James’ Defensive Breakdown Makes Terry Look Prophetic

DALLAS — LeBron James made more of an impact offensively in Game 5, scoring 17 points and dishing out 10 assists. Even in the fourth quarter, when he scored just two points, James kept the Dallas Mavericks’ defense honest and assisted on four layups or dunks.

And as James noted after his team’s 112-103 loss, the offensive end of the floor wasn’t the problem. But James’ defense down the stretch was.

After Game 3, Jason Terry was asked about James’ ability to stop him, and Terry responded with some strong words.

“We’re going to see if he can do it for seven games,” Terry said on Monday. “That’s going to be the challenge.”

Three nights later, with 1:33 left in the fourth quarter of Game 5, Terry looked pretty prophetic.

With the Mavs up two and seven seconds on the shot clock, Terry had the ball at the top of the key. He took a dribble to his right, crossed James over, and put James in his rear-view mirror on a drive left. The Heat defense was forced to collapse into the paint and Terry whipped the ball back to Jason Kidd at the top of the key. Kidd drained the three to put the Mavs up five.

I was really looking to get to the basket and draw a foul,” Terry said. “They do a great job of help defense. My outlet was Jason Kidd. He shoots it well from the spot he was in. The right decision. The right play to make.”

It was one of the most important defensive possessions of the Heat’s season, and James’ inability to keep Terry in front of him cost his team a chance to tie or take the lead on the other end of the floor. Miami still had a chance after that, but Terry hit a 3-point dagger in James’ face with 33 seconds left.

“He made big shots,” James said afterward. “Some of them was open. He’s just aggressive. We always said when he plays well, they’re very tough to beat. That’s what he’s done the last two games.”

James wasn’t defending Terry the whole night. He’s certainly not to blame for all of Terry’s 21 points and six assists. But Terry has found ways to remain effective with James defending him.

“You get things on film that you can see where you can be successful,” Terry said. “I can put the ball on the floor. I think that’s just something maybe they weren’t as prepared for. It’s something I see where I can have some success and is a part of being aggressive.”


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  1. milkthebull says:

    Good article and GREAT series! Terry is stepping up.

    Did anyone see the funny story about the Mark Cuban Mav’s trade???


  2. dallas fan says:

    dallas in six. in doesnt matter if its in miami. dallas can win in miami. they did it.. they can do it again. the pressure is on miami. one more thing, if it is a close game james will do nothing, he’ll choke. that’s proven. he doesn’t show up in crucial minutes, dallas is not a pushover team that miami can easily beat, certainly not this time. it’s time for the mavs to win a championship. game 6 is the time

  3. Marlowe says:

    let’s face it. Don’t count on LeBron in game 6. He’s still not ready for championship games. It will be Dirk vs. Wade – the battle of will and heart. Game 7 is certain

  4. JeffMarkR says:

    This play as u can see…Mike miller leave jKidd alone to take 3point shot. lebron can handle jterry by the way… damn miller… Pls.take James Jones in game 6 than mike miller… -Jeff philippines

  5. klipster says:

    miami will win the finals if chandler will be injured in the first quarter like what happened to kendrick perkins last year.

  6. Biboy says:

    The heat should run plays! they always rely on their players individual talent down the stretch. Isolation after isolation.

  7. JayZone08 says:

    If Mavs wins this finals game and become champions, then Congratulation.. And No worries HEAT Fans (which is the TEAM that I root for) It is still 1 year for the HEAT’s Big Three.. Championship is not something that is easily get, but experience can help just like what Mavericks has (GOOD VETARANS, and A VERY GOOD PLAYERS AT THEIR AGE).

  8. monarch says:

    lbw lebron bosh n wade n the rest of the heat going 2 get the job done its going 2 b a long nite in mia u bitchs dirk the big dummy and jkidd n jason terry the broken jet going 2 fall flat on they face in mia baby cant wait 2 c they face when they ace bitchs

  9. mjg says:

    It’s the finals, you have to step up. Dallas’ team has nearly all played above and beyond their potential, with the odd exception of a game here or there for kidd and a couple for terry. They are playing out of their skin. Miami have all played below par apart from chalmers and wade. Wade has played as you’d expect but wade alone with one bench performer stepping up is not enough to beat a team of over achievers. Lebron’s excuse is he is a team player first, and he can certainly distribute but ultimately you are not getting paid to play like john stockton. You are a 6’8 beast, get aggressive, do your job…

  10. Dallas Since Dirk and Nash says:

    Have you seen Dwades face after he makes the 3 to make a point lead. THEY ARE SO ARROGANT. They have been celebrating since last summer. hahaha. ITS CALLED KARMA.

