Is Iverson still an Answer?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Happy Birthday, Allen Iverson!

The Answer is 36 today and he wants to play ball.

What a surprise. Birds want to fly. Fish want to swim.

It was 10 years ago this month that Iverson was probably at the peak of his powers, having hoisted an undermanned Sixers squad onto his skinny shoulders and carried them to The Finals against the Lakers and even pulled off that shocking upset in Game 1.

Of course, it’s been a full 1 1/2 years since Iverson left the NBA, just a few weeks after being voted a starter for the Eastern Conference in the 2010 All-Star Game. He did not play.

Since that time, there was the brief sojourn to play in Turkey, followed by surgery on his leg. But now Iverson says he’s completely healed and wants back in the NBA next season.

In an interview with Tzvi Twersky in SLAM Magazine, The Answer says he’s ready to deal with the questions:

SLAM: You feel like you’ve got a lot of ball left in you?
AI: I think the sky’s the limit for me. That’s my whole personal thing that’s going to go on, just trying to get back and let the fans know I belong and am capable of exciting them like I’ve been doing for all of these years.
SLAM: You think anyone is going to give you the chance?
AI: [Deep breath] I don’t know. We’re going to work hard at it, but like I said, if it doesn’t happen, I promise you I won’t sit home on my ass. I won’t do that. I’ll play for somebody.

Surely, at 36, Iverson doesn’t think he can be the same dominant player he was at 26 when he was named MVP? Or does he? Wasn’t his own perception of himself the problem when he signed on with the Grizzlies in 2009 and then quit after playing just three games? Wasn’t that still the case when he returned to the Sixers before walking away from the league?

Is there a place on a roster somewhere in the league for an aging Iverson to work his old magic? More important, is there a way Iverson will allow himself to fit into a subordinate role for one more chance?

Those are the questions. What do you think about The Answer?


  1. JJ says:

    I was a big fan of AI when he was breaking ankles back in the day but hes 36 now I know that dont seem to old but it is in the NBA and he might still have a lil left in him. Im a bulls fan and i would like to see AI come back but if he does i hope it is not with the bulls we have everyone that we need for a ring and especially if Tmac gets signed could you imagine. I know hes not at his peak any more but with the right offense a player that struggles somewhere else usually shines with the right offense. If that happens you would start to pull defenders of other players on the team and i dont thing u want to leave rose open. That could be lethal.

  2. danny says:

    allen iverson is sixer boy and i wish he come back to his home

  3. Stephan Ududec says:

    Allen Iverson is by far the best little man to ever play the game of basketball.He is a true winner because he never accepted defeat.If he had a better team a few years ago with the sixers he would have a ring right now because teams win championships not just a great player.The fact that he didn’t give up on the game is admirable and it is due to this fire in him that I got to love this game and I actually started playing after I had seen him do it.He inspired a lot of people,not just to play the game but to never give up.I thank God that Allen Iverson exists!God bless!

  4. Faye says:

    @LovetheHeat Yes I’m sure, had our stupid GM NOT traded Perkins and ruined team chemistry, I don’t think we would be talkin about the Heat in the Finals. If we add some athletic pieces and a solid center, we could be contending again.
    I’m surprised you’re placing the Knicks as a threat in the future. I think I’ll take my chances against that NO DEFENSE team.

  5. diego says:

    if AI ever makes a comeback in the NBA he will no longer be the answer but the PROBLEM – how do you expect him to match up with the likes of ROSE, DWIILL, WESTBROOK, CP3, MONTA, CURRY TYREKE. I cant imagine AI, if ever some strupid NBA would hire him, would ever make it to next season’s all star games as lakers 3 peat suggested. He would be a shoo in the OLD STAR roster along with kidd, dfish LOL

  6. Lol says:

    The lakers should get him, they hardly ever use the point guard spot as a scoring position… even though not sure of how much Mike Brown will change their offense. He would be a better backup than steve blake or could even take Fishers starting spot.

    And for all you guys saying he thinks he’s better than every other player, im sure hes not that stupid to think that, but that’s more of a confidence thing that im sure a lot of basketball players have as a mentality thing

  7. articles says:

    I think he can still play for a team in the NBA. but as a back up point guard. He cant be a starter like he wants to any more

  8. D-harvey-G says:

    AI would be pretty solid for any team that would pick him up if he can keep his attitude in check. Yes the league is becoming a faster, gaurd-focused league but AI’s biggest fault isnt his playing ability..its his heart and EGO. I believe if he played for a focused team (Heat, Boston, Bulls, Lakers etc..) with good coaches that are known fro keeping people in check, he would definately have an attitude change. All this talk about A.I.’s past and his EGO will have many teams shy away, but o believe he could still be a contributor off the bench for any team. I mean some people dont understand dropping as little as 10 points really could make a difference on some teams to get them over the hump in some games. Take Lebrons 8 point fiasco the other day..had that been 10-15 Heat could of grabbed that game. I don’t know the man personally but someone made a great point above, i dont think he will make the same mistake again, but it will be interesting to see how things unfold. If some team gives him a chance.

  9. Ky says:

    I say sign him to 30 day contracts for the rest of his career. His motivation to stay in his place and lane will be refreshed every 30 days. He’s just too much of a liability to sign him for any longer and they have great, young talent in the nba now, he’s been replaced. From a business standpoint, I wouldn’t take a risk on him, but there may be someone desperate to try and fill seats in the stadium, those people that are nostalgic, looking for a flash of yesterday.

  10. Daniel McCoy says:

    MJ Bentancourt are you from NJ?
    Allen to the NJ Nets
    He can shoot with D it might work

  11. paul says:

    Allen Iverson is too concerned with what he, himself, can do, not what his TEAM can do. I said it 10 years ago and I’ll say it again……Iverson doesn’t know how to share or play nice with others and thus, will never win an NBA title. He’s a good role player, to give you 10-12 pts here or there when you need it but he’s not a leader. He’s also incredibly streaky. Yeah, he might be able to get you 40 points in a night but he’ll take over 30 shots to get it. You’d wish that someone with as much athletic ability as Iverson would want to enhance his game. Even upon Jordan’s return to the NBA in 1995-1996, he had a developed fade-away jumper in his arsenal. If Iverson is serious about jumping back into the NBA at his age, he should take it upon himself to bring something new. I’d suggest reviewing some old game footage of great, unselfish point guards like John Stockton, Steve Nash or hell, even Jason Kidd. He’s still getting it done at 38. If you’re serious about it, Allen, show us what you’ve learned over your years of contribution to the league about what works and what doesn’t work. Win or go home.

  12. bradominoso says:

    He wasn´t an answer in Turkey, so he should not be an answer in the NBA

  13. Jayar17 says:

    To say Iverson has nothing left in his tank is just plain stupid… 1st stint with the sixers he was asked to carry the team plain and simple. Denver he shared the ball wasnt Iverson and Melo one of the top 1-2 punch during those years??? Detriot if your a baller and plays for a team wouldnt u have done the same thing he did?? Hamilton yeah starter i’ll give you that but Stuckey??? 2nd year pro havent proven anythin yet and starting over Iverson.. Memphis same thing Conley over him??? duh?! 2nd Stint sixers didnt he give the ball to the younger AI (Iguduala) when the game was on the line?? he did try to mesh with the team.. Am i biased?yes i am an Iverson Fan! not just bec. of the things he did on the court but him being true to himself… Could he done things differently yes he could have but thats not who he is… All other players are great bec. they stay true to themselves… just trying to give my thinking with AI… Hope u can come back and be effective.. if not your legacy is intact even wid those negative things you were one of the greats to lace them ups…

  14. emil says:

    join the heat!!!!

