Dirk needs JET to step it up

Going the route of the solo act didn’t work out too badly for Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney. The hits kept right on coming.

But now three games into The Finals, one look at Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki tells you that that path to success on the basketball court is always easier with a tight backup band.

While Wade has no doubt been the shining star in the spotlight, there’s plenty of harmony behind him coming from LeBron James and Chris Bosh … heck, even Mario Chalmers. On a night when he was once more out of rhythm after getting poked in the eye, Bosh hit the game-winning jumper from the left wing in Game 3 to cap off Wade’s 29-point effort.

Meanwhile, with the Mavericks, it continues to be all about Dirk all the time. The problem isn’t that he scored 34 of Dallas’ 86 points, but that he had to score the Mavs’ final 12 points of the game, while everyone else was singing off key, most notably Jason Terry.

Terry’s latest fourth quarter of all sour notes — 0-for-7 in the Mavs losses — prompted Nowitzki to call him out, according to Jeff Caplan of ESPNDallas.com.

“Jet hasn’t really been a crunch-time, clutch player for us the way we need him to.”

It was a simple declarative sentence, but Nowitzki could have tossed in some moon-walking and belted out a verse from “Beat It” to get his point across.

The Heat, of course, are well aware that that they’re not going to be able to shut down the singularly talented Dirk. So they have focused on keeping Terry out of the picture, especially late in games when Miami throws a wet blanket over him in the form of LeBron’s defense.

The Dallas bench that was the best in the league over the course of the regular season, averaging 40 points a game, simply can get lift when “Jet” Terry finds the tarmac blocked off. In the first round of the playoffs against Portland, Terry had four games of 20 or more points.

In the conference semifinal sweep of the Lakers, he closed out the two-time defending champs with back-to-back games of 23 and 32.

In the Western Conference finals, he scored 24 and 20 in Games 1 and 4.

That makes the Mavs 6-0 in the playoffs when he gets to 20. So far in The Finals, Terry hasn’t topped 16 and those fourth-quarter absences have been fatal.

Every Batman needs at least one Robin riding shotgun. Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal or Pau Gasol. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce or Ray Allen. Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili or Tony Parker. Even Michael Jordan needed Scottie Pippen or John Paxson or Steve Kerr to make his best music.

Ever since the Mavs let Steve Nash walk out the door for Phoenix in 2004, nobody has had to play the solo act more than Dirk. Maybe those are David Hasselhoff tunes he hums to himself at the free throw line, but it’s definitely a McCartney song that’s one his mind heading into Game 4 tonight:

And Jet, I thought the only
Lonely place was on the moon


  1. bullet says:

    Le Bron had 8 points last night, way to go to be a leader, he cant lead a team to the finals. i like Le Bron, he is one of the best in basketball but,…lets just face it, he is a quitter and is not a leader.

  2. bullet says:

    le Bron won a lot of playoff, thats it, palyoffs but still has no chiampionship ring. Check wades supporting cast and Le Brons supporting cast before the move to miami, im sure if wade was in cleveland with that supporting cast he couldve done it better that James.

  3. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


    All that TRASH TALK … You look REALLY SMART NOW!

    Think before yo SHOOT YOUR MOUTH OFF!!!

  4. El Mundo says:

    Jason “The Greatest Choker” Terry.

  5. nyar says:

    do you mean Shaq was only robin to Kobe? i’m pretty sure it was the other way around

  6. AussieHeat says:

    Their is a reason why Jason Terry and the bench is not doing that well. the Heat where ranked the Number 2 defense in the nba this was not by fluke they close out harder on the shooters and build walls around the rim. Nearly every shot dallas takes has a hand in the face or are contested in the lane. Its is not the Heats offence that dallas needs to worry about it is their choking defense style the heat play. And it is only going to get worse for the Mavs now that the heat have seen 3 games of the mavs offence they will start to close out harder and fast when they know where the ball is going. Heat in 6

  7. metrod says:

    Terry needs to understand that he’s a bench player and not a superstar.
    Therefore, he should take as many open jump shots as possible since he’s a good shooter.
    But, his shot selection has been questionable his entire career.

    No one expects him to take over games. Just don’t force the issue.
    I’ve been watching Dallas for 11 years. They’ve lost too many games because Terry takes stupid
    shots down the stretch and they turn into fast break points.

    Watch the game tonight and you’ll see.

  8. Bron-Wade says:

    Just so you guys know it was Wade & Shaq (who was 32 years old back then) and decent roles players like Antoine Walker, James Posey, Jason Williams and veterans like Gary Payton, Shannon Anderson, Derek Anderson who brought Miami in ’06 Finals NOT Wade himself. And LeBron got who in his cleveland days? Delonte West and Anderson Varejao? Who else? Donell Marshall? Please. This is definetely a Bron-Wade effort not Wade himself. And bosh, props to him for playing well against Chicago although he is showing signs of inconsitencies recently in the Finals AND! he made that clutch jump shot to put Heat into a 2 point lead to steal game 3

  9. Daniel says:

    Lebron’s beastly defense vs Jason’s clutch offense, who’s better?

  10. Tenki says:

    Jason Terry is a lit fuse who can’t control what he does or says. He inked himself with the Larry O’Brien trophy even before the season started, proclaiming himself champion. Now that’s a premature championship celebration compared to what happened in South Beach when Miami had the Big Three together for the first time. And he publicly declared that he isn’t impressed with the Heat’s defense. Why? Has Terry scored 30 points in three games against Miami? Or even at least 20? Not giving credit when it is due poses problems for himself. He needs a shrink to check his mental health.

