Bruised hip no excuse to Wade or Mavs

DALLAS – Dwyane Wade wasn’t going to use his bruised hip as an excuse. The Dallas Mavericks certainly weren’t going to offer it up as any alibi, either, for Wade’s or the Miami Heat’s performance in Dallas’ 112-103 victory in Game 5 of The Finals on Thursday night.

Wade suffered a left hip contusion in the first quarter, left the game with 2:58 left in the period for treatment in the Heat locker room, returned at 8:52 of the second quarter and missed the first 7:27 of the second half as well.

He played the rest of the game and, with 10 points, was the game’s high scorer in the fourth quarter. Wade led Miami with 23 points, had eight assists and was 10-of-12 from the foul line. But he logged only 34:27 minutes, and the Heat were minus-13 when he was on the court.

“You know I’m not going to [talk about the injury],” Wade told reporters after the game. “It was unfortunate I had to leave the game. But I came back and I finished it.”

It was Wade, remember, who blew off a question about Dirk Nowitzki’s injury (left middle finger) and illness (102-degree fever) between Games 4 and 5. “Everyone is injured at this time,” the Miami shooting guard had said on Wednesday. “I’m not going to get into the fun-loving story of him being sick either. Once you show up on the court, you show up on the court.”

That, then, was how the Mavericks treated Wade’s bruised hip, injured when Dallas’ Brian Cardinal was called for a blocking foul in a heavy collison at 4:01 of the first quarter. They weren’t wringing their hands over Wade’s well-being, nor were they counting on his absence to last long.

“When he came back in the game, he came back aggressive,” Dallas sixth-man Jason Terry said, seemingly biting his tongue. “So I don’t know if he was hurt or what. To us it doesn’t matter. He was on the floor. He got opportunities. He drove to the basket. So he’s a tough cover. If he’s out there, he’s a threat.”

Said Mavericks guard Jason Kidd: “I knew he was going to come back. This is The Finals.”

The stretch of more than 13 minutes during which Wade was off the floor did not cost Miami – the Heat actually was plus-4 while he was out. But he had averaged 32.3 points in Games 2, 3 and 4. He appeared to limp between plays or when he didn’t have the ball, but seemed unfettered when he attacked.

“Once you’re on the court, you’re on the court,” Wade said. “The doctor not ruling me out, I can come out and help my team with my presence on the floor. I’m smart enough to play the game without obviously being 100 percent.”

Wade also said: “I don’t have no excuses. I was able to help my team get an opportunity to win. And I’ll be fine Sunday.”

Teammate LeBron James said little changed for Miami when Wade was out. “It’s nothing you can really change,” James said. “We just try to do the same thing as if he was in, but knowing that one of our scorers is down.”

Down but not out. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said the extra day before Game 6 Sunday might be helpful to his recovery. “We’ll see if that’s enough,” Spoelstra said.

Wade already knew. “I’ll be good for Game 6,” he reiterated.

The Mavericks expect no less.


  1. TAMOD says:

    I think he’s not injured . . .he’s just faking . . .lol!

  2. emmett scott says:

    Hi Guys

    Heat in seven, Lebron is trying to move the ball around the court to set up for wase,bosch, and chalmers then if they cannot connect he will do so, but as you see Dallas defense is strong in the center and no way on the side. In gane sixth you will see Lebron penetrating and wade connecting to the guy for the best shot

  3. OGIE D. says:

    Yup, it’s a dire time for the Heat but all is not lost. One more game to overcome and square off the series. It will be difficult affair for the Heat but it’snot impossible for them to win game 6. They need to find within their character to overcome their difficulties. LBJ needs to find that mental toughness to overcome his inner demons and for Chrissake! Keep his mouth shut and just do it! For other players his statistics are great but he is not just another player. He needs to prove it inside the court. D Wade needs to be healthy even for just these two games. I can’t say anything else for his effort and resolve. Chirs Bosh need to play intense and “honest” defense. There were several occasion he defended from the side so he got blown out by Dirk, Chandler, and even Mahinmi (imagine that) . He needs to find the strength and toughness to protect the play when its with him. Face up defense he needs to do and do it 48 minutes without let up. Chalmers, Bibby, Miller, Haslem, Anthony, Howard, House, Jones, Magloire, and Pittman need to be all tough and help out in the Heat’s cause. You are all an integral part of this team and we summon you to great contributors even for these two games. Coach Spo, my hats off to you, kababayan. You showed your mettle over thislong season and for these two games we hope and pray you find the guidance and Divine Intervention to direct and find a way to lead the Heat to it’s 2nd championship. A multitude of Filipinos believe in you. GO HEAT! Two more games, two more wins and you will cement your place in NBA lore. You will be worthy champs. GO HEAT!

  4. Marlowe says:

    he who has the will wins. Both Wade and Dirk have the heart and will so this is still a ball game. The question is: do other team members have the same will and heart? Count LeBron out, he’s just riding on Wade’s intensity in this series. Bosh? Better than Lebron in terms of heart but still wanting. Chalmers, Anthony and Bibby still thinks they have their next chance. If Heat wins the championship, it is because of Wade. On the other hand, Dallas has more players with heart and will to win other than Nowitzki. It is therefore safe to conclude that the ring will go to them. However, there is one undeniable fact that we cannot ignore – the HEAT pride. They can’t afford to lose now with all the investments on the big 3. Miami president would not allow that to happen. This is going to be a very good Game 6 and 7

  5. spartacus padilla says:

    lebron james every time he goes in the finals he did nothing.

    • Venom says:

      He must mean the Lakers! Cuz there is no quit in DWade and there never will be. If you recall NOBODY called or even thought of the Heat as ‘Hollywood’ until LeBron got there. Besides that Wade has never even been ‘South Beach’ for that matter. And why is everyone acting like the sreies is over? There are 2 games left! In Miami!!! It’s not over yet and i’d like to believe this series will go seven games as i predicted with the Heat winning by a narrow margin. I actually expected Dallas to win because they have more weapons and the ability to hit the occasional ‘ludicrous shot’, but they’ve done that and still have not blown the Heat out once. Heat can definitely still win this series. We’ll see if LeBron shows he is an elite player or a high price roll-player riding the champion DWade to a ring. By the way JUwan Howard has a faster points-per-minute rate than LeBron and he’s played a total of twelve minutes in 5 games!!!!! Wade County Forever!!! DWade for President!!