  15. JD says:

    Lakers…….get Iverson and you will become a champion next season

  16. Bryan Principe says:

    Go Ai,.lets do this season for a champion,,from the Phil.,,.,,Philippines

  17. Brick says:

    Stick a fork in him. Or rather I think a fork has been sticking out of him for years. And A.I. was never going to be able to look in the mirror and admit it was time. Never going to be able to exit the game with dignity. He has no other conception of himself other than as a basketball player surrounded by adoring fans. He can’t be that anymore, he can’t accept that he can’t be that anymore, and after burning every bridge laid out for him as he declined, nobody is going to put up with that. Not even the old “collect a vet to contend” teams are going to want a 36yr old super ball domiannt player with delusions of grandeur.

  18. vale0n says:

    i like to see him going to the bulls……A.I. off the bench as back-up for is a nice thing to watch…D-rose is the new Allen Iverson of today……

  19. bigtimedirk says:

    though he still have a game on playing highest level he can still pour 20+ points but iverson has lack of defense opponent teams take that advantage on playing with him..

  20. bigtimedirk says:

    though he still have a game on playing highest levelm he can still pour 20+ points but iverson has lack of defense opponent teams take that advantage on playing with him..

  21. TYRO says:


  22. col says:

    100 percent he will get 15 points if he plays 20 minutes

  23. Bandman says:

    Ai OKC dey need a Vet at da guard spot he can bring defense and scoring off da bench

  24. Bandman says:

    Let him play put him with OKC they need a vet 2 help dem ova da hump next year its ova 4 da Lakers i would like to c him with da bulls let Ai back in da Nba and he goes down as a top 10 player ever da best pg/sg ever at only 6’0

  25. choker says:

    hope u have a good team why not join philadelphia your former team?

  26. Mauie says:

    i think A.I is better to go wid new jersey. D-WILL and A.I is a great combination on backcourt!

  27. Rasher Cruz says:

    please allow a.i. to play again..he deserves another chance, everyone of us right? Miami please acquire a.i. he can be a big help with your team as a starting point guard.. I know his an arrogant and selfish player but we don’t know now he become a team player now. So please give him another chance..

  28. IVERSON Banned By David stern and illuminati says:

    Allen Iverson was past Kobe in Scoring! they robbed him of his shots and minutes after he left denver then gave em the boot! just so Kobe and Lebron could get more exposure! AI Droppeed 26 and some other good numbers in one of those overseas games! same AI! he needs larry browns help.. but larry aint tryna be on sterns bad side!

  29. laker fan number 1 says:

    you are all haters this guy will kill him self to win give the guy same respect

  30. Ben says:

    We could only be so lucky, I want and hope Iverson will accept being a bench player. But reality is he probably won’t, he’s good enough to start on a bad team with a bad point guard. Unfortunately almost every team has either a great point, or a young hopeful point. Iverson, for the love of god, take the bench role and dazzle us from there!

  31. chefj says:

    Understand that AI will go down in history as one of the best EVER, BUT, his glory days are gone. For those thinking he could come off the bench and average 15 ppg, you’re dreaming!!! Went to Turkey and couldn’t even average 10 ppg and you really think he can come to the NBA and do better??? Let sleeping dogs lie!!! When it’s over, it’s over. Just ask T-Mac!!! Lol

  32. John says:

    If Boykins played last year so well , healthy Iverson and with “clear mind” i bet he’ll usefull PERIOD .

  33. Noel Rose says:

    Iverson Needs To Come To Chicago And Start For Keith Bogans.Keith Good But He Can Make The Bench Mob Better And They Can Sub Alot And Get Big Numbers Up.But With Or With Out A.I. Bulls Gone Get Them Rings.

  34. Kyser says:

    Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony and Stoudemire, I put my money on that crew for next year!!!!!

  35. hahaha says:

    wow, i am hoping that him coming back will be awesome, but cant be sure
    maybe he’ll go back to the 76ers, after all, 76ers are in some serious need of any kind of legit scorer if they don’t end up getting monta ellis

  36. Spirit says:

    iverson was not selfish, its funny to read that.
    think about the roster of the sixers!! that roster sucked man, but iverson took them to the final, when iverson left those players never played again, iverson make them better.
    then iverson went to denver and he could play with carmelo, so, he was not selfish, no more than rose, bryant or other stars.

    he was one of the best players ever, period, much better than derrick rose, wade and many others.

  37. Hops says:

    the answer to your questions… no

  38. sam says:

    Not saying that Iverson will be amazing, but if he is still as good as he was in Memphis, I’m thinking that he should either sign with Miami or Orlando. Orlando definitely needs a good 2 guard that can also maybe play the point. Miami will be needing more guys to help them out that are better than the bench right now.

  39. chris says:

    Iverson deserves to be in the league…..for everything he has done….. coming in as a rookie and then just dominating for 10 years straight.

    The MEDIA gave him a bad rep.. when he was on the nuggets they won 60+ games in the western conference!! then they asked him to come off the bench for the pistons?!?!?! why?!?! and then come off the bench for the grizzlies..behind conely!?!?! no wonder he didnt stay. He KNOWS he can still play..

    HELL NO he isnt the same player he used to be but what about all the other aging stars? you are telling me that players like J kidd, baron davis, arenas(even with the whole GUN thing) can still start? but iverson cant even get a chance?

    ANY team could use iverson off the bench….and i guaruntee that if that team does…he will outplay them for the starting spot eventually. PLease come to the bobcats for a season or two..get us back in the playoffs!!!!!!

    ALLEN IVERSON: proving haters wrong since 1996

  40. I would love to see him play again…please give him a chance!

  41. Red aries says:

    GO to MIAMI

    AI is way to much better compared to Bibby.

  42. Faye says:

    I would love to see AI in the NBA again. He was such a force in the league. People want to knock him because of his personality but they are the crazy ones. He was a superstar, why should he come of the bench? Now since he hasn’t been in the league for a while, I think he will absolutely be willing to a smaller role. He deserves the chance to win a championship. I think he should be in Philly where he belongs but if not come on down to Boston, we’ll take you!

  43. Louis says:

    Come on down to New York you’ll look good in a Knicks jersey. Just ask CARMELO.

  44. jeffB says:

    I think he still got ball, it was just too much controversy when had those brief attempted returns. He will still surprize alot of people. Maybe a regrouping team can give him a chance. As long as he accepts a subordinate role he will be fine and will be able to redeem some of it past prowess. I wish you good luck! I am sure you will still fill seats someplace.

  45. ernangis says:

    the answer is? RETIRE!

  46. willie calilung says:

    Iverson is a great player before, he has a shot to come back but he has to abandon his selfishness, and be a team player, no team will give him a chance if he will play not give a true commitment to be a competitive player no matter what team he is going to..a good example of an aging player is steve nash always a team player that is why he is still competitive until now.

  47. k says:

    iverson is the answer for heat bench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he will make it work because he knows its his LAST chance at NBA and /or title

  48. Donnymenace says:

    if AI is willing to accept the role of back up guard he will be still huge help for any team in this league. But for best of all hes should sing with sixers again and come of the bench. first sixers trade the iguodala for danny granger and then sing AI as free agent! if AI could play this role and come off the becnh for like 15-18 minutes a game! hell yeah we would be back on top! GO philly!

