Monta For Iggy … Would You Do It?

DALLAS — It’s not easy making headlines during The Finals if you’re a lottery team that hasn’t sniffed the playoffs in the past few years and don’t appear to be in danger of doing so anytime soon.

But the Golden State Warriors have found away. Not only did they make a splash with the hiring of former All-Star point guard and ABC analyst Mark Jackson to take over as their head coach, now there is significant chatter that Monta Ellis could be on the trade block in a rumored deal for Andre Iguodala.

Before we dive into the trade we have to make one observation about Jackson taking over as coach of the Warriors. It is one of the few recent moves of this sort that we can remember it actually staying completely quiet until it was done. Kudos to Jackson and the Warriors for handling their business in such a stealth manner in the Twitter age.

It will be interesting to see how Jackson fares in his sideline debut after all of these years of analyzing and critiquing others doing the same thing. He’s on the right path, chasing a guy like Mike Malone, one of the best assistant coaches in the business, to join him.

We can’t help but wonder what sort of input he’ll have, if any, in this proposed trade of Ellis for Iguodala? ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher makes a compelling case for both sides to want to get this deal done:

The Warriors would beef up their perimeter size and defense with Iguodala, who is 6’6″ and 207 pounds and can play shooting guard or small forward. Iguodala would be paired with the 6’3″, 185-pound Stephen Curry at point guard and 6’9″ small forward Dorell Wright.

The Sixers, meanwhile, would be getting an electric scoring guard in the 6-foot-3, 185-pound Ellis, create an opening at small forward for rookie Evan Turner, and slice some money off their payroll.

Freeing up space for Curry to run the show in Golden State makes perfect sense. He’s shown superstar flashes but probably needs the ball in his hands more if he’s ever going to reach his full potential at the position.

But this idea of replacing Iguodala with Turner in Philly makes us just a little nervous. Sure, Ellis gives them the consistent perimeter scoring option to pair with up-and-coming young point guard Jrue Holiday. We’ve at least seen what Curry can do. Turner has yet to make believers out of us. So handing him the starting job at small forward on a playoff team seems like a healthy leap of faith on the 76ers’ part, especially when Thaddeus Young is the best small forward on the roster anyway.

And giving up your best player and perimeter defender for a player, even one as explosive as Ellis, that has not shown himself to be of the same caliber on both ends of the floor, is a pretty risky gamble.

That said, the money matches close enough that neither team will have to move any other assets to facilitate the deal. That’s always an incentive for getting something done.

So, what would you do?


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  2. Tri says:

    It’s funny how people argue that Monta Ellis is a selfish guy and isn’t worth the numbers he puts up. Truthfully, these people that criticize Monta are those who casually read stats like true shooting percentage and all that other garbage. Fact of the matter is, Monta played a much more complete game this year and has shown a lot of development. He takes a lot of shots because he can knock them down, and there wasn’t anyone else to shoot them on the team. He’s super fast off the dribble and he’s a decent defender. He’s creativity allows him to penetrate almost as good as Derrick Rose does. I’m a Golden State fan. I like Monta. But I think he needs to go. He lacks the ability to completely engage his team because they’re too busy admiring his moves. Iggy for Monta. Monta and Biedrins for Danny Granger, Hibbert, and McRoberts. Make a move.

  3. Dodo says:

    Andre cannot solve any of the problems of GS. They need a great center, And Monta Ellis is the best player in that team so they better let him stay !

  4. Monte Ellis says:

    Aigght so, first of all yall h8ers get off my jock cuz i could kill andre 1 on 1 any day aight, that mayne cant do nything againts my amazing defense and last but not least i could average atleast 30 points on the philly sixer, philly aint got nothing on gstate this trade aint happnin

  5. Kyle says:

    This trade can not happen, Monta far exceeds iggys talents… teams have absolutely no answer for stopping monta. Ive been watching just about every warrior game for the past 7 years and this is the problem with him, he plays 40+ minutes a game, most in the league. his duty is to score the ball, honestly the coaches warriors have had didnt give a rats a** if he tough d. if they did he wouldnt get that much playing time. This franchise is turning things around, keep monta and steph together for another year under the new defense first coaching, have monta play 35-38 minutes a game, listen he is capable of playing good defense its not like he just CANT. THIS TRADE WOULD BE OUTRAGEOUS!!

    • purplepusha10 says:

      Outrageous is an understatement Kyle just sounds silly coming out of anybody’s mouth Monty for Andre lol funny right???

  6. shaqduece34 says:

    Who cares.

  7. robmeansbizz says:

    if the 76ers make this trade im expecting to start ellis at PG and to trade jrue holiday for a center who can play in the post i think the trade would make the 76ers small all around because evan turner would start at SF i think the lineup should be Ellis,Turner,Young,Brand and pic up nene from the FA

  8. Joe blakeley says:

    This is a BAD trade for golden state, they get a better defender, but ellis is way better offensively! iggy averages 14ppg and ellis was scoring over 30 nearly every game towards end of season! if the ball needs to be in steph currys hand so be it but Ellis is the best scorer/player the warriors have.

    • robmeansbizz says:

      its good for golden state because they still have stephen curry who they would build the offense around

  9. Jay says:

    noooooooooooooooo ellis please go to the bulls and pair up with D ROSE!!!!!

