Is King James Really Prince Pippen?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Maybe Scottie Pippen was looking into one of those funhouse mirrors that distorts the image and that’s why he didn’t recognize himself.

Never mind measuring up LeBron James’ greatness to Michael Jordan. Former Bulls teammate Steve Kerr says the more accurate comparison is – you’re gonna love this – to Pippen himself.

“The irony to me is that LeBron is not Michael. LeBron is actually Scottie,” Kerr said Monday on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN1000 in Chicago. “He’s so similar to Scottie in that defensively he was just a monster, could guard anybody, really more of a point forward than scoring guard. Scottie always loved to distribute the ball. That’s really where LeBron’s preference is.

Phil Jackson used to call Scottie a ‘sometimes shooter.’ Sometimes they would go in, sometimes they wouldn’t. That’s how it is with LeBron. He’s a great talent and a great player but you can see his flaws as a basketball player. He doesn’t have an offensive game that he can rely on: no low-post game, no mid-range jump shot so when the game really gets tough he has a hard time finding easy baskets and getting himself going. That’s what Michael did in his sleep so that’s why the comparison is wrong.”

So in the aftermath of Miami’s loss in the Finals, the disappearing act in the fourth quarters and Kerr’s observation, what are the chances that a certain someone looks into a mirror he finds LeBron staring back?

What do you think? Is he King James, Prince Pippen or the Duke of Earl?


  1. These comments are so hilarious!

    I have never understood why people try to compare each other. #1 no one can beat Michael Jordan at being Michael Jordan, Kobe at being Kobe, or Lebron at being Lebron, etc… The fact is they study and play the game to be the best at who God has called them to be. if they try and be someone else they are a cheap copy of an original

    It is Amazing, how you can comment on someone else;s performance who is playing the game.. you are buying tickets to watch them perform and play ” you are watching them, they are not watching you” to everyone who has a comment my question is how many RINGS do you have, how many minutes did you play, and what TEAM is paying you? if not how can you comment on someone else’s performance or lack thereof –

    Everyone who made it to the league is a superstar.. some just shine brighter then others.. Congratulations to the Mavs they were not the most talented players but they were the BEST TEAM in the world. Individuals win games, but it takes a team to win a championship..

  2. Pippen Fan says:

    Lebron James is a phenomenal talent and if he can develop mentally can become one of the greatest of all time but that remains to be seen. Magic Johnson said that on the court especially in the big games it was 90% mental and 10% talent and you can see especially in the 4th quarter of the finals that Lebron mentally is not set for being one of the greatest yet. Now Scottie Pippen did not arrive as the chosen one, the king and with a monster physical body. He worked hard to become great and of most importance Pippen was named to the NBA All-Defensive First Team eight times (all consecutive) and understood fully about team first. One of my greatest concerns whether offense is going good or not was to see Lebron mentally check out on defense in the big moments. Scottie always was big defensively and altered many big games by his defense getting great praise from Magic Johnson in the Bulls first NBA finals against the Lakers.

  3. heyshomy says:

    Yeah I think that’s an apt comparison

  4. NBAfan says:

    I don’t think Kobe or Lebron is being compared to Jordan for the sake of comparing. Everybody knows they are different players. It’s for the sake of figuring out who is #1. To be the man, you have to beat the man. But Jordan is retired…

    Imagine a nice NIKE commercial…young Jordan in his prime (maybe in black and white) practicing in an empty gym….healthy Kobe comes in with swagger and challenges him to a one on one…they play and play and play until the night and nobody knows who is winning (maybe Dr. J and Elgin baylor on the sides watching and nodding their head and reacting)…then a spaceship comes down and a future Lebron (maybe 2013 version) comes out…Jordan and Kobe stops and stares at him, future lebron stares back and smiles…end of commercial…NIKE logo (NOTE: I don’t work for Nike.)

    Anyway, it’s all about who is the GOAT. Jordan have that undisputed title. Seems like Kobe can make a case for himself especially if he wins 1 more championship and/or beat out Jabbar for the all-time scoring title, and in the future, maybe Lebron still can if he works on a post game and leave his ego at home every game night and just start winning like he is supposed to.

    I was a Jordan fan. I am a Kobe fan until he retires…I don’t mind being a Lebron fan after that, but he needs to reinvent himself. Step 1, get the Dream, get Ewing, get somebody and start using all 260 lbs of you down low in the post. Step 2, start winning rings, cause you won’t need “heart” when you’re up by 20 with 5 minutes to go in game 4 of the finals with your team up 3-0.

  5. Lebron's a choker says:

    let him have his own identity, QUEEN JAMES!

  6. Sean 4 says:

    I am a devoted Chicago Bulls fan. I love Scottie Pippen and Michael jordan, moreso Scottie. But Scottie you had to been smoking some dog—- to ever say lebron was breathing the same air as Michael Jordan. The truth is Scottie is a thousand times better than Lebron. lebron is a wanna be Scottie. Lebron set his self up for failure guys.

  7. 23 - JORDAN PATENT MOVES says:

    It’s pretty interesting that MJ could use just “2-3” of the exact moves over and over and over again, and no one could stop it. Not even with “double-triple” teams

    It’s like,

    ” I’m MJ…and I’m going to do this…try to stop it…swoosh…oops…try again…”

    “I’m MJ…and I’m going to do this…try to stop it…DUNK…oops…try again…”

    ” I’m MJ…and I”m going to do this…try to stop it…RING!!…”



  8. Ray says:

    No question Lebron has talent, but he has no killer instinct and does not have the ability to will a team to victory. It’s not about some days you have and other s you don’t …that sounds more like ringless Charles Barkley, Ewing etc who were great but inconsistent as they come. Now Dirk on the other-hand behaved the same way as Lebron early in his career, great talent, accolades etc, but when it came down to crunch time..Dirk was a ghost.
    Lebron a piece of advise, until you can put your head down and will a team to victory WHEN IT MATTERS!!!! nobody cares about round 1 or 2 or how amny wins or how many hours you work when the lights are off, it’s the BIG STAGE that legends are bron. If you want to disappear into obscurity as just another good talent, please do.
    Also do not think for one minute that the rest of the NBA is sitting watching you and Miami play in the finals every other year, Durant, Rose, Kobe, Boston are will be challenging and if you keep playing the way you did in the finals…nobody will be surprised when you retired ringless. Anyway you are no MJ, Kobe, Magic or anybody unless you can show the NBA and the world that you have what it takes to be a legend. Show us the will and instinct to do whatever it takes to win. Riding chris or dwade will not do it..they are both good talent. it should be the other way around. Good luck man and hopefully you get it. No killer instint and will to win a ball game no ring. you can e- mail me personally or call me if ya just wanna chat.
    Hood luk in the summers.

  9. EmilGrigorian says:

    Man, i love lebron hes my favorite player so dont get me wrong when he gets compared to great players like magic, Big O, Jordan , and now pippen . but i mean hes his own player his names LeBron James for a reason yaa know, so let him be his own player make his own legacy, he might be inconsistant in the 4th but let time tell his future and not NBA writers, get at me !

  10. JORDAN - KOBE/WADE - ...LEBRON says:



    2. WADE / (young or healthy) KOBE – (SUPERIOR KILLER INSTINCTS)

    3. DIRK / DURANT (getting there) – (GREAT SCORERS – BUT LACKS DEFENSE)


    WADE and LeBRON will get better each season – and WADE has been holding back trying to let LeBRON become comfortable with the DECISION, and not pressuring LeBRON too much yet…

    BUT the same thing will happen with Pippen and Jordan…competing off court all the time, they both got alot better and better team chemistry…which lead to two 3-Peats…or could have been 8+ Championships in a row.

    Best player in 2010-2011: D-Rose and LeBron….BUT KOBE may be healthy again next season…and is likely the best player…if not, it’ll be WADE.

  11. Hakim says:

    I think Steve Kerr’s summation about this Lebron/Michael/Pippen is the real perspective. LeBron does not have much of an offensive game. He is a ultra athlete but as far as being a complete package he’s not. No disrespect to James but his overall game and ability to come up big in the moment doesn’t exist. Let’s look at the top three picks of the ’03 draft.. James, Melo and Wade(5th) of those three Melo has the most complete game, then Wade and then LeBron. He’s a great athlete but as far as his skill set is not nearly as complete as some of the other stars.

  12. Dirk is Da Maaaaaan!!! says:

    LeQuit James doesn’t even match up to Deshawn, Peja, The Custodian, Mahimi & Co in crunch time!!!

    Like I’ve said b4, make him earn his money, put him on a time card where he has to clock in/clock out!!!
    (However, it’s permissable for his supervisor to clock out his card for him with about 1 min left to go in the 3rd qtr so he can take a shower & go home to the wife & kids for an early dinner)!!!

  13. Dirk is Da Maaaaaan!!! says:

    Le QUEEN James: Sometimes I dream that he is me, I dream I move, I dream I groove like DIRK if I could be like DIRK!!!

    I really really wanna be like DIRk (& hit mid js, lefty scoops ,blow by younger/quicker players for dunks maybe even hit water or at least the side of the barn when it counts (4th qtr)!!! Like DIRK if I could be like DIRK!!!

  14. Dirk is Da Maaaaaan!!! says:

    None of the above: he’s either Le QUEEN of art-i-CHOKE or The squire of Chokeville (The latter is a suburb just on the outskirts of NY’s CBD currently undergoing new & improved residential development for when LeQuit James jumps ship again)!!!!!!

  15. dimsum says:

    I bet Scottie Pippen is feeling pretty stupid calling Lebron James a Michael Jordan type of player..

  16. big poppa says:

    in my opinion bron isnt even better than wade. michael and kobe are the greatest nuff said.

  17. Simply the Greatest... says:

    I am going to say this once, because I am not a Lakers fan by any means, but it seems like this needs to be said, so I am am going to say it: As it stands right now, Kobe Bryant is still the best and most COMPLETE player in the league and James has the MOST POTENTIAL. It doesn’t matter if Kobe takes 100 shots in a game (exaggerating of course), it is his desire to win that stands out the most ! No Kobe is not Micheal, but he has a lot of heart. Lebron is gifted. He is slightly taller than both Jordan and Kobe and he has superb physical conditioning. Lebron has talent, but is still lacks a dominant low post game and a “Win at any cost mentality”. Lebron was once quoted as saying: “I want to be the richest man in the world.” While there is nothing wrong with ambition, when Jordan played the game, his full attention was given to the sport that he loved the most. He was never side-tracked and preoccupied with money. If fact he was under payed and he knew it and often talked with Stern about it. Lebron has a lot expected of him because of the media and in combination with the fact that he is more worried about his paycheck than a championship says a lot. Dallas wanted it more that is why they won! I have lived in South Florida for 7 years and have been a heat fan much longer. Wade played with like 101 injuries as usual, but at least Wade played as though he wanted it. Lebron didn’t seem to even show up! The Heat may win next may win next year, but even so until Lebron improves on his in-game flaws and his character, he will never be the best in the league, much more in the league of Pippen in terms of rings. Champions have heart and right now he is the sidekick on this heat team. Wade proved himself already as a champion and one of the best in the league, he just wants more rings. As far as up an coming players go, I think Blake Griffin may soon be one of the best if he expands his game, Dwight Howard could be unstoppable if he can stop getting as many Technical fouls and learn to hit free throws (a better team couldn’t hurt either). I heard Allen Iverson might come back. I know he can be a ball-hog, but everyone knows he has heart. If he can control his ego, it wouldn’t be nice to see him back in the league. I bet he would still average 20+ a game now that his knee is better.

  18. Luis says:

    LeBronda James, 2 Finals, 0 rings!

    Michael Jordan 6 Finals, 6 rings!
    6 Finals, 6 Finals MVP’s!

    LeBronda James and Michael Jordan in the same breath? Whats everybody snorting?

  19. GEECEE says:

    Lebron is actually like a bear that goes on hibernation mode during winter (fourth quarter).

  20. E says:

    James is the Duke of Earl. Watch out next season NBA, the Heat got it

  21. Wza says:

    Lebron is not even on PIPPEN status.

  22. Rich says:

    Mj never joined his rivals/enemys to win a championship, niehter did Majic and Bird or even Koby. Pippen grew into an all star because of Mj’s influence and his own will to be what he needed to be to win. A true champion NEVER EVER thinks ” if you can’t beat em, join em”. The pure satisfaction in winning is in beating the best plain and simple. Lebron, Wade, and Bosh don’t understand this and probably never will.

  23. GD says:

    love it….been saying the same thing since Pippen made that comment…..

  24. Nano says:

    I agree with Rich

    Yeah, absolutely right! There’s a difference between actually being placed amongst the greats, and merely having the potential to be one of the greats. LeBron has the potential to be amongst one of the greats. It’s similar to the case where the saying goes, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Potential will go to waste if it isn’t acted upon through determination, desire and strong will. That’s what differentiates MJ and Kobe from LeBron, the former two had the determination to carry their teams to success and had the strong will to do whatever it took not to lose. I repeat, LeBron has the potential, but it could be said that his talents will go to waste if he doesn’t tap into it and reach his full potential. While it is possible for a player to be considered an all time great without necessarily winning a Championship, such as Karl Malone, Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing, those players had distinctive aspects to their games that made them stand out. There will, determination and desire were great too. As Steve Kerr said, LeBron doesn’t have a go-to move to speak of, “no low-post game, no mid-range jump shot so when the game really gets tough he has a hard time finding easy baskets and getting himself going.” This makes his case as one of the greats all the more weaker, which ultimately means that it is almost crucial for LeBron to win a Championship before being given the credit as a player he deserves. However, the problem with having a ring and being considered a great, is that you have to win multiple rings – Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant. Of those four named, the least any one player has is five rings. Otherwise, his ring will be underrated like Robert Horry, possessor of seven rings but not considered one of the greats. That’s what I think. However, he is young and maybe he will mature and add determination, desire and will to his arsenal in the years to come. Only time will tell.