  11. jay says:

    ,walang kwenta ang big 3 ng miami….dapat itapon si james..pabigat lang sa team..puro salita…

  12. lbjf06 says:

    I still believe in lbj..they always blame lbj when miami loss, thats sucks! dallas is a veteran team, i believe he can win game 6 and 7…

  13. Kane says:

    As soon as any doubt enters the heads of the Miami team. Which it will. They are gone.

    Once they realize the Championship is gone, this will be a blowout. Dallas 138 Miami 78 lol Put your money on a blowout. Should pay well because it’s in Miami. I have.

    Remember game 4 v the Lakers. This will repeat and Dallas the break the record for most threes made in playoff history 27 lol

    Just before I finish. Imagine when Miami trade LBJ the role players they could get around Wade and Bosh. They could get a true point guard and a terrific centre and a few good bench players. They could get Westbrook, Ibaka and Harden lol

  14. joe bro says:


  15. KL says:

    This isnt about basketball anymore yall.you ppl enjoy drgging another down.So go to hell with all your stuff about Lebron, year 1 and they can win a ring.

  16. dennis ouellette says:

    It’s hard to add a comment to this discussion without being unlawful, threatening, obscene, pornographic or other without mentionng the Heat or lack of. What a bunch of losers. You guys from Miami (Hollywood Wannabe’s) should be arrested for impersonating athletes. Just ’cause you are what you are doesn’t mean you own the game. You remind me of the Miami Hurricanes football team of “86 that had the audacity to show up as the favorites against PSU. Big -ucking losers except you don’t have Jimmy Johnson to blame for being a conceited a-hole. Only the “King” that doesn’t know he’s been overthrown by a Polish “immigrant” that happens to be Bardziej (więcej) utalentowany. Translation; more talented.

  17. dennis ouellette says:

    Good thing Miami doesn’t have to play the Sherpas from Nepal. Dallas and Dirk have heart. Miami has penis. Ask Congressman Weiner how that’s going for him!

  18. CT23 says:

    haters gonna hate, but it’s ok because at the end will see who’s gonna look stupid, talk is cheap like terry and stevenson all they do is talk they’re both garbage anyway they’re just lucky for the last 2 games. i will tell you all this haters, talk when the series is over. 2 more games to go, and oh yeah by the way by the time LBJ retires he’ll have rings in his fingers more than Kobe i guarantee that…i just can’t believe you guys hate on him that much, what did he do you guys? just watch the game and quit all that BS, HEAT ALL THE WAY in 7…

  19. Heat ALL Day says:

    Another great article for all the haters out there. Gotta love it lol I know all Heat and Lebron fans do. It just completely and utterly validates just HOW DAM GOOD that guy is. To have your EVERY SINGLE MOVE on OR off the court be publicly ridiculed and scrutinized under a microscope 24/7 like he has committed some kind of crime, is absolutely ABSURD.

    To all the TRUE basketball fans that dont HATE, and just APPRECIATE the mans talent, whether your a fan of his or a fan of kobe and the lakers, or dirk and the mavs, big props to you. To all of you haters out there, your WEAK, and WORTHLESS.

    Lebron James has done NOTHING PERSONALLY to ANY of you, but yet you TREAT him like he has. He ENTERTAINS YOU, but yet you treat him like he’s a criminal. All he’s guilty of, is displaying his god-given talent of basketball to us, but yet the man can do no right. He is given a double standard for everything.

    Lebron haters are simply pathetic, JEALOUS people that only WISH they had HALF of the talent that he does. But when your the BEST at what you do, someone is ALWAYS trying to tear you down. So that validates yet AGAIN exactly WHY you haters hate.

    Because Lebron James IS the BEST talent in the NBA. Period.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      I gotta agree with you on that …


      This is about two teams on a quest to win it all … there are 10 GUYS playing on the court … NOT JUST ONE!

      James is getting OVERHYPED by the MEDIA, then OVER-SCRUTINIZED by them DAY AFTER DAY.

      I am TIRED OF HEARING stuff like IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM!


  20. A says:

    you know what would be great? if miami heat actually win the next to games and the championship i wonder what all this haters gonna say about them? is just so annoying all negtive feedback man….it’s a fricking game you lose some you win some…it’s not over yet.and they will say it when it’s over!!!!….

  21. KING JAMES says:

    ooo how quickly everyone forgets..remember james vs bulls, james vs celtics….few bad games…no biggie…lets go bron…heat champs 2011.