  10. purplepusha10 says:

    If the Warriors trade Monte Ellis I’ll never root on the home team!!!!!! Monte for Iguodala that’s a joke, Jerry West don’t come in here messing up the rotation lol!! Monte is our D.Wade, LeBron, Kobe, Dirk, What I’m saying is he’s a bona fide “STAR” Bad move Golden State!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 I wouldn’t do that build around Monte. Steph is an exciting player but he’s no Monte and I like them both keep Monte and Curry please!!!!!!

  11. KUYAWILL says:

    monta ellis is much genius than iggy. . . strategy plays. .

  12. Hmm says:

    Well, Doug Collins is a great coach… he’d only make Monta a better player but I’d like to see what Mark Jackson can do with the team before a deal, it’s not like they’re going to win a championship next year, they have time to work out the kinks and see what both players can bring to the table… We can’t exactly sit here and speculate on what Monta can or can’t do for their teams, same goes for Iggy, some players turn their game up a notch or two after a trade or after a coaching change *cough* but I’d like to see it happen eventually, Iggy on Golden State!? Top 10 dunks daily on 😀

  13. sameer patan says:

    Where is the Monta ellis is the best player on GSW and he is too good to give up, hehe. Not sure more than 10% would have voted on this option though, but Monta is a future superstar and Iggy cant get off his shot even when defended by curry.

  14. blaze says:

    This deal could obviously help both teams i.e. added offense for the sixers, added defense for the warriors. But could also hurt both teams i.e. losing a 25 ppg scorer in ellis and losing your best all around player and defense stopper in iggy. There’s no way to tell now which team would benefit more or less from this trade, it’s equally risky on both ends.

  15. E says:

    Anyone that watched seen that Monta…was who they put on the other teams scorers like Kobe..etc…Monta does play defence watch some games and for those who say he takes 2 many shots well there was times when the W’s had no one I repeat NO ONE scoring the ball..I mean if it was for Monta we would NOT HAVE MADE that little 10 game improvement I am now done DO NOT TRADE period.

  16. E says:

    Steph does NOT play D maybe you should watch W’ games before commenting some people have no clue as to what they are saying.

  17. E says:

    No way..I would rather see Curry go…Anyone that watches the W’s like I do Northern Cali here…should feel the same way..Monta has matured and has become a leader after this past season..He is a real superstar just waiting to explode..just needs help on this Warriors team..Remember he has playoff experience one of the only players that do on this team..As a W’s true fan I would be very disappointed in the W’s front office if they made this move…I believe I have seen enough to say it would be a HUGE mistake..and would be a bad first move for these new comers….Ownership GM Coach etc…they would immediately be hated in the BAY!!!
    Give Coach Jackson a shot with Monta and see what happens you can always trade Steph…he will never be on the level of Ellis..

  18. Rick Nelson says:

    I agree with Rolly! Okay now I am not trying to get off topic, where you think D12 aka dwight howard heading

    My pick

  19. Rolly says:

    They always trade for less sometimes for nothing. They trade Jason for nothing, Crawford for free, Corey for what, nothing. That’s is why they are a loser . Why they don’t need to make this team better? because we love this team no matter what.

  20. so monta ellis is one of the best scoring gaurds in the league and andre igudala is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, golden state has curry, lee and wright who can score and iggy would score 15-20 points a game too. the GSW need a good defender like iggy and it would fit in exactly with what mark jackson is making his number one goal next year, defense.

    Philly would also benefit from this trade, getting the go to scorer they need, and with the defense distracted with ellis the 21 year old point gaurd jrue holiday can show the NBA how good he really is. Since Iverson left philly they havent had a real star for their team, and i think monta brings just that back to philly. i disagree with everyone saying it would be another Iverson because monta also has jrue holiday,lou williams, and jodie meeks, 3 starting gaurds on his team, it seems aperant that one of these 3 has to go (probably meeks because holiday has so much potentail and lou is a fan favorite) but monta would still have other scoring gaurds around him, and with thaddeous young improving every year, the sixers are probably one big guy away from being contenders if this trade goes through

  21. no the sixers need iggy because that one of there defensive players. getting monta would lower phillys size. in the first round of the playoffs they lost to man cant stop the team. monta ellis is a good scoring machine but has low defense. if philly wants to do better they need a shooting guard with defense and size.

  22. Texas Yall says:

    monta’s a ball hog and destroys team chemistry. bad at creating plays for others. get rid of him and get iggy.

    best payoff in the longrun

  23. Alejandro says:

    i think Ellis is more valuable then Andre.he attacks the basket,more steals ,fast break dunks, cirrus shots,and the best one is he is more fun to watch than Andre. so yeah don’t trade MONTA ELLIS # 8 please WARRIORS JUST DON’TDO THAT.THEY R FUN 2 WATCH.

  24. BCoz says:

    i feel that if anything, the best thing for the warriors is to try and get a better center, i feel with a good center they can have probaly one of the most solid lineups in the nba. in my opinion they should make a play at a guy like deandre jordan of the clippers or a gortat from the suns

  25. Jamie S* says:

    Of course its great if you’re G’ State, yeah, “Monta can put the ball in the hole, but thats really all he gives you. “Steph” is the franchise and best pure player, meaning off-def, court vision, IQ, etc. etc. And he has curtailed the things he’s truly capable of for “Monta” . In “Dre”, you get a player who can put the ball in the hole when needed, but nowhere near as offensive minded as “Monta” not to mention you instantly get better defensively, and get more size with someone who can play SF as well. “Dre’s” mentality, and “Steph’s pure talent and skill set. The “Warriors” become dangerous. I knew when “Jerry West” joined their front office they would make some good moves and get better. If you’re “Phila” you get a guy who will put the ball in the hole every night for you, and hopefully it won’t hinder the growth of rising buds like “J Holiday” they may need to maybe make another move in order to get better defensively. But in all, if this happens it would definitely be one of best trades of the off season, esp. for “G’ State” .. “Jerry” the great strikes again!!

