LBJ On Game 5: ‘Biggest Of My Life’

DALLAS — After searching for it ourselves the past 36 hours, we didn’t think there was any extra pressure that could be heaped upon the combatants in Game 5 of The Finals tonight at American Airlines Center.

After all, the series is tied 2-2 and both the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat realize the gravity of the moment — the winner of this games moves just four quarters from claiming the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Then LeBron James walked out of the Heat locker room this morning, slid up against a wall and began to unload about his feeling about what he would go on to call the “biggest game of my life.”

James sent out a late-night tweet — “Now or Never!!” — the day before that should have served notice of the way he spent the time between his humbling Game 4 performance and the hours leading up to tonight’s game.

“It was a personal message to myself,” James said after the Heat’s shootaround practice. “That’s just how I was feeling at that time, honestly. It was just a personal message to myself and had nothing to do with anyone else besides myself. I was just in a zone at that point … this is a big game, probably the biggest game of my life, well, not probably, it is. And I’m approaching it that way.”

The Heat need James in a zone tonight, particularly in the fourth quarter if this game goes according to the same script as the last three in this series. They’ve been decided by a total of seven points, with the Mavericks getting late-game heroics from Dirk Nowitzki in their two wins. Much has been made of Nowitzki’s 44 fourth-quarter points in this series, which dwarfs the nine James has scored over that same stretch.

James said he tried to escape the furor over his Game 4 performance, the eight points (which included none in the fourth quarter) going down as his worst playoff showing to date, by going to dinner. But that didn’t work. Channel surfing in his hotel room proved fruitless, as well. So he turned to the Internet, where he said he caught up on some reading about his own trials and tribulations from those of us charged with documenting his every move during these days.

“You just try to stay up and watch TV, and there is never anything on TV,” James said of the ways in which you try to escape from the moment. “Get on the Internet and read you guys’ columns. Those are fun. I’ve seen a lot of them. They’re pretty good. Appreciate it.”

James isn’t the only member of Miami’s Big 3 putting a huge psychological stake in tonight’s game. “I’m more ready for Game 5 of a 2-2 series than I’ve ever been in my career,” Dwyane Wade said. And Chris Bosh insists that the Heat will show that they “want it more,” than the presumably equally ambitious Mavericks.

“This is what it’s about,” James said. “This is what we all dreamed about being in this moment. No one ever said it was going to be easy. We haven’t had anything easy all year. I haven’t had anything easy all year. So it’s there. We’re looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to. And this is what I’ve been dreaming about my whole life.”

This game didn’t need any extra hot sauce. There is plenty of drama to go around — it’s the Mavericks’ home finale and the Heat’s 100th game of the season (preseason games excluded), not to mention the latest chapter in the legacy series being written by Nowitzki and James — for both sides.

And now, thanks to LeBron, there’s a little more!


  1. JR says:

    I’ve been a Lebron James fan since before he entered the NBA. I remember thinking this guy would ultimately become the greatest player of all time. I mean, how could you not think that? With a body like his he certainly has the potential. He put up ridiculous numbers year after year, to no one’s surprise. He amazed us with his athleticism and all round play, no doubt. There was one thing missing, however, for us to consider him ‘great’. The word great is used to describe not just how some played basketball, but what they achieved and how they went about achieving it. As a huge Lebron James fan, I have been rooting for him to win a championship for many years now. There was a voice inside me that told me he would never rank up to Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or any of the all time greats because of how he entered the league and how the world has treated him. He entered the league an 18 year old kid. They crowned him a KING, and placed 90 million dollars into his bank account before he even played one game in the NBA. Any intelligent person with life experience knows what that is a recipe for. And then they placed insurmountable pressure on him to become a multiple champion at such a young age without any real help. But all that doesn’t matter any more because he is much older, much more experienced, and has lots of help from superstar teammates D Wade and Chris Bosh. The problem with Lebron is though, he wants to one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of being remembered as one, whereas Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant want to be one of the “Greatest of All Time” for the sake of actually BEING ONE. That is the biggest difference I have noticed with Lebron and the Greats in the 17 or so years I have been an NBA fan. I do not understand for the life of me why Lebron James, with all the potential in the world to become the single greatest basketball player to have ever played, has not to this date, worked on developing a low-post game or attempt to become one of the greatest jump shooters. He has been blessed with a super-human body and has wasted it by not developing one good low-post move. He would certainly be “UNSTOPPABLE” to the exact definition of the word if had developed a low-post game. Why if he wants to be one of the ‘G.O.A.Ts” does he not show up four hours early to a game to work on his jump shot like Ray Allen, the KING of THREE POINTERS, does every single game?

