides, like u said, pressure is building up – draft year is over so whats the excuse next year? so failure will get even more criticism. nobody s going to give more credits to the league in the east, ppl r just going to point fingers at miami shortcomings. so hmm i think promises, media and attention should be finally put aside to let these guys breath a bit. otherwise idk how they r going to handle nxt year.

  52. REALSHOTTA says:

    Wasnt for lebron performance in the playoffs the heats wouldnt breathe the finals air

  53. Vegas baller says:

    Those of you suggesting they trade LeBron have no idea what you’re talking about. First of all, despite his disappointing performance in these finals, he’s still the best player on the team and arguably the best player in the league. If not for LeBron they wouldn’t even have played in the finals. Remember Wade’s performance in the Bulls series was so bad everyone thought he was hurt. Second, there is only one team in the entire league good enough to loose in the finals. The team that looses in the finals is the 2nd best team in league for that year. That’s further than the Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Magic, Thunder…you name the team or superstar. To suggest that they should trade LeBron because he can’t get them any further than game 6 of the finals is crazy! Who can they trade him for that will get them out of a 12 point hole with 3 minutes left in a game 5 of the ECF while similtaneously shutting down the reigning league MVP? Get some brains people!

    • eno1028 says:

      they r the 2nd best team in the league per se but it doesnt make them higher than lakers and thunder automatically since they didnt play against them at all in play offs. they r the best team in the east according to the playoff results. east & west r 2 different things

  54. HEATWILLWIN says:


  55. HEATWILLWIN says:

    they have to get a center/powerforward,(HINT) pau gasol is a free agent. trade cb,bibby and joel for pau

  56. everblade says:

    this was miami’s first year together and no one really expected them to cruise through the playoffs and make the finals. They were 2 wins away. Yes they did fail at the end but it was a successful season nonetheless. I know that some people are going to say “it means nothing if they dont win a championship” but this is just a hint of what is to come in the future. big ups to miami for a great season and keep your heads up

    • k5 says:

      dont get me wrong i am not a miami fan at all but i give them full credits for even getting into finals and coming this close during the very first year. but it kinda gets on my nerves that now that they lost a lot of ppl say that nobody expected them to win. yes may be miami bandwagon emptied out when they were 9-8 but it was full again during the 21-1 run. people expected them to go for a blow out season just as soon as the decision was revealed. so expectations, if anything, were high.

  57. ian says:

    i think lebron need to be more competitive for a title like wade

    he cant help his team win important game like game 6 or 5 of the finals

    he cant score points in the crusial mins of an important game like he did in his rookie year

    i think that atleticism is already leaving his body

    • k5 says:

      yeh well hes been in the game for almost ten years, playing crazy minutes, carrying teams on his shoulders. he has a supernatural talent but he is still human. hopefuly he doesnt wear out too soon but u know. then again jason kid just won at 39 lol if lebron doesnt win with miami he ll probably team up with some young legs and end up wining a champ at 39 too. i doubt that hes going to retire ring-less still. but he definitely wont retire with 8 promissed rings. i say max 3-4, more likely 1-2

  58. Fly Kev heat fan says:

    (he even couldnot defend Dirk in this final.)

  59. KObe says:

    Like how do u feel jj barea played WAY better den lebron down da stretch wat does ddat say……………..long story short lebron is top 30 all time nun lower nun higher dats it his scoring and on ball defense need alot of work

  60. KObe says:

    i have no prob wit leberon……its just wen people compare him to JORDAN or KOBE ur just going way 2 far…..Lebron might win a championship 1 day but it better be soon b4 his athleticism leaves his body den hes in trouble LMAO

    • LBJ and Dwade forever says:

      if thats the case then you should criticize those fans and not the player..