    • kain says:

      A.I. is willing to do anything to win a title Im a A.I. fan yes I He’s been a Problem but throw that out the window he’s 36 hes almost had his family ripped apart because of things he didi but A.I. is ready ready to do whatever to hold up that nba championship he has nothing to prove mvp, scoring champ, all nba team, all thats missing is that nba title so wit that being said we will all see A.I. in Miami Next year if not miami then Boston and if not boston then Orlando

  49. denz says:

    just retire!!! stay away from the league!

  50. somethings gotta give says:

    Iverson is a great great player and with that said in order for him to come back he needs to change his attitude. He needs to be able to understand that he aint 24 no more and be willing to except a bench role and actually mentor young players. AI you either love him or you hate him.

  51. Kojin says:

    Miami should be the first team trying to get iverson. They had problems at the point and wiht bench scoring all year, and all they had to do to stop those issues was to sign a player like Iverson. yet they ignored him and tried to get Marbury from what I heard :(. even at 36, in limited minutes, He can give them spurts of his old self, and honestly, its still enough to get the job done. Miami missed out big time, and these offensive meltdowns kinda prove it. think of how unstoppable they would be with AI at the point? it literally would ressurect AI’s career.

  52. Lox says:

    OH YES!! I believe Iverson has had a wake up call…. and he can truly ball! We’ll deff take him in Boston, and I believe he’s a good fit for Chicago as well! Iverson has matured a lot… COME ON NBA GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE!!! Doc Rivers will be a great fit for Iverson… he knows what Iverson can and will offer the team…. LET’S GO BOSTON…. AND WELCOME BACK IVERSON.

  53. Jojo says:

    Used to love the guy, but the answer is a joke at this point. Ruined his entire legacy by putting himself first.

  54. levis24 says:

    commissioner stern, let AI return to the NBA. let him join the Lakers….

  55. Dave says:

    Did anyone else watch the Spurs this year? It’s a young man’s league. The better teams don’t need a 36yo and the lottery teams will want to develop their younger talent. Shaq has retired. We will soon be saying goodbye to Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and any other linkage to the ancient Jordan era. It seems that Iverson has unresolved personal issues and I can appreciate that very much. If he wants to come back to the league and contribute and find closure, there are other roles he can fill besides that of a player.

  56. Raps4Lyfe says:

    I would love to see AI back in THE League again. Everyone has their issues in life and how do you dog a guy because he had 2-3 bad years in his personal life for like 10-15 years (including college) of unstoppable highlite reeling, gritty in your face ball that only THE ANSWER can provide. There was no one like him before and there will probbaly never be another. If he comes back I would take him on the Raptors in a heart beat. He is a vet a leader an MVP and a starting all star in a league that he only played 3 games in. The fans want him and the league needs him!

    Please go to the Raps!!!!

  57. Eman says:

    Few years ago D Wade told Pat Riley about AI but Pat didn’t take the chance so I wouldn’t think AI have a chance with Miami. All he would do is just leave Miami because of less minutes. AI was self fish just thinking about winning he left because teams weren’t having good chemistry. But if I was Pat I would sign him for Bibby who doesn’t know the Heat’s offense yet. AI will not make it to M I A because money is less for the big three

  58. Ease says:

    When he was in the league Iverson was my favorite player, now it’s D Wade. As much as i like A.I. the only way he can come back to the league is if he accepts a bench role, I say he should join the heat or the magic because the magic need some scoring to come from anywhere besides dwight.

  59. bonik® says:

    i will still choose AI over BIBBY, or even over fisher, considering thier abilities and the need of an AI type of player in their respective teams.

  60. dima says:

    let iverson back! he is my all time favorite nba player. go to boston! 🙂

  61. blahblahblah says:

    go to l.a

  62. LETS GO MAVS! says:

    maybe the heat should sign iverson so the team has a complete of talented ego’s the team will no longer be called the miami heat but the south beach ego’s and by the way maybe the heat will win this season but next season they will be chicken feet to the bulls peace!

  63. Ethan says:

    A I should b on the kings they need a real PG instead of tyreke evans, if he is on the kings the lineup should b
    PG-Allen Iverson
    SG-Marcus Thorton
    SF-Tyreke Evans
    PF-DeMarcus Cousins
    C- Samuel Dalembert
    6TH man-Kemba Walker

  64. We tried tthis says:

    We tried this already with detriot, memphis and sixers, the dude can’t play like he used to and he hasnt said he will come off the bench. No one will risk his attitude to get a 12 ppg starting point guard.

    • Wozy says:

      there are 2 many point guards in the starting 5 that cant score at least 10ppg, and we all know that AI can do better yet!

  65. KEN says:


  66. mrplaymaker says:

    Miami should sign him. Bibby sucks on offense and defense and AI is probably better than him even at 36. He can come off the bench as back up for chalmers (this guy should be starting) and definitely AI can still attract the defense of the opposing team which will give enough breathing room for the BIG3. Pat Riley make your move. LOL

  67. DR says:

    I’m with Lorenzo and Lucas – The Doc may be able to turn AI into a good back up PG with explosive scoring capability – he can always go jump ship when he wants to – its no loss to anybody but himself – but if he gets the TEAM concept – he can help the CELTS to another run at the Title – he would have to PRACTISE and talk about PRACTISE and thats NOT NEGOTIABLE!!!! Part of being in a team is to PRACTISE when the DOC says PRACTISE. The Celts Big 3 will help him find the team person in AI.


    A very good alternative – go to the Phils and be the AI we all know – great scorer even if he ball hogs – coz in the phils – we love the show time and great imports like the Black Superman – he can have all the ball he wants – he will be an instant superstar in the phils

    In Australia, might be a different story, nobody watches the game live – so it might get boring for AI but he will definitely be an instant star and will get 30pts a night easy but watch out for the physical play!!! Aussies are physical. but hey, Phils or Oz – not a bad place to retire

  68. Lee says:

    Iverson i think still belongs to the NBA, he just has to admit that his role is no longer like what he used to do in Philly, he will be a solid 6th man in any team if he embraces it, can still be an all-star if he puts his mind on it.. i think deserves a ring as well for his contribution to the NBA and for creating a chance for this generation that little guys can still play the game of basketball

    • Lee says:

      He should try Chicago, Boston or San Antonio if he wants a ring and Houston or Cleveland if he wants to lead

  69. victor(Melo) says:

    Don`t forget there are players who still perform best at that age group,MJ did it and Kobe is almost there but still doing his thing. A.I is one of the best guards ever i don`t doubt for a second that he cannot perform the guy plays with heart and gives everything

  70. Wozy says:

    Ohhhh God….Let him come back….He did a lot of things 4 d NBA and he deserves a title…. I think Mr. Jerry Buss should think about Put him on the Lakers playing with Kobe(my favorite player ever) and Dwight Howard….Thats a big BIG THREE….I think thats the big Answer

  71. Jeremy says:

    Maybe he should RETIRE!!

  72. mo says:

    R U KIDDING! STern Loves Drama and hasn’t shown he’s unforgiving. What crime has he committed besides communicating! Artificial Intelligence is ‘The Answer’ to New York and the league!! If JKidd could do it at this age, so could AI!

  73. Stephen says:

    AI still got the sweet stroke… And still he has speed and dribbling ability.. Probably he has a chance…

  74. DIRK45 says:

    Orlando Magic get Allen Iverson coz his the ANSWER and bring back HEDO to Turkey…

  75. andrew says:

    give him a chance but he has to change his attitude to being humble…
    let him learn from CP3, Shaq and others man…

    also he should know every dancer gets odd the floor baby!