    Lebron James, as one of your biggest fans who has followed you and admired you for so many years, I am telling you that if you ever want to be considered as one of the greatest of all time to play this game, if you want to win multiple championships, if you want to truly dominate the league for the next decade, then you have to dedicate your life right now to developing yourself into a truly unstoppable force. Work on your low post game. Get help from the legends like Dwight Howard has done. Come to games four hours early and work on your jump shot. Come to practices hours earlier and stay hours later to work on your free-throws and three pointer shooting. And most important of all: STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHO YOU ARE! Stop being afraid of failing to live up to the expectations. Dedicate your life to basketball, to developing your game and never being satisfied with it, to becoming the Greatest Player of All Time, not to be remembered that way, but for the sole purpose of actually being the greatest.

    Best of luck to you in the Finals!

  2. bonik® says:

    nice win mavs. 🙂 i feel there is something going to happen in the next games. 🙂

  3. Law064 says:

    Well Dallas has the 3-2 edge and will look to end this Sunday. Now or Never Lebron really? Now it really is now or never, for Dallas. If it goes 7 the heat have a better chance at winning. Lebron lebron Lebron, good game triple double but it wasn’t enough. If I’m not mistaken he had like 4 or 6 points in the 4th quarter. Better than MJ?? Scottie Pippen your a lebron d*** rider he’ll never be better than MJ. Good shooting from Dallas and this was the best offensive game from both teams breaking the 100 mark. I said if Dallas start making the open shots they’ll beat Miami but at the same time the TO’s and missed shots from Miami was a killer. Mario Chalmers had a great game and the Wade Injury had a effect on Flash. The Heat really need Wade to finish games cause Lebron has not been a closer in this series. He made shots vs the Celtic’s & Bulls but that was more luck than anything. He’s getting the same shots but he’s missing them. Good luck to both teams in game 6

  4. LOLakers says:

    The Heat have just experienced the very best Phallus has to offer! A nearly perfect game and it’s only a 9 point victory! You think you can pull that off in Miami? No way! You will all be witness as Lebron, Wade, and Bosh devastate Phallus and make them wish they were back home! Keep in mind that Miami has yet to play a perfect game and it’s only a matter of time!

    • dirk45 says:

      But you know that Dallas would have won 112-88 if they REALLY had played a perfect game. The last wins offense was bad, defense was near perfect. This time offense was near perfect, defense was bad.

      This series – as any final series – is not about inventing bad names on others in blog comments. It’s about the will to win at the highest level you will find in bball around the world. Dallas has the heart and the will to do what’s necessary. LBJ hasn’t showed it by now.

    • unknown says:

      Remember tht crazy shot of mari chalmers,the falling shooting foul of lebron james?Does that make sense? the almost perfect free throw shooting from the heat.And the fake charge of chandler was a make up of the referee for cardinal real charge blocking injury foul.I believe miemi shot like 50% or more i don’t remember..For me miami was really lucky that they make all the free throw.Dallas doesn’t need luck.You are another troll plaguing this blog and forum with ref ,luck and the “perfect” game.You wanna know a perfect game.Watch lakers vs dallas game 4.Go somewhere else.With your silly complains.Poor miami fans crybabys.Hey and stop deleting my post.I’m not insulting directly.What the hell is wrong with hangtime nba personal.They really love to delete post.I’m not gonna auto correct me because sometime I’m wasting my time with this nba moderator.Are you miami crybaby fans?Delete it if you want it.Let see if you post it

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        Some dude a few Blogs back CALLED DIRK A GERMAN NAZI and it STAYED POSTED!!!