  25. PB says:

    jeez guys,
    what happened to the ‘omg lebron is the best player ever!’ They were up for the championsship, but just came 2 games short, so what! I’m from Holland, and i have no idea what happened to your overall opinion of lebron.. He’s just a great player. It’s not him to blaim the Heat didn’t win, the blame is on the hole squad/staff etc. So please stop hating on lebron, he just made a choice to play in Miami with his buds, so be it! Time will tell if he’s going to be like Scotte, Kobe of Michael. Just let the time go by and will see what happens.

  26. Meeks says:

    Since no one wants to say it I guess I will. Among the great NBA players, those who have won championships are placed in a higher regard. Think about it, Jordan is great but do you think he would get the same praise and respect without those 6 rings? Barkley, Payton and Carl Malone are great but when mentioned among Jordan, Bryant and Magic it is clear that the latter three get more respect, WHY? Because they are champions.

    • Dirk is Da Maaaaaan!!! says:

      FYI: Carl is KARL & Payton clinched the W 4 the trophy vs Dirk So he at least has a lone ring!!! Get it right if ur gonna type!!!

      Championship Rings usually is synonymous with greatness but there are plenty of chump orange peeling walk-ons who get rings for doing absolutely JS!!! Where do they fit in the story!!!

      I think it’s not the number of rings u have but how u get them, the trials & tribulations u go through, the complete journey!!!

      Le Queen bee & his drones took the shortcut to get to the honey thus, their hive got shaken by the hungrier German Sensation: Dirk No-Quit-Ski!!!

      He wanted it more, u could c it it his eyes!!! Even when he was off his game he still was focussed on the ring & even ran down the flr 4 chase down blocks!!!

      If & that is a very big IF The Frigid (luke warm Heat) get a ring or fulfill their arrogant promise of multiple rings it’ll never mean anything coz it’s expected anything less is a failure!!!

      LeQuit had better give up on being a bizman & focus on what is supposed to be his fulltime job not a casual side biz like he is treating it!!!

  27. GMac says:

    PS…….I loved Barkley a no BS player. Lebron should take some notes.

  28. says:

    Man so many good stuff!!! Wow! I love reading everyone’s comments and opinions! I agree that bringing there personal life is idiotic! I mean Kareem has been arrested for marijuanna charges … Jordan is known for having cheated on his wife just well covered up not mentioning his trips to the casinos … And so on …. If we stick to the facts and just concentrate on baskeball alone , Lebron James is one of the best players today ( Keyword- ONE) I do agree that when the Heats do start winning championships , it won’t be as rewarding as a team like the Mavericks who did it the right way. I am a big Laker fan! Huge! Big Kobe Bryant fan huge!!! About a year ago I would be of been blinded and agreed with all of you about Kobe, however I would not put him in the same category of Jordan, hell maybe not even Wade (That’s right! this is a califronia resident for over 20 years talking) I love Kobe to death and at times does remind us of MJ with his flair and MOMENTS of resiliance… However forgot who said this but I can think of few times where Kobe was not on the court ! in the last minutes of the finals and just put his warmups back on and watched as the lakers got pounded by the Celtics! in 2008 by the way …. I have seen the Lakers get blown out of their OWN building! and Kobe on the bench just watching … Everyone remembers Wades performance hopefully in 06… I am just saying I know I will get lots of reactions and maybe people who think I’m clueless for saying this but … lol I truely believe that Mj without Phil Jackson!!! would of been another Lebron James or Barkely as a matter of fact! I will say the same for my team Lakers and Kobe …. Had Phil Jackson been with the Magics for example when Shaq was there with Penny, 3 D and anderson … I think that we would be talking about Penny Hardaway as one of the best… or maybe Magics is bad example … Point is you would give Phil Jackson any team that has a good level of talent, he would of made a Kobe or Mj out of them … Not to take away from Jordan’s amazing skills and accomplishments! or more importantly will to win! Jordan had many games with 50 points or more before Phil Jackson ever got there … Thats the time when Jordan was being criticized for being a ball hog, you remember that? The coach made winners out of them! point being you have teams that have amazing players that are the true different makers like Magic, Bird, Wade, Shaq, Duncan, Then you have sick coaches who change the game and bring the best out of everyone and can make any talented player such as a Mcgrady back in the days, Vinsanity, Drexler, ect… look like an MJ or Kobe … There alot more players that change the game then coaches .. Phil Jackson and Red Auerbach are exceptions! This is my first time contributing here so please take it easy on me! Love the comments from everyone! My point is that I think as a Kobe fan that maybe just maybe he is a little overrated, and has folded underpressure, has many great accomplishements which I think Phil is a big reason for just like MJ … before you get mad look at the facts … Kobe3 years in the league … played one year with Shaq without Phil, another year with Phil then got to the championship in 99-2000, Jordan played alone from 84 to 86 then came Pippen … Conference finals, blah blah but no finals … Phil Jackson comes in 89 and one year later 90-91 they start there legacy ….. Coincedence? This has nothing to do with basketball but read the Celestine Prophecy ! Highly recommended and like the book preaches, I don’t believe in coincedences, everything that happens in this world is for a reason

  29. GMac says:

    Lebron, DWade, Bosh and the crew will eventually win a few championships, I have no doubt. The issue is whether they can overcome the few issues they have as a team. The most important aspect is team maturity and team growth. If you look back at the previous championship teams, the team had to learn how to win tough games. The Pistons beat the crap out of Micheal, Scottie and Horace the first few years. Phil and Bulls learned how to take a beating and give a beat down at the same time. Once Miami learns this lesson watch out, the skies the limit. But, we all know we have biases, I lived in Chicago, went to the Bulls game and worshiped those teams, you think I’m going to honestly say any other team was better than those Bulls teams, Not really, although I really liked the Boston team a few years ago – tough bunch.

  30. REALSHOTTA says:

    yall need to stop blaming lebron, last time i check if it wasnt for him wade wouldnt see the finals along with the members of the heat…stop blaming him for the failure of the heats you need to blame the coaching system maybe if they was to play eddie house throughout the finals they would of won

  31. Andy Teow says:

    @Goldie urm, so, have you ever watched Michael Jordan play basketball? Do you play basketball?

    @JON on your earlier comment on Robert Horry, do you play basketball? Do you know what role Robert Horry has? Have you ever watched Robert Horry play? Do you know how many players are on a basketball team? Do you know that NBA has a sixth man award?

    @ISPEAKTHETRUTH So, because he has HIV, does that make Magic Johnson any less of a great player? I believe LBJ is a good person, a good player. But for many to still think he is better than Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen or even Robert Horry, nah, I disagree.

    @Rhajen Obviously you’re a big fan of LBJ. could see so much fangirling from your post. Eh…do you really watch basketball or just watch LBJ? Like girls watching Beckham and not knowing what a corner kick meant. lol

    @Jed I don’t hate LBJ, but still, no matter what happens, he is still never gonna be near MJ, Pippen or even Robert Horry lol. You’ll understand if you do know basketball

    I’m no LBJ hater, but seriously, it just irks me to see fangirls of LBJ saying “LBJ is the greatest ” or “going to be the greatest”
    Obviously, you guys did not watch the game or do not know the game lol

  32. impartial says:

    It isn’t his time just as yet. Is he going to win a title? maybe. Is he going to be “great”? eventually, yes. He has the talent, physique, and atlethicism to be a great individual player. But the fact of the matter is basketball is a team sport, and that the ring is the ultimate prize. So unless the heat organization figures out a way for the big 3 to co-exist and play team basketball they won’t win a championship.

    yes, lebron bailed out and choked bigtime during the finals series, and yes, he had a major fault while the heat lost but hey, let’s not blame it all on him. We should cut him some slack and give him a break. Other factors should be considered such as mediocre coaching, poor bench-play, and inability to score and defend in a consistent basis. And of course there’s no denying that the veteran mavs outplayed the heat. Heat fans accept defeat and move on, the big 3 are still young and have ample opportunities to win the title.

  33. Andy Teow says:

    A few days ago, I read somewhere on that Pippen might not be a superstar had he not been on a winning team.
    Now Kerr says LBJ is similar to Pippen.

    Does everyone see and understand and appreciate what Scottie Pippen does on the basketball court?
    He is the only man to have made the point forward role so unique, I doubt there’ll be another who can come close.
    He compliments and supports the greatest player ever in basketball, doing the right things in the right places whenever he’s needed.
    He himself never thought of himself as THE superstar.

    Look at LBJ, what do you think he is?
    A scorer? Similar to Joe Johnson, Monta Ellis?
    A leader? At Cavs, yeah. At Heat? Who’s Wade?
    A good defender? Over the last 2 months, I’ve only read about him scoring, taking clutch shots etc. I’ve seen Joakim Noah block an important shot late in game 1 or 2 or rd 1 against Pacers which would qualify Noah as a defender more than LBJ.
    Superstar? Diva more like.

    To me, LBJ has not achieved anything to be compared with Pippen, MJ or Kobe. And I’m not talking about winning NBA Championships.
    Maybe one day he will a championship, but because of the Decision he made or makes, he will never be on the same standing as these all time greats.

    To me, he’s just another NBA player/scorer who dunks alot and made a bad decision in his career.

  34. Still time... says:

    First and foremost I am not a Lebron fan. But I give credit where it is due. The Boy can ball. Keep one thing in mind as you guys are comparing him (not choosing not to) to some of the greats. He’s still 26, been 2 time MVP and been to the finals twice. Jordan didn’t win the title until he was 28. So saying he chokes too much or can’t handle pressure. He still has time to learn that.

    As for whoever says he should come off the bench…what are you smokin bro? You don’t bring that guy off the bench. He can play 40-45 minutes a game, and typically at a pretty high level. You don’t bring a guy like that off the bench.

  35. Dieter says:

    Lebron is one of the biggest talents in basketball ever, he has great skills, but his biggest problem is his low basketball iq. He shouldn’t be the leader of the team, he shouldn’t be the one motivating the team before the game, he really should play like Pippen did (in the shadow of another great player). But I don’t believe that that’s gonna happen.

    But what are the facts? Miami has 3 great trading piecies to build a championship team. They already won it in the past with Wade & Shaq. Wade is a better player now, how hard would it be to get Howard and a bunch of good role players and rookies? With their trading piecies they can get a better team together than in 2006.

  36. Youngbeno says:

    Kerr is 100% right and that’s why I can never understand what all the hype is about with Lebron’s game…I will say he’s a amazing talent but with the comparison to MJ it’s not even close…I think there are only two players that you can mention that has ever had that MJ swag about them and that’s Kobe and D Wade…These are two players that are unstoppable and if paired with a descent supporting cast could easily win championships…D Wade is clearly the man in Miami it’s not even close and Lebron and Bosh are a perfect match with what they can accomplish overall but their weakness was heart and that’s not something you can teach it’s just something that’s in you…A lot of people fold under pressure it’s natural but you have some of us that are rare and thrive on it like a drug and you can tell exactly who those people are every time you’re put in those situations at crunch time…Wade is one of those people that thrives off of it…LeBron is 50/50 and you just don’t know which one you’re gonna get and Bosh well just don’t give him the ball at crunch time…I like him as a great player in a supporting role not the top dog.

  37. BlackMamba says:

    LOL wut are these ppl smoking? who da hell would put lebron on the bench and let dwade be the star? lebron is a 2 time mvp for christs sake… u really gonna demote him to a 6th man?

  38. Beno says:

    Kerr is 100% right and that’s why I can never understand what all the hype is about with Lebron’s game…I will say he’s a amazing talent but with the comparison to MJ it’s not even close…I think there are only two players that you can mention that has ever had that MJ swag about them and that’s Kobe and D Wade…These are two players that are unstoppable and if paired with a descent supporting cast could easily win championships…D Wade is clearly the man in Miami it’s not even close and Lebron and Bosh are a perfect match with what they can accomplish overall but their weakness was heart and that’s not something you can teach it’s just something that’s in you…A lot of people fold under pressure it’s natural but you have some of us that are rare and thrive on it like a drug and you can tell exactly who those people are every time you’re put in those situations at crunch time…Wade is one of those people that thrives off of it…LeBron is 50/50 and you just don’t know which one you’re gonna get and Bosh well I won’t say he’s soft but he is a bitch…I like him as a great player in a supporting role not the top dog.

  39. toj says:

    nope. Lebron is not Pippen either. Lebron has no RING — A king WITHOUT a crown. hahahahaha

  40. Eli says:

    I am a strong believer that the High School Players that went straight to the Pro’s should’ve went to college for a year to learn structured team basketball and not me basketball. When you were the man in H.S., it takes a lot to become a team player and also, Mr. James should utilized his strengths and size to a post-up game to take advantage of his height and strenght advantages that he will have over smaller defenders. He is still young and this will be a great experience for him in the long run and long as people stay out of his ear telling him how great he is. If I was him, I would review the films from the finals to see his flaws, and I would talk to the great players like MJ, Kobe, Magic and learn from them what it takes to be a great consistent player. His stats were okay, but they didn’t come in crunch time.He has to develope that killer instinct, that no one on the court can stop me, and will your game and personality on them.

  41. JON says:

    Lol now to answer the question…He is Lebron James…He aint king…He is def better than pippen though they play simmular games bron is better at it and stronger and more athletic…..He is nowhere near Jordan He proved that when he went to Miami…to me its not about loyalty go anywere you want but in order to be the best you have to beat the best not join them he should have been looking to go to a team with out another dominant wing player period that makes him a coward…just imagine if Jordan went to LA after not winning for six years would we still consider him as great? He is who he is a talented freak of an athlete coward player with no heart and would sell his sole just to say he won a ring.

  42. perry says:

    Maybe Lebron should have stayed in Cleveland where he was King James instead of of moving to Miami to be D Wades court jester

  43. boom says:

    LBJ believes his own hype. That is one way to destroy yourself. But if you have built your own sense of character, like Kobe, or Mike or Dirk, no one can strike fear into your heart, especially on the 4th quarter when it counts.

