Dirk’s Silence Deafening In Finals

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While the brass band continues to march around every shot and pass, each nail-bite and utterance of LeBron James, at the other end of the floor Dirk Nowitzki tip-toes around like a ninja on a mattress full of marshmallows.

Call him the Basketball Whisperer.

Of course, there is no reason to shout your own name from the rooftops when your performance and results scream louder than an air raid siren.

Another game, another win and another virtuoso effort – 29 points, six rebounds, three assists – by Nowitzki that is not just a contrast in style but of substance with the star-studded Miami monster.

Our buddy Tim McMahon of ESPNDallas.com delivers the goods:

Actually, Nowitzki has been twice as good as the Heat’s two stars during winning time. That’s fact, not opinion. Just check the numbers.

In the final five minutes with the score within five points, Nowitzki has scored 26 points in these Finals, hitting eight of 12 shots from the floor. That’s double what (Dwyane) Wade and James have combined to produce, with James contributing a grand total of zero points to the cause.

No wonder the Mavs have outscored the Heat by 15 points in those situations, which explains why the less talented team is the squad with a chance to pop champagne bottles Sunday night.

The unfolding story does seem to go beyond the cold, hard numbers as the basketball world watches it all unfold. There is a vastly different approach to the game at work here.

Before every game, the ABC-TV cameras take us into the huddles of the Heat and Mavs. At one end of the hallway, there is James in the center of the Miami throng, preaching sermons, making pronouncements and challenging his team to step up to the moment. A couple hundred feet away, Nowitzki leaves the speechifying to Jason Terry, then he goes out onto the floor and drops another bundle of brilliance on the Heat.

In fact, the loudest noises that anyone has probably heard come out of Dirk’s mouth since The Finals began were all those coughs and sniffles into the microphone at the interview room following his heroic finish to Game 4. Even then, Wade and James couldn’t resist getting in their two cents with their next-day mocking of Nowitzki’s sickness, which was caught on video.

Nowitzki, it seems, learned that the greatest lesson of his ill-fated 2006 experience in The Finals was to keep your profile low and your intensity level high. No premature celebrations when your team takes a 2-0 lead in the series. No assuming anything even when you’re up by 13 in Game 3.

It took him five long and sometimes humiliating playoff seasons to get back to this point and now Dirk is one game away – closer than ever before – to redemption.

There is nothing to talk about, really, until the job is done. Yet as they are all too aware in Miami, the silence is deafening.


  1. ALDWIN ROY says:

    Lebron should learn from charlie shee’s way of WINNING!!!!!

  2. Baddko says:

    Not a fan of either team but if dallas wins this series they will not get any respect from the national media, it will be how the heat lost the series not that dallas won it… dallas has been the better team so far in the series and should win but still wont get credit…

  3. rrking says:

    Mavs in 6. The Heat are a great team full of great talent and I actually like their Big Three because it feels good when my Knicks team beat such a complete team. I don’t hate the Heat at all, the problem is your team image really suffers when you act like your the champs just because you have some of the top players in the NBA. D-Wade and Lebron James are great players but mocking someone for their illness is unforgiveable. Even if it was my enemy that was that sick I wouldn’t mock him at all, it’s just being childish. The refs talk should quit because the Mavs aren’t getting as many free throws as they should. Plus remember it was D-Wade who in 2006 got to shoot 25 free throws in one game. The Mavs earned their 3-2 lead by playing like champions so stop complaining. Mavs in 6.

  4. Enzo says:

    Dirk is really humble and a true gentleman. And of course, one of the best basketball player that we’ve seen.
    I was proud to say that I did not make a mistake looking up to him and the Dallas Mavericks team. He becamoe my idol when I first watched him and their team play when I was little. I hope they’ll get the Championship Ring and Trophy that they’ve been dreaming for (and also the fans dream for them).
    LET’S GO MAVS!!!!!

  5. QuestionMark says:

    Only reason I don’t like Heat is because of you spoiled, arrogant Heat fan, you little kids need to learn to talk about ball that actually makes sense, rather than just spitting out words.

