Mavs Way Never Goes Out Of Style

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That’s the thing about shortcuts.

Sometimes they can get you to the destination faster. Other times they can drop you off the freeway ramp into the wrong kind of neighborhood.

The Mavericks are celebrating the first NBA championship in franchise history because they stuck with perseverance over panic, prudence over haste.

No one in the free agent class of 2010 – LeBron James included – had more reason to fly the coop than Dirk Nowitzki. Not after all the years, all the frustration, all the derision that had been heaped upon him.

James and Chris Bosh bolted to beaches of Miami. Carlos Boozer headed off to the Windy City. Amar’e Stoudemire fled to the bright lights of New York.

Yet Nowitzki never really considered setting one foot outside of Dallas.

Longevity and loyalty, it turns out, are a difficult combination to beat.

So, too, it turns out, is the process of building a champion brick by brick.

It is too simplistic to label the Mavericks beating the Heat as good over evil or egalitarian over egos. It is, more accurately, a return to the roots of the game, as noted by our Rocky Mountain friend Benjamin Hochman in the Denver Post:

The 2011 NBA Finals had a deeper meaning to basketball, for the Mavericks’ ascension showed that a team can’t just align stars and assume the title already is won. Dallas reminded all of us about what is right about the game — dedication, teamwork, the importance of role players and class.

Yes, with the power of the Creative Arts Agency, which represents numerous A-listers in the NBA, there will be more superteams created. Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire will make one more run with Denver native Chauncey Billups next season for the New York Knicks and then, possibly, add an all-star point guard in his 20s. (Chris Paul ? Deron Williams ?) And the Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard will be a free agent a summer from now.

The NBA is changing, but the Mavericks showed that old-school values and an invaluable leader can send you to the jeweler.

“I think it comes from your veteran leadership,” Dallas guard Jason Terry said recently. “Guys realizing that the opportunity is now, guys realizing that this opportunity doesn’t come very often. The team we put together this season has been a special group.”

The Mavericks are, indeed, a special collection of long-suffering toilers who deserved the ultimate payoff. In addition to the previously star-crossed Nowitzki, there is the loquacious and bodacious Terry, who had also lived through the heartbreak of 2006. There is Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion and Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic and DeShawn Stevenson and all the rest who have the scars of past failure, even coach Rick Carlisle.

Perhaps most surprising, it was normally hyperventilating team owner Mark Cuban, who stopped tilting at windmills all through the magical playoff run long enough to let the players have the spotlight and the stage. He acknowledged the process by allowing the franchise founder Donald Carter to accept the Larry O’Brien Trophy from commissioner David Stern.

This is the way that teams had traditionally been assembled until the Celtics went the add-Kevin-Garnett-Ray-Allen-water-and-stir route to hang a banner in 2008. This was a touchstone to the Pistons’ surprising win in 2004, to their Bad Boys predecessors, to Hakeem Olajuwon and the Rockets in the mid-1990s, even to the transcendent Bulls of Michael Jordan. It is the arduous climb that earns respect, not one giant leap to the top. Old school.

That’s why perhaps the most poignant image was seeing Nowitzki walk off the court at the start of the celebration to take a moment of quiet, private reflection on the journey.

So give Carlisle his flash of pique in trying to break through the noise and audacity of the Miami circus to finally call attention to the Mavericks’ achievement.

“Come on, how often do we have to hear about the LeBron James reality show and what he is or isn’t doing?” he said. “When are people going to talk about the purity of our game and what these guys accomplished? That’s what’s special.”

They made it look easy when nothing really was. They managed to shine when the so-called stars were flickering out. They chose to pull the rope together at a time when the trend is to yank the ripcord while bailing out.

All of which makes the Mavericks’ championship not only not only a tie to the past, but hope for the future.


  1. Patrick says:

    Next season Dallas will still be the team to beat. But since Nowitzki is there, the team is very hard to beat.
    Because, as Terry said, every player is getting better beside Nowitzki, those who are coming in the team want to imitate Nowitzki: Rainbow shot and all that stuff, and keeping calm until the end. They adopt Nowitzki ‘s attitude and they become better players.

  2. Alexis Shin-Chan says:

    I’m a solid Dallas Mavericks fan from the Philippines and I want to say congratulations to my no.1 idol Dirk Nowitzki and to the Dallas Mavericks! a team that has dedication and team work to become the champions!
    As I watch the Finals, I saw Dirk Nowitzki’s HEART AND DEDICATION in playing basketball. He led the mavs from the start of the game till in the crunch time.. Again, congratulations to Dirk Nowitzki and to the Dallas Mavericks!

  3. Paolo says:

    Congratulations to Mavs from ItalyI I really enjoyed this series, expecially game five with a great JJ Barea that dominated players 30 cm taller…and congratulations in particular to Dirk Nowitzky,a great player and…an european like me!
    Go Dirk, NBA now is yours!!!!

  4. NYK-KIND-OF-GUY says:

    I think the mavs did a great job! by beating the heat in just six games and doing it in miami’s own court (perfect revenge!!!) their good. but honestly even though they’ve won, i think miami still has a better chance of having more rings than the mavs its just too early to count them out. coz all they need is maturity and help from their other team mates. o_O

  5. dave says:


  6. NBA FAN says:

    Enough of the hoopla about how one team is the axis of evil and the other is the epitome of the perfect team. Nonsense and Dallas is just as arrogant as Miami or any other team. Terry with his tattoo and trash talking, D Stevenson, and of course don’t forget the ring leader, Mark Cuban. It’s one thing if there’s reason to hate but it’s hypocritical to hate for the same things you support. The hyprocitritical nature of Mavs fans rings loud right now and they have the audacity to call someone else out? I’m at the point now where I wish it was Oklahoma or just about anyone else that beat the Heat. No way ahould any Mav fan call anyone arrogant without first ripping their owner, but we seldon see sportsmanship here anyway.

  7. Omar says:

    Hope to see them next season!!!!!

  8. Aviator says:

    @MARC — Dallas are NOT champions of the world, just the NBA… get it straight!

  9. nvermind says:

    dallas dsrevs to the ring cos they win…simple as that..

  10. A#1 GOtoGUY says:

    Ring in the New Year, ring in the season … sing praise for the purpose, the rhyme and the reason … the Mavs and their faithful are wearing champingship rings and standing proud and standing tall … still hoarse from whooping and cheering Dirk and his Mavericks team-mates.
    Larry Hagman and Southfork, that’s old school Dallas that only old school hoop recall, Mark Cuban is new school and high tech. He and Dirk and Company took Riley and the Heat to school … Dirk was like Rodney Dangerfield doing his Triple Lindy 3-platform high-dive when he went back to school.
    My hoop days were surrounded by Mr. Clutch Jerry West and Wilt the Stilt, Walt Frazier and Willis Reed, Jo Jo White, Earl the Pearl, John Havicek and Bill Russell … throw in Rick Barry … Youthful fans may not know The Barry brothers, both Jon and Brent’s dad and super-star father Rick led the Golden State Warriors to the 74′ 75′ NBA title. There’s Marvin the ”Eraser” Webster and Mel Counts. There was Magic Johnson and Bird and Jordan, Isiah and Dumars and Malone and Stockton.
    They say ”History repeats itself” Repeat after me … Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are superstars and even superstars get caught up in the throes of temptation and unbridled power surges … thinking they’re better than thou, thinking they’re better than both you and me, thinking they’re better than Dirk and Kidd and JT. They’re not bad guys, just guys that had to be humbled and in the words of Mac Davis, ”Oh Lord it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way.” LeBron and D-Wade found out their hard personnas were flawed and cracked and even diamonds crack under pressure and lose their luster. Willie Dynamite had his cadillac, diamond in the back, sunroof top, doing his gangster lean … yet, he too succumbed to the pressure.
    Oh yeah,Wade and James were and still are pretty like Muhammad Ali alright; they floated like butterflies and stung like bees … but, in 1973, Ali took shots from Ken Norton and had his jaw broken and busted up … and so broke James and Wade when the Mavs’ combinations took their toll. Spinning corkscrew lay-ups and tear-drop jumpers, 3-point swishes and bone-jarring rim-rattlers, all of those Mavs’ shots wore down the Miami Heat … ultimately, the Heat’s Wade and James folded and crumpled like twin towers melting in a 911 inferno.
    Bottom line of the series ? 3 of the 6 games were separated by a meager 2 points and 3 points … the NBA title easily could be in a Miami vice grip right now … but, for me, being a man that likes to see the underdog win and from the start of the season, it was nice to see the underdog Mavericks win. They pissed on and scented the Heat hardwood. Mark Cuban’s hands and arms raised high in triumph … balanced only by his left leg, his right leg raised, Cuban indelibly marking the new world order and his newly conquered territory.
    In the words of Randy Jackson of Idol fame, ”You nailed it dog” LeBron will get his, make no bones about that. For now, Dirk and his mates got theirs.
    Wishing everyone good health and success and that you too get yours !!! Even me, Mr. Hollywood Blue Eyes, I too shall eventually get mine.

