James Gets Passive On Finals Stage

MIAMI — Something happened to LeBron James on the way to his first NBA championship.

It’s not clear what exactly, but the LeBron James that we saw in the previous two rounds of the playoffs was not the same as the LeBron James that we saw in the 2011 NBA Finals.

“Sometimes, you got it,” James said afterward. “Sometimes, you don’t.”

Indeed, this is a make-or-miss league. James’ shooting numbers from the last two series, especially in the clutch, were probably not sustainable. But this was much more than that. James’ performance in The Finals was clearly not about shots just not going in.

The James that destroyed the Celtics and Bulls was aggressive, dominant and unforgiving. In The Finals, at least in Games 2-5, James was nothing but passive.

He turned himself into a point guard in this series, always looking to pass first. Yes, the Mavs blocked off the paint and were always ready with a second defender. Yes, “the right play” is to take what the defense gives you and find the open man.

But James isn’t a point guard. He’s 6-foot-8 and 260 pounds. And the best basketball talent in the world.

James took 15 shots per game in The Finals, but got to the free throw line just 20 times total in six games. That’s just over three attempts per game for a guy who averaged more than nine per game through the first three rounds.

When James attacks the basket, he’s a human locomotive, and opponents often have no choice but to hack him. But six players, including Mario Chalmers, attempted more free throws than James did in the series.

With their season on the line Sunday, Chalmers was more aggressive attacking the basket than James was. Dwyane Wade was clearly more aggressive, too. For the Mavs, Dirk Nowitzki was more aggressive, even though his shot wasn’t falling. J.J. Barea, the smallest guy on the floor was more aggressive. Heck, even Brian Cardinal, he of the three points-per-game average, seemed more confident with the ball on this night.

There were moments when the Heat got James into the paint. His post-ups were largely successful, and on the Heat’s third possession of Game 6, he and Chalmers ran a perfect pick-and-roll that resulted in a lay-up. But those plays were few and far between.

The plays we’ll remember most from this series were the ones where James gave the ball up at the first opportunity, deciding that Udonis Haslem or Chris Bosh were better suited to shoot the ball. Give credit to the Dallas defense, yes. But great players rise above obstacles like that. Tyson Chandler is a great defender, but he ain’t Dwight Howard.

Nowitzki more than earned his MVP trophy and deserves the top story in every non-Miami media outlet on Monday morning. But there’s no doubt that James’ failure to lead the Heat to a title is as big a story.

James took his talents to South Beach in order to win championships. And yes, there will be more opportunities to do just that. But the Heat took a lot of momentum into The Finals, had home-court advantage, and had what it takes to win a championship. Every step of the way, they were quick to tell us how hard their road had been. Now they’ve got to start it all over next fall.

The Heat may get back here, and James may play great to help them do it. But until he’s holding that Larry O’Brien trophy, the questions will continue to surround James.

What was missing in this series was James’ killer instinct. And at this point in his career, you have to start to wonder if he has some sort of mental block that’s keeping him from seizing the moment on the biggest stage.

“I work hard to try to put myself in position to play at a high level,” James said. “When you go out on the court, does the ball always go in? Absolutely not. But the one thing I know, I never hold my head low in saying, ‘I didn’t do it the right way’ or ‘I wish I would have did this.’ It’s not about that.”

In the Heat locker room, reserve guard Eddie House was asked what went wrong for his team in the series.

“[Expletive],” House replied. “I don’t know.”

The person who needs to answer that question is LeBron James. And it’s not clear that he knows the answer either.


John Schuhmann is a staff writer for NBA.com. Send him an e-mail or follow him on twitter.


  1. Mr Director says:

    I think I already said this in another blog…. Why go sign players if u aint gonna use them properly? It amazing how when Coach Spoestra finally put in Eddie House for the first time in the playoffs he was scoring points. Why? Lebron and D-Wade can attack the basket and kick out to House, Miller, Jones, even Bosh in the corner as well (Bosh can hit that 10-15 ft range). But with Bibby running the point you have to make stops on defense and RUN THE FASTBREAK AND KEEP RUNNING IT!! Bibby is not a spot up shooter like House. He wasn’t a spot up shooter in Sacramento or in Atlanta. He is a gunner like Wade. (RUN) DAT GUMMITT IF YOU GONNA START BIBBY ON POINT!! A coach has to look at individuals on the roster and see what their strengths are, then ADAPT the offense to the team. Its doesn’t matter what plays and sets you ran last year. Use your talent cause talent aint always gonna be there. Take advantage and coach the game based on the roster you’ve been given. Its like playing spades. How you gonna have all those high cards (Bosh, Wade, James) and still lose? He was good at helping them to control their egos, but you have to know your x’s and o’x too. He was in the film room all these years for Miami before coaching well, USE THAT EXPERIENCE!! BE THE COACH YOU NEED TO BE FOR THE TEAM. DISECT THE GAME AND YOUR OPPONENTS WEAKNESSES AND USE FILM!! YOU GUYS SHOULD HAVE BEEN BLOWING TEAMS OUT WITH ALL THAT TALENT BUT THE OFFENSE WASN’T RIGHT FOR THE TEAM TO KEEP IT REAL. WADE AND LEBRON WAS GOING ISO THE WHOLE TIME, REALLY !! AND STOP WAITING FOR THE SHOT CLOCK TO GO DOWN TO SHOOT THE BALL ON EVERY POSSESSION…. ITS SIMPLE BASKETBALL 101. Grow from this year guys and come back stronger next year. MIAMI LOOKED GOOD THOUGH CONSIDERING IT BEING THEIR FIRST YEAR TOGETHER!! (Pat Riley surely knows all of this he should have said something) Boston used E House as a (spotup shooter) just use him the same way. Atlanta used Bibby as a (gunner) just use him the same way. Even if you used a lineup like… Drive with Wade and James, House and Jones use offball movement for scoring opportunities and you can still run the offense through Bosh in the high post using pick and rolls and give and gos. What u think, bloggers? GO CELTICS!!

  2. jason lee says:

    I think even Lebron was pressured by the two other superstars in his team and his game had to change in order to use Wade and Bosh effectively

    i guess this didnt work since they lost….

  3. JM says:

    All people are bashing LeBron. Do you know how big the teams like BULLS and CELTICS now? They defeated both of that teams to be the East Champs. I don’t even thought Heat would win on that East Semis. It was a big surprise and I say Heat would own East for the next 3-4 years and be NBA champs for at least once.

  4. jim says:

    He said it himself… “IT’S NOW OR NEVER”. I guess it’s NEVER than!

  5. John L says:

    Lakers’ got swept, we don’t cry about it, we get ready for next year… not sit there and whine and attack the haters by saying we all have problems the next day, cause I don’t, I have a good life and the hating didn’t stop the next day, I’m still entertained by him having no rings LOL!

  6. John L says:

    Everyone who’s saying it’s Miami’s first year as an excuse not to win the Title… let’s look back at 2008. I’m pretty sure Boston won the championship right on the first year, they were pressured, they were hated at first for being too stacked, but they won right on the first year, they just happened to traded off one of their main defender in Kendrick Perkins

  7. shaqduece34 says:

    Lebron James is a great basketball player. Dirk is a great basketball player. All I have been reading is either good or bad opinions about Lebron. The better team won the finals plain and simple! There are NBA players with rings who I’m sure would gladly give up one for a year that Lebron puts up. I’m glad he went to the Heat to follow HIS dream of winning a ring. I’m glad Dirk got his and took Kidd along for the ride. I’m also glad that Cav’s fans had to wait all the way until the end of game 6 of the NBA Finals to actually take a sigh of relief. Lebron could have thrown the playoffs last year and this year just so they wouldn’t have that bitter taste in their mouth when he decides to let his true talents come out.

  8. Yoann says:

    I’m very sorry this has happened. I love LBJ but I wanted Dallas to win it because Dirk and Kidd deserved it “more”, waited so long…
    but I’m going with the ‘mental block’ theory. Kobe sucks in the Finals because he puts himself at a higher level than his actual level, so he commits turnovers, takes bad shots and ends up with terrible FG%.
    For LBJ, it’s different. He was just…light. Just like a Coca Cola drink, he was the Light version in those 6 games….a bit of a distant ghost of his past game.

    Very, very strange.

  9. Jamba says:

    So it turns out Lebron does have a ring…

    He borrowed it off of Frodo, but apparently he didn’t know it made you disappear…

  10. Sjoerd says:

    I think James needs a shrink. It seems he shuts down wenever they need him to rize up.

    stage fright??????

  11. angas says:

    Of all the hype. Not 1…. hahahaha
    Lebron we are still waiting for your entry into the slamdunk

  12. angel says:

    this is between lebron’s hater and lebron’s fan, and between money and rings…lebron went to miami for a ring not for money, y does cavs owner angry, cause he will lost a lot of money by losing lebron, y does the cavs fans angry cause they are from cleveland but they will routing miami(lol), y does barkley angry cause he want to join miami to grab for his rings but miami cant accomodate him because his asking to much salary…

  13. LA AC says:

    It seems that Magic Johnson hit the nail on the head when he said, after the game, that LeBron needs to work on his catch-and-shoot and post-up games if he is to coexist more successfully with Wade. Magic recalled his own soul-searching and work after the 1984 finals loss. I don’t understand why only once in the second half did LBJ post up Marion, when LBJ took him baseline for an easy layup. Why didn’t someone on the Heat coaching staff, if not LeBron himself, demand that they run that set again?
    It is easy to blame one guy, but the Heat’s offense was often stagnant and shaky down the stretch all season, and some incredible long-range shooting carried them through Boston and Chicago. It is clear that the team never had time this season to develop consistent offensive chemistry, especially with all the injuries to guys who became regulars against Chicago and Dallas (Haslem and Miller, in particular).
    In addition, lack of depth was an issue, most glaringly lack of a defensive stopper, an absolutely essential championship ingredient. No team in recent memory has won a title without one. (For Dallas, it was Stevenson, and previous examples in the last decade include Artest, Ariza, Posey, Bowen, Prince, and Rick Fox). The stopper often expends so much energy on defense that his offense usually consists of setting screens and shooting threes. The last player to be a stopper and leading scorer in the same season was Jordan, in 1988, I believe, when he won the Defensive Player of the Year and scoring title. His team did not win the NBA title that year.
    This year, it seemed as if LeBron was pacing himself at times, a fatal behavior in the intensity of playoff basketball. Exhaustion was an issue for the Heat all season, with LeBron’s early-season complaints about too many minutes being an early example of the consequences of expecting a player to make fourth-quarter moves for shots after chasing around the opposition’s leading scorers all game. LeBron’s late defense against Rose was effective because Rose settled for one-on-one clearouts, whereas Terry made LBJ chase him around screens denying and then chase him again into pick-and-rolls after he got the ball. No wonder LeBron was trying to pace himself.
    If LeBron realizes and works on the areas he needs to improve, if the Heat develop some offensive chemistry, and acquire some depth, including a stopper, thay will be difficult to stop. If they are, in fact, stopped with all those ingredients next year, Spoelstra should rightly feel the Heat.

  14. Sp says:

    the team with the best players playing together won the most games in the playoffs. simple equation.

    • low heat, undercooked says:

      Hell yeah, go Kidd and my new favourite little big man – JJ Brarea!- now where do I get me a miss universe model?

  15. bola says:

    now, he couldn’t say ” even i love my teammates, i couldn’t do it by myself”, now it’s just clear that he is not someone in who you can count on in a clutch moments…..he should be the third wheel in the heat roster,the better things will be for the next years……

  16. Aikee says:

    Bullies!!! let’s celebrate pink day… hahahahaha!!!!

  17. John Song says:

    For me, I just hope LBJ is really as arrogant and self centered as he seems to be. I hope he keeps ignoring the media and the fans, and keep low balling the anti heat and LBJ fans with comments like the ones he made during the postgame interviews. If he is that way, the Heat just my stay in the same place they are now. And that would be a good thing.
    The scary part is that if he does admit his shortcmings, and if he does become humble, and he does admit his mistakes. Then he would compell himself to become better. Especially mentally. Then we’re looking at a true dynasty in the Heat. And the the HEAT will truly be on the anti heat and LBJ fans and the other NBA teams. That would be s0~~~~ bad.
    So to LBJ, good for you, Hope you don’t change a bit. Just live your confortable life with your family, and be happy while all of us normal people go back to our problems and lolely lives.

  18. ekusoans says:

    wow this is a blockbuster article.. Its really hard not to criticize LBJ because there’s ALOT that is expected from him.. Dallas still deserve to win series. great effort. Look how Dallas managed to have those come from behind victories 3 of the first 5 games. And look at how the Heat failed miserably and lost their composure when they were down during the final minutes of game 6.

  19. beantown says:

    im a celtics fan but i think the heat need to change their style they are so predictable. its either wade or lebron leaking out for a fast break dunk. or bosh shooting his 18 footer or someone lobbing backdoor very boring after awhile. and once teams get wise to that they just use a couple bodies to lay down six hard fouls to make them think twice about going to the hole again.

  20. nabclev says:

    yet again lebron chokes in finals boo whoo…who really cares honestly the guy loves the attention either way..he always looks for a escape goat all the time…im from cleveland and i can say ppl really dont care about what the man does, yeah its natural to see him not win the championship but we really dont make it a big deal, its mostly lebron james and the media that make himself the villian, the bad guy or the innocent one also the for the attention and hell for people to buy his shoes…only thing i gotta say is yes he is a damn good player but is attitude is poorly and he can not accept if he has a bad game he always turns for an escuse… to some things up its not about cleveland forgeting lebron its mostly lebron forgetting cleveland

  21. Chaszer says:

    I think Lebron was threatened by the people who hate him and maybe that’s the reason why his losing focus to win a championship! His stats are tremendous and his also a two time MVP. I’m happy for Dirk that he finally gets to win a championship. So much to say, I’m hoping that next season, LBJ will be more aggressive, always attacking the paint, and should score 30+ points a game! ツ

  22. Just A Fan says:


  23. Darkov says:

    Heat were poisoned by too much hype and they’re low in mental toughness.

  24. mabbyy says:

    its no questions about the mavs title, clearly for james its one of a hell question mark! to his performance in the series,.. he’s soft, and quiet a while he loss his spirit, (mind body and spirit) which is the most important inside the court, its like; a king w/o a crown is a king w/o a throne, and a king w/o a throne is a king w/o a castle’

  25. Joko says:

    Someone might want to check and see if LaBomba has any off-shore accounts that just ballooned. Almost seems like he intentionally trashed the last game. Just sayin’…….

  26. rj says:

    i am now officiaLy a Lebron hater… that’s the most chickenLy performance i’ve ever seen from a “superstar”. stay inside your paLace, KING!

  27. heat says:

    mavs played well, team work etc. im a heat/boston fan but my fav player is rondo because i play point hahaha. heat in 2006 they had posey good defender and not afraid to take 3’s and it goes in. teamplay for heat also lacks, anyways mavs really deserve to be the champions of the world this year. 🙂

  28. K says:

    Folks kill me when they compare LeBron to Kobe or Jordan. I don’t ever recall LeBron putting himself in their category. Matter of fact he just thanked Pippen for the compliment but said he was no where close to Jordan. Once again the fanatics given LeBron something he didn’t ask for.

  29. marquis says:

    LBJ is one great marketing subject of the NBA. He is an indispensable marketing material.
    He raised peoples opinion, the media watched his every action and he loves to smile back and make fun to the fans.
    Let us accept the fact He is better off the court pressures. He is just a highlight reel, a headline news, and a great subject title for the comments.

    Sorry LBJ, you are not a Hero on the court!

  30. K says:

    Whether It’s the fans or these so called sports analyst who probably never stepped foot on a basketball court. Enough is enough. Ever since, “the decision” LeBron has been the target of so many people. Forget the fact that he raised all that money for the Boys and Girls Clubs. Forget the fact that he still gives money to communities in Cleveland (and they burned his Jersey). Maybe if Donald Trump would have thought of, “the decision” it would be considered a good business move. People talk about LeBron did the city of Cleveland wrong? Really!! Maybe it was Cleveland who did him wrong. They put the pressure of restoring their city on a 18 year old kid. No one cared when they fired Mike Brown or do we forget about that. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander huh?
    One analyst stated that LeBron was immature….guess what he is only 26 years old..What were you doing in your college years? Well LeBron was putting a city on his shoulders. I have an idea maybe LeBron should be mentored by Charles Barkley or Magic Johnson on how to be mature. No wait they cheated on their wives. Ok maybe LeBron should be mentored by Chris Weber. No wait he was accused of taking money while in college then denied it. He also made the stupid statement that real men don’t cry. Should we bring back the video tape when the Fab Five lost to Duke? The unfortunate thing is the NBA recruits boys and considers them men. The veterans in the NBA don’t take these players under their wings. Kidd is still around I wonder what he could teach LeBron. Maybe he could teach him how to hit his wife or get a coach fired.
    The analyst say LeBron celebrated in front of the Mavs beach during game two. I call it being excited…Wait was that Dirk clinching his fist and sticking out his tongue in front of the Miami beach during game 6. As I recall Dirk didn’t shake hands either but hey he was emotional and had to gather himself. When LeBron didn’t shake hands after the Orlando series he was considered a bad sport. I guess the difference is one was a winner and the other was a loser.
    Hey LeBron you should not have said you were going win not 1 but several championships. You should have said you took your talents to South Beach to not win championships. Would the analyst have been satisfied then? LeBron is supposed to say he is going to win. Shaq said he was going to bring a championship to Phoenix and when he didn’t he didn’t get the backlash. Jason Terry thanked God and said God thought it was their time to win. LeBron said God has something in store for him and he gets ridiculed for saying that.
    People enough is enough. The man is a good player whether you like him personally or not. His statistics show that. Outside of basketball he seems like he is a good father. The media never had anything negative to report about him, never got accused of raping a woman, using drugs, disorderly conduct or being disrespectful to others. But yet these fanatics and analyst wish the worst on him. Who would you call the immature person.

    • chelly305 says:

      i so agree with you.. its the truth.. these people need to stop hating on Lebron he doesn’t owe them anything. I so wish Lebron has read this or can read this. We down here in Miami love you Lebron and the whole time. The heat team is human, we all dont always get what we want in life we all make mistakes. The heat will learn from their mistakes the haters will see one day..

  31. CJ says:

    All I have to say, is Lebron and the “new big three” went about this whole season thinking it was over. I was surprised when they made it to the finals, not because of a lack of talent, but because of a lack of a team. They are 3 of the best players in the game today, but there is no cohesive catalyst, which seemed like Lebron was going to be. It looked to me like Wade was more that player than Lebron, that he was still just a contributer but it was Wade’s team. Which to me is great I have nothing but respect for Wade, Lebron has always been a golden boy though and never has really earned anything. His MVPs and such were deserved but he never was that glue that made a good team great. He was always a one man show, that couldn’t win because of a lack of talent surrounding him, well Lebron, no excuses now, 6-7 titles, Pfft, win one first then talk about the next, this kid has his head in the clouds.

  32. LeO says:

    Gotcha… I have this doubt on my mind and waiting for somebody to have it open.
    Lebron James is in his game during the first 3 games in the finals, the same LJ
    that slauthered the bulls ( pls. check his stat) but after winning game 3, he is not
    the same LJ anymore.

    Take note, they won game 3 @ Dallas, I suspect after winning game 3 in Dallas
    something happen, or somebody could have influence LJ to be out of his game.

    Remember MJ his father was killed because he refuse to give what the MAFIA
    Doubt….., doubt…. doubt….

  33. sportsmouth says:

    Well , it certainly didn’t help with that gangsta press conference the “big 3” had after Bosh and James signed with the Heat last year ( after the playoffs ). The bottom line that can be learned from all of this is that you can’t think your’re going to win it all just because you have 2 top 10 scoring leaders on the floor @ one time. And James went from being the Mike to being the scottie. When he was with cleveland he was the straw that stirred the drink and in Miami he was just one of 3 ice cubes in the drink. He was no longer the alpha in the pack and to me he set himself up for failure with that move alone. He won with less help in cleveland. Infact if cleveland would have signed bosh , they might could have won the title had he stayed in cleveland. Or if wade would have went to cleveland. He didn’t have to leave cleveland all they needed was his scottie pippen to come to cleveland , instead he became scottie pippen when he went to the heat. And thats why he’s on the outside looking in.

  34. NBA FAN says:

    Miami lost because The Mavs were the first complete team they played in the playoffs. The Sixers were too young and not talented or big enough to beat them; the Celtics were inured and still somewhat mentally discombobulated from the Perkins trade. They obviously were not the same team. Chicago lacked a secondary scorer to help out Derrick Rose so their problem was they could not score enough against the Heat. Dallas was a complete team from the Western conference. They were offensively potent and executed well when it mattered most on the defensive end. A trip to the Finals next year is not going to be as easy for the Heat. The teams in the east (Orlando, Chicago, Boston, Philly, Indiana, and especially New York) are going to be MUCH stronger. So many teams were shaken up by mid-season trades that they didn’t have a chance to find their true identity before the playoffs began. Teams will know who they are next year, and will have a better blue print for how to beat the Heat. I don’t think people should be so quick to automatically think the Heat will win a championship, or even get back to the finals next year or even in years to come. You really don’t know how teams in the NBA will change. I personally think this might have been their best shot. They have seven players that are free agents, but not enough capital left to sign real help for the big 3.

    Also, Lebron is apparently not a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Magic Johnson. He has the talent and athleticism, but does not have the temperment. He doesn’t have the mental prowess of an all time great. Yes there is pressure throughout the playoffs, but the pressure in the finals is a different type of pressure. It was a pressure that was too much for Lebron. It was pathetic how the Heat pretty much GAVE UP at the end of game 6. Half way through the 4th quarter you could see that they had no fight left. It was all in their body language. Nobody even wanted to shoot. What is it with Lebron teams and giving up when it matters most. The same thing happened last year against the Celtics. Lebron is not an all time Legendary great, he is nothing more than a superstar who I truly believe will fade in time, just like Iverson did. But, only time will tell

  35. Var says:

    yo anytime i hear another person say lebron is there favorite player ill slap them. lebron is just a guy with a big ego, we all saw him get happy when he scored four in a row… and he thinks thats going to win the game news flash Dirks been doing that the whole series

    And after what i saw the tbest two players in the leage kobe,dirk, and to say Lebron is the one of the greats hes no on that lvl of kobe and dirk he not on that impossible lvl and never will be

  36. Marneil says:

    i dont know what happened to my idol Lebron..maybe he saled the game or he was the victim of MAFIA..i really dont know what happened to him..i dont expect lebron will act like that!!

    • jayke83 says:

      Yeah, the Mavs were MAFIA. Brian Cardinal is a mob boss. Why else could he have the guts to commit all those hard fouls?

  37. Steve says:

    Last year it was his elbow that hurt. That’s why he had such a lousy last game. It wasn’t his supporting cast, it was HIM. I forget, but didn’t the Cavs have the best regular season record with LBJ last year? This year again, it’s LBJ playing great when it doesn’t matter, but when the pressure rises, cough, cough, he chokes. I’ve come to believe he wasn’t making fun of Dirk. He was practicing his choke move.

  38. chefj says:

    Hopefully now Lebron will realize that it’s not the superstars that bring titles but having a team where evryone knows their role. Nobody had a role in Miami, just a bunch of superstars trying to bring it home!!! He will eventually win one but he is not as poised as Boston’s big 3, MJ , or Kobe was at their times yet. Btw I hope whoever that was that said that Jason Terry and Tyson Chandler would be in the Hall of Fame was only joking. They say never say never, I’m saying NEVER!!! As far as Miami winning 6, 7, or 8 titles??? Sounded crazy when LBJ said it and now it appears that they may not even win 3.

  39. B Smooth says:

    I think miami’s problem will be solved if one of the big three get traded (preferabily bosh) for 2 or 3 good solid role players and hire a veternan coach that can get rid of they’re egos. That’s the only way i see miami winning a championship, They were close but close is not good enough.

  40. The heat should of know that they were gonna try to lock up lebron from the start. they shrugged it off when d-wade started to do th scroing after game 2. this just means two important things:

    2nd : the heat need a way better bench. keep chalmers, miller, and haslem.
    1st: lebron is your NUMBER ONE PLAYER.when he takes most if the important shots,the heat wins. but when d-wade take them, the heat lose. you can’t say lebron choked in the playoffs “michael”. drose choked in the clutch when he missed shots in the clutch on isolations. Lebron gtave the Loss to you in chicago and boston. no one can say that lebron tried to take the easy way to a title by teaming up with wade & bosh because lebron took them through the elite celtics by himself and the elite bulls by himself with a LITTLE help from d-wade in game 5.

    I will be a good sport and say I am happy for dirk and think that they still would have won if they played the bulls.

  41. JM says:

    Mavs is a veteran team. They used their experiences to beat the Heat.

    Heat had their first year as a team and reached the finals. Give them more years (or next year) and put in role players and just play with it.

    Its not a big deal considering a ROOKIE team defeated by a VETERAN experienced team/players.

  42. JM says:

    Wade is the veteran of the team. Bosh, James’ first year in the Heat.

    Kidd – 3 years in Mavs.
    Nowitzki – 13 years in Mavs.
    Marion – 2 years in Mavs.
    Barea – 5 years in Mavs.

    Basically the Heat is just a new team and just starting to build up their bonds. I didn’t even expect for them to reach finals this year! It’s their first year as a team. I thought Celtics would own them and be their nemesis for the next 2-3 years, but no. I’m wrong. They proved to beat the Celtics and much more the Bulls.

    A good team. Mavericks is NOW but HEAT is TOMORROW.

    • jayke83 says:

      Or if not tomorrow, the day after that, or the week after that, or the month after that, or a year after that, or a decade over that.. You see where this is going, yes?

      That’s why everybody hates Lebron, he could have stayed another year with the Cavs or at least give them a month’s notice before blowing it up in national tv.

  43. carlo says:

    i wonder why lbj stopped playing in the fourth quarter

  44. carlo says:

    i’m trying to get to know if, as in other sports, can happen tha somebody ha venduto il match

  45. K-ROB3K (Spurs fan) says:

    congrats to the mavs they saved the NBA from hollywodd twice..L.A. and Miami….saved us from the illuminati lol…My man Dirk along with Kidd Jet and Matrix all deserved it…hats of to miami for getting all the way there even though they were thrown together in the off season..Chalmers should start….this whole big 3 formula is getting outta control..Boston started it back in recent years even thouugh the concept is old and executed on their first try….it’s taking away from the excitement of the NBA…if it continues…there will only be a few select teams that are good and all the other teams will suck..kinda like a decade ago when the west seemed to always have all the fire power…the east finally got competive again in the past several years…I hope this trend ends soon
    btw MJ isn’t the only one who is undefeated in the finals…My boy Tim duncan 4for 4

  46. D says:

    Lebron n Miami fan,,win or loose,,

  47. carlo says:

    is it possible that somebody sold the match?

  48. carlo says:

    what if lbj sold the match? does this sort of things happen in the nba? is nba so different from the rest of the world? this would explain something

  49. Faith says:

    Michael, Lebron was an important part in getting us past Rose and the Bulls, and Allen, Pierce, Garnett. It was a clutch time performance. The team did great! The fans in Miami LOVE our Miami Heat team.

  50. showstoppa says:

    Laker fan all day every day! Gotta beat the champ to be a champ. GO MAVZ !

  51. Faith says:

    I love the Miami Heat! Personally, I’m going to buy some collectibles! Remember, this is the first summer they actually get to practice together.

    • LABRYANT says:

      yea ..same summer they had a pararde and said we r here to win 7 nba championships..thet ckoked Lebron will never win a title..trade lebron for DHOWARD..WADE AND JAMES R THE SAME PLAYER..THET NEED THE BALL IN THEIR HANDS..LEBRON SUCKS..CHOKED AGAIN..HAHAHAHAAH

  52. Dean says:

    I think John Schumann is a little confused. Not only is Queen James NOT the best talent in the world…he’s not even the best in the NBA! I’ve said it for years…he’s got NO heart…and he proved me right again! You morons in South Beach gotta know that your blind devotion to this goof is gonna bring you nothing but agony! D-Wade’s body isn’t gonna hold out for more than another 2 to 3 years max…and then what do you have? NOTHIN’! The LAKERS will regain their form and rise again next June! Nobody will care about Miami (or anyone else for that matter)! Even the Mavs will be a memory…nothing more! But this year they’re CHAMPIONS! And that means only one thing…KOBE still has more rings than Queen James has Finals wins…now go cry in your Yoo-Hoo!

  53. Rohan says:

    “Something happened to LeBron James on the way to his first NBA championship.”

    ^How does that make sense since Miami didn’t win…

  54. Guest69 says:


  55. LeChokeJames says:

    Happy to see Mavericks won the title. Miami Heat = losers and Heat fans = losers

  56. roger says:

    Maybe LeBron is a slightly better version of Scottie Pippen! I remember in a game that the crowd was calling him SCOTTIE PIPPEN! Lol! Pippen 2.0! or Michael Jordan -5.0! Lol!

  57. roger says:

    I remember ESPN was asking people in certain places who was better MJ or LBJ. People in the barbershops in Miami said clearly LeBron was better than Jordan! I wonder what them and Scottie Pippen think now! Lol!

  58. Angelalberto says:

    Here is the thing, James left Cleveland and came to Miami, made a big show SAYING wing was gonna be easy, he was here to win not one, not 2, not 3…….not 8, he stopped there, I mean, 8 rings. As far as I remember this is his 7th year, it means he will play at his best for the next 8 years (also Wade an Bosh at his best, bettter than anyone else in thes NBA, (15 years) in the NBA build a MIAMI dinasty for the next 8 years (all rings). Does anyone really believe that?.

    The truth is it takes more than talent o win rings, it takes pride, heart, lidership, you have to show all that not only during the reglar season, but during the play off, that is the dif betewen winners and loosers. The leader has to carry the team uppon his shoulder during critical times, MJ, Kobe have done that, that is why they won a lot of rings. James has not, no lidership, no heart, no pride, not once, but twice the last 2 years, remember the East Conference Finals 2010, and now the 2011 finals.

    James will have to learn how to be THE ONE on the floor when the team need him. Till them, do not even boder trying to compare him with MJ and Kobe

  59. matt says:

    Miami stop saying you are gonna win it next year. Your issue is mentality and heart and those are skills that are extremely difficult to acquire. When Boston’s big 3 was put together they won it first try with less talent, not to mention they were older. Proof to my point.

    The Bulls are only getting better, D-Rose isn’t even in his prime yet.
    Did everyone seem to forget about NYK? Once Melo, Amare, and Billups figure it out thats a real BEAST in the EAST.
    As long as Boston has all the guys still they are still playoff caliber teams.

    Now in the West, you’ve got a PISSED OFF Mr. Kobe Bryant and a very hungry Lakers team with a new defensive attitude out there. Also now that I’ve mentioned #24 can we stop trying to compare LeBron to him?
    The defending champ Dallas Mavs of course
    OKC <—– Who went from a first round exit in 2010, to a WCF exit in 2011… can you say huge improvement???

    • Lance says:

      Well said and also don’t forget Orlando if Dwight stays and get a little help they aren’t far off either

  60. ME says:

    look, this was the most honest playoffs we had in years, thats why the lakers did not prevail stern probably has forbidden kobe to use his elbow, but at the end it is still david stern who decides who get’s to be champion, just look very closely at the officials and when they decide to ignore/call the foul, that’s david stern’s playing quarter, he can play with those decisions to determine the champion, and stern said it’s Dirk’s time, ofcourse if mark cuban would be able to shut up, that was probably one of the conditions, or do you people really believe in santa claus???? puttin g a tat on your arm before you are the champ? nobody suspecting anything? it’s probably why lebron chokes every finals, stern gav him money because stern is creating a legendary story around lebron and the big three, he cannot win in the finals because stern won’t allow him yet, stern needs money, and how better then to let the mavs win (and gain half of europe with it) or let the heat win who will have fans and viewers either way? CBA people CBA, they controlled the playoffs….

