Now Or Never … The Remix?

MIAMI — At least we’re done with the endless debates about things other than basketball.

As LeBron James famously Tweeted a few days ago, it’s now or never (the remix?), if you will.

Four quarters, 48 minutes and someone can walk out of American Airlines Arena tonight after Game 6 of The Finals with the Larry O’Brien trophy … or we could come back and do all this one last time, Tuesday night in Game 7.

But the sideshow, the extracurricular drama, is finished.

“It’s bigger issues in this series than that,” James said Saturday, declining to feed into the foolishness created off the court.

Right again, my man.

When you’re down 3-2 and facing an extended and painful offseason if you can’t win on your home floor, there are much bigger issues looming.

Will James find his way in the fourth quarter? Can Dirk Nowitzki and the Dallas Mavericks duplicate their 13-for-19 shooting display from Game 5 in Game 6? Is Dwyane Wade going to rekindle his 2006 magic and deliver in Wade County? Are Jason Terry and J.J. Barea back in a groove for good after struggling in the opening stages of this series?

We keep hearing Heat coach Erik Spoelstra, and many of his players, insist that they wouldn’t want it any other way. It doesn’t sound any more convincing to us now repeating (or rather rewriting) it than it did when the words were uttered. But for the sake of the Heat’s season-long narrative, the whole us-against-the-world script that has served them so well, we’ll buy in.

Game 6, as if it needed anything extra, will be even more enjoyable this way.

With so much on the line, you have to wonder who has the most at stake tonight between James, Nowitzki, Wade, Spoelstra and Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle … (and feel free to share your own opinions and your Game 6 predictions after casting your vote):


  1. John says:

    Congrats to Dirk and the Mavs, Better luck next year Miami.

  2. Bulls239133 says:

    I am a Bulls fan and thought that the Heats had played good series all along till now in the finals. Leave alone LBJ’s performance, you would think by now the team chemistry should be at the maturity stage. However it seems to me so far The Heats are having a lot of difficulties in closing up the 4th quarter and solder on. Umm, I kind of worry for them that the ultimate prize will be vanished before their eyes today!

  3. Stephen says:

    Please …Dont lose ~~~ GO HEAT !!

  4. Well Im a miami heat fan because of the best player in the game today ;Dewayne Wade I know he could sway the outcome of this series with his play alone. However Lebron must be more agressive when it matters the most on defense and offense in crunch time. He is one of the best players to ever play the game but in the losess in games 1 and 2 he watched Dirk score the game winning shots. The jumper in game 2 with no hand up at all , and the the driving lay up on Haslem with no help at all. Lebron is a oustanding player but superstars mentioned in comparison to tht Great MICHEAL JORDAN; cant take plays off especially in the finals!!!!!!! UNEXCEPTABLE!!!! LEBRON I PERSONALLY CHALLENGE YOU TO PROVE THE CRITICS WRONG YOU HAVE THE ABILITY SIMPLY APPLY THE WILL !!!! IF NOT YOU WILL BE LABELED AS GREAT PLAYER THAT PLAYS MEDIOCRE WHEN IT MATTERS THE MOST!!! YOU DECIDE. BLESS

  5. wrecks says:

    it is simple..they (LBJ, DWade, Bosh) were not put together for nothing. They will finish this championship BIG TIME! What’s on DWade’s mind?? been there done that..

  6. nba says:

    Hey im all in finally hopefully tonight will be the night. First championship to Dallas capped of dirk legendary career F.H.F Jason kidd deserves it and most importantly the fans.

  7. Erik says:

    Miami’s run in the playoffs has come to an end in Dallas. Lebron and Wade have to play team ball if they want to win, is that possible for the big 2?

  8. Go Heat says:

    if LBJ want to win he must not settle for a peimeter shot he need to be at her best doing highlight like we know!

  9. Go Heat says:

    LBJ will amaze tonight..for sure he and wade will win and make spectacular highlight hehehehe

  10. jason says:


  11. Cavs Fan says:

    They LeBron is better than Jordan not yet he has a long way to go and his time is now he has to step his game up and years to come he will get better. I think when he left Cleveland that was the best for him and us because he would never get ring while in Cleveland because he had no help. I still believe he is a rising young star and will be the greatest of all time….

  12. The Heat is On says:

    I think LB will play a terrific game,Wade will complement LB and Bosh will be the raining dagger on key moments of the game,at the end the big 3 will complement eachother to get out of this pressure game and comeback with confidence to win game 7 Go HEAT!!!!!!!!!!

  13. BlackMamba24 says:

    Lequeer James is the biggest joke NBA has to offer, seriously. This guy will never be good as Kobe or Jordan. LMFAO! Its ashame that Lebron James fans call him a “King” after time and time again that he has proven to be a weak player when needed.

  14. Attila from Hungary says:

    Lebron, go n lets get ur ring! 4 urself, 4 ur family, 4 ur team, 4 ur friends, 4 ur fans who believe in u n ur team! Dwayne will help u! Ring 4 da King!
    Dwayne, I remember what u did in 2006, make it happen again! U can do it! Throw that ball in2 da sky!! Be da MVP of da finals! Do u know who Flash is? Who burn da cowboy hats 2 ashes!
    Chris, I believe in u, do ur best! Bosh is on da court lets get loud, man, wash them out!
    Mario, I trust in ur hands!
    Udonis, da team needs u, needs ur best!
    Mike, show us u can do it! Focus!
    N everybody, lets tied da series, n win da trophy on tuesday night!
    Miami Heat basketball!!!!

  15. FRANK says:

    OMG!!!! i saw lebrun james at the mall i asked him if he had any change for a dollar. he said yea sure. i gave him the dollar but he only gave me back 75 cents…..i asked him wheres my 4th quarter ( he said i never had a forth quarter ) LMAO!!!!!!!

