Wade, James Caught On Camera Poking Fun At Dirk’s Fever

DALLAS — You’d have thought the first five nail-biting games of The Finals were dramatic enough, what with the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat playing an instant classic before our very eyes.

The games have been dramatic enough that no one needed any extra nonsense to stoke the flames.

That didn’t stop Heat stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade from poking a little fun at Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki before Game 5, though. In light of the results of the game, however, it’s clear Nowitzki and the Mavericks got the last laugh this time:

Nowitzki’s fever broke just in time for him to cook the Heat for 29 points to help the Mavericks take a 3-2 lead back to Miami for Sunday’s Game 6. And you can bet the narrative will shift dramatically after this video makes the rounds.

The “Heat Haters” that James and Wade love to talk about will certainly revel in this one.

Oh, and a word of advice, fellas if there is a camera around … never mind!


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  2. adizero says:

    to mr. lebron “the king with no ring” james: “res ipsa loquitor”, it means “let the game speaks for itself”

  3. James says:

    Funny how their bagging Dirk about his illness when they lost the finals because of that man himself
    sincerly a Cavs fan

  4. heat losers says:

    the MAVS are the champions.
    so heat fans, where are you now?
    any idea of committing suicide?hahahaha

  5. #1 rondo fan says:

    I agree that hes faking. Im a kid but really you don’t have to fake that much. personally , I hate lebron and d wade but I think they kan joke about it. go rondo

  6. Banner #18 says:

    You know I was trying to give these losers tr benefit of the doubt and just think that they were just joking but forget that. I just saw these idiots on the Press Conference interviews and Wade’s like ” I was really coughing, but then me and LeBron were trying to joke about it cuz thr cameras were there. But I knew you guys in the media were gonna blow it up” What??? So they purposely were trying to insinuate that Dirk was faking it cuz they want MORE ATTENTION?? Divas!! Oh these Divas are beyond annoying. They have the nerve to talk especially Wade and his SOFT self. Oh KARMA is a beauty ain’t it. Hey Wade, how’s that hip feeling?

  7. john says:

    WADE…you can do better than that..you used to that NICE guy..now that you have teamed up..with lebwrong..what happened..? mocking is not your forte

  8. Kevin says:

    There is a much anticipated game coming to America Sunday night. Every time Dwayne Wade flops, take a shot, you will be platered by the end of one inning. If he flops, limps off to the dressing room and then pops back out five minutes later acting like he is going to save the game, you have to drink a can of beer.

  9. rhys hywel says:

    Are these the kind of superstars the world wants the young ones to emulate? Too bad. Wade and Lebron are two of the biggest names in the game, but look how small their brains are and shallow-minded they can become. Ohh, and Mr. Wade, were it not for your dirty play on Rondo in your Celtics series, a Mavs-Celtics finals we all should have been watching now!!! Just do your thang and win games just exactly what Dirk is doing! Go Mavs!!!!

  10. jamal says:

    yall are taking this wayto serious, shaq is still a legend and was the biggest joker in the world

  11. JC says:

    c’mon guy lets give dwade &lebron a break. it was just for fun and in fact lets forgive those guys they dont have a good education ,no good family values so what would you expect from them to act as decent pros? they couldnt do it because these guys are prime examples of of people who grew up in the projects of chicago and akron,ohio and these guys no matterhow rch they are would continue to be punks and project boys forever. i pity those guys especially Lebron or shall i say ‘LECHOKE JAMES”…..huhu!!

  12. Serg says:

    Just remember what happened last year with boston and lakers boston was up 2-3 then they went back to LA and lost the last two games

    HEAT in 7

  13. KING TONE SANTANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Bottom line is Dallas wants this ring more than Miami. Miami could have been up 3-2 or 3-1 for that matter, but they simply cannot close Dallas out. If Dallas wins they deserve it HANDS DOWN!!!!!! Lebron for someone who wants to take their talents to “South Beach” sure isn’t playing like he’s a superstar. Hell i know high school players that doesn’t fold in the spotlight as much as he has this series. And Miami fans stop thinking everyone is hating on the Heat and admit your team is being out played PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Denise says:

    At frist I thouhgt Dallas could when in 7 but I change my minde I think they could win in 6. …. not that they need more motivation, but this poking fun over some ones health is bulletin board material…. as a Laker fan Id like to see Dallas finish the job it started. GO DALLAS!!

  15. LEChoke says:

    DIRK IS THE MVP!!! it amazes me how people can let bias eradicate enough sense of intelligence to think that Lebron is the best player in the NBA and the MVP. He’s the most overrated basketball player I’ve ever seen!!!!! If he won MVP I would never watch the NBA again. Especially after he and wade showed such lack of integrity. If there was an award for Most Overrated Player he’d get it no doubt.

  16. Tom Bishop says:

    Were they COUGHING or CHOKING?
    Just asking!!!!!LOL

  17. pinayfan says:

    too sad to see 2 supposed to be respectable players in nba and people to look up to by kids have to do something sooo unrespectable and honestly don’t want my kids or any kid to see that what they did is something funny. i would praise the peolpe that didn’t support what they did.

  18. joel says:

    To set the record stright heat fans didnt start comparing lebron to MJ out of nowhere, theyre not that arrogant, you people do know that pipin, on television, went on to say that lebron might be the best ever when its said and done, even better than jordan. now i certainly do not agree with that as i believe jordan to be leaps and bounds ahead of lebron (and kobe in between them).That being said lebron is a tremendous athlete and competitor, so what if he choked in games 4 and 5, if you think those were tho most important games youre sadly mistaken as they are clearly the next two games when the backs are up against the wall, and even if he chokes then and proves to the world that he cannot handle the pressure, that does not mean hes any less a gifted player, some people just dont preform well under pressure, clearly he has shown he is one of the best active players in the NBA and im sure he will get over this stage fright someday, if not sunday.

  19. JohnnyNumbers says:

    Go Miami

    Nothing good ever came out of Texas, especially Dallas.

  20. celan says:

    Wade and lebron play to much, but they dont win

  21. DEUTSCHLAND says:

    Jealous behavior…
    Funny that these ghetto loosers need a german hero like Dirk to teach them some b-ball lessons ;-))

  22. Real says:

    Media these days, and all of you sheeple out there..sad.

  23. IV says:


  24. Jeloski says:

    Dirk is a German. Dallas belongs to Germany! Hail Achtung!!!


    Dirk is respectful and the Leb and Wade are not – they make Dirk look even better as the continue to smudge their own images – 2 phonies off the court. At least Wade is real on the court. Lebron has too much fake on and off. It made no sense anyway. Everyone knows Dirk plays thru injuries and does not take time off. He’s been consistent and palyed hard is whole career, even when Golden State pestered and took him out of his game. Shame on those Miami Lames

  26. vi says:

    I agree APH10! You’re a great basketball and Miami fan!

  27. Larry says:

    Coach Rick Carlisle looks like Jim Carrey.

  28. do not forget says:

    you guys sound like the celtic fans from last year after game 5 but remember what happened? this is the exsact same way it happened last year series wise, Heat win in 7.

  29. cythe_14 says:

    what an attitude… i will campaign the no to championship to lebron james… hope the two (dwade and queen james) will get the best karma in game 6… they are arrogant players… and why scottie pippen said that lebron james is the greatest nba player with that attitude… maybe the best name for them is the greatest nba actors… why the referees call a foul to the dallas even the two are only flopping… it happens on game 4 when dwade jump for a rebound with a flop just to get a foul on jkidd and when i see on the replay the arms of kidd was on a steady pose without bumping dwade… the other one was on lebron james on game 5 when he was defended by mahinmi… even on the technical fouls… i just want to say to the referees that all of you must call the right one and if you have doubt on your calls, you must review it… that is the purpose of the replays… i think the refs are bias in favor to miami throughout the playoffs… and i will give a big credit to dallas because even they have injured players like caron butler and brendan haywood, they give miami a clean fight and have a hard plays just to win the finals game 2, 4 and 5. hope they will be crowned as the 2010-2011 nba champions because they deserve it…

  30. ris says:

    four future hall of famers? right now there’s two future hall of famers, dirk & kidd.. & two potential h.o.f in bron & wade (they not guaranteed yet).

  31. Michael B says:

    For Dallas 2 win they must do these things. 1 Survive the 1st quarter. 2 Keep Miami in a half court set meaning limit the turnovers. 3 Keep Chandler and Marion out of Foul trouble and last but not least keep using chandler in a pick and roll situation instead of dirk

  32. Jim says:

    I would love to see the “Decision” prove to be the Derision. But, I have never known more arrogant fans of a team with zero rings, than Mav fans. They talk trash every year. It will be unbearable if they actually win a title! Go D-Wade!

  33. 4thegame says:

    I loved 2006 Miami, it was a team, people that wanted win the game and they did. This time Dallas really wants to win. Miami has some good players and good heart, but they got a bad apple. I don’t know if it is the media portraying him or it is simply the way it is. I don’t know the person so I cannot say, but after watching videos and all the news I cannot stop wondering that the truth is somewhere in the middle, and if that is the case then he needs to do some inner/self/whatever/analysis management. But think about it, you leave high school, before you win anything you are already called the best ever, but is that time enough for the mind to mature? I am not defending, but rather trying to understand what is going on with that person. Why do they have to behave that way? Is that the example he is giving to his family? Why is he portraying that to all the kids looking after him? And then we wonder. I hope Dallas wins, just because they are a TEAM playing basketball the best they can to the best of each game. It is about the game, he is not about the game. My respect to Miami, I like the team, until last summer. I hope they stop and think. Wade should not lose his heart nor his head, not for him, that would be a total waste. Go Dallas, it will be good for basketball.

  34. Klaus aus Germany says:


    my name ist Klaus, i come from Germany, Würzburg ! These city is, where Dirk played as young men by us.

    I hope so , that the MAVS win the series. Dirk ist not a loud Player , but we all in Würzburgcity are glad
    to see our Dirk in your MAVS-TEAM. Best wishes to all Mavs-Fans in the USA !



  35. Michael B says:

    Lebron James is a top 5 player in this league. But he is a easy person to guard if he isn’t hitting his jump shot.I picked Dallas to win in 6 or 7. His jump shot has gotten better over the years but still needs more work. He shoots flat no follow through him and D Wade are streak shooters not pure shooters. D Wade is the best player on that heat team.

  36. THUNDER BULLS says:

    Don’t hate the HEAT just coz of 1 player. They are a team. The HEAT is not all about their allstars. Not a HEAT fan though, not a hater as well. Hope the MAVS win. Got tons of respect for Dirk and J.Kidd and respect is something I can hardly give to LBJ. Fine, he’s a great athlete but being an athlete is not all about the skill or talent you have. And DIRK and the MAVS keep showing what’s missing for the HEAT. I’ll find it hard to accept if the HEAT will win but they still have a chance. It’s not over till it’s over. And for the kids here, don’t treat DIRK like he’s some kind of second rate player. I hated him so much during the OKC-DAL matchup. He totally destroyed my team. When he’s hot, all you can do is pray that his shots won’t fall. But you gotta say, I’m surprised that the HEAT are struggling in this series and especially with LBJ. After what he did to the BULLS and now this? I’m like what the hell man? Hope he played like this when they were up against the BULLS. But you gotta say, Marion is doing a good job on him, not giving up on defense, putting his body right infront of James. The MAVS deserve this championship, Hope I can see an epic game 7 finals! MAVS!

  37. SG.Pigs says:

    mmm…nobody expects the heats to be in the finals during their 1st year. Neither did we expect the mavs to be in the finals… cmon, its a gd final matchup tats all we (audience, supporter, fans, haters) can say after the 5 games. The heats and mavs fans shd jus appreciate the other team.

  38. Greenika23 says:

    I’m a biggest fan of Mavs since Dirk first joined the team. But I always say Wade is the best player in Heat. So if Heat win this year, I hope he will get the ring.

  39. Dirk_fan_from_Germany says:

    It should be a joke by Wade and James, but it shows the disrespect for Dirk from these guys.

  40. Jack Gardner says:

    I hope the NBA commish. slaps Wade and James with heavy fines for mocking Dirk before the game on Thursday. They both think that they are above everyone else and cannot be punished. I hope the Mavs deal them a lot of physical misery in Sundays game

  41. Rocketman9495 says:

    Mavericks in 6

    While being a die hard Houston Rockets fan, I must say that I’m very proud of how well our I-10 rival Dallas Mavericks are doing. Outstanding team victories in every aspect! Dirk is the man as usual, but everyone on the team is contributing regardless of ailments and age. While Miami attempted to purchase their title, Dallas put in the years together to form true team chemistry. We are coming up on game 6 of the NBA Finals and NBA analysts are still trying to figure out who the Heat belong to, D-Wade or LBJ. My vote goes toward Wade. While it’s arguably obvious that D-Wade will lead the Heat to at least one title with James and Bosh at his disposal, (in my opinion) this year’s NBA Title belongs in Dallas. At least, that is what I’d like to see…..The Dallas Mavericks win their first NBA championship.
    ****A side note: In no way am I knocking on Miami’s efforts. They too had an outstanding season and they will without a doubt be a beast of a force to reckon with once they establish who the leader is and get some consistency out of their other players and their bench.
    While the Rockets continue to post winning records, Houston won’t be happy until we are back in the championship discussions. We are only a few pieces away from a legitimate shot, but not quite their yet. In regard to this season’s title….Go Dallas!! Houston will be proud to see a Texas team bring yet another championship home.

    “We don’t want to see Texas any more. It’s a [heck] of a state, no taxes and I don’t want to see any of those three teams any more [in the regular season]. They’re just too tough. I’d rather move on.” — Celtics coach Doc Rivers

  42. JeffMarkR says:

    heat in 7 – jeffmarkPHILIPPINES

  43. eddie house says:

    pls..give me a chance to prove myself that i’m the xfactor of the finals!!

  44. Lucas says:

    Everybody’s talking about LeBron but I think this proves Wade isn’t much better. He started the ‘joke’ here, LeBron was the one that’s just so stupid to go on with it. That said, don’t like them both :p…

  45. LETS GO MAVS! says:

    IF i am Dirk Nowitzki i will keep my composure and play my heart out on game 6 like it was my last game of my career.. i bet the mavs will try to finish it off on game 6 but let’s just see i like coach erik spoelstra for his coaching abilities i like wade and bosh. i hate lebron that gorilla has a HUGE ego than Kobe and shaq combine!

  46. Dave says:

    Big deal, its not like he had 104 fever, he probably wasn’t as sick as MJ was and the comparisons to Jordan’s Flu game are kind of silly.

    I’d be making fun of it too, not so much about Dirk, but the way the media tried to make it like he was supposed to be in the hospital.

  47. Support MAVS says:

    the MAVS will tear down heat’s kingdom.
    God Bless Dallas Mavericks!

  48. dave says:


  49. kentmaple says:

    LOL. What a couple of idiots!!! Cmon LeBron and Wade, Dirk may be coughing but you guys are choking.

  50. macky 2011 says:

    humbleness,decipline and professionalism also important for goodluck (most winner players like Jordan, Kobe… etc) was observed like that.

    and i dont see these in Big 3 of miami, the are fresh and feel ensured for the title but look at now they are facing the badluck liits like a giant fire vs the firemen of dallas

  51. Heart and soul says:

    All the heat do is talk but when mavs show wat up its on the court mavs in 6

  52. Go Bulls Go says:

    People doesn`t hate Miami or Wade and James, just their attitude and arrogance. They re kids none like, not cause of their game but act, grown up. It`s about a time. And just to quote Greeks “Hic Rhodos hic salta”.

  53. JeffMarkR says:

    Nice 1 Dwade and Lebron…imitating Dwitzki..hahaha… Nowitzki Your not Jordan.

  54. jonh says:

    wat the heck,,, 3 supertars vs. 1 superstars wat a lozzzer ,, just go home and bake some cake with a name ( Loser)

  55. MR.BYRD says:


  56. nke says:

    dirk is the finals MVP even if they loss. but i don’t think so. mavs in 6.. Go mavs…..

  57. CJ says:

    I’ve love basketball as I have played and watched for 20+ years. But the NBA isn’t about the sport anymore. It is all business and egos. It would be great if the Mavs beat the Heat but I fear that won’t happen.

  58. Macky 2011 says:

    Guys i love reading your comments its full of compitions like Mavs doing in the serries, Rediculous, meraculous it sounds true? 99% Dallas in a championship!
    Big big shame in miami! miami now will play 5 mens vs 7 mens of Dallas thats how i figure out the pressure to Lebron and Bosh, wade and chalmer are not enough,
    In fearness, Big 3 still have the chance if they feel like playing for there last breath on game 6 & 7

    Tips for miami to comeback:

    1. LBJ must aggressive in shooting, attacking the basket and w/ consistent defence ( like he did in Boston and chicago)
    2. Reserve the energy of Wade for the 4th quarter to attack the rim
    3.Use the bench players in the first half to reserve the energy of the Big three in the 2nd half
    4. Give Chalmer the 75% of the 4th quarter
    5. Use Eddie house rather than Mike Biby( Biby was a loosser in sacramento- trauma)
    6. Wade must take crucial shut if necesary

  59. jer says:

    I am not a Heat Hater but i am sick of LeBron and Wade acting like they are unstoppable and all cocky. Mocking Dirk is poor sportsmanship since he is far superior ro both of them. Dallas has a better team and all this Jordan wannabe stuff is getting old. We already had a decade of that with Kobe . If Miami can win 2 in a row then they can be arrogant and full of themselves. What a joke. They have no respect for the Mavericks who have clearly proven they are the best team in the league this year. They got Miami up against the wall and they have been the best closing team all year. Send LeBron fishing one more year boys. Make their poor sportsmanship get them in the end.

  60. DIRK the Führer says:

    Hitler was RIGHT !!!!!!!!

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Your post IS NOT OK!


      Please think BEFORE YOU TYPE!!!

  61. billy says:

    Can’t wait for Game 6. Let’s see if LeBron can finally man up and help his team win a championship.

  62. martin says:

    Wade and James, what are u mocking ? Dirk has a fever but he’s so great and a true superstar … how about u? 8 points…? r u sick ..? Dirk surely grab this year FINALS MVP …! I think James also have award (Best Actor) LOL .. :))))

  63. Exhausted reading says:

    in the end, 4-2 . LBJ who. he lived Cleveland for the ring? you wish. buy your ring with your millions because you kinda cannot get it(BOSH). 3 superstars? Dirk can handle it. its not all about always talent its all about the heart. ask MJ and SP.

  64. Peter Degamo says:

    Lebron and Wade must not mock the Mavs. They should be humble and play the game to their highest level up to the end.

    • LA-MIA says:

      So true.

      Is it me or does Lebron get away with calls. There was that big double when Marion got the T in game 5.

  65. batty says:


  66. Kane says:

    I think it’s worth noting that it is actually D-Wade who starts the moking. Bron just followed to get in on the act. D-Wade is the one who started it and he continued through the whole clip. Watch it again.

    Anyway I think Dallas will win game 6. The way they close out games makes them the 1’s who are just about unbeatable in a series. Also I see no reason to suggest that Dallas can’t win it all next year. Regardless if they win it this year or not. They will be an even better team next year than right now.