  76. Sisco says:

    i don’t think he can help any team, all he wants to do is himself
    i used to be the his biggest fan but after how he has carried, its all about ego for him,
    i don’t think any nba gm would be willing to take a risk on him,

  77. ai says:


  78. conejo 26 says:

    shaun ur right he should signwith the bulls

  79. Mongolians love IVERSON says:

    Please bring him BACK. We love Iverson and we wanna see him in NBA court. He inspires us. He was born as a Basketball Player, not as a houseguy.

    IVERSON, COme back and show us what the HEART of Playing BASKETBALL is.

  80. Borjie ramirez says:

    Let him get a chance everybody deserves a chance and look to the point that he is a former mvp in the nba so let him play

  81. noyb says:

    He’ll never make it back in the NBA unless he does a lot of… practice….

  82. more_or_less says:

    All I hear from so-called “used-to-be” Iverson fans are Goblin’s comments from Spider-Man 1. “In spite of everything you’ve done for them, eventually they’ll hate you… They love to see [you] fail, fall, die trying.” Everyone’s a judge as if they’ve never made bad choices. I’d like to see how you feel if the world sat around & judged & punished you & spit on your dreams simply because you’re seeking an honest chance at redemption.

    • Efosa says:

      Such a very wise comment. Best comment here.
      I wish he could come back to any championship and win it all that year. I want him with a ring.

  83. zack says:

    Allen iverson belongs on the knicks point blank!! he is 36 still a threat if jason kidd can do it at 38 with mavs allen iverson has at least 2 years not 3 left in him… go to the knick if they smart they will hire him and make money off his jerseys and in stands if not celtics would be good fit too.. bring back allen iverson…. ray allen is around so are more than half of start of 96-97 year…

  84. Rich says:

    Heat will take Iverson. He can also play for the Lakers, surely an upgrade to Fischer.

  85. Cairo_31 says:

    i think AI will go to MIAMI HEAT if he will be given a chance….. and that chance will be the best chance to win the NBA championship….

  86. Damm says:

    come back you should replace Lebron, he sucks !

  87. Neil Alex™ says:

    comeback diva in the making, hahah 😀

  88. Mort says:

    Iverson can score but his shooting percentage is atrocious! He is the poster boy for what ails the NBA, self centered whiney players who would rather pad their stats than play winning basketball.

  89. JustMeJip2 says:

    LAKERS should add IVERSON to their roster, thats a sure ring

  90. KUYAWILL says:

    Miami Heat needs a Force on center not a PG. . Allen Iverson fits on Lakers. . AI on 1 with fish on 2 kobe on 3 pau on 4 bynum on 5. .

  91. josh says:

    the bobcats need an answer, at least to help ticket & merch sales. we all know they need some star power, and thats probably the only thing AI has left.

  92. bart says:

    i dont believe u najee

  93. RayDgreat says:

    Miami needs a point guard. Iverson may be a good fit

  94. Najee says:

    I think that Philly needs to resign him. With Iguodala possibly leaving that leaves one roster spot opened. Plus, Iverson will have the team saling more tickets.

  95. AI=PHL ANSWER says:

    Play in the Philippines as an import, Iverson….For Sure the Arena will be Jam Packed and most importantly you can Still Score 30+ a game…

  96. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:








    LOL to your WEAK EXCUSES BOYS!!!!


  97. Mr. Clutch says:

    Allen will have a chance to play for Charlotte bobcats, if the cats pick up another allstar, center and small forward, *wink, wink*

  98. Fredrick Wells says:

    Iverson in CHI-TOWN?! Championship material but he will be a bench player.

  99. Virginia says:

    AI, just miss watching you play on the NBA court.

  100. kevin says:

    LOL stay in Turkey. Your ego won’t do good for the betterment of the teams that you are joining. And unfortunately, you don’t have an answer anymore.

  101. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    OldSchollHeatFan REALLY HATES AI!


  102. EDC says:

    After this season alot of teams needs Iverson. I know AI want to play for a contenders’ team, so here’s the list.

    1) AI to Lakers starting at PG (Fisher is getting too old), one question, can AI co-exist with Kobe? When AI plays for Pistons, Nuggets, Grizzlies and even back to Sixers, HE IS SHARING THE BALL!!! so if he can be the SCOTTIE PIPPEN in LA, Lakers having a good chance next year (hope the can get Dwight Howard too)

    2) Orlando Magic, if Howard stays in Orlando, he can replace Arenas or Nelson. I am seeing chemistry between superman and AI

    3) New York Knicks, Billups, AI, Anthony and Stoudamire, I can’t see why they can’t beat Miami Heat’s big 3

    4) Chicago Bulls, lots of comments from above saying Bulls, it might work, AI can be the second scorer behind D-Rose, but I am not seeing any chemistry here, not a Ring-contender.

    5) LA Clippers: With Mo as PG, and AI as SG, along with Kaman and Griffin, big chance Clippers can make the playoffs, if AI can dish a little more to Griffin. OMG this team can go as far as the thunders this year.

    6) Thunders: They are a strong team!!! but lack of veterans, they need a leader, a captain a experienced player. AI was a one man show before, because the SIXERS has NO ONE that can share the ball with him. Now AI can have 15-20/game, Westbrooke can have 20something and 20-30something from durant, this will enhance the team.

    1 1/2 years ago, I couldnt think of any team that can suit AI in, but now I am seriously looking at 4 teams that could suit him: LAKERS, CLIPPERS, KNICKS and THUNDERS

  103. ju says:

    If AI goes to the Bulls he will watch Rose and think he’s 21 again. Then start ball hogging and thinking hes better than Rose…

  104. Sam Sam says:


  105. Bulls239133 says:

    Iverson was a great player some years ago! He had his chances but blew it all away with lack of sportsmen’s ethical toward his job and allowed his personal issues mixed up with his job. Like most of other sports, there’s always a limitation of basketball players’ playing time. Once the time is due then it’s all over. Players must treasure and respect their playing time while they could and take good care of their pay checks or else they would end up like rats in the junk yard. Such as life my friends.

  106. err yeah... says:

    let him start on the miami heat. It’s not like they ever need a point guard anyways. Of course that is only IF he can still outplay Mike Bibby.

  107. D_Brennan says:

    Iverson has had it hard….But despite all his probs, he should be given another chance. If injurey proned old shaq gets chance after chance iverson can too. Iverson can still defend and give 10 + pts a gme. I think a young thunder team should take hime and allow westbrook to play off the ball. Or Sac twn and play along side t’ reke evans they need a pg

  108. Redunkulous says:

    AI is not a PG, a lot of people seem to still be confused by his height, but he is def not a PG. I would love to see Iverson play again, one of the most exciting, though sometimes frustrating, players to watch play the game. I can’t think of any team though that would take him. There would have to be a SG starter that was an all star for him to come off the bench, otherwise his ego couldn’t stand it. That means no NYC (off the bench for Landry, nope), but maybe Lakers, Heat, Celtics, or Hawks

  109. MIKE DEAN says:

    allen iverson will always and orever be the man of the nba to me he never change for no one and thats what made him why people still act like he is supposed to change. He was great and thats that. The only time people started has hatin g iverson was when he went to the pistons it wasnt his fault they lost it was that sorry rookie coach they really had an allstar championship team but the coach put rodney stuckey at the pg and now look at that sorry team. Lets be real there will never be any small pg/sg like allen iverson it may be better but the game as of right not is not as exciting as it was when he was on the court. He change the game and now everyone is embracing his sleve even if they just want to say it help there arm to stay warm so they can shoot or if they hurt it cornrows was not even as big untill he came tatoos either. ALLEN WAS ALLEN. And the stuff off the court come on man if you dont know the real him you will never know!

