Blogtable: Making A Name For Himself

We’ve asked our stable off scribes to take one last look back at the 2011 NBA playoffs.

Years from now, they’ll say this guy made his name in the 2011 playoffs:

Steve Aschburner: There are so many candidates here. Zach Randolph reinvented himself as a trusted cornerstone layer for Memphis. Russell Westbrook showed his skills (and how raw his game still is). Lakers center Andrew Bynum will be living down his thuggish forearm shiver of Dallas’ J.J. Barea for a long time. Dirk Nowtizki brought out the best in the Thunder’s Nick Collison as a big-man defender. Nowitzki himself changed forever the way he’ll be looked at, though his name was “made” long ago. Atlanta’s Jeff Teague had people wondering how Hawks coach Larry Drew buried him behind Mike Bibby for so long. Among the coaches, Frank Vogel, Lionel Hollins and especially Rick Carlisle will be looked at differently now. But I think Miami’s Chris Bosh enhanced his image the most, showing more game than he was allowed for much of the season and staying above the snark and shenanigans that enveloped LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in the Finals vs. Dallas. And I agreed with Bosh — he should have gotten more than nine shots in Game 6.

Fran Blinebury: Dirk Nowitzki didn’t make his name. But he re-made his reputation with four rounds of consistently clutch performances that should finally shut up all of the off-base critics who ever believed he was soft.Β  The painful memories of 2006 are buried under a 2011 playoff run that stands up to the best of all time.

Shaun Powell: Is it possible for a former MVP to make his “name” years later? Well. After blistering through the 2011 playoffs, highlighted by an epic 48-point game (12-for-15, 24 straight at the line) and then overcoming a finger injury, a fever and the Big Three in the NBA Finals, we can say that about Dirk Nowitzki.

John Schuhmann: “They” will say Dirk Nowitzki, but I had a pretty high opinion of Dirk before the playoffs began (thought he was a top two or three MVP candidate). So I’ll say Zach Randolph, who hadn’t been in the postseason since 2003. Randolph began to rehab his rep last season, but these playoffs probably changed a lot of people’s opinions of him as a player and a team leader, including mine.

Sekou Smith: Dirk Nowitzki. I know, I know, all we talk about is LeBron James. But “years from now” James might have conquered his Finals stage fright and everyone will remember what was most important about this postseason, and that’s the winners. He made so many big shots at big moments that his highlight tape from the playoffs alone should take weeks to put together. Nowitzki changed his legacy during the Mavericks’ two-month run to the title. So did Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Rick Carlisle, Mark Cuban and basically everyone else affiliated with the Mavericks. Winning it all has a way of doing that.


  1. alexe says:

    anybody who blames refs for a playoff series loss just doesn’t understand basketball. refs make mistakes. it goes both ways. they don’t favor anybody. if you disagree, you haven’t watched enough nba basketball

    • Steve Mumford says:

      There were questionable calls that went against both teams. The Mav’s were the hotter team going into the finals IMO so I picked them to win. Miami struggled to score throughout the playoffs. I was surprised by how good Dallas was defensively against the Heat,however. The general consensus was that Miami would have a easier time scoring against the Mav’s than they did against Boston/Chicago but that thought was completely wrong.

  2. rhinojack says:

    LeBron James is a cooties

  3. victor says:

    What about Manu, the MAN played with a borken arm, he has always been tough but come on that is another level.

  4. Who’s better Zach or Lebron popcorn??
    Zach showed that there needs to be in the spotlight to be a playoff player.
    Learn Lebron !!!!!!!!

  5. Stankonia says:

    It takes a whole team to win a championship! Miami has probably the best individual players, but neither LeBron nor Wade are that dominant (unlike Shaq in his prime e.g.) to win by them self.
    The Bulls aren’t a bunch of stars and are going to make it next year. GO D-Rose!!!

  6. j.m2-flight says:

    i bought a lebron james phone yesterday, but i cant tell when people call because it has no ring

    i asked lebron for change for a dollar and he gave me 3 quarters. i said “hey i asked for change for a dollar” he said sorry i don’t have a fourth quarter

    why didn’t lebron go to college? because he couldn’t take the finals

  7. Joe Smith says:

    The custodian Brian Cardinal made his mark I say……hahaha πŸ˜‰

  8. #BULLS says:

    I think that the champion of next year will be determined by what Dwight does this summer. If nothing major happens I see the Bulls or Miami representing the east in the finals and winning. I got a feeling lebron and derrick rose will come back a little better then before

  9. philippines says:

    Lakers & Heat 2012 NBA Finals…no doubt!!!!

  10. Rayan says:

    The NBA is rigged. Ask me why

  11. juan says:

    dirk is the best player in the world rite now!!!!!!!!
    and rick carslile is the best coach, better than phil jackson!!

  12. Tony says:

    wow Lebron admits of being bum in finals and says he is ready to work on his game but here is heat fan saiyng lebron was trhe best player in the finalls Dirk had just more points. looooooooooooooooooool. lebron had zero impact in 4th quarters and that is whne the winner and losser is decided. 14 points total in 6 4th quarter finals combined. Dirk had 13 in game 2 alone. Dirk avarge 10.5 points in 4 quarter. u cant even comapre the two.

  13. Tony says:

    u guys seen that famous beer cammecial ” the most interesting man” imagine him saying , i dont always make my shots but when i do i prefer to be in the 4th quarter.

  14. ATLhawks says:

    hawks coach larry drew is stupid jeff teague is a beast that was a horrible trade they did they would be alot better with jo crawford

  15. Mpls612 says:

    Which player from the heat slept with Bron’s mom this time. LOL…. Real Talk tho, Dallas did deserve to win the championship even tho I wished they hadn’t since I was rooting for the other guy. Dallas played better all around game and that’s wat it comes down to. I got a whole new respect for Dirk, for someone who’s considered a top player in the league but doesn’t have much of the atlethic skills/ability as other top players, he proved that hard work and patience really pays off. Refs do play a big part, but it seemed to me the calls were going both way. What makes a difference is when the calls were made, and that’s that. LeBron let me down as a closer in the finals, but I kno(hope) he learns frm the decisions he didn’t make at the end of the games. Him attacking the rim or the zone had much better chance of getting a bucket for him or his teammates. Lebron only 26 have enough time and WILL get his ring whether ppl agree wit me or not. It’s inevitable!!! As to players who stepped up, ranked up, only two made my list. Z-BO and J.J. Barea. If Troy (one series) Hudson got a nice contract after the wolves playoff agianst the lakers, J.J. should def get a nice conctract.

  16. alfredisonfire says:

    damn man what about chalmers? He isn’t noticed at all?

  17. My bad for missing berrea, greg.

    Joe buck you are crazy, lebron was the best player in the finals, dirk just played better and had more help.

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      ??????????? LJ was best, Dirk was better?????????????????
      who is then the best???????????????? LOL

  18. no matter how many trophy you will get if you did not win the heart of people is useless says:

    HMMM..Blaming coach Spoelstra every time the Heat lost and praising only Lebron and Wade if the Heat wins? So where is Spoelstra when the Heat destroy Celtics and Bulls? James did not play well that is why Heat was lost in the final period… No need to blame anybody elase….