  61. Teezo says:

    The MIA team we all seen this season will be the same type of team for years to come simply because the don’t have the payroll to beef up their roster…James/Wade/Bosh even at cheap prices are taking up the bulk of their money…Haslem/Miller/Anthony are taking the crumbs of money…All they will have left is vet mins, 1 yr deals, rookies, etc to fill in the rest of their roster…Truth be told, this is a team full of unjuries waiting to happen except for James…In my eyes they have no choice, they have to trade Bosh because the Wade/James duo brings in revenue more than anything and Bosh is definately worth 2 or 3 well rounded players to fill those open voids MIA will have in their roster year after year…People can say all they want that this team will be better next season, but that only pertains to Wade/Bosh/James…There is no way Miller/Haslem/Anthony come back better LOL?!?!?…They need to realize that role players are just as important as the stars and when you have 2 players that are top 5 in the world, its pretty simple to me…They would have Wade/James/Haslem/Miller/Anthony and 3 more better than average role players to do the dirty work…Wake up MIA management and strike while the irons hot…Again, not saying Bosh is bad for the team, but they would be better off dealing him for quality better than average role players…

    • k89 says:

      i agree that they wont improve the roster while the trio is sitting there. and well if one of them has to go, although it would ve been smarter to break lebron/wade unspoken rivalry, wade cant go cuz it would break miamis heart and lebron cant go cuz hes lebron, so that just leaves bosh. i dont think its going to happen next season tho. but if they fail again in nxt year playoffs i think they r breaking up

  62. jayshine says:

    my bet is the coach will have to go! leadership leads.

  63. 631 says:

    Hopefully a potential lockout won’t affect the nba, and dexter pittman will continue to progress so that he can make a major contribution at center next year, either that or sign chandler (if he would somehow lesser money), dalembert, or somehow hopefully work out a trade with mike miller for nene.

  64. bruvva says:

    everyone’s got all these grand plans to make the heat a winner. firstly, they already are a winner, they won 2 games in the NBA finals, thats about as close as you can get. Even just with a legit 5 man, they could have won it. If they can get a 5 that can play 30 minutes a game, ie Dalembert, that would make a huge impact. If they can’t get one of those, a PG that can shoot the 3 would make a huge difference too (Imagine Roddy Beaubouis playing point in Miami…nasty)

  65. Mike A says:


    • LBJ and Dwade forever says:

      yah lebron is really an amazing player.. im from Finland and i have been a fan of his since he won the allstar mvp back in the 2006 all star.. he is such a complete player..I understand that there are times when he made crucial mistakes on the hard court especially during the most important games of the season.. But nevertheless I will be a fan of his no matter what..I know he still have good 5 or 6 years in his prime and still have a lot of chances to win multiple titles. Even if lebron end up ringless in his entire career he will still be my alltime favorite player..

      Thats coming from a true fan of basketball!!

  66. JMAN says:

    These are some of the best comments I’ve read in the past two days, unlike other forums where there is blatant racist comments, that only shows the bloggers own ignorance and lack of understanding of the game, I really appreciate fans of the NBA like everyone here.

  67. billy says:

    I wouldn’t really know how to solve the Heat’s problems. All I do know is despite their issues, they are still the best team in the East and are favored to win it all next year. The Celtics are old, the Bulls need real help for D-Rose, the Magic will always be a one man squad, and the Hawks, yeah right. Heck, if Bosh somehow gets traded, as long as Wade and LeBron are there, they will still be the best team. That’s the one thing they did prove this year, that it’s their conference now. Now as far as the Finals, well, that’s another story. Plus, the NBA needs the Heat, they are the most interesting thing that has happened in the NBA since Jordan left. I always say in order for the sport to be popular again, they needed a hero to root for and a villain to hate. In the 80’s the Lakers were the bad guys and the Celtics were the do-gooders. Then all of a sudden, the Lakers became the good guys and the Detroit Pistons became the team everyone hated. Then Jordan and the Bulls whip the Pistons and became the new media darling in the mid 90’s. Then the Bulls became the bad guys of sorts against the Utah Jazz although nobody was complaining about MJ winning in the end. Since then, for over a decade, it stop being about a matchup between good vs evil and the game became stale. The Spurs? Yeah, they won four titles, but damn they had no personality. The Lakers under Phil, while successful, really didn’t had a good rivalry with anybody(except maybe Dallas) until Boston showed their face again later on. Then there was LeBron, originally bred as a hero, the successor to MJ, but at heart, he’s really a bad guy, that’s why it was a great thing overall for him to screw Cleveland(I’m sure not great for the city, but sacrifices are needed). So in a business sense in the NBA, this was the best thing that have happened to the league in a long time. This year’s Finals’ ratings have proved it.