  6. Ice Pogi says:

    @Steven Son,B-Rad Mad Mav
    Dwade on Hollywood??? You’re questioning a guy who suffers an injury playing full effort basketball??? That guy is only 6’4″ Blocking those 7 footers of mavs… DirK Nazi Nowitzki and Tyson Chandler…. Haven’t you aware of wear and tear… Dwade is only a human…Give the guy credit for being a warrior…Hollywood babies… You mean the Lakers right??? This series becoming a Wade Vs. Mavs game… I give credit to the mavs for winning their remaining 2 home games… But I like to congratulate the Refs for making it possible for the Mavs to win eh>>> Yes REF… If you disagree you’re idiot!!! Next 2 games in MIAMI… Pat Riley will do everything to win…. I mean everything….. Just to see you crying…. If the Mavs wins it By the help of the REFs… Then So be it…. Mark Cuban Can Kiss dirk’s Nazi @$$ goodbye…

  7. B-Rad Mad Mav says:

    Man, D-Wade is a flopper! Him and Le-Baby… Did you see the “poke in the eye” during the bulls game? He cried about it and then winked at Spoles after the play was called. They play dirty that’s why they’re going down! Oh, and D-wade cried in the last series about a sholder that hurt so bad he needed a wheel chair… These guys aren’t ever going to win unless they man up and quit being hollywood babies!

  8. XXX says:

    Let Lebron find his touch for game 6 on the first three quarters, if things go well then good fate is on their side, but if it’s the other way around, better make Wade as the primary weapon for the 4th and hope for the cast to step up or it’s gonna be a nightmare all year long.

  9. ZedFed says:

    Louis vs. Schmeling III

    If Ron Paul were wise he could find lots of campaign fodder from this NBA Finals to entice the African-American vote away for Barack Obama.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Just what we need in this country … POLITITIANS TALKING ABOUT BASKETBALL!!! GET REAL!!!


      Leave the President and your CONSPIRACY THEORIES OUT OF THIS!!!

  10. JR says:

    I’ve been a Lebron James fan since before he entered the NBA. I remember thinking this guy would ultimately become the greatest player of all time. I mean, how could you not think that? With a body like his he certainly has the potential. He put up ridiculous numbers year after year, to no one’s surprise. He amazed us with his athleticism and all round play, no doubt. There was one thing missing, however, for us to consider him ‘great’. The word great is used to describe not just how some played basketball, but what they achieved and how they went about achieving it. As a huge Lebron James fan, I have been rooting for him to win a championship for many years now. There was a voice inside me that told me he would never rank up to Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or any of the all time greats because of how he entered the league and how the world has treated him. He entered the league an 18 year old kid. They crowned him a KING, and placed 90 million dollars into his bank account before he even played one game in the NBA. Any intelligent person with life experience knows what that is a recipe for. And then they placed insurmountable pressure on him to become a multiple champion at such a young age without any real help. But all that doesn’t matter any more because he is much older, much more experienced, and has lots of help from superstar teammates D Wade and Chris Bosh. The problem with Lebron is though, he wants to one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of being remembered as one, whereas Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant want to be one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of actually BEING ONE. That is the biggest difference I have noticed with Lebron and the Greats in the 17 or so years I have been an NBA fan. I do not understand for the life of me why Lebron James, with all the potential in the world to become the single greatest basketball player to have ever played, has not to this date, worked on developing a low-post game or attempt to become one of the greatest jump shooters. He has been blessed with a super-human body and has wasted it by not developing one good low-post move. He would certainly be “UNSTOPPABLE” to the exact definition of the word if had developed a low-post game. Why if he wants to be one of the ‘G.O.A.Ts” does he not show up four hours early to a game to work on his jump shot like Ray Allen, the KING of THREE POINTERS, does every single game?

    Lebron James, as one of your biggest fans who has followed you and admired you for so many years, I am telling you that if you ever want to be considered as one of the greatest of all time to play this game, if you want to win multiple championships, if you want to truly dominate the league for the next decade, then you have to dedicate your life right now to developing yourself into a truly unstoppable force. Work on your low post game. Get help from the legends like Dwight Howard has done. Come to games four hours early and work on your jump shot. Come to practices hours earlier and stay hours later to work on your free-throws and three pointer shooting. And most important of all: STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO YOU ARE! Stop being afraid of failing to live up to the expectations. Dedicate your life to basketball, to developing your game and never being satisfied with it, to becoming the Greatest Player of All Time, not to be remembered that way, but for the sole purpose of actually being the greatest.

    Best of luck to you in the Finals!

  11. Jefffromdallas says:

    Uhh, sorry but Mavs had 4th quarter on lock after the 100 point mark. There was no “Miami was leading late in the 4th.” Like Jason Terry said before the game, if they hit the 100 point mark, Mavs will win. The Heat’s only lead was way late in the 2nd half and it was extremely brief — and then topped, and topped again. The Mavericks are the best closers of this series handsdown; there-is-no-argument. The shooting spoke for itself after Dirk’s slam to make it 100-102. Make no mistake the Heat are a great offensive contesting team, but the Mavs are THE 4th quarter team. How many times do we have to beat them 4th quarter, comeback or not, to prove that? Everyone expects more from Lebron, but after last night, I’m quite positive that that’s all we’re going to get out of him. Even if he tried to turn it on this Sunday, it’s simply too late. Mavericks won’t be having that — at all. Their teamwork is there, their intensity is there, and best of all they have precise counters for every single one of the Heat’s offensive weapons.

    Mavs SHUTDOWN win for the Ring in Game 6 ! ! !

  12. just an nba fan says:

    I agree with Bird’s Eye.I don’t really care about either team but I wanted to see someone thrash the heat.I just didn’t think it would be the refs.

    • Heat ALL Day says:

      Yea because the Heat are really gettin thrashed blllahahahaha

      You obviously are just a young immature exaggerater.

      The Mavs won that game SOLELY because they hit 70% from 3’s. A really ABNORMAL percentage that happens VERY rarely especially when you’ve shot 19 or 20 of them. Its not like they were 4 for 6 or 5 for 7.

      Thats the ONLY reason the Mavs won, and it STILL come down to the last minute even with the shooting AND the big 3 having subpar scoring games LOL

      Who here REALLY thinks the Mavs are going to hit 70% of their 3s in Miami?? YEA thats what I thought.

      Heat in 7 Mavs fans. SO sorry.

  13. Tristan says:

    People are paying too much attention to LeBron. The biggest screw up yesterday was Bosh. Every time Bosh is defending Dirk, it is a sure score for Mavs. I am not even mentioning the turn overs happened because of Bosh.