  26. BIG L says:


  27. jun says:

    i think monta is skillwise better than overated igoudala. monta is a great small 2 guard player. has a good D. i think if ever traded not for iggy,maybe other team with more talent than iggy, paul george and price of indy much better.

  28. robbay2 says:

    Philadelphia bottom line needs a go-to guy, doesnt matter if Ellis cant defend.

    He will just outscore them lol.

    Please, make this trade,

    Golden State will get into the playoffs, probably 5th seed, and philly will move up and have a better chance of doing something!

    it’s a WIN WIN

  29. BasketballFan says:

    EVERYBODY WHY ARE TALKING ABOUT MONTA WHEN WE SHOULD ALSO BE TALKING ABOUT BIEDRINS…..he has one of the worst players i have every seeen and he is getting paid 9 milll…….really??????????????????????????????????????????

  30. Alex says:

    Maybe the players want out, ever thought of that? Of’ course the players don’t have to publicly announce wanting to leave there current team,the trade talks usually comes from the agent and president of a team. So yeah basically it comes from the players decision, sometimes the president makes the decision on his own, but consults the player to see if the player will plea for stay or to leave. Owners/Presidents have to know their players and talk to them, about anything or strictly business. Iggy is a star in the making, no need to be a role player, Iggy is a balance player and potential leader in the future. Ellis is a shooter, the go to man, the guy with the confidence to shoot the ball or drive in to the paint, improving his lead role as a leader, Ellis doesn’t take unnecessary shots, he takes the shots cause he knows Curry is a 3 PT specialist but wont shoot under pressure but when Curry does it’s a 50/50 chance the shots going in. Ellis is the Warriors leader. So from all this the players can be just unhappy, Ellis needs someone to compliment him, Curry is good just not a strong player, as Ellis hopes Curry man’s up someday and takes part in being a leader. Iggy has lots of help from the other Sixers, Turner and Holiday both are striving for more, very young as well. Sixers NEED Turner and Holiday to start fitting into larger roles. To sum it up, if the trade happens both teams are getting equal players, with different styles, if the trade doesn’t happen, I see Ellis signing somewhere better i.e. Chicago, and Iggy will be traded for someone not as talented i.e. between O.K.C. and New Orleans. that’s my intake and opinion.
    *Good Article Sekou

  31. Devon says:

    Chicago should be the team trying to get ellis

  32. Whoz53 says:

    iggy is NOT the answer.

  33. Kojin says:

    this move doesn’t make them better anyways, 76ers will lose the defense that got them in the playoffs in the first place and size, and the warriors are still 3-4 years away IMO from being really good. If this trade is made its only for money reasons, because both teams will still suck.

  34. hisaob says:

    you guys probably forgot at times golden state cant score even with monte and steph on the floor.. defensive SG is not the asnwer.. find a better center and add depth to the bench..

  35. mammt says:

    I did it in NBA 2K11!!

  36. rhan dakila says:

    Spencer Hawes 00
    Elton Brand 42
    Thaddeous Young 21
    Monta Ellis 8
    Loul Williams 23

    sakto lang!!

  37. dave says:

    the trade is not goot for the warriors they would be giving up way too much. iggy is good, but not as good as Ellis.

  38. PACMAN says:

    no!!!! i just bought ellis’ jersey.

  39. Bklyn OG says:

    ‘THe 76’s already have Jodie Meeks…Jrue Holiday and Louis “Williams..none of these guys are over 6’3..they’re small guards..but the size isn’t the main issue..they’re one way players..none of these guys any type of D..running up and down trying to outscore opponents ..have we not learned anything from this years finals..DEFENSE wins rings. Anybody of the height of 5’11 can probably dunk a basketball. but how many people can hike the shorts up..pad the ground like Bobby Hurley and stop the guy in front of you..Wade is a bad man with a ball in his hands..However…go to the tape..Wade can be a bad man with no ball in his hands..he can still your shot..throw it the length of the court for an uncontested dunk by Lebron…

    Moral of the story there is already 3 Monta Ellis’s on the philly can a 4th help..and what does that mean for the number 2 pick overall..Ellis moves into the 3..Turner slides into the 4..clearly Thad Young is better suited to play the 4 so do you play him out of position again and start him at the 4 and Elton at the 5…

    Sounds like this years starting line up..the difference being..Evan Turner isn’t as good as IGGY is at this point..Ellis couldn’t co exist with Steph will him and Jrue Holiday get along better…

    Long Story short is a horrlbe trade for philly UNLESS they’re clearing cap room…for Golden State if you can pull this it

    • Bklyn OG says:

      Im on meds so excuse the abdunce of typo’s…Jrue playing the one..Ellis playing the 2..Turner would have to move into Iggy’s spot and play the 3..move thaddeus 2 the 4 and Elton playing the 5..thats what I was trying to say..