  19. fade away says:

    who has the greatest fade-away in the history of NBA??
    LJ has it..he fade-away every 4th QT of the final series bwahahaha

    boy there’s a lot kool-aid drinkers here! LoL

  20. bigboy11 says:

    the heat could not dominate the inside on Dallas and that was their weakness, their best 3 point shooter was on the bench Jones,bibby could not hit the basket if it was 1ft from him,the heat depended on the big 3 too much whenever one of them was sitting on the bench if they have a lead they lose it .defense could not beat Dallas they have too much offense and they got the main players of the heat tired with that zone defense

  21. bigboy11 says:

    the heat did great this season for me, playing with the worst bench averaging like 10 pts in the finals ,playing without a center and a good point guard and i think they could have tried Dampier IN THE FINALS,THE REASON THEY got this far is because of those 3 good players, Dallas is a very good team with a great coach were just too much for the Heat this is gonna be the weakest heat team i’m sure they gonna get better bench players and a good point guard and a decent center maybe NENE he wants to play for Miami

  22. Joe buck says:

    The best player in the finals was clearly Dirk, he came up clutch time after time and his team won it all you can’t really argue with that. Z-bo also carried his team at times with great peformances, the man looked unstoppable at times. Before Lebron got to the finals he has a great playoff series.
    D-rose came up clutch down the stretch of a few games but he was overratted, he shot terriblly and took to many shots

    • Nick says:

      I agree D.Rose shot to many shots. But look at their team and tell me who else can handle the offense along side of him. This is why Chicago needs another guard who can help D,Rose

  23. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    are you serious? Spolestra is second best coach in NBA right now??

    here is the list of coaches who are in NBA are way better than Spolestra,

    Doc Rivers
    George Karl
    Rick Carlisle
    Gregg Popovich

    better coach not always win. Yeah i know some of them lost but, here is the thing if any of those 4 coach miami , it will be a different story. Doc lost to miami but anyone who play basketball and watch NBA can definitely tell and 100% agree that he is better than Spolestra. Doc can manage all the ego and immaturity and make his team better. even miami fans wanted doc for next year. imagine his big 3 are 5 years younger and no injuries, should have been scary. GK deal with all melo drama and still wins alot, then took his no stars team to playoffs and one awesome coach. Rick Carlisle just won NBA champion and out coached Spolestra. and pop you can’t leave pop out if you gonna talk best coaches in our time and in history. he is with the like of Larry Brown, phil jackson, Jerry sloan and so on… as one of the best coaches in NBA. (that’s just the list of coaches everyone know who are better than Spolestra) there are more coaches in my opinion who i think are better, such as Mike D’Antoni, Stan Van Gundy, Doug Collins, Scott Brooks… and so on. i am not saying Spolestra is bad but it is ridiculous to say he is 2nd best coach (probably cuz miami finished 2nd??) in NBA right now. i think miami will be much better with Pat Riley or Rick Adelman coaching them

  24. tyler says:

    i say jeff teague. being in from georgia i see all the hawks games and couldnt figure out myself why jeff was always on the bench. hes a big reason the hawks played the way they did this post season

  25. cp3 says:

    is it just me or is was cp3 underrated in the playoffs sure his team didnt win but he had outstanding games anyways i think the best PLAYERS in the playoffs were CP3 Z-bo Marc gasol and D-wade also Lebron ( out of the finals ) the worst/most overrated were Dirk ( sure he was good FROM THE line n i aint hating on the mavs they disserved to win over the heat the heat gave horrible effort in the 4rth quarter anyways so Dirk lebron ( in the finals ) D-rose probably most overrated due to the fact that he avg like 27 shots a game shooting like 35% thats horrible

    • DeeWig says:

      You’re saying the Finals MVP was overrated? Wow, you obviously didn’t watch any of the playoffs and your grammar is horrible lol

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      I think cp3 was very bad in the playoffs never came in to play, and had to go after first round. LOL

      DIRK 2nd best all time playoff-performer after MJ.

  26. k89 says:

    i enjoyed seeing roy come back strong, for the time it lasted

  27. Mo says:

    I feel miami never really needed LeBron, they should have just traded for Bosh, would have had a bit more salary cap, and could have pick up another piece, some nice small forward out there, not sure who was available last summer though. I mean with Wade and LeBron, too much confusion in the backcourt, and I feel like they are pretty similar in their playing styles, aggresive to the hoop, can hit the mid range shot consistantly, and also kind of a three point threat… kinda lol, it takes away from their aggressiveness and their decision making, the ability to take over a situation and making proper decisions is dimished. They probably think that they have each other to fall back on, when in reality, with only one of those two, they can be more aggressive and create opportunities for the other players without seeming like a ballhog to the other Without LeBron, the heat role players can actually do their job, and Erik Spolestra would have one less ego to satisfy and can be more flexible with the rotations

    • cp3 says:

      agreed 100% they should have got an of the ball player lebron and dwade are both great players but they need the ball they dont usualy play of the ball

  28. Vincent says:

    Zach Randolph was impressive in the playoffs. Things can only get better for the Grizzlies because they made their playoff run without Rudy Gay and with his return next season the, Grizzlies will be more formidable, even the Lakers and the Mavericks will have a hard time defeating them in the playoffs.

  29. Mavs 2011 says:

    J.J Barea was great in this playoff,now about Dirk everybody knews that he was gonna shine but he raised his play to another level.Please stop comparing ALLEN IVERSON with Lechoke,is true that iverson havent a ring but the difference is that IVERSON always plays with one thing that is called HEART,Lechoke doesnt have one,and IVERSON doesnt have a team like miami.

    • cp3 says:

      Dirk didnt shine sure he had decent 4rth quarters but thats because of horrible defense and extreme flopping to get to the line the mavs should have and did win over the heat but dirk did not play all that well

      • DeeWig says:

        Dirk didn’t play well? Single handedly brought them back in game 2 and hit the game winner…almost brought the Mavs back by himself with 15 in the fourth in game 3…hit the game winner in game 4 with a fever…I don’t even have to say the rest. I don’t know what you were watching but you’re super wrong

      • slnGa says:

        really? did you watch game 2? 4? 5? and 6?

    • LA fan for life says:

      i say one more time LeBrone isn’t on 100 all time greats and iverson is in my opinion. I will never forget that he allmost beat shaq and kobe in finals they plyed i think at least 2 finals as they were eaqel. respect to iverson

  30. Greg says:

    You really missed JJ Barea on this list…

  31. Richard says:

    Dirk was expected to shine.. I’ll give it to JJ Barea and JJ Terry for providing spark to mavz…

  32. This is my list:
    Mark Gasol
    (this is not in order.)

  33. Tj says:

    Oh, and give me a break, Dirk was a first ballot hall of famer before he won a title. Now he’s in the pantheon.

  34. Tj says:

    God some people are morons. The Heat had a dramatic free throw advantage in the last game and still couldn’t win. I thought the officiating went decently. The refs are always gonna blow calls. If you think your team lost the series because of refs then you’re a moron (unless you’re a Mavs fan and you’re talking about 2006). Heat just got outplayed. Simple. You wanna look why the Heat lost, look at Lebron’s free throw/three-pointer ratio. Three FTs a game? That’s amazingly low. Plus, the Heat had no answer for Dirk, Barea and Terry.

  35. JKey says:

    When Dirk was down, his team lifted: Barea,Jet, Kidd, Stevenson, etc. I know Barea had a bit of a bad start, but the change to have him start was fantastic.