  16. roro says:

    Fact…Lebron is true greatness. He needs to brush off all the haters and get that ring. This is his time.

  17. Anonymous says:

    i voted 300 times for Dirk Nowitzki … avenge that 2006 loss in The Finals with 48 minutes of fury.

  18. peter nba says:

    i voted about 400 times for Dirk Nowitzki … avenge that 2006 loss in The Finals with 48 minutes of fury.

  19. peter nba says:

    i voted 400 times

  20. Brandon says:

    tonight lebron is going to show the world why he is the future of the nba.he is not jordan and he is not kobe.but he is a superstar and you will see that tonight.even jordan had poor moments in the playoffs (against the badboys) so everyone just needs to lay back.the best move he made was going to miami because the nba has changed.their is so much talent that every year a new team can contend.with wade the whole load is not on his shoulders as with cleveland.and lets remember this is a team game.from the start i predicted the heat in they have home court again.and you are a fool if you dont think that matters.and just for you fools out there wade is the better player.but lebron is the bigger marketing tool.the heat will win tonight by 8 points or more.POOOOOOOW

  21. Nick says:

    NBA finals are always a set up. All 6 games are fixed to make a seven game series. Everybody wins that way,,,,,,,,I am talking about the MOOOOLAAA$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Owners,officials,players, vendors everybody gets their cut.
    Unfortunately, we as fans only get to see Game 7 which is really left to battle it out for 48 mins.
    So my friends, Heat will win tonight to tie the series 3-3. Then, Tuesday, it can be anybody……most probably HEAT,
    since they have the home court.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{GO HEAT GO}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    • LikeMike says:

      i agree.. this will be heats win…… chandler already has 2 foulds tos tart the game.. hahaha

  22. Haris says:

    I think the Mavs will win because honestly, they want the championship title more. Dirk, Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, they’ve all been waiting for this moment. Now, they’re more hungry than ever and that hunger will make great team basketball, just like they did in Game 4 and 5. Let’s Go Mavs! You guys deserve it and it’s right there for you.

  23. Martin from Austria says:

    This is the moment we are all here for, the moment we were born for, to live this moment. For both teams it’s everything or nothing and the Miami Heat are not allowed to lose anymore. Miami Heat, you have overcome so many ugly situations and games in the playoffs and you are still in in this series, so get this win tonight and win Game 7 on Tuesday. I wanna see you as champions, seeing you with the trophy and the chamoagne dropping on your heads. You have got many haters, but I’m one of your lovers, let’s go Miami Heat!!! We are back in Miami and this is all about business, it is Miami Heat time!!! Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, do this for us but also for yourselves. We believe in you.

  24. Big lebron fan says:

    Tonight means so much in lebrons life and career that has proven beyond the ordanary in the last seven years. check out his overall work rate as against prominent legends in the history of NBA.Ring or no ring, he remains a great guy. Best of luck LBJ

  25. Shawn says:

    Don’t ask lebron for a dollar he’ll only give you 75 cents. Because he can’t give you the fourth quarter.

  26. Pulling for Chalmers says:

    I am cheering for Chalmers. Miami will have a strong chance of winning if they play Chalmers big minutes.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Lebron and Wade dont deserve a championship. Making fun of Nowitzki and all..I dont like the way they’re acting.
    I believe that Mavs need this championship. Who knows when theyll ever make it this far again.
    Die-Hard Mavs Fan

    MAVS IN 6

  28. D-mavs says:

    If Mavs r going to win these finals its gotta be in game 6 when all the pressure is going to be on Miami to perform- cause if Miami win this 1 the wind’s with them 4 game 7 and i don’t se mavs winning game 7.
    However my prediction 4 game 6 is a slug out until 4th quartar rally from mavs which will force Heat into hero ball and they’ll collapse.
    CMON mavs bring that ring home.

  29. joblagz says:

    from last year’s cavs to this year’s heat, nothing changed.. the pressure is still on LBJ..
    or so the media tried to say..
    i believe we have 3 guys out there who is capable of bringing a down team to great heights..
    i believe..

  30. MavsFan says:

    First of all, I gotta say I respect BOTH teams. Neither one of them would be in the Finals if they didn’t deserve to. But as you can judge by my nickname, I am a Mavs fan and want them to win so badly. Aside from the fact that I don’t like Lebron James and his arrogant, childish and completely disrespectful behaviour, I think the Mavs, especially Dirk Nowitzki, deserve it more. I mean Dirk has been loyal to the Mavs for his entire career, always stating he wants to win a title win them, and only them. Not like “the chosen one” aka LeBron, who came to Miami to finally get a ring and probably match those ridiculous comparisions to Michael Jordan. Guys, seriously? How can you even dare mentioning LeBron and MJ in the same sentence? It’s more than arguable that LeBron is the best NBA player today, so how can he be considered the greatest of all time? MJ played for the sake of basketball, of course he wanted to win, that’s why he put his heart and soul on the court every single day he stepped on it. He delivered when it counted the most, but, what’s even more important than that: he behaved correctly ASIDE from the court. Can you find anyone that doesn’t like Michael, or at least respects him? Says it all in my opinion. So, I hope the Mavs close it out today, for the sake of basketball, and maybe teach LeBron a lesson about basketball being a TEAM sport.

  31. BJackson says:

    watch out mavs.. no rainbow prayer shots are going to win your game tonight. (4 rainbows and chunks at the basket and they go in… in the finals.. talk about BS luck..

    in every game thats been played the heat have had the mavs beat. game 2 heat melt down in the 4th cant get a bucket (even 3 shots would have changed the outcom. same for game 4. game 5.. mavs are throwing rainbow three’s and against all odds and luck make em.. this alone puts them up and allows the win.) .. in the end a win is a win.. but the mavs have been living purely on luck so far. tonight the luck streak ends..

