DeShawn better off DeSilent

DALLAS — You’d have to agree with everything DeShawn Stevenson said about LeBron James.

“He helped us out. When he’s like that, it’s good for us. It’s positive for us.”

Yes, LeBron played right into the Mavericks’ hands, collapsing in the fourth quarter like a bankrupt business in winter.

“I don’t think he was in the same attack mode as he usually is.”

We’ve seen lambs in a more ferocious attack mode at a petting zoo than LeBron in Game 4.

“I don’t know what was happening.”

Join the crowd.

“He wasn’t himself.”

Clearly, he was someone else: Erick Dampier.

“He checked out.”

Yes, like a man with an alibi.

Repeat: Everything Stevenson said had the ring of truth. Here’s the problem: When a superstar just dug himself a hole the size of Dirk’s fever, it’s probably best to let him climb out of it without throwing him a rope. You know, the old let-sleeping-dogs-lie theory. Instead, DeShawn just gave LeBron some motivation to digest, if scoring 8 points in a playoff game wasn’t enough.

And also, it was DeShawn talking. They have a history, you know.

The player who once famously called LeBron “overrated” took it upon himself to be very honest about LeBron. Which is refreshing, really, it is. That said, his assessment of LeBron’s vaporization would serve him and the Mavericks better if it came at the conclusion of the series, so it can’t come back to bite DeShawn in the neck tattoo.

LeBron seemed to shrug it off.

“He’s been talking for a long time, since the old Washington-Cleveland days,” said LeBron, with a grin. “I don’t let that get to us. Talk is cheap. We don’t get caught up in that too much.”

DeShawn wasn’t the only Maverick trying to get into LeBron’s head (can they let us know what’s inside?). Jason Terry, always willing to express himself to anyone who’ll listen, spent a few minutes chirping at LeBron in Game 4. At least that seemed to fire up Jet more than James, because Terry had his best performance of the series.

The aftermath of LeBron’s lowest playoff moment ever was fairly routine, otherwise, at the team practices. Chris Bosh said he expected a more involved effort, as does everyone, the Mavericks included. Stevenson included.

“He’s a great player,” Stevenson said. “He’ll play harder. He has to. He has the same pressure as Jason Terry had.”

Uh, not quite.

LeBron has double.


  1. markminator says:


  2. stavren says:

    pleeeeaase stop hate on players and start love the game again!!
    is this the haters conference blog or what? lets just talk about those great dramatic series we’ve been seeing!!

  3. Juke says:

    The thing is lebron doesn’t need to have a monster game when dwyane wade is playing like he is. The fact that the media is saying he has to have a 40 point game just so it won’t look like he is riding wade to the championship ( chris broussard said this ) is just putting additional pressure on him that he doesn’t need. Lebron coming out and forcing up shots will not be a good thing he needs to have a solid 20 – 25 game for the heat to win.

  4. Dallas Digs Dirk says:

    A sick Dirk scored more points in the 4th Q than Lebron did the whole game. Bahahahaha

  5. john doe says:

    Everyone loves Lebron!!!! Go Heat!!!

  6. Go Heat ! ! ! says:

    These finals have been something amazing to watch. You have to give the Mavs and Dirk credit for what they have been accomplishing particularly in the 4th quarter. The Mavs coach has been switching up their defensive formations throughout the game (some pressure in the front court, heavy pressure in the front court, man to man, doubles, zone, etc.) Rick is definitely giving his team a chance to win. The Heat have been playing great but go into a lapse in the 4th quarter. I think coach Spoelstra has to watch these films and make some changes in the 4th quarter that will throw off the Mavs. I think it’s amazing what both these teams have accomplished this year. Dallas beating LA and the Heat beating the Celtics were incredible matchups. Both teams definitely deserve to be in the Finals. I do think to much negative attention is being paid to Lebron. Maybe it’s the media but the fans definitely show how much they dislike him on visiting courts. If for only him to silence the critics and the fans who have so criticized him, I hope he goes ballistic these last few games particularly in the 4th quarter and wins the final 2 games for the championship. Go Heat ! ! !

  7. Nate says:

    It’s funny how certain players talk about other players and aren’t even close to being in the same category as them. Yes, Lebron played a horrible game and definitely should have stepped it up. But Jason Terry… Choke artist. Deshawn Stevenson, a… nobody. Man, I watch the Mavs go to the playoffs every year, and every year I watch them get blown out. Now all of the sudden they’re making a run, Dirk’s playin great, and now people are callin’ him a top 10 player of all time… Bull. Maybe if he did it more often in his career, he would be considered an elite player in my book. But one year he decides to play like a true superstar, no way. I’m not even a Heat fan, but all this hype about the Dirk and the Mavs is a bunch of bs. That’s why Terry comes off the bench, because he can’t compete with true shooting gaurds in the league… And Deshawn Stevenson, what a joke. He should go join the WNBA with his buddy Shawn Fairy-Man, and take that goofy shot with him.

  8. mike cee!! says:

    maybe you should shut up!!!!

  9. TREBLIG says:


  10. Viiney says:

    Y’all are killing me, this is the NBA, freakn dummies. Everyone is entitled to one game in the single digits. Sometimes you just don’t feel it. Just like when I don’t wanna go to work. Ease up, stop riding the phallus and watch the game tonight and be surprised.

  11. Michael says:

    excuse me, they were NOT purchased last year, unlike nearly everyone on this Miami Heat team. The Heat don’t deserve to win.

  12. Michael says:

    First off, the words “checked-out” were spoken by Jim Rome. Stevenson simply answered the question with the same term that had been used in it. There was no trash talk there. I can’t stand how people have to keep pumping up this store-bought team. The Mav’s are a fantastic TEAM. No one in America should be rooting for this store-bought, attention starving bunch of a team. You know who all those reporters in Bristol, CT should be reporting about? They should report on how great it would be for a hard working team, filled with veterans that have never won a championship… finally win one that they all deserve. They have been working on this for years, they were purchased last summer and sought out to dominate. The Mav’s are a great example of what it is to be American: working hard, sticking together!!

  13. robbay2 says:

    Miami is a city with no heart, only bling.

    The fans there dont care, they just show up for entertainment, not something to root for.

  14. mike cee!! says:

    i thought it was dallas vs. miami, not dallas vs lebron, or lebron vs the nba,you guys keep talking the same crap.shout out to anthony weiner(a real weiner for that matter). lets just watch some good ole bball like back in the days. the series is tied 2-2, 3 games left,man anything can happen, (the refs might win game 7) jordan is jordan,dirk is dirk lebron is lebron etc.etc..1 man is not going to win these upcoming games. like deniro said”team”. so lets put all this craptalk aside and let it all play out and may the best “team” win..sheesh yall acting like a bunch of little girls,and for the record im a heat fan and even i know how to spell “dirk” you “oh ive been a mav fan for 100 years fake fans but cant even spell his name right.’ if dallas loses, its you fake fans fault!!!!! phonies

  15. lalala says:

    He said lebron is overrated? How do you say somebody is overrated and then get sent home by them in 2008? lmao…Lebron is a beast. Deshawn stevenson was stupid for that. and all lebron hater go fishing with Kobe.

  16. CROOK says:


  17. Pmoney23 says:


  18. Pmoney23 says:

    I am not a Heat or Mavs fan either… I am a fan of basketball… And as a fan of basketball I don’t like seeing refs interfere with the game at any stage of it… If you miss a call don’t compound it by making a make up call… In certain situations those types of calls can ruin or dictate the outcome of a game… Luckily it hasn’t in this series yet… Bosh gets poked in the eye and falls to the floor for like 3 minutes and gets no call… Stevenson on the other hand appears to get poked in the eye based off his reaction and he gets the call and all of a sudden his eye is all better while he stands at the free-throw line… LOL Give me break!!!

  19. Pmoney23 says:

    Don’t praise the refs!! It’s not good to miss a traveling call and then call a double dribble just cuz you missed it. I remember that play. The ball was deflected which means their can’t be a travel in the first place. And there can’t be a double dribble either…. The ref totally blew that call period… The same for that foul on Kidd where he pump faked and Wade hit him to send him to the line. Kidd traveled before he got fouled…. The refs have been awful on both sides of the ball in this series… They need to put the whistles away and let these guys play it out the last three games… I’m tired of seeing so many free throws

  20. levouge james says:

    those players in need of ring should have auctioned for Artest’s ring XD or bought 1 of MJ’s or kobe’s
    LBJ is overrated.. players of his caliber should not result into transferring to another team and hoarding good players to be called a champion,that’s way to desperate man, (KG and ray allen did this on their senior years, not on their prime, LBJ’s too excited and so is chris bosh), all he needed back then was a good supporting cast.

  21. datruth says:

    If the heat lose the finals, everyone excuse is “this is their first year together”. Bull****, boston won their’s in the first year. my question is how can you win a final when 3 players are scoring more than 70% of the teams points?

  22. Be Rational says:

    Too many people just use numbers, especially with Pts Per Game, to compare players. Nobody said Magic/Bird/Jordan were legends solely based on their stats. A bigger part of the picture is their performance at clutch situation when it matters most. To be honest, its still too early to judge Lebron whether he is comparable to Jordan. However, the plain truth now, at least at this moment is that Lebron is not comparable to Jordan. But we have to keep in mind that it also took Jordan 7 years to win a title. Given that Lebron just changed team, if not needing 7 years to judge because now he is a more experienced player than Jordan when Jordan was a rookie, at least casting out judgments couple seasons later. Saying that Lebron will “never” be near Jordan, I personally think is too early to tell.

    I am Drik’s fan even since from back in 2003. And I am happy to see the way he played in the playoffs this year. Much more determination, gusts with no hesitation, which we dont see over the past years. And more importantly, just look at his stats during fourth quarter, a.k.a. clutch times. This is how I really disagreed with people saying Lebron is “better” than Dirk. If you are talking about abilities and talents, no doubt about that, but as of now, if you are talking about whether they can contribute to game wins, Dirk & Wade is better.

    • Gman says:

      Maybe its my fault.

      Maybe I led you to believe it was easy, when it wasn’t.

      Maybe I made you think my highlight started at the free throwline, and not in the gym.

      Maybe I made you think every shot I took, was a game winner.

      That my game was based on flash, and not fire.

      Maybe its my fault that you didn’t see that failure gave me strength, that my pain was my motivation.

      Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God given gift, and not something I worked for… every single day of my life.

      Maybe I destroyed the game… or maybe, you just making excuses.

  23. mike cee!! says:

    oh please,stop about the officials and looking for excuses.. if you guys made bets and are about to lose your house,wife,daughter,hell even the kitchen sink, your bookie aint gonna be tring to hear that it was the officials fault!!!! man up, suckas take the loss like men, not mice!!!! lets go heat!!!lebron = 30-40 points.. officials, bah humbug(and i notice its the mavs bandwagoners that are saying this too) man up suckas!!!!!!!!