    The Heat were good with runs, but I’m amazed at how Wade and James failed to capitalise on going to the paint (James having low FT attempts, Wade was much better). Well done to the Mavs this year and giving Kidd, Dirk and Terry a ring for the oldies. Let the new kids play for it next season.

  36. Stan4qtr says:

    whoever thinks dallas got lucky obviously never seen basketball these guys played in the western conference were comptition is always far best from the east they played a hot portland team in some cases belived that could beat dallas then to sweep the former champs was something no one expected and okc was a much younger athletic team and dallas overcame the odds then to beat miami and all the thype behind them and 3 superstar players compred to age wonders dallas has was impressive itself and lets remeber they beat them in 6 not 7 to say the refs gave dallas called is idiotic the game was ref at a fair level and the better team won. Let go Mavs!

  37. Elliot says:

    “Chris Bosh enhanced his image the most”

    this is a joke yeah? Chris Bosh? after LeBron he choked the most. Quick Bosh is guarding Dirk! get the ball to Dirk! is pretty much how it went.

  38. Bill says:

    Why doesn’t lebron drive manual? because he doesnt know what clutch is!

  39. luis says:

    nuff said already! they all had their chances but fell short..only the best players came on top and now they are celebratin coz they are the deserving champs! You did it Mavs!!! Congratulations!! πŸ˜€ hope to see you next year at the 2012 finals against our laker team with our big 3 —dwight, kobe and gasol knocking at your door!

  40. HeatWade says:

    wow they forgot to mention Tyson Chandler…
    he’s the big part next to Nowitzki of the Mavs success this post season…
    I’m a heat fan but man chandler was just awesome keeping the ball alive for the mavs…

  41. LANDIM says:


  42. Ri says:

    Marc Gasol..

  43. Nick says:

    No love for JJ Barea? He was a total nothing before the playoffs began and basically did what he wanted against the 2 time defending champs and the team with 3 superstars!!

    Dirk and Randolph are top players but they already had a rep as really good players.

    • Sweet Potato says:

      Brian ‘The Custodian’ Cardinal!!!

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      Did you watched a Mavs game? nothing before the playoffs??? He did in the playoffs, what he did th whole season. Attacking the basket. Did you ever heard his nickname??? PUERTO RICO IVERSON

  44. sombered heat fan says:

    ok, people, imma heat fan, but seriously, its over. mavs won because they executed thier game plan, which was dirk, dirk dirk, and a load of 3’s, sprinkled with some D. so can ya’ll shut up? heat fans, including me, wait till next year, we will win as soon as we get a PG or center. we have some young centers on the roster that we drafted last year, we dont know yet if theyre ready though.
    now for who made thier name: dirk is now a first ballot hall of famer. bosh now has made the heat twice as scary, and so help me god if they get a decent center( chandler is a free agent, mavs fans) and a PG.zach randolph makes the grizzlies looka t thier needs differently, now they need a shooter, unlike they thought in the beggining of the year. james harden makes everyone realize the thunder will be in a major finals rivalry with heat for years to come. and tiago splitter, though he wasnt that effective, makes everyone realize the spurs do have a next generation, in hill, blair, and splitter.

  45. Maverico says:

    I read most of the comments until now, and as I sit here at 2:51AM (MST). I’ve had a chance to reflect on most of the venom and some decent comments shared since the Mavs won game 6. In short, I must say not too many real Basketball Fans have expressed their opinions regarding the comings and goings regarding the 2010-2011 NBA Championship. That is not all bad or by no means all good. In any event, after reflecting I can only add the following: The Decision was bottom line based, the big three (so called) have not truly defined themselves as of yet. Albeit, they have had moments of teamwork wherein the other Heat players are considered important and are allowed to contribute, when the Heat are caliente and resemble the makings of a championship team. Nuff said about Heat, except like some of the finest relationships time and well placed brotherly love, the Heat too can be great Champions, but not through any short cuts.

    As for the Mavs, when they blew through the Western Conference I knew the only team that could possible challenge them would be the Thunder, but they too need a little more time and continued heapings of brotherly loving kindness and hopefully their rough edges will be polished smooth as precious gems.

    Congrats Mavs, enjoy your Rings, your Chip and continue to carry the torch for the entire NBA and in doing so you can’t avoid bringing more BasketBall Fans to the NBA.

    NBA Fan since 1963 whose first NBA team were the Lakers. For the most part I still am a Laker fan, but I mostly just want to be inspired by a great game based on team concept where great defense leads to many offensive opportunities.

  46. Lakers4eva says:

    Congratulations Mavs, give credit where credit is due! Kobe went missing, Durrant went missing, Lebron went missing have to credit Rick Carlisle and Mavs defensive execution for taking out the three best attacking players in the nba on the way to there championship….well done.

  47. maurizio says:

    when u don’t coach ur team, and u left ur most important players to do what they want just because u r scared about their possible reactions that could take u to be…fired, and ur team is not saring the ball, never, u stand on the bench looking at wade and james playing every possesion one agaist five and u r just happy when they score…and u don’t say absolutely anything…u r not the right coach.
    no team can win without playing defence (and miami played good D) but no team can win without sharing tha ball as well. and they NEVER did it. mavs are well coached, every player has a role and every player is involved in the project, sure everyone in a different way, but they r a…team. simply. and when the ball is heavy cause of pressure, since pivotal game5 of the finals…and ur superstars are confused…u need a system which can help u. and he didn’t work on it all the year…sharing the ball doesn’t mean to give the rock to the teammate because u r afraid of taking responsabilities…but if u don’t coach it all the year…u can not find it at supermarket before game 6 of the finals. forvige my terrible english πŸ™‚ maurizio

  48. rowena says:

    Congratulations to Dirk and the MAVS!! so proud of you guys!! – from a fan here in the Philippines πŸ™‚

  49. kev says:

    I dont really understand all the hate for lebron its not like he has broken the law or anythin? he changed the place he works to work with his mates every person would move jobs to work with their mates and have a better chance of success if they could, if u ask every coach in the league would u sign lebron james there answer would be YES, he still is the most gifted all round player in the league today every team in the league would want him fact even the Cavs coach would want him back

  50. DrizzyVegas says:

    You guys are complaining on how Miami have it easy with the refs on their side. Mavericks got lucky throughout the playoffs???? I mean, they could’ve easily been swept by the Blazers if Roy was put in earlier and Oden was actually healthy. And if Caron was playing, he would completely mess up the rotation that led Mavs to the championship. Other than that, LakersFan4Life. SWAG!!

    • DeeWig says:

      A bunch of shoulda, coulda, woulda coming from Lakers fans. Mavs are the 2010-2011 champs. Bottom line. MFFL

  51. YG33 says:

    Is it just me or are the finals video recaps of the lakers a bit more dramatic at the end? Dallas barely celebrated lmao

  52. NateDawg says:

    lots of trash talking here and putting down other teams…
    wonder if any of y’all can back up the trash talk and able to play ball
    like any of these nba players… i bet none can..

    so don’t hate toooooo much, coz i don’t think any of us can do any better
    than any of these amazing athletes.

  53. Jed says:

    The Mavs players has been rewarded for their hardwork and loyalty to their team specially Dirk and Jason Terry , they waited for the right guys to come like Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, J. J Barea and Tyson Chandler to join their roster, they stay humble and didn’t brag about how good their team is!!!…unllike Lebron who abandoned not just his team but lot of hopefull folks in cleveland just to team up with other superstars cause he thinks that’s a sure way to a nba titlle…well, we all know what’s the is a 5 man game not just 3 superstars…well do it first before you brag something…back it up!!!

