Cho The Right Step For Bobcats

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Michael Jordan gave up his dream of playing baseball after one year and gave up his fantasy comeback with the Wizards after two seasons.

So now is the great one now permanently giving up his role as talent evaluator to focus on the larger role as NBA owner of the foundering Charlotte franchise?

The Bobcats have taken a significant step forward with the hiring of Rich Cho to be the club’s new general manager. In an interview with Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, Rod Higgins said the decision to hire his replacement as G.M. was a simple one:

“He has a unique set of skills that I don’t possess,” Higgins told the Observer. “His analytical mind is a big plus for us. His legal background is a big plus for us.

“I’m a traditional basketball guy, and Rich is a very untraditional addition to our operation here.

“With the value Rich has around the league, we put the pedal to the metal to hire him. There’s huge value in getting this done prior to this draft.”

Cho came suddenly onto the market last month when he was fired after only 11 months on the job in Portland and it came just a few months after Cho and Higgins and worked together on a trade that sent Gerald Wallace from Charlotte to Portland.

The move also comes on the heels of a disappointing season when the Bobcats followed up their first-ever playoff appearance with a dismal 34-48 record and didn’t make the playoffs.

It seemed Jordan made the right move by bringing in Paul Silas as coach to replace Larry Brown in December. But bringing in Cho and giving him the authority to make personnel decisions might be his wisest since wearing a Bulls uniform. This gives M.J. his best chance to make the Bobcats franchise relevant in Charlotte.


  1. Sam says:

    The Wallace trade was brilliant for Portland! I can’t believe they let him go either. Hope he has tremendous success with Charlotte.

  2. Keep silent and watch the playoffs says:

    blazers think they have enough talent so Cho is no longer necessary, MJ did a right move let’s see what kind of hidden gems would Cho provide to his team.

  3. watthe says:

    First good move by MJ…
    I guess MJ knew he got tricked by Rich Cho last year by giving away Gerald Wallace…
    now he’s got the chance to turn that around with the same guy that tricked him…how fitting and such an irony…
    and after that Blazers deal i thought portland would keep the man…
    hopefully he’ll come up with something big for ‘Cats…providing that MJ is willing to spend..

    • Sean says:

      yea i am really suprised that portland let this guy go because he has an obvious eye for talent and knows what hes doing,
      good signing for charlotte!

  4. Cannon says:

    I love this move by the ‘Cats. Cho was brilliant in signing Wesley Matthews and i like what he adds to the organization.