  11. John says:

    I can’t believe no one is mentioning that Dirk traveled on the last play!!! He clearly switched pivot foots. The refs were so biased this game it was unbelievable.

  12. nba says:

    Im going as far as saying the whole mavs bench needs to pitch in and step up Barea, Peja, Terry, MARION keep doing it every single one of them did fantastic in one of the three previous serious this is when were at our best offensevly bench netting threes and dirk scoring at will defensivly playing mad defensive, rebunding stop our foolish turnovers basicly doing what been doing the whole year and the win is inevitable

  13. HEAT-all-in says:

    LBJ just want a ring. he doen’t care if he’s not the finals mvp. what’s important is he is contributing bigtime in all categories specially defensively (shutting down the mvp and now the Jet & etc…)

  14. NBA Fan says:

    No, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, ain’t no Batman and Robin, they’re both either Batman and/or Bruce Wayne, two faces of the same coin.

  15. Tyronne says:

    Terry now is feeling what DRose felt with LeBron.

  16. Keep silent and watch the playoffs says:

    Lebron James should thank Mike Brown for teaching him SPURS defense, and upgrading it in Miami.

  17. vlad says:

    shaq was kobe’s robin and got 3 finals MVP?

  18. mo says:

    I think Terry needs to play more point guard for the Mavs where he can drive, kick it out to the shooters or give Dirk the ball on the top of the key. They play this way always in the fourth quarter but not until then???

  19. paliachoto says:

    Silly comparison. Lebron is the man, his presence on the court is overhelming. He shuts down players, he makes plays for others, he scores in every possible way! But he need Wade and even Bosh to win it all! Dallas stands a little chance. A Dynasty is born!

  20. Fact Not Fiction says:

    It’s amazing how hateful people can be. Lebron is finally in reach of his quest for a ring (not MVP) and yet that’s all people are pointing out is that he may not get finals MVP. Honestly I don’t think he cares about that. He’s playing his part and still being a big contributor in other areas outside scoring. You know if James was jacking up shots this series people would criticize him saying he’s trying to be the finals MVP. I swear he can’t win for losing.

  21. zvp says:

    Uhh….Shaq was “Kobe’s Robin?” I won’t say Shaq was BETTER than Kobe, but…seriously, “Robin?” How do you explain Shaq having more Finals MVPs than Kobe, MVP a full seven years before Kobe, and with an unprecedented near-unanimous vote. Not to mention that the first year the Lakers won the championship, Shaq, not Kobe, was league scoring leader. “Robin,” indeed.

  22. fyi says:

    lets put this way the jet is just cant do anything against the defense of lebron like Drose being shutout by him so how do you think can terry do? 6’2(jason terry) vs 6’9(lebron) is just no match and power wise and speed lebron is above him. and its not fair but its the truth. dwade for mvp 🙂

  23. ehrick says:

    Jason terry is not actually “losing in 4Q” or “choking” or what ever you will called him. The truth is, the Miami heat is putting a very well or better to say a “perfect” defense on him every playing night esp. in crunch time. Both in game 2 and 3, where the game is very close, at closing seconds of the game, LBJ is the one who defended him. With that match up and height differences, he’s surely going to struggle . Simple as that.

    • uoykcuf says:

      Yea I know lebron D terry up is tough. I guess Terry wasn’t Mr. 4th quarter no more!

  24. 305opalocka says:


  25. It has been a really good article. My point is that I think “the problem” for Mavs is not Jason Terry, he played awesome at 2006 and he is too old now. “The problem” for mavs is that Jason Kidd can´t do more than he has been doing until today. He would not accept to lose under any circumstances, he will appear today for sure, but is not a big deal for Miami. I see more dangerous open shooters from Dallas and Miami has to put the attention on that. I see Miami very focus on today´s game but Dallas is a very strong opponent. Other point to take my attention is how many times Nowitzki went to the line up in the fourth quarter in the past Game 3…. too many times in my opinion.
    In summary; the team who received, called for refs, less fouls will be more wide- open in the court to let its game flow. Just an opinion from a neutral fan.

  26. LABRYANT says:

    Every championship team has had at least two stars..enough said..

  27. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    way to not kill the game with timeouts eric i think we wee one timeout away from losing to mavs and the refs

  28. orlyor mvp says:

    without lebron ,heat never gonna get to the finals you all know that …….last season cleveland was number 1 and heat was number ????????yeah you better check …wade without lebron he is going nowhere!!!!!!

    • STFU_ALL says:

      Heat without lebron on 2k6 won the NBA FINALS…. lebron without wade???

      • Luke says:

        Now, how many games did Heat win last year? How many games have they won in the playoffs since 2006? Thats what I thought.

    • uoykcuf says:

      You forgot who got the ring? wade 1 lebron 0

      • lb6 says:

        who has wade got in 2006? yeah there was shaq mourning payton a fresh haslem and the 3 point king kapono. now who does lebron have in the cavs?? get your facts straight or else stfu

  29. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    and who carried the heat to the final ?!
    do you think if lbj wasn’t wade could make it to the final ?!
    answer is Big NO !
    they came together cuz they needed each other . now that the heat prove all you haters wrong you wanna make it a “LBJ or D-Wade” thing .your’e pathetic

  30. kewl says:

    Like wade alone