  44. JON says:

    ESPN has created this illusion that greatness means you have won a championship or two….well you cant judge it that way robert horry has 7 of them….He is not the greatest…You have to look at each player individually and see what they produce and what they are capeable of…basketball is a team sport one player does not win championships teams do.

  45. is this really happening says:

    If the Bulls (The Greatest team ever) are having legacy squabbles, whats the purpose of winning titles?

  46. Mr. No Letdown! says:

    What’s up with people comparing Lebron to MJ through their stats?! It’s so pathetic!

    Great players stand up and take the responsibility when the team is in the crunch time! Great players demand the ball and wills their team to win no matter what! Great players just won’t refuse to lose! Great players wills their team to win in the Championship!

    Has any NBA team won a Championship without having a Great player that wills their team to win?

    As far as I’m concerned with Lebron, I just can’t figure it out why he couldn’t bring it out his best games when the Heat needed it most?! Maybe, he just ain’t great ok? Think about it..

  47. gilad says:

    I have no doubt LeBron is probably the perfect physical specimen ever to play basketball but looks like people are forgetting that he never played college ball where you learn to play better and get some fundamentals,

    Like ISPEAKTHETRUTH said he could use a mentor , charles oakley type to chew on him a bit and push him to become even better – DIrk learned his post game in the last few years and now it is one of his strengths.

    Last note, I’m happy for mavs and wish us great playoffs like this one every year, it was a blast.


  48. akacloc says:

    10 finals games 2 wins (thanks to Wade) questionable jumpshot, questionable heart and people still think he’s the best all time, he’s not even the best on the heat

  49. Luke says:

    Lebron James is a baby and a punk. He comes out like a spoiled brat and says “oh all your lives will be happier now i lost blah blah blah” Dude no. You just lost the finals and the only thing you are concerned about it what your critics think? How about your coach? or your teammates? or your GM? Hes a punk coming in and trying to take over Wades team. Wade IS the better player no matter what Lebron says. When the shot clock is running down Wade should have the ball in his hands. Does any one remember last season when every other highlight you saw on ESPN was Wade hitting some kind of miracle shot. Well if you do it over and over either you got a lepracon in your underwear or youre just that good. Lebron isnt the best player and nor would he be on any team unless you send him back to Cleveland or to Washington or some place like that. He isnt as good as Kobe, MJ, Pippen, or any other name you want to throw out there. He is just a spoiled punk that needs to come back to reality. I compare his skills to Lamar Odom. Lamar can play any position on the court and can really turn it on and dominate, but he can also do that from the bench and Odom WINS. Odom has more rings than Lebron. If Lebron wants to become a better player he needs to learn his place, and in Miami, that is BEHIND Dwayne Wade.

  50. ahfrow says:

    WTF!!! We should be talking about the MAVS now…..and talking about them…..where are those so called experts here in NBA.COM that 8 out of 9 of them said that Miami will win the NBA championship….It’s either they didn’t do their job or they are morons dressed as experts…Show your faces now!!! Congratulations MAVS!!!! =)


    Thank You K
    Also, please view Jerry Satckhouse’s comment on the DAN GILBERTand the Mayor of Ohio ()


    Whether It’s the fans or these so called sports analyst who probably never stepped foot on a basketball court. Enough is enough. Ever since, “the decision” LeBron has been the target of so many people. Forget the fact that he raised all that money for the Boys and Girls Clubs. Forget the fact that he still gives money to communities in Cleveland (and they burned his Jersey). Maybe if Donald Trump would have thought of, “the decision” it would be considered a good business move. People talk about LeBron did the city of Cleveland wrong? Really!! Maybe it was Cleveland who did him wrong. They put the pressure of restoring their city on a 18 year old kid. No one cared when they fired Mike Brown or do we forget about that. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander huh?
    One analyst stated that LeBron was immature….guess what he is only 26 years old..What were you doing in your college years? Well LeBron was putting a city on his shoulders. I have an idea maybe LeBron should be mentored by Charles Barkley or Magic Johnson on how to be mature. No wait they cheated on their wives. Ok maybe LeBron should be mentored by Chris Weber. No wait he was accused of taking money while in college then denied it. He also made the stupid statement that real men don’t cry. Should we bring back the video tape when the Fab Five lost to Duke? The unfortunate thing is the NBA recruits boys and considers them men. The veterans in the NBA don’t take these players under their wings. Kidd is still around I wonder what he could teach LeBron. Maybe he could teach him how to hit his wife or get a coach fired.
    The analyst say LeBron celebrated in front of the Mavs beach during game two. I call it being excited…Wait was that Dirk clinching his fist and sticking out his tongue in front of the Miami beach during game 6. As I recall Dirk didn’t shake hands either but hey he was emotional and had to gather himself. When LeBron didn’t shake hands after the Orlando series he was considered a bad sport. I guess the difference is one was a winner and the other was a loser.
    Hey LeBron you should not have said you were going win not 1 but several championships. You should have said you took your talents to South Beach to not win championships. Would the analyst have been satisfied then? LeBron is supposed to say he is going to win. Shaq said he was going to bring a championship to Phoenix and when he didn’t he didn’t get the backlash. Jason Terry thanked God and said God thought it was their time to win. LeBron said God has something in store for him and he gets ridiculed for saying that.
    People enough is enough. The man is a good player whether you like him personally or not. His statistics show that. Outside of basketball he seems like he is a good father. The media never had anything negative to report about him, never got accused of raping a woman, using drugs, disorderly conduct or being disrespectful to others. But yet these fanatics and analyst wish the worst on him. Who would you call the immature person

  52. bobby_phil says:

    AMEN to that LeBron is NOT Michael, He is just a SinKING and ShrinKING Violet in the Finals

  53. Jordan don’t have 11 rings he don’t have Bill Russell legacy

    • STFU says:

      Bill doesn’t change the game as much as jordan did.. BILL RUSSEL doesn’t have his AIRNESS….

  54. Elroy says:

    Lebon plus Bosh equals no Shaq and no title!!

  55. Goldie says:

    I still think Lebron can be better than MJ. We all know how great MJ was and always will be! But no one seems to talk about how MJ only won 38, and 30 games his first 2 seasons. It took almost 6 years for him to even see what the Finals looked like. Whereas, Lebron took his team to the finals on one shoulder within 3 years (he couldn’t use both because he was busy dunking on teams!). So give Lebron a break; I endorse Pippen in that a few years from now he will be starting point-foward on the alltime All Universe team!

  56. Radical believer says:

    Well… I am also against saying how perfect Jordan was in his game. In my opinion, people have a very short memory. We always say that the best player is the one in our generation, underestimating those that came before them and paved the way, skills and mindset of thos who we now call in our generation the GOAT.
    In my personal and humble opinion, it takes more than just scoring points to be the best. A player has to be an EXCELLENT all around player. With that being said Jordan isn’t the greatest, and if LeBron had sometime to mature in his game, then we could probably witness the best all around player in league history, which is synonimous to being the greatest. But it is all up to him and how he developes his game.

  57. JasonC says:

    Lebron will be considered in the top 10 when it is all said and done but Jordan is the greatest ever. Don’t merely look at how many rings he has but simply how many times he made it to the Finals and won. 6/6 and Lebron is already 0/2. Let’s look at some of the greats Lebron will be considered better than rather than the ones he won’t.

    Elgin Baylor—Ranks as one of the most gifted scorers to ever play the game, but lost eight championships and won none.

    Scottie Pippen—If Michael Jordan was this generation’s Batman, Pippen was certainly Robin but is not as gifted as Lebron.

    Oscar Robertson—It’s hard to keep the human triple-double off this list, but someone who played in a far-less competitive era has to be looked at objectively. For all we know, Robertson would average 10 and five on an NBA team today. Fair or not, players from the NBA’s inception will always be penalized in the big picture.

    As for Russell, O’Neal, Wilt, Magic, Larry, Hakeem, Kobe and Dr.J well it’s up to Lebron and his drive to be one of the greatest.

    I leave spots 2-10 open for Lebron I believe he is destined for single digits but the number 1 spot is now out of his reach.

    Any thoughts?

  58. dotPH says:

    I think James is more like LeBron (The two time NBA MVP in two consecutive seasons). He’ll come back.

  59. True2dagame says:

    I read comments from K and now Im relieved that there are others out there that are not programmed by the media and can see things for how they really are. Well said K.

  60. Detroit4Life says:

    I blame the coach first of all. LeBron and team looked disorganized throughout the entire Finals and they even admitted it. The coach for the Heat did not make adjustments nor were plays called. IT’S THE COACH’S JOB TO ORGANIZE THEM. Now, LeBron did a horrible job. Horrible in the forth quarter.

  61. Jason Baudendistel says:

    Lebron in my opinion is a good player we have overrated. He doesn’t have the ability to be clutch or put a team on his back and he barely beat my bulls with two other all stars while getting outplayed by Luol Deng enough said.

    • Luke says:

      Amen brother. The bulls were successful during the season because of players like Luol Deng. Guys who are not selfish and understand their role make the team better. If Deng wanted to hog the ball and cry out in the media then he could be considered a Lebron James. He has alot of the same skills but you dont hear his name because he knows hes not the best and he will work on his game and try and get better but hes not gunna steal the ball from Rose. If James learned to play a role then he wouldve had a ring by now

  62. Q says:

    On talent alone. Can only take a person or group of people so far up the ladder to the height of which one claims to belong. But in truth, maturity and wisdom reigns on all fronts and all aspects of life. Until one finds that truth within oneself, talent is just a number in greatness, and maturity is the essence of greatness. Whether a person is in the spotlight or not, maturity should shine without one needing to prove themselves’.! At the end of it all, no matter who you are, the lasting memories which reverberates and continues after life is over – is knowledge and wisdom. Not talent.

  63. TheComingAttraction says:

    It’s funny listening to all the Lebron fans making excuses or coming up with some whack logic of why he continues to fail. The fact is he’s just not that good. He’s a stat stuffer who disappears in crunch time, a big game choker, all hype no results. If he was really as good as you all try to claim he would have a ring by now period. He’s not even the best player on his team, Wade proved that. Also people trying to put Nowitzki in the same catergory as Jordan and Kobe? c’mon now lets not get carried away,

  64. Dave David says: = WOW!

    Lebron is a great player, BUT!

    He needs to work harder, show respect to others, quit acting like a schoolyard punk and STOP the fake foul flopping!

    The all time greats in their field of play! = Jordan, Bruce Lee and Ali

  65. Max says:

    When will people stop discussing individual player types on a teenager niveau?
    LeBron is no more Scottie than Michael or Jeff f§$%&ng Hornacek.

  66. barbara Gatto says:

    Lebron is a great playker. He knows what happened why don’t you give credit where credit is due?

  67. MiamiTheBestEver says:

    This Year Big 3

    2011-2012 fantastic 4
    big 3 + CP3

    2012-2013 Fabulous 5
    Fantastic + Dwight

    2013 to 2023 still no ring
    not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6,

    we didn’t say “not Zero” tho
    miami heat best team ever in NBA history

    and king james is best player ever with good company such as malone, storkton, miller, barkley, ewing ….. and so on

    • da bulls says:

      most talent? maybe. most maturity? not at all. most deserving to win the title? NO!!!!

    • Luke says:

      just no. theres nothing u can say to that except you dont know basketball very well. Miami is overrated because of Lebron James. If you take him out of the picture they couldve been a bettert team.

  68. Tom says:

    haha loving it……….if the loss of the Ring didn’t, this should bring LeBron back to reality…

  69. !K-CUF says:

    steve kerr is right…LBJ is like Pippen but he didn’t said LBJ is Pippen

  70. JKA PLay says:

    Lebron James, like all men, is a human being and because of that he is subject to defeat not so much by his lack of skills or talent but by his EGO. We have all ran off at the mouth, thought we were the best at this or that at one time or another and every one of us have had our ego handed to us in a basket. This is what has happened here and I expect Lebron to learn from it and morph into a legendary player. Talent is one thing, talent applied relentlessly to skill equals greatness. Fronting, trash talking, hype… none of these will get you a ring and Lebron has learned this lesson finally where in the past he had not even though he has come up short before. The only way to a ring is hour after hour in the gym and letting your play do the talking and keeping your mouth shut. Look at all the legends, MJ, Magic, Bird, Kobe, and now Dirk… they all spent hour after hour in the gym working on their game. Lebron needs to do this as well, develop a post game and most of all, let his playing do the talking on the court. Heart he has, we all do, but skills must be perfected and worked on day after day after day. Basketball is a game that can never be mastered, but it can be improved upon year after year. If Lebron will commit to the time needed in the gym to work on the weak points of his game he will be unstoppable by anyone and demand double and triple teams opening up ops for his team mates. Dallas exposed Lebron’s weaknesses and he knows it all too well. I expect Lebron to make the decisions he needs to make and we will all be amazed at what kind of player he becomes over the next few years. He should start early Monday morning after taking one week off.

  71. James says:

    Even Kobe doesn’t like to be compared to Jordan because Kobe recognizes Jordan’s greatness. Now, with Lebron, people bought in to his hype and too many of them are giving him too much credit when he has not even won 1 championship. You are have to earn it. Period. Jordan earned every one of the 6 championships he won. Jordan’s patented post-up / fade away jump shot is the most deadly sniper shot we’ve ever seen. Lebron is just an ego-maniac, not someone we can all look up to as a champion.