  24. dat305fuego says:

    Wow there is never a shortage on Lebron haters. This is getting to be quite pathetic, I mean people have nothing better to do than talk bad about a player that will end up one of the greatest of all-time(if not the G.O.A.T.) when the curtain on his career goes down. To say Dirk is better than the King is stupid IMO. Neither have the rings and besides, on paper Lebron is way better than Dirk. You guys are trash talking a player that up until this finals series has been the most consistent and dominant player on the Heat. James understands the situation more than anyone else thinks they do. If you go back and look at game 4 its not hard to tell that he was busy dropping Dimes, snatching boards, and getting other players involved. Lebron’s only mistake was he did not get himself into a rythm. I’ll leave you Lebron and Heat haters with one more thing. WHEN THE HEAT LOSE ITS BECAUSE THEY BEAT THEMSELVES. Don’t give so much credit to the Mavs. Heat will be champs in 6 and Lebron will have back to back 30 point games to shush the haters.

  25. MiAmI HeAt FaN!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Wade and the BIG 3 are going to SILENCE the haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say Miami going to win the series in a 4-2 match up. LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. SanMan says:

    why everybody keep talking about Lebron? Lebron this, Lebron that. this is an example of having three good players together, you get lazy and slack off. Lebron is good, but not one of the greatest, he’s not consistence.

  27. mike cee!! says:

    hey, how many maverick employees does it take to mop up a cup of soda?
    nuff said..

  28. Ray says:

    No apologies. This is the worst officiated finals I’ve ever seen!!! And unfortunately for me, being a Mavs fan, it favors the Heat. Go figure. The latest is Wade hanging & pulling the rim down with the ball above the cylinder & then the ball goes in and the basket is Not disallowed. Other examples include the Heat player who received the ball with one foot on the half court line before making a chuck 3-pointer – allowed. And the most “in the pocket” of the Heat non call was when there was no “T” called when the Heat had 6 players on the court after a three dribble inbound by the corrupt ref. NBA! You just finished an 82 game season. The post season is suppose to include the “cream of the crop” refs.
    I can only conclude corruption.

  29. Mind Games says:

    its mind games not head games

  30. All of these negative reports on Lebron are superfluous because no matter what you say about Lebron he doesn’t take it to heart and it won’t change how the game plays out, but everyone needs a job right? The point being, Lebron just goes out and plays basketball, he doesn’t care what is said or unsaid. He has proven his individual prowess and talent throughout his career and these playoffs are just a testament to that. I mean, just last week he was being compared to Jordan. I can tell you one thing though, DeShawn should have kept his mouth shut. Props to Shaun Powell for writing an article about this because it emphases how dangerous Lebron can be come the next game. I believe this will turn out like that Bulls – Cavs series a few years back when they were daring lebron to take shots and he just plowed through their team. It’s inevitable, Lebron will bounce back with a stellar performance and the Heat will take their first of many championship titles.

    • LBJ uh says:

      LBJ is the best basketball player in the world. Game four he nearly gets a triple double, and everyone bashes him. That goes to show his greatness. He is a combination of Magic and Jordan. Game 4 he decide to be like magic, but his team just wasnt knocking down shots they should have been knocking down (Chalmers, Bibby, Miller). Watch for that triple double in Game 5 with 20+ points. Heat in 6. Peace

    • Ray says:

      Can you say single digits in points for the whole game? Jordan would post double digits in the third quarter regularly. Pippen was probably paid by James since he couldn’t get a loan from Jordan. How can someone like Pippen, who has financial troubles, get a court side seat? The problem with a James bounce back is that Bosh is due for bad game. Remember 1 for 18?

  31. steven says:

    from this day forward he will be referred to as LeFlop in honor of his incredible game 5 dive on Haywood.


  32. fyi…Thats why he only took 11 shots cause he was not hot and wade was controlling the offense. Look to see him get involved early next game and take over in the 4th. Heat in 6.

  33. Kareem (Not Abdul-Jabar) says:

    I’m not a Deshawn Stevenson fan by any stretch but I respect his in-your-face honesty. I also agree that his comments may have come at the wrong time because we’ve seen what Stevenson’s honesty has gotten him, which is a motivated superstar who is ready to do anything to make up for a less than average showing. That being said, I look for Lebron to give a beastly performance. Wade and Bosh will be facilitators because they have both been on track throughout the whole series, which will cause the Mavs defense to stretch. I see a 35+ point performace from James. And for the record, I am an LBJ fan but I will not slit my wrist if the he doesn’t get a ring.

  34. LezzgoHEAT says:

    LeBron is selling their game so they can bring the championship back to Miami’s Homecourt

  35. Michelle Black says:

    DeShawn needs to shutup!
    He averages a measily 5.3 points a gane, we’ve seen Lebron snap after he has a bad game, I can’t wait to see DeShawn get dunked on.

    You know who’s gonnna win the finals?
    Chicago in six

  36. Tonya says:

    Talk is cheap. The game is going to be played on the court. Let DeShawn keep talking. It is just a beach player on a team with only one superstar. These are the same Mavs who have been kicked out of the playoffs in the first round for
    the last couple of years. Now they get back to the finals and are talking trash. How many Championships do the Mavs have. One thing about being a great player the media is always going to have something to say about you good or bad. You just embrace it and continue on, that is what great players do and Lebron will do that tonight in game 5.

  37. iwillfilm says:

    I’m a huge Lebron fan, but even I’m confused as to why he’s not taking over games like he did in Chicago. Maybe he’s holding out so that he can explode and prove everyone wrong. He’s crazy enough to try something like that. Let’s see. Muhhahahah.


  38. Dirk Fan says:

    Would love to see LeBrawn do some more flops in Game 5, what a coward.

  39. mike cee!! says:

    i bet alot of these guys dont even really like dallas, they are too busy on the “hate wagon” because lebron didnt go to their
    favorite team.. i dont see anybody really saying much about the rest of the team.. so you know what???get over it,cause next season im sure most of you will be saying “dallas who”? p.s. remember, dirk was on that “big 3 list”so lets say he wouldve went to the heat,would yall have still hated lebron?(crickets in the background) i didnt think so…

  40. “None is prophet on his land”

    The Joshua tree:

    Wade Lebron Bosh.

  41. noel says:

    Sports commentators keep saying that Lebron is playing less like Michael and more like Magic……for the Heat to win the Championship, Lebron needs to play like Michael and forget playing like Magic.

    Bu if he really wants to play like Magic, he should be making all the last second shot. That is what Magic used to do.

  42. John says:

    TO ALL LBJ/HEAT HATERS on this blog,

    I am taking your names down. I want to see if you return to make these sort of comments after Game 5. If you really believe that Lebron will NOT explode in game 5 for one of his best performances then you have not watched much basketball the past eight years.

    • Rich says:

      it doesn’t matter if he explodes or not. what would really count is if they win or not. you’re just like the Heat superstars, all you care about is individual performance.

    • bsj says:

      That would be to the Mavs benefit. They WANT Lebron to take over the game, or at least try. The Mavs have proven that they can contain Lebron – they did for 3 straight games. They CAN’T handle Wade, however. The more times Lebron is trying to score, the less Wade will have the ball.

      Deshawn, Shawn, and Terry knows this and that is why they are tweaking Lebron’s pride. Lebron will force shots, travel, and will get charges called against him.

      Wade is like a surgeon when he has the ball.
      Lebron is like a bull in a China shop.

    • Diddy says:

      Even if he “explodes” doesn’t guarantee them a win fool. I’m no Heat fan but I am a Chris Bosh fan and I wonder why nobody has really given him credit for playing well. Who cares if Stevenson is talking smack. I love it and these 2, along with the injured Caron Butler, have a history. All these players trash talk on the court anyway so why is it that much different. I am sick and tired of people crowning this guy before he has accomplished anything other than regular season accolades. Even in these playoffs he’s proven that he isn’t “the” guy. I’m no fan of D-Wade either but this guy has been phenomenal. I wonder what happened to the reporter after Game 4? Lol.

  43. DeShawn never learns... says:

    DeShawn Stevenson trying to talk smack to LeBron again? Did he not learn his lesson from 2008? For those of you who dont know DeShawn called lebron “overratted” druing a playoff series between was and cleveland. LBJ said comparing Deshawn to Stevenson is like comparing Soulja Boy, a one hit wonder to Jay-Z. The Stevenson tried to get cute and invited Soulja Boy to attend Game 3, and Soulja Boy actually went. Of course, Cleveland ended up taking the series, with LBJ nearly getting averaging a triple double… Here is what worse for Stevenson: After he brought Soulja Boy to the game, Jay-Z actually made a song dissing Deshawn, which played at club in DC called “Love”, a night DeShawn was in the club. Yes, you heard right “the Jay-Z” arranged to play the diss song at the club when Deshawn was there, in Deshawns home turf!! How do you recover from that?? If you want to hear the song You Tube search “Jay-Z Diss DeShawn Stevenson LeBron James Blow The Whistle”… Now he is trying to talk smack again? Who is going to bring this time, MC Hammer? Yo, Stevenson in going to get TORCHED again. just watch.

  44. Mayneym says:

    Lebron should be a movie star. He’s very good in acting.

  45. usbuck says:


  46. Swu says:

    Lebron was busy thinking about his acting skills….getting sick of those flops!

  47. TREBLIG says:


  48. mike cee!! says:

    all i have to say is,”the lebron show” will be airing at 9pm tonite on channel 7. i mean be for real, last week this guy was compared to jordan,so u think hes gonna let it go that easy? i see him scoring over 30(maybe 40) tonite,trust!!!
    LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. orlyor mvp says:


  50. TrueChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    Really…everyone is missing the point of the Miami Heat team. Champions don’t leave town and the only reason the Heat are in this series is because of DWade. The entire Miami supporting cast needs to play better. LeBron, Mike Miller, Haslem, Bibby…the entire miami supporting cast needs to support Dwade better.

    If Bosh and Chalmers weren’t playing above themselves, this series wouldnt even be close.

    BTW – Give Coach Carlisle credit…totally outcoaching Spoelstra….especially in the 4th Q.

  51. crs says:

    It”s simply insecurity over wades performance, you can tell both of them having issues about it..

  52. berni says:

    wow, in a nightmare night for james, he almost scored a triple double. dont forget that.

  53. losemiami says:

    honestly no one can stop the mavs and i expect terry to have another huge night like he did in game 5 and my prediction is the big 3 will do their thing as usual but the mavericks will prevail because of nowitzki and terry and also chandler. Mavs win by 5-10 points in game 5 and close out the series in game 6.

  54. losemiami says:

    You gotta tip your hat to the mavs for the way they defended lebron. They’ve defended lebron well the first 3 games. In game 4 that was the best i’ve ever seen any team defend lebron. In game 5 i expect james to be more aggressive score 18 -25 points but i think the mavs will prevail anyways.

