All Of Miami Counting On A Game 7

MIAMI — A celebration some 11 months in the making is on hold for now.

At least until further notice, and certainly until after Sunday night’s Game 6 of The Finals, which is shaping up as the Miami Heat’s (second to) last stand.

Down 3-2 to the Dallas Mavericks with the Larry O’Brien Trophy on the line, the Heat not only have to stave off elimination Sunday night at American Airlines Arena, they also have to save the financial bacon for local merchants here that have planned all year for a championship parade since the day the Heat’s Big 3 came together last summer.

That pressure LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are feeling right now is very real, especially for the folks here in South Florida that are heavily invested in the lucrative residue that accompanies a title run.

There are more than just a few legacies riding on Game 6, as Adam H. Beasley of the Miami Herald explains:

From T-shirt makers to nightclub owners to shaved-ice vendors to newspapers and radio stations to a West Miami-Dade botanica selling Heat-themed voodoo dolls, a broad slice of Miami’s economy has some skin in the game, with an impact that could stretch beyond just the immediate sugar high of a post-championship celebration.

“I hear all the excitement and anticipation,” said Tadd Schwartz, a public relations maven who represents the Miami Downtown Development Authority. “Everyone would want to attach their name to the Miami Heat in some way shape or form. All of this is good for Miami.”

And it all rests squarely on the shoulders of the Heat’s Three Kings. Without a title, there’ll be no championship parade, no celebratory blowouts at swanky hot spots, no ringing cash drawers at sports merchandising shops across South Florida and no commemorative insta-books reveling in the team’s achievement.

Back in 2006, after the Heat won its first and only championship, Miami — believe it or not — partied. Club Mansion threw a star-studded victory bash, with Heat owner Micky Arison toasting the revelers from the stage as VIP attendees sipped thousand-dollar bottles of champagne. Ocean Drive magazine hosted an exclusive celebratory dinner at pricey Prime 112 for Heat players and celebrities.

Then there the victory parade. A reported 200,000 fans packed Biscayne Boulevard to catch a glimpse of Wade, Shaquille O’Neal and Pat Riley as they rolled by on a warm late-June day.

Five years later, it’s what everyone wants again.

But if there are ostentatious plans for a championship celebration (contingent on a championship, of course), the parties involved are doing a great job keeping quiet.

Perhaps not to jinx their chances (and after Game 5’s loss, a wise move), Heat officials had not made any formal overtures to the city regarding a parade as of Friday afternoon, and are not expected to do so unless and until the team wins at least three games in this series, said Ada Rojas, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado’s director of special events. An e-mail sent to The Opium Group, which owns Mansion and several other posh night spots, about pending Heat victory parties went unanswered Thursday.

And Lorrie-Ann Diaz, a spokeswoman for the Heat, sent a 10-word response when asked about the potential boon in Heat memorabilia: “If we win, we’ll talk about merchandising at that time.”

James and Wade obviously don’t need us to remind them how important Game 6 is. James called game 5 the “biggest of his life.” And Wade has been in this situation before, switching roles with Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks in Game 6 five years ago when he and his Heat teammates were the ones with a chance to finish the series off on the opposing team’s floor.

Wade knows better than anyone else that will suit up Sunday night the added pressure that comes with this moment. He also understands better than most the intensity needed to push through moments like this. For that reason alone we’re expecting him to show up (sore hip be darned) in ways that you’d expect a Finals MVP to show up at the most crucial point in a season.

Really, he has no choice. Because all of Miami is counting on a Game 7!

Did someone say pressure?


  1. LBJ need so step up in critical moments of the match, in the 4th. It seams that he is going away from the ball. He has fantastic skill, he just needs stronger mental strenght

  2. what we learn says:

    In ur face LeQUEEN

    Now u can go whining

  3. Dallas41 says:

    MAVS IN 6! stupid writers that predicts heat in 6. very stupid and ender educated! Go back to school! mavs ure the best!

  4. Kanishk says:

    I’m a Laker fan and although my Lakers got swept by the Mavs. I’m just so happy for this that truly epitomizes team spirit and collective ambition to achieve a goal.

    I don’t see any more excuses the Heat fans can come up with. The Mavs had to fight against the referees and the Heat today and still prevailed. Dirk, J-Kidd and the Jet. Thats a big three. Big in heart. With the heart of a champion.

    And let me say that Lebron is the most unprofessional athlete I have ever seen. When J-Kidd was meeting up with him after the game, he was acting like he didn’t even want to talk when it should have been him who went and congratulated the others. D-Wade was gracious in defeat. You could see how hurt Bosh was after the defeat. All Lebron is is a sore loser who can’t stand up at the big moments and looks for excuses afterwards. Well Guess what, he can’t have any more excuses now. This team was a hundred times better than the Cavs he left in such a despicable manner and he still couldn’t lead them to victory. Shame on you Lebron fans who still think of him as one o the greatest players of all time or whatever, He is nowhere close.

    And to all the stupid Heat bandwagoners who don’t know a thing about the game, STFU, go home and pray your team signs Howard and CP3, because then Lebron might just let them win. MIGHT. 😉

  5. joblagz says:

    all of u are crazy.. just shut up and watch the game..

  6. THE BLACK MAMBA says:









  7. dtp336 says:

    If anyone out there is comparing Kobe stats with LBJ is just foolishness.Kobe has spent 15 years in the NBA while LBJ has spent barely 8 years without a ring.If he does continue with this declining trend,i wonder what the stats would look like by his 12th year in the NBA.Remember,stats are worked out on average and for someone spread over 15 years and slight diff btw him and a guy with barely 8 years into his career,make some sense from it.Remember,Kobe got his first ring at 21.

  8. remember2006? says:

    Why is it that we are always showing what’s wrong with the team that loses. Instead of just saying Dallas was playing fantastic basketball. It makes no sense to me that it is always about who loses.

  9. goheat says:

    I think this Sekou Smith have some personal issues against miami heat, all the bad things that he could think of the miami heat are all the topics of his commentary. I wish Miami Heat become champs this season so I could say to this guy ” IN YOUR FACE!! “

  10. SickSsiff says:

    Put it like this M.J wouldn’t have ever scored 8 points in the finals even if he had a broken arm and twisted leg LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Theydidittomylakers says:

    YOU GUYS ARE NUTS if you think Miami will win another game. Don’t you see??? Don’t you see the same signs that my Lakers didn’t see…..this Game 4 was just like the Lakers Game 3. We were like “Oh they got lucky, they won’t do it again”….then BOOM! It’s a close-out game and they go nuts from the 3-point line. The Heat are sprinters in a 3-mile race and their coach doesn’t know what he’s doing. Multiple 4th quarter comebacks is a sign of the inability to make adjustments. Dirk hasn’t cracked 30 points i don’t think….it’s a TEAM effort and the Mavs are a better team. I’m so happy that a team other than the cHeat will win the ring. Nothing hurts more than losing in the Finals and i hope it hurts them bad and brings them all down to Earth. Lebron is no king….he doesn’t have half the heart of a champion.

  12. KingBRON says:

    most of you really aren’t watching the games closely.. its pretty obvious that something has changed with Lebron’s game. coming from a 2-1 lead in game 4 he only managed to score 8 points? why was that? did he choke? no no.. why would lebron choke when you have a 2-1 lead ? stevenson and marion doing a good job defending him? i dont think so.. definitely something has bothered mr. James ballgame. and i think it has something to do with threats or the likes.. remember MJ’s father was shot after he won the 93 championship.. and i think the same is happening to JAMES. Which explains the sudden change of LEBRON’s performance during game 4 and 5.. i dont believe that Lebron is choking because he’s been through a lot during earlier playoffs games. with boston and chicago he displayed great amount of effort and he’s definitely the reason why they reach the finals not to mention when wade was struggling in CHICAGO series lebron definitely brought the team victory.. it would be proven that “MAFIA” has something to do with Lebron’s game in Dallas when tomorrow the KINGS game is back and when hes dominating the game together with WADE BOSH and the rest of the team.. any one agree with what i have said here?

  13. ItzMeJake says:

    MAvs at 6 go mavs

  14. boston forever says:

    The way I see it Heat will have the last laugh. it’s a more on the home court issues .6 and 7 will be in miami. lebron and wade will bounce back . and this time they will

  15. go136 says:

    dont compare lebron to kobe. lebron is way better statistically. just dont consider the rings. but i will agree that lebron should not be compared to mj stats because mj is the greatest. MJ>LEbron>kobe ( again just dont compare the championship that kobe has won.) I admire kobe but stats dont lie

    • I agree that lebrick’s stats are now slightly better than mamba but stats also show that he chokes a lot more than any other player in the NBA. well atleast kobe doesnt choke like lebron does. 5 rings baby!

