Hang Time Podcast (Episode 60)

MIAMI — Wait, it’s not over yet.

Before the champagne in Mark Cuban‘s hair dries and the victory parade through downtown Dallas kicks off, we wanted to share our final observations from the thrilling, roller coaster ride that was The Finals.

It’s not easy trying to capture two months of riveting drama, on and off the court, in the limited amount of time we have — kudos to the 2010-11 NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, by the way.

That’s why we forced a couple of old friends of the program to join us on Episode 60 of The Hang Time Podcast to see if they could help us figure it all out.

Michael Wallace of ESPN.com’s Heat Index and Gregg Doyel of CBSSports.com weighed in with their takes on Dirk Nowitzki, LeBron James, Jason Terry, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and all things Finals.


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  1. Patrick says:

    Nowitzki and the Jasons, here is the special three !
    They could be Heroes of a nice basket ball video game.

    I imagine Ricky Rubio between Wayde and Lebron, they would be unstoppable, and it couls work with the old Steve Nash, who has no ring.
    And Bosh could ask Marc Cuban for a sit in a few years.
    I don’t know the name of the point guard in Miami, We could say Wayde as a point guard sometimes.
    Lebron try to be a leader but he is not able yet.

    The great performance for Dallas was to beat Lakers in four matches.
    (I have seen that before with the Jazz (I think) who eliminated Lakers in four Matches).

  2. Sam from Australia says:

    As an Australian its difficult to have an emotional attachment to any town/city or team, over here most people just follow players or interesting teams that play the game well or who are just fun to watch. I must say I have been shocked at the demise and fall of a star in lebron james in the eyes of the public. He is one of the most amazing players to ever play the game and does not deserve the hate he has received all season long. Ive heard all the lame excuses and all the reasons why he is the villain, but come on, how soft do people want to be. The guy left an average team ( I know they had the best record but that as all lebron) to play with his best mate, for less money knowing he wouldnt be the main guy most players want to be. Im sure whichever team lebron went to, those fans wouldnt care how he left cleveland which makes me wonder, all the haters are just jealous he didnt join there own team. I mean there have been so many players in the past who have done much worse, stupid things (artest, kobe, delonte west and arenez for the gun stuff etc). to be honest it looks quite pathetic what the media and basketball fans have been whining about, how everything he says is scrutinized so unfairly. Everyone should just take a step back from all this nonsense drama and just love the game. You have a once in a generation player, dont waste it with hate… appreciate.

  3. kingjames says:

    you are wrong the nba is lebron james even if we dont see it, now this is the most hated guy in the world and the most loved too… everyone just keep talking about him his haters and his fans but everyone keeps talking all the time always, see my point mavs win the finals and all just are talking about james only, james, james… with all the things this guy do in and off the court (amazing player,the decision,self proclamed king,the chosen one,ego,quitter, etcc.) he has the nba in the skies, i dont saying all the others players are amazing and they arent doing his job too, but right now the nba is nba for lebron james…
    im on europe (favorite sport soccer, most of ppl dont give a f.. the nba but…)and i was wearing a lebron jersey and all the ppl just told me lebron james lose most of them doesnt know one player from the mavs team they only know lebron lose..
    and thats what i mean for his haters and for his lovers for his actions he is the face of the nba right now…

  4. ted says:

    NBA Fan, I question how long you’ve watched the NBA or how much you know about basketball. (In case you’re wondering, this is a direct call out and I’d like a response, which, based on the sheer idiocy of your comment, I don’t expect to get.)

    • BLM73 says:

      Man, you can’t actually expect a response from these idiots. I’m actually amazed that 15 people weren’t called Haters and LeBron crowned MVP for the next decade in his post. Someone buy the public library some new keyboards, the only explanation I can think of is the print has worn off of the H, A, T, E, and R keys.

  5. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    These “Sports Experts” show what they know about the game.

    Everyone talks crap to Barkley … but HE PICKED RIGHT!!!

    These guys just HYP, HYPE, HYPE and can’t GET OFF LEBRON’S NUTS* or OFF HIS BACK!!!

    There is MORE to the NBA THAN LEBRON!!!!