  11. Fun Ye Ta says:

    get another RING Dallas next SEASON!!!

  12. Fun Ye Ta says:

    DALLAS really plays as a team and basketball is a team game, not an individual one… not just like HEAT, MIAMI overHEATed…

  13. Winklor says:

    I also like that they did it with injured players. They would have been even more decisive with Butler, Beaubois and in the end Haywood.
    But one must also say that the opposition will become a lot harder next year. All the powerhouses – Boston, Lakers, Orlando, Denver – from the past 3 years have declined and the future powerhouses – Oklahoma, Chicago, New York, Miami – haven’t fully developed yet. I doubt this team would have won last year nor will it next year….but we’ve been saying that all year long about this bunch, haven’t we?

  14. JPFno2 says:

    I cannot put in words how happy I am (as a German, but also as a fan of greatTEAM BASKETBALL) for Dirk and his crew they have finally climbed to the top of the NBA!!! Surely, they have an ageing roster, but come to think of it, they have done it without Caron Butler, Beaubois (and Haywood in the finals) and yet they prevailed!
    What a fun season next year should be, when the entire MAVS team stays healthy! Go MAVS, go again!

  15. boss lei says:

    its all about championship. dallas have the not just a heart, but a lion heart. its about team work>>>>lets go mavs…..!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. dimple says:

    better the mavs won this year’s title…

  17. heatman says:

    Fran i remember you wrote an article about top 10 great playoff moments where you put DWAYNE WADE game 3 to the number three spot.. Next year i wish you replace it by DIRK NOWITZKI game 2 as number three spot coz that game really deserve to be the number three spot behind JORDAN and MAGIC johnson.

  18. Bias says:

    there are no shortcuts to victory, and patience is a virtue…that goes for LeBron.

  19. east9-16 says:

    This article is the opposite of truth, Dallas was stacked with at least 8 players who can start, you got kidd, dirk, butler, marion, terry, chandler, and corey brewer. So i can see dallas back in the finals next year with everyone healthy butler would have made this series even more lopsided.

  20. Stankonia says:

    I’m down with the Bulls next year, they gonna kick out Miami for sure next time.
    Congrats Mavs

  21. elmer says:

    I would like to congratulates the mavs team for a very great and remarkable win vs the deadly heat.

  22. Joey Reyes says:

    I am so happy for my Mavs! A championship, FINALLY!

  23. bibby says:

    toronto will win one before miami.

    but first, we must ship out bargani. seriously, we gotta send him back to italy.

  24. Lance says:

    He can say what he likes… He’s Paul Pierce and he just won an NBA Championship… what did you do in 2008?

  25. Steve says:

    The only way lebron gets a ring is if his girlfriend proposes to him

  26. O_o says:

    where to next LeBron???

  27. Rasec says:

    Congrats Mavs for a job well dramatics and biased call of the refs. I have watched the replay of the games. Do they deserve to be champs? They’re just given the “sake of the aged”. Oklahoma is a better team than them…..

    • boss lei says:

      toyo mo. ingit lang kau!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      I think you didn´t watch one of those games!!! The refs made a very good job. Miami floped to often, what should the refs do, if everybody on the heat team is whining after every contact?

      • NBA FAN says:

        No the officiating was terrible in this series. Most fans of neither team agree on that. The calls favored Dallas. That alone wasn’t enough though, they still had to hit their shots. It just gave them extra chances, especially in games 2 thru 4. Most people are not upset about it because most people wanted the Heat to lose, but you can at least be objective about it, or not, whatever.

  28. stingray says:

    The journey to “multiple championship and multiple rings” starts with multiple failures… this goes out to Lebron James… You guys can say whaever you wanted to say about dirk and the mavs but at the end of the day, when you woke up the next morning, you still find yourselves as losers… coz the reality is that the dallas mavericks won the title…

  29. isterbat says:

    There is only one problem with the old-school approach… It doesn’t always work… Think of Malone and Stockton… The two definitely deserved their championship (caveat: I am a Bulls fan, so I wasn’t too offset they were unsuccessful). Think about Gary Payton, who HAD to join LA to get his ring… There are others too… The truth is, there is no “one approach”.

    Bringing superstars works for one team, growing superstars works for another. It is true though that a championship team needs to go through the maturity process and the Celtics were a bit lucky to get their hands on the trophy a couple of years ago…

  30. adizero says:

    dallas deserved to be the champ this year……because of all the hard work and unbelievable shots that dirk had done this post season. it was given a credit, a credit to win a championship trophy, ring, and glory!!!!

  31. RACISM says:

    The finals is just like a Hollywood story. the good (WHITE) guys win. the bad( arrogant and BLACK/COLORED) guys lose. wow. couldn’t have written a better script.

    • Lance says:

      @RACISM How narrow minded and ignorant… Terry and Chandler are white are they? Miller and Bibby are coloured are they? Grow up and for the record only a racist person even thinks like that

  32. BillBeeRx says:



  33. bronage says:

    congrats to dirk, kidd and the mavs… dirk is one of the greatest of all time and kidd has given us so many highlights over the years so well done to them – well deserved win…

    wat i dont understand still is the immense hatred still heaping onto lebron and the heat…
    u guys go on about good beating evil…and team beats ego … but seriously, lebron gave 7 of his best years to cleveland and couldnt deliver…he changes teams just like 99% of other players in this league for less money – ego? i dont think so, he just wants a championship bad..

    ok, ur gonna say its not that he changed teams, its how he did it – fair enough, lebron even regrets the way he did it…

    and now in defeat, lebron, wade and co were pretty gracious if u ask me… the shook hands and congratulated the winners – they made no excuses, they gave all credit to the mavs…

    when i think of someone with a huge ego, i think of garnett – a player that storms off the court after losing, no credit to the other team, and trash talks with the best of them. dont get me wrong, i respect garnett and what hes done in his career, but what an ego!

    so cut lebron some slack…i know there is some negative demanour about him, but still i think hes presented himself well during his season with the heat after the decision show…

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      I don´t think that one of the “little big 3” has taken less money. It just isn´t on paper.

      • heat in 07 says:

        Congrats but all 3 took less money to play together. It’s factual but doesn’t fit well with the more popular arrogance and ego themes so no one mentions it too much anymore. IDK what ‘paper’ it isn’t on.