    If they do win it all this year they’re confidence coming into next season will be sky high. They will keep improving over the next two years. They have the depth and money to make the necessary trade’s to inject some speed and youth around the veterans if needed.

    Also if it’s a short season next year because of a lockout that will be even better for the ageing Mavs. This team is still improving and can get better.

  67. fan says:

    Even though the mavs are coming off a perfect game and a 3-2 lead, I still think the Heat are favorites to take the championship. I don’t think the mavs can shoot so efficiently in Miami as they did in game 5 (although they have proven that they can play well on the road against every team), It all comes down to what kind of energy Miami brings in game 6. If the Mavs can keep it within single digits, then they have a great shot at winning the title. If they lose game 6, I’d say it is a definite Miami championship.

  68. Nate says:

    With “four future Hall of Famers”? I’m guessing those four are Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade and Lebron James. Chris Both is getting there though. Give him a couple of more years and he’ll surely be considered a hallf of famer.

    Go Mavs! Mavs in 6.

  69. Not A Fan says:

    Just like a dumb homeboy to laugh, cause their not good enough to win. I wonder what team Lebro will try to switch to now that the heat cannot produce a championship????

  70. LMAO!! says:

    TO ALL NBA TEAMS be carefull coz DALLAS MAVESRICK put a LOT of HiDDEN camera around thier COURT trying to spy their opponent. Thats why they know how to defeat every team who went in their HOMECOURT!! What a nice tactics….. isnt it!!

    SEKOU SMiTH is one big prejudiced!! if i were you i’ll avoid to write biased article!!!!!!

    ObviousLy, you didnt write in your article how MARION calls LEBRON *bitch* inside the court!!

    and how terry managed to taLk trash!!!!

  71. Whop Wizzle says:

    This series is still too close to call. When thr Heat won in Dallas I said that they could win two in Miami. But The Mavs can also win there too. D-Wade is the best player on the Heat team. LeBron is a choke artist who needs to follow the yellow brick road this off-season, holla at the wizard and get some HEART. I see a hungry team that knows this may be their last shot against a team of premadonnas in their primes that know thet will have more chances.

  72. Joji says:

    This video shows immaturity at its finest! Like grade school kids.

  73. J says:

    wade and lebron are becoming more annoying by the day.. lebron i always found him irritating.. but wade’s not that much different now that i see

  74. ramel says:

    hate this kind of people. arrogant!

  75. Federico says:

    This isn’t trash-talk, there’s a difference between trash-talking in somebody’s face and stabbing him on his back. I agree that this isn’t over, since everybody can see that Heat have so much talent you cannot underrate. It just seems to me that both James and Wade are JEALOUS of Dirk right now: he’s clearly outplaying them when it matters, and in this story he’s the “good guy”, and Heat are the “bad guys”. I’m not sure that immature guys like them are able to carry on their shoulders this thing: James was always seen as the KING, the CHOSEN ONE, Wade was FLASH. They were heroes. Since this summer they’re, in most eyes, jerks and the things they do aren’t helping them at all. Honestly I don’t see the reason to give extra motivation to Dirk, and clearly if they wanted to upset him, they missed their objective. They’re great players, but me being in their shoes, I would concentrate on the game, not on jokes: another one loss and they’ll have a long hard summer to deal with,,,

  76. LALBall says:

    Haha. Lakers fan here and I don’t mind the hate has turn to heat now. Everybody’s got something to say. I in fact dislike heat so much I’d rather root for mavs to win.. and that’s because heat has such great players – they become cocky and arrogant. but more so because they are a threat to my team. yes, that’s right. people hate them because wade and james are too talented to even play in just 1 team. kind of unfair.

    More than a Lakers fan, i’m a basketball fan. And i’d give credit when it’s due. Heat have a great team, I can imagine they’ll be a threat for many years to come.

    People hate those who would potentially be a threat to them. People hate those who crushed their teams. People hate because they’re team has been defeated. So, I understand when people hate my Lakers. There’s no winners without losers. Somebody’s got to lose. And those who lost, often retaliate through hate.

    This year though, I think Dirk and Kidd deserve the championship more than anyone else. So Mavs in 6

  77. novzki41 says:

    lebron and wade are actors.. actors… credit the mavs for resilient and never-say-die attitude! i hope the refs are keeping watch on these duos in game 6!!

  78. Gizmo says:

    I am not really a MAVS fan nor a HEAT fan but I am a die hard, Lakers’ fan for life and since birth, hahaha. But I just don’t really like the arrogant style of Lebron and Wade. No doubt, no question, Lebron is the best player today and joining Wade was not best for him that’s why he is choking. He used to be the go to guy and the main option and since his childhood he is the go to guy, that’s why, he is now having a hard time adjusting. Miami is the best team ever built but basketball is a team sport. They shouldn’t have made fun of Dirk’s being sick. All the Miami Haters just want them to lose so badly so that they would learn to be humble. Wade used to be a humble person but I guess when you’re that good, you can’t help it being arrogant. But if ever they win the Championship, the arrogance will just continue.

  79. John L says:

    People that say Lebron is the best player, are just fans. It’s so clear that Dwayne Wade is better than him on that team alone, Dirk is easily a better player than Lebron, Dirk’s a true winner. It’s the Finals and come on.. Game 4 with 8 points, and game 5 with a “Triple Double” yes it’s a triple double but is that so hard to get with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as your teamates doing everything, I expected an explosion out of Lebron after Dwayne Wade got injured but nothing. I’m really hoping Dallas wins in game 6 and end Miami’s conceited season.

  80. jam tugade says:

    long live the king…of arrogance hahaha
    Go Mavs

  81. All Knowin says:

    thanks for allowing these comment board… now i could rant about how horrible this site has become with all these USELESS advertisements.. u gonna make me watch 30 seconds of useless junk just to watch a 15 second clip? wtF is wrong with you losers

  82. agpoet says:


  83. eddy says:

    what u mavs fans fail to understand is not every team or every one dat deserves to win a championship actually wins it, after all life isn’t fair, d same way this heat team has not been treated fair both by the media and most of the NBA fans. in a perfect world, the mavs should win the series but since this world is far from perfect, we should refrain from drawing up conclusions and just let basketball do d talking. heat all the way( d wade all the way!!!!!!)

  84. rbreezy68 says:

    the mavs got it , i can feel it, its 3 guys vs a starting 5 plus 5 more off the bench,

  85. James says:

    I know Miami fans love Lebron and Bosh but these guys don’t care about the team. They only came to Miami to take a competitive advantage on the League and to win championships. If the Heat don’t win this year, or next year (or maybe give it three years), I gurantee both Bosh and Lebron will demand trades out of there. These guys have destroyed there reputations as competitive basketball players and I really don’t think they deserve to win.

  86. It'sOva says:

    It’s over. Dear Miami Heat fans pack your backpacks and lets go to Miami for your ultimate defeat, I wanna see Dirk, Kidd and Terry dance in front of you with their rings. And your “Hero” LeBron? Won’t save your butt, he chocked the Final’s long.


  87. doy arigo says:

    Filipino…I think if the hot shooting fo Dallas in game 5 will carry in game 6,there will be no game 7…waiting for Stojacovic to Heat up!Lets go Mavs! finish this series win the championship!

  88. i think says:

    who cares, they made a joke. i think its funny. i really do think they are great people and great fathers, and thats what really matters. i think there are so many hilarious guys in NBA and wiht great heart, i wish there would be more of that kind of videos. so respect them, not hate them and live ur own life 🙂

  89. The Queen says:

    D-Wade just got lucky in ’06 because of Shaqzilla. The Queen is a sore loser, as always.
    Bosh … who? Ahh yes, the half of Miami’s 2 and a half men.


    Afterwards, “The Flash” D-Wade will be “flushed” out of Miami and the Queen will again make the “decision” and join Sacramento and take Bibby with him. Bosh? Who cares about him?

    Go Dallas!

  90. Pavol says:

    Lebron and Wade should seriously check their EGOS…look at Dirk, he is putting up numbers every game and yet he’s humble

  91. federico says:

    Look foreward to game 6….i support Dallas a little bit but….about that mocking i think it’s just a bit funny, nothing wrong…they are guys.
    Go basketball go!

  92. Patrick says:

    Lebron and Wayde should concentrate on the ball, not on dirk’s fever. They should stop all kind of intox, and act as Nadal or federer, who don’t need to hate the other, don’t have to make that special face, and special walk when they lead at score, they loose energy by acting like that. Intox doesn’t work anymore, Alonso’s Mourning attitude was ridiculous sometimes.. I never had this impression with D. Mutombo. The “not in my house” was rather funny,
    Win or loose, it’s a game, but specially when you win you have to stay humble and have respect for the other team, and if the score was tight, add something like: “we have been lucky this time, they could have won as well, they were so good, but we had a few more shots, nothing else.
    Miami or dallas are both excellent, if Miami win at last, no difference for me, Dirk will stay the greatest player of this year, I can’t forget what he did with his team to L.A.

  93. haluk says:

    I ll see those two morons after the finals have time laugh.

  94. Jam says:


    All the heat fans and Mavs fans, and haters,please stop mentionin MJ whenever you are feeling desperate so you can hide behind MJ and “MJ was the greatest” “MJ is the best” “Forever MJ” Ithink those people are loosers and they are afraid to loose as hell and whenever they understand that they are gonna be beaten, They always stick to MJ.Because he’s the ultimate winner.My suggestion is : DONT AFRAID TO LOOSE.Thats the whole point.

  95. XyR says:

    I’m not a fan of the 2(dallas and heat)..but i want dallas to win in game 6..because i HATE HEAT more than anyone in the league..:)

  96. ildefonso g navarro jr says:


  97. ggggfffffff says:

    thought you were better than that wade.. man good thing dallas one. let the game do the talking.

  98. Moe Hussein says:

    and forgot to mention!! the under rated chris bosh!! who ever talks Sh!t about bosh should go learn themselves some basketball!!! when in rhythm, Chris bosh is a spot on shooter with a nack to score and score big!! or did we forget the conference finals? He is no superstar thats for sure… but he a definite all star!!! he is playing his role perfectly as the third man in support of the team!!! so stop hating and whoever thinks miami heat is just a bunch of losers on a team and thinks they dont got talent i say when you learn the game you can start commenting on possibly the best team since Michael jordans chicago bulls!!!

  99. mary says:

    james is not a

  100. Moe Hussein says:

    I think the whole media is takin this a bit too far…. like they say HEAT HATERS!!!! they were talkin about a game were dirk played an outstanding game WHILE SICK!!!! so as jokes they thought hey maybe im getting sick coz i was trying to gaurd dirk or something… THE POINT IS D WADE (who happens to be a legend in my opinion) and LeBron James (The best the league has ever seen in that position) were not making fun of Dirk… they were making fun of the situation!!! all you Heat Haters including the stupid, bias, unprofessional media should learn how to read situations and focus on the game rather than the team building activities each team makes!!! now to all those people who said Wade is chocking and cant perform or cant play and the same about lebron!!! i ask? WERE HAVE U BEEN? ARE U KIDDING ME? I have been following the Miami Heat ever since D Wade joined and with all due respect to the great black mumba… given he is the best of the best shooting guards to EVER PLAY THE GAME!!! i still believe D Wade is the best leader and player in my personal opinion… i could be wrong but D wade is Fantastic and NO ONE CAN ARGUE THAT… about Lebron… fantastic player and people should start getting off his back about one bad decision that he made and that was the show so get over it god damn it!!! he is playing fantastic ball… sure tough games here and there but every player got them!!! unfortunate for my miami heat, he got his bad spell on a bad time!!! SO STOP HATING AND ENJOY THE GAME!!! my personal predictions? I have no idea… but i say if Dallas looses game 6 they lost the play offs!!! so its either dallas in game 6… or Miami in 7!!! and believe u me, im leaning towards Miami in 7 because although Dallas is an amazing team… Miami has got something to prove and Darn it they have got some players how can prove a point!!! in conclusion i have 2 points!!! i wont be sad at all if Dallas wins this year, they are an amazing team and well deserve to win it!!! but i would be disappointed in Miami if they didnt… and 2… The media and all its false sources should just stop picking on one team and making a huge case and deals out of little things especially when it comes to Miami… i am sure that Kobe, Jordan, Shaq, Pierce, and all the other great players we have in this league have done their own share of fun and funny stuff with their team mates, but no one even bothered to make a story out of it, but when it comes to miami heat player… ohhh no watch out!! they make a huge story outta nothing!! GET A LIFE AND ENJOY THE TALENT THAT BOTH THESE TEAMS HAVE TO OFFER!!!

    • karibkween says:

      Moe Hussein, you’re probably an intelligent person because your parents probably valued education; thus you’ve learned to use judgment, recognize nuance, and discern what’s hidden between the lines. Never expect the same from these posters. They rely on the talking heads to direct their lives, something completely understood by the Corporate Media, so they play them like puppets.

  101. Matt says:

    Its just sad to see how disrespectful these two “stars” are. I dont think the love the game. And they really should stop crying about how much everyone hates them. When you act like this its all you deserve…

  102. This says:

    Dirk’s fever was a lot hotter than the Heat.

  103. VINCE PINAS says:


  104. VINCE PINAS says:


  105. Josh says:

    There is no argument right now that the three little monkeys are just the “fake big three”. And with that level of arrogance,they will never win a championship together, And that’s the bottom line!!!!!

  106. DIRK THE HEAT IS COMING!!! says:

    What if HEAT will win by 10points in game 6 what will you do?
    MAVS FANS are you really thinking that this UNDERDOGS DALLAS TEAM CAN WIN 3 games in a row?
    If yes you’re joking,,

    The mavs are too lucky to win 2 games in a row but impossible in 3 games that’s 90% sure..

  107. DLB says:

    man all these dum MAVs fan just shut up it isnt over yett

  108. chris says:

    Yeah Lebron, laugh, laugh, with your 8 point game? Why team up with Wade? So that he does the job? Make fun of Nowitski that comes back on your team, you can´t even guard him… Dont forget what you said in the pre-season: how many titles will you lose? Not one, not two, not three, not four….

  109. Alvin M. Rañola says:

    When you’re in the NBA Finals.. there’s no alibi or excuse!!! you just need to play and give it your all..remember MJ when he was sick.. this is the same with Dirk.. Never give up!!! And i dont like what wade and lechoke did!!! jokes are half meant!!

  110. […] reading here: Wade, James Caught On Camera Poking Fun At Dirk's Fever « NBA.com … This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged dallas-mavericks, fever-june, […]

  111. Jordan Hugest Fan Ever says:

    All of you who are saying the Lakers beat the Celtics last year after trailing 3-2 winning their last 2 home court

    Here Is Your Answer

    The lakers only won because of perkins injury and out of Offensive Rebounds ==> everyone who watched those games saw what impact lakers offensive borads had especially in game 7.

    It is not over yet though i agree. Dirk – Kidd and their bunch needs to break the heat one more time.

    Mavs will be the greatest underdogs to win a finals ever if they succeed

    Keep your facts right people and dont defend your team foolishly.

    Now i guess it went from 70-30 heat probability to being a 50 – 50 series even if lebron broke through.

  112. carloholic says:

    it’s PEJA time in GAME 6.. HEATS ARE BUNCH OF LOSERS.. they are talking about DYNASTY.. i bet they will never have a championship ring in the next 10 years.. THAT’S FOR SURE! Chicago and Oklahoma are the next rivalry in the future..

  113. Ddawg85 says:

    I asked Lebron James for change for a dollar. He gave me 75 cents and told me he didn’t have a fourth quarter.
    Dallas in 6

  114. Nobody77 says:

    Go MAVS !!! Show those unskilled metrosexuals what the meaning of TEAM EFFORT means. Mavs = Basketball team, Miami = carried by athleticism while lacking skill and understanding for what basketball is all about.

    Please just win the next one Mavs, tired to wake up at 3am to watch the games and getting heart attacks during 4th quarters :p

  115. Nekolu says:

    heat should die in an airplane crash… many would be thanking Jah!

  116. Bisso says:

    LeBron James is the king of all time…the MIAMI HEAT will win it in 7games…gd luck triple threat

  117. Heart and soul says:

    everyone is talking about the 2006 finals lets get this strait, miami had shaq and d-wade this year they have gay lebron d-wade and finally chris bosh the most biggest cake in nba history you telling be about 2006 finals please you got all these all stars and can’t do anything pathetic Dirk deserves it more he has heart and dose not brag when he has a 15 point lead at home then chokes.

  118. CarlosV13 says:

    I got done reading some comments and wow come on guys if your true basketball fans just stop the hate. this is a great series and i know if miami looses all of the basketball fans are going to go crazy on hate comments for miami like oh i knew *bad word* lebron who abonded his team for nothing he sucks he couldnt win one in cleveland but this is Miami’s 1st year if they dnt win it this year they are going to win at least 3 if they dnt win atleast 2 i willl be shocked bcuz their competion in East will only be The bulls which miami will learn and beat them every year(maybe) and in the west unlesss dwight goes to L.A.(god i pray not) that will be the other competion. So people need to stop hating and enjoy this game.

  119. elle says:

    I guess there’s nothing wade and james do that will not be scrutinized or make it look like they’ve done some serious crime or something, i personally don’t see anything wrong in this. Having said that, miami needs to get their heads in the game, don’t take this finals appearance for granted, for all we know as superstars and talented as they are, it may never happen again.

  120. CarlosV13 says:

    Guys look member last year in the finals Kobe wasnt so hot. well bettter than JAmes only cuz James is playing terrible. but lakers were down 3-2 and they still one thanks to other ppl who knows maybe some1(like Bosh) will be like Ron Artest this year and help miami win it all. But hey idk nba is great u never know what to excpect. BUt if miami looses evvveerrryone will hate on them.MORE about how their chokers bt they still got 6 more years to win which they will for sure

  121. cloyzeppelin says:

    Better to trade LBJ for d.howard nxt saeson, it would be a better and complete big three for themiami heat, bosh will complement with howard down low,and wade holds the ball for the pressure/clutch minutes of the game, having LBJ on the floor at the same time with wade is not good,, wade can carry the heat with his talent not needing a guy who goes emplty during clutch minutes

  122. king says:

    they(wade and james)are just jealous jerks,,smart a**es, how do they feel getting took to school by a sick guy? for 29 points and 1 win away from the title!? cough cough i guess they are doing a little coughing now

  123. Pacers Fan!! says:

    Mavericks deserve this title. The Miami Heat dont have the heart to win it. Barkley said it the best, theyre just a bunch of cocky babies. James cant handle the pressure. Its stupid to even compare him to Jordan. He will never be as good as him. Everyone just likes Miami cause they got the “BIG 3” but really just D-Wade and a supporting cast. Sorry James but we hate you for trying to be cool and take your talents to South Beach. maybe next year.

  124. Banner #18 says:

    I guess I’m not really bothered by this, let’s not get dramatic here, they’re joking. I don’t know if they’re trying to suggest that Dirk is faking it which is hilarious since it’s coming from Wade…we know he has had his fair share of um..”injuries”. Anyway I just wish it was funnier so I could at least laugh.