  72. wenggers says:

    lets just all agree that lebron chickened out … cant play under pressure.. will still need heart …
    brian cardinal had heart…. lebron james is not a king, nuff said

  73. Dammit Mann says:

    LMAO! to all of this. Are we even debating this again? Clearly this whole series was fixed so fans dont get discourage thinking we need 3 star teams to win a championship. Cmon people wake up. LeBron is just the NBA’s distraction. and some say he cant market good well he the most talked about PERSON in the world and his jersey was the highest selling so from im sitting he’s doin a pretty good job. The NBA is a business first and their selling the drama pretty well. Now next year the heat return to the finals and all of a sudden Lebron is dominant and breaks thru his big game slump wow where have I seen this movie before? To everyone whose happy Lebron lost laugh now, cry later because he will win multiple its already written.

  74. here comes the hate says:

    Here comes the hate from the media. No one is Pippen but himself, no one is Jordan but himself and so the only Lebron is himself. The real people who knows basketball will not compare talents.

  75. eo says:

    obviously jet kidd dirk marion are better people so happy to see a bunch of guys who aren’t full of themselves win the championship

  76. AM says:

    What does steve kerr know about players or defense? what did he do as phoenix GM?

  77. andrew says:

    heat are going 75 and 7 next year….

  78. NeilJ says:

    Have to agree with Steve Kerr here. MJ would have stepped it up in the last quarter in order to win. LeBron is without doubt a talented player but not at the level of MJ in his heyday.

  79. DirkJetKidd says:

    I would be fan of him if he stayed in Cleveland , build a team around him, then went on to win championships. Then he would have more fans even if he wins only 1 ring . The people who treat him as Role Model will never like what he did, because a leader is expected to lead his team , not run away because his team is weak. Of course, people who worship Lebron, will always find a reason to defend him.

  80. Katie says:

    People seem to try and fall back on LeBron the philanthropist to make him a good person. The fact is he has given significantly less to the Boys and Girls Clubs then he originally offered because his Foundation keeps losing money. He does *not* give money anywhere in Cleveland. He has a bike ride in Akron. Woo hoo. Shaq was in town for a couple of months and he had Shaqsgiving – with TRUCKLOADS of food for area families. The stories are endless on how LeBron and his posse was nothing but rude to anyone they came across. I have yet to find one…just one person that was helped by lebron or his money. Let’s debate his skills as a player. It is clear he cares about no one but himself. … I mean this is the same guy that took his toddler to a topless pool party in vegas. Dad of the year there.

    • Blah Blah Blah says:

      “I mean this is the same guy that took his toddler to a topless pool party in vegas. Dad of the year there.

      lmao — guy in his 20’s + millions + idiot friends = mistake after mistake after mistake

  81. Ryan says:

    yes! finally! they are finally realizing it! finally realizing lebron is overrated, and isn’t as good as everyone thinks he is, im not surrounded by a bunch of morons, i can die happy now.

    no but seriously, it finally makes me happy that im finally seeing a bunch of people realize who lebron really is, media, nba hype him up as the best player because well, he brings money. and everyone knows that if you got a great product on the shelf, you want to raise the price a little bit, advertise it saying its the best thing out there etc.

    cuz everyone that knows real basketball, will admit, kobe is the better player. coaches say it, players say it. lebron has alot to prove still, alot of fine tuning still needs to be done to his game, before he can be even considered a TRUE superstar int he nba.

  82. DirkJetKidd says:

    The truth is Lebron is immature and cannot handle criticism well. Just watch his post game 6 interview . He wants to be a great player. But he does not want criticisms that comes with it when somebody who is expected to perform well fails repeatedly just like his consecutive 4th quarter struggles against Mavericks. May be he will win rings in the future given the talent he has. For that he needs to focus on his mental toughness and basketball weknesses rather than attacking the critics and fans.

  83. Rhajen says:

    Michael Jordan got 6 rings in like 17 yrs as nba player..

    lebron is playing like 8 years.. lebron has many years to come.. like 12 more years.. i doubt he wont get a ring or 2 .. his time will come.. and you haters are still gonna hate..

    LeBron will be one of the greatest player to play the game.. live with it 🙂 kthxbye

  84. Nikos says:

    the Heat will never win a title because they had their chance this year. Now other teams will get 2 or even 3 “Stars” on their teams. LBJ is not MJ and he is not Kobe. MJ is the greatest Kobe is next but Lebron is not even 3rd. He might be top 20 in the league now. But not top 20 ever

  85. kobe says:

    James lacks aggressiveness and competitiveness. That’s what makes a good shooter.

  86. Ms. Basketball says:

    LeBron or no other players will ever be a Michael Jordan. I never though Pippen was as good as everyone said he was, he had Michael on the team. When Michael left the first time it show Pippen talent (none at all). LeBron needs to hit the gym and realize he his not playing with those boys in High School and practice to become a better Lebron.

  87. kevin says:

    i think Lebron didn’t show his leadership and his sort of afraid and his thinking of something we don’t know .. i think he has something bothering him.. but next year would be great for them to win the champ.. i believe in him.

  88. pat says:

    if brandon roy wasnt been injured he would be great compared to wade and james

  89. merdol says:

    These comments are just silly. What is the point of comparing this guy to Jordan or to anybody else. Did Lebron come out and say “I’m Michael Jordan” or something? It’s such a stick man fallacy that the media uses all the time. It’s lazy. They crowned the guy now they’re sending him to the guillotine. And the fans just eat it up. For what? “The Decision?” The smoke machines and strobes in Miami announcing the signing? The celebrating with 7 minutes to go in front of the Dallas bench? You know what these make him? Just an immature idiot. He is 26 years old. In athlete years that’s like 19. These things have nothing whatsoever to do with the guy’s talent on the floor. If you can’t see that then you really don’t understand basketball. He is not great now. If he figures it out though he could be one of the greats.

  90. green_sea says:

    Wade wore down in the end, he did not choke! BUt becuase LeBron disappeared , Wades game looked worse. Really they should have fed Bosh more. He did not look concerned about winning, he looked more like a Pippen-esque player.

  91. eo says:

    lebron should not even be in discussion with them two yet

  92. eo says:

    u can not compare kobe to mj think of how much more contact u could get away with back in the day now imagine how mj would hav been in his prime playing in this day and age

  93. elle says:

    LeBron is a talented player, that we cannot deny but like everyone else there’s always room for improvement. He always say that criticisms doesn’t really bother him mainly because he doesn’t pay attention to them but perhaps he may wanna start listening because some are constructive and once he starts accepting his flaws that’s when he can start improving himself.

  94. PIO says:

    why is LeBron considered the best player in the league if he isn’t even the best player in his team?

  95. kiko says:

    What about every player is a different player. Jordan is Jordan and as good as Jordan. James is James and plays like James. Why trying to compare all the time?
    Especially when we know the best of all times is Kobe. I mean, you talk, you talk…

  96. jed says:

    Lebron’s just 26, just watch you ignorant fans of the game. try watching some other sport like chess or billiards. keep on hating.

  97. ado says:

    wade has a pride of himself,he labor too much unlike james only a receiver . if he can compete with wade ability then he would be a champ someday. he must have a heart and soul in order to become a champ before his time lapse.

  98. RM Poe says:

    This is a good story and does highlight some of why James didnt show up to play. Anyone wanting to read a great story check out

  99. John says:

    I think that Steve Kerr has hit it on the head. I never thought about this myself. Everyone has been so busy trying to compare him to Jordan. He is more like a Pippen. I saw during the playoffs that the Heat is still Wades team, and if that is the case, then Lebron is Pippen. The Second option.

  100. ado says:

    lebron not a good dribbler,easily intimidated, can’t performed crossover either, no guts for himself to finish the game.

  101. the Yo show says:

    you may compare Scottie to Lebron, but it is way too far, they may have similarities on their skills, but not by heart. Scottie accepted his role as a role player of the Bulls not only on offense but specially on defense, He may not score a lot like MJ but you can always count on his Defense, that’s why he’s always member of all NBA defensive 1st team in his prime, unlike Lebron, the cavs invested a lot for this guy, trading key players like Ricky Davis, Darius Miles and Carlos boozer just to make way for Lebron’s offensive style. but what did Lebron do? he just turned his back on his team and joined the Heat, that’s not a Scottie like attitude, even Scottie has a low salary on his team (Bulls), he never turns his back on his team and that is what you call loyalty, Lebron does not have that, Scottie ACCEPTED that MJ is always better than him on offense. That’s why they have won 6 NBA titles in a decade, Lebron must mature and accept that Wade is the leader of the heat and he’s ( Lebron ) a role player who just got there.

  102. mabbyy says:

    the author is right’ we always sees mj to lebron, but in the end… its scottie on his side

  103. SL1978 says:

    James isn’t as good as Pippen, and he is very far from MJ. If I was a basketball team owner and I could choose between Wade or James I certanly would choose Wade. He is more mature, professional, doesn’t think he is the king. He lives and dies for the team. The NBA has seen several players like LJ, only half of them made it to one championship.
    There are good challenges in the Eastern Conference for Miami next year, they will have a tough fight with Chicago.

  104. ash says:

    wouldnt it make more sense to say dirk is better then lebron.. people still argue over who is better (lebron or wade) how can u say lebron is anything like MJ if people arent even sure if he is better then wade. you never seen people argue saying pippen was better then MJ.
    Also Dirk is better then LBJ cause he took it more serious n always looked focus and in the end came out on top.. lebron doesnt take it serious enuff and still acts like a kid.
    LBJ is part of the big 3 and still cant win a CHAMPIONSHIP. and im sure if it was howard on miamis team rather then LBJ they would of won aswell.. LBJ is no where near the best player ever

  105. vencedor says:

    the DUKE OF EARL? jordan and pippen are down-to-earth creatures

  106. Andrei Eiram says:


  107. Perro says:

    Actually that makes more sence than 2 compare him with Mj. Both with sismilar playstyles and physique so yeah I´d settle for that,well what do u know?maybe Lbj will hit the top 50 of all time and possibly the HOF aswell^^,,,no I´m not a h8er more like a realist,,,ok I must admit that the Heat did a good job going to the finals fisrt season toghether but in order for them 2 go all the way they need more than that,especially a better bench and rollplayers. But I´m so freakishly impressed with what the Mav´s did this year it´s just amazing and they really deserve it,,,common look at all the team they slapped silly during the postseason.
    Anyway awesome thread/blogpost cya peeps

  108. noel says:

    lebron james is a fluke!

  109. a says:

    please Jan. think before you comment. jealous much?

  110. hardenfan13 says:

    If miami ever wins a championship it would be because of dwyane wade not of lebron, based on the games in the finals
    wade was the only one who wanted to win from the heat..

  111. kobe says:

    I feel sorry for yo mama LEWHORE JAMES

  112. Chris says:

    So much for the “unstoppable” label for LeBron… Everyone said that nobody could take him out of a game, just slow him down a bit. The Mavs slowed him down the whole series and took him out of the game in the fourth quarters. If Wade and Bosh had not played on his team, the Mavs would have taken him out of the whole series, but they also had to pay attention to two other really good players (and they still did what they did!). If you make LeBron a jump shooter, he’s not winning games against you, unless he has one of those unbelievable nights…
    LeBron has one advantage over other great players in the NBA and that’s his body. When he’s going to the rim, he’s like a giant train without brakes… You can’t slow that down, once it’s rolling. But when you don’t let it speed up, there’s no danger!
    But don’t forget this: he’s still young! He’s gonna develop his game. He’s gonna mature. I don’t think he will be like Mike some day, but like Pippen… maybe! Pippen also had his issues with consistency in games when it mattered, but he learned (from Michael), how to play great in important games!
    Bigger Problem for Miami is:
    Jordan > Wade (by far!)
    Pippen = LeBron
    Rodman > Bosh (Rodman contributet, what the Bulls needed perfectly, Bosh sometimes looked like he accidently was on the floor with the wrong team)
    Bulls bench > Miami bench
    Harper / Kerr > Bibby / Chalmers
    Longley > (do the Heat even have a center worth mentioning here?)


  113. kobe says:

    LEWHORE JAMES is not a good leader. LEWHORE JAMES shouldn’t be fighting for the ball with his big brother D-WADE. Heat lose cause of LEWHORE. Heat will win without LEWHORE. now LEWHORE gonna blame it on D-Wade and chris bitchsss(CB4 or CB1) for the lose.

  114. Seriously? says:

    Still shocked about Pippens statement, i don’t know what has gotten into his mind but its funny how kobe was not being mentioned this whole time by the media it was all LeBron, Pip, and MJ.

    but it all seriousness We have already WitnessED the greatest of all time (Michael Jordan) do his thing on the court. he shouldn’t even be mentioned with the kobes and the wades and lebrons

    We should just try and look for second place

  115. Mick says:

    What happened to the LeBron of a few seasons ago? You know the one that fought so hard against Orlando in 2009, even though he had NO help from the rest of the Cavs? The one who was that upset by losing that he stormed off the court at the end of the elimination game without even congratulating the other team? Its like that series, and the flack he copped for the way he left it, changed his basketball persona. Now he seems dis-interested if his team is losing. Comparisons to MJ and Scottie? No way! Scottie and Michael were both winners, and until LeBron wins, there is no way you should compare him to those guys… I always liked LeBrons ability, but his heart and killer instinct just arent there.. And to the idiot who called Wade a “ball hog”, wake up! If you actually watched the finals, you would see that Wade was ALL heart, and was doing anything (everything!) to keep Miami in it… Personally I hope the Heat don’t win a single title, and the Lakers come back in 2012 to reclaim their crown! (or 2013, given the way the labour talks are going right now!)

  116. santoryuu says:

    Pippen wont score 8 points in an NBA Finals..

  117. Predmester says:

    Lebron & Wade = overdoppinged and underskilled, nothing more….