    • Dean says:

      I think Queen James is a joke…I think the comissioner is a joke…I think your comment (ME) is a pile of crap created by some moron whose mommy didn’t hug him enough as a kid!

  61. dave says:

    It is funny and ridiculous people , and this writer, keeps saying that james is : “best basketball talent in the world. “?? Please GIVER ME A BREAK! He is NOWHERE CLOSE to be that.

    He does not have any post moves, his shooting is mediocre or average at best, 3 pot shots – he is bad, free throws – poor, he does not have moves to get rid of the defender (other then UNREFINED BRUTE strength), his shooting looks like guy throwing a brick.

    Add to all above that he is mentally weak with heart of the mouse. No, no , no, he is just HUGELY overrated and overhyped player

  62. Mom for Bron says:

    Which of you wouldn’t jump at the chance to work for the company you want and with the people you want to work with. Keeping it real.

    btw: Cavs thought of LeBron as a commodity and wanted to work him to death. They had opportunities to get him some good help (talented teammates) but were mainly concerned with revenue. But like he said, he’s happy now!

  63. Western Conference´s Fan says:

    -Im a Lakers Fan But Dallas Mavs Swept my Lakers, They better win Because Dallas Beat The 2 times Champ Im not Shame to lose by the Best team in 2010-2011

    -I Dont Know why the Miami Heat Fans Always say the improved so quick But Boston Celtic with Garnett Allen and Pierce Won in thier First Year Together!! You Wanna know Why? They were Hungry for “W” No for Stats!

    -Lebron Keep Playing on Good Team in the Eastern Conferences beacuse that will make Western Conferences Team Wins

  64. lovebasketball says:

    I have a question. why it is always wade and lebron, and bosh is always alone? shouldnt it be 3 of them together, after all bosh, and lebron joined them and they are called big 3. there must be something going on between them or something?

  65. Vijay says:

    LETS GO LAKERS 2012!!!


    I’m a Lakers fan, but I’m happy for the Mavs and was rooting for them after they swept us. A player like Dirk deserves a title after all he’s gone through and all he has done for the Mavs along with Kidd, Chandler and JJ.

    Dirk as the player he is, could have left Dallas and virtually joined up with any time, but he still wearing a Mavs jersey and won a title with them. NO SHORTCUTS to championships.

  67. Jo says:

    Dirk(a) Dirk(a) put a Jihad on The Heat

  68. Timothy Bladel says:

    Look, I do not like James, because he came out thinking he was the man, and all without ever doing anything. Lets be Objective here, James can be good, but so could reggie miller. James is not the player people think he is, and I think he knew that, so he got with Wade and Bosh hoping that at leaste he could be part of a great team. Shawn and Kid made James work for his points and thats why he did not have many. Plus, in the reg season, james gets a lot of calls that he should, or lack of calls he should get, like traveling and stuff, but in the finales, the refs really do not try and pick winners, so James got called for many of the things he did. So many times I hear people say when watching him “your not supposed to be able to do that” so James has to get it in his head that its Wades team, and come out and say it. This way there will be know expectations for him to be Jordan or Kobe or Dirk. He is not anywhere close to them yet, he is an allstar, no doubt, but he does not have that fire in the belly Jason Terry has, that Kobe had, that Jordan set the standard for. James is not the King, he is a very good pl;ayer on a very good team, but one that needs more work if they want to win, and if they do it will be other player who make it happen, james will be James, but the team needs Wade to be the man.

  69. Bill says:

    After going 9-8 way at the beginning of the season, Heat Haters had to wait alllllllllll the way until the very end of the whole basketball year to exhale their hate again.

  70. theKing says:

    I was reading these posts and I was wondering why all the “MIAMI” fans all the sudden became just “NBA” fans…………
    Oh that’s rite, its the championship they promised you. Sorry fellas you need an inside presents to win that trophy.
    And with the money you guys pay your “BIG 3” you probably won’t for a while. At least til Labron makes another “decision”. lolololololololol

  71. kobe says:

    This just proves that you need a twelve man roster, not just three players who the entire team depends on.

    Congrats Mavs!!!

  72. Losser says:

    I am so happy right now !!!!!!! keep talking wade and lechoke.

  73. MiamiandDallas areCrybabies says:

    This year’s championship is too emo for both Dallas and Miami. Both teams are crying, what the heck? Dirk crying in the locker room for fulfilling his goal and Chris Bosh for swallowing his team’s defeat. The NBA season with tears flooding the court. It is annoying.

  74. wsfiugsduvjksdjv says:

    heat did good, mavericks just did better, im a die hard mavericks fan, but i strongly believe that heat have a high chance of winning the nba finals next year

  75. nicarao ball says:

    Miami for life, Heat will be back.Good season Heat! if you hate on the heat then you dont like basketball that simple you just like to be a hater like 80 percent of the fools in here meanwhile your team dont even make playoffs. I hate no Nba team or players they are great athletes . its easy to talk smack when your sitting on your couch drinking beer, work on your jumper to appreciate what these dudes do on the floor all year. Go Heat!

  76. Kareem (Not Abdul-Jabar) says:

    …It just goes to show that the team…and I use the word team as my operative word…that wants it more will win. In this case, the Mavs just wanted it more. Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry wanted it more than the whole Heat side. Anyone would look at both teams on paper and at first glance say that Miami would win in 6. Having players like Wade and Lebron on one side is enough to sway people in that direction. But again it shows just how important team chemistry is. People forget that Miami has only 3 players remaining from the previous season. Dallas has a larger nucleus of players that have played together for a longer period of time. This year was for all intents and purposes a “trial run” for the Heat. To think that Miami won’t find themselves back here would be bold, but in the end, team chemistry means a lot.

  77. Team Heat says:

    I think that as they got farther into the playoffs, people began to hype them up for a title. Im a Heat fan, but I didnt expect them to go this far. Playoffs sure. But as for the Finals, nope. It wasnt a successful season for them because they didnt win the title, but it was still a great season. They have improved together faster than anyone could have predicted. I see them winning it for sure next year, if there is one.

  78. LABRYANT says:

    just heard Lebron will sign with the FLORIDA PANTHERS OF THE NHL..CAUSE THEY ONLY PLAY 3 PERIODS

  79. ARNOLD says:


  80. LABRYANT says:

    why does Lebron order boneless buffalo wings..cause he has a tendacy to choke..

  81. I can say as a nba fan, Miami Heat has been dispized by so many people throught this season, just james left to conqure a title. I mean after all james did for his former team for the past 7 seven years. He made Cleveland a known team again, he made players on that team that wouldnt be known to do anything, into role players, he gave them confidence and belief that they are good enough. EVERYBODY IN CLEVELAND……… use to love lebron and what he had done for that franchise. He would’ve been left the cavs in 2006, but he extended his contract to 2010 offseason. People calls lebron a brat, coward, selfish, not worthy, and a nobody. You want the truth, the truth is that Lebron was pressured by people all his high school days to now. When being filmed during his high school days, broadcasters we’re already declaring him the next michael jordan already. So of course lebron had to live up to the hype. Critics made him to be who he is today. Of course he’ll say stuff that’s crazy, all because he believes that’s what people wants, But to see him not be himself in the finals, it justs add up to anti-lebron hype. It’s not right at all to judge him all the time. It’s crazy to see what people made lebron and his be talents looked at as a joke. Cause everytime he steps on the court, he has to put away everything that critics say bout him at the back of his head, but its so much criticsim on what plays he does that its too much for him. And people put so much on lebron so to see him and miami to lose, people tend to rejoice and rub it in all the time. I will always be a fan of the nba players, people seem to not realize what kind of hype they have to live up to.

  82. chicago 4 ever says:

    As a die hard bulls fan, & sports fanatic period. Great series this is what the nba needed, glad kidd (& Dirk) got what he finally deserved as one of the best pgs to ever play the game. I hope the rest of the league takes notice you can’t bring the New York Yankees approach to the NBA, you can have a big 3 or one man show, but none of that will make a difference if you cant play team ball, or control the flow of the game. I personally cant stand Lebron aka bron bron. He’s been given to much & im still trying to figure out what he did to earn that? Stealing a qoute from former coach Dennis Green, Lebron is exactly who we thought he was, if you wanna crown his @$$ then crown his @$$ ie see link & substitute the coach for lebron speaking & sub the word bears for Dalllas(.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_N1OjGhIFc) But he is truly a talented player, however all the Jordan comparisons & etc need to stop he just doesnt have what MJ did, he aint Mike. No killer instinct, he doesnt no how to completely dominate & personally i feel Dwade is the best on that team it shows game in & game out. Oh & lets not forget about C.Bosh this guy i swear tends to leave his scrotum @ home most games, which goes hand in hand with this saying no Nuts no Glory.

  83. Crucialcigar says:

    Where are those guys keep leaving comment on ” HEAT will win”??
    I want to talk to you all!!!

  84. ILOVEKOBE says:

    YES, I agree with WESTLOYALIST.

    Guys, can’t you see that the Mavs played well? I am a Lakers fan and I am still hurting over the sweep, but from a neutral POV, the Mavericks deserved the win! Both teams were pressured, Dallas’ side because of the horrible 2006 defeat and “Dirk-choking”, and the Heats becuase of the Big Three. If there was something to blame, it’s the media for sensationalizing everything up to the “LeChoke” thing. Every player has a weak spot, and maybe LBJ’s is getting to the stage (which is a horrible weak spot, btw). Both teams were pressured like hell, so you fans don’t have to add things to stir up the calm. Right, even though the Mavs are oldies they might get new and even better players, and now manifesting in the form of JJ Barea and Tyson Chandler, and Dirk and JET won’t retire for another 8 years, Kidd, for another 2 years. The Big Three and the rest of the entire Heat coulde eventually adjust with the drastic changes happening to them, especially with Bosh’s and LBJ’s addition, and they’ll surely play better next time.

    But this is basketball, NBA, so we can’t say things with certainty. Who knows it’ll be MIA vs DAL again next year, and each of them, young or old, could get another shot at the trophy? Or maybe it’ll be OKC vs CHI or LAL vs BOS? or even NYK vs SAS WE MAY NEVER KNOW FOR SURE.

    …What’s important is that the championship ring has been won. Let’s just congratulate the Mavs for doing a good job, they deserved this especially Dirk. AND let’s also thank the Heat for a good playoff season. Sure, they became a letdown at the finals, but I’m sure you enjoyed even field goal they made against Dallas and the other teams.

    AND HELL, THERE’S A THING CALLED REGULAR SEASON! If you’re a true fan, you wouldn’t care how bad or good they played on the playoffs. (THat’s why I am still with Lakers). You could support your team all year round.

    And one more thing, don’t try to deny it, the whole thing thrilled all of us, so stop bashing Dallas or Heat players. Let’s move on and get geared up for the next season.Congrats Mavs, great season, Heat. 🙂

  85. 305opalocka says:

    ariwn or whatver u ghey name is u know nothing bout basketball.. so stfu. fatarse

  86. Luis Franco says:

    Hey Lebron… I woke up this morning, back to reality and you are correct back to my life and problems but at the end of each day i know i have accomplished my goals.

  87. Western Conference´s Fan says:

    once I´ve compared Lebron to Karl Malone because they are just Stats and they are not a Team´s winner(just individual Accomplishment) but now I apologies to Karl Malone because You Didn´t CHOKE EVER in a final …sorry mr. Malone 😛

  88. Come and Take it says:

    I love this.

    Generals Patton and Grant were the best Generals of their wars hands down because they jumped on the enemy, kicked hell out of them and never stopped to give them a break. THEY TOOK THE VICTORY. JUST LIKE THE 1980 US Hockey Team.

    I guess the little mavs will never get credit for taking this championship, it’ll always be “King” James giving it away…

  89. Office Blvd says:

    Not sure why anyone would label Bosh as a superstar, part of a Big Three. Looks like he was schooled by Dirk throughout the series

  90. KIngKobra2 says:


  91. JoakimNoah says:

    “They are good but hollywood as hell”. Winning 72 games in an entire season is not an easy task especially for a team that is put together for the first time. Before the playoffs started the Celts and the Bulls had Miami’s number but Miami found a way to win. Didn’t Dallas lose like in the first round after they got Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion ? So if you think about it, a couple of roster changes would put Miami right in title hunt next year (depending on CBA). Ofcourse Chicago and the Lakers will have something to say about it. Well played Dallas, better luck next season Miami and yes Cleveland still stinks and is not my favorite vacation spot 😉

  92. alejandro says:

    There was a play in the fourth quarter showing Lebron James: When you play with top and misses the hoop, LeBron James was scared, is a chest cold!

  93. KIngKobra2 says:



  94. flashhhh says:

    Final series reminds me Space Jam movie .I think aliens stole the talents of James. If he said that afterward it would be more convincing. anyway , we can get it in coming years..

  95. World Champs MAVS says:

    Would love to see the CAVS beat the Heat in the first round next season, now that would be Karma.

  96. Nielsen Ratings says:

    NBA Owners Knowledge:
    Miami Heat = Nielsen Ratings

  97. Lakers Fan says:

    Its good Dirk and Kidd won. Good jobs guys you earned it. But I don’t like that video above. The “old” stars that “just can’t play any more” The Celtics, Spurs, Lakers aren’t teams to just quite. When something like that happens to teams like those, they come back next year with a vengeance.

  98. flashhhh says:

    Final serires reminds me space jam movie.I think aliens stole the talents of James. If he said that afterward it would be more convincing ! anyway we can get it in coming years let desperate housewives be happy for one time 😀

  99. JNicks says:

    Let’s be honest. This has been one of the best playoffs that has been seen in a long while!!! Let’s get past the criticism of Lebron and Wade and the Heat. Reguardless of how you feel about them, uo until game 6 they palyed their hearts out!!! That doesn’t take away from the fact that the Mavs finally did it!!! The veteran five proved that their hearts were bigger than the Big 3’s talent!

  100. Fact Not Fiction says:

    I predicted this loss. I’m a Heat fan but knew it was going to happen. The NBA staff writers have been making bad predicitons all year and as soon as I saw them all favor the Heat to win I knew this one was over for Miami. Yes I’m implying the league is somewhat rigged. Still congrats to Dallas because in the end they shot better.

  101. 2BIGNBLACK says:

    haha this is suppose to be the Miami’s Big 3 and they ONLY interview Wade and James then again Bosh sucks. Dallas was just to Good for the Heat They deserved it specially Dirk N kidd.

  102. WestLoyalist says:

    Hey, hey guys. It’s about time you stop quarelling, the games are OVER. Heck, even DWade said that the mavs are “a heck of a team”.

    Stop with the mafia thing as an excuse for the loss; because if LeBron sell his games, coach Spo and Wade would have noticed it and distanced him from the court. Or, even if that was true, the Heat existed and won 2006 finals without Bron, and they have Bosh even without Shaq. And what for is Wade doing out there! They surely had pulled it off even if that was true.

    The Mavs deserved this one because of team plays, and it doesn’t matter if they don’t win for the next years. What matters is that they got the ring NOW. If the players get old, I’m sure there are plenty of ways to evolve and be better, and get younger players to continue the fight, because that’s how NBA is. If champ teams do not age then maybe the JordanEra or the BirdEra wouldn’t have ended by now. Give the Dirk, Kidd, and all of the Mavs fellas a break from all of these hammering, because they fought well.

    Also, about Heat, there’s not reason to bash them. DWade, Chalmers, Miller, and Bosh did excellent jobs at scoring. The guys, Haslem, and yeah, even LBJ did a pretty good job at defending. But you know it, it’s they’re first championship together, so give them a breather. Team camaraderie isn’t a thing that can be easiy achieved over two years or less. I’m sure they could get another chance at this for the next couple of years. Like you said, they’re young. There are a lot of years left in them to become veterans like the Mavs.

    And let’s not blame LBJ for the big jump. Well, personally, I think he’s a jerk for leaving the Cavs. If he wanted a ring for himself, why not help his team improve like what Dirk did? HOWEVER, this is NBA, and he just did what he thinks is the most logical thing for him to do. This free-agent thing existed almost as long as the superstars existed. It’s just the player’s freedom to choose.

    The only mistake he did was to brag about the big three. His so-called prophecy was the main thing why the media put on so much pressure on Miami–and as a result, a mental breakdown on the Miami players, most especially him because he was the “prophet”.

  103. HeatWave says:

    I can say good win for Dallas cause they hit the shots they needed to. I still don’t understand why Joel Anthony played 16 minutes, Bibby around the same and Eddie House was shooting threes before James Jones?

  104. CalCal says:

    What was Scottie Pippen thinking about? Really?

  105. WestLoyalist says:

    Hey, hey guys. It’s about time you stop quarelling, the games are OVER. Heck, even DWade said that the mavs are “a heck of a team”.

    Stop with the mafia thing as an excuse for the loss; because if LeBron sell his games, coach Spo and Wade would have noticed it and distanced him from the court. Or, even if that was true, the Heat existed and won 2006 finals without Bron, and they have Bosh even without Shaq. And what for is Wade doing out there! They surely had pulled it off even if that was true.

    The Mavs deserved this one because of team plays, and it doesn’t matter if they don’t win for the next years. What matters is that they got the ring NOW. If the players get old, I’m sure there are plenty of ways to evolve and be better, and get younger players to continue the fight, because that’s how NBA is. If champ teams do not age then maybe the JordanEra or the BirdEra wouldn’t have ended by now. Give the Dirk, Kidd, and all of the Mavs fellas a break from all of these hammering, because they fought well.

    Also, about Heat, there’s not reason to bash them. DWade, Chalmers, Miller, and Bosh did excellent jobs at scoring. The guys, Haslem, and yeah, even LBJ did a pretty good job at defending. But you know it, it’s they’re first championship together, so give them a breather. Team camaraderie isn’t a thing that can be easiy achieved over two years or less. I’m sure they could get another chance at this for the next couple of years. Like you said, they’re young. There are a lot of years left in them to become veterans like the Mavs.

  106. simone says:

    look like honestly i am a die hard heat fan since my diaper days and to me i didn’t really fond of James ever since he was on mavs, but everyone is saying where going to win championship because James is on is i don’t think so. Lebron hasn’t won a finals in Cleveland so what will make you think he is going to win on Miami. i honestly just think he joined because it was going to be easy so he can get a ring. then the media was like oh he is “king of Miami” because he won a couple of season games. please it will and always e wade county and im not hating on Lebron but just why you were showing off and stuff during the finals. idk o well #teamheat

  107. scorpion says:

    I am so happy for Dallas. They worked so hard and they deserved the champion.
    The main point I want to tell you all Americans –
    1) Basketball is a sport of team work. Not individual. Do not even think of individual make it in basketball. ( 1% exception. And of course, smart people do not analyze on it ) This kind of sport is not tennis – individual. That is why American basketball always lost in World competition. And they do not know why. They tried to make stupid excuse. such as we did not have Kobe, blahblahblah…

    2) Never say Lebron James is the best of the world, Kobe is the best of the world etc… How do you know? What thing you measured it. Shame on Americans ! Not only Miami lost to Dallas. Even if Miami win the NBA champion, you still cannot say Lebron James is the best of the world ! How do you know ? How do you measure it ?

  108. Charles says:

    Where was Lebron?

    I guess this was the question of all his fans around the world that followed the finals.
    While Miami Heat fell a little short of their objective this year of winning the championship, what they have accomplished in spite of everything (injuries, heavy scrutiny, lack of time to play together, flaws in their line-up, etc.) is still something to be proud of.

    What they should actually do right now is to learn from their mistakes (lack of aggression, mental toughness, and inconsistencies) and look forward onto the next season with more poise and desire to win.

    As for Lebron, people who believe in him set such high standard on him because they know that he can be so dominant on both ends of the floor (scorer & shut down defender) like we have never seen before in NBA history. This period must be hurtful to him after all the effort. So he might as well learn from it, admit his mistakes, mature mentally, take ownership of his role and let go of his Cleveland baggage (he has left Cleveland —-Cleveland wanted him to lose —- Miami lost the series —- therefore, he has paid his “debt” so to speak!).

    Let the victories of other NBA Players like KG and Dirk serve as inspiration to him that with continued persistence and hunger, he will eventually get to his first title.

    To the Miami Heat – work harder next time and EYE ON THE PRIZE!

  109. farose says:

    i am a bulls fan and i mean they are only gonna get better to say that the heat are gonna win multiple championships it just could happen maybe if they start playing and not flop every little chance they get so they could get a foul…. but guys ( especially heat fans ) the league is getting alot of talent there is going to be alot of good teams out there i mean like i said t he bulls with drose he cant take a team to the championship him self he needs help maybe get a shooting guard to take the loud of a bit, miami needs a pg and good bench players to be able to win a championship, you know the knicks are gonna get better, you got the hawks that are good, and of coarse the celtics ther always gonna be up there, and well the magic depending if dwight howard leaves or stays.. and on the west it just gets scarier because the thunder are just amazing they just need to grow and mature as players, the mavs i think they have 2 more good years and more if they handle the draft and free agency good, the spurs are getting old but you cant count them out, and memphis wow were special huh?? and well of coarse the lakers with the best player in the league i dont care what anyone says i bet every team would want a player like kobe yes even miami… so to say that miami is gonna win 2,3,4,5 titles is hard they have the talent but they will have to really fight, hustle every game, and well not think that because they have 3 of the best players in the league there going to win easily so yeah keep that in mind..
    im out..

  110. Gavranko says:

    I salute them.I congratulate them.I don’t hate the Heat,or LeBron(if he hadn’t done what he did basketball wouldn’t have got that much publicity),or Wade,or Bosh.I was rooting for Chicago east,Memphis west.Miami beat Chicago so I was a bit pissed :(,so I went for Dallas in The Finals.The whole series for Miami was the equivalent of an average Miami big 3 loss.Exciting and close at the start,and the middle,but then,the endgame is ridiculous.Dallas won the last 2 by 19 combined.They were obviously broken down and tired.I also believe that coach Spoelstra put too much pressure on three people,while the rest of the VERY VERY DECENT support cast was cast aside(no pun intended xD).I predicted Heat in 7,and I missed…Big time.Had I been the coach,I’m obliged to think the Heat would’ve won,otherwise it’d be really bad for my self-esteem xD.
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VESELY!!!Bring Partizan to the NBA,they’ll show you Yankees real basketball xD!!!
    Just kidding,greetings from Serbia.

  111. Djokovik says:

    my theory is that something is keeping Lebron from playing well..this is the same lebron who played during 2010 eastern conference finals against celtics when he was still with Cleveland… they could have won but he didn’t just play the way he should…. some people might be blakcmailing him or threatening him if he plays his best… check how he played.. it looked like he intentionally missed his free throws.. at times he could have blocked some shots but he didn’t.. so please help him..

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      I think the whole thing was a setup. Dallas is good but Miami is a better team from what I’ve seen. Then this last game Spo switches up the rotation and gives Howard and House more playing time, Bibby and Anthony less?

    • Nicole says:

      It was the 2010 eastern semifinals against Boston. The 2010 ECF was between Boston and Orlando. People get your facts in check before you write!

  112. Arnel says:

    Poor Coaching Spoelstra! Count all the errors of Chalmers in all your loss games in the finals in the last few minutes of the game., And You will find out why did you lose in the finals! You have Mike Bibby and Eddie House who are experience players and dependable shooters too! Why are you forcing Chalmers in the last part of the game! Grrr

  113. Djokovik says:

    i suspect that something is keeping Lebron from playing well just like the way he played during 2010 eastern conference finals against celtics when he was still with Clevelan.. some people might be blakcmailing him or threatening him if he plays his best… check how he played.. it looked like he intentionally missed his free throws.. at times he could have blocked some shots but he didn’t.. so please help him..

  114. QMartins says:

    Well, everyone is talking about offense and lebron’s choke (I liked when a reporter asked directly to Wade and LBJ about choking), but what about defense?
    LBJ is considered – in my opinion at least – the best defensor on the Heat, presumelly can guard any position. Why didn’t he guard Dirk in clutch time? That was an option they never tried and had to double team Nowitsky several times, opening lanes to other Mavericks. No disrespect to Bosh or Waslem (he actually dia a reasonable job), but their defense didn´t work in the fourth any time, and this I think is on Spoelstra’s shouder. Carlisle made bold moves throughout the Finals, like starting Barea, and I can’t see Spoeltra’s finger any game. Mainly between games 5 and 6, they should made some serious changes, and not just sit and wait for James talent to save the day.
    After all, if you look at potencial, Heat has a lot to improve yet (more than Mavs). Changing some pieces (and perhaps some philosophy) they may become a better team and have another chance, who knows…

  115. PacerFans says:

    Lebron is trying to be Robert Horry. He is using free agency to get to a star stacked team just like Big Shot Rob did. The only difference is Robert Horry hit the big shots and not Big Shot BRON. He still needs 7 more rings to match Robert Horry. Go Lebron. You can do it.

  116. VVP-515 says:

    Dallas was a team in my oppinion, and Miami is not. Miami are just group of talented players, and in fact I don’t believe them to be a real team. Too many individualities. To motivate the team mates Lebron should trust, but he doesn’t and I’m afraid never will. He’s a talent and very good skillful player, but not a leader.

    By the way. I’m Bulls fan. I think MJ and LJ are uncomparable. MJ is smarter, more flexible and fast in his decision making, and he’s a Leader. And there is no one near about him in body control.

    • Liop ATARG says:

      Good point. Samething happened to Lakers few years ago when they brought Payton and Karl Malone to join Kobe and Shaq. They lost very easily against Pistons in finals. Bosh, Wade and Lebron are basketball players and there is no rule that says they should not play in the same team. Else, the Dream Team or Team USA would never exist. The only problem is how to manage harmony between all these superstars. That’s not easy and requires a lot of effort from the franchise managers but also from the players. Miami should have recall the Lakers experience from 2003 before gathering these stars in one team. They have next year to make adjustment…

  117. O says:

    Miami fans here, Well i see that the cavs have another chance (which i highly doubt it) to get a ring b4 LeBron( but i higly doubt) Everyone should also think of the heat like this: Even though they threw that parade, they form a team over the summer, a bunch of guy who never played together and they end up in the finals even though they lost. Now imagine when they improve their roster for next season???

  118. nbafan says:

    Well done Mavs!!! From a San Antonio Spurs fan who is also a Texan, you played as a team and with heart. That is what a true champion does. Feels good doesn’t it. I have been blessed to see my team do that four times and will keep the faith in them, but always respect a team with heart!!! Congratulations Dallas and fans!!!!

  119. Spectator says:

    This simply proves that Lebron will never be better than Kobe, much less Jordan. Scottie was probably under the influence when he said Lebron was the best player to have ever played the game.

    A common character trait that may be seen amongst the all time greats is a killer instinct, which James ostentatiously exhibited in the previous two rounds. MJ, Kobe, and even Tim Duncan have never backed down from trying to win it for their team. Sure Kobe has missed many game winners, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and Lebron seemed to defer to his teammates, which is rather unreasonable considering he almost singlehandedly finished off the Bulls (along with Wade) in Chicago.

    It’s great to see the Mavs win. JKidd, Terry, and Dirk definitely deserve the trophy. Being a lifelong Lakers fan, I was bitter when we were swept and rather in shock at the thuggish behavior of Odom and Bynum. Regardless of the way they acted or how badly we were beat, the Mavericks deserved and wanted this much more than the Heat.

  120. LeBron , your not better than me nor. will you ever be better than me, No disrespect intended but I don’t even think you’ll win one ring .

  121. webstro says:

    Head down for the Dallas Maverics.Good job.
    They realy deseve this championship eventhou they where boring the whole season.They admited it themselves they are not an athletic team but they did what they had to do.
    They won the most entertainning team of the year…The Heat….No doubt..
    I said before the season start that maybe the Heat will not win it all this year but they will be the team to beat.I had a lot of fun waching them this season. I enjoyed the two man game from Bron and Wade. Its incredible that they got so far. they dominated the whole league. Joel antony was also incredible on defense. That man is a beast eventhou he is a undersize center. I missed some offense from big Z. especialy in the Dallas Heat series he would be a good spark on the offense.
    The heat had Dallas in theire pocket until game 4 but gave it away just like that. After game 4 I knew it was over cause It was not about big D anymore. The whole Dallas team resurected and king James Died and took the Heat team with him. The media was also fantastic by bringing NBA an the Heat and Dirk to the next level.I heard all sort of crap this year, Dirk is one of all time best that ever played the game, Bron is better than Jordan and ext.

    I’m not a Miami Heat fan but I enjoyed a lot of basketball to the next level since the Chicago bulls in the 90’s.

  122. Showtime says:

    I think the Lebron James just not tough enough. Different of Pippen I think Lebron James below of Kobe Bryant and a light -year of Michael Jordan. Each Kobe or Mike in Finals would take the responsability and make the shots.

    I´m sorry Lebron but, you need play much better to be Real Great

  123. ludoviko says:

    congrats to the mark cuban and the dallas mavericks! you deserve it!
    and to david stern, bulls___! you should have announced the mvp with more praise! your so biased! not like when he announced last year’s finals mvp.

  124. showtime says:

    Once again Lechoke has out done himself, a bigger choke job than his last one. Lechoke is not only looking for ring, but also for his heart. Lets see if maybe by next season he has found it and learns to keep his mouth shut.
    Mavs deserved the trophy, way to play team ball

  125. Bisso says:

    I will always be a HEAT Fan…gd luck James Wade Bosh next year…triple threat

  126. showtime says:

    Once again, his royal chokeness has out done himself. a choke job bigger than his last one, after talking all that jazz. Lechoke needs a heart transplant, he doesnt have one. He does however have a big mouth, too bad he cant back up what he spewes out. Lets wait and see what nonsense he comes out with next season. He’s still the king without a crown and looking for his ring..
    Congrats to the Mavs, well done!

  127. Zlatos94 says:

    you guys are all so bitter callin lebron a baby and what not, i mean if you could choose where you can work would you not? cleaarly you would and he saw miami as a place that fits him the best, everyone that doesnt have him just turned into a hater, but you know what? you guys have to deal with the heat for another 6-10 years.. so keep hating my friends, you guys are gonna be the ones watching us on ABC in june ;D, WIN LOSE OR TIE.. IM A HEAT FAN TILL I DIE!

  128. Lang says:

    My view on this HEAT team losing the finals is, very simple, IT’S ALL LBJ’S FAULT.
    What the h.ck happened to him? If he was as agreesive as when facing the Celtics, I would say, Heat would have won this Finals.

  129. d'or hates lechoke says:

    I am sooo glad that “the queen ” lost … I hate to hear every day how he is the best in basketball. I stopped watching basketball because the media continually tried to influence people to believe he is better than Michael Jordan. What a crock of bird droppings!!! He has skills , he has ability sure but nothing to compare him to Jordan. Lefake king is a choker and I am happy that the Fans from Cleveland can feel vindicated that the ‘Queen ” lost . He will be known as “Bad luck Schleprock, From the Flintstones fame… “No ring for an obvious attempt at trying to buy a championship. Good job Dallas. I am from Pittsburgh Pa and I Hate anything Dallas … I know a bit about championships having grown up during a great time in Pgh history. So enjoy this championship Mavs’. I hope you can get more at Lequeens expense… Peace!