  6. MaxW says:

    u guys are annoying…

  7. MFFL says:

    NBA Fan, you are an idiot!! If you are a REAL NBA Fan, you would know that just by watching the series, everyone was against the Mavs. The Mavs aren’t athletic, they’re old, they’re this and that….. So hell yeah! praise the MAVS for what all of them have been through! Don’t be a HATER heat fan! Just admit defeat. Admit the fact that your team, even though supremely talented, weren’t mentally tougher. James and Wade were so caught up in each other’s brown hole that they forgot that basketball is a TEAM sport!

  8. Mavs Fan` says:

    You think the refs won the game for the Mavs. So who got 30+ free shots. Just couldn’t make them. I guess they should have had the Mavs make the free shots for them also. You think.

  9. Idris says:


    Mavs win it all. and all you talk about for the majority of the program is the Heat, and worse. to a Heat Fan!!!!!

    Where is the Mavericks Fan? Where’s the love.

    “If Lebron James is 45% they take game 4.”…………………………………………………How did none of you laugh in this guys face?


    nba.com…………… >>>> NBA <<<<……..WHO WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP???!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

    • NBA FAN says:

      It’s not enough you won the title? There has been so much praise hailed upon the Mavs throughout the whole series and everyone is congratulating them so what do you want? Oh you want everyone to just stop and anoint them the best team ever and pick them to win the next 15 finals. You barely got there and barely won (with refs help) so just be happy they played opportunistic b-ball and brought the trophy home. Dallas has been given much respect so quit wasting your time whining and complaining about not getting even more respect. Enjoy it because soon the next season will come around and everyone will be equal again and you’ll wonder why you didn’t have time to relish the victory.

      • Idris says:

        who said i was a mavs fan. :p

        and an nba podcast, the first one after the championship is won, talking majorly about the runner’s up, with the runner’s up fan.

        im sorry but thats just WRONG!

        and totally shows how the media are in love with the totally overated lebron. who is a great athlete but bad shooter and has zero clutch in the most important games. thats what im really annoyed about.

        have the heat based episode next week, but come on.mavs are champs this week,

        and i totally enjoy the finals and totally enjoyed the win, liked reading articles on how mavs won it with team basketball and how they are getting the respect they deserve.

        but 100s of other articles heaping praise doesn’t give the nba the excuse to focus on the LOSERS with their flagship podcast a day after the finals were won by the “other” team.

      • Mark says:

        First of all Dallas did not win with the help of the refs. There was a large disparity in FTA between the Heat and Mavericks, especially in game 6. But most of the games were well officiated. Second, Dallas won because down the stretch the Heat failed to make shoots when it counted. If the Heat players actually made their FT in game 6 their probably would’ve been a game 7. Third, yes Dallas was praised throughout the series, but a majority of the media was focused on what the Heat did wrong or what the Heat could do the next game. Fourth, Dallas did not barely get there. Although they struggled in the first round they were able to close it out in six games. In the semi-finals they swept the defending champs. In the Western Conference Final Dirk showed what a great player he was and carried the MAVS to win in 5. In the finals the MAVS came from 15 points down in the 4th Q to win game 2. Dallas lost game 3, but when on to win three straight games. They closed out in the 4th quarter. and when the chance game to closeout a series throughout the playoffs they did. <- I wouldn't call this barely getting there.

        Most important the Mavs did not play "opportunistic bball." They played with heart. Before the playoffs even began, everyone labled them as "the one and done boys", but they believed in themselves and got to the finals. Yes, some of us do care about the lack of respect the Mavs maybe getting. But most of could careless. What should really matter is what the Mavericks fans and their supporters think, not the media, etc. I know one thing for sure though, the Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions, something no one can take away from them. FYI: I am relishing the victory!!!!!

      • jayke83 says:

        Bad calls by the ref? Ahahaha how about 2006 when Wade won his way through bad officiating? Touch fouls on game 1 was reminiscient of that. And one time Wade got away with offensive interference. Mario chalmers bullied Barea with 2 blatant pushoffs and the refs didn’t seem to mind.

        BTW, opportunities don’t just happen. You make ’em happen.

        The way the fan said that “If Lebron was 45%, they could have won Game 4” was stupid. If you don’t bring your A-game in the Finals then you don’t deserve to be there at all.

        Game 1 and 3 were the first games one by the Heat since 2006. Count them lucky they weren’t swept.