  22. Jason says:

    I agree with K. Too early to give anyone the title. I believe I am a “Lebolter” fan in that I think he is a waste of overhyped talent. But nontheless he is a professional ball player. So regardless of feelings on individuals on individual teams, this is the NBA, the best league. These teams made their way to this oppurtunity. Enjoy the good close games that have been the “2011 finals” and when your team wins be professional and show good sportmanship in accepting defeat or wishing the other team the best for next year…… cause it obviously wasn’t enough this year 😛 ( One more jibe for the Heat which I believe is a team made of one solid NBA star and two whiners xD ! What’s with not playing smart!? Last couple of minutes they weren’t down by much. Had full court pressure on the inbound. Dallas gets the ball inbound I swear not more then a foot from the inbound line. Miami fould Jason Kidd one foot from the inbound line when Dallas has less then 4 seconds to get the ball past the halfcourt line! Idk maybe it’s me picking on Miami again….. just didn’t seem smart) 🙂

  23. Joe says:

    1. James, Wade, and Bosh are all rythym players. The tough defenses, the double teaming and the fact that there’s only 1 ball to 3 athletic superstars on a single team, with no real offensive sets is what’s causing James’ poor performance on offense. He can’t get into rythym and let’s face it, Bosh is overrated. It’s not a coincidence that James’ points went up when Wade went out. James had more touches on the ball with no one to defer to. The HEAT does not have a real system on offense, it basically consists of James, Wade and Bosh trying to create thier own shots, without any prior set up or a specific system intended to create shots for them or at the very least have a much more balanced distribution of the ball.
    2. Now that Dallas perimeter shots are going in, it’s only going to spread the floor even more, make defenders commit more to the perimeter shooters which will result in more, higher percentage points in the paint.

    Law of averages tell me Mavs in 6. Plus I think Carlisle found the crack in the Heats defense by speeding up our offensive tempo and slowing down thier offensive tempo by defending at the back court to further get them out of rythym. A slower tempo basically means more half court offensive sets for the Heat, of which they don’t really have.

  24. JR says:

    I’ve been a Lebron James fan since before he entered the NBA. I remember thinking this guy would ultimately become the greatest player of all time. I mean, how could you not think that? With a body like his he certainly has the potential. He put up ridiculous numbers year after year, to no one’s surprise. He amazed us with his athleticism and all round play, no doubt. There was one thing missing, however, for us to consider him ‘great’. The word great is used to describe not just how some played basketball, but what they achieved and how they went about achieving it. As a huge Lebron James fan, I have been rooting for him to win a championship for many years now. There was a voice inside me that told me he would never rank up to Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or any of the all time greats because of how he entered the league and how the world has treated him. He entered the league an 18 year old kid. They crowned him a KING, and placed 90 million dollars into his bank account before he even played one game in the NBA. Any intelligent person with life experience knows what that is a recipe for. And then they placed insurmountable pressure on him to become a multiple champion at such a young age without any real help. But all that doesn’t matter any more because he is much older, much more experienced, and has lots of help from superstar teammates D Wade and Chris Bosh. The problem with Lebron is though, he wants to one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of being remembered as one, whereas Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant want to be one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of actually BEING ONE. That is the biggest difference I have noticed with Lebron and the Greats in the 17 or so years I have been an NBA fan. I do not understand for the life of me why Lebron James, with all the potential in the world to become the single greatest basketball player to have ever played, has not to this date, worked on developing a low-post game or attempt to become one of the greatest jump shooters. He has been blessed with a super-human body and has wasted it by not developing one good low-post move. He would certainly be “UNSTOPPABLE” to the exact definition of the word if had developed a low-post game. Why if he wants to be one of the ‘G.O.A.Ts” does he not show up four hours early to a game to work on his jump shot like Ray Allen, the KING of THREE POINTERS, does every single game?

    Lebron James, as one of your biggest fans who has followed you and admired you for so many years, I am telling you that if you ever want to be considered as one of the greatest of all time to play this game, if you want to win multiple championships, if you want to truly dominate the league for the next decade, then you have to dedicate your life right now to developing yourself into a truly unstoppable force. Work on your low post game. Get help from the legends like Dwight Howard has done. Come to games four hours early and work on your jump shot. Come to practices hours earlier and stay hours later to work on your free-throws and three pointer shooting. And most important of all: STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO YOU ARE! Stop being afraid of failing to live up to the expectations. Dedicate your life to basketball, to developing your game and never being satisfied with it, to becoming the Greatest Player of All Time, not to be remembered that way, but for the sole purpose of actually being the greatest.