  55. Commonsense says:

    If you’re the Heat, you can’t win a Finals game against a raging Dallas team with Lebron James having 8 points. If Lebron doesn’t come out swinging and being more aggressive then anyone has ever seen, then they lose tonight. But if he comes out like the beast he actually is, they pull it out. I picture a 25+ game for LBJ.

  56. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    If Lebron gets help through screens or pick and rolls, he might be able to score double-digits in the paint without any worry. It’s a team game not individual.

  57. dj says:

    it is impossible for lebron to have 8 points in his own will..i think he just let wade if he can alone make the team win.. and.. he cant….that proves lebron is greater than wade… and wade hate it.. we`ll see what will become of this two… win or lose .. it will be bad for them..

    • Joe says:

      Hi DJ,
      Those thoughts crossed my mind too, I’ve been wondering what happened with James since game 2 when he missed a few shots at the end of q4.
      People forget how well he did against Celtics and Bulls and he also was the “player of the game” in game one of the finals. In game 4 he seemed to me so disconnected and complacent and detached from the game. I don’t think there is anything physically wrong with him, or mentally, as DJ said I think there is his ego and Wade’s ego too, who’s the “alfa dog” and who can win a game. If they don’t sort that out it might be the end of it. They might need to get a shrink in the team 🙂

  58. dj says:

    lebron isnt the problem..we all know and we cant deny how good he was…i think the relationship of wade and james is the problem..if one of them gets the finals mvp..and jealousy burns inside of them,,that is the problem…thnk of it .. they are still young and childish..remember wade`s actions on whose gonna take the last shot??he doesnt want to be the 2nd guy…

  59. NotAJamesFan says:

    To All James Fans. I think you should stop calling that guy a KING. He has not proved anything yet. No RINGS yet. I think it would be much better to call him PEASANT JAMES and let him work his way. Worthy to be called a KING. What Say You!!!

  60. LETS GO MAVS! says:

    A miami loss is a loss heat fans have to much jibber jabber

  61. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    lebron isn’t playing with consistancy much but it isnt lebron who cost us lose that game. We was up 9 and eric run plaays that dallas figures out easily and dallas play is simple; run a few picks until the man gets pen and attack or isolate nowitzki miami heat is just running through the motions that led to flat effort on defense creating second chance points for dallas and turnovers by us on the other end…every one is thinking too much not being selfish enough you play the entire game one way and you switch it up completely at the end come on guys especially coach spoelstra change it up i guess we wanna win even though calls a the end were bail outs by the refs and no calls were made we dug ourselves a hole we could not climb out of. Now if lebron played better it probably would of been a different result but the difference between the siting of bron in the finals and the siting of wade against the bulls is that wade showed up at the end of each game to push us over the top if wade didn’t we would of lost that series…the game is won in the final minutes if it is close.

  62. Gmoney says:

    All i know is Dirk showed alot heart and the team lifted around him. They all played a huge roll in the game 4 win. Stevenson hit his corner 3s, chandler hit the boards, and now Barea looks very confident in challenging the Heats big men with his penetration, which will start to cause the Heat major problems in game 5. I also love that Stevenson is trash talking James because it will take away from the Heats overall focus of winning and James will take crazier shots, I see game 5 a walk over for the Mavs.

  63. cons says:

    doesn’t mean the series is tied he’s got the right to talk trash…compared to LeBron James…deshawn stevenson’s nothing…James took the cavs to the finals alone and as for stevenson…well he’s just watching LeBron destroy the wiz right in front of him…how i wish those comments boosts King James morale and shut his loud deshawn loud mouth once and for all….

  64. Francisco says:

    what a circus, Lbj is the only guy in nba history who is not allow to have a bad game, it was a bad game, problably he was a litle tired of playing 46 minutes

  65. bonik® says:

    that’s right critics, that is what lebron needs, your hates and comments against him, he needs a motivation, and maybe you all are giving it to him now, maybe this is the perfect chance to show us that he ain’t no quitter. let’s watch, 🙂

  66. Will says:

    Q: LeBron, how many times will you choke and quit a playoff game like you did in game 5 against Boston?

    A (LeBron): Not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven

  67. baobao says:

    i love to watch dirks and the mavs wins the finals.. but the big three and the miami r too much for the mavs… maimi n 6….deshawn (wd a ring f they win 2011) migth be easily forgoten comprd to lebron (wd out a ring)

  68. Not a Hater says:

    I noticed something from some post here
    The guy said …..1,3,6 (jersey numbers of big 3)
    Those just might be the games they win , games 1,3, and 6

    Too bad they don’t have Brandon Roy or Kevin Garnett 😛

  69. Anth says:

    Hangtime Blogs, check out this article I wrote about LeBron’s game 4. Very similar line as yours.


  70. Heat says:

    Well that was stupid. Only thing worse than lebron is an angry lebron. Now the mavs know who to blame win lebron drops 30 on them and the heat win. Oh and dont forget about Wade i dont think his too happy ether after messing up the last play and missing that free throw and if theres a dangerous player when an angry its Wade (look at preivous times he was angry) so yeah bye bye mavs

  71. McCOOLEET says:

    Don’t judge greatness over 2-3 games…judge a player after the season/preseason. a person who hates a player is simply because of insecurity…

  72. Knuckz says:

    Isn’t DeShawn the guy that was benched for a vertically challenged Barea? Everyone has a bad game, the thing is, even with LeBron’s bad game and Dallas’ best effort, the Mavs barely won.

    • unknown... says:

      Yeah, they barely won because Dirk only made 6 out of 19 shots. I really enjoyed this series because its one of those that you can’t tell which team wins until you hear the last buzzer sound off (at least for the first 4 games).

    • bsj says:

      Yeah, just don’t mention the fact that Dirk was running a fevor and had a poor shooting night.

      And yet he still managed to score 10 in the final quarter.

      Dirk > Lebron

  73. heatalltheway says:

    Obviously guys, MIAMI HEAT team wanted the finale of this series in their HOMECOURT…

  74. Paul says:

    Okay so everyone’s decided 8 points in a postseason game means LBJ is terrible right?
    What about Kobe scoring 8 points against the Pacers awhile back? He shot 4 from 20? Bit worse than 4 from 11?
    MJ’s career playoff low is 15 but that being said he was always the go to guy and LBJ rebounds better than Jordan did.
    Now I’m not saying LeBron is better than Jordan at all but I do have to point out you can’t say he’s no good just from this one game?
    He’ll come back strong next game and if Wade is still firing on all cylinders Dallas are going to struggle to contain them zone defense or no.

  75. Jay says:

    honestly, deshawn has had the responsibility of guarding kobe bryant, and lebron in these playoffs. And he doing a good job.

  76. Lee says:

    if he keeps playing like this in the series,…. Dallas will be number 1

  77. HeatWade says:

    Lebron will be back in this game 5…
    He must be coz he needs to…
    He needs to help D-Wade in every 4th quarters of this series to win…
    Bosh has found his strokes now so it’s time for Lebron to find his too…


  78. BlueHeat says:

    Dont wake a sleeping monster, why? Cause there will be a devastation when that happens and guess what the Mavs just did and you will be sorry for that. Ask the Bulls

  79. novzki says:

    mavs in 6.. it won’t matter if lebron gets heated up.. as long as the mavs play better bball, it wont matter.. like i said again, they need to hit the open shots and coral the rebound.. lebron and wade need to stop their ACTING and play clean and decent basketball.. 2006 was a travesty!

  80. jun says:

    Bunch of fools. Can’t you see it is all choreograph for you to watch the game and pay a pricey ticket…hahaha!

  81. Mr. Majestic says:

    LBJ is too damn good player, very athletic, very talented, only that he doesn’t have the killer mentality of a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, or even Dirk Nowitzki. This dude thinks he’s a point guard. Come on dude! we’ve seen you scored 40 points and still carried the Cavaliers to victory. I’d rather see James and Wade scored more than 30 points each and win by 14 points, than only Wade scoring 30 points and Miami by only 5 points. Wake up LBJ, you’re too athletic to set up plays like a point guard. You’re a forward, that means you’re a scorer.

  82. Ron says:

    The Mavericks are just exposing Lebron’s weaknesses. It amazes me that other teams/coaches haven’t done this throughout Lebron’s career. He is an average/inconsistent outside shooter at best. His shooting form is inconsistent throughout games, and he relies on long 20 foot plus shots. He has never developed a midrange game 10 to 15 footers, which due to his physical size he should be exploiting every game. He also has no clue how to play a strong post game, which due to his size and quickness he should emphasize as his primary offensive weapon. His entire career his offensive game has been basically just bulldoze his way to the basket for dunks or layups, half of which shouldn’t count if the refs called traveling on him during the regular season. For some reason NBA refs have forgotten what constitutes a traveling violation in the game of basketball. These two major weaknesses in his game are glaring. Teams should never respect his outside 20 foot plus shots, give them to him, beg him to shoot them, he is not good at it and does not posess a pure shooters unwavering confidence. These glaring holes in his game are extremely costly to his game and his team, they also reflect his lack of offseason commitment to the game. Or maybe just sheer ignorance of the game where he should easily recognize his weaknesse and work on them during the off season…meaning it should have happened after his rookie year and continued every off season. It seems his ego is so inflated that he feels he is so good that these “minor shortcomings” do not need to be addressed. It is a shame to see a player with such physical God given abilities allow his overwhelming sense of self importance to get

  83. Mr. Majestic says:

    you’re right!

  84. joblagz says:

    wow everyone overreacts on this loss where its only natural for dallas to win @ home…
    LBJ not shooting great? who cares, wade n bosh is there anyway, thats not the reason they lost..
    its on the defensive end and untimely turnovers and untimely fouls..

    this finals is one of the best yet to come since the bulls era…
    win or lose, the heat is the number one team in the nba next year…

  85. RealDeal says:

    All so emotional, but keep it real, guys. Everybody crowned back LeBron when he carried his team into the finals 1st season in Heat, after all the bad talks, with some impressive clutch performances lately. Now he has one bad game and all good is forgotten again instantly… Yes, maybe he had to be more aggressive, while didn’t feel good about that, but hey, it’s just one game anyway, though in the finals. The best have their good and bad games too, but it doesn’t change who they are. Respect the game, respect the players!

    • unknown... says:

      LeBron didn’t carry the team to the Finals… the Heat still have Wade and also have Bosh. don’t give the full credit to LeBron as if he did everything… he is good, actually DAMN GOOD but he didn’t do it all.

  86. ron says:

    dirk with a fever > miami big three

  87. lebron fan says:


  88. JC Denton says:

    Give some respect to Dallas….they sure deserve it …all I can read is Lebron this Lebron that blah blah,,,I’m sick of it…

  89. Karl says:

    I think LeBron will have a bounce-back game in game 5. Great series!!!