  110. CARTER71185 says:

    king bobcats timberwolve clippers or cavs allen iverson can go to any one of those teams and start come on man dont give up on the guy yet his career is not done he still can shoot the ball and play defense once u still can do that u can still be in the nba in my book

  111. Brendan says:

    go to australia ! wee need him more then the nba !

  112. skweecy says:

    keep dreamin ppl if you think pat riley will even think twice about signing him. where would he get minutes. even if the heat lose this title series they have come together as a team and their rotation of players is finally gelling. riley knows not to mess with chemistry like that. for example, the boston celtics, see what happens when you make a title run, lose, and think you need new pieces to replace old ones. lets say miami lets go of a miller and bibby, keep chalmers cuz hes young, and give iverson the miller bibby minutes and iverson pulls a shaq and his body is older than his mind. c’mon ppl we know if anyone has hit the floor more than larry bird, its iverson. and lets not forget iverson doesnt have the 6’9 215 frame of bird but he took hits like he does. he WILL NOT BE PLAYING IN MIAMI. the risk is too greater than the reward for riley

  113. skweecy says:

    lakers would have to be the favorites with iverson coming off their bench or he could start at the c for chicago. going to la you wouldn hav to worry bout an iverson ego because its already known, unless your jordan suiting up in a laker uniform, its kobe’s team. and chicago has a number one guy, they desperately need a fix at the two and iverson could be the answer( no pun intended) temporarily. I dont see him fitting in with any other team though. the lakers and bulls need iverson as much as he needs them.

  114. baseline j says:

    I agree that Allen should get a ring or at least go to a team that has achance of compeating for one.
    So I would like to see him go to Miami or the Lakers.

    Although Miami has enough slashers and penetrators, an extra guy to attract double teams is always handy.

    Sending him to the Lakers would help Kobe in the points category, it would also help Fisher who can get more rest, now that they have someone to really back him up. When coach Brown wants to go with a defensive lineup, he can go with Fisher, and when he wants to go with a scoring lineup he can go with Allen.

  115. RichKid says:

    iverson ithink u should sign with miami when u come back …

  116. hmm says:

    put a.i in toronto. The point is…screw jose. Put Jose back on the god damn bench.

    • McLovin says:

      Very much agreed. I was actually hoping they would unload Jose in the offseason and try and develop Bayless off the bench

  117. MIACB#1 says:

    If You can get your head on right the answer should take his talents to south beach and strengthen the PG spot

  118. Alby says:

    umm he said he wouldnt play off the bench a year and a half ago before he was pushed out to turkey i think he will play off the bench now…

  119. zZzinzZz says:

    Allen Iverson is still the best

  120. will says:

    fran b.. go ahead and call iverson skinny!! just cuz ur fat and are proly jealous, doesnt mean you have to make rude gestures..smh.. ivrson is the best little man ever 2 play in the nba!!

  121. bungy says:

    bring him down under to the australian league, he’d kill it and everyone will love him big time

  122. _MOLS_ says:

    Try D-League AI!

  123. bart says:

    Go B-Meg!

  124. TORONTO!!! says:


  125. Halo says:

    perfect fit for bulls, to fill the void at sg, help derrick rose and guaranteed ring is heading to CHI-. why would he go miami, if he wants to make an actual impact its bulls all day, we are missing exactly what iverson has. scoring and defense, and someone with some experience and swag!!!

    • baseline j says:

      Why would they want Allen if they can get someone like Rip Hamilton? Hamilton is the natural SG and is taller, so he can match-up against other SG’s , otherwise Rose will have to guard the opposing SG and Allen the opposing PG.

      Sending him to Miami will help free Wade and Lebron even more, since Allen can also demand a double team.

      In my opinion, they should send him to the Lakers, that way Kobe gets some help with scoring and Fisher gets some more rest. Coach Brown can now choose with what lineup he wants to play, defence with Fisher or scoring with Allen.

  126. Mike says:

    Get Iverson back in the league.

    All the players I grew up with are slowly leaving (Sheed, Shaq) McGrady is disappearing too!

    If he comes back, he will, or in my opinion will fit best with any one of these three teams:

    Celtics (Because they have a good amount of vets who AI won’t mind sitting on the bench for)

    Knicks (Because they need all the help they can get and the fans like him out there)

    And lastly but most unlikely..

    Lakers (Because as a Laker fan, I’d love to see him in the gold and purple play along side Kobe!)

    Now there is your Answer!

  127. let mj23 give him a shot the bobcats,.great teaming up w/ shaun livingston & move captain jack @ SF..that was a running team!!!

  128. Earnest says:

    I think Iverson should go to the Knicks, UNTIL they get a strong point guard. He brings experience & fight!

  129. junior says:

    You have to remember all those years playing with the sorry SIxers. Wouldn’t you hog the ball too think about it they had no team they had Allen Iverson. I think he will fit the bulls good i believe they can use a guy like Allen. He can come off the bench or even play together with rose. Think you have to pretty quick guys who can push the ball down court. Both guys have ups and not afraid to take fouls. So that will be a great fit and bulls should get rid of Korver.

  130. chris says:

    If he comes back, we should all vote for him for the allstar game! He deserves it!

  131. tsak says:

    iverson is not a good playmaker..he only wants to score,score,score and score!!!!!!!!!!

  132. celtics says:

    i’m sorry but why are people saying he will come back to the NBA and join the miami heat and chicago bulls? LOOOL!

    Chances are he will return to the NBA but go straight to free agency and not be signed for a team later on in the season. To be brutally honest, i dont think AI wont get signed by teams in the NBA. When he left to play for Turkey i had my eyes on him joining the celtics roster, we definetly would of beat the heat this year in the playoffs!

    Dunno about anyone else, but i think AI will come to the NBA but stay in free agency. Teams like the bulls and heat wouldnt wanna sign another oldy to the team and clearing cap space when they have already got guards such as derrick rose, lebron, Dwade.

  133. chris says:

    By the way, does anyone remember why he was on the Memphis bench? who was starter instead of him? I guess very few people, and it only was two years ago. Everyone remembers Iverson, not the starter, so yeah, he was more than right to get mad if considered to be a bench player. Pride? Of course. Why not? He´s not any player, loved by the fans, mvp, multiple all star.

    • McLovin says:

      I believe Mike Conley was still starting for them at that point. He may not be a prime AI but he definately got the Grizz further then they should have gone. Also his father is an Olympic gold-medalist, so this kid has athletic blood. Nice try but the Grizzly Iverson is VERY forgettable, along with Piston and Sixer 2.0 Iverson, and he was barely noticable on the Nuggets, the only reason someone spotted him there is because of a man named Carmelo.

  134. chris says:

    Iverson is still better than half of the point guards starting in their teams. The problem is that teams want to build for the future, therefore investing in young guys, but at the same time, they keep changing and changing their rosters for money management reasons. Some big teams could start him: Lakers, Heat, Hawks. He´s bette rthan a Fisher or a Bibby. It´s not him, nor the NBA that pushed him out, it was the media. He was even criticized when elected to the All star game. What a shame. He has a unique game, no other point guard ever played like him, not saying he is the best, but among the best.