  68. KObe says:

    Lebro chockes every year we r gettin use to dis…it makes me furious to think ppeople call him da best….if u call lebron da best u watch highlights not games………dis was da heats only chance……….trust dwights goin to da lakers and its over lol…..LEBRON will go down as da most over hyped player in leauge history

  69. DruS says:

    I don’t think they should be too rash. Let’s face it, the Heat made it to the Finals and were a couple of wins away from winning. They’re a good team even if the team is carried by three fantastic players for the most part. In the Finals, Bosh struggled early, Lebron struggled a lot and Dwayne, while he played well, made a lot of mistakes. They were close – they just barely missed it. I bet you if you gave them another shot at it, they will have learned from their mistakes and would be better off as a result. There is no need to trade any of the Big 3. Having said that, what I believe truly hurt the Heat was their lack of cohesion in a half-court set. There is no doubt they are fantastic defensivly and in transition, but ask them to run a play and it’s pretty much give the ball to Wade or Lebron and let them create something for themselves. I don’t think that’s the right way to do it. Wade, as great as he is, is a bit of a ball hog. Lebron needs to take advantage of the fact that’s he so big and strong for his position; why not post up more often? That way, he can draw in the defense and then kick to open perimeter players for find an open cutter. They also need to incorporate Bosh more, or Bosh needs to incorporate himself more. He’s a legit scorer. I find that he plays off scraps versus being incorporated into the offense. Yes, he can nail a jumpshot, but he can also post up. He had a great final season in Toronto being aggressive in the post. I think a ‘true’ starting point guard would be great for establishing an offensive and running plays. I think Anthony did a pretty respectable job as a Center despite being undersized. There’s no reason, in my books, to replace him if he can continue to get blocks and rebound. I didn’t exactly see him get pushed around in the playoffs. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      I agree pretty much with your post. But Anthony is just too undersized to protect the rim. At just barely 6’9″, he needs to jump just to contest lay-ups. No offense meant to Joel Anthony (one of the most underrated blue collar guys in the NBA), but the Heat needs a 6’11” or taller center, with a nose for the ball and good defensive awareness like Tyson Chandler, IF Riles can get him to defect from Dallas.

  70. LA AC says:

    It seems that Magic Johnson hit the nail on the head when he said, after the game, that LeBron needs to work on his catch-and-shoot and post-up games if he is to coexist more successfully with Wade. Magic recalled his own soul-searching and work after the 1984 finals loss. I don’t understand why only once in the second half did LBJ post up Marion, when LBJ took him baseline for an easy layup. Why didn’t someone on the Heat coaching staff, if not LeBron himself, demand that they run that set again?
    It is easy to blame one guy, but the Heat’s offense was often stagnant and shaky down the stretch all season, and some incredible long-range shooting carried them through Boston and Chicago. It is clear that the team never had time this season to develop consistent offensive chemistry, especially with all the injuries to guys who became regulars against Chicago and Dallas (Haslem and Miller, in particular).
    In addition, lack of depth was an issue, most glaringly lack of a DEFENSIVE STOPPER, an absolutely essential championship ingredient. No team in recent memory has won a title without one. (For Dallas, it was Stevenson, and previous examples in the last decade include Artest, Ariza, Posey, Bowen, Prince, and Rick Fox). The stopper often expends so much energy on defense that his offense usually consists of setting screens and shooting threes. The last player to be a stopper and leading scorer in the same season was Jordan, in 1988, I believe, when he won the Defensive Player of the Year and scoring title. His team did not win the NBA title that year.
    This year, it seemed as if LeBron was pacing himself at times, a fatal behavior in the intensity of playoff basketball. Exhaustion was an issue for the Heat all season, with LeBron’s early-season complaints about too many minutes being an early example of the consequences of expecting a player to make fourth-quarter moves for shots after chasing around the opposition’s leading scorers all game. LeBron’s late defense against Rose was effective because Rose settled for one-on-one clearouts, whereas Terry made LBJ chase him around screens denying and then chase him again into pick-and-rolls after he got the ball. No wonder LeBron was trying to pace himself.
    If LeBron realizes and works on the areas he needs to improve, if the Heat develop some offensive chemistry, and acquire some depth, especially a STOPPER, thay will be difficult to stop. If they are, in fact, stopped with all those ingredients next year, Spoelstra should rightly feel the Heat.