      Heart can only go but so far..a little Height doesn’t hurt

  40. sjgh says:

    Iguadola is a good player but I just feel that the Warriors can trade Monta and get back better than that. They need to go after a big man. Yes Iggy is good but Monta should be used to acquire someone even better. If not then the W’s should try to get back a draft pick as well. A.I. is not much of an outside shooter and mostly just a dunker. This trade would put a lot more pressure on Curry to score. Monta has the ability to score with 2 or 3 guys on him. I don’t see Iggy or anyone else on the Warriors roster with the exception of Curry in the near future being able to score under pressure like Monta does.

  41. Lee says:

    1st of all, my congratulations goes to Mark Jackson for getting the head coaching job for Golden State, i think he’ll lead the team to a playoff stint next season, i Respect all his commentary in NBA tv, and most of it makes sense, i see him as a players coach ala Doc Rivers, Wish him good luck!

    Anyway, i do think Iggy for Monte will be a fair trade, add some picks and other support players and it will be great for both, the warriors need strength and toughness to go to the playoffs and the 76ers needs steady offense plus they need to see whether Turner can be the player they thought he can be when thy drafted him, also Phili has been shopping Iggy for quit some time now, i like Monte better than Gay for the 76ers..(i heard Phili is also in talks with Memphis in dealing Iggy for Rudy)

  42. jtrees says:

    Monta and curry are one of the highest scoring back courts in the league, why would you want to split them up so early?. I am dissapointed with golden state for even thinking about making this trade.. Plus if this happens it would hurt the warriors more because monta is their leader and the team would suffer greatly.. Monta is tough star who plays through injuries and never quits… Golden State better not make this DUMB @$$ Trade!

    • because they don’t compliment each other and the warriors needs defense to win not scoring. they already have guys that can shoot in the ball in curry, wright and lee. also, iggy can score on the break and by slashing.
      Iggy is a glue guy, which will perfectly fit the warriors roster.

  43. Rolly says:

    I hope the trade won’t happen. The warriors always trade for less , please who ever in charge of this don’t do it. I will trade Curry but not Ellis . Ellis can make other player better because you need at least 5 players to guard him and Someone will always be open to score and Ellis know how to do that. Curry he is weak and can be stop 1 player only. Warriors I do hope It won’t happen . Curry is not a pure point guard, he is a shooting guard. If me I just keep them. What they need is to calm down . A lot of warriors fans will be disappointed again .


  44. Ventruck says:

    Big shakeup for two teams unable to make the best use of very valuable players. It’d be real sad for Monta to leave GSW as things have been warming up around him with much better support on the roster. I see this one-sided in GSW/Iggz favor. They will be stacked, while Monta’s kinda stuck with a half-made team…again.

    My opinion is clearly “don’t do it”, but I do think teams should pursue Iguodala while he’s in a ****ty situation in Philly.

  45. dave says:

    good trade for sixers, good trade for warriors, bad trade for iggy. him in golden state is gonna help curry and lee score and give him less offensive opportunities. monte in philly is perfect. they still have just enough d to possibly be a deep playoff team.

  46. bart says:

    maybe cp3 to wizards

  47. Overrated says:

    will benefit the warriors more than the 76ers

    comment?LAL trading bynum+artest+picks and othr players to match cap for Dwight Howard. then trade for CP3 w/ Gasol

  48. Daniel says:

    I like how on the vote it says no cuz it would be bad for the sixers…r u kidding me? it would be bad for the warriors, monta is better than iggy. it would make sense to trade curry for him tho, even tho curry’s good i think it would benefit the warriors to have a true 2 instead of playing 2 pgs…but no way do u trade monta for iggy. i will be upset if they do this, i’m not even a big warriors fan, i’m a suns fan, but they r a team that is getting better and monta is a true scorer

  49. kl says:

    iggy should go to the magic and get deron deron or cp3 that should be a good trade

  50. Sam says:

    The Warriors are going after the wrong people. They still need rebounding.

    Jenn is right. A 5 or a 4. Chase KLove with Monta. Find a great perimeter scorer to go as your 2.

    (Swap David Lee for Gerald Wallace. Keep Udoh but risk chasing Greg Oden.)

  51. skweecy says:

    the warriors get bigger but they lose points. curry is not and will not be a superstar point to carry a team. his brother will be though just to throw that out there.but seriously in the west with the lakers, thunder, mavericks, grizzlies, and blazers, no way they get in because who else is gonna play defense for gs.ok maybe they get in by default because cp3 will be out of no and there is no way they make the playoffs next year but i believe the clippers will fill that spot before golden state. unless they are getting a package for ellis this is a no go. can any of you guys name two solid players on the warriors bench. lets be real a.i. is not the answer to the many warriors problems. no bench, no rebounding, and no defense, one man cant fix that

  52. lazylays13 says:

    this trade is perfect for both teams. philly needs scoring. thats exactly what ellis is. he can score like no tommorow and will easily be a 20-25 pt scorer for years to come. golden state on the other hand needs the exact opposite. they need defense. golden state has plenty of guys that can drop 20 a game such as david lee, steph curry, and dorrel wright. iggy will give them perimeter defense and a little bit of offense as well. i know that ppl are saying that golden state should trade for a big man, but there arent that many big men availible on the market that would match up salaries with ellis, and not that many teams would trade the few big men they have

  53. skweecy says:

    how bout i tell you why you dont do this. the sixers are young and a playoff team. you dont break that up by trading your best player. if you do, the guy you bring in better be your new best player and ellis wont be in philly. we know he can score but he cant defend. and defense is what wins. who gives up a guy that can defend any position on the court. how are you improving your team by doing that. and philly gets smaller with this trade. get another post presence through the draft, let turner develop, and philly could be a real contender for a long time. you dont sell the long term for short.