    • Alby says:

      great comment

    • jimmie says:

      I think AI would be a great addition to the Lakers. Give him a one year contract requiring practice, etc., or contract ended. Fisher needs help and Blake is a waste of money. Lakers should get rid of Walton and Blake and start training a younger guard who could come off the bench until more experienced to help out Shannon Brown, who still needs more training and experience. And, Kobe needs a break now and then too. I’d like to see some NBA team give AI another chance, and, I think the Lakers would be a good start. I’d like to AI earn a ring too and I think this combination might be the Answer.

  135. ThaTruKingOfKrossovers says:

    At 36 A.I. will still cross the the best point guards in the league ROSE RONDO, WESTBROOK no one will be able to stay infront of him oh and one more thing Lebron sure as hell cant!!!!!!!

  136. rebounce says:

    i him at lakersSSSs
    with lakers in need of pg iverson should be fine low salary??im ryt?
    and lakers will draft pg in the draft iverson and fisher likely to be mentor
    he can start with lakers
    pg-iverson sg-kobe sf-artest pf-gasul c-bynum b-odom/fisher wow

  137. Aaron says:

    I too have been an AI fan since I was a kid. And he has the sickest crossover ever in the NBA and I love his style still. But its harder to stay at that level for guards. At least big men will always have their size to allow their presence to be enough of an effect in the paint long after their mobility wears down. But for AI he needs to back up his talk. All the confidence in the world wont change the way you play and the way age catches up with you. He needs to make sure he is in shape, shut his mouth and sit on the bench and make sure he busts his but everytime they call his number. Only then will he be considered for a starting job. As much he hates it hes got to prove himself all over again. He wants the league to remember the past when professional sports is more about what have you done for me lately.

  138. makunzzzz says:

    Cleveland needs to take him. Then they need to take McGrady, and Vince Carter. That would be completely awesome.

    • Dream Team says:

      AI, TMac, Vince Carter, and revive Charles Barkley and Chris Webber. Then have Anfernee Hardaway, Tim Hardway, Karl malone, Patrick Ewing, and Shawn Kemp play off the bench. All playing for the Heat!!!!!!!

      • McLovin says:

        YEAH and Doc Rivers and Reggie Miller! and Bill Laimbeer for the awkward looking white man addition

  139. Hola2LA says:

    plzzzz come to the Lakers and take the place of Steve Blake. Blake can go die in a hole I hate him soooooo much!!!!!!!! Kobe + AI+ Gasol + Fish + Bynum + Odom + Artest – Blake = UNSTOPPABLE

  140. Derbis santana says:

    once egain, Iverson have to play with carmelo in New York

  141. Nano says:

    I’d like for Allen Iverson to come back to the NBA. Even though they are aging, I still enjoy watching those select few players who were drafted in the 90s (Kobe, Tim Duncan, KG, Ray Allen, Allen Iverson, etc.). Those players play on pride and competitiveness and strive to win to the best of their abilities, as opposed to the new school cats who take their talents to wherever in a joint effort. But I’m not here to rant on about what the new school players do, just giving reason why I’d like to see Iverson back in the NBA even if its for a short period of time, because I enjoy that old school, competitive nature they bring to the league.

  142. Win says:

    Out of all the championship contenders, I think the Bulls would be the best fit for him. They need a legitimate scoring threat not named Derrick Rose, a replacement for Bogans (too old) and a savvy veteran who could also teach Rose a thing or two.

    The Heat have enough players that need the ball to be effective, the Celtics are already stacked with veterans, he’s not going to the Lakers (remember the 2001 NBA Finals? I think he does), the Thunder are not going to take a chance on him and mess up their chemistry.

    Now that i think of it, maybe the Mavs could use him als a second scoring option, a player who can get his own shot. But that may be too late, it’s clear that they need one right now in the Finals…

  143. jayska23 says:

    if anybody he’ll sign with the heat

  144. jayska23 says:

    if he signs with anybody it will be the heat

  145. Chumouch says:

    Sign the man.. For all he did for this league.. I think this dude still have a lot left in the tank thats why he refused to play off the bench, Allen you will always remain a great player in my heart dude!!

  146. the Heat says:

    I mean our line up is out of mind…is sick.

  147. DWADE FOREVER says:

    Yeah BULLS could use another 30 30. If would be great to watch their MVP fluke who didn’t even score more than 30 and with FG% less than 30% in their series with the Heat. We will see who will take the blame at the end of the game.

  148. the Heat says:

    I don´t believe the Miami Heat needs more players. Our line up is excellent and our bench as well.

    • Kobe says:

      This year they don’t but by next year when LeBron go to another team they will. I can see that LB is waiting for a ring and then move on to get his own ring.

      • McLovin says:

        Except for the fact that he signed a 6-year contract? Your just a jilted Lakers fan who is upset that the team that used a goddamn broom on your Lakers is having to fight out every game with this Heat team. As far as Iverson goes, he shouldn’t really be considered for any of this years four playoff finalists, except MAYBE Miami and that would have to come from them having a stagnent offseason not signing any of the quality players still in the damn league and not 36. If Iverson wants to play ball that bad, he should really focus on teams like Sacramento, Toronto, New Jersey, or Minnisota, teams that may struggle but he will see the floor time he expects. Unless he wants to be they guy who is referred to as “He may not play a lot of minutes, but his presence helps this team”. Or hell, sign with any team that has a young point guard like the Rockets in Kyle Lowry and Dragic and use Iverson as a teaching tool for them to learn a couple of moves he would have used 10 years ago. There are too quality players that become free agents every year and they will all get looked at before Iverson, which is going to be everyone’s last resort. This is why I say pursue the sub .500 teams, they are more likely to give you a look then the championship teams looking to add players with youth and potential. Either that or sign with a D-League team…… *cough*

  149. stevenw says:

    incentives. ooops and losing not loosing.

    I catch my mistakes damnit!!!

  150. Nada says:

    Talk about selfish!! I don’t think he’s more selfish than Westbrook. Anyway AI and T Mac were two of the great ones. He should be given a chance to be a back up point guard. The guy still can shoot.

  151. KB24 says:

    if iverson wants to come back to NBA first he needs to control his anga secondly go to tha lakers and get rid of fisher


    lakers fan

    • LABRYANT says:

      u want to replace Fisher with Iverson..Fish is a true champion and Iverson only cares about himself..some Laker fan u r.. I mean its practice man…Fish is getting close to the end of his career..but come on ..sign ARRON BROOKS ..

  152. stevenw says:

    boston as a back up; miami is a really really really good fit; Lakers would be a good fit IF, IF, IF AI can play D. otherwise, hell na b/c they need a PG to play D AND score. I think he would do good in Dallas IF, IF Kidd leaves or is traded. I think he would be a good back up at golden state IF, IF, IF they ship monte and get a bigger 2 or 3. I could see him playing in orlando after they just gave arenas terrible A a chance. Ithink AI and Billups would be a formidable back court in New York. After Nate’s terrible one and done performance with OKC, I say bring him into OKC to challenge manor for the back up spot.

    Teams he should not go to: Philly (they have young up and comers)/ San antonio(not needed)/ Utah(not open enough)/ Most other loosing teams/ memphis because of bad blood/ I could see AI in a sacremtento jersey; No to Jersey

    In short – Have AI do a pysch eval and if the the boys give him a a thumbs up, give him a 2 year deal with the first year at the league min and the 2nd year loaded with incentatives but also a team option.

    Steven damn I wish I was a sports agent and not just a public defender Weaver.