  125. Jrock says:

    My Mavs didnt have a chance against Portland(we won in 6) and then LA was gonna sweep us(we actually swept them) and then it was how are the old slow Mavs gonna match up with a younger faster explosive OKC team(4-1)? Well somehow we end up in the finals playing against the 3 greatest players in NBA history(thats what I hear anyways) and we somehow have a 3-2 lead and a chance to close it out sunday. Ive seen the “Big 3” and im not very impressed. Wade is a beast dont get me wrong but it is ridiculous all the hype I constantly hear about this team. Bosh is a decent player and James from what ive heard since he entered the leauge will have more rings than fingers well hes 26 so whats he waiting for? Miami only has themselves to blame for all the criticism they get they crowned themselves champs in the offseason when James and Bosh signed with that ridiculous “rally”. Then they beat the Celtics and my god they celebrated like they won the NBA finals. Same thing when they beat Chicago well my Mavs have one more to get and with their heart and composure im confident we will get it Sunday but even Dirk said so himself that they have accomplished nothing yet and thats been there attitude this entire playoff run. We blow out the Lakers in a game 4 sweep at home and we dust ourselves off and move on. The Heat had a 15 point lead with 6 minutes left and they forgot to do one little thing like finish the game but they celebrated like we had no chance. I feel like the Heat had 0 respect for the Mavs when this series started and now im telling you its too late. This team has been through too much to get here to slack up on Miami and the “Big 3″(morelike Big 1 without Dwade this series would already be over) we will celebrate our title in southbeach and get some redemption and closure from 2006. I look at the Mavs and see a complete team against all odds that is 100% focused on the task at hand. I look at Miami and see a star player, a big talented hype and Bosh and a bunch of role players who really dont know what there role is. Maybe if Miami matures they may have another chance in the near future but this is our year. paybacks a b#tch Miami!!!!

  126. Lee says:

    its the Mavs year.. though Miami has the talent and all, Dallas i feel is more desperate, time is not on their side for 1, this is it for Dirk and company, they have a deeper bench and have more vets so they have no excuse not to win it all.. Miami for sure will be a threat for many seasons but this is literally “now or never” for Dallas.

  127. WakdemFoolZ says:

    Everybody Needs to stop hating on MIAMI. Everybody jokes about being either handicapped, ill or having any different form of a disability. Its just a joke grow up. When it comes to Lebron I agree he is arrogant, but he is a great player and his stats speak for itself. He’s truly one of the greatest. Nobody can say michael jordan wasn’t cocky and arrogant cuz they would be a damn LIE!!! Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time though. D-Wade is one of the greatest. I know if Lebron was to have went to NY or Wherever everyone from anywhere else would all of a sudden hate that team just because he didnt go to there teams. You Guys that stay trash talking on miami cuz Lebron had a vision of winning a championship are BUMS!!! All you Bandwaggon jumpers who jumped on Dallas cuz you hate miami ARENT real fans of basket ball, more like, i wish we had Lebron james instead but dont want to admit it. maybe if you guys had game, he would’ve and your team would be in the finals also. LETS JUST SPEAK THE TRUTH. LAKERS FANS BEEN TRASH TALKING MIAMI stating they would beat us and couldn’t even touch us through the season. SEE YOU HATERS AT GAME 6

  128. nell says:

    please mavs beat the heat i believe you can still win on their home court. the heat are very arrogant especially in games 2 and despite nowitzki’s injured finger and fever he can still contribute reminds me of jordan in 1997 finals. he was sick too


    “Coconut Grove
    June 10, 2011 at 11:19 am

    I can’t believe all the hate on these blogs. It seems like they just keep going after Lebron, Wade, and the Miami Heat for any reason to make them look like the ‘bad guys.’ I think some of you people need to get a life! It’s a BASKETBALL GAME. Stop with the whole hero vs villian b*ll**** and enjoy a great series. This one might go to game seven. How great is that?! I don’t want to look back on this series several years from now and only remember the drama surrounding it. I want to remember Dirk Nowitzki playing the most incredible offensive game I have seen since a legend retired a second time some years ago. I want to remember the record breaking number of comebacks the Dallas Mavericks pulled off. I want to remember that the series when back and forth with no clear sight of who the winner might actually be. I want to remember the jaw dropping dunks and plays Lebron and Wade have displayed. Let’s stop talking about how much we hate so and so player and start talking about the incredible plays. Did anybody else believe the three pointer Dirk took that seemed to touch the ceiling of the stadium before it sank in? SWISHHH!!!”

  130. Miami star players need to step up….MOVE MEN…DONT BE LOUSY…THIS IS THE FINALS…I REMIND YOU…The regular season is over….GIVE YOUR BEST…DO IT MEN….MOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE…ILGAUSKAS needs to start at the center to challenge dirks fade away….he’s too long for anthony…a taller guy can easily stop him…KABABAYAN COACH ERIK…wake up brod…JUST A PIECE OF ADVICE…FROM PHILIPPINE BASE MIAMI FANS…

  131. heartbreak kid says:

    go mavs!!! Gooooo!!!to those who kept on blabbering that miami (Le choke, D wait and Chris butt) will still hve a gd future even if they loose this one??C,mon!!!!dream on!!!!by nxt season the bulls and celtics even philadelphia will have a stronger more defined lynup made to give the heat a beating for the nxt 5 seasons and where does that leave miami???into oblivion!!!soo sooory for the heat and the heat fans better luck nxt decade!!!…Jordan only had pippen and a couple of hardworking unselfish guys to get the job done, no argument on THAT!!!!!

  132. Miami says:

    YUDIPUTA nyo mag comment kmo daw kblo gid kmo..heat will win the championship!

  133. cyle says:

    its part of the NBA MARKETING guys!! more games = more tickets, more adevertisements = more money for them!, cant you gusys see it???

  134. Alexesdman says:

    it’s gon be 4-3 Miami PERIOD! sorry jerkies! maybe next year!!

  135. Alexesdman says:

    it’s gon be the heat who will finish mavs on game 7!!! mavs may have the lead by now but game 6 and 7 will be all miami heat jerkies!!

  136. miami says:

    u can say what ever u guys want u dont like him because he went to the heat. everyone liked him before that. him and dwade will figure this out and win. bosh will have a good game to.

  137. EWreck says:

    The reason people hate LeBron is because he basically quit on his team (the Cavs) in the playoffs last year and then, on national TV, dissed his team by “taking his talents to South Beach” to join his two superstar friends in the hope of winning a championship. A few days afterwards, Miami had a freaking celebration parade that looked like they had already won a championship.

    LeBron can NEVER EVER be mentioned in the same breathe as Jordan and Kobe when you talk about greatness. Kobe and Jordan didn’t take the easy way out. They didn’t just join a team with a few superstars and enjoy the ride.They stuck with their team, made their teammates better, and with the addition of a player or two, won a championship.

    As retaliation, Dirk should make a video of LeBron’s clutch 4th quarter shots in the finals. Oh wait…

  138. Ron says:

    Wade and LeDouchebag are surprised almost everyone outside of Miami dislikes them.
    That’s exactly the problem with these prima donna rich douchebags who have a god given talent and then think they can go around just disrespect fans of the NBA who made it possible for them to make some good money to begin with.
    Pride comes before the fall dudes. Money or not.

  139. Doucheku says:

    This is one of the best NBA FInals I have seen in a while. Come Sunday, both teams will be fevered up with a will to win!!

  140. ByGolly2011 says:

    Everybody is talking about yester year and four ago and, back in the day. Forget that! We’re talking about NOW! All of us has had some yester years and I remember when. “IT IS WHAT IT IS” Miami gotta show up now after all that bragging. It’s going to take some serious and powerful shots, dunks and threes to overrule THEEEEEEE CURSE.” I’ll bet that Miama is sort wondering if it could be true that LeBron bought the CURSE to Miami. Just think, if they should lose, can you imagine that they will think that. Just something that will make them go Hmmmmmmm! He caused us to lose. Not to mention! All those heartfelt believers on the team that took a PAY CUT to get them on the team. The things that we will do for a ring. OOOOOOPS! “The Ring”

  141. lb6 says:

    hmmmm u know why miami lost game 5? because the ratings are up. Miami will win Game 6 for sure. then Game 7 will be the real game that needs to be played. notice how the refs controls the flow of the game. So mavs dont get your hopes up. Miami had just lost 1 game in their homecourt and that loss is because miami celebrated early.

  142. agodang says:


  143. MiamiWillWin says:

    Its not that big of a deal. So what if they made a few jokes about his illness. If the Heat win 6, 7 will is ours as well.

  144. ByGolly2011 says:

    LeBron and Wade needs to grow up. “Stupid is; is as stupid does.” Why on earth would they put themselves out there like that on camera. I wonder who was the brilliant one to let that tape leak at such a perfect time.”Talk about incentive to play for the Mavs! Yes! Dwade needs to take his pole and go fishing and make sure to take LeBron with him to use as bait since he is such a south beach follower holding a northern Ohio “Curse” over his head. Between the two of them maybe then can catch a minnow.

  145. MavsMavs says:

    Laker fans feel happy that all the hate has turn to the Heat and no longer to you. You should thank the mavs for sweeping you. Imagen lakers vs heat. double hate finals/

  146. Hatelover says:

    the only way for miami to win is for CHAD to play instead of LBJ. Chad has more heart.

  147. carl carlson says:

    Anybody else remember Lebron James fighting the excruciating “cold” after the Heat lost game one of the ECF to the Bulls? They weren’t making fun of it then.

  148. Bob says:

    Wade and what’s his name….the Queen are douchebags

  149. TJ says:


  150. IRecall2006 says:

    WOW the hate is strong for the Heat! Funny how if people like you, you can Tattoo an NBA trophy on your arm before you ever even start playing in the finals and you get two questions about it. You can call out “the best player in the league” and still no big deal. But only cough as a Heat player and your worse than a serial killer.
    Guess what, Hate it or love it the Heat are finishing on top.

  151. MIA - OKC says:

    now, after my initial comment, i would also like to state to Miami fans to STOP being childish. no need to downgrade the othr team, as these two teams are great (aka – DON’t say DIRTY Nowitzki, because he isnt dirty, but he is great). and please everyone be realistic. that isnt to say not to believe your team will win, just understand that this game 6 will be epic, and game 7 if there is one

  152. Biclops says:

    It’s not clear at all that they’re “poking fun at” Nowitzki. To me it looks like they’re referencing the fact that Nowitzki had a great game despite being sick. They’re pretending to be sick because the joke is that getting sick in the finals will give you a better game than usual, so look out (like Nowitzki’s game and Jordan’s flu game). Thumbs down to the incompetent, opportunistic sportswriters and media who would rather stir up some BS against the less popular team than to stop and think for a few seconds so they can report on reality.

  153. WhereWinningHappens says:

    4 future hall of famers? I’m not too sure if bosh is quite up for that yet

    • Queiros says:

      It’s four alright; Dirk, Kidd, Wade and James… Bosh is a big “if” on that subject…

  154. Delta says:


  155. Chad says:

    Sorry I am so wrong…the whole heat team sucks and Mavs will win the champ in 6!
    What a bounce back from Lechoke (8 points), but too bad he can only make layups.

  156. laker4life says:

    Lechoke saves the day! and theyre trying to compare this so-called king to MJ and kobe!? even if he gets a ring, hes nnot even close!

  157. Robert says:

    The X Factor….

    One more thing Chalmers is the X factor and needs more playing time. Particualrly in the 4th quarter. Chalmers will make timely big shots AND he will therfore keep the Jet busy on defense! The coach..who I am not that crazy about anyway(because he has no kill, put them away instinct)…needs to play Chalmers better and definitely in the 4th quarter and thats the bottom line. Chalmers will pull out the defenders, speed up the tempo and open things up for the middle distribute for easy baskets. If coach wants to win the last 2 games the main thing he has to do…is PLAY CHALMERS. Otherwise anything can happen. Thats all I am saying….

  158. CUBAN HATER says:

    I hate to see Mark Cuban get an NBA ring, he is the worst owner in the NBA, but he does a good job buying the NBA refs. the calls are getting very obvious, the NAB has become worst then WWE.

    Cmon stern you can do better next years finals, REALLLLLLYYYY BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG!!!!!!

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      You call these Finals BORING!!!

      These have BEEN BEST FINALS IN YEARS!!!

      You should switch to XTREME sports if you think THIS IS BORING!!!

  159. brandon says:

    You’d think professionals like these two would show a little more, you know, professionalism.

  160. LaBro!!! says:

    Ok guys, all I want to say is that Dirk and the Mavs are truly amazing at what they do, and about this joking around about a sick Dirk (Miami fans, I respect your team and I m pretty sure that I would like to see them do great things, but that was a little harsh), Also, Miami fans, most of the Miami fans that I know have stayed fans of Miami before the BIG 3 so just because if they do lose a championship (which I am not sure of) doesn’t mean anything. ( I was confused when the Lakers couldn’t 3-peat but I knew that somehow they were gonna be able to come back just because they’re a commendable team) Mav Fans, I still am not taking sides on this championship but that performance in the last game was pretty stunning! Lastly, both teams are great, both teams players are great, and I think that both teams are worthy to win. Mavs need their veterans to win and Miami needs to prove that they’re team can work together as a team.

  161. MIAMI HEAT 2010-2011 CHAMPS! says:

    Miami will win the next two games at home, because I noticed during this post-season the heat played very well at home, so good bye mavs and see all my heat fans at the championship parade!!!

  162. Robert says:

    Remember the last game of the Eastern Conference Finals and the Heat had defeated Chicago and Lebron had a monster game and he stood there in daze kinda breathing hard….I was thinking either he could nt belive that the Heat was in the Finals or he couldnt belive that he did so well without shall we say choking. After the game yesterday I now believe it could have been the latter.:) Sorry dog. I am just saying… what’s up? In Game 4 it was like he stop trying. I didnt see every playoff game Jordan played, but the games I did see… he did not do that….Feel me.. Championship or not….Dog just lost alot of respect from alot of ballers worldwide on many levels.

  163. Gaz says:

    I know Lebron is not playing to expectation. But why is he the only one coping all the critcism? From the start is was the big 3 only 1 (D-wade) is performing.

    If lebron is choking then what is Chris Bosh. ” I want to go to a team where I am the leader” Hes a follower right behind D-wade and he can barely do that properly.

    Go Mavs

  164. anne05 says:

    well, i watched every game of the nba finals, and i saw how dallas stir the heat, but i believe, the next game will be a tie, and then there will be a decision, which miami will win, and be the 2011 champions, so GO MIAMI, i believe u can do it..to L.J,, SHOW THE WORLD WHAT U’VE REALLY GOT, I KNOW, U DID NOT HEAT THAT MUCH, HAHA..anyway, ur 3 pointers need to do more good shots coz i think, that’s what dallas have which turned u down…GO MIAMI, MAY THE GOOD LORD BLESS YOU IN THE NEXT COMING GAME..

  165. what people dnt get is lebron is not selfish like kobe or michael dont get me wrongg they where cold blooded killers but lebron is not like that he doesnt want to still the shne away from his team mate but in this case u have to take over

  166. well in game five i thought the offense was pretty good ,but u have to get the mavs off that three point line. If miami wants to win, dont give them no more air space!!! lebron was fine that game but it was just the good 3 point shooting with dallas, and i hardly see anyone go in for a layup on the dallas team so we need to stop there shootin. Miami if u want go get it aand stop lookin at the next man

  167. ruffhouse says:

    I don’t care if Miami wins or not. LeBron is proving he is nothing. Dude sucks. He will probably shoot 25 ft’s in game 6. All Dallas has to do is make him take that non existent jump shot.

  168. Andrew says:

    what is wrong with you people? Lebron james is a king! A Legend! D-wade is a “balla” and chris bosh is just a beast! Dirk is the wrong one! he could have gotten them 3 sick!

  169. Chris says:

    wow ok so what if james and wade were making fun of dirk they were just havin some fun. im sure dirk has made jokes about somebody else before

  170. Chris says:

    It is true the lakers came back 3-2 last year to beat the celtics.The series is not over but just because they have homecourt advantage doesent mean the games are already won
    And lebron needs at least 3 or 4 rings to be considered the greatet player to play the game

  171. ZedFed says:

    Guess what, I’m also mocking him , because this NBA finals is a phuqing circus. On one end we have the House Negro of Sports Media, Charles Barkley, envious of some younger players who had the foresight he didn’t, to come together, and sacrifice their ego, some huge coin, and the disingenuous adulation of some sycophants; and on the other end three well raised young athletic and attractive Black men striving against all odds to achieve their professional goals, while being unfairly compared to racist America’s Great White Hope even if he isn’t American. Its the Joe Louis’ heavyweight bout all over again.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Your comments are the one’s THAT SOUND RACIST!!!



  172. Iraklara says:

    With 7 mins remaining in Game 2, right after Wade hit a 3 pointer for 88-73, Heat started celebrating as if they had won the game. With just 33 seconds left in Game 5, right after Jet hit a 3 pointer for 108-101, Kidd gathered his guys around and set them straight. That’s the main difference between these two teams. Mentality, sports ethic, experience. Go Mavs! Greetings from Greece.

  173. Dom says:

    I dont like any of the teams… I want Dallas to win though because They deserve it more and I dont like how Heat guys got together this year. Lebron cant just think he’ll get a ring by playing in a good team, he has to earn that victory and respect among fans.

  174. Krishna says:

    Can I Remind ya’ll that the Mavs are 12-2 against the heat since 06…..

  175. jlewis says:

    thats what wade and lebron get and thats why they down in the series cause they to busy playing games. Lebron needs to be worrying about scoring more then 2 points in the 4th quarter

  176. MO says:

    Did Lebron forget what a big deal he made about having a cold during the Bulls series? How quickly he forgets what a baby he was!

    • karibkween says:

      Lebron didn’t make a big deal about his head cold and neither did his coach, his team nor the press. There is no comparison between the reaction to Lebron’s head cold and Dirk’s sniffles. Plus Dirk’s team (the Ref3 and Dallas4) won the game when he had the sniffles, conversely Lebron carried the Heat because his co-pilot was injured, but he did come up big to lend a hand at the end.

  177. tyler says:

    i hope lebron dies

  178. Vince says:

    ok say you were a thunder fan and lebron went OKC instead of the heat thunder fans will be really happy so dont hate on heat fans

  179. noel says:

    Maybe the Heat fans are wondering how come suddenly their team became unlucky.

    I did some research and I found out that somebody gave the Heat “the kiss of death”. The same person who made a wrong prediction during the NCAA championship. The same person who predicted that the Bulls will win the Championship.

    Every time he predicts that a certain team will win the series, the same team loses.


    Maybe the team starts being weary whenever he pics them as the winner. I just hope that my Miami Heat play well enough to counter that “unlucky pick”.

  180. ZZZ says:

    I respect Dwayne Wade, I thought he could win it for the Heat, despite horrible show from LeChoke James. However, seems like the Flash is down and out for Miami. Bad news for the Heat, maybe finally Dallas could win a Championship. It’s theirs to lose!

  181. Best Comment says:

    Im a Heat fan, but im not gonna lie guys…………..the Mavs have been playing better and deserve to win this year. Seriously, Dirk has been playing amazing and its impossible to forget his legacy.

