Time To Stop Playing The Victim, Miami

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — I’m still waiting for one member of the Heat organization to say: “We brought most of this onto ourselves.”

Not the loss, but the derision.

Not the Mavs’ happy celebration on their home court, but the global victory party that seemed to break out in every place but South Florida.

They still don’t get it.

Not coach Erik Spoelstra, who sat at the microphone in the interview room and talked about how all season long his team had to overcome “the noise.”

Who was it that threw the lavish and presumptuous bash on the same AmericanAirlines Arena floor last summer? Who was it that made entitlement a part of their uniform and locker room ethos?

LeBron James’ comment about the rest of the world going back to its pedestrian problems and lifestyle now earn him a place in privileged history next to Marie Antoinette .

But the biggest question is: How did Dwyane Wade let himself get roped into this Gordian Knot of a dilemma?

When Miami and Dallas last met in The Finals in 2006, it was Wade who elevated his game and lifted himself into the pantheon of NBA heroes, not just for the points he scored, but the manner in which he played and held himself.

In the seasons following, though, he had not been able to claim another title. Wade had maintained his profile by being both a tireless warrior who battled against the odds and a joyous personality who cavorted with Charles Barkley in TV commercials. He was positively embraceable and projected an aura that nothing would ever get him down.

As our main man Greg Stoda observed in the Palm Beach Post, there was definitely a different Wade who walked away from The Finals on Sunday night.

The Heat went from The Decision to The Defeat.

It wasn’t what Dwyane Wade envisioned.

He didn’t see failure – and that’s what Sunday night’s elimination at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks represented – as an option.

Not after LeBron James’ televised announcement (see: The Decision) that he would leave Cleveland to join Chris Bosh, who would leave Toronto, to come to Wade’s basketball family in search of nothing less than multiple titles.

Instead, the Heat went from the summertime hype and promise of the Wade-James-Bosh introductory party in AmericanAirlines Arena to The Defeat that ended its season in the same building.

“There’s an emptiness. We all went through a lot together,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. “It felt like two seasons built into one. The way this team was viewed – right, wrong or indifferent – we became a tougher team.”

Not tough enough.

Dallas did the deed with a 105-95 victory.

“The word ‘choked’ is overused,” Wade said. “We lost the finals. We ran into a team that was better than us.

“You’re never ready for the season to end. you’re always shocked. … Our goal was to win a championship. We didn’t do it in Year 1.”

They say it’s not bragging if you can do it. But Wade and James and Chris Bosh could not and so Year 1 — to use his term — is a yoke they will wear around their necks even if they eventually win the five, six, seven or more championships they fantasized back on July 9 of last year.

The hope has to be that a labor impasse will not produce a long layoff that keeps the Heat from returning to the court to try again. The hope also has to be that having tried James’ anointed, above-it-all, surly approach and failed, Wade might go back to being who he once was and convince his buddy — and the entire Miami organization — to again follow.

Wade paid the dearest price, sacrificing not only some of his game, but a large part of his image and only he can undo that.

It’s time the Heat stopped playing the role of victim. The first step to overcoming a problem is admitting you have one.


  1. Sam says:

    It’s just a game everyone. I think the article is rediculous, its not the first or last time good players will team up. I believe the best fail the most.

  2. Wilson says:

    Shame on the fans who say it was a good year for the Heat, they were the favorites throughout most of the playoffs. And they didn’t perform in the clutch. Saying it was their first year is an excuse, this team was very talented and very capable of winning it this year. If the 2 of the best 3 players in the league had performed in the fourth quarter, they would be champions. Maybe they aren’t as good as we thought they were, especially when they don’t live on the free throw line.

  3. LeBron win trophy but not heart of people says:

    Wow there are lots of people are really hate Lebron, The Miami Heat should now change a new name to MIAMI HATE, Lol… I think even Lebron wins 10 trophy he will never ever win the heart of people, sad though I doubt if Lebron even care, LOL

  4. macky 2011 says:

    i just believe.. LBJ is paying the course now from Cleveland and in the whole world who doesnt like the decision of LBJ to join miami. And also the obvoius manipulation of miami organization to unit the 3 super stars of this decade just believe make it easy to the Title. hOW LONG WILL THE FAN HATERS OF LBJ AND MIAMI CAN FORGIVE? MR LBJ, THE WHOLE YEAR IS VERY LONG ENOUGH FOR YOU TO APOLOGIZED… SO YOU CAN HAVE THE PEACE OF MIND, SO YOU CAN ENJOY PLAYNIG RATHER THAN LEAVING IN YOU CONCIENCE?//. THINK ABOUT THAT?

  5. Paul says:

    Wow, it doesn´t matter that Orlando lost to Atlanta, which was a big upset, that the number 8 seed Memphis knocked out the no 1 seed Spurs, that Boston lost, that Chicago lost, that the Lakers were destroyed by Dallas. The story is the shame on Lebron James that didn´t want to get knocked out in the second round time and time again, or Dwyane Wade who didn´t even get past the first round, or Chris Bosh who didn´t even make it to the playoffs. It´s horrible. It has never been done before. Aaa, Boston ? But it´s not the same thing because Boston did not have a shooting guard, a small forward and a power forward like Miami. Oh wait… Anyway congrats to Dallas, congrats to Miami for making it to the finals, and congrats to Dan Gilbert for the loosing streak.

  6. RON says:

    All these people saying that this year’s loss will hang around their necks forever even after winning multiple championships in the future are just trying to hold onto the fact that the Heat failed to win a championship in its first year. America loves to have an antagonist in sports, and the Heat will be the easy choice for coming years. The funny thing though is that America won’t be the Heat’s antagonist, it will be themselves. Because when you have the caliber of players playing together the way they did this season, there is nothing in the world that can stop them. So enjoy this moment, nation of haters… because it really is the beginning of a dynasty for the Heat. The Big 3 have NOTHING to apologize about regarding their celebration in July. That celebration was for MIAMI, not for anyone else… I guess the rest of the nation was just jealous they weren’t invited because if you know ANYTHING about Miami, it is that it’s a city to party. Bars/clubs close at 5, sometimes 7 AM. So to go along the lines of Lebron’s closing quote, get back to your regular miserable hating lives, America =)

  7. Toronto says:

    hahaha all i haf to say is that Miami sucks ..they lost because of the big three…dats it ….Dallas is just a better team …

  8. rockhard says:

    u all ppl should get a life and stop writing these nonsense!!!!! wat did the miami team did wrong to begin with i bet of u didn’t expect a finals 4 them so wat if we lose???? so wat????? leave the team alone how long now the mavs have been building for a championship or a trip to the finals!!!! its whole franchise and miami did that in 1 season SO HATERS LAY OFF MY TEAM AND GO WORRY ABOUT YOUR’s

  9. MiamiHeatRocks says:

    Lebron, Wade & Bosh are here to stay in MIAMI!!!!!!!! for all of you haters. Not one, not two, not three, not four, but for a lot of years!!!! WATCH OUT NBA!!!!!! Just like what D-Wade said “IT’S TIME TO BRING THE RINGS TO MIAMI!!!!!!!!!” For all of you haters!!! Get your team ready for seasons ahead. If not “not one, not two, not three, not four, but a lot of rings are coming to MIAMI!!!!!!! MIAMI HEAT WILL ROCK THE NBA in the upcoming years, whether you like it or not!!!!!! The 3 Kings are coming your way! IT’S CELEBRATION TIME IN MIAMI FOR THE NOT ONE, NOT TWO, NOT THREE, NOT FOUR BUT MANY MORE YEARS!!!! OUCH PEOPLE !!!! Enjoy now while you can. NEXT YEARS ARE OURS!!!!

  10. MiamiHeatFan says:

    Everyone needs to stop criticizing James for saying this or not saying that…it should be about the game. Although I have to admit LBJ was not himself in the finals, he’s still one of the best players in the league. And to those who say he doesn’t compare to Kobe and other all time greats, may I remind you that LBJ is a future hall of famer.

  11. Tony johnson says:


  12. Big3Supporter says:

    U lebron haters and miama heat haters are just pathetic,,,,,, if u really think this will define his career then ur are just plain stupid……… this guy is the greatest player in the league nxt to wade/ kobe/dwight howard… those 4 players are game changers…. and if they had a legit starting point guard and a legit center they would be hoisting the trophy rite now and you haters would have eyes focused on another way to hate on this man,, tlkn about how he had to go to miami to get it or how he couldnt do it on his own…. Just pathetic,,, What he needs to realize is that when ur great.. ppl will hate regardless…….whether u win or whether u lose they will never get over u didn’t play for their team….. so just Stay strong MIAMI HEAT… bcuz truth b told this is the worst MIAMI heat team u’ll see using the BIG 3… and when they get the pieces they need lik

  13. BIG SM says:

    Sorry about my grammar, I got too excited. By the way: Bosh – “fake tough”. Thank you for the perfect description, Kevin Durant.

  14. Mo_B28 says:

    that is all i have to say

  15. BIG SM says:

    Jason Terry for President… aaah, I mean All-Star.
    LBJ for 6th man of the year. I mean maybe he will acquire at least a little bit mental strength if Spoelstra would bench him.
    Ooops, I did not mean to help the Heat with advices…

  16. DKFLY23 says:

    LeBron James is the baddest man on the planet!!!!! The whole team just needs to mature and get more pieces to go around the big 3. I plan on them winning it within 1-2 seasons from now. GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mo_B28 says:

    LeBron has been criticized all year long. Everyone is basically mad because the heat are in position to win multiple titles. I completely disagree with this article and think that you, Fran Blinebury, is another case of a typical hater. Firstly, LeBron was mainly directing his comment towards his top hater, Dan Gilbert. Gilbert continues to attack LeBron with indirect comments such as “There are NO SHORTCUTS. NONE” Also he was directing his comments towards his haters on terms of the fact that it will not change him, but rather the ones who hate him. The heat lost the title so obviously everyone will kick them while they are down, but I just want them to keep their heads up. I’m a Dwyane Wade fan and I will never change that, but LeBron is a guy that is being followed by The Decision. This article is over-stressing and over-emphasizing their words. They (the heat) did make immature comments but these comments they made I believe are from them breaking down from not only a good dallas team, but also all the hate directed towards them. I absolutely disagree with Fran’s article, and to me, this is the very root of hating. As, “The Media” you idiots blow this stuff up too much. The fact is that skill- wise, LeBron is only contested by His Airness, Jordan himself. I believe Jordan still has the edge, but skill- wise LeBron is better. Lets also not forget Dwyane Wade who in my opinion ranks in the top 30 at the least. I know that alot of heat aters will diagree with my comments and agree with this article, but I just want to let the big 3 of the miami heat know to keep doing what they are doing. You must fail first in order to succeed. This article even mentioned a different Dwyane Wade. This is the most foolish comment to make. Dwyane was still injured, and also he did dominate games in order to keep the heat in it. I felt LeBron’s closing performances could have been better in the series. Also congrats to the Mavericks. Although I wanted the miami heat to get a title, I felt that Dirk truly deserved it. Also congrats to Jason Kidd and The Jet. I have always hoped you would get a title before retiring.

  18. Toms007 says:

    C’mon people. This is a first year of this Miami team. FIRST YEAR. And all of you just ripped them off like they should win 82 games every year and all the championships from now until 2021 or something. But then all the haters would not be able to sleep at all. Take this moment and cherish it, all of you – this is your time. But when they win the title (and they will), you’ll need to just shut up. But you won’t. Then you’ll go: they are loosers, they didn’t win it all in 2011… Give them all the hate you can… they’ll remember.

  19. Vincent says:

    When will the criticism stop? They already have enough. The Heat’s defeat against the Mavericks in the Finals is already enough set back that they could experience. So stop criticizing the Heat.

  20. VIC says:

    Bosh should have gone to the Bulls! He would have been used properly!

  21. Michael Sora says:

    Lebron sucks! Turning all people against him with that comment. Damn man! Even if you’re the greatest player in the world (let’s just say you are), you will not reach the Hall of Fame if the people you’re looking down on will not approve of your greatness. Well the fact is that you’re a loser even if you become a champion someday. With that comment, you proved that you’re not mature enough to deal with what’s happening to you right now.

  22. David says:

    The real king is Michael Jordan, Lebron is only a very good player like Malone, Barkley, etc.

  23. BBallAddict says:

    Stop calling a man “King” that deserves “Princess Leia” more. Don’t get me wrong. I like those chase down blocks and the countless ways this guy attacks the basket. But I don’t like his behavior outside the court or when leaving the court. Remember the scene, when he refused to shake hands after a playoff elemination or how he produced himself while making “his decision”. I mean how cares? This is like Paris Hilton twittering from the toilet: it lacks any value.
    If LBJ would just play basketball AND concentrate on baskeltball he could be really great but as long as he got sidetracked he will be doomed to lose.
    By the way, Chris Bosh could also have played a better series. He is big, he seems to be strong but he avoids the pain(t). Why?

  24. gem says:

    you want a ring, queen james? join the WNBA.

  25. Ron says:

    Mavs game is just boring! Miami needs a better bench… They need a sharp shooter – not Mike Bibby… That is all!!!

  26. Snow-Blind says:


    For crying out loud, we are all fans here but unless you actually spent buying his official merchandise, then shut up because all you have are words. Words that that do not account for anything because LBJ ring or no ring, has made enough money to last him 10 lifetimes. While you on the other hand, is hiding behind a keyboard and at the same time worrying if you would be able to pay rent. So get off his back unless you can do better than he did. Period.

  27. Miguel Melo says:

    I have to say that i am very disapointed at Lebron’s game right now.
    He shyed away all thru the series, as if he believed that he could ease up with all the backup around him.
    Just look at wade, throwing himself to the basket, while james was left with point guard duties without exploding his game to a all new level. Wich he did time and time again when in Cleveland.

    DEFINITLY NOT ONE OF THE GREATEST!!! Mj, mos def. Kobe, mos def. Dirk, mos def.
    Lebron still has to fight off the demons that haunt his ego, and show up!

  28. Celtics_MJKH says:

    That sportstales website has to be the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Who wrote the articles a 12 year old? The use of bad grammar and incorrect word usage always lends itself to a trusted source of information… Right?

  29. bullsfan says:

    I really don’t like LBJ, there’s something wrong with his ATTITUDE. His very talented player but that’s just it. Be MATURE enough! ACT like a real MAN! Please stop saying that LBJ is a great player his NOT!

    LBJ promises 6 champions to Miami but instead LBJ gave Game 6 to the Mavericks!

    Advice to LBJ: try to go to the church and contemplate on everything that you have said this past season.

  30. lowel says:

    Im a LeBron fan and a Miami fan. Will the Miami can go to finals without LeBron? Miami is a good team they just need to be mature. This might be a good start for Miami its not the end of NBA Finals why you guys keep on sayin likes its already the end of NBA Finals? Or even are you guys here play basketball or any sports felt what this players felt?

  31. DRe says:


  32. elle says:

    Miami Heat is Dwyane Wade and Dwyane Wade is Miami Heat, even with LeBron and Bosh that should not be changed. LeBron is a talented player, that we cannot deny but like everyone else there’s always room for improvement. He always say that criticisms doesn’t really bother him mainly because he doesn’t pay attention to them but perhaps he may wanna start listening because some are constructive and once he starts accepting his flaws that’s when he can start improving himself. Like what what has been said, they didn’t win in year 1 but that doesn’t mean that’s the end of it. They’re simply not ready yet as a team but they will be eventually that’s one thing for sure.

  33. Blah Blah Blah says:

    What is wrong with all of these NBA writers? Why can’t they stick to writing about THEIR position on the story and not bounce around and write to appease the dominant party at the moment. Why can’t they stick to their guns? These guys would definitely be on Miami’s band wagon if they would’ve won. But since they didn’t, they want to write all of this childish nonsense. Yes, Dallas deserves our kudos. But Miami accomplished a lot this season. Yes, they are young and immature. They’ll grow up and learn how to finish the job. A loss in the finals to a team that played their hearts out isn’t a reason to bash a team. Start writing about how YOU feel on the subject and stop writing about the flavor of the week. This is just MY opinion on the subject. I’m still a Dwayne Wade fan!

  34. ivan joson says:

    Jordan did it only with pippen, Hakeem Olajuwon only did not do when he was with barkley and drexler, Kobe did with shaq nd pau,not with shaq,malone and payton was on the team, magic did it with jabbar, this proves that too much isn’t always the answer for a championshoip

  35. lol says:

    The only thing worse than James’ attitude is his fans. And will you please stop predicting! Heat will win next year blah blah blah. Just look at what happened to poor Harold Camping and to those Miami fans expecting for a game 7. BTW, when will it be aired? LOL. It’s not about the team. It’s not about the decision. It’s not about leaving Cleveland. It’s all about learning to be humble. Would you please try that Lebron? Even for a single minute and I will stop hating on you. That is probably the only thing that this guy lacks. Greatest player of all time? You can’t even be humble enough to accept defeat. Remember the 09 playoffs? Not shaking hands with Orlando? Grow up Lebron!

  36. MarkfromOZ says:

    Flat out give the Mavs credit for winning the championship. I am not a fan of either team nor any specific player since MJ retired, but the fact is Lebron is already and will finish hes career as one of the all time great individual players, whether he wins a title or not. He didnt perform in the finals to the best of hes ability but if you look at hes stats he still put up some good numbers by anyones standards, and lets not forget that Miami went from exiting in the first or second round last yr to conf champs. Yes I agree lebron has some growing up to do off the crt and he has still to learn how to be that ruthless leader like mj was and kobe currently is, but give the guy a break. He came from no where, made it to the pros from high school and is still only in he’s mid 20’s. He’ll get there! Loved the 2011 season and cant wait for next season to start already.

  37. lebjames says:

    Im a lebron fan! his 1 of the best player, but 1 thing is 4 sure he did not give 99% for that game! which is dallas did.

  38. Rhanpag3 says:

    The finals series show that experience is far more better than talent

    • andro says:

      i agree. but that’s why you shouldn’t hate on miami for TRYING. true they lost, but put both teams at there peaks, that’s a different series. it’s just good timing for dallas this season.

  39. CHEATERS says:

    Let me tell all these Mavericks fans who THINK they won and who THEY think LeBron chocked. The reason why LBJ didn’t perform in the Finals is the fact that when LBJ drove to the basket with defenders fouling him the whole way no fouls called. Game 6 in my book the Heat win by 12 when you count a missed off ball foul on Bosh which led to 2 straight three’s from DeShawn Stevenson adding all the other fouls that weren’t called the refs couldn’t have had it more wrong.