  153. Casey B says:

    5 teams should look at his services next year: Bulls, Celtics, Heat, Lakers. & Thunder; though hes never been GREAT at defense and God knows he wont be now so mos DEF in a role player/6th man type of min MAYbe….backup PG

  154. Nick says:

    An aging Allen Iverson is much better than an in his prime “Keith Bogans”. I say the Bulls should give this guy a shot……Let him start! If he puts in 10 points agame that is still 8 more than we got from Bogans per game…..

    come on Bulls Sign Bogans!

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      I agree, and give Iverson even more credit, I think he could spark up 15-20points..depending on how the defense plays him alongside Rose

  155. joblagz says:

    the stars of the late 90s are caught up with age
    vince carter, tmac, duncan, nash, kidd, AI (maybe kobe)…
    they should all accept a lesser role
    and let the younger guys play..
    this is a new era of basketball and the best thing to do to win
    is accept the fact that your time is over..

    • STFU says:

      that is the most easiest thing to say, but the most hardest thing to do….

    • QuestionMark says:

      Out of all of those players, only Kobe and Nash should do what they have been doing, Tmac has gotten a lesser role along with Carter who is playing alongside Nash, Duncan also has a lesser role, since he isn’t the first scoring option anymore.

  156. CJ says:

    if he will have unselfish mentality like the big three is having in miami, AI will be a big help to defend the Heat’s championship next year and the years to come!!!

  157. Joseph says:

    Why medias distract The Finals with this kinds of news? We play Game 4 tonight.

  158. AI says:

    He’d be perfect for the Heat, of course if he doesn’t disrupt the harmony in the locker room. But he would do the same exact thing Eddie House is doing right now. If I were Iverson, I’d try to be a veteran presence in a competing team. This way he can get a championship on his resume. But he has to sacrifice a lot of minutes and a lot of pride. It’s really hard for a superstar to go down this way. He used to be one of my favorite players, now he plays for Besiktas. Unbelievable.

  159. RICHARD SEE says:

    If Iverson is okay and willing to be a back up PG, then, I believe at least one NBA team will need his services.

  160. No, it´s a joke but I want he signed for the heat…over

  161. STFU_ALL says:

    ON TWOLVES please…. or you can join DROSE THOUGH!!!

  162. If he signed for the Heat I´ll buy season and post season ticket in the side of the court. I would droop my job and stay in home all season to see that playa. I leave my wife.

  163. Rico says:

    Go back to Memphis and leave some memories there. Memphis is a great team right now, will be greater if they have the backup A,I,

  164. Whatisaismoking says:

    AI has one big problem. Nobody in the NBA currently wants a 30-30 man. As in 30 points on 30% shooting.

  165. Eddayyy says:

    I think he’s one of the most entertaining players ever. He’s not the player he once was everyone except him gets it. Which team could use him? If Heat got the budget, he’ll be a good fit in the PG position cuz he can shoot the ball.

  166. Newest MIAMI HEAT FAN est.2010 says:


  167. YeeDog says:

    one of the best crossovers i’ve ever seen

  168. adm says:

    Iverson earns his place among NBA legends He should play in NBA.

  169. roland says:

    i hope Iverson comes back to nba, because he is a great player and i wish he signs with the miami heat cause they need a real P.G

  170. en says:

    He will never come back. He got disappointed with too much “hero- balls”.

  171. Stephen says:

    AI hasn’t played much the last couple of years. If he’s healthy, he still could help out a lot of teams. He can create his own shot, he can drive and dish and can play ‘D’. If Jason Kidd can still play in the NBS finals and contribute, I definately see AI up there and doing damage. His only problem is there are a lot of PG’s and SG’s in the league right now, but he could even help the Lakers tremendously.

  172. BraveStarR says:

    I think the Raptors should sign him but i dont think it will happen but having the HEAT sign him would be really good for both sides.

    • OldSchoolHeatFan says:

      NO WAY! Iverson abandons teams and only cares about his minutes and his fame and glory…the Heat have worked hard to fight off that prediction (the “ego’s will get in the way”).

      Iverson would only be “good for the Heat” if you’re a casual/bandwagon Heat fan or if you’re a straight up Heat hater…because eventually he will make us crumble like all the haters want to see.

      Stop it already with the Iverson to Miami bit…it’s not going to happen.

    • Sean says:

      lol that would be funny to see him play for the raptors

  173. Christopher Edward says:

    Your better fit in Miami if you want a ring

  174. Beni Segel says:

    Let him back in, I never heard his side anyways. Give him a stupid jersey number for punishment and let him play ball.

  175. rey says:


  176. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    i would like to see iverson back and he didnt do anything wrong…if he would like and the franchise also he can come to Miami I would love to see that…no one would steel his ball and finally both wade and james and bosh and miler and ud can play off the ball…but the same is said for nash i hope one of them get a chance to

  177. Danny says:

    The Lakers should offer Iverson a 1 year contract he may not be that dominant force he use to be but I am damn sure he still got more game and will be more productive than both Fisher and Blake!

    • Grant says:

      haha sorry mate, 2 pgs already adding a 3 aging one is not a smart idea, maybe if they got rid of fisher or blake …. maybe but they havent even allowed blake to be his usual self in the pg role so before adding another guy maybe they should utalize what they have more so…. 🙂

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Nah for you to even compare Blake or let alone Fisher to Iverson is stupidity.

        Blake is terrible and MUST GO this offseason, you really think Iverson wouldnt do DAMAGE over Blake coming off the Bench with Lamar Odom …you must be crazy!

  178. jo says:

    He said he’ll take any role possible. A lot of teams could use that guy off the bench. He deserves one more chance. At least a training camp spot.

    • OldSchoolHeatFan says:

      Yeah 70% or more of the NBA teams can use him off the bench. The problem is he’s feeling himself too much to play off the bench. NEXT!

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        you say that like you really know him…

        do you think he will mess things up after already being out of the NBA basically 2 years for the same problem????

      • OldSchoolHeatFan says:

        @ Lakers 3 Peat (change your name by the way)

        I say it not cuz I know him personally but because he has already been given 2nd and 3rd chances…now he’s asking for a fourth. Fool me once shame on you…you know the rest.

        He has abandoned 2 teams already, the worst of which was the Sixers after they welcomed him back and all their fans to trusted him. Get off his tip

  179. Chunky says:

    I think Doc and the big three need to have a talk with A.I.

  180. Wiverson says:

    I am one of the biggest Iverson fans out there, and I am glad that SLAM magazine is getting out there that he wants to return. He may not have the same athletic ability he once had, but he still got a lot of heart, and in Turkey he didnt exactly play badly! I think that the injuries and family issues have eflected badly on him, and I think if he gets one last shot, he can be the Answer for another team!!!

  181. Dman says:

    Practice,pratice? Man you talking bout pratice! Do you who I am,Man I’m Allen Iverson and I’m 36 yrs old now and you want me to practice? Practice! LMBO!

  182. Just running through the teams in my head quickly, could he work with either the Knicks or the Nets to fill the SG spot until a more permanent star comes along? Or even crazier, could he fit in in Miami? He’s played alongside those guys in All-Star games.

    Honestly though, I can’t imagine any team wanting to take a chance on Iverson at this point, which is too bad. But it’s his own fault.

    • OldSchoolHeatFan says:

      We don’t need him or want him. I’ll take Chalmers over Iverson at this point all day. Chalmers is a role player and we have fought the whole year to prove we are not going to let anyone’s ego get in the way of our goal of a Dynasty….if we bring MR. EGO into the mix we will never win another title because an aging ballhog is not going to help us.

    • Pete says: Miami don’t have enough oversized ego’s in the locker room already!