  71. Drew says:

    They’re NOT going to break up the big three anytime soon. Rome wasn’t built in a day, so this will just be more of a gradual process than anticipated for these guys. Riley needs to scrap the AARP crew (Howard, Magliore, Dampier, Illguaskas, and Mike Bibby) and get more players that can run the floor, and rebound the ball on both ends of the floor. Someone like Chandler would work, or even Joakim Noah–A spark plug who will run and doesn’t have to score. Only thing is, they’re not going to get those guys. What killed the Heat other than one of their stars not showing up for the 4th quarter all series, was their lack of depth on that bench. They should focus on keeping Chalmers and Mike Miller on the bench, and clear their bench.

  72. HeatWave says:

    We will win it all next season. LeBron regular season MVP, Wade All-Star MVP, Bosh scoring title and Joel Anthony DOP. All these guys will be All NBA 1st team and Coach Spoelstra COY. This year was just practice. Next season begins he dynasty FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      bosh scoring title??

    • STFU says:

      define FOREVER?

    • tata says:

      Throw a little smoke and laser show in your backyard then genius.

    • Law064 says:

      Wow what a bold and silly prediction. Bosh scoring title LMAO Joel Anthony DPOY? Well I guess you have the right to dream..

      • O says:

        You do know LeBron James and Dwayne Wade score way more points and have a bigger point average then Chris Bosh even when he gets hot. Im a Miami fan but u just realize u over exaggerated when u say Bosh n scoring title.

    • LBJ and Dwade forever says:

      i dont call that dreaming.. thats what you call an excited fan..I think it will sound more realisting if i say next season lebron will win be the allstar mvp and NBA first team, wade will be NBA finals mvp and NBA 1st team, Bosh will be an NBA 2nd team.I really like to see steve nash win a title with the heat next season but dont you think that move will affect wade and lebrons domininance with the ball?

      oh i forgot to add that Dwade and Lebron will win regular season co-mvp!!!

      I dont care what haters say but Im proud that I lived in this generation of Lebron james and dwyane wade!!

    • GOOD1MAVS says:

      poor you. dream on.

  73. TERRELL says:


  74. Alex says:

    The Big Three’s Lesson: In life there is no SHORTCUT. You have to work on it as long as it takes.

  75. haters says:

    lol “big team” wasnt enough with the “big 4 of boston”? n y u talking about chicago? they had the best record in the east………. im a heat fan n i congratulate dallas ……awesome series

  76. KIngKobra2 says:


    • yo says:

      That’d work, have your starting lineup filled with a pick and roll guy, 2 slashing super stars, a high post PF and no real center (no offense to joel). Wade and Lebron aren’t catch and shoot guys, why would you add a PG where that is the most dominant part of their game? They don’t really need a PG, they just need better bigs. The PG julst needs to be able to defend well and catch and shoot.

  77. Blueprint says:

    Looking back, it becomes obvious why the Heat won 2 out of the first 3 games against the Mavs and lost the last 3: the coaching. Carlisle made some outstanding and very effective adjustments to his rotations, offense, and plays. Spoelstra didn’t make any effective counter-adjustments, and it showed.
    Still, the Heat made it quite far on strong team defense and awful team offense. Heck, I expected them to get knocked out by the Cs.
    I think they should really think about picking up some better coaching staff members, particularly demoting Spoelstra and hiring a coach like Jerry Sloan who could really utilize the Heat to their potential. Watching a team with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh run plays simpler than the ones my middle school ran is just sad, sad stuff.
    Another thing. If they manage to pick up a center with some offensive acumen, then the scope of their potential offense widens even more.