  14. Lets Go Mavs says:

    All of this are just part of the game…Mavs in 6…u doubt heat will be defeated at home?y the doubt?they just lose game 2 at home…tsk3x…a bunch of weaklings…poor james…he needs more superstars before earning his 1st ring…tsk3x…

    • HEAT OH YEAH says:

      your’re talking about game 2. but talk about game 1 too!the ball is round boy.
      talking about losers, any of the mavs superstars got a ring? got to think what you say man.
      mavs may win this to the last possesion as it went from game 2 and 4. but dont count the heat out.

  15. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    WOW … too many EXCUSES and DELUSIONAL HEAT FANS that probably never WATCHED A FINALS SINCE 2007!!!

    MAVS in 6 … LOL!!!

    • HEAT OH YEAH says:

      game 5 is over boy, and ur still havent moved on. heat is down 3-2. lets face game 6. you win, then give to the mavs for a great playoff run. heat wins, lets talk about game 7.

      a loss is a loss. there’s no excuses about it. but game 6 is about to be played so dont count the heat out yet. they’re still guaranteed of 48 mins to survive. now if you’ll just excuse us from ur language please?

    • Sane Heat Fan says:

      No excuses here. Mavs have a great team, good coach, and a bona fide HOF in Dirk. Congrats. Of course, I still think the Heat have chance to pull this out but admit it’s an uphill battle from here. We may need a little luck, as well but this is the NBA and stranger things have happened so we’ll see what happens Sunday and go from there.

    • Venom says:

      Dirk’s revenge-I sure hope-if the Heat win game 6 and then 7-you still talk all that same crap. Because if I remember correctly 3 of the last four years the Champion came out of the Western Conference and i don’t recall Dallas being in any WCF games during that time. Have YOU watched a Finals since 2007? Yeah you probably did from your home just like Dirk and the Mavs. Who were considered SOFT by everyone in the league until this season!!

  16. Bird's Eye View says:

    It amazes me that Mavs fans do not see this. They act like any call not in favor of Dallas is the wrong call. When Wade moved his pivot foot without getting called for traveling, the refs missed a push right before that. The push could have eventually led a penalty situation. Two no calls, advantage Dallas. In game 2 or 3 Kidd traveled before being fouled by Wade on a long jumper. No traveling was called there but the foul was called. Advantage Dallas. Earlier in the series, Dirk reaches over the back (a rebounding foul) of Anthony and Anthony gets called which sent Dirk to line because the Heat were in the penalty. The last sequence occured several times in one game in particular but has been repeated throughout the sreies.
    They say the best team wins in a 7 game series but you can throw that logic out the window if some of the games are manipulated. The NBAs desire to avoid a Heat sweep has ruined this finals. Last night’s game wasn’t too bad and I think they will call it more evenly ( or try to) from this point on but there is no longer a margin for error. If one team gets hot like Dallas did last night, then that team will win.

    • RocketsFan says:

      But yet you fail to look at the multitude of blown calls against the mavs.

      • Bird's Eye View says:

        2 to 4 calls per game favor the Heat vs.12 to 14 favoring the Mavs. It’s really not close at all. Laughable.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      You are failing to see calls Heat GOT that WERE WRONG … like Wade’s ‘injury’ WHICH WAS REALLY A CHARGE!!!


      You are just making HEAT fans LOOK LIKE FOOLS … SO KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK … LOL!!!

      • Bird's Eye View says:

        I only want to watch a good finals not this mess. You’re a homer with biased opinions. Any opinion which does not blow sunshine up Dallas’ rear must be biased toward the heat, right? You’ve said nothing to dispell my claims, rather you help support them. If LBJ has 16 FT attempted and he’s gone to the line 8 times because of 4 flops then that means he only gets there because he flops. I’m surprised he hasn’t flopped more if that’s all they’re calling. I hate flopping more than anything but call it like it is. I know you’re not going to suggest that Dallas’ D, which isn’t bad but also not comparable to ours (Celtics) and the Bulls, is so stellar that they shut down LBJ with the likes of Jason Kidd and company. Now that would be delusional. Look I know you want a title for the Mavs, that’s cool. And you want respect for them as well, also cool. They are a great team and they’ve done a nice job capitalizing on the opportunities “given” to them. They are going to win the championship but to look blindly past what is so apparent is not very indicative of integrity. NBA is facing a lockout wants money and with these finals generating good ratings, they wanted to make sure it went at least six games. It’s not the first time they’ve done this type of thing. Quite being so simple, try a little objectivity and look at the big picture.

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        You say you are a CELTICS FAN?!!

        Wade SLAMMED Pierce, SLAMMED Rondo and injured him, the CELEBRATED LIKE IT WAS A FINALS VICTORY when HE BEAT YOUR TEAM!!!

        How could you possibly CHEER FOR HIM NOW?!!

        You got NO CELTIC PRIDE!!! If you did you would BE CHEERING FOR DALLAS to PAYBACK HEAT!!!


      • Venom says:

        Exactly Bird’s Eye! Very eloquently explained as well.

      • sportsfan says:

        @Dirk’s Revenge: I understand that in this forum, you are free to employ any type of argument you want. That being said, in a logical context, bird’s eye has you beaten. His argument makes sense. The Mavs, a team that is known to drive less, has picked up most of its crucial fouls through rebounding fouls, some questionable at best. The Heat have yet to take advantage of the fact that they drive to the hoop more because the referees don’t seem to be respecting those calls. I am not saying the NBA is completely rigged, but it makes perfect sense that there is 1. home-bias officiating and 2. awareness to juice revenue amidst a looming lockout. If that’s the case (I hope it’s not), let’s hope referees will put revenue aside and have these last two games played normally. You are free to continue replying the way you are (using caps to give you the ’emotional edge’), but if you want to call people fools and not support your argument, then that’s a problem. Oh and if you’re just trolling, you’re totally free to do that as well.

        That being said, do any of you find it strange that the NBA let this happen:
        Crawford has officiated the Finals every year between 1986 and 2006 and went to the same high school as Tim Donaghy (who is famous for confessing to the court that certain NBA games have been rigged in the past), and he (Crawford) has actually been suspended twice for unacceptable referee behavior — later to be pardoned by David Stern


  17. rrking says:

    @seewhatyouwanttosee@Bird’s Eye View. I feel the opposite is true because the ones getting all the calls in their favor are Miami. The problem is that you Heat fans don’t want to accept defeat. If Mavs win which they will is because they are the better team. As a Knicks fan I accepted defeat coming from Boston. Then as a Garnett fan and its Big Three plus Rondo I wanted them to beat the Heat. The Heat won and I clearly felt the Heat was the better team and they deserve to win. Same go against the Bulls, the Heat played like they wanted to go to the finals and they definetely deserve to win. Now that the Mavs are playing like they want the title give credit to them instead of finding excuses. Nowitzki isn’t using his finger or illness as an excuse and Wade isn’t using his hip contussion as an excuse. So why create excuses for both team. These finals are legendary, they are meant to be watched, so let’s enjoy this series and forget about the excuses.