  182. Jerk says:

    I asked LeBron if he could give me change for a doller. But guess what, he only had 3 quarters. Mavs in 6

  183. Art25 says:

    Ok I gotta admit that was wrong for Lebron and Wade to do that. They will really lose in that Game 5 but hey stop the fighting for God’s sake to tell the truth both teams should call it a quits this is becoming the worse NBA final in history. Next tym D.Wade and LeBron dont be a jerk even if I’m a Miami fan because you just give Dirk a big boost on Sunday so you better watch out nxt tym. Heat to win in 7. (If it works out the way they want)…

  184. KIngKobra2 says:

    WHY Lebron Why Wade. Dirk you are the beast not the chokers. Biggest Heat Fan now Biggest Mavs FAN!

    • Wink says:

      Chokers? haha.. Wade?? You better ask yourself hus been a choker before his 13th season?? Have you seen the 2006 finals??

      • BFOULDS says:

        who gives a flying fuk about 2006. this is 2011 stop living in the past and appreciate the fact you got to watch Dirk play HALL OF FAME BBALL.

  185. Oh ho ho! says:

    i saw a lot of heat fans comment and talk trash on KG when KG said cancer patient to Charlie V.
    and all those same fans are protecting wade and choke here?
    heat fans kama is a bitch! and you will get you preseason celebration bite back at you !


  186. randy from amsterdam says:

    i am a heat fan,but everything looks nice en sweet for the mavs. Thet forget one thing, you guys go to the aa arena, that is a other level of playing basketball….
    Give your dallas eyes the time to see, what will happen with them this sunday and tuesday in de 305 aa arena….

  187. CavsforMavs says:

    Ha ha Lebron, you are choking like you did. You end up losing and the Mavs will get their one shot at gold because the Lakers coming back! Remember, Magic won his first title his rookie year and not even MJ, Kobe, Lebron or Dirk accomplish that!

  188. Confused says:

    Frankly, I say LeBron can’t concentrate cus his girl is bangin’ some other dude. Then again, better than his teamate bangin’ his moms

  189. BeatTheHeat says:

    I think the world will be a happier place if the Mavs win in 6, or just win the finals period. LeChoke can wait another year or two, but I hope he never gets a ring after this. DWade is nobody without Shaq.

  190. Mintjulep234 says:

    The only reason this is even newsworthy is because it’s Lebron and D. Wade. When a few Mavericks players trashed talked the Heat, no one even blinked an eye. All they did was cough and act like Dirk got them sick, it’s not that serious. And another thing, don’t be so quick to rule out the Heat yet people. The last time a team scored 100+ points against them this post season, the Heat ended up winning the next 4 games. Weren’t the Lakers in this same predicament last year?

  191. DDDDDDDD says:

    I´m from Germany and i think this video will just make dirk stronger.and let me say this basketball isn´t the most popular sport in germany but since the mavs have this big playoff run everybody is intreasted in it and germany stands behind dirk and the mavs. many people stand up at 3 o´clock in the mornig to watch the finals. germany looks forward to game 6 and will be witness when the mavs win it all. viel glück dirk germany is proud

  192. karibkween says:

    What’s wrong with laughing at something so ridiculous? First they compare him to Bird, what a joke, Bird played both sides of the ball and he didn’t need a zone defense to hide behind; then he has the sniffles, and all of a sudden he’s MJ, give me a break. D. Wade on the other hand has been playing with what I believe is a groin injury since the first quarter of game one of the ECF, an injury he reaggravated in yeaterday’s game five of the NBA finals.

    Lebron James scores a tripple-double despite receiving only one whistle, in a series that has so far been controlled by the referees whistles and he is considered a choker, LMFAO. They are laughing because it is hilarious to watch the NBA and it’s House Boy Charles Barkley manipulate you idiotic NBA fans.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      You’re the one who sounds like a HATER!!!

      Dirk HATER … Barkley HATER … REF HATER … NBA HATER …


    • Queiros says:

      Miami Heat fan here, it seems… and do you wanna know why it’s ridiculous? Plain simply because the guy they were making fun of actually, with a 101 degree fever, made the game winning shot in a game 4 where LeBron scored 8pts and NONE in the fourth quarter! That’s the ridiculous thing about this!

      Keep making fun of the Mavs and you’ll go into this summer without the parade, the smoke, the lights and more important than everything: without THE RING!

      • karibkween says:

        What is sad is that the 3 players on the Miami Heat believed they could control the outcome of these NBA Finals. Ask Chris Webber, ask Steve Nash, ask Charles Barkely, they’ve all been there, if you’re lucky and you get there and it’s your turn you win, if you get there and it’s not your turn you don’t. The outcome is always controlled by the three men with whistles.

    • BFOULDS says:

      hey, youre heat stacked team is losing to old folks in the finals 3-2. which finals are you watching?

      • karibkween says:

        Know why Cricket isn’t a popular American sport, because there is no way to fix it to favor Vegas odds. No subjectivity in the officiating hence its a gentleman’s game. 101 degree temperature is a low grade fever for adults a few tylenol and you’re good to go. Women in menopause usually carry body temperatures much higher and they do just fine.

  193. Kobe says:

    Wade always want to take over. No more chances for you!!! You can take over the …Fishing pole!!!!!!

  194. we will win next 2 games,don’t forget we are home in game 6 and 7 as we will top the mavs for win

    • BFOULDS says:

      being at home guarantees you nothing. GL to you and your choke artist superstar though. you will need it

  195. labrador says:

    I hate to see Wade and James do this to a fellow star player. They must act mature and professional. I still can’t believe they would do that. I wanted Heat to win the championship very much, but I don’t really care now.

  196. steve says:

    well,Heat has a chance to win straight two games,as long as they will not let their heads grow big,I watch how they play,they used to play as a team,yet when finals came in…most of them were playing normal games, nba finals is were most teams create their names,their tittle….bosh wanted to win basketball games,hope so with lebron and D.Wade..and hope they can read this messages……cause Mavs is strong team,they even grow stronger when they humble themselves

  197. cydo says:

    what sore losers! if lebytch had won a finals game playing with flu he’d probably make an 1h tv show about it and he dares mocking dirk… go bite ur nails somewhere, and take ur friend wade with u, infantile idiot!

  198. OKC_2012 says:

    In my observation, Dirk obviously had e fever in game 4, and he was not acting, I can really tell. Wade’s injury, I can’t really be sure to be honest. I watched the clip repeatedly. I don’t think he was really agonizing when camera was shooting at him. I am not a Heat hater nor a Mavs fan. I am a fan of OKC, this attitudes of Wade and James are uncalled for. Disappointing.

  199. Chris says:

    Does anyone remember last years finals? Lakers had home court, went back home down 3-2 for games 6 and 7 and beat the Celtics. This series is not over, and Dallas only won the first two games via lack of Miami defense….. One of which was in Miami

  200. phillyphever says:

    Guys, you got it all wrong. Lebron wasn’t “coughing” and making fun of Dirk, he was “choking” and making fun of himself. What a humble guy.

  201. Eric says:

    Is this really a big deal? I am not a Miami fan.. am rooting heavily for the Mavericks but this seems like a non issue. They were just talking and trying to stay loose. Too many cameras everywhere

  202. Jordan Hugest Fan Ever says:

    @ JR

    Your comment really impressed me. I agree.

    However i would add 2 points:

    1) Lebron is constantly waiting for the moments which defines great players. That’s wrong. Anticipating and acting while knowing this is the moment is totally wrong cuse the pressure would be huge considering all the expectations he knows exists about him. Live the moments as they come and let your basketball instincts lead. He must play with his heart not his brain.

    2) Sacrifice: can someone tell me why we rae seeing him unconfortable with D-Wade taking over? Why hasnt he attack the rim? Is it because he knows he’ll get bumped and slapped all over his body like d-wade?

    With respect to all, Lebron needs a coach like Popovich, a man who’ll bring him back to earth before allowing him to break the skies like never before. Despite my deslikes to Pop, i can only see him coaching Lebron to be the greatest ever.

    Peace and GO MAVS

    And One Final Time ==> MJ FOREVER

  203. Sasà says:

    Another difference between lebron and other greats is that the others dont need to travel in order to hit big shots.

  204. JR says:

    I’ve been a Lebron James fan since before he entered the NBA. I remember thinking this guy would ultimately become the greatest player of all time. I mean, how could you not think that? With a body like his he certainly has the potential. He put up ridiculous numbers year after year, to no one’s surprise. He amazed us with his athleticism and all round play, no doubt. There was one thing missing, however, for us to consider him ‘great’. The word great is used to describe not just how some played basketball, but what they achieved and how they went about achieving it. As a huge Lebron James fan, I have been rooting for him to win a championship for many years now. There was a voice inside me that told me he would never rank up to Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or any of the all time greats because of how he entered the league and how the world has treated him. He entered the league an 18 year old kid. They crowned him a KING, and placed 90 million dollars into his bank account before he even played one game in the NBA. Any intelligent person with life experience knows what that is a recipe for. And then they placed insurmountable pressure on him to become a multiple champion at such a young age without any real help. But all that doesn’t matter any more because he is much older, much more experienced, and has lots of help from superstar teammates D Wade and Chris Bosh. The problem with Lebron is though, he wants to one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of being remembered as one, whereas Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant want to be one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of actually BEING ONE. That is the biggest difference I have noticed with Lebron and the Greats in the 17 or so years I have been an NBA fan. I do not understand for the life of me why Lebron James, with all the potential in the world to become the single greatest basketball player to have ever played, has not to this date, worked on developing a low-post game or attempt to become one of the greatest jump shooters. He has been blessed with a super-human body and has wasted it by not developing one good low-post move. He would certainly be “UNSTOPPABLE” to the exact definition of the word if had developed a low-post game. Why if he wants to be one of the ‘G.O.A.Ts” does he not show up four hours early to a game to work on his jump shot like Ray Allen, the KING of THREE POINTERS, does every single game?

    Lebron James, as one of your biggest fans who has followed you and admired you for so many years, I am telling you that if you ever want to be considered as one of the greatest of all time to play this game, if you want to win multiple championships, if you want to truly dominate the league for the next decade, then you have to dedicate your life right now to developing yourself into a truly unstoppable force. Work on your low post game. Get help from the legends like Dwight Howard has done. Come to games four hours early and work on your jump shot. Come to practices hours earlier and stay hours later to work on your free-throws and three pointer shooting. And most important of all: STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO YOU ARE! Stop being afraid of failing to live up to the expectations. Dedicate your life to basketball, to developing your game and never being satisfied with it, to becoming the Greatest Player of All Time, not to be remembered that way, but for the sole purpose of actually being the greatest.

    Best of luck to you in the Finals!

    • DAVID says:

      To sum it all up for you, Lebron has been spoiled all his life
      . He is spoiled by adults who surround him and are afraid to tell him how it is and he is spoiled by a physical gift god has given him which he neglect to develope. With all the gift, hard work is still the only answer in life and taking the short way doesn’t cut it. He figure joining the superstars mean he doesn’t have to work as hard to get the ring. I know how this Lebron thinks, no doubt!
      I hope they do not win it this year so he can think hard and maybe find the answer and come back next year more humbled.

    • MAC says:

      You are absolutely 100% correct… Couldn’t have said it any better myself…

    • Ron says:

      Hey JR. Could you please go a little more in detail on this……
      Wade. LeBron. They are so full of themselves they forget to win games.

  205. steve says:

    lebron and d wade should stay humble and focus their effort in winning the tittle not poking and received a tag tittle

  206. david says:

    the mavericks are not good at all its all about the heat

  207. mike cee!! says:

    kobe?best? so why is he watching the games from home?

    • @ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA @ mike cee, becasue hes tired after winning 5 championships you idiot. Why has lebron been in the league for 8 seasons and not one ring. Oh, wait, let me guess. You heat and lebron fans love the excuse “he never had a team around him to help him win a championship”. In a sissy voice. Ya i forget about that excuse you heat and lebron fans love. By the way, thats BS.

      • Wink says:

        hey you forgot, kobes a whinny too.. Hes just a superstar that also has allstars and greatest coach on his team.. Got 3 with shaq, 2 wid gasol and odom, even he played worst in the seventh game, still they won.

  208. DAVID says:

    I don’t get all the fuss over the decision Lebron put up for television: is was money raised for a good cause. All the fuss is because he disc all the fans in Cleveland and the media disliking the way Lebron took over how the news was disseminated. Mocking Dirk was just light fun humor and everyone shouldn’t take it too seriously, there is nothing to this story made big by the media.

    That being said I don’t want Miami to win it this year: if they did then it would be too easy and they don’t deserve the title the way that three stars came together. Nowitzki deserve it this year.

    I’m a Lakers fan, come to LA Dwight Howard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  209. heatfan says:

    Rick Carlisle:

    Dirty Coach

  210. JakeMc says:


  211. OrlandoJTIagic says:

    Ughhh idk who i want to win, I Love Dirk, Terry, Kidd, Marion. They deserve rings more than anyone. but LBJ my 2nd favorite player.. I want everyone to stop making lame comments like “I have as many rings as Lebron” “Lechoke” And fatty Charles Barkley is always talking like a dummy, hes just mad he didnt have super star friends and made a decision that took decent wisdom. And everyone doubted Heat. Said they cant even beat boston. Drose would lite em up. He worked so hard. “LeBrick”. “U could only do it by leaving ur franchise” He decision to leave might not have been the best but, maybe hes not a franchise player.. Maybe he wants a ring instead. And he had a good run doin that with his best friends. Stupid Boston fans And DR bandwagoners who’ve never even heard of him b4 this playoffs. I love u LBJ but, if u gonna be playing like that its hard to defend you. If LBJ loses now.. the criticism can not stop u have to pull thru lebron!! Dirk idk u swept the lakers. But Heat 4-1 the celtics, witth stupid paul pierce that is mad lebron did SAME EXACT THING HIS BIG 3 DID. there was no need to make comment like “It was a pleasure bringing my talents to South Beach”. thats why his tush on the couch watching lebron praying mavs close it out sunday.. Cmon lebron dont bail now

  212. kobe says:

    this series is a great example of why you need to win championships to be considered as one of the all time greats. The opportunities were there for both teams to win. What you do with them is what makes you great, not your stats! go mavs!

  213. Chris says:

    Another disapointing season for lebron
    Will He have another 1 Hour special show Named “The decision 2 ” Thi summer ?
    I hope Dallas Closes it out in game 6 Miami doesent deserve a title theyre as*holes just cuz you got 3 very good players doesent mean you have the best team Thats obviouly how they look at it

  214. Mr. No Letdown! says:

    It’s so entertaining reading all the comments here. Some of them clearly don’t know basketball at all?! With everything that has been said and done by the Heat players, they should back it up. Come on, does home court guarantee wins? It only gives you advantage, but it does not guarantee you anything. Everyone should learn a thing or 2 on humility and hardwork from this series.



    Mavs in 6!

  215. Pippen??? says:

    I wanna see if pippen will take back that lbj is better than mj crap… dude that is still rubbing me the wrong way, mj would have never cracked down this much.

  216. Rachel Dee says:

    This is so cool. I like Wade and James even more now. Sports needs more bad boys who aren’t politically correct. They are my kind of guys. Anti-heroes are far more entertaining and appealing to me than squeaky clean guys that most people have been brought up to admire. Go HEAT! I hope you guys win, and if you don’t, I’ll still be a fan no matter what!

    • BFOULDS says:

      you’re a goth chick arent you 🙂 liking the bad just to be different. its ok, i understand.

  217. dominicanthug6 says:

    Lebron have to take control< like dat king james from cav. dat everybody know, is really depressing dat james made a big f**king deal coming to dat 305 to throw away dat final we dont have control to make syupid plays like he does< i love my heat but is dat dat case go claim ur kingdom in in dat cav< cuz u are dat king< but in dat 305 we got wade< dat my comment i love dat heat

  218. Winston says:

    Seku smith obviously has nothing better do to than to bring silliness into the finals. Maybe if he secretly wears a Labron James underwear and DWade deodorant!!!!!!!!
    Find something better to do maggot!!!!

  219. WhoCares says:

    Not a fan of either team but why is everyone making a big deal out of this video. I think it is VERY funny. I am sure players do this kind of thing all the time….side note: why is everyone hating on the HEAT just because great players got together to accomplish a common goal. When the HEAT win the championship all the haters will jump on their bandwagon.

  220. cjksrq says:

    Every game the Heat play the “Big Three” always end up looking like “Two and a half men”, or “Two Men and a Baby”. And you never know game to game who’s gonna be a man or the baby. The bench is looking more like men than James or Bosh. If it wasn’t for Dwayne Wade they would have been crushed.

  221. LT says:

    Kobe still the best player. Dallas deserves the win, Miami is trash and is gonna get thrown out like some.

  222. heatfan4life says:

    hey all the heat hater out there saying lebron choked lets refresh our memories just go back to conference finals when lebron shut down the bulls hmm go a bit more back he shut out the celtics and now just because he had 1 or 2 bad games does not mean he choked give me a break! all u heaters are cavs fans and when james left crying like little girls! and guess who is taking next two games… yea wade and lebron thats who we gonna shut mavs down! we have only lost 1 game at home and thats it we will get this championship!

    • Random Guy says:

      Do u also remember he got all those calls for acting? And personally I think the refs made rlly bad calls in the conference finals against Chicago but their out of the playoffs but the truth is Chcago wasnt as expireinced as Miami and all the pressure was on Rose but u also gotta remember that since the Bullsr a young team they still will have plenty of chances to get 2 da finals

  223. HeatFan4Life says:

    All the Heat haters on this site are probably Cleveland Fans. Dont worry Cav Fan your day will come. Hopefully in the near century.

  224. remember2006? says:

    I realize many fans all of a sudden like the Heat. And they are tormented for liking a certain team. I feel that that is ridiculous. I bet there were fans who suddenly loved the bulls during there era. Theres going to be teams like that. But making fun of the fans just shows how you have enough time to waste only to try to prove a point. It’s almost a stereotype to infer we all suddenly love the Heat. Were not all like that. I liked the Heat through the tough times going to see Heat-Bucks games where nobody showed up. I’m laughing in my bedroom thinking of how much time you waste all year hoping to offend us. Honestly WE DON’T CARE.

    • HeatFan4Life says:

      Thats True. Been a fan since ’94. I remember 07 when we only won 15 games. A true fan sticks with their team through thick and thin! P.S. I’m also a Fins Fan and they stink….for now.

  225. Uh oh says:

    LeBron better bring his talents to South Beach for game 6 or else he is going to go another year without the ring! Go MAVS!

  226. anita says:

    One more reason to loathe the Heat…..arrogant, self absorbed, childish jerks

    • Cleveland Cavs Fan says:

      Its ok to be angry. But the truth is….Miami will be dominate for many years to come. Instead of hating there fans, think about how happy they are compared to your favorite teams fans.