  118. understateKerr says:

    That’s really an understatement. Unlike those bulls eras wherein Jordan always lead the team and pippen just comes 2nd all the time, Lebron is the leader on stats most of the time. He just choked on the last 3 games for whatever reason. But for comparison right now, definitely he’s not a pippen. He’s still more like the Magic Johnson of the team and Wade still is the James Worthy. Lebron 2x mvp -> Magic 5x mvp. Wade & Worthy -> 1x finals mvp. Don’t let the last 3 games shadow the overall greatness. That’s their status for now…

    If Lebron comse into next season taking the back seat and let wade go on the driver, then that’s the time we might say he can be a pippen. Its hard for him to be a jordan because of wade being a scoring-hungry superstar. The heat is still in the late 1980’s (nearing the end of era) lakers, not the bulls. It will take years of success for them to be compared to the bulls.

  119. Cee says:

    To all the people saying bad things to Lebron… BITTER!!! … you all wouldn’t score a point even if he’s blindfolded.. that’s why you backlash LBJ here .. not in the BBcourt… yup.. MJ is a great one..heart and talent and skill.. I’m an MJ fans as well but it took him long suffering years before he became an NBA champion.. and it wasn’t up until Pip came to CHI… without Pip, MJ won’t have 6 rings as well… As for Kobe.. he has a killer instinct, could close games, has heart too… but he is not good to be compared to MJ.. all his Rings were not because he is the only one beating the other teams… he didn’t get one without a big man.. so before you say things.. face the mirror first and tell yourself if you are way better.. then that is the time you backlash people.. love the game.. if you don’t love basketball, and have nothing good to say,better not watch it.. you try golf instead.. way much calmer and relaxing… peace y’all!!!

  120. stf says:

    Jason Kidd, when ask, what was the difference between the heat and the mavs in the finals said: Age. Simple as that. It took Dirk Nowitzki 13 season and several failures to get a title, Kidd 17 seasons and three trips to the finals. If James will ever be one of the great is stil up to be decided. He is 26, still one year younger than MJ when he won his first title. People can learn a lot from this series, for example that titles are carved out of pain and hard work and luck. James now has some pain to chew on and maybe, if he puts in lots of work and has some luck he can one day win it all. Or not, but if he has the character for it is not yet decided.

  121. OKCFTW! says:


  122. LolWut? says:

    Sorry guys. Lebron still have a chance to became above Pippen.
    First time Jordan won his title= 28 years old.
    Current age of LeBron=26 years old.
    Stop mocking and just watch and learn.

  123. point says:

    There are no shortcuts in winning a championship. LeBron was just impatient and he doesn’t have that heart of a champion..He sure is gifted with “talents” but he still lacks maturity and heart…he can’t be compared to Scottie..

  124. Bobson says:


    That is the most ignorant, immature, Lebron hating and delusional statement i ever seen in my life.

    Lebron is the best player in the world and one of the greatest talents/skills we have ever seen…..

    He is only 26….. Michael Jordan didnt win a ring until he was 27-28……………

    A Championship is a team accomplishment…. thats why somebody like Wilt Chamberlain or Oscar Robertson can only end up with 1 ring… and somebody like Robert Horry can end up with 7 RINGS………………


  125. jed says:

    Stop comparing Lebron to any other player. He is Lebron and Lebron only, stop this waste of time comparing players from players and playera. Media and some ignorant fans should stop hating, talking and wasting their time and should watch NBA basketball and be a real fan of the game instead of rejoicing of one player’s failure.

  126. dikembe mutombo says:

    Lebron is today’s Dominique Wilkins. Mind blowing physical abilities that translate into spectacular plays (even moreso than Dominique), and great scoring capabilities (first all time in Cavs history within 7 years). Is Dominique less of an icon because he hasnt won a championship??? Of course not…the whole winning the championship thing is way overrated…let people enjoy these players as long as they can and stop bitching.

  127. allaround baller says:



  128. whatdahell says:

    1 thing i noticed on lebron…

    he always dissappears when he’s needed most… like in game 6 on the first shots of the game like he’s on a mission to have a game 7 of the series then all of the sudden he dissappears like a ghost….

    lebron is a great player but please do have a coach on jumpshot and post moves… that way you can be unstoppable for a reason…

    anyways… great finals series….

  129. Lee says:

    Totally agree w/ Kerr, LBJ plays like Pip but bigger, like Pip, can’t win a championship without MJ, in LBJ’s case Wade (not comparing Dwayne to Mike, MJ’s far better than Wade still), i still believe they’ll win a championship together, their just too talented not to.. the better team won this finals, not the most talented.. i can even compare Barkley to Lebron, hahahah

  130. juice says:

    there are things that some people are born with that others are not. D-Wade, Kobe, MJ. These guys are killers, they may struggle, they may take a play off when frustrated, they are not fun to be around when losing. But they have NEVER run and hid from the basketball. It is contrary to their nature

  131. HEnry says:

    What ever you say, he is one of the most talented players t ever grace the hardwood. Youngest to reach

  132. AusRob says:

    LeBron’s always had maturity problems, and a lot of that’s probably his own fault, but a lot of the blame lies with those people around him who feed this stuff about how great he is. He doesn’t need to do much, this year he only had to lead his team to eight wins across two series’ and people were starting up the GOAT hype machine. When he’s the golden-haired boy of the NBA is it any wonder he says the things he does?

    I’d like to know what the psychology after next year will be should this team come up short again. I guess that depends on how intimately you know their friendship. Is it strong enough to get them through losing stretches? And if not, who walks? Will James and Wade conspire with Pat Riley to lose Chris Bosh and his big contract? Will it be Wade and Bosh who decide they’ve had enough of LeBron’s antics? Or will Wade say “screw this” and demand a trade on his own? I know some will say it’s too soon to be asking those kinds of questions but it’s true – what is Plan B exactly? All I do know is, if Wade leaves then even Miami fans will be turned off James, since it was Wade’s team first.

    I’m not sure what other NBA teams think of the Miami Heat, but there’s an added incentive to beat them next year. Beating the Heat may well result in one of the messiest divorces in NBA history.

  133. Richardo says:

    All you hatesr are so predictable and fickle. It’s so easy to jump on the hate the LeBron James band wagon. He who is without sin cast he first stone ! Most of these commentators (explayers) who are now taking allot of cheap shots at LJ couldn’t even carry his jock strap when they were playing. Most of them only have a ring or few because they were lucky enough to be carried by a superstar themselves. Give the guy a break, he’s young and he’s made mistakes, we all do. He will come good and when he does, all the haters will be the same ones kissing LJ’s butt. It’s so easy to kick the guy while he’s down. Most of the people who do it come form a place of envy ‘cus they got no real talent of their own to exploit and have never and will never be a superstar.

    LJ dig deep baby, show the haters your greatness let them choke on their envy for your talent and money, when you take the rings home.

    Well done Dirk on Co, you played with heart. God bless basketball and America

  134. tapout1307 says:

    i agree a hundred percent with everything you say.. He has the talent or should i say had the talent back with cleveland and is to immature to win a title,, he makes excuses and acts like a child when he is or has lost recent games… he is a great player and perhaps he might eventually when win a title.. but i believe the media is nothing but a bunch of idiots trying to blow the lebron james era up into nothing but a marketing tool ! trying to make money because face it folks! there wont ever be another jordan, bird, magic, kareem, malone,payton, era again… the sport is watered down.. and now you have a bunch of young fans following the nba game, that are nothing more than a bunch of sheep… stop comparing other players to other players.. grow up and enjoy the dmn game as it is… the competition isnt as tough as it was,, but for gods sake… there wont be another jordan.. or magic or bird… so stop comparing lebron with them.. lebron is nothing more then lebron!!! a b list basketball player.. perhaps he will somehow become in the top 3 i total pts in the entire nba.. but who did he play against???? my point right there… durant derek rose an old kobe chris paul kevin love.. blake griffin… a bunch of rookies compared to the greats… the sport is watered down completly … compared to mlb, and nba… lebron a word of advice… stop making excuses… and play the game admit when your ot played… because i know that by your body language that when you say another team won or beat you deserved it , its a complete lie… your pissed… you storm off whine… and make excuses.. be a man and admit to being beat or own up to a mistake … thats what makes it a mans sport!!!

  135. bluknyt says:

    LeBron has just payed the price of leaving his hometown. Lesson, loyalty to your team or hometown pays off look at it dirk nowitzki just sticking with mavs through thick and thin and now finally got a ring. You can call this karma,leaves his hometown cleveland that has not yet celebrated a sporting event since 1974 and LeBron should have been the player that could get back the glory in cleveland. But nevertheless,he will a championship and i hope dan gilbert’s curse won’t come true that cavs would win championship before the “self proclaimed king” does.

  136. Alberto says:

    Come on, Heats lost becuase Dallas outplayed them. LB is not the one to blame, he has flaws in his game so does many great players, he just has to keep improving his game especially low-post moves, mid range jumpers. His time will come eventually. There are many flaws in Heats team either in the Finals series: no bench, no players showed up other than the Big Three, not enough size, roles of LB & Wades are not well defined, inexperienced of the coach.

    Mavericks deserve to win the championship!

    • Brad T says:

      Well said! Also, all you Heat lovers need to stop with the talk of winning a ring is inevitable for the Heat… if you watched the first rounds you know how close the Heat came to losing key games against the celtics and bulls. Frankly they were lucky to get to the finals this year, and I would say they would be lucky to get there again in 2012

  137. Haters says:

    Who does Steve Kerr think he is? He was never the player LeBron was at 22. LeBron is only 26! The fact hat at this age, arguably 2-3 years off his peak, he is even being mentioned by people, with opinions that actually matter, next to Jordan at this age is amazing. I’m not saying that he necessarily will ever be as good as Jordan but, hate him or love him for whatever reasons, people shouldn’t be counting out a player who will definitely be a hall of fame er, inevitably have multiple championships and possibly 4-5 MVPs. The fact that people like Magic Johnson praise his game and rate him already as one of the best of all time, means all the haters who live in Cleveland and post comments on these sites need to, as LeBron says “…get back to the real world at some point.”

  138. Booman says:

    I think nobody can compare to anybody.. i mean Mj is MJ nothing more nothing less. So dont compare MJ, Pip to anyone. Kobe is a diff kind of player, same goes to LBJ, Wade, Dirk, etc…. People always compare… like when Grant Hill came, they said he’s the next MJ. This Comparing of Players make me sick

  139. stupido says:

    Lebron is a loser, period!

  140. YezSir says:

    If Babe Ruth’s “Called SHot” had not been a homerun, the natural thing to do would be to laugh about it. Calling yourselves the winner of the nba championship prior to the season even starting and failing, well enough said. His talents are still in South Beach so next year maybe like Cuban just shut your mouth and let it play out.

  141. Samgunz says:

    Stop hating on the guy. He came up short but had a great run this year. Their team finished second in the east and dominated the eastern conference playoffs. Oh, by the way most of yall that’s talking trash were probably the same ones that were praising him a few weeks ago for his clutch performances against Boston and Chicago. Funny how quickly people forget. And give Dallas some praise, after all they are the ones who shut him down as a team which is not an easy task. But when he finally gets his ring (they came so close this year and are still young so don’t think they won’t be back) watch all the present haters jump right on the bandwagon just like they did for Dirk this year. I think people will still find a way to hate on Bron then: maybe they will say he couldn’t do it by himself. But last I checked no one has done it by themselves. Guess we will find out next year.

    • DruS says:

      Finally, some commentary I agree with. I think there’s a lot of hating here. He didn’t step up in the Finals but the kid is good – damn good. I don’t like him, but I can’t even deny that he’s some of the best talent I’ve seen. I’m not impressed with how fragile he appeared in the Finals, but you can credit the Mavs for that as well as they played him extremely well. I’d be interested to see how he responds nexy year as well.

  142. tim says:

    Excellent point on James not having a reliable shot to go to. Both Michael and Kobe has the fall-away shot. He’ll back you up and and turns around then fades away. Kobe wasnt as reliable with that shot but he developed it and got consistent eventually and James should do the same thing. Reggie Miller has the dribble step back while Dirk has the one lgged fade away, Was is the one player who somehow manages to generate shots by reading what defense gives him but he has the ability to attack and find holes. James doesn’t have any of that. All he can do is dunk on a breakaway play which usually starts from a boken play on the defensive end. Dallas didnt have any of those during fourth quarters


    LeBron is a great player, but is not one of THE greatest. Could be in time, but theres a long way to go before he can be compared to Pippen. Pippen had a few moments (did someone say Toni Kukoc?) of madness, but is undeniably a champion. Without Robin, Batman would get his a$$ whooped. Pippen was just as important to the 6 rings as Jordan.

    The thing is, the fans/media/Bulls knew Jordan was the alpha dog, with Pippen there to back him up. Yet LeBron frequently alludes to this being Wades team. So why do we keep blaming LeBron when he is stepping aside for Wade to take control?
    We can’t blame LeBron for every mistake Miami makes. Its the Big 3, not the big King. Yes, he sucked this series, but he didn’t lose the ring, Dirk et al won it.

    Now, once and for all, can we stop with the ‘next MJ’ saga? I can’t even fathom a comparison of anyone, past or present, to Jordan… Kobe is the closest, in that he has had a career, in terms of skill development/athletic decline, similar to Jordan (both were slashers with hair, both have killer jumpers without hair…).
    The number of rings and the legendary competitiveness are there for Kobe… but both fall short. Well short. And there is daylight to anyone else beyond Kobe, in any sense of their skill set/career/media savvy/clutch performing, etc…

    And for all the LeBron haters out there (hope the weather is nice in Ohio), don’t fret, ‘cos I think some young upstarts from Oklahoma will have something to say about a Miami dynasty…

  144. Larry says:

    Lebron James is a fantastic player, but he’s not even on Jordan’s level. Lebron James is not a consistent and clutch player. The only person that is close to Jordan is Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant is a clutch player and he knows how to close out a game. People need to show Kobe Bryant more respect!! He has won five championships and was named the Finals MVP. Kobe Bryant is the best player in the league! Jordan even said that

    • inamikgreg says:

      Stats have shown that Kobe is not as clutch as you might think. However, the difference is that Kobe is willing to take on that challenge whereas it seems like Lebron doesn’t.