    • Bird's Eye View says:

      Thank you for your emotional opinion which is lacks any logical argumet. You sound more like a Homer than a Knicks fan. BTW I’m a Celtic fan as my name suggests. There are excuses and there are reasons. There is difference. Be objective or sound like a fool. Dirk attacks the basket an average of about 3 times per game but is averaging 9 FT attempts per game. You need a lot of loose ball fouls to generate that. Meanwhile, LeBron needs to act and flop just to get noticed in this series. Bring me a sound argument next time.

      • HEAT OH YEAH says:

        bro, dont forget dirks fakes. CB got caught several times on those fake shots.

      • Queiros says:

        Dude, Dirk doesn’t attack the rim because he DOES NOT need to. It’s all about brains for him. I mean, if you have a seven footer who can shoot it from pretty much anywhere on the court, sometimes making really high arching shots go through the net, what do you do when he fakes a jump shot? of course that you go for the block, meaning the defender leaves the ground. And once he does that, he’s no longer in control. If you watch it carefully, that’s how Nowitzki gets most of his FT’s: a couple of dribles, a fake and then goes underneath the body of the defender and draws the contact.

        He said over and over again, though his height, he hates the low-post game, the bumps and bruises coming with it. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know other ways to draw fouls. It just so happens to be he’s one of the best in the game at doing it.

  18. rrking says:

    @V3cci I find it dumb to say Nowitzki is a good actor at getting foul because Miami are the ones going to the free throw line everytime they go for a layup or a dunk. I did watch all 5 games so far and there are alot of plays where Dallas should be going to the free throw line and they don’t but Miami does a similar play and its already a foul on Dallas. I honestly thought if Wade didn’t get hurt he would have shot 25 or more free throws. As a Knicks fan rooting for Dallas I do agree that Wade got hurt but he’s a great player and is definetely playing better than James defensively and offensively. Now returning to the free throws comment, imagine this. The Mavs on their home court are being neglected a lot of free throws so imagine in Miami’s home court. I guess Miami will shoot 100 free throws compare to Mavs 25 in Game 6. Honestly as a sports fan Mavs will win this series on Sunday in Miami’s house and leave you all Heat Fans crying. This is coming from someone who respects Pat Riley, the Heat organization, and had fun watching Alonzo Mourning as a player.

  19. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    @birds eye view thank you bird’s eye view…with that being said if dallas win it will be handed to them i never saw any one going towards a man (dirk) to give a double team and initially going after the ball get called for a foul it is unbelievable the ball head ref and the other guy made some questionable calls the body builder ref but eh didnt makke alot what you expect out of texas

  20. Bird's Eye View says:

    It’s so rare to see the team which attacks less get more calls. It’s unheard of. Dallas has an outstanding FT attemted advantage because of the multitude of offensive, loose ball, and rebounding fouls called against Miami which has created a penalty situation for Dallas in seeminglt most quarters of the series. These calls have not been consistent for both teams. Dallas can draw a charge but Miami only gets called for blocking. It’s obvious the NBA didn’t want a quick series with the lockout looming so they gave Dallas every opportunity and then a few more to make games 2-4 competitive. It’s very normal for the NBA to do this, not because they want Dallas to win the series but because more games means more advertising revenue. I don’t want to hear about 2006 where the Heat held a significant FT attempted advantage because they were the attacking team and deserved the calls. The team that attacks the rim and draws contact gets the calls, at least until this series began. When that doesn’t happen, you know something is up.

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      And another whining heat fan. Uhaah the refs. The refs make a very good job. If the heat didn´t flop that much in the first three games, the refs would surely call more fouls for the heat. Do you know the story of the kid calling “the wolf is coming”??? They flopt too much in the first games of the finals, that the refs don´t trust them anymore. GO MAVS.

      • Bird's Eye View says:

        Objective Celtic fan and you are just a homer. Case and point: if LBJ does not flop, he does not get a call in this series. That is an undeniable fact.

    • Venom says:

      DIRK OWNS HEAT? What are you on buddy? WADE OWNS RING!!! PERIOD! Until Dirk runs through the Heat to exact revenge and get his ring you should keep those comments to yourself. There are still 2 games left to play!!!

  21. V3cci says:

    Great series so far! Far from over though. Dallas fans, don’t get too excited just yet. They did what they were supposed to do, which is win at home. Miami still has home court. 2 of Miami’s 3 losses were by 2 points. And in all 3 losses, Miami was leading late in the 4th. The Heat don’t have to do anything drastic to win. Dirk is going to do his damage no matter how you guard him. For Miami, it’s more about contesting the 3. If they tighten up the slightest bit late in the 4th, it could lead to an NBA title.

    • Queiros says:

      Sure it’s not over, but you’re forgetting two things:

      1 – if the heat was leading late in the 4th, then the fact that they blew it three times is of some concern, right?

      2 – other than game 5, every game of this series has had very few threes, meaning that the Mavs won games with other weapons.

  22. jason says:

    Listen im not mavs fan or heat fan, but i will be happy to see mavs win. Newinsky, Kidd, and Terry deserve this championship. I just want to say this to Pippen screw you jealous bastard, how there you say lebron is better than Jordan, I did not see Jordan quit in finals before, but i see Lebron quit finals after finals…lol i feel sorry for Dwade because he have to baby sit Lebron now…hahahhahaaaaaa…GO MAVS..BEAT HEAT ON SUNDAY!

  23. u serious? says:

    Anybody saying Wade faked an injury to get a rest is just plain stupid. You really think he would want to miss almost half of the game in the Finals? You people just amuse me with your stupid comments. BTW great game by the Mavs and I’m a heat fan. We still got this in 7 tho

  24. Axel says:

    I dont think in this case Wade is the drama queen. It is the media- they always need something to write about. What is Wade supposed to say when being asked about his injury? I think he said the right things. Lets see if his hip gets sore within the next days and whether he is seriously reduced to less than 100% or back to his old best. That said it is the Mav’s championship to win or lose. They have now gotten the better of the Heat in 2 games in succession and “simply” need to tie this up through concentrated efforts in defence. This game 6 will prove that D wins championships. If the Mavs are able to contain 1-2 of the big three Heat stars, then they will win this surely. But if James and Wade put up a clinic in driving to the hole time and time again, drawing fouls and dunking the ball, then the Mavs will be in trouble. Who knows what it is going to be? This is a hell of a series – so unpredictable and best of all: my German mate Dirk is playing like the MVP!