  227. lakersforever says:

    look lebron and wade knew they were being taped they thought it was dumb that the media made such a big deal about him being sick every great player plays through sickness do you think wade or james or any other super star would have sat out a finals game becuase they had a cough. lol let them have there fun they were probably hoping dirk would see that. the bad news is ya its still alittle immature and they lost the game to dirk while he was sick. i like dirk better then either of those fools dallas in 6 they show up lebron will crack and wade wont be enough

  228. Florian says:

    Why is everyone trash talking? I’m a miami fan and I think this is still quite unpredictable. Dallas, of course, are one win away from their first championship, but on the other hand, miami have 2 home games to win. Each team still has equal chance. Nevertheless I think this is gonna come down all the way to game 7. That way is much more interesting isn’t it? 😉

  229. The way yall hate is so funny and stupid check the stats lebron always been GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    This is funny all the sudden LBJ needs to be LBJ i thought months ago i heard he cudnt do this n that as soon as the 2nd n 3rd round came hes great blah blah blah listen most of yall small minded and just good to add number to our human population need to know basketball before making a stupid remark first of all other then lebron game 4 hes done everything right HAS HE MADE MISTAKE DURING THE COURSE OF THE GAME OF COURSE IT HAPPENS just like when dirk threw the balll outta bounce in game 3 now if anyone knew b.ball you will know that the defense is mainly focus on stoppin LBJ which is the right thing to do hes the heat best player period so if you able to slow him down its show we cant win now you dallas ppl act like 06 really hurt talking bout we whining looks to me like yall the one mad at us fools!!!!!!! now the funny thing is just how yall said yall think yall won because of game 1 am going to tell you the same thing get ready because in Miami you will see WADE AND JAMES light your team Behind up but for now yall can keep acting like yall did something special remember you are DALLAS yall always been a failure organization til mark cuban steped in with that said what makes yall think yall going to make it???? its in yall d.n.a yall just fold in pressure and this series wont be any different but GOOOD TRY LOL AT YALL SILLY MAVS FANS

    • BFOULDS says:

      So, people like you are the fans supporting the Heat for the next 2 games at home? Sheesh, might as well have these next 2 games somewhere random with a fanbase made up of people who speak as if they dropped out of school in the second grade. Well, yall don’t deserve the rings this time. Mavs in 6

    • Random Guy says:

      But u also hav 2 realize Miami only got 2 da Finals once like Dallas without Bosh and James coming to Miami they wouldnt evn be second sed in da eastern conference.

    • @ says:

      @The way yall hate is so funny and stupid check the stats lebron always been GREAT!!!!!!!!!!! First of all, here go’s another moronic heat fan talking lebron and his stats. I’ll ask the same question i ask all you heat fans, is stats what lebron plays for? Is that what makes a great player to you heat fans, someone who puts up good stats? If so, no wonder NBA/basketball fans look at you heat fans like morons. True greats, ie Jordan, Kobe just to name a couple, play for championships. Who gives a d**n about stats? Guess thats why after 7, 8 seasons in the league he doesnt have one ring, he plays for stats. LOL!!!! What a joke. Last but not least, your grammer is horrible. And have you ever heard of a run on sentence or a period? Probably not, a lot of you heat fans are morons.

    • pinayfan says:

      BUT NO RING!!!!!

  230. HeatDontDeserveToWin says:

    Wade and James just showed their immaturity and how low they can get as superstars. I will always support the humble team that works the hardest. Even if you’re arrogant, at least have the substance to back your attitude and claims. The Mavericks are leading the series now, and they have my utmost support because they have the mentality, attitude, determination, and work ethic of a true champion. They deserve this championship. I’m a Laker fan, but I’m proud to say that my team got beaten and swept by a true noble team like the Mavericks. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

    If the Miami Cheat wins the championship this year, it would be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

    • Wink says:

      You call miami cheats?? how about gasol going to LA just for kwame brown.. hahah.. thats a cheat.. LeBron and Bosh goin to miami during free-agency..

  231. DDR says:

    Not a fan of either team, just an old Hoosier that loves the game. I just think Dallas is committed to payback Miami for the last thrashing they took in the Finals. Been a good series and lots of fun to watch and I think Sunday’s game will be a ferocious battle. ( Now watch it will be lopsided as hell) LOL

  232. Chuck says:

    Perhaps, the Queen and his teammates picked up during the game. They still won both games without Haywood. Should the Heat choke at home, I can imagine the Big three calling Howard, Paul and D Will begging them to come to South Beach so they can win a ring before the Thunder take over the league.

    The other thing LBJ can do is to do the right thing and marry the mother of his kids. But I guess that’s too corny for him.

  233. emelki1968 says:

    Another reason why these two are not a good role model to anybody. They were showing a complete lack of respect to Nowitzki the other day, and to the NBA since this summer when they decided to talk about getting together in Miami.
    I just hope that the NBA don’t put Bavetta or Salvatore to take the series to a 7th game. With a normal set of referees this would be over on Sunday.

  234. Alex says:

    Regarding arrogant players, how about Stevenson and Terry who criticize LBJ all the time and not giving him a proper credit. At least LBJ and Wade always gave a lot of respect to Novitzki. They just didn’t like the emphasis ion his illness and injuries since at this point everybody has injuries

    • Makura says:

      Lol, yes, they certainly showed a lot of respect to Nowitzki in that vid. Stevenson wasn’t criticizing LBJ in that interview btw. The interviewer basically put the words in his mouth (listen to the actual interview). As for Terry criticizing LBJ. He’s doing the right thing. Lebron isn’t gonna do anything about it. If Terry did that to Kobe or Jordan, however….

    • Dhawal says:

      stfu… u make no sense. I respect Wade but Lebron has never gave respect to Nowitzki. He is an overconfident idiot who tries to show-off but can’t make it to the finals without the help of other superstars. He is the complete opposite of MJ and Kobe. He doesn’t deserve to win the championship. He doesn’t deserve a ring.

  235. jocko says:

    Perfect WWF acting to go along with the Heats wwf flopping and no calls on traveling, double dribble and charges

  236. Alex says:

    Guys relax, they were just joking around. I think it was pretty funny.

  237. a-rose-fan says:

    and the heat wonder why everyone hates them. i love dwane wade and have much respect for lebron but really you cant help but at least dislike this franchise with their overconfident, band wagon fans and arrogent players!

  238. TheGREATEST says:

    Its true, MAVS need to close this thing out…. it will be hard to close it out in miami because mavs will be going up against the refs plus the actually miami heat team…. but thats what “homecourt advantage” means…. the refs will have your back at your homecourt… EVERYONE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE REFS THIS NEXT GAME!!!!!

  239. sean d says:

    Who is Lebron making fun of? a player who has played far better than him in the finals? a player who, with a flu, thrashed him in game 4? Maybe he should just get his head in the game and try to support his team-mates. especially Dwayne Wade. He carried the Heat for years and even though Lebron and bosh have arrived, he still has to carry his team. a pathetic excuse for someone with such a talent as Lebron.

  240. Jose Gallapegno says:

    This isnt over yet… And to all the people who hate the heat who would say at the beginning/middle of the season that they would be in the finals. Heat has homecourt advantage and they still got a good chance to win… Lebron and bosh will step up and show hes a real superstar, Wade hopefully can maintain his level. And stop comparing lebron with everyone.. Cmon how old are you… (One of my favourite quotes of Allen iverson: i dont want to be MJ, Kobe, …. )
    But next season i think heat will be very hard to beat.

    I give Dallas also a lot of credit. Dirk is really playing the basketball of his life.

    I also ‘hate’ the american mentality for seeing everything black or white. If they win their are the best and if they lose ….

    Oh i just hope its a game 7 and a buzzer beater gamewinner by LEBRON 🙂 (sorry for my english)

  241. Brett Carrington says:

    GO MAVS! This is yalls time!

  242. gandhi says:

    I asked LeBron change for one dollar. He only gave me 25 cents, guess he lost the FOURTH Quarter!!!

  243. Brett Carrington says:

    Lebrick is just a baby. He is already playing horrible in these playoffs, I would like to see him play if he was sick.

  244. Matt says:

    Wasn’t Lebron complaining about a cold when he was playing against Boston? I don’t understand that man. He’s as ignorant as they come.

  245. Allidoiswin says:

    dirk shud make a video making fun of lebrons 2-7 career record in the finals!

  246. NBA_fan says:

    Man, this is just getting better and better. I wonder where all the Heat fans are now…

    You know, it seems like the more egocentric these guys are, the easier they’ll lose their heads.

    Sounds like a wuxi finger hold to me

    • Jake says:

      We’re “fueling our fire” thanks to all the CRUDE comments here…..thanks a bunch, we’ll see you at the finish line in game 7….THAT’S WHERE WE ARE!!

  247. goodORbad says:

    to be fair both teams had criticisms on how they play but unfortunately more on heat..what lebron did to make laugh on someone who’s in sick but doing he’s job 4 his team is really baddd.. that’s why i think lebron can be a good actor, he acts even on the game and can copy some1’s illness.. if he done some movie he could be a better Hollywood actor…lol ..^_^

  248. kobe says:

    the mavs should already won this series.. bad call in game 3.

  249. Texas Yall says:

    Unlike Miami fans us mavs fans haven’t crowned the MAVS champions yet

  250. kim-of-phil says:

    it will be MIAMI….

    Game 6 & 7

    we support you coach Spoelstra…
    Philippines’ prayer are with you…


  251. DirkJetKidd says:

    First of all , they are degrading themselves when they make fun of a sick player like that . The cheapest thing is doing that after being beaten by that team. I have some respect for Wade which I dont have anymore after this. And Lebron is no where near to MJ. MJ waited for 7 years , had to build team around him and then went on to win rings. Lebron just wanted a ring . He does not care how he gets it. Thats not the example of a greatest player. So stop comparing him with Michael Jordan.

    • Jaredallas says:

      I didn’t really have the respect to lose for these cocky jerks, but it really is funny that this is the best they could do. “Let’s make fun of the sick guy who still iced us anyway. Now D-Wade you go flop and act like someone just shattered your spine, and LeBron go shuffle your feet five yards ‘pivoting’ and double dribble until they call a foul on Marion!”

  252. kingkobe says:

    its painful to watch a bunch of old timers take a dump on such a team with such leads.

  253. Nosey says:

    I just loved Jason Terry’s first words in his interview after game 5….ALL GLORY GOES TO GOD… these vets deserve to win so much it is not even funny.

  254. kingkobe says:

    the only game that came down to the mavs sheer skill as a team and not the fact that the heat as always get too cocky, and let a great lead and 3 quarters of punishing the mavs go to waste was this (game 5)


  256. LEBRON IS A CURSE says:

    FATE FAVORS D HUMBLE!!!! Thats all i can say…. LETS GO MAVS !!!!

  257. loki says:

    pretentiousness, that also explains why LJ never can be MJ.

  258. JohnDaze says:

    lol @ everybody… I mean, are you guys for real? How can you look yourself in the mirror and not feel like haters? In real life, if you were walking down that hallway, you would have laughed at the “i’m sick, cough” joke. The Heat are real people, just like everyone else in the NBA and the world. THe real reason you hate them is because they show that they are JUST as human as you are. The same way when a politician gets caught flirting with an intern, you riot in the streets on your high horses and call for their execution. You guys are crazy… get a life and stop villifying these people for every step they take. And by the way, the Heat have been extremely humble in their press conferences and statements, for months now. Decision aside, Parade aside, dislike it and get over it. These are the top two teams in the ENTIRE NBA. The reason this obscure, ridiculous “cough” clip is on NBA.com is because just like reality tv viewers demanding to know what Kim Kardashian had for lunch, you all love to see this stuff. Lebron says, “that’s retarded” under his breath on the mic, just like any of us would when we thought no one was listening, and he has to apologize to the world (which I understand if someone was offended), while you guys talk about how terrible of a person he is. It wouldn’t be so ridiculous if you limited the criticism to legitimately terrible acts, like game 5 last year, game 4 this year, the decision. Instead, you criticize every word and cough. That’s retarded. And MJ was the greatest player in basketball, and sometimes a complete jerk. Players in the NBA were in awe of him, AND some simultaneously hated him, because he wasn’t perfect either on or off the camera. He had affairs, gambling addiction, fights, arrogance. The media just didn’t put his every step on blogs.

    • Nate says:

      Are you Mr Morality or something? These players knew what they were getting into when they sign those million dollar contracts, this is all part of their job. Taking criticism from analysts and fans a like. So don’t sit there and lecture other people how we should be as fans. If they can’t take all that goes a long with the job, then they should quit. Same goes with Movie stars and any Celebrity. Without the fans and the media, they would be nothing. As Celebrities, they should know that all eyes are on them all the time, if they’re not smart enough or mature enough to watch what they say or do then we as the public have every right to criticize them as much as we want.

    • Random Guy says:

      They may be real ppl but they always act arrogant in the games like their all that it doesnt matter how humble they act in press conferences u see Derrick Rose he’s not yelling and screaming when he gets an and1 he acts rlly humble and takes care of buisness but when Lebron James gets a dunk he’s screaming and yelling and u call that be humble? I dont think so.

    • RacerTex says:

      I will say this before I start. I have no clue who will win. The Mavericks have been strong closing quarters out, I’m a Mavericks fan, but most of these games have been decided in the last minute or so.

      With that out of the way I can say LeBron really got what he deserved there. Not wishing bad Karma or anything, but did they not just do an interview with him and did he not say he was going to treat this as the most important game of his life? So, the guy should have been in a zone or something talking strategy over with Wade or something, right?

      I don’t think he is guilty of being the scum of the earth for that little joke. People have done much worse in sports recently. He did shoot himself in the foot by taking his eye off the ball, especially after acknowledging the importance of the game.

  259. kingkobe says:

    this was rather childish i must agree but its just incredible all the heat haters, I honestly would love the heat to win the championship and put this mavs teams hopes of ever winning a ring out of their minds forever seeing as they should all be retiring in like a year.I am not a heat fan or a lebron fan i admire the way heat play and think that wade,chalmers,lebron,bosh,udonis are all very good players who together make a very cool team.But if you ask me hate on them as much as you want the HEAT should have already won this bloody thing,so far the only win the mavs have gotten which they deserved(not sneakily stole from under the heats nose) was game 5.

  260. Matt says:

    those heat fans have no clue that game 6 will be the end of there season

  261. Cortez Townsend says:

    I pray to God that Dallas wins this series,I do see a lot of arrogance Miami’s side. I think both Wade and James need to be humbled a bit. I think the Dallas bench will be the deciding factor in this series. Dallas has some very experienced players when it comes to playoff games,Dirk,Kidd,Stoyakivic,and Barea has the ability to give Miami fits when it comes to penetrating the defense.

  262. JLP says:

    How childish! How arrogant!

    If they wanted the Mavs to get motivated, that’s what they needed to do.

  263. loki says:

    I dont hate heat. I hate pretentiousness.

  264. Lii O says:

    mavs in 6 ! LBJ shouldn’t laugh so much. D-wade already got his ring…

  265. Rizzy says:

    i dont care what anyone says, if you’re already crowned KING and you’re a 2time MVP and all these sports stations and shows make it sound like you’re the best thing since the slam dunk, 0 points in the 4th qtr OR 0 impact in the 4th qtr is shameful. You LBJ lovers answer me this: Why do you love him? Honestly, you guys didnt like the CAVS because you find nothing wrong with him shlepping over to Miami and playing follower instead of leader. So you’re jocks. Wade is clearly better, so is Nowitzki, sorry to inform you guys. And like many others have stated on here, dont EVER EVER EVER compare him to Michael Jordan. Compare him to Scottie Pippen, maybe even Dominique Wilkins

  266. Jodi Jezz says:

    Go Pistons!!!

  267. Mav4lifee says:

    I Dont see why these Miami fans are still so proud about their team. They made fun of someone who was actually sick, LeBron chokes, and D-Wade fakes a wittle eye booboo.

  268. Coconut Grove says:

    I can’t believe all the hate on these blogs. It seems like they just keep going after Lebron, Wade, and the Miami Heat for any reason to make them look like the ‘bad guys.’ I think some of you people need to get a life! It’s a BASKETBALL GAME. Stop with the whole hero vs villian b*ll**** and enjoy a great series. This one might go to game seven. How great is that?! I don’t want to look back on this series several years from now and only remember the drama surrounding it. I want to remember Dirk Nowitzki playing the most incredible offensive game I have seen since a legend retired a second time some years ago. I want to remember the record breaking number of comebacks the Dallas Mavericks pulled off. I want to remember that the series when back and forth with no clear sight of who the winner might actually be. I want to remember the jaw dropping dunks and plays Lebron and Wade have displayed. Let’s stop talking about how much we hate so and so player and start talking about the incredible plays. Did anybody else believe the three pointer Dirk took that seemed to touch the ceiling of the stadium before it sank in? SWISHHH!!!

  269. Brett says:

    I would love more than anything to see Lebron James be DENIED any title. He is such a media hog and although he is amazing, he is not the GREATEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME OMFG I LOVE LJ! He has no title, talked a LOT of smack before the season even started and is not living up to the hype. He is playing horrid lately in the last series when it matters most and I wonder if he just tries to leave and go somewhere else again if he ends up losing. This whole Miami team is nothing but two babies that wanted to make more money and get more publicity and expected to just be given the trophy. Dallas aside from Terry is very hungry and is not talking as much trash. I would rather see an underdog with guts win any day over LA, Celtics, Heat or Spurs. I’m so sick of the media acting like only one of those four teams should win anything.

    • @ says:

      @ Brett, whats your favorite team, the Raptors? Sorry dude, we will probably be watching the NBA from MARS by the time they win a championship.

  270. Nbaguy33 says:

    Mr. Smith, it is articles similar to these that progress the drama. They were likely laughing at the irony and hilarity of Mr. Wade having been “sick” as well.

  271. Jeremy says:

    I don’t see how fans/ Heat haters always watch what happens to Lebron/Wade/Bosh/whoever and talk crazy. lol you’re watching them at the end of the day. To call them arrogant and what not is beyond stupid…if you were top 5 in the world at anything you’d have confidence too…unfortunately the people who comment aren’t top 5 in their household haha. Everybody wants a robot team with no emotion…get outtttta here with all that

  272. mike cee!! says:

    do you guys even know how to spell mavericks? i swear yall the biggest –ck riders ive ever seen in my life.the ‘mavericks’ havent won anything yet.and why miami get criticized for making fun, but them cornballs,stevenson(bum) chandler(unexperienced) and especially that a-hole terry can talk all that crap and nobody sez anything? theres always a camera on anybody from miami so that they can use it for future dirt, this happened tuesday and its just surfacing?and let me guess, the refs were calling bad calls again on dallas right?and you know what?, the’rainbow’shot said it all about dallas, i see them coming to miami in tu-tus, skirts, n high heel jordans….fake dallas fans step off yall ruining it for the real “fans”

    • Nate says:

      Geeze… I sense a lot of anger in you, it’s only one loss and you’re team is at the brink of elimination, but there’s no need to get all worked up. Stop hate’n on us Mavs bandwagon fans….. if you hate people who bandwagon, then you must hate Lebron James too… the biggest bandwagon there is, riding DWade all the way to get to the finals…. but since you’re a Heat fan, you don’t consider him a bandwagon right?