  34. ..... says:

    from chicago i wanna congrat the mavs for a thrilling playoffs period.. i remember the 1st round when portland came back form like 20 an i thought the mavs didnt have what it takes but they just kept on playing and kept on surprising.. i almost cried seeing the players i grew up watching finally get a ring. there will never be another DIRK…

  35. Booman says:

    Nice one MAVS!!!! i love the NBA again!!!

    Better luck next time Lebron. You cant win a championship if you still in Miami.
    the only way to redeemed yourself if you’ve go back to Cleavland.

    Miami is wade’s team not your’s

  36. Edward says:

    The King should bring his talents on over to Dallas. We have a good, talented bench where he might be able to find a place, somewhere.

  37. demented says:

    again…. never doubt a heart of a champion… if dallas won it now… i believe the can repeat or threepeat… i love the lake show…. but i got to give it to the mavs… sensational win… dont be haters people…. lets acknowledge the facts and give credit where its due

  38. Sam says:

    The BEST TEAM did win!!! So proud of the Mavs. They fought and proved all the haters and naysayers wrong!!





  40. Mavsfan91 says:

    The Mavs failed in the finals and had many other playoff failures just like the Cavs. Dirk stayed loyal to his team and continued working on his game and getting better, Lebron ran away. Not only did he run away but he did in the most disrespectful way possible to his fans, the “Decision” was ridiculous. Dirk deserves this ring a billion times more than Lebron does because he never quit on his city, you think he couldn’t have demanded a trade and took off when times were tough? And who won?? …..LeBron Who?? 😀 ..Way to go Mavericks

  41. Gie says:

    As for the Heat, They are a talented team but the main thing that was missing from them espacially from their leaders/stars is MATURITY. But I’m sure they will learn from the defeat and their time will come someday but for now the title belongs to Dallas.

  42. Gie says:

    I’m not a Mavs fan but it’s sure great that they won a championship it is a best example that hardwork pays off.
    come to think of it, past teams that won the NBA title are populated mostly by veterans who scratched, clawed, crawled, bled their way to to top.



  44. mac tee says:

    i’ve waited so long to see my best player in the nba get a ring, congrats to dirk and the whole team. its doesnt matter how long it took, what matter is how he did it



  46. K says:

    Whether It’s the fans or these so called sports analyst who probably never stepped foot on a basketball court. Enough is enough. Ever since, “the decision” LeBron has been the target of so many people. Forget the fact that he raised all that money for the Boys and Girls Clubs. Forget the fact that he still gives money to communities in Cleveland (and they burned his Jersey). Maybe if Donald Trump would have thought of, “the decision” it would be considered a good business move. People talk about LeBron did the city of Cleveland wrong? Really!! Maybe it was Cleveland who did him wrong. They put the pressure of restoring their city on a 18 year old kid. No one cared when they fired Mike Brown or do we forget about that. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander huh?
    One analyst stated that LeBron was immature….guess what he is only 26 years old..What were you doing in your college years? Well LeBron was putting a city on his shoulders. I have an idea maybe LeBron should be mentored by Charles Barkley or Magic Johnson on how to be mature. No wait they cheated on their wives. Ok maybe LeBron should be mentored by Chris Weber. No wait he was accused of taking money while in college then denied it. He also made the stupid statement that real men don’t cry. Should we bring back the video tape when the Fab Five lost to Duke? The unfortunate thing is the NBA recruits boys and considers them men. The veterans in the NBA don’t take these players under their wings. Kidd is still around I wonder what he could teach LeBron. Maybe he could teach him how to hit his wife or get a coach fired.
    The analyst say LeBron celebrated in front of the Mavs beach during game two. I call it being excited…Wait was that Dirk clinching his fist and sticking out his tongue in front of the Miami beach during game 6. As I recall Dirk didn’t shake hands either but hey he was emotional and had to gather himself. When LeBron didn’t shake hands after the Orlando series he was considered a bad sport. I guess the difference is one was a winner and the other was a loser.
    Hey LeBron you should not have said you were going win not 1 but several championships. You should have said you took your talents to South Beach to not win championships. Would the analyst have been satisfied then? LeBron is supposed to say he is going to win. Shaq said he was going to bring a championship to Phoenix and when he didn’t he didn’t get the backlash. Jason Terry thanked God and said God thought it was their time to win. LeBron said God has something in store for him and he gets ridiculed for saying that.
    People enough is enough. The man is a good player whether you like him personally or not. His statistics show that. Outside of basketball he seems like he is a good father. The media never had anything negative to report about him, never got accused of raping a woman, using drugs, disorderly conduct or being disrespectful to others. But yet these fanatics and analyst wish the worst on him. Who would you call the immature person.

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      DIRK didn´t shake hands with LeWho and D-Wade, because he has no respect for childish LOOSERS.

  47. Tyeo says:

    I think Boston have a chance for the title next year

  48. Albentiger says:

    I always remember what MJ said – “Talent wins games, Teamwork wins Championship.”

  49. MAVS...!!!! says:


    So glad to see REAL basketball team win.
    So glad to see REAL fighters win.

    Go MAVS…..!!!

  50. GEDZ says:

    Congrats MAVZ since the start of the season im a believer that this year is the DALLAS year, … can’t wait to see the start of 2011-2012 nba season.. butler will be back and DIRK will be more eager to get another one…

  51. toinkz says:

    Dallas showed what basketball is all about. You can be a competitive ball player even if you do not idolize Jordan, kobe, lebron,dwayne and others.Teamwork is the key ingredient and that is what young kids must learn in life. Now I believe, teamwork can make a miracle.

    • LA fan for life says:

      yeah but you need one good player and it doesn’t matter how long he wait’s for his rig you mus be paisent and don’t do what Lebron did it is a discreas for NBA to even let this. Heat are whey over the salery cap if they were payd properly.

  52. Guess what? The Heat got Beat! LOL! says:

    What happened to all those rude, trash talking Heat fan regulars. I don’t see any of them in here since the Heated got defeated! LOL. Hahahaha!

  53. rockets says:

    lets go mavs :]

  54. ALI says:

    I am a Mavs fan, a very loyal one. But hey, we already won the championship. I think we should stop slapping Dwayne, Lebron and Chris. I mean these guys have also a good heart. Perhaps their wrong doings are only result of their youthfulness. These guys also contribute a lot to the NBA as a whole. When they represent team USA again, we will realize again that they are good people.

    • LA fan for life says:

      This is the firs time someone has bought 3 superstars and payd much less than they deserve this will be a big discrase for pat and d wade nothin else. No team has trio superstars like that in their prime an somehow cleveland was better with only one superstar did you even see 3,5 min of 4’th quarter. They stooded there like they are in front by 12 points they didn’t even try to play defense. LeBron is great but not as good as we all thought comon the were beaten hard and they didn’t show any respect to Dallas or anyone and fans still think LeBron is beter than air jordan or Kobe you must have ilusions.

  55. Lite Saint says:

    I think the Heat will still get a hard to time to win championship next season. Lakers & Celtics are there to prove their best again…they’ll be stronger this year!!! So watch out Heat, as Dan Gilbert said, there’s no such thing as short cut….

  56. RespectMiami says:

    GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!.. I haven’t read a well balanced article since the semi-finals… Tired.. so tired of hearing all of this rhetoric about loyalty and good guys.. The NBA is all business. Dirk trusted the organization knowing they were continuously working to deliver, building a good team every year around him. …. good for him.. I think its a load of trash however, when teams like the Heat are made out to be villains for attracting good players. The Heat are a hard nosed defensive minded team that plays hard both ends of the floor. Wade and James are young, respectful players whose only transgression this post season has been the childish mockery of Dirk’s illness (big whoop). I feel that the only reason people don’t like or respect teams formed by confederacy are because no one is satisfied when players get to choose for themselves and make fans feel like our opinions of them and their judgment don’t matter. So don’t be fooled by the fairy tales and dungeons and dragons.. no one sticks around unless they think something good is about to happen. That is all.