  54. Reggie Williams says:

    I think this trade makes sense for both teams. First, philly would finally get a #1 go to guy. Ellis would start at point with holiday coming off the bench. Turner would start at the 2 and young at the 3. Second, Iggy would make golden state more balanced. Free up more shots for curry, lee and wright.

  55. diehardNFFLbarnone says:

    Who is in the top 5 in scoring that is available? None of them. Thus it makes no sense for the Warriors not to do this deal.

    • bart says:

      top 5 scoring is Allan Houston men.

    • eddy says:

      If a Monta/Iggy deal does go down, Iono what to say. I mean, Monta is a top 5 scorer. He makes EYE POPPIN shots people could only dream of doin. I remember in the 09-10 season he made a fade away shot behind the backboard and 1 against
      the Mavs I pretty sure that a top 20 shots of all time in NBA HISTORY. Iggy not even a top 20 scorer yet alone a top 50 scorer he barely crack the top 100 at 94 last year, his number was also declining after the 07-08 season. My point is Monta is on a whole different level. Like I said earlier in my opinion the only player I would trade him for is RUDY GAY. STAR FOR STAR. THE TEAM BEST PLAYER FOR TEAM BEST PLAYER. That’s a even trade in my mind. Rudy Gay has the ability to be a top ten scorer, he also is a solid defender at 6’8 230. Can you imagine Curry feeding the ROCK!! to Rudy Gay, GAME OVER, PLAYERS ON POSTER!! The ORACLE ARENA WILL BE SMACKEN IM TELLIN YOU!!

      • BasketballFan says:

        Yes Rudy Gay!!! He is a leader, not injury prone( not counting the shoulder at the end of the regular season), he is getting 20ppg, he is young and athletic, plays d, and he has been more clutch! Trade for him and try and get ok mayo as a throw in so the warriors can solidify their bench

  56. pipl says:

    elis is twice a player then iggy, silly talk….

  57. I love Andre he be a great player at times, but I think Monta can be more consistent also a more valued player over the next five years. Andre would have to improve his jump shooting ability with no disrespect but Monta I believe is an all around player and though Andre has the height I don’t think this would be a gone move for Golden state, but it would be good for Philadelphia.

  58. Cole says:

    In response to Jenn
    Ekpe Udoh is going to be a good center in this league. This is a GREAT trade for GSW
    there lineup becomes Steph, Iggy, Wright, Lee, Udoh…
    that should compete with most teams in the league. This is a very good team, on paper at least.
    Let’s see if Jackson can get it done!
    oh, and im a big louis amundson fan

  59. Warriorsfan21650 says:

    I like this trade for the warriors. I am a big warriors fan, and every warriors fan knows it was a matter of time before they split the curry-ellis combo. Curry has more upside than monta. He is younger, Monta is also very injury prone. The main issue would be can Iggy stay healthy throughout his time with the warriors. Iggy brings great size to the backcourt that the warriors have been missing since baron davis and jason richardson. He brings defense and also play making ability not just scoring. He is known for making others better around him. I LOVE Monta but that is not one of his best qualities. In the end I feel this would be good for both team though. However…The idea of Rudy Gay for Monta sounds a lil better to me!!

  60. Tenki says:

    Sekou, is this trade really going to push through? Or are you just speculating?

  61. rob says:

    trading monta would be the worst move for gs.. if u think otherwise start watching every regular season game.. by far MVP of the team. end of story. ThankU

  62. Brandon says:

    Nooooooo…keep Monta in Golden State! The only type of player he should be traded for is someone in the top 5 in scoring.

  63. RobB1023 says:



  64. eddy says:

    If I had to trade Monta…..the only player I would trade him for is RUDY GAY!

  65. Jodi Jezz says:

    NOOOO, send Iggy to the detroit pistons!!!

  66. SYDALE says:

    Why is everyone saying that this will make the Sixers too small? Our starting SG this year was Jodie Meeks who is only 6’4… Monta Ellis is 6’3… That’s not really a difference defensively… I’m more worried about if Turner or Young could step into Iggy’s role as the SF with the same defensive intensity…

    Anyway… as I said earlier, it’s a win-win for both teams… The Sixers need more offense- Monta Ellis… The Warriors need more defense- Andre Iguodala…

    What’s the problem???

  67. brandon says:

    no stupid monta is a better player if you think this is a good trade you might not be a warriors fan….get monta rest and he’ll play d!

  68. plez orlando!b go get ellis,jameer iz good but ellis iz better.we’re need him.

  69. BasketballFan says:

    lets be hones, the Warriors get the better end of the deal….they cant play defense and iggy provides that. We all know they can score, they had a team of D Leaguers and still were in the top 3 for scoring a while back. So scoring is never a problem.
    the 76ers are said to be in talks for Memphis grizzlies sf Rudy Gay. He is a great up and coming player, he plays defense and he is a 20 point scorer and will get better offensively like he has every year. The warriors also were linked to Rudy Gay and Oj mayo….and should trade for Rudy gay if possible he is going to make them better, if they could get both that would be great gives them fire power off the bemch in oj mayo and solidifies their front line and defense
    not to bash on either team….but they both shouldn’t do this trade….