    GO Miami

  90. Dave says:

    Lebron had a bad shooting night and disappeared, a great player finds more ways of contributing, be it creating plays, rebounding, taking on the other guys best player. He did nothing of the sort either everything works or nothing does. Makes me think of Kobe in game 7 of the finals. Bad shooting, but contributes getting to the line in the 4th quarter and grabbing 15 boards (plus stiffling defense). I see some sort of difference…hope lebron can bounce back and prove me wrong

  91. GuessWho?! says:

    If ‘Bron went with the Mavs during the decision, these Mavs fans would be telling a whole different story.. Just sit back and watch the games.. only the Basketball Gods know who’s going to win this series…

  92. lebron fan says:


  93. Entho-bay says:

    He messed up my idol’s (Wade) Big game. Pssshhh… Smh…

    Hope in game 5 he will remember why he took his “talent” to South Beach… To WIN a championship.

    Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7… LBJ,pls…get “1” first…? Ok? Goodluck.

  94. One simple analogy says it all….CAN YOU IMAGINE MICHAEL JORDAN IN AN NBA FINALS AND HE GOES OUT FOR TWO GAMES AN SCORES 17 IN ONE GAME AND 8 IN THE NEXT? Can you, in your wildest dreams, ever imagine MJ in his high flying prime, in a championship series, playing for four quarters and only scoring three baskets??????

    DALLAS’ D IS NO EXCUSE. Lebron lost his confidence in a championship game and if he doesn’t get it back. The heat are done. Shawn Marion is killing the King!!!

  95. lebron fan says:


  96. inlovewithtina says:

    go mavs!!

  97. r3y says:

    Watching back that last lay-up by Dirk, I noticed that Lebron was closer to the play than Wade and yet, Wade took the initiative to try and block Dirk’s lay up. I am no Lebron hater and I would really like Heat to win because of Wade but that was just very “un-Lebron” in that sequence. We know better how good Lebron is in playing defense, we used to watch him countless times blocking from behind but in that time, he just stood and watch.

    The Mavs may have been playing good defense on him but Lebron really needs to gather himself up and get back to the game. He is not called “The chosen one” or “The King” for nothing. I hope he’ll get back to his senses in game 5.

  98. MAX says:

    What was wrong with his comments? Its what everyone said, yet the media make it seem like its slander? Is it not America you lot live in? Freedom of speech, the first amendment right? Damn! Stop making something out of nothing and do your job! Edward Murrow would be turning in this grave!

  99. Jason says:

    For God’s sake, please stop talking about players like Dirk and Kidd deserving rings! Every player in the NBA deserves a ring. They’re all good and they put in a lot of effort into their game. There are players in the league right now without rings like Steve Nash. He’ll retire soon. You think he has a shot at a championship anymore? He’s one of the best Point Guards in the NBA history and he doesn’t have a ring although he deserves one.

    • unknown... says:

      Jason, we (yes, that includes me) talk about Kidd and Dirk deserving the title because they are the ones playing in the Finals with the Mavericks against the Heat. Wade already has his, James is still young (compare to Dirk and Kidd) and so is Bosh. Their time will come (maybe its this year or maybe next, but i hope its next 🙂 ). Everyone does deserve to win one but others deserve it more.

  100. Let them play! says:

    We should stop putting baseless predictions for the next games. I don’t know about you guys but I certainly am enjoying how the 2011 Finals is coming through.

    Both teams deserve to win this. I don’t care who wins, but the one who actually does win this series truly deserve it. Let them play. Stop putting individual players on the line as if it’s not a team sport. It’s not LeBron vs. Dirk or Wade vs. whoever, IT’S the MIAMI HEAT vs. the DALLAS MAVERICKS!

  101. Go_Dallas says:

    Lebron de Labrador..

  102. markminator says:

    Silly comments… You guys don ‘t really know Lebron : )
    If the mavs will be lost 2 straight tomorrow it’s stevenson and terry’s fault…
    Don ‘t anger Lebron because when angered he will take his opponents to beating…. Check this video


  103. vanlioncourt says:

    The same old Lebron James… Maybe he has a knack for selling games. This could become a bad habit.

  104. dj says:

    guys… i think lebron is feeling bad because wade is acting that he is the leader that which is he should not.. he is hurt by the actions of wade .. he is shocked at tthe moment .. rmemeber he lacks the mentality.. if wade is still acting like the boss of this team then its the end for the heat.. remember shaq and kobe…. first of all lbj should know that this gonna happen… he should not have joined wade in the first place..wade just uses lebron because lebron if in another team will shadow wade in everything..i feel bad for lebron.. people just used him for their benefits..

  105. JMoney says:

    Winning can mask a lot. Funny how if they won this game none of you on here would give a damn nor even care to remember how bad Lebron’s performance was. Stop playing yourself, the guy does not give a damn to “be better than so-n-so (MJ) or whoever. That is strictly one of those nonsensical things that fans worship blindly (who’s better than M.J.). Frankly, why should anyone even care to be interested in such an argument. If Lebron can somehow contribute and win at the end then I think he’s fine with not ALWAYS being the go-to guy.

  106. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    DeShawn is better off keeping his mouth shut! Everyone knows that Lebron didn’t have a good game at all, but what he said just fired Lebron up for Thursday.. I’m telling you, the Heat are going to win tomorrow and shut it down in Miami! I bet DeShawn is going to regret what he said.. And he doesn’t have the pressure like Jason Terry! What the heck was that? BULL! Lebron was a man and didn’t feed into his CRAP!

  107. Ken says:

    I want James Jones to be part of the Miami Heat rotation.. He can defend Dirk, trust me plus his ability to shoot beyond the arc.. Give him a chance Erik Spoelstra, common.. If Mike Miller is not playing well, you insert James Jones, he will provide quality minutes off the bench, pts, defense and toughness.. Go heat!

  108. Kane says:

    Here’s the thing. IF Bron scores 30+ points in game 5. That means Wade will score around 25 points. Which means Bosh will score around 15 or 16 points. And the Heat still lose… Then what? Well series over. That’s what!! MAVS in 6!!

    But here’s the other thing. All the talk about the Miami Heat Big 3. Well they just may have become the Big 2. Wade and Bosh.

    I fell another MAVS huge game coming. You know the one in the Semi’s. Game 4 v the Lakers. It’s coming real soon!!

  109. Just Sayin says:

    This is how you separate Lebron from MJ. Is that MJ was always on top of his in the playoffs and especially in the Finals.Lebron is a great player but not as good as MJ. Lebron needs to be more consistent and more clutch to be compared by with MJ

  110. mandrilko says:

    What a typical BS media article. Not a LBJ fan nor a hater. I like NBA basketball and this article is just lame.

  111. Guinnyss says:


    Your 100% right about Vik

    Not only that, but no one seem to care that Lebron raised $2 MILLION for the boys n girl club. The media don’t talk about that and i can guarantee you that out of every 10 Lebron hater, only 1 might know how much he raised for the boys n girls club. Children is the future right… Let’s look at the bigger picture there.

    And for the record LMAO, chalres barkley went to a team DESPERATE to win a ring, all the greats who couldn’t do it by themselves ran off on veterans minimum leeching on someone else team. They just hate the fact that Lebron did it at his prime. But all haters ask yourself this, what did Cavs ever did for Lebron over his 6 plus years there? What did Lakers did for Kobe? Cavs owner was riding the Lebron donkey because he thought the kid LOVE his hometown and will never leave… Too mad you never really think some people actually want a ring and not all about the money.

  112. Guinnyss says:

    @Heat without Lebron
    You have no sense, if shaq didn’t require double team and Lebron requiring double team think Wade can do anything by himself? Look at his history after 2006 before you even think about a quick reply.

    I agree that Eric is the problem, i still can’t believe he not playing J Jones or Eddie House. This is not the Bulls series, it’s okay to play them great shooter that can really spread the floor for Lebron because they always on the move and they DEMAND coverage behind the arc.

    I don’t agree that about the 30 for 30… it’s something they can do without a doubt. watch the game change once Lebron start attacking. He’s going to get foul all the time and watch him live on that free throw line. Mavs really can’t stop the Heat even a blind person can see that. Heat beat Heat not Mav beat Heat. If you go back and rewatch all 4 games heat can jump to doublt digit at will, they for some reason they stop moving like the saving energy. This is the time for Eric to put in J Jones etc…

    • unknown... says:

      I think the reason why Coach Eric isn’t putting Jones and House in is because he is afraid on the defensive end. He rather has Mike Miller playing because he is taller than Terry or Chalmers because he can guard Barea and make life difficult for Barea. it’s all about match-ups

  113. big_dipper says:

    i totally disagree with k.mac when he said “that to some players you don’t have to tell them to be agressive bec. they’re not the type of players…”i believe every player needs to be agressive in any game particularly in the finals.the difference is lebron has a nature of being agressive and if we see him not being the type he is (like in game 4) then for many of us that is unusual.we all have ups and downs in life and LJ is no exception and when he’s right on top we support him therefore we should at least help him boost his moral in his bid for the title.

  114. Guinnyss says:

    And let’s be honest here, Heats coach need to do a better rotation especially how EASY miami can jump into double digit leads and 2, try not getting into penalty early in the 4th quarter. it’s obvious the reffs are the cause of this in the last 3 games to begin with. But i have to say eric need to do a better rotation when the Heats are up, on the offensive side everyone is just standing because they know Wade or James is going to shoot, we need other shooters on the floor at this time. Would be nice to see Eddi House and instead if Howard, put in J Jones. Let Mavs chase down them too great offensive 3 point shooters.

  115. Guinnyss says:

    LMAO at all these Lebron haters. Dude did Mavs a favor and Mavs by the grace of the reffs win by 3 points. And this is only with Lebron making 8 points. Let Dirk only make 8 points and we will see where the Mavs end up at…. BLOWOUT.

    • unknown... says:

      the refs didn’t make things easier for the Mavs. They bit whenever LeBron or Wade acts like they’ve been hit by a trailer truck even though there isn’t that much contact to be considered as a Finals’-type of foul…

  116. AussieHeat says:

    i belive lebron will come up big in game 5. only if the refs allow the game to be played and none of these soft fouls are being called. Lebron has not lost confidence in his offence it is he does not know when he attack the rim if they will call the fouls. and when he goes to the other end get called for the soft fouls. thus being said everytime the heat go up by 10 or more points the ref start to call soft rebound fouls touch fouls and anyother they can come up with at the time. this does go both ways. Every time one teams get a run the ref start to make really bad calls. UNDERSTAND THIS GOES BOTH WAYS

    Some time somethings are better left not said in the media and let the talking be done on the court it just leaves to much to be thrown back in your face. because if lebron goes off and scores big and the heat crusie to victory it will be brought back to these comments made by dallas. You do not need to give the heat extra moitvation. becuase they have been us it all season long. HEAT IN 6

  117. Guinnyss says:

    why this board take so long to post peoples comment. geez.