    • tata says:

      all you need to know about Spoelstra:

      Bibby averaged 21 mpg in playoffs and DNP in Finals game 6
      House played 10 minutes total in playoffs and 21 minutes in game 6.

      Chalmers should’ve been starting from day 1. Spoelstra has no idea about rotations, stragedy or playcalling.


    • NBA FAN says:

      Agreed. Spoelstra’s not bad but he was slow or stubborn to adjust. The Heat handled the zone well during the season because W & J could always penetrate or get fouled trying. When it became apparent the officiating was different, they shouldn’t have tried to just impose their will. When Kidd was benched in favor of JJ, Chalmers should have received more minutes. When Dallas went to the zone and LBJ was cold from the outside he should have found some room for James Jones. He waited until game 6 to put LBJ in the post. That being said, the Heat still lose. I cannot imagine a scenario where they would’ve won with the officiating the way it was. C’mon Kidd’s uncontested layup drew a foul at about the 4 or 5 minute mark and the ensuing possesion LBJ was practically tackled by 2 guys and there was no call. It was Dallas all the way.

  78. SYDALE says:

    my suggestion would be for them to pick up free agent old guys that can still play, but in limited minutes… Like Grant Hill, Michael Redd, or T-Mac… Maybe even take a chance on Yao Ming…

    Or try to trade Chris Bosh to the Blazers for Camby and Fernandez…

  79. Law064 says:

    Miami of course will keep Wade Lechoke & Bosh. Haslim for sure Joel A but they need to keep Chalmers he played better than Lechoke in the clutch in the finals. But they don’t have a lot of money to spend so getting CP3 is just being delusional. They will need some help for sure. Eddie House can go James Jones,Mike Miller & Bibby should be gone. We’ll see what happens if this lock out dont happen.

    • JamieeeeeeP says:

      call lebron “Lechoke” again, and i’ll find out where you live and hurt you. that’s not even a threat, it’s a promise 🙂

      • Law064 says:

        I live in Chicago and his name is Lechoke damnit live with it. He’s choked or been a no show in the last few post season’s. My advise to Lebron. Grow some Ballz he buckles under the pressure. If he wasn’t 6’8 260lbs with speed he wouldn’t be a good player at all Lebron lacks skills. Low post game for 1. If he can’t dunk the ball his jumpshot is iffy

      • BATIBOT says:

        LeChoke 😛

    • GetHisNameRight! says:

      The name is LeFlop James, get it right

  80. MaFox says:

    Te last sentence of this blog perfectly encapsulates the reality of who the heat are and what is potentially to come. Everyone hates so much, they overeact and call miami’s loss a ‘failure’. That’s dum. If they win game 2, they might have even won this year. Once they develop some real chemistry, their gonna be scarier.


  81. bigfatsmellycat says:

    this is wade’s team. bosh actually played well in the finals. lebron is the league’s best player. really? i don’t think so. as big and as athletic as he is, he has no post up game. he’s not even close to being MJ. i’d trade him and some other players and go get a center. tchandler wouldn’t be bad but i don’t see him leaving dallas. go get dwight!! 🙂

  82. Ravi says:

    …..ya’ll need to understand…..that if they can’t do it with 3 all-stars….and they need to add more all-stars (Nash), then they can only win with a dream team?

    I think they need synergy and need to learn how to play together during their camp and training. Next year, if they dont trade anyone and develop from within, they’ll become a beast in the playoffs…..they just need this one summer training session to get things rolling and know each other’s playing style…..trades just mess up the way people play together, mixing too many dominant playing styles will just delay any success.

    Miami…..DONT TRADE….build and develop from WITHIN…..trust

  83. JJ REST says:

    Miami doesn’t need a Big 3, they need a “BIG TEAM” to win a championship.

  84. Derriso says:

    This article is so stupid this is not the only team in league capable of winning championships thats just this idiots opinion if rajon rondo was not injured boston would have won series and if bulls had second scorer they beat heat all the top teams in east will address these issues to deal with heat and no one knows how the new cba will affect things

    • bigE23 says:

      @Derriso I think they wouldve won the boston serious reguardless of rondo’s condition.. Miami was up 2-0 when he got injured and the only game Boston did win was when he got injured.