  6. Mavs4Life says:

    I love hearing all the mavs hate, with the majority coming from Heat fans, and thats ok. Mavs are and have been the underdog in this matchup. Unfortunately as Mavs fans we have had to hear so much about how LaBron isnt doing his part, whats wrong with the heat…blah blah blah. Instead of hearing how good our mavs are doing, we have to hear about these clowns. You have to actualyl watch basketball to know that Lebron, at his best, plays only mediocre against Dallas. Coach Carlisle has figured out that Miami Heat offnse/defense and I wouldnt be suprised if the next/last game 6 is a complete blowout. James, Wade, and Bosh had a piece of their heart taken in Dallas….hard to bounce back from that. If/when the Mavs win, the Heat will be crying….and I mean physically huffing puffing, tears running down their face crying……it what they’re known for all around the world. LBJ and Wade both actors and “hollywood as hell”…..MFFL!!!

  7. AusRob says:

    Dallas to win it

  8. Patrick says:

    I am glad people appreciate Nowitzki, whatever the team you like to see winner, Miami or dallas, a lot of young player are watching Nowitzki’s attitude, and will remember to keep cool after a first match lost, and be exactly the same humble after the second match won, and wait until the end before laughing, it’s a way to show respect for opponent team.

  9. Ryan says:

    Im sure the miami heat will gonna to blow up after this series because the Dallas Mavericks will be the New NBA CHAMPION ON GAME 6..Yeahh we’re very sure of that. WE, THE FILIPINOS HERE IN THE MIDDLE EAST LOVES THE DALLAS MAVERICKS! THIS IS REALLY YOUR TIME MAVS, PLAY GAME 6 LIKE THE WAY U PLAYED WHEN YOU SWEPT THE LAKERS. Anyway at this moment, you we’re already redeemed from your past playoff appearances and this is the time of your sweet revenge to this Miami team..BLOW THEM UP GUYS, JUST BLOW THE HEAT UP..LETS GO GO GO MAVS! WE’RE 1 WIN AWAY TO CLAIMING THAT LARRY O’BRIEN TROPHY! SO COM’OM GET IT MAN!!BEAT THE HEAT IN 6.

    • MAVS MANIAC says:

      To all the crap about the refs favoring theMAVS just go back to 2006 when the crocked ref was still working enough said Mavs in SIX

  10. Hulya says:

    i love dirk til the end!!! he’s really been carrying the team the entire season. great play. humble, funny guy. what cant he do, really?

  11. Al_the_MFFL says:

    I pray you post afterwards. On second thought, maybe not. You will come up with an excuse to defend the Heat loss.

  12. LALBall says:

    Haha. Lakers fan here and I don’t mind the hate has turn to heat now. Everybody’s got something to say. I in fact dislike heat so much I’d rather root for mavs to win.. and that’s because heat has such great players – they become cocky and arrogant. but more so because they are a threat to my team. yes, that’s right. people hate them because wade and james are too talented to even play in just 1 team. kind of unfair.

    More than a Lakers fan, i’m a basketball fan. And i’d give credit when it’s due. Heat have a great team, I can imagine they’ll be a threat for many years to come.

    People hate those who would potentially be a threat to them. People hate those who crushed their teams. People hate because they’re team has been defeated. So, I understand when people hate my Lakers. There’s no winners without losers. Somebody’s got to lose. And those who lost, often retaliate through hate.

    This year though, I think Dirk and Kidd deserve the championship more than anyone else. So Mavs in 6

  13. NonSensePrediction says:

    Heat in 7 because there’s no way that they will win the championship in 6..

    But Dallas in 6 because if they win game 6, they will be champs..

    But then again, if Dallas Looses in Game 6, It’s Either Dallas or Heat in 7 so neglect my first 2 statements..