    • Ron says:

      The “KIng”‘s comment about the rest of the world going back to its pedestrian problems and lifestyle proves he is an arrogant DOUCHEBAG

    • Michael says:

      I have to agree to a certain extent, even though I’m a Mavs fan (logical choice, as I’m from Germany). The Mavs’ strategy and the Heat’s strategy are not so much different from each other. Both teams kept their key player and tried to get as many great players around them as the salary cap would allow for. That puts Dirk and Wade in the same league – both loyal to their team while expecting the team owners and managers to provide for a strong team so they can win championships. However – as pointed out in numerous other posts – the main difference between these teams is how you do it. You can either get a bunch of hard-working down-to-earth guys or two “super stars”; you can either be perceived as a “real” team or you can celebrate your championship even before the first game has been played. With all those arrogant antics, it’s no wonder the Heat draw a lot of animosity and a lot of schadenfreude when they lose. Bottom line: If you want to be respected, don’t play arrogant and childish games. It will only backfire, and that’s what happened to the Heat this year.

  57. Dexter Quinones says:

    I really admire the article…. reminds me of chicago in the 90’s when Jordan tried his best for many years but not winning a championship… then it suddenly came after years of hardship… Mavs – Heat rekindled the chills way back then when the guy with ‘buggy shorts named michael” wow me in my little chair with socks on… “Skills & Talent gets you to the finals, but only heart and loyalty wins Championships.”

  58. Q says:

    I can now go on record and say that article that was written about the old gaurd like Lakers, San Antonio being finished is somwhat truu. Though not really. Dallas to me is considered one of that generation. Dirk, Kidd, Marion, Jet, Chandler, Pedja. So the new gaur OKC, Chicago, Miami, Grizzlies still have to overcome that generation next season. They are not there yet. 🙂

    • Ron says:

      I agree. except Miami does not belong in this list. They are not a NBA team. They are a hollywood farce.

  59. hoop fan says:

    Congrats Mavs
    If I understand correctly, the Mavs have the same number of players who have been with the team five years as the Heat, 2. They’ve put together a very nice team with pieces that fit, etc. but most of their contributors were added/acquired within the past 2 years. That’s clearly not old school where a team drafts the majority of it’s players and develops them. Those are also some great players they acquired: Kidd, multiple all star with 2 finals appearances; Shawn Marion, well they don’t call him The Matrix for nothing; and Chandler was a good player on a bad Charlotte team. No, the Mavs built their team the same way all teams and champions do: Get and keep the best players you can as the opportunities become available. Don’t forget that Cuban tried to acquire James in the offseason like everyone else.
    As for Miami, most of their opening day roster was there last year and about a third of it has been there for several years. Normal NBA turnover but 2 of the 3 players they acquired last offseason came with some spotlights and we tend to judge them differently for that.

  60. vlad says:

    congrats to the mavs, this realy was their year

  61. vlad says:

    Not a Heat fan but I wonder what would you have written if Miami would have won.

    • Ron says:

      I would have written that LeBron is a douchebag.

    • ballerfan says:

      Probably the end of basketball as we know it.

      Would you really want your kids saying “When I grow up, I want to be a high and mighty prick like Lebron!” lol.

  62. Cha says:

    congrats mavs, even though I’m a laker. *cough cough 0-4 semis.. I still wanna congratulate you ’cause you guys really do deserve. No one from the start if training this season even gave you a prediction to win it all. Even in the playoffs, people were counting you guys out already against Portland. But you guys definitely bet the best to become the best. Cheers and stay hungry.

  63. celticslegend33 says:

    Love my Mavs. Guess my loyalty for Dallas also paid off in the end.
    Now Dirk Nowitzki may be able to retire whenever he wants to, without regrets.

    (Nash, shame on you! Hehehe!)

  64. Rob says:

    Regardless of how you look at it, that was exciting basketball. These playoffs rocked!

  65. 24 Black Mamba says:

    lebron didnt go to college because he didnt want to go to his finals

  66. TakenADeepBowForMonday says:

    I couldn’t reply somehow to the comments above, about the Big Three of Boston not taken shortcuts etc. But I wanna add something to it. This championship makes Dirk’s choice not to leave Dallas even more – a big word, but it’s due here – heroic, doesn’t it? When last summer the whole league hung on the phone trying to get a big fish and all those big fishes were looking for the shiniest bait, promising money and/or a shot to the finals, he stated right away: It wouldn’t be the same to win a championship anywhere else anyway. This, apart from his MVPlike season and those incredible playoffs, makes him bigger than any of those Big Three teams right now. It’s simple. When Dirk leaves one day and Cuban will spend more money and years to build a new team, he’ll be the one, who came there in 2000, tough tough rookie season, but went with his team all the way until eleven years later he helped getting a banner under the roof of the AAC. This will make him legendary at least in Dallas. And what more could he ask for? Coming from Wurzburg, Germany (population 130.000) to Dallas, TX. From there he set out to play with the best, to compete with the best, to win against the best. And he took the whole city with him on this ride and vice versa. They always had each other’s back. Amazing, truly amazing. Outside of this. Bare in mind, the Rangers’ loss in the World Series last year, the Stars who’ve never gotten back to where they were 1999, the Cowboys, who’ve never gotten back to where they were in the Mid90s and Smith. The Mavericks, who’ve never gotten back to where they were 2006 and 2007. Right until this Sunday. And when you think, this is as good as it gets, then add all the other stories. Marion’s journey, Terry, Stojakovic, KIDD (unbelievable, 17 years, 38 years old, started out with the Mavs, tried his luck on the East Coast, comes back, past his prime they said, got the Ring with Dallas as the starting PG), Chandler, high pick, almost written off, injury prone, still a warrior, such believe in what he can add to the Mavs roster, J.J. Barea, nicknamed by the opponent’s fans “the midget”, undrafted, becomes a key for the Mavs success against the Lakers and the Heat.
    This has been a year to remember for sure. Funny how the Mavericks became after all all those things, the media wants sports to stand for. Team effort, loyalty, determination, hard work. I really take a bow to Dallas and the Mavericks. You made this season fun to watch. I love what you stand for and how you walked your path to win it all. So much to admire about this franchise and every single one of the players. It’s just sports but it’s as good as it gets. Probably nobody read this whole post through, but I wanted to say it at least once. 😉

    See you next season!

    • HC says:

      I read it and totally agree with what u say. Other than the part about “respect for dallas and the mavericks”. THEY ARE THE SAME AREN’tT THEY!! i think u meant dirk and the mavs hahahaha

  67. Gio says:

    Congratulation dallas ,you deserved this ring!

  68. From VANCOUVER says:

    I’ve always been a Dallas Mavericks fan from vancouver even after the lost in 06. I have to admit that even though the Vancouver Canucks are in the finals and are in the same situation that the Mavs were in a day ago, i’m extremely happy that Dallas won and even if Vancouver loses game6 tonight, i’ll still be smiling for my mavs

  69. Great Finals says:

    Well deserved!

  70. LO Fan says:

    The Mavericks played fantastic team basketball. Even when they were dismantling my Lakers, they played fantastic team basketball. Watching the Mavericks for the past several years, its been clear to me that Mark Cuban is a great owner, an owner who provides great entertainment to the fans. It feels good to cheer for the Mavericks!