  40. wuzzap says:

    why lebron does not making a good play in the 1 and the 4 game he plays very nice why 5 & 6 game lebron do not very nice why why why lebron why

  41. JAy-Jay says:

    The thing is the miami want LBJ to be their front man while Wade being the sidekick where it should be the other way around..The only difference in LBJ and Wade is height Wade can do what LBJ can do most of the time and Wade can deliver when it matters most. Wade should step up and be the leader. Wade should established that the miami team is his team not LBJ`s. If only they realized it sooner. Well there`s still another year if they fail this year it`s aceeptable but if they fail next year then those multiple rings LBJ talked about..He can shove it..

  42. willie calilung says:

    lebron is the one to blame for all the intrique that is going on right now..he made his farewell without even saying any word of thank you to all the people in cleveland that supported him..he made this selfish decision without saying any word of goodbye to the city of cleveland..he made his decision secret to everybody thinking they will get the ring in a short period of time..no one to blame except him..no question about his ability to play he is one of the best but not the greatest until he get at least one ring..I hope he will get it someday if he learn how to accept his mistakes..if not it might be zero ring..learn from your mistakes do not act childish..do not mock other players or you will get karma..hope someday you will wake up with one ring.. and a lot of mvp trophy..nothing personal its just an opinion.

  43. tanski says:

    stop talking trash to lebron…u cant even take him 1on1….LEBRON RULES!!!!!

  44. jun says:

    Le bron is a good player, but he is highly over rated. To me, he has only two moves, chuck the ball for a three or drive to the basket for a lay up or dunk. Kobe is by far a more complete player than le bron. Kobe has hundreds of moves. He’s got a fade away with a degree of difficulty far greater than jordan’s fade away. Kobe has some awesome post moves, he gives you fakes and so much more…… Kobe is still the best player in the league. And when he retires, he will probably be the most lethal offensive player that have ever played the game. le bron and wade have a long way to go.

  45. tong stephen says:

    this is the way it should be the NBA has been vindicated,they were proud of themselves,they won the championship in their mind,they won it in the media,they thought that the NBA is is a playing ground where they most Connie wins,but they met their Waterloo in the hands of a German
    supported by a handful of Americans who combine to teach those overrated guys the amazing things, humbled by the humbles, mavs are the champions,they are my team of the year,Heat are the Goliath of the year coming with pride but were giving a good lesson.

  46. luke henderson says:

    I just wanna give props to this article for making a gordian knot reference, I never thought that would ever be used in an NBA article in my lifetime

  47. remle says:

    im a fan of lebron james since cavs. all i can say is he’s the real mvp for the mavs team. Congrats Dallas!

  48. ajpotpot says:

    coach spo was never the problem, the problem was trusting lebron, haha, =’P

  49. ajpotpot says:

    LEBRON YABANG/ LEBRON BOASTFUL in plain english now called LECHOKE still he’s LEQUIT, don’t trust/admire his bein’ boastful because it’s a curse…
    d’ bottomline is LEBRON YABANG now called LECHOKE still he’s LEQUIT because he keeps on choking his words and everything he says even before it happened made him choke to death and just quit whenever there’s pressure and the series is on the line and it’s all because he keeps on making statements that he can’t keep and still is not happening, i remembered him saying in a press conference when he opt to continue his contract for 1 year in cleveland and told everyone in the state of ohio that he will definitely stay and renew after that year of taking his 1 year extension and make the cavs become a no. 1 team again, he did made the cavs the no.1 team coming from that 09-10 season but what he didn’t keep is his promise to stay, bottomline is don’t say you’ll stay if you’re not sure you’ll stay, don’t give false hopes/promises, don’t make bold statements you can’t keep and is still not happening, just like when he first got to miami he says he will bring the miami franchise six championships even way before it will happen that is if it will happen, what did he say again with that party press conference before the season of 2010-2011 even way before d’ heat started playing a single game together as d’ newly formed miami heat, he said, “miami !!! with this trio that is formed i will bring you not only 1, not only 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, but 6 NBA Championships”, haha, he’s actin’ like he can be like jordan even way before he can prove it, and as if his situation is like the situation where jordan is in during d’ 90′s, what a joke, but how can he do that if he only had 8 points in one game in one of the NBA finals of his life and quit before it even ended, it’s funny i remembered one poster inside the MAVS’ homecourt during that Game 5 of the 2010-2011 NBA FINALS, lebron got not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, but only 8 points in Game 4 of the NBA FINALS, haha, again coming back to his being boastful and bein’ LECHOKE as usual, just like his statement with marv albert after that game 5 of miami vs d’ philly he said that “he was just finishing his breakfast” (before even the game ended and yet it’s a close ball game and anything could happen before that statement,) then he said “he’ll finish his lunch with the celtics, finish desert as they go through the conference finals, and finish off dinner to win the nba championship this year of 2011″ and said it as if he’s already sure that will all happen as if he’d known all along way way before they even started the series against the celtics, he’s lucky if miami could win it all for this year, cause at least for the first time, lebron doesn’t need to eat his words, call it confidence or over-confidence all you want, but for me he’s like playing Gods and so very much boastful, i appreciate an athlete who is confident in his game but not to the point where you’re always sure as if nothing will go wrong to what you want to achieve, i appreciate an athlete who is proud of his achievements but not someone who braggs as if he already achieved what he’s talking about but the fact still remains that all he said was something he haven’t achieved, hey lebron i just wanna ask two questions, what happened to dinner,.’? you might die of hunger and better yet of thirst because you haven’t finished your dinner, haha, and lastly now that you’ve lost one championship in your hands after saying all those boastful promises that you certainly will bring 6 championships in miami, are you still sure you can bring those six championships in miami, just like what you did bragg after “The Decision” ended,.’? i don’t think so, haha, if there’s one accomplishment aside from bein’ a two-time NBA season mvp you can compare to all the words that came out of your mouth that is, at least you’ve finished one thing, that one and only thing you’ve finished at this point in your career is “The Decision” you’ve made other than that you got nothing after bein’ in miami so don’t act like as if you’re already the best basketball player that ever played the game, not until you achieved those 6 championships you’ve promised while being d’ best player in your team and playing like d’ mvp-type of game in those 6 championships you might win that is if that will really happen but as of now i don’t think so, haha, you really are a LECHOKE, there’s no joke about that, if there’s one thing i’m sure of, just a reminder, eat your words carefully because you are now choking to death, haha again, just kiddin’, and as of this moment please realize that you, Lebron James are either being boastful or being delusional, either way, it’s not confidence that you have in you and that’s not good for you, haha again, i’m just stating you d’ reality, ^_^

  50. Jan says:

    To all LeBWRONG, SHAMES FANS!!!!!

    Let me refresh your memory. LeBWRONG, SHAMES came in the league as the face of the NBA, and why??
    The face of the NBA at the time was KOBE and if you all can remember that was the year he was getting in trouble with the court of law. This forced the NBA to divert the attention and made such a big HYPE about LebWRONG, SHAMES. He is a character made by David Stern and NBA as a whole. He is like a WWE superstar, its a business and I know a lot of you were sold the moment he arrived.

    Is LebWRONG, SHAMES a good basketball player???
    Definitely. But you have analyze how he got there. He came in as a SUPERSTAR, with all the HYPE. He came in with superstar treatment. Defenders were not allowed to touch him when he drives and shoots. He got special treatments like a spoiled child of the NBA. NBA PAMPERED HIM!! A good analogy would be if you adopted 2 kids, one you sent to all kinds of good school, gave special privileges to and the other one you just kinda left alone. Of course the one that got the special treatment will more likely succeed, hence LebWRONG, SHAMES career in the NBA. A lot of help from people handing it down to him. He does not truly deserve credit for what he’s done so far.

    Is LebWRONG ever going to win a championship?
    Yes, but everyone knew he had to take a shortcut to get there while at the same time betraying his home where he made so many promises. The manner of how he left was not only cowardly but a traitors way of leaving. Wade and Bosh is as guilty as being cowards for conspiring about making their own team and its good to watch them not succeed for now. When or IF they ever win a championship, can you Miami Heat fans really swallow that. How would your heart feel then? Would you tell this act of cowardliness and betrayal story and mask it to tell your children a HEROES story???

    Definitely NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! He folds when the pressure is high. Everything has been handed down to him. When he made the finals, all the teams were weak and regardless who was going to win the West was going to win the championship. He had the best record last year with his teamates, but when they got stomped by Boston it was LebWRONG, SHAMES body language saying I quit and let all the blame go to my team mates later…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME LEBWRONG SHAMES FANS…. Blame it on his teamates, when all year long they had the best record. Maybe a leader should start taking in responsibilities. This year he just gave up on two guys that he made promises with and conspired with. Are you LebWRONG SHAMES fans that put him in the category with JORDAN and KOBE really that delusional?? Are you blind or just stupid to see he definitely does not belong in that category? MJ or KOBE could be down by 30 points in a game in a 4th quarter and would get mad if the coach took them out cause they believe they can still win and help the team. LebWRONG, SHAMES wouldn’t. He can’t think that way.


  51. paulpierce23 says:

    Lebron just mae it worse with his comments. He is actually saying I’m rich and you are not. But maybe, For me the big three can talk all they want about how they love the game of basketball and everything and I still don’t believe them. When three players get over 100 million contracts and other players get the minimal amount of money its just not right. If you really want to do something right. Why didn’t they take less money and with that gain some good players to their roster. No its hard to live with 50 million I guess. Lebron will NEVER be one of the greatest He has made so many mistakes as a person that people will remember for ever.

  52. Kostas' says:

    Yeah go on and hate on the Heat.
    Whatever u say they still are the best.
    Too much talent folks.
    They was just not enough ready for this.
    And lets be honest, even though they didn’t win it all, they came pretty close to doing that.

  53. liwnuj says:

    Who is Lebron?i don’t know this guy.Maybe Hes a crap…or a coward.LOL

  54. My Goodness..."Hold on to your butts" says:

    My Goodness…I almost cant believe it. When you actually stop and think about… What a series! What a run! Wow! The TV ratings went through the roof. This season of Playoffs were in a word historic and are the makings for a movie. As a matter of fact (I am saying it right now) there will be a movie about what we just witnessed and there will be a movie about Lebron James!

    The Decision, The Cleveland reaction to the decision, The Cleveland politicians reaction to the Mavs winning, The Heat’s early talk about winning multiple Championships, The Heat beating Boston. Rondos arm injury and Rondo coming back and making plays, The Heat playing against Chicago with MVP Rose making monster dunks from the guard position.The Heat winning the Eastern Conference Finals, The Mavs blowing through the Mighty Lakers! Dirk going off on the free throw line and major 4th quarter performances. The Mavs comeback after comeback! The Mavs winning the Western Conference Finals! The Mavs beating the Heat in the Finals. The media as we know it….going absoloutely crazy! Lebrons career as a player and relationship with the basketball world going from one extreme to another in less than 24 months. And the good news for basketball fans is this is still playing out….its not over!

    The interesting thing about all of this to me is – What if Lebron finishes without winning one championship? It would not surprise me one bit! As hard as he’s tried to this point…next year it will be much more difficult. The Heat is on everyones radar!.. With weaknesses fully exposed and the entire league taking notes…. And trust me the Lakers are not done yet! This year may have been the Heats best chance to get it… unless they land a monster like Howard in 2013 and/or CP3 and a new coach:) I’m just saying….

    Players who have not won championship – Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Nash, Wilkens, Reggie Miller, Webber, Iverson, E Baylor, P.Ewing just to name a few.

  55. Bias says:

    Gifted with “Talents”
    Cursed with Immaturity and Impatience…
    I pity Dwyane and Chris on this…

  56. Andris says:

    As a NBA fan from Europe I think that American style of “blowing out elephant from the fly” is making more harm to the sport than anything else. And it “kills” individuals. The stories are build out of nothing, then sold to public as something big in sauce of “everybody has right to criticize”. If you read the headlines of NBA and American press, you start to wonder how the players keep they head cool and are able to combine it with their job. They are not f.. politicians or actors, they are athletes. And to be excellent in sport, you have to be able to concentrate mentally not only have big strength and skills. I think the press and stupid fans are “killing” talents!

    If I were James, I’d say some strong words long time away to the press and his haters. Ok, all NBA was frustrated about The Decision, so what? How long the world will keep pushing him for something that was legal? It is becoming sick!

    Unfortunately, nowadays the world (especially in US and UK) are building their “stars” and then all are having fun on “killing” them. It is completely as it was with Gladiators in ancient Rome.

    The Heat lost Championship to the better team, so? That is the sport! They got to the finals when nobody expected, they broke under crazy shooting, so, they will make adjustments and will come back in nearest years much more experienced and prepared. Just give them a brake! Especially to James, Wade and Bosh! Just give them a brake!

  57. Alexzo48 says:

    Dwyane has brought it to himself. He has brought the so called “curse” from the cavs to Miami. He should’ve known better…. What’s sad is I used to love Dwade… He’s cocky but a likeable fellow. James influence has been of “catastrophic” proportions not only to him but all of the heat! All the negativity & arrogance surrounding bron has seem to rubbed off on everyone in miami… WADE included! I watched the postgame interview live & i almost wanted to smack lebron for saying what he did about “him waking up as james & me as me”. That was the ultimate low for him… WHO THE EFF DOES HE THINK HE IS??? his cockiness & confidence is also his downfall…. I wont be surprised if there aint gonna b any1 to catch him When he goes crashing back to earth… EXPECT THE WORST BRON…EXPECT THE WORST!

  58. Blinebury is a douche says:

    Why do NBA allows a one-sided story be posted on their website? Your organization wont be as exciting as it is without a player like LeBron James. Fran Blinebury is never better than Lebron James in any ways! So criticize your self first douchebag. Write more about what a great team Mav is, they deserves a credit after all.

  59. allen says:

    If you post a comment, please watch your grammar

  60. bigboy11 says:


  61. NBAfreakEUROPE says:

    By the way, I’m delighted the veteran Mavs won their first championship. And I LOVE Dirk Nowitzki (no, I’m not German nor gay)

  62. Gillie says:

    I feel the most for Bosh taking all the criticism all year and still responding with big games and being serviceable in the finals, he looked the most distraught at the end of this. Once Miami get a true point guard who can make plays for Lebron and wade they’ll be fine i.e. you can see how reluctant Bibby is to drive it these days then distribute, whereas when Chalmers gets in the lane it opens up heaps of possibilities but he doesn’t seem to have that maturity yet.

  63. NBAfreakEUROPE says:

    LeBron is physically THE GREATEST player in the NBA today and perhaps the greatest ever together with Wilt. But muscles build wins, IQ and savvy build championships. This is LeBron’s eightth season in the league, and as it turns out he is still not mature enough??? Come on, 6′ 8” and 265 lbs of sheer power SHOULD HAVE DONE BETTER and SHOULD HAVE BEEN MUCH MORE AGGRESSIVE in the clutch. Mavs played good D? Bulls and Celtics played even better, but he destroyed them. The only thing left to say-he choked. I don’t know why he choked, but until he wins his first title, the “LeChoke Aura” will surround him. Good luck coping with that, LeBron. And you have only yourself to blame.

  64. Mark says:

    I knew the Mavericks were going to win this series when in game four with the Heat up three points with three minutes left Kidd fed the ball in the middle to Chandler and D Wade blocked his shot and threw the ball down the court and the Heat went up by five points. What a huge turnaround, most teams fold right there but Dallas just calmly ran their offense and scored on the other end and eventually won the game by three.

    Dallas ran a balanced offense compaired to Miami’s dribble and shoot when it came to cruntch time.

  65. LA fan for life says:

    I told you all Dallas will win big time on miamis cort. And i fell sorry for LBJ to say that people tomorow will have to go to same boring job lot’s of people mede 100000e against miami and like my father who is a lawyer makes a lot of money and i don’t have to do s**. How about that?

  66. inHeat says:

    reading most of the comment, i can say lebron was right. haters still hate.

  67. GniK911 says:

    I’m not a big Lebron fan but i think we should just give the guy a break….He has a few months before the season starts again. maybe he just needs to reset himself and find what he really wants in his career. i think he doesn’t know what he really wants yet. and if he finds that thing he most desire, then maybe he can focus only on that and not the media or the people surrounding him. i remember kobe was a very egoistical, conceited player before, even after the 3 peat with shaq. but then the years fly by and he matured and look what he’s done to the lakers organization. to put things simple, lebron needs to grow up and set priorities in his career. if he wants a ring, focus only on that and nothing else, not the media, not his twitter followers but only on the road to that goal.

  68. mza36 says:

    Just a message to all you Lebron fans. How long will you all keep compare what you definitely can’t compare. Many times I read you comparing Lebron to MJ, or wondering about his place in the Hall Of Fame… Stop calling us Lebron haters. Understand that. It’s not about hating a player and his skills, it’s not even about hating a man and his unexplained ego. It’s about hating you fans of a self proclamed king with no kingdom, a no crowned king who dares to call us his “witnesses”!!! You are as humble and blind as your favorite player (who’s only able to play 3 quarters a game by the way). He stiil got to make his place in the Hall Of Fame. And he won’t until he learns about humility!

  69. KnicksfaninNJ says:

    Lebron is only 26. His legacy isn’t defined yet. He has not played like a greatest of all time especially in clutch situations, but then again hes only 26. He could win the next 7 in a row, or completely regress in his game and just become an average NBA player. We don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future which is why we can’t say that he is one of the greatest or isn’t one of the greatest because his legacy hasn’t been fully formed yet.

  70. Willen says:

    Look at this!
    How long did Dirk take to win a championship?
    How many tries did Kidd need?
    I think you bloggers need to place your feet on the ground and think better before taking harsh words on any time.
    Dallas won – so they are great and Miami is a failure. OK?
    But if Miami had won it – So Miami overcame the adversity and became strong, and Dallas would be a failure?
    Come on, lets be real. Both teams are great. And they gave us fans a great time at the finals, and one had to be better than another like every time.
    It would be great if the media tried to see the facts. Very few picked Dallas at the final and most of it fought against Miami the whole season, and yet both teams made one of the best finals that I can remember.
    Dallas will be back, and Miami did all of this in the first year of the trio.
    I am impressed.

  71. The Truth says:

    Another pointless article, from another one of the NBA’s so called ‘writers’.

    First of all, the whole issue with Wade’s image being ruined now, is just crap. He is, without a doubt, the best 2 guard in the league, and anyone who knows anything about the NBA isn’t going to think otherwise, just because his team lost the finals.

    Secondly, I really wish everyone would stop hating on LeBron especially, the Cavaliers fans, you guys really need to move on; all the fans who were seen watching the game from bars in cleveland, hoping for lebron to lose, are just pathetic. He gave you 7 incredible seasons, and only came up short because of terrible managing decisions. They’re all to caught up in how Lebron is doing, that they don’t even realise they now have the worst team in the league!