  118. Shooter12 says:

    LBJ had a bad game 4… And I’m not much of a fan but I believe he is aching to play game 5 already so that he can redeem himself. It’s gonna be another exciting game!

    • Mr. Majestic says:

      Maybe, but the problem with LeBron is he’s a superstar with no bloody damn superstar mentality. You know what I mean dude, the MJ, Kobe, Larry Bird killer instincts who take over in the clutches and breathtaking finishes. He ain’t possess that mentality and capability, that’s why his team went only as far as the playoffs the last couple of years, and once swept in the finals by spurs. It’s time for him stop playing as if he’s the point guard, dude. He’s a forward, that means he should score.

  119. George says:

    @ Everyone

    Please people, on court analysis and game reading is tough, sitting at home is easier, stop pointing fingers and check the facts:

    Even if Lebron bounces back, it will be instead of D-Wade who’s scoring on a high percentage. It would be ridicoulous to see D-wade and Lebron both scoring 30+ points on a 50% + shooting. The difference in such series for miami is to force Mavs into foul trouble, do that to Marion and maybe its enough, do it also to chandler and its the heat winning by 20. Spoelstra is still raw, even if he won the championship, biggest mistake is to keep him, he will destroy the dynasty.

    If mavs win game 5 it will be a game 7 again deciding the champs and miami still are favorites
    If Mimai win game 5 then they are champs in game 6.

    In my opinion, if the mavs wins it it would be the greatest upset in NBA Finals ever and the biggest underdogs to win it.


    • celtics/dwadefan says:

      are u crazy biggest upset detroit beating the lakers in 2004 this won’t be no upset if dallas wins they have a better bench and coach and morew heart miami only has one heart and that is wade

  120. Boeing says:

    Every game has different story, Game 5 for Lebron? Let’s see it…

    • unknown... says:

      Im sure these players will step up for their own teams… LeBron for the Heat and Dirk for the Mavericks. even though DIrk scored that last basket, look at his FG%…

  121. Heat without Lebron says:

    The big problem of miami is the pressence of Lebron James. James is just too over rated and over confident. I cant say that he doesn’t have talent in basketball, In fact, he has all the talent that a great basketball player has. The only problem is that he just does not posses tha heart and the will to be a champion. I think Miami has the best chance to win the trophy without Lebron James. Wade and James is “too much” and “too much” is never enough.

    • datruth says:

      to be honest, i dont think there big3 is a good match. think about it, they have three players that dont play without the ball or should i say “are not effective without the ball”. wade is your best defender, even in the paint. no one knows who to give the ball to in the 4th qtr. it’s a mess. none of them are knock down shooters. what do you do with that?

  122. mafia says:

    I think lebron is being mafia. just doesnt feel like him this past 2 games

  123. Knicks2012Champs says:

    LeBron will come back and “bite”… its the king’s time now.

    • datruth says:

      bite what? his tongue about he shouldve done better. i would like lebron if i were you bcuz the knicks only beat him once since he been in the league.

  124. renphilippinesGoMavs! says:

    Go Mavs! from the Philippines we are supporting you MAVS! freeze Miami Cold!
    I wanna see Miami Cold as cold as ice!
    Go Mavs! Go Get Your Ring!!! Get hungry for it Mavs! Miami is taking it as pride! Mavs is taking honors!
    Get Freeze Miami Cold.

    Go Dirk “El Presidente” noone nobody can stop you from doing that! Go Mavs! Go Dirk!!! Go Dirk for that elegant shots in the face of Miami Cold!!! Go Dirk! Go Mavs!

  125. Knicks2012Champs says:

    Seriously… this is just like putting your hand in a lion’s mouth and expecting it not to bite… if mavs lose the series we all will know why

  126. Rafael Brasil says:

    LeBron is a choker: ask Boston and Orlando. Unlike Wade, he folds when pressure mounts bigtime.

  127. MeNaC says:

    the mavs are feeling themselves right now…which is deserving….but they are actin a lil too arrogant…i mean come on stevenson..u are averaging 3 points a game in the playoffs….if its not a 3 pointer u dont score…i mean really…and terry..for cryin out loud u are coming off the bench…sure stevenson plays defense but i mean if u kno basketball then u kno that each player has 6 fouls to give..and if i only get 18-20 minutes a game then im gonna play aggressive and hard all lets not get too wrapped in the fact that he is playin good defense as opposed to if he didnt something would be wrong…u got 18 mins to get 6 fouls…duh…

    on another matter what u Lebron haters, reporters, players say to or about Lebron he has handled himself quite well in the NBA..he never engages in the hoopla..and he is a stand up guy…if u gonna hate him ..hate him for the right reasons…him leavin the Cavs the way he did is the only arguement u have…besides that the man has givin back waaay more than most players to the community…and has never been involved in any scandel or what have you…

    ask urself ..everybody is doggin Lebron for What SCOTTIE said…Lebron never once agreed with him nor did he ever come out and say he wanted to be like MJ nor did he say he was the greatest..he simply says he wants to be one of the greats..and mentioned with them..and he wants a ring…im tired of the small minded racist on the low people on these blogs..and i hate when u guys back them up…u talk about a man but u are being the biggest biggot/racist of all…

    most of u are puppets anyway..u only see what they want u to see..and u only look for what they want u to look for..they being the media…for everything most of u accuse Lebron of doin or being..ur favorite player on each does as much or if not more of(talk trash on court, cries about calls, acting jobs)….and for ur info…Lebron averages more points in the season and playoffs career than Dirk…so stop tryin to take away accomplishments from a guy who earned it and GIVE it to somebody who has yet to earn them or simply is not as good…

    #’s dont lie…people do!!!

    damn shame yall hate more on Lebron than Mike vick..a proven criminal…and Lebron Has Not Commited A Crime !!!

    • celtics/dwadefan says:

      shut up lebron is a failure he thinks he is mr. hollywood he is nothing more than a sore loser remember when he did not want to shake hands when he lost to orlando and he did not show up to the press conference he does nothing but choke in the big moments when he wins he is all happy and showboating but when he loses all he does is pout and complain and make excuses he is pathetic

    • unknown... says:

      DeShawn’s role is to play defense and shoot threes… Jet’s role is to come off the bench and be a spark which is the same for Barea and other bench players. Yes each player has 6 fouls to give but that doesn’t mean that you should use them every game, that means bonus point for the other team because of freethrows. why don’t you say that with the team that you’re rooting for? Man, do you watch this series because of the teams playing or you just watch it because of LeBron? I am a Mavs fan and i am happy with LeBron’s performance because i know that if LeBron score more then the Mavs will definitely have a bigger problem… but as a basketball fan, i am disappointed with his performance. as they have said, that man is a beast on court.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Menac you most be snorting something good, talking about people on the blogs are racist? Whrere have you seen one person use a racial slur against Lebron, or better yet, any player in their comments?

      Lebron should’ve stayed in Cleveland and he would still be loved by most!

      And comparing him to Mike Vick? Man Mike Vick aint do a thing, he didnt touch a dog, it was people around him and involved in the dog fights who killed the dogs and ect. Im a EAGLES fan, and Mike Vick is a HERO BABY, they let him be away from the game far too long for something so trivial (its not like he was involved with murder of ACTUAL people) but he came back and his still running things at the QB position!

      Forget LBJ, stop talking like you his right hand man, you dont know this man AT ALL…

    • datruth says:

      mike vick dont got nothin to do with lebron’s terrible performances. by the way ru a white animal lover?

    • DeeJay says:

      That’s how much you know basketball. Jason Terry starts for any team in this leaugue …but he comes OFF the bench SO they have an extra weapon to jump start that bench….

    • DeeJay says:

      Sorry …but where I come from what Mike Vick DID ain’t a crime……………..But the Nation Guard dropping a bomb in my residentual neighborhood for ONE house is!!!!

  128. tradback says:

    I’m rooting for the Mavs and Stevenson’s comment riles me up because even if James made a horrible performance in Game 4, we all know (maybe Stevenson included) that he is very much capable of a come-back performance. So Shaun couldn’t have said it any better: let him climb out of his hole AND DON’T THROW HIM A ROPE! If James comes back and the Heat win game 5, I’m blaming Stevenson.

  129. Travis says:

    Uh-oh! Deshawn said some naughty things! In the Finals…Can you believe it!? Now, the big bad LBJ is gonna get him! Please. Dude should score and perform at the highest level EVERY NIGHT, especially at this stage, REGARDLESS of what some role player has to say. Screw the “let sleeping dogs lie” theory, its BS. LeBron’s supposed to be a beast, so he should play like one-NOT like a fairy..

  130. Jowell Chua says:

    it doesnt who makes the plays or not, in the end i guarantee Miami Heat 2011 champs!!! then the whole Heat players can make their rings customized for his middle finger so that all the critics and haters hut the *&^* up! hahaha

  131. FA says:

    please stop comparing this overrated, traveling choker to Kobe or MJ

  132. james says:

    nahhh…. its all trash….. if lebron wants to prove somethng to himself then he should play his game…. its not his team anyway…. its wades……see wht he did to cleveland?…. this time he should prove something….. the way i look at him now…. he won’t win one championship his entire career if he’s got that kind of attitude….com’on man… be yourself… take ove the game…. show leadership and not just showboating…. that doesn’t win championships…. team work does…. so go for it…..

    • George says:

      You’re right, as much as I dislike LeBron… I believe he will do much more for himself and his team if he stops listening to all the people trying to run his life. He should just be himself, and stop trying to be always politically correct. Just win games that he says he wants to, yet hasn’t played like he wants to this year. Wade has been the one driving force for the Heat all year, even in the chicago series when he was off… He would bring them back if they were trailing. He gives 100% every game.

  133. Boss says:

    lebron is a great player, deshawn knows that himself but we all know deshawn strapped him up game 4 and held the two-time reigning MVP to single digits. D-wade is obviously the best player for miami now and james has to step up or hes gonna be moving hes so called talents elsewhere -___-

  134. Ronnie says:

    You know what? All these trash talking will end once Lebron proves himself again to these haters. He’s known to bounce back from off night performance. Look what he did in Boston / Chicago series. This is part of the drama wherein the Heat will be the eventual champions!!

  135. letbetterteamwin says:

    dallas in 6

  136. hoop-dreamer says:

    this thing ends in miami , heatt in 6, james will reddem hmself an earn his first ring, this aint a walk in the park more like a jungle for both teams..

  137. mike says:

    let’s go heat!!!! Lebron will bounce back really BIG with 43pts!