  14. lejokejames says:

    hello everyone this is Lebron James..I wish i was as good as Dirk, I wish I had heart like he does…I wish I didnt play with other selfish wannabe champs..I wish I played on a complete team…I wish I could turn back time one year so I wont have to battle years and years of bad karma sent upon me by way of the basketball gods who will never let me win a championship as long as I live…

  15. bob says:

    I noticed a big difference between Heat and Mavs fans when I was watching game 5 with some friends, some rooting for the Heat, some for the Mavericks.
    The moment Wade went off the court even the Mavs fans were hoping he would return out of sportsmanship because a win vs Miami without Wade wouldnt be right.
    In contrast: James and Wade making fun of Dirk’s fever in game 4 and Heat fans who were glad Dirk was sick.

    Really tells the whole story doesnt it?

    • bballwiz says:

      Yea. Those two joking around and making fun of Dirk’s illness is just plain sick. It just goes to show how the Heat is not deserving of a championship this season until they learn a little humility. Perhaps after this series is over and the Mavs celebrating on South Beach, they would learn how to be humble.

      The Heat fake fans and their players are all the same. Shame on all of you.

  16. Matthew says:

    Listen man, if the Heat win, and I believe it can still go either way, there will not be any complaining or whining. Crap, we are use to the season ending on a losing not. LOL. Seriously though, the only crying I have heard this year has been by the Heat players and their fans. I guess if you act like a spoiled child and then get treated that way, it is offensive to your feelings.

  17. LOLakers says:

    Keep pretending that the series is over Phallus fans! This is as close to a championship as you’re gonna get so enjoy the moment! Meanwhile Wade will make sure he’s the one lifting the 2011 trophy!

  18. novzki41 says:

    dirk lets his game do the talking… wade and lebron are actors…

  19. ronnie says:

    dirk i sure wish you get your ring. you will..you will!!! go mavs

  20. heat136 says:

    i like dirk to win coz he is the beats ever european player to ever played the gam..but with to much hatin and criticsm i want the heat to win so that the hatin and criticsm ends..heat in 7

    • TOTOY MOLA says:

      Heat136 shut up.. just watch your team funeral on Sunday and BTW dont forget to bring Handkerchief ..See you on this blog site on Sunday..

  21. rusty says:

    go mavs!!!!!! d-wade and lebron split up

    • Sean says:

      Dwade, Bosh, and Lebron are heading for marriage counceling. Their 3 way relationship is just not panning out. Crying, whining, their relationsip has no good foundation except greed. Maybe a good selfhelp book about caring for NBA fans and showing respect might help them a bit. Where is Dr. Phil when you need him?

  22. INFINITY says:

    He is silent because of his Humble demeanor. Dirk never talks trash, He never complains. He never get into altercations not because he’s soft. It’s because he knows how to carry himself like a real gentleman. That’s what being professional is all about. I really Respect him.

  23. crefflo says:

    @New yorkers.
    I am not a heat fan at all. I am just someone who loves the game and think in life what we work for we should get it. I want Mavs or Heat to win by the way they play. America is a great country when it rules over other countries cause they think they are the strongest in the world and yet they hate the Heat cause they are stronger and have a big three.
    I think that’s hypocrisy.
    Mavs play hard but their wins are too much pushed by the refeeres, and it is just not fair in basketball or anywhere.

    And if only you pay attention you should noticed those stuff. Good luck to ur wife cause with all the rubbish u wrote she has a lot to deal with.

    • Rednose says:

      I suggest you go check out refcalls.com before you go on complaining about unfair officiating.
      Oh and especially you should go to youtube and look for lebron and flop and you’ll find the most hilarious foul call, you have seen in ages. The ref who called this foul should be banned.

    • bballwiz says:

      Crefflo, you are blind, blinded by the shining blings of Lebron. Have you seen how Dirk kept getting fouls for swiping the ball clean off from Bosh? Replays have shown so many times that he hit all ball, and yet the refs didn’t see those that way. Even the commentators agree that those are bad calls. And yea, Lebron’s flop is arguably the funniest flop in the NBA. For someone considered as a freak of nature with his athletic prowess on a 6’9″ frame, that’s just unforgivable.

      All I’m saying is, stuff happens on the court every time. You can’t go complaining and whining all the time whenever a bad call has happened. Sh*t happens. you just gotta deal with it and move on. So stop that whining about conspiracy theory craps and rumors about rigged games and refs being paid against Heat. It’s getting really lame and old.