  32. dear lebron haters,

    On behalf of my son. I appologise if I didnt raise him to be a better person.
    As a mother, I am ashamed of what he bocome, my son wasted his God given talent and is not confident enough to be a leader of a team.I know ever since he joined miami, he’s been relying on wade to do all the work. It realy breaks my heart to see my baby like this. ever since his betrayal on cleveland, I was never a proud parent. Im glad that lebrons dad left us when he was a child, I think maybe because he knew that our kid is gonna be a disappointment.
    to mr rashard lewis, you’re no better than my baby lebron but you sure do know how to get em ladies.
    to dirk whom lebron mocked, please forgive my son, he knows that his team cant beat yours and that the only way he knows on how to get into you.
    to mr pippen, you should have kept your mouth shut, when this season ends. you’ll eat your own words. that jelousy of your to MJ lead you to this.
    to the loyal heat fans who were decieved by lebron, Im sorry if he made you believe that he is the chosen one but the truth is the only thing that he is good at is choking.
    please look for a better player to look up to. lebron is just an overrated little boy who doesnt deserve your loyalty or your respect.

    -lebrons mama

  33. Claude says:

    LeBron James should be the one tonight. Shame on him for not doing what he is being paid for.
    I hated every moment of him etting the ball on this two last games, so please show up and in the ring, nothing but the net.
    Please be a great player and don’t make Dwayne run the all thing to death.

    Go bring the Heat !!

  34. RACG says:

    LBJ usted puede callarle la boca a esos anti lebrones q solo los quieren ver perder ese campeonato. Demuestreles q utd es el king y va a ganar ese anillo. wade estas en tu territorio y puede volver a ganerles, no importa q no este shaq pero hay dos mas LBJ Y C-BOSH. MIAMI HEAT 2010-2011 CAMPEONES!!!!!

  35. many says:

    dude foreal i want miami to win but lebron is not jordan he dusent have his motivation hi a great player but a lazy bitch an dirk well he want this real bad an his demostrating his desier to win… idk i think mavs gona win

  36. miami vs dallas says:

    for me i think that tonight is the night for LBJ to shine.. if you saw it in the past games in this series..lebron don’t handle the basketball that much when its crunch time… even though wade has been injured..lebron keeps feeding the ball to wade.. we all know that lebron has very less experience than wade that’s why he doesn’t do that much in crunch time.. therefore,, lebron james himself don’t want to get blame…ahahahah
    but like what i’ve said game 6 is the time for him to make or to prove that he is one of the best..

  37. Whoever says:

    I am not sure I like J. Terry’s egotistic speech, sure you won; but the truly great players keep it to themselves, ever seen MJ rwalking around saying he made bigshots? Other than that, I can see Dallas bringing the trophy home.

    LeBron is having the opportunities to prove to everyone, and himself, that he is capable of delivering under pressure; People will never stop comparing him to MJ and Kobe, but the truth is that LeBron, so far, has failed to display that calm leadership and decisiveness that MJ and Kobe both shared. He still have room for growth.

    • ever heared mj made promises about winning 6 or 7 championships? I dont think so. shut up!

    • dirk45 says:

      You wouldn’t really call Terry a “great” player. But I pray to all the Bball gods in the world that they will hand the ring to Dirk and J.Kidd before Dampier gets one 🙂

  38. hoop-dreamer says:

    the war begins at 8pm.. lets go big 3 dont ruin my summer! the heat is really on!
    lbj last chance to prove the doubters wrong..! step up or step out..

  39. mavvs says:

    i think at the end of that day it will come down to the role players for each team cuz wade, bron and drk will most likley have a good game and that cant be stopped but can terry barea chalmers bosh chandler marion and miller come in and do something that is wat will decide the last 2 games

  40. Vagabond says:

    The Heat will have a TERRYble and riDIRKulous game 6. So much for the 3 Amigos hoopla – hasta la bye-bye! Go Mavs!!!

  41. Stef says:


    We Are All Witnesses

  42. LUCKY04 says:

    i see LBJ pawned weaklings during cavs time they call LBJ clutch player against average team..
    Dirk is in his prime today.. Like MJ during his time.. iF miami won this year LBJ will end up nothing..
    to dirk dominate the coming years he need new teammate to replace JKIDD later on..
    LBJ is not a king now.. he miss shot while they are down.. not like MJ always do winning shot, does not miss when they are down and end up winning,, that what makes him a legend..
    im waiting for dirk if he will go the same path jordan take.. if he won this is his time..

  43. Jamal says:

    LBJ is a great talent but he’s not very strong mentally when it come to the big stage, i think if the heat didn’t have D.Wade they would have been swept, still think it will go to game 7 and C.Bosh will set the tone tonight.

  44. Yvin E. Fanfan says:

    Many cf us continue to believe that the Mavericks could walk away with the trophy from AAA tonight. But, what we know is that the Heat will once again prove themselves tonight. In fact, Lebron James, being the big boss of the team, has an obligation to lead the crew safely, and we think he will do just that. The Maverick players on their part, who maliciously hurt D Wayne in the last game, had increased their team win. Nevertheless they will all have to be very careful tonight because some of them will end up being kicked out of the court as it was the case with Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rhondo who deliberately took D Wade down, when Celtics played Miami in Boston. But, whatever the case might be, while Dallas may so far have the momentum, Miami has elevated their chances of winning tonight. Let’s then hope both an amplified and resurgent Heat surrounded by great talents, demonstrate their ultimate sacrifice.

    • LA fan for life says:

      how can you defend foul on wade if he went to the chest it would be offensive foul he turnd avay from defenders body and got hurt period.