    • slnGa says:

      LBJ leave the cleve cause he knows he cant win by himself.. he cant carry the clevs.. so he need another superstar to carry him…. Wade is a Great Player, but he cant carry a baby that is 6-8 200+ lbs while playing the game.. LBJ is a Baby..

  54. Buyaka says:

    I know Charles Barkley is already super famous and all, but he is definitely the one who proved himself. I mean….he was right about every single playoff series this year, right?
    I am never going to side with Kenny again.

  55. Mark says:

    This happens every year. I remember some fans saying PJ should be fired when the Lakers lost to the Celts. Still, fans of the losing team will also find a way to blame the refs. Really, it goes on and on and on…

  56. Tony says:

    Gime Dirk,Wade,or Koby when game is one the line. lebron didnt help his team in any 4th quarter in finalls. if he was in the bench maybe some body else could step it up and help heat put up some points.

  57. Andrei Eiram says:


  58. Tony says:

    Here we go again. Bunch of 15 year olds blaming refs and whining. stop whining so much like ur boy James. Miami had like 45 free throws in game 6 vs 11 for dallas and the ref was on our side. grow up man.
    secondly i was ready ablog that was fuuny but very true. somebody wrote ” lebron didnt go to collage cuz he didnt want to take the finalls.”

  59. Lee says:

    Z-bo showed everybody that he can be a leader and a cornerstone of a franchise.. good job.. i think he rouse to the occasion, i give Dirk my close 2nd

  60. Twin Towers never win championship. David Robinson and Tim Duncan Did it.

    Trio All Star never win championships but Celtics won it on Four.

    What lesson this teaches us? In basketball everything is possible.

    Coach decides the CHEMISTRY. PLAYERS WIN GAMES, COACHES LOOSES IT. Coach Erik should bench LeBron give him some rest, because his minutes is too high guarding 3 point guards..

    As for MIAMI HEAT it takes time to mold Chemistry, they are doing well….

    Dallas won because THEY PUT A STOP TO THE MIAMI TEAM. Zone defense is DALLAS OFFENSE.

  61. Aussi_Rob says:

    I think Chris Bosh would have been better off at the Bulls where he could be a true No.1 option. Yes his low post game needs a lot of work, and he need to bulk up a little more to have a greater presence in the paint, but that aside, give him a good coach and a trainer and the magic will happen. He is a confidence player and if presented with the opportunity i am sure he could flurish! He is a much better player then Boozer, and he could take some of the heat off D.Rose as the No.1 scoring option. Memories (John Stockton – Carl Malone). Add to that combination D.Wade of 2010 (pre-James) and you have an HUMBLE NBA team that could win championships back to back!

  62. NBARAW says:

    Get Bosh’s snake outta your mouths people… Are we speaking of the same “beast” who dropped to his knees in tears after getting dominated? pathetic! at best he knocks down his wide open/spot-up 15-18ft shots and has a few moves. But he’s awefully Weak on D, lacks toughness, and is in dire need of the weight room and a sandwich. If you think Bosh is a “beast” you probably havn’t been around the game long enough. When you speak of “beast” you should be reminded of the “mailman”, D. Howard, Shaq, (in his prime) the dream, Dr. J and others. Bosh is no comparrison. 24 and 12 last year? He played for the ever miserable RAPTORS!! Brian Cardinal would average 24 and 10 in Toronto. decent player in the league. But a “Beast”?? no way.

    • NBARAw agree with you 100% about CHRIS BOSH….I’ve said it since day dot, Miami getting Bosh was a mistake, they need a player like Tyson Chandler to do the dirty work. they have all the points they need in LeBron and Wade….Bosh needs to go….

  63. kups-ka says:

    LoLakers – lost a lot of money betting for the heat! before you were so cocky and so arrogant about your predictions, now you are a cry baby complaining about officiating. That’s what loosers do! hahahaha.

    Get over it, and hope that Lebron will learn how to drive stick shift by next seacon since he has no clutch!

  64. Lacedogg says:

    I don’t get it…the heat were 2 wins from a championship and people are calling LeBron a choke. In my opinion, its scary that a team can fuse together overnight and come that close to win a championship. Can you imagine when they get comfortable together?

    • BATIBOT says:

      they were two wins away because of wade…

      even if they get comfortable playing together, LeBron isn’t just comfortable in 4thQ.. as simple as that.

  65. jkidd says:


  66. Just like everyone writ off Jordan when he didn’t win a championship for 7 years. They said that scoring champs dont win rings…..The same is going to happen with Lebron and the Heat. It was their first season together and they made the finals when they were not expected to after their regular season struggels. We will see in the years to come…..the heat will shut their critics up for good……

  67. Have we forgotten about Rondo. The little man showed tremendous heart after his gruesome elbow injury. He reached “hero” status in Boston.

  68. paraKnowYaH says:

    I just noticed, everybody stopped talking about D-Rose.. I think that was tremendous to get there that young, that inexperienced and all alone without much help from his team on the offensive side.

  69. The King LeBron James says:

    Fix your spelling Valentino, Fans like you make me and Miami look more stupider

  70. The King LeBron James says:

    THE MIAMI HEAT”S DYNASTY HAS BEGUN! NOT 1, NOT 2, NOT 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10!!!


    • Heat to Bynum says:

      I am telling you Lebron will be following Iverson’s footstep… In another few years time, still without a ring, he will go play in Turkey.

  71. DRose says:

    Memphis rocks…best season for their franchise

  72. valentino says:

    no body expects the heat to be in the finals. people thought that niether boston or chicago will stop the heat in the playoffs. guess what?? they’ve made it in the finals though they fall short of the championship. GIVE them A LOT OF CREDITS. they will bounce back next season. let’s go TEM MIAMI HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • BATIBOT says:

      nobody expected the miami heat to be in the finals? im pretty sure the miami fans did, after all what was that “WE DID IT” party

      in miami all about?

      maybe they can bounce back next season if the NBA will make it just 3 quarters a game.

  73. kev says:

    People forget who Bosh is, hes a perneial allstar; 24 ppg and 12rpg last season..hes still a beast, but hes getting no touches with two of the biggest hogs in the league

  74. lakerfan006 says:

    z-bo really suprised me with his play he really did add alot of emotion to these playoffs and made himself known.
    jj barrea also had a good run, i thought my lakers defense was just horrible thats why he was getting penetration but hes just really good with the pick n roll.

  75. i wonder says:

    those clevelols are angry about lebron coz, they won see they’re team in the finals again or even playoffs to cheer.

    • shoboy says:

      I guess you can never say never, clipps were thrash before then… but with their core added by “good coaching” (no pun intended to coach vinny). they may be able to make the playoffs, cavs are in rebuilding mode, they may not see playoffs for the coming years but we can never really tell

  76. the only people that hate LeBron and those people that spew hate on him on websites are those sorry azzes in cleveland.

  77. bball fan says:

    The Miami Heat players aren’t making any excuses. If Miami fans want to stick by their team then they shouldn’t make any excuse either.

