Where Are Iggy And The Sixers Going?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That’s quite a revolving door they’ve got spinning around in Philadelphia.

One day the rumor mill has Andre Iguodala going cross country to the Warriors in exchange for little man Monta Ellis. The next day the gossip is focused a bit south down the California coast where Iguodala could go to the Clippers for big man Chris Kaman.

Looming over everything is the story that long-time club owner Ed Snider is on the verge of selling the Sixers.

In one scenario, bringing in Ellis would put the Sixers in a go-go attack with a small lineup that could get up and down the floor and score points. But it would also mean that Ellis has to fit into a backcourt with fellow speedsters Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams as one more guy who needs the ball in his hands to be effective. And are we really sure Evan Turner could thrive at small forward?

In the second option, the Sixers are going back to a traditional lineup with a big man in Kaman in the middle, though they would be taking a gamble on a center that’s missed 117 games due to injury over the past four seasons. He’d be paired with his former Clippers teammate, Elton Brand, but wouldn’t that clog up the low post?

Does any of it really matter if the Sixers don’t get a new owner in place who is totally committed to winning? Phil Sheridan of the Philadelphia Inquirer says that’s the necessary first step:

Getting a new billionaire owner isn’t necessarily a magic solution to a sports franchise’s problems. Ask fans of the NFL team in Washington about that. We don’t know whether Joshua Harris is the next Daniel Snyder or James Dolan or whether he’d be another Mark Cuban or Arthur Blank. We don’t even know whether any of those examples would be the right sort to restore the Sixers to first-class citizenship.

The best case, of course, is that he’s a competitive guy with a mean streak who will do whatever it takes to win a title. It looks as if we’ll find out.

The latter deal certainly would seem to make sense for the Clippers, who say they’re committed to DeAndre Jordan at center. Iguodala could be a good fit on the front line with Rookie of the Year power forward Blake Griffin.

It’s the Sixers, determined finally it seems, to move Iguodala, who have to make up their minds. Big or small? Fast or slow? In or out? The revolving door keeps spinning and maybe it doesn’t stop until a new owner is in place.

Ellis or Kaman? Hey, Allen Iverson is evidently available again.

Which way should the Sixers go?


  1. bigguy123 says:

    go for ellis over kamen

  2. Diddy says:

    Wow… that Miami4ever guy is smoking some strong stuff. I wish I could get some of that boy. KEEP DREAMING SON!

  3. asdf says:

    oh dude that is sooooo gonna happen! incredibly possible. only problem is that i think they will be denied their title by the lakers, who are totally trading the whole except kobe for a fountain of youth and are going to recruit, bird, magic, wilt, and mj. and kareem as a sixth man, just for insurance

  4. Miami4ever says:

    haha keep dreaming Clippers and Warriors
    Iggy will come to Miami 😛
    that’s right he’s gonna be insurance for lebron for next year. in case if another game4 show up next playoff

    we will send UH, Bibby , and Z
    we gonna play like
    DW, LJ, Ai,CB, A line up
    beat that NBA

    then we will trade Ai and Mario for Melo before trade dead line
    then end of the year we will get Dwight Horward (probably mikemiller and anthony will have to go)
    this will be miami’s 2012-13 line up
    wade, james, anthony, bosh and howard
    and 7 guys from NBDL just to keep bench warm
    then we will win our second title that year!!!
    u can’t beat miami, best team in NBA history

  5. BballFan4life says:

    Clippers: don’t trade Kaman. A serviceable wingman like Iguodola can be had anywhere, anytime; the same, however, can’t be said for an above-average center like Kaman.

    I like the Clippers strenght in length ala the Lakers Gasol/Bynum/Odom.