      Stop whining and crying and just concentrate on winning.

  24. Jake says:

    Lebron has much to learn from Dirk.

  25. lakers927 says:

    THANK YOU MAVS!!!!! i was really upset when the lakers lost to the mavs but understood that my team didnt have a magical feel to go all the way. this mavs team have the magical touch when you thought it was over it was actually gettin started. thats what championship teams have the intangible and the attitude and will of a champion. also THANK YOU MAVS FOR SAVING THE NBA THAT I LOVE!!! the heats team that came together this year basically challenged and disrespected the whole nba and basketball players all over the world saying that they can come in 1 year and take the championship from the whole league. it is not just a game between the mavs and heats its a game between the pride of hard working players and overpaid egos. also THANK YOU MAVS for defending the die hard fans of not just your team but other teams in respect and proving the BANDWAGON FANS THAT THEY ARE WRONG AND IGNORANCE. EVEN FAN DONT DESERVE TO BUY CHAMPIONSHIPS JUST BECUZ THEY BOUGHT A BRAND NEW #6 JERSERY THIS YEAR THEY DONT DESERVE A PARADE!!! PLUS THEY ALREADY HAD ONE BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED LOL!!!
    my family and i have been watching basketball and been laker fans since 1986 when we immigrated to this country and even if most of us dont understand that much english we understand greatness and a heart of a champion and also we understand what it means to be a loyal fan. AFTER MANY YEARS OF WATCHING CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL EVERY TEAM THAT HAS WON A CHAMPIONSHIP HAS A SENSE OF MAGIC AND MYSTICAL TOUCH ABOUT THEM AND THIS MAVS TEAMS HAVE THAT. DON’T EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION!!! GOOD LUCK MAVS. ( LAKERS WILL BE BACK NEXT YEAR SO ENJOY YOUR TIME) BEAT THOSE HEARTLESS HEATS!!!!!!

    • LOLakers says:

      LOL! This is a joke post right? You can’t seriously say that you think the Heat are ruining the NBA and buying championship by trying to get the best players and then turn around and praise the LA Losers! News flash! They did the exact same thing! Remember Shaq? Remember Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? Remember Wilt Chamberlain? And how about all of the LA Losers fans on here who keep wanting Dwight Howard to join? Another news flash! There’s nothing wrong with trying to build the best team you can possibly get! I hate the LA Losers for a number of reasons but none of those reasons include them trying to build the best team they can get! I’d suggest you get over your hypocrisy and quit hating on the Heat for things that your own team does too but what’s a Laker fan without hypocrisy? LOL!

      • bballwiz says:

        Nothing’s wrong with getting the best player available. It’s always been the trend in all sports and even in life. But the wrong thing the Miami Heat did was celebrating and partying like they’ve already won the championship even before the season started. They put the target into their backs, plus, Lebron stuck a big bull’s eye on his back for doing that Decision crap. So all you Heat fans can’t blame the NBA world, or even the whole sports world for hating your team and the Heat fake fans. I feel sorry for those true-blue Heat fans that stuck with them through thick and thin, though. But that’s the way it is. That’s what you get for having a collection of the game’s most arrogant and boastful players.

        (Wade and Lebron’s mockery of Dirk’s illness was very unprofessional and just plain idiotic. That act alone speaks so much about the Heat: arrogant and spiteful and sore losers. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.)

      • MavsFanForLife!! says:

        He is a different fan. And Shaq and Kobe were only two people, whereas the Heat have three. They don’t even use Bosh like they use Wade and James. Basketball is about playing, not trying to get a ring, you know that? Does James know that? Who is your REAL favorite team anyway?

      • QuestionMark says:

        Agreed bballwiz, even though they still have lots of years, Lebron isn’t no where near his 7th ring, worry about your first because as of now your far from that too.

    • Ron says:

      Absolutely Lakers 927.
      I am not a LA fan, but I so do appreciate Kobe’s play and him not trying to buy a championship like those 3 loosers in Miami tried to do. NBA fans around the country want Dallas to win. Not because of hatred for those 3 and their bandwagon fans, but because of the love for true team ball without the arrogance and entitlement.