    • agreed says:

      i also agree with this there is no exuse for a loss just work hard and try to win next season its as easy as that and this is comin from one of the sain heat fans

  78. Roy says:

    This playoffs turned out pretty great. A bunch of the elite older teams Celtics, Lakers, & Spurs all fell off the map and the younger guys, Bulls, Thunder, Heat, & Grizzlies all strutted their stuff. The NBA is changing and it’s quite exciting. I’m happy for the Mavs two of the top 10 players at their positions (Dirk PF) & (Kidd PG) both got the ring they deserved and waitied so long for. Gotta give credit where credit is due. At the start of the season I didn’t really mind Miami and expect them to go far because they lacked a good bench who could support their team when the Big 3 weren’t rolling like usual. But they stepped up and made it all the way to the Finals and I lost 10$ betting that Boston & Chicago would beat them. I’m no Heat fan, but I’m a realist. And I can say that Miami is not going anywhere for a while. They will be solid contenders for the next 4-6 years and are bound to win one or two championships.

  79. Todd says:

    This article needs more “air quotes”

  80. ZZZ says:

    LeChoke James definitely made the name. He’s officially LeChoke now!
    I always thought LeChoke was/is good for nothing when/where it counts. But this NBA Final definitely shown that LeChoke is still the cry baby that he is. Miami should have gotten a better help for Dwaye than LeChoke. I said it before, now let me just said again, “I told you so!”

  81. Fair playah says:

    Dirk had just embarked his legacy by winning the ring this year….And for Queen JAMES, better not count the chicks before it’s hatched…You say your gonna win 3, , 5 rings with MIAMI? I bet not…..

  82. Jake says:

    J.J. Barea anyone?

    • cambo says:

      Barrea to sign with another team over summer

      • Paschal says:

        You wish. He’ll be the starter next season, he’s not going anywhere.

      • TC says:

        He will sign with the Lakers, take the starting PG postion, while Bynum comes off the bench πŸ˜›

      • Heat to Bynum says:

        JJ will sign with Lakers as the starting PG, and together with Bynum, they form a good 1-2 PUNCH! πŸ˜›

      • k89 says:

        loll although lakers r in desperate need for a new point guard that little midget pissed me off sooooo much during dallas-l.a. loll

  83. Jump off the Heat bandwagon please says:

    Why is anyone still talking about the Heat? They lost. Get over it. The Mavs are champs for a reason. Once you people get that in your head we can all move on. Sick and tired of hearing about those prima donnas in Florida.

    • agreed says:

      thanks for that post i have to aree with it heck i am a heat fan i i nead to say people we lost its over we will have to work hard next season and try to come back but to any one still complianin after this post why complain a loss is a loss there is always next season

  84. Paschal says:

    One thing I noticed is how important a real point guard is. Derrick Rose and Russel Westbrook need to tweak their games or switch over to the two spot for the Bulls or Thunder to improve. Shoot-first pointguards don’t work.

    • Jake says:

      Unless you were Tony Parker and the Spurs for the last decade. Or Chauncey Billups and the Pistons. Or Isaiah Thomas and the Bad Boy Pistons of yesteryear. Shoot first PG’s can and do work. It just depends on the situation and the make up of the team.

      • Paschal says:

        Eh, all three of those guys were on defensive teams when they got their rings. Billups only spots up after the ball has circulated around and gets back to him, and Parker has very little to do with why the Spurs are good in my opinion (most would disagree, but I don’t think he’s important to their make-up, he’s not bad, but he’s not that great either). Very true about Thomas, that’s a good point, but once again, that team didn’t score a lot did it? You bring up a good point that it CAN work, but most defenses would prefer to go against a point guard who’s looking to shoot, it’s a lot easier to key in on, and you don’t have to work as hard collectively to get stops and snag the defensive board. It’s a flat and predictable way to play offense, most coaches don’t show a young point guard tapes of Isaiah Thomas, it would just encourage bad habits.

      • Jake says:

        Tony Parker was the Finals MVP in 2007 when the Spurs won their latest championship. You want your point guard to be a facilitator as well as a scorer.

    • Cfan says:

      I agree. Imagine Rondo working with Durant and Harden and Ibaka. He’d make Durant look even better than he does now. He’s a better decision maker and Westbrook especially needs to learn this and how best to play his role. It seems like he just forgets about KD sometimes. And while Russ improved dramatically and is a gifted player, Durant is still the best. He needs to remember that. Rose and Westbrook often have poor shot selection and get jumper happy and are inefficient.

      • Le'Trell says:

        it would also help if durant would post up and move without the ball rather than settling for mostly jump shots. also he can’t let the defense make him catch the ball at the 3 point line. he may the best player on the team but he is as bad of a decision maker as westbrook is. durant takes too long to even make decision and ends up turning the ball over. westbrook’s decision making may be bad at times but unlike durant westbrook doesn’t take a long time to make a decision with the ball. also if durant is the player on the thunder as well as being a two time scoring champion and one of the top 10 players in the league, it should not be easy make you get the ball in places you are not comfortable with nor should it be easy to shut you down. in both postseason appearances, the defense has been able to force durant into spots where he is not comfortable as well as shutting durant down all together. not one time has durant been able to get himself open at least more than a few times. he doesn’t move without the ball as often as he should and he never takes advantage of a mismatch when he has it. an example would be on a few occasions when jason kidd was guarding him. that should be a post up all day or a drive to the basket instead he settled for jumpshots. even when he does drive or post up he tends to go away from it very quickly. what people have to understand is that westbrook won’t get durant the ball all the time for two reasons. 1. russell will look to take advantage of any mismatches he has, which 90% of the time he has a mismatch. 2. durant doesn’t do anything to get himself open. if anything the thunder need some more scoring options. if they are going to move harden into the starting lineup, they need someone 1 or 2 more people who can give that kind of production on offense. they also need more offensive plays in their arsenal. their offense is predictable. it’s either get the ball to durant(about 70% percent of their plays are for him) or westbrook

  85. NBAfan says:

    Enhanced their rep:
    1. Dirk
    2. Z-Bo
    3. James Harden
    4. Tyson Chandler

    Took a blow to their rep:
    1. Lebron
    2. Wade
    3. Pau Gasol
    4. Westbrook

    • Jake says:

      Wade was pretty dope in the Finals. Remember he got injured in game 5.

      • Paschal says:

        No he didn’t. And no he wasn’t.

      • NBAfan says:

        Everyone is focusing on Lebron, but Wade was there too and he failed to win it despite having the King and Bosh as teammates. It’s his team after all. That plus coughgate and the pre-training camp parade…he’s still a likable guy and nobody is gonna bad mouth him as much as Kobe and Lebron will get it….but he aint no saint no more….

      • mv3 says:

        yes he did paschal. wade was beast in the finals till he got hurt,.

      • Cfan says:

        But with the mocking of Dirk, the way he flopped and how he went out for a bruise after watching Rondo come back after that sickening dislocated elbow. He’s always on the ground after shooting a shot or either wincing into the camera. As for cough-gate? Overanalyzed, yet I still have to agree with Dirk. Childish and ignorant. After all, he showed up and outplayed them with a high fever, which I’m pretty sure can’t be faked. And how old are these guys supposed to be? Grow up. That’s something I might’ve done in elementary school. Although I agree he played very well during the series and carried his team often. But when it mattered most, when his team was in dire need of a win, he underperformed just like James. Actually, Bosh was the only one of the Big 3 to show up. He’s by far the most likable of the trio, if not the most awkward…

      • NateDawg says:

        agreed… the only two players in the heat roster who played with all their hearts and soul CONSISTENTLY was the original two cast… Wade & Haslem…

        the rest.. i dunno.

        so cannot put Wade on that list… losers or winners, Wade always plays with heart.