  45. DBoi says:

    If Lebron doesnt step up his game tonight, It’s literally done for LBJ’s career. But i’ve still got hope he will and Heats will force to a game 7 and finally gets his ring…#GoHeats!

  46. LORD P says:


  47. NDK says:

    All I have to say is Michael Jordan was a LEADER and had the KILLER INSTINCT. Michael Jordan straight out dominated (that’s an understatement), ANNIHILATED and VANQUISHED his opponents. I can’t say that for LBJ. There’s no doubt that LBJ is more of an all around player like Larry Bird was in his prime, but there’s a lack of “FIRE” in his talent. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, and Kobe Bryant had “THE FIRE”. You could see it in there eyes when they played in the finals. Win or Lose, they were all focused and ready to take care of business. All I see from LBJ is childish behavior ergo dancing around on the bench and just recently the cough-gate incident. That recent childish incident just shows his lack of respect for Dirk Nowitzki, his arrogance, and his lack of focus for the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. That’s what separates LBJ from all the other greats, and not just Michael Jordan. It’s “THE FIRE”. Without ‘THE FIRE’ LBJ will be the greatest regular season B-baller of all time. LBJ was a MAN CHILD in high school, and it’s about time for his ‘CHILD’-ish mentality to catch up to his ‘MAN’ body and when it does maybe he’ll know how to be a leader and start winning some championships.

    • order144 says:

      he is 26, mike won for the 1st time at 27, regardless of anything thats said lebron still has lots of time, its not now or never, the coach has done a respectable job w/ the heat but they need pat riley if they are ever gonna live up to their expectations, too easy to front on spo’, riley would be the best medicine for what people see and dont like about james and wade, kinda like phil was to mj and kobe, those two learned how to channel their egos to be their best weapon…

  48. theo8 says:

    tonights game has destiny written all over it…too bad for LBJ..Mavs +7

  49. 24 Black Mamba says:

    didnt lebron leave cleveland because he didnt have any help. now whats his excuse if they lose.

  50. Soso says:

    Wade for MVP nothing else need to be said

  51. Albert Allego says:

    Stop commenting as if you’re better than him if that so you’re in his position. Sometimes tongue is better than anything but lack of proving. Give Lebron a break. If not with Lebron NBA is boring…

  52. DetroitCity says:


    While i agree with a few things you said, James is hated first and foremost because of his arrogance. He wasn’t appointed the name “The King” by the media, it was self proclaimed by him when he was 13 years old. The whole “coughing” situation was indeed ridiculous, but also shows just how much D-Wade and James think of themselves. Dirk wasn’t trying to draw attention to himself and yet James and Wade made it seem like that was exactly what he was trying to do. Sorry Lebron, but I remember you ranting and raving about your elbow last season to the media, and in the end it was your excuse for not performing. Pathetic. I used to respect both players, but now I can see that they are no more than spoiled NBA brats who are used to getting everything handed to them. Lebron at 100% cannot match the intensity or heart of Dirk even with a fever, which is why the heat trail 3-2.

    Lebron is an amazing talent with the physical tools to be the best of all time, but the best have heart and drive that Lebron can never match. Nowitzki is a consummate pro with the drive of a real winner, and until Lebron realizes he needs to put the work in to be the best, he will never live up to his own self-created hype. “The decision” are you kidding me? Get over yourself bro.

    The heat will have many more opportunities for a championship im sure. However, until they can get over themselves(excluding Bosh, I feel he has been a more respectable player this year) they will never accomplish anything. It goes to show you that determination and TEAM work will always trump overall talent. GO MAVS!

    • LA fan for life says:

      TEAM allways wins over idividuals i go with mavs but if ilgauskas,bibby,miller,chalmers,house and haslam would get more time on the cort i can’t imagin that Dallas could win.

  53. MANG RESTY says:

    If Miami loses this one ..
    then it’s also goodbye for my pedicab ( My source of living )
    I believe so much with this team that I am betting it

    • bbamp says:

      That was the biggest mistake of your life.

      • Law064 says:

        That was dumb to bet on the 3 stooges I won some money !!!!!! Stupid people taking Miami and bet money how lovely for me. Just to think I thought that the heat were going to win but I still bet against them. Lechoke keep on Choking Kingless ringless.

  54. finalshowtime says:

    LBJ as usual, will fold like a lawn chair, again. time and time again he has proven he cant handle the pressure, he doesnt have the killer instinct the other great players he is unexplainably compared to have. After this series is over he will continue to be the self proclaimed king, of nothing, without a ring. The heat lack the total team attitude, they have a bunch of good players who dont trully know their roles. The mavs know they have one go to superstar and every one else knows and accept their roles with one goal in mind. The heat still havent figured it out, who’s who and who does what and when. Wade is trying to do everything, while the rest of the team tries to keep up and seams to be out of tune. The mavs are too focused to allow for mental breakdowns, they know the time is now and will perform to achieve their destined goal. Dirk will shine and solidify his status as the mvp of the finals and as one of the greatest shooters of all time and the mavs will get crown.

    • order144 says:

      wade tryin to do everything is the reason they look out of tune, lbj carries the team w/ smart play and dwade steals the show, hope it works out…

  55. Stevie-Jay says:

    All LBJ bashing aside… I’m psyched to see if he’s going to put his money where his mouth is.
    I’m staying up to watch this game, it’s going to be epic, MAVS IN 6!

  56. chris says:

    Hey Lebron! You said you were bringing your talents down to south beach! Let´s ask the Miami Cheat fans to start digging ! How deep in the Miami beach sand did you put them?

