Mavs’ math: Game 6 is Game 7

MIAMI – Game 6 is Game 7.

It was a battle cry echoed through the Dallas Mavericks’ ranks, pretty much from the final horn of the victory in Dallas Thursday that put them up 3-2 in The Finals, right through to tipoff Sunday night, In what was, for the record, Game 6.

The mentality was critical, though, for Dallas’ players and coaches to keep their edge and not lapse into any relaxed, “two to win one” outlook.

Not that the Boston Celtics were guilty of any lapsing, but the 2010 Finals did fit the pattern the Mavericks feared. Boston took a 3-2 lead to Los Angeles, then dropped Games 6 and 7 to the Lakers. Losing Celtics center Kendrick Perkins to a knee injury in Game 6 was the sort of bad fortune Dallas wanted to avoid Sunday.

“You don’t want to be in a situation where you give a team hope and you leave it to fate and a Game 7 situation,” Dallas center Tyson Chandler said. “Because in that situation, anybody can win. It’s anybody’s game. When you have an opportunity to close a team out, you need to do so.

“You relax for one second and it’s really just one game. It’s the Super Bowl basically.”

Except on the other guys’ home court, not in some neutral stadium.

The danger is that, if the Mavericks lose Game 6 – or their Game 7, so to speak – they risk a letdown at having to rev up again physically and mentally in 48 hours.

On the other hand, if the Dallas approach is the proper one and pays off with a championship in Game 6, then, er, Game 8 won’t be necessary on Tuesday.


  1. TrulyDeserving says:

    Any team that can sweep the Lakers and Heat like the Mavs did in their playoffs run truly deserves the Championship!!

    I am not a Mavs fan but really feel happy for them, especially for the older guys like Kidd, Marion, Jet, and even Dirk. They displayed everything a true Championship Team should have! The Heat is outplayed and outcoached in the Finals, as a team. Yes LBJ can definitely do better. So can Bosh, or Wade, or any other player on the Heat. It takes a collective team effort to win, and the Mavs did that.


  2. Law064 says:

    Congrats to the Mavs 2011 champs. I’m happy for Dirk,the Jet and Jason Kidd they got a ring and it was well deserved. Good season for Miami, reaching the finals and falling short. Lebron is NO MJ, he really sucked in the 4th in these last 3 games. Did anyone see Chris Bosh fall in the tunnel what a gay thing to do. Great series and I’m just sad it’s the last game of the season. The heat have some learning to do and next season they’ll be challenged even more. NY Chicago and possibly Orlando will be getting better. Great series and I gotta give both teams credit for making it into the finals and competing til the end. Lebron mr ringless king grow some balls in the off season. Lebron is the tin man from the Wizard of oz he’s looking for a heart. Not hating but I’ve said that since the season started and it’s true. Lebron needs a finisher like Wade because he can’t close games consistantly

  3. Sorry I dont speak English much. Thank you for all your support to my brother since he started in NBA. It’s a revenge feeling and fullfilment for my brother to beat Heat. More flattering because they were able to shut LBJ. They are really tough. Let’s celebrate. See you in Dallas.! 2011 Champs Dallas Mavericks! Sweet revenge. Better luck next time heat.

  4. NBAfan says:

    nobody is a king whitout the jewelry XD, and you make me laugh, “we need tough players” that explain how tough is lebron and bosh lols, respect to wade his team just sucks

  5. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    Congrats Dirk, Kidd, Terry, Barea, Chandler, Marion, Stevenson, Cardinal, Rick, etc …



  6. it´s unbelieavable how the medias, heaters adn money have done the career of a superstar like Lebron James.
    Sorry but The NBA never goona be the same.I PROMISED. IT WILL BE WORST AND WORST …DECLINED…..


  7. Im gonna committ suicide. This is the most unfair s…i ever seen

    I would died for the heat

  8. STFU_ALL says:

    WHERE are you MIAMI heat FANS???

  9. billy says:

    This is exactly what I was saying earlier, that the Mavs were playing for the moment, while the Heat was playing for the future. The Heat organization feels that with Wade, LeBron, and Bosh that they will be competing in several Finals in the upcoming years, that despite their loss, it’s only the beginning of a dynasty. They may be right, they are officially the best in the East now, and unless this supposed lockout takes place, they will be favored to win, not only next season, but many seasons to come. But congrats to the Mavs who played this series with the right mindset, don’t worry about the future, it’s all about the now.