    Best of luck to you in the Finals!

  25. K says:

    it is way too early to give dallas the title everybody, granted they are playing very well.

  26. da italia says:

    watch out all who supports mavs..there are still two games to go.. we never can tell until we know who wins… good luck miami heat…

    • STFU says:

      as far as i remember, wasn’t there a flood of articles saying the HEAT will SWEEP the mavs? or hte HEAT in 6 just like 2006… and now you guys are saying there’s still 2 games….

      wait, who were those guys? i didn’t see their comments, or did they change their nicknames?

  27. JJ says:

    wade might be the one ruining this for the heat.. i think lebron’s deferring to him way too much.. if miami wants to win, wade has to play off lebron, not the other way around

    • STFU says:

      if that happens then there is no HOPE for miami to win… see what happens when WADE is OFF the FLOOR and just JAMES — the result is GAME 5.

  28. red_fox says:

    Wow is it possible that the Cleveland owner was right about Lebron qutting (whether it’s on purpose or he just can’t help himself) at the end of games?

  29. Temporary_Mavs_Bandwagoner says:



  30. Top 5 Picks says:

    Can people please stop posting Sportales links cause that website has the absolute worst sports writers. I saw one article that just cemented this fact Lets just say that they said that Chris Bosh is in the top 10 list of all time power fowards. And in a seperate article, saying that Derrick Rose is one of the Top 10 point guards of all time.

  31. crozier66 says:

    Lebron is simply just a complete hype..with Wade out in locker room twice due to unfortunate injury, Lebron can not even take over like Wade does so many times even prior to Bosh-Lebron joining Miami. Sure he got triple double (which was always expected of him) but when it matters the most in this finals, especially in the fourth, he was just a complete joke.

  32. Topbon says:

    Man I’m sick of this crap about how people are saying LBJ’s the reason the Heat aren’t winning. I hope next game he explodes and play the game of his life. Then when the Mavs STILL win that’ll put to rest the debate of who’s the better team and who’s more deserving. Go Dallas!

  33. verio says:

    Miami will win in game 6 and 7. Obviously, homecourt advantage will help Lebron to redeem himself. Wade will continue to dominate the game and the MAVS will lose and will feel the most heartbreaking loss of their career..This is the reality if you know how to analyze the game..

    • STFU says:

      By ANALYZING the GAME — Homecourt as we know, matters less now, if it did, the heat wouldn’t have LOST one.

    • MAVERICKS says:

      wow… you talk as if you’ve been to the future and seen the outcome of the games. the heat MIGHT win game 6 and 7 and the mavericks MIGHT win game 6 to win it all. if the heat win the next one, that doesnt say that they will win the next one too.

      being down 3-2 going back to your hometurf isn’t really the problem… its the disappearing act of one of the “BIG 3” that has been the prob.

      • B-Ball says:

        Dissapearing act of one fo the Big 3? That isn’t a very good excuse… The Heat still have 2 other All-Stars, whereas the Mavs only have 1 All-Star-bit also the better overall team. LET”S GO MAVS!

  34. yash237 says:

    Dirk nowitzki 33,jason terry 33,jason kidd 38 so older players compare to lebron james.

  35. HEAT VS MAVS says:

    The Heat is still a winning team…Lebron just has to put himself together.Bosh needs to go to a training camp next year for sure!Wade can do nothing more than what hes doing. I do beleive in Heat but… Dirk,Terry,Kidd,and the Mavs only have to win 1 game! But the stakes are high now that the rest is at Heat’s home court…GO HEAT YOU CAN DO THIS WIN IT ALL!

    • bsj says:

      Mavs soar under pressure.
      Heat cave under pressure.

      Haven’t you been watching this series?

      • MAVERICKS says:

        I actually heard the commentators say that Miami somewhat “panic” whenever they are ahead and the Mavs are catching up.

  36. yash237 says:

    terry,dirk,kidd are getting older thats why they play well to get some ring before retirement unlike lebron still young and many seaons yet to come for him.im sure next season dallas will disappaer in the best of 2 but heat on the playoffs.this is the only season for dallas.i guarantee that.

  37. kulukoy says:

    when D-Wade had an off game in an ECF nobody bothers to criticise him but when Lebron does he gets all the blame for the loss. I guess its not him, his personality, his attitude..etc. that’s doesn’t matured, it’s his haters that are immature…time to self check.

    • MAVERICKS says:

      ECF and the Finals are two different levels. so called “big-time” players are supposed to show up at these games. Wade’s game during the Bulls series wasn’t really being overlooked… its just that LeBron made that “Decision” so now people expect him to perform well because he decided to TAKE HIS “TALENT” TO MIAMI

    • STFU says:

      When DWADE had an OFF GAME on the ECF, he didn’t choke on the final minutes….