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      How should James and Wade drive in the setplay, when Dallas plays ZONE-D.

      Zone-D: Teams use the Zone-Defense, because they want to let the opponent drive to the Hoop.

      Please, If some fans don´t know nothing about bball, don´t write.

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        Sorry: won´t not want

      • HEAT OH YEAH says:

        ummm…so you’re saying you can’t find ways to drive to the basket when your opponent is on zone? you’re a genius probably watch games but doesnt really play hoops.

        you know the terms pick, cut , pop and slide genius???

        im not playing guru here but dont you think attacking the basket after a good ball distribution would be a good idea? higher percentage but contested shots gives you a chance to draw a foul, or make or miss. better than said than done i know but id rather be blocked 6 times in a game but get my defenders in the mood that they cant relax on me coz i will relently attack the basket.

  25. BJackson says:

    come on.. dallas is living on a prayer.. heat melt downs in games 2 4, and tonight dallas was throwing prayers from the 3 point line.. huge rainbow shots that 99% of the time wouldnt go in.. 4 of em total i counted. .. that being said .. i winced everytime lebron took a 3 pointer.. the moment he went up i just automaticly said CLANK in my head and then watched it bounce away.. poor poor decisions and shooting on miami’s end is killing them in the 4th quarter.. this should have been a 4-0 sweep for the heat.

    lebron is playing defense just fine.. its his offense that is killing the heat. and dont tell me jason kid can guard lebron james.. why the heck did he pull up for long range shoots against jason kid in semi-isolations? lebron seems to be shooting for the camera. he wants to shoot daggers when basic ball would win this series for them.. drive it. .get the foul go to the line.

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      Dallas throwing prayers??????????? I see, you never watched a MAVS-game. They´re over 70% with shoots like that. You´re just whining because the Heat are not able to close out a game. F Lebron how could someone say that he is a great basketball player????? This finals has show what James is about. QUITING. The MAVS should have sweept the weak Heat team. No, team is the wrong word. The Heat BIG 3. LONG LIVE THE CHAMPIONS MAVS.

      • Venom says:

        DIRK OWNS HEAT-Kobe Is Great!! And he and the lakers quit too. Does that mean Kobe is not great because his team quit? Just wondering? He has all the rings.

  26. Knuckz says:

    Agreed!! Lakers were in the same position last year. Down 3-2 to Boston and counted out. Miami is clearly the superior team when they decide to play.

    • Zeradius says:

      too bad that they havent “decided to play in the clutch”. thats why they are down in the series and Dallas has a better opportunity obviously than winning than miami even though they are playing in miami because not only have they won six of their last 7 games ON THE ROAD, but they have shown before that they have the grit and the heart to succeed.

    • INVERSE FOR MAVS says:


  27. Nik123dj says:

    How can you say LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan? The real King scored 38 with a stomach flu in game 5 of the finals on the road, taking over and closing the game with a dagger three, unlike LeChoke, who is not up to the Finals pressure in the fourth quarter. Considering it is his first finals I don’t blame him. Wade has been here before.

    Only team in NBA that can beat Heat in 6 or 7 right now, is the Mavericks. They are most experienced team, deepest and mentaly toughest team in the NBA. They’ve seen it all and make no mistake, Mavs will stay in the moment.

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      First finals????? what about Cavs-Spurs????? considering this his second finals I will definitly blame James for the losses against Dallas

      • stof says:

        you can’t blame him for not counting LeBron’s first finals. It wasn’t realy a series.

  28. I took Phonics says:

    Dwyane Tyrone Wade. What a cool name! It’s got the African thing workin’ “Duh wuh yah nay”, then the traditional Tyrone…

  29. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    we are going back to miami i hope they change the refs because that ball head ref called every foul for dirk when he got double team. and why you guys hating on wade he got the lead 99 95 (9 0 run) then bosh and bron wasnt getting there calls and that offensive foul on lebron wade did the same move and went to shoot free throws tyson fall and broon is called the refs need to be change i knew when we caught up that was going to happen. lebron wasn’t aggressive aagain aint no one saying anything about that you turning it on wade but i hope he earns from this and if miami ose you should of taek heed to wades’ advice don’t give a team life they just have to get the refs again to win one more game.

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      Another whining HEAT fan. “uhhhahha the refs”. watch for example game three, and you say the refs are with MAVS. This show me once more that over 90% of the Heat-fans have no idea about basketball.

  30. MiamiHeat says:

    LEBRON JAMES all day!!! F Dirk & the mavs !!! Miami in 7!!!

    • STFU says:

      what else can you say…. you cant say it like you did the beginning of hte play offs right? what was it? a sweep? a heat in 6? and now what?

      hey what again?

      omg what was that again?

  31. WellWellWell says:

    Don’t try blame it on Spoelstra. The Heat are 4 up within 4 minutes to go, if I remember it right. What else really can Spoelstra do, but sending his Big Three out to close it. I want you to face it, that this is not a team yet, not a team like Dallas seems to be. That’s why the Mavs really deserve to win it all. I don’t live in Dallas, I’m not a Mavs Fan in particular, but like Coach Carlisle said. You got to love what this team stands for, how they work together, how they show poise and determination.
    Oh by the way have you all seen this:
    It’s a video of LeBron and Wade making fun of Nowitzki’s illness. That’s everything I don’t want the future champions of 2011 look like. So honestly: GO MAVS!!

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      LOL. LeBron told before the game that he will play great. LOL. We saw it. LOL. What a LOOSER LeBron is. LOL

  32. covermequick says:

    whats wrong in chasing a ring before its too late. they are saying mavs is no match with mia ! come to think of it they sweep and dethrone the champs ! bench are okay i guess coach erik must change his plan and put chalmers on starting 5 and let jones play to scattered the D of mavs !

  33. OEllinas89 says:

    Wade´s drive was a clear offensive foul. They can´t win even when they are favoured by the referees!

  34. Alexzo48 says:

    Lebron is a hype machine… There’s too much talk around him & frankly i think he’s over rated! Dwyane IS still & will ALWAYS be the alphadog of this team. He’s leading by example on the biggest stage of the nba while bron continues to choke & fade on the bright lights!