    • DerrisoIsDumb says:

      Please tell me you did not just say that. The miami heat thoroughly dominated the Celtics and the bulls both offensively and defensively. You can if a lot but the fact is Miami outplayed those teams and even if they address their issues, there is no guarantee they will beat Miami.

      • O says:

        @Derriso u are a hater, r thinking like as if Miami wont address n resolve their problems too. Didnt u just read the post or did u feel like making the comment because u saw it was about the heat and they mention beating your team.

  85. Miami Got It All says:

    This is the plan

    2010-2011 Big 3
    2011-2012 fantastic 4 = Big 3 + CP3
    2012-2013 fabulous 5 = Fantastic 4 + Dwight
    2013-2014 sexy 6 = Fabulous 5 + KD (in case bron bron choke Durant can come up from bench for 4th quarter)
    2013-2014 superb 7 = Sexy 6 + kobe (insurance for wade)
    2014-2015 elite 8 = superb 7 + D will (cp3 need a back up in case if he got injured)
    2015-2016 notorious 9 = elite 8 + Andrew Byum (dwight can only do so much need a back up center)
    2016-2017 Titan 10 = notorious 9 + Josh Smith (in case bosh become “like a bosh”)
    2017-2018 welcome back the mastermind coach riley
    2018-2019 – NBA title

    now what’s up haters! you can’t stop the heat machine. that’s right we are on our way to championship. hate all you want we gonna be best ever team in history.

  86. LUCKY says:

    i praised Miami for their effort to get to the finals. They have to step up on finishing touching.no team that ever loosed that has not been critised.Thanks to all Miami players.

    • anthony is a good defencive center says:

      anthony is great on the defencive end if he could work on his ofencive skills and his beliefe that he can score he could possibly be #4 of the big 4 in miami i know this piece is going to be critisized but who care i think they should keep anthony as a starter and give bosh defencive training because he neads to do better at that and for point gaurd keep mario chalmers he stepped up in the playoff and bibby sorry to say is gona have to step down as a starter. but any way keep anthony he is one of my favorite players on the heat and he can et the job of protecting the rim done

      P.S. lay off the heat god they are people two you know people who want to critisize them nead to take that and the fact they have fealing to into consideration

  87. scorch says:

    I don’t see them trading any of the big three away. Wade is just plain awesome. LeBron just needs to find a spot on this team next to Wade, and Bosh was actually really, REALLY good pretty much the entire post-season. Trading any of them is just not gonna happen. I actually agree with pretty much everything Blinebury said. Mario Chalmers will mature and will turn into the point guard they need, and if they manage to get a decent big man (with all due respect to Anthony, who’s been great, but undersized), they’ll be amazing.

    • sbfern says:

      chalmers WILL ASK FOR MORE MONEY! he is too young to receive paycuts! he dont care about championships right now ( Just like Trevor Ariza in the Lakers) and its a necessity to resign him becuase he is perhaps the one they truly need. And settle for other mediocre players…money ownt allow it.

  88. enrique says:

    I think they should trade either Dwayne or Lebron and get 1,2, or 3 really good players in different positions. Bosh is a power forward, Dwayne is a shooting Guard, they NEED a center and a solid driving point guard so that they can play like a unit and not be competing for WHO IS THE TOP DOG. Until LEBRON LEADS a team to the mountain top he will never be more then a good second. The reason othe “BIG THREES” worked (Boston, Lakers in 80ties) etc is because they filled different roles on the floor.

  89. lovebasketball says:

    I never seen Miami as Big 3, it was always about Lebron and Wade on everything and Bosh all alone by himself. Maybe that is why they lost to Dallas. I think the changes coming soon, maybe they trade Bosh or Lebron if they get a good deal.

    • TRIBINSKI says:

      Miami must retain the big three trade Anthony, House and Mike Miller to Suns for Steve Nash and Marcin Gortat.. Steve Nash is a veteran, playmaker and deserve to retire with a championship ring like Jason Kidd..

      • STFU says:

        that would be good if the salary would permit it!