    • LA fan for life says:

      My last coment is black mamba will never proclaim himself as king dou he put up 13/13 3pt’s and scored 86 points against phoenix and his team did not give him the ball every posseson they scored 164 point. Not even Air Jordan didn’t acheve that so woo is KING you can never know how meny point’s he will acheve. if wade or anyone score more than 86pt’s THAN you might talk HE IS BETTER THAN KOBE but until they can outscore him they best shut up. There will never be another KOBE.

    • ZED6661 says:


  57. LJ23 says:

    LJ will set miami on fire! I can smell the mavs burn! all will hail the King!

  58. kobe sales says:

    your guys are pathetic..
    why dont you guys give lebron a chance..
    admit it.. lebron is one of the best player in NBA right now..
    he struggled? so what.. everyone does..
    watch game6 first before you make an inappropriate comments..
    but just a heads up.. the HEAT will prevail..

    • correct! every player struggles.
      its just that lebron chokes a lot more than any other player.
      after the mavs closes game 6, just watch the replay and maybe the heat will win. lol

  59. PlatinumRaider says:

    All this talk of LeBron…………….Really??? And what is Dirk??? Duck Soup?? I can’t remember when a cat in the NBA was put’n up numbers like Dirk. He’s off the charts right now and it’s not going to stop. He’s been doing this since the playoffs started.

    He might hit em’ for 40 tonight!!!!!! Miami has no answer for Dirk……………NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep focusing on LeBron………….you LeBron lovers. Dirk is very quietly rewriting some records that won’t be chronicled until the dust settles. And the best part…………..This year he’s “CLUTCH”. It amazes me how that’s getting overlooked. He’s showing up when it counts!!!!!!

    Meanwhile, cats are still waiting for LeBron to break out his 4th quarter coma!!!!!

    Rest peacefully…………………..

  60. chris says:

    It ´s NEVER Lebron, NEVER!

  61. LECHOKE’s “now or never” means that this nba finals will be his last trip for a shot at the ring on his entire career.. and whatever wade,bosh and lebron do they will never enter the finals again.bosh and lebron will be lined will players like barkley,malone, miller, stockton, ewing who had been a great player but ended up empty handed with the championship.

  62. PlatinumRaider says:

    I believe LeBron will hush up his critics. He will prove “again” beyond a shadow of a doubt that his is not the “man”. He has wanted that title which is why he bolted Cleveland in the first place. He want’s all the praise and none of the criticism. So he went to a team with a proven champion and superstar. Plain and simple. As far as I’m concerned he’s got my vote.

    Get your rings, be exalted as the KING of Basketball, be called the greatest player of all time. But You will never be……………………………….”THE MAN”!!!!!!!!!

  63. Roy says:

    This is certainly going to be a great game tonight. Two things are going to happen; either the game is really close til the end and comes to whoever has the ball last, or Dwayne Wade & Lebron James both put amazing performances on and cruise to a win to force game 7. Each team has it’s flaws and their pros guess we gotta see which ones show up tonight. I definitely want Dallas to lose tonight even though I want them to take it all. Because a Game 7 is obviously more epic and the criticism would disappear for whoever loses or wins. Think about it you cant say one team is better just because they took game 7, theyve both proved their pretty equal teams.

  64. WhiteHotHEAT says:



  65. MaFox says:

    Guys I guarantee yall, Miami will win the ship.

    Over! DONE

  66. MR X says:

    I said it b4 and i will say it again agian and again, What is wrong with LBJ??? This guys is too strong, tooo fast and tooo atheltic for his positon and in the entire NBA…. So why is he afraid of going inside and getting fouls and big enough to endure physical pains?? DAL zone defense is good but seriously MIA needs to run dull pik n roll and have LBJ attack the paint like theres no tomorow and there is no tomorow if they dont win game 6… IF MIA gets Tyson and Drik in foul troubles then the game will be much easier for MIA to win… Soooo dear MIA ATTACK THE HEART OF THE DEFENSE —- THE TEAM WHO DESERVE THE MOST WILL WIN THIS CHAMPIONSHIP!

  67. LA fan for life says:

    I think that the Dallas will win game 6 by a long shot. They have done it to LA by always being behind they have done it to heat. I would bet 200e on dallas tonight if i had more money that’s how much confiden i am that they will win. The heat has a great team but if you have whole bench of all stars by my opinion and don’t let them play the game and you have to let LBJ and bosh play 35 or even 40 min they will get tired whay do you have to play all your best 3 guy so much. Dallas have done totaly diferent not all your best players have to be on a field at once to play great basketball Dallas have proven that. Why not play ilgauskas, chalmers, bibby, haslam more i think it is stupid they could learn that by now and mayby let LBJ some extra time on the bench or even wade or bosh so that they would be rested for last seven min. like la has done to kobe, and find a guy who could close the game like mayby wade. I put that on a choach. Dallas will fly away and heat will not cach them. i voted 4-2 for Dallas so let it be.

  68. TRIBINSKI says:

    I think the key for the Mavs to finish this game tonight:
    1. Chandler must continue to be aggressive on rebounding and protecting the rim.
    2. Marion give a tough defense to Lebron James ..
    3. Limit Wade on Attacking the rim..
    4. Dirk continue his winning numbers
    5. Terry and Dallas bench continue to dominate tonight.

    If Dallas focus on this keys they will be the 2010-2011 NBA champs… GO MAVS. WE BELIEVE ITS OUR TIME…..

  69. MIAMIforever says:

    LBJ will redeem himself. i can see it

    • Shane says:

      Not gonna lie, I’m hoping the Heat lose just for all that “more than 7 championships” talk at the beginning of his “decision” Dude, you’re a great player, not the best player in the league, or even on your team, but great none the less. I just don’t dig their attitude. I’m more disappointed in Wade than James for the cough BS. Stop trying to act like you and James had simultaneous coughs that coincidentally happened as the both of you were smirking. Be a man and take responsibility for what you did. Acting like a bunch of whining spoiled rich kids that expect everything they wanted and can’t handle it if they don’t get it. GO MAVS!