    I never thought LeBron was as good as many people claim. His pervasive, consistent, predictable failures in high stakes, high stress situations (clutch time, playoffs) is not a surprise. Everyone in the NBA can play fantastic ball in low pressure situations. In Cleveland, everyone in the NBA knew he was not going to win the Championship, so preparation was limited: they wanted to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. So no surprise he put up big numbers in games the other teams just didn’t care about. A LOT of NBA players play great in throw away games.

    In big games, when it really matters, LeBron disappears. Why? Because he is not as good as he thinks he is. And he knows it deep inside, where his confidence dissolves. Start of the game? Ooh! Ah! End of the game when the defenders focus on him? Where did he go?

  71. lakers fan says:

    GO MAVS!!! Thrilled, fascinated, amased, truly wonderful day! Thank you Mavs for proving what are the real values of sport, and life for that matter!

    I am a huge sport fanatic, and I can’t remember ever seeing that literally ALL people, fans, journalists, ex-players have recognized how wrong is what Heat are doing. I think even my mom, who thinks basketball is a vegetable, rooted for Dallas, and against the Hea(r)tless

  72. guevu says:

    el big 3 me mama los guevos….DIRK MVP

  73. LeBronTheKing says:


    • Sweet Potato says:

      (that’s what you mean, RIGHT???)

    • Kamote says:


      That’s all I can say about Lebron being the best player…

      Seriously, that’s a funny thought…

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        LeWho???? Never showed up, when it mattered most. LOL. The comparision with Jordan Farmer is great, but I think Jordan Farmer is the better rollplayer.

      • LA fan for life says:

        lebrone can’t even be on the best 100 players, until he deserves it and that jordan=lebrone is getting prety funny becouse first of all jordan stayd in chicago his whole glorius carrer never choked in 4 quorter, and belive me i can name at least 500 players who deserve to be before him even iverson, durant, westbrook, noanh, ray allen, kevin garnet, sir charels barkley, larry bird, dirk, magic johnson, pippen, wade, chamberling, odom, fisher, shaq, reggie miller, jason kid, kareem abdul jabbar, jason terry, bosh, atc. act. act. act. and jordan is not the best player kobe bryant is or magic johnson, or lerry bird, or chamberling, or shaq, or kareem abdul jabbar. When they break this team apart becouse of new cap limit he will be eaven worse so i say to pat his owner sell lebron and keep bosh that would be duo that could this year win. But if you say that Lebrone is better than Jordan you need a psihiatrick help look what kobe did last 4 seasons he was hurt and unstopabal. And he had maybe 5-6 players who did help him wi that tropy the only thing that counts here is how long you play for one club and who your guys are Kobe isn’t arrogant not jordan not many players but if you pay 3 players 47milions and i aggre on that that they deserve 70 milion but you cant have a TEAM where 3 players who have 70 milion contracts they whatned to cheat to get a rig. Get real and don’t ever comparis jordan or Kobe to Lebrone kobe got his first rig very early jordan didn’t that is ok but Kobe played more finals than Jordan and none of them are selfish and arrogan players you have to do whit what you got not cheat and don’t ever proclaim yourself as KING at 13. He is now saying inn itervius what choach sad him to say that is really low. They had all season to be ready for finals but when i saw what miami did last 3,5 min in game six it sickens me that team has no hart for choach for owner for the fans and aspecialy for themselv. You can’t plad defense like you are leading in last game they could easily come back from that 10 points but they started to cry inside and that is whorse than in high schooll not NBA finals.

  74. celticsbabyyaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    all heat needs to do is get rid of old washed up centres (Z, mcgloire, dampier) and add young 7 footer who can rebound and defend since bosh is too soft…

  75. deron says:

    Dirk earned his ring and he was the real closer last night. He has had to wait on long time for his ring, longer than other superstars. Congrats Dirk, J-Kidd and Co.

  76. BlackMamba24 says:

    Im a Lakers fan but I am happy for Dirk Nowitzki he’s always been one of my favs Forwards in the League. Mavericks see you next year again vs Lakers.

  77. Travis says:

    The Dallas Mavericks are champions and today there are many comments about their team play and Dirk Nowitski’s greatness. But there has been little comment about Dallas being the first team to win the title playing primarily zone defense. I think they lost in 2006 because Avery Johnson did not employ the zone to hide Nowitski but Rick Carlisle had no problem using the zone and calling it resourcefulness. Both Jason Terry and Dirk are great offensive players but their scoring potential is seriously negated when forced to cover man to man, as was seen in game six when Nowitski picked up 2 fouls early in the first quarter against Bosh.
    I believe the Mavericks comeback victories in every playoff series this year can be attributed to their zone defense and my opinion is, the zone stops ball movement and hides defensive liabilities. Zone defense is fine for collegiate and scholastic basketball but not professional basketball. Dallas victory has set a precedent that could possibly damage the games’ popularity for more than the party in South Beach last summer.

  78. gadzkamlon says:

    congratulation to my dallas mavericks…..i was awake all night just to watch the game…..dirk nowitzki deserve to be MVP………..



  80. Hunter says:

    This 2011 Champion team will be my all time favorite. This year, the stars aligned, the basketball gods got together and worked the pieces into order for a showdown of what true good vs. bad is all about. I don’t care if the Heat go on to win eight rings in this upcoming decade. What I care is is that one team dogged it out with criticism and age and factors going against them to a team with talent, athleticism arrogance beyond belief and all bad traits of personality that destroys the game today. They overcame them with old values and an understanding of their past failures and the fragility of time and opportunity. They won and for once reinforced the notion that yes most of the time non worthy athletes, politicians, power CEO’s, etc. etc. will get away with shortcuts and dirty tricks alot of the times BUT every now and then the good guys who duke it out long enough hard enough and have faith in destiny and themselves will prevail over those who prefer the easier way of things. It doesn;t happen alot but every now and then you see it work, and this year 2011… It worked.

    • Marc says:

      I am a dyed-in-the-wool Mavs fan, and I have been one since 1980, when the team first formed, but I have to disagree with you. The reason why the Mavs won was becasue Mark Cuban bought the NBA, and then had David Stern arrange for the refs to throw the games to Dallas by calling blatantly bad fouls against Miami, and then failing to call fouls against Dallas. How do I know this? I know this because I read it from about a million Heat fans on many blogs all over, and all those Heat fans could not possibly be wrong!

      • jayke83 says:

        Faker. A fan since 1980 wouldn’t know how to use the internet.

        Go back to your team who likes to pose like you.

        And oh, a local newspaper of a losing team complaining about the refs is oh so credible.

      • sure? says:

        lol? you’re a Heat fan, it’s obvious :))

        just can’t accept the fact that the Heat can’t handle the injury-plagued Mavericks

      • Sweet Potato says:

        Oh! A mavs fan wearing a heat jersey, huh? Well, that’s odd. O_o

      • jayke83 says:

        By the way, when you say dyed-in-the wool, do you mean to say that in the same sense as “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?

      • Damian says:

        You can’t be serious. You people cannot possibly be that stupid can you? You realise he is being sarcastic right?

      • Zeradius says:

        He’s being extremely sarcastic ” all those millions of heat fans could never be wrong”. Extreme sarcasm inserted there, lol

      • bballwiz says:

        Haha! This IS one of the funniest piece of writing I’ve read in all my time spent reading Hang Time Blog! That’s what I call A SARCASTIC BURN! HAHAHA!

        Nice one, Marc. You are truly a Dallas Mavericks fan.

  81. Brad T says:

    I love Carlisle’s comments about how the media should stop with the LeBron questions and start focusing on how awesome the Mavs were!