    • NJ Netsfan says:

      the nets dont need any selfish players. we have one of the best pg in the leauge

  183. Greg says:

    I hope he comes back and signs with the Heat this offseason that would be good for the fans, and to watch. Hope he’s able to let his take a hit or I don’t think anybody will sign him.

    • Tenki says:

      Seriously? Miami won’t need someone who thinks he’s better than anyone else in their team, let alone having to play alongside Wade, James and Bosh at their prime. I have to admit that I was a big fan of his when he was doing everything right, but his attitude tells me otherwise. Sorry, but that’s a very bad idea.

      • Mike says:

        Iverson with the Heat would be just perfect. He would never think he is the best player on that team and accept his role. And a starting role would also be available if he is fit. I am not a Heat fan, and I am not hoping that to screw up Heat’s team. But Iverson deserved a ring, and that is the best place he could get one.

    • EmJay23 says:

      Are you alright? I see him getting 1 million as salary and 7-8 minutes in the regular season and dressed in a smoking with an ugly tie all postseason long.

  184. Lucas_SUD says:

    I hope Allen will land in Boston because even though he is selfish he will change just because of that special group of guys that will surround him and of course because of Doc Rivers.So AI come to Boston and revive your career by winning a ring.

    • ODB says:

      Don’t you think Boston already has enough aging players?

      I love this team but they need to add young guys to learn from Allen, Garnett, and the others.

      • Faye says:

        We do have a lot of aging players, but we know we probably won’t have a lot of chances to win a title in the future so this is a short term desicion. AI would be great for a year or 2 to try to win a title along with some athletic pieces to the roster before we start the rebuilding process with the Big 3 gone.

      • LovetheHeat says:


        are you sure Boston has a chance of winning a championship in the next two years by adding another old man when there is New York, Chicago, and Miami who has a lot more younger and athletic players?

    • Pete says:

      Please don’t…

      Last thing Boston needs is some arrogant little prick who wants to come in and take over the team…messes up team chemistry completely, then leaves after a month because he’s not getting enough playing time behind Rondo and Ray Ray.

  185. K says:

    Iverson is one the best little man to every play the game, I think he deserves a shot at making someones team!

    • MJBethancourt says:

      He’s not being kept out of the league by some conspiracy of the owners, he’s being kept out by his own body. If he had any game left, somebody would still want him; but they don’t, because he doesn’t.

  186. Jas says:

    At the very least, the man deserves a shot at coming back. But I doubt NBA teams will give it to him.

  187. Malik R. says:

    His reputation will forever haunt him, unfortunately. I’ve been a fan of his since I was a kid, and it’s a shame, but he ultimately did it to himself, most of it, anyways. I think he has been unwrongly criticized for some of his miscues, when he did have to handle family issues. That’s why I don’t see anyone signing him this upcoming year…..

    I will say this much. All of this would have been overlooked, had he won a title. He and Kobe had the same reputation as being ball hogs, and Kobe was not well-liked after his first year w/o Shaq, even the rumors of a trade to Chi-Town. He wins a couple rings, no one cares. Same with Ron Artest. How many people even care about his Pacer-Pistons Brawl that happened? He was looked at as the biggest nuisance of the league at that time, now, people joke about it. Winning cures all, is all that I’m saying…..

    • bungy says:

      very tru.everyones a thug until they start winning

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      man iverson is a PIONEER of this game….but David Stern made him an outcast….

      • Anthony says:

        I love AI but he had his chance to come back two different times with the memphis and Philly and both times he didnt put the team first its was about him and when he didnt get his way he quit ..I love him but he’s got away with alot over the years because he played so hard on the court and was pretty honest some times to honest..

      • MJBethancourt says:

        No, he was not a pioneer… did you never see Nate Archibald or Kevin Johnson? Both of those guys were better than AI.

  188. Lorenzo Zackhras says:

    Allen Iverson I hope you come back and signed at Boston so you can sub for rondo so we can get our ring back.

  189. bball21 says:

    I like Iverson but he is to selfish thats why he’s not in the NBA right now

    • Westbroke says:

      The Answer is solved. He’s got nothing. The only chance he has of doing well is if he takes the role of 6th or 7th man without any attitude. Which I don’t think is possible.

  190. Shaun says:

    Please god let him return the nba isnt the same without him and plus i want another iverson jersey miss the cornrows and sleeve + he deserves a championship 🙂 bulls please sign him

    • EmJay23 says:

      Isn’t he already dead?

      None will start him, and he won’t come off the bench. Period.

      • Jurico says:

        its “no one” sir not none haha peace 🙂

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        i think at 36 yrs old he understands he will NOT be a starter…and quite frankly I think it would be better that way, AI off the bench would be able to easily give you 15-20 points.

        Sheesh, let the Lakers get him, I would love to see him out there as the second unit with Lamar Odom!

    • Kenneth says:

      To comment below!

      • Kenneth says:

        I meant to agree that he comes back and sign with bulls.

      • OldSchoolHeatFan says:

        Ummm…so suddenly you like Allen Iverson better than Derrick Rose???!

        …Because you know “the Answer” (aka Mr. Arrogant, bka Mr. Midlife Crisis…and should be known as “The Ego”) will never accept his role as a backup like some other NBA greats like Gary Payton and EVEN Alonzo Mourning did in order to win a title.

        GTFOH with that…you may like Allen Iverson…but he doesn’t like you. He doesn’t like anyone but himself. It’s a shame too cuz homeboy could ball.

    • Joe Balbony says:

      Iverson is great player, i don’t know why he has such an awful fate in the NBA, Iverson is one of the great point guards of all time ..

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed he can start rather than Bogans starting, if he is fully healthy, I guess he can score 10-15 ppg, but the first priority for him is to know his place, he isn’t the player who knocked 30 a night, he isn’t the star anymore, if he does sign with the Bulls, than he has to know Rose is the star, and A.I has to learn to play off the ball and become a knock down jump shooter.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        he has been a knock down jump shooter his WHOLE CAREER, but 10pts? Give this man far more respect than that, playing along side D-Rose, putting bogans to the bench, I say Iverson could easily get 15-20pts a game

      • MJBethancourt says:

        You people are all on crack. AI is not out of the league because he couldn’t accept a lesser role, HE IS OUT OF THE LEAGUE BECAUSE HE HAS NOTHING LEFT IN THE TANK. Let go already, he’s done. This isn’t a used 2006 video game, where AI doesn’t age, this is real life, he can’t play at an NBA level anymore. Period.
        If you’re some kid under 30, then maybe you don’t understand, but this is how it is: you wake up one day, and your body just can’t do it anymore; and for an egomaniac like AI, sometimes it is hard to accept. If you saw him at the end, it was pretty obvious, AI has lost his mojo, he can’t do it anymore.

      • gmoney says:

        he is a bunny! he useless to the bulls or anyone for that matter!
        he is too short and old to start at the 2 for a team. his D is non existant and never was and you really think he could stop Dwade from doing what he wants wen it gets to the finals??
        retire and go home!! thats all he has left to do, hell even Tmac cant get it going.
        notice the NBA has had alot of players that were flashes in the pan and then had a major injury or just an EGO attack and have tried to come back only to lessen their worth by being past it. this is another one
        he was good to score as he did and to get to the finals but i mean he shot 40 odd per game…..
        he is a volume shooter not a knock down shooter, he will need to get alot of shots and in this league they could go to someone better and younger and that can play defense.
        its a no brainer NO DEAL!!

    • Crizal says:

      The bulls cant afford him now, he should sign with Sacramento. An Iverson-Tyreke backcourt could be lethal