  70. GSW415 says:

    And For The Record, The Monta Has Was Snubbed Out Of The All-Star Game This Year. I Wish The World Knew That. The Monta Deserved It, Not Old Ginobili

  71. GSW415 says:

    Never Trade The Monta For Iggy Thats Crazy Talk. If Anything We Messsed Up With Lee. It You Put Amare On The Court With The Monta And Curry Instead Of David Lee. Different Team Different Outcome. That Was Our Mistake. But Hey Thats niether Here Or There, I Just Don’t Like Him for Us. Like Many Others, Im Tired Of Letting Or Trading Or Good Players Go. Almost Every Team And I Mean Every Team In The Playoffs Had A Warrior Or 2. Why Anthony Marrow? Why Buike? Good Players . Either Way We Need A Big Man. Curry Spread The Floor. The Monta Spreads The Floor/Creates His Own Shot. Big Man, Demands A Douple Team Freeing Up Space For Open Shots For Everyone Else. Big Man Gets Rebounds And is A A Threat on Defence. Dee Lee……..Not So Much. Rebounds Sure, Defence..No. We just Need Rebounds And Defence. Size Down Low Not At The Top. 2nd Chance Points Kill Us. Not Getting 2nd Chance Points Kill Us. Steph Needs To Work On His Defence More Then Anything. The Monta is Solid On Defence. We Have No Depth On The Bench Period. Don’t trade The Monta.

  72. danny says:

    monte i say u come to the bulls along side d-rose n the rest of are bulls n compete 4 a championship!!

  73. Tyronne says:

    The advantage would be on the Warriors, simply because their defense will improve on the backcourt with Iggy. Yes, Ellis is a consistent scorer but also a liability on the defensive end, so small on his position plus he need the ball always on his hands to score. Ommiting the plays Curry should be doing.

  74. BLM73 says:

    Yeah…. Not a good move for the Sixers here IMO. Did everyone BUT Philly watch as the Warriors struggled nearly all season to match up with two 6’3″ Guards on the floor at the same time? Philly’d be creating the same situation for themselves having Ellis, and Jrue Holiday (the latter being a very underrated PG) on the floor at the same time.

  75. Ginobili says:

    good for golden state, bad for sixers.

  76. ddddd says:

    This trade has ups and downs like any trade but I would do it if I were either team….. heres why….

    Warriors- They knew they had to split up that backcourt eventually anyways and get some size… Although Iggy is more of a sf than a sg he brings intangibles that Ellis cannot… defense, rebounding size etc…. Iggy is not as prolific of a scorer as Ellis, but on the other hand the Warrriors needed to split up that Don Nelson freakshow before it even started. Ellis has stunted the growth of Curry… and even taken away some from David Lee’s game this past year…. There are not enough basketballs on the court for the combo.

    Sixers- Even though this trade replicates some of what the sixers already have, this is a significant upgrade over Jodie Meeks. The go to scorer who could have beaten the heat in that series is what this guy could have been. (now all you heat fans have to admit that your chosen ones were sleeping through the sixer series because there is no excuse for that series as was not to be a sweep) This opens up things for Turner and the other pieces…. Turner could take over at sf or be a 6th man extroadinaire in the mold of Jason Terry (before the heat series lol) as Turner can play the 2 or 3. I always thought too that Young and Iggy would never last on the same team as Young is a bigger version of Iggy without the min or the plays called for him.

    Negatives Warriors- insane scoring borderline allstar heading out the door…. How to replicate that if Curry is unable to for some odd reason is the question. Sixers- giving up a good veteran presence, replicating the undersized guards on the roster in a lot of ways (even though Ellis is better than all of them combined) Ellis can hog the ball too.

    In spite of all this I think Doug Collins can wrestle Ellis’s thinking into his system and the Warriors need that veteran voice amongst the youngsters. Especially with Mark Jackson coming in the door, the Warriors need another sound voice on the court to reiterate what Jackson is saying.

    • robbay2 says:

      I think there is no negative for the Warriors.

      Lets see, they have Curry, who can put up 20, Iggy could put up 15 easily, Wright can put up 15, David Lee can put up 20, they have Al Thornton and Reggie Williams off the bench who can both put up 15 easily.

      However, for the Sixers, the lose a great defender and rebounder, so Hawes or Speights will have to step it up and rebound. Also, the lost some height, however Young is a 6’8″ Small Forward and Holiday is very large for a point guard, so that shouldnt be a problem. Ellis also is not a bad defender, he’s only average,

      Then, the Sixers now have a guy who WILL score, he wont fade, and so now they can rest on him and score. Ellis also brings one hell of a show, so hes fun.

      I say do it.

      • jj says:

        Wow, your argument is just like the 3 all stars in miami, LeBron can put up 25 easy, wade can put up 25 easy, bosh can put up 20 easy, so that means they should win every game if their bench can put up 20-30 points? thats not what happened right? Iggy’s offensive career is only going downhill and david lee can only put up 20 points if hes got the ball in his hands all the time,

  77. porky says:

    As a Warriors fan, I’d do this just to get the ball out of Monta’s hands and into Steph’s. Monta is an exciting player that should continue to score at will for years to come, but his offensive style requires the rest of the team to sit and let him (try to) score, while being a black hole on defense. Get him out, let Steph come up and work on getting other pieces in place. Iggy will round things out a bit in the meantime.