  130. Don King says:

    i love to play MAFIA WARS with LEBRON!!! hush hush hush

  131. Chose Dallas before the playoffs started says:

    MAN, that was sweet….”Lebron ‘the jynx’ James.” Nice one! This series should have been over in 5.

  132. JoJo says:

    The King no more, baby! Wade is a monster player, but he should learn from this, because, unfortunately, Wade came into the NBA very humble and now has a monster ego like James. Who the hell wears a bandaid on their face with their name on it? Who’s dancing now, Wade? And stop sticking up for the ‘King’.,..real men fight their own battles, Wade! James has it all **except the nose to win**. Better than Jordan, my butt! I’ll bet they feel stupid now for joking on Dirk for being sick! *grabs throat and makes choking noise ala-Reggie Miller*

    • Nate says:

      I see the exact same thing. This year Wade got a major attitude change for the worst. He seems to be more cocky and played a bit more dirty than his previous years. I use to think that he’s one of the few NBA stars that carried himself well on and off the court. I think it all has to do with the attacks and dislikes that the Heat got this year but the funny thing is that they brought this upon themselves, so I don’t understand why he’s acting like everyone is against them for no reason.

  133. baller says:

    i can bet you the cavs will win a championship before king james does carma is a real bitch

  134. The_Aficionado says:

    Lebron is King James no more, Lebron is King Jinx!!!
    Never compare him with Michael Jordan, Jordan never choked in the FINALS!!!
    Lebron should bring his talents elsewhere,maybe….South Pole…CHOKER!!!

  135. NEUTRAL_IZZER says:

    honest, from the beginning when LBJ rocked st.mary and came into the league, i didnt like him a lot.

    now, i really start to feel sorry for him. imaginary flashback:
    you’re young, have some fun, then everybody starts telling you’re so goooood, you could be it, the real thing, the next MJ, maybe even improved. must feel extremely satisfying! you always dreamed of it, too, for that you choose to play with the no 23. man everybody here dreamed at least once of beeing like mike – but for you IT CAME TRUE! even in an “improved” way – everything jordan accomplished with his style & his way JUST FLEW to you before you did much. you are 18, nike gives you like 90 mio dollars for representing. but they want something out of you, a new mascot or whatever. you start to feel the pressure, and that for, you rush forward, trying to prove them right. but most importantly, you try to PROVE it to YOURSELF! thats what you’d do. and thats what bron did.

    he tried it the JORDAN WAY, with him beeing the one guy that lifts an underdog franchise to the top – several times. well, he didnt fail, he gave the cavs a boost for 6 years, even he didnt collect a ring, he was the man. in my opinion, he didnt fail, but for some reason, he tought he FAILED, mostly ring-wise, but also with the jordan formula. I believe in his subconsciousness he realized that he is NOT THIS JORDAN TYPE of player, in terms of closing out games and leading a group. he might be a lone wolf, wouldnt surprise me because he was hugged to early by THE HYPE (cash, women, everybody loves you). So thats when he decided to take his talents to… i can’t even say it, the most out-worn phrase of 2011.
    involved in his decision: the let go of his former dream, win titles mj like. clearly he changed, mentally, expressing so with switching to jersey no 6. now he tries to win it all with the BOSTON FORMULA – put all stars together, small down egos and win multiple championships.
    but with the same move in the summer, lebron turned 18 again. he’s still searching his position, on the court, among the legends, in his life.

    thats why i hate to see those miami fans, cleveland fans, and blog writers looking at him like he MUST be this & that, trade him because he is a one-man-show, ONLY because YOU see him as a jordan type of guy!! but he isnt, he gave that up!
    I say: leave him alone, let him just be what he wants to be, no matter what it is! maybe he’s a swingman, maybe he’s just a sixth man, maybe he starts to focus on defense, WHATEVER it will be he will be great at it.

    the only reason for somebody to put a lot of criticism upon him is because they STILL want to see kobe/mj in him. clearly, he is as talented as they are, but he’s got a different story, mindset, and will go another way.

    you could make it less annoying by just let him do so. LBJ never said he’s the next jordan, it was us. We shared our dream with him, making him the biggest ? mark of all time.

    • karibkween says:

      He is the Chosen One! Chosen to lead his generation to the Promised Land and that is why he’s hated. Lebron cares about a championship, but he cares more about not returning to the life of poverty he and his mother endured when he was a child. I love to read the post of haters who have no idea how he grew that big and strong and acquired such skills at the game of Basketball. He did it with dedication and no one can take that away from him. He already knows how good he is and doesn’t have to prove himself to anyone.

      His number one goal now is to be a billionaire and more power to him, he cannot control what happens in an NBA game but he can certainly control how he is used by the money changers of this world who seek to profit from the sweat of his brow. Its because of this that his character is being dragged through the mud by a complicit and disingenuous media.

      He has no reason to hang his head for as Celie says, “Whatever you try to do to me, has already been done to you.” Time is a great healer but it is also a great equalizer. YOU GO BRON!

  136. pitbullero says:

    The mavericks humbled the too much hyped players kobe, durant and the big 3 losers. And they showed everybody especially the young generation that athleticism alone will not win a championship! Great job guys!

  137. cris says:

    Lakers fan here congratulating the dallas mavericks i’m no fan of dallas but i’m a fan of hardwork and perseverance which the mavs team showed. special congrats to one of my all time favourite players JKIDD on winning his first title, shawn marion t.chandler and i’ve always respected Dirk’s game ut these finals i was really blown away and amazed at his game.I hate J.Terry but i must respect the man’s game and making Lebron his b$#@* the last 3 games or so. I’m a short dude myself so i must say i’m now a huge fan of Borea. Congrats to the Dallas fans on these blogs and all over enjoy ur moment guys. Now Lebron fans what is ur excuse this time, previous years it was “lebron doesn’t have help” “his elbow”. Well this season he’s had all the help he could ever get and his elbow was fine and he couldn’t deliver and ya’ll etta not use the “oh it’s their first season together” 2008 celtics nuff said.King my arse more like the prince if derrick rose let’s him. What was Pippen thinking. This officially ends the lbj kobe and mj comparisons cuz lbj just does not elong in the same rackets with those guys cuz he’s not even etter than D Wade like i’ve always been saying. Once again congrats Mavs and their fans.

  138. Ciek says:

    In the finals Wade & Bosh played like super stars when it mattered the most, Lebron played like a role player and it cost them the championship. I don’t want to hear no more Jordan comparisons, because Lebron hasn’t even reached D Wade status.

  139. mike cee!! says:

    you know whats funny? this guy dirk was all humble n stuff during the games, and when they won he didnt even stick around to celebrate with his team, or to at least shake hands with the losing team.NOW, had it been lebron(and this happened before) or wade, fuggedaboutit!!!! obama wouldve been saying how wrong they were for not stickin around. they wouldve been plastered on everyfront page of the newspaper!!dirk got yall all fooled,this guy is not what he seems. he said, these games arent about revenge from 06,but when interviewed, he said in a nice way”retaliation”is a bitch, you guys keep following this phony,ima go eat my lunch….

    • Queiros says:

      You saw him leaving and never saw him coming back… moron! Ok, so it wasn’t sporty, but after what both James and Wade did to him, if I was him, I would have done exactly the same thing: go to my locker room and let the emotions flow where no one would see me!

      have a nice lunch

  140. Diesel says:

    I am a Tim Duncan / San Antonio Spurs fan all day but I am a die hard basketball fan who just loves to watch basketball. I know that you Cavs fans are upset with LeBron leaving and I even thought that he should have stayed but what did the organization to do keep him there and what players did put around him to try and convince him to stay. Mo Williams, Antuan Jamison, and then what about that supporting cast. The only other tough player on that team was curly which I can’t remember his name but I thought he was tough as hell. So Lebron went to Miami despite all they went through made it to the championship. Now give it Lebron didn’t really show up but there is nothing that you can take away from the God giving talent that LeBron has. If his mentality ever changes to where he knows that he can’t be stopped and want except loosing unless he has given his all then there will be nothing anyone can do. He needs to get with someone that can find tune his game and you better hope that doesn’t happen then you may see a dynasty

  141. Esteban Fallas says:

    For all people that dont believe, Mavs won what they deserve, it took years of painful loses but finnaly we made it, we will see the next season, the salary cap is a ghost then once again smart teams will brigth using their money in the best way
    Go Mavs we can do it the next year too!!

  142. turkiyelaann says:

    some say lebron is the most dominant player.

    dominant player could do whatever he please on court and opposition cannot stop him. kareem was unstoppable with his skyhook, shaq (duncan also) was unstoppable on post, jordan was unstoppable on midrange fadeaway, nowitzki is unstopable with his onlegged fadeaway but unfortunately lebron is not unstoppable contested jumpers all around the arc. and on clutch all he does is waiting, a little hesitation move then pull up jumper. yeah perfect dominance.

  143. koberules says:

    get phil jackson = 3 peat for miami

  144. leoty says:

    hey dirk that’s a heck of a ball game…there’s no question dallas deserve to be the champion.congratulations for bagging the championship trophy….

  145. karibkween says:

    Two words for Wade, Bron & Bosh; Antoine Walker

  146. mike says:

    the only things that is lacking on lebron james is a heart of a champion, guts of a champion, and the determination of a champion… so how can he be compared to Micheal Jordan??????

  147. Alan says:

    Another thing: the Heat remind me of the 1976-77 Philly 76ers. They had Dr. J in his prime, along with George McGinnis, Darryl Dawkins, Doug Collins, and Lloyd “World” B. Free (to name just a few stars). They were perhaps one of the most physically gifted teams in NBA history but were outplayed by the Walton-led Trailblazers who displayed better chemistry, just as the Mavericks did in this series.

  148. LOL says:

    I love how it is the coaches fault. When all series long when it was a close series. all you heard was this is fantastic coaching on both sides! now heat fans blame there coach. When if you look at the games and the stats. Every game was a close game. and every close game your best player didnt show up. Seriously…. the reason you lost was because the self proclaimed ”king” decided to leave work 12 minutes early this year.

    Don’t ask Lebron for change for a dollar… he’ll only give you 75 cents since he doesn’t have a 4th quarter.

  149. WaSaBi007 says:

    Its official. Lebron = LeCHOKE = LeJOKE = LeCRAP.

  150. asd says:

    Thats a same that some people happy because the Miami lost,(and not because they are Dallas funs ) and Lebron was right they almost won the finals, the dallas was better in head this time but dont forget the Miami swept the Bulls and the Boston in the semi-finals, and in Cleveland, Lebron never had this big chance to win his first ring… And maybe the next year is theirs. And nobody can be there all the time… sometimes wade makes a lots of mistake, some times bosh, and sometimes Lebron they are people too they just have to learn how to substitute each other when somebody is not playing his best, like the dallas did when Nowitzki was sick, and maybe they should let play the others little bit more

  151. Alan says:

    As I’ve stated before, it’s obvious what ails James’ game: He’s never been a great spot up shooter (albeit his shot has improved over the years). He can get away with that deficiency during the regular season but when basketball becomes a half court affair with tighter defenses in the playoffs — James has more difficulty driving into the lane and therefore has to shoot from the outside. He needs to work on his jump shot like never before and stay in the gym late at night — driven to succeed like a Kobe or MJ would put the time in to do.

  152. MavsfanALL THE WAY says:

    Dallas wins their first championship. Kudos to dallas. We earned it. for u guys who say dallas might not win another one we will. First off dirk isnt that old. he still has 3-4 good years left. Plus, even if kidd is getting old, we got barea. The rest of our team are still in good condition. So we will win more. This is a start.
    Lebron james and all u bandwagoners who follow him. Just shut up. All u guys do is just talk. I give all credits to d wade for making it this far. Again, its wades team. Lebron is just looking for shortcuts. He is too cocky. Two times MVP, o my god. grow up lebron, nba is all about how many rings u could win. kobe, michael, kareem, magic, shaq, duncan, bird, russell, what makes them all time greats is the fact that they have championships. They dont quit on the big stage. They hold on to everything they got and give it their all. U just quit twice.
    Cleveland also has got to stop crying. sheesh, obviously lebron couldnt help u guys win, cuz he was all by himself. Both lebron and cleveland had their faults. Cleveland believed they could win only with lebron. Lebron believes teaming up with good players and taking shortcuts will win him championships. Who cares of this was miamis first year with the big three? It doesnt matter if its their first year, they had no excuse to lose. Especially when d wades done it before. And they wont be dominant in the next couple of years cuz okc, bulls, knicks, magic, will improve with their rosters. As for the mavs, if they want to win more, either the play like they do now all the time or get a couple more young players like barea and experience off of that. in a few years some one else will have to step up and take dirks place.

  153. jnx says:

    why you guys are always blaming lebron and instead not blaming yourself not becoming a player like lebron? im a heat fan i was enjoyed their effort and basketball is a sport so know what i mean.

  154. bsj says:

    Who is Clutch?

    ‘Bron and Wade combined = 62 points in the 4th.
    Nowitzki = 62 points in the 4th.

    Who is undefendable?

    Who is the MVP?

    • bsj says:

      Nowitzki also had 26 points on 8-of-13 shooting in the clutch — defined by the final five minutes with the score within five points — a total that was twice that of Wade and LeBron James combined.

  155. DJ says:

    Congratulations to the MAVS organisation on winning the championship. I am not a Lebron’s hater, as a matter of fact I wanted to heat to win; but I must say I am disapointed with James performance at the Finals and I know the heat organisation is too. I beleive Lebron James stopped himself in the last few games. I play pick up basket ball and I consider myself a competitor because I hate to loose. I just did not see that sense of urgency or desperation in the last few games from James. I tend to agree with the comment that said if Miami won now Wade would have been the MVP which would be an asterisk on James first NBA title. I do beleive James wants to be the MVP when his team wins the title, otherwise the haters will still be hitting on him not been able to carry his team. I like LBJ and its obvious he’s the best all around player in the league but he needs to mature mentally before he’ll be able to win a championship otherwise Kevin Durant may get his before he does if ever. Watch out for the “THUNDER” next year.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Kobe Bryant would have never lost the way the Heat lost in these Finals. Most of these games were decided by less than five points and being the competitor Kobe is he would’ve took the game over and closed those games out and not allow the Mavericks to win if he was in Lebron and Wade’s shoes. We’ve seen what Kobe’s done in the postseason in the past and he has never had a mental breakdown like James did. If Kobe had a game in his reach he would always go for the kill and use his clutchness to bring LA a ring. Lebron will never be Jordan or Bryant. He has tarnished his career


  157. dairy 216 says:

    First thing, congratulations to the mavs, thats how a team should play together. Im a cavs fan and i was pist off because how lebron stabbed us in the back and the way he left us. He should of been a man and said that he was leaving so that the cavs could of had time to put something together. Im glad that the lebron didnt win, im sorry that the rest of the heat team didnt. I dont think heat is ever going to win a championship and its not because i hate lebron its because teams like New York, Chicago, Oklahoma, Lakers and a few other teams are building up some really good teams with some good players. If heat wins a championship it will only be 1 not 5 or 6 like lebron was saying, sometimes he needs to think before he opens his mouth. One more thing ,lebron said that he didnt have a good game ,but what really happen was he chocked like he always do in the playoffs, look how many times he did it with he cavs.

  158. 305opalocka says:

    lebron still best bball player in the world next to dwade.. and yall never be better rich or famous then them so keep hating losers..

    • Loco says:

      I didnt know that greatness was defined by how much $$$$$ you have?
      How great are you?

      Congrats Miami, you have a bunch of retirees

      • BFOULDS says:

        the best in the world has an 0-2 finals record. youre opinion is as pointless as lebrons “decision” was

  159. basketball_guru_of_them_all says:

    very simple, the heat wanted dwayne wade to be the guy, main man, alpha dog, batman. that is why they made lebron james the sidekick, robin. from the start they made it clear that this is dwayne wade’s team. thats what lebron and the heat were saying. the season including the first 3 rounds of the playoff saw that the true alpha was lebron james. the stats proved it, the results were very clear, even ask derrick rose about it. however, the heat organization wanted to keep dwayne wade happy because he brought back lebron and chris bosh in miami, thus, miami losing. in my expert opinion, if they continued how they rolled in the playoffs, miami would be the one celebrating right now and not dallas. it is clear that lebron is the better alpha of the two and also the league. dwayne wade needs to accept this, the heat needs to accept this!!! -out-

    • k89 says:

      lol ur expert opinion sucks. Lebron would always get more playing time then wade, even in finals while he was straight up choking. If they didn’t have wade in finals, they would lose in 4 – oh just like cavs vs. spurs.

  160. GBtha G says:

    Yep The Mavs completely deserved it, they were the much better team.But the heat especially james and wade should mock themselves they showed immaturity and the media support coudnt bail’em out.

  161. GBtha G says:

    Yep The Mavs completely deserved it, they were the much better team.But the heat especially james and wade should mock themselves they showed immaturity and the media support coudnt bail’em out. t

  162. GBtha G says:

    Yep The Mavs completely deserved it, they were the much better team.But the heat especially james and wade should mock themselves they showed immaturity and the media support coudnt bail’em out. those suckas!

  163. Nate says:

    Corey Brewer, went from the worst team in the NBA to NBA champs! LMAO!!!!!!!

  164. B says:

    Its to show you cockyness doesn’t bring the win. Baby browm brown is crying. He is such a big baby. Yay Dallas!

  165. jp says:

    Oh, and one more thing:

    GO DALLAS! I was rooting for you guys since the beginning! It was great to see great players like Dirk, J.Kidd, and Jet get their rings. I will certainly be pulling for you guys next year as well! Just a plain ole’ fun team to watch. Especially that J.J. Barea. Great games guys!!

  166. AL says:

    Any comparison of Lebron Jmaes to Micheal Jordan should be DEAD and BURIED. I will start by sayin that My take on Lebron comes from a different angle. My number 1 problem with Lebron ecspecially in this championship series is DEFENSE. The guy played no DEFENSE on Jason Terry, Sean Marion etc. My friends, it all starts on the defensive end and Lebron’s lack of intensity on defense set the tone for the team. How many points can you let your man score before you take it personally and MAN UP. How many times can you be left standing straight up while your man drives past you to either score or create for his teammates. Micahel Jordan played defense at the highest level at all times and that aggression set the tone for his team. I don’t care Michael Jordan would rather foul out of a game trying to stop his man from scoring, rather than play matador defense. For me the story starts and ends with Lebron’s lack of intensiy and accountability on DEFENSE.

  167. jp says:

    Don’t worry cHeat fans!!!! Maybe LeQuit will have that “monster game” you losers kept talking about on Tues–… OH WAIT! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The pathetic dynasty ended before it even began. You think Chicago is going to just keep things the same with D.Rose being the only scorer? You think next year the Celtics will have a one armed Rondo and will be severely lacking at the center position? What will NY look like next year? How about Cleveland in about 3 years when Irving and whoever winds up being pick #4 have some years under their belts? And what about the west? I mean, Dallas just won WITHOUT Butler. What will they look like next year? How good is OKC going to be in years to come? And the Lakers surely have one more run in them as well. What? Baby BronBron gonna get his ring when he’s in his mid 30s?

    LeQuit was right. They will win not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven… 0! AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    And you were right LeChoke! I did wake up this morning and had my daily life issues. But so did you you ringless quitter!!!!! 😀 I cannot believe people were comparing this no good scum bag to MJ. No heart and no drive.

    In so far as HEAT fans (not cHeat fans):
    For your sake, and as a huge fan of Alonzo Mourning, I sincerely hope that the Heat organization sees LeQuit for what he is and trades him for some talent to put around Wade and Bosh. You guys aren’t going to win with that loser, because he did this exact same thing in Cleveland time and time again. And he’ll do the exact same thing for Miami over and over and over. Get rid of him and build a team around Wade, and I think Miami could be a respectable team again.

  168. Supernova says:

    I feel like that if LBJ reads this article, he could change.

    The only problem with LBJ is that he wants to win more than he wants to play. Winning is the end goal of every game and to get to that, you gotta play well first. In each game of this series the Mavs just played their hearts out and were able to reach the end goal first.

  169. aaron says:

    “it’s championship, or failure.”

    in their own words. the heat’s season was an absolute failure. they’re backtracking in the media all that they can with their “the term ‘choke’ is overused…we just lost games” lines. in the end…they made a GUARANTEE, and they choked.

    not only that, but this series should be proof that the focus needs to be taken off of lebron, and put back on wade.

  170. TrueFan says:

    I just love how all the Heat so-called “fans” are blaming the coach. He’s a new young coach and he brought a newly formed squad to the Finals….what the hell else was he supposed to do, run out on the court and take jumpers?

    What all you bandwagon, media-hype, all talk no action, twitter addicted, basketball illiterate, severely deluded Miami so-called “fans” fail to realize is that it takes heart, grit, toughness, smarts and most of all TEAMWORK to win a championship in this league. I don’t even expect you to realize that because as evidenced by 90% of the comments on this thread, the majority of Miami Heat and moreso LBJ fans are foreigners raised on soccer who don’t know jack about basketball and are just slaves to the American Media Hype machine, jumping on whatever the “next big thing” happens to be. I’m sure 99% of you were bandwagon Kobe fans two years ago. No offense to non-US citizens when I say that, I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. But you should probably actually fall back and observe, research the history and great players of this game’s past, and humble yourselves before you make dumb comments/excuses about why the LBJ and the Heat didn’t win this series. Even the native Miami fans need to check themselves. Miami has never been a basketball town. When you took the chip in 2006 you talked the talk but we all know the truth. The proof lies in all those empty seats during home games in this first year of your beloved, supposed “Big Three”.

    Coach Spo did all he could to get you guys the best shot at taking home the ring. D Wade is a true champ having carried the team to a championship but he got poisoned by LeBron’s showboating and arrogance and lost his true focus. Lowly Chris Bosh showed more heart in these Playoffs than the so-called “King”…..and LeBron? LeBron does what he has always done….disappeared when the pressure was on. All you fools still making excuses for him need to stop drinking the Kool Aid…for all his natural talents, the boy has zero mental tougness or killer instinct. People are saying “something must be wrong with LeBron, he’s not himself…” That’s BS. He’s exactly himself, someone who consistently vanishes when it matters most despite putting up respectable numbers in the regular season. He did it in the Finals vs. the Spurs, he did it in two semi-finals against Boston, and again against Orlando. Him not showing any heart in the clutch isn’t some anomaly, it’s his standard game. It’s what he does, perhaps more consistently than anything else.

    Stop cheapening the the great play, heart and determination of the Mavs with your pathetic excuses. We all know its just an attempt to justify all the crap you morons have been talking all year, and avoid taking your medicine. The Heat didn’t lose the Finals, the Mavs won it…and in convincing fashion. Congrats to Dirk, Jason Kidd, the rest of the organization and the entire city of Dallas and all its fans. It was a long time coming but now is your time so revel in it, drink it in deep and go celebrate your well-deserved victory….you’ve earned it.

    A Boston Celtics Fan

    p.s. will all you clueless fools please stop making ridiculous and utterly impossible statements like “the Heat should sign Derek Rose, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard and the we can take it all!!! GO HEAT!!”…all it does is reveal your utterly pathetic failure to understand this game and how it works. Stick to soccer please.

  171. ggggfffff says:

    YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take that hahaha. MJ and Lebron? really? only player to ever come close to MJ is Kobe. GO DALLAS! awesome.

  172. Superman says:

    Dallas is a winner and thats all

  173. EWreck says:

    The Dallas Mavericks played fantastic this series. They showed the Heat that it takes more than 3 players to win a championship, it takes a WHOLE team’s effort. Dallas, as a team, is better than Miami. Miami may have the better individual talent, but Dallas has better teamwork.

    One thing that stood out to me was the bench play. The Mavericks had Terry, Barea, even Brian Cardinal, that made an impact on the game when they came in (Terry with his shooting, Barea with his penetration, Cardinal drawing offensive fouls on the Heat). The Heat’s thin bench was exposed in this series. Yes, Udonis Haslem was great, and Mario Chalmers played pretty well, but that was it. Other than Eddie House hitting 3’s in game 6, nobody else stepped up for the Heat.

    Dirk Nowitzki played unbelieveable in this series. Even though he didn’t shoot well in game 6, when it mattered most, in the 4th quarter, he got it done. That’s a superstar trait. Even if you are having a horrible shooting night and nothing seems to go in, when it’s crunch time and the game is winding down, you find a way to get it done. Whether its getting to the foul line, hitting ridirkulous shots (pun intended), or finding the open teammate, they find a way to get it done. And that’s what Dirk did throughout this whole series, and that’s why he’s the finals MVP.

    I am really glad the Mavericks won, because they showed everyone that it takes a TEAM EFFORT to win, not just individual superstar friends teaming up (Yes, I’m looking at you, New York Knicks).

    In the beginning of the season, Jason Terry got a tattoo of the championship trophy on his right bicep. He said that if the Mavs lost the finals, he would get it removed. Well, Jason Terry, keep that tattoo and wear it proud, because YOU are an NBA champion and you deserve it. Congrats Dallas on a job well done.

  174. A Bull for Life says:

    Congrats to the MAVS and LeChoke’s Loser instinct!

    Now IMO the first thing for Cryami to do after their panties dry out is to find a real coach and get rid of Riley’s puppet. That guy doesn’t have charisma and is not respected by the Hate team. That’s what I would do if I were in charge.
    Anyway, I hope Cryami won’t do that and His Quitness James will continue his extraordinary journey of Failure.

    Yours Faithfully,

    P.S.: Sir Charles was right – Miami has the WORST fans in the NBA! I’m sure there a some guys who stick with their team no matter what, but most of them are just a bunch of clowns in white t-shirt, acting smug when the big 2.5 is winning and leaving without hesitation when their “beloved” stars are having tough times. It was disgusting to watch how many of so called fans were leaving the game with still 2 minutes to play! But that’s exactly what Mister Quitness deserves! A pack of deserters like himself.

    • Sane Heat Fan says:

      Charles only said that because the fans messed with him a bit after a conference finals game.

    • chelly305 says:

      at less the heat went that far.. where was the bulls.. At home wishing they was in the heat shoes. Didnt the heat drop the bulls of home just lik the dallas did us.. yes i recalled miami shutting the bulls down who deseved it playa…

    • chelly305 says:

      last time i recalled at less the heat went that far. where was the bulls huh, and who won the east side.. HEAT!!!!!!!!!

  175. shortman says:

    jason terry and kidd really step up with the shots and jj is sooo good with the ball int no one could have guard him last night

  176. Laker Fan says:

    I am a LAKER fan do or due see you guys next season while Mr Kobe is at work this off season. But as a fan of the sport this was a great NBA series but in the end every great player has to go through hard times to get that ring and honestly it is more great players without rings then there is with them. Lebron James is physically gifted but needs to spend time this summer with a mental coach to help him handle the pressure it is obvious it gets to him. But even with Lebron hot the Mavs were the better team, the heat look lost at time playing hot potato between Lebron and wade for her was going to decide to take over you cant play team basketball like that is leads to inconsistency and no rhythm for the team, it sucks to be bosh Tyson Chander is in foul trouble the whole game and they don’t even give you the ball to put pressure on him, no Tyson Chandler easy driving lanes GAME 7.

  177. shortman says:

    i knw championships is what makes great players and le bron has nun i dont rate le bron i think he is too over rated and fora guy that had no clutch just dont cut it

  178. LA fan for life says:

    i told you the choutcing will matter the bench will mater and i voted 4-2 for dallas team always wins beats individuals about the age part whay not win another if the next year play aggressive.

  179. JR says:

    I’ve been a Lebron James fan since before he entered the NBA. I remember thinking this guy would ultimately become the greatest player of all time. I mean, how could you not think that? With a body like his he certainly has the potential. He put up ridiculous numbers year after year, to no one’s surprise. He amazed us with his athleticism and all round play, no doubt. There was one thing missing, however, for us to consider him ‘great’. The word great is used to describe not just how some played basketball, but what they achieved and how they went about achieving it. As a huge Lebron James fan, I have been rooting for him to win a championship for many years now. There was a voice inside me that told me he would never rank up to Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or any of the all time greats because of how he entered the league and how the world has treated him. He entered the league an 18 year old kid. They crowned him a KING, and placed 90 million dollars into his bank account before he even played one game in the NBA. Any intelligent person with life experience knows what that is a recipe for. And then they placed insurmountable pressure on him to become a multiple champion at such a young age without any real help. But all that doesn’t matter any more because he is much older, much more experienced, and has lots of help from superstar teammates D Wade and Chris Bosh. The problem with Lebron is though, he wants to one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of being remembered as one, whereas Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant want to be one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of actually BEING ONE. That is the biggest difference I have noticed with Lebron and the Greats in the 17 or so years I have been an NBA fan. I do not understand for the life of me why Lebron James, with all the potential in the world to become the single greatest basketball player to have ever played, has not to this date, worked on developing a low-post game or attempt to become one of the greatest jump shooters. He has been blessed with a super-human body and has wasted it by not developing one good low-post move. He would certainly be “UNSTOPPABLE” to the exact definition of the word if had developed a low-post game. Why if he wants to be one of the ‘G.O.A.Ts” does he not show up four hours early to a game to work on his jump shot like Ray Allen, the KING of THREE POINTERS, does every single game?

    Lebron James, as one of your biggest fans who has followed you and admired you for so many years, I am telling you that if you ever want to be considered as one of the greatest of all time to play this game, if you want to win multiple championships, if you want to truly dominate the league for the next decade, then you have to dedicate your life right now to developing yourself into a truly unstoppable force. Work on your low post game. Get help from the legends like Dwight Howard has done. Come to games four hours early and work on your jump shot. Come to practices hours earlier and stay hours later to work on your free-throws and three pointer shooting. And most important of all: STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO YOU ARE! Stop being afraid of failing to live up to the expectations. Dedicate your life to basketball, to developing your game and never being satisfied with it, to becoming the Greatest Player of All Time, not to be remembered that way, but for the sole purpose of actually being the greatest.

  180. Rod says:

    It’s kind of funny! MJ struggle again and again but never quit. Then he star winning championchips. Nobody expect that Miami got that far, so kudos to the HEAT. Now next year is another story, they need to have a healthy bench and a couple of adjustments and I think they’ll be on the road for the Finals. James, Wade and Bosh are young player, so they’re probably have 10 or more years in the NBA. With that in mind I don’t think we see the last of them. Congrats to Kidd, Dirk and the real Mavs fans; enjoy while it last cause it’ll be the last championship!!!

  181. doc16 says:

    yeah, trade LeBron….trade him back to Cleveland for this year’s 1st overall draft pick.
    naaaahhh…lebron aint worth it.
    keep wade and Bosh together

  182. Art says:

    This is the 2nd time LeBron James walks off the court after being beat and doesn’t show on ounce of sportsmanship in congratulating the winners in the series. I know it won’t happen but I really hope the League fines him. What a poor loser he is. Doesn’t even deserve being called “King” because he hasn’t one a Championship. Fans around the league/world should start pondering on calling him “The Court Jesture”. After all, he is entertaining….

  183. katty says:



  184. bsj says:

    Wish I may
    Wish I might
    Have this I wish tonight
    Are you satisfied?
    Dig for gold
    Dig for fame
    You dig to make your name
    Are you pacified?

    All the wants you waste
    All the things you’ve chased

    Then it all crashes down
    And you break your crown
    And you point your finger
    But there’s no one around

    Just want one thing
    Just to play the king
    But the castle’s crumbling
    And you’re left with just name

    Where’s your crown, King Nothing?
    Where’s your crown?

    Hot and cold
    Bought and Sold
    A heart as hard as gold
    Yeah! Are you satisfied?

    Wish I might
    Wish I may
    You wish your life away
    Are you pacified?