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      If you actually listened to what “stevenson(bum) chandler(unexperienced) and especially that a-hole terry” say, and the qustions they were answering, you would see they were NOT TALKING TRASH … but GIVING CONFIDENCE, NO DISRESPECT!!!


      But this video of James and Wade shows them DISRESPECTING DIRK when THEY THINK THE MEDIA ISN’T LOOKING!!!



    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      DIRK DRAINED IT!!! Thats 3 points on the board!!!

      James wishes HE COULD SHOOT LIKE THAT IN 4Q!!!


    • BigMavsFan1 says:

      Mike Cee, you funny guy! Even with the Mavericks playing badly, and even with Dirk ailing, they STILL beat Miami. Now, we are going to do a Lakers Game 4 on you in front of your home fans just so we can watch you all cry. This is going to be VERY enjoyable, especially as we watch Queen Lechoke show his true colors.

      Now, as to the video, I don’t really think it is a big deal. The fact is that Miami is an inferior team, and its “superstars” are obviously not focused on winning a championship. THAT is the difference between Dallas and Miami. Just be thankful that Caron Butler was out for the year. With Butler, this would have been over in 4 straight games, and Miami (and its fans) could have gone to Disney World earlier. Come to think of it, the way the Heat are acting it is almost like they are auditioning to be Disney characters, especially Goofey!

      The Mavs will prevail in Game 6, and we deserve it because we are the superior team! Queen Lechoke will have to bow to his conquerors on Sunday night.

    • @ says:

      @mike cee!! say what you want about the mavs. But its lebron who has the arrogant attitude. Its lebron people compare to jordan. Its lebron whos been in this league for god knows how long and not one ring, so how can anyone compare him to Jordan is beyond me. Its lebron who left his cavs team to join another superstar to chase a championship. Its lebron who sucks and isnt strong enough to carry a team to a title like Jordan and Kobe. So all that crap you are writing, take a look at your boy.

  273. Joji says:

    Goes to show that Lebron is no MJ.

    • Peter says:

      MJ would have had the balls to say to Dirk’s face
      MJ would not let someone else on his team (like a Chalmers) shoot a technical free throw
      MJ would not let any of his team mates shoot more than him in the 4th

  274. Joji says:

    What a pair of crazy arrogant fools!

  275. noyb says:

    Stern/NBA/Refs are in control. They’ll manipulate series to outcome most favorable to Stern/NBA/bookies.

  276. get down or lay down says:


  277. Makura says:

    Who actually believes that Wade was injured? He just wanted to be a hero story like Dirk or Jordan.

    And for LeBron to be mocking anyone in this series… just wow.

  278. Schoby says:

    Hmm, i am honestly questioning the sense of reality of some of those jung bandwagon jumpers aka Heat fans, ever heard of being humble? Actually your team is down 3:2, youre talking as if you already won the series. You might take your daily dose of reality.

    Next thing, making fun of a guy who beat you in a game while being obviously sick is so incredribly stupid that you cant even find words for that, greetings to DW an LBJ, poking the guy that beat you makes no sense at all … stupid immature kids, nothing else.

    Must have something to do whith Justin Beiber wearing a Heat Jersey, the mother of all bandwagon fans.

    Greetings from Germany

  279. noel says:

    That is not mocking….

    BTW, players in an acute stage of an Contagious disease should not be allowed to play as they may infect other players.

    • Dr.House says:

      Sinus infection is not contagious.I would explain more but you seem to be bright enough to do the “math” all by yourself.

      • SixSigma says:

        I agree with Noel. If someone is sick they should not come to work and should think about the people they are exposing the virus they carry to. Sinus infection may not be contagious but it most likely started with a virus that is contagious.

      • Naiym says:

        Noel..b.e serious..dude did not have the FLU..that is the STUPID meda..I study virology…NOw ay you can do anything with the flu..Dude woulda died..>he had a acute sinusitis….Please stop.

  280. lebronchitis says:

    I don’t consider myself a “Heat Hater” and the comments here indicate that several of us feel this way – we are “HUBRIS HATERS”. Dear Lebron and Dwayne, Take a lesson from Kevin Durant and DRose – try being good people and people will like you. Continue to act like irreverent, spoiled children and you will be regarded as such.

    • Odysseus says:

      I like that you bring up KD and DRose, and I’d like to add Blake Griffin. This new generation of 21-22 year olds is really looking promising both on talent and on personal integrity and humbleness. I really like these new guys because they really play great, and you can tell they have solid personal values. The kind of guys worthy of carrying the responsibility of being role models for millions. I just hope they keep their feet grounded and don’t let the environment spoil them. It kinda feels like a generational thing. I hope the younger talent coming in is more like these guys. It would be nice to enjoy a sport without the egotistical drama queens like Lebron, Dwade, Melo and the likes.

  281. SPuRsfan4life~ says:

    Honestly, I do not like both teams. Individually, I like Dirk and Wade. But seeing that video, I lost respect on Wade. I rather have Dallas win the Finals. Queen James is a sorry individual. I wonder why kids like him. He’s a bad influence to them.
    Let’s Go DALLAS!! Go DIRK Go!!!!

  282. lebronchitis says:

    i seem to recall lebronchitis reporting a fever after getting blown out by the bulls in game one of the conference championships – now he mocks nowitzki for the same – this is just another example of why it’s wrong to treat these children like gods – they have no humility, no respect. their irreverence is precisely why so many can’t stand this prima dona drama.

    leave it to the man who patented the term “3-peat” to give the nba it’s own version of a yankees-like evil empire – a franchise people will love to hate – a villain – whatever it takes to sell the product…

  283. Tayo says:

    Hard Work > Talent
    i feel like that is the moral of these finals so far.
    hope the Mavs can close out in 6

  284. 3Stacks says:

    Lebronze can’t even win a ring as Robin to Wade’s Batman. Scottie Pippen must have been high on crack to say he’s better than Mike. Mike would never punk out in the 4th quarter over and over like that…

  285. MIA - OKC says:

    wow. you maverick fans are SOOOOOOO childish. I will state that The Mavs played amazing and deserved to win, so don’t say that I’m being childish. I also state that Miam i needs to respect Dallas. However, don’t automatically say that Miami is out of the playoffs, and the Mavs will win. it will be an amazing game 6 (maybe game 7 to. If this does go to game 7, it will be EPIC

    • @ says:

      MAVS fans childish. Thats all i read and i fell out laughing. 95% of the heats fan base sounds like they are 9 and younger when you read some of the dumb things they write on here. What a joke, and this is coming from a LAKER fan.

    • Naiym says:

      So Did you beleive that you team was going to lose?? It’s called being a FAN!! of course you say your team is going to win! Especially when they are playing this well and having a 1 game advatage…

      your commentit wasn’t chidlish just a little ill-thought out and impetious. Get outta your feelings Come on Now…

  286. MV3 says:

    a nicely-hyped lil joke which sells out just because of their loss.

  287. this is stupid.. please respect both teams.. no matter what happen its still a 7game series.. and the winner will be crown.. if dallas can seal it this sunday.. then its good for them. if not.. good luck next season.. lebron is still lebron.. and dirk is still dirk so each team should watch out for the eye of the storm.. the only problem is there coaches.

    ADVANTAGE MAVS.. when it comes to coaches

    • SixSigma says:

      You got my respect. Fanatics make it so personal. Do we really care what they say and do off-court? Why can’t we just focus on the game and throw away the non-sense? It just baffles me when fans beging criticizing fans just because they prefer one team over the other. Why can’t we just respect each others’ choices? Why go below the belt?

  288. maninoy says:

    Ohhh i love Wade and James but i don’t like them poking fun at Dirk’s flu, they act like Floyd Mayweather, they are great in their filed of sport but display arrogance which is not good especially for young kids who admire them . Guys grow up even if you have achieve greatness u still have to be humble.Miami deserves to lose in game 5. But i still go for the Heat in 7.

    • @ says:

      Wade has achieved greatness once. Lebron not one time. And even if lebron did win a championship, it wont be a respectable one, because look what he had to do to get it. So actually neither of them has done a whole lot. This is why i could not understand why heat fans were comparing lebron to Jordan. What a joke, and such disrespect of the game of basketball.

  289. luke duke says:

    These guys are a joke. They look like a 10 and a 12 year old there, walking to the bus faking coughs. Ridiculous. They should be VERY worried about basketball and stop trying to be funny…. cause they ain’t. I sure couldn’t see Jordan and Pippen doing that…. then again, James and Wade are NOWHERE NEAR Jordan and Pippen, more like Mickey and Donald. Go Mavs!

  290. Mavx says:

    I just lost respect for James and Wade after seeing this stunt they pulled… I was expecting some fouls inside the court, but these were thrown outside… How low can these guys go? Too much popularity gets into their heads and they think they’re already Gods in the court? Puhhhhhleeease! They don’t respect their opponents and they’re too complacent that’s why they are losing to Dallas.

  291. leonard says:

    actually we dont hate miami,,we only hate james and wade because they are too arrogant,, instead of doing nonsense poking fun at nowitzki,do and play basketball at full force without egoism..

    • Peter says:

      TRUE…but we also hate the fair weather fans and all the people who wouldn’t go watch the Heat last season when it was only Wade..

    • chad says:

      really arrogant huh, wade never blamed the loss on his injury and i do believe terry and stevenson are the ones talking the trash in the media.

      • Quigley says:

        Last time I checked they had a reason to. They are beating the most hyped team, and are not in trouble of losing their series!

  292. MAC says:

    Oh yeah and how convenient for this video to surface AFTER the game..hmm seems like someone is trying to stir the pot even more to create drama..smh

  293. Uira Berao says:

    The difference between the true champions and the fake ones are in attitudes like that.
    from what i’ve seen ’til now the Mavs been workin’ A LOT to match the gun power of the heat. And they’re doin’ it right.
    LeBron, as he did back in his Cleveland days, is hiddin from the responsability, but they still got Wade, and an lone Bosh tryin’ to get away from the great defense played by Chandler.
    I’m really cheerin’ for Dallas, as a great Kidd fan that I am.
    And ‘though i’m not a Heat Heater. The attittude displayed by their star players, their arrogance and lack of respect by their rivals is not helpin’ me to get any sympathy for them.
    I really wish that the Mavs win in game 6.
    And i really hope that LeBron become a more respectful, humble and noble player. If not, for me, he’ll just be a HUGE waste of awesome talent.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Kobe woudlnt be joking like that coming in the arena after only having 8pts in the previous game

      I agree with you that Lebron doesnt have the attitude of “champion” or a guy that claims he wants to win a ring so badly

      But its also a curse to have your “BFF” on your team, your more in a joke playful mood because wade is your best buddy, I wouldnt want to have any laughs, not right before the game, once we in the arena all the playing stops, real talk!

      • lebronchitis says:

        But it’s also true that this is a professional sport and these players are paid to play with whomever their teammates are. unfortunately for lebron, he hasn’t done the really hard work necessary to create a championship dynamic – instead, via the egocentric lebron-a-thon, he dumped his former team and teammates and literally chose new people to play with (he took his ball and went to south beach) – IT IS A TEAM SPORT – lebron is one of the most physically gifted players ever, but so far seems to lack the discipline, determination, and maturity necessary to win anything other than trophies awarded for INDIVIDUAL accomplishments.

      • JLA_Celttics Fan says:

        I agree with LAKERS 2011- 3PEAT, Kobe or any basketball player who plays the finals wouldn’t be jocking like that having 8 pts. in a previous game like Lebron did. I can recall the 1984 finals, Game 3, Boston lost that game and what does Larry Bird said about that?? “Celtics play like sissies” that’s the attitude of a champion, hell, if your teammate isn’t playing well, i don’t care how close you are, you’re playing the NBA Finals, and you have to concentrate all of your efforts to win the championship, but hey…..they preffer to make jokes about it…..and i’m not a Dallas fan by the way, but in this finals….it is the Dallas TEAM who deserves it.

      • Lakers4Life says:

        Kobe is on another level then Wade Lebron or anyone else only one who can be considered close to MJ for you idiots on here that is Michael Jordan and he still isnt MJ but 5 championships and all his Stats CMON MAN get real not even close! I dont know if you remember the olympics wade and lebron choked and kobe had to carry them to win the gold.

  294. famohsen says:

    why is lebron makin fun!!!!! he goit 8 points and sucked big time all game long….and if the heat win Wade should be the MVP.
    Mavs in 6

    • KARMA IS A BITCH says:


  295. MAC says:

    LOL!!! I swear the media tries to make a big deal out of NOTHING!! People have been throwing blows at the Heat all season and one joke, that could have been taken in any way is magnified and blown up..Im tired of the media finding every little thing just to get a story and get views. Its starting to get ridiculous. I think this series still goes to 7 games. The focus should just be on the games, not whats going on off the court behind the scenes..SMH! The Mavs played a good game, but I still think it can go either way. Lets see how everything goes on Sunday.

    • al - respect the game says:

      awww, another sad and disappointed heat fan. yall were arrogant after game 3 now yall want ppl to feel sorry for u. men, shush.

      • SixSigma says:

        Wow Al such animosity! Mac is right though. Until the Mavs take 4th win, you can’t count Heat out yet. It is still a wait and see situation. The fans have no control about what happens. We are all expectators. We don’t know what both teams are thinking and planning on what they’re going to do for the next game right now. Anything can still happen. It is not over until it is over. Last year Celtics led the finals series 3-2 then they went to Lakers’ home court and it went downhill from Celtics and Lakers became the champs. We don’t really know right now who the champ is going to be.

      • pinayfan says:

        AMEN TO THAT!!!!

  296. Thomas N. says:

    If u think Miami is gonna pull it out then u r delusional. The Mavs r the better team and have been expected to lose in every series this postseason. Vegas was wrong, majority of basketball analysts were wrong, and the mavs just keep knocking out teams while getting absolutely no respect.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


  297. Crystoff17 says:

    Suffice it to say, Long Live LeBooooh! i mean Lebron James. . nyahahaha!

  298. momar says:

    hey yo take it easy , the miami has done all the necessary but luck wasn’t there but promise you guys out there that sunday will be definitely different , le bron ,wade ,bosh …for ever

  299. k says:

    well….if dallas fail…i m still happy for Mavs , they are great ….as for James , i like the nick name Queen James…..

  300. Crystoff17 says:

    LeBron James and Dwayne Wade making fun of Dirk’s fever! hahaha now what? You’ve just been beaten by a sickly Dirk. . How pathetic!. . . Do you believe in Karma? Well, that’s it! you just reaped what you saw! Game 6 would be the worst of your Nightmares! LOL

  301. Dee Brizzle says:

    Wade is the best player in the league behind derek Rose!! Wade is arguably the best SG beheind Michael Jordan. He’s been huge so far. I also got mad respect for dirk and jason kidd!!!

    • @ says:

      @Dee Brizzle how old are you, 9? Ever heard of a dude by the name of Kobe Bryant? If you think D Wade is a better shooting guard than Kobe, you must be 9.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      people dont give kobe his due credit, his lost a lil step this last year or so but can still score….but go look at the real kobe, the younger, explosive kobe, kobe’s legacy is already written in stone, check your remarks …wade is good but not on the level of Kobe when Kobe was his age, 29

      • sean says:

        ive never seen wade hit the stupid turn around 3,s that kobe can hit wade is good but not as good as kobe!

      • AJ says:

        Kobe is the closest thing to Jordan this league will ever see. A gifted, smart player with a killer competitive instinct.

        Forget the unreal skill sets that Jordan and Kobe shared, and just look at their competitive drive. THAT is what made Jordan Jordan and Kobe Kobe.

        Go look at Wade and James clowning around, making light of Dirk’s illness AFTER they lost to him the game before and before they lost to him again. Can you picture Kobe or Jordan acting that way? No. They would have gone sullenly silent, planned and executed, and come looking for blood the next game. The two of them had a drive to succeed that comes along only rarely in sports.

      • Law064 says:

        Gotta give Kobe his respect. Everyone’s holding Lebrons nuts “He’s the best player in the league” I still say Kobe’s better, I never been a fan of Kobe and used to really hate him & the Lakers. If your a NBA fan and say that Kobe’s garbage or he’s overrated then your not a NBA fan your a true HATER. Even when I had hate for Kobe I had to admit he’s the best in the league(This era) Lebron might have some nice stats but he has zero rings and on a skill level Kobe’s killing him seriously. Don’t judge Kobe for this season, he’s getting older and dealing with injuries. He’s still the best player in this era. Lebron can be compared to Kobe but can never be compared to MJ. Wade is the only player on Miami that I’m a fan of. Wade is great but I still think he’s not where Kobe was at that age. If I had to pick between the 2 I would go with Wade just cause I’m a fan of his.

    • JR Abs says:

      wew!! Dwade is still not in the tips of the greatness of kobe, Oh man!!

    • Justin says:

      are you kidding me… kobe is the best is sg behind to mj….!!! dwayne wade isn’t close to 6 championship by mj and he is to far from the 3rd place in all time scoring list..!! and he isn’t have 12 MVP awards .. that he only have 1 of it in 2006 finals…!! thats stupid thinking …!!! Kobe Bryant is the best player of this era…!!!!! not lebron james,,,,!!! or dwayne wade or chrish bosh…!! kobe bryant win 5 championship in this era…!!! and the big 3 have a dust of it…!!! and he is 6th place in alltime scoring list he is multiple allstar…!! and 2 finals MVp a Mvp of the season…!! so who is close to mj? STUPId..!!! your not watching nba…!!!!

  302. bob says:

    really immature, GO DALLAS!!!!!

  303. Worst fans says:

    @Miami is still in this….
    Your fans won’t do ….anything… if i may quote the great chuck b. you fellas have the worst fans in the whole nba, the game isn’t the only thing the choke artist lebron games will be choking on sunday night

  304. lanre says:

    Lebron is such a loser, and a bad influence on any team !!

  305. Gary Ortiz says:

    Why people hate them is cause they so arrogant, always talking crap its KARMA they are only getting what they put out

  306. Law064 says:

    @Miami is still in this your correct it’s not over and Miami is at home. However Dallas did win 1 in Miami so let’s just see what happens Sunday. If the heat win they are favored in game 7 so let’s wait and let the game be played. Good luck to both teams. Lebron with this crap makes people hate him even more. Anyhow Dirk got the last laugh

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Like you been always saying Law, James is AFRAID of the MOMENT….

      the stage was set for him, Dwade goes out of the game for a a good amount of time, MEANING TIME FOR LEBRON TO STEP UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

      I just thought when Wade went out Lebron would take over like his Cleveland days and HE DIDNT….this man is afraid of the moment, and this is why he joined Wade, because YOU saw Dwade with his LATE GAME HEROICS while James stepped back.

      Yes he had a triple double, but IT WAS NOT A LEBRON PERFORMACE we are used too, something in his head is not right!

      I hope the Mavs pull this out, Lebron would never hear the end of it!

      • MAC says:

        You must hate the Heat so much to root for a team that SWEPT yours..How loyal are you??? Oh you can change your name now since the Lakers were put out 2 rounds ago.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        MAC I’m a Lakers fan yes, they have been put out…their are two teams left…I THINK I HAVE A PICK OF WHO I CAN ROOT FOR? Or are you my mother or my boss at work….