  70. Israel says:

    I think lebron can actually hush up the critics by doing the best thing most players do and be a star first of he should guard nowitzki instead of joel anothony because nowitizki doesnt play big minutes and it will keep lebron fresh and also they should run bibby and chalmers because they can at least try and keep up with smaller players like jason kidd and jason terry

  71. PlatinumRaider says:

    Sorry Peja. I think I butchered your name. Wasn’t my intention………….

  72. PlatinumRaider says:

    The remix??? Really??? It’s now or never for both teams. All the talk of a game 7 I find premature. Dallas is in a position to close out in the Finals!!!! This is a first for them and this is the first time they actually have a coach who has his pulse in this team. Carlisle has been on point all playoffs and has had all the right answers. He’s really getting it done. To much focus is on Miami and what they can, have to do or need to do to win. Keep overlooking Carlisle and when the dust settles the realization will be that this guy did a masterful job and has been doing it since the playoffs started.

    Now the players………….Wade will play out of his mind and LeBron will try to emulate that. Bosh will be Bosh. Will Dirks help surface once again? If they do, Dallas is money in the bank! All this talk of the “Big 3” getting right is fools gold. It’s all about the “others” that will make the difference either way. Was their an “Eddie House” siting in game 5?? Eric S dig’n in the crates looking for something new??? I love how Carlisle know’s Pedra’s history and immediately sat his but down. Won’t go down with you shooting. Now, something Pedta will reappear to add a wrinkle to this already sordid tale. And finally he’s not in a situation where he has to hit shots, just give some quality minutes, that’s all.

    Yes, Dirk is what’s “right” about the NBA and it’s legacy. Hard work, perseverance, determination and dedication. Man been in the league 13 years and still has a shooting coach. That says alot about his work ethic.

    LeBron is what’s “wrong” with the NBA and it’s new Legacy. Great Talent, athletic ability off the charts, but no intangibles. The “Brand” that is LeBron is just that, a Brand. Something that has been packaged and marketed but lacks substance.

    Oh yes, It’s now or never for the whole lot……………but we must remember…………..Legends are made…….not “Branded”.

  73. andro says:

    this will be a good game. everything is all on the line for the superstars.

  74. XAROCAM says:

    we still believe LBJ.. prove us RIGHT KING JAMES!!!!

    • LA fan for life says:

      How could LBJ be king if he doesn’t have a ring mayby in wnba he would be king james!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Goldenstaes says:

    Lebron is not only prove time and again he is not a winner, he is the biggest let down to his fans. Lebron quits. Wade, better luck next year. As soon as you wake up and get rid of overrated James, you’ll get your second ring. Get Derick Rose or Blake Griffin instead.

  76. BFOULDS says:

    LeBron is nothing like any of the greats and i won’t even mention their names in this blog to preserve their worth. Dallas WILL WIN this game. Heat, better luck next year, and try not to be so cocky next season.

  77. PlatinumRaider says:

    Does this thing work??? Everytime I post nothing shows up. Someone tell what I’m doing wrong.

  78. SB says:

    I think Jason Kidd should be in this discussion also. Even though he’s still playing at a high level, this could very well be his last chance at getting a ring.

  79. Jan says:

    LeBWRONG, SHAME has been pampered by the NBA since he got to the league. If you all can remember he came in the year Kobe was in trouble in the court of law. NBA needed a new face since KOBE was getting the bad publicity. So, like a WWE superstar LeBWRONG, SHAME became that face. He get special treatments from the ref’s and the league. Even won a highschool dunk contest that everyone knows hands down that he should have lost. All these years of special treatment made LeBWRONG, SHAME a better player, but I think he wasn’t made to be great. He is just good and has reached his limit. That is why he folds when players like KOBE or MJ fights. LeBWRONG, SHAMES has been the biggest hype NBA has ever created. Its understandable, but too many people give him credit for something that was handed down to him. He needs to earn his credits, cause too many times we have seen this man fold in the moments where great players conquer. Seen him swept in the finals and all the blame and his failures always goes to his teamates. LeBWRONG, SHAME is nothing but a character that was made by the NBA, he came in as a superstar with superstar status and treatment, now it is backfiring cause he reached his limits.

  80. Den says:

    Дирк и Ко заслужили перстни больше всех в лиге! LeCrab останется с клеймом неудачника!!!
    4-2 Mavs.

    p.s. sorry 4 my Russian

  81. The_Answer says:

    it’s HEAT against the world babeeee…man i am counting minutes…can’t waiiit

  82. lbjf06 says:

    maybe this is not the last opportunity for lebron to win a championship, if they loss tomorrow but many fans expecting him to prove what he can do to this series.. we still believe that lebron find his rhythm and will finish it and show that his the king!go lebron youcan do it with wade and bosh and the rest of the team.. just keep on fighting! GO HEAT!

  83. Lebron6 says:

    go lebron

  84. joe says:

    If James shows up tonight and brings the heat (no pun intended) in the 4th quarter, all the rumors and gossip will disappear, at least for the summer. If he doesn’t, he’s got a whole season of it coming up, and all that he’s worked for this season will have gone to waste. On the other hand, the Mavs aren’t going to the Finals again for a while, but the Heat have at least another 4 years with the big three to win a championship. Nowitzki still has huge scoring in him, and I think if miami doesn’t clamp down right off the bat, he’s going to go crazy tonight. J-kidd doesn’t have one either, although he’s been twice. You know he’s hungry for one. D-Wade already has a championship, so he’s not quite so hungry for one. I don’t think the Heat can count on him to carry Lebron at crunch time. D-Wade’s great, and he’s done it before, but if Lebron wants a ring, he’s gotta deliver by himself. Prediction: Dirk goes crazy w/ 35+ points, Lebron doesn’t show up in the 4th, and the Mavs take it in 6.