    All the wants you’ve waste
    All the things you’ve chased

    Then it all crashes down
    And you break your crown
    And you point your finger
    But there’s no one around

    Just want one thing
    Just to play the king
    But the castle’s crumbled
    And you’re left with just a thing

    Where’s your crown, King Nothing?
    Oh, where’s your crown?

  185. Bubba says:

    White boys get the job done!
    Black boys chocked when the chips were down!
    Big three turned out to be on the Mavericks team!
    Who cares anyway? I didn’t even watch it!

  186. noel says:

    Congratulations to the Maverics team. They deserve it. God has blessed them with a championship. God has answered Terry’s prayers and it is good to watch him thank the Almighty for that.

  187. renan says:

    Don’t worry Heat fans, the big three are still young. They learned a lot from this series that team work is very important to one’s team. I am sure and I foresee that this big three of Heat can bring 3 to 4 championship to heat in the coming years.

  188. WIN ON BET BY MAVS says:


  189. noel says:

    The only way Lebron Jame’s play will improve his play is:

    1. watch Michael Jordan individual moves and learn
    2. watch Michael Jordan’s tenacity and learn from
    3. stop listening to the members of the Media and sports analyst who keeps saying that he is great as or even greater than Michael Jordan. He is not. Michael Jordan has a vast of repertoire of shots that Lebron doesn’t have.

    case and point: Michael will salivate at the sight of Jason Kid guarding him. Remember Jordan’s fall away shot? I think that is where Dirk Nowitzki got it from. No wonder Dirk became unstoppable.

  190. Nate says:

    Congrats Mavs!!! Well played and deserved!!! I’m happy to see this series proved that TEAM is more important than TALENT, and HEART is better than EGO. As Dan Gilbert stated, “There are no Shortcuts. NONE.” The Heat will always be a contender in the years to come with the talents they have, but I hope that this gives hope to teams who’s willing to do it the old fashion way like the Mavs, with TEAM WORK.

  191. DTAB says:

    Give LeBron a break man. This is a team game. And the team defense of the Dallas Mavericks was superb. LeBron is a great, great player and he should not hang his head low. And all you critics out there need to back off

  192. Goldenstaes says:

    isn’t this another replicate of that cleveland incident where Lebron melt down. hasn’t it crossed anyone’s mind that James might be receiving handsome checks, money to play this kind of ball to purposely loose the game? heck if he did he might already beg hundred million in his offshore bank account..

  193. lebron has no city now. cleveland hates him and now miami hates him too.
    i suggest that he just take his talent some place else. maybe in a european league and replace his last name from “james” to “choke”

  194. guest one says:

    Bosh = wack, LBJ = bunk!!.. you can see the differences! Bosh was an allstar as a Raptor! James was the face of the Cavs….the one they claim as the king!.. but throw them on the Heat team, they are just plain role players!!.. it’s Wade’s team!… he’s beastin!!… dunkin n blockin!!…. when u make the comparisons, wade jus tops them both!!…. else, it could be that it was rigged!!… money and power, we all kno who plays that game!!.. ahahahaa….

  195. DIno says:

    Lebron has been handed everything his whole basketball career. He’s been told how good he is, how great he’s going to be, he’s “King James”, etc etc. He took the easy route going to Miami thinking by joining forces with Wade and Bosh he would be handed an NBA title. He has to learn that Greatness like Championships are earned on the court. Champions take the title when it’s sitting right in front of them. They don’t sit and stare at it.

  196. Kitt says:

    The Lebron Bangbus season is official open!!! I just feel sorry for Dwayne Wade. He is still one of my favorites and will be, just needs to kick Lebron out I guess.

    But Dallas deserves this championship not some trio (1+2) put together and convince the world that they will be champions. Whose laughing now!?

  197. Bribel says:

    Lets not talk about individual talents because for me MAVS was just a much better team than the HEAT in the finals…The odds were right.Now is the time… congratulations to the team Mavs.

  198. Just A Thought says:

    BTW this is Jame’s SECOND trip to the Finals: Spurs swept the Cavs in 06-07 finals. So maybe James has something going on about Texas! Go figure with initials like LBJ!

    This was a great Finals …

  199. DIno says:

    Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks on their 2011 NBA Championship Title. Thanks for showing the world how a NBA title is won; with heart, team play, hard work and mental toughness. Championships are earned. Finals MVPs are earned. Dirk earned his title and his Finals MVP.

  200. NBA Fan says:

    Illuminati won it for Dallas.

  201. jill says:

    I don’t know what happened to James. But if he were just on attack mode for the whole series, it could have gone the other way. Still, Heat is a great team. Thanks to them for giving us a great series. Congrats to the Mavs! Dirk and Kidd deserve it.

    No offense meant to James, but I guess the Heat can do what they did in this series without him. Maybe Wade, James and Bosh were not the right formula after all. Wade, Bosh and ??? I don’t know, but I think Miami needs another big man. A true center perhaps. That’s just what I think. Go Heat!

  202. ggkids says:

    lebron sold his game

  203. jerun says:

    lebron youre not the king now youre shots a losser bicth……………………………………….awhwahwhahwahwah

  204. NachoChizzle says:

    In the beginning of the season I stated that Miami couldn’t win with Spoelstra as a coach. Not putting the complete blame on him, but he doesnt’ have the personality to coach DWade, LBJ, and Bosh. I am “one” of many that didn’t want to see the Heat win becasue mainly I’m a Boston fan. I’m a strong believer that if Perkins was still in Boston, their series would have went to a game 7, and the Heat would’ve been out a long time ago. LBJ is a great player, but IMO he doesnt have a KILLERINSTINCT! If he had that killerinstinct they would have one this year, the Heat team was just simply outplayed and outcoached. CONGRATS to Coach Carlisle, Dirk, Kidd, JET and the rest of the MAVS!

  205. The Secret says:

    Poor number 1 and 4 pics in the draft, going to the Cavs, according to the “Law of Attraction” the more these Cleveland fans hate,mourn and complain about not winning championships the longer they will go without winning one (not just in basketball), the City seems to be a black hole for winnings franchises…. The fans should be grateful to Lebron, for the 7 years of entertainment he gave the city and not hate the man for wanting something better for his life…
    It was a sick finals, and experience outplayed athleticism , Gotta be happy for Dirk and Kidd..
    and I look forward to watching Miami in the future.

  206. Andrew Betly says:

    I am very happy the Mavs won. They deserved it!!! They were a better team than Miami. Lots of people had hope for MIami because of the “Big 3”, well, Mavs had a Big 3 too, Dirk, Terry, and JJ Barea. You got that rite, Mavs Big 3 are better that Miami big 3. That is not a dispute, that’s a fact. Next year, Bulls will knock Miami out in the first round.

  207. LeBron James doesnt care about what people say about him, he has done more than Michael Jordon in time frame. Look how long it took MJ TO GET A RING. James has been to the finals twice and how old is he. He will get a ring no doubt its just a matter of time. Iwanted him to get a ring when he played for the Cavs, when you like a player it doesnt matter who he play for. People are crazy to hate this man he is one of the best player in NBA history. . Im a miami heat fan but I always like Dallas and still do Im happy for Jason Kidd where are the true NBA fans out there.

    • Benny says:

      MJ did it on his own, LBJ can’t even do it with 2 other stars

    • Kay says:

      Jordan entered the league when he was 21, after winning a national championship at N. Carolina. His first season was 84-85, his first championship was 90-91 This means he got his first ring in his 6th season. How many season has James played?

      Kobe entered the league in 96 and got his first ring in 99, 3 seasons in.

      Lebron isn’t even in the picture at this point.

  208. mza36 says:

    In his time MJ talked a lot about imagination and creativity as an athlete. Seems like Lebron James seriously lack of it. Everybody’s talking about him as the best player on the league but i didn’t see anything creative or surprising from him during these finals. The Mavs had a great defense for sure but he’s had six games to find out some solutions. And he didn’t. The man who self proclamed “king” and who likes to be called “the chosen one”, a no crowned king who dares to call me his “witness” failed once more to play the game with his brain!!! Earth to Lebron. You ain’t no king! and i ain’t your witness!

  209. lb6 says:

    stop comparing james and jordan. coz james can never be jordan and 2nd they have different playing mentality. jordan is a scorer type and james is a playmaking type. and if u want to compare rings jordan made his 1st when he was 28 lebron is still 26. 2 years more haters ..

    • Nate says:

      Yeah, and if you compare Heart. Jordan didn’t bail out on his team to go join Magic just to win a championship and then fail… Have you ever heard of the phrase “Heart of a Champion”, that’s something Lebron lacks, and no matter how many championships he wins from here on out, he had to jump on Wade’s bandwagon to get it.

  210. lakerland12 says:

    A homeless man asked Lebron James for a dollar, but he only gave him three quarters, because he didn’t have a fourth quarter.

  211. lb6 says:

    stop comparing james and jordan. coz james can never be jordan and 2nd they have different playing mentality. jordan is a scorer type and james is a playmaking type. and if u want to compare rings jordan made his 1st when he was 28 lebron is still 26. 2 years more haters

    • BFOULDS says:

      jordan was not just a scorer type, he was an outstanding defender. one of the best ever on both sides of the floor

  212. Heat Up says:

    In the verge of losing
    Despair keeps on oozing
    But when the stars shine
    Lose not hope don’t be blind

    There is still hope as everyday comes
    As long as we have it in our palms
    The day will come just be calm
    The dawn will arrive to wield your slam

    Go Heat 🙂 Better luck next time 😀

  213. Dr. Mindbender says:

    Terry ran LBJ into the grown…for those of you who play the game you understand what it’s like to chase a quick guy like the Jet …using picks and everything!!! LBJ did a good job guarding him King James defensive specialist aka point guard lol (sucks when you don t have role players to take rebounds and defend all game so you can look good and score

  214. LeWhat? says:

    He’s a choke artist.

  215. anthony says:

    miami heat wont be the same after this, all people think theyll comeback stronger, but they are not the only team that will, chicago with rose got conf finals xperience, boston still have gas, the lakers will come with new players…

  216. Adrian says:

    I am a very huge fan of LeBron James since he started his NBA career, I was amazed of LeBron plays throughout the playoffs he plays magnificent and a killer, he carried the Miami throughout the playoffs thats the thing that I don’t understand why the Miami losses this series; maybe because there’s something that bother’s LeBron to play his game…that we don’t know what it is….but for me He’s still the best player today but he’s got to prove it by winning a NBA Championship to seal his. Greatness…..You have to prove it LeBron in order to erase all critisism about you not being able to win a Championship good luck man….! I hope you prove yourself next season by winning it all the way.

  217. jaz says:

    lebron crush under pressure? without him they wouldn´t have even beaten the celtics and the bulls where he alone shut them lights down. the mavs were just better and played over their limit (crazy 3-point-shots by terry and barea), and played a great defense. that´s about it. stop that hating guys, it´s really not cool anymore.

  218. miko says:

    I think the problem here is the mafia????? LBJ must tell the truth to the fans of the NBA and his… the reason why
    his games becomes cold when the 4th quarter begins. I’m your fans I support you all the way LBJ.

  219. doc16 says:

    congratulations to Dallas!!!…they won the Championship as a Team…
    they matured together during the playoffs…
    when no one believed they can win, they willed themselves together to win each game at a time.
    now they have the Larry O’Brien trophy to show how sweet it is to win the 2011 NBA Championship.

  220. Maell says:

    Go Heat… Don’t give up! This is a game… God Bless!

  221. Randall says:

    Go Mavs!

  222. Madinina says:

    One word to explain & discribe the LeBron’s case : OVERRATED….. He’s not what yall think he is, he’s not better than Kobe, He’s not close to MJ, he’s not in the top 25 of the greatest players of all time. ITS A FACT. Since the very begining of his career Medias tryied to make him the next MJ, Medias made him better than he actually is…. I hope yall realise how weak is this dude, I hope yall see that he doesnt have the heart & the mental of a Winner. He was pissin in his underwears refusin wide open shots, he had great looks but he refused to take most of them. He didnt take his responsabilities like Kobe would do, like Nowitzki did…. OVERRATED

  223. Garry says:

    Not to boast, but I am glad Miami got the cork. Finally, their mouths were more productive than they were. To the drawing board ….James.

  224. jj says:

    jealousy is what cleveland will always have, without him , cleveland is nothing,they cant win over 20 games if that.i am not a lebron fan,but get over it now,,its the past. he went for less money,so shows that the money offered by bleveland means nothing,,,hes due for a ring in the nxt 2-3 yrs and he knows hes the only one busting his butt on cleveland every year, without lebron,,cleveland wouldve of been noticed, so thank him for the 8 yrs he gave you and enjoy your 3 top picks this year……its time to move on

    • Nate says:

      I hate it when people always use this excuse, that he took less money to win a championship. If I had a 125 mil contract and took 100 mil only…. I think Lebron is still in pretty good shape financially, plus with all his other endorsements too, I don’t think we have to worry about Lebron being on the streets anytime soon. If he really wanted to win, he would’ve signed for the minimum contract so they had even more money to get the correct role players to win.

  225. David Stern says:

    If the Heat have lost it’s the fault to eric Dampier. in 2006 he lost with the Mavs. in 2011 he lost with the heats. it is he who brings bad luck!!!

  226. billy says:

    There is that possibility of LeBron retiring early. He’s got plenty of money. He just wants that one championship ring for validity.

  227. asar says:

    Well, as Lebron says we Heat Haters still have same life same problem from the day The Finals went to the Mavs…While that’s exactly true….Lebron is not the same after the Finals…HE’S A LOSER WITH CHRIS BOSH….AND THAT’S THE VERY BIG DIFFERENCE….wahahahahaha…..NO RING FOR THE KING! KING OF FLOP HE IS!

  228. Red says:

    Every superstar can do it without pressure but when its 4th quarter and your down by 10, 20 or 25 thats where it counts of how you played thats how we measure what a BIG superstar is!

  229. brandon says:

    WOW is the word for me. first how many times are we gonna see lebron crush under pressure each year,last year it wus the cavs now this year with the heat, so clearly its the same situation but differnt scenery. and where wus d wade last night i thought he wus gonna come out last nightwith fire and he wus nowhere to be found last night, magic said it best last night after the game in the 4 quarter the heat dnt know how to close games cuz of to many superstars on one team.and i will say this much i think the heat waited to long to put eddie house out there if you guys remember what eddie house did in boston the year they won the title he wus great. and it just like dirk couldnt shot for nothing in the first half the heat couldnt make a damn free throw to save there lives. i think the differnce between the heat and mavs is without a doubt the mavs had a way better supporting cast coming off the bench when you can have guys to come off the bench and score 20 plus points and give you numbers like a starting five you cant beat that, name one person off the heat bench that can give you that energy off the bench no one. its to cuz before the finals started someone said dirk will go down as one of the best players in the nba to not win a title like karl malone john stockten charles barkely. but it seems like lebron is gonna go down as a great player of not to win a title. cuz now its gonna be so harder for them to win a title now cuz you gotta think now the bulls are gonna come back strong next year, the celtics are gonna come back with a vengence next year and i believe the new york knicks are gonna be a force to reckon with next year so we will see.

  230. DJ says:

    LeBron James is now the SOLO recipient of the Choker of the FINALS. MAVS is out of it now. MAVS will have MORE trashy TALKS from Terry and Cuban. Happy for Jason KIDD and Dirk GoWINski,, not NoWINSki anymore. These two deserved it more.

  231. Butch says:

    Even Heat fans have to face it…….LeBron is not a closer. He does not have the mental toughness to close out games. He has great physical talent, but he certainly is not among the all time greats in his ability to win. It all ties together when you see the childish off court behavior, the feeble interviews, and the lack of mental toughness on the court. Certain guys just don’t have it. Dirk has it however. Congrats to the Mavs.

  232. Boss222 says:

    For all u idiots out there saying miami had no team just the big 3. Shut up please what about chalmers ,haslem,miller heck even anothony with his defense in a few games. Stop using that as an excuse that 3 guys cant beat 5 cuz miami has good roleplayers some of them even had some much better games then the actually stars of the team so shut up with that nonsense.

  233. neutral says:

    NBA ring or not, lebron is still and remains the most dominant player in the game today, he will get his ring, it’s just a matter of time

  234. Wolfman says:

    I don’t know why Miami, LeBron, Wade, Bosh, etc are still getting so much coverage in this conversation/debate. There was two teams involved and the majority of the comments on this article and pretty much every other one online are entirely focused on LeBron et al and why they lost, not the Mavs and why they won. I’m not a Mavs or Heat fan, but really enjoyed seeing Dirk, Kid, Terry and co get their well deserved rings and can’t help but feel their effort, determination and skill are being undermined as a reason behind this outcome.

    It’s as if people think that the Mavs could be substituted for any other team and the story would still be the same: How the Heat lost, not how the Mavs won. It’s a shame really. Plus, Miami (CBA dependent) will have plenty of chances to achieve their goal and it should be exciting to see how that unfolds in the years to come – especially if we have some movement of players in the off-season to teams like Boston, New York and Chicago.

    Exciting times…

  235. duckbill32 says:

    If Lebron James is the King it must be the king of quitters . There’s only one King and it isn’t Richard Petty . The real King was a truckdriver from Tupelo , Mississippi named Elvis Aaron Presley !

  236. JJ says:

    To all the haters:

    The Man in the Arena
    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

    ~Theodore Roosevelt, Paris, France 1910 (Excerpt from a speech)

    I do believe Lebron will get his ring one day. But all the hate of Lebron is unwarranted. He hasn’t committed any crimes, he doesn’t swear and slander and he loves the game. What more could you ask from an athlete? He’s a good role model for our children (sure, the Decision wasn’t the best marketing move), but other than that, you are just nit-picking. He is human, not a god, and I’m sure he feels the hurt of his loss, something that we will never be able to experience, but I just wish him the best for his career.

  237. AkanThor says:

    Honestly, this only my speculation. Lebron sold the game. Look at the game 2,4,5. He wasted many opportunities to lead the game at 4th quarter. I know that he is a talented player but look, you cannot use it in the right way because 3 superstars are squeeze in one team.

  238. dman2505 says:

    I think the heat were just mentally beaten .. after losing game 2 when they were up 15 obv had some affect on them, game 3 they won but it was a chance at the buzzer for dirk after heat was up 9 … they lost game 4 and 5 all pretty much after having leads in the 4th .. i just dont think mentally the heat felt like they could beat the mavs when it came to the forth, esp with dallas having a 9 point lead going into it..

  239. pong reyes says:

    in my opinion, it is true that spoelstra made a mistake but one he can’t help but commit. it is not benching lebron james in the fourth quarter. i haven’t seen the stats but i am pretty sure that the heat played better with lebron sitting down. it is however apparent that the decision to have lebron play in the fourth quarter was more a political decision with less regard for the game

  240. JP says:

    People should have played zone against the Heat earlier in the playoffs! Congrats to the Mavs (especially Dirk)!!!!

  241. Celtics_MJKH says:

    I just liked how LeBron played the last 3 or 4 minutes of the game with his jersey already untucked from his shorts. Memories of cleveland….

  242. MsBevBlack says:

    Congradulations to the Heat for going so far in the Finals in just their 1st year of this big change. That is absolutely
    amazing!!! The Heat will contiue to grow and work through those mentally confusing moments which are packed
    with an enormus amount of pressure with 20,000 plus people streaming at you at once!! Can you imagine one person
    standing over you streaming at you, let along 20,000. As for LaBron, he has always been the star player who everyone
    looks to to win it all. However, now that he is on a team of Champions, he is learning how to be a “team player”. He is
    not choking, or bailing out mentally, he is simply being a team player because he realizes that their are no “I”s in “Team”. And D.Wade is the team leader who has to be respected. For this kind of chemistry to gel, it takes time. Thats why it is so amazing that the Heat got this far in one year!!!! Don’t give up Heat, or get discouraged. You guys are simply
    amazing!!!!!! Don’t buy into any negativity!!!!!!!! Stay positive, Stay encouraged, Hold you heads up, And look how far
    you have come, and know that YOU WILL GO EVEN FURTHER.

    Lots of Love to you all,

  243. tim says:

    @heat 136 relax clev is gettin 1/4 picks prepare for some major changes even tho this years draft is kind of disapointing. im amazed how lucky this franchise is in terms of draft lottery lol

  244. cg says:

    Lebron proven to be the disappearing king…..He surely did bring his talent to south beach…..LOL

  245. Cavs forever says:

    Cavs Fans will finally get a good night sleep! Thanks Mavs!

  246. free-D says:

    if i were the miami heat general manager i would get steve nash as my starting guard next year and get rid of eric dampier, mike bibby, eddie house, juwan howard and mike miller, and would trade chris bosh for lemarcus aldridge or pau gasol..

  247. Ray Anthony Castro says:

    pippen said that lebron is the greatest player since micheal jordan. but lebron is 0-2 in the Finals. so it means, lebron were not, is not and will be the next jordan. jordan is 6-0 in the Finals, and never betrayed his own team.

    • LA fan for life says:

      com on pipen kobe is next jordan remember 86 pt’s 13/13 3pt’s and plays alot like jordan than lebron he should have stayd in cleveland that what greats do they stay in a same place, why do you think shaq went out of la becouese he wanted bigger sallery.

  248. ideasman says:

    Lebron next MJ??
    first of all MJ wins championship and a very good clutch player
    and he won 6 championships

    how can u say Lebron will be the next MJ if he doesnt help his team win
    Lebron needs to stop shooting like ray allen from 3point land
    and needs to attack the basket and get fouls!

    this series SMART and Veteran team (MAVS )VS(HEAT) a Young and TALENTED team

    enough said maybe we are all looking to “A KING WITH NO RING”

  249. wildcat says:

    i am a laker fan for more than 15years now! its so sad that they dint make it this year…but like yesterday another year is coming and i hope that they can came back get another ring… mavs did good this year shutting down the defending camps and biting the most talented superstar team in the NBA…dirk,kid and terry and rest of the team did an excellent team work to win this championship.. for the miami they have the talent to defeat the mavs but don’t have the heart to win the game!!! that’s the different’s of wining a championship…give the mavs all the credit for working so hard to their goals!!! enjoy mavs fans…

  250. Bruno says:

    I think this actually might be in a great part the media’s fault. I learned from this year (the decision) that Lebron is pretty media sensitive. All these years of calling him the greatest, the king, whatever put so much pressure on him that it almost seems like he needs to be the best ever in order to be successful, everything less is a fail.

    I feel sorry for Lebron, you could notice by what he said after the game that he really was anticipating everything the media was going to say, which means it really plays around in his mind too much, all the media attention. Lebron needs a shrink.

  251. Bird's Eye View says:

    Congrats to Mavs but I’m just glad it’s over. What a mess this was to watch.

  252. Kannan says:

    If nothing else, this will turn out to be the theme for another Hollywood blockbuster. What greater “fairy tale” you need than the clash between a team with an all star cast, supremely confident, playing in their own partisan hometown ; and an out of town, unheard of “Mavericks” (in true meaning), trudging their way, with old players who had considerably weakened muscle but with extremely strong wills and mind. Add to this the drama of the biggest and most popular star (let us also add the word “arrogant” to add spice to the movie) rejecting various “appeals” from smaller teams to be their champion knight – only to join a sure shot winner with an All Star content – just so that he remains on top. And for some more spice, the life story of a sad immigrant from a poor thirdworld, who comes to America to make his dream – and takes 11 years to do so – all along supported by another who was just 2 years his senior. What drama and what pathos. Steven – are you listening ?

  253. billy says:

    Well, it’s like this, the Heat needs to address their issues in the offseason. LBJ, the lack of a true center, coaching, D-Wade’s future, trade options, the whole nine yards. I think it’s great to have two leaders on the team, but if one can’t seem to get the formula when it comes to winning tight games, well, that’s if they had a formula to begin with. Lack of discipline can hurt a team’s chances for a championship in the long term. Talent took them this far, but it’s discipline that win championships. Apparently, that was the one thing Miami lacked that Dallas had.

  254. Carlo says:

    you’re all a tad dumb lol, D Wade choked way harder than Lebron, 9-15 vs Wade’s 6-16

    5 miami players in double figures and one more with 9

    • Kay says:

      Spol choked. What were Bosh’s numbers? Maybe he should have tried to get the ball to Bosh more than both Wade and Lebron since clearly Bosh was hot.

  255. Rimea says:

    No matter how good a player James may be his arrogance will cost him in the end and it definitely did this time around. Congratulations Mavs!

  256. lakerfan says:

    The West was clearly better than the East. One guy (LeBrick, Rose, Pierce) can’t win against a real team (Dallas, Oklahoma, LA)
    It’s time for Gasol to wake up and get agressive. Lakers wil be back stronger then before!!

  257. Bane says:

    How disapointed am I in James! 😦
    So sad, what a talent to waste, eh…

    • al - respect the game says:


  258. alejandro says:

    lebron… great all arround player… not jordan stuff. hell, not even comparable to kobe these last years who is the man to get to be up there with te GOAT in the comparisons! nowitzki proved to be more michael jordan-ish than lebron! bron misses one thing: performing when the team crumbles! the killer instinct kobe has… the determination to win that made jordan the most fearsome adversary… im not hating…. he is a great player, but he must step up to be considered a top notch player! for now im still with my man kobe and the lakers! everybody is too eager to say the lakers are washed up… that the heat were already the winners, that the bulls are the future… but in the end, a team we hadn’t heard of in years got the championship… never go with the hype! be with your team till the end!

  259. Heat Fan B4 LeBrick says:

    I say trade Lebron to New Jersey. Lebron, Chalmers, Anthony 1st round pick for D-Will, Brook Lopez, and Gadzuric. I’m pretty sure New Jersey would do it even though they and their fans wouldn’t admit it. That would turn New Jersey into an instant Playoff contender (Not Championship) and would bolster up the Heats starting line-up and give them more chemistry with positional players. Starting five could be.

    PG- D-Will
    SG- D-Wade
    SF- Haslem
    PF- Bosh
    C- Brook Lopez

  260. dott says:

    well, i dont see the point why miami should win the following next years. the bulls will be more experienced, the knicks have a similar team structure but with a real playmaker, the lakers will come back, no question, and the okc has more talent than any other team and plenty of room to develop. so there will be a hard contest.
    and second, the heat dont have this much time to win. wade and lebron both mainly depend on their athletic abilities and speed, if they begin to loose that at the beginning of their thirties they are no danger unless they are able to change their style of play!!

  261. hail KOBE says:

    go LBJ and play with a punch of kids in the street, you are the best talented street basketballer, 81 points, MVP and 5 rings, is it that enough???


  262. nesoj says:

    Lebron James = Bad Luck Charm

    • nesoj says:

      Too bad for D-Wade and the rest of the amazing Miami team who deserved a title like the one 5 years ago…

  263. dennis says:

    Excuse John Schuhmann what is your proof that Lebron is “…the best basketball talent in the world?” No wonder LBJ is suffering much criticism because the media is OVER EXAGGERATING who LBJ is; for goodness’ sake, stop saying that is is the best until he can prove that he is. No doubt, LBJ is a good player, but certainly not the best in NBA.Give due respect to K.Bryant, D.Wade, M.Ginobilli, and Dirk those who already proven themselves with championship rings. How about players like D.Rose, K.Durant, Z.Randolph? Thus, it would help if you guys would be more objective in writing. LBJ is a good player but certainly cannot be put at par with those who have proven their worth in the NBA.

  264. TC79 says:

    The future of the NBA belongs to: Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant; LeBron has to face with them in order to get champion. And there is still Kobe Bryant or Dirk Nowitzki with chances to get another championship… Probably LeBron will be named in a row with Karl Malone and John Stockton (who had to face with Air Jordan and Magic Johnson) or Charles Barkley an Pat Ewing… You get not many chances to be champion. You have to take them. Nowitzki struggeld in the first half – but LeBron struggled in the crunch-time…

  265. PAUL says:

    i know the attitude of Lebron on court…..LEBRON HOW MUCH????????

  266. Amine says:

    Even tho the Heat did not win, They made it to the finals in their first year 😉 I can only imagine whats going to happen the next 5 to 6 years.

    A for the Heat & A+ for The Mav they sure deserve the championship, they fought for it and they got it; Next year will be The Heat again.

    Thank you for the show, it was an awesome ride.

  267. randzmicael says:

    better luck next time heat…your roster are young and talented..but show your eaagerness to win the title..LBJ what happened to you? much better to play first in european league before going back to nba atleast you will improve yourself….and please stop using the KING as your monicker your not even a prince of bbasketball….sorry but the expectationss from you is so high..looking for your improvemennt next season…

  268. Alex says:

    yeah,, i agree to the people that saying this is the first year of lebron and bosh being with the miami heat.. But we have to congratz the big three for got to the finals.. And one thing that u have to reconsider.. Both James and Bosh doesnt have the mental of being an champion.. Only wade and haslem do have it.. And I think the coach has been doing a good work.. He can manage the team eventhough with a sufficient time and manage to go to the Finals.. And something that u must know, that Wade and James is a same type of player.. So is not so easy to combine the play of each player to the team.. But this year, Miami Heat has suprise all of us.. No one think that they gonna make the finals with 1 year… In other hand.. Even Dallas doesnt have the mental too but.. They have more experience than miami heat.. and this time they make it to the finals again and face the same team at the 2006.. so they have to overdo it than the miami heat does. In my opinion, 1 factor that make miami heat loss is Miami Heat doesnt have centre or player that is tall enough too match up with the chandler.. even though dampier and ilgauskas play on the floor, i dont think that both of them can handle chandler or dirk.. If next draft they got a centre like a chandler i bet, that miami heat gonna be the champion for several season.

  269. KKK says:

    those ppl who tweeted to mock the heat (Mark Cuban, Mo Williams, Ohio resident Nathan Obral etc) , they really childish.
    They no have sports spirit at all. What a shame.
    Get a championship b4 you insult people, Cleveland Cavaliers .

  270. Carlos Hertenstein says:

    They’ve got the due, that’s the truth, Heat and the 3 CHOOSEN, Lebron? well, if his carrer don’t start to overcome right now, he will be one of the bigest fails in sports history, he’s showing us that the game it’s not just about numbers, it’s about spirit too, and this is where his weak point starts.

  271. Coach K says:

    Let’s not get carried away by putting this all on James. Nowitzki has been to a final before and fallen, as have many great players. This is a learning curve and the Heat have all the tools in place to be back here. But next time they have something more important, and that will be the experience of being in this position before as a group. It was clear from the score in Game 5 that the Mavs had finally sussed out how to play Miami, and the Heat did not respond. As a Heat fan it is disappointing for sure, but greatness does not come without learning and hard work. Bring on next year!

  272. inHeat says:

    The big jinx on the heat for this championship is not LeBron, it was ERICK DAMPIER!!! He was with the mavs back in 2006, look which team he’s playing with now? 😀

  273. LOL says:

    Thats OK!! Dallas one and done!

    It took Dallas playing OUT OF THEIR MIND and ABNORMAL stupid lucky 3 point shooting the last 2 games and some phantom foul calls on Dirk in game 5 (go review 3 calls the last part of the game) and also Cardinal in this game getting away with a flagrant on Bosh, a block on Wade(YEP he was STILL moving), no foul on Lebrons fastbreak through 2 defenders, and did I say LUCKY out of this world 3 point shooting?

    Yep, it took ALL of that for the Dallas Mavs to BARELY beat the Heat lol. Sure a wins a win or whatever, and I’m happy for Kidd who I grew up watching, but it doesn’t change the fact that its hilarious that the Heat WEREN’T EVEN SPOSE TO BE HERE RIGHT HATERS???