  26. KMill says:

    Go Mavs!!!!!!! Enough said!!!!!

  27. Bebopman says:

    “now Dirk is one game away – closer than ever before – to redemption.”

    Win or lose, Dirk is way beyond being redeemed.

  28. New Yorkers says:

    Heat bandwagon fans are so annoying. i once thought lakers and kobe fans are annoying but these fake heat fans are in whole new level. they are cocky , arrogant and disrespecting like their stars. as the new yorkers i don’t care who win so much but lately heat fans are too much so i am gonna predict this is what will happen.

    Mavs will win game 6 and dirk will get MVP i am sure of it cuz dirk will save us all from fake heat fans trash talking. especially from (LoLakers, Heatfan, heatwave, chad ,ikmad (bad spell) and so on….) cuz we don’t like to take one more game of u fake heat fans trash talking and disrespecting everyone.

    it is not over, after Mavs win Game6, the heat bandwagon will be b**** about how the refs were unfair and how mavs got impossible lucky rainbow 3 pointers. and ofc they will also pull out old lakers/celtics card and say wade injury cost them a ring. (they will hide their precious choking tho) . They will B**** about 24hrs and they can really do really good B****ing cuz they are best at it. then they will all jump to become #1 yankee’s fans. Heatfans i beg of you not to hit my beloved yankees with ur bandwagon.

    And on the exact moment Mavs win game6 and buzzer sound, i will pull out a ring and propose to my gf to marry. i am not sure she is the one but mavs beating heat is great enough to propose her and i don’t even like Mavs.
    and i will probably make my wedding in south beach miami at the same time of ring ceremony in dallas next season. it will be great to wear a wedding ring at the same day as dirk wear his championship ring. (and he is not my favorite player ) i will do all those cuz i will be so happy to see heat lose cuz you fake heat fans annoy me that much.

    and Mavs fans please do me a favor i am not Mavs fan so i don’t have right to do but when the next season start and all those fake heat fans come back please use “what happened last season?” again and again in your comments, just to make those fake fans shut their mouths. and give some of that to Lakers and Kobe’s fans too and thank you all in advance.

    and finally, Thank You Mavs and Dirk for winning 2011 NBA championship. you all deserve it.

    PS- heat fans save this comment so i can send you all my wedding photo next season.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      I think they are 15yo Lebron fans who don’t know much about basketball … Like WHO BILL RUSSEL IS!

      The REF complaints are just ridiculous … I NEVER HEARD SO MUCH WHINING!


    • bballwiz says:

      This one’s the funniest post I’ve read here at Hang Time Blog! Hilarious! Keep it up, Man.

      Congratulations on your wedding. It’s to have a ring on a finger and doing it in South Beach so every Heat fake fans can look at it and wish they could do something about having a ring this June. Please do us a favor: Invite all the Heat players, especially those without rings to brag about. on you wedding day. (Yes, I’m talking Lebron James and Chris Bosh.) It’s gonna be a blast!

      Don’t worry, we’ll do what you said. We’ll rub the championship success on all those annoying Heat fans. I know they won’t shut their craps like you predicted, but at least we tried. Haha!

  29. crefflo says:

    Don’t forget about the silly refering! I guess the fixed NBA is trying to have 7 games!!!!! Mavs always getting the push from refeeres with those handed out free throws and loose ball foul out of this world. And on the other side Miami gets none of the real fouls. Everytime you deny a fould to Miami and hand a “hollywood fould” to the Mavs ure impacting the game of 4points. 2 that miami wont get and 2 that mavs get for free. It then takes only 4 of this to get back from a 15points deficit. Mavs are playing at their best Miami at their worst but without the referees, they often tight or only 2 points differents

    • Alex says:

      I hope you’re joking. There were bad calls on the heat for sure but there were just as many bad calls on the mavs for silly flops perpetrated by the heat. Just saying…

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Is this the FIRST TIME you’ve watched the NBA playoffs?

      I don’t think you KNOW WHAT IS, AND WHAT IS NOT A FOUL!