  38. walter says:

    This is a great series and it isn’t over by far. You cannot count Miami out and hand Dallas the championship. It isn’t a guarantee who is going to win. Lebron James may show up for games 6 and 7, and if he does it will be a great finish. It is going to go down to who wants it the most, Miami or Dallas. Both are great teams with great players or else they would be at home.

  39. bsj says:

    Miami Heat fans are already working out trades? LMAO!!

  40. Law064 says:

    @TRIBINSKI LAMO they on suicide watch with Lebron. Mr Clutch? LMAO Better than MJ Scottie Pippen GTFOH. Now or Never riiiiitee. Anyhow I think when Wade went down Lebron was supposed to take over but give the Mavs D some credit for keeping him out of the paint. Both teams shot well and it’s about time Dallas actually made some open shots. Great game and I give Mario Chalmers props for coming off the bench and playing well for Miami. Now it’s clear why Lebron made his decision. He needs a guy with killer instinct like Wade cause he’s still Lechoke. I’m not hating or nothing like that but look over these last 5 games. Where’s waldo? No where’s Lebron? He did a great job in the 4th vs the Celtic’s and the Bulls but reality showed it’s face again. The differance is Lebron IMO was making some lucky shots vs the Bulls and Boston. This series those same shots are not falling. I have to give him credit for the way he closed out the Bulls & Celtic’s series but he’s still far from a true clutch player. I hope game 6 is another great game. If Miami wins game 6 they’ll have a better chance at winning the series. Dallas better take game 6 as a elimination game win or go home. Good luck to both teams it’s been a great series so far.

  41. TOTOY MOLA says:


  42. Keith says:

    Of course Lebron can’t guard Terry. It would ordinarily be Wade’s job, but his hip was slowing him down, so Lebron had to try. Once Terry got hot, it was the coach’s job to figure out an effective strategy, and he didn’t.

    • STFU says:

      SERIOUSLY? lebron cant guard terry? LEBRON shut TERRY OFF on 2 GAMES! seriously…. are you watching NBA?

      • sbfern says:

        Seriously? you watch game 5? i say he couldnt guard terry! haha! Lebron has no will and cannto dig deeper! Wade must feel upset having two superstars getting paid the same amount who cannot deliver…

      • STFU says:

        SERIOUSLY?? you are only commenting and basing what your saying on game 5??? then you should use better phrase than “Of course Lebron can’t guard Terry. ” — coz it definitely DOESNT make SENSE, when you say OF COURSE LEBRON CANT GUARD TERRY — it means that he never can, he never did, and he never will be ABLE to! so hey…READ MY NAME

  43. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    the ball head ref called a foul everytime miami doubled dirk then took that drive from bron on the baseline i hope we still have confidence now it is up to us to focus NBA MIGHT not CHANGE THE REFS BUT needs to change that one if you look at all the calls he made it was against miami on doubles. he tried to take our aggression out of us this finals isnt fair but wade has a ring he tried to tell you what wins games and you dont listen you dont try to sell tickets you will gain more out of winning if you focus in but hey it will be tough for us to win if d wade don’t be selfish “backs against the wall” that thee that wade took was unpredictable and it went it thats how you play ball not holdiing on the ball with one defender on you hoping someone react on your team going towars the basket (complacent/deferring) shoot it (shoot the ball) but hey you guys i cant say you did a great job but you are building character. Now you used up all of your losses you had and onyl two more wins left but one game at a time (it is just a game of basketball) don’t let it affect you personally just play ball guys play ball.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      You are PATHETIC and A HYPOCRITE!!!




  44. robbay2 says:

    Bandwagon fans everywhere.

    • sbfern says:

      its not bandwagon fans…im a true Lakers fan…but we are all Lechoke haters! too much talent gone to waste. Team effort will always win! Lechoke cannot handle it cause he doesnt have the killer instinct! Go dallas! ( only until Kobe rests) hahaha!

  45. billy says:

    It would be sad if the Mavs loses this series in the end, but it sort of set where the Heat will make a comeback on their own court. Dirk, Kidd, Terry and the rest of that squad have played their heart out in this series and for that it’s great for us fans who didn’t like all the Miami hoopla since last summer. I feel in the end, the good guys should win. That at least for one year, LeBron James’ “decision” blew up in his face and all the talk of winning multiple titles didn’t turn out like he thought. That he should be happy to get at least one title because it’s hard to create dynasties in this day and age. Heck, if Dallas wins , this might be it for those guys, they aren’t talking about multiple rings, they are talking about this moment. They and Mark Cuban might not get here again. The only way the Heat will win this series if they start thinking like the Mavs and stop bragging about the future and start making things matter in the present.