    • sthixs23 says:

      stats don’t lie.. yeah that’s true.. but the way lebron plays as of now, its too far away from what MJ23 and KB24 does…..

  16. Err says:

    Dallas will win Game 6. The way LeBron is playing right now doesn’t make him deserving of a Larry O’Brien.

  17. go136 says:

    i really dont understand why lebron james is the most hated player. when will this end? Im a cleveland fan and a fan of lebron james. I dont like the fact that he left cleveland. but im a true fan of him. I support him what ever happens. he might proclaim himself as a king but he never did proclaim himself that he is the greatest basketball player. Its the media and other people who are saying that he is the greatest basketball player. so stop hating on him. just judge him at the end of his career. he is 26 and still young. he has a long way to go. and lebron if you wont win this year. Just keep trying and keep believing. if dallas wins the title. well congratulations to dirk and kidd for their first title after a long journey. you deserve it.

    • you know why lebrick is the most hated player? because after the “decision” that he made, its like he admitted that he cant win a championship on his own. I know it happened in boston but atleast kg and rey didnt pay for an airtime just to annouce that they’ll be moving to boston. it only showed the world how arrogant he is and that he has no sense of indebtedness to the people of cleveland. look at melo, when he was traded with the knicks it all came so suddenly, the people of denver was disapponted of it but he was never hated. a player doesnt need to televise that he’s moving to another team. lebrick feels that he’s the most important player in the nba and look at what happened. karma is realy a bitch.

  18. Ice Pogi says:

    Jason Terry will never forgive his self… After that tattoo…

    Last summer… Bosh is talking about championship already …(Dumb) The preseason not even started yet… But they do have the chance… And now they are in the Finals….. If they lose … CBosh “Ma BAD… Better luck Next Season”

    Jason Terry… Having a tattoo on his arm …. They still haven’t win the 7 game Finals series…. (Dumbest of all time)
    What if the mavs lose???? Jason Terry “I have that tattoo because uhm ahhh can you repeat the question????”

    Dwade Is dwade… Dirk is dirk… I do believe in dirks offense… But Dwade has a greater D… OFFENSE wins game But Defense Wins CHAMPIONSHIP……..

  19. KIngKobra2 says:

    Lebron and Wade needs to realize that fans in all cities or state and all of miami will never forgive lebron and wade if they lost after how far they went in the playofrfs. Realize that heat.

  20. Gman says:

    This finals is interesting.
    Since Dallas would win this, maybe Head would do away with Lebron.
    Lebron can go to Dallas next for a championship next year, Carlisle may make him his defensive player. But when it comes to 4th quarter, they would probably sub him out.

  21. eddie house says:


  22. Raffy says:

    Hey, Eric Spoelstra why dont you play eddie house he’ s a sparkplug from the bench remember the last game of the season when he scored 35 pts and has a 7/13 3pt fg and you won the game that gives the heat a home court advantage you owe eddie house minutes.. GO EDDIE HOUSE!!

  23. Omar says:

    Heres the deal, while it does look to alot of people that the heat have quit, its not over yet, but its gonna take great ball movement, smart defense, boards, and the big three need to play like the big three they are. i think if they do this, and lebron plays better than he has been playing, miami will blowout game 6, and take it in 7 by at least 8 pointa. go heat!!

  24. Michael Horvath says:

    I’m a Heat fan but I’m more of a player fan. Lebron James is my favorite player. And I know when he was with Cleveland, he let me down. And I’m hoping and praying for the Heat to win game 6 and then game 7. Lebron never got enough help in Cleveland he had to everything with that team, and now he has Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to help him win a championship. I don’t blame Lebron for leaving Cleveland, he wants to win a championship and he’ll do anything to earn it. And as long as the Heat play their great defense and execute their offense they will have a good chance at winning, and they need to execute close out games in the 4th quarter and if they do get a big lead, they need to focus, and get get too confident when you have a big lead. Let’s Go HEAT!!! Its time for yall shine in Game 6, because it’s do or die in this game, win game 6 and extend this series to 7 games, and yall are at home for Game 6 and game 7 if yall win game 6. Go Heat, don’t be nervous, this is what yall been waiting for ever since last summer when yall put this team and players together. And I kind of do agree that someone needs to step up and be a leader for the Heat, and it should be Dwayne Wade, this is his team, but he will need help from Lebron and Bosh to pull this off. I’m praying and rooting for yall. GO MIAMI HEAT!!!

  25. jessie says:

    dirk and the dallas deserved to win the championship this year … they work hard for it .

  26. lbjf06 says:

    kobe swept by dallas hahha.. this is LBJ’ s time! go heat

  27. pete says:

    DONT BE DUMB! THE KING WILL SHINE IN GAME 6 AND 7 FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!! DAVID STERN, VEGAS,MOB ect get all u guys hyped up…. HEAT IN 7!

  28. hotshot says:

    papanalunin niyo n lng kc ung deserving…kht anong sbhn niyo..wala rin nman kayong mggwa hnd nmn kayo ung nagLALARO..kung gusto nio KAYO NA…KAYO NA….ung heat fans dyan..umasa kayo n manlo bukas..pero kung HINDI..tnggpin.nio n lng..anak ng sisiw nmn pngttlunn nio kung sino ung best clutch performers s 4th quarter??? BE MATURED BRATS…ang tgl tgl ng pngaawayan s NBA yn..ngbbsa nmn kau ng HISTORY di ba…KUNG AKO SA INYO MANOOD LANG KAYO..AT TUMAHIMIK

  29. haluk says:

    I love the Dirk Side of Dallas or the Dirk side of the World.

    I guess it s very normal in American life from very little to grown-up ,its intelligency, thats a talent to mock and spool with everything and everbody in their life, its the meaning of US culture, otherwise thay cannot survive.

    Ofcourse it was better to bring international players to NBA league for making it s a multicultural event but more serious is the teenage players in the league have a lot to learn that is not being taught by the way of life or in the school in US for all their life long .

    Thank You Dirk.

  30. los angeleno neil..... says:

    LE GONE………

    • los angeleno neil..... says:


      • The truth says:

        If you look at the stats. Lebron has excelled more than Kobe did at his age and is already a better clutch player….but Kobe has done what he needs to do at the right moments. So there is some truth in your comment.

  31. Nobody says:

    well from a basketball fan standpoint this match up is one of the best in recent years.

    It’s really a 50 50 thing from how i see it, both sides play great D most of the time and both have nice offense. It usually comes down to the last minute execution.

    For me i think Heat has the talent and firepower, but Mavs has the spacing and coaching.

    I expect a great game 7 to happen, but it’s really a close match up and we’ll have to see.

  32. ElKabitenyo-Dwade4Ever says:

    Mavs starting 5 and off-the-bench players has been together for at least 2 seasons while Heat has only this season together, UD and Rio are the only original team member with DWade but both off-the-bench. LeBron and C-Bosh need to be more aggressive. DWade will certainly play all-in as always. It’s been a great series and i still believe Miami will win the series. Relax brethren, we will all celebrate together on Tuesday….Go Heat!!!

  33. the Donn C. says:

    i’m not a solid heat fan, but i want heat to win though so that le bron can prove he made the right decision going to miami, much the same case for bosh, and the effort of dwane wade.. i will leave the debate about the merge for the so many NBA critics and Commentator in which i think is there since the lakers and celtics era, where they took the game seriously and is secondary. now young superstars in the NBA today think of the amount of money they will earn, and when their youth is in question they will beg for a ring.respect is to be given to kidd,dirk and the Mavs for their heart,whatever the outcome be, it will be a well deserved win, but it if you’re thinking about the future of the NBA and the evolution of the game.. the excitement it will give to all NBA fans.the impact it will give for teams adjusting their roster for better to best. i still think that what lebron did will give NBA next generation players something to think about other than money, the NBA fans something to watch and look forward to, and the bright future of the NBA. if the Heat wins,the NBA is ready for the next level, if the Mavs wins, well, its a well deserve win for an aging team..