        That WAS SOME BLATANT RACISM but was that OK because IT WAS AGAINST DIRK? Or because against WHITE FOLKS?

        These moderators need to be consistent … and should maybe TAKE DOWN RACIST COMMENTS!

  5. heat136 says:

    lebrick as they call him has his balls shaking and once again help dallas win in game 5..i hope the heat looses in game 6 coz the way they play basket ball is as terrible as hell…so better think princess lebron where to bring your talent next season coz you aint winning a ring…i am a avid heat fan but now the heat sucks..they dont deserve to win a title coz they are not hungry enough..lets go dirk i know you can win this year,..LETS GO MAVS…

    • HeatWade says:

      heat136 is that the way an avid fan reacts to a team’s failure?
      take off your mask idiot you’re just another bandwagon fan or a dallas fan in disguise…

    • LOLakers says:

      Traitor! Heat136, go find another bandwagon to hang on because this one’s full! When the Heat win you have no right to celebrate with us real fans!

  6. karibkween says:

    After all the hyperbole over Nowitzki, the true warrior emerges. Wade received that injury during the Bull series, this is a reaggravation of that same injury so he has been playing hurt since the the 1st Qtr. of game 1 of ECF.

  7. karibkween says:

    Now we know why Wade didn’t want to discuss all the hyperbole circulating around Nowitzki’s finger and flu. This injury occured in the 1st qtr of game 1 vs the Chicago Bulls, It was just reaggravated. So he has been playing hurt since that time. I knew the injury occured it was hard to tell to what, but I’ve been a Wade fan since he’s been in the league so I knew he was hurt.

    Miami is lucky it didn’t happen before as Dallas has been playing the same kind of defense on Wade from the start; sandwiching him between two players while the defender behind pushes on his back or lower legs once he’s already airborne. Which anyone would agree could result in a serious injury as the player descends to the floor uncertain of his footing . I’m glad J.Ho gave it back to Cardinal, the Heat are way too polite.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Try watching the games SOBER so you STOP HALLUCINATING!!!

      Wade drives into players to initiate contact and get fouls. He CHARGED Cardinal but GOT THE BLOCK CALL ANYWAYS …

      Also, he hurt his shoulder in Chicago, but his hip in this game … since you were PAYING ATTENTION!!!

  8. Dragonslayer says:

    Those odds are for next years championship.

  9. Dragonslayer says:

    Hey Lool, I understand you’re an emotional mess but chew on some more logic. At age 26 Michael Jordan had 11,263 career points, 0 championships. Lebron James age 26, 17,362 pts.on the verge to his first championship and a starting dynasty. The heat are 1 to 2 favorite to win the championship. The next closest team is 1 to 7.

  10. Rich says:

    LET’S GO MAVS. We need to win game 5 to have a chance for the title. We have to give it all. No more half of the 1st quarter rest for Dirk. Ty has to give it all too just like game 4. Marion has to be on the floor so long as James on the floor. Just rotate Kidd, Deshawn, JJ and JT. We cannot let up. It’s time to lead the game and the series. This will be a good game. A lot of people tomorrow will definitely be depressed and in a fould mood. Other half will be celebrating and in a joyous mood.

  11. ShutUp says:

    Can people not type with the caps lock turned on? It just makes you look retarded.

  12. Jelox says:

    LeBron will be the greatest basketballer!

    The HEAT will win this series at 6-2! And will rule NBA for 12 yrs.