  78. joe says:

    This proposed trade does make sense with the Warriors but for the Philly doesn’t. What is lacking in Philly is a legit scoring/rebounding center. While Brand did a fantastic job, he will be more effective if he will be at power forward position.

  79. im from the bay says:

    If the warriors trade monta they need to get someone worth more than Andre Iguodala, yeah he gives them size but Monta is on the rise, yeah he doesnt play defense but thats because of the system he was in. Being a Warriors fan all of these years, i am simply sick and tired of letting all of our players go away for virtually nothing. Lets look at our playoff team a few years back, baron davis= cap space, jason richardson= brandon wright (injuries and no success) Pietrus leaves Warriors, signs with Magic, matt barnes the warriors let him go for nothing. The warriors love having great players and letting them go to better teams like jamal crawford whos on the hawks doing his thing. Its funny how these Sixer fans don’t want to let go of their “Best player” when all hes really known for is his dunking. If they do get Monta it’s going to be another allen iverson with no championship

    • Ed says:

      Agree. We trade Ellis and it will come back and bite us in the butt. It’s tough being a team on the rise in the Western Conference. The conference is so stacked every year. Did think Smart deserved another year and we’re going into the unknown with the Jackson hire.

  80. TheCadger says:

    I don’t know… i’m a sixer fan, and i know they’ll have to change iguodala for a possible all-star 2guard and acquire a good center too, and i’ve been tihnking about one good enough, young and available… i’m not sure monta ellis is it, the fact that played with one type of playstyle for so long doesn’t help to judge, i think would be a big risk
    I thought his play style actually improved a lot this year under a new coach (not sure because i haven’t watched any warriors full game), but if i’m not mistaken he has shared more. still it’s a risk, you’re giving up one of the best stoppers in the league for a scorer that would have to modify his play style to fit in the awesome sistem that coach Collins built around this young team

    For Golden State is worth it if Curry keeps growing like he’s supposed to
    Think about him, wright (probably in the top5 most improved players of this year), and Lee before injury… you don’t need other scorers, and a stopper/slasher like Iguodala might really really make Golden State a playoff team (at least talking about the starting 5)

    If you think of the Sixers starting lineup with Ellis… it’d just looks like Golden State this year: a deadly combo guard, an all star-ish big man, but a team waaay too small… i just don’t see enough defense, we might hope for Turner to become an awesome stopper, but hoping doesn’t work

    If I was the sixers before trading I’d secure a nice defensive center, at least at Okafor’s level

  81. glenn says:

    i’m a long time warriors fan and i hate to break it to all the fans hooked on the monta ellis show (i am one of you too) and don’t want to see him leave, but you’re all saying the same thing. Monta can and will score and Iggy won’t replace what he does, but the warriors don’t have a problem on the scoring end and history has shown it’s defense that tallies up the wins, not a hot shot scoring 2 guard. Even Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson were on great defensive teams and the warriors look like (or at least i hope) they are on the right track if this deal goes through. I care about the GSW wins, not how much Monta can light up the other team

    • Ed says:

      Don’t brush aside the importance of a top-ten NBA scorer like Ellis. Monta is the catalyst and face of this squad. He’s a talent you build around. Consistent 25+ ppg scorers don’t grow on trees in this league. Need a power forward desperately but would not give up our best player.

    • right on the money, Iggy will make the GSW a great team.

  82. long memory says:

    good for both – warriors get size and defense and philli gets one of the best scorers in the league. Philli adds to their fire power for sure but they will need to add this move with size. And if Mark can get the maximum from iguadala Golden State becomes a better team.

  83. DBBJ-MIA says:

    Oh Hell no, I love Iggy and all, but Golden State would end up worst if they do it, Iggy doesn’t put up the points Monta puts up on a daily basis. That trade would favor de Sixers, not The Warriors

    • Ed says:

      You’re right on the money with that analysis. Would trade Curry between the two of them. Ellis will continue to be a 25+ ppg scorer year-in year-out.

      • QuestionMark says:

        You forget Curry can score 20 along with David Lee, while Iggy can add 15, thats better production from 3 players rather having one guy just score.

    • Did anything happen to the Warriors with Monta scoring 20+ pts?

  84. Joe Balbony says:

    No, Monta ellis is a good fit for Warriors, they hav a good play for him and he play well and do well with the warriors, all they need to do is another support in the back court, a decent shhoting guard, , or a good power forward that would boost their paint production Trading monta for iggy is a big no no! for the warriors, iggy is not a role player..

  85. Phil says:

    As a 76ers fan this makes no sense at all. Ellis needs the ball in his hands and is a liability on defense. But besides Dre we already have two guys that would need the ball in their hands: Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner. Also LouWill and Ellis can’t co-exist. This deal would make the Sixers worse, not better.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Not necessarily, Sixers don’t have a guy that can drop 20-30 a night consistently, Ellis can do that, they just need to surround Ellis with defenders and knock down jump shooters, as Ellis will likely get double teamed and has to kick it out to a shooter.
      As for GS, good move as well, Curry is a rising star, and Ellis will only slow down his progress, also David Lee is a terrific scorer/rebounder, Iggy will be a major factor on defense and also is a good playmaker.