  34. german_bomb says:

    dirk will raise the championship trophy in front of the heat fans…just like what shaq did in 2006 in dallas..go mavs

  35. Rio Kpp says:

    Miami Heat will win if they bring their A game and lebron is being lebron attacking the basket and d-wade beinmg d-wade attackin the basket drawing fouls on chandler and the bigs wont trouble us at the end…

  36. Wolves says:

    I hate idiots ripping on Lebron… I’m not a big fan of him either after what went down in Cleveland, but let’s face it: without Lebron, the Heat wouldn’t be here right now. They would have lost against the Celtics or the Bulls. Sure he’s playing crappy in the Finals, but for all of you guys saying that he is the reason the Heat suck, think again.

    Lebron playing bad is one issue, the Heat need more help from other players besides the Big 3. Chalmers is stepping it up, but that’s it. Miller, Bibby and Jones really need to get involved in the offense and make big shots. If Lebron’s playing bad, you’ve got to change something right? If you’re lawnmower is screwing up, you’ve got to get a new one. Lebron’s playing bad, so it’s on Spoelstra to change things up as well. What he is going to change, that’s his call, but this current offense has to go.

  37. DIRK THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    I really don’t know what they’re doing, The D,LBJ, and UD from the playoffs are not here in the finals, but i don’t think the revenge for the CELTICS and ECF trophy are enough for LEBRON, he will play like from C’s and BULLS combined in game 6, if not then i think it will be there first and last appearance in THE FINALS after MJ forming his another version of BIG THREE or maybe BIG FOUR..

    The series is 3-2 but the MAVS can’t celebrate with this, coz i think the previous games are a period of adjustments the MAVS will ecpect the unxpected this time in game 6 coz they’re playing the heat 3-2 with 50%defense of UD40, 50% of SPOELSTRA, 50% of LBJ, AND 0% of RILEY..RILEY can’t set in the bench watching his millions burning in his own home..

    MAVS- maintain 3point percentage in the 4th quarter
    HEAT-Just improve 4th quarter defense HEAT will win the next 2 games and i know you can do it..

    OBVIOUSLY improving D is much easier than making 3s so GO HEAT!!!

  38. shyjumohan says:

    Miami Could easily win the championship without any doubt.They lost matches only because they are trying to do something different completely against there strength when mavs score couple of three pointers (if you are scoring at other end consistently then the pressure will back on these three point shooting but Miami just failed to do that by trying too many thing at the other end). Take one game at a time and win it(Its all yours miami heat).Miami only need to concentrate hard and play to their strength.

  39. miamoboy05 says:

    like last year in finals…i guess it will happen again…remember game last year..the lakers trail 3-2 to boston but they bounce back in game 6 trash the boston in game 6..and i do know it will happen if 2 those superstars step up…and game 7 will get unlikely hero from miami like ron artest last finals…go miami…watch the finals last year it will inspire you..

  40. Angelo says:

    I hope the heat win game 6, so I can see Maverick and Heat fans argue another day.

  41. Mark says:

    It is no accident that the Mavericks have dismantled the Heat in the last four minutes of these NBA Finals , the Mavs are more focused and actually run a offense compared the Heat dribble and shoot offense. The Heat lost this series way back in preseason when their coaches had them run this no imagination blah offense. Now they can’t adjust to the Mavericks. Their players and coaches must be morons because they can’t adjust. The Mavericks have an answer for everything the Heat throws at them. Case in point Game 4 fourth quarter Mavs down 3 with four minutes and Wade blocks Chandlers dunk and Wade throws the ball ahead and Lebron ducks it now Heat up 5, what a turn around, but the Mavericks just went about there business and took the game over. Heat fans need to worry because the Mavs have a look in their eye that THEY WILL NOT BE DENIED!

  42. gem says:

    heat management, better trade queen lebron with any reserve player in WNBA if you want another championship. lol!!!!!!!!

  43. gem says:

    jerry, queen lebron doesn’t have a heart. it’s not humane to laugh at someone who’s sick. so you think queen lebron has heart? maybe a heart of a cockroach. lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. filipinoako says:

    Hard to believe the Miami Heat is down 3-2 going back home in this finals. But what he heck, this is what it’s all about. The best scenario, and might go down to history as one of the best finals series. It is still anybody’s series. The Mavs are pretty good and they deserve a lot of credit. The Heat should bring their A game this coming game. If they can pull a W in game 6, expect them to blow wide open in do-or-die game 7. If not then they still have a lot of years of domination with them.. And I mean Domination! Good luck to both teams! ^_^

  45. gem says:

    queen lebron compared to kobe and MJ??? that’s a lot of non-sense. he has to travel around the world on barefoot to be equal to KB and MJ.

  46. gem says:

    mavs will win in 6. God never loves people who laugh at others, especially the sick. that’s queen lebron and princess dwyane when they mocked dirk who had a 101 temp in game 4. the result? mavs won!!! too bad of you, queen james and princess dwyane.

  47. miami heat says:

    Godbless miami heat!
    take it to G7 and win the title!

  48. boy bastos says:

    Lebron will fool everyone again like he did with “the decision” he will make your hopes high at winning championship and then give up and leave everyone up in the air…. its just the way it is. Its his personality
    I know he is a great player, he and the heat could have swept Mav already, only if Lebron took the lead. No one from the BIG 3 is brave enough to take the lead and accept the responsibilities of pushing their team to play at their full potential. Unlike MAVS, they have good vet leadership with Dirk and Kidd, and its what making them ahead of Heat in this series

  49. boy bastos says:

    you all are right! however the team that executes their game in the last 5 mins of 4th quarter will win the series. As you may have observed, it was a close game and its been decided for every possesion. If Game 6 is a close game and then Mavs have a good chance to close it out, so Heat has to get the job done as early as 3rd Q – I would say Lebron will be point Wade at SG, James Jones at SF Bosh at PF and Haslem at center
    I am a BOSTON fan but i like the chances of Mavs – so the key is that HEAT not to make Game 6 a close one otherwise they might be the end of their series

  50. heat fan says:

    I hate to admit.. but HEAT’s gonna lose… they play so bad!

  51. jerry says:

    Lebron, Play with your Heart!!! you guys can do this!!!! Just do it!!!! Lets go HEAT!!!

  52. Tygger2K6 says:

    I really hate it when you girls put Kobe in threads when he is not needed. Kobe got 3 rings with Shaq because Shaq was the greatest at that time. Got another 2 because he needed to form his own Big 3. Enough with Kobe girls! He’s DONE! Maybe Dirk and Jason needs to win this year coz they’re old. Miami still has 5 -7yrs as contenders.

  53. INFINITY says:

    This article doesnt make any sense. Why write about what’s gonna happen in Miami when it’s Dallas who is one win away from a title. for HYPE?? C’mon Sekow Smith, write an intellectual article that makes sense. Not all this marketing stuff, you are already rich, the NBA is already rich! Stop being so biased about Miami and the HEAT. And, no…im not a MAVS fan. There’s just too much HYPE in this Team and their hollywood NBA stars.

  54. sam says:

    Lebron James will never be a Kobe Bryant or Micheal Jordan, Lebron is not that good of a player he is just big and fast

  55. jojoking says:

    Need to be sharp, Heat!

  56. anastasia says:

    Mavs have 2 Matchs Points.

    Lets go and win this one.

    Go Mavs.

  57. Jeff says:

    Lebron is not the best player right now compare with kobe or Jodan… GO MAVS

  58. lbjf06 says:

    lebron is an all around player, it showed that his one of the best,. whats that stupid comment,. finals has not yet done let, lebron have 2 games to back his real game..

  59. Daniel says:

    Either Heats wins big time, or they lose tommorow. In order to extend game series, Heats have to win on offense. How aggressive and active they play against Mavs, they earn their prize. For them to earn the title, Heats must score big time.

  60. Peter Pogue says:

    Lebron James has no post up game & can’t take any guard off the dribble!!!!

  61. Notorious says:

    LoL most are you so called “Fans” have no definite answer for why the mavs are going to win game 6. Its just because you hate the heat obviously. If you look at how game 5 was played.. how many three’s did the mavs hit to win that game ?… are they really going to shoot 70% from 3 again no i don’t think so. If miami actually plays their defense and executes offensively i see them winning it all.

    • Junito says:

      Notorious I agree Mavs shot 70% game 5 to win by nine and probably won’t do it again but I think they won the prior two games by doing what you said Miami needs to do play defense and execute offensively and not shooting 70%. The difference being Dallas does it has a team and miami counts on 3. The sum of all parts is better than any individual.