    • _CHEVY_ says:

      You’re a fool if you think Flash cant carry the team….he’s already proven it b4. what are you on?

  85. Erik Spo says:


  86. JD Womack says:

    I believe the Mavericks will close out the series tonight and win the Lary O’brien on the Heat
    home floor its only right and its Dallas birth right to close this thing out hands down.

  87. vicoi says:

    LBJ will deliver. so will d-wade. prophecy will come true jejeje

  88. KingJamesForEver says:

    If LBJ cant,,.then D’Wade can,.i still believe MIAMI will win the tittle.,,

  89. apliver says:

    If miami heat wants to win game 6, then they have to find a way to defend nowitzki and for me the solution is..USED ILGAUSKAS to guard nowitzki..I know he was injured but 2 months is long enough for ILGAUSKAS to rest, I think he is ready to crashed nowitzki. For MIAMI FANS sake! used your BIG MEN! mr. spoelstra! Salamat! ( Thank You )

  90. Jason says:

    This will be a great time to see Dirk go out there and prove that he is something. He is so under rated at times and this will be his time to shine.

  91. Real says:

    Funny it’s like everyone outside of Miami is saying Lebron has the biggest ego and he acts arrogant. The media and the fans of the other 29 teams made him out to be the villain, not an intention of himself. And just when he thinks the rest of the players are idiots? Oh the cough thing? Be fair and think hard. Millions are talking as if they were in the league and I am most certain that they are not. One thing I am certain is not all the league players hate James. People are talking as if they know someone in person, and I’m most certain that they do not. The Cavs treated him like a King, and they wanted to build up his persona to play for that ‘Me against the world’ cos Cleveland never won any championship in any sports for decades. This was way before the Heat. It was the media who has been writing King this and King that all over the net every second game for 7 years. I want to be fair but it is obvious that a lot of ‘fans’ come in with a lot of pre-existing opinions and without debunking what has been going on around the world and especially in the US – controls by media conglomerate for TV ratings and millions of dollars. Why are people so blind to see that it is a biz and all those much hated celebrations were organised by the people behind James and the Heat to try to squeeze as much profit as possible? Sports is a type of entertainment, and NBA almost seems even larger than that. Start from there, if you start to see things a lil more clearer, good on you.

    • Rai says:

      get real, real? LOL! 7 yrs of Epic Fail! and now with Wade, he cant still get the ring! Just plain Epic! LOL! You will just get disappointed like the Cavs fans

    • Asmara103 says:

      Has LBJ disputed anything the media has said about him? Please, you are naive. Just watch tonight’s game to see how many call are in Miami’s favor. That’s the only way they will win…real fans who watch BBall know about home team favors although most games have been called pretty fairly. Enjoy the game – it’s not like we, the fans, are making any $$ on this. D. Wade & LBJ spent at least 20 minutes on NBATV saying they were not celebrating when they were up 15 points but Wade finally admitted that they did. The big three brought all media and fan attention to themselves but now their swagger is a little broken down. Boo-hoo-hoo, who cares! LOL

      • Law064 says:

        @Order144 MJ didn’t jump ship on us in Chicago he stuck it out then won 2 3-peats 6 titles. Led the Bulls to 72-10 NBA record Lechoke can’t be compared to the GOAT. Miami=Epic fail

  92. Zifu says:

    If he really doesn’t step up in tomorrow’s game. It’ll be over for his career, He will definitely lose support from many fans and many of them will surely hate his attitude, it’s already time to show them haters what he’s really got. But if Dallas would play a better game tomorrow, then congrats to them. 🙂

    • KR says:

      over for his career? yeah. good call, douche.

    • _CHEVY_ says:

      His ‘Attitude’? WTF??!!?!? have you been watching/listening to anything? all he keeps saying is that its all about the team and not about TCO. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with his interviews and poise while answering dumb-ended questions. Mostly because people talk so much ish about his cockiness…..and i still dont see it. he’s been so humble since coming to miami. Ppl are blinded by hate, for what?! some interview? a MISTAKE even he admitted? get over yourselves. #LEGGOMIAMI

  93. Dannylow says:

    It’s the perfect scenario for King James to shine. The Miami Heat in 7. Everyone will keep witnessing!

    • tata says:

      I’d like to witness Wade’s hand up the backside of LeBron’s head when he disappears again tonight.

  94. Vegas baller says:

    All that “clutch” cred LBJ built up earlier in the playoffs will all be forgotten if he chokes in game 6 and the Heat lose. I can’t remember when a single player had as much pressure on him during a single game as tonight for LBJ. For his sake, I hope he has a great game and the Heat force a Game 7. Go LeBron!

  95. QMartins says:

    What about… Now or next year?
    Both Lebron and Wade are really young, and I don’t think this will be their last Finals run (I’m not discussing who is or isn’t great, I think you need to wait for a career ending to rank any player among lists). So, there is too much drama about getting or not this ring. Maybe Dallas veterans won’t have more opportunities, yet the pressure seems to be on Miami, why?
    BTW, I’m rooting for the Mavericks.