  35. Pistolero says:

    i think this is how the heat shld play:

    start anthony, bosh, james, wade, chalmers. stop playing bibby, cant defend, slow, cold shooting.
    subbing in the 2nd qtr: haslem, bosh, miller, wade, house. this lineup has even shooting and speed to match up with the mavs
    subbing in the 3rd: haslem, james, jones, miller, chalmers. the point of this lineup is surround lebron with enough shooters, not unlike in his heydays in cleveland (varejao-jamison-james-west-mo, ie one big man 3 shooters and him). in this case there are even more shooters and lebron gets into the paint more easily. the mavs have yet to collapse on him when he drives or is in the paint. when they do that, james easily throws it out to anyone on the perimeter.
    4th quarter: haslem, bosh, james, miller, wade. this is arguably the best lineup miami has. all 5 can rebound, run and play team defense. chandler will be on bosh, nowitzki or UD, marion on james, terry on miller, kidd on wade. if bosh sets the pick, chandler will double up on james/wade. same for UD. at this pt in time, either bosh/UD has to rotate to below the rim. no more standing outside waiting for jumpers. get aggressive in the paint and atk the 2 7-footers

    easier said than done. but this is how to break down mavs. in the 4th, i think miami were down by 5, they ran the same play for bosh and james and bosh gt free.

    my opinion is that if u atk chandler and dirk and make them foul you u got a chance

  36. heat136 says:

    @ZkaAa..we still believe bro..

  37. heat136 says:

    heat fans dont loose hope!!..keep the faith burning..I STILL BELIEVE AND WE WILL ALL BE WITNESSES..

  38. tonyhawk says:

    GO HEAT ON GAME 6 do what ever it takes lbj, wade, bosh do your best..

  39. yehboi says:

    im a lebron and wade fan, i just dont like the way lebron is playing right now. he’s aggresiveness before turned into pillow now. please lebron, you’ve done that before when you fought the spurs do not do it again this time. this time is yours. i still believe! lets rock the mavs

  40. mm312 says:

    for me lebron is a great player. Do not criticize him , if you are looking to someone to critcize it is a erik spoelstra who can;t do anythıng at the momont when the game is slightly sliding away from their hands.

    • hahaha says:

      what do u want the coach to do when the jet is shooting in lebrons face

    • gee says:

      If Miami loses the series…erik Spolestra is out of a job…he cant’s the players making him look good and he is over playin the starters and making them tired for the fourth quarter. He has a bench full of experience players like Dampier who knows Dallas well and james jones whois a three point threat.

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        @ gee: why Eric man, what he can do if James it not ready for the ring. If something should happen in Miami, then please trade away James and get a better rollplayer then him. And then my dear heat fans you´re team is ready for a ring. Notihing more to say about Lelooser.

        P. S. you would like to play Erica Dampier. For all the Mavs fans: please Spolstra put in Erica, because we Dallas fans know that he has no skillz.

  41. yehboi says:

    trust me, if lebron will not play like he usually does against boston and chicago. i would say “better luck next time” all three wins from dallas were all come from behind victory meaning to say they had all th chances to win games but they let it go. miami should break the curse of the 5minute mark. thats all i can say.. i still believe that miami will win the series

  42. Sam says:

    What a minute!?! That shot looked like a traveling violation!!!

    • Sam says:

      Dammit! I meant “Wait a minute”. 😛

      Likewise, the impact didn’t look to be that bad/strong though.

  43. stof says:

    The heat’s excuse is LBJ.
    The guy is a great player, but he can’t lead a team to victory down the stretch. His skills would make you think he can but that is where he deceives you. He needs Wade to win, he can’t do it when he is the top dog.
    This game was just an example of that. An injured Wade has to pick it up in the fourth while a healthy James stands by and comes up with nothing.

  44. LakersFan says:

    Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd deserve a ring. ’nuff said.

  45. Lee says:

    Wade will be back in game 6 w/ vengeance, he and Bron will try to cease the game early on, it will be a battle, can’t wait but i still feel Dallas will win the series, it’s hard to get 2 straight against a veteran and hungry team w/ Dirk and Kidd close to there goal..

  46. Gab says:

    With the general bruised and the king in questionable state, they need some 1-2-3(?) else to step up or be trampled.

    • STFU says:

      General – wade? James – King?

      Shouldnt it be — the god — wade…. and james — the king….

      anyways WADE>JAMES — PROVEN and TESTED

  47. Spark says:

    Dallas will definitely have a difficult time closing out the series now that it’s in Miami. But, home court advantages really mean not as much as the player’s performance on the floor. Dallas will need to be ready for the onslaught once they step on enemy’s ground. Otherwise, a seven game is expected.

    I must say: many said Heat in 6. Fewer said Dallas in 6. Much fewer said this series will go the distance. Dallas must take it at 6 while the pressure is bearing on Miami to win. Otherwise, Miami regains momentum at home and wins it. Playing on the road, Dallas must have a stronger mindset coming into Game 6, play with more intensity than what they’ve already shown, and win it all.

    They’ve done it against the defending champs with a sweep. With the right execution plays, they can take the crown on Sunday.

  48. heat or mavs says:

    it’s not yet over for the heat . . look what happened to boston last year when they had the 3-2 agains the lakers but lakers still win the series . . i hope the heat will bounce back and make this series as one of the best nba finals ever . .

    • Celtics says:

      Well, the series is not over yet and everything can happen.
      What happened with Boston last year was a injury, with Perk on the floor they would have defenetly won the champ, and sure enough if they had not traded him, and Rondo would not have had that attempted murder from Wade, we would not even be here talking about it, couse C would have been champs again… but yeah, what can I say, those general managers drink to much sometimes…:(
      Anyway, about Wade injury, you guys were not on the court so please shut up. On tv you can not feel the pain, so you beter stop talking about it. Is crazy to think that he is faking the injury,, common man, he works he’s butt off for this chance to win the ring, you say he is faking… yeah sure, and you are santa clause i guess?!.
      I do not know who is gone win, as sure is that no one here does, overwise you will bet and be a multi milionair… 😛
      One thing is sure, the games have been tight, both teams are trying their best.. I hope Dallas wins, but i think will difficult. You can talk about LB what you want, but that guy can do everything on the court.. he just has to find a good coach… I told him to go to the C’s, he surely would have had a ring now 🙂
      Enjoy the finals.

  49. ZkaAa says:

    sorry miami heat! but its over! ask lebron’s tweet “its now or never”……. so to all miami heat fans outder praying for the heat to win game 6! LEBRON JAMESS IS A QUITER!! HAHA

  50. heat says:

    jersey number 1 bosh, 3 wade, 6 LBJ, they won 1, 3 and hopefully game 6, Who got the jersey number 7??? its Erik Spoelstra!!! we’ll see that on game 7.. lol

  51. weweboy says:

    i think everybody in heat must involve. they need to rotate the ball and make significant play,,JAMES is not a reliable player to lead the team,,,,,,,,,,GO MAVS………………..