  62. Lawman says:

    Guys, guys, did you happen to see what’s going on with leBron? He is not himself in the last 2 Games. Do you ever realize that this title chase is his ultimate goal, so why the hell would he choke up during which? I believe that there is a threat against leBron winning a ring or just a few games, because I have been watching LeBron through the years and I believe that I am not seeing the real LeBron James..Mafia maybe?

  63. TRUTH says:

    My previous comment didn’t show I wonder why…….

  64. lbjf06 says:

    yes i agree..MIAMI WILL WIN THE LAST 2 GAMES.. LBJ 2nd triple double and wade 40+pts..

  65. Junito says:

    It’s incredible and funny to see every single one of these pro Miami Heat posts only mention Lebron and Wade and sometimes Bosch as keys to victory in game 6 for Miami not once a mention of Heat team play. Its obvious most of the Heat fans have no basketball I.Q. Since when is basketball a big three against 12 game. It’s a team sport! The sum of all parts are better than one individual. I agree Miami is team Hollywood and their fans are the same. I bet so called Heat fans never watched a regular season game or even know what a defensive three second violation, staggered screen, or pick and roll is. The better team will win and true basketball aficianados know which team is the better team. Mavs in 6.

  66. AK 23 Kerdito says:

    Keep LBJ on Dirk and D-wade on the Jet in the 4th, besides the Heat should really try to create more space for Lebron to drive, like suddenly for few minutes in every game they seem to surrender and just wanna give the ball to LBJ or D-Wade even if they were double teamed!!! That’s not Bball..Spoelstra has been doing good so far but not in the finals, they lost concentration in 2 games and lost them after being up all game long, its now or never, if Lebron didn’t give his best in the next two games well I guess he would have a very very very hard time in earning a ring all over his career.

  67. SUCKER says:

    I’ am a Dallas Mevericks Fan, but to tell you the truth, how much did Mark Cuban paid the Refs?Actually How much did he pay the Refs?Mav’s did’nt win fair and square, i’ am also a Journalist and i can see the Ref are’nt doing exactlly what they should do

  68. sam says:

    i realy dont think mav can hit the heat….i knw wade and james never alow that happen…

  69. laughingatmorons says:

    I laugh at these so called mav fans. Why not just come out and say your Miami haters! That’s all,no more no less. Funny how all these Dallas fans come out now,it’s pathetic. Some of these comments posted in here are just straight idiotic. Trade james? These can not be serious comments. People seem to forget that Dallas needed to hit 13-19 from downtown to win in the last few seconds of the game! Even then Heat gave that game and the other two games that Dallas one away. Heat should have finished this series long ago. Dallas has to play their best game and lebron score 8 points for them to win by 3! LOL. Miami is going home and winning games 6 and 7

  70. kern says:

    lebron got swept by the spurs hes not the best player its dirk then wade even tyson chandler is playing better then the so called king what a joke

  71. ESJ says:

    Go MAVS!!!!
    Mavs in 6

  72. Euromax says:

    Watch out for Lebron James in Game 6. Sine he already achieve his “triple double” in the finals, he will definitely go back to his style of play. I bet you, Miami will win by a long margin in Game 6 and will take home the NBA finals in game 7.

  73. Renzo says:

    I don’t care what anyone says. Miami will win game 6. Wade and Bron will come out hot and stay hot. Also Miami will finally get some calls. In Dallas it was 5 on 8. 5 Miam i players vs 5 Mavs and 3 refs. Maimi in 7.

    • 24 Black Mamba says:

      really i dont remeber the refs making the shots for the mavs.. or them missing the shots for miami

  74. _whatever says:

    Seriously, the NBA must be losing money if they are forced to use free software with this crappy blog which actually does not work in FF 3.6… I had to use chrome to post this, what the ****. how many cross site scripts can we think of for wordpress when we have full acess to the source code… idiots.


    STOP LOSING MONEY NBA, get rid of greedy players and hire real employees.

  75. 24 Black Mamba says:

    please dont compare the heat to last years lakers…. the lakers actually had experience.

  76. Kostas' says:

    Wade plays great, LeBron not playing to the fullest, Bosh can’t guard anyone…

  77. archie says:

    The Heat problem right now is Lebron James playing aggressive on both ends of the floor. Coach Spoelstra needs to talk and boost Lebron’s confidence. This is the reason why they acquire Lebron to win a championship title if not he better off not left the Cav’s.

  78. James Smith says:

    Look bottom line is, these three have realized, there is no way on the face of this earth, that these three can keep putting in over 45 minutes per game, to win a championship, and stay alive. They will break down, there’s a reason as to why it’s a 5 man game, and not a 3 on 3. These guys are working harder than third world sweat shop labourers. And they don’t like it. So lebron’s million dolla idea, now luks like a ghetto scheme from ohio.

  79. Rell says:

    LEbron wont get a ring this year maybe next year…also all of sudden i see alot of MIAMI fans now simply cus its Lebron James…I’m a Chicago fan since the Jordan days. I never did like Lebron until the media hyped about him getting a ring then I kinda felt bad so I hopped on the bandwagon I became a Lebron fan. I wanted Lebron to win a ring in Cleveland but after 2010 season he just gave Cleveland the finger. And Miami decided to get to together and parade like they won already like it was going to be a straight shot..look how long it took for Memphis to get to where their at now (PRETTY DAMN GOOD)…If anyone seen game 5 how Wade got hurt then came back and put Miami up a couple of points then Lebron try to take over and couldnt connect…Bosh isnt a factor (only when he wants to be), like he said before he was gonna be more demanding getting the ball in the paint!…?…he not demanding it now he’s nervous..this is Wade’s 2nd finals, Lebron’s 2nd finals and Bosh’s 1st…Miami put a target on their back and they have to deal with it….But i tell you this! one of the two and half men will be getting upset and demand a trade….

  80. RinglessJamesFan says:

    The only way Miami can beat Dallas to this point is if they figure out how to stop Dirk, which is kinda like trying to count to infinity. impossible. Im a laker fan by heart, and i know we got blown out by Dallas, but thats why i believe that Dallas will win. By the way, what happened to all the comments that said “Heat will win in 6”???? i was looking for them but they dissapeared…

  81. Vic says:

    Ok… I’ve been watching this game for a looong time! I Beleive the HEAT will pull this off. LA was down 3-2 to boston in last years finals and they pulled it off. Miami has played the best basketball at home this post season (9-1). Heat in 7!

  82. Guy says:

    Even if the Heat win the series, Lebron should (still) not be in a compared with Michael Jordan in it. James is not getting the Finals MVP. D-Wade has been the go-to guy for Miami and he is actually delivering in the 4th quarter….
    This series will have no impact on Jame’s comparison the MJ

  83. KARMA IS A BITCH says:


  84. a win is a win says:

    everyone can analyze all they want about LeBron, D-wade or Dirk. In the end, there’s no excuses. A win is a win.


    I asked lebron for a dollar and he responded by saying sorry I can only give you 3 quarters!!

  86. 'Heats' in winter land says:

    Miami is in a winter land… They plan to beat Dallas, they want to beat Dallas, they prepare the big parade and party, they prepare the big party for 1 year, they are so confident to beat Dallas.. and still confident !! They forget 1 thing….. Play basketball game….

  87. John Andrea says:


  88. Lebronletdownjames says:

    I’m tired of rooting for Lebron year after year after year and being let down. At least with Michael Jordan, when you rooted and cheered for him, he delivered. Year after year after year after year Lebron has let me down…….. You get me this far in rooting for you, and then……………… “Sorry, we will try again next year” Listen MR. James, If you don’t pull this one off, I will never ever ever ever root for you to be let down again. put the twitter down, and focus. Never mind Rashad Lewis banging your chick. Is that the reason King James? i know your not going to let a piece of pu**y alter your shot and game. No no no no no. Come on Lebron! Lets get this Sh** together man. D wade, keep on pressing on fam. Bosh, lets go. Miller, whats up dog?? lets get it!!! Chalmers?? Whats banging doggie?? lets get it! Bibby? when the f**k are u going to be traded? Hasleem, whats shakin Brody? Good Money

  89. EAT YOUR WORDS says:

    REMEMBER AFTER THE 2006 FINALS WADE SAID “But he’s the reason they lost the championship because he wasn’t the leader he’s supposed to be in the closing moments.” LOOK AT ME NOW WADE!! LMAO GO TELL THAT TO YOUR BOY LEBRON

  90. LEBUM JAMES says:


  91. joblagz says:

    just play heat basketball guys…
    i still believe that offense wins games but defense wins championship..