      • HeatWade says:

        Paschal is nothing but a Wade hater…
        he’s an idiot…

      • khenny says:

        haslem was miamis x factor throughout the play offs

      • Jake says:

        To Paschal:

        Hmm lets take a look at Dwayne Wade’s performance in the Finals.

        26.5 ppg 7 rpg and 5.2 apg on 55% shooting with 1.5 spg and 1.5 bpg

        Compare that to Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzski.

        26 ppg 9.7 rpg and 2 apg on 41% shooting with .7 spg and .7 bpg

        Looks like D-Wade played at leat as good, and probably better than, Dirk. Dirk absolutely deserved to win the Finals MVP award and he came through for his team in the clutch, but Wade was sensational epecially in the first four games.

    • Andrew says:

      Im a Mavs fan but u have to agree that Wade was awesome in the finals, well in the first 4 games, then again he wasnt too good during the Eastern playoffs. And i think JJ Barea deserves a mention about his rep, he tore up miami!

  86. Dino says:

    How about Taj Gibson? Joakim Noah? Chicago’s front court in the playoffs have been nothing but beast!

  87. Pearl says:

    Looks like Shawn Marion and Mark Cuban are using alchemical water and ancient battle techniques in order to beat Miami on their home court. It apparently makes their body and mind operate at adrenalin enhanced speeds. Is this considered an illegal substance? Here is a webpage describing what they might be using: Please look at the bottom of the webpage for more information.

    • Duh says:

      Magic potion? Space jam..hahaha

    • Gie says:

      What in the world you’re thinking?

    • Marvan says:

      Hey Bro – What’s all the hype about this water. I had seen it mentioned elsewhere so I checked out the website and it certainly is something different. I am all for this kind of stuff as long as it’s legal.

      • Nathan says:

        I would really love to know what this buzz about these Power drink is all about. Maybe other teams will start using it if its legal.

  88. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    LOLakers is BACK!!!





    • Leblown says:

      Lebron is a joke. Ive lost so much respect for him the way he responded with all his post game comments. He’s shown time and time again that he cannot lead a team and continues to prove it. Bosh got a lot more rep with me the way he showed how much he wanted to win and is a huge contrast to Lebrons douchebaggery.

      “At the end of the day all the haters are going back to their normal everday lives and I’m just gonna do my thing”

      yeah, everyones going to leave their imaginary, happy world where miami lost and go back to the normal world… where miami lost.

      • nba/fan says:

        Lebron should have joined college basketball before he joined the NBA. Skills and Talent were born with genetically but leadership, responsibility, teamwork and patience is learned from school.

      • DrizzyVegas says:

        @nba/fan are you high??? Kobe, Kevin Garnett, and Tyson Chandler all have won championships and have never gone to college. smh…..

    • Best game ever says:

      hahaha! true, LOLakers didn’t even see tthe charges that Mario Chalmers made and got away with, and all the flopping of the Heatles. Blaming your teams lost in the officials is pure childish just like your team. Until you guys specially LBJ learns how to accept defeat in the utmost level, Heat will not win a ring

      • heatwoops says:

        i remember the mavs wining about the refs in ’06 so i dont see why heat fans cant say anything about that this year. refs were calling bs loose ball fouls on the heat.

      • KGFan says:

        Yeah, and you would know because loose ball fouls are so obvious to pick and you aren’t watching the guy with the ball 90% of the time. Please.

  89. EDC says:

    Dallas is not lucky!!! It’s very touching that they won. The Mavs went to the finals 5 years ago, they lost! They exit in the first rounds and second rounds in the next 5 years. and this year nobody believe in them, alot thought the Blaszer could beat them, but they won. alot thinks Lakers with have a tough series with them but they sweep them. alot thinks a even tougher series with the young and energetic OKC, but they beat them easily and made the Finals as the underdogs to play Miami Heat. It’s a differnet team comapre to 5 years ago. They still have their main guy Dirk. Think about all the talents they gain throughout these years. Jason Kidd, Terry, Marion, Chandler. Seriously who would ever thinks these guys could get a ring? Their shot ain’t lucky! Dallas is a good three pointers team and a good defensive team. It’s Miami who underestimated them. Both teams are good defensive teams, but I just don’t know what Erik Spolestra thinks? Miami is a good 3pters team as well, they got Chambers who stepped up, they got a good 3pts shooter Mike Bibby, but they benched him in game 6, James Jones, the 3pts champ, is benched as well. Queen James is playing with pressure and is not play well at all in the finals. cleveland owners is right, there’s no shortcut to crown champs. Look back to the jordan era, the whole Bulls team (Pippen, Kerr, Kukoc, Longley, Harper, Rodman) all raise the level, the ability and the heart to win a championship. Unlike James, Cleveland is willing to build a team around him, they got Mo Williams for him, they got the Big diesel for him, they got jamison for him, what did he do? He can’t beat the Celtics so he quits and bring his talents to south beach to join Wade and Bosh. he thinks it’s a dream team, a shortcut for a ring, but there’s not shortcuts. Dream teams never wins!!! Look at the Lakers before with Kobe, Shaq, Payton and Malone!!! they lost to the Pistons. The big 3 aint gonna win a championship together believe it or not, who’s gonna step down? is WADE a PIPPEN? or is LEBRON a PIPPEN? Bosh is always the third guy, he can never climb to the first or second spot in this team, I feel he’s emotional about this, that’s why he ended up crying so many time this series.

    • David says:

      Dallas wouldn’t have made it past the Lakers if they hadn’t been so used to winning and if Pau didn’t have personal issues at the time.

      • khenny says:

        i know pau is so gay nowhere to be found during play offs. lakers just entirely screwed up this season, otherwise we wd be celebrating their 3peat right now. im just mad thats how phil jackson ended his career

      • shoboy says:

        Im a laker fan… but I don’t like to bring issues as an excuse for losing, as per wade “when you’re on the court, you’re on the court”. Clearly Pau didn’t show up during the playoffs (which really disappoints most of laker fans). Let’s just hope to contend next year. Although, i’m no fan of Coach Mike Brown. If I was to choose, i’d rather take Adelman, buuutt, what can I do.. just hope this is the best for the Lakers.

  90. jackswag says:

    leBron said they will win “Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five not six, not seven” rings.

    I guess he was aiming for ZERO. what a moron. much like his fans

    • lakerfan006 says:

      haha i dont get why people think lebron is so great, his post up game is horribe considering his size and his jump shot is suspect, kobe and wade are way better players!! especially kobe, kobe doesnt really have speed or hops, or length like durant and dirk have, but its the skills and fundelmentals he has that make him one of the all time greats.

  91. kiwifan says:

    dwight howard people. he was puttin up wilt numbers! he almost carried the underperforming magic on his back past the hawks (who were underrated).

  92. cool knick fan says:

    Z-Bo was incredible and so was Marc Gasol. jeff teague was great. and Dirk had one of the greatest playoff runs of all time. congrats mavs. this was an unbeliveable playoffs, now lets hope Knicks win, even though i think its heat and thunder and heat will win. anyway congratulations to Re-Dirk-ulous Nowitzki and the Mavs.