  52. bobby_phil says:

    I am a Spurs fan rooting for the Heat. What LBJ showed in all his Finals appearances is that he is really KING. ShrinKING and SinKING under Pressure. Unlike Jordan and Wade he doesn´t have a Killer Instinct. Hope he picks it up in the last 2 games

    • Knuckz says:

      Totally agree. If the Heat looses this series, the term Best Player should never be linked to LeBron’s name because he has let myself and every other Heat fan down. Actually ever Basketball fan too because his performance is a disgrace.

    • Johnny says:

      A spurts fan rooting for the Heat? You sad that your Spurs cant win another championship so you root for the teams in the other conference? Way to show some state pride wuss.

      • STFU says:

        Johnny — your name is so common, but sense is not common in you!

        why cant he ROOT for MIAMI? when there’s 2 teams battling out, you can root for anyone even if your some others teams FAN.. hello?!!!!!

  53. julian says:

    Lebron does not need a ring right now at least. He’s still too young. I mean Jordan didn’t get one till he was 28 and he went to college. I like Wade as a player, but he shouldn’t act like the new Paul Pierce, getting injured, going to the locker room in a wheelchair, then coming back on the court in full health. WTF is that all about? This is the NBA Finals. No excuses. You play to win. Nothing else matters.

    • gee says:

      he did it in the atlanta series when they beat miami in seven games…i thought he was dead the way he acted the part then came back shooting lights out even though they lost all energised. GREAT actor Wade is. I think he gets tired and need a rest so he fakes the injuries.

    • V3cci says:

      Did Wade go to the locker room in a wheelchair? Did he return in full health? NO! He returned to try and help his team u filthy animal!

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        Jordan came in to the league when he was 22. This means after 6 years the first Ring.
        James will get his maybe after 10 years.

    • STFU says:

      WADE didnt make any excuses, if the injury for you is an EXCUSE — i would like to see your face when you get one…. and hey… no excuses please….

  54. Steven Son says:

    I think Wade for Hollywood coz his overacting , dramatic and love to get the attention of people… maybe he will won OSCAR Award not MVP award.. Dirk never seen so dramatic he hides his pain even though he suffer injuries and sickness he dont show to his team mate that his giving up.

  55. LebronTheKing says:

    Lebron is better than KOBE and JORDAN!! Pippen is right no doubt about that. Lebron will come back and score 50 points next game!

  56. LebronTheKing says:

    Lebron is BETTER than KOBE! No Doubt about it and Pippen was right. Lebron is better than Jordan! F.U. all Lebron HATERS!

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      LOL this guy over me never saw an bball-game. Lebron is the man yeah, just wait next game he scores 1-13. LJ in my opinion was never a franchise player, because franchise players step up if his team need him. LJ showed now for 7 years that he couldn´t step up. LJ is and always will be a rollplayer. And the best thing Spolstra could do is to take him off the court in the fourth quatter. Maybe then the Miami will have a chance against Dallas. But if James keep staying in the 4th on the floor the heat have no chance against DALLAS DIRK.

      • stof says:

        100% correct. James is just a very talented roleplayer. He needs an other star to take the leading role.
        He plays for 7years and still can’t perform in crunchtime, even with his talent and skills. I question the fact if he ever will. Even if he scores 50 the next game, even if he is clutch the next game, it’s not on a nightly basis, far from it. You can’t rely on him.

  57. nic says:

    Dwayne Wade injury is part of the NBA finals games with the long season and playoffs they’re all right about everybody is injured. But what compounded the loss of Miami Heat is the game official tend to favor the home court team. Like what happen at Game 3, game official called 27 fouls against Heat and only 14 call against the Mav’s, despite of that Heat still won the game. but com’on ref you got to give the visiting team a fair call. And now at game 5 Lebron James drive to the basket and called for offensive foul on Tyson Chandler, the game official overlooked that Chandler right foot was on the circle of the NO CHARGE zone. I think that was the turning point of the game but as usual referees are human only and they can’t see everything in the court. Let’s just hope next game the referee will give visiting team a fair call.

    • gee says:

      Well if tht’s your case Dallas already won the series…game three back court violation which gave chamerss the three point basket and miami won by two. the calls are in favor of the heat. MIami can still win but it’s going to be hard againt a desperate mav squad if the come out shooting like last night.

    • RocketsFan says:

      Actually that was legal, it was explained on TV, but I don’t recall now

      • cheaters says:

        that was explained as fair becaus 75% of his foot was over the line and besides even though it wasent back court how did dallas try to defend it oh yeah the sat ther and arked there heads following he ball into the hoop with there eyes

    • karibkween says:

      very astute observation, nic, it isn’t about the number of call its when the call is made, every Dallas comeback has been initiated by the referee’s loose whistles favoring Dirk. Meanwhile D. Wade who apparently re-injured what I believe is a groin injury he received in the first game of the ECF is constantly being pushed in the back when he drives the lane, even on that play that produced the injury Terry is clearly pushing Wade into Cardinal. Also in one of Wade’s offensive highlights he is shooting sandwiched between Chandler and Nowitzki, who has his hand on Wade’s lower back pushing him into Chandler that play should have been (+1), no foul was called, but Haslem and Anthony merely breathe on Nowitzki and they’re on the bench with four fouls. It is inconceivable that Lebron James can play an entire series without more than two calls in any one game, not when he averages around seven-ten foul shots during the regular season. How does a player score a non-aggressive tripple-double. This series is a phuqing circus.

  58. Guinnyss says:

    All that call Wade injury fake must not play any kind of contact sport. All it takes is a certain angle and not all injury from player to another is the same. damn couch potatoes.

    Another game and miami coach have no EXCUSE why Mavs are shooting open shots in the 4th quarter. I personally think the defense is overrating to Dirk causing people on the 3 point line to be open. Let’s play Dirk 1on1 with UD until Dirk try to drive, otherwise 1on1 and watch Heats win the next 2 games by double digit. Also, start Chalmers and rotate Chalrmers with J Jones leaving Bibby on the bench. I personally think Jones is Lebron favorite go to guy. Don’t know why Eric not playing him.

  59. heatfan says:




  60. jayfox says:

    jason terry make king james a queen in his last shot,,,,

  61. KMill says:

    Wade seems kind of wimpy. Look at the reply, he just bumps into the Maverick player and then starts crying and whining…what a drama queen. It will be great if the Heat lose!!!!

    • KMill says:

      Wade bumps the guy on his right side but then walks off holding his left hip. He didn’t even have any contact on his left hip!!!! If that isn’t faking then I don’t know what is!