  92. MAVSFAN100 says:


  93. Alahasamber says:

    Best series since 2004/2005 Detroit-San Antonio series!Go Mavs!!!

    P.S. I’m a lithuanian just like Big Z.Wish him to have a ring but sorry big fella,James doesn’t deserve it 😦 MAVS in 7 😉

  94. sam says:

    anyone else notice how they couldn’t talk for themselves, they had to read a paper the whole time…the heat will lose game six

  95. Michael Gallegos says:

    Miami could of been a good team with just Lebron and Wade, they could of saved the money on Bosh and bring in some people to make the team better than what they are. Their depth on the bench is what is going to be their doom. Lebron and Wade already look tired and worn out. Dallas is too deep hence why they should win the title. Miami overrated!!!! GO DALLAS!!!! BEAT THE HEAT!!!

  96. PlatinumRaider says:

    When you have to inject GOD into a sporting event, that’s not a good look!!!

  97. KIngKobra2 says:

    Just a couple of days ago people were talking about d-wade and lebron acting like jerks but now i realized miami needs to play this game like the way they played in game 5 in the chicago-heat series and just get lebron and wade in their comfort zones. You can do this Heat and all of miami is behind yall. All do respect Dallas in the best city in the world Miami to playing in Dallas are two different places.

  98. Ivan leiva says:

    Jason Kid deserves a ring along with Dirk but it’s been a pretty amazing series but going back home I hope Miami end up with the ring. Won’t hate the Mavs if they take it either.

  99. bigg 3 says:

    I have faith that God will let the heat win the championship! GO HEAT!

    • stof says:

      The odds are against you!
      God (if he’s there) doesn’t like Heat, there are no flames in heaven. You’re confused. If someone is suporting the heat it is the devil.
      I picture God riding a White Horse: So he’d rather be a Mavs fan!

  100. Luigi Garibaldi says:

    I think talk is cheap, the truth is the Mavs are a great team and Nowintski is a great player if not one of the greats in the history of the game, the Miami Heat have struggle to close games some in the regular season and some on the post season specially against the Mavs on this series, but there is still light at the end of the tunnel Why? I’ll tell you why,game six should be a very difficult game for the heat because there is very little room for mistakes, but if the mistakes are limited and Le Bron James gets his shooting rythm back, and gets agressive at the rim, Wade will be wade and the rest will be contagious of Le Bron to have a perfect game just like the Mavs got in game 5 the Heat will be in the position to win game 6 and go to game 7 with confidence and play even better than game 6 to finally become the CHAMPS Heat in 7

  101. djs says:

    go mavs go!!!
    dirk deserves it all this time. pure in heart for the team. game6 mavs! WE BELIEVE 100%.

  102. al says:

    im rooting for miami but i dont see them coming back to win game 6

  103. The nba is strong i like come play one day in nab

  104. DivacSerbia says:

    Go Mavs!

    As a Vlade Divac’s fan and Sacramento Kings supporter, I must say that Mavs ought to win. That will be windblow in the wings of all underdogs in the world. Once again- Go Mavs go!

    • MIAMI CHEAT says:

      what the heck has divac got to do with the mavs?

      • DivacSerbia says:

        Let me explain. Divac played for Sacramento and lost the final game against LA Lakers. I’m still angry. MAVS remind me of that Sacramento team and Dirk leads his team just like Vlade Divac led his against much stronger oponent. It will be great satisfaction to see bunch of veterans taking the trophy. Always support underdogs. LONG LIVE VLADE AND DIRK.

  105. ? says:

    I would like to know whats that make lebron then?

  106. Ron says:

    I hope LeBron will be gracious this time and not run for the locker room after they lost the final game of the season to the Mavs.

  107. msingyheat says:

    i think this is do or die for both teams!! this is the mavs opportunity if they mess this up the heats confidence in game 7 will straight out annihilate them n the mavs know this so they will come out firing! game 6 will be BIG! GO HEAT!!!

  108. Ron says:

    MAVS ALL THE WAy!!!!!!!!

  109. JoJo says:

    Oh, and noone will call James ‘the King’ anymore, either.

  110. JoJo says:

    LeBron James will have 4 points in the fourth quarter and the Heat will lose game 6 by 9.

  111. stof says:

    the picture on that links to this blog speaks for itself LOL Wade all fired up and James with a dumb face not knowing where he is and what’s happening

  112. Jon says:

    This series is over. No ’10 Lakers style comeback in store.

  113. nikos says:

    I have betted 100.000 euros that HEAT will win the championship. This bet is going to win.

    Remember this message…

  114. James says:

    Game 6 is more than pressure for the heat, it will the end of the playoff for the then. For me, I think the heats are playing the like their were gamble, hope that dallas turn the ball over so they could get a drunk or layup. There won’t no Game 7, the heat will be officially done on sunday. I don’t know what Lebron going to do, take off his jersey and try to hookup with a team that already have 3 superstars? And the sad part is, if they miss it this yeah, they won’t be able to get it next year with all the talent that the NBA brought.

    • Luigi Garibaldi says:

      Just think about this for a minute where would you feell better? at the comfort of your own home, or someone elses, where you know all of your moves could be criticize. And the answer is at the comfort of your own home,the Heat will play well enough to win, shot out a few shooters from the Mavs, play well at home win game 6 and kill the Mavs in game 7 this will be like other teams before, look at the lakers last year against the celtics,in game 5 lakers look like they woul not win the championship after all and koby and some important players in that team got criticized by the press and the funs, and in boston they where already celebrating the championship, but guess what the lakers win difficult game 6 to keep therir hopes alive and in game 7 finally did it with guts,intensity,bloody battle but they finally won, the same thing happen with Magics lakers in the 80’s, Celtics in the70’s
      and now the Heat are in the same position hail be praised home court advantage Heat in 7

  115. Earch says:

    Although i´m from germany (all off my friends root for dallas because of Nowitzki) i never rooted for the mavs till these finals.And i really enjoy watching Lebron and Dwade play but to be honest: the mavs really deserve it this time.
    A lot of their players where on contending teams that came up short ( Kidd in NJ, Peja in SAC, Matrix in PHO and of course Nowitzki and Terry in DAL).
    I bet the Heat will reach the finals at least 3 or 4 times in the next 6 years, so they will get some more chances to win the championship.
    But the mavs team is really old and maybe this is their last chance to win a ring, so yeah for the first time in my life, i am rooting for the dallas mavericks.
    GO MAVS !!!

  116. Mark13 says:

    Take it from me; Lebron fails in the face of adversity. He always has, and it looks like he always will. He quit in the playoffs in Cleveland when the chips were down, and I don’t expect anything different. Choke.

  117. Y says:

    good miami !

  118. Drexar says:

    Lebron should stick with his jump shooting ability, his strongest weapon in his artillery, that what brought them here in the NBA Finals. Should he regain that level of confidence he used to have during the regular season and in the playoffs, everything will fall into place. I still believe in the Heat, just play the basketball the Miami Heat way.

  119. MIAMI CHEAT says:

    I feel sad for the people of miami.
    the championship that they’ve won in 2006 would be the first and last that they’re gonna have in the history of the franchise. all that because of the cluchless king of choke LBJ. D.Wade’s sore hip is because of too much bending while lebron is getting him from behind and he’s not gonna have a good game at game 6, bosh looks like a reptile and cannot do anything too.dark days are coming for the choke king and the sad part is that the people of miami will be a part of the failures.

  120. beantown says:

    michael jordan once told ray allen in order to be successful you must first learn how to fail. the heat are going to learn how to fail this year. sorry heat fans maybe next

  121. nikos says:

    Heat wins on Sunday and the series go at 7th game. Heat wins again on Wednesday and everyone is happy…

    I have to mention that everyone in Europe knows that Dirk will return at Bayern Munich(basketball team in Germany which is well known for the football team) next season…

    Nikos the Greek

  122. Cody Tucek says:

    true that!! Who are they to talk when my mavs are up 3-2. First off James is too humble of himself and he thinks that he’s the best. No!!!! he will never be even if he gets 6 rings. No one can even compare jordan to james!!! and dwayne is just as bad as he his!!! Have some pride and stop being stuck up!! go MAVS!!!

  123. Matthew says:

    I asked lebron for a dollar, he gave me .75. I asked him where the rest is, he said i dont have a 4th quarter!
    Im a Laker fan, but Id rather seen the Mavs win than lequit.