      • Monta to score 20-26 pts, he needs to shoot at least 20-25 shots or even 30. he’s like Iverson in a sense. The sixers prolly misses the answer that’s why their doing this trade.

      • laupie says:

        @josh atleast iverson got his team to the finals

      • Daniel says:

        @Josh Mathews-ok Josh time to call out your BS. If you actually look at last season Monta averaged 20.13 shots per game and averaged 24.1 ppg. So your just flat out wrong about that. And I’ve been reading your comments on this page and you obviously don’t like Monta…but u still need to get your facts straight. Here is his stats compared to last year’s MVP Derek Rose.
        20.1 shots per game-24.1 ppg, 5.6 apg, 3.5 rpg, 2.1 spg, .3 bpg, 3.15 TO, MPG 40.3 .FG-451%, 3P-.361%,FT-.789%
        D Rose
        19.7 shots per game-25.0 ppg, 6.7 apg, 3.9 rpg, 1.0 spg, .6 bpg, 3.43 TO, MPG 37.4, FG-.445%, 3P-.332, FT- .858%

        His stats are slightly less than last year’s MVP…although he gives you more steals and less turnovers so maybe about the same…r u kidding me Josh-wake up

  86. SYDALE says:

    As a Sixers fan, I’d do it… We need that 20+ PPG scorer… I think that Monta can play decent defense, it’s just that defense wasn’t part of the gameplan in Golden State. This works out for Golden State too because they need a defensive stopper and what’s the point of having 2 players that are almost exactly the same (Steph Curry and Monta Ellis).

    • Ed says:

      Of course Sixer fans would love this trade! I would rather trade Curry to get back a forward. Ellis (although older) is a true NBA star who can carry a team offensively and make the winning shot regularly. Don’t think Steph will ever be a consistent game-changing shooter like Monta. Iggy a solid player but I would want a little more for Ellis.

      • Jenn says:

        Ed, how many Warrior games have you watched? If you do not think that Steph will never be a consistent game changing shooter, you are trippin! I mean, he is a 1, his job is being a leader and setting up plays. However, Steph has made several game winning shots in his two years at Golden State. A point guard is so essential to the game of basketball (and they are not easy to come by). I love Monta and all, however he is not clutch! Don’t get me wrong, he is tought as nails and can ball like a mad man however, he is not consistent. Perhaps you should’ve watch more Golden State games before making that judgement.

        I think if the Warriors are going to trade Monta, they need to get a 5! Get a 2 or 3 in a draft….thanks.

      • Monta is an undersize SG. He has no defense, and he will take a lot of shots away from the young Sixers (Turner, Holiday, Young and Meeks). Sixers should go after a big man.

  87. watcher says:

    Monta for Iggy? Iggy? Iggy, Lee, Biedrins and Curry? Where’s that going in the West? Golden State are officially on the nod. You don’t trade a Monta for a largely inconspicuous player who has all-round slightly above average game worth about the same W’s and L’s as Ellis can be. Monta has a far greater value and likely future that Iggy. Crazy talk.

    • about Monta, he didn’t make the Warriors a better team. for Dre, at least, he lead the sixers into the playoffs. Monta is selfish and will take a lot of shots unlike ‘Dre, he’s the most unselfish player in the Sixers roster. Monta won’t make the Sixers any better at all. The Sixers will miss out a lot if they execute this deal. ‘Dre has better field goal % and he gets rebounds and makes plays for his teammates. Plus, ‘Dre has great defense.
      Monta will hinder the growth of the young Sixers.

      • C Bierdrins
        PF Lee
        SF D. Wright
        SG Iguodala
        PG Curry

        Great lineup. this will boost the defense on the perimeter and ‘Dre will compliment Curry and D. Wright (both great shooters). this Warriors team is going to be explosive.
        Nothing has happen to this Warriors franchise with Monta on the roster.

      • Jeff says:

        ellis needs not to part ways with GS — Biedrins is a must to part ways with them!!! a great center is a must for GS!!

      • Joey says:

        @Josh Matthews….the Warriors have interest in getting Deandre Jordan from Free Agency…that would be a great pickup…and we will dumb Biedrins(waste of money not worth 9 million a year)
        plus im sure we will have a decent draft pick who will come off the bench and produce..i wouldnt mind drafting Alec Burks from Colorado or Marcus Morris…or Chris Singleton(if you want another defensive speecialist)

    • Zay miller says:

      The warriors have nothing to lose making the trade. Its not like they were winning or even becoming a playoff contender with monta on the team. Now dont get me wrong Monta is a great player but they would have a better chance of winning now because of the new system there going to have with new head coach Mark Jackson, he is a defensive minded coach and Iggy is a defensive minded player and a great play maker, so he would fit perfectly in the system and they would be a much better team. And we all know Monta doesnt play defense.

  88. asdf says:

    i think this is a necessary moves for both teams, so it makes perfect sense. As shown on the miami series, come playoff time the sixers desperately need a go-to scoring guy, a consistent 20+ ppg man. They also need attitude and all-star caliber player, which is exactly what ellis brings.

    As for golden state, this is also a great move since it gets them some defense and size which they also need. it also gives them a versatile guy who will make the game easier for d.lee and steph. so in my opinion this is a very good trade

    • jwy of Singapore says:

      Sekou, is this trade really going to push through? Or are you just speculating?

    • john says:

      IF this happens then who is going to pla defience on the 76ers I do not think it is a good move for the 6rs