  62. Jefffromdallas says:

    Shya bra, sorry but Heats done and it simply can’t be helped. LBJ just doesn’t care anymore; it’s very evident. He did better than game 4 in game 5, but that’s still not saying much. SO! … after this game 5 display… all of the Heat can finally share the blame. Can’t wait for Dallas to close it out on Sunday. Maybe next year, supersquad

    #Lebron to dallas (hehe <3)

    • V3cci says:

      What? Better in game 4? Did you even watch the game? Miami outplayed Dallas. Dallas just hit the craziest shots I’ve ever seen. They didn’t do that in games 1, 2, 3, or 4. And I doubt they’ll do it again in games 6 and 7. Not saying they don’t have a chance to win, just saying you’re acting like Dallas murderd Miami. Miami has 2 wins by a total of 10 points. Dallas has 3 by a total of 14. Going back to Miami, and the Heat are done?

      • STFU says:

        Hey we arent acting like DALLAS murdered miami… but im gonna say that the DALLAS

  63. Karl says:

    @ Kamote Wtf man LeBron had a triple trouble how much step up do you want??

    Heat in seven because king needs a ring

    • hahaha says:

      i guess u only checked box score like typical lebron fans

      • V3cci says:

        Hahaha, a typical Lebron fan? The heck is that? Lebron’s been an all around player for the longest. If anything, most Lebron fans wouldn’t care about the box score because they know there’s so much more to the game. Kevin Durant is a box score player.

    • V3cci says:

      LOL, some people don’t understand the game, and think that if a player doesn’t score 30, he didn’t play well.

    • Josh says:

      Yea watch the full game, Lebron played a great 3 quarters, but again he was a ghost in the fourth. Wade played badly in the chicago series but was always a major factor down the stretch, the heat need both lebron and bosh to be more aggressive in the fourth

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I agree and thats the difference between bron and wade, wade struggled in the chi series, but in the FOURTH QUARTER he made THE RIGHT PLAYS to win those games, and now that Wade is now, and lebron off LEBRON IS NOT MAKING ANY PLAYS IN THE FOURTH!!!!!!


      • Heat ALL Day says:

        Dude your nothin but a hater. In BOTH the Boston AND Chicago series Lebron CLOSED those games. Wade had a lot worse games than Bron did. SOrry bout it. LEBRON BROUGHT em home in those 2 series.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      the so called king dont deserve a ring, wade goes out and he doesnt take the game over…..that was his perfect oppurtunity, for wade to come bak in the fourth and try to get this win and lebron not give him the PROPER help to close the game speaks VOLUMES…this guy is afraid of the moment, lets just put it to rest, its a proven fact now!

  64. kwan says:

    heat in 7, it’ll be great to win a title at home., and i doubt they will lose at home.

    • STFU says:

      They already did in game 2… so the right words would be “i doubt they would win at home”

  65. Paschal says: does a story on Nowitzki going in for late night practices, then Dwayne Wade tweets that he’s going in for late night practices. Nowitzki tears a tendon and comes down with a flu and comes through after each injury, then Dwayne Wade rolls around on the floor after a flat bump (it was front to front, no angle, and fairly light) and winces his way to the locker room only to return a few minutes later bouncing around for rebounds and layups………he was checking the score in the locker room. Brendan Haywood has a hip contusion and couldn’t suit up four days later, and we’re supposed to believe that this dude can come back and sprint and jump full speed 15 minutes later. Do you remember that old commercial-“If I could be like mike?” Insert Nowitzki’s name and Dwayne wade as the little kid. FAKER.

    • Rich says:

      Holywood as hell ! Full of drama queens.

      • V3cci says:

        I keep hearing that. But why is it that Dallas is the team doing all the talking while MIA is just playing the game? Dirk had an injury, then a fever, but nobody called him “Hollywood”. And Dirk is the best actress in the NBA when it comes to trying to get the foul call. You see the way he flails his body around? Miami outplayed Dallas in every aspect of the game last night, Dallas just hit insane shots.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        vecci shut up….dallas in 7!

      • INVERSE FOR MAVS says:


    • rob says:

      Wait, what did Wade do wrong to be a ‘faker’? You’re mad at his doctor for a fast diagnosis?

    • KMill says:

      Well said!!! Wade the Drama Queen!! Dwayne Wade could hardly be called a tough guy.

    • KMill says:

      Wade bumps the guy on his right side but then walks off holding his left hip. He didn’t even have any contact on his left hip!!!! If that isn’t faking then I don’t know what is!

      • V3cci says:

        He got hit on the left from behind. Did any of you Mavs fans watch the game?

      • Johnny says:

        Do you know what a hip contusion actually is? Its a deep bruise of the tissue between the hip and impact zone THE FLOOR. If it was minor he would have only felt slight pain. Judging by the amount of pain he was in Id say it was moderate to severe. If only he didn’t throw up his hands like an idiot trying to draw a block he could have fell properly. As such I doubt he will “Heal” in the next week so he will have to play through the pain for the next 2 games.

      • Zeradius says:

        Thanks for the explanation Johnny, but it was BRENDAN HAYWOOD who had the contusion, not Wade

      • Venom says:

        Thank You Johnny! That is exactly right. And ur right he will have to play through it and it’s tough I played football with that injury. It was hell! But if you get it warm it will loosen up but there’s no help for the pain!

    • ed3 says:

      So why did he go to the locker room? just for a rest or something

    • hahaha says:

      u cant really judge a back/hip injury like that, i mean i dont think he would want to be out of the game if it didnt hurt

  66. Colt says:

    Still sayin Heat in 7. BUT, if i am wrong, Dirk and Kidd both deserve this. So its still cool. Lol

  67. Guest says:

    It’s not what he says, it’s what he does. The way he grimaces every time he misses a shot or when he knows the camera is on him. I’m just saying, Rondo dislocated his elbow and came back in. Wade only bruised his hip. That’s nothing. A bruise? Really? Everyone has bumps and bruises, you just play through it.

  68. Paeng says:

    He’s a tough guy. One good thing about Wade is that he lets his game speaks for him. That’s what real man is all about.

  69. HeatWade says:

    I really do hope D-Wade will be fine comes game 6 coz they really needs to win that game…

  70. Kamote says:

    Wade getting hurt is definitely bad for the Heat… since Lebron’s performance in the finals (i.e. crunchtime) is way too short to be called as “Jordanesque”, not even close to being a “Pippen” to Wade. Bosh and Chalmers should step-up since the King can’t do it.


  71. deron says:

    Miami has to figure out how to get Lebron more involved, he’s being way too tentative. Deferring to Wade does not mean he has to be tentative. However, with the way the Mavs were shooting, I’m not sure it really mattered. They put on a offensive clinic: great shots and few turnovers.