    • manny hans says:

      u kno wat yall need to stop hatin on lebron i mean how long will this take placei mean he the best player in the world he is ungaurdable all kobe does is shoot. lebron a better all around player than him (the alien).but forget that lebronz gonna bring something special to game six and people around the world will kno that he is truly the king of basketball LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  124. miami resident says:

    there’s going to be a game seven
    wade wont let it happen, im not going for the heat
    but i see him being more aggressive , nd more demanding on his supporting cast (bosh , miller, anthony)
    to do what their expected to,;
    Lebron, on the other hand hasnt been himself (love this )
    if he doesnt show up in the forth offesively, he better set screen, nd get all the 50/50 ball’s
    or else they’ll see MOST miami bandwagon fan’s reall color’s
    Dirk- he’ll have an excellent game , but it’ll on come down to can their d control wade, & will lebron show up (doubt it )

  125. Jude says:

    Heat will win next 2 games! Home-court advantage will take over! I hope! LOL! 🙂

  126. lakersfan says:

    GO Lakers..

    • EMMANUEL HANS says:

      really go lakers the laker are out kobe iz done lebron now reigns over the nba i kno he hasn’t been showing it the last few games but i think he has a surprize for us (MIAMI) in game 6 which will be the most important game of his life so far let get a ring LEBRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. DetroitCity says:

    This has been the best series I have seen in a while and a nice change over the lakers n celts. i’m rooting for the Mavs in this particular series as i’ve always been a fan of Dirk and I strongly believe he deserves a title. The man has been huge and the heat haven’t really found a way to stop him. The key for success in regards to the heat will be shutting down Terry, J.J., and Marion.

    I’m not a fan of Lebron by any means but I don’t think he quite deserves all the scrutiny he’s been receiving. I do think he needs to be more aggressive in the 4th, but a triple double is hardly something to complain about. He also had a nice defensive play on what seemed to be a bunny for Marion at the end of game 5(when they were still in it) and nobody seemed to recognize that either.

    I think the Mavs play much better team basketball than the heat, and because of that I believe they will take game 6. Go Mavs!

  128. PlatinumRaider says:

    Being that I’m not a fan of either team, I look at this objectively. Are we talking about game 7? Maybe I didn’t get the memo but has game 6 been played already? The way this series has gone I find it hard to believe anyone can look “past” a game. This thing has been a nail biter to say the least. Let’s take a closer look at the contestants. First, Miami. D. Wade: Unquestioned heart and a Champion already. It’s his team and he will do everything in his power to carry them. Bosh has actually been a pleasant surprise but he’s a defensive liability and Dirk is absolutely torching the guy. We all know the subs and they really need to show up now. Now… the Wild Card. It’s become very clear to me why LeBron has come to Miami. Inspite of guady talent and freakish athletic ability he has no desire to be “The Man”. This cat finds ways to disappear in the heat of the moment. Sadly it’s becoming a disturbing trend. Oh, he can put up numbers in his sleep. My thing is what impact are you having on the outcome of the game. That’s what true superstars live for – IMPACTING THE OUTCOME!! It’s clear he wants no part of that.

    Now the Mavs: They have a history of being “also rans”. Great during the regular season but fade like a sunset in the playoffs. This is a different Mavs team though. You have their version of the big 3 who, I believe are getting their last shot. Dirk, Kidd and Terry are in the crosshairs of a championship and with the heartaches they have experienced, this is as close as they have been. Normally I never like the chance of “jump shooting” teams, but since Miami has no real inside presence itself, this plays to the Mavs advantage. Game 5 was the first of the series where the Mavs came together as a team. If that continues, I don’t like Miami’s chances because 3 guys are not going to outscore 7 or 8.

    Wade is certainty. He “WILL” deliver. Bosh and LeBron “have” to be there. If either or both crash and burn, it’s a wrap. Dallas believes they can win this thing now and that’s always dangerous. You can never give a team confidence, especially when they have veterans who have labored for years with no Championship hardware to show for it.

    With that said, Let GAME 6 begin, then we’ll know if a game 7 will ensue.

  129. haters says:

    is been great series bt i believe the heat will win it at the end

  130. bonik® says:

    no excuses for miami, its win or lose at home, i think dwade and lebron wont let the lose part happen, it just needs effort to push through what they wanted, its better to be in this situation than fishing right now.. they need to stop dallas, but i think it wont be easy, but if they play hungry, we can all witness what a true comeback can be.. 🙂 you know why heat fans feel that we all got this? because they have lebron and dwade in their roster. they both need to shine on order to win. you can say all trash about lebron, that’s why you call it trash, its useless, watch the king, be a truly king. its all about miami heat faith and pride. 🙂

  131. gomavsgo says:

    I know that miami is gonna win A championship. But i just hope its not this year. Dirk deserves that trophy and anyone who says he doesn’t i gues does not appreciate the game of basketball. I mean lebron left cleveland to win championships. A team mad eover night. Dirk has stuck with dallas all his career and finally here i hope he gets that championship, along with Jason Kidd. I aint no dallas fan either, OKC is my team. and even though they lost to this dallas team i never once put down the mavs because i know okc will get their turn but its time for Dirk and the mavs this year, Lets goooo!!

  132. stof says:

    MIA loses tomorrow.
    If you want to win next season, trade James and get some extra decent roleplayers. Bosh can step up, he just can’t handle being third choice. Before he went to Miami he said he wanted to remain a Top Dog, but when James signed too, he just faded away.
    Speaking of James, the only way he’ll be able to perform when it matters most is when he has an all-star pointguard to lead him and controle the game. So he has three options: NJ (Deron), NO (CP3) or CHI (Rose).

    Kidd and Dirk deserve the ring!

  133. BeattheHeat says:


  134. heat #1 fan says:

    this series is far fom over

  135. MIAMI FAN SINCE 03 says:



    • wadesince03 says:

      Nice comment and I completely agree with you. All of a sudden everyone is a Heat fan or a Heat hater. Where were you guys in the 06-07 season? I am a Miami native and have been a Heat fan since the franchise started. When D. Wade came to town it renewed my love for basketball and I have been a huge Heat supporter since. I was there at the 06 championship parade when it was 100 degrees and people having heat strokes. Even though the Heat are down 3-2 I still believe in my squads ability to close out the Mavs in 7. the only reason it was pushed to seven games is because the finals generate alot of revenue the league desperately needs. Oh one more thing Heat haters….. the Mavs don’t have the greatest track record , Yeah Dirk is great and the Mavs finally played a good game for them in game 5 but I foresee a big time choke from the rest of the team game 6. GO HEAT

  136. The Rocker says:

    If KG,Allen & Pierce were something like 8-9 years younger I bet they would have won 10 straight championships.
    A young Boston Big Three is better than the Miami Big Three .

    • yes yes yo!!!! says:

      sorry the boston big 3 were very stupid they forgot to think about joining together……

      • Mavericks says:

        its not because of stupidity, they prefer trying to win it with them at the helm rather than doing what LeBron did

  137. MIAMI cHEAT says:

    I thinks Miami heat organization is begging and kneeling down to David Stern just to extend this series until game 7..This heat organization invested a lot they will do anything even to get the trophy. GO MAVS..

  138. Cjmaverick77 says:

    These bozos (Wade and James) don’t deserve the title. They’re arrogant jerks. Mavs in 6.

  139. bryanlakers says:

    if lebron wants a ring he should go to LA hahahaha

  140. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    Compared to who … Chalmers and Bibby?!!! LOL! DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!!!

    Terry was the one RAINING DAGGERS on your boys in GAME 5!

  141. Vicoi says:

    HEAT will win. only reason it s necessary to get to game 7 is due to…….. money……… moe money…. ticekts tickets tickets.

    more revenues for the heat!

  142. Yvin E. Fanfan says:

    We strongly believe in the Heat. The team has created energy and communion in South Florida. Much like some say, it’s going to be our last stand. Our weapons are going to have to be used for the process and the rescue mission. So, it’s a must win. So, let’s go Heat, go!

  143. TOTOY MOLA says:

    In your dreams.. Dallas will never give Miami a chance even if all the people in the state of Floria watch game live at American Airlines Center.. MAVS ITS OUR TIME..WE BELIEVE..

  144. matt says:

    dallas will take it in 6. lebron cant deliver in terms of scoring, he’s practically non-existent in the fourth quarter which he says is balanced out by defending. well bronbron you’re known to score.

    nobody except maybe wade can match the intensity Dirk has right now. i foresee huge games for both Kidd and Nowitzki tomorrow. JUST SAYIN.