    Also, I’ve seen other writers say the Nowitski’s fast exit at the buzzer was him showing that he doesn’t respect the Heat, and/or him giving the media the finger. It is not those things at all, it was him wanting a private place to let his emotions out before going back in front of everyone. He deserves that, plus he is German which makes him a more private person that most — letting out that emotion in public is not as acceptable in his culture.

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      Dear Brad T, I see you don´t know much about germany. In germany is acceptable to let emotions out in public.
      I Think he left because he wouldn´t like to shake hands with wade or lebron, because they dissed him. He just showed disrespect for them in his way. MAVS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Chris says:

    Hi Kevin,

    your question is Why didn’t anyone bitch about Boston’s BIG 3? There are a few reasons behind that. I think that a lot of people that are in basketball for a long time will agree with the reasons I am about to write down here.

    First of all, with Miami the fuss was about LeBron, not about Bosh, it was about his decision to quit on Cavs and move to the Heat. The people hated the way he did it, all the lights, all the big talk, and what happens – he doesn’t even take time to talk to the people of Cleveland and tell them: thank you guys, thank you for everything, but I gotta go. If he did so, he would be much more appreciated. Because, you know what – when you are a professional athlete you have an obligation towards your community, because teh community is a huge part of your greatness. That was unforgiveable.

    And another strong reason was he hadn’t only left the Cavs, but he desmounted that team, piece by piece..and this Miami Heat tem is not better than that last year’s Cleveland team, no Sir. That is the reason why his decision is different from Ray Allen’s and Kevin Garnett’s decision. Seattle was an average team, nothing much changed when Ray left for Boston, and at the moment of Ray’s departure he was already a proven veteran, future hall of famer maybe. Kevin Garnett left a crappy Minesotta for most of his years there (they played the Western C. finals one year thought). They had a legacy already, but teams that couldn’t provide what they needed, it simply wasn’t fair to see them like that.
    Thy went to Boston, to help Paul Pierce, and added a bunch to that team and won the title, but they did it so convincing and so amzingly beautiful, because their basketball was beautiful.

    And please, never again compare LeBron’s decision with Ray’s and Kevin’s – nothing about them was presented to millions of people: I, GOD LEBRON, announce to the world……………………..bla bla

    So, you see what are the reasons. And one other thing is purely from that sports legacy perspective: he is not a king, nor will he ever be, because he left his team..Jordan didn’t leave the Bulls, Kobe didn’t leave the Lakers, that is what separates those guys from LBJ. How would a title with Cleveland look when compared with a title in Miami? Uncomparable..

    At the end: THIS IS WADE’S TEAM…all the way through

    • DirkJetKidd says:

      Chris – Very well put

    • stof says:

      Garnett and Ray Allen came from Minnesota and Seattle, look at where those teams are standing now! Minnesota has nice cornerstones and the Thunder are just splashing. Part of that is because of the TRADE. By leaving trough trade they gave their original team something to build around when they left.
      Bosh and Lebron just left their team with nothing apart from some capspace.

    • hoop fan says:

      Nah, people just didn’t like ‘the decision.’ It was in bad taste even if it did raise some good dough for charity. Just iimagine if he decided to take his talents to a different team. That city would love him and people in Miami would bash like everyone else. It’s easy to forget 12 months ago everyone wanted him and then a couple weeks later all those same people jumped on the LeBron Bashwagon and it hasn’t stopped. Even Mark Cuban tried to lure him to Dallas before resigning Dirk and then becoming a basher himself. Since then people have merely transfered their hate for him from one trivial media driven topic to another. That he and the Heat were successful only fueled the fire because everyone was hoping and waitng for him to fail.

      • poboscov says:

        Le Bron just brought all the bashing on himself. He’s just a spoiled kid with too much ego to handle. When he becomes a true man, like Dirk and J. Kidd, maybe, then maybe he’ll win it all.

  83. nils says:

    here’s the deal! In the list of all time greats dirk takes his seat over Lebron James.
    Not because of this well-deserved ring, but because he did what lebron twice failed to do, being a real leader when it matters most. And more than that, he did it with his team, the mavs, not adding himself to another team as lebron did. cause the heat arent lebrons team its wades.

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      Thats true. James had nothing done in the crunchtime this finals. Always when his team needed him most, he failed. So he did last year, the year before, the year before before ……

      Thank You DIKR and the MAVS you are one of the greatest team of ALL TIME. Didn´t see a crunchtime like DIRK since MJ left the league.

  84. guster says:

    lol at jason terry mispronouncing jj’s name

  85. Aham says:

    And you know whats is more even funny? All of writers in some weeks ago,claimed that the Heat was the team to beat in the Playoffs. That they were too much for Mavs to handle. That the big 3 is enough to bring a dynasty.

    And suddenly,just after Heat fall… all of you guys are writing some things like… “Loyalty always wins.” “You cant win a title with just 3 guys”… and etc…

    What do I call you guys for that?

    • Daniel says:

      so true, thats why all the media is retarted. they switch sides to the favorite. They gave no chance to the mavs against the blazers, lakers,thunder, or heat and now they act like they chose them all along…

      • Jake says:

        It’s true, most the sportswriters picked the Mavs to lose against the Blazers (I did too). And of those who picked them to beat the Blazers almost nobody thought they would be the Lakers. Most of the media didn’t think they would beat the Heat either. It’s nice that they can switch sides whenever it’s convenient.

      • Zeradius says:

        couldnt agree more. Like you said, they were stating in the first round that the only upset to look for was that 3-6 matchup where Dallas plays Portland, Wrote them off completely against LA and I think everyone just about said Miami wins over them, except for Tim Legler who accurately predicted they would win in six games against MIA. Can’t really blame them for thinking that at first though, Dallas has been known to flop, but im really happy for Dirk and J Kidd, they deserved this more than anyone else in the league. I guess that dispells the notion that teams who live on the three would never win rings as Dallas shoots alot of threes. They just made a hell of alot in the playoffs, hahahaha

    • Isaak says:

      Charles Barkley believed in them, from the start of the playoffs.. Good man..!!

    • DSO*82 says:


      • HC says:

        Hey guys, these guys are the MEDIA. THEY MUST WRITE for a living! So what do u expect them to do? Moan over getting their predictions wrong? THey write about what should be in the limelight (and have no choice) – so pls cut them some slack.

        N on another note, PREDICTIONS ARE PREDICTIONS. U DO NOT have to stick by them once its proven wrong. THEY ARE NOT FANS!! N srsly, many ppl did count out my mavvs at the start of this series.MOST u get from a wrong prediction is that u lost some bets=)

  86. Rich says:

    I always thought it would be sweet for the MAVS to win their first title… even sweeter if the refs job the Heat so they know how it feels back in 2006… but it was just the sweetest feeling to win it all just straight up. And just like for Dirk and JT, finally the ghost of the past in me, finally is gone. Now let’s defend the title ! Watch out for me during the celebration wearing the most ri-dirk-ulous costume in the crowd.

  87. Kevin says:

    Shortcut? Why wasnt anybody b*tchin about the Boston’s Big 3? They gathered up just like the Heatles did,but… it didnt happened like it did in Southbeach.

    • Rich says:

      Hear ya, that was also a gay move by the Celtics. Don’t forget that the Lakers have been doing the same thing year after year.

    • dirk digler says:

      KG and Ray Allen went to Boston when they were not in their prime/peak/superstar year..they were already in their 30’s to mid 30’s…and are in their twilight of thier they have been in a “long journey” in their this are not “shor cuts” for them mind you

    • clutch says:

      Because the Boston’s Big 3 delivered immediately…..