    Thats right they weren’t. They were SUPPOSE to be gone after they tangled with Boston. They couldn’t handle the Bulls. And now they came just 2 wins from a Title in THEIR VERY FIRST SEASON TOGETHER. When EVERY HATER out there said they wouldn’t even have a chance. Thats some funny stuff right there.

    Every single game scrutinized under a microscope. Why is that haters? Because you KNOW and are AFRAID of just how dam good they ARE and WILL BE for the the next 5 years. You think that other teams will be the only ones getting better? And the Heat will just regress and never get a ring? BLAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Heat have PLENTY of time to get multiple rings. MOST analysts said at the beginning of the year that they wouldn’t even make it out of the East. Well they did, and if not for stupid lucky 3 point shooting that STILL BARELY won Dallas the series, they’d be holding the trophy. But yes they arent now. Let Dallas celebrate. One and done.

    Heat ain’t goin NOwhere

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:



    • STFU says:

      wooooooooooow! aren’t you guys saying that its gonna be a 4-0 SWEEP? or a 4-2 repeat of history?!!!! OMFG… your excused! now go get your trophy and present your case!!!!

      well, again please… READ MY NAME

  274. QUEEN LEBRON says:


  275. sandy acuzar says:

    miami lost because james was not that agressive.WHY? because james feels that he’s not a big star with miami.even if he become agressive he will not get the credits, but wade will…that’s the problem when you have many star players in a team, the competition is not only with the opponents but also with teammates…james popularity goes down together with his agressiveness to win championship when he transferred to miami…for james, try going back to where you started (cavaliers) and get supporting players (not star players) that will help you like jason terry, chandler and marion did with dallas mavericks…they have lot of points and very good plays but still nowitzki gets all the credits…miami fans don’t loves you that much because of dwyne wade that’s why you don’t feel you own the court…unlike in cavaliers all the eyes are in you…championship ring is only the second reason why you transfer to miami, the main reason is the offer…the big offer.

  276. taxi says:

    If I were Miami, I’ll give up Lebron…..Wade can carry the team, Bosh is a better tandem with Wade, trade LBJ and get a shooter and a center.

    Congratulations to the MAVS!

  277. Superstarss says:

    So the heat have to wait another year for their 10 CHAMPIONSHIPS HAHA

  278. TOTOY MOLA says:

    LBJ relaxed. Plain and Simple. He was satisfied knowing that he had support around him. something he was not used to playing in Cleveland. If any one here can play better than Lebron, please be my guest. I thought so to. So no one. So stop running your fat mouths thinking that you’re better than LBJ, Wade, Spoelstra or anybody else. If you knew better, you would be in the NBA coaching a team now would you? If you played better, then you wouldn’t even have time to read this because you’re busy being a highly paid sports athlete. So shut up.

    Mavs played with composure and resilience. My hats are off to them. Congrats JKidd. The odyssey is well worth it!
    Just have a question for Jason Terry: how dumb will you look 30 years from now when your skin is all wrinkly and you have the Larry O’Brien trophy jiggling from your arms? STUPID.

    @SNOW BLIND.. Pare tama yung name mo Bulag ka na nababalutan ka pa ng yelo.. DIRK is Better than LBJ ..You want a proof. He has the trophy, ring and final MVP award.. Im sorry bulag ka nga pala…Gumamit ka ba ng Babelfish English translator.. Brad magpakatotoo ka. LOSER!!!

  279. Maurice says:

    I am a real Dallas and real Basketball fan, and believe me I am happy that dallas won.
    However I don’t agree with all the HATE on the the Heat team. This year Dallas was the better team,
    they played one hell of D in the finals, Lebron was under pressure 24/7 with or without the ball,
    but still I think the Heat have the basics of what it takes to win Championships.
    more than one I would say, they just have to get their mind around being a team, and look for good role playrs.

    They have Haslem, chalmers, Miller if he gets his shot right again… look for one or two more options and
    they easily have the best EAM in the league. I think its one hell of an archievement they made it as far as they did
    in one year. prepare for the next couple of years..
    But hopefully Dallas also has one or two more years in them, and arent satisfied with this one championship.

  280. Justin says:

    Win or loose I’m still a Heat fan. Let us congratulate Dallas for a great team effort. They deserve it, give credits to Miami for making it to the finals even if it’s their first year together and with lots of pressure on their side. Let’s go heat! keep the faith alive. Like what lebron said, “The Greater Man upstairs know when it’s time. Right now isn’t the time.” 🙂

  281. vnelsonus says:

    heat fans and the media put the trophy in their favorite players hands; look what happened – King James – a king of what? King without a ring! LOL; stop hyping these guys up before they get started. I hope this is a lesson more for the media than the players.

  282. NORING4THEKING says:

    i really love lebron james falling but it would be better if kobe’s the reason why! 🙂

  283. NORING4THEKING says:

    Let’s go Dallas Mafias! LOL :)))))))))))

  284. junnex says:

    i am a laker fan…i rooted for dallas to win since they beat my champion team. I dont like the cockiness of big 3 during their merging. They claim for multiple championship for them…without the game started…watch out next season for our lakers..
    go kb24…you’re the man. congrats dallas

  285. pau says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re formulating an elaborate excuse to give us once they lose again next year…

  286. kikz says:

    What i’m thinking about LBJ is that the earlier series against boston and bulls he was the go to guy but when the series against dallas wade was the go to guy he just dont have the energy to play in this series simply because he wants to world to know that miami is nothing without his presence or if he’s not the go to guy

  287. Nader Saab says:

    The new era has arrived. Nuff said.

  288. Liop ATARG says:

    Rather than saying Lebron missed this, Lebron wasn’t mentally there, etc.., I think Dallas is a just excellent as a team. That’s why they swept the defending champions and they won this championship.
    Lebron is a good basketball player. But he is probably as talented as Shaq or Howard. That’s it. If Lebron’s game keeps being praised then I’m afraid but we won’t have talents like Dr J, Magic or MJ anymore. In the 90s we missed two pure talents because of injuries (Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill). I’m not against players like Lebron Shaq or Howard but thank god we still have guys like D-Rose, DWade, Kobe, Rando to remind us how beautiful basketball is. You might hate their teams, but you will like their plays.
    Only way for Miami to win again is for Wade to elevate his game. Else, don’t expect too much from Lebron if he has solid teams in front.

  289. Philip says:

    Dirk is King of the Moment while Lebron is the Queen of Flop.

  290. BeliSRB says:

    Heat fans..what a jokers..mafia?XAXAXAXAXA..no more excuses,no more comparison to MJ an KB24..your guy is bi***..monster man,great bb IQ,good skills but he played for stats and have no heart or balls..face it!!! But,he’s still young and MAYBE he can face his fears in the future,but for now don’t call him “king” or “chosen one”! Without at least one ring he is no better than D-Rose or Durant. Real fans,continue to believe in your man,but know this,”false king” without balls doesn’t deserved respect..LA for life,Kobe for president!!! 5 rings,hate and cry queen!

  291. Snocaps231 says:

    “why is it that when the team loses its coach Spoelstra’s fault? and then when they were winning its about James and Wade and the team? Don’t blame the coach if they lose and give him credit when they win, its sad that coaches with great players tend to become the punching bag of the team they absorb all the blame and get left behind on wins….Coach Spoelstra was great and for me, it was just that execution of the system was never achieved since they just had their first season together ( talking about the big 3) and it was clear that Lebron literally had nothing to do with it when it was clutch time..he did nothing!! and to think he was said to be the greatest player right now?! really? doesn’t look that way now does it, Wade was even better..far better and even Chris Bosh was better in the finals (maybe too far as Bosh better than LeBron but that’s my opinion) but he’s got a long ways to go so I hope they Just learn from the mistakes and make the best out of it comeback again….if they can that is..(Go Spurs Go…we’ll be better this year I know it!!!!!)”

    It’s something that just comes with being a Head Coach or any high quality team leader in general. If you win, you step back and let your men bask in the glory. You lose, you step up and take fire, take it for the team. Coach Spoelstra did a very fine job, albeit, like mentioned in the article, some actual point guard issues, but overall, a very good attempt at molding a high calibur team over the course of a single year. I’m a Mavs fan (well.. Bulls fan.. no hate for the Heat.. much 😛 ) but this series as been one for the history books if you ask me. Amazing job by both teams. I wish every finals were as intense as this one!

  292. John says:

    Lebron james is a good player. The great ones know how to show up when it counts. Look at the history of the league. the great ones did what they had to do to get it done. Lebron cannot get it done. I was against him going to Miami to join up with other superstars for the sake of a ring. I am one that is glad they lost. I give a lot of credit to Dirk. He could have done the same thing in the off season and decided to stay in Dallas. They had the right pieces and the won with it. No other super stars on the team, but guys that know their role and play it. Congraulations to the Mavs.

  293. duval says:

    the celtics big 3 won in their first year and there big 3 was alot older lol

  294. MsBevBlack says:

    When is all this “Hate” towards LaBron and the Heat gonna stop! People stop the “hate”. I feel sorry for anyone who
    plays for Cleveland because it is very clear that they will never let anyone move on with their life. LaBron has never
    said anything bad about the Cleveland fans, but yet they have burned his jersey, and put out all this hate towards him.
    Never in history has any player been treated this way. Congradulations to the Mavs. I hope Cleveland can move on
    without directing so much “hate” to LaBron, because the whole world is watching and Cleveland looks vindictive, and
    any opportunity they get to “hate” on LaBron they take full advantage of it. It would be great if they would re-direct that
    energy in a positive way and not express so much hate. If it could be done again I know LaBron and the Heat would have
    handeled things differently. But just remember, it was not intended to hurt anyone, but LaBron and the Heat were happy to be able to make their own choices and move on in life in a positive direction for them. That is what any human being would do. It is so sad to see little children in Cleveland saying “they hate LaBron”. And LaBron has not done one thing to that child. The man just simply moved on. But these children are being taught to “hate”. Thats so sad!
    I love LaBron, D.Wade and Chris Bosh and all the Miami Heat staff. And the reason I became a fan is because of seeing
    how unfair they were being treated. I feel sorry for D.Gilbert and Cleveland fans who “hate”, because they have not been successful in making everybody hate LaBron.

  295. drick says:

    Am a heat fan but congrats to the MAVS for making their fist and last trophy..good for DIRK & KIDD at least they got 1 trophy before the exit in NBA..

    We still have 4years with the BIG THREE and maybe CHANDLER will joined us next season for his 2nd ring..GOODLUCK FOR THE HEAT FOR THE NEXT FOUR YEARS..

  296. king says:

    well at least now miami know what they need to improve on. thats how you’re meant to deal with failing learning from them …..congrats dallas but GO HEAT!!!

  297. mark says:

    lebron has lost his damn mind

  298. Tom says:

    I’m a heat fan and want to say CONGRATS to the Mavs. You guys deserve it, not to say we didn’t, but you’re a hell of a team, both in play and attitude. We’ll be back though, gotta learn from mistakes

  299. is it true that he was threatened like what happened to Michael Jordan..???

  300. argie says:

    Sir John Shcumannm this is not the 1st time Lebron been to the finals. it was his 2nd!

  301. i felt disaappointed to James…he is a great player…is he threaten by a MAFIA??that was just an opinion by all of us here our town..

  302. green says:

    seems Lebron James is all about BUSINESS … OSCAR DE LA HOYA……..

  303. HEAT FANATIC says:

    there must be something wrong with bron.. maybe psychologically.. might be bout his family.. i say.. MAFIA

  304. LBJfan says:

    We’re just here in case u missed us…………………LeBron n d heat r gonna bounce back soon n u mavs r gonna pay a heavy price…..heheheheheheh;-p

  305. WhereWillDwightGo? says:

    Bron will have his day. Jordan won six. His first at age 28. Chill, haters. It was a great series and the Mavs were just too damn strong. The Heat will learn. And any team that polishes off the defending champs in a very convincing sweep is a force to be reckoned with. More homework on the Heat’s part wouldn’t’ve hurt but don’t sell short the Mavs’ achievement. All power to Dallas. Terry, Marion, Dirk, JJ, Tyson, Kidd were great. But please, Mark Cuban, keep your mouth shut and be a dignified winner. No talk shows.

    • Anon. says:

      Cuban HAS been keeping his mouth shut. Probs should let him run his mouth if you want your Heat to win…

      • WhereWillDwightGo? says:

        Ain’t my Heat…

        If you think everyone who has a problem with Cuban is a Heat fan, then there’s gotta be about 306,000,000 Miami fans in the United States…

        But you got a point. Perhaps Pat Riley could’ve slipped Cuban a wad of those tasty mafia bucks after G5 in return for a repeat of his ’06 David Letterman fiasco. Might’ve given the Heat a chance. But as much as I dislike the guy, gotta give him credit. Sweet gesture letting the Mavs’ first owner hoist the trophy. Maybe he’s turned a corner.

        In the meantime, I’ll keep wrestlin’…


  306. james butuan says:

    lebron was so useless during the finals…..

  307. Pnoy says:

    can’t wait to see lakers vs miami next year.

  308. mike says:

    heat organization wants wade to be the MVP, most of the play is on wade not on lebron, lebron is confused with his position, wade is no jordan, heat won 2006 because of shaq, payton, james, walker

  309. exc says:

    Hey. Instead of bashing LBJ, lets give credit to the Dallas defense. Stevenson, Marion, heck, even JJ Barrea was all over LeBron which may (or may not for whatever reason) caused him to play sloppy.

    Congrats Dallas Mavericks! Next year will be the year of the Heat!

  310. lebron says:

    Lebron :nice one dirk… you love it??
    Dirk: trashtalker

  311. sethpogi says:

    Miami still has a high chance of winning the championship next year, but it will be a tough one again. Congratz to Dallas! They well deserve it, 1st ring for Dirk, Kidd, Terry, and the rest

  312. Lechoke SUks says:

    Lebron suks…nuf said

  313. exodus says:

    this year is just an experiment.

    go heat see yah next year.

  314. MJ230708 says:

    it is a learning experience…. they should not depend on LBJ alone…. HEAT must strengthen their bench player… in my own personal view LBJ is not serious. there is something in his game maybe (MAFIA) or game fixing? he should live up what he promise to his FANS… sadly i’m one of those fan who believed on him…. but I’m still a HEAT FAN…. and to you CLEVELAND fans you’re such a BITTER AMPALAYA…… i think skip bayless was so happy about what happen to LBJ….

  315. HEAT BELIEVER says:

    2012 NBA SEASON.. HEAT IS ON!!!…

  316. Ryan M. says:

    I am so happy that LeBron didn’t get rewarded for his jerkiness.

    • TOTOY MOLA says:

      Where are now this arrogant HEAT fans: Heatwave, heatman06, heat all the way, chad,STFU and sorry if other not mention…
      @ f*youth whatever you say DIRK is still on MAVS when he earn his championship and i dont see DIRK will follow the footstep of Queen James.. Good luck to Your team next year…

  317. yes yes yo!!!! says:

    i’m a heat fan!!!

    congratulations to the mavericks. played very well!!! congrats to dirk!!!

    i hope the heat will do better next time….. goodluck…..

    …. HAPPY??? hehe

  318. ROB_IMMORTAL says:

    King James,. King James. And the best basketball talent in the world. ??? :)))))))))

    Come on. You are kidding. There is ONE KING IN NBA. HIS NAME IS KOBE BRYANT.

    Congratulations Dallas.

    • Ryan says:

      actually the king is “his airness” and kobe is nowhere near him

      • Bless1 says:

        We are talking about Active playres. Everytime someome mention’s kobe , somebody else mentions MJ. He is NOT PLAYIING ANYMORE!!! If he was stiill playing then I could understand. But the man has been retired for over 6yrs. The KING RIGHT NOW IS The Lord of The Rings, KOBE Bryant #24 Los Angeles Lakers if you have forgot. If LeBron Plays anything like Kobe with that Killer Instinct, He is a champ. But like Mike says “Is it In You”? Guess NOT

  319. Fan says:

    I love the MAVS, specially Kidd, Dirk an Marion but the heat lost the finals because Dallas guarded LBJ very well.
    Everybody talks about LBJ checking out… how can you say that? because he didnt mak that many plays? He was guarded well, dubble and triple teamed… and still he had enough points to help the team win. The rest of the team didnt play well enough and SPOELSTRA should use the other players more, like Dallas did. Next to that, dallas had a couple of 3 pointers, late in the game, and those were some lucky shots. They won becuase of that. Can you imagine how it would have been if they lost that game? going to Miami 2-3 behind…

    Next year the heat will be a better team but if they dont learn to play as a team, they will lose again. This time probably in de Conf finals or earlier. I like the Heat but they bumped to a SMART team, with a good coach. Dallas earned the title becuase of the way they played, not because they have Dirk…

  320. sweddishmeatball says:

    I stopped reading when I saw that Chalmers had more free throw attempts than James because it’s so freaking funny. It is as freaking funny as Pippen saying James is better than MJ. It was so ironic that James became the second banana just like Pippen was with MJ. Another freaking funny thing. CHOKER!

  321. LeBron was somehow doubtful… I mean he could have been more selfish than that….. but give credit to the Dallas Mavericks defense…. they immediately double team James and try to make someone else beat them…. Mavs know that James is the only player on the Heat that can’t be stopped one on one….. but next time around… please Lebron… be a monster…. run like a an L-train used to run……

  322. styllo says:

    it was a nice push n fight from game 1 through 6… my only problem here now is that this same pundits that predicted L.A to loss 09 and 10 championships also predicted miami to win in 6 this year what did they get? same false n wrong prediction again…from what i have noticed, the desire from them that lebron gets his 1st ring is great even if i’m not a gud fan of his i wish a gud talent like him gets at least 2 rings but with this amount of pressure from you pundits it might be even harder for him next season…congratulations western conference congrats DALLAS MAV…

  323. Just come back stronger next year says:

    Go Heat go!

  324. june says:

    ok lang yan KING JAMES..still you are the best of all NBA all star…

  325. bullsbaby says:

    SO NOW CAN WE JUST PLEASE STOP JUST STOP COMPARING LEBRON TO M.J There will be other great players in the league in times to come but there will never be another Michael Jordan please people every year this same old story opens up LBJ – MJ. NO JUST STOP IT because MJ= 5 season MVP’s ,6 rings with 6 finals MVP’s ,best closer ever never,never,never choke and always every game win or lose 100% heart and game on the floor.And no one comes close to that not even mamba let alone lebron.Congratulations to the Mavs great job true champ’s and Miami was great also this post-season had a bad loss but better luck next year

  326. GermanSheperd says:

    Lechoke…..dont ever compare this joker to kobe and mj
    …..nuff said !!!

  327. i think he was simply guarded well by shawn marion

  328. Joe says:

    Lebron ain’t cut from the same fabric as the “greats.” The great ones (e.g. MJ, Magic, Duncan, even Kobe) played their hearts out when they were at the end of themselves. Losing wasn’t an option for these guys. They performed when it really mattered. Lebron is a product of the tech generation. He tweets more than he shoots the ball. He seems distracted from basketball by the notoriety. He can’t bounce back whenever he’s in the slump; can’t focus. Too much video games maybe or late night outings with the highschool click. It’s kind of sad to see. I feel for the guy. Hope this isn’t his legacy.

  329. dallas are not doing anything nxt year…………….. lebron and wade is like magic and MJ the greatest something was wrong with lebron so you cant doubt him many ppl are not bball fans they just go 4 the winning team but heatt yall got this nxt yr LETZZ GOO

  330. Nick says:

    I’m so happy he lost. Shouldn’t have left Cleveland I guess. Can’t even do it when he basically cheats buy creating an all star team.

  331. hey yoo says:

    is it time to call Pat Riley yet?

  332. Chief says:

    Queen James, tha’t’s all I gots to say –
    Write this down – Knicks will get Howard in off season and that’s all she wrote – The Queen will fall to the New York Knicks next year.!!!
    Don’t hate, just watch and learn son.

  333. mike pogi says:

    lbj is a certified loser, the big three is a big joke

  334. Gio says:

    Dallas played great and they deserved this title,Dirk,Kidd,Barea,Terry,Chandler,Marion and all the others played a great series,congratulations Dallas!
    Anyway Lebron has proven once again that he’s still missing something to win the ring,I don’t know what it is,but he’s missing it.
    Wade in 2006 showed that is not missing anything,and honestly Bosh,who’s a great player,isn’t at their level.
    I hope for Lebron that he will be able to win a title sooner or later,or he’ll be marked as the greatest loser of all time(as it would have been for Dirk(stupidly) if he hadn’t win this title).
    Anyway great coaching too by Rick Carlise(or i have to say by Jim Carrey:)?)

  335. dimples says:

    Im a HEAT fan so……. now what….. you want to say something…….


  336. KB-24 says:

    Uhauhauha.Where are the Heat fans,that were f**king anoying when LA lost.. At least Kobe doesnt Choke on the Finals.. MVP of the FInals babe :D…. How can you call this man a King when he doesnt have a RING!!!!

    Congratz to Dallas,and Dirk it ‘s well deserved!!! Greetz from Europe 😛

    • Arda3388 says:

      yeahhh kobe didnt choke in 2004 under tayshaun prince’s defence, or he didnt choke in 2008 when the boston big 3 got them by 40 points in game 6:)

      • aaron says:

        well he didnt choke during his 3peat with shaq and he didnt choke on his own last year and the one before. tell lebron to do that and then come up with this argument. oh well right lebron cant do the same thing.. he needed wade and bosh.. may be more..

      • OFFENSIVE FOUL says:

        hahahaha..couldnt say more than that. oh yes kobe never failed.hahahha. that’s just funny.

      • Utopial says:

        It’s 5-2 for Kobe, Not bad

    • Benny says:

      Kobe has a handfull of RINGS, LBJ has how many?

  337. sandy acuzar says:

    miami lost because james was not that agressive.WHY? because james feels that he’s not a big star with miami.even if he become agressive he will not get the credits, but wade will…that’s the problem when you have many star players in a team, the competition is not only with the opponents but also with teammates…james popularity goes down together with his agressiveness to win championship when he transferred to miami…for james, try going back to where you started (cavaliers) and get supporting players (not star players) that will help you like jason terry, chandler and marion did with dallas mavericks…they have lot of points and very good plays but still nowitzki gets all the credits…miami fans don’t loves you that much because of dwyne wade that’s why you don’t feel you own the court…unlike in cavaliers all the eyes are in you.

    • BFOULDS says:

      I completely agree with this, but i doubt Cleveland even wants him back. He needs a coach like San Antonio Spurs Popivich also, to help him learn what he doesn’t already know or understand, team basketball.

  338. rusty says:

    Sorry I mean LBJ… heheheh!!

  339. D@Ojeth says:

    I think the Mafia was involved in this game.. maybe LeBron James received a death threat from them saying that he need to sell the game or if not something will happen to him or to his family.. that’s what i think…

  340. rusty says:

    BaD KARMA Baby!!!!!! yeah go mavs…… go dirk you are a pure player…
    LBL good luck next time…
    Bosh have fun shouting on the court…
    D-wade start blaming with the refs now….

    GO go! Go Go! Mavs…

  341. jimmy D says:

    lebron the jinx james such a cry baby…..

  342. LegendaryHeatFan says:

    Funny how everyone talks NOW! The Lakers got SWEPT by Dallas. LeBron is the best basketball player in the world and yes he struggled, but no one said anything about DWade against Chicago. Game 5 Bron has a triple double and hes not being aggressive. DWade had almost the exact same game tonight and NOTHING is said, Teams lose ball games not players, Dallas had a great season…..but win or lose I’m still a Heat fan!

    • Kay says:

      We got swept by the Champs after going to the finals the prior 3 years in a row and winning 2 of 3. Dallas deserved to win the series, they kicked our butts, but that doesn’t have anything to do with Miami loosing, James choking in the clutch, and any of the off-court arrogant crap that he and Miami did (the decision, celebratory parade before the season begins, promising 8 rings, blaming fans and media for scrutiny after the aforementioned crap, etc.).

      We Lakers don’t have anything to be ashamed of, we can’t win them all, but we win more than everyone else (I know, Boston has 2 more than us, but we’ll get them soon enough).

    • Me says:

      Nobody is talking about all that, because its irrelevant. The Finals was Mav vs Heat…

  343. Sniper18 says:

    Charles Barkley called it a year ago. LBJ tried to ‘piggyback’ to a chanmpionship. He will never be able to earn the same respect as the real greats like MJ, Bird, Russell, Dirk, etc. He could have led the Cavs to a title in the next 3 years I think, but decided to play second fiddle to an obvious better player in Wade – the stats don’t lie.

    They will make another run next year, but there are younger seemingly hungrier teams out there now like the Bulls and Thunder, who may well make the Finals next summer.

    LeWrongDecision may as well have his arrogant tattoo ‘The Chosen 1’ removed or changed to ‘The Chokin’ 1′. I have respect for his talent, but none for a man who personifies arrogance without justification. You’re not the best until you beat the best.

    The ‘King’ (LeBron) is dead. Long live the King (Dirk).

  344. RUKE says:

    correction to the first lead sentence..

    MIAMI – Something happened to LeBron James on the way to his first NBA championship.

    this is LEBRONS 2ND NBA CHAMPIONSHIP.. first was in Cleveland when they were swept by the Spurs in 2007

    • Arda3388 says:

      no the sentence is true, he never got a championship before you idiot so this was his first championship to win!also 2007 was his first ch’ship to win, you moron dont know anything about grammer i guess.

  345. Roberto says:

    So … where are the celts & lakers & spurs fans ?
    We heat were here ’til now …

  346. go bulls says:


  347. Knuckz says:

    I am a Heat fan for live. I have been since the days of Ronnie Seikaly, Glen Rice and Sherman Douglas. I have always thought Wade was a better p[layer than LeBron and this series proved that. Lebron let the team and the fans down because he hasn’t shown up at all since game 3. I feel bad for Bosh(who was openly disappointed), but I know a change is coming. Congrats to the Mavs and the true mavs fans. The Heat haters can go to hell!!

  348. GO heat says:

    I’m here i’m a heat fan.. so what’s it with you? stupid foo keep askin wheres the heat fan of course they’re everywhere u moron.

  349. Alexander says:

    Still a Heat fan all the way…no blaming Lebron…it’s a team game…somewhere somehow something happened to Miami…Dallas happened in Miami!

  350. alpha DM says:

    Basketball needs a good chemistry and a perfect harmony in order to have a better game. COACHING is the key to achive success, Basketball needs team work ,so it is a team game……..Do not put a blame in one person only

  351. bulls says:

    Lebron James + Scottie = 1/4 only of MVP Dirk!!!

  352. caloy says:

    Where was the talents that he brought to South Beach in the Finals?

  353. lorence says:

    LJ is very different as LJ we knew in the playoffs up to semis…maybe we cant blame him cuz we dont know what’s really the feeling of being in the finals…its clearly this is not his time to shine or might be no more sun to shine for him in the future of basketball…:) be down to earth always as what the players of MAVS shows especially MVP Dirk!!! your really deserve the ring guys!!!

  354. albestcrer says:

    i am fan of heat because of D Wade, and became a Fan too of Cleveland cause of LeBron James. Does the rivalry of this two ended in the time they teamed up? i believed Yes! Now they work as a team for the very first time and ended missing a championship,but tomorrow is a great opportunity to develop and enhance this team up and win championships,, more championship. better not criticize anyone. whose better and whose not… if you criticize this failure i will ask every one of you, have you not fail? would you think,LeBron will just give up his hunger to win Championship? the ball is very very round, hard to call whose gonna win.. today you make more shots, tomorrow wont be the same again. this time they fall, i believe they will rise again. FALL AT 7 RISE At 8! Coach Eric Does the Great Job! It seems Mavs has the better LUCK today,,, the ball mostly falls to there side… even in the final two minutes. LEts take a long wait to see them BETTER…

  355. Manok says:

    wahahaahah!!! thats what you get for proclaiming yourself as a king!!! you even made a joke on dirk’s sickness. you dont deserve a title for forever lechoke… just accept that there are better players than you. btw, did you observe that when the big three made points, they shout like gorillas!!! but when mavs do, they’re just humble and play good games, not very boastful in evry single shot. mavs deserve to win. james just retire already, you dont have the heart to win, you choke when you are pressured. bleeeeeeeeeee

  356. Heat need an actual coach. Spolestra is TRASH. LeBron needs a strong coach who can get it in his head that he’s unstoppable and needs to be the most selfish man on the planet when he’s on the court.

  357. James says:

    Lebron take note of Nowitski. That evasive championship would of been yours if you stayed in Cleveland and stayed loyal, perseverant and determined. Basketball players come and go and you would of eventually been in a team that clicked and played great basketball. It would of been so much sweeter than that eventual championship you will get.

  358. Mama Mia says:

    Heat need to build a real basketball team. Never in NBA history that a 3 stars/good players can lead the team to championship without a decent team support.

  359. hail KOBE says:

    Lebron..wake up u r not KOBE..u r just a freakin common person on the real King’s kingdom

    HAIL KOBE–its 5 rings baby

  360. Rob heat says:

    Heat should have swept the series (with a bit of teamwork). Momentum changed G5 when Barea started making 3s and Jet figured Lebron out on defence. Miami need a post game… and Bosh aint it. If Lebron wants to play point guard, then get Wade more help in the post. As a Heat fan, I am glad the Mavs won….they definitely were the better TEAM!

  361. johann04 says:

    Big 3 no match to the Big D!!

  362. Patrick says:

    Do not blame Miami Players, because defense, now, has nothing to see with defense that Mickael Jordan had to deal with . I have watched again the finals between Utah and Chicago and I am sure Jordan coudn’t do now the things he used to do. Lebron and Wayde are super good, but Dallas ‘s defense was extra good.
    For me Nowitzki is a player of 2011, nothing to compare with Jordan, and he is one the greatest, but more humble, more respectful. He considers all team as one player.
    Maybe Miami will be in final again, Not sure for dallas, because in the west they have L.A., Spurs, O.K.C. Memphis, waiting for revenge, they need it so much. But they won’t beat Dallas easily now, because this team is getting stronger and they have a strong mental.

  363. chad41 says:

    NOT 1
    NOT 2
    NOT 3
    NOT 4
    NOT 5
    NOT 6
    NOT 7
    BUt 0 C’ship HAHAHAHAHAA

  364. LeMORONjames says:

    one of thousand reasons why Lebron is not even close to MJ or any all time greats…..

  365. alpha DM says:

    If u r saying Mafia was involved in the game.Can u prove it?

  366. koyo says:

    i believe mafia has something to do with james performance

  367. slowpowk says:

    i know there is something wrong to L KIng i cn feel that……….

  368. Kris says:

    I hope Dallas will still be on the big stage next year, considering they didnt play at full strength and still became champions. Their second best player (second leading scorer and second best defender) Caron Butler did not play the entire playoffs, so did their starting SG Roddy Beaubois. Yup this team would still be difficult to handle next year. All those years of waiting finally came off. GO MAVS!

  369. Nicolas Ocoro says:

    I guess things were not the same.

  370. heatboy says:

    Really now , we have got to look at a mafia game fixing issue. A brick 10 footer in front of Jason Terry, geez!

  371. DCX says:

    Maybe after this series the media will stop glorifying Lebron James. He’s an all star, but he isn’t any more than that, and he’s demonstrated that he disappears in the biggest moments of the biggest games again and again. I’m tired of hearing him compared to Michael, Kobe or Magic. He doesn’t have anywhere near the competitive spirit those three have/had, and it’s disrespectful to them to mention Lebron in the same breath. I’d go so far as to say he’s not even the best player on his own team with D-Wade there.