  145. mza36 says:

    Lebron is Pippen. Are you kidding me? Pippen never lost in finals. He could be Karl Malone who lost 2 finals. But the mailman never gave up. He lost but fought hard and gave everything to win. He couldn’t have any regret after losing in finals. Where is the so called king when it comes to battle and leave everything on the floor? Technically Lebron has never been a great player. He just benefits of his athletic abilities. But he is not smart enough to understand this: the most important muscle in basketball is your brain!!!

    • max says:


  146. doods says:

    your truly a cavs fan.

  147. zxymhn says:

    If you ask LeBron for a dollar, he only gives you $0.75, he never gives you the 4th quarter

  148. zxymhn says:

    i was trying to call on LeBron James, and guess what!? even his phone doesn’t have a ring! lolz

  149. Patrick says:

    well written piece… LBJ need to improve on and off court to win a championship. he’s not MJ, KOBE, MAGIC yet… at the moment he’s more like IVERSON, MC GRADY, CARTER. LBJ got a flashy game but lacks the maturity of closing out games. He played well in the playoffs but simply vanished in the finals when it matters most. I was kinda shocked to see him doing layups instead of dunks. So THE DECISION is his. 😉

  150. wekmoe says:

    Lebron, Bosh and Wade knew that they were going to go to the Heat well before the Decision. But they knew it could only happen if they acted like they might stay with their team so that they wouldn’t get traded well before the free agency period. The heat could not have traded for both Lebron and Bosh because they would of had to trade players and draft picks and cash. So the only way that it would of happened was with their lies. They left both the Cav and Raptor franchise with nothing, no draft picks or players, nothing. That is why they are unethical and immoral. If Lebron wanted out and cared about his teammates and fans in Cleveland then he would of asked to be traded so that the Cavs would have gotten something for him. Horrible for the NBA.

  151. anthony says:

    lebron james is nowhere near the calibre of a player like scottie pippen, nor is he a jordan…not even close…..he has shown on more than 1 occasion that he cant get the job done when the game matters the most, he couldnt do it on his own with cleveland and he choked with miami…people should just stop making comparisons with lebron james and the games greats….maybe he should make another tv spot not titled the decision but a sequel to it called’ overrated’ which should air for no more than 30 mins…..LBJ needs to grow up and get over himself at best he is a sixth man

  152. TOTOY MOLA says:

    Lebron is more like Tracy McGrady than Pippen..

    • STFU says:

      You should really STOP TALKING IGNORANT CRAP HERE!….

      TMAC is BETTER THAN LBJ — all around… LBJ got what? a DRIVING/FACILITATING SKILL — hell TMAC got that + a 3 pointer + arial artistry + he doesn’t choke, if you just have seen how SPURS gets singlehandedly destroyed by TMAC when they were leading 13 points with 34 seconds LEFT on the 4th quarter — they even have BOWEN on that time!

  153. KOBE IS A GAY says:

    LBJ might not be scottie or MJ..but he is better than kobe..put that on your mind..IDIOT!!!he won rings not just because of him,,but because of his team or with his teammates..

    • Larry says:

      Obviously, you’re a Kobe hater. Jordan even said that Kobe is the best player in the league.

    • STFU says:

      If he is better than kobe, why did he team up with WADE and BOSH? ….. ohhhh thats right, coz he can’t stop kobe, he needed wade and bosh just to win against the lakers.

  154. robbay2 says:

    LeBron was so close to having a better supporting cast in Cleveland.

    If he had stay longer i could gaurentee that team would have signed more and better supporting players.

    Joe johnson looked like he was gonna go somewhere else, but the decision happened.

  155. sam b says:

    By the way…


    That is so gay, as soon as I read that I immediately knew your opinion was retarded. The corny word play is really wearing out its welcome. Take a break

  156. sam b says:

    people who dont think lebron is a great player are so ignorant. Just keep getting brainwashed by the lastest headline you read. Try having a memory and formulating your own opinion for once. Lebron has much more work to do and he knows that. But to deny that he is amazing is so ignorant. Do you watch basketball ever? Maybe you should actually do a little research on lebrons career besides what you hear on sports center. The records he has broken and the performances he has had are unbelievable. He is a freak of nature. But one thing I will admit… It is time to get some rings…

    Also, I just wanted to point out, Lebron has been under a spotlight since he was in 8th grade. Michael Jordan has never came close to dealing with the amount of scrutiny and pressure that Lebron has his whole life. There are clearly some mental battles that Lebron is dealing with. He will overcome. he’s 26

    • ME says:

      right on my man, people should also stop counting the first three years of a high school drafted player, THEY ARE RARELY READY TO GO AT THAT AGE(mentally) so the point im saying is, count the years from his 22nd, no one did it in 4 years except for those few rookies who never played a minute warmed up the bench and snatch a ring wich they dont deserve

  157. sameer says:

    This is worse than the Micheal to Lebron comparision. Keep it up and you will be the new Adrian Wajnorowski.

  158. Pimp says:

    lmao when pippen compares him to mj. what a load of sh*t. we all know he has the talent to be great but for now he is just laqeen.

  159. 7cents says:


  160. levis24 says:

    Please, please… Stop comparing these stars… Lebron James is king James, Michael Jordan is air Jordan… They are who they are…

  161. Kev says:

    well said, the Queen is Scottie at best, except with a world of arrogance

  162. Jan says:

    To all LeBWRONG, SHAMES FANS!!!!!

    Let me refresh your memory. LeBWRONG, SHAMES came in the league as the face of the NBA, and why??
    The face of the NBA at the time was KOBE and if you all can remember that was the year he was getting in trouble with the court of law. This forced the NBA to divert the attention and made such a big HYPE about LebWRONG, SHAMES. He is a character made by David Stern and NBA as a whole. He is like a WWE superstar, its a business and I know a lot of you were sold the moment he arrived.

    Is LebWRONG, SHAMES a good basketball player???
    Definitely. But you have analyze how he got there. He came in as a SUPERSTAR, with all the HYPE. He came in with superstar treatment. Defenders were not allowed to touch him when he drives and shoots. He got special treatments like a spoiled child of the NBA. NBA PAMPERED HIM!! A good analogy would be if you adopted 2 kids, one you sent to all kinds of good school, gave special privileges to and the other one you just kinda left alone. Of course the one that got the special treatment will more likely succeed, hence LebWRONG, SHAMES career in the NBA. A lot of help from people handing it down to him. He does not truly deserve credit for what he’s done so far.

    Is LebWRONG ever going to win a championship?
    Yes, but everyone knew he had to take a shortcut to get there while at the same time betraying his home where he made so many promises. The manner of how he left was not only cowardly but a traitors way of leaving. Wade and Bosh is as guilty as being cowards for conspiring about making their own team and its good to watch them not succeed for now. When or IF they ever win a championship, can you Miami Heat fans really swallow that. How would your heart feel then? Would you tell this act of cowardliness and betrayal story and mask it to tell your children a HEROES story???

    Definitely NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! He folds when the pressure is high. Everything has been handed down to him. When he made the finals, all the teams were weak and regardless who was going to win the West was going to win the championship. He had the best record last year with his teamates, but when they got stomped by Boston it was LebWRONG, SHAMES body language saying I quit and let all the blame go to my team mates later…. ARE YOU KIDDING ME LEBWRONG SHAMES FANS…. Blame it on his teamates, when all year long they had the best record. Maybe a leader should start taking in responsibilities. This year he just gave up on two guys that he made promises with and conspired with. Are you LebWRONG SHAMES fans that put him in the category with JORDAN and KOBE really that delusional?? Are you blind or just stupid to see he definitely does not belong in that category? MJ or KOBE could be down by 30 points in a game in a 4th quarter and would get mad if the coach took them out cause they believe they can still win and help the team. LebWRONG, SHAMES wouldn’t. He can’t think that way.


    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      man there should be a limit on how much you can write.
      “At the end of the day” lebron has no rings.

    • heartbreaker2408 says:

      well said pal,well said!!!

    • jo says:

      i agree… pippen is pippen… lebron is an athlete who just want to be a billionaire.

    • KGFan says:

      Dude, way too many uses of your “witty” play on his name. P.S. Kobe shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as MJ.

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        thats true. reason why??

        MJ = THE greatest of all times
        Kobe = one of the greatest of all time
        Lebron = one of the better rollplayers of all time

    • RIO says:

      why your so upset ,when three great player join in 1 team?lakers had kareem,magic,worthy,philadelphia had dr.j,cheecks,malone andb.jones so whats wrong when 3 bb join togethere to win a championship?

    • filipinoako says:

      well shame on you

  163. Mj says:

    three things that need lebron to have a ring, discipline, heart and maturity, and NO SHORTCUTS. lol

  164. dway2505 says:

    man lebron isnt serious about the finals… when you saw kobe last year this guy looked pissed even after they won game thats serious focus he didnt crack a smile till they won and here bron bron is making fun of dirk oh please grow up! he will never be able to be mentioned in the same breath has jordan or kobe

    • analyst says:

      i dont want to mention lebron on the same breath as MJ…but wouldnt consider kobe in that same breath as well..

    • Pau Gasol looks like a llama says:

      Lebron not mentioned in the same breath as Kobe? where was Kobe this year? oh yeah he couldnt win a single game against the mavs

      • STFU says:

        To mention lebron on the same breath as kobe basing only on this season is plainly IDIOTIC! maybe also with an additional STUPIDITY!

  165. Mikhail says:

    The only thing we will know is that if LeBron would go to Lakers. Jordan already said, “Kobe is better than LeBron” and Rodman also said, “Kobe is the Michael Jordan of this era”. So why not let them join together? Kobe=Jordan LeBron=Pippen??? 😀

  166. The chosen 1 says:


  167. Sherwin says:

    Wait who said Lebron is the next MJ or better than MJ?

    Right it was Pippen.

    Media people really spin this against James.

  168. joblagz says:

    wade’s 30 next season..

  169. Bobson says:


    Lebrons gamestyle is like a supercharged Pippen, but he is the Michael Jordan of his team. (best player in his team)

    Wades gamestyle is like a poor mans version of Jordan, but he is more like the Pippen of his team (2nd fiddle)

  170. Jason says:

    I just want to say, ‘thank you Dallas Mavericks for saving and winning the NBA Championship! Nothing could have been more sorry than a championship won by three players, at the calliber they are, deciding to take advantage of being free agents at the same time and playing together to win an NBA Championship. When you do what they did, you’re suppose to win the championshhip! It’s just a sorry way to win! Fortunately that didn’t happen. Maybe somehow, they can get Dwight Howard, Kevin Durant, and few other top players in the league to join them to win. They could really celebrate and call themselves champions then! What a real accomplishment! Eventually, these three Miami Heat players will win a sorry championship. And when they do, it will be the sorriest championship won in any sport. They will have ruin the real challenge of winning it all.

  171. HeatWave says:

    People can call James names and talk trash but up until a day ago Dirk was pretty much viewed as a choke artist himself. Anyhow to say MJ is not better than Pippen is really stupid. He’s nowhere near MJ but he’s far above Pippen as a player.

  172. Jeff says:

    LeBron and Pippen both smart and say funny things that make dumb people mad!

  173. K says:

    Whether It’s the fans or these so called sports analyst who probably never stepped foot on a basketball court. Enough is enough. Ever since, “the decision” LeBron has been the target of so many people. Forget the fact that he raised all that money for the Boys and Girls Clubs. Forget the fact that he still gives money to communities in Cleveland (and they burned his Jersey). Maybe if Donald Trump would have thought of, “the decision” it would be considered a good business move. People talk about LeBron did the city of Cleveland wrong? Really!! Maybe it was Cleveland who did him wrong. They put the pressure of restoring their city on a 18 year old kid. No one cared when they fired Mike Brown or do we forget about that. What’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander huh?
    One analyst stated that LeBron was immature….guess what he is only 26 years old..What were you doing in your college years? Well LeBron was putting a city on his shoulders. I have an idea maybe LeBron should be mentored by Charles Barkley or Magic Johnson on how to be mature. No wait they cheated on their wives. Ok maybe LeBron should be mentored by Chris Weber. No wait he was accused of taking money while in college then denied it. He also made the stupid statement that real men don’t cry. Should we bring back the video tape when the Fab Five lost to Duke? The unfortunate thing is the NBA recruits boys and considers them men. The veterans in the NBA don’t take these players under their wings. Kidd is still around I wonder what he could teach LeBron. Maybe he could teach him how to hit his wife or get a coach fired.
    The analyst say LeBron celebrated in front of the Mavs beach during game two. I call it being excited…Wait was that Dirk clinching his fist and sticking out his tongue in front of the Miami beach during game 6. As I recall Dirk didn’t shake hands either but hey he was emotional and had to gather himself. When LeBron didn’t shake hands after the Orlando series he was considered a bad sport. I guess the difference is one was a winner and the other was a loser.
    Hey LeBron you should not have said you were going win not 1 but several championships. You should have said you took your talents to South Beach to not win championships. Would the analyst have been satisfied then? LeBron is supposed to say he is going to win. Shaq said he was going to bring a championship to Phoenix and when he didn’t he didn’t get the backlash. Jason Terry thanked God and said God thought it was their time to win. LeBron said God has something in store for him and he gets ridiculed for saying that.
    People enough is enough. The man is a good player whether you like him personally or not. His statistics show that. Outside of basketball he seems like he is a good father. The media never had anything negative to report about him, never got accused of raping a woman, using drugs, disorderly conduct or being disrespectful to others. But yet these fanatics and analyst wish the worst on him. Who would you call the immature person.