  93. woot! says:

    @rich, it’s not only heat fans here but entire miami area is infected with bandwagon effects. check the following link . they think the heat are all that. even before game 6 they printed as miami being champion. come on now. that just arrogant and pathetic

  94. Z-BO says:

    No one made more of an impression on the general public than Z-BO. He was tremendous. I think the entire Grizzkies team but particularly him and Tony Allen were outstanding.

  95. LOLakers says:

    If it wasn’t for all of the lucky shots and refs the Heat would be making their name now! Specifically though I was impressed by the way Bosh was playing! Why didn’t he get more shots? Spolestra needs to go! He has no idea what he’s doing!

    • Rich says:

      Correct ! If not for James and Chalmers lucky buzzer beaters and refs playing on their side, the MAVS would have swept them and made the worst name for the Heat.
      Even Heat fans becoming to sound like Lebron, that’s just pathetic man !

      • LOLakers says:

        The refs were on the Heat’s side? What game were you watching? Wade and Lebron got hacked and there was an obvious flagrant foul on Cardinal that was called just a regular foul! And I remember a couple of BS charging calls too! You can’t just turn what I said around and hope it sticks you need to actually have a legitimate case otherwise you just look stupid!

      • Viper139 says:


      • Sam says:

        Nice response.

      • kups-ka says:

        wow how about the flagrant fould of howard to stevenson? the double drible of lebron james? the traveling of dwayne wade? you complaining about the none call but if you will look at the discrepancy on the free throws you will see th big difference in favor of Miami. Miami lost because they didn’t convert their free throws and Lebron choke like he always thus.

        If you will complain about unfair officiating, you should watch the 2006 finals? Get over it! Miami lost because Lebron choke after game 1. bwahahahahaha

      • golakers says:

        hmm nobody in the entire nba league gets more phantom fauls than lebron james.

      • Drew says:

        Just face it. King James looked like King Tamed in the fourth quarter of every single game, regardless of what you think of the officiating. If it wasn’t for Bosh heroics at the end of Game 3, the Mavs would have wrapped it up in 5. Done.

      • Yesh says:

        I once lended lebron one dollar and when he had to pay up he couldn’t find his 4th quarter

      • ROC says:

        That was great man, you know if lebron just showed the monster in him, dallas would be swept. Php thought that lebron was MAFIAD. Based on the finals games from 4-6. He can beat everyone on the court, he can outrun, dunk and blocked shots from everyone. but he is afraid of something else like Jordan did. but jordan showed his love of the game even though his father’s life was then at stake…Observe the games from Quarter, Semis and the Finals….Lebron guarder by Kidd ohhh, that was F—!

      • marq123 says:

        did u live in a rock for the NBA Finals the refs were CLEARLY making call after call that seemed to always favor Dallas and the Mavs sweeping the heat u must have been as high as deshawn stevensin when he got arrested.

      • marq123 says:

        u guys must not know ur calls bcus if u did and if u actually watched the finals(yeah u watched it i was there) then you wuld know that the “bad calls” the heat got were either miscalled or b.s. calls for dallas like whenever the heat drew an actual blocking foul that was clearly legit the refs would always call it a charge even though the defender was moving, feet weren’t set, and there were in the restricted area several times and then said “if he catches it in the restricted area it is a charge” which was bull they knew it, i know, u know it thatsa block which deserves free-throws and thats just one example and the heat got a special call on the double dribble if it was not called for travelling then he is allowed a dribble hence forth that is either a refs stupidity or 2 bad simutaneous calls . anymore cuc ive got time to make a lot of u “know it alls” look stupid so yeah and one more thing u haters u criticize the heat but didint they make it to the finals and i know nono of u were rooting for them to win it all when the play-offs started so didn’t the heat make it farther than ur team did so yeah laugh at that hahahahaha the team that is better than ur team is the team that ur laughing at.
        p.s. u can’t spell heat without hate you “i think i know something but i really don’t” miami heat haters hahahahahahaha!

    • Paschal says:

      You’re grasping at straws. I knew there were gonna be a few of you deuschbags left even after we won it all. You want bad calls? Check the 2006 finals and what Donahugh said about Danny Crawford. I’d bet my bottom dollar you were playing the “cry me a river” card when us Mav fans called that series for what it was, and now it’s you who want to pout about bad calls. It was an evenly called series man, they missed a few our way, and they missed a few their way. Don’t forget-that was an over-and-back in game 3 and we lost by two. Take away that blown call and we win by one. I’m loving this moment in time crybaby, and your sniveling excuses only make it sweeter……BITCH.

      • LA fan for life says:

        Refs are refs they did great job sure they made some mistakes but for the most of the time they were on Wade side + there weren’t a lot of foul situacions that they made game ufair. One team won. If you came down by 15 point’s and win it isn’t the refs foult. Miami had to read from the paper that they gave them every final becouse they would made themselvs fools like LeBron did when he mentioned after game 6 and then he had to apolagise for that. Nobady are realy Miami haters they just thougt so but there were a lot of people who wanted to see TEAM win not just 3 superstars and it showed in last 5 games what you have to do to win play 4’th quarter like there is no tomorrow Dallas did that Miami just pissed into their pants and throw ball around like it was regular season in last game 3,5 min to go they played def. like they were leading by 12. I have seen euro basketball when Slovenia were up by 15 or 12 it doesn’t matter and in last 3-4 min they scored only maybe 2-4 point so they didn’t go to the finals i was angry at everyting but that is sport you have to play whole game. Respect to Dallas

    • T-mo says:

      How in the world do you figure Spolestra does not deserve to be coach? You have 3 maybe 4 guys on your team who can play serious ball, and a bunch of fill-ins and 3/4’s a season without Miller or even more importantly Haslem, and the team still makes second place in the E.Conference and runners up for the championship. You really need to think before you post “blame fingers” for a team that (with the exception of Wade) under performed or was underutilized (see all the bosh stories right now). In reality, Spolestra is probably the 2nd best coach in the nba right now, and before this last series they lost I would have considered him number one in the nba right now. Numbers speak for them selves. I challenge you to give me a reason though, as to why you believe Spolestra does not deserve to coach the Miami Heat. Thanks.

      • gee says:

        spoeltra should be fired…he kept saying stay the course even when the course wasnt working. he should have used dampier a former mavs who is a beast at the rim and would have given chandler a little problem at the rim and in the paint. he took too long to use house. he was even more scared than james…he will be fired and pat riley will return to the bench.

      • tim says:

        erik spoelstra will not be fired.. he’s going to grow with this team and i see him as the next pat riley if you will… awesome leader on and off the court… a little rough around the edges this year with all the new talent but all n all he will b winning rings with this team n the future… i agree with the comment sproelstra took too long to utilize eddie house… house helped the celtics n 2008 and just has that nastiness and competitiveness the heat were missing (minus dwade of course) but erik dampier… come on!!! with as much rest as they gave big z these playoffs i thought for sure they would have utilized him to spread the floor at the five spot.. with Big Z on the court you generate two things… offensive rebounds and spacing… not saying Big Z was the answer ( and definately not dampier either) cause he’s not… but the rotation used was at best a c+ at the five spot… it was so limited on offense at times the mavericks chose to not even guard our five… but hind sight is twenty/twenty… and i will say this n closing… if we close out game two and execute on offense n the last seven mins of the game… this series would have been ours for the taking… but we toyed with the mavericks too much and payed.. go heat

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Spolestra is not the 2nd best coach in the NBA, not even close. Doc rivers, Gregg Popovich, George Karl, Rick Carlisle, lionel Hollins, Nate Mcmillan etc….. Spolestra is an OK coach at best. As much as i hate the Lakers give Phil Jackson that miami heat team and they would be the champions right now

      • marq123 says:

        i couldn’t agree with u any more.