    • C.N.M. says:

      Because the Boston Big 3 did not have a pre-celebration party BEFORE they actually won the Larry O’Brien trophy in 08. Because the Boston Big 3 were mature MEN and did not particpate in antics better known as cough-gate and silly celebrations on the court with an eternity left to play in the 4th qtr. Because the Boston Big 3 knew how to play as a TEAM and sacrificed “individual praise” for a championship. I can go on and on but I will stop here. I am a Lakers fan, but there is not comparision between the Boston Big 3 and the Heatles. None.

      • Chris says:

        mature? i dont see anything about mature from paul pierce after he won the championship claiming he is the best player in the nba for just winning 1 ring….

    • Law064 says:

      Well Kevin the Boston Big 3(The real big 3) were all traded not just free agents. They were not in their prime and they all sacraficed stats to win. That’s the differance what if the Big 3 did that when they were younger. It would’ve been terrible for the NBA unstoppable force but they were all in their 30’s and were true leaders of their teams but couldn’t get over the hump.

    • germanfranc41 says:

      Kevin, do you think it is a shortcut for Garnett and Ray Allen when they went to Boston?? They’re already 30+ years old by then and already past 10 seasons in the NBA. That’s a long time pal. That ain’t no shortcut. If you are 30+ years old in the NBA and still haven’t got a ring then you know your time in the league is nearing its end.

      Their former team knew that they can’t give them a championship and are stuck in rebuilding their team. Minnesota and Seattle got something to start with when they traded for Garnett and Allen. What was Cleveland left with when Lebron jumped the bandwagon?? Nothing.

    • stof says:

      Not to forget that Boston’s Big3 made the players around them better too, Rondo and Perkins the biggest examples. That’s not happening in Miami. There it’s about James and Wade, en some flashes of Bosh

    • jayke83 says:

      The Celtics move was different. Garnett and Allen were at the twilight of their careers. They were desperate for a ring.

      James and Bosh aren’t even 30 yet and they’re acting like they don’t want to lose anymore.

    • Ron says:

      Maybe it is me, but I never noticed the big three in Boston dance and make fools out of themselves before the season started…….They danced when they won it all.

      • lakersforever says:

        um most teams that win, win becuase they have really good GMs or owners that know how to manage a team better then other people obviously Pat is a great GM he got shaq and then gathered all the vets he could to win a ring then he convinced wade and his pals to stay in miami together. jerry west did it for the lakers to he traded vlade for kobe and convinced shaq to play for the lakers then later kupchuck got malone and payton as well then later pau and artest. mark cuban great owner took won of the worst teams ever and made then one of the best teams every year. do you think the clippers would be a crappy team every year if it wasnt for their owner. he doesnt care he just cares about money. Im not going to sit here and say man those guys are jerks trying to make super teams heck ya if i was Pat reily i would be doin the same thing take the oppotunity you think danny anige didnt make that deal happen getting KG and Ray allen so kudos to those bomb GMs out there stop lets stop talking crap on lebron ya him moving there made him look like a jerk and i dont really like him and im glad he lost but he still is a great player and he was convinced to go there and win with his pals by an awesome GM get over it guys oh and go kobe lakers win it next year another and the next YA!!!

      • Vlatko says:

        @lakersforever yeah Lakers have great money dealers also when they’ve won games against Sacramento and then championships i mean c’mon here you are talking about the Heat when the fakest team of all in the last decade are the LA Lakers I’m so glad that that the Mavs swept them(and even then they are saying it’s Gasol fault when it’s obvious that their game is read by the big teams in the league).Gratz to the Mavs and Peja for finally getting back the ring that he deserved in 2002 if it wasn’t for Stern the Sacramento Kings would have been a dinasty

    • DSO*82 says:

      Like everyone else has stated, Boston TRADED pieces to get their team. They didn’t brag that they already won the championship before the season had started. From memory, they did say they were excited for the season to start and they also stated that they haven’t accomplished anything yet. They said that all through the season and play-offs until they won. Big difference to the stars in Miami who were FREE AGENTS and had planned it from the start. And also boasting about themselves. People have also stated the biggest difference in that the Miami stars are in their peak whereas the Boston stars are in their twilight and have endure much more than the Miami stars.

      Congratulations to the MAVS! Well deserved!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Boston’s moves isn’t as bad as Heat’s, for one reason, Ray Allen and KG weren’t in their prime and their time in the league was getting shorter, so they took the shortcut which makes sense, while Lebron and Bosh are still in the prime of their career, and still have tons of years left to win one, but they also chose the so called easy way out.

  88. Uimpressme says:

    An old school fomula is all it took, I’m a old school basketball fan and although i know like the rest of the world how talented James, wade and bosh are it sure feels good to know that nothing in life is given you must earn every point. I’m sure The so called BIG THREE will get their day of shine but right now i hope that this is lesson to all those who jumped on that Miami ban wagon that talent can take you but so far heart, drive and loyalty plus talent is what wins Titles

    • 702Laker says:

      I agree.. superstars should play against each other not with each other. That what makes the NBA good to watch. Congratulations to the Mavs for showing the world that basketball is a team game and that you have to have a complete team to win the title.

  89. cydo says:

    heart prevailed over ego, mavs leave a great mark in history! … i only feel bad for unselfish players like haslem, anthony and some others for playing with people like the “big 3”

  90. Rijad says:

    Congratulations MAVS! YES WE CAN!!! Thank you for a wonderful season!!!

  91. berkamore says:

    Good article and I agree. It shows that you can still win in the NBA if you play the game the right way. Stick to the fundamentals, play hard and play together as a team. How refreshing.

    • Ben says:


      As a non American, objective observer, I am so pleased for the NBA’s future that Dallas won this series, and teams like OKC and Memphis were banging at the door. It gives me hope in the process of building and rebuilding as the best way to win rings.

  92. Gman says:

    A good non-bashing article.

    • al - respect the game says:

      yup – i agree. its just like a Hollywood story. the good guys win. the bad( arrogant) guys lose. wow. couldn’t have written a better script.

  93. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    Like I’ve been saying on these blogs … BEST TEAM GAME beat the most TALENTED INDIVIDUALS … CAUSE it’s a TEAM GAME!!!

    Congrats to Mavs … you’ve been overlooked for WAY TOO LONG … this moment came from all your hard work, SO ENJOY IT!!!




      • Ben says:

        Or down. Thats a direction too.

      • LOLEBRON says:

        First taste of defeat? you forgetting the 07 playoffs when he got swept? And all the other playoff runs where he had that same taste in his mouth? I mean defeat is why he left cleveland is it not? He couldn’t take that anymore and took the EASY way out which i dispise about him. He is the worst roll model for basketball EVER.

      • Joe says:

        Thats what made the win for Dallas all the sweeter. I had a mate who said after the first game, get used to it, Miami are going to win the next 5. They hadn’t even won one with the current crop yet. Maybe Miami fans need to learn something from the Dallas defeat, that humility is much more respected than arrogance. You may well have a good team, and may well win some finals series’, but how about you wait until that happens before you start bragging about how good they are/will be. A star studded team does not neccessarily create a star TEAM, as we have seen. Thats the problem with having so many stars in a team, egos can be fractured easily, and the mental aspect of the game comes into play. Maybe Lebron and Bosh were much better being big fish in a little pond???

      • Ron says:

        Yeah whatever

      • Ron says:

        I think Oklahoma, Chicago, Lakers, Dallas all have a greater shot at winning next years finals then Miami.
        Actually come to think about it, Cleveland probably wins one before Miami.