  145. Silver says:

    Mavs ftw. Heat had it easy in the playoffs untils now, just as the first comment stated.

  146. Gustavo says:

    If Miami is able to pull off game 6 I believe they’ll take the championship. It was so heartbreaking to see all those three’s pour in in game 5. No one shoot nearly 70 percent from the 3 point line yet Dallas miraculously pulled it out of their rear ends; neat-less to say that will NOT happen, specially in Miami. This will go 7 games if Miami stays positive and focused and then Game 7 is for anyone to take, anything I mean ANYTHING can happen in a game 7. It’s safe to say that this series is legend….wait for it…..since last summer DARY!!

  147. WADE says:


  148. hoop-dreamer says:

    lets bring it home miami, time is now! game 7 will be a bloodbath!..

    • ? says:

      @ hoop dreamer your name says it all. Dream on pal. Lots of preasure in this game. And we all know how lebron handles preasure.

  149. the king says:

    game 7 here we come

  150. Olle says:

    Love Wade as a person, not making excuses for losing the game, just trying harder to succeed. And that he does charity events and religious stuff and all that. I’m hoping that the Heat bounce back and bring in the trophy. Even though, I think that the Mavs deserve it more.

  151. Jason says:

    LeBron and Wade are not giving up this easily. There’s a reason that NBA put the Playoffs in a 7 game series and not a 3 or 5 game series. It’s because it’s not over until someone gets eliminated. Are the Heat eliminated yet? NO! Game 6 and 7 are in Miami where the Heat play their best basketball. Down the stretch, no one can stop LeBron and Wade when they really get it going. LeBron has struggled in the Finals but for Wade, it’s the opposite. The Heat need LeBron and Wade to perform well together and not Wade and Bosh. Bosh can only score. He doesn’t pose as a threat to anyone on the Mavs. LeBron and Wade are the real deal! Heat in 7!

    • Mavericks says:

      i didn’t get it… you didn’t say anything about the reason why this is a 7-game series and not just 5.

      i think its about Finals’ is a lot different that 1st, 2nd or CF so they made it a 7 game series to give them a chance to adjust… its also more of a mental battle (including the coaching staff) and physical (for the players)

  152. Amor Hubag says:

    Let’s GO HEAT!

  153. mo says:

    Those twoo r goin to deliever

  154. Imad Akel says:

    First. And also, it’s been a great finals.
    I’m a heat fan but i’ll be happy no matter what the result is.
    There are worse things than seeing j kidd and dirk getting their much deserved championship rings.

  155. Moms says:

    JAMES is the best player right now, he need to play better and get his first ring. GO HEAT GO

    • ? says:

      James the best player right now?!!! You must be watching basketball on Pluto.

      • Brandon says:

        James IS the best player in the game right now. Who’s better than LeBron? Kobe? In his prime MAYBE but thats kinda pushing it too. LeBron’s numbers are SO great and he does SO much for whatever team he joins. Look at the Cavs who lost LeBron where did they end up? Oh yeah, a lottery team from a top seeded team. Are you joking? And to whoever says Kobe never needed help like LeBron does. You guys must be on drugs. Kobe had one of the best centers in NBA history in Shaq, one of the best power forwards in Pau, a veteran clutch shot maker in Fisher and such a good supporting cast. And Jordan who had Pippen one of the all time greats, Rodman who was a tremendous defender. Look at all these wonderful supporting casts. What did LeBron have compared to Kobe? Okay, Shaq way out of his prime, Antawn and Mo who choked big time in the playoffs, Anthony Parker who is just a 3-point threat? Come on, LeBron is and will be one of the all-time greatest players ever to play basketball. Compare Kobe’s numbers to LeBron’s. And compare LeBron’s help compared to lets say Jordan. After Jordan left the Bulls where did they end up? Mhmm exactly, just like LeBron leaving Cleveland.

      • Evofriend says:

        James is good and he is a highlight showman but he may finish like dominique wilkins if he cant step up when it matter the most
        Dirk is the mvp of mavs and dwade of miami

      • Thinking says:

        Dont hate on Pluto man

      • J-Man says:

        #Brandon, I hate people who comment on stats when they clearly dont watch basketball. Lebron is like Kevin Love, They both put up AMAZING numbers but what does it equate to in the end? He is absolutely missing in every big game he has played in his entire career in the playoffs. GREAT regular season player but shys away from the spotlight and the big moment when it counts. He’s not even the best player on his team right now and this is when it matters. Wade basically won a championship on his own in 06 because shaq was already falling apart, check that guys stats in the NBA finals over 2 appearances if you want to compare someone to jordan. James isnt even as good as pippen was.

      • Mavericks says:

        James is at his BEST when the team is always on the go but not in half court… he doesn’t even have a post move. he is as big as one of the BEST POWER FORWARDS the league has even seen in Karl Malone but he can’t be compared to him cause his game LACKS DIMENSION.

    • Kabron says:

      James is the best player ?????, if he is why do he need Wade and bosh to win a championship. He can’t be an MJ or kobe, can’t even be a clucth player. He is just a second fiddle to Wade and that;s all he is

      • Bilka rams#4 says:

        All you guys just stop you act like lebronis clutch check espn stats you guys are so ignorant Bryant’s entire career, regular season and playoffs — and found that Bryant has attempted 115 shots in the final 24 seconds of a game in which the Lakers were tied or trailed by two or fewer points. He connected on 36, and missed 79 times.A whopping 31.3 percent. compared to lebrons 46 percent. I mean come on by the time lebron hangs up his sneakers compare the clutch numbers between quit being caught up in your love for another player and the fact that lebron didnt come to your team as a free agent and recognize the greatness in lebron and respect that. So to Kabron and all the other commenting quit trying to sound like you know basketball and think you sound important because your comments are really irrelevent to the stats……THEY DONT LIE. Lebron>Kobe over kobe in the clutch

      • Mavericks says:

        Percentage does matter but i think its more of the willingness to put the team on your back during those situations. James had the chance when Wade was out of the game during the 2nd and 3rd and look what he did? other than that lay-up during the dying seconds of the game, he didn’t score at all during crunch.

      • AKrowdyforLBJ says:

        Look who Jordan had to help him. Look who Kobe has to help him out past and present. One man can’t win it on their own. Do you really think Dirk is doing this by himself? C’mon, Lebron isn’t Kobe, he isn’t Jordan, and he isn’t anyone else in the NBA. You want to talk about rings? Lebron is 26 and Jordan didn’t win his first ring until he was 28. Jordan was also hated, as much if not more than James. No one except for kids liked Jordan unless you were a bulls fan. Not to mention Michael’s sex scandals, cheating on his wife, and his gambling addiction which pushed him into his first retirement. Michael Jordan was an arrogant and cocky s.o.b. We love him now because he left as one of the greatest to ever play the game. Give Lebron time, all you haters will be kissing his a$$ someday.

    • Odysseus says:

      LMFAO!!!! Really? He’s the best player? And where has he been these last couple of games? The best players don’t go to vacations until the finals are over, but Lebron has been on vacation for a week already!

  156. HeatWade says:

    bring it on!!!

  157. TOTOY MOLA says:

    God is good..He will give the trophy to the deserving team and that’s the Mavs.. MAVS never loss faith coz we be believe that this Sunday will make history..GO MAVS

    • Basketball Fan says:

      I hate when people say things like this “God is good. He will give the trophy to the deserving team…” I’m not going to get into a religious debate i believe in god too, but really? there are people being slaughtered in Lybia by their own government and god’s going to help out the Mavs.

      • franz brunner says:

        couldn’t agree more

      • ross says:

        totally agree with you Mr. Basketball Fan

      • KGFan says:

        The ignorance…

      • Mavericks says:

        I am also not going into a religious debate but people be open-minded… you understand what he means… its like whoever win’s this deserve it and so far, its the Mavs because they are all playing their hearts out. Its obvious that the Mavs wants it more than the Heat, just watch every games’ 4th quarter and you’ll see that Wade was the only one who wants it.

  158. Larry says:

    Go Miami. You have no choice but to get game 6. James has to bank in his outside shooting and has to be more aggressive offensively. The Big 3 should score at least 70+above. No more tomorrow. Live and die Sunday night.!