    • Lm Mortel says:

      @QMartins: HAHAHA! Well said. =)
      Seems like youth and exuberance will always be defeated by age & treachery! hehehe
      No pun intended thought. The Mavs deserves every bit of credit & every sense of that word if they’ll be able to close out the finals tonight! If there’s one thing that this series had taught us though; it’s that LBJ doesn’t have the mental fortitude to really play under pressure e.g. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, John Havlicek and all the other ALL-TIME GREAT PLAYERS OF THE GAME.
      BTW: I’M A TRUE-BLUE MIAMI HEAT FAN!!! But I’m just being a realist. =) hehehe

  96. FormerLebronFan says:

    if lebron chokes again in the 4th quarter of game6 and loses the title,
    they should stop callin him the chosen one or the king

  97. john says:

    i trust LBJ he’s step up for game 6 and win a CHAMPIONSHIP in game 7… GO HEAT, burn MAVS in game 6 & 7..

  98. Axel says:

    it is to me no more a matter of who has more to lose – it is a matter who wants it more and who is calmer in the fourth quarter and then makes the right decisions to get the team across the finish line. There can only be one vote proven time and time again in the regular as well off season: Dirk.

  99. germanboy says:

    After game 1 I said the heat is going to dominate due to their offensive versatility.

    After game 2 I still said the same.

    Game 3 just convinced me of what I have earlier proclaimed.

    Then this whole thing turned upside down, Carlisle adding JJ to the starting lineup and having Jet and Kidd scoring valuable points down the stretch it all made so easy for nowitzki that he could even allow himself a flu with high fever.

    Now I would say that it is definitely mavericks time, so it is most likely that the heat will bounce back and the team that wins in game 7 will secure that trophy.

    I don’t think though that this kind 3pt percentage the dallas had on Thu is something you can maintain in a series like this. It is literlly going to break down particular possessions from the very first minute. If no team can build a lead of 10 points or more, it my be be a hero ball at the end, but definitely a dog eat dog situation with dirty-messy-gladiator plays.

    Best finals of the last 5-10 years, anyone can tell.

  100. 78th says:

    Wade and Lebron are having a lot of arguments these days. They can hardly agree on anything.On the other hand, Dallas suffer many serious problems such as impolite conduct and insecurity.

  101. bonik® says:

    what a perfect time for LBJ to prove something, and what a way of disappointing his fans if he wont do what he is worth for.

    • germanboy says:

      I dont think LJ will be able to deliver miracle tonight, there was a very clear reason why he could not do that in the last 4 games and this is because one has to give credit to the Dallas’s D. Packing up the paint making it impossible for him to find easy layups. And of course it is questionable if he is capable of translating those plays into something his team can benefit from. So far he could not.

      • pat says:

        Credit Spolster for his his inability to read matchups. Thats why lebron is struggling in this series. His insistance to stay with wasting the point guard position in this series is killing them from getting the transistion going, and Carlise reads it well to push his buttons since Spolster is in over his head. This series has 7′ Chandler/6’11 Dirk, as well as 6’8 Marion, you are not going to be able to get transistion buckets walking the ball up with no offensive movement other than the ball against this team. Lebron needs to be playing point guard, make dallas use bench earlier change their substitution patterns, Eddie House should be used to chase Berar on defense, and run off the ball ala (Ray Allen) on offense to make a dallas defender get out of the help defense in stopping Lebron/Wade penetration. I’ve been bloging this since Chicago, this series, is a younger version of the Kobe lakers with their bigs, and the only way to be them is to make them run and exort energy. Chalmers/Bibby and their centers are to slow and lack the speed needed in this series. trading buckets,and hitting 3 ponters with seconds left in quarters is fools gold. All the great coaches know that you have to play certain styles for certain teams wish DOC/Gentry/Scott/Don Nelson could drive the car, there be no discussion today as we would have won already. Calling it like it is.

      • James says:

        I have a feeling that Lebron is try so hard to avenge his losses and terrible fourth quarters that he’s gonna screw everything up, which I hope he does.

      • Imad Akel says:

        dont blame spoelstra.
        dallas did good on defense.
        Im a heat fan and a lebron fan.
        Whatever happens, it was a great run even if the devastating outcome comes true.

        Frankly, it wouldnt be the worst thing in the world to see jason kidd and dirk novitzki get their much deserved rings. I hated stockton and malone in the jordan era, but felt bad they never won atleast once..
        If the mavs dont win this year, jason kidd and novitzki are gonna be the next stockton and malone from that perspective.

    • John 78 says:

      bonik, well said… I think if he helps his team win and maybe have a couple more triple doubles in doing so he will make up for the last 7 years…

    • Iraklara says:

      We already saw what he’s worthy for. Showbiz. That’s all, folks.

    • EmJay23 says:

      My favorite teams this season are on the line. I couldn’t be better.

      Time for LBJ, DW, Dirk and Terry to prove thamselves worthy of this. Let’s see who takes it home.
      This “cough” thing may have sparked something in Mav’s players heart, so it’s better for the Heat to take hit or take the fall.

      Let’s enjoy it tonight.

    • ed says:

      very true, he has to go out and step up. I expect dwade to come out at full force but lebron needs to be more agressive and drive to the paint. If he doesnt do it in this game there is no other chance. win or go home…..lets go miami!!!

    • BeliSRB says:

      Right. This game(an maybe next one)will show is he a really that great as he think about himself..still,god luck to him..

    • TOTOY MOLA says:

      This is Destined for Dallas Mavericks.. Go Dallas WE BELIEVED.. ITS OUR TIME…

    • Rai says:

      I know that this will be a great game but dont count on Lebron in the 4th quarter. Just put the ball in Wade’s hands to have a shot. I love the Mavs and I believe, so go Mavs! I dont hate the Heat and I like Wade’s game but I love the Mavs coz of JKidd , JJ and Terry, hell, I love the whole Mavs team, they play basketball the simplest way.

      • karibkween says:

        The game is always in the refs hands. It was in 2006 and still is in 2011, and the owners are laughing all the way to the bank.

    • tata says:

      LeBron can do no wrong. If they lose, the first guy going down is Spoelstra. It HAS TO BE somebody elses fault.