    • tingyman1 says:

      with the heat losing by 13 and both wade and boash scoring 30 total. Yep, lebron would score high and team score low

  138. Denzo says:

    I hate how we say LeBron is the best player ever.. Not even close. Is he awesome? Yes. Is he athletic crazy? Yes. Is he as good as Charles Barkely? Maybe. Did Charles barkely go further with the Suns, (against a peaking Michael Jordan!!)than LeBron did against weaker teams in the east nowdays? yes.
    People try and say that just because he doesnt have a ring, does not mean hes not the greatest. Well, in my opinion, when your great in a TEAM game, you can take over the whole thing = See Jordan +Kobe.

    If Lebron DOESNT win at least 3 championships with WADE and BOSH and all the talent they have.. they are a joke and should never be considered in the same breath as Bird, Magic, Jordan, Kobe, Tim D, Billups, and many other NBA Champions.

    the NBA has seen many great individuals who have done a lot better.. heck even Larry Johnson was a monster!!

  139. Chriss Manaligod says:


    I’ve seen this. This is it
    Look at Heat’s win.

    Game 1
    Game 3
    And going to be CHAMPS on Game 6

    1 – BOSH
    3 – WADE
    6 – JAMES

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      If your trend continues that means Heat Lose 2,4,5 & 7 meaning MAVS IN 7!!!

      Thanks for pointing that out … I think Mavs in 6 … but 7 is OK TOO!!! LOL!

    • tingyman1 says:

      hahahahahahaha, i cant wait for the mavs to prove your sorry as wrong!

  140. ted daiz says:

    LBJ was gunshy at game 4. It was evident at crunch time this rubboff to his teamates , as nobody wants to have a piece of the leather , as if the b-tball was just to hot. It was uncharacteristic of the M Heat team who battled and defeated the Bulls. Wake up LBJ and pressed the attack mode and give D Wade and CB a big hand lest the great Mav team will swept you.

  141. krueger says:

    LBJ lacks heart, nervous

  142. Dunyon says:

    I think something is going on in the locker room. I find it interesting that the reporters aren’t mentioning it. It’s not like he took a BUNCH of shots and missed them, he simply wasn’t trying. I think he’s doing this out of spite for Wade, if you noticed their body language on the court during the game they were basically avoiding each other and Wade was basically shouting at everyone but Lebron. If the Heat lose this series it’s not the lack of center or point guard it’s the lack of coaching. Whether they are winning or losing Eric Spoelstra is not the coach for this team, they don’t listen to him in time outs or from the sidelines. Lebron is a great player but he lacks the mental fortitude to stand up after he gets knocked down. Bosh is a little better and Wade actually LIVES fro moments like those. Riley needs to get down to the sideline and try to salvage this series before it blows up in his face.

    • Nathan says:

      I agree and back after game 3 Wade told the reporters when they asked him after the half what did he do differently and he said that he told them that this is his team and he is their captain so everyone follow his lead. Which he is; but I think Lebron took that personally like Wade was telling Lebron this is not your team. I think they both want to be the one who the media be focused on. The only reason Lebron was getting a lot of attention in these playoff’s is because Wade was non-existent during the Heat vs Bulls series. I think Pat Riley does need to step down and speak to them or be at the sidelines barking orders.

      • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

        I hope that Riley comes down to the sideline. If he does it the MAVS will be the champs.

        But you had a nice idea to change the coach for the last three games. Great idea will definitly work for the MAVS.

        I really can laugh about some people. Very silly.

      • bsj says:

        So not only did the Mavs cause the Lakers to implode, they are causing the Heat to implode as well?

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Wade shouted at Lebron too….

  143. krueger says:

    LBJ has mice on his chest

  144. krueger says:

    i think LBJ have mice on his chest… great ball player but no heart all money talk

  145. makunzzzz says:

    I like this… A little trash talking is good in the NBA, it makes everything more intense. Just for the record MJ would NEVER socre 8 points in the finals… Neither would Kobe, IVerson, Magic… Lebrick has a long way to go…

    • radamus says:

      Please don’t call him “Lebrick” until he actually COMPLETELY brings his team down – crashing and burning – like he usually does.

  146. lakersforever says:

    prediction: dallas in 6 they win the next two lebron has one good game but bosh and everyone else wont come to play on that game and then he chokes in game 6 and mavs win

  147. noel says:

    I believe Lebron just felt the pressure of the moment.

    Maybe he should stop thinking that he is playing an NBA finals game but just an ordinary, regular game. Try watching any Michael Jordan finals game. That will give him some perspective.

    Good luck, Heat!

  148. watcher says:

    Wonder what Scottie Pippen has got to say now.

  149. LovetheHeat says:

    Lebron better be back in the next game coz Miami really needs him…
    Wade needs him especially in 4th quarters in this series to win…

  150. lakersforever says:

    what makes me upset is that lebron is having a terrible series and it seems like everyone is just like he is a great player he will bounce back no big deal… i hate to do this becuase somehow kobe always gets brought into it but if kobe had a game like that every single kobe hater would be on here saying he sucks he sucks haha its crazy lebron is one of the best players i have ever seen but unless he breaks out of this terrible play he can never be the greatest or close to it because the greatest players shine in these moments like wade and like dirk this is the finals so wake up lebron or your team is getting bounced which i hope happens

    • tingyman1 says:

      yes for all those kobe haters out there that kept bragging about how lebron is mr. consistent, what happened now?

      • BQQ says:

        Kobe got swept by the mavs

      • cwalk78 says:

        Ya kobe couldnt beat the mavs once tingyman1 u know nothing of basketball

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:



  151. Chad says:

    Lebron should stop aiming for the Mr. # 1 Heat – because Wade is. He should focus on winning the trophy for his team and not for himself alone.

    Good job james! You’re a big help to my Dallas team!=)

  152. "Overrated" says:

    LBJ is too confident by allowing Wade to be a finals MVP only “IF” they win? By allowing Wade to have more touches. LBJ being the Miami’s offense facilitator and not being agressive in attacking the basket (fish some fouls & go to the free throw line mentality). LBJ should produce more points especially crunch time only 5-2-2-0 points in the 4th quarter throughout the series. If Miami will loose the finals I think this is a career ending on the part of LBJ. LBJ carries too much pressure than other players in this series, Remember he signed with Miami along with Wade & Bosh because he wants a NBA title.

    For LBJ, the remaining games 5,6 & 7 (if nec.) is his time to proove to the basketball world that he is still the “KING”!

    • tingyman1 says:

      he doesnt need to prove it. we all know that he is the king of failure. COME ON KING keep up THE FAILURE

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      if you have noticed, not just his lackluster game 4 performance but all series James has not got to the foul line alot. That is due to the ZONE defense, that is the purpose it serves, to stop James and Wade from penetrating the lane!

      THough Wade has seem to do it successfully, no foul calls, but getting CRAZY shots to GO DOWN!

  153. mj23 says:

    lebron is pippen, wade is jordan hehehhe

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      Oh my good. Let me tell you one thing. THERE WILL NEVER BE A PLAYER THAT YOU CAN COMPARE TO MICHAEL JORDAN!!!!!!!! NEVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      The only thing you could say about this is, could Lebron ever be near as great like NOWITZKI.

      This season showed it once again, that only one Player is nearly so clutch like MJ. You all know who it is.

      41 DIRK NOWITZKI. And i will tell you why. 10 PPG in 4th quater 2011 playoffs action!!! just sick think about it!!!

  154. Anti Lebron says:

    I love miami but i hate Lebron. Go DALLAS!!..BEAT THE HEAT!!!!…

  155. juanito b balucas says:

    The King is no ordinary player, he is the best as was Michael Jordan during his time.. There’s no doubt he’ll come back with vengeance..

  156. Jeff says:

    All I hear is that the Heat are supposed to have swept the Mavs by now and that it is only the Heat beating themselves. Well, if they are supposed to be beating the Mavs into oblivion. The Mavs could easily be up 3-1 as well. There is more to basketball at this level than talent and athleticism. You have to have be able to not fold under pressure ad right now Miami should consider a name change. “And now introducing your Eastern Conference Champion Miami Lawn-chairs.”

  157. cb says:

    I’m kind of tired of the media and Lebron. I’m not a Heat fan and I’m not saying give the guy a break. I’m saying just give it a rest. Dirk, his fever, and the guys that won should be the top story.

  158. Ayman Azmi says:

    King James is the best basketball player on earth & it’s pathetic & annoying how the media & Heat haters exaggerate everything concerning him.
    He had an off scoring night,so what?11 It’s something which happens to all great atheletes in all sports.
    Overall & most importantly NO WAY MIAMI WOULD OF GOT THIS FAR WITHOUT HIM.

    • eric says:

      no it does not happen to all athletes…not in the finals… never saw bird/magic/michael have such a sorry azz performance….LBJ is just a joke…cant deal with pressure

    • ron says:

      I so agree. The King has the greatest ego on earth. He would be great in an individual sport like figure skating. but a teamsport needs players who can put their ego aside and actually make people around them better and lead them to a championship in stead of buying one.
      Don’t make me laugh LBJ the greatest…..

    • LABRYANT says:

      Lebron is the best during the regular for playoffs (espically in the finals i would disagree)..look at his stats in the biggest games of a players career(the finals)..2-6 record..shooting 37% from floor ..averages 19 points a game along with 5 this finals he has just scored a total of 9 points in the 4th quarter in all 4 games ..clutch ..dont think so..he does not have the killer instinct that Jordan had or KOBE has..HEAT will still win title and WADE will take home least u can say he is smart for joining him and BOSH in i said before why couldnt he get superstars to join him why did he have to jumpship and join other great players..Jordan Bird Magic Sir Charles all said same thing..

  159. Lebron's a choker says:

    lebron’s a choker! it’s as simple as that! Deshawn is right, he’s Overrated!!!

  160. haha says:

    i know he performed one of the worst games in his career last night..but i just can’t see him scoring less than 10 points for next game. As a LBJ fan, I hope he could put more effort in it…I’m really pissed off at him for the game 4 but he just has to show up in game 5 to shut down all the haters. If he doesn’t prove it then yeah like what haters say he might not be the guy who could win the finals.

  161. Martin Keith says:

    So once again Lequit/Lechoke comes up empty in a huge game. Oh, surprise! NOT. The Miami Cheat will lose in 6. My momma always said “cheaters never prosper”. By the way don’t even mention Lebron in the same breath as Kobe or Michael Jordan. Not even remotely close and never wiil be!

    • LOOOOOOOL says:

      howd lebron ccheat?

      thank you for the laugh my friend..

      • robbay2 says:

        Look up Lebron traveling or flopping and you will see.

        I think jeff van gundy had his panties in a wad on game 4 because co-king james floped after being touched by haywood

      • LakersWillWin says:

        I don’t even think Haywood touched him

  162. ZkaAa says:

    lets go mavs!!! lebrons is in mental breakdown.. time to take advantage!!