  372. rakista says:

    miami weak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  373. Dally says:

    I thought that LBJ had learned from his mistakes in the past as a quitter. Unfortunately, we all see that it is one of his major weaknesses: QUIT.
    2007: Got swept by San Antonio Spurs (Best record in the East)
    2008: Lost from Boston in the East Semifinals (Best record ovrall)
    2009: Lost from Orlando in the East semifinals (Best record oveall)
    2010: Lost from Boston in the Eastfinals (Best record overall)
    2011: Lost from Dallas in the NBA Final (2nd best record in he East)

    LBJ is a good player but sometimes jt collapses and hurt his team more than he helps.
    LBJ stop quitting and start working on the killer instinct. Take good example of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant

    • Law064 says:

      @Dally you can’t learn killer instinct. That’s like trying to learn having heart. You have it or not and Lechok don’t have heart point blank. Congrats to Dallas and Congrats to Miami they were the Champs of the East..

  374. OR says:

    Miami, they made some mistakes, but you cant say they werent good, they made it to NBA final, yes, LJ wasnt there when his team need it most, but thats sport, you cant always get only win, look at the normaln season before, they sometimes win and sometimes lose, that sport, thats basketball, at least, we can be happy that JKidd and DNowitzki have finally their ring, credits to the champions, honor to miami

  375. MavsFanRonnie says:

    Was it just me, or did Miami quit? Two minutes left, down by !0, no fouls, nothing…. The Finals, no less, and they quit! I’ve seen harder fought, early regular season games…Miami QUIT!!!!

  376. Miami24 says:

    Use your head Miami, LBJ not so aggressive to win..



  378. ZenMFFL says:

    For all those who didn’t believe in the Dallas Mavericks, better luck next time. This OUR TIME,

    Great Series, though.


    Let’s Go Dallas Mavericks!

  379. Alexzo48 says:

    James simply dont have what it takes!!! That’s all!

  380. bruskokid says:

    Thats what happen if ul celebrate pre-maturely. King Ape if you are reading this, you need to understand that ul just be a famous Youngest Draft Pick ever period. Ur not worthy of having a Ring. You’rE too Cocky thats why fate done that to YOU! Boom! Game 6! It will haunt you till u live! That night u picked Miami as your Team that you would bring Many Championship Titles thinking that Cleveland was the Team that gave you what you have before, Fame, Money, Respect. Thats all BS now! Yes u have Fame because of Cleveland, yes you have Money because of Cleveland and yes because of what you’ve done to Cleveland, youve destroyed Respect… It seemed you cant do it by your own and you need Wade (no offense to Wade because he is still consistent), and Bosh to bring the Bacon? What an awful move. I feel sorry to Lebron. Maybe ur the 1st jinx player since Marbury that every team you go will bring failure of having that Trophy. To Dirk, you deserve to be the Winner, and being the MVP Finals as you along w/ur 13 seasons with the Mavs, all of it resulted into a momentus success. Its worth the wait, Dirk is also being wooed by other teams before, but he stayed because Dallas made him what he is today. A franchise player. His heart, determination and being a team player made Dallas the 2011 NBA Champs. Now that’s Sweet Revenge!

  381. This will learn LeBrick, Wade, Bosh that you don’t celebrate at the beginning of the season the championship as if you won it!!!!! I am so happy that the real “team” actually won!! I don’t consider 3 players a team. Does any heat fan still actually think now that LeBrick can be compared to MJ of even KB. Just to let you all know he is 0-2 so far! That is NO MJ!

  382. mungko says:

    good job! marvelous dallas…simple but insinct

  383. oplok says:

    from what i’ve seen in the finals james is not the the best basketball talent. wade was even better than him. he is no better than MJ. during the finals series it was all wade and bosh..james didn’t do what is supposed to be done by him or he just can’t do it..

  384. DDS says:

    Its payback time and what a sweet revenge by the Dallas Mavericks. Well deserved, Enjoy the moment first for the fans and the players! Congratulations to the MAVS Nation!

  385. tralalal says:

    you know what lebron needs to work on the summer? needs to know how to shut up and play ball LOL.. i hope next season knicks would become stronger, chicago would become more veteran, and boston would rise up again for one last try.

  386. red03 says:

    im a heat fan.. but i give credit to Mavs D and determination.. winner of the championship title will be the team whos hungrier and really craving for it.. and Mavs really has proven it.. their ball rotation was excellent and always caught the defense of Heat sleeping.. wheres LBJ by the way..? James moved to Miami to win the title with Wade and Bosh but he should have played the game like he really wanted to win the Championship.. yes maybe LBJ faced a lot of failure before but he should have realized that Basketball is a game with always two possible outcomes.. its either you win or you lose..
    great players fight great battles!!!

  387. Bob says:

    Maybe next year LEbron, Yeah it was a disapointing season specially thies series with mavs, but i know great players overomes this situation. This is tough moment for the maimi heat team, fans, the city of miami specially LB.I know next year maimi heat will make a difference.goodluck guys..LB heads up..Big 3 Get the tropthy next year…

  388. Magic Thomson says:

    Lebron still got some time..

  389. Mark says:

    lebron, a loser and a quitter.. i feel sorry for him..

  390. Joe says:

    WOOHOO!!! Dirk took his talents to South Beach!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))))))))))))))

  391. Jograd says:

    It’s a good thing that the Mavs won. It saved the NBA.

  392. Sam's Kitchen Divina says:

    Miami needs to trade Lebron and Bosh for Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. This will be a more competitive team than the 3 fallen stars they have right now. Miami simply overheated under the sizzling Dallas defense…..Go Team Annapolis Wilshire Unit 2602!!!

  393. nba drama says:

    Congrats to Mavs.. First and last championship… ^_^

    • jayke83 says:

      May be true, but it would be sweeter than 5 championships with a team that is supposed to win championships (based on pure talent, that is) because it is a rigged team.

    • al - respect the game says:


  394. MavsFanRonnie says:

    One last thought…I could be wrong, but I don’t remember Michael Jordan having problems finishing a game, and he was never arrogant about his abilities like the supposed “KIng”. Actions speak louder than words…prove it….So far, he hasn’t…..

  395. stupido says:

    Wheres the Flip stupid fans now?!!! Show your pride…. Your coach is a bum, so with the Big 3 defeated by a Lone Star. I’m happy for Kidd and Dirk they finally got their rings, they definitely deserve it. Lefron might want to join Dallas next year to win the championship for him, what a loser!

    • jayke83 says:

      Let me remind you that there’s only one Filipino there and he has less control over the game than actual players, who are 90% American, BTW.

      Coaches could bark all they want, call a timeout once they don’t like what they see. But once players get into the court, its all on them. Your coach does not miss your shots for you, its all on you.

  396. TOTOY MOLA says:

    this blog is so quiet…

  397. tom says:

    mavs deserved a lot to be the 2011 nba champions….they have all the ingredients to win it…..TEAMWORK. never seen that on the opposite team.

  398. krayzmike says:

    LeBron played 5 years in Cavs-Extended for 2 years. completed his contract. 2 time MVP. Gold Metal Winner in Olypics 2 x Eastern CONFERENCE CHAMPION.. Unbelievable highlight reels!!!!!

    MADE A DECISION with the BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB proceeds all going to the progam.



    NEVER EVER compared himself to JORDAN ONCE!!

    • Kevin says:

      Gave himself his own nickname being ´´King James´´…

    • aaron says:

      i am hoping u r not referring to kobe as the rapist – i trully am. and im on my work computer which blocks youtube otherwise id send u the link but google up the video where he talks about him and mj.

  399. nelson says:

    on the way to his first NBA championship? LBJ was there a few years back Cavs vs Spurs

  400. ramz says:

    the mavericks took their talents to south beach and won the title.

    while lebron and bosh did took their talents to south beach and came up 2 games short

  401. Miami says:

    I’m here miami fan

  402. 24onmyshirt says:

    Lebron needs to check himself honestly if i where a lebron fan which im not i would be pissed at him when they asked lebron and dwayne if the choked they should have said yes.

  403. Rovic - philippines says:


  404. krayzmike says:


    LeBron did shake hands with JET, Stevenson, and Gave J-Kidd a hugg… DIRK DEPARTED BEFORE LeBron could shake his hand….whatch the end of the game

    No love for LeBron because there are too many HATERs!!

    How is this a failure…The 1st year they get together and form this team they go to the NBA FInals… what an accomplishment!!!

    “To learn to succeed, you must first learn to fail” Michael Jordan

  405. MAVS2011CHAMPS says:


  406. erly says:

    lebron is much better when his not with all stars.. he can play by himself and he can win by himself… leave the heat and come back to cavs…

  407. paul says:

    lebron leave miami!.. join force with d-rose if you want to win multiple championships.

  408. wangsio says:

    Where are u guys.. just read your comments here:

    HeatLovesCritics says:
    May 28, 2011 at 4:26 am
    ..dOnt forget that “Defense wins championship”..Heat faces and knock-out two of the best defensive team in the NBA.Dallas shows nO “D” in their series.Lakers are not that gOod defensive squad and remember that OKC can easily score a 100+ points in their WCF series.Should give credit to the Heat although i love Jason Kidd to have a ring cause he deserves that way better than Dirk..Heat turns good defense to offense..History will repeat itself.i hoPe those Heat-haters are still on this forum making excuses after the Heat already raising the Larry O’Brien throphy..HEAT in 6

    HeatWave says:
    May 28, 2011 at 8:20 pm
    This is why I think Miami will win is their D and ability to score late in the game. For all the people talking about this season’s losses of Miami to Dallas, consider also that Chicago beat Dallas twice and limited them to 85 one game 77 the other.

    Can’t take theHEAT says:
    May 28, 2011 at 11:02 am
    The heat are the 2011 NBA champions. Why? Well they are the most confident team in the NBA. They projected 5 titles this summer. They had a rough start and turned the switch on asap. They failed to close in so many games and finished with the 2 seed. They shutdown the 76ers 4-1 with 1 loss coming with failure of closing, again. Then they shutdown the Celtics 4-1 with successful closings and the one loss was a mental breakdown. Then they took on the bulls without home court and had a mental breakdown. then they won 2 grind out fourth quarter games and the next 2 last possession games all succeeding in the clutch. Now the finals. No one thought they would be in the finals. No one thought they would be clutch. No one thought they couldn’t do it without a good bench. no one thought LBJ and D-Wade could play together. No one thought they could get pasted the bulls or Celtics. No one thought it would be Heat vs Mavs. These two teams in the season, well its been all Mavs since ’04. But in ’06 the heat took that aside and won the Finals in comeback fashion. Are the heat ready to prove the skeptics? Yes. They’ve done it before and they’ll do it again.

  409. markminator says:

    Clearly something’s wrong with LBJ, I’m not sure what it is all about but somethings worn… at the end of the end of the day i i know he’ll be on the stage holding the Obrien trophy… anyway congrats to the Mavs FOR NOW… : )

  410. brood says:

    First of all I just want to say that lebron sucks! haha the problem is not the coaching of the miami heat its just how lebron plays on the finals and miami heat doesnt deserved to have an champion ship because they got lebron james. oh well too bad for heats fun but dallas deserved the champion ship its just lebron suck! hahaha

    • brood says:

      Lebron james is such a cry baby. whahahaha so where’s the heat funs now???

      • brood says:

        where’s is the 7 champion shio ring that lebron said after he sign in miami heats??? hahaha what a loser!

      • Sweet Potato says:

        correction: LBJ said that they’ll be champions NOT only once, NOT twice, NOT thrice, … , NOT even on the seventh..
        therefore, LBJ will have NOTHING! period(.)

  411. TalioPharoah says:

    Mavs had a fully built team couple of years in the making.
    Heat had a busy off season, had to fill up a roster. They were underdogs the whole entire season, least experience as teammates out of the whole NBA .
    The Heat making it to the finals is more impressive than a good team(Mavs) beating the a team just put together(Heat) in the off-season.

    • jayke83 says:

      So now they’re good because they beat the Heat huh?

      Never before has a champion being consistently put in the role of the underdog all the way down from the first round even though they got a better record.

      8 out of 9 columnists chose the heat to win 4-2. Who’s the underdog now?

      Please stop making excuses for your Heat. Swallow everything or you’ll never be better.

      • BFOULDS says:

        so youre saying the heat is better than the mavs by losing the finals? someone needs their brain checked

      • jayke83 says:

        Just saying that the Mavs were always the underdogs.

      • jayke83 says:

        And BFOULDS, they ARE better in terms of pure talent.

        If you were in a basketball court and Terry and Wade are the last persons to be chosen, who would you pick?
        How about Marion and James?

  412. though the mavs wins… still the big three of miami is the best….

    • al - respect the game says:


  413. ohyes77 says:

    ive seen enough of miami big three..they choke! lakers for life!

  414. Anonymous says:

    not 1… not 2… not 3… not 4… not 5…. not 6…. but 0. SHAME!

  415. BC18thCT says:

    Good year for Dallas, good year for basketball, but next year heat nor mavs will be in position to win it all……if u ask me

    • BFOULDS says:

      kid will stay another year at least, so don’t count the current champions out yet. heat however better do some work or they won’t make it past next years round 1 playoffs with magic bulls and cavs on first round draft.

  416. Hugo Ferreira says:

    Sometimes, mental blocks like the one that, apparently, is holding Lebron James back in the clutch, come from guilt. Perhaps behind all that confidence, all that cockiness, all that sureness that was present in last Summer’s “Decision” there’s a sentiment of guilt for what he did to Cleveland and to the fans there. We all know that the way he did it was most probably the way numerous other people made him do it. Perhaps he feels bad about it. Perhaps, just perhaps, he should consider apologizing. The “Man Up There”, to who Lebron even yesterday referred, is known to like and listen to stuff like that…

  417. Daniel says:

    Living in Australia and following the NBA I see the games and see NBA.com but don’t see all the media hype (positive and negative) about all the players, all the opinions, every move, every mistake, every quote. So in essence I, like a lot of international followers, make our opinons about a player simply from what we see on the court, the body language and ultimately the final accomplishment.
    I’ll never forget watching game 3 when Miami when out to about a 12 point lead after Wade hit a 3 from the corner and watching Wade and James punch each others chests and dance about at the half court line on their way back to the bench after a timeout called by Dallas.

    We all know the end result of that game about 4 minutes later… I remember at the time saying to myself that these guys are lacking discipline, too cocky, not professional enough and taking their eye off the prize. I said right there and then to my friends that they won’t win, the game or the series and they laughed at me. Guess I was right.

    As good a player as Wade and James are individually and I agree they ARE good, they need to mature mentally and emotionally and improve their discipline.

    The greatest player to have ever played the game NEVER carried on like that until the winning was done, NEVER EVER. 6 finals, 6 wins.
    The lessons are there to be learnt for the Heat.

    Congrats Jason and Dirk on a deserving finish to great careers.

  418. philip glenn locsin says:

    ive seen enough of miami big three..they choke!

  419. Sam says:

    Congrats to Mavs!! The BEST TEAM did win!! The Mavs journey is like a Cinderella story

  420. MavsFanRonnie says:

    I won’t lie. As a Mavs fan, this postseason has been like a dream. As a basketball fan, it’s been even better. The TEAM won. I’ve read posts from various sites, and I understand team loyalty, but let’s get real. Basketball is a team sport, and Dallas won by playing as a team. Miami has more talent, so the experts say, but they don’t play as a team. That’s why they lost. From what I’ve seen, LeBron, at this point in his career, is way over-rated. He disappeared in the 4th quarter of every game. That’s not to say he won’t get better, but there seems to be a trend, going back to Cleveland…Dwayne Wade is the one true star Miami has at this point. He played great 48 minutes, every game. He ended up being the only Miami player Dallas really had to worry about. For all you James lovers out there, just check out the stories on NBA.COM. He averaged about 2 points in the 4th quarter in the finals. The MVP, Dirk Nowitski, scored at least 10 points in EVERY 4th quarter in the finals, That includes game 4 with a fever of 101-102, games 5 and 6 with a torn tendon/ligament in his left hand. He had a horrible shooting night, but who was there when it mattered? It wasn’t Le Bron….

    • k5 says:

      speaking of which, i was really surprised experts all picked miami (except one). ud think theyd know better to put star power over playing as a team eh :-S

  421. Brendo says:

    In a basketball there’s always a winner. This time it turn to be the mavs. it can’t be the two of them (mavs & heat). It just happen that the mavs plays well that’s why the heat losses. So whats wrong if the players did not play well. Although they are expected to play in the best possible way they can but it’s impossible to play one hundred percent at all times. Even the great players in the NBA history they have also there ups and downs. James don’t give up. One day you can have that O’brien trophy. Just stay simple and calm. GOOD LUCK NEXT TIME!

  422. Miami Shooter says:

    Ok I’m an LBJ fan as well as Dwade, LBJ deserves to win because he got the talent and the skills, but he also deserves to loose because he play individual game and not as a Team. When Heat Team plays, the ball revolves around LBJ esp. when Dwade is not around, watched the whole series and you’ll see. There’s no team work down there? Main guys always got the throw others are just plain design.

    LBJ will never win the ring if he continue this kind of game. Dwade doesn’t deserve to loose, however as long as he had LBJ on his side, it would be a tough road to build a nice Team Work as what Dallas showed in the whole series.

    I Solute to Dallas Mavs, I appreciate their effort and handwork playing as a Team. Well deserved Win!

    • k5 says:

      i dont think a person deserves to win just becuz he (or she) has the skills, players deserve to win when they fight for it (like dirk & co did, like kobe & co did, like kobe did again, and like boston big trio+big baby davis did) but other than that i think what u said is true. its a big problem tho bcuz it is much harder to solve. i dont see how they will figure it out & i guess it was anticipated by many the danger of putting so much star power in the same team. bosh is good ok but wade & lebron r in another category. before he was worn down by injuries, dwayne wade was arguably the best player in the league, along with lebron and kobe. now he is almost just as good, but not as consistently. nevertheless how do u put 2 contenders for the best player of the league in the same team? idk how they will figure it out but we will see next year. they r done with their draf season. next season is the real deal.

  423. avid heat fan says:

    i don’t think heat lose because of poor shooting, its coaching quality,
    1. When James on bench heat on lead
    2. When James on floor mavs on lead.
    3. No rotation.
    4. No communication.
    5. No back up plan.
    6. No 3 point shot.
    7. No bench help.
    8. Weak defense despite the fact that they are the best in a league.
    James is 27 years old. Still improving. Sometimes failure teachs. James now make a lesson. By the way dont blame him. Give him a credit. Unsolicited advice. Word of respect. Thing may think for their vacation. Pat seach a great center. And also a point guard instead of james role a point guard. Alen Iverson wants to back in NBA. He’s a big help.

    • jayke83 says:

      to answer:
      1. James’ fault
      2. James’ fault
      3. With a tight salary cap because of 3 superstars, do you have a choice?
      4. You could barely hear the whistles through the crowd, hard to communicate.
      5. Back up for what?
      6. Oh and Chalmers was missing 3’s all series long.
      7. Number 3 please.
      8. WEAK DEFENSE? You calling the Heat defense weak? The way they demolished Rose in the eastern conference? You’re proving that winning/losing changes opinions about everything.

      They played their game but its not enough. Please don’t cheapen this effort by Dallas by blaming it on the coaches.

    • al - respect the game says:

      sorry heat fan. u guys just keep coming up with excuses. take it like a man.

  424. JamesCoan says:

    I am tired of hearing he is the best talent now in this era. I am sorry until Kobe retires he still owns the throne. Kobe has the best over all game and killer instinct. Lebron is still trying to find himself. Lets not mentioned yet he still hasnt one a ring yet. Before you crown someone the best talented player or best player in this era atleast do something thats worth getting crowned the name for. Black Mamba all the way. A true great would know how to win in the 4th quarter for his team. Not hide behind someone else. Be a man and play like a so called King.

    • khenny says:

      kobe is the best player of our era most deff. besides im still amazed we r comparing a guy turning 33 to young 26 yr old legs -that’s to show kobes dominance over the league (and another thing that showed kobes dominance over the league was 2.5 amigos teaming up in miami to “beat l.a.”). I mean common how do lebrons bandwagoners even know his name is even going to be mentionned when he is 33. kobe developed and ELEVATED his game, fought through hate and underrating (fake rape case) and carried his team with shaq and on his own (yes on his own don’t talk to me bout pau. It occurs to him to be useful – definitely not in these playoffs – but this is definitely no wade+james star power combo). Most of us don’t realize how hard it is to travel to championships 3 years in a row so dis year L.A. had a mental break down and wasted a season – lakers should know that at some point they cant just cruise through and rely on one man only. But don’t write kobe or lakers of the list of contenders for next year. Kobe has the skills, the composure and the mentality. Lebron has the skills.

    • Benny says:

      very TRUE. until you get your RING please be quiet and let your game do the talking. if you truely are the king it should go with a ring! LBJ is better as a talk show person. ALL TALK

  425. Alexander says:

    I think Lebron bought, can’t a man so to dominate all the series and just stop playing the series with Dallas, he said it is necessary to be more aggressive and I will be as it was not

  426. Atilla says:

    LeBron and D-Wade have the power to get it. They did not do it this year. I dont know why. I am very sorry. But I have no doubt if they decide to do it, they will do it. Nobody can stop them. It is other players mission to work very hard to block that to happen.

  427. sly says:

    you can feel bron is looking again for another team! hahaha! loser!

  428. media says:

    Lebron is always described as:
    “best talent in the world”
    “best basketball player in the world”
    “better than derrick Rose”

    How? Why?
    How is it so clear? Im tired of the media trying to enhance fads, cause thats what I honestly think Lebron James is. He’s a good basketball player on stats sheet*, but any smart basketball witness knows, it goes far beyond that.

    *He’s actually not even that good on the sheets. He has ZERO RINGS. You can’t throw all those stats out without pointing out he has no rings, has choked noticeably more than done anything heroic.

    Just curious…

  429. Snow-Blind says:

    I feel pitty for LBJ… LBJ if i were you I’ll comeback to Cavs, you are destine to earn a championship with your mother team.. Cleveland will forgive you and you will earn back the respect. Just be patience LBJ look what happen to Dirk he spend his entire career at MAVS that why he earn a lot of respect.. he never leaved his team without a trophy..Miami is for WADE…CLEVELAND is for you LBJ…GOOD LUCK LBJ time come will come to you just be patience..

    @Totoy Mola: mag tagalog kana lang para di mag mukang tanga. wag mo pilitin brad.

    LBJ relaxed. Plain and Simple. He was satisfied knowing that he had support around him. something he was not used to playing in Cleveland. If any one here can play better than Lebron, please be my guest. I thought so to. So no one. So stop running your fat mouths thinking that you’re better than LBJ, Wade, Spoelstra or anybody else. If you knew better, you would be in the NBA coaching a team now would you? If you played better, then you wouldn’t even have time to read this because you’re busy being a highly paid sports athlete. So shut up.

    Mavs played with composure and resilience. My hats are off to them. Congrats JKidd. The odyssey is well worth it!
    Just have a question for Jason Terry: how dumb will you look 30 years from now when your skin is all wrinkly and you have the Larry O’Brien trophy jiggling from your arms? STUPID.

  430. Tortured_Mind says:

    Pat Riley needs to hire either rose, melo & dwight…. LBJ needs more help to win a ring for a king…..
    And what Scotie Pippen says? he’s better than Michael Jordan? huh!

    Maybe he is in company of Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, John Stockton & Patrick Ewing.

    Sorry LBJ u cant have your dreamed ring…

    • khenny says:

      pippen ‘s hating cuz playing with mj made him option #2. what a joke lebron bein better than mj. real talk over and over again cleveland led by lebron felt short. Supposedly the team around him wasn’t good enough. Now hes with miami. Nowhere to be found when it matters, once again. He needed help he couldn’t do it on his own. He got help still felt short. Man im not sure what else can be said in his defense. Did bosh and lebrons mom hook up or something this time? Lol look we can sit here and compare individual talent and physical attributes. Except theres much more to a player. Idk if most of u guys know what it is to be on a court but real talk that mental stability that coach spoelstra keeps talkin bout, its just missing. And we keep saying his young but hes 26 now, playing since 18 or something. There are too many conditions he needs in order to be good. And I mean I guess u cant ask more of him – hes already nonhuman in terms of his physical skills. I guess its just too good to be true. He is probably the most talented player out there, all around. But for him to be considered the BEST player of all time, there are too many ifs and buts and excuses. There are different categories of good players. And I think after what happened in cleveland, after what happened this season, I think its bout time ppl see that he is just not in the same category as MJ, Kobe & Bird. He may record more triple-doubles than all of them by the end of his career but Oscar Robertson recorded triple-double season stats and hes still not in MJ category. Came in as a promissing kid but something is just missing.

  431. miami 3 kings.. says:

    it is good to see dallas won this championship.. i’m a miami fan since wade defeated dallas last 2006, but the mavs deserved this win.. what i like about this is it will make my team the MIAMI HEAT hungrier for the champ next year… Something wrong happened to lebron.. he is not him in this finals… miami will comeback next year, i’m predicting it. and if they will, it is their time.. Dont lose hope Heat fans.. it’s just the beginning.. We already won and we dont need to play no more games!!!!

  432. Lebron James says:

    Everyone is acting as if Lebron was finished. You mindless flock of sheep … media puppets… you dont even know why you hate him. Hes only 26 years old…remember that! Lebron is still one of the best players in the league and he still has a lot of basketball to play in his life. Its only a matter of time! Well get em next year Lebron! LETS GO HEAT ! LETS GO HEAT ! LETS GO HEAT!

    • BFOULDS says:

      I’m pretty sure people don’t just go around hating professional athletes for no reason. There’s so many reason’s to dislike this guy I’ll just end it there.

  433. james4ver says:

    i still believed heat will grab many trophies for upcoming seasons.

  434. iod says:

    lechoke obviously gets into his own head when the stakes are riding too high…..sorry but thats why he wont be mj or kobe or kidd for that matter..you gotta have composure at the end of games.

  435. Kamote says:

    I am not a Hater… I’m just a basketball fan. True, individuals shine in this game, but basketball is always about TEAM growing, working hard and winning TOGETHER. And if anyone thinks his God-given talent can make him the center of the basketball universe and act like a diva calling the shots, making everyone wait on his decision, or just plainly thinking that he’d win by taking shortcuts… then that for me is a disrespect for the game. For someone who thinks he is beyond this sport he is playing doesnt deserve to win.

    Lebron still has the best basketball potential anyone has seen, but there are other things he needs to learn. I was a fan when he started because I get to witness someone who can be the greatest player ever (as I’ve seen MJ be one). But then he acted like a king, even though he hasnt won any wars to claim his kingdom yet. I have too much respect for the game to be one of his “subjects”. 🙂

    This has always been about BASKETBALL… and not about Lebron.

    Congratulations to the MAVS!!! A RING FOR KIDD!!!

    • George says:

      Wow man, Perfectly said.

      Respect & Love for this game are our most driving motives, player / coach / trainer / scout / fan / analyst … when you loose respect you loose love thus you loose track and failure is the only result.

      Hats for Mavs


    i will be a MIAMI HEAT always and forever and a Lebron James fan as will. but dont staring playing the blame game……… it not up to us to judge a man and many haters and the press has did lebron james …….. a man that was once loved by many now hated by the fans that once followed behind him. All because he try to better his self and have help to win the finals and thats what people are mad over THE DECISION…. I GUEST THAT WHAT SOCIETY IS TODAY …… lebron instead of people looking down on you, you look down on them and up toars the sky because there is always someone proud of you …….ooooooooohh my bad i guest that happens when your first name is LEBRON and your last name is JAMES…. AND your nickname when it comes to basketball is …KING JAMES! **The Greater Man upstairs know when it’s my time. Right now isn’t the time.** BUT NEXT YEAR IT WILL BE.

    • BFOULDS says:

      we are not mad about his decision, we are mad at how he went about his decision and mimic’d a WWE fiasco which the NBA should have no part of. we don’t need anything to give extra hype to th NBA, the NBA is already fantastic.

  437. aussie phil says:

    even over here in australia it was great to see the miami meceneries lose, lebron fantastic during the season obviously no good when it counts, kobe knows how to win when it counts unfortunately not his year but next with a fit kobe and fit bynum the lakers will do it all again

  438. Heat Up says:

    Basketball is not just about winning or losing. It is how you did your best that matters. It is how you exert your effort, show your confidence and learn from your own mistakes. All of you are winners as long as you did your best. I know that Miami Heat still has the opportunity to win, to shine and to be the best. Although I’m a fan of Miami Heat, I was amazed by the way Dallas Mavericks showed their teamwork and their splendid plays. I was taken aback by their maneuver during this season. Hope that these teams will keep up their good work and aspire for excellence. Kudos Dallas Mavericks, Kudos Miami Heat. 🙂

    • BLM73 says:

      Did you just confuse the NBA with Little League? Professional sports are about winning and losing, sorry bud. Grats to the Mavs!!! Awesome Series, and awesome to see Dirk, Kidd, Marion, and Terry get their well deserved Rings. Their commitment to TEAM basketball was an amazing thing to watch.

  439. superjizz69 says:

    its either Bron2 got paid for fixing or his knees are shaking…what the heck he’s being paid millions so that means he doesnt want to take the blame…give me a break they’re called the BIG3..in Boston paulpierce,KG and ray allen gave up their numbers to win the title every each of them knows their role..KG voice leader and D-fensive lead, ray allen 3-point artist and spreads the floor to dismatle the opponents d-fence and when the game is on the line still paul pierce is ever so clutch..the heat’s BIG3 shud know theyre every role so they can come back next season with a vengeance…but sucks to be them MAVS are the world CHAMPS!!! DIRK and JJ BAREA IDOL hahahahahaha

  440. BLC says:

    As a Dallas fan, i’m glad it happened. This team deserves it as no one else. but, it won’t happen again. i think, as a nba basketball fan, that next season belongs to miami.

  441. popoy says:

    the heat needs 3 balls on the game for the big three to be efective at all at the same time..

  442. david says:

    its just matter of time. we dont know next match will be the lebron’s game. hail to lebron.

  443. Kamote says:

    Lebron on DECISION II:

    “I will be leaving Miami and take my talents elsewhere… what I was looking for was a better supporting cast, people who would be good and would help me win, but should not be better than me… my team mates in Miami have stepped-up in this series, except me… and now everyone is blaming me for the loss… this shouldnt be happening… I should be the one doing the blaming… after all, I am THE KING.”

  444. Jeremy says:

    The Heat will struggle to win a championship unless they add a point guard who can run the offense and then have three options to go (without being a selfish scorer). That’s why Boston is so dangerous at times. Rondo doesnt look to score, he just helps Garnett, Allen and Pierce by making plays for them.

    They need to make more moves in the off-season… the Bibby experiment didn’t work, Eddie House wasnt effective, and Chalmers is OK maybe – but only playing a role off the bench.

    If they get a good ball handling point guard who doesnt need to score they will be much better off… and really unstoppable. They have three great offensive weapons, but not one player capable of driving that offense. Not even coach Spo. Clearly his “Stay the course” advice was poor – considering the playoffs is all about adjustments.

    The Celtics, Mavs, and Lakers utilize the offense they have (and all of those offenses arent nearly as deadly as Miami) because they have an effective quarter back. Go get a quarter back Riley, and your team will be unstoppable.

    P.S. I am not a HEAT fan as was stoked to see Dirk and Jason rewarded for fabulous careers.

  445. kingjames says:

    go heat! dallas had more to lose in this series than you guys, youll get em next year

  446. Tyl3r says:

    I’m tired of hearing “King” James. I’m a new Heat fan because of the big 3 Before i really didn’t watch the nba after Jordan. But since I saw all the highlights in the regular season I thought LBJ could be the next MJ.
    Man I’m so frustrated right now. Not to be rude but I haven’t seen “anybody” currently
    can be in the same conversation as Jordan. Talk the talk but vanished in the Finals. Whatever!