    More importantly, LeBron is the best player in the league, and I will personally be very surprised, if he finishes his career with less than 3 rings.

    The Heat lost the finals, not because of the big three, but because AS A TEAM they played poor defence, especially in games 5 and 6. Defence wins championships, not individual plays, or certain players having triple doubles. Lebron, Wade and Bosh, do not lose any of their credibility as incredible players in my mind, regardless of what this writer says.

    Finally, people need to give Dallas more credit, as a team they played an incredible series. After game 6, all the sports analysts were talking about was how LeBron had a bad game, and the Heat lost, Wade didn’t play well etc etc No one was giving the Mavs any credit, when throughout the whole series, they were a better TEAM.

    • NBAfan says:

      The great thing about sports is that it’s not just about measurements, your vertical, or your time on the course, IT’S ABOUT COMPETITION! This is why we watch, because in a competition anything can happen and Goliaths fall to Davids.

      I admit, Lebron will always be the Goliath no matter who he faces, but that doesn’t make him the best player. It just makes him the player to beat ON PAPER!

      We all know that there are players of similar caliber to Lebron, but MUCH MORE OF A FIERCE COMPETITOR…these are the Davids.

      This is also why Wade is the 2nd best 2 guard..behind Kobe, who, when all else is considered, is the David that is better than any Goliath who may come his way. He’s done it countless times that this David is the REAL player to beat on the court (not on paper)! So good job MAVS, by beating them, you basically won the championship right then and there.

      About Lebron winning 3 or more championships…maybe, but remember, Durant, Rose, and all the young guys are also only going to get better. Anyway, Dwight is still around, and lets not forget Mr. Bryant. And now that they’ve done this, who will stop Chris Paul from joining Melo and Amare in New York? Who’s going to stop Dwight from joining Kobe?

      I don’t know about you but Bosh, Wade AND Lebron aren’t going to get better. Wade won’t suddenly become a great jump shooter, and Bosh won’t suddenly be a beast on the boards, and Lebron, as great as he is…may have hit his limits already as a player. So no, I don’t think the Heat winning even 1 championship is a given…they’re gonna be a good team, but a dominant dynasty? I’m not sure…

      By the way…when the Cavs built the team around their king, only for the king to jolt without even giving them a sign and trade to get something back, of course they will be the worst team. But of course, a sign and trade isn’t as dramatic as “the decision”, one that even the Cavs owner I’m sure paid to watch in anticipation since he wasn’t even told. I can already see the “welcome home” cake being thrown to the flat screen TV…

  72. Sherwin says:

    Finally I have a team to root for and that’s MIAMI HEAT!!!

    Lebron have been faithful to Cavs for seven straight years and this what they do to him?

    Dan Gilbert you suck!

  73. malmonjon says:

    the one who is arrogant is all lberon HATERS

  74. Nisha-Let's Talk says:


  75. Aleks305 says:

    Many of these comments are really inappropriate. How can people talk like that about the Miami Heat and LBJ. The Heat reached the finals and lost 4-2 against a team that was at the peak. The same happened in 2005 when they lost the conference finals against the Pistons… It was the first year with O’Neal etc…. What made them lost is in my opinion the fact they didn’t have any tight series until the finals against the Mavs. They won all their series 4-1. The second is on game 2 when they leading by 15 points they felt like everything was done. Which was a mistake… But it is also due to the incredible come backs of the Mavs and not only against the Heat. What they need is a little bit of maturity. We will see next year if I was right.

  76. Celtics fan says:

    It is so funny to see how heat fans are saying that Miami needs a 6’11” to 7′ guy 30 or under who can run and give them 10 10 stats! Hold on, maybe Pat Riley is ought to get Dwight Howard and Chris Paul since they are free agents as well! I mean WTF, is that what NBA has come to? Get all the stars on one team and just breez through everyone. MJ (undoubtly the GREATEST of all time) said it best, “I used to wannted to beat those guys and not team up with them”. Heat fans should read into it and see what MJ actually wanted to say. Please do not get me wron, I am not LBJ, Dwade or Bosh hater, aucontraire I used to love to watch all three of them when they played in different teams, but when they teramed up and all those parties and taking talents to Miami and showboating, etc. That is not what NBA is about and my props to Dan Gilbert for saying that they are no shortcuts, none whatsoever. And whoever compares Heat’s three to C’s three and mentions shortcut is an absolut IDIOT.
    Congrats to all Mavs players, they definitelly deserved it.

  77. J Fish says:

    Rick Carlisle did out coach Spolestra, but he also had more pieces to work with.  Depth and health will be the problem for the Heat in the coming years.  The new CBA will further limit their flexibility to sign, or keep quality players. A shallow bench will lead to TOO many minutes, more fatigue and risk of injuries to key players.  If there was a healthy Miller to stretch the zone, or a healthy Haslem to provide more minutes and energy, things might have been different. The big body of Ilgauskas might have helped.  Look at their roster and escalating salaries in the next three years, contemplate a Hard Cap or a lowered luxury tax level and the Heat will be scrambling to fill out their roster with the best of the D-League, or use their late draft picks better than the Spurs. Maybe Riley should return his executive of the year award.


  78. Ryan M. says:

    Lebron is a jerk. I am not upset to see him lose. I would be happy to see him lose again. And Again. And Again.

  79. jhong of ARGAO,CEBU says:

    its not that i hate miami..its just lebron i hate…we know his good no doubt about that. his skillfull and he played good basketball..the only problem is that he is so arrogant..i know he can back it out but my point is that he can’t do it all the time… he should try to change his personality coz thats the only reason his not winning any rings…so cocky and self proclaimed….he should try to blend to his teammates…mj was never like that…we know he was the center of attention in chicago but he nver took all the spotlight to himself..he was never arrogant and cocky..i do believe lebron carries the karma he got from the start…his carrying not only a monkey on his shoulder but a GODZILLA to be exact…hjehehehehehe..a personality change might be his answer for getting a ring, not looking for good teammates coz he had it already even when he is still in cleveland…. i do believe now having 3 stars in a team don’t get u a larry o brien trophy all the time…im not a baller but my advise for lebron have a personality check..he can thank me when he wins a championship ring already…its not lebron himself i hate, its his ego…need to change that…

  80. noel says:

    Not coach Erik Spoelstra, who sat at the microphone in the interview room and talked about how all season long his team had to overcome “the noise.”

    I definitely agree with Spoelstra. The Media is definitely the source of “the noise”. Besides it is the media who crowned Lebron James as the King when they all know that it doesn’t fit him yet. The Lame Stream Media always do it to advance their own agenda.

  81. chris says:

    aw come on, heat already decided to move on. all you haters can bash but as lbj said you have to go back to your lives at some point. and they will go back to practice.

    so what if they decided to play to together.
    so what if they lost (to a better mavs team 😀 )
    so what if LBJ didnt score 40 points

    let them be. when their time comes their time comes.
    they gave us a really good finals series. dallas has proven to be the best team in 2011.
    congratulate dallas and don’t concentrate on hating heat jeez. this is basketball, its supposed to be fun.

  82. heatfan05 says:

    I think that if lebron chokes again the heat have to find someway to dump Lebron next season. Wade and bosh have figured how to compliment one another for the most part, Lebron is the missing piece. When Lebron got hot Wade was able to do what he could while allowing Lebron to keep his flow. However, when wade gets hot Lebron looks lost out there. If they did find a way to dump him that would leave a nice chunk of money to spend on good role players.

  83. hhhmmppp says:

    forget LBJ not the heat,,, mavs are the champ… we should be talking about how mavs defeat the heat. Not how LBJ chokes etc, some people are just have their bitterness to LBJ. Hell i would like to talk more about MJ than LBJ.

  84. jditoro says:

    You know what? I’m getting kind of tired of hearing all the criticism of LeBron and Wade. Here were two guys who sacrificed maximizing their pay, whose faults on the court can be ascribed to being TOO UNSELFISH with the rock, who care about winning as a team more than anything else. These are all traits we normally admire in athletes, traits that are rare in our me first, its all about the money current culture. So whats up? I think I know. These players represent a revolt of sorts. They bucked the “system” where the owners control everything, and took their destinies in their own hands, aligning themselves with who they wanted. They didn’t let the owners, salary caps, the draft or anything else dictate their lives. And I hate to say it, but that made the owners and the media and the establishment feel; powerless. The prisoners took over the prison, and the wardens strike back. I hope it works out for them in the end. I also think its going to herald in an age in the NBA of some pretty sick teams competing as other starts realign in order to counter them. I look forward to seeing it all.

  85. Philippines Love MAVS says:

    this season was awful for LeBron he didnt play like a superstar ! specially when miami needs him the most he quietly disappear and get lost. If they want to win a championship they should play as a team not for their own. By the way congrats DALLAS you deserve it more.

  86. Chris says:

    As an avid Heat fan (no I’m not a bandwagonner, Heat fan since 2005 when they actually posed a challenge to Pistons) I agree that LeBron’s attitude has changed wade. If you been watching Wade like I have been and all the TRUE Heat fans, you would know that Wade was more humble and poised. I hope that LeBron will change and that Wade and Bosh keep him in check. HEAT 2012 we gonna take it !

  87. James says:

    That’s funny, I seem to recall a lot of people criticizing Kobe Bryant on his MVP award because of his “terrible” performance in the last game. Well? Just look at Dirk, who was at one time, a horrific 4-for-20. Why do I not hear cries about his poor game? Kobe was at least able to contribute defense to his time. Don’t even try to say Dirk did great defense in the closing game. Talk about a double standard. Both Kobe and Dirk are great players, but even great players can have bad games. Why would people be criticizing Kobe for his better performance in the last game and not Dirk? Because people just don’t like Kobe. So, next time Kobe haters, try to keep some consistency.

  88. ROCC says:

    Lebron is only great during the regular season but when thhe games matter the most he CHOKES

  89. lm says:

    lebron’s offseason to-do list
    o -t-h-r-o-w–v-i-c-t-o-r-y–p-a-r-t-y-
    o send thank you letter to scottie pippen.
    o take crown and staff in for cleaning.
    o -j-u-l-y–4-t-h-o-n–l-a-k-e–e-r-i-e-
    o fire image consultant.
    o read “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Midrange Jumpers”.
    o trade joelle anthony and udonis haslem for dwight howard and kobe bryant, and re-enact finals on nba live videogame.
    o buy some nail clippers.

  90. shaun says:

    Being a heat fan since the signing of wade ive found this season to be frustrating. The question i always asked myself was.. even if LeBron didn’t do the ‘decision’ and handled it a bit better then he did would the world, especially the cav’s still see heat as the villans? would wade and bosh’s reputation still be in tact even though the three joined forces in miami to attempt for multiple championships?

    I don’t like have over-analyzed the heat are. They made it to the FINALS. this alone is a great achievement! (only two teams make out of the league remember.) Three pure scorers who need the ball in there hands to be effective came together and have learned to play together (of course still learning and a long way to go) over the course of the season and really put it together when it counted in the playoffs just inconsistent play and possible jitters in the finals vs the mav’s cost them the championship. Hats off to the mavs for a well played series.

  91. luthier says:

    Miami got beat by a team with a payroll of 90 million dollars. Miami’s payroll is 66 million dollars. Easy to say that a big three ‘instant team’ cannot beat a ‘deep well structured team’ that was made the ‘old fashion way’. That’s just 24 millions dollars difference! Dallas won and that’s it. Nothing else should be made of it. No dallas won so it means that… Dallas won so it means this… They put a lot of money on it and they deserve a win. At least they made a good team with that payroll. Miami will get better as they bring more pieces. It will win championships and I don’t think anyone can’t say they are not favorites for next year as well. They should not apologize for thinking they will win. They should not apologize for celebrating bringing great players to one team. Jason Terry tattooed a championship trophy in his arm and no one got on him for that.

  92. better be says:

    only sheen can teach LebRon how to win 😛

  93. J says:


  94. GJORGI FAILS says:



    le choke sucks my friend thinks hes the best player in the REALITY IS THAT HE CHOKES WHEN HIS TEAM NEEDS HIM MOST!!

  96. Wilson says:

    To: Your biased self
    From: An NBA fan

    The real reality is that the Dallas Mavericks were missing a starter, and not just any starter… Their second scoring option, and probably their best defensive player against D Wade. This 06 thrashing was more of a win than a thrashing, the heat out played the mavericks. However there was more to it, like what Phil Jackson once said:

    “In that Miami series, [Cuban] definitely had it coming that time,” Jackson told reporters before the Mavericks-Lakers game on March 12, 2011. “But I think he’s toned it down in the last few years. I think that Miami Finals really was a tough one to swallow. I think [Dwyane] Wade averaged about 25 foul shots a game after the second game [Wade actually averaged 16 fouls shots per game after Game 2, and averaged 15 per game for the series] and you couldn’t even touch him. That was really tough for him to swallow and I think he understood that there’s sort of a pecking order in this league and you need to keep your mouth shut at times.”

    Sure the Heat did good for a first year team. But that’s if you want to kiss their…. Fact is they wanted to win, they said they’d win, they didn’t win. Compare them to the big three Celtics of 08, they wanted to win, they won.

    And you’re right they played like humans, they let emotions get the better of themselves. However they didn’t show us outstanding displays of basketball talent. But the Mavericks did, and Dirk did. He alone was better than LeBron and Wade in the fourth. He wanted it, he didn’t talk, he just went out and got it. Something LeBron and Wade should learn from.

  97. jOHN says:



  98. phil says:

    Lets forget about miami and celebrate a hard fought win about the mavs. IT IS ABOUT THE MAVS not about the heat

  99. Azor says:

    Big Three from Boston last 2007-2008 series is more tougher and more mature than Big Three of the Miami Heat because they know what their rule to each other and they have a lot of bench scoring than Miami. Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are more tougher to defend because they are pure shooter than LBJ and DWade. KG also are more reliable in the post that CB.

  100. Q says:

    LEBRON is the DAN MARINO of basketball. All those stats and no ring. That or the Mailman reincarnated.

  101. ron says:


  102. Cha says:

    LeBron great player not yet a winner to call him the greatest ever to play based on stats would be crazy. Kobe and MJ can have crappy stats but when you look at it, they won something. They actually were on top of the basketball world. Let’s see LBJ do that first.

  103. D says:

    I don’t get why there are more articles in this blog about the losing team than the champs. Dallas won with maturity and great basketball. Miami lost cause they were out there for “fun.” Go back listen to their pre-game, Wade, LeBron, Miller and others all talked about how they were just gonna go out there and have fun. Dallas went out there to win, I don’t recall a moment where they looked like they were just havin some giggles playin a game; they showed up to do some work, and now they’re having their fun while the Heat are having none. Dallas came to win, and acted like champs the whole way. You gotta respect that.
    And on a side note I kinda can’t believe that Miami fans have become so annoying as to have Lakers fans tell them to cool out. Never expected that. A new low for fandom in Miami.
    Congratulations to Mavs and Mavs fans, it was a moment well earned.

  104. Bird33 says:

    LeBron will not be so arrogant when he realizes that all of his actions (or lack of actions – ie scoring!) eventually materialize in his earnings. Yes – he’s a great b’ball player but LeBron makes his cash off his image – I expect the salary is a drop in the bucket. If you are a deemed a “choker” who can’t close or worse – a public personality that is hated (anyone remember Tiger Woods?) by the general public becuase you openly diss a whole state (Ohio) on national television, arrogantly celebrate multiple championships the day you sign with a new club, use the word “retarded” inapproppriately, make fun of someone playing when ill (coughgate)…..I think I can stop there.

    LeBron – we might wake up tomorrow with our same lives and problems….but…if you don’t stop choking and get better advice on how to be humble (and apologize when you’ve made a boo boo) and actually act like a global icon….well….my prediction is that one of these days you will wake up and find things have changed – like you income and earning potential – and it won’t be a positive change. Remember LeBron – I’m sure Tiger thought his endorsements would go on forever – we all know how that turned out. Get some good advice – and this time, try not to get it from your buddies who never made it past high school – spoin doctors, they are not!!

    Basketball is a sport and a business – you might want to start focusing more on the 2nd part – who knows, maybe it will also help you with the first part too.

  105. Teva says:

    who remembers mookie blaylock?

  106. Nahhh says:

    the author is too negative. Just wonder what will be the headline is Heat have won?

  107. Murf says:

    I dont know why people hate on Miami so much. I am from Canada and was a huge Raptor fan and although bosh is a soft pansy and i was disappointed when he left, i was happy to see him move on and try to win. Life is about winning and those three players just want to win. Simply as that and although they lost they will be a force in the nba for the next 5 seasons. Its mostly one and done title winners lately and i like the fact they tried to establish a dynasty.Lebron couldnt have chose a worse way to leave Cleveland but you have to admire them for doing something diff

  108. Peter says:

    Since “The Decision”, everyone was expecting the Heat to win. They bought so many talented players (Zydrunas Ilguaskas, Eddie House, Mike Bibby, etc.) and made them sit on the bench. In my opinion, the Heat should not have just depended on the Big 3, but they should also have relied on their bench players, similar to the Mavs. Another reason that the Heat lost was when LeBron left Cleveland. He left to get money, great teammates, and most of all, a championship. This broke many hearts in Cleveland, and that came back to LeBron by preventing him from winning. Dirk Nowitzki stayed with Dallas for 13 years, and he never left his team. Why? Because Dirk believed that he could win, regardless of money or superstars on his team, but LeBron did the opposite. If he stayed with Cleveland, probably would have won the 2011 NBA Finals.

  109. beffie says:

    even if the Heat underachieved during the regular season, it would have been fool not to realize they were going to take it all in the playoffs.

  110. Lazardi says:

    Both teams are great! Congrats to both

  111. rufus says:

    it have always been obvious the 76ers and the Bulls (yes, the Bulls) could not stand a chance against the Heat. The Celtics would have been more of a challenge, but then came the Perkins trade and it became evident who was meant to take it all at the end.
    with the spurs and lakers out of contention, which team in the west could have been a serious challenge for the Heat to take the title?

  112. blackmamba04 says:

    CHOKER.. your so stupid… why can you play against lebron? they are athletes we are not, that what they do for a leaving.. your so dumb yeah… what we are saying here is the fact the lebron cant handle big games.. is not judging dingdong… its a FACT… why? can you tell to yourself that lebron gave a good game for his team? if you say yes! dude you have a problem you don’t know about basketball.. so don’t get mad if people criticize lebron.. its is just because his too arrogant to tell the whole world that he will win the championship this year… if you can’t handle the truth about your idol, then your just fooling yourself.. get real dude..

  113. Haiaykyu says:

    Lebron One of the greatest players? It depends upon how you are to define a great player. A great player knows how to win and lose graciously. A great player is a player who exhibits maturity on and off the court. Lebron is a great player you say? I don’t think so!

  114. Aviles says:

    To: Anyone who celebrated the Heat’s Loss
    From: A Heat Fan

    The reality is that the Dallas Mavericks spent 90 million on their team, which is not typical or normal. They truly spent money in a very extravagant way and it took them loooong to get to the finals after their 06′ thrashing. If Cuban could have hired Wade, Lebron, and/or Bosh to join Dallas he would have dumped all of his roster faster than you can say “phony”.

    So cut the double talk about the Heat — they did an outstanding job for a team that was brought together in a short time under a lot of pressure. They were human in their mistakes and outstanding in their basketball.

    Dallas deserves to win one before they retire.

    Heat Fan, Aviles

  115. I congratulate Mr. K and Mr. choker for being a LowBrain as well… lol

  116. blackmamba04 says:

    2 points why Miami lost… if only Miami made the right decision to just pick Bosh and Wade, then build their bench they would have won the championship.. picking Lebron is a bad decision… who needs lebron, wade can score 40plus points in a game, bosh can dominate the paint. they don’t need additional scorer, which eventually Lebron didn’t do.. they need role players to fill up the holes of the team…defense, better point guard, center, additional guard that can replace wade when his tired. second point, Lebron is not fitted for this team, He is an arrogant, boastful guy dude… he is not even a great player… great player delivers in clutch moment, not just in scoring but helping His team in anyway he can to win. but men, Lebron didn’t even carry Miami in a good fight vs dallas. how in the hell did he win 2 MVP yet cannot even carry his team to win the conference finals (Cleveland). LBJ ddin’t win championship yet but he so arrogant even mocking dirk about his sickness.. how much more when he will win 1 ring. i bet he’ll mock even michael jordan. by the way guys, winning MVP, scoring a bunch of points every game doesn’t make you a great players.. winning the NBA championship is what great players do. delivering and carry your team in clutch moment is what great players do. the FACT is Lebron is just a scorer he was never a great player…

  117. BLOGGERS says:

    you know guys, what makes this problem worst, are those bloggers like this man blineburry.. you always right things in exageration.. you only add up to the fire that is burning right now.. u only make lebron james more hated by people by making this comments and blogs for u just to earn money and fame.. lol.. if not for james and other miami players you will not have a job.. for u as an nba blogger.. stop making this useless blogs.. you always put or exert something about james decision, the miami celebration about the championship.. you were just making it a lot worst.. what did lebron done to u? tell me whaT?.. writing these silly blogs.. just for fame and to add up hate.. tsk3.. americans are really arogarant.. an abnormal.. freak..

  118. TheTruth says:

    LBJ, Wade & Bosh won a title (Olympics) when they were playing with KOBE and JKidd! Both heady basketball players. Maybe they should get advise from the 2.

  119. Western Conference´s Fan says:

    @Alex you said”People are angry because the bog 3 are together wade, lebron and bosh. Did all the haters already forgot when the lakers had, kobe, shaq, malone and payton and they also lost to the finals???”

    but Karl Malone is a BlackHole like Lebron his sucked payton shaq and kobe luck
    Shaq got 4 rings
    Payton 1
    Kobe 5
    But Malone didnt Choke EVER in a Final that is Why i Cant Compare To Lechoke James

  120. choker says:


  121. I congratulate Mr. LowBrain James ang Chris Booosh! Lol

  122. Eh, teamsport? says:

    Honestly, heat got three of the top 5 best players in NBA right know, they got the shooter with the fastest release in the league ( Eddie House ) they got veterans with much playoff-experiance ( Mike Bibby, Udonis Haslem ) and a good not great but a really god coach. This sounds like a team that would had won NBA championship without any bigger trouble, at least it sounds like that. Basketball is a teamsport and that is what made Miami fail in the finals. Lebron has a to big ego, Bosh hasn’t the guts to take over games from Lebron or Wade and no one knew how to play against Mavs zone-defence because it takes a team-effort to break down a zone. If Miami Heat are going to have a shot at future championship they have to learn to play togheter as a team.

    Indiana Pacers and Roy Hibbert rules!

  123. K says:

    Whether It’s the fans or these so called sports analyst who probably never stepped foot on a basketball court. Enough is enough. Ever since, “the decision” LeBron has been the target of so many people. Forget the fact that he raised all that money for the Boys and Girls Clubs. Forget the fact that he still gives money to communities in Cleveland (and they burned his Jersey). Maybe if Donald Trump would have thought of, “the decision” it would be considered a good business move. People talk about LeBron did the city of Cleveland wrong? Really!! Maybe it was Cleveland who did him wrong. They put the pressure of restoring their city on a 18 year old kid. No one cared when they fired Mike Brown or do we forget about that. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander huh?
    One analyst stated that LeBron was immature….guess what he is only 26 years old..What were you doing in your college years? Well LeBron was putting a city on his shoulders. I have an idea maybe LeBron should be mentored by Charles Barkley or Magic Johnson on how to be mature. No wait they cheated on their wives. Ok maybe LeBron should be mentored by Chris Weber. No wait he was accused of taking money while in college then denied it. He also made the stupid statement that real men don’t cry. Should we bring back the video tape when the Fab Five lost to Duke? The unfortunate thing is the NBA recruits boys and considers them men. The veterans in the NBA don’t take these players under their wings. Kidd is still around I wonder what he could teach LeBron. Maybe he could teach him how to hit his wife or get a coach fired.
    The analyst say LeBron celebrated in front of the Mavs beach during game two. I call it being excited…Wait was that Dirk clinching his fist and sticking out his tongue in front of the Miami beach during game 6. As I recall Dirk didn’t shake hands either but hey he was emotional and had to gather himself. When LeBron didn’t shake hands after the Orlando series he was considered a bad sport. I guess the difference is one was a winner and the other was a loser.
    Hey LeBron you should not have said you were going win not 1 but several championships. You should have said you took your talents to South Beach to not win championships. Would the analyst have been satisfied then? LeBron is supposed to say he is going to win. Shaq said he was going to bring a championship to Phoenix and when he didn’t he didn’t get the backlash. Jason Terry thanked God and said God thought it was their time to win. LeBron said God has something in store for him and he gets ridiculed for saying that.
    People enough is enough. The man is a good player whether you like him personally or not. His statistics show that. Outside of basketball he seems like he is a good father. The media never had anything negative to report about him, never got accused of raping a woman, using drugs, disorderly conduct or being disrespectful to others. But yet these fanatics and analyst wish the worst on him. Who would you call the immature person.

  124. Kevin. says:

    There’s a saying. “You’re only as good as your last game…”. Right now, the Heat (they must be hurting) are second best. The Mavericks deserved to win, they were the better team through out the post season. So its really a wake up call for the heat. Its not easy, 3 players do not make up a roster. 3 players do not make up a franchise. There is no doubt that they are great players, but it is obviously not good enough to rely on talent alone. With all that said, lets look at what the Heat achieved in 1 year. I can’t believe that there is so much hate going out to Miami. Didn’t they provide us with valuable entertainment? The 2 best teams in the league faced off, there was rivalry and intense competition. What more can you ask for? They didn’t produce the goods, they didn’t take anything away from the Mavs, they gave them full credit…

  125. Franco says:

    Please.. Explain something to me.. It is CaBron the only person playing for USA? You talk like he is the only one representing the USA team , give some respect to the others players..Are you blind?

    And where is the sacrifice that you see?

    * Is he underpay?
    *Or is he recieving less attention from the media?

  126. gman says:

    who care about LBJ man can’t handle big game. Le’t go HELL

  127. Ron says:

    LeBron James’ comment about the rest of the world going back to its pedestrian problems and lifestyle proves he is an arrogant DOUCHEBAG.

  128. Jeff says:

    TNT should give Charles Barkley’s job to Shaq. Barkley has no room to criticize LeBron for having not won a championship. Barkley, you played on a team with Dr. J and still lost. I mean if I wanted to know what the best tasting donuts were I would say Barkley is qualified to weigh in on that. Pun intended. But cmon, the guy doesn’t have any claim to faim other than being possibly the fattest most loudmouthed player that never won a ring. At least Shaq is funny. Shaq should give Barkley a truck full of Kripy Kremes in trade for his spot on TV.

  129. Nicarao Heat fan says:

    open shots are high percentage, my high school Coach used to say the team that takes the most high percentage shots wins the game, normally shooting a lot of 3 pointers doesn’t bring the best results especially throughout a whole series, but the key is that those 3’s in the finals for Dallas were not forced they were mostly high percentage shots because of the space created though the ball movement allowing them open shots. Of course having a string of guys that can knock the open shot down consistently counts big.Im a Miami heat fan forever go heat! and i believe the heat should have won this series but they played a bad series and Dallas capitalized on opportunities and learned how to move on the Miami Defense, but heat let this one go!they will get tougher! not trying to take credit from Dallas. definetly a great display on how to move that rock.

  130. anon says:

    I feel like the heat placed the ball in the wrong players hand, if you look at the stats Wade had the better finals out of the big 3. But even still the ball was placed in lebrons hands in the 4th. All Im saying is that wade brought you the first tittle and is clearly the closer out of the team. Were lebron settled for contested 3 pointers wade was splitting double teams and making unbelieveable plays just to get to the basket where he is most effective. In case everyone forgot the game 1 performance by wade, the whole team thats to include lebron fed off of his energy, wade made easier shots for everyone. I hope that the heat organization pays attention, opens their eyes and remember who the real superstar of the team is. I am a heat fan obviously but Congrats to Dirk and Kidd well deserved and well earned.

  131. Rip Greenfire says:

    Would everyone please let go of the officiating? God it seems like EVERYONE blames the refs if their team loses. “Oh it was the refs fault!” I’ve backed the refs up for the longest time and I’m an Orlando fan! (Dwight gets the no call almost every time and gets called for things he was nowhere near.) To blame it on the refs is just really, really weak.

  132. 3pters says:

    Dallas winning shows how three point shooting is truly valuable in a series. If you catch fire at the right time with the right people.

  133. Alex says:

    People are angry because the bog 3 are together wade, lebron and bosh. Did all the haters already forgot when the lakers had, kobe, shaq, malone and payton and they also lost to the finals???

  134. Quit hatin says:

    Every one of the Lebron haters out there need to quit! its almost been a year since he left get over it. Lebron wants a title, he didnt wanna stay with the Cavs who couldnt put it together, 7 years no ring? i’d want out too, there’s no reason to be bashin a guy for chasin somethin every single player in the NBA is after. Yes Lebron needs to let his personal talents speak for themselves and he needs to mature a bit and get his game to the best it can be, nobody in this world is perfect and im sure everybody in life has been cocky about atleast one thing in there life all you Bron haters are hypocrites, people leave jobs for better pay, people move for better opportunity, it’s his decision, your words arent affecting him, you’re all wasting your time bashin on him, and the Heat. Grow up.

  135. Albert Allego says:

    Never doubted this two guys + Bosh as they showed what could be the future for this ball club. Maturity is not the ingredient but the duration of what had happened after you mixed up these ingredients. They have had enough criticism because of their arrogance but when arrogance disappeared and maturity came to a hilt, that’s when these guys started counting rings. Lebron is 27 on December and MJ got his 1st ring at the age of 28. Lebron is almost there…

  136. christopher says:

    Jeez, these ARTICLES about the defeat of MIAMI is making me sick. Yeah, they lost, in year 1. So what if they didn’t say what you expected to hear from them? It’s year 1! Nobody expected them to win this year. Jeez.

    • Cavs says:

      lol a lot of people did expect them to win. Check the comments in this blog before game 6 and you’ll see a lot of people talking about a game 7… maybe. I’m not sure tbh but I bet it’s true.

  137. I>U says:

    This years finals were all rigged. Go look at how mark cuban was quiet the whole series. Go look at the officiating games 3 through 5. Lets congratulate the Mavericks for buying their first and last championship!!!!:DDDDD

  138. Rum says:

    Heat blew it. Period. They had games 1-4. Could of swept Dallas. Had large leads and blew them in 2 (15 point lead) and 4 (9 point lead). That was it…they never recovered from game 4. They went from beliving they were going to win the championship to thinking they could actually loose. Dallas took over from there…didn’t help that James was a 4th quarter no show.

    • heat says:

      dirk vs lebron g6
      dirk 21 lbj 21
      lebron 7 in 4th dirk 10 in 4th
      is this a horribe no show by lbj?

  139. David says:

    Somebady tell “The King” that the finals has began¡¡¡¡

  140. ME says:

    Why if read an article like this? mr blinebury if lebron didn’t hype up the drama you would not be able to pick the fruits and make money of it like you are doing right now 🙂 ok they didn’t do it in year one, so what? plenty of years to come now i can understand fans who are still not over the fact that these players will not come to their teams in their careers plus the fact that they won’t beat the heat anytime anytime soon(except for those few elite teams and a few random luck draws) posting scrutnizing comments, but for sports journalists who work for nba.com to jump on this opportunity and feed those clowns is just tasteless, you hate Lebron for what he said and how he did it, i want to see anybody in his position hyped up before he even ever get’s to the nba keep his both feet on the ground, i see people calling him a loser for his 17 points, or his 8, where are those people’s points in an nba game? oh right sorry they were too busy popping burgers instead training all their lives like athletes do

  141. vlad says:

    Congrats to Mavs!
    For everyone who is not busy playing the “I told u so” game:
    I didn’t like Miami’s team until today. But today I realized that the Heat overcame a bad start of season, took out the Cetics(my personal favourite), took out the the league MVP and his team, and won 2 against the Mavs. That’s not bad for a first year team. Not bad at all.
    Remember when Shaq came to town..Shaq-Kobe Drama, Miami Parade for Shaq, Conference finals, and the next year Ring. I think the next few years the Heat will mature as a team and create a legacy.
    keep in mind that they are not a finished product.

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      A true sports fan. May your tribe increase sir.

    • eno1028 says:

      i guess shaq made less of a big deal because it was just one superstar coming in, whereas this year miami got lucky twice. i gues the point is miami likes drama lol lets see if the story actually repeats itself and they do get the ring next year

    • shoboy says:

      yeah.. they aren’t finish alright, but really seems to me the 2006 Miami has a better overall team compared to 2011 Miami, also they’re capped out to sign good role players… but, yeah we can never tell

  142. Sherwin says:

    People who have no life other than hating Lebron are the true loser this season. To Cavs owner, what’s the standing of your team now man?

    Miami Heat is a brand new team, it’s a feat enough for them to get into the finals on their first season. Heat will be strong next season, while Cavs will be struggling from now on.

    What’s that Dan Gilbert? Your team will win the Championship before Lebron? Man you’re the delusional fool.

    • Warriors Will Make the Playoffs! says:

      Of course the Cavs aren’t going to be doing well when their star leaves and they’re racked with key injuries. What kind of question is that? And yeah Dan Gilbert says they’re going to win. What’s he supposed to say? “Yes Cavs fans we’re totally going to lose every year so don’t even bother showing up”? I’m sure that’d be great for business (sarcasm). It amazes me that Heat fans can’t grasp why Cavs fans and the team itself are angry with Lebron. Yes he had every right to leave and in the end he has to do what’s best for him but just imagine how you’d feel if the free agency turned out differently and you didn’t get Lebron or Bosh and on top of it all Wade left. That’s how Cavs fans feel and you can’t blame them for feeling betrayed and bitter because of it especially since they had a championship caliber team until it all fell apart for them.

      • k89 says:

        yo so true eh. if leb+bosh would team up in cleveland or whatever, wade wouldve said DEUCES to miami . kinda weird to think of it now, with all this miami drama

      • shoboy says:

        we cant really say.. since there really quite few Heat fans, and oh so many bandwagons

  143. EWreck says:

    The only clutch LeBron James is familiar with is the clutch in his car!!!

  144. Jake says:

    The Heat lost. I get it, but they did do better than 28 other NBA teams. Doesn’t everyone realize that in all likelihood they’ll be back in the Finals again next year with another chance to win? And if they lose next year, then chances are they’ll be back the year after that and the year after that. I’m glad that Dirk and Kidd got their rings, but all this criticism and derision the Heat seems a little premature. Is everyone really that surprised that the Heat “insta-team” didn’t work flawlessly? People are criticizing the Heat like they totally expected the Heat to waltz their way to an NBA title. I knew the Heat had a very good shot at winning a championship this year, but I didn’t feel like they had a better chance than L.A. or Boston or any of the other elite teams. I understand why a lot of people hate the Heat and feel Lebron is arrogant, immature, and self obsessed, but enough is enough. It seems like Lebron and Wade can’t even walk without being scrutinized and analyzed and criticized. The Mavericks showed that they were the better all around team this year, and I don’t think it should surprise anyone or make anyone jump for joy (unless you’re a Mavs fan) that they beat the Heat.

    P.S.-Will the real Lebron please stand up in the NBA Finals.

    • Warriors Will Make the Playoffs! says:

      But everyone DID expect the Heat to just waltz into the Finals and claim the cup. I remember a number of sports writers claiming that they’d win 70 games in the season and win every series in 4 or 5 games. I remember the huge victory celebration that Miami threw before the ball had even hit the court for the first time this season. I remember Lebron James declaring that he’d win 7 championships for the Heat. In all likelihood Lebron and the Heat would still have haters like every other good player or team but they did a lot to bring it to the level it’s at now. They brought a lot of it on themselves. That all said they’re still the team to beat in the East just as the Mavs and Lakers are the teams to beat in the West and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Miami made their way back to the finals.

      • Fire Gorilla King says:

        That was before the season. When the season started, most sportswriter didn’t expect the Heat to get past the first round in a conference featuring the Bulls, Celtics and Magic. Up until the playoffs, expectations were pretty low for the Miami Heat. You lack perspective, your own perspective. You just rehash what others said, although I do not think you either believe or understand what they say.

      • aaron says:

        @fire gorilla: a week or so ago, writers made their pick. all but one picked miami. so nope, the expectations were not low and miami+pat riley set the bar even higher. plus, its unfortunate for normal miami fans, but a great deal of u guys r not in the right position to talk bout “rehashing”, “believing” or “understanding”

  145. kidu13 says:

    People JUST love to HATE !!!It`s more easy this way….. That`s sad …..too bad for the dallas who won on the court and the press still can`t let it go and give them atention! This is not `Sport Press` is `Gossip Press` … It seems like more important is to SELL than to describe the beauty of this sport and that is : two teams battle to become champions , period !!!

    To Mr.
    Fran Blinebury and all the `press` !

  146. makmak says:

    you guys is good! very good in comments and saying bad to lebron and the heat, can you do what they can do on the court? no one is a trash in that league they are all superstars of basketball in their own you cant play in that league if you’re just nothing

  147. Viper139 says:

    LeBron is a physical talented player which needs to learn three things:
    1) respect – right now he is so full of himself, of his greatness, of himself being the king – that he is not aware what he is still lacking. He turns down the comparison with MJ (luckily – after that finals performance) but punshes every none pro sport, none priveleged into his face by stating – they go back to their ordinary lifes…..(you know the sentence).
    Well – most people on this world are not as priveleged as you are LeBron – but not as spoiled either. Grow up, learn to respect others (no matter if they are basketball pros or ordinary people). You might be gifted but you are not breathing more than the rest of us. And as a matter of fact – lots of us live a better life and work harder. – but you probably don’t understand that one until you are much older.
    2) learn to play under pressure – even when double teamed. Kobe and Dirk are capable of doing it, you are not – not yet.
    Even so Wade had your back in two games as you had his the last series – being consistent against all odds makes you great.
    Bashing easy opponents and feeling great about yourself is not going to do it.
    Fighting with the best, learning from your mistakes, admitting you need to learn something….
    3) grow up – right now you are showing the worst a pro sports guy can be – no matter how good you are. You are supposed to be a role model – but you are the opposite right now.

    A shame that Wade got infected with your “greatness”. Being humble no matter what somebody is calling you until you have proven yourself is probably the most difficult thing to do in this media driven world – where one Hero needs to be crowned every day. You were MVP in the past – rightly so – but failed in the postseason over and over again. And don’t say that Dallas team really got better players – no – they played better as a team – that is a major difference.
    Sure they got Dirk – the one unstoppable player in this finals – but they won because of their effort.

    Congratulations to Dallas – what a season 🙂

    • heat says:

      kobe and dirk have failed in the playoffs more than lbj and have failed more kobe has played twice as long as lebron and dirk 5 years more wait to see how many rings he has after his 13th or 15th season.

      • Queiros says:

        “kobe and dirk have failed in the playoffs more than lbj ” yada yada yada… Look man, did you even read the post? I mean READ IT PROPERLY? He hit it straight on the the problems James has, and has had for a little while. After being swept by the Spurs in 07, he should have learned from it, learned the sacrifices demanded to achieve the crown… As you can see Dirk did it, Kobe did it, so did others before these two.

        “wait to see how many rings he has after his 13th or 15th season”… yeah, we’ll wait. Of course he’s good, he will get his. But I highly doubt that he’ll have 5 as Kobe has, for instance… Even the four Duncan has. I’ll be here watching this league for the next 50 years, hopefully, so I’ll count’em!

  148. SoszekGS says:

    I totally disagree. Wade has done what he could in my opinion. The problem was the rest of the team which after Game 3 started acting like they’ve already failed and wasn’t fighting. Wade was the only guy in the team who knows what does it take to win a championship.

  149. MK11 says:

    I respect D’Wade…NOT Lebron..As talented as he is…HE IS NEVER A “MICHAEL JORDAN.” He wasn’t dedicated and loyal as MJ, Dirk-N, Hakeem…He’s just a TOTAL LOOOOOOOOOOOOSER!

  150. elliott says:

    guess the nickname lechoke is true

  151. F.S says:

    first up i think eric spoelstra has tried to coach the team…only he doesnt have much to coach…
    secondly…i do believe LBJ is a great player…and a clutch one at that…when he wants to…
    the thing with LBJ is…its not he cant come up with something…its mentally he’s afraid of failure…
    so he shies away from that pressure…hoping someone would bail him out…thats sad..

    GO BOSTON 2012

    • aaron says:

      yeh i think media and all the overhype ever since he joined in made him afraid of doing something wrong. we didnt let this guy grow up properly as a player and made him into a guy who plays for the show and not for the win. what a waste of surreal talent

  152. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    This is a bunch of crock. Every time James touched the ball the entire Dallas team converged on him and tried to trap him.
    Moreover, even the GOAT, Michael Jordan faced defeat against the Pistons 3 TIMES (not in the NBA Finals: the Eastern Conference Finals) before finally beating the Pistons and finally the Lakers when he was 28. Several things went wrong for the Heat this year: Bosh not tough enough in the paint, Miller can’t shoot a 3 to save his life, Haslem missing almost the entire year due to injury. At the same time Dallas had the ingredients of championship success: ONE OF THE BEST POINT GUARDS EVER IN JASON KIDD, THE BEST POWER FORWARD IN THE GAME, EXCELLENT BENCH, ONE OF THE TOP 5 CENTERS IN THE GAME TODAY, AN EXPERIENCED COACH, A COMPLETE TEAM. Lebron and Wade carried this team for 100 games, playing and guarding multiple positions, and they came very close to winning a championship. Wade’s blocking 7 footers, James is stopping the most explosive point guard in the league, Wade is averaging one of the best ppg in Finals history. Basically the BIG THREE came very close with a lousy bench, and ok coach, and they hit a buzz saw. Yet they still did better than the Thunder and the Lakers.

    • Lance says:

      Does anybody else think 6″8 Lebron James guarding 6″3 Derrick Rose isn’t as amazing as people are making out… Flip that height and reach mismatch and I wonder who’d dominate who then…

  153. 24 Black Mamba says:

    the difference between kobe and lebron. even when kobe was having a horrible game last year in game 7, kobe still took the shots in the 4th quarter and was agressive. hes not afraid of losing.

    • heat says:

      wat happened this year? to kobe in the 4th quarter?

      • shoboy says:

        what’s Lebron been up to for the last…. 8 years?

      • loll says:

        lol kobe has travelled to champs for past 3 years, carrying lakers almost all by himself, and for sure without a dwayne wade. got 2 rings out of it (to add to 3 others). 2 finals mvp.. scored just A BIIIT more than 17 points in all the fourth quarters each time.. heres another guy who joined the league as a young cat. except by 26 he had 3 rings already. now hes turnin 33 has an accomplished career, is enjoying still being arguably the best player of the league and being compared to young legs like wade, lebron & KD and playing for the team that has the rest of the league desperately stack up superstars.

  154. gee says:


  155. Ian says:

    I am happy for Dirk, Kidd, and Terry who I have been fans of for a long time now and even Tyson Chandler and Butler.

    However all these Lebron haters out there that say that Lebron is trash, He can not be trash if he is commanding so much attention on and off the court.
    Also, if you think about it. If you are someone that actually plays basketball and when you play you always play to win, then you try to pick a team that will allow you to win. I mean, if you are playing a pick up game you will pick the best players available so that you will win the most games. You’re not going to pick the worst players so that you can be the star and try and win it by yourself. That is just not how it happens in real life

    Also everyone should consider that they never said that they would win it of even make it to the finals the first year, but they made it to the finals the first year and they will only get better.

    And for the media folks that were quick to jump on the Lebron bandwagon when he was closing out games in the playoffs and then jump off again in the finals, SHAME ON YOU! LOL

    Anyway the only reason we are talking about this is because it breaks some added excitement to the NBA,

    OH one last thing, the Decision was not done by LEBRON ONLY, MANY OF THE SAME MEDIA GUYS TALKING ABOUT IT NOW WERE APART OF THAT HOUR LONG SHOW, hypocrits. lol


    • Marc says:

      “However all these Lebron haters out there that say that Lebron is trash, He can not be trash if he is commanding so much attention on and off the court.”

      Hitler commanded the attention of the whole world.

      Nixon commanded the attention of the whole world!

      Al Capone commanded the attention of the entire nation!

      I am NOT comparing Queen LeChoke to the three guys above, but your “logic” that he cannot be trash because he commanded so much attention is just so illogical!

      • Fire Gorilla King says:

        Hitler – did command the world’s attention, and more . .

        Nixon – would like to command the whole world’s attention, but unfortunately Krushchev always upstaged him . .

        Al Capone – now that’s a real American ^_^

        None of them are trash. Trash don’t crush people’s spirits and break their will (Hitler). Trash can’t expect to become President of the United States. Would you call Capone trash to his face? Didn’t think so.

        None of these three are trash. So is Lebron.

  156. showtime says:

    Queen LeChoke deserves everything he’s getting, he brought it upon himself with his bigger than life mumbo jumbo from the decision up until now…
    Great job Mavs

    • heat says:

      if the heat won this year would they have fulfilled there hype? NO you cant get 5-7 rings in 1 year.

  157. Ventruck says:

    They’re trying to run so far away from the term “choke”.

    So many turnovers, so many missed free throws, D-Wade dribbling a ball off his foot when he wasn’t even guarded closely, LeBron avoiding shots (which is just as bad as missing them) – all when Dirk was having a crap game. They did choke, but they’re also right that they played some really bad basketball. I don’t think Dallas was exceptional for Game 6. Miami didn’t do a lot of things they could.

  158. lakers fan says:

    yeah, why can’t those two come to a press conference alone at least once? are they afraid to get lost in the big big world?

    had they won it, that would be said, now I am so happy it is RE-DIRK-OLOUS!!

  159. Truth verse Story says:

    Truth verse Story:
    Truth – Dwayne Wade helps with the Haitian earthquake.
    Truth – Lebron James gives millions to the Boys & Girl Club.
    Story – James and Wade are casted as bad guys by the media and public believes this story.

    • loll says:

      y didnt u google up all the others nba players that give money to charities? lebron and to much less extent wade r being criticized for their arrogance and how they felt short to justify it. thats the accusation, not the fact that they r not donating to the boys and girls club enough

  160. Tired of the hate says:

    I am really sick of these journalists writing articles about “blah blah blah the decision”…”blah blah blah the party”…who gives a flying F-bomb?

    Why do the Heat have to admit they have a problem? Because LeBron aired his decision (which was a fundraiser that people seem to forget about)? Because they had a celebration party during the summer? Please let me know how that makes them evil or a target of moral emptiness.

    Sure, the big 3 got out of hand during the party saying how many they were going to win, but that was a celebration for the fans. It’s FREAKING MIAMI people, that’s how things are done in a city that’s all about partying. But honestly, to go out of your way to condemn the coach, staff, and players because they haven’t apologized…who are you to ask for an apology?

    • Jake says:

      Exactly. Wouldn’t any team in the league have held a celebration if they would have landed Lebron James and Chris Bosh in free agency? I know that I would have wanted to celebrate. Sure, you can say they were arrogant for promising to win multiple championships, but based on people’s reactions to the Heat losing it seemed like we all thought they were right! People do a lot worse things than what Lebron and D-Wade have done.

      • 24 Black Mamba says:

        you didnt see the celtics celebrating like that when they got allen and garnett and they won the title that season…
        most nba players give money to charities and they dont have to make a “decision” to do it

  161. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Mavs still suck 2me. Even better we can take it from them next year. Terry sux, Stevenson sux, Barera sux, Kidd sux, Marion sux, They all Suck. Dirks Aight tho he can shoot. and poor Lebron i was really going for tha guy, Wade sux too he dont got a Jump Shot.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      Let me guess, your main man DeJuan Blair could beat out Dirk?

      • heat says:

        duncan has 4 rings dirk has 1 duncan is considered the best pf of all time dirk got his compiliments after 2 series really? duncan won a ring like in his second or rookie year or something like that it takes dirk 13 years?

      • SpursDaBest!! says:

        na dirk we will let him drop 60 if he wants we will Shut the rest of those One time ring winners. but we can wait tillnext year for that

      • OFFENSIVE FOUL says:

        please spare the name of the spurs on this trash talking. they have proven alot.no questions about it.

    • Marc says:

      Obviously, the Spurts suck. You guys got blown out in the first round in 5 games by the 8th seeded Memphis Grizzlies! It doesn’t get much worse than that!

      I once visited the San Antonio Riverwalk, and all I got was a rash!

      Remember, San Antonio has NEVER won a championship by beating the Mavericks! Every year, the Mavs either tie or take the season series from you. And, your Spurts are nothing more than the old Dallas Chaparrals of the ABA, so say “Thank you”, and then stick a sock in it!

    • fix89 says:

      lool dirk is “aight” haha confident for someone whos rooting for the first seed that we havent seen since the first round. i hate miami but imma tell u this – miami got a new squad, screwd up, got them selves together, went on a 21-1 run, came up play off ready and went to champs during their first year – all this done majorly by the poor lebron AND wade (& bosh). all those guys in dallas that suck sooo much got them selves together, worked hard as a team, got through portland, defending champs and OKC, didnt choke this time like in 2006 and r sipping on the champagne right now.

  162. Alen Merdzo says:

    Lebron should play hockey since there is only 3 periods. Anyway, how you know you have found Lebron’s cell phone? It vibrates , it receive the calls but does not have a ring!

  163. HEAT BELIEVER says:

    and what if HEAT WON?would you not talk?the one’s immature here are the one who criticizes when thier not even playing the game.. you try playing the game?would you please everyone?stop bugging the WE the HEAT FANS… be sure to stick with the dallas coz HEAT’s coming back in FINALS’12…
    ps: DONT BLAME COACH SPO he’s done what he’s been told.. you want COACH SPO to shout at the ears of his players?he’s a better coach than you think,more understanding for the sake of his player.. you like to be shouted at?you little incest you.. want it hard do you?tsk tsk tsk..

  164. Vitor Bernes says:

    Man, you just have to stop hating on then, yes they lost, yes they didn’t perform like it was expected… But they lost in the FINALS, the only series that a team can be “happy” to lose. I mean, Kobe got swept in the second round, and not a word of criticism from the media. Derrick Rose also, as you say, “choked” in the fourth, and was eliminated by lebron and the Heat. 2 weeks ago you were talking about the heat as if they were the best team in the world.Now because they lost to a great team (that also swept the lakers), it’s like miami has’nt acomplished anything. It was a great year for the Heat, nobody from the media expected then to even get to the finals. So give some credit to Lebron, D-wade and the Heat, because they deserve it. And stop saying like the heat LOST.. instead of the Dallas WON.

  165. Jakob says:

    Stop crying, hate and arguing like this is what make sports fun! You have rivals and what not. It’s all a great part of this. I’m happy with the way this year went and can’t wait ’til next year. I can’t say I’m a huge Mavs fan but I respect that team very much. Dirk is in the top 5 pf of all time without a doubt.

  166. Jepoy says:

    Choker……nuff said…

    • heat says:

      na he had some bad games thats all and at the wrong times he couldve played bad versus philly but not dallas if u were in his situation u would lose 0 points like magic never had bad games in the fiinals or even kobe. check kobes first finals games u would be suprised .

      • shoboy says:

        I believe it’s LeBron’s 2nd final appearance. Seems Bosh contributed much more on most finals game compared to LeBron.

  167. i hate u reporters these days, u really just go after the heat. WHAT PROBLEM? ur telling me, lebron joking around saying 456u7 w.e 8 champioships, WAS A PROMISE, WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIM SAYING THAT AND PAT RILEY BACK IN THE LAKER DYNASTY, “NEXT YEAR WE’RE GUNNA WIN IT AGAIN”? OH AND THE CELEBRATION. THAT WAS FOR THE MIAMI HEAT, it wasnt for the rest of the league to see. i see no problem with the celebration, because the PEOPLE OF MIAMI WANTED IT. A CITY THAT HASNT SEEN THIS KIND OF BASKETBALL HYPE EVER! OH AND THEY HAD A PARADE WHEN SHAQ CAME OVER AS WELL. BUT OF COURSE U REPORTERS DIDNT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THAT. all im asking is, to be fair.

    • fix89 says:

      u miami heat fans r too sensitive. everybody gets the same treatment – both from reporters and haters. same “falling apart” and “coach phil’s war with kobe bryant” articles appeared throughout lakers struggles, but u had no problems with reporters back then. how many articles have been written on how dallas chokes every year? thats what media is paid for. most of the comments written on this blog r more funny than anything else – like ppl saying that miami will get dwight+rondo next year or like ppl saying that miami should burn in hell lol facts r what we saw on sunday and throughout the season. everything else is just opinions.

  168. chutovsk says:

    The idea that this tainted anything for D wade is crazy. There is something more to be done by everyone. Lebron’s criticism is empty most of the time. His whole point in pointing out that everyone would have to get back to their problems and their lives wasn’t to say “I’m better than you are”, but was to say “You got what you want, now what, is it enough to keep you all happy until next year?”

  169. Kirt says:

    get back to the real world? Leprick are you on crack? YOU are the one who’s been living in the fabled fantasy of KING JAMES, YOU are the one who said it’s now or never, YOU are the one who’s been choking. The Mavericks just showed you what the real world is like, and you out of all people are telling others to get back into it?? Don’t make me laugh.

    • heat says:

      ur dumb the KING JAMES FANTASY? YOU’VE BEEN FALLIN IN THE MEDIA FANTASY LEPRICK? your soo dumb cleveland started it and ur still doin. y didnt you call him that when he played for cleveland and y they draft “leprick” anyways number 1 pick?if anyones on crack its u

  170. PaulP QRO says:

    The mere fact that they speak about defeat and dissappointment when they were 2 wins from a championship only serves the ironico function of giving legimitacy to Bron Wade and Bosh’s high expectations. Meaning, you too thought they were headed for a championship and are now happy to play the hate game. Nuff said.

  171. DRe says:

    Everyone who’s been bashing the heat is PURE EVIL. Never in my whole life have I seen this level of hatred, and WHY? WHY?? Are you people happy now? REJOICING at the FAILURE of another team? The only people who should be happy that the heat lost the finals are Mavs fans, THATS IT. Everyone else is merely spewing negativity from a very dark place to a team that did NOTHING WRONG. You people are despicable and make me sick.

    • OFFENSIVE FOUL says:

      according to them, its because lebron is a narcisist, arrogant man. i still dont get it though. the arrogance has been taken back to him by failing in the finals. that’s the statement right there. i totally agree that the focal point should be celebrating the Mav’s win. more than enough to say that miami failed.

  172. Hives says:

    An NBA fan here, hold no stock in either team. And I have to say you people are pathetic. Take a look at yourself. This is out of hand, honestly. I am a frequent visitor to this website as I love the game, but this is getting ridiculous. To the writer, Miami will probably stop playing the victim when the media stops painting such a terrible light on everything they do. So they celebrated when they signed Lebron James, it’s Miami. They party for everything and they just won the Free Agency Lottery. You expect less? So Lebron said they would get seven rings, this was all hype. A million athletes have signed with a million teams to promise that city a million rings, it’s absolutely nothing new. So Lebron left Cleveland. You expected him to stay? Not in Cleveland. It was never going to happen in this city. I’m sorry. It just wasn’t and everybody knew it. Lebron is arguably the greatest talent to ever play in the NBA and the fan base is reveling in drama like a bunch of girls. Get over it and stop jumping all over other people’s works and snowballing this thing into something other than what it really is. I think this is an example of mob mentality at it’s finest and it’s sad to see all of you writers getting paid to spit out the same hate someone else already wrote.

  173. Spoelstra is an idiot says:

    Why didn’t Eddie House really play at all during the whole playoffs until game 7? He hits shots, Bibby doesn’t. Yeah, his defense is atrocious, but so is Bibby’s,. Bad move Spoelstra.

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      i agree. its funny how they brought in bibby because of his experience, when he has never made it past the conference finals until now. and he played horrible

      • stof says:

        Seemingly everybody who joined Miami thought they just had to sit out the ride and the title would come by itself

    • ron says:

      they should have kept carlos arroyo over bibby kid was terrible

  174. heat in 07 says:

    Time to stop playing the victim? Were they villified for surpressing greed and ego to join forces in an effort to try to win? Yes, they were villified by the media. Their “excessive celebrating” which supposedly motivated Dallas in game 2 drew headlines but Terry’s jet poses, which are far more egregious as he runs the length of the court, don’t even get a mention. If they do anything at all, someone like Fran is ready to rip them a new one. This fascination with hating them is really amusing. Do you not have anything better to write about? As for the party, it was not much different than when Shaq when came here. We had a huge block party for our fans and no one cared or worried about it. Shaq guaranteed a title there as well. What’s different is it has become fashionable to pick on the Heat. They may make some mistakes, they are not perfect, but they are without question victims of media bashing. To suggest otherwise shows a real lack insight, Fran.

    • Marc says:

      Awwwwww! Poor you! And, poor Miami! The whole world is picking on you and “hating” you. It’s just so sad. It makes me almost want to cry for you! Boo hoo hoo!

      Your team and your fans brought all of this on yourselves. You celebrated a championship nearly a year before it failed to materialize. Your arrogance and ignorance spoke volumes about your city and its people.

      Let’s face it – the people in Miami are not even Floridians. Almost everybody there is from New York or New Jersey! Or Cuba!

      You poor little victims! Everybody wants to “hate” on you and hurt your feelings! We are all just a bunch of old meanies! And the ancient Dallas Mavericks took your young superstars to school and kept them late! The world is so unkind to Miami. Life is so unfair! My heart breaks for you all in 305. If we would have seen how this was going to devastate you all, then Dallas would have flopped (like LeBron and Wade did last night) so that you could still play again tomorrow night. If only we had known…

  175. billybob says:

    i was waiting for the 2ND ring but no that was not heat’s night

    1st of all i can’t tell i’m a fan of heat but i always say wade is over lebron he’s head chest hips and feets over ‘bron mentally

    2nd i think ‘bron is a kind of diva juste because an other man lead the game you ain’t playing no more? what a child !

    3rd wade is batman james is robin in this team cause everybody who wanted the ring who’s had not got the right mindset to to catch it

    peace from france and sorry for my poor english spelling

    • SpursDaBest!! says:

      Lebron is a better player than wade. Wade cant shoot the darn ball he relies on getting to the free throw line. Lebron will always be better than Wade

      • fix89 says:

        its obvious that lebron edges wade skill-wise. but wade is a more valuable player. he had trouble stepping up during season with lebron putting up 40 pts here and there but these finals would ve been a sweep without wade. had he not been eaten up by all those injuries, may b he would v been the best player in the league right now. theres more to a player than his physical attributes.

  176. bsj says:

    Lebron is hated because he is arrogant, a narcissist, and doesn’t back it up when it counts.

    Jet challeneged him and what did he do? He FAILED to deliver. Lebron is a joke.

  177. menice ball says:


  178. karibkween says:

    Thank God for Wade and Lebron that these idiots have something to write about all Summer long. Maybe they’ll also get some more idiots to read their diatribes come next week.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      And thank God for these articals so you can complain about them. Are you a writer? Do you get paid to complain about writers? No? Then please sit back down.

  179. medmate says:

    I don`t get it…all this heartbreak and complaining…none of them was here last june.they got to the finals,and that is a step forward.we all know that dallas will not be here next year.let`s face it,they are old,but miami will have time to do it again.dallas deserved this one,like a lifetime achievement award.

    • BFOULDS says:

      You count Dallas out too early

    • Marc says:

      I ain’t believing in ANY Miami predictions! You guys don’t seem to do so well in that category.

      Next season, Dallas will still have Dirk Nowitzki. Caron Butler and Roddy Beaubois will be healed and ready to play. Tyson Chandler will have had a year and a championship to get more into the game. We will probably still have Berea, Terry and Kidd. Ian Mihinni gained some great experience this year, and will be a MUCH improved player next year. Shawn Marion may or may not be back, as well as Brian Cardinal and Peja Stoiakivic, but Dallas will be an awesome team next year playing with even more confidence and more desire.

      Who knows where we will finish next year, but if we make it into the playoffs, then I can imagine that we will get a lot more credit and a lot more respect shown than what we got this year.

      By the way, what time does Game 7 start tomorrow night?

      • OFFENSIVE FOUL says:

        its like tossing a coin you know. eiither heads or tails. dallas won the crown.noone would question it. lebron and wade failed. they got the other end of the deal. it has to be one or the other.harsh words, trash talking and all that doesnt seem to make sense to me. the real essense of having the finals to happen is to see who is the best. in this year it was clearly the MAVS. then celebrate it. but not at the expense of the other team. saying that Mavs won it is stating a fact that noone can disprove. lebron and wade failing comes together with it, implicitly though.

  180. Sasha says:

    Dunno how everybody can’t see why the Heat lost G6 ’cause it’s so simple: Lebron and DWade were sick! Did you see them cough and noses running before G5? It’s so obvious — if they had not been seek they’d have definitely win a championship…

    • choker says:

      They are not sick they are choking..choking…choking…choke… choke…choked. overused choke

  181. Goldenstaes says:

    does it occur to anyone maybe Lebron loose the final on purpose? compare with the 2007 finals its a similar gag. i wonder how much James got for this time..

  182. stf says:

    come on, let’s stop bashing Miami: Apart from the last game, every game in this series has been close and could have gone either way. Being second in the NBA is of course desastrous on the day you’re losing, but it still is very close to the top of the world. And no one would have talked about LeDecision or Coughgate if only one or two of their shots would have gotten in…

  183. Karel Van der Auwera says:

    Not being a particular fan of USA politics —without a doubt due to my being a European with more than some reserves about America’s views of the state of things— I’ve been always a HUGE, HUGE fan of American sports and more so of the unique talent of American sportsmen to take it to another level. No matter what the discipline, no matter what the challenge. Neither LeBron or Dwayne (for Bosh i’ll take the joker) fit in that category. They were and are nothing more than children running after their lollypop. The only thing different is the rather perverse paycheck. Good on Dirk, good on Jason, good on Dallas franchise, good on Marc Cuban. Good on sports.

  184. maynard s. timbol says:

    2011 big three, 2012 huge four wade,lebron,bosh,howard

    • BFOULDS says:

      Howard won’t soil his name by moving to Miami. He’s better than that. Keep dreaming though, its cute.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      I hope you Juwan Howard, cause there’s no way Dwight’s going to Miami.

    • Jeff says:

      finally one smart blogger. I hope Howard does go to Miami. He plays tough defense like the Heat, he gets to the foul line, and hes a post up player that we need. I think that would mean a trade for one of the big three though and that obviously means Bosh. Despite what all the dumb people think, Lebron and Wade are the two best players in the NBA, and they will play together better once they get a guy that will rebound and not try to shoot jumpshots too. Bye Bosh. Hello Dwight Howard. I mean Bosh is ok but he doesn’t offer anything that Wade and Lebron don’t already do better than him. Bosh would probably be happier being the first option guy in Orlando anyway. Heat need rebounding, ally oop two hand dunks, and joking around that will piss off the other teams. Dwight would bring all that. Then we need Rondo. Rondo would never shoot too much but would do everything else perfect, like say “no Lebron and Wade, I am the guy that brings the ball up the court, but don’t worry I’m not going to shoot it, just get open.” And with Udonis Haslem starting at the 4 spot ready to give a knuckle sandwich to guys like Dumbshawn Stevenson or Jerkeem Noah, we would then have the perfect team. Probably beat the Kobe and Shaq Lakers with Magic, MJ, and Barkley.
      Not probably, we would. And we’d let Pippen sit on the Heat bench so he could laugh at Barkley on the Losers bench.
      All Heat fans will love this post. All non Heat fans, don’t waste your time trying to respond to all this brilliance, you cannot, and I don’t care what you have to say. It’s on next year. Miami should throw another one of those celebrations, that sure was funny and made me happy because it bugged so many people. I’ll send money for another one of those party’s even. HA.
      These Nike LeBron’s sure are comfy, way better than my lawn mowing shoes (Jordans).
      Hey, does anyone know why Micael Jordans shoes all have LeBrons Cleveland #23 on them? Jordan must be trying to kiss up because Lebron so much better than him.

      • paolo says:

        one smart blogger??!!??! OMG ! For all I know, the heat is capped out when it comes to salary. And i know most if not all knows about this. How do you pay D12 with what’s left of bosh, wade and bron? dang… it really agonizes me that “realistic” people like us have to be branded with the same race as you are. @_@

      • Fire Gorilla King says:

        @Jeff Once again you have shown us your lack of perspective. Under the current salary cap, Miami does not have enough to pay for Howard. And if he ever plays for Miami with Wade and company, I hope LeBron is not there anymore. Two things. First, Lebron’s presence will clog the lane and make it difficult for Howard to move effectively in the post. Second, dividing 240 total minutes a game between a 8- or 9-man rotation with four star players demanding playing time will leave a bench which is not capable of playing in the postseason (in terms of experience and confidence). Well, you can always dream (or daydream). It’s free, after all.

  185. maynard s. timbol says:

    Maybe Pat Rilley is now thinking to add more extra power..Lebron is desperate to have a ring and i think the Big Three are willing negotiate his salary cap just to capture the elusive and hard to achieve CHAMPIONSHIP..i know at this early he does’nt want to retire w/ no ring in his fingers like those all time greats..Barkley,Ewing,Malone and others…Wow what’s comes next THE BIG FOUR…….!!!!

  186. BLM73 says:

    Like Sir Charles said, stop saying Hater, it’s stupid.

  187. OneLoveMiamiHeatBaby says:

    Well it’s very sad to see this nba season over and in such a fashion nontheless, but maimi… well it’s been a ride, through both joyful and hard times. Personally i enjoyed this season very much like any other and my thanks to maimi heat squad for all that. It’s definitely hard to see guys like jason terry or deshawn stevenson becoming champions, but oh well… congratuliations to dirk nowitzki and coach carlisle for excellent job, Already can’t wait for next season. Good luck miami!

  188. Aikee says:

    For those who people who hates LeBron won’t be able to find light… why don’t we celebrate the champs rather than hating LeBron more.. you guys are releasing bad energy in this blog… think about who’s the villain now… I think LeBron is not… you guys are, and for the americans, you have no heart at all, LeBron redeem the gold trophy for USA, and you guys still talking trash to him. LeBron sacrificed himself to join heat, and yes, probably this is his karma… Do you think you will live in a happy life, enjoying to see a man losing? think about it guys… You guys are no sports… You should learn to appreciate teams and even is not your team, learn to respect them. How old is Wade, 29 right? Lebron? 26? so if you guys think that LeBron drags them down… you guys are childish… How would a 29 year old follow a 26 year old? so you guys are saying Wade has no ego at all… I think you guys should learn to analyze the situation here… that wasn’t a big issue at all – about the mocking. You guys react so exaggeratedly. If you guys are really happy about LeBron failing, then your life is miserable… you won’t be enjoying basketball in your entire life. Time comes, when LeBron wins, you won’t be enjoying basketball at all… You will live with hate. Change your ways!!! I know he hurt the clevelanders but for sue they have move on now, for proving that “You can’t win shortcut”, soon LeBron will have your heart guys back, I have a feeling, he learned his lesson now, so I am excited for him, what he is gonna do in the next season – off the court.

    • DBowe says:

      You’re obviously a bandwagooner. Us Heat fans are familiar with Wade and how he acts, so that’s why ppl are saying that Lebron rubbed off on him. Its no excuse because he should know better, but you “Lebron lovers” can never admit when he’s done wrong. He didn’t give his “all” in the finals. Now if we go back to Wade being our “main man” we will be fine.

    • Cavs says:

      Lol my life is miserable? Don’t repeat what LBJ said, seriously. We may never see the millions he has or the kind of things he can buy, but so what? On top of that you make it sound like we hate LBJ like it’s all we do.

      Kind of beside the point, but what lebron said really bothered me. It just felt like he was making a reference to the kind of lifestyle he can live with his kind of wealth but some of us will choose (or have chosen) perfectly good careers with much less money. I want to be a great scientist for instance, but apparently my life is problematic for rooting against him and I’ll be returning to my problems in a few days whatever that means.

      • Jeff says:

        Who cares if Cleveland never forgives Lebron, like this scientist guy that doesn’t understand why he is upset about what LeBron said last night. YET IT BUGS HIM ENOUGH TO BLOG ABOUT IT RATHER THAN CHECK HIS PITRI DISHES OR WHATEVER THE HELL HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING. That is what LeBron was saying! HE is HAPPY with HIS life so he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about HIS LIFE or CARREER choice. Is LeBron messing with your science experiments Cavs fan? No. Why doesn’t Cleveland just add Charlie Sheen to the Indians like in that movie and be content to be bad at sports!! YOU GUYS JUST DONT GET IT. I am glad LeBron has millions and millions of your Cleveland money. I hope he is at the beach spending it, also I hope it is raining in Cleveland, where not one of your teaqms will ever win a title and every decent player will opt out in free agency every time. Mark my words Antwan Jamison and Byron Scott are gone as soon as they get the chance.

      • tired says:

        its spelled Petri dish

  189. billy says:

    Well, as a Bulls fan, I’m sort of vindicated as I’m sure many teams out there that didn’t want see an evil empire take over the NBA. Much like Spygate indirectly prevented the New England Patriots from a perfect season and a place in history as the greatest pro football team ever, the Decision and the Celebration last summer ultimately cost the Heat the NBA championship, at least for now. My advice to Pat, Eric, LeBron, and Wade, please no more pre-celebrations. Try to make all your trades and contract signings with the least amount of publicity, no parades or fireworks. Hey LeBron, no more 2 hour specials unless you are planning on retiring early and if that’s the case, make it three. This team also needs discipline in every phase of the game, and can someone please help LBJ and give this guy some direction as far as playing basketball is concern. Stop treating him like he has ownership stock in the team, and start treating him like the player he suppose to be. Eric, act like a coach and start getting tough on him. Wade and Bosh, stop treating him like he’s your buddy all the time and start demanding results. Punch or kick the guy, that’s what Jordan did in Chicago. Either that or get rid of him, at least you guys can save some money in the long term.

    • Jeff says:

      sure did whip your bulls and your spoiled little Iverson clone though huh. And LeBron gonna whip them bulls untill Rose gets traded to turkey for the original AI.

      • wink says:

        haha.. heres a bulls fan commenting miami celebrating.. What about your team celebrating game1 rout just like they win a game7 with the heat.. Lost 4 straight. Pls dont use celebrating my friend.. Coz ur team did it too.

    • TrueFan says:

      The main difference being that the reason behind “Spygate” wasn’t that they weren’t supposed to tape teams but that they did it from a (newly) restricted area; that every respectable and knowledgable football expert came out and said that what the guy did wouldn’t give a team any realistic advantage and definitely wouldn’t allow a team to blow out other teams by 50 or more points on a routine basis or go undefeated during the regular season, and that you could gain more of an advantage by simply watching game tapes of opposing teams, which all great coaches/teams/players do; and that the only ones that bought into the whole “Spygate” smoke and mirrors media show were teams that got blown out by the Patriots or were about to. The only people that question the validity of what the Patriots accomplished are the football clueless or perennial losers.

      But yeah, other than those facts and the fact that the Pats have actually won multiple championships, those idiots dancing around on stage like fools predicting 7 rings before they had even ran a practice together was exactly like “Spygate”…

    • khenny says:

      u see this guy billy brings up an important point bout how lebron is being treated in his team AND in the league. ever since this kid came in, he was showered with every possible praise. so he is young, talented, immature (and what do u expect right) and just becomes the instant superstar. real talk its alot to handle. so he flips. becomes completely in love with him self – and why not? everybody else is. has it a bit harder than he should in cleveland and so has 2 options – stick it out and prove to everyone he can bring cleveland their first franchise ring all by himself OR screw all this honor and pride sh*t team up with good friends and “secure” multiple championships. With his non-human talent and his star power, it shouldve been no surprise that the guy thought he could do what ever he wanted (i thought he was going for chicago tho but u know whatever). my point is, we – fans, media, the whole league – put way too much on this guys shoulders for his maturity level and experience. in my opinion he will never reach the golden list of the greatest players/leaders (mj magic bird big o bryant etc) and i think what spoiled him was too much hype, too early. we v seen him under different lights now and idk he still has may be 7-10 more years to play but also so much pressure and scrutiny (which will get worse and worse) that idk if he can take the time to grow up as a player in all that. may be hitting this year’s wall is going to be a wake up call. may be all this attention is just gonna put more pressure.
      @jeff lol ive no more words for u and ur posts throughout this blog smh
      @wink ridiculous comparison..

  190. LeChoke says:

    My personal problem is every time when I wake up seeing this stupid arrogant narcissist calling himself “the King” I want to puke. Good job LeChoke

    • heat in 07 says:

      He doesn’t call himself the king. That’s what everyone else calls him. So yo’re upset that you wake up and see other calling him the king so you take your anger out on not the media who’s stirring everythin up him.

      • Nate says:

        heat in 07,

        Obviously you’re not that big of a Heat fan, cause if you are you would know that Lebron James self proclaimed himself as “The King” & “The Chosen One”.

      • Jepoy says:

        Ohh I guess he means the choking one, evryone is calling him that and he like that.

    • stof says:

      I suggested ‘Jester James’, and altough it sounds better nobody picked it up and kept calling him King, still don’t understand it. after all, he is the laughingstock of Miami and the NBA.

    • Jeff says:

      LeBron is the King. Now bow down and beg forgiveness Lechoke. And then go clean some stables or something.

      • fix89 says:

        LMAO jeff is just like my fave guy on this blog lmaoo i hope its the same guy who said lebronn is better than mj kobe and magic all together just 5 minutes before. he just makes my day, seriously

  191. KIngKobra2 says:

    I’m an actual nba fan and i know never to panic or jump ship on a team. Miami has probably the better roster than that 2006 NBA Finals roster. If they lose next year i will definately jump ship and miami fans would probably too. When chris bosh came i thought he could have been the Shaq of 2006 and win a title. Lebron sucks and he always will until he win a title. LeChoke next year probably will be your next chance. THINK ABOUT THAT QUEEN JAMES.

    • BLM73 says:

      Ummm, this just in….. The majority of the Miami Heat fans that crawled all over these boards like so many cockroaches all season/playoffs have already jumped ship. Better start hoping they don’t wash up in your city.

      • Cavs says:

        Best description of heat fans ever. Some have brains (much respect for them!) but most of them I see posting are just blabbering on about next year. Last time I checked many of them were talking about a game 7…

  192. lord p says:

    @law064 chi gonna be better i know that but there is no other issues for the heat for next year..remember so many stories shaq..paul pierce and the same dirk before getting their ring everybody were saying that they’re losers..the big 3&company gonna work hard this summer..believe me i know how bad wade over everybody hate losing!!

    • TrueFan says:

      So the Knicks, Celtics, OKC, Lakers= not a problem?

      Wow ok….

      • aaron says:

        lol that and u forgot miami. their own team is their biggest problem. the fact that u dont have a solid point guard/center is not going to magically solve itself during summer training. trades need to be made and if so, more new people, more adaptation. thats IF good trades can be done with ur salary cap.

  193. lovebasketball says:

    I have a question. Why it is always Wade and Lebron, and Bosh is always alone? shouldn’t it be 3 of them together on everything, after all bosh and Lebron joined them and they are called big 3. it is always wade and Lebron together in videos and bosh all alone by himself. How is that big 3? There must be something going on between them or something?

  194. SImon says:

    What an ignorant piece and quite offensive. I truly hope you never get to write for NBA.com again. Wade is going out there playing basketball and doing a good job of it. If he is a loser then I’d hate to think what all the rest of the league including Kobe Bryant is. In Year 1 they made the Finals and also got the entire world looking at the NBA. What have YOU done lately?

  195. Jferrich Oba says:

    D.Wade is one of the top players in the NBA and will be for some time to come. He is a proven and respect player by his peers. Oh, and he does have a ring and earned it. There are many grate players that never got the ring, and there are many also rands who got the ring; i’ll take the grate players any day, many of them are in or headed to the Hall of Fame. How do you dislike a team because because they won or did not win the Championship? The only time i dislike a team is when i feel or think in order for them to win, the other team was cheated. I only know of one team that it was proven they cheated and yet they still won and nothing was done about it, they kept their Championships. It was a Pro team. I’m a White male, so my question is. If Bosh, James and Wade were White players, would they be held to the same standard or talked about as bad or would they be seen in a different light ?

    • BFOULDS says:

      Seriously? After everything that LeBron did this season, and how immature LeBron and Wade were during these finals, you want to pull the COLOR CARD? Get a life.

      • wink says:

        That is just enough for a leader of a team who didnt accept his failure in 2006.. he said Dallas gave them the championship.. If Dirk was respectful for the heat in 2006, then the mocking would be immature. If you want respect better respect too..

    • Cavs says:

      When people start looking down on all great players and constantly downplay great players’ performance then MAYBE you can call the race card. When people spit on and yell racist slurs in every game on and off the court and 6-9 white people are regarded as superior ATHLETES compared to 7-1 280lbs of muscle then MAYBE you can call the race card. Was MJ ever discriminated against because he was black? At some point in the last 8 years Was LBJ never revered? Was DWade never worshipped?

      Dirk straight up played better. He carried the entire NBA on his back and defeated the heat fair and square. There is no racism.

  196. MiamiHeatFan says:

    I don’t understand why everyone’s coming down on Miami. James and Bosh came to Miami to join Wade in the hopes of bringing home a championship. For their first year together, I’d say they came pretty close and have done quite well. Keep it up Miami!

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Nah they said they would win multiple championships, 6 and 7, that meaning WINNING ONE THIS YEAR!

      Nothing wrong with saying you want to win championships, every team and player does, but to sit up there and guarentee it to the fans of Miami is what made everyones blood boil! Thinking since you have the top superstars it will be a CAKE-WALK to the ring.

      When the spotlight is always on you being celebs (pro ball players) you have to be careful with your words, they bsaically made it seem like there was going to be no competition for them

    • ? says:

      It is a beautiful day. I hope now you sinceless heat fans and moronic lebron fans can finally put to rest that this dude has never been able to stand on the same stage is Jordan and Kobe. In fact compared to those two, lebron is absolute garbage. I am loving every minute of this. I tried to tell you lebron fans, he is trash.

      • stof says:

        May be Pippen was just playing a mind game, to mess up LeBron because he already was having his troubles handling pressure, and so prevent him from winning

  197. MiamiHeat95 says:

    As a longtime fan of the Miami Heat, seeing and hearing Dwayne and LeBron act like fools and juviniles was mind-blowing. I hope and pray that they both take a good, long look in the mirror before they start to see selfish, old and ringless old men.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      one tru miami fan i can respect, actually admitting that James and Wades behavior is UNCALLED FOR instead of just being another bandwagoner who sees NO WRONG in them like they are OUR SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!

    • Meloaknick says:

      Wade has a ring…. just saying.

    • prove it or shut it says:

      lol long time miamiheatfriend… and you dont even know dwade has a ring? hahhahahahahhahaha probs was under a cave when heat won 06

      • khenny says:

        miami fans hating on each other PRICELESS lmao so its really u against the world eh? when u lose u hate coach spoelstra, u hate reffs, u hate lebron, u hate lakers fans, u hate dallas fans, and u hate ur owns, the ones that dont just hop on the band wagon but the ones that r able to recognize the problems ur team is facing. really, PRICELESS

  198. Nate says:

    The Only one of the Big 3 that I see is still humble and kinda got dragged into all the Drama is Chris Bosh. Bosh has been the guy who’s been called out for being the .5 in 2.5 stars. But he’s the only one who’s carried himself well through out all this. Even with the early celebration last summer, Bosh seemed like he was just there to go a long with it. James attitude has definitely rubbed off on Wade, who’s had an attitude change for the worst ever since, and played a bit more dirty too. I totally agreed with the article, when will the Miami Heat stop making excuses for all the Flap they’ve been getting and take responsibility for it?

  199. enrique says:

    As long as Lebron wants to be THE MAN, he will never win anything but personal awards. He does not have the mental toughness to deal with the pressure and everything he did last summer is coming back in his face and he deserves every bit of it.

  200. MsBevBlack says:

    It is so sad to know that there are people out there who have so much “hate” in them towards LaBron James. In haters
    eyes LaBron can do nothing right! And some people will stop at nothing to generate this “hate”. He will stop being the
    “victim”, when mean people STOP THE ‘HATE’.

    Much love to everyone,

    • OFFENSIVE FOUL says:

      Lebron wouldnt do anything right. This guys would still come out something had Miami won. And since they lost, the haters are in the best position to talk and talk and talk. Trust me, it just so happen that it was Dallas that went into the finals. This same thing could have happened with any western team entering the finals.

  201. Roy says:

    Haha, I hope Lebron never wins a championship, serve him right. I also believe this proves that the first Miami Championship was illegitmate and a gift to Miami in revenge for the Referee’s taking so much Guff from Mark Cuban in 06….

    • heat says:

      you talk tooo much trash come back when the heat win a title and lets see u talk trash. serves u right. miami is gonna get revenge for the refs and they’ll find a way to win even if the refs cheat.

  202. Jonita says:

    I am a Miami Heat fan first, then a D Wade fan. I have to say that I really missed him this past season and I hope that losing on their home court after such a sad season, brings back my favorite player. I hope that it takes this devastation of a year to open the eyes of the Miami Heat and realize that they have fans out here, who aren’t on South Beach, that are die hard and want to see them excel. With that being said I AM NOT A LEBRON FAN and was not the happiest when I heard “THE DECISION”, but I have to say GO HEAT!

    • rockets says:

      Hahaha not a lebron fan your just saying that because he made you lose the finals.If Miami lost and it was d wade that was choking and not lebron than you would have said i was always a lebron fan.

      • D-Wade>Lebron100x says:

        I am also one of those people who dont like Lebron, i never liked the idea of putting 2 of the best isolation players together, i do think Lebron is the best (Because of his physical talent) but u dont see Jordan and Pippen scoring 30 each in a finals game, D-Wade is more than enough of a star player to win a championship. Chuck Lebron away and let him grow up abit, this kid went straight into NBA after highschool, he does not know anything about Crunch Time anyways, because his team in highschool trashed any other team. In my fantasy, D-Howard, C.Bosh, D-Wade as the new big 3.

    • DBowe says:

      @Jonita. I feel the same way. Hopefully Wade will “Lead” next year like we know he can.
      @rockets. You’re an idiot! Is it so hard to believe that some “true” Heat fans, not bandwagooners, dislike Lebron just like you do? We like that he plays for our team now, its not like we have much of a choice, but we don’t like him.

  203. Jferrich Oba says:

    Dallas won, they should have won. The Heat did not have the seasoned team that the Mavs had, nor did they have the needed position players. The Dallas team was better at the Center position, point guard and bench; plus the heat team was out coached. Yes , give Dirk, Terry, Kidd and the role players their due. But, if it had not been for Tyson Chandler in the middle position (Center) Dallas would not have won this series, Chandler was giving the Mavs what they needed out of the center position (rebounds and points). The Heat were a non-factor from that position, yes I also agree that James was not showing up as we think he should have, somewhat aided in Dallas’s winning. Tyson was huge, you don’t win without production from the center position (rebounds,points and defense) , it takes more than a big three to win a five man game. Any sports fan worth his salt , knows that talk is cheap. So forget about what The big three said coming into the season about seven championships, that was hype! The Heat did what many teams do who eventually becomes champions, they got there (to the championship round); realize what they did not have to get over. It took the Dallas team six years to get back to the championship round. It seams to me , that many of the sports announcers, beat writers and the like, piggyback off of each other instead of speaking their own minds. Example: If one of you say , he jumped over the broom, all of you come back with the same remarks. I want to hear why and how he jumped over the broom from your own thoughts, not from the carry over of another’s thoughts. So, James,Wade and Bosh made that silly prediction, so what, most if not all knew that it would not happen, most if not all knew that all of the peaces’s were not there to back up such a brash statement. Most if not all knew that that statement was brash and immature for whatever reason. Even had the Heat won, the statement would still be brash and immature. The NBA has had only three teams in its history to win more than five championships (Celtics, Lakers and Bulls), i stand corrected if there have been more. Those teams had the right types of players, coaches and system to accomplish their goals, that is what it takes. In our present days, if a team wins 2 or more championships they are considered storied franchise and their top two or three players are headed to the Hall of Fame. No; I’m not a Dallas or Heat fan per se; i’m a sports fan.

    • Cavs says:

      Good point but I think it’s more how lebron said it than what he said. He said stuff like winning would be easy after dancing in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Even if it isn’t true it definitely raised expectations.

  204. OrlandoDream says:

    Message for Lebron: There is no “I” in the word team, but there are two in the word -IDIOT! It’s funny that crashing down to earth didn’t even humble this guy.
    People say the Miami Heat will get better, but so will OKC, and so will The Celtics, and so will Orlando. Don’t be surprised if 3 years from now, LeBum will still be chasing his first title

    • Debbie8025 says:


      • Aaron24 says:

        Debbie, most of the people posting are not from Cleveland so where did you get that from? People just don’t like LeBron in general because of the way he did things it never had anything to do with him actually switching team. As for LeBron and Wade being the best players in the NBA that is false. They are some of the best. but there are a lot of players in the NBA at or above their level. So please stop being ignorant and stop typing in caps, because as most people know the caps button is not cruise control for cool in online posting.

      • 24 Black Mamba says:

        nobody cares if he left cleveland. he can do watever he wants. people just hate his attitude and the way he left. that comment he made yesterday after the game didnt help him. ive never liked lebron because of his attitude and now its gotten worse

      • Cavs says:

        Btw I’m from Cleveland and I try to keep negative comments to myself. I personally forgave LBJ for what he did (it wasn’t hard to forgive) but he keeps pushing the knife in further and further into Cleveland and the rest of the NBA. We’ve been over it for a while but he keeps creating more drama for no reason.

      • Jeff says:

        Heat are gonna win multiple championships. Period. So what they didnt do it this year, I dont think they failed. Also I have been all over the country and the only people NOT rooting for LeBron and the Heat are the drones that believe what the media is selling them. If you say you hate LeBron because of the decision or “the way he did it” ask yourselves this? What did he do:
        Take less money to join a better team…………….smart, integritous
        Join his best friend Dwyane Wade…………………..noble, good for them
        Listen to his moms advice ……………………………..honorable
        And all you boo-hoo-cleveland fans, you enjoy having something to complain about, LeBron DIDNT know earlier where he was going and the only person that would have helped would have been Dan Gilbert and who cares about him. ESPN burned LeBron all year because he was smarter than them and had the highest rated show on their channel all year and gave the money away. They vowed to get revenge via all the storylines of LeBron as the villian. I went to a Heat game in Portland (read: furthest basketball town from Miami) and every third person had Lebrons #6 jersey including me. LeBron isn’t the next Jordan or Magic or Kobe, he will far, by every measurable way, outdo those clowns in every facet of the game. We all know that. Unless you won’t admit it because the TV didn’t say it.
        P.S. I hope we trade Bosh for Dwight Howard though, sorry Bosh you did ok.

      • Kris says:

        I find this Jeff guy too overwhelmed by the LBJ-Wade star power. I wont trade Bosh if I was the front office. Hell he was the most consistent player of the Big 3. I’d trade LBJ or Wade (more likely LBJ) for a PG, like Chris Paul or Deron, and get a better team top to bottom. It isnt about star power, its about having the right pieces, and LBJ and Wade overlap too much. Lebron will not out-do Kobe or Jordan. Oh sure he is vastly talented physically and outdo those two there, but he doesnt out-do their heart. LBJ after that loss sounded like he just lost a pick-up game, not a championship. That immature comment about how he doesnt care about people rooting against him because he was “richer” and had less problems than they are just showed how little love and respect he had for the game. Sure he is one of the most talented players, but he is no Kobe or Jordan. Those two loved the game and respected it in a level LBJ never would. Its just sad a player of his caliber has that mentality. That is why people hate him. He has so much God-given talent and look at what he did? He had no reason leaving Cleveland, the town loved him and was willing to fo all it can to help him. Bosh going to Cleveland instead of both LBJ and Bosh to Miami would have made a better and more complete team than this Hear. Hell, Jordan had to wait 10 years for his first ring. There are no shortcuts. Lebron is young, and all he can do to make me stop hating him is to learn to show the game people love with respect. If you would notice, there are two kinds of fans. Fans who go gaga about the highlights, and fans who love the purity of the game. The first version rooted for the Heat, and the second rooted for the Mavs. Simple.

      • TrueFan says:

        Jeff’s comments are a perfect example of the Kool-Aid drunk, highlight reel mesmerized, sensationalist drama filled, basketball ignorant pseudo fan that is quickly becoming what Heat fans are being recognized for.

        Just like 2 of your “Big Three”, with the exception of Bosh, you can’t come to grips with reality and can only make excuses and empty promises when faced with reality. I’m sure you were dancing at home right along with that idiot during the Finals Pre-Victory party last July. You just watched those words come back to haunt your golden boy and yet, you still repeat that crap like saying it will make it so despite obvious and very fundamental problems with the make-up of your “team”. You can’t correct a problem until you first admit you have one, and Miami has a BIG problem.

        LeBron going from 150 million to 100 million to try to short cut his way to a championship….yeah that’s real philanthropic of him. If he was really about winning he would have taken the minimum he could take so that the Heat organization could get those vital other pieces necessary to truly be a championship competitor.

        The fact that you said you hoped Miami traded Bosh (a forward) for Howard (a center), despite the fact that they play different positions, and despite the fact that Miami has like $17 to play with under the current CBA just shows what a totally clueless bandwagon fanboy you are. If you had any clue about the game of basketball you’d want to keep Bosh, trade LeChoke and use the money to get a decent starting center and pg, and some key bench pieces.

        The End.

      • k89 says:

        the best player in the nba is kobe bryant… im sorry u didnt notice

  205. haha says:

    no way.. lebron knows that d-wade is more clutch than he is. he isn’t saying d-wade chokes you lakers fan who swept by dalls. good for you that miami didnt win but what a loser rooting for the team who swept his own team wow. what a nice attitude.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      You are pathetic man, when was it a crime to root for a team when YOUR team is ALREADY OUT OF THE PLAYOFFS!

      Yes, I was very upset we got SWEPT! But then again after sweeping the Lakers, the defending champs, the Mavs DESERVED TO WIN.

      Last time i checked when their are two teams left any fan can choose who they would RATHER SEE WIN, and I rather see Dallas win, a bunch of vets who never got over the hump, and a good story for Dirk to beat the team that beat him 5 years ago. A shot at redemption, any fan of basketball would choose them, unless you from Miami or your favorite player is either James or Wade..

      LIke get a life for real, am I supposed to go for Miami JUST because they BEAT MY TEAM??? Wade and James are TOO arrogrant, like Dan Gilbert tweeted, THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS, NONE! James learned a valuable lesson last night, should kept himself in Cleveland!

      • wink says:

        There is a shortcut. I believe in that.. Because if those three never looked at the boston celtics they wouldnt be with each other. The only thing is they lost.. There is a shortcut.. evidence: Boston Celtics.. Bring that word again when they cant win championship in 5years, but right now, just pray they wouldnt..

        So you could keep on hating..

      • wth says:

        Your WEAK and PATHETIC rants mean absolutely nothing. You’ve been a hater all year long, and you will CONTINUE to hate the Heat, Lebron, and Wade until the end of time. Awesome man. Thats cool. We get it.

        So tell me WHY your on here then? Lakers fans need to stay in their own blogs. Us heat fans don’t go yours. Its DUMB.