    • Alex says:

      Stupid comment. A shot gets luckier the better the look is. Mavs got better looks and that’s why their shots went in. That has to do with their offensive rotation as well as the heat’s defensive rotation. The heat got worse looks because they didn’t move the ball as well.

      I suggest you learn more about blocking fouls vs. charges. There are legal positions you can take and non-legal ones. I thought the blocking foul on the custodian was fair. But most of the other charges were good calls. About lebron and wade being fouled. There’s no way to tell unless you look at instant replays. There is no way to determine whether there was genuine foul-worth contact unless you were there as a ref or you watched a close-up replay. Especially given the fact that most players flop nowadays, we have no right to say it should’ve gone one way or another. There were plenty of plays in the heat paint where players seemed to be hacked but there were no calls. As a mavs fan, you learn to let it go. I’m not one to bitch about the heat flopping. Flopping is part of the game nowadays. Ultimately, I don’t see more calls in the paint against the heat than against the mavs. Take your amateurish game-watching elsewhere.

    • Ben says:

      here is a stat tfor you, free throws in game 6: mavs 12-18 heat 20-33… for anyone who can’t tell that means the heat made more free throws than the mavs even attempted and shot a worse percentage. as for charging and flagrants that should have been called on cardinal, he got ran over 3 times in game 5 and got called for a foul, only drawing one charge, meaning he got called for more fouls than he drew. now tell me again how the refs were trying to let the mavs win?

    • boking says:

      Stop whinning.. It’s crystal clear that the Mavs were the better team. Basketball is a team sport and not individual.. Heat must go back to the drawing boards and learned from their loss… Peace man!

    • WOOOOW says:

      oh yeah… the 38 to 18 free throws advantage in that last game in favor of the heat was really on the mavs side right, as well as the block on cardinal where wade got hurt, as well as lebron winking after an obvious flop, oh yeah… but you know what? fine, we won cause of the refs, so I only have one question for you…. HOW DOES IT FEEL? terrible right? well thats exactly how we felt in 06. but you, you got it easy, game 5 and 6 were double digit deficits for you guys… game 5 and 6 in 06 were 1 point and 3 point games respectfully… with the heat shooing 56!!! thats right 56 more free throws than the mavs in those two games… guess you dont have much choice but to deal with it, but please dont go and mess the celebration!!!

      • marq123 says:

        u havn’t had a girlfriend since 06 haven’t u cus ur CLEARLY livivg in the past i hav one peice of advice for Dmavs and olny u GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!! u won this year now go on some dating website find u a girl, love on her, charish her, and stop making stupid cooents like the one u just made. goodbye.

      • marq123 says:

        my comment for Dmavs goes to u to WOOOOOW god bless your poor soul. goodbye.

    • Cfan says:

      Chalmers got away with two offensive fouls. James fouled Marion on the breakaway layup, which is why he missed. The refs aren’t perfect, and bad calls were made on both sides. But the Heat had more than 30 FTs in that last game, the Mavs, much less than that. Their shots were good, wide open looks for the most part, not lucky. Chalmers made the luckiest shot in the series from almost half-court. Actually, the series would have been a lot shorter if the Mavs converted on their wide open looks in Game 3. Barrea and Kidd had quite a few of those. In a 7-game series, the best team wins. You can’t get “lucky” and win four games based on that luck. And the Mavericks didn’t even need all 7 games. They were the better team. If you can’t admit that, then…. Either way, the Mavericks have a ring and the Big 3 of Miami failed to capture it.

    • Josh says:

      quit bein a sore loser

    • Tom says:

      I’m not even a heat fan and i’ll say a lot of the Mavs home games through out the playoffs were ridiculous. I’m a knicks fan so my team was out early haha, but it’s sad that, that 48 point game will go down in history i do give dirk some credit he hit 24 free throws but he should have only went to the line for 8, at most 12 free throws dirk was getting some ridiculous call that game. dirk is an incredible player and i wanted him to win but some of the games idk the calls were “questionable” to say the least.*cough*cough*game 3ofthefinals*cough*cough*andmiamistillwon*cough*cough*

    • DMavs says:

      The Mavericks played at a much lower level the first four games of The Finals, than what they did the three series before that, having say that, I do believe that the Mavs could’ve win the series EASY, NO DOUBT 4-1 if not 4-0. Check out the first 4 games of the series how awful the Mavs were shooting and even then, they still manage to make it a 2-2 series, obviously the last 2 games of the series the Mavs played the same way the had been playing all the other teams (Lakers, OKC…) and it was a “wrap” for the Heat, and if people want to say it was the “refs” obviously that’s a stupid horse to jump on because the refs made mistakes against both sides, and maybe it’s all karma that came back from the 2006 finals since EVERYONE who actually saw The Finals in 2006 knows that the Heat were highly favored by the refs in those series, so much that Mark Cuban was fined for saying it.

    • Ron says:

      Lucky shots….you have no clue. If you make shots like these consistently during the entire year and during the playoffs, they are not lucky. They are BASIC FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS that so many “stars” are lacking these days.
      Mavs won because they simply were the better team.

    • misho says:

      I find coach Eric at fault for keeping Bibby against Barea for too long and realizing it late … especially in games 3 & 4
      Also I can’t see distinguish-able Heat offensive sets, mostly ISO : LeBron/Wade/Bosh going 1on1 and using skill to beat their defenders, and that isn’t a consistent offense and if it got the job done against Bulls and Celtics we saw how that system choked against Dallas .

    • lakerfan says:

      The heat were luky to even get in the finals. And the West is so much better! I have never seen a choach like spoelstra, laughing when your team is down 10points?? Awful!

    • Law064 says:

      Wow now the refs beat Miami. Not the fact that the Mavs were a better team. Not the fact that for 3 straight games Lechoke ahhh Choked in the 4th. Lolakers get real don’t make excuses for the heat losing. Blame Lechoke then blame Pat Riley for filling the roster with 3 reliable stars and a bunch of has beens

      • Kallum says:

        Blame Pat Riley?? Are you serious? He turned a mediocore team (save wade) and made brilliant offseason moves and brought the team to the finals. I am a Miami fan and i still didnt have them winning this year, the better team this year won the playoffs fair and square. But stop saying he chokes because not one of you has been there, they will win 3 or more and everyone knows that. This team was literally created in a year, idk why so many people hate. Just let the game happen.

    • What’s done is done. Heat lost. Just accept it. The Mavs played great basketball, LeChoke James didn’t have an answer for the Mavs D. period.

    • Truth says:

      “Lucky” shots? The Heat would/could/should be doing nothing then what they are doing right now. If anything they really should go Hollywood because basketball isn’t what they are best at, it’s acting. And Chris Bosh is Oscar worthy drawing so many falls for nothing other than looking awkward and falling down.

      Keep deluding yourself into believing anything else.

  96. woot! says:

    in this playoffs i saw some of the best basketball flop i’ve seen in my life. Those performers probably made names for their performances as best nba actors. wink!wink!