    • bsj says:

      Mavs are one win away with their second best player and scorer on the injured list. I wouldn’t say this is their last chance, but it is their best chance.


  46. Gman says:

    Pippen said this guy could be what again?

  47. TRIBINSKI says:

    I am a mavs fan but im worried if Mavs get the trophy coz I know there are Miami fans who are suicidal..I dont want to hear news about a Miami fans who commit suicide so Mavs fan pray for the heat fans to enlighten their mind..

  48. TradeJames says:

    Trade James for Howard = Dynasty for Heat for the next 5-6 years
    Do it while James is still young and has trade value.

    James is proving himself in the Finals at last… that he belongs to the “Loser” All-Stars group consisting the likes of Vince Carter, T-Mac, Joe Johnson, Steve Francis, …

  49. Celtics_MJKH says:

    LeBron looks like the choker he has always been, nice defense during the fourth quarter, how many times did Terry blow right by him? He had his chance to shine when Wade went down and he allowed it to slip through his fingers. LEEEEEEEEEEEBUM

  50. Alexzo48 says:

    If this is lebrons idea of a bounce back, make or break, biggest game of his life play… …then i must say that we’ve seen the best of him already… Honestly, i would’ve thought he’d score more & be imposing his will against the mavs… But then again i’m not sure if he still has anything left in his arsenal. Clearly, dwyane’s outplayed him in the most important series of his life! He’s proving all his nay sayers correct by continuing his average play! BAD NEWS FOR MIAMI: MAYBE…JUST MAYBE WE’VE SEEN THE BEST OF JAMES IN CLEVELAND! after all… Maybe he’s just an average joe & an average baller!!!!

  51. hahaha says:

    good thing lebron was such a sharpshooter

  52. mamba says:

    lbj was check out by the mavericks..its over… lbj was not in the caliber of kobe’s game especially in the championship game so lbj fans stop the comparison! right now the mavericks knows that lebron talent came only from the open court especially from the fast break because he use his speed and power. but on the set play, half court play, post up, perimeter shotting lbj was nothing this is the thruth unlike kobe plays multiple position and using high iq basketball kobe not only relay on his speed and power.. kobe’ depends always in thier pure skills and talent that nothing on lbj…

    • mamba says:

      perfect comments dude’s ur ryt this is my same analysis on lbj performance he always relay on his speed and power b’coz of his height and body ..on the open court yeah lbj was unstoppable.but on the halfcourt set,post up perimeter no one can beats kobe..

  53. Pistolero says:

    2 games ago, the team that won game 3 after the series tied at 1-1 has NEVER lost the nba finals. Now, the team that has won game 5 has gone on to win 19 of the 26 championships contested. i really do not know who will win. Heat WILL NOT lose game 6, it will come down to game 7.

    last year, lebron had no help at all. this year lebron had too much help perhaps?

  54. Guy says:

    The thing with Lebron is his mentality – he is a huge talent and an amazing athlete but he is not a winner, not a competitor.
    The twits, the locker room pep talk, the statements to the media are meant to convince himself as much as they are meant to convince us but it does not work – he seems like he is acting the part not living it.
    The greatest competitors – MJ, Bird, Kobe of a few seasons ago, the Celtics as a group and now Nowitzki, Terry and Wade all rise when it matters – Lebron is great when it doesn’t.
    Maybe he is too intelligent for that, interested in business, a media whiz but can’t focus on one thing.
    The Mavs are playing great – Go Mavs

  55. lambo says:

    lol you guys still dont believe in the king huh? well i guess game 7 will make you guys a believer when the trophy stays in miami and misses its flight to dallas…lol….dont quit on the king just yet….he is not done…oh and by the way its the first word in his tweet “now or never”,,,not the last/

  56. ian says:

    GO DALLAS! You’ll gonna win this season!

  57. kingofthasouth423 says:

    Yeah, king “king” James it was a good name in high school but you a long way from high school now. Mike brown got fired last time bron choked, who’s gonna take the bullet for him this time?