  447. Truth says:

    That’s it Heat fans pack it up. This was your year. Look at who’s going to be good next year. A more experienced Bull’s team, a healthy and lethal Knicks team with tow all-stars of there own. (Carmello’s better then LBJ in my opinion because he gives a fourth quarter). Celtics team who despite age is still good, and Orlando. Just in the Eastern Conference. If you think Dallas is going to be push overs next year, please. The only one who might retire is Kidd and guess how replaces him… Barea. The guy who sliced you guys up in the final game. I’m going on record as saying as LBJ wins 1 ring. One ring. Not seven, not six, not five, not four, ONE. Better then MJ NO, better then Kobe, NO, Shaq NO, the list goes on and on. Congratulations to my homeboy Dirk and Dallas.

  448. George says:

    @ Brian

    Lebron… Mafia ?!!!!!!!? Are you serious man????????? he hasnt won a championship yet in order to affect the winnings and losses of the betting bureau’s. Jordan dominated the league for 3 consecutive years by eliminating any sort of possible competition which drove the unreveiled mob move.

    Get over yourself a bit and Admit it: you got outplayed period.

    Now here is what i wish would happen:

    Miami looses again in 2012 and Lebron returns to the Cavs in 2013 and becomes a champ even before winning the 2013 trophy. O Boy what a drama would that be :))))))))))))))))

    • STFU says:

      I think it would be better if MIAMi and CAVS would fight in the finals NEXT year or for more seasons to COME!!! i’m not a heat fan, nor i hate on lebron, but it just doesn’t make sense why people hate him so much for transferring to another team… he didnt commit a crime, nor was that an illegal move!!! He lived his life for himself — not to make all of you CAVS fan HAPPY!

  449. raymond says:

    win or lose im a heat fan!!!!!!

  450. ss says:

    LBJ is NO KOBE, now you kow what it takes to win 5 championship. Kobe is still the real KING and the best of all. LBJ you should call Kobe and get some advice on how to win a championship….no so fast buddy.

    • Kay says:

      Ummm . . . I’m also a Lakers fan, but I think you’ve overlooked a player named named Michael Jordan with that statement.

  451. benjamin pineda jr says:

    u know what ? NOWITZKI u deserved it , u beat supossubly the big three . which for me is the 3 dreamers, u guys did more then dream but u guys made reality . nowitzki terry barea kidd chandler and mowhalk guy were inspired !tyu guys did it ! even tho im a lakers fan which u guys swept! u guys made me feel mad for losen wid the lakers , u guys also made me feel intensity and drama and interest,u guys made the best of the best beat the king in his prime! but tell me something what type of king has to move to another team to win ? he lost and ya took it ! i respect ya and thanx for given us a SPECTACULAR 6 games ! ur friend benjaminP jr

  452. bball fan says:

    at the end of the day its still all about being a team and not claiming the title even before the season began. no matter what excuse LeBron uses fact of the matter is he was a no show in the finals and a bad loser at the end of it. wade was a better player without james, miami should have just stop after getting bosh. they don’t need the monster size ego of a guy calling himself king but can’t even show up to help his team win!
    Well deserved win for Dallas and finally a ring for Kidd and Nowitzki! Two of the most deserving players to win!

  453. vincent says:

    there’s a lot of things that bron should learn from dirk and jason terry, this duo did not leave their team since 2005, they’ve waited for their time to get their own championship ring. they stand in front of everybody as proud mavs season every season until they got what they are dreaming for their entire basketball life…grow more bron, be more mature, you still don’t have the character of a true champion…miami heat is not lebron’s team, it belongs to wade and unfortunately the badluck that lebron has spread out over the team…

  454. Cfan says:

    “How often do we hear about the LeBron James reality show and what he is or isn’t doing? When are people going to talk about the purity of our game and what we accomplished? That’s what’s special.”

  455. markyboi says:

    maybe there’s a real reason why LBJ played differently..
    i knew they can..

  456. papamis says:

    If only the HEAT had a coach on yhe bench instead of the sleaping beauty… We barely got past the Bulls which have no serious offense yet, but against Dirk Kidd and Carlisle’s we stood no chance unless D-Wade pulled a 2006 level of playing. Unfortunatelly Spoelstra was afraid of pulling Lebron to the bench more often especially when he chocked in order to calm him and give him any instruction on changing his approach… Next season with a REAL coach the Heat could be unstoppable all the way to the trophy.

    i.e. With all that offensive talent in the team it’s unacceptable to score an average of less than 100 points through the playoffs

  457. LakersWillWin says:

    Personally, I’m happier that Dallas one this finals over La. LA has had their time, it was so painful to watch PJ to go out that way, ending the Kobe era etc… But Dirk and Jason Terry Kidd and all these guys deserved this. They played unbelievable FUN basketball to watch, Not only is that what people WANT to see, it’s what wins champsionships. Man, Dirk was just so humble in his postgame interview(s). I’m really happy for Dallas. See you next season boys,… Hope you grow up a little bit. (i’m talking about the hangtime nerds)

  458. Maverick says:

    miami heat fans are crying ryt now together with Queen james!!too much confidence broke them apart!!!

  459. Guest says:

    A big thank you to the Mavericks for saving the NBA. Team comes first.

  460. Edward says:

    Hey LeBron. Why don’t you bring your talents over here to Dallas. We’ve got a good, well-respected bench. You’d fit right in, somewhere.

  461. Guest says:

    “But there’s no doubt that James’ failure to lead the Miami Heat to a title is as big a story.” True. But it shouldn’t be. As good as it was to see the Heat lose, I really don’t want everyone to make this about them and LeBron. It’s not what Miami did wrong, it’s what Dallas did right. That’s what deserves to be in the spotlight. Dirk was phenominal despite a bad shooting night in Game 6. Terry, Kidd, Barrea, Chandler, Marion… all these guys deserve to be celebration for their selfless display of teamwork, and refusal to quit in the midst of adversity, and stormed back to win this series when some claimed it was over in Game 1. Heck, most people didn’t even believe they would get past the first round. So let’s just forget about the Heat for now. I’m getting sick of hearing about them. Mark Cuban said it best, “I could care less about the Heat. That’s their problem.”

  462. go mavs says:

    i really wanted the mavs to win. they totally deserve it. but im sick of all the ppl hating on lebron. if you were offered to play with the better players for a beter chance of winning, youd take it. he wasnt goin anywhere with the cavs. i totally support his decision and hope they get it nxt season.

    nash deserves a ring now xD

    • BFOULDS says:

      what do you mean he wasnt going anywhere with the cavs? they had the best season record at the end of a season, and made it all the way to the playoffs against a very tough spurs team that had more talent, but they could have worked on it.

      he quit on the cavs just like he quit on the heat in the finals. that is just a fact, its not hate, and saying he wasnt going anywhere with the cavs is just plain false.

    • Lakers 4Life says:

      I agree with you that Lebron has the right to play for any team he wants. But he makes the NBA less entertaining for me this year. All I can hear is about the Heat either when they win or lose. I am sick of it hence I blames LeBron and his DECISION for that.

  463. Big SM says:

    Give credit to the Mavericks instead. I am just tired of Lebron this and that. It is just his only weakness that he does not have it mentally with all the talent that he has. Had not Michael Jordan won a title already by the time He spent as many years in the league as Lebron James by now? Correct me if I am wrong…

    • JohnDaze says:

      Jordan went to college, LBJ came out of high school. So technically, yes, but Jordan came into the NBA with a championship from North Carolina. Jordan is the greatest ever, but I do believe college ball helped him tremendously. His first championship, he was 28. So LBJ has less basketball experience overall, but more professional experience than MJ did when he won his first. No excuses though.

  464. david says:

    and btw,lets go mav,man,
    I cant sleep tonight because we got a ring!!!!

  465. LoLMavswonLoL says:

    Hey I just checked the bandwagon. Didn’t see any of the Heat fans…

  466. Heat3 says:

    Us Heat fans is still here, and don’t wanna hear no hating unless you’re a Mavs fan!
    This year was far above any Heat expectations anyhow. Remember the start of the season? Heat couldn’t buy a win. And it began to look like this was going to be a write-off season, a building year. Yes, I admit a much better building year than most clubs could dream of. My only criticism of getting the Big Three is that Haslem is about the only other quality player, the rest of the Heat lineup lacks consistency.

    • mavsalltheway says:

      I am Mavs fan and I think you are not giving enough credit to the supporting cast of your team. Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers, Eddie House, Udonis Haslem and Juwan Howard all can be fine supporting players when the proper team focus is achieved. Dallas’s supporting cast are not stars, but they all new their role and were content to perform that role. Egos were for the most part put aside and they all worked for the common good. Dirk’s willingness to share the ball and the limelight and coach Carlisle’s constant emphasis on team were critical to the season.

    • Lakers 4Life says:

      Far above any Heat expectations …. Yeah, hell right. Remember who declares winning 8 championships with the Heat. If the Heats won, they would have said. TOLD YA !!!! Sorry Hypocrite, we don’t buy that.
      Btw, any basketball fan has the right to trash the Heats. Congrats to the Mavs , well done.

  467. Letsaccept says:

    Nothings wrong with Lebron. The celtics were destroyed for NO Defense and bulls were destroyed for no OFFENSE. Now, Mavs have them both and in big quantities. Dirk and Kidd were hungrier and deserved it. You know how it feels to be ripped off your dreams by San Antonio and have a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally grab it? Stop hating on Lebron because he has five more years. Its the pressure of the media that causes lebron to “choke”. Let him be and we might see him win some other time.

    Congratulations Mavs.

    P.S. Spoelstra did a wonderful job. Try reading on Carlisle and Spoelstra and see the coaching experience gap.

    • Jamba says:

      Yeah, and celebrating winning the championship before the season had begun, that’ was the media? Declaring you’re going to win multiple championships before playing a single game together? that wasn’t the media bucko, that was your self proclaimed “King”.

  468. JJ says:

    LeBron is just stage shy, he needs to grow up and be a man!
    Did something happened in his family caused his crap performance???

    • Benny says:

      Stage shy? that poser has been on the camera like he won an OSCAR. that’s all he’s good at. he likes the media attetion and always being in front of the camera. “The Decision” WTF was that he thinks he’s THE KING (of what?)

  469. Mike says:

    thats what you get lebron, you know now how your home town felt when you left them, you got that feelin, and you’ll never be good as the mamba, he has got 5, you got 0, hahahaha

  470. Michael says:

    Yes, Heat won!!!!

  471. arnel_3 says:

    lebron is a quitter

  472. pakal says:

    say all you want miami fans ,,this year is for the mavs!!!!! your lebron failed

  473. Oh yeah! says:

    Ahhh…such a great day for basketball.Dallas saved the NBA from Hollywood Heat.Thank you Dallas and enjoy your rings.This was it…last time the Heat will be so close.Bulls will not fall again ,Knicks will get stronger ,and even Cleveland with two first picks could do some damage to the Heat ,Orlando with a thirsty Howard.Man will the Heat big three fall like an old big tree.They are toast!Fantastic day ,fantastic win ,fantastic feeling!

  474. LEBRICK2011 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! HEAT FANS! Lebron failed again cus he was afraid of the moment and not meant to be a winner. He left cleveland for an easy route to the championship but he couldnt win even with a good team. He (and bad coaching) is the reason the heat lost.

    • funny comment says:

      i know u like him inside ur heart.

      or else, y make big deal? lol

    • mr. eleven says:







  475. Mike Gamble says:

    Poor coaching. Eric is half-Filipino, no surprise that he’s half-stupid.

    • jayke83 says:

      Well, Lebron, Wade, and Bosh are all pure bred Americans, what do you say about that?

    • Tagausig says:

      Yeah, I agree, he is half filipino thats why he is half stupid.. maybe if he is only full filipino then he will not be stupid… :p

    • vetkin says:

      First off sir, DON’T BE A RACIST SIR! Remember, if he is that bad, then the Heat Organization should have taken him out earlier…

      Back on topic, it’s the TEAM EFFORT that gave the Mavs the edge on this series. TEAM OFFENSE, TEAM DEFENSE, TEAM COMPOSURE… The determination to stake it all for that elusive chance to grab the title. Its their will and guts that pushed through, and then all followed.

      Again, we are witnesses on how LeBron crumbled during crunchtime, during the times when it counts the most… I admire DWade’s determination and Bosh’s lowly approach on his role on the team (accepting such criticism like the “half” in 2 1/2 men, but still producing efficient numbers in the series). It’s the MENTAL TOUGHNESS that LeBron always loses in all his playoff losses (against the Spurs in 2007, Celtics in 2008 and 2010, Orlando in 2009, and now, the Mavs)

      Last off, DON’T BE JUST A HATER, support your claims with facts.

      Peace out!

    • Benny says:

      Just face the thruth LBJ sucks. he chocke when he was with Cavs, he still chokes even with 2 other stars in Miami

  476. david says:

    Theyr not as hungry as mavs to win this ring,thats why dallas get to the top,even when they are an older team than most of the playoff teams,
    When LJ and miami was facing the eliminated situation,they didnt become hungry to win as mavs,Thats the reason they wont get the rings this year,
    I dont think LJ is a leader as Dirk or Kevin Durant,no leader will run away from a team and become a MVP in the playoff history.
    We will see from next year,

  477. le john says:

    blame all you want, lebron did what he did, he just cant, dwayne did, chrish did, coach spo did and all of the team did what they did but hey there are always failures before you succedde. coach spo did a very good job on coaching his a half filipino and i know filifinos are fighter, just like manny pacquiao, someday they found a way to be successful, when that comes i know nba teams wiil be afraid of them, keep pusing up heat……..

    • Benny says:

      Yes there’s failure before one succeeds but LBJ runs his mouth like he already has a ring. going to Miami saying he’ll win not just 7 rings. he should just shut the hell up and be quiet till he gets his first RING. Kobe or MJ were just quiet they let their game do the talking. start talking AFTER you get your RING!

  478. J.J.L says:

    ‘The King” his got the whole right taking his talented to south beach, that is not upset so many people in the entire world. However, his arrogannt, let tell you something: it absoultely doesn’t matter how much money you got, how talented are you but first you should be a good person and Leborn is not, he is just too arrogannt and people don’t like arrogannt either G-d doesn’t. I hope that kid has learned a little bet to be humble despite been rich and talented more important to bee human being.

    I am really happy for Dallas I think they deserve it.

    by the way, I live outside States and not Cleveland fun I just don’t like arrogannt people and Leborn is arrogannt.

    Good luck,


    • Jason Mc says:

      Absolutely agree! I will be a Lebron fan (of the person not just the game) when he learns a little humility and a lot of sportsmanship.
      C’mon Lebron, after the game Bosh did the right thing, he spoke about “we” as a team and the things “we” can do to become better. You just spoke about yourself, and I for one am really tired of it, especially when you consider that the thing tha5t beat the heat was that Dallas played as one of the greatest teams, with all pitching in!
      Lebron can be great, but is he able to learn these lessons early(ish) in his basketball carreer or will he always be seen as spoilt?

  479. Elliot says:

    For years he blamed the other players on his team for his bad play choices and throwing the ball away then last year it was the mysterious shoulder injury that he had 3 MRI’s done on it in 10 days that found nothing wrong with him. NOW what’s he gonna do? whats he gonna say? He can’t blame the team if anything Wade should do what LeBron did and blame the team. LeBron chocked went missing all the show boating from Game 1 must of worn him out. All you people out there saying LeBron is the greatest player in the world how blind are you? would the greatest player in the world drop 8 points in Game 4 if so then Dirk and Wade even Terry must be some sort of basketball gods. At the end of the day LeBron is still King Nothing who will probably sign a few lawn mower deals to make himself feel better about his failures once again. Then maybe next year before the play offs when everyones training hard he might do the same instead of releasing shoes and energy strips. LeBron is a joke and will forever be known as a joke.

    • JohnDaze says:

      Every single high-profile player that Lebron completely destroyed en route to the Finals, they all have products they endorse. Or have you missed D.Rose’s “my shoe is lighter than a feather” commercial? Or Durant’s “i just ate this gatorade gel, and now I can dunk on a fast break” commercial? It would be easier to take your criticism seriously if you would be realistic. Lebron choked. Absolutely. From my point of view, he didn’t even try that hard. But at the end of the day, don’t blame that horrible 15 second energy strip commercial, which he probably shot on his webcam in one take and emailed it to the company.

  480. 24 Black Mamba says:

    If i ever need help building a house i would go to lebron james…… i heard hes good with bricks

  481. Gorgonio says:

    Everyone has his/her ups and downs. Heck, even MJ isn’t perfect and it took him years to win a ring. Eventually, LeBron will have his chance.

    Oh, by the way, I’m a Kobe and Wade fan but nevertheless, LeBron rocks 🙂

    • Tagausig says:

      lol, when MJ’s team play in the finals they always win… when james play in the final he always lost.. its two different line path…

  482. Jason Mc says:

    Lebron seemed to lose his ability to jump above the ring… how many times could have he finished with a slam in that game, but how many did he?
    He’s still going to be fearsome in the future but he needs to acknowledge that he can learn from others too.

    • low heat, undercooked says:

      Nah the heat are just undercooked as a team they have enough to get there but not to get the job done. Miami fans should buy season tickets and then scalp any finals tickets they have if they hope to profit from basketball, maybe that is what Lebron will do next season. Ha!

  483. christianne singson says:

    in this series i didn`t see that Lebron have a “HEAT” factor on last 6 games. Although we know that the series ends in 4-2 but in there winning game WADE works a lot than Lebron. i expect that when Dwayne Wade will go at the bench and Lebron at the court he will represent as a substitute captain. hopefully next season Lebron can handle that kind of leadership in his team, his not a ordinary player his all-star so people expect a lot from him especially in FINALS how a heartbreaking game when i watch his entire game series vs. MAVS,

  484. adolf says:

    as the great MJ said: talent wins games, team work wins championship.

  485. Eiji says:

    good game or bad game
    i will be still LeBron’s fan
    and because his with the Heat
    i’m a Heat fan too..

    we can have another chance

  486. jwest says:

    Lebron needs a MATURE coach who KNOWS what their doing. HE NEEDS a PHIL JACKSON otherwise he’ll never reach his full potential. Until them WADE and HIM will continue to PLAY STREET ball style with no plays, and rely just on TALENT.

    • JohnDaze says:

      Spoelstra can definitely draw up plays. He may have gotten outcoached at times, but Dallas was actually the better team. Pat Riley, arguably one of the greatest ever, is definitely involved in mentoring Spoelstra and the players. He doesn’t need to be on the floor. For Spoelstra to bring this team to within 2 games of winning everything, as a young coach, you can’t take anything from him.
      But I do agree that Wade and LBJ do play a lot of street ball and rely on talent. But it has such a high success rate, that it would be suicide for a coach to take that out of the equation… it would probably do more harm than good.

  487. rave cornelio says:

    i just want to comment. i think it was not lebron’s first way to an nba championship. He had been in the finals against the Spurs year 2007?

  488. Pola says:

    It’s over. Mavs made it. They deserve to be Champions. On the Miami side, lets also give credits to LBJ, they’re not where they were without LBJ. The problem with the Miami Big 3 is that they control the team. While Dirk and the rest at Dallas are controlled by the team. Look at the Celtics Big 3, they’re aged when they were formed but still they won the Championship….. because they were controlled by the Celtics, not the other way around.

    Many will say that Miami lost due to LBJs bad performance in the last 3 games. Well that’s true. So we cannot put him in the level of Kobe. LAL lost games but not because Kobe did not play well.

  489. Jovel says:

    James what happen to you?!

    • funny comment says:

      yeah, really,,,,

      Have u notice the bruise marks on his face?
      may be he wasn’t feeling well?

      Sux to see hime loose like that (x_x)
      Better luck in next season.

  490. sweetscience says:

    Its part of life in general, we do remember that when shaq first came to Miami in 2005 season they did not get the title though shaq promise it to be, they get it a year after and still against dallas. You cannot blame it all on james his really off this finals, and still contribute on other depts aside from his points. Maybe the year is still yet to come.

  491. Brian says:

    guys lebron has been mafia..that is! SUCK MAFIA!

  492. Vincent says:

    Enough with the criticism of LeBron James and the Miami Heat. They have experienced so much criticism more than everybody else on the NBA. They now know what to do but it will take a long time fro them to recover

    • Benny says:

      Heat was critisized coz LBJ thinks he already won the championship even before the season started. he’s just a LOUD MOUTH who’s all talk but no walk and always CHOKE.
      he’s cell phone is still on VIBRATE coz he still has NO RING

      • Lakers 4Life says:

        Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7. Lebron thinks they will win 8 championships ….. with ease …. GO DREAMING

    • Kay says:

      They brought it upon themselves. You don’t do the decision, have a championship parade before the season begins, promise 5,6,7,8 championships, make fun of Dirk for being sick, then blame the media and your fans for the scrutiny you placed yourself under and get to go uncriticized when you fail . . . again.

      The answer to the question “what was different between the finals and rounds 2 and 3” is that the finals where the clutch moment, and of course Lebron can’t play or win in the clutch.

    • Law064 says:

      @JohnDaze the heat barely beat the Bulls in a few games, I gave Lebron credit. He made some good shots and closed games. The Bulls will indeed be better and if they still had Ben Gordon(someone that can score) they would’ve been playing in the Finals. The Bulls with 1 true star just feel short vs Miami because if you stop Rose you stop the Bulls. NY will get better for the simple fact they team was revamped after the Allstar break and they didn’t have a lot of time to play with each other. Orlando will get better if they want Howard to stick around. Miami will get better I mean they can’t get worst but they will be challenged even more in the East come next year. Before the Finals started I thought that the Mavs could beat anyone coming out the east. The Heat might not make it to the finals next season. I have nothing against Lebron but when people compare him to MJ Please get real. He not even on Kobe’s page let alone the GOAT MJ

  493. Joex_dvo.city philippines says:

    It’s O.k, LBJ and the big3 were very young and I’m sure Miami will gonna get back into the Finals next season to get that Larry O’Brien Trophy!!!

    • Law064 says:

      I doubt it the Bulls & NY will be better next season

      • JohnDaze says:

        Why do you think the Bulls and NY will improve and Miami won’t? The Bulls have a long way to go. They would have gotten easily swept by the Mavs even if they had beaten the Heat. Dallas was a better team, end of story. They showed it last night. Yes, the Heat could have won if LBJ would have just attacked the basket more, or just flung his body at the rim and drew fouls. But all credit to Dallas. Miami has shown in their first season together that they can get to the Finals… I mean I know you all dislike LBJ but that is definitely a major accomplishment.

      • Lakers 4Life says:

        @JohnDaze: The Heat has no money to imrpove …. none. Right, this is their big accomplishment which is more of a problem for them now. Other teams are more alert now. Lakers, Bulls, NY will spend crazy money to improve their roosters. Other stars see that they cannot complete with Heat alone so they will join forces. Heat could have a sneak attack this year but they blew it ….

    • do you know that youre talking about? i bet you dont know basketball coz youre in the philippines and becaise coach spo is a filipino. it added to the reason why miami lost to the mavs.

      • mr. eleven says:


      • Joex_dvo.city philippines says:

        look who’s talking!!! even coach Phil JAckson and my team LAKERS fell victim to the Mavz!!! what’s you’re excuse to that huh!!!???????

  494. Rav says:


    we are not agaist you, we are just against your dedicion “The Decision” 🙂 look at Dirk, he is been with dalls for 13 years without a championship, but he stuck to the same team and town all these years patiently enough to claim the ultimate crown. Learn from him, its not the superstars who make the team its the individual heart who make it, always! Don’t shed any crocodile tears.. Bosh is much better than you in these finals.

    • bbamp says:

      good post. No one can use KG/Allen as an excuse either because they were traded to the Celtics. Allen was always traded and KG was always loyal. Unfortunately KG said he would have done things sooner (left during free agency) if he had known leaving Minnesota would bring him a championship. What a terrible message to send to people.

  495. HEAT says:

    darn. I cant believe LeBron let Miami down. now he can never be great. all of those negative things that’s been said to him was true. he can never be a winner. not because he did not win the championship, but because he just let the opportunity to slip away. There’s no will in him. He SUCKS

  496. kel says:

    Heat will NEVER win any rings with Lebron in the team. He just do not have the heart for enduring pressure and put the team on his back, He just tend to give up. In teams of heart and stats, Chris Bosh is better than him in the finals. At least he still bothers to foul on Mavs the last min. Trade Lebron for some really good role players and Wade will be on his way to the 2nd ring.

    • funny comment says:

      I think u r just being hater and don’t know what ur talking about.lol
      (Note: I am not a hater, so I won’t diss u for making ignorant comment)
      Yes, Bosh might of played more better games in the finals than LJ did, but
      he was the role player in regular seasons and all the games except few
      games in the finals. LJ is one of the best role player in the leage (wheather u like
      him or not, i think its no brainer) and I was just curious of who u had in ur mind
      saying replacing to better role player than LJ?
      I really need to know

  497. MathSimon says:

    wahaha so where are the Heat Fans now??

    • bart says:

      im hir math simon. go heat!

    • bart says:

      common math simon! go heat!

    • mavs all day says:

      gone fishing again!!!

      wer all witnesses 2 lebrons choking moment………………

    • lbj06 says:

      we’re here, to congratulate the mavs, all i can say is, the mavs played great than heat. and to our beloved team heat.. just be patience and grow.. move on. thats all, congrats again to mavs.

    • f*ckyouth says:

      i’m here…that’s basketball, someone looses, and someone wins…more important is, you know how to accept it….it’s ok, they’re so many ballgames that they’ll going to play and somehow, somewhere they’ll going to get that o’brien trophy!LBJ will going to get that elusive o’brien trophy in front of your face!!!congrats to the mavs!

    • Paul says:

      Miga: LBJ did shake Kidd’s hand after the game. He learned how to respect from the past defeats.
      Alot of credit should be given to LBJ and the miami heat for giving the dallas a very good match in this series.
      More seasons to come and LBJ is still young. Go HEAT!

    • there are no true fans around here ppl were heat fans at the beggining but dallas aht the end………. STAY WITH A TRUE TEAM LIKE ME HEAT FAN FOREVER even before lebron went there

      • jayke83 says:

        I’ve been a fan even before the 2006 meltdown. I only wish Nash, Howard, Harris are still with Dallas. They deserve a ring, too.

      • dookie "DONKEY 'APE' KONG" smoove says:

        i’m sensing hypocrisy here.. you dig?

  498. niko says:

    wahahahah!daug ang dallas…

  499. AJ says:

    Why can’t D-Wade step up in times like this, he has a more pure shot, can will his team and is good in the clutch. The team revolves around Lebron when it should revolve around D-Wade, seeing as Lebron can’t get himself in the paint, be a pure shooter and get good in the clutch when it really matters. Clearly, Lebron is their MVP in terms of regard (Miami Heat always puts his stats before others, even D-Wade the most loyal who could have gone to Chicago and probably won a championship) and its questionable whether its talent. Either Lebron is Lechoke, or he can’t play in certain defenses e.g. Boston last year, Dallas this year. He doesn’t have the ability to get to the rim like others, if he’s having poor shooting nights he should be getting to the free throw line. His shot isn’t pure and to be frank, yes he was good in the clutch against Chicago but that was merely flooky. Maybe he can do good against certain teams, but not against others, and this would explain his past actions. Orlando, Boston, San Antonio (way back in 07′) have a big post dominance maybe if you clog up the paint, then you can defeat the Lebron. Yes, the Heat beat the Lakers in the regular season but Pau is soft and chokes up himself (I am an avid Lakers fan but still!) and Bynum wasn’t in form in those games, as well as the fact they are a slow team.
    Lebron hypes himself up and the media does too. He should really learn to gloat once he gets some championships. He’s 26 now, its time to grow up. People calling him better than MJ, seriously guys. He has so many flaws to his game. I could go even further to say, Lebron purposely played bad (after Game 3 or 4) because even if he put that extra 50% in, D-Wade overall would have better stats. He didn’t back himself to get astronomical stats so maybe he played bad on purpose. Because really, if he didn’t get Finals MVP then its not about “KING” James.

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      @AJ Doc Rivers is running the same D that Thibodeau (Bulls) ran when he was still with Boston. Chicago, with Thibs, is running a similar type of D, with variations allowing for Noah and Boozer. So you can’t say that James can’t play Boston or Thibs’ defense. DWade shot is not pure (whatever that is) coz as you can clearly see, at the point of release, only half of the ball is cradled by his right hand (check out the slowmos if you’re too slow to catch it). But I agree with you that James’ shot is worse than Wade’s. Bosh’ release is better than both of them. The issue here is this. LeBron can’t play second fiddle to Wade. Even if he says every interview that he’s going to do everything it takes to win, he clearly can’t accept the fact that in this series, Wade simply has the better matchups offensively and therefore should be 1st option. He can’t play off the ball, doesn’t really understand the intricacies(?) of pick and roll bball, and when he is upstaged, he becomes a shrinking violet, willing to let his team lose in order to portray Wade as a usurper of his offensive duties. That said, I have lost nearly all of my respect and admiration for James. Well, I still have John Wall. John, Nice article.

    • Goatee says:

      That kind of thinking is precisely what did the Heat in. In a playoff series its good for a team to have a clear notion on who the ball should go to when the chips are down. But the heat should know that this type of traditional thinking goes out through the windows when their stars decided to group together in one team. THIS IS THEIR GREATEST ENEMY. That confusion on who should rightfully lead this team. People will say it should be Dwane Wade, since its his team in the first place before it all began. Another would say it should be Lebron, since hes the bigger star and has a better stat throughout the season. Or better yet…Wade would think I should lead this team because blah blah blah… and then Lebron would think I should lead this team because blah, blah, blah…In or out of this Miami Heat team this is the wedge that will divide them and that will prevent them from achieving their main goal in the first place. It is that personal hump that they should go up against…not the other team that they will be facing…nor the media and the public for that matter…they started this thing and they should be able to solve it…and i dare say again… it starts with their own thinking heads.

    • Willie says:

      You might be onto something there aj because during game two when wade was at the free throw line the croud started chanting mvp…. maybe lebron got his feelings hurt and didn’t want to play anymore…

  500. 24 Black Mamba says:

    this is why you dont celebrate the championship too early………werent people saying that lebron was a great closer during the conference finals

  501. TOTOY MOLA says:

    I feel pitty for LBJ… LBJ if i were you I’ll comeback to Cavs, you are destine to earn a championship with your mother team.. Cleveland will forgive you and you will earn back the respect. Just be patience LBJ look what happen to Dirk he spend his entire career at MAVS that why he earn a lot of respect.. he never leaved his team without a trophy..Miami is for WADE…CLEVELAND is for you LBJ…GOOD LUCK LBJ time come will come to you just be patience..

    • f*ckyouth says:

      for your info, dirk also wants to get out of mavs this season but wade just want to team up with bosh…he just didn’t get the right offer that’s why he just choose to stay with the mavs, which is the right decision after that…but the truth is, he really wants to stay out of mavs if ever came up a right offer and especially when he will be teaming up with D-Wade!

      • jayke83 says:

        What fan fiction are you reading? Dirk didn’t do a Kobe anytime during his career.

        He said he was even afraid Mark Cuban would trade him after people started to see him as soft. Mark Cuban sticked with him, and it paid off.