    Believe me, I am from the future…

    • Rich says:

      12 years ? in the next 3 years the way James, Wade and Bosh are playing, one or 2 of them will get injured. The long minutes will defintely take a toll on them.
      Come to think of it, with the amount of talent the Heat has, multiple championships are not as satisfying as compared to 1 championship by the MAVS. And if the Heat lose, it will be big time in magnitude. I hope Lebron wakes up and go back to the CAVS, now that will be something.
      LET’S GO MAVS !

  13. Nick says:

    Heat all the way,,,,,,,,
    I still believe Heat will win NBA finals.
    First 11 out of 11 times after the new finals format of 2-3-2 was
    introduced, teams that won the 3rd game went on to take the series.
    And by the way, stats don’t lie!
    Look at it Miami is the better team by far. They have dominated all 4 games.
    Lets say Dallas got lucky twice in this series. Game 2 and 4 could have easily
    gone Miami’s way. So Mavs fans, your team is going down tonight,,,,they
    can’t get lucky every night. Most of us said Heat in 6. So the time is here.
    Tonight Miami win and tuesday They will wrap it up in MIAMI.

    • Cavs Fan says:

      Miami only dominated game 1 – game 3 could also have gone either way.

    • Hehehe says:

      dO YOU KNOW WHAT BASKETBALL IS?. dominated?. no one of them has proven who is more dominant. This is a tough series. If you will still continue overrating Heat, Im sure it will be hard for you accepting Dallas to be the 2011 NBA Champions. That will truly happen. Game 5 by 9pt lead….. that is what you call dominance. MAVS for Champs

  14. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


  15. matty says:

    lebron james is the worst player in the nba? wow you’re a complete retard. even a hater cant say that

  16. Jimmy C says:

    This title goes for Miami…
    It’s undeniable, even with LeBron scoring 8, Miami falls short only by 3. In Game 4, they fell short by 2. I’m not saying Dallas isn’t a great team, it’s a terrific team, and everyone has seen them show it all season and post-season long, but Miami haters will just have to face that Miami is the better team. When that big 3 is playing well, they’re monstrous, Bosh doesn’t even have to score more than 20 because we all know who this team’s true core is, and that is Bron and Wade. They’re practically an invincible team when their talent is in full display on the court, and out of the limited times their bench has got it going as well, then the opposing team shouldn’t even consider a W. If LeBron steps up, better said, when LeBron steps up, the Mavs’ excellent shooters, their excellent bench, their excellent zone defense, none if it will stand a chance against this monster team and it’s unbelieveable talent. When the parade is being lead by those 2, but mostly James as we’ve confirmed in the Boston series and the conference finals, you can certainly expect AMAZING.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      Sounds like YOU ARE IN DENIAL!!!

      Watch MAVS DENY MIAMI the TITLE!!!!


  17. boojay says:

    I vote for “never”. Princess James has left the building.

  18. Lool says:

    “i honestly think lebron james is the worst payer in the nba”
    Then I honestly think you should start watching tennis instead, because clearly you don’t understand basketball at all. not even the smallest iota.

  19. Dragonslayer says:

    Does anyone remember Startrek. That TV series was about the struggle between emotion (Bones) and logic (Spock). This year the “Decision” by Lebron has caused so much emotion that it has made it impossible for fans to be logical. Logic of course wins out over emotion, especially negative emotion. No one has stopped to ponder what a 26 yr old multi-millionaire athlete might do between games. Shaq once said he didn’t know how they won a championship in 2006 with all the partying. It explains the 21 point loss in game 1 to the Chicago Bulls and it explains James performance on both sides of the court in game 4 when you consider he plays heavy minutes and figured he would be facilitating in the game. Perhaps a bit over confident but that happens at 26. Wake up call, last night he stays in his room but isn’t use to going to sleep with warm milk at 10, so he reads all the columns online to get himself fired up, twits at 2:30 “It’s Now or Never” and guess what is going to happen tonight, logically. He is playing the media like a flute, like Madonna and Muhammed Ali did all their careers. Final chapter, multiple championships, money, fame and legacy. All the negative emotion will serve to make him the topic of all conversation. How ironic that the negative emotions will not only motivate him but ultimately make him bigger than life. (He already has the # 1 selling jersey, in spite of being public enemy #1 ).