  159. Oscar Ronald says:

    Great article ..I just hope lord help us we have game 7 it will be one of the best ever game

  160. billy says:

    Regardless if the Heat wins a championship this year or not, there are some issues that needs to be settled in the off season. Overall, the team underperformed, especially in the regular season, and only took advantage of other teams’ issues in the playoffs just to get to this point. Philly was young, Boston was old and had injuries, Chicago was overachievers in the regular season, but their lack of playoff experience hurt them. If these teams didn’t had these problems, I doubt Miami would have had it so easily and the series with these teams would have stretch six or seven games. Dallas is the first complete team Miami has faced in the postseason this year, and the Mavs, unlike the other teams, were able to exploit the Heat’s flaws to their advantage. They can’t stop Dirk in the paint nor they can prevent guys like Terry and Marion from eating them up outside the arc. The longer this series have gone, it has benefited the Mavs more then the Heat. Miami looks beaten, physically and emotionally, reminds me of the Mike Tyson/Buster Douglas bout from way back. Miami is like Iron Mike, dominates and wins in short bouts, but if forced to go past the fourth or fifth round, Tyson didn’t have the stamina, just like what is happening to the Heat.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      I think that MAVS and Rick C are figuring out ways to break down Miami’s D with coaching and spacing / attacking on offense.

      Has any other team made such effective adjustments against the Miami D … NO WAY!

      Miami hasn’t shown the ability to adjust to Dallas, and I think that’s cause of their team experience together and their COACHES EXPERIENCE compared to Carlise …

      Just my opinion … but I think Mavs will solve Heat before they can adjust.

      Mavs in 6!

    • Brandon says:

      Marion eating them up from outside the arc? LMFAO Are you joking? Marion isn’t doing much and Jet, I give him credit, hits big shots. The main concern Miami needs to address is Dirk and thats it. Put LeBron on Jet just like they did in the first couple of games and look what he did in the 4th quarter. Absolutely NOTHING. The ONLY reason why Miami aren’t winning games is because they relax when they have big leads. They take stupid jumpshots and iso’s to Dwyane and LeBron which wind the clock down to about 7 and 80% of the time miss. If they executed their offense the Mavs’ defense wouldn’t stand a chance. Giving credit to their defense so far, Mavs are an excellent team, BUT Miami is so much better its just of their dependability of LeBron to perform which he hasn’t. And I don’t blame the Heat to depend on LeBron either. Hes the best player in the game and playing like this in the 4th isn’t helping the cause of the argument of him never getting a ring like Kobe, or Jordan. I hope the Heat really do win in 7 games just because they can show the whole world (because everyone knows they scrutinized the Heat and were so overjoyed when they started losing games) that the Heat are amazing.

      • marionsaywhat? says:

        marion aint doing much? have u not watch the finals…
        he comes up with loose balls…rebounds…and defends wade and lebron in stretches…
        how can u say he hasnt done much…

    • John Andrea says:

      You can analyze it all you want if Lebron James plays like Lebron James the Mavs can’t win. The Mavs are leading because of some sort of mental breakdown by Lebron. His shot attempts in the fourth quarter are indicitave of one thing someone that has alot of fear of failure!

      • Odysseus says:

        Correction… If Lebron plays like Lebron I love the Mavs chances! He always wimps out when it matters most. So I’m counting on him to play like he always does at this level. So undeserving of all the hype. Lots of talent! No heart! Go Mavs!

      • Don Felipe says:

        It’s all about Dirk, baby! He’s a monster this postseason and finals series. Seriously, he’s hitting shots other guys can’t even dream of. The more they put tight defense on him the more he’s hitting the most crazy ones. He’s on top of his play and he knows this is his series…. and his (chance on the) ring. And since there’s more than just 1 player on the floor, he’s having a huge impact on his teammates’ focus, too. Dirk has never been such a good leader than in this June and last couple of weeks. Ever since the Portland series, the Mavs just ride on the momentum knowing this is their time. This is not about the big 3 or the king without a crown, this is about Dirk and the Mavs and their ring/s. Give credit to the Mavs willingness and resilience (not to stop before the finishing line). The Heat will have their chance – just not this June.

      • Mavericks says:

        if LeBron gets his game going, I am sure that someone’s game will be affected (probably someone from the bench). i think its more about balance attack/scoring. Chalmers has been consistent in this series so his contribution plus LeBron’s is like a single output for LeBron during the regular season… they just have to keep fighting. They panic once the opposing team is trying to catch up during the last quarter and that shows lack of experience (Finals’ experience).

        with the Mavs, they are getting consistent contribution from Dirk and Marion (10+ pts aint bad) and some from Terry. during the last game, the same three were productive plus Barea, Kidd and even Cardinal… so they got all the support they needed. Dirk didn’t score more than 30 but they got bunch from Barea.

    • Bilka rams#4 says:

      i agree the heat need to address some problems in the offseason. I mean bibby and miller and illgalskaus combined make like 14 mil a year in the cap and hardely contribute. they could use those three as trading blocks to help get a point gaurd or just move chalmers up and get a center that actually scores a little because they were supposed to do alot more this season and didnt. james jones is better than miller anyways. Also marion can’t shoot from outside the arc mr.billy and terry is overconfident and will not show up in the final two games just watch. If miami just focused on the game nobody could stop them and i love the mavs just the firepower miami has is too much too undermime

    • Bon Jovi says:

      Hey Bill i think you better simplify your comments by saying ” i’m a Dallas Mav’s fan and that’s it” Miami made it all the way to the finals because they play together has a team even in rough times, if want to apply for espn analist job..go ahead and sent the app..but those comments are really out of line, boston and chicago both team are over all better than miami, we dont have a young and tall center that a least can score 10 points and grab more than 6 rebound and dismissed the point guard position in this finals because chalmers is playing better than lebron the last couple games, but i do agree that the Mav’s are the best team that we played in this playoffs…good luck..GO HEAT>>>>

      • Josh says:

        you might want to put down your a bandwagon Heat Fan. The Mavs fought their way. Portland, young and had injury problems but they have the experience to be a threat. The Lakers, back-toback champs yeah Kobe is old and Gasol didn’t play like Gasol but the mavs swept them with a blowout. The Thunder, Young and eperience a deadly combination one that only the the true greats can over come. Miami just had a team, 76ers that if they were in the west wouldn’t even be the 10th seed, Celtics did the stupid trade at the tradedeadline that took away their defense, and the inexperienced Bulls were it was 1 vs 3 DR1 vs CB1, DW3, AND LJ6. now the Heat are playing a team that has the whole package and know what to do and when to do it.

    • Dean says:

      Issues hell! Miami sucks! They’re lucky to be in the Finals to begin with! They’re going nowhere cuz Queen James got no heart! The proof is in all his meeger attempts to do anything of worth in the Play-offs…EVER! KOBE’s got five rings…that’s five more than Crybaby boy will EVER get! Hey Queenie…can you say KARL MALONE! That’s OK! You can be the second best player in history to NEVER get a ring…unless the LAKERS take pity on you and let KOBE get one for you…;-)

      • KOBE?? says:

        Kobe what?? didnt even win 1 with gasol, odom, artist and the greatest coach ever.. guarded by oldie jason kidd.. hahaha.. your kobe was also a cry baby thats why they gave him gasol.. hahaha.. LMAO

      • Jeffrey says:

        baaahahahaha where are Lakers now. Oh and lets all not forget that Kobe is the cry baby in the NBA . YES he’s reminisant to MJ buuuuuuuuuuut still shows how he’s a ball hog….Dallas game hmmm every single player on Lakers showed how much a loser they all are…..pathetic and what’s more garbage is you actually having the balls to go on here cheering for Lakers lol again Dallas series lol go Heat you guys still in this!!

    • Jake says:

      Marion eating them up from behind the arc!? He hasn’t hit a three in the whole series!

    • Oz says:

      dude, i think you meant barea or stevenson. marion did a great job on drives to the basket.

    • rommel says:

      In reply to your points of view, any team in the nba can win every game just to show to everybody that this is a professional league. Where great players from all over the world gather, show up their talents and greatness. These two teams are 2 of my favorite teams in this league. I am only in the Miami side since this team is a powerhouse team. We can’t call LBJ, Dwyane or Chris as cowards because they need one another in search for a title. To win a title is the best part of a player’s career. That’s it.You can’t mock anybody who’s hungry for it.It’s his greatest achievement in his entire life as a basketball pro. No matter how great or maybe you’re the best in every stats in this league, but without a title that’s nonsense…..

    • Toro says:

      A far as I’m concerned the problems of other teams you mentioned were a bit comparing to the one of brand new unknown line up of Miami Heat with 4 new starters, and no hurted bench.