      You’ve seen SOOOOO MANY Wade and James FLOPS that you THINK THOSE ARE ACTUALLY FOULS! LOL!!!

      Before you start talking, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT FIRST!

    • Matthew says:

      If your statement is correct, and I am not saying whether it is or isn’t, but if it is, now you know how Maverick fans feel from some of the interesting calls made for Miami in 2006 that were not made on the other end. Its hard to feel good about a series when you think you are getting screwed. Which, in my opinion, I dont think you are. Or do you wish to ignore the backcour violation that gave your team 3 points in the game three victory?

      • Zeradius says:

        I think there has been ridiculous calls against both teams either which way you swing it and I’m a Dallas fan. I know that some of the calls went out way, like Tyson Chandler’s “charge” against James in a two point game 5 and when Shawn Marion hit LeBron’s hand on a three point shot in game 3. So I think its been evened out pretty well even though i think it should be fair on both sides. They should probably go to Haiti and play or something and train other referees who are completely unbiased and really dont care who wins because the NBA refs suck!

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        Go to refcalls.com … if you have any doubts they will help clear it up.

        The Lebron charge was a correct call because he caught the ball in the Defensive box area. If a player catches the ball in that area then all the D player has to do is have his feet set first.

        They explain the rule on the site FROM THE ACTUAL NBA RULEBOOK no less.

        Enjoy the game!

  30. LOLakers says:

    Wow you’re all absolutely clueless aren’t you! Don’t you realize that if each of the big 3 has even an average game apiece it’s all over for Phallus? Now that they’re back home they’ll be unbeatable! Lebron always bounces back after bad games and him and Wade will drown Phallus in shots! Enjoy your celebrating while you can you arrogant Phallus fans because in the end Miami will win the trophy and Phallus can go back to the desert for some fishing in the sand LOL!

    • NeverAgain says:

      What is it with you with erect penises? Phallus and Dallas doesn’t ecen rhyme.

    • Alex says:

      There’s a little something called mavs defense… woops!

      • LOLakers says:

        Oh you mean that mavs defense that is inferior to the Heat’s #2 in the season and #1 in the playoffs defense? That defense? LOL! You’d just better hope Phallus can nail their hail Mary shots again otherwise they’re going fishing!

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      ACTUALLY …


      It doesn’t matter how, but that is their mark to hit to win …



    • bballwiz says:

      How does the Miami TIT sounds to you? HAHAHA!

    • Ron says:

      LOLlakers. You sure did use a lot of words ending up not funny at all.

      • Zeradius says:

        Exactly Dirk’s Revenge because who cares how good Miami’s defense is? Dallas has been the better team obviously thus far and like you said, Dallas has one 6 of their last seven on the road so I dont see how Miami takes two games in MIA. Added to which, they are one of only three team’s in the top ten offensive and defensive efficiency in the NBA and the only one remaining in the championship, lol

    • cHEATers says:

      No, DalLAS and PhalLUS doesnt rhyme, pronounce it properly. guess what, your MIAMI HEAT GOT OWNED, and he’s right, what is it with you with erections? do you suck them?

  31. ggg4 says:

    three big children on the court and no title……. in the end it’s goona be miami cold

  32. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    Dirk has learned THE HARD WAY by coming up short so many times.

    Jordan I think said “you have to learn to lose first …” (I probably meesed that up …)


    Actions SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS and Dirk is showing us WHAT A CHAMP LOOKS LIKE!!!

    • Mavs Fan says:

      AMEN!!!! I could not have said it better myself…Dirk has the true heart of a champion and he doesn’t mock anyone to get it! Humble thyself and you will get just rewards. Let’s go Mavs!

  33. Heat all the Way says:

    When we get Chris Paul and Dwight, we will be unstoppable.

  34. leonard says:

    i had already commented after the first game that james and wade were laughing and dancing already but i hope he stays on the court and shake hands with the mavs should the mavs win or i’ll call him lebolt for always bolting to the locker room after he loses

  35. STFU says:


    one more win and its a party party party……

  36. MAVERICKS says:

    he’s letting his game do the talking… i hope they win the next one 🙂