Game 6 Mini-Movie

MIAMI — It’s always good to take a second look at history, so without further ado the Game 6 Mini-Movie (courtesy of Cousin Gerald P. Smith and his crew):


  1. BeBopman says:


  2. Q says:

    The old gaurd is still a live and well. Chicago, OKC, Miami, Grizzlies will still have to overcome this generation for another few seasons. Lakers, Dallas, Boston, Spurs are all still in the mix next year,

  3. Patrick says:

    I would like some more… I appreciated the last shot with the music, and the seism in the group, Marion’s mother great emotion, and Nowitzki who probably can’t realise yet. Jason Terry had no doubts this time, he was there as the best sixth man in N.B.A.. I am glad for Kidd, Marion, Terry, and I don’t forget Tyson “le redoutable”, and of course the light Barea, incredible player, sometimes Nash, Parker, Paul, Westbrook. I am glad he is going to show so more with Dallas next year .