        They swept us, our season is over, but we will be back next year, but as far as now I DONT WANT THE HEAT TO WIN!

        Dallas have a bunch of guys that deserve it more for one, and for two I didnt like the idea of Lebron joining up on another superstars team. WHen he was in Cleveland I liked watching the guy, but trying to jump on Wade and try to win a quick ring I have no respect for…

        Everybody on this blog has a team (unless they are a MAvs or Miami fan) that got put out either by the Mavs or Miami or didnt even make the playoffs, so HOW BOUT YOU ASK EVERYBODY THE SAME QUESTION, OR BETTA YET JUST HOP OFF MINES

      • sean says:

        duh he is loyal enough to rep his team still, good comment by lakers 3peat obviously if theres two teams

      • Naiym says:

        @ Lakers 2011 3 peat..PLEASE preach!! Ppl are like “why are you cheering for the MAvs ( I’m a Nuggets fan HARDCORE) yes and The nuggets are out..I love them, but it;s Dallas vs Miami…I LOATHE miami so Please spare us with the “you ain’t loyeal talk!”…this is America I can root for whoever I want…and since I LOVE bball…that happens to be the MAVS…with a a lot of players who are playing like they deserve it!

        Get over it

      • Law064 says:

        @Lakers 2011-3peat I been said he’s a choker and he’s proving that. I gave him credit for getting better vs Boston & Chicago. Then they said he’s mr. clutch LMAO GTFOH. Lebron has never been a closer and he might never be. You can’t practice having Heart either you have it or not and lechoke really don’t have the Heart. Truthfully he made some good shots vs Boston & Chicago but I think it was just luck/being hot. I’m ready for game 6 and wish both teams luck.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        To Law, Sean, and Naiym i apperciate your comments, good looking on having my back!

  307. edcel says:

    If Dallas wins the series it is best to dethrone KING JAMES…or better yet call him QUEEN JAMES! lol

    • @ says:

      That happened when he left the cavs.

      • Princess says:

        After the Heat will lose this championship he will be known as Princess James…next will be the title of Fairy James until he will be known as James ,the fat guy that keeps yelling at his neighbours because he is drunk and upset for not being able to win a championship.How is that for a joke Heat fans?Ohhh..you don`t like it? Good !

      • Jepoy says:

        Definitely queen of all hypes..wahahaha just tellin the truth heat fans not bitter at all I’m a Laker Fan…

  308. Darryl says:

    this is what losers do and this is what losers look like. and then it was before the game as well. lol. dirk definitly wasn’t sick this game while he dropped 29 points on the MIAMI ”GET BEAT”. they gon put the flames that is the heat out on sunday. my dallas mavericks will finally get redemtion and dirk will no longer be a mvp without a ring. he will have both a season and finals mvp wen sunday is over

  309. Heat Fan says:

    Whats REALLY FUNNY is that ONCE AGAIN the double STANDARD. Its ok for the Mavs to talk ALL THE TRASH they want straight up about the Heat, but Lebron and Wade crack lil jokes and its the END OF THE WORLD. They just committed a crime. OHHHH NOOO


    • Dee Brizzle says:

      Hey heat fan ….you make ridiculous look easy!! hahahahaha

    • Naiym says:

      @HEat Fan.Terry talked basketball Competitive trash..This is childish and ridiculous…What was the point??…Terry, was doing whatballers do.This is just dumb. there’s no double standard..this is a COMPLETELY different standard!

    • Daniel says:

      haha yea, but unlike miami, the mavs actually backed up their words by letting terry torch lebron. anything else to say?

  310. Heat_Fan1 says:

    Yall can hate all u want. yall floppers n cry for calls. cant wait till sunday, put it on yall like never b4. we will win this championship, n dirk can go crying back to germany.. KEEP HATING !!! we love it

    • Dee Brizzle says:

      Heat Fan 1…..take off your biased goggles!!! Your heat had more than enough chances in game 5. It was another great game in a what has been a great series so far. I think you’ll win but in 7 games. but seriously don’t underestimate the MAVS!!! Big game players with alot of heart. Something Lebron lacks!! Without wade LBJ is just another spoilt punk!!!

    • Peter says:

      Is this seriously a Heat fan calling Mavs floppers? Dirk gets guarded with hands constantly on him, when the Mavs try to do that to Wade or James they get called for a foul 4 out of 5 times..

      Second off, Wade is the worst flopper in this series. Look at the end of game 2 when he flopped for a foul at the buzzer beater.

      Ya we’ll keep hating Heat fan, but don’t worry; when the Mavs take the series you can go cheer for the Yankees, then USC or Florida football and then the Cowboys because you are not a real fan.

      • teamswinchampionships says:

        AMEN. u got it right on my brother

      • chad says:

        dude your not backing anything up with stats fouls have been in this series in the favor of dallas
        102 to 80 that the despairity, chandler is getting lot of crap rebounding calls. but calls or no calls i believe heat will take care of business.

      • tim says:


      • TheGreatestFoward says:

        I think Fisher and Manu are worse floppers of all time. Paul Pierce is up there too. Mavs set this thing up. They wanted to win in game 6 at Miami to see the looks on the heat fans’ faces. Mavs in 6.

    • al - respect the game says:

      floppers?? dude do u watch the games. u guys have the biggest floppers on ur team… lebron, wade, chalmers… need i go on.

    • hahaha says:

      hahahhaha the team with the most flopping has got to be miami, and ur saying mavs are floppers crying for calls?

    • ron says:

      the mavs will make heat fans cry in their own home…james will struggle again, wade will have to bleed to get his points. Dallas all the way….

    • Le2e says:

      And what, all the times you see someone in a heat jersey waving their arms in the air and yellin at the refs you think theyre saying “OMG HI!” ? Recall the flop by lebron in game 4 when hes about to get trapped right in front of the heat bench, that was played over and over on sportsnation followed by the topic “Is flopping getting out of control?” On top of that, what about Bosh, the biggest pansy of all. Count how many times he ends up on the floor, once you get up into the 20s and 30s and its not even half time, youre gonna be like damn, Bosh is on the floor again. Fish out of water. And thats just this series too. Flopping is getting waaaay out of control, and I think Jeff Van Gundy is the only one with the guts to get rid of it. JVG for Dean of Discipline in 2012!

  311. wangsio says:

    wade and James go to school learn some manners..

  312. Davidzo says:

    Miami Heat (mostly James, Wade and Bosh) have received too many criticism all year round, and they make one joke about someone else, it’s going to be an headline? Come on guys, you did not even picked them to reach the final and they did…so far, they have proven you (Sekou) wrong.

    • AgntStorm1 says:

      Prove who wrong? Have you been watching the games? If Mavs can score 100 points or more, Heat will not be able to match that. They don’t have the fire power, as proved in game 5. Heat can hang in low scoring, close gmes but not when another team throws up 100 or more points.

      LeBron chokes under pressure. People should NEVER compare him to Michael Jordan because the lowest amount of points he ever scord was like 15 back in 1989.

      Wade, as good as he is just cn’t carry Heat all on his own as see in game 4.

      This has been a great series, and I could care less about either team winning, but if you’re going to make a comment lets keep it fair.

      • Ryan says:

        Actually, to back you up even more. Jordan’s least total in the playoffs was 15. His least amount of points in the NBA Finals was 22 points. The lowest point total, Jordan ever scored was 6 points, and it was when he was old and with the Wizards. Lebron has had a 4 point game before. If Lebron wants to be compared to the great Jordan, he has to completely take over these next two games, but to be honest with you. I don’t see that happening, because its either gonna be Dirk or Wade.

      • chad says:

        dude wade carried the heat in 06 to 4 straight wins you really want to doubt him

      • sean says:

        are u stupid dude he just said wade is the one who will take over
        read the comment before you make idiot remarks?

      • A Fan says:

        Haha D-wade isn’t as durable as he was 5 years ago 🙂 let’s not inflate your ego just because you guys have 3 good players. The sum of all parts is greater than any individual.

      • otis says:

        @chad you do realize somebody name Shaq was there or Alonzo Mourning or Gary Payton and Jason Williams, James Posey, and Antoine Walker.
        You do know they all played on that team also not just Wade.
        Look at the rosters at that time and you will see that the Heat should’ve have won that series Dallas got out to a fast start and then got hammered.
        No defense no chance and Chad one more for you in this years playoff Dallas is the only team to reach 95pts and over that mark against the Heat.
        2006 was in 2006.
        2011 is right now and you are seeing when a team is on the floor and when 3 players are on the floor who is the better team.
        Wade alone isn’t going to stop Dallas for all Wade does Dirk does it and gets a win.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      somebody being sick isnt something you joke about though….wat the hell are talking about? where is your respect for another human being…shut up, you sound foolish, just all over James and Wade sack man…get a life forreal

    • @ says:

      Very Very true. This team has proven a lot of people wrong. But what else were they suppose to do? Three superstars on one team. I would hope they would make it to the finals. But thats exactly why any championships they win cant be compared to what Jordan or Kobe has done becasue neither of them needed another superstar to win, just great role players. In other words, meaningless championships.

      • order144 says:

        mj had two hof’s along side of him at least for the last 3 and kobe played w/ hof big men in shaq and pau so come on now… and how good is lebron if he f’s around and gets a triple double and people are still hatin, dude is held to unreal expectations, ever since high school none the less…

      • ugh says:

        Lebronze is the next Carl Malone no question.

      • otis says:

        Lebron got a triple double true, but only had 2pts in the forth what is a triple worth if in the crucial time of the game you disappear.
        Lebron is the David Blaine of the NBA.
        and @ugh Karl Malone had to face the Bulls.
        He didn’t choke they were a better team than the Jazz.

    • Rai says:

      Playing a joke about someone in the opposing team is ok? is mature? is professional? specially whn you know that you are being watched by the world? STUPID!

  313. Lord Supreme says:

    Whatever Southbeach in 7. Wade will close it out, we don’t need lebron ! Our fan will bring us home all the way.
    Heat crown on Tuesday 6 /14 ! Mavs won 2 straight at home now Heat win 2 staright at home. Crown the Lebron!
    For all the Heat Hater!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Heatles

    • Here comes The Heatles says:

      You are right Lord Supreme! Lebron and Bosh will step up watch Pat Riley !

      • Lechoke says:

        Yeah Right…. Please Bosh Stepping up… Lechoke its done and Pat Riley it’s going to play AGAIN I don’t understand…. LOL…

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      the mavs have nothing to lose, they will to try their best to win game 6

    • Rodey says:

      lol I really hope you are not counting on a Florida fan base to bring it home..most awful worst fans in professional sports reside all over the state of Florida not just Miami…and this is not just from the media I lived down there for 3 years and witnessed it first hand





    • T.J. says:

      Awww Heat fans are whining… LMAO!!! That’s what happens when you give the reins to an overprivelaged brat. You shouldn’t have crowned him a king without proving himself. You shouldn’t have had your little (WWE) championship coronation before the season even started. D. Wade should’ve been a leader instead of a follower. Now they look like a collection extremely talented BOYS who can’t get past thier egos while playing against a team of men with one common agenda…. the TITLE!

      • chad says:

        hey bud probably going to look like a fool to trash talk when your team hasnt won a championship and may not,

      • Tek says:

        Chad you already proved before you know nothing of sports ie “nobody knows who nowitzki is until the playoffs.” so your commenting privileges are provoced. Second of all it’s funny how these maimi fans trash talk about how amazing their team is all season and with James they are unstoppable…but when the pressure hits they fold like james always does. ya’ll gave over the team from D-Wade to James and now you are seeing your results…a stacked NBA team getting ran over by a team with heart. Dallas vs Miami is a garbage finals anyways, however Dirk and Kidd deserve a ring far more than LeChoke…maybe he should be down graded to the BURGER KING, somewhere he could work and actually make a positive impact.

      • mgd says:

        If the miami heat was soo good like all the miami heat fans say they are… they would be handling business.. they would be up 3-1… but it lets you know that not even 2 1/2 starts can beat the mavs…not going to lie d-wade is a great player no doubt but james ??? lol pls he dont have a heart to play as a team is all bout him..d-wade looks like a follower and bosh well he plays good whenever he’s feeling it…it takes team work and being humble and hungry and that is something that miami dont have….stuck up players and stuck up fans….just sad that since james got to the heat…the heat is now viewed as a stuck up team…. but keeping it real mavs looks like they are all game now…. mavs on 6

      • DBowe says:

        @ Tek. Hold up, we never gave anything to Lebron. The media and the “New” Heat fans that are just a bunch of bandwagooners tried to make it seem like he’s our leader. “Real” Heat fans know that Dwyane Wade is the leader and there are no Kings in Wade County.

      • Jason says:

        Well said, i only respect miami fans with wade jerseys rather than those badwagoners waking Lebrick jersies

      • KGFan says:

        Well said.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Forget Miami man, both of these fools are shameless, faking an illness? for laughs? They dont deserve to win anythingggggggggggggggggg

    • Ryan says:

      Poking fun at a guys ailment is one thing, but then you cant even be bothered to wear anything but a t shirt and shorts, what happened to wearing a suit to the game…. these guys clearly care about the game and not their own self image…what a joke.

    • Deric says:

      Just a thought: most of the time when the dialogue turns to “anything can happen” its not a good thing for that team. before this series started, Heat fans weren’t saying, “Hey, anything can happen”…after they went up 2-1, Heat fans weren’t saying, “Anything can happen”…

      This video is one of the reasons the Heat are getting beat…take a look at the pregame warm-up…Chalmers, Miller, Bibby…they are all concentrating and shooting while James, Bosh, and Wade are stadning on the side posing for pics and hamming it up with the crowd…entitlement does NOT equal a title, gentlemen. Just a thought.

      Look, I am a Mavs fan, and have been since the Harper, Aguire, Blackman, Brad “Skyhook” Davis days..but I’ll say this: these games, ALL of them, have been so close and down to the wire that it is both impossible and improbable to think that one team has got it wrapped up until it is actually over. But the Heat aren’t doing themselves any favors by playing to the cameras instead of playing on the court.

      And don’t be surprised if you see a few Mavs holding their “injured hips”…LOL!

      • chad says:

        i hope they do hold their hips and then they will remember once again who torch them in 2006 a man named flash.

      • Joe says:

        I didn’t know a ref had an injured hip too

      • Moreeze says:

        I like your comment, Deric.
        At least you make some sense in the way how this series really plays out.
        The horn has to sound, the ball has to touch the ground the final time and then can the fat lady sing for whoever lost that final game.
        Not before. Not the way this series has played out.
        I hope Miami will lose, even though I like Wade and used to think Lebron was ok. However, their demeanor ever since the dreadful decision 2010 is just awful.
        And as for Dallas, a couple of their guys deserve to win the title. JKid, Dirk of course, the Jet, Chandler, the Coach. They all have paid their dues and seen the darkness of becoming a better (team)player. While Wade and his boi #40 now all about it, the rest of the team still has to learn that lesson, as it seems.
        However, anything is still possible and that’s what I like about this series. At any time, anything is possible.
        @Chad: try to make some sense in your contribution. This is a discussion and we should honor this purpose and discuss instead of posting series of insults.

    • @ says:

      Fact of the matter is, it really wouldnt matter if the heat won the championship. Lebron has proven he chokes under preasure in the playoffs especially for important games. This guy is a chump. Hopefully all you heat fans and lebron fans realize this guy isnt worthy enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Kobe and Jordan. Bottom line is he sucks. All hype. I highly doubt the heat can pull this off at this point. But even if they did, it still say it will be a meaningless championship.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        i totally agree, game 4 and game 5 prove what everybody already thought….that James chokes when it matters most…4 straight games with barely any points in the 4th quarter….nuff said

      • ron says:

        i also thought he is stronger and better than kobe but i was wrong….kobe is way way better than him….

    • TOTOY MOLA says:

      If were you Miami fans here and Miami Fans who will watch live at Southbeach on Sunday. Pls take my suggestions:
      1. Wear Black Shirt Instead White Shirt be ready for your team funeral..
      2. Prepare Two handkerchief on your Pocket coz one is not enough to cry whole day.
      3. Never think to commit suicide.. Its not the end of the world so don’t be frustrated and disappointed there will be next year .

      • chad says:

        spoken like true dallas fans who know defeat taste like. just dont be mad if you eat your words, or need to borrow my kleenex. Unlike you guys we dont doubt our team because of a bad game or missed shots we believe in the outcome.

      • ugh says:

        @chad learn about the team you hype up so much. 2006 Heat team that won had Shaq, Lonzo, GP, and Wade all future hall of famers now all they have is Wade and the next future Carl Malone (LeBronze)

      • otis says:

        @ ugh
        LOL Karl Malone didn’t choke.
        He had to play against the Bulls and Michael Jordan enough said.

    • TOTOY MOLA says:

      If were you Miami fans here and Miami Fans who will watch live at Southbeach on Sunday. Pls take my advice/suggestions:
      1. Wear Black Shirt Instead White Shirt be ready for your team funeral..
      2. Prepare Two handkerchief on your Pocket coz one is not enough to cry whole day.
      3. Never think to commit suicide.. Its not the end of the world so don’t be frustrated and disappointed there will be next year .

      • STFU says:

        We will. Thanks…

        We will wear black shirts to give respect to your funeral, at your own home.

        we will bring two hanky’s 1 for us, for laughing out loud — 1 for you for, well you are cry babies

        we wont be committing suicide, may be we we will be, partying till we die!

    • Adam says:

      Whats wrong with you? Damn front runners need to shut up. Mavericks will wrap it up sunday.

    • roger says:

      they are going down heat good

    • Naiym says:

      @ Tek..i agree with you about Chad..>that line alone let me know.he has NOT 1 CLUE..

    • Provolone-I'mCheesey says:

      Miami is def not outta this series man, but it will be tough to pull out of a 2-3 hole. It’s hard for any team to win 2 in a row even if they are at home.

      I always love reading the comments after something like this. I’m no fan of the Heat, but I do know basketball; therefore I am forced to realize a painful truth: THE HEAT WILL WIN (when James learns how to act properly.) All he’s done is drag Wade down to his level.

      Also: Bosh may be a good player, but he’s done s%!t all for the Heat. Lose him and pick up a good PG for Christ’s sake.

      • otis says:

        LOse Bosh lose all the threat that you had in the post lose most of your team rebounding gain a point guard on a team where the main scorers are not catch and shoot guys are not screen and roll guy are not rip hamilton nor ray allen and neither cut and dry off the ball players makes perfect sense to get rid of the anchor in the blocks that can create match up problems because of a consistant jump shot and free up space in the lane because a good big has to guard him when he steps out yeah Bosh get out of Miamai LOL
        That would be a big FAIL no GM job for you Isaiah Thomas
        Please don’t get mad this is reality all in fun.
        If they got rid of Bosh.