  163. allaround baller says:

    allaround player never get a champ himself, pippen need jordan, magic need kareem n worthy. Let’s put lebron next to j.kidd
    Leave jordan alone

    Im pippen fans but his statement is shocking

  164. MuQuebec.Net says:

    This guys keep on pushing Lebron coz of his poor performance in 1 game its like your waking up a monster that might get a bad wake up and end up eating those who’s around him…His been working hard on his way in helping MIAMI HEAT back to FINALS, winning it will be a nightmare for those who hates him…Not getting the championship will not change his motivation on getting his championship in MIAMI HEAT, remember this is his 1st year and yet he help this team back into FINALS!!!!

  165. randzmicael says:

    there is no tomorrow LBJ..redeem yourself show the world that you are deserved to be called KING.or else just leave it to the royal family….your performance last game is too far from MJ or even KOBE..these player can score if they want to score and their team needed them…i still believed that you can make up on game 5..we expect you score 30 and up…show them that your time is now…long live the KING

    • tingyman1 says:

      Long live the king…hey king, can you wipe my as for me plz? im too effing lazy to do it myself

  166. carlo says:

    Definitely Lebron will bounce back but Mavs will be prepared for it just as how they were prepared in the last 3 games. Basketball is not Lebron but for everyone. It is not won because it has 3 superstars but it won via great will and teamwork just as how Pistons defeated Lakers in 2004 when they had all the superstars in their team. Lebron got criticized a lot because of his move to Miami as he can not do it alone. He is in the right path now but if Heat loose this game, that would be totally fine as they are just in their first year as a team. It only means that Mavs is a better and hungrier team. Let us watch and see. Common Heat and Mavs let’s put again a great show!

  167. Just Sayin says:

    Deshawn has a very good point because Lebron has to score alot and he has to be at least what he was against chicago making clutch shots or like 2 or 3 years ago when he scored 20 straight points for cleveland against the pistons. He needs to be the go to player down the stretch because him and dwyane wade are the go to guys not Bosh. So Deshawn has a good point that Lebron should have never had a single digit game especially in the finals

  168. freddie chua says:

    a superstar’s presence must be felt in every game win or lose, playoff or not, and definitely during crunch time when the game is on line and your team needs you. consistency is what makes you an icon..LJ is not…yet.

  169. Pouchon5 says:

    Let me go join Wade so that I can win a ring
    Everybody thinks I am a great player
    But I am not, I am just a good player
    Ring, something I need help from a friend to get
    Ohio should have its own South Beach
    Never make the mistake of comparing me to MJ

    This is what LEBRON stand for.

  170. Pouchon5 says:

    Let me go join Wade so that I can win a ring
    Everybody thinks I am a great player
    But I am not, I am just a good player
    Ring, something I need help from a friend to get
    Ohio should have its own South Beach
    Never make the mistake of comparing me to MJ

    This is what LEBRON stand for.

    • tingyman1 says:

      no it doesnt, let me help you out

      Let me go and brag prematurely about winning many championships, then let
      Everybody down because I fail when it matters most. I love how there are many
      Bandwagoners that jump unto my wagon when i came to miami, but i plan to let them down also. I
      Run into people and then flop as if i was the one pushed, therefore acting like the butch i am.
      Off the floor i may say that I am the best player in the nba, even better than michael, but i know that
      No one is better than his Airness and that I am just a useless aswipe

  171. lb says:

    Im a Lebron fan… I dont know as well whats on Lebron’s mind…. We all know that if he wants to attack he can attack and score!!! In the next game he need to attack and not too much outside shooting. Attack the paint and get a foul!!! That’s what he needs to do in the next game. Go Miami!!!!

    • tingyman1 says:

      you do realize that the zone defense keeps ppl from attacking right?

      • Y.O.My says:

        The defense has definitely given him problems. The other thing is, despite the travel calls (which are rightly so, no judgement on that), he’s not getting any fouls called in his favor. It’s really discouraging for a guy to drive hard, get contact, and not get a foul called. Even worse is when you miss the opportunity to score at all because the penetration wasn’t successful.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Dirk hasnt got every call in his favor either…I think the refs are calling a fair game…to the best of their ability!

  172. Teriac says:

    deshawn talks too much just because he had more points than lebron. but overall lebron will dominate and take the next 2 games! the king will rule

    • tingyman1 says:

      the king? the king of effing what? he is the king of your deck for all i care. 8 points are not the mark of a kiing

  173. carlo says:

    Definitely Lebron will bounce back but Mavs will be prepared for just as how they were prepared in the last 3 games. Basketball is not Lebron but for everyone. It is not won because it has 3 superstars but it won via great will and teamwork just as how Pistons defeated Lakers in 2004 when they had all the superstars in their team. Lebron got critized a lot because of his move to Miami as he can not do it alone. He is in the right path now but if Heat loose this game, that would be totally fine as they are just in their first year as a team. It only means that Mavs is a better and hungrier team. Let us watch and see. Common Heat and Mavs let’s put again a great show!

  174. GCM says:

    yeah.. predictions all the way huh??.. just watch the game boy…

  175. g says:

    i think whats missing in miami is a real coach…i mean you cannot as a coach finish a game the way game 2 & 4 went down.
    miami improvise to much,they might win it but if its a dynasty installing it will be their worst edition.
    when is 5 mins left leading by 10 why take an unsure shot at 14 secs mark of the shot clock?
    Thats what Miami didnt realize in both these comebacks and i blame spoelstra for not making the adjustement.
    notice as well how dallas didnt get in foul trouble in those 2 similar games.
    If james wanted to with a body like his,he could go inside more instead of taking those shots and get 20 more free throw a game. but of course,thats not in the coachs plans…

    • underdog says:

      go blame the coach… in this miami team there are only 2 people I admire… it’s wade and coach spo… it’s hard to coach a team with those kind of talents… 3 all-stars with 2 who are most effective when the ball is in their hands and the rest bystanders… he made joel anthony into a good defensive force and utilized his limited choice in bench… handled the moment when they were 9-8 and went to finals! people were judging him when he went small against my bulls team but it actually worked well…

  176. LAL4EVER says:

    It just so funny that Lebron always choose to have a bad game when it matters most. The difference between a good player and great player is that the latter always show up when it matters most. As of right now Lebron might be many things, but a great player is not one of them. The decision that he took to leave the Cavs last summer really prove that he is not great, even though the decision had nothing to do with basketball. It was a personal issue between Lebron, his mother, and third party not to be named on this blog (DW).

  177. boyet says:

    Sirs….. it might be that LeBron got some problem with Spoelstra again… When he receieved the ball, he automatically gave it to Wade, maybe the coaching staff always instructed them to give the ball to Wade… LeBron just measure the Miami game when hes not active… just my idea.

    • tingyman1 says:

      and a stupid one at that. Miami didnt pay lebron 117 over the next 6 years so that he can hand the ball to wade. ignorant fool…

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I have more trust with the ball in Wade’s hand, then Lebron’s….and i think the coaching staff would agree seeing as they know what he is capable of and have seen it for 8yrs on the sidelines

    • underdog says:

      sir… lebron shot 11 times and missed 8 times… that is not the coaches fault…

  178. King Me says:

    Great players dont score 8 points in the finals, period.

  179. Byron says:

    Lebron:Physically gifted…mentally weak Dirk:Physically limited…mentally strong..end of story

  180. I insist , reptilians and aliens are in the Nba.

    • tingyman1 says:

      bosh comes from the raptors, a effing breed of lizard, what da hel do you expect. His face therefore is a effing lizard. As for Lebron, that man is a effing doucbag

  181. bigboy11 says:

    terry punked him and he did not go off , what more motivation does he want he had that same look last season when Boston knocked him out of the playoffs

  182. Todd E. says:

    The only thing LeChicken is gonna win is an award for acting. See Game 4, 1st quarter, 18 seconds left.

  183. dee says:

    lebron is just letting wade take control as he so wants to, i mean i love dwayne wade like him more than lebron but he just stuck on this his team hooprah that he stealing the show but they loosing…n i think lebron is just letting him shine when he wants to.

    • young says:

      I Def. agree

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      i cant agree, because Lebron wasnt just not in sync for the fourth quarter, but also the third….

      What is Wade supposed to do? Sit there or keep feeding Lebron the ball WHEN obviously he ISNT on tonight? This is the finals, and like Dwade said, he is leaving nothing to chance, if one of his teammates is off HE must be the one to step up and HE did that in Game 4, 13/20, thats a HOT HAND, and most of his shots were DIFFICULT shots that he somehow made.

      His performance has nothing to do with him trying to show people “this is his team” its him coming out and trying to get a win! Heart and determination, if anyone needs blame it is Lebron James, because the game was still close and maybe if he had just stepped up a little, one basket or two would’ve been the difference

      Hope the MAvs win tonight!

  184. D'Big 3 says:

    There is nothing to be worried about, the Heat will still be the 2011 CHAMPIONS!!! LeBron shall rise in the next games and Haunt Stevenson and TERRY who mocked him. “Its just one of those Nights”..I may say. ..if 1,3,6… came in together in the next games, there will be no greater team than them except the ’96 Bulls team! :).. GO HEAT!!!

    • DIRK OWNS HEAT says:

      …if the MAVS rollplayers… came together in the next games, there will be no greater team then them except the ´96 Bulls team! GO MAVS!!!!!!!!

  185. bigboy11 says:

    i know i saw lebron getting punked by Shawn Marion and jason terry marion was putting up shots over him and talking up in his face and that zone dallas went to with 8 mins, to go in the game was a lebron stopper he looked like he was in space most of the time he got the ball at the top of the key and ran the shot clock all the way down before he made a move with the ball

  186. dallas says:

    the problem with miami big 3 is when someone is in rhythm and has a big game, sum1 is also off.
    example: in chicago series, lebron and bosh are on fire,,,,WADE=OFF

    the big 3 are rhythm players, when they are not involved in the offense, there rhythm is off.
    so when sumbody steps up too much as what dwayne wade has done in the finals, lebron goes off since he losses his rhythm because dwayne wade handles the ball too much.
    remember eventough the miami has big 3, only one person can shot a ball at a time not 3.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      i agree fully!!!!!

      So if lebron comes out and has a good solid game, then most likely wade will be less aggressive. I dont see Bosh getting out of rhythm just for the simple fact he doesnt control the ball, he doesnt do all that dribbling, he does a little running off screens and hits his pick and pop fadeway jumper!

      James and Wade cant be overly aggressive if they want to win, because doing that cancels the other guy out, they have to keep each other involved equally or come up with a lose

  187. ByronJohn says:

    hos deshawn Stevenson? score 30+ man before you trash talk with the king or try to carry your team with your own.i know terry,kid.dirk,chandler and the matrix but not you man!!

    • tingyman1 says:

      whos byronjohn? score 30+ before you talk trash with a proffessional basketball player. I know deshawn, barea, haywood but not you man!!!