  20. Ron Kandov says:

    1st of all i already knew heat were gonna chock the way they did started with lebron and ended with wade im glad that happened they deserve it those cocky players i honestly think lebron james is the worst payer in the nba

    • AKrowdyforLBJ says:

      I know that you don’t really think that. Just because Lebron hasn’t won a ring yet doesn’t mean he isn’t a good player. Have you watched him play? Have you looked at his stats. Look how far he carried the Cavs on his own. Did you see how badly the Cavs needed him last season? You are just hating because you don’t like him. That’s fine, but don’t start saying stuff you know isn’t true just to get a reaction. If you really think that, you’ve got your mind mixed up. Don’t forget it took MJ 6 years to win a ring. Lebron is still young, he is only 26. Give him time.

    • Jelox says:

      LeBron James is the chosen one! Those who hate LBJ are just scared of him destroying their team.

      • not a fan of either team says:

        or, we just think he’s a gigantic d-bag. He’s wicked talented, but he’s an arrogant spoiled baby.

      • LABRYANT says:


    • mr. eleven says:

      @Ron Kandov???


  21. KUYAWILL says:

    common Lebron show your stuff. . this is it man. . NBA Finals. . be the beast in the east in Game 5. . Wade and Bosh carry it all in Game 4. . . . play dirty man!. . thats what NBA Finals made up to!. . go heat

  22. mia all the way says:


  23. Dennis says:

    Lebron is king of what? he hasn’t done anything yet, and in this series wade has done all the work. Lebron needed wade to even have a chance, everybody thinks miami is taking game 5 sorry to tell you this but Dallas will take it and then go on to get the title, just watch and learn what real winners look like.

  24. Marcos says:


  25. Nate says:

    Game 5;

    If all Big 3 of Miami produce and score 70pts or more total then they have a great chance of winning this game, cause let’s face it, Miami’s bench is inconsistent and can’t be counted on and Miami’s basically a 3 man offensive team.

    With Dallas it’s the exact opposite. I think their success all depends if their bench and the rest of the role players will be able to produce and help out Dirk. If Terry scores at least 17+ pts, JJ gets 10+pts, Marion gets 15pts, Stevenson hits a couple 3’s, and Chandler played like he did last game then Dallas takes this game.

    In all, I think Dallas takes it. I still believe that team game will overcome talent.

  26. dre says:

    I think hes gonna have a big game. Dont expect him to have 8 points again in this series anymore

  27. FRISCO NATE says:

    So we know you can count, meaning that you pointed out that this is the Heat’s 100th game? This will be Dallas’s 103rd game. Can you not count past 100?

  28. FRISCO NATE says:

    Hey Dip-S…so we know yiu can count, meaning that yiu pointed out that this is the Heat’s 100th game? This will be Dallas’s 103rd game. Can you not count past 100?

  29. Jelox says:

    I still believe! LEBRON is the chosen one! The big -3 and the rest of the HEAT are the LORDS of the CHAMPIONSHIP RINGSSSSSSSS…

  30. Jude says:

    I’m a Laker fan! But I trust LeBron on this one.

  31. Lebron Is the Best says:

    I still have faith in Lebron, i believe him, i believe that he could do it in gae number 5 and the rest of the series, he is the real superstar,he wont be able to go to the top if he is not going to show his true self the beast, the king of the court, The HEAD BANDED DEMON ( thats a good nickname for him) .. he is one of the greatest mythical basketball beast of all

    • LABRYANT says:


      • mr. eleven says:


      • Hehehe says:

        Mr eleven again.
        The only team who got swept?. Come on! be logical. NY was the first team. That’s how you hate Lakers. Huh?. How was your face when Lakers did their back-to-back. pray for your desperate Heat to win.