    • Jeff says:

      K- I couldn’t agree more, I think ESPN was just mad because LeBron outsmarted them and did the Decision by himself and gave the money to charity. It WAS the most watched ESPN program of the year. Also most people just want to gripe about something. I for one would have been seriousely dissapointed if the possible “super team” of LeBron and D-Wade WOULDN’T have happened. That team brought new life to the NBA. I hope they get Dwight Howard too. That would really give people something to complain about. And the Decision? He took less money to play with his best friend at the expense of not only salary but ego AND that was his moms advice AND he didn’t know until that day where he was going AND Dan Gilbert proved himself to be not worthy anyway AND Cleveland fans not worthy either. I mean LeBron should have gotten some “boring, less sesational” articles written about what a tremendously hard and selfless thing he did to go to Miami despite what the media vultures would spin. Obama even pressured him to go to Chicago and LBJ went with his moms advice anyway. WAY TO GO LEBRON. YOU ARE SMART AND DID THE RIGHT THING. MOST OF THE COUNTRY LOVES YOU AND WADE AND THE ONLY REASON THAT ISN’T ON TV IS BECAUSE YOU OUTSMARTED THE NETWORK EXECS AND THEY LOOK BAD.
      The only person more scrutinized in the USA is Sarah Palin and she is also smart and going to win next year,

      • bballwiz says:

        FYI, all this hate is because of own doing. He did this to himself, that’s why everyone outside of South Beach is getting back at him. You can’t blame people for hating him. He basically put a bull’s eye on his back, and he used the media to do it.

        (The Decision, remember? What an overly inflated ego he has to actually announce his free agent decision through a one-hour TV special. One hour?! C’mon now. You can say “I’ll take my talents to South Beach and play for the Miami Heat” in less than a minute! What a spoiled, arrogant, immature person. And I don’t feel sorry for him. Not one bit.)

      • watthe says:

        they get HOWARD?? how?? are u stupid…even without a hard cap which may happen next season…micky arison will not spend over the cap to retain 4 all stars….that leaves them nothing to work with for the rest of the roster…i cannot be done….

    • NBAfan says:

      You guys are really scraping the bottom here. Talking about moms, media, and other players that you yourself brought into the conversation.

      It’s a dark time for Lebron, and it’s a very dark time for Lebron fans. I’m not a Lebron fan, and even I don’t wish this kind of situation on him.

      Did he ask to be #1 pick, no. Did he tattoo “the chosen one” on his back, yes.
      Did he basically turn his back on a whole city that treated him like a god, yes. Was it wrong, depends on who you ask.
      Did he basically imply creating a dynasty by winning not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5…championships even before training camp, yes. Did he win this year, no. Does a dynasty start with a non-championship year, hell no.
      Will he eventually do, who knows?

      But you know, if you’re really a Lebron fan, you’d just be quiet and not talk about irrelevant things like moms, and Obama, and the Fab Five. He’s a great player, nobody is saying he is not. But maybe, right now, we shouldn’t be even considering him in the same breathe as the truly great. The only active players who can even be considered in that conversation are Duncan and KOBE…like it or not…unless you wanna bring in moms and wives into a basketball conversation…

    • robbay2 says:

      dude, he makes 15 million dollars a year, we can say whatever we want.

    • doods says:

      agree dude and thats the truth.

    • ME says:

      thank you for saying it like it is, fire fran blinebury

    • GSW8 says:

      I agree that Lebron is a good player. As a superstar in this league, I hope he wins a championship or two. Maybe he has to wait a few years just like Dirk or KG had to. He seems to get along with Kobe really well, and so I think he should get some shooting help or some sort of mentoring. While I am not a Mavericks fan, its really good to see big names like Dirk and Jason Kidd finally get a ring. They both had to wait after failing, and Lebron is still young, but he has toi make some adjustments in his game to reap the success he desires. Allow the media to dog you Lebron, thats what they do. Jordan and Kobe went through that didn’t they? While I am not a Heat fan, as a true fan of the NBA, I would be really saddened if Lebron went out with a ring. We know the guy’s got talent because he’s been to the finals twice.

    • Maciel04 says:

      Man i couldn’t agree more!!!!!!!!! A wise man once said: Don’t hate the player, hate the game!!!

    • TruthHurts says:

      Best comments I’ve read so far

  174. mcado says:

    the problem with all these commits about James is as soon as Lebonbon wins a nba title all you guys will forget his many failures. Please stop confusing BB skills with BB talent. James is a very talented BB player but his skill level is low – if it were not for his size and quickness he would be an average BB players. The media has made James and the media made MJ too! – MJ couldn’t fly – but many people got so caught up into it that still they think MJ is the only great player and that no one will ever compared to him. NON-SENSE. Lew Alcindor/Kareem is the most decorated player in the history of the game even at 40 he still was playing a high high level. However, the media didn’t like Kareem nor did he like them. enough said there.

    Lebron will win a ring if he stays in Miami. He’s has to much talent and he has an highly skilled and talented player in Wade.
    Lebron is more talented than MJ was; James is faster, stronger and more athletic. James issues are HEART and EGO. When he get’s those under control watch out but it might be to late.

    Its the Media that sways popular opinion about players causing most of the fans to favor one player over another. For example look who has won the MVP over the last 10 years. How many of those guys have one titles? But every year its the media picking the MVP even before the All-Starr break.

    James may become another Malone, Stockton, Barkley etc. etc. but he’s not MJ and never will be. For record he’s not even a KOBE. Winners leave it on the field win or loose. James somehow has not get that park right yet.

    • Blah Blah Blah says:

      Best post so far.

    • yo says:

      Yes, MJ’s greatness was exemplified by the media. However, he IS the greatest perimeter scorer in the history of the league, and as we all know, scoring from the perimeter takes a lot more work and the height difference makes a big difference. Kareem may have the most points ever, wilt may have been the most dominant ever, but MJ probably made the most out of his natural talent than any other player, which is not on par with many players of the past and today.

    • play3on1 says:

      LeBron may be a good player, he is far from great. In the past years, everything was given t o him. When he was in H.S. , he was expected to be the top draft at the NBA. Even before he finished H.S., he advertised for a sport good store that was against the NBA regulation. His mom covered for him and the NBA forgave him. He had the endorsements from Nike and Adidas on condition if he was drafted. He was not the good the first year, Melo was much better but the rookie of the years was given to him. Him proclaimed himself KING only because his last name is James. LOL. Coaches yielded to him, owner yielded to him that makes him think he is the best. In the first year when he was a rookie, he even told the players he was a winner insinuating others were losers. He got punished, season after season before he dragged his feet. He is no leader. He moved to Miami in the hope that someone could win a title for him. Not only that, he wants a title, he also wants to become final MVP. That’s why if he was not a top final scorer, he rather not to have the title. He is nothing but a selfish and arrogant person.

      He is going to be 27. Every year, there are talents like Griffin, Durant being drafted. They are much faster, stronger, better shooter. Wade & Bosh will be 30 soon. Do you seriously think LeBron would win a title? I think not.

      In another 3 years or so, when the Miami is not making the championship, he’d move elsewhere in the hope someone would win a title in his name.

      He’s like a panhandler, when there is nothing in one place, he goes elsewhere.

  175. AusFan says:

    Scottie and James? Maybe… Except Pippen didn’t check out 12 minutes early when it really counted

  176. Miami is coming says:

    Honestly, people need to wake up and stop comparing LBJ to pippen or jordan. He’s neither, he’s LEBRON JAMES!! Now all this b.s about miami never winnin a championship because they didnt do it this year is pain-stakingly FALSE!!! theyre too talented not too, and after a year like this theyll only get stronger, just watch.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      Don’t worry, when LeBron get ready to retire he’ll be known as the guy who plays like LeBron James. Then other players will come into this league and some will be compared to LeBron until they make their own legacy.

    • bballwiz says:

      Just stop the predictions of multiple championships and win one first. Now you know why the Heat are getting all the hate from almost everyone outside of South Beach area. They did this to themselves.

    • poepro says:

      This is a good story and does highlight some of why James didnt show up to play. Anyone wanting to read a great story check out

  177. Jake says:

    Anybody else notice how Fran has posted like four straight articles bashing Lebron and the Heat? I see a hater.

    • bballwiz says:

      No, I see an honest reporter.

      You just can’t accept criticisms like your idol Lebron. You’re foolish and childish and blind if you didn’t notice his character flaws, not to mention his basketball flaws.

  178. Cha says:

    KOBE = MJ

    • Exile says:

      No. MJ = Kobe + better court vision + media savy + superior post play

      • robbay2 says:

        and better defense. and doesnt take a million shots. and has better shooting percentage.

      • BALLAZ says:

        MJ = MJ..
        kobe = kobe

        cant compare no 1 else to MJ.. he is the 1 and only KING that has been in the NBA..

      • NBAfan says:

        KOBE = (MJx95%)x more league longevity

        I really think Kobe, if he wants to, can stay in the league long enough and be effective enough for that long to even challenge Kareem to be the scoring (total points) champ. His game does not rely on physical ability but rather on skill and know-how, unlike Lebron’s and to an extent even MJ.

        He’s a fierce competitor and TRUE student of the game..and this is why he is great and LBJ is no KOBE, so lets not even talk about MJ please.

      • Nick says:

        No MJ = Kobe + athleticism

      • bball21 says:

        Kobe = MJ plus better 3pt, foul & mid range shot

      • watthe says:

        wow NBA fan…u r retarded…
        longevity? id love to see kobe average 20 points when he’s 39 40…
        MJ did that with 2 year gap…and a year and a half prior to the first retirement…
        i dont think kobe can even do that with a half year gap…
        dont talk about longevity when MJ is clearly the BEST OLD PLAYER ever…
        MJ is better than Kobe in a million ways…
        Kobe is for sure a HOF…im not hating on the guy…he’s great…
        but …MJ great??? pFFF

    • i honestly don,t consider Kobe to be nearly as good as MJ. The thing that separetes MJ from all on-comers is what he did in playoffs. If your familiar with his career you know what i´m adressing here. even though he was at an high-level in the regular season, he was out of this world, generally, in the playoffs. the thing he did on the BIGGEST stage was almost unheard of. thats the separation from the likes of Kobe and Lebron.

      • Nate says:

        Agreed, Neither Kobe or LBJ has accomplished anything close to what MJ has done in his career, and I’m not just talking about stats. Michael’s Will to win is what I really think sets him a part from everyone else. If you think Kobe’s Will to win is above everyone else, times that by 10 and you get Jordan. Once MJ got to the top, no one can dethroned him, only father time. Like Reggie Miller said, MJ is the only player that every NBA player was scared to play against.

        But gotta give it up to Dirk, I haven’t seen anybody played the way he did in the finals, making all the big shots and coming up big towards the end of almost every game to win it all. Haven’t seen that kind of play and heart since MJ. Nope not even Kobe was money as Dirk was this post season.

      • Adrian says:

        I gotta agree with NBAfan, Kobe can play till he’s 40 just because his turn around jumpers and skill. LeBron only has the body, I doubt LeBron will be as good as Kobe is when he is in his 30s.

        CONGRATS TO DIRK! He really deserved it, Dallas is the definition of team basketball and you gotta love them for that!!!

  179. F.S says:

    i thought everybody knew he played more like pippen than jordan…
    thats old news isnt it??
    but yea…offensively MJ can beat LJ in his sleep…
    and defensively…right now MJ has the upper hand…LJ is good…but not that good yet…

  180. billy says:

    Oh, I forgot, he’s not even Dirk. Congrats to him and his teammates for all the hard work they did this season. They swept the Lakers and beat the Heat on the home court to win it all. Not bad.

  181. billy says:

    He will have to win a championship to be a Pippen. He will have to win six titles or more to be compared to Jordan. That’s up to LeBron isn’t it? He’s got the talent, he now has the major playoff experiences in his resume, he’s still young, he’s still capable of being a leader and a game changer if he wants to, I guess that’s the problem, I suppose. I think the longer he goes without a title, knowing the lack of maturity that he has, the less fun it will be for him on the court. I think it’s getting to that point. He doesn’t seem to handle criticism well at all and doesn’t want it. I won’t be surprise if, for his emotional state of being, he decides to end his basketball career early. I think his mind frame now after losing this series is that he just be happy to win one title just so he can go out on a positive note. Repeating or threepeating, forget it. He’s not Jordan, not Magic, not Isiah, not Kobe, not Shaq, not Bird. Hell, he’s not even Wade. They say that staying on top is harder than getting there. Well, trust me, when James finally wins his first title, you think he want to go through another season of criticism and gripe? I think not.

    • rubin turner says:

      I love this comment because i thinkn it accurately sums up the entire truth about mr. james. it may very well play out this way and i thought of this a few hours earlier myself. it wouldn’t surprise me if he left the game a lot sooner than his age forces him to ala jordan and now lol pippen who pines for a comeback next season…whenever that comes.

    • BALLAZ says:

      1 championship to be a pippen.. doubtful.. pip has 6 rings so needs more than 1 to be on his scale..dont forget pip was a later draft pick as well and had to work his butt off for everything he got.. LeBron has had all given to him since being in the NBA.. to be considered better than pip and MJ he needs 7 rings.. simple.. even then my vote would be for MJ as the best player to play the game..

      • UR CRAZY says:

        Are you joking BALLAZ? Pippen was a late draft pick, If you consider 5th overall late, you must be smoking something. To say that LeBron needs to win 7 rings to be better than pippen is crazy, LeBron can finish without winning a ring and will still be considered better than Pippen by everyone with half a brain. LeBron is no MJ and never will be. I don’t like LeBron, but he will def go down as being way above the level pippen played at. Brian Scalabrine has a ring does that mean he is better than LeBron, get real people.. Dan Marino never won a championship and are you going to try and say he wasn’t one of the greats?? I’m a huge Kobe fan but people need to stop comparing a him and LeBron to MJ.. There will never be another MJ, just like there will only be one Kobe and LeBron.. The end..

      • Rich says:

        @UR Crazy Lebron shouldnt be mentioned in the same breath as Kobe. Kobe closes games and is clutch every one said he couldnt do it with out shaq he got 2 more without him and with guys that were way less quality players than wade and bosh. Lebron is only a so called king because people like you who have his nuts in their mouth and cant get a reality check, Great ATHLETE that is it!!!!