        And let me say this, this one championship will be worth more than 5-10 championships the Heat would win, if they’re lucky to get even one. Why? A team with 3 superstars would win championships but it wouldn’t be as fulfilling because they somehow rigged the system. James took a shortcut to what he presumed to be a formula for a championship. A lineup who could start the All star game would be all too easy.

      • Willie says:

        I don’t know where you got that info from but dirk never wanted to leave dallas he said he took less money to stay because going elsewhere for a championship would have meant nothing because all his blood, sweat, and tears had been put in with dallas so it was win championship with dallas or not at all…………

  502. miami says:

    i love wade and lebron i know the next year is our year, lets go heat

  503. jhune gomez says:

    correction this is lebron’s second trip to NBA Championship.check your history.His first was with the cavs against spurs where they got sweep.

  504. Miga says:

    I understand how hard it was for Lebron when he and his team defeated in the final. But, i don’t like when he immediately races off the court after the big frustrating loss. if he is really super star, he at least need to shake hand to the Title winners. He needs to learn how to lose, after that needs to study how to win!!

    • Tagausig says:

      for all the lost he always got each season, I think its time for him to learn to accept it.. winning championship is not only focus on one talent its a team effort.. you are right james need to accept his defeat so that he can start learning how to win…

    • krayzmike says:

      LeBron did shake hands with JET, Stevenson, and Gave J-Kidd a hugg… DIRK DEPRTED BEFORE LeBron could shake his hand….whatch the end of the game Du MB A s s

    • JohnDaze says:

      You must have raced off to the kitchen after the buzzer. Lebron didn’t immediately race off… he even hugged Jason Kidd and they exchanged words.

  505. law08 says:

    congratulations to the Mavs..job well done,i pity lebron for he can’t rise to the level of expectations…everybody knows that it takes a team to win..not just 3.

    • Team South Beach says:

      Team chemistry is often overlooked, Mavs had it and the Heat didn’t. Mavs deserved the win, they played better period. But you people seem to forget that Dirk also was criticized after allegedly chocking at the 2006 finals, now it’s Lebron. It takes time for a team to develop the trust on each other and the chemistry needed to succeed. Dallas was the leagues punching line for years, remember? Early exits, beat by an 8th seed. The Heat will be back, stronger than ever and anyone with any kind of knowledge about basketball knows that. Kudos to the Mavs and their fans on their first tittle, they beat the best and can now call themself World Champs.

  506. Brian says:

    lebron has been mafia…and afraid what happened to michael jordan before!

    • Tagausig says:

      mafia, omg!!! come on accept the fact that Lebron doesnt have the heart… It’s only Wade you have the heart in their team.. James is a good regular season player.. that’s all I can say….

    • jayke83 says:

      So that’s what they call the Mavs now? Mafia? Hahaha.

      If that’s the case then he’ll never win a championship.

    • vyn says:

      i agree. if james did choke, why not in boston? why not in chicago? just review the games compare his aggresiveness between the series. come on, i know many people hate james but you can’t deny the fact that he is one of the best in the league right now and it makes you wonder, what happened to him in the series versus the mavericks.

      • jayke83 says:

        Oh my, Dallas’s defense is this underrated, huh?

        Why would James bother to pump himself up if he already gave the game up?

        Its so ridiculous you people are even considering this its laughable.

        Yeah, maybe they’re afraid Brian Cardinal would show up with a Tommy gun at their condo.

      • bbamp says:

        He was aggressive against those teams because they are relative trash. Boston is washed up and the Bulls have been LBJ’s punching bag since last year. Lebron beat the bulls in 5 a year ago with a weaker team and now that he has a stronger team of course he is going to be confident.

        All of a sudden when faced with LEGITIMATE defense LBJ worked his usual disappearing act. He did the same thing against Boston last year when Boston was much, much better.

        Now that I think of it, he stopped trying to carry his team after the ’09 loss to the magic. He isn’t a competitor.

      • IMTHATDUDE89 says:

        bbamp you can’t be serous. The Bulls have been his punching bag. You must’ve forhot how the Bulls made thier whole team cry in the locker room after losing a regular season game…….relative trash??? You must be a hardcore Lebron fan cause you have no idea how insane you sound right now. Your boy is a cry baby and a little boy. He’ll never acheive greatness until he humbles himself and stop with all this “The King” and “Witness” junk. The only thing I’ve witnessed is how he’s the King of not winning.

    • kashif says:

      The mafia? Gotti? Bugsy? Lucky? Bumpy? Frank Lucas? How about Dirk the Jason boys, The Matrix remix Chandler and Tattoo(aka J.J.Barrea)

    • kukoch99 says:

      maybe… thats not the real lebron james.. the thing i know about lebron james is that highly aggressive and making 25pts and above but this last game its nothing..

    • Lakers 4Life says:

      If you start talking about Mafia, Pat Riley is the real Mafia to NBA. I don’t hate LeBron, or Wade or Bosh or Spoelstra as much Riley. Why? He created a super team which really kill NBA entertainment. Why do I want to watch NBA if I know Heat is going to win most of the time. David Stern should thank the Mavs for saving the NBA at least one more season. Lakers (get CP3 for real damn it), Celtics, Bulls, Mavs or even Knicks should start shopping for another star to compete with the Heat next year because I fear noone will be able to hold back Heat next year. They are already very close this year. Let’s face it, if Lebron didn’t choke for whatever reasons, Mavs would have lost, NBA would have lost…. to Pat Riley the real Mafia

  507. joqs says:

    honestly, it’s really bad coaching on spoelstra’s part. he had all the tools, he just didn’t utilize them properly.

    he didn’t use the right players on court, took too much time figuring out that bibby was useless and took him too much time figuring out how important eddie house could have been in his offense with Lebron and Wade on court. kudos to dallas for an awesome team game the entire playoffs, but for a team with 3 all-star’s like the heat did, it’s pretty bad how they did in the series.

    great job by the mavs team, especially marion on lebron and chandler’s overall game on D. as everyone keeps saying, defense wins championships, and getting lebron to shoot 20 FT’s in 6 games, says a hell of a damn lot.

    • Tagausig says:

      what? don’t blame the coach about the lost, it’s just so happen mavericks is a better “team” compare to heat (individual skill). 3 players cannot beat a good well round “team”. Anyway, just take note, heat doesnt have all the tool.

    • Tortured_Mind says:

      Maybe we will see Pat Riley again on Miami sidelines…

    • Klynester says:

      why is it that when the team loses its coach Spoelstra’s fault? and then when they were winning its about James and Wade and the team? Don’t blame the coach if they lose and give him credit when they win, its sad that coaches with great players tend to become the punching bag of the team they absorb all the blame and get left behind on wins….Coach Spoelstra was great and for me, it was just that execution of the system was never achieved since they just had their first season together ( talking about the big 3) and it was clear that Lebron literally had nothing to do with it when it was clutch time..he did nothing!! and to think he was said to be the greatest player right now?! really? doesn’t look that way now does it, Wade was even better..far better and even Chris Bosh was better in the finals (maybe too far as Bosh better than LeBron but that’s my opinion) but he’s got a long ways to go so I hope they Just learn from the mistakes and make the best out of it comeback again….if they can that is..(Go Spurs Go…we’ll be better this year I know it!!!!!)

      • stupid lebronfans says:

        dude,in case you didnt know abt it,this is how lebron’s fan are,in cleveland when they win it’s Lebron that did everything but when they loose its the other teamates that didnot coorperate.I mean like cavs averaged 100 and something pts per game andlebron averaged 28.5pts.Now in Miami,because of D-wade and Bosh they cnt put it on the teamates no more,its the coach now.Its time for them to realize that their man is better regular season player,he ct com thru in big moments

      • bbamp says:

        lol they had 1 year to learn how to execute the “system”. What system? Maybe the cHeat didn’t learn the system because Spo can’t coach. Seriously, have you heard his little motivational speeches in timeouts? All I hear is “sacrifice this, sacrifice that”. Spo got out coached. Where was big Z anyways?

    • Mark says:

      Jogs i agree with you that it was Spolstra’s inexperience that killed the heat as well as Lebron not showing up. First up why is Terry ,Deshawn,Mahimi,THE CUSTODIAN and Barea showing more fight than everyone except Wade,Bosh,House,Chalmers,andHaslem? LETS TALK ABOUT COUACHING. Spolstra did nothing to combat the fact that Lebron has trouble beating his defenders to the goal. He ran a few low screens in the first half so Lebron could get closer to the hoop. None in the second half. HE HAD LEBRON IN THE SAME POSITION HE FAILED IN THE PREVIOUS 2 GAMES,handling the ball up top. ALSO with Wade and James clearly not playing their best game and Bosh playing outstanding,why didnt Spolstra make Bosh his Primary offensive option and get Dirk his 5th foul. Bosh played outstanding and coach was afraid to ride you because of the backlash he would receive if it didnt work. I did a lot of Bosh bashing this year but i gotta say he showed me something. I blame Spolstra as much as if not more than Lebron.Just my thoughts.Peace.Gooooo J-Kidd Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I watched you at Cal with Lamond Murray till now. You were always my favorite P.G. Now you can apply that Ben-Gay and take all the naps you want. Congrats MAVS.

      • MJ4EVER says:

        Well you can say now that Spoelstra is gaining a lot of experience and this is a part of a learning curve. He’s only 40 for pete’s sake, he’s only going to get better. He should be commended for holding together the egos of the team.

      • MJ4EVER says:

        plus LBJ’s not even used to getting screens because he didn’t use it much in Cleveland so in fact you’re pointing out the wrong thing although he should using screens more when driving ti the hoop.

      • sean says:

        he SHOULD be used to setting screens thats what BASKETBALL PLAYERS do
        not an excuse at all

  508. mavs41 says:

    where is the heat fans???
    say something!!!!!hahahaha

    • JLGO says:

      I am a Heat fan, and I said before that Dallas was going to eat whoever wins in the east. I didn’t expect the Heat to that far specially with new players in the roster. Dallas will get only 1 championship for the decade, Miami will win several in the next decade. Now Dallas can enjoy their only championship win.

      • jayke83 says:

        Why do people forget that Dirk’s only 33? You think he’ll retire next season? Even Kidd’s getting 3 years more play.

      • john says:

        So, the heat fans have to wait until next decade, which starts 2020?

      • Kung Fu Hustler says:

        Umm before they win like 7 don’t they have to win 1? At least they had that nice South Beach championship parade before the season started. It is realistic to say that Lebron will never win on the big stage. Kobe and all the great players ealways seem to rise to the challenge and Lebron quits. I don’t like Cleveland but it would be great to see them win it because Lebron would cry a river. Sorry Bron but you should also give up your self proclaimed heirchy as the only thing you seem to be the King of is quitting. You are the King of quitting.

      • EWreck says:

        Lol, you got jokes. The maximum # of championships I see the Heat winning are 2.
        Next year will be about the Lakers and Thunder in the West. I’m telling you, the Thunder are really good now, and in two years they will be a championship caliber team. Also, in a few years you will see the Clippers become a scary good team.
        In the east, the Bulls will only get better. If Orlando makes some changes and Howard stays, they can be dangerous as well.
        So as for the Heat dominating and winning many championships, no, it won’t happen. You put this on yourself, with your premature celebrations before you even played a game. Well, laugh at this fact: You just got beat in the finals.

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Except Miami will have to get through the beast growing out west that is the Oklahoma City Thunder, dont forget what happened last time we played the Heat, if i recall Miami got whooped on in Miami. OKC will be good for a long time with the way their roster is set up. Nothing is a given for anyone, i still think KD will get his ring before Laqueen because KD is hungry and humble, and has a tremendous work ethic!

      • Dee Wade says:

        @Ereck, You are right about the Thunder. However as long as Westbrook is the point guard, OKC will never be able to reach the Final

  509. Gizmo says:

    He checked out at Game 4. He is the best basketball talent in the world but he was simply not used to playing 2nd option.

    • leo says:

      He is not even the first. That is why he didnt win in Cleveland

      • Sandman says:

        Because he had no team around him to win. Look where Cleve came out….worst in NBA….without lebron. I would say it was his lack of a supporting team in Cleve….who took them to the Conference finals…who got two MVPs in a row…who was in Cleve when they had the most winds? Oh, I guess it was LEBRON james…..bye bye cleveland cavaliers…Cleve Sports fans are so pathetic they can lose like good sports can they?

    • kashif says:

      Kobe is still the best! Being the best requires a little thing in the body called heart!

      • Sean of Oz says:

        Kobe is the most overrated player in the league. Forget the typical LA hype, take a look at his FG% to see what a ball hog he is that misses far more often than he makes. He has needed Shaq and Gasol to win anything!

  510. allaround baller says:

    Many ppl believe he was the next MJ. At this point, either he wins ow loses, it’s not his role.
    Step aside bron
    It’s official Lebron turns to pippen, but wade is no jordan. They’ll have to work harder and grow mentally

  511. doods says:

    win or loose i’m a heat fan

    • Imad Akel says:

      Ditto. That said it’s not that bad that dirk and kidd finally got their championship rings.
      Hard to imagine that Dallas will be a problem again next year. They had alot more riding here if you ask me.

      • Guest says:

        Seriously?! No way. Heat had more pressure, they were the favorites. And after that parade before the season started, anything short of a championship is a failure. Hardly anyone expected the Mavs to even come this far.

      • BostonF says:

        I’m a Boston Fan but I am an NBA fan…. I enjoyed watching Dirk, Kidd, Terry, Marion and the rest of the Mavs got their 1st championship! They deserve it, on the other hand Miami for me still had a good run. I mean hey it’s their first year together so them making it to the finals is also amazing.

      • jayke83 says:

        “They have a lot more riding” part undermines the fact that the Mavs worked hard for this while James and the Heat thought that 3 superstars will be a surefire formula for a Championship.

        Sourgraping something you can now not have huh? I wonder what were you saying a few games ago?

        Most of you got the 4-2 part, but it turns out you were wrong about the team.

        What does your heart taste like?

      • Blood says:

        You guys are delusional, the mavs were missing one of there mean one on one creater/player in Caron Butler and they still were able to out pace the heat. Miami has no consistant outside scoring, You damn rite about a team not being a factor next year, but it’s more like the heat. They will not be able to deal with Boston or Chi in the new season.

      • barbergirl says:

        Yeah, but for them to prepare a parade route was WAY over the marker!! Just ask us Mavs fans!!! We can definitely relate to this!!! Congrats Mavs!!! Love you guys!!

      • Vijay says:

        Where are all the Heat and Lebron fans. I’m a Lakers fan and still stick to the notion that the best basketball player was eliminated by the Mavs, Kobe Bryant.

        One. Lebron, it was fun rooting against you and I was under no impression that you and I are friends, that I’m your brother or that my life will suck now that rooting for you to fail is over, or that yours will come to an end after losing in the finals. It is clear to me that the tag of “basketball villain” wears heavily on Mr James. His comments that the rest of us anti-Heat fans have to face our problems and our problematic lives now that he has lost is a clear indication that it “nba villain” has worn heavily on him. We rooted against him, like some of us rooted for him, it is what it is.

        Two. Lebron put himself in this situation, not by the Heat parading them before the start of the season but by him making a spectacle of himself via free agency, the announcement and then the proclomation that he will win 5 – 6 championships before they even practiced. He also put himself in this situation by not re signing with Cleveland and therefore allowing them the chance to be in a better position lure talent his way. Leaving was his right but don’t blame the organisation for being able to get help for you when you had them handicapped in the first place.

        Three. I don’t agree with Dan Gilbert, he is making his attacks very personal, I understand that basketball is a very emotional game but in his position, it’s a busniess first.

        Four, congratulation the Dallas Mavericks who thoroughly dismantled my team and in the Finals did the same to the “Goliath” Miami Heat.

        Five. I was amazed how the media missed little things about the Heat not named Lebron throughout and into the Finals. Eg. Big Z was nailed to the bench after playing such a major role in them getting the championship round. Mike Bibby was also cast aside in the last game for a guy who didn’t even touch the court to that point in the playoffs. James Jones most surprisingly didn’t see any playing time either, that was the biggest shocker. And finally Chris Bosh talking about how he should’ve gotten more shots. Defend Dirk first then talk about lack of shots.

        In Lebrons defense, his disappearance was overstated. In those last couple of games, game 4 and 5 particualrly, he wasn’t rolling offensively but his team was playing well and winning coming down the strecth, of course they didn’t sustain but if you Dwayne Wade rolling and other guys producing, was he just supposed to cast up shots because his name is Lebron. The Mavs defense did a great job of also walling up around him. Better luck next year.

      • patcarter says:

        You are right with a big time coach who can and will push buttons as match ups present themselves. Big three did well to get there, Lebron personally willed them past Boston/Chicago. But this dallas team had a little bit of it all height/shooters and Sploster didn’t read it well until game 6, went he went small. Dirk was 1 for 12 at the half and Chandler in foul trouble. I kept saying he needed to sit Bibby/Chalmers out at the start and play House on Berera for defense not shooting, run House off the ball on offense (ala ray Allen) to draw a defender with him to get them out of the paint. James should have played point guard/make Marion guard on the wing exert energy, he was playing point anyway, Miller should have been used more in the forward position for his rebounding we know they can all shoot. Give Carlise credit when he saw Sploster didn’t know what to do he switched his line up and the rest was history. I wished for Doc Rivers/Alvin Gentry/Don Nelson somebody to drive the car and get the fast break going. I hate to say it but Dallas could live with Dwade because his game does not get everybody involved and he shoots early on the clock, so Dallas knew there would be time for Dirk if game was close. Spolster still playing Chalmers/Bibby both slow and bring nothing defenesivly, did I mention that UD after Chicago should have been given a start to see how much he had in the tank for a game? What was it going to hurt game 2,3,4. I ve been blogging this since Chaicago series, Miami needed to go small and then make changes. I love the big 3 and was hoping that since they got them there that Sploster would take them to the promised land. I am sorry heat need a coach and fast. You don’t waste opportunities, injuries, anything can happen to a player. it was sad watching lebron come down and stand in a corner on offense. Give carlise credit, Sploster drained them on offense/defense with his inability to push buttons. I was waiting for the 30,30,30 game, weren’t you?

      • Banks says:

        Kidd, Dirk, Terry, Marion, Butler, Chandler, Barrea, Haywood, Stevenson…..Excuse me if Im wrong, but weren’t all those guys like top 10 draft picks? And atleast four of them appeared in Allstar games? Don’t dismiss Dallas as a time without Allstars just because they been underachieving for the last past few years. They also have an allstar team…and I see four hall of famers in this list…Kidd, Dirk, Terry, and Shawn Marion…and Butler if he can come back strong

      • True Fan says:

        “I work hard to try to put myself in position to play at a high level,” James said. “When you go out on the court, does the ball always go in? Absolutely not. But the one thing I know, I never hold my head low in saying, ‘I didn’t do it the right way’ or ‘I wish I would have did this.’ It’s not about that.”

        LeBron James don’t regret, WE fans don’t regret, first year HEAT made it to this far, good enough. Gratz to the Mavs and the HEAT looks only forward not back.

        2012, LETS GO HEAT!

      • SimplyMe says:

        The Mavs can be favorites again next yea rbecause you will add Caron Butler back to the equation. But I am happy for Kidd, Dirk and the rest of the Mavs. I’m a Celtics fan, but I was glad to see good guys get a ring that they deserved.

      • Timothy Bladel says:

        Thats dumb, your team gets killed by them-4 to 2, and you try and downplay it as them wanting it more. That is silly, you better hope James gets some fire in his belly, and a killer junp shot, or the Heat are not going to win the rings they said they will. Maybe 1,2,or 3, but 10 ha ha ha ha ha.

      • DJ says:

        Hard to imagine? Ever heard of a guy named Caron Butler? Cuz he’s been injured all year. But that being said, when Dallas lost to Miami in their last series, Dallas exploded the next season with a vengence. I fear for the safety of the team they play on opening night, and look for the big 3 to live in a gym all summer (or longer if lockout) until they have another chance at a title.

      • doconwhitechucks says:

        vijay.. i am here a lbj fan & heat fan. win or lose i am an lbj fan. i know that lbj has not yet matured regarding playing great games in situations like the finals but thats what i like lbj because he is honest to himself that he cannot win the whole thing by himself so leaves cleveland. the other teams are just bitter because lbj did choose them. congrats to mavs because they were the hungrier team.

    • Dirk is Da Maaaaaan!!! says:

      It’s time to trade Da KING (reminds me of John Starks vs Rockets or Nick the brick Anderson vs Rockets) of CHOKE & Mr ZERO mental toughness back to Da Cavs or NY for some real talent with mental toughness (MELO & Ricky Rubio/draft picks)???

    • Cavs Fan says:

      Heat win or lose. The whole HEAT organization are LOSERS..


      • manny hans says:

        u kno what u can shetup lebron has gave the cavs some good timmes its just the people around him who sucked and did cavs even make it to the playoffs this year without lebron and how many wins did you have like 15 woww great season thats just one to remember .lebron will have plenty of time to win more ringz ill bet you then youll miss him .hmp cavs fan.

      • Real says:

        Cavs fan, when ou guys win a champ before LBJ does you will have all the right to say so. But right now, you guys remain so bitter. I mean, you dont even come out as a Mavs fan. Are Heat fans disappointed? Yes, just like you guys felt when LBJ did not win a champ in Cleveland. You keep that mentality of yours and your whole life as a NBA spectator will be spent bitter. Get over it and focus on how your team develop to win it before LBJ does, that’s your mission now over there but not to hope for LBJ or Heat to lose.

      • Team South Beach says:

        Look who’s talking about losers… a Cavs fan, That’s just funny.

      • bbamp says:

        lol you heat fans make me laugh. LBJ came into Miami with some gigantic super hyped party and said winning is going to be easy. He angered some HOFers with that statement. Not only that but you heat fans have been bashing cavs fans RELENTLESSLY everywhere telling us how much our front office sucks and how we traded away all our draft picks (hypocritical much?). Yeah we had wins in the teens. How many wins did you have? You had home court advantage too? You have some of the best talent in the league? You didn’t win a championship this year? Bhaha what a joke.

        I think the original post is ridiculous but on the other hand it’s nice to see a bunch of spoiled kids (i.e. the cHeat big 2.5 and cHeat fans) fail.

      • Sandman says:

        They have to go some to be as bad as Cleveland (and Ohio) teams in the losing category.

        Let’s see….how long since Cleve has won a championship…..about a hundred years????

        The Cavs finished the worst in the NBA this season, and Ohio State ‘s Tressele and Pryor are thieves and disgusting?

        And I bet the No 1 pick is hoping he doesnt get stuck in Cleve with the Cavs….but he will stay long enough to play great and than “take his talents elsewhere” like all smart athletes do.

        Hey, Dirk was getting the same trashing years back as LBJ did…but remember, there is no “I” in team.

        Heat was two games from the championship……beat LA, CELTICS< CHICAGO….not bad for their first year together….they are on their way to multiple championships.

        I am glad for Dirk, Jason….this is probably their last chance as they are an old team……good for them a nd congrats
        and Miami and the TEAM can be proud of their first year accomplishments.

        A (Former) Cleveland Sports fan….

      • IMTHATDUDE89 says:

        Lebron is a cry baby who shows his immaturity when he can’t get his way. He only left Cleveland because he though he could short cut his way to a championship. You have to earn the trophy. He got no further this year than he did with the Cavs when they made it to the finals. When he finally grows up, he’ll probably win one. But he needs to stop throwing fits and blaming everyone else when he brought all of this hate, pressure, and attention to himself

      • Cameron says:

        Anyone who truly thinks that Cleveland only did so terribly because of Lebron leaving is delusional. More than anything, the snowball effect that happened with his leaving and the myriad of injuries is what caused it, but it wasn’t singularly here.

      • Nik says:

        Get over it! Every NBA player makes the decision on whether to stay or leave a team. Thats part of the business. He held it down as long as he could in Cleveland. That was a business decision that he made not personal, so why is everyone taking it so personal.

      • R4 says:

        Coming from Toronto… Dallas winning was something I love watching. Everyone talking about next year… but when the hard cap comes into effect, teams like Chicago, Orlando, Heat and Lakers will have to fix there roster or players will have to sign for less and have no guarantee they will be paid when they get injury. I love this game…

      • doods says:

        yes we lose this time, but sad to say lebron will not coming back to play for the cavs.

    • this is for mavs says:

      The heat played good in this series, they only lost their mental toughess especially lebron james http://sportales.com/basketball/miami-heat-lebron-james-reign-of-the-king/ . but as a nba fan, i know that the heat team has a lot to grow and there is a big furture for them awaiting, maybe that multiple championship promised by the trio is soon to be fulfilled,… Nice article.

    • kashif says:

      I’m sorry to hear that! lmao!!!

    • lakay says:

      lebron james is a quiter…

      • Sandman says:

        Two games away from a championship the first year together…..I dont call that a quitter….I call that a champion in the making. Grow up jerk!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        nah he choked….everyone on espn agrees, everyone on nbatv agrees, most people agree lebron was NOT himself after Game 2, and thats the bottom line, big pressure moments when all eyes are looking at his input HE FAILS TO DELIVER

        at first whn he did it in cleveland, vs boston last year i thought it was only because he knew he was going MIAMI and didnt want to get farther in the playoffs, but NOW i see that it really is him being neverous off all that is on the line

    • venomenon says:

      The Heat should remove Bron from their roster and let Shaq rejoin them to win another title. Hahaha.

    • Mark R says:

      Dallas played really well and should be congratulated for that. Miami cuold have been up 3-0, but once Dallas figured them out and made adjustments tehy didnt look back. They took LeBron out of his shooting comfort zone with double teams and defensive schemes so he wasn’t going to beat them. In the last three games, all Dallas wins, the Mavs won the turnover battle, outsocred the Heat 66-43 in points off turnovers, took more free-throws, made more threes and in eth whole series outscored Miami by 86-54 in the last six minutes:


      • Sean of Oz says:

        Mark – Mavs didn’t have more free throws. Basically it all came down to shooting – Dallas were fantastic, especially from 3pt range, and Miami stunk it up on the FT line pretty much all series. Mavs should beware though, you are not going to shoot like that every game, so you need an inside presence to stay on top.

    • Michael says:

      Lebron said “Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, Not 4, Not 5” Championships. Well now you have Not 1, shall we go for Not 2 next season?
      -Me a True Celtics Fan 🙂

      • Lechoke says:

        HAHAHAHAHA, maybe Not 2 for next season… you are totaly right ……… Truly C’s Fan

      • Miami Haters are Losers says:

        By the way Michael, what team did you root for in the 2011 NBA Finals?

        None. Why?

        Your Celtics was eliminated by what team? Please answer it loud. hahaha

    • Truth says:

      Lebron is the most physically gifted athlete in the World, however he is not the best baskeball talent. He is many steps behind Jordan, Kobe, and many others that came before him and that play today. 6’8″ 260lbs and moves like he is 6′ 190lbs but that does not make him the best basketball player. His 2 final appearances along with his offseason theatrics prove that.

      • Willie says:

        what all you people don’t seem to realize is james and wade do not compliment each other on the court, they both need the ball but the game of basketball is played with only one ball.

    • dexter says:

      ya same here im a huge heat fan and a huge LeBron fan, almost all the players and people that make cheap shots at LeBron will never amount to a percent of what he has accomplished from his high school days to now, he is still a hell of a player who has done nothing wrong at all but still faces hate. but dirk and kidd did deserve this one

      • Timothy Bladel says:

        That is bull, Labron came out and called himself King James. Shows nothing but disrespect and contempt for the game and the players playing it, claimed the Heat will when 6 to 10 rings, and does not perform in clutch situations. Heat fans need to wake up, because the world is not picking on Labron. look how he handles the press confrence last night. The Heat are a good team, how can they not be. But they are not a champion. They will more a likley never be a dynasty. james just does not have that fire in his belly, and wants to let others take him to the promise land.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        timothy smartest man on the blog hands down!

    • Bart says:

      Lebron showed a poor winning attitude, you don’t criticize a player because he missed but because he didn’t try. Remember Oklahomas’s Russell Westbrooke? He failed, but at least he tried. I still remember Lebron’s performance against Chicago, I wonder where that Lebron is? I was really expecting to see the ‘Vulgar display of power’. Now I wonder if I’ll ever get to see it, at least in the NBA finals.

      • Timothy Bladel says:

        Is that a Pantera quote you just used, Ha there will be no vulgetr display of power games from Labron.

    • sean says:

      how the hell do you figure the mavs had more pressure when the heat hosted a party before the season started saying they were gunna win it all?
      pathetic excuse from a miami fan!

    • piero says:

      I’m sorry for heat fan but mavs have been more “team”.

    • Michael says:

      The problem with Miami is not talent. It is ATTITUDE. They don’t have the right one. Becaue of this they did not earn a championship, and don’t deserve one. A champion plays well at the most critical moment, steps up his game, and wants the ball in a close game with seconds left, and doesn’t talk trash. Lebron has almost always played weakly at critical times in his career. He is not a champion and it shows in his game. Everyione knows he has the talent. He needs to get over himself and his arrogance and get the right attitude, then he can win a championship. He also fosters the bad attitude in his teammates. Look at some of the comments made by him and Wade. What jerks!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        I wonder if James and Wade are still making fun of Dirk, Hopefully that big gold trophy will nurse him back to health. hahahaha

    • LeBOOM says:

      You sucks

    • Heat Fan says:

      Congrats to the Mavs. Im a huge Heat fan and i must say that this was one heck of a season! I think its childish how everyone has sooo much hate for the Heat? LeBron couldve gone to another team and done the same..Ohh well. For the big three having their first year together, they did awesome!! And next time you think about trashing the Heat, just think about how far your team got!! lol j/k Ready for next season!!

    • True LBJ fan says:

      win or loose I will always be a Lebron James fan!you can hate all you want you can criticize him but that wont do you any good, hating him wont make you better than him, posting comments against him wont make you a better person, I understand that lebron lacks the maturity to win the battle against the mavs and i am saddened by the loss..But looking at the bright side it has been a great season for him and the heat, including great showtime plays, all around games and some clutch moments and great stats that light up the score board..People may think that these numbers dont matter since lebron lost the series but anyway dont forget that lebron has still a lot of chances to win a ring since he is only 26.. Go lebron i believe in you. I believe that you are one of the best to play basketball.. dont mind the haters lebron.. I am a big fan of yours and I will always be a lebron fan who will cheer you whether you win or not.. Even if you end up ringless in your entire career you will always be my idol.. Haters will hate bandwagon fans will leave you if you lose but true fans like me will always cheer you no matter what..

    • True LBJ fan says:

      win or loose I will always be a Lebron James fan!you can hate all you want you can criticize him but that wont do you any good, hating him wont make you better than him, posting comments against him wont make you a better person, I understand that lebron lacks the maturity to win the battle against the mavs and i am saddened by the loss..But looking at the bright side it has been a great season for him and the heat, including great showtime plays, all around games and some clutch moments and great stats that light up the score board..People may think that these numbers dont matter since lebron lost the series but anyway dont forget that lebron has still a lot of chances to win a ring since he is only 26.. Go lebron i believe in you. I believe that you are one of the best to play basketball.. dont mind the haters lebron.. I am a big fan of yours and I will always be a lebron fan who will cheer you whether you win or not.. Even if you end up ringless in your entire career you will always be my idol.. Haters will hate, bandwagon fans will leave you if you lose, but true fans like me will always cheer you no matter what..

    • John Andrea says:

      I am a fan of people who leave it all on the court. Lebron James played with no energy and let a city down that supported by quitting against boston and now letting Miami down after doing everything. I am a fan of Miami because when Lebron is Lebron is the funnest player to watch in the Nba. I just hope he turns his attitude around because he when he plays like his true self he is good for the game of basketall