  32. Trader555 says:

    I was surprised of the timid play by LJ in the last game. He needs to drive to the basket and finish against a slower Dirk.
    Defense is still the key…but LJ needs to have at least a 25 point night tonite to take the momentum to Miami and to finish in 6.
    The heat need to leave everything on the floor….they need to run the MAVS to exhaustion to win this game…Dirk looks tired and there is no way LJ can be tired with all the standing around in the last game. Go Heat……you can do it!!!!

  33. Pilere says:

    Look for it tonight.
    The new Big Three will deliver on their promises, especially Lebron.
    Dallas is no match for Miami when the Heat are turned on.

  34. kobesucks says:


    • LABRYANT says:


      • mr. eleven says:

        Kobe’s era is done, Lebron, wade, bosh and some players ers is still starting. Kobe can’t win a rings by himself, so get the hell out of here, you know nothing! THIS IS ENOUGH AND WELL SAID!!!

      • Hehehe says:

        I hope Mr. eleven is still in his mind. Come on, you said Kobe did not win by himself. Of course, basketball is a team game so that’s why they got Pau for reinforcement. As you say, LBJ,Wade Bosh, is that reinforcement?maybe. Desperate reinforcement.

  35. LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

    Man I just hope the Mavs pull out the WIN!

    I’m sorry MIAMI fans, I just dont want yall to win…

    • Blueprint says:

      I never did understand this.
      Kobetards are obviously rooting for the Mavs because god forbid LeBron gets any kind of accolade.
      However, shouldn’t true (at least, you seem like one to me) Laker fans like you be rooting against the team that swept you guys? Or is this the lesser of two evils to you guys?

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        dude there are only two teams left, i cant root for one of them?

        Everyone except the last guy to comment need to HOP off my D!Ck forreal, for heaven’s sake!

        Just like people dont “like” the lakers and kobe, i dont “like” the heat, doesnt having anything to do with HATE

        and plus I want Dirk to get his revenge on Miami for the 06 blowout…all of you need to get a life forreal

    • mr. eleven says:

      It’s okay, it’s good thing you root for the team who beat your team so badly LOL 0-4, good luck to your team next season.

      Go Heat try to steal another road wins, take the series lead before goin’ back home!

    • Kevin says:

      Your username is a complete failure,pleae… get the **** outta here with this stupidity

    • Heat ALL Day says:

      yep keep chuggin that haterade

    • Not a Heat Fan says:

      Well let’s just point out some errors here shall we? First off who is to say Kobe fans don’t like LeBron? That’s not even true don’t use generalizations to try to win arguments. Just because you are a fan of one player does not mean you are not a fan of another. They are both exceptionally gifted players. And as for the “rooting against the team that swept you guys”Lets look at it like this: The Los Angeles Lakers were the 2008-2010 Champions. The Dallas Mavericks, not the Miami Heat, defeated them in four games. To a logical fan you’d want the team that dethroned the kings to win it. Its the under-dog story since series number one for the OLD-AGED Dallas Mavericks, who if I may remind you are missing Butler, Beaubois, and possibly Haywood for a second straight game.

  36. pat says:

    1. Lebron needs to play point guard in this series he’s distributing anyway. Miami is wasting a position in Chalmers/Bibby at start that would force Dallas to make adjustments and earlier. Keeping his dribble, changes defense for Dallas.

    2.Miller’s size/rebounding/shooting is not being utilized enough, he should start at forward.Also Eddie House’s speed is not being used, he can come in and run Dallas defenders(ala Ray Allen) and James will find him in rhythm for shot. This will open the paint make Dallas defenders have to move. (Easier shots as Dallas bigs out of position)

    3. Spolster keeps trying to match up against Dallas in a possession strategy that he can’t win. They can live with DWade, as high scorer because his game does not get everyone involved, Lebron may get it thrown back to him with 3,4 seconds and a couple of defenders. That’s right up Dallas’s alley.