  58. chances says:

    they jut need to play maturely.. heat have the advantage…. it’s just they took too much time in shouting rather than preparing themselves in defense. james must forget first who he is then help his team by doing some point rather than boostering… he is a good player and he must prove it not by being proud he is good but being proud that he have a very good team to play with…

  59. jjjjj says:

    特里大心脏 Jet big heart

  60. Wow Dallas made it again!!!!Praise God!!! Your teamwork was great!!! another like that at game 6/

  61. joseph says:

    i dont believe he breaks down….his been mafia!!!!he dont move at all…he dont do any thing to help…come to think of it….is that really a lebron james when it comes to crucial????come on….

  62. pedro pablo says:

    what is happening to Lebron??? hey man are you nervous???? if so, better start playing chess!!!

  63. heatfan says:

    honest i dont care if next year iverson comes to the heat to sign for the super hero for get a thropy. nba now is declined hard. im heat fan but i will not see more nba games after the worst thing i have ever seen in my life. im white but a wish black brothers seduce all white woman in america cuz they deserves. The only good thing in texas are those blonde b…..s

    of course i will watch next two phonies games.

    Nba you will never can erase the past.

    Last year that i see the Nba.

    • robbay2 says:

      Cry more, look at your team.

      Load of crap and egos.

      Cry more.

      • Ken says:

        awww geez…if you never watch another game,…ummm…that will leave us without your very insightful and colorful commentary….ohh darn.

  64. Gie says:

    Really? If LJ continues this kind of end-game attitude, giving up defensively, remember his Cleveland years?… there is no doubt that he will never win a championship. He is a great player but he needs to grow up mentally

  65. vill says:

    what happen to lebron..don’t tell me that the 2006mavs is better than 2011?
    but im very confident that heat will win this series!go heat!prove us wrong!

  66. f*ckyouth says:

    it’s not yet over…an NBA championship can win in a 4-game!don’t celebrate yet mavs fans….it’s just a 3-2 series…you still need 1-win to get o’brien…and you have to try it in HEAT’s house!!!!

  67. Jason says:

    It’s never over until someone wins 4 games. That’s right, 4 GAMES, not 3! Down 3-2, the Heat face a lot of pressure. First thing’s first, think of tying the series, not winning a championship. Game 6 and 7 are on Heat’s home floor where they’ve played tremendous all season and Playoff long. Wade and LeBron are motivated more than ever being down 3-2 in the Finals. 3 games on the road is a tough thing mentally when it comes to the Finals. The Heat have to be focused for game 6 and not look ahead. Win game 6 and then look ahead to what the big prize is if you win game 7, an NBA Championship. I still believe in you Miami Heat! LeBron and Wade are not giving up.

    • moe says:

      thats true the game is not over yet. go king j

    • sbfern says:

      hahaha! “wade and james are motivated more than ever”? really? i thought Lebron was motivated on game five? “NOW OR NEVER” comment? that seems to me, he felt motivated. Look, those comments are ridiculous. Yes the heat have had a good record, but its the EAST! weak conference (apart from the bulls, magic, and celtics) all the other games are just fill-in games. Too much talent should win all those games. Dallas had it tougher and yet they are a great road team. They beat the heat before, killed the Lakers, Thunder, and Portland while playing on the road. So if you ask me, Dallas will me more “motivated than EVER” Dirk has experienced this loss before and will do all his best to not let it happen again. Wade or Lebron have not experienced it before. Wade was on the good side of the experince and Lebron technically never was close to win a championship. Spurs managed that well enough. So dont say the motivation begins when a team is on the brink of elimination…that is usually when they play the worst, they tend to overthink because if they miss, it might be it… think about it!

  68. HeatWave says:

    mavs are going to do what heat did to them and win the trophy on their court! that’s the only reason that they lost two games

  69. Crystoff17 says:

    That’s how the Mavs tore the Big Three apart! Thumbs up for J.J. Barrea, you’re the man! You truly have the brave heart to fire up the confidence of your Team! Reporting for duty Captain Dirk!

  70. dirk45 says:

    I wondered what was coming first, the Mavs finally hitting their shots or the Heat having all 3 stars finally executing. Now I wonder if Miami makes up for LBJ by having Wade get 132 free throws in the 4th quarters of game 6 and 7.

    All in all it’s an amazing series. The less talented team (which still has more talent than many are willing to admit) fights with the heart and claws of a warrior. To me the Heat look broken. Another 17-4 streak in the last minutes of a fourth quarter. But even worse LBJ needs a psychiatrist to get the inner strength to go the whole way. And I don’t mean this as an insult but as a real recommendation.

  71. not again bron... says:

    With Lebron’s performance offensively on game 4 and defensively on game 5, i can remember how he bailed out last year against the celtics. Still dangerous though. Who knows, he might explode on his homecourt. just maybe…As of now, Its Dallas’ momentum and they will surely win if the heat continue to be reckless. good luck to both teams.