    • Justin says:


    • Justin says:

      as you just know .. we beat you 3 times in your home court…!! 2 on regular season .. 1 on game2 plus you didn’t win on our homecourt since the start of 2007 season ,,,until game 3…!!!! and lebron will not bounce back he will be scared again in crunch time…!!!! and dwayne wade injury willhurt him a lot… as you can see even thought he return back he is still questionable for game 6 .. even if he plays he will only play limited minutes..!!! just read the news ….!!!!! and for chris bosh as you can see brian cardinal is enough to stop him…!!! plus… we dont have caron butler , brendan haywood and rodrigue…!!! if we have a complete line up your miami heat will be swept by us…!!!! but the thing is we won 3 games of this series even without our 2nd leading scorer and our legitimate post defender out there…!!!! plus lebron james is being affected by stevenson and terry’s comment and they keep there promises by playing good basketball game… this not just ball game,,,!!! its a mind game too..!!! plus james and wade trashtalk nowitski….!!! nowitski scored 29 points in game 5…!! to silence both wade and james…!!! i’m a miami heat fun but since the lebron join the team…!! i’m starting to hate it..!!! dallas mavericks at game 6…!!! Dirk Finals MVP..!!! the only way that miami heat will win these series is just like in 2006… when they pay for the referee to call foul more often…!!!!! just look at it… its been an issue of it…!!! and its been proven…!!!! but the nba management ….don’t mind it because they want to proctect the cridability of this league..!!!!!!

  315. kambizzle says:

    lolol @ rob i like tha one where we from we call him LEBRICK JAMES this one of the reason i dnt like kebrick he is to cockey n he always do that all star game they did it to and dwayne wad biting bum behind lebrick….

    • Arthur Graf says:

      AT list there better than u and u probley can shoot a three in one quarter. And if they were cocky they wouldnt be on the miami heats team.

      • al - respect the game says:

        sorry arthur, ur boys lost. sniff sniff

      • KGFan says:

        “At list”? “probley”? You can’t even spell simple words but you expect people to take your comment seriously? Go back to school, learn how to spell and punctuate, and learn something about basketball while you’re there.

  316. EDDIE RAMIREZ says:

    LeBron will do what he does best and is great at…….CHOKE!!!! HE IS THE BEST AT FALLING APART UNDER PRESURE, HANDS DOWN!

    • Arthur Graf says:

      if he could and not play like last night if they dont do its going to be bye miami. and the only people that are playing good is d’wade, chalmers, miller, bosh there not playing together as a team like there non as in the miami heats history

    • chad says:

      your bandwagon jumper. did you ever think miami wants to win the championship in miami, we have beat you in dallas been there done that. We want to make this more dramatic. to get everyone questioning james and then remind you why no one had heard of nowitzki before this playoffs. 60% of america said miami in 7 u think this changes things, My prediction Wade and Jame 30 pts each in last 2 games and bosh double double and win game 6 by 10 and game 7 by 5. Stevenson and Terry should of kept their mouths closed.Everyone knew mavs would have one hot night of shooting and boy did they but now we will see what happens. Why not have a little respect for the talent that are on the floor for the heat can toast you whenever they see fit.

      • sean says:

        never heard of nowitzki before the playoffs?
        my friend you are f#ckkin STUPID!
        leave your biast stupid comments at home

      • lakersforever says:

        no one has ever heard of dirk before the playoffs he has been either the best or the second best power forward for the past 10 years… are you stupid everyone knows who dirk is and in the playoffs he has shown that he is even better then we already thought. guess what lebron is folding under pressure and wade cant do it himself he got a triple double so he was playin hard which is good but if they want to win he needs to score which he hasnt been doin so if you want to live in a dream world where they can just turn it around just like that then your wrong dallas in 6

      • Queiros says:

        Nobody had ever heard of Dirk Nowitzki before these playoffs??? What the hell are you talking about? He’s a former season MVP for God’s sake! You can be a fan of whoever you want to, but you better know the freaking players on the court!

      • A Fan says:

        Haha are you sure we’re watching the same games? Your king looks scared and is hoping for a prayer to go into the bucket. Look at him when he shoots he holds his breath. He can’t handle the pressure. He never has and he never will. James couldnt score 30 even if he took 20 shots oh wait he was 8 for 19. They were so cocky and arrogant to dismiss the mavs after game one. LeBron doesn’t seem to have the heart of a champion. It’s always been questioned. The mavs are missing 2 starters and their back-up center and they are riding the momentum.

      • Moreeze says:

        Right! Let’s see to it, that it will not be sooo dramatic, that the heat will have to come back next year!

        Really, Chad?

      • Aaron says:

        Hey, Chad. Uhhhhh, 60% of America didn’t know dirk until the playoffs? How long have you been watching sports?

      • chris says:

        No one has ever heard of Dirk? How damn stupid can you be? Even if that statement were true that in know way backs your statements of saying the heat will win. If u wanna talk sh!t then say somethin legit

      • JuePuta says:

        Wow Chad, you must have started watching basketball when you jumped on the bandwagon last summer. No team for No reason will lose games so they can win at home, especially in the Finals. Secondly, Nowitzki has been a top 10 player for years. His team has always been in the upper echelon of the west. He is in his prime, and yes, outplaying two of the top 3 or 4 players in the league right now. He is CLUTCH and doing it as the only superstar on his team.

      • Shakil says:

        Chad from your comment i have clearly come to a conclusion that you are a *@!*ing Crazy!!!! dude i am from bangladesh i now all the good player from nba and Nowitzki is definetly in top 15 if not 10. you have to right no right to talk to basketball because it looks like you are mentally *#&!ing distured!!!

      • Naiym says:

        thsi might be theeeee MOST morinic thing EVER!!!!!!!!!! No one’s heard of Dirk before this??…Surely you aren’t naive…”has it ever occured to you that they wanted to win it at home”…are you MENTAL!!!!????!!!!! you don’t give a crap where you win the finals., you just hope you DO!..you don’t schedule win around your floor..this is the best of 7 where anything can happen..You play BALL and win wherever the heck you can..Miami heat Fans are delusional…its apparent that you are a SOUTH BEACH fan. You like the city of Miami, and don’t know squat about basketball…because every thing you said is borderline retarded.

      • Dennis says:

        yea u are a moron…..Lebron is not gonna even break 30 in either game and if the heat win it will be because of D-Wade carrying that team….Lebron is the biggist choke start in the NBA…..This is why Kobe Bryant is still better than Lebron james. James is lame

      • ron says:

        we want this? be careful of what youre wishing….im sure miami heat doesnt want their record now at 2-3…..dallas also won a game in miami, not only won…won with style…a comeback victory in front of 18,000 stunned heat fans…so sweet to see them leave the gym chin down….

      • Justin says:

        haha see you in miami … when we win the championship… and doing the championship ceremony at your homecourt…. to show you the the big three …. is the biggest mistake that miami heat made…!!! the time that miami will win the championship with the big three is the time when the sharks learns to fly…!! its like will never happen…!!! LBJ is the choosen one to destroy the miami heat dream to win a championship!! LBJ and Wade 30 pts each game…!!! are kidding me…!!!! just commit suicide if wade and lbj didn’t get 30 pts each…..and chrish bosh double double….!!! MIAMI HEAT LOSE BECAUSE THEY LOSE…. AT THE END OF THE DAY… DALLAS STILL WIN … EVEN WITHOUT TWO OF THERE STARTER ON THE COURT.. CARON BUTLER AND RODRIGUE AND A BACKUP CENTER HAYWOOD…!!! YOU JUST DONT GET IT DID YOU IF DALLAS MAVERICKS HAVE A COMPLETE LINEUP… THE DALLAS MAVERICKS PROBABLY WIN IT AT GAME 4… YOU STUPID SMALL BRAIN… IF YOU THINK MIAMI HEAT INTENTIONALLY LOSE GAME 2 AND GAME 4 YOUR JUST ADMITTING THAT THEY WERE STUPID ENOUGH TO THINK JUST LIKE THAT…!!!! . THIS IS NOT A DRAMA SERIES…. !! THESE IS NOT SCRIPTED THAT MIAMI WILL WIN GAME 6 AND 7 AND JAMES AND WADE HAVE 30PTS EACH… AND BOSH HAVE A DOUBLE 2X ..!!! THIS IS A FINALS SERIES ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN…. AND MIAMI HEAT WILL LOSE BECAUSE OF THERE ARROGANCE ….. DALLAS MAVERICKS IN GAME 6 !!! DIRK FINALS MVP

      • Stry says:

        everyone calm down to chads comment!!! give him peace 😀
        @#*!#^ CHAD! RETARD!

      • otis says:

        Did you see the Mavs win game 2 in miami and in all honestly purposely goes down 3 to 2 against a team that beat you all year.
        Whatever coach thought that up should be fired for stupidity especially after what the Mavs did to the Lakers and the Thunder.
        You my friend may want to take your foot out of your mouth after that last post.
        LOL we lose on purpose to the best playoff road team this year to be dramatic somebody better tell Wade and Bosh coach Spolestra plan because only Lebron got the memo.
        LOL make it dramatic.

      • KwissKwoss says:

        Chad, as you said … let’s wait for game 6 … and 7.

      • Moreeze says:

        Hey Chad,

        s.th. for you:

        Recently in some Afroshop in Dallas:

        „You know what? I met Lebron James just a couple of hours ago.“

        “No way! You for real?”

        “Hell yes I am! And you know what I did, brother? I asked the man for a Dollar”

        “You asked LeBron James for a Dollar?”

        “Hell yeah. And you know what? All he gave me was 75 Cents!”

        “He only gave you 75 Cents when you asked for a Dollar??? Why is that?”

        “Well, that’s because HE NEVER HAS A FOURTH QUARTER!!!”

        Smile a little, will you? Its a game not about life & death!

    • Moreeze says:

      Well, while this isn’t necessarily true or really honors performances of Lebron vs. e.g. the Pistons in 2007, it still is funny as hell:

      “Lebrick James. That dude is like a 7/11 store: just never closes!”

  317. Matt_c says:

    Each time when you think the Heat could not possibly even more unlikable, they pull off something like this… If they were to win a championship this year it would be just so completely wrong…

    • ron says:

      the series win end after game 6, as charles barkley predicted….dallas all the way…..LETS GO MAVS, LETS GO MAVS

    • ron says:

      during the playoffs, dallas boost the best road record…and they did it with style….winning another road game is 100% like to happen…game 6 will be the closing game of 2010-2011 season….

  318. Rob Benjamins says:

    It’s about time the “never surrender” Mavs put LeChoke James and his bunch away! Mavs in 6!!

    • mavs 2011 Champs says:

      Youre right, mavs won all the games from a comeback, they never give up, what can u say about this now huh?! http://sportales.com/basketball/heat-versus-maverickswill-history-repeat-itself/ and by the way, i do agree that lebron was the best player in the league http://sportales.com/basketball/top-five-nba-players-of-all-time/ but Basketball is a team sports, you cannot win alone and you need support or you dont need to play alone, you need every foot on the court top work. Nice one Rob

      • rill says:

        Hell he needs to help himself. D-Wade is the best player on the court.

      • Dennis says:

        Lebron James was never the best nor will he ever be the best player in the league because of reasons like this. He has no hearts and folds under pressure…D-Wade is the best player on that team

      • KGFan says:

        The next person to post one of those links… how about using your own brain to come up with an opinion!?

    • al - respect the game says:

      i know right. and hopefully shut-up all those arrogant miami fans

      • Jake says:

        Don’t forget……you’ll be in OUR HOUSE for the next 2 games, I wouldn’t be so quick to utter these words just yet!!!

      • Rick says:

        they are both PUNKS James could not do it on his own and Wade needed SHAQ to win one together they along with Bosh who the hell is Bosh Three little PUNKS that might win some but they will always be three PUNKS

      • otis says:

        You can’t be serious that you say Wade is a punk because he didn’t do it by himself.
        I am rooting for the Mavs, but you have to give credit where credit is due.
        Wade was finals MVP with Shaq Kobe did not accomplish that and Bosh led the raptors to the playoffs.
        No one player alone Jordan included has won it all by their lonesome.
        That’s why it is played with 5 men on the court not just 1.
        Bosh has been averaging above his season numbers this series.
        Lebron on the other hand until he proves to be more than just numbers on paper he can’t be the best player.
        Right now Dirk and Wade are balling their hearts out.
        In the forth quarter between those 2 it’s been looking like Ali versus Frazier.
        They are showing what it is to be great players.
        Numbers can lie.
        Go ask all the Cleveland fans that watched for years the meltdowns in the playoffs and finals.

      • Waldo says:


        You don’t have a “house”. You have a hollow shell of a house where you can hear pins drop on game nights.

      • APH10 says:

        I am a Miami fan, but most of all I’m a basketball fan, and as much as I want to see Miami win a ring and many more, the attitude of seeing my favourite player get in on little ridiculous jokes with LeBron such as that one makes me want to jump ship and wish Dallas wins.

        It’s the fact of players like Haslem, Chalmers, and Big Z, who still makes me want Miami to win. The guys who sacrificed and don’t have a primadonna attitude and play fiercely wanting to win for their team and jersey.
        Sure, Wade, Bosh, and James want to win too, but it’s becoming each day more and more relevant that they act like a bunch of your hottest talent in high school, who act supreme when they win, and cry when they lose.

        Play the game, win the game, and poke all the fun you want after you’ve actually achieved your goal. I always wondered when James and Bosh came to Miami, how would it go down after the Decision, and after the egotistical ‘we’ve got it in the bag, can’t be beat’ introduction party. I thought, would they be humble if they won the championship or throw it in everyone’s face? Well it’s evident they would throw it in everyone’s face. But they had no problem whinging and crying that everyone is hating us, everyone wants the worst for us, etc, etc. People hate Miami because of their ways, not their playing ability.

        I’ll still be a Miami fan, as I was since the times of Alonzo Mourning, Lamar Odom, and Eddie Jones, and I’m just glad that Coach Spo said that the when envisioning what it means to be a Miami HEAT player is Udonis Haslem. I want to see the Dwyane Wade of 2006, who’s will won them that trophy (Rick…SHAQ helped, but it was still ALL WADE).

        So go Miami!!! I still want you to win, but I’d also love to see LeBron traded next year to restore order as Wade’s team and stop with the media and martketing of LeBron and the HEAT. Common factor seems, that what James ran from in Cleveland has already met him in Miami. I can see who the poison is unless he starts maturing…. and unfortunately he’s bringing the team down with him by influencing Wade (I can’t see Wade ever carrying on like this out if not for hanging like buddies with James).

        Sad but true….

      • jp says:


        Wow, that was the single most intelligent post I’ve seen from a Miami Heat fan this season.
        I had been wondering if there were any TRUE Heat fans (pre-“The Decision”) kicking around and how they felt about all that. As a huge Alonzo Mourning fan, I too hope the Heat do the right thing and get rid of LBJ so that they can have a respectable team that everyone outside of Miami DOESN’T despise. I imagine with that loser gone you guys could afford some good help for Wade and then really have a great all around team.

        But as long as LeQuit is there… I can do nothing but root against ’em (though I did want Dallas to win it all anyways so that Dirk and Kidd could get their rings before retiring).

      • THEHECKLER says:


        so true. couldn’t put it in words better than you.

    • Mark R says:

      I think this is a microcosm for the Finals in that Miami maybe hasnt taken Dallas seriously. They blew a big lead in Game 2 and a 9 point lead in the fourth quarter of Game 4. It may be a case for Dirk of he who laughs loudest, laughs last…


      • QuestionMark says:

        Heat have taken it seriously, but just like in the regular season they are back to being unable to close out games, Lebron has 0 pts in the last 2 games in the 4th quarter, Wade has scored but needs help, Bosh showed up at times, but not consistently, on the other hand, Dirk has scored alot in the 4th and had Terry, Kidd, Chandler and Marion to make big shots and clutch defensive plays.

    • Jazzed says:

      Don’t forget that Dirk & the Mavs were the original chokers in 2006. Sad that I want Dallas to win because I hate the heat more.

      • Tek says:

        Same here, it’s a battle of 2 teams nobody really likes…go dallas….wooo……

      • KGFan says:

        Heheheh, someone said it! Although I must admit I have new found admiration and respect for Dirk. I always knew he was good, but after watching this series I know just how good he can be. He’s a true great. Go….mavs….I guess! =D

      • Rai says:

        Although Dirk choke in 2006, it doesnt mean that he did not matured in to what we see now. Unlike Lebron who is still a big choker after 7 long years, he and Bosh cannot lift their previous team, that is why they need to Join up with Wade. Bosh is scoring but only in the 1st 2 quarters and after that, he just disappears and has no defense. He and Lebron are just all mouth players. I have respect to Wade but the mavs deserve to win the championship this time bcoz Wade have the wrong guys in his team.

    • A says:

      im not a arogant heat fan

    • HEATWAVE says:

      dallas should win this championship or else they’re done! miami still have lots of chances to win the championship for the following seasons even they don’t get this one! just wait and see who is going to win!

      • leoj's says:

        there’s no point to urgue, you are right for Miami there still tomorow but for MAVS is now or never (Dirk already on his prime i guess one or two more season he will retire already.) GO MAVS at 6

      • Rai says:

        yeah, the heat will win, after 7 yrs more, after Lebron and Bosh mature and learn how real men play the game.

    • Harp says:

      yall are a bunch of haters. they just having fun, learn a little sportsmanship. we’ll see u in miami.

    • VJ says:

      I have never seen a great player act like this in front of camera. Kobe.. no. Jordan.. no. Duncan… obviously no.

      • Provolone-I'mCheesey says:

        You can’t mention Duncan with anyone in the league anymore. The guy is a legend in that I doubt anything bad has ever been said of him; that’s the only reason why people hate him haha.

      • Exactly, these guys aren’t serious, and they never will be. they’re just content to be in the finals. They don’t have the killer instinct that all of the greats have. With all of their flopping and joking, James and wade will never be considered NBA all time greats.

      • otis says:

        You do realize Shaq is considered and all time great and had the same joking mentality on the court.
        Wade is going to go down as one of the best players and performers.
        Lebron will also.
        He just suffers from noboy else is giving 110% percent, but me night in and night out.
        Dude you should enjoy what you are doing.
        If they make a joke or laugh go ahead, but that shouldn’t define them as not being serioous Wade’s play is an A+ performance.
        It’s just that Dirk is is giving and A+ and extra credit work is being turned in.

      • Talentzz says:

        I love Tim Duncan, my all-time favorite player. I’ve been his fan since I was 5. I have never seen him do anything to anyone, he’s just a really nice guy, unfortunately some people hate that. LeBron is an idiot, he is the reason teams can’t win championships, he couldn’t do it in 2007, and he can’t do it now, even with Wade on his team carrying the load. Personally I hope LeBron never wins a championship because he is an arrogant prick who needs to grow up. DWade, I still respect and love you, but don’t get down on LeBron’s level. Go Mavs

    • Haha Miami says:

      Chris Bosh looks like a dinosaur, just sayin

    • robbay2 says:

      What are they? 10 year olds?

      Well, that is really showing on LeBron’s game in this series.

    • LEBRON JAMETAO says:

      beat the heat is just a joke,now they still have 2 home advantages and you know how perfectly they played at home in light of the past performance. secondly.I hope you speak respectly to everyone,james is my favor.

      • Rai says:

        ha ha ha! that a good one, perfect at home. the mavs already beat then in game 2. have you been watching the finals? and game 3 was also a close one, they were just luck that Dirks shot did not went in. If the shot went in, well, you do the math, LOL!