    • underdog says:

      i know who stevenson is… he hit 3 of 7 3-pointers and has 11 pts to help the mavz win game 5! i know who Lebron is… he’s the guy who is dragging down Wade’s elite performances because of his incompetitiveness shooting 3 of 11!

  188. Michael says:

    “An angry, motivated LeBron with something to prove could single handidly devesate the Dallas Maveriks.”

    He could also single handedly devastate the Miami Heat. If you think LeBron going out there trying to prove something, forcing up shots, trying to get 60 is a good thing, then you haven’t seen LeBron play in the past with the Cavs. Because that’s all he ever did, and he accomplished nothing.

    • tingyman1 says:

      true dat

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      def tru, he will force errors tonight, i can taste it!

    • Not even close to the same comparison. I have watched LeBron play darn near every game of his NBA career. He never played with another dynamic scorer in Cleveland so that’s not arguable. I have seen a guy who has played within the context of the team, hasn’t forced his game at all this season. I wouldn’t expect him to put up more than 15 shots tonight but the tone of his game will for sure be different. Watch and see

  189. Cgreen says:

    Seriously LeBron is not MJ. The problem with the heat is there is 2 people who feel they should have the last shot, But only 1 is the actual heat leader(Wade). LeBron is seeing Wade dominate and look as if he is feeling left out. See anyone who wants to compare him to MJ, is so wrong. Never. And this talk of 4 or 5 or 6? No way. These 3 superstars have set the pace all the best free agents willstock pile and winning that many championships for one guy is very unlikely.

  190. DAN says:

    HEAT IN 6.
    one more close game in dallas….

    dont expect a close game back in miami…

    dallas has its biggest game right now and thats game 5, if they lose this…i guarantee a BLOW OUT game 6

  191. Rich says:

    Too many talents but only one ball at any given time. Doesn’t matter – MAVS will win game 5 with better team play and shots will go in this time ! No more come from behind game.

  192. For all those 33 miners rescued HEAT GONNA WIN 2011 CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!



    =33 The number of Jesus Christ. oyeah o yeah

    Ten years before ; Michael retires


    23= The Number of the Heat. Amen and God Bless you.

  193. No matter what Heat will win next 2 games. 2011 Champions!!!

  194. DeShawn talking trash to LBJ is just plain silly. Check the resume, I think James has just a few more credentials. Bron had an off night, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t expect that to happen again, it likely won’t. Stephenson would be better served by keeping his mouth shut, just letting his play do the talking, same goes for Jason Terry. An angry, motivated LeBron with something to prove could single handidly devesate the Dallas Maveriks.

    • Waz says:

      You can say check the resume, but if the Mavs get over the Heat then Deshawn is the one with the better resume. It doesn’t matter what your stat line says if you aren’t winning championships you’ll eventually be forgotten.

    • Jason says:

      This couldn’t have been worded better. I believe Dirk and Kidd both deserve a ring before their careers are up, but DeShawn saying something like that may not help them their chances

      • al - respect the game says:

        listen, if it takes deshawn to stir lebron up in a finals game, then he doesnt deserve to win. Being in the finals is more than enough motivation. maybe because they got here so easily they think the rest will be cake walk. they better come with it.

    • lakersforever says:

      ya thats the point he is cracking under pressure that is the difference between good and the greatest of all time and why are you citing that random website

      • tingyman1 says:

        saying that bron is greatest of all time means you can get slapped on that wrinkly as. That is just plain ignorant

    • jeff manis says:

      i think he might of had somethin to prove last year with the cavs and then he choked against the celtics and laid an egg on the court

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        he did choke..or either gave up because he wouldnt of been able to leave for Miami if the Cavs made it to the finals or even won the championship …he could, but i mean it would’ve been an even harder decision to make

    • ron says:

      Yeah, stay focussed on your huge egos. Take as much as possible hero shots and miss them. and stay focussed on your ideas that a teamsport is about superstars…..

  195. kp says:

    Lebron had a terrible game 4 but no one knows that metter then lebron he will bounce back and not because of stevensons comments because lebron is a great player an that’s what great players do this is a case of a NO NAME player again trying to bark at lebron to get his name out there but this will even be a issues once Miami is holding up the championship trophy go heat 1,3,6

    • jeff manis says:

      No name player??? DeShawn Stevenson is one of the best defenders in the NBA hes been a consistent player in the NBA for years? you know nothing about basketball

  196. GAME 5;

    Nowitzki: “You are good”
    Lebron;”l´ll get better”


    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      I’ll believe it WHEN I SEE IT!!!


      • ahaaha says:

        ahhahahaha im not a miami heat fan but lebron is so much better than nowitzki lets not get carried away aha

      • unknown... says:

        Dirk doesn’t jump as high as LeBron. No fancy dunks, just one-legged fade away. They are both good, i have to admit, but its unfair for Dirk to be compared to LeBron because there are stuff that Dirk that LeBron can’t do and vice versa. Let’s just give props to both and stop comparing… even LeBron to MJ.

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        @ ahaaha …


        Dirk’s stats ARE CRUSHING Lebron’s IN THIS FINALS!!


      • sbfern says:

        @ AHAHAH! Really “lets not get carried away” ? Dirk has been named MVP of the league even when Kobe was playing. Dirk IS PLAYING BETTER THAN Lebron! and no-one is gettting carried away! So dont take credit away from Dirk. Im not a Dallas fan neither but his jumpers are unguardable, James does not have a go to shot he always takes at the end of a game. That is what differs him as an ALL-TIME great. He has nothing at the end of the game.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Just because Leborn has to play a better game doesnt mean he going to score 50 pts quoted by Dwade

      Lebron will play better, but dont expect more than 23-28 pts tonight!

    • ron says:

      The King is Dead. long live the MAVS

      • sbfern says:

        KING? for who? arent “KINGS” winners? he must have an older brother…oh yeah KOBE “the Black Mamba” BRYANT. He had the throne for all these years… Dirk is taking it justly for this year!!! then sorry guys, its going back to cali…

    • robbay2 says:

      Shouldnt it be the Co-King?

  198. Randy Santiago says:

    Lebron may be having problems right now but he still is part of NBA all time mythical club … see this he is one of the greatest athlete, i thinks he is just under difficult times and pressure now..

    • Ryan says:

      well whoever made that list obviously forgot about Pippen. Right now, Pippen is way better than any other SF out there. He is more versatile and has one of the best defensive awareness of the game. He can also play SG while at it. And when his airness had his offgame, he shouldered the team.

      • nino catral says:

        show me the ring first before calling lebron, ALL-TIME….. dwade is better that lebron gaymes. dont like the mavs but i hate LBgay

      • alimoe says:

        If we’re talking from a historical point of view, the greatest SF of all time might disagree. No, it’s not Pippen. No, it’s not LeBron. Not yet anyways. I’ll give you a clue: his nickname was “Larry Legend.” When it comes to clutch performances even MJ knew that he was the go-to guy.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I agree that Dwade is better than James, the real ONLY advantage James has over him is his height and body build

  199. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    Lebron is no MJ … Let’s PUT THAT TO REST!!!

    He’ll have a MONSTER GAME sooner or later … but let’s hope that is LATER … in Miami!

    By the WAY …


    • Traveling says:

      Oh you are correct. I am so happy to finally see traveling being called through these playoffs even when they missed one they made up for it by calling a double dribble straight after that wasn’t there. Well done refs.

    • Nebs says:

      “Let’s PUT THAT TO REST” GREAT!I have to use that line next one touches this subject.

    • Heat Fan says:

      Your LAME AND WEAK aand childish and immature and are about 15. Your not even worth arguing with , and are laughable at best.


      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      • Not a Heat Fan says:

        @ Heat Fan. And what about yourself? You’re probably 16? 17 at best. Learn that in order to use a comma and a conjunction to join two clauses they both have to be independent clauses. How is he lame, weak, childish, and immature? I would characterize your argument with the adjectives you called his argument, but that is merely my opinion. By the way, that was the proper way to use a comma and a conjunction with two independent clauses. Have a nice evening.

    • Heatwave says:

      Bad calls or good calls, everyone complains about it when it does not go theri way or to the team they are routing for. That is the way the game is played, and it is called breaks of the game. The players themselves do not cry about it, they try to argue or get theri points across. But that’s it. Just enjoy and watch game 5 it will be a great game.

    • Gmoney says:

      lol you guys are acting all sour for nothing; I watched another angle and it was not back court he touched it with his left arm a meter after the halfway line. Kidd was just happy that Terry had the sense to let it drift a little before he tried to control. That is why he protected it with his body and touched with his left hand when he was cleary over. So in other words thats why you dont have that angle on this clip to show that. Sorry nice try Mavs win fair and square, just try and be a fair sport it makes the game more fun that way.

    • @ says:

      THANK YOU!!!!! FINALLY someone on this blog realizes this dude cant come close to Jordan. Lebron not showing up in the playoffs for a important game is nothing unusual.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      The ony travel that urked me the MOST was when D.Wade threw the ball up court.. WITHOUT Dribbling Bron took THREE… Yes THREE step without even putting the ball on the floor. I was in shock!

  200. Chatilion Fernandez says:

    Lebron and the heat is in great problem right now, they cant them selves into order, they just let them selves beaten by the sluggish mavs and seems like they arent going to fullfill this prophecy and such a pity for heat that it seems like they cannot win this championships, and lebron is like playing out of the world

    • Calm down.. says:

      Will you guys just stop.
      We all are here because we like Basketball..
      How about we stop arguing?
      Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, Wade, etc. are great superstars..
      You guys need to stop trashtalking them cause they’re better than you. period.
      Can we talk about something that we don’t have to argue about?
      I mean a simple debate is okay but saying “LeBron chokes” “Kobe rapes, literally” “Pippens crazy” “Jordan is overrated”
      are just stupid comments. all of em are great but you guys dont gotta literally hate.

      • sally says:

        it’s mostly the media that starts all that stuff and people are like lambs they follow right along with it and half the time there’s nothing to it. i watch all the sports stuff and i never heard anybody compare lebron to micheal jordan. scotty pippin said he was probably better than micheal jordan as a playmaker but that’s all. people think everytime a superstar goes on the floor he’s suppose to set all kinds of records and do magical things and it just isn’t like that. they have their bad days too. give it a rest folks, i’m sure lebron is going to cut loose before this series is over and if he doesn’t then he will on another.

      • ron says:

        GO MAVS!!!!!!
        Grit over Entitlement
        Team over egos
        Mavs over Heat

      • milesfan says:

        excellent post…couldn’t agree more

      • TWOTYMA says:

        sorry dude, but thats the purpose of this comment area, to express your views. if you want a cheering section, watch the cheerleaders, otherwise this is what sport watchers do. maybe you should take up knitting, no debates, or as you say, arguing,lol.