  10. It´s unbelievable how everybody is stamping on Heat. Kicking Heat when heat is in the ground…A reflex of our society..

    lLet´s go Heat !! I admire good players and good teams and for me the heat still being the number #1

    go bosh, go lebron and go wade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. unknown says:

    Well miami a lot talked trash in every blog and forum.I hope Dallas fans do’t go low as them.Show them what true fans are.You don’t need trash talking to root for a team.You need to give hope for your team.Congratulations Dallas and Dirk, the Four J and exclusively JJ Barea.Because I’m a Puerto Rican and very happy that finaly a Puerto Rican won after 2005 final where Detroit lost.And Arroyo was in the team.Crongratulations miami too.Many people were dissing the miami heat.They proved too much for boston.We hope miami can win a chapionship someday.

  12. Kanishk says:

    I’m a Laker fan and although my Lakers got swept by the Mavs. I’m just so happy for this that truly epitomizes team spirit and collective ambition to achieve a goal.

    I don’t see any more excuses the Heat fans can come up with. The Mavs had to fight against the referees and the Heat today and still prevailed. Dirk, J-Kidd and the Jet. Thats a big three. Big in heart. With the heart of a champion.

    And let me say that Lebron is the most unprofessional athlete I have ever seen. When J-Kidd was meeting up with him after the game, he was acting like he didn’t even want to talk when it should have been him who went and congratulated the others. D-Wade was gracious in defeat. You could see how hurt Bosh was after the defeat. All Lebron is is a sore loser who can’t stand up at the big moments and looks for excuses afterwards. Well Guess what, he can’t have any more excuses now. This team was a hundred times better than the Cavs he left in such a despicable manner and he still couldn’t lead them to victory. Shame on you Lebron fans who still think of him as one o the greatest players of all time or whatever, He is nowhere close.

    And to all the stupid Heat bandwagoners who don’t know a thing about the game, STFU, go home and pray your team signs Howard and CP3, because then Lebron might just let them win. MIGHT. 😉

  13. I dont care what people say , the reallity is no one thought Miami could reached Finals. Everybody was hating Miami, and still.

    • Wilson says:

      Actually, I think everyone knew that they were a championship contender all season long. If people thought they wouldn’t make it, it was because they believed they would not be able to beat the Celtics. Which for most of the season, it would be the case.

      And just because people hated them, doesn’t mean they didn’t think the Heat could go far. I personally don’t like the Heat and I felt the winner of the Heat vs Celtics series would definitely reach the finals.

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      thats what a sore loser would say

  14. Willie says:

    and in the words of the late, great howard cosell DOWN GOES FRASIER, DOWN GOES FRASIER… LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL oh my god i cant stop LOL

  15. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


  16. pacoy says:

    Dallas will win this game 6. No other game needed. LeQuit will never win a championship ring throughout his life in the NBA. He’s a quitter, don’t have the nerve of a champion. GO DALLAS GO!

  17. AusRob says:

    Congratulations Dallas Mavericks, 2010-11 NBA Champions!

    Yes. We. Did.

  18. Willie says:

    Well D Wad pay back is a bich ain’t it… You didn’t carry your team…

  19. Timothy Bladel says:

    I am laughing at all you Labron lovers, its over. Boo Hoo, Maybe next year, but but probably not. Labron is no Dirk.

  20. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


  21. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:



  22. Baddko says:

    LOL, LOL, LOL heat can’t hit their foul shots… This series is over…. A series ain’t a series unless it goes 7…

  23. fromdowntown says:

    Mavs win on OT.

  24. KOBE (GOAT) says:

    Tonights game will be absolute and wonderful. This will be both Wade and Lebrons chance to show the greatest they can be or the absolute worst the critics cam be if they lose. Alot on at stake, especially with the possible uncovered greatness of Dirk. Mavericks may only have tonight to win game 6, but if the Heat win it is likely they can stay in the zone till game seven. have fun!

  25. SaveOurSonics says:

    I’m confident the Mavericks will win today, unless Miami gets a full team effort I think Mavs got this.

  26. bart says:

    Let’s go heat!

    • Timothy Bladel says:

      It looks like they are going no where but down. 12 point lead with under 2 minutes to go. They have no Jordan type player now, the only one they have like it is wade and he is not doing anything. They both have only 12 points. Its over,

  27. billy says:

    This is the biggest game for Dallas and their franchise. To finally step out of the shadow of the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones, the Mavs and Mark Cuban will make their mark in Dallas/Ft.Worth sports history. The Texas Rangers wasn’t able to do it last fall in the World Series so I hoping that doesn’t happen to the Mavs. Go Dirk, the two Jasons, Shawn, and Tyson, do it for Texas!