  72. neverland says:

    whats the answer?
    N E V E R !!!

  73. Brad says:

    LBJ is still the ”king” He carried the Heat through the playoffs when wade was struggling,
    so he hasnt been scoring 30 this series he been running the floor setting his team mates up getting boards etc
    Dallas has great structure and best shooter in the game(Dirk) haslem and bosh need to stay on him and not fall for the fakes.
    Miami needs to trust each other and get wade calmers etc to get LBJ open.
    Sorry Dirk your awesome player but Heat will win next 2 games and i beleive can win multiple championships.
    LBJ will prove hes the greatest!

  74. Mark says:

    Game is not over yet.. Heat has still a chance.. Lebron should play hard as hell.. Wade couldnt do it by himself, and Bosh, minimize turnovers..

  75. Diddy says:

    At the end of the day, ppl are going to blame Coach Spo but the dude has done a great job. He can’t control LeQuit James’ bad performances.

  76. tamp says:

    Sell J. H. and Heat will be the championship.

  77. kb24fan says:

    is this the guy they call the best player in the game right now???can’t deliver on both sides of the floor when the game is on the line…maybe,he is the best player in the league in the last three years for every regular season but not in the playoffs!mental toughness,aggresiveness and willingness to win games that separates kobe and wade from lebron.clearly,the best player on that miami heat team right now is d wade,not lebron!!!

  78. heatfan says:


  79. heat says:

    Miami will still win the championship

  80. Steven Son says:

    Miami has everything.. they have great players who make amazing shots, monster dunks and breathtaking moves but one thing they lack of.. they don’t know how to finish the game.. Miami you start and we will finish.. GO MAVS finish them on Sunday.

  81. curtk24 says:

    hey miami fans do you guys have another concert this summer cause it was real cute how you guys did it last year maybe you guys want show up for the game on time ? just a thought maybe this summer we can see leborn make another decision on tv Go dallas you have the chance !!

    • Rai says:

      ha ha ha! yeah. He will make another big decision, he will retire, LOL! The King who cant lead!

    • sbfern says:

      Whatever the decision he wants to make…keep him out of LA Lakers… only winners are allowed on that team. Haha! Dallas is legit and there is a reason why they beat my Lakers. Cuban is simply the best owner and Dirk is truly the MVP of the league. Rose deserved the trophy because all he did for the bulls was amazing, but Dirk is just unguardable. Lebron is a huge waste of talent. Lakers back on top next year…we need the other Gasol though, haha!

  82. curtk24 says:

    GO big d 2 chances against the so called king and what do you call bosh no defense and there best player and the real deal on there team Dwade

    • Rai says:

      your exactly right, Lebron aka Vince Carter, Bosh aka Mr. All Mouth. Only Wade is real deal for the Heat. He is the complete player, He can score, defend and has a lot of Heart. There was no Big 3 really, Its more like Big Wade plus 2 posers (who cant carry a team, that is why they abandon their teams).

  83. ramil molina says:

    Finally the time has arrived for mavs.Hopefully they win the championships.

  84. renba says:

    But we keep the FAITH as Dallas also>>>

  85. mavsfansg says:

    finally a good shooting night for dallas. a very enjoyable and exciting game. great team offense and good-at-times defense for mavs. stay humble ad hungry. another huge effort from the entire team and dirk & all will win!!! mavs in 6 yo!

  86. ramil molina says:

    dallas mavericks deseve to win the game.mavs on 6

  87. GermanSheperd says:

    so What now…Blame Coach Spo again??? its lebrons fault defensively and offensively esp. in the 4th quarter..yeah I know he got triple double but for what..still losses “The choker chokes in one of the important game in his life!!!”
    “now or never” ?? the last word says it all..

    • allaround baller says:


    • Rai says:

      he cant even guard a 6’2 player who is shooting right on his face! 6’8 vs a 6’2, I guess height doesnt matter, heart does. Terry proved that he has the heart unlike Lebron. That is the main reason why he left Cleveland, he has a good team but still cant carry them to the championship team. Now he has a great team but still…

      • err yeah... says:

        yeah he had a great team which went on the longest losing spree in nba history once he left. Awesome team. Had that team being half decent, they would of at least made 35 wins.

  88. allaround baller says:

    he was the speed, but now it’s his experience n mental speak loud

  89. From the Philippines says:

    Dallas Mavericks are going to win! Go Go Go Dallas! Go Dirk! Go Kidd! Go Terry! You’ll win!