  182. Marc says:

    My vote goes to the DUCK of Earl because LeChoker always ducks out on his team whenever the going gets tough. He is a quitter. He starts a lot of things, but rarely ever finishes them.

    • ME says:

      Where are your triple doubles? where is your jersey for sale? the common man in the U.S.A. seems to be getting a boner everytime they can scrutonize athletes who are to be envied, so in 15 years, let’s just pretend Lebron won’t have one ring(wich is very unlikely) do you think he’s gonna look up to you mark and think now that’s a person who made it, that’s a person i envy and a person who has all the right to critisize me? no he’s just gonna roll over in his sleep(on a pillow and a bed stuffed with money) thinking what kinda bums have these out of proportion opinions about a game they suck at themselves, the only contests most of these commentors ever won, or for that matter even ever participated in, is a pie/burger eating contests you obesed idiots

      • CLEVELAND says:

        Truth of the matter is even if he gets a title in the next 15 yrs as you say it wont change the attitude towards him, built from the constant failures also the diminishing skills look like its catching up wit him quick if it does ever happen he definently wont be king mvp etc. probably more like a role player like J.Kidd which there is nothing wrong wit but we talking about Lebron tho who supposed to be one of the best, when u take on this role of the face of the nba u have to be able to handle the criticism if not QUIT simple as that they criticise alotta other people daily also presidents, teachers, police etc. many more thats alot more important also no matter what the NBA is very $Happy$ wit the exposure negative or positive

      • Ezee says:

        First, Lebron doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his immediate family. Which by some accounts isn’t a bad thing. But for his comments about us common folk, well, all I can say is I have respect for people who help support our life. Athletes are nothing but entertainers, period. They can’t and don’t protect our borders, our loved ones, and our way of life. They aren’t doing nothing but taking all they can and, when we comment on their failuers, they want to belittle us.

        As for us who suck at playing the game, well all I’ve got to say is let’s put his butt in a uniform and fly him to some foreign country, have him jump out and protect the freedom of others. Then I may respect him…and that’s the game I play, or have played when I was younger.

        I’m sorry, but I’ve done a disservice to several athletes who have shown great humility and respect to people, even in a loss. They were never quite as arrogant as Wade, Bosh, and King Lame. Then again, look at all the fools who actually watched “The Decision” and were disappointed, or happy if you’re a Heat fan. You keep watching and it will always be that guilty vice you have.

      • Jonathan K says:

        Well seeing as the only reason that NBA players or any athlete for that matter make any money at all is because of the fans that watch the sport, LeBron needs to worry about what people think and not disrespect those fans in press conferences. You are basically repeating what LeBron said about the people who are glad he lost. It is all about the fans, the people, without them he is nothing. It’s a team sport and the fans are the true sixth man. I don’t care how much money you make or how good you are, you need to give respect to the NBA fans if you want to earn any respected and not have everyone criticizing you. He is ruining his own legacy with his selfish attitude and disrespectful behavior.

      • R4 says:

        We the fans built Lebron and we the fans can sink him… Ask Tiger how his sleep is. Let’s be serious if you anything about money. Only thing guarantee is his salary and advertisement contract he sign. But most of Lebron value comes from marketing and if he loses the fans he will be hard to market trust me. So he could go to sleep on his pillow filled of money but one day he will be like most nba players broke because no one can when your retire. You need fans to survive as Iverson, who is begging to come back. and you can throw Marbury also.

  183. Lucas Esandi says:

    Money ball from downtown! Kerr has a point, that’s a good comparison! I don’t know why, but I think you guys in United States are obsessed with Lebron. It’s strange for us to see how much do you talk about him either for good or bad. I’m a big fan from Argentina. Greetings to you all! Lucas

    • sunsman says:

      @ Lucas, of course it seems that the United States are obsessed with Lebron, the media want to sell their product and have produced ongoing STARPOWER to do it.

      Totally agree with Steve Kerr, as good as Lebron is due to his size, speed, co-ordination, he has fundamental flaws in his game, and until he matures and sees that he needs help to improve these issues – see recent article on Jason Kidd getting a shooting coach after being in the league approximately 10 years – Lebron will not be the total package.

      If Lebron, worked on improving his game instead of his marketing image (which in the last year has been a failure as well), then he will be able to bring the championship where ever he plays. Get some post moves – hire Hakeem like others have. Get a shooting coach – best example is the guy who just got Finals MVP. Read the Mike Miller know a guy, maybe he should hand over a business card.

      • Lucas Esandi says:

        Thank you very much for your answer! It all comes down to marketing then. Who’s the franchise player and so on. Well, Clinton said it once: “it’s the economy, stupid!”, right? I agree with you, he should work on summer on the aspects in which he wants to improve as a player and become a better all-around player like Pippen said about him. He and many others should stop talking so much, LeBron said it in press conference: “talk is cheap”.

      • BLM73 says:

        LeBron James can’t accept that LeBron James doesn’t know everything, that LeBron James might need to take the advice and guidance of another person, that LeBron James isn’t already the best player in the NBA so LeBron James doesn’t need help with his shortcomings, since he can’t admit to having them.

        LeBron created this situation for himself, the Media were certainly happy to play him for the near-sighted fool he is, what with ‘The Decision’ and all, but make no mistake about it, LeBron felt that LeBron was so good he NEEDED a television special to announce his decision regarding free agency.

  184. BLM73 says:

    Pippen has Six Rings….Next.

    • Nick says:

      Because of Jordan and the rest of the team. I don’t like LeBron at all but give him credit where it’s due. Rings don’t make a player great, their talent does. LeBron is simply the most talented player in league history but has yet to turn that into Championships. For Fran Blinebury to say he has no mid range game or post up is beyond a joke. They may not be the most polished but he consistently gets points from those positions.

      I hate when people ride Jordan as if he was perfect. He regularly got himself going to get points the same way Kobe does, bulk shooting. Not because he simply made it easy all the time. Jordan was great but give LeBron time to shine.

      You don’t have to like him to appreciate watching such great talent.

      • GARY says:

        you just have to change the chanel at the end of the 3rd quarter and miss the end of the game. lbj is a great player then , no winners or losers if you don’t watch the end of the game.

      • Blah Blah Blah says:

        Well said.

      • Dave says:

        Fran Blinebury didn’t say LeBron has no post or mid-range game, Steve Kerr said that. It is clearly quoted as being Kerr’s statement.

      • Moreeze says:

        Hey guys,

        I must say, I was more than happy to see the Heat loose after the entire way they and Lebron in particular behaved.

        Nick said it the best: Lebron is very talented. Exactly. He is riding his talent without really working on new things, as it appears. That is not to say, that he does not work hard. That wouldn’t do him or any professional athlete right, because those guys have to work like crazy.
        What it means to say is this: Don’t work harder, work smarter! Address the right areas! Get yourself more weapons! It’s like a tank. If you do not equip it with all the coolest weapons, it won’t be as dangerous.

        Once Lebron has figured that out and has learnt to be humble and give respect to fans, critics and so on, then you will see, that in a couple of years he not only has championship rings or what ever new thing Cuban unleashes this year, but also gets the respect he (then) deserves.

        Once he has all the new shiny things in his arsenal, he does not have to worry about what to do when the defense attacks him the way Boston did last year and the Mavs this year.

        That is the only difference between him and the likes of MJ and Kobe. Put tough defense at him that he can’t out-run or jump and he has serious problems!

      • Nate says:

        Nick, The Reason why Kerr said that LBJ has no post move or a jumper is because he Desn’t!!! Have you ever seen LBJ in the post? He looks awkwark as Heck, and he hardly takes any 15ft jumpers, most of his pts comes from drives or 3pt shots. Take these away and you get exactly what Kerr said, limited on offense. I do agree on you with one thing, that LBJ is probably the most physically talented player right now.

      • BLM73 says:

        LOL, Damn. Another LeBron’s the best blah, blah, blah post? If LeBron’s so good it’s time for your boy to step his @$$ up and prove it lol. Amazing player; best physique, unstoppable skill-set, stranded in Cleveland with no help, et al. That’s great, good job LeBron… people really need to start looking at the facts before they go jumping on the ‘King’ James fanb0i express.

        Baby BronBron’s been in the league long enough now, and he’s had more than enough people making excuses for him, time to step up sucka lol. After Eight NBA Seasons Jordan was celebrating his first NBA Title, that’s NOW LeBron James, as in this time, this season, oops, like so many other things, missed it. Obviously he’s not celebrating this summer (not celebrating a NBA Title anyways, maybe he is celebrating all us ‘little people’ waking up to our lives lol). Kobe had three Rings by this point in his career. What’s LeBron got? Two MVP’s? Awesome, tied with Steve Nash for the most unstoppable force to ever wear a Basketball Jersey lol.

        Get real, winners WIN.

      • cjm says:

        rings seperate the great from the greatest!!!!!!!!!!

      • STFU says:

        I hate people who says “Pippen’s 6 champ rings are because of jordan” — that quote really sucks.. they go both ways… Jordan’s 6 rings was with pippen, when pippen wasn’t there, jordan didn’t have the RING!

      • Rich says:


  185. Coby says:

    Wade is just as selfish as Westbrook

  186. Wilson says:

    Prince Pippen. Only better than Pippen because of his gifted body.

    • Ian Y says:

      That is a foolish statement to make. Lebron is 6ft 8, Pippen is 6ft 7/8 but has a ridiculous wing span allowing him to play multiple positions and guard anyone in the league. Both players could easily hit their heads on a basketball ring….. Pippen had a ridiculously gifted body and worked out damn hard to boot.

  187. Wait a Minute says:

    Lebron needs more heart and to be much more ruthless on the court. Jordan, Kobe, Dirk and Dwayne have these, and they’re all champs.

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      i agree but dwayne wade is also to blame if he really wanted to win he wouldve told lebron he wants the ball and hes gonna take the last shots.. wade choked as well. only reason why he performed well in 06 is because he had nothing to lose all pressure was on shaq

      • Blah Blah Blah says:

        Dwayne Wade is to be blamed just because he settled with having Lebron TRY to close out games. It’s been proven that WADE is Miami’s closer. Lebron needs to learn how to handle pressure. He’s shown on and off the floor that he needs maturing. Wade is the more experienced one so he should be the one leading and not Lebron.

  188. bsj says:

    I wouldn’t even put him up with Pippen.

    Maybe he should become like jet and come off the bench. He’d make a great 6th man and relieve Wade.

    • ASJR says:

      Thanks you! Stop putting Lebron up against people who actually proving something in their career. Lebron has proved so far that he can get to the summit, but he always falls short of the king of the mountain. He’s no Pippen and Wade is no Jordan. History has shown us that very dominant, talented players don’t always win rings. He could very well be the next great player to decorate that list. LBJ: human.

      • JohnDaze says:

        So, by that logic, DIrk was not worth comparing to anyone until Sunday night. Right? 13 years in the NBA, and by your same logic, Dirk was no one until he won a championship. You guys need to get past the rings. Sure, they mean something, but there are an awful lot of Hall of Famers without rings. Be careful when you try to crap on Lebron, you also end up crapping on greats like Charles Barkley.

    • max says:

      Itotally agree with that Lebron should come off bench !!!!!!!!!Wade is the MAN on the Heat.

    • Michael says:

      Lebron shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Popeye Jones!!!

    • Joey says:

      are you dumb> why would you put an all star, 2 time mvp on the bench?

      • Brad T says:

        Hell yes, put him on the bench! In fact, I would put him on the bench until halfway through the 3rd. Then let him loose and he will clean up any game.

        Lebron gets tired, he plays too many minutes. Look at him back in the Cavs-Magic series a few years ago, when he was playing flat-out awesome through 3 quarters. He had a dunk, ran back and blocked DHoward, then ran back and hit a 3, all in 20s! He was unbeatable that game until he got tired and flat-footed.

        I think if you can have lebron do his magic in the last 18 minutes instead of the first 30, you would have an amazing closer.

  189. cherrypopper says:

    sure, that’s why they formed this team, so that lebron would be like pip, wade like MJ, and bosh like horace grant, plus a bunch of shooters like craig hodges, b.j, armstrong, john paxson, and some bulk to clog up the middle…

    but the way they’re behaving, i wouldn’t be surprised if this reimagining ends with zero rings

    • Rich says:

      I think you’ve touched upon what should be the focus of the discussion here. I see people have gotten back into the discussion of the best players, their skills and their rings, but that’s putting the cart before the horse as far as the point of this article. There is a very clear reason why MJ and Kobe have accomplished what they have, and it has everything to do with CHARACTER and DETERMINATION. Lebron has skills, no doubt. He has the potential for greatness, but what will determine whether Lebron earns the right to be included in the discussion with MJ, Kobe and the likes is will he step up and make the same choice that those guys did at some point in their careers. MJ and Kobe are both known for their work ethic. Nobody puts the time and attention to detail into the job that they do and that and their physical talents are what put them above the rest. Lebron has the potential. He just needs to choose whether he wants to be great, or just be another Derrick Coleman, for example. If he does make that choice, which MJ and Kobe both had to do at some point in their careers before they achieved greatness, then 6-8 years from now he’ll have earned the right to be included in the MJ/Kobe discussion.

    • R4 says:

      Pippen and Lebron have the same skill set and both play the same position. I think Lebron will win a championship but not as long as older players r in the league. He needs everyone one to retire because everyone who is the young talent can’t shoot the rock except for Durant. But let be real Rose is concerned a great point guard that can’t shoot and barely makes his player around him better. Here a question to put out there. Who would you take and in what order in guard, Rose, Nash, Kidd, Stocklton, Rondo. To be honest there are too many players in the nba that are not clutch and we will all see the product on the floor go down becasue of that. More players play coast to coast game and not many can play in a half court offensive. They need a long training campt to improve the games…