    4.. It is sad watching the best player in the league come and stand in a corner, is anyone else seeing this? He was dominant in earlier series because of lack of personnel on Boston/Chicago. Dallas has height, fair speed so if you want to be happy tat for tat with Lebron not having the ball they can live with that because they have Dirk taking their final shots.
    5. Opening up the paint should be Spolster number one concern how to get Lebron running, dunking, spreading the floor, triple double numbers. Every series presents different challenges. The great coaches learn to have styles of play to adapt too what ever is happing.

    6. I applaud Carlisle for making a change in line up last game he may have found a new 6 man in Stevenson (use Terry in starting lineup option)now, as well as the screen rolls with Chandler that was awesome.

    7. Miami what did we do? still playing a slow Chalmers, Millers minutes sporadic. He had a timely 3 pointer and also 2 offensive rebounds (on one possession)in 4 quarter. They play their best ball when he is on the floor, just imagine House running. It took Doc Rivers a few games to figure it out and you know the story, House has a Ring toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    Rooting for heat but dallas will win if we dont get the fask break going. I hope the big 3 don’t get fouled out or injuries playing this losing strategy. This series could easily be 3 to 1 Dallas. Lets be real here Spolster is coaching as if he’s glad to be here instead damed it i am supposed to be here and this is why? Speed, Speed, Speed.

    • mr. eleven says:

      The reason why Lebron is in SF and not PG position ’cause if Miller(SF position) is out, chalmers/bibby comes in…Lebron will go back to SF position and bibby/chalmers will take the PG position. I know Lebron can handle the PG position but he is a gunner, combination of PG+SG+SF+PF, he can be on any of that position but let’s give bibby/chalmers to do their job. Anyway i agree on House situation, House is not just an offensive player, he is quick and can defense well, i saw his game during his Boston career, Spo need to reconsider about it.

  37. enrique says:

    Lebron is a spoiled kid who has huge talent but has been awarded a lot of stuff without earning it. i hope he will have to spend more games earning his first ring. Im sure he will get one at some point but wether he would have gotten them with out other super starts I doubt it.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      I agree about being awarded things without earning them, but when your A KID PHENOM…most things are handed to you, and you get used to it being that way! Gotta learn to grown up out of bad habits is all…

    • enriquetheidiot says:

      enrique, you’re a stupid person who knows nothing about basketball. Lebron has earned it, the nba doesnt give people stuff for no reason. you and your mom and idiots who i hope will fall into a ditch.

    • Kevin says:

      Without earning it? Do you think its easy to get in NBA? Better,do you think is easy go to NBA after high school?

      And who are you to tell he’s a “spoiled little kid”?

      Get out of here

      • karibkween says:

        Enrique is like all those people in Cleveland and the rest of America who think they own Lebron; and he owes them something more than he has already given. His employment contract expired and he signed a new employment contract with the Miami Heat organization its as simple as that, get over it. If you never bought Lebron a pair of sneakers, a happy meal, or offered him a place to crash when he and his mother found themselves homeless, or baby-sat him while his mother worked two or more jobs, or offered to pay their doctor/dentist bills then he owes you NOTHING/NADA. If you first heard of Lebron, like I did, from the cover of Sports Illustrated then you don’t get to have any input on his choices. So far he hasn’t commited any crimes, he works, pays his bills and his taxes and supports his family; the only folks who have a right to complain about Lebron’s work ethic are his employers, the Miami Heat organization and by extension the NBA and so far I don’t hear a word of complaint coming from any of their mouths.

    • Enrique is right says:

      Enrique is right, Lebron is super over rated, if you are going to look back, there are a lot of articles overrating Lebron like this one before, now what can you say about it?