      • c0rrections says:


        Why on earth would the Suns make a trade where they send over a hall of famer and the 2nd best player in the trade for one decent role player (when healthy), a limited center, and a spare parts 3 point shooter? No one is that stupid (and the salaries probably don’t even match). If this trade were made Phoenix fans would burn down Sarver’s house.

      • LA AC says:

        Such a move would require Wade and LeBron both to develop catch-and-shoot games, since, presumably, Nash would handle the ball.

      • Rolando says:

        Yeah man that doesn’t sound bad at all. Getting Nash to play at point and add a good and solid center like Dalembert or a chandler like, they will be unstoppable. Pat have to come with something good and soon. That will wipe out this loss in the Finals and be there next June to cover up. I hope he will get it done because with this team right now, i don’t think they will be there next year on the biggest stage. They need adjustments. Quite simple.

      • Rich says:

        Suns are not stup. If it’s so easy to throw ideas like that, why not just ask for Howard and Chris Paul for Dampier and Bibby ?

      • MCJC2007 says:

        YES…I AGREE 100%

      • cody says:

        that is the dumbest trade thats like giving dwight kevin durant and kobe for iran newble

      • Fire Gorilla King says:

        @Tribinski This would be a good idea if Steve Nash is willing to buyout his contract. If not, then it’s back to square one.

      • jayke83 says:

        Yeah, make it every Heat game an All Star game. Their salaries are cheap.

        Also, Nash and Nowitzki are not close friends. Wonder if he’ll play for a team who “caught the sniffles” after game 4. I guess that’s no big deal.

        What page are we on, Fantasy NBA?

      • theGREAT! says:

        that trade’s cool though. have you heard phoenix will be more likely to trade nash? they decided that way. they want steve to win a championship. and they know that the place aint phoenix! good thing there are good guys in phoenix. unlike the effin PEOPLE IN CLEvELANd!

      • Dcuz says:

        Trade LBJ and get players that would compliment DWAde.. Miami doesnt need someone with big ego that can’t finish games… If miami wants to win LBJ must be thrown out of this team…

      • Joe buck says:

        The suns would never do that, Steve Nash is much better than that.

    • Debbie8025 says:

      thats a terrible idea – keep them together – they’ll figure it out

    • DexterK5 says:

      why would they trade lebron?lol i can see tading bosh and some shooters for a physical big man rather than a finess big man, but id ssay they did pretty god for bringing 3 different stars together and a whole new team, and if u look at there salaries, in ther 3rd year together lebrons and boshs salaries are very low (under 5mil) so they are planning somethin for that off season i think cuz there are lots of good bigs and some point gaurds that can be signed

      • tata says:

        I would trade LeBron in a heartbeat for Dwight Howard. Wade and James have HUGE egos and they will never share a Finals MVP award. Miami would be much better with a superstar whose skillset didn’t overlap with Wade. Orlando would be lucky to still have a star when Howard leaves them.

      • Jake says:

        @ tata

        Lebron and Wade share everything. They’re best friends. They can play together just give them some time and give Riles some room to work on the rest of the roster.

      • Fire Gorilla King says:

        @Jake Do they share wives too? Just saying.

      • Brando says:


        I have no idea where you got the info from that in their 3rd year LeBron and Bosh are on less than $5mil?! The salaries of all 3 players increase by 10.5% each season. Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver even used their salaries as an example when talking about CBA negotiations when comparing the rising revenue stream of the league at 3% per year compared to the contracts of LeBron, Wade and Bosh in particular have yearly increases of 10.5%. In their 3rd season together (season 2012/13) the Heat have 6 players contracted for $65.7mil. Wade will be on $17mil and both LeBron and Bosh will be on $17.5mil

    • jayke83 says:

      If Chandler goes to the Heat he’ll be worse than Lebron.

      • Jason Mc says:

        The ultimate trade for the heat would be Lebron For Dwight Howard. Then you have the ball handler and offense from dribbling in Wade with two solid bigs with great work ethic and attitude to boot in Bosh and Howard – That team would be unstoppable just need to add a decent role playing 3 man er SF.

    • Nick says:

      Anyone would have to be insane to ever trade LeBron. You sir are a fool!