      • Lakers3peatagain says:

        Amen, I am a huge laker and Kobe fan myself. I am also upset that we got swept by Dallas, but I admit that I think the Lakers fell short. Although any team that goes to the Finals THREE STRAIGHT TIMES would be tired. I mean just imagine, everyone else in on vacation and you still have 2 months more to play. I guess that would wear on any player. Also, Don’t compare LeChoke to Kobe, much less MJ. He has no heart, no drive. All he has is a huge head and a monnicker that defies his ring-less status and affirms his HUGE EGO. And 8 Nike shoes but no ring. Whereas Kobe and MJ have killer instint and the ability to close out important games both on offense and on D. Don’t get me wrong, LBJ has a great skill set, but his ego and lack of heart will never get him a ring. I personally hope that he retires ringless and his “the king” nickname will be the NBA’s biggest joke of all time. Earn you crown before you wear it LeChoke. Just ask Kobe or MJ. Heck, even ask your man Haslem. And dont throw a victory party til you’ve won. Peace out basketball lovers. I’m happy that Dallas won. It should wipe the grins off of the Heat’s faces.

    • ? says:

      Im a Laker fan and was going for Dallas, whats wrong with that. Dirk and Kidd deserved a championship. I would have cheered for any team other than miami. Id rather the celtics win over the heat and lebron. Big deal the Mavs swept the Lakers. The Lakers went to the finals three years in a row. Lets see how soon it will be before the next team does that.

      • Ron says:

        Lakers fans here are right. Looks more and more there are NBA fans and Miami “fans” 2 entirely different things.

      • wth says:


        It will be just 2 more years after the Heat do it just like the Lakers did. As soon as the Heat get a serviceable 6 11 or 7 foot 30 or under center who can run a lil bit and average a solid 10 and 10, they will ANNIHILATE and DESTROY every team in the league.

      • OFFENSIVE FOUL says:

        actually RON is right. I was happy Kobe and the LA Whiners are out of the playoffs so it didnt matter to me if Dallas or Miami wins.

    • komank says:

      I’m a strong lakers fan as well…but I’d never would’ve wanted to root for Miami in my life. No way at all…it’s not bout who beat ur team, its who you want to win if tthere’s only two teams left…

    • Laker Fan says:

      I am a Laker fan and was rooting for DWADE..became a fan during ther redeem team. But after the coughing incident and not admiting and making excuses….I hope he change back to his old self.

      • wink says:

        the only thing wade mocked Dirk its because they didnt credit miami for winning the 2006 championship. And its insulting to wade as he was the MVP, that dirk said, they gave the title to miami. Then whos bein so desrespectful?

      • KGFan says:

        About the only argument from a Miami fans perspective that makes any sense!

      • KGFan says:

        For the record, I’m not saying it right though – if that’s the case, Dirk’s comment was made out of dissapointment but Wade’s was spite and revenge. Was someone saying something about immature?

    • khenny says:

      loll i dont even know y u lakers fan r even botherin explainin anythin to miami bangwagonners. its like ever since they got their 2.5 superstars (which they did to try to “beat L.A.” btw – will remain like that, in despite the fact that lakers screwd up this season) they forgot bout the rest of te nba. besides they were all too hype to laugh at L.A. when L.A. wasnt doing good now all of a sudden we r not aloud on their blog lmao. me i was watching the finals with hard feelings against dallas but all im saying is that if u kick my team off playoffs might as well go off and win it all (which is what happened both times l.a. got swept – portland/dallas). truth of the matter is, dallas played better than both l.a. and miami in these series, so y r lakers fans accepting this fact and yall r blaming coaches, reffs, ur very own chosen one, and now even lakers fans and kobe r involved??? lmao out of all lebron james fans, there are just 25% that r actually his fans. other 75% r just kobes haters so they had to chose someone at least close to compete with kobe. well that didnt serve u all too well this year, better luck next time.
      and @wth and other dillusional miami fans that think u guys r gettin an allstar point guard and an allstar big man next year… smh. i guess ever since pat riley pulled off the 2.5 amigos yall think miami is where amazing happens lol have u heard? there r trading rumors that MJ is coming back from retirement to join miami. lol yall r jokes

  206. cydo says:

    le”King” and wade should apologize to their parents for wasting their life not growing up

  207. lakers927 says:

    when ask about “CHOKING” in the press conference lebron looked over at d-wade to answer the question. that said it all he couldnt even face the question and had his teammate answer the question and try to make it look like d-wade was the one that choke and the question was for d-wade to answer. i feel sorry for d-wade and the miami heats. Would jordan or kobe or dirk have done that would they need a sidekick even in a press conference.

  208. lord p says:

    You guys outhere still activate your hate against the miami organization..bron..bosh and dwade but remember this is just their first 9-10months toghether as teamates..next year things gonna be different!Par riley gonna make a couple of moves and finally get a good big man instead a pack of 2or3 centers not able to play the nba finals!!Everyone need a second chance for redemption..i still believe they can do it even everybody and everything is going rightnow against them but all this gonna be the fuel for gettin them to the top and shut up all the critics

    • Law064 says:

      @Lord P what do you think NY Chicago and Orlando plan on doing? They will also get better,let’s remember D.Rose was the only threat on the bulls. Next season I expect Miami to be better as a team but other teams will make moves as well. I give Miami credit for being in the finals, and yes they fought til the end they just wasn’t good enough. Congrats to the Mavs and Miami.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      LORD P tell me what CHEAP big man they will be able to acquire, that is actually good???

      And Law hit the nail on the head, BULLS AND NYC are two teams already on the rise, and will get better year after year, the Heat will have their hands full believe me!

    • Marc says:

      Lord p, that excuse is as lame as all the others used by Miami fans. In mid-season Dallas lost Dirk for 9 games, and during that time lost Butler for the rest of the season. We were without Beaubois all year except for a few games until he re-injured his foot. We had to bring in a bunch of guys that had never played with us before including Peja, but somehow, without the benefit of a pre-season to work things out we managed to put together a superior team that whipped Miami’s collective butt.

      Now, you can spin it any way you want, and you can keep blaming the refs and the NBA, but the fact is we won and your team lost because Dallas had the superior team. We own Miami! We beat you 6 of 8 games this year including 3 on your floor! We proved that we had a better team, and the results are in.

      Second place is the first loser. Deal with it!

  209. Marc says:

    How did Dwyane Wade let himself get roped into this Gordian Knot of a dilemma?

    Easy answer: he drank the Queen LeChoker Kool-Aid.

    I admire personal friendships more than almost anything else in the world, but personal friendships should NEVER trump professional decisions in the business world, and the NBA is definitely their business world. It is where they make their money. Wade, and to a much lesser degree Bosh, allowed themselves to be dragged down to LeBron’s level when both were walking on higher ground before “The Decision” and the big pre-season victory celebration last July. Bosh is a Dallas guy, so we know him and respect him more than most people do.

    The Mavericks learned that lesson the hard way too, though it was not actually them doing the gloating. Our city council was planning the victory parade after going up 2-0 on Miami in 2006. So far, I have heard nothing about the parade this year, though I am sure that planning started this morning, if not last night.

    A little humility goes a long way. I understand the rhetoric and fanaticism of Miami Heat fans – that’s why they are called fans. We had the same hubris here in Dallas because we were certain that this was our time. But, I do NOT understand hubris and over-confidence in players who have to eat that nasty tasting, dead, raw crow when they fail to achieve what they promised. That is why Dirk (and many Dallas fans) were riled every time Jason Terry opened his loud mouth.

    Hopefully, in the future, Wade and Bosh can lift LeBron up to their level rather than being dragged down to his level. Miami is a great team and they were a formidable opponent. Regardless of the chatter we put out during the series, most Dallas fans admired and appreciated the talents and skills of Miami, and we hoped that our team was good enough to overcome that. It would be great if somebody in South Beach could just admit that they got beaten by a better team who played together as a single unit rather than as a collection of superstars, and that Dallas won because of that single factor.

    • sean says:

      yea man good comment it is time for lebron to grow up
      i think your completely right man lebron dragged bosh and wade down i could not see wade making fun of dirks sickness if lebron wasnt there
      lebron got what he deserves for being a cocky showboatter
      needs to be a man and admit the better team won!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I agree, Wade never used to act this way….some of lebron’s tendicies have fallen off on him…but he should know better certainly since he is older than lebron…


    • K says:

      Great post! However; why does any of the players of Miami have to admit anything, what difference would it make? As a competitor you never totally admit that you got beat by a better team; especially not in public. Dallas won because they were the better team for this series; thats evident, so why do Miami have to validate that by saying it? Miami’s organization doesn’t owe an apology to anyone nor do they have to make some big public announcement about getting beat by a better team! Was anybody saying that last year when Boston lost to LA; that Boston should just admit that they got beat by a better team? DWade stated in his interview that Dallas was a hellva team so why does anything else need to be said? Dirk played out of his mind and was the darling of the media; but this was the same guy that was bashed by the media in 2006 for being unable to lead his team to a championship! Professional sports is all about the moment; the 2010-2011 season is done “NBA Championship belongs to the City of Dallas!” Now if they don’t repeat or fall short next season, then they’ll face the same wrath of the media that LA got when they lost this year.

      • Rip Greenfire says:

        Actually, no. Dallas wasn’t expected to win at all this year, and there’s no way they’ll be expected to win next year. However, the Lakers are ALWAYS expected to win, so when they fall short they’re gonna recieve major flak. This will be the same case for the Heat, if they fall short next year it’s gonna be extreme flak.

    • heat in 07 says:

      Not gonna happen. Remember ’06 when Dirk gave no credit to Miami saying the Mavs gave the series away and Cuban complained the series was rigged because the refs disliked him. The refs mitigated this sereis in Dallas’ favor, especially games 2 thru 4. I’m most amazed the Heat won game 3 with that horrible officiating. Not to many teams could have waon that game against the Mavs and the refs. You do realize this was the first time in finals history that the attacking team shot fewer ft than a jump shooting team. I’ll give Dallas credit for shooting well in games 5 and 6 but the were terrible in games 1 thru 4, saved with a constant barrage ‘in the penaly’ fts and everyone knows it. Take your tainted title and enjoy.

    • DBowe says:

      @Marc. Great post. But Wade did admit that they got beat by a “better team”.
      Also, Wade has no excuse for following Lebron “off” the court, but all year he was asked to take a step back and let Lebron be the front man. I just hope that the organization, and Wade have learned their lesson.

    • Colt says:

      wow… Cant believe i wasted my time reading your entire post…

  210. abennett4 says:

    why’s james talking about the Philly, Bostpn and Chicago series as if anyone cares? Maybe if he didn’t celebrate after the Boston series like he just wonsomething… what a loser (17 points total in six 4th quarters). I hope ne enjoys, as Spostra would say, “going thru the ‘PROCESS’. The most overused phrase – I mean, what does that even mean? He also lile to “STAY the course”. Well I guess that now means “keep losing”. lol

    • Stop Talking trash about lebron, hes one of the greatest player in the nba http://sportales.com/basketball/top-five-nba-players-of-all-time/ and one of the greatest mythical five ever http://sportales.com/basketball/nba-mythical-five-of-all-time/

      • sean says:


      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Yea lebron is one of the greatest to ever play, but in the biggest moments he seems to faulture…and thats not hate, thats just a straight FACT from what I’ve seen in the last two postseasons

      • rockets says:

        no hees not in game 4 even deshawn stevenson outscored him.

      • Bulls239133 says:

        LBJ is not a greatest player at all. Greatest players would response accordingly in times of need and he didn’t. He wasn’t as good as what people thought at least for the time being. The big three are great players but not to the stage that could compare to the NBA’s greatest. They have a long way to reach that level and there’s no doubts that they failed badly in this finals and a mostly overrated team.

      • Joe says:

        Clearly LeBron isn’t up there with the best of all time , he failed when the team needed him, he hasn’t produced anything of great success so far. He may well become one of the best of all time, but currently he’s just a blip on the map. Plus he has brought a lot of hate on himself, if he was a little more humble, then maybe people would attack a little less.

      • Ron says:

        Truth is …LeBron STILL does not get it. Miami Heat “fans” still don’t get it.
        Anyhow , enough about the Miami Heat.

        MAVS ARE CHAMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nate says:

        Mythical because he disappears in conspicuous times (namely in the finals and in the 4th quarter at that)? I guess I’ll give you mythical.

      • ib_28 says:

        LBJ,1 of those great players in the NBA..whatever happen i still Love miami heat and LBJ..

      • Ron says:

        LeBron James’ comment about the rest of the world going back to its pedestrian problems and lifestyle proves he is an arrogant DOUCHEBAG

      • Marcos says:

        Are you crazy or what????

      • Rob says:

        For you to accept those two sources as credible and not even notice that they contradict each other is hilarious. Larry Bird is above LeBron on the All-Time list but Lebron is better at his position. The fact that at half a career you think it plausible he enters the top 20 is hilarious as well. Kobe, Duncan, Shaq, Olajuwon, Malone, Barkley, Garnetta Julius, Dirk, Big O, Admiral, and Isaiah. These are guys, when you mention all-Time are still ahead of LeBron right now. Let him have a career before you start hoisting him into conversations he doesn’t belong.

      • lakersforever says:

        dude please stop citing that site is that your web site it is so stupid anybody can write what they want on the internet and post it dont believe everything you read

      • brandon says:

        stop linking that b.s. website, it sucks, the 10 greatest scorers in nba history, that was a waste of internet space, you can go her or basketball-reference.com and get the exact same list. And plus, it’s a blog which means that no real professional wrote it, that’s why he’s in the top 10 on that list. Slam’s had a much better list that actually made since, and on that list, Lebron was #31, right behind kg

      • Top 5 Picks says:

        CAN EVERYONE PLEASE STOP POSTING SPORTALES LINKS. It is by far one of the worst sports websites I have ever seen and have so many bullsh** articles. Tell me how are you gonna put Derrick Rose in the top 10 point guards of all time, and have Chris Bosh at number 8 of power forwards all time. BOTTOM LINE, get these trash websites out of here smh.

      • Alexzo48 says:

        Wake up whoever “this is for the mavs” u are…. StoP smokin weed!!! Way to go @ron… I didnt like james before & i sure as hell rebuke him now after hearing his postgame comments of us commoners & him being superior. Who the hell does he think he is??? I’d smack him if i c him!!!

      • Alexzo48 says:

        Conratulations Bron! U are now undisputedly THE MOST HATED ATHLETE in all of sports. What u said in your post game was uncalled for… WE DO HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS OF OUR OWN & U NEED NOT RUB IT IN!!!! People look up to u guys for some hope & inspiration… Instead what do u tell them??? U put them down & knock ’em out! That’s a flagrant 5! U dont even deserve to be in the NBA! U will always be a LOSER even if u do win a championship!!!

      • MordiganX says:

        Lebron is a very good athlete. What persuade him to join Miami maybe is his will to reach the ‘billion’ dollar mark. He is thinking business along with the ‘ring’ on his mind. He can get up there immediately if he fulfill the deed. Unfortunately…we all know what
        happened. But there’s always a ‘next year’…and so the next year…and the next…and so on.

      • KGFan says:

        By posting that website you are pretty much saying, “I am gullible and stupid”.

    • Vijay says:

      I agree with this article whole heartedly, so sorry it didn’t come out before the finals was over, because win, lose or draw, it would still have been true. The Decision ruined the Miami Heat’s image and moreso in particular Dwayne Wade’s image. He did well to try to show support for Lebron but in the end the damage was too much.

      I mentioned in a previous blog about his comment at the podium which you mentioned in the article as well, in terms of the rest of us mere mortals getting back to our pedestrian lives and problems, as though the lot of us who are not, whether no longer or never ever backing him are just out here living under rocks.

      Maturity is what is needed. That is, firstly stand up and admit that last summer was disastrous pr wise. Don’t get me wrong, being confident is nothing wrong, but being arrogant is something else. The confidence went to arrogance somewhere along the line. And as you said in the article, stand up and take on your part in all the madness.

    • ib_28 says:

      LBJ time not yet come to Win a championship ring..but there’s a right time for that..success need failure,that’s the root of becoming a great player..this year belongs to mavs and the right time for Jason kidd to win a ring before retiring..

      • Alexzo48 says:

        Sorry dude.. We’ve seen the best of James already…. That’s all he’s got… And he’s got notthin’ left… I agree with u on a point though… That his time will come like kidd. No disrespect to jason… But lebron will get his probably when he’s accepted that he’s not as good as he think he is and that he was & always be JUST a complementary piece to dwyane…that probably when he’s a “FOSSIL” like jkidd (again no disrespect…just borrowing from dirk) …he will get his!

    • Queen says:

      Leave Lebron alone…..He celebrated after the Boston series because he finally got past that point in which he could never do in Clevland….Have common sense…You are not a pro athlete nor go through the everyday battles of people’s opinion of you….I am still in his corner because Critics stated he wouldn’t even make it to the finals this year but HE DID….He has accomplished something that he never did with Clevland…..Get a GRIP!!!!!

      • bigCfansince81 says:

        LBJ did get past boston. he played well but had rhondo been healthy it may have been a different outcome.
        we will not know until next season. the celtics big three did win the first year miami’s big three did not. one major difference age and maturaty. these guys got together in the prime of their careers willingly the C’s big three got toghether via team moves. Older guys that understood what it would take to win a championship. They sacrificed their stats to win as a team together. The heat’s big three did not sacrifice their stats for the good of the team. that is what the difference was. three guys cannot win against five.

      • Rohan says:

        he did make the finals in Cleveland……… where they got swept by the Spurs, after LeBron couldn’t produce in the clutch, when it mattered most, yet again, anyone seeing something similar to now?

      • Alexzo48 says:

        Yo @queen WTF! get off his cape or you’ll crash & burn with him! How could u go with some1 who thinks you’re Shi…! You’ve made it personal against the rest of the world bron… For your sake…i hope u do end up winning a title or your words will haunt u forever!

    • Icanbe23 says:

      Youre exactly the kind of person James just spoke about in the postgame interview. Get over it hes an incredible player and is certainly good enough to win a championship at some stage in his career.

    • Teo says:


      Miami lost this finals only beacuse of one man and that is Erik Spoelstra. He couldnt make the adjustments needed at the right time, like making plays for Chris Bosh or for D Wade in the post and to take out LeBron and put in Eddie House or Mike Miller for 3 pointers. My feeling is that if Bosh would have been more involved offensively, MIami would have won the Finals.

      • Jesse says:

        Are you out of your mind?????? Eric Spoelstra deserves a medal for the way he handled this team. He did everything he could and they still lost. When wade was hurt, Lebron had the chance to become the dominant force he was in Cleveland and he choked like he did in the last finals.

    • JR says:

      Very well said!! Lebaby is a joke!!

    • Vlad says:

      lol…you can`t even celebrate when you win if you`re the Miami Heat. You aren`t even allowed to consume oxygen probablly.

      Get a life you haters.

      And congratz for J Kidd and Dirk for finnally putting an end to the “chase” 😛