      • lakersforever says:

        thank you LOLLEBRON for pointing out the obvious that lebron has lost alot and thats why he came to miami in the first place but you forgot one thing lebron will never win more then kobe its not going to happen no matter how much you want him to. i wouldnt be surprised if kobe won it next year again. although i dont see dallas winning it again next year they will be one year older and from 38 to 39 can be a big jump for j kidd i do expect to see miami again next year in the finals i believe they will get better oh and by the way everybody should shut up abour lebron it is obvious that d wade is a better player when it matters most so lets remeber that if anybody watched the games they could see that

      • lakersforever says:

        oh and by the way did i mention that miami wont win it next year ya so dont already start crowning yourselves south beach you already made that mistake once

      • DF says:

        Thanks to Dirk and his team for crushing the Heat and refusing the king his crown. It had been so much fun watching the show. Thanks to coach Carlisle putting JJ into the starting line-up – what a smart move – JJ alone made the Heat look slow down a bit. Last not least, thanks to Jet and Dirk (again) for taking revenge for 2006. This is the greatest comeback to the Finals ever. An epic win! Well deserved. Dear Mavs, please enjoy your summer break now but do not forget to get back into the gym in time as we all want you to make sure the Heat won’t make it next year, either. Cavs for Mavs. Hey ho, lets go!

      • Logic says:

        The entire “Dallas enjoy your victory now” statement was just dumb. For starters, Dallas and Dynasty may have both been prime time soap operas but the comparisons stop there. They aren’t a team built to for a dynasty. They know this. You don’t build dynasties with aging rosters. A starting point guard who’s in his 17th year? Yeah, they’re in it for the long haul. Dallas, of all teams, knows how tough it is to do what they just did, that’s why it’s a sweet victory.

        But a statement like that can be expected when it comes from someone who obviously didn’t start watching the NBA until this year’s playoffs. Has it been forgotten that Lebron left Cleveland because he was tired of losing (and so this can’t be his first taste of disappointment) or that he got swept in the Finals by San Antonio (so you can’t blame it on the first trip) and that he lives under a microscope (I didn’t watch the game or any highlights yet it would have been impossible to be a basketball fan and not know that Lebron took a lefty free throw last year against Boston) so he knows the pressure and the dissappointment of losing. The only difference this time around was all the premature celebrating.

        And if anybody seriously thinks there’s going to be less pressure next year they obviously don’t know much about life in general. The pressure is going to all be on Miami next year. As much as it might sting for Miami and their fans, this loss will be easier to swallow because it was the first try. Come next season they won’t have any excuses. The pressure will all be on them next year. The team with the least amount of pressure will be this year’s winners. They’re the ones that got the gorilla off their back. That hunger has been sated a bit and a pair of all time greats can feel a bit more validated when looking back on their careers. The losing team will feel more pressure next year to get back and to finish what they started (and boasted they would do). Not less pressure. Live life a little and that much becomes so obvious it can almost go unsaid.

        And I’m sorry but “the only place to go is up.” Really? The only times there’s only one direction to go is either when you’re on top or on the bottom. Miami can move up to the top but only the worst team in the league can “..only go up.” Miami can most definitely slip and fall back a step.

        I’m not a Miami fan but I don’t think I’d be going out on a limb by saying they’ll win their rings. But it’s naive and foolish to think the rest of the league will be stagnant and stand idly by. Right now Miami’s biggest friend would be a new CBA so that other teams can’t start stacking as they’ve done. But even with that said there are teams that will always find a way to improve their roster, draw big names, and load their roster with talent. Chicago is/was inexperienced and I’m sure they’ll add a piece or two (a SG). New York will definately add some pieces. LA needs to take a long hard look at their roster. Dwight’s danced around it but Orlando has to win if they want to keep him, and after seeing what happened to Cleveland and Toronto I wouldn’t be surprised to see Orlando make some moves and go from pretender to a legit contender. Boston can’t like not being in the equation either. The competition is going to get tougher. The path for Miami in the East might never be as smooth as it was this year. It only gets tougher from here on out.

        Yeah, the Mavs are the champions but the team that’s in everyone’s sights is still Miami. Less pressure? Get real. They failed to win after boldly predicting a lot of championships, preseason celebrations and a scene that looked more like a WWE event than anything else. People will let this loss slide. But people won’t let it slide if they lose next year. If we thought this year was bad with all the Miami hype and not being able to escape hearing about them on a daily basis, wait until next year. Less pressure? It’s the other way around. Next year it’s all on them.

      • bballwiz says:

        What’s wrong with you, man? Haven’t you learned anything from this series? Maybe Heat fans are really the mirror image of their so-called superstars: arrogant, immature, cocky, childish, and a bit dumb and stupid.

        You guys are still preaching about having multiple championships after being denied by the Mavs. Why don;t you just get one trophy first before announcing to the world about having more rings than Kobe and others?

        You guys will never learn. Oh well..

      • Tom says:

        I’ve been watching the NBA for about 11 years now and the Mavs have been my team since I started. I followed them because they were built around good players who played as a team (Nash, Finley and Dirk at the time) and this has what has won them the championship in the end.

        To say that they should ‘enjoy it for now’ is pretty much correct in my eyes. Like someone has previously said, Dallas aren’t really built for the long haul. I honestly think they will be hard pushed to win it again next year, just due to age and other teams getting better, but thats not what matters. They’ve won it now.Dirk, Kidd, Terry et al have got their championship. I would have been gutted if they hadn’t at some time in their careers, but they have done now.

        The way they played made the game look amazing. The way they acted as a team and had each others backs was amazing. Who cares what happens next year. We won one and it’s this one. Go Mavs!

      • Dcuz says:

        If Dwade wants to have another crown he should drop his side kick… he doesnt need a choke artist by his side….. lechoke was also 4 wins away from the crown when they fought the spurs…a loss is a loss so bear with it…. bottom line… .dont count your eggs before it hatches…

      • DD12 says:

        I would like to point out the lack of sportsmanship that the Cavs fans are showing. I would like to ask, where were the Cavs in this playoffs? Quarter finals? Finals? oh that’s right, they weren’t there… Or did I failed to see? No, they weren’t there. Lebron did the best he could in Cleveland, but nobody backed him up. Mo Williams and Gibson should think before talking. They couldn’t back Lebron when he was there and now they talk trash about them. I seriously hope that Lebron reaches his title next year, because you can’t doubt, he’s the best player in the NBA, and he will continue to be even though this Cleveland “fans” fail to see.

  94. JeckSunga says:

    now that’s what i call, REAL CHAMPIONS. Heart of a true champion. Way to go MAVS. now i can sleep better every night. thank you very much. 🙂

  95. this is for mavs says:

    I love mavs play this finasl, they played team basketball compared to the HEAT, Nowity

  96. Marc says:

    It has been a glorious ride. It was a thrilling victory. And, I am VERY happy that I awoke in Dallas rather than South Beach today!

    THANK YOU, DALLAS MAVERICKS, for a sensational season and a superb playoff series. You guys truly are the champions of the world!

    • Atty. Daniel M. Fernandez says:


    • Aviatior says:

      ummmmmm… Dallas is NOT champions of the world, just the NBA! get it straight!

    • Congrats MAVS and DIRK says:

      Congratulations Dallas!!! I’m a Suns fan and to see a very big rival win a ring before my team does really sucks but when looking at the big picture I’m a veteran’s guy and I love watching veterans win their rings (especially if they have never won before). Seeing Dirk (an all-time international great) get the satisfaction of finally being a champion is what the game is about. You can tell this guy truly appreciates the PURITY of the game instead of the flash and media-hype that inevitably comes with it. Congrats Dalls and all MAVS fans. You endured, persevered, and earned your way to this one. Now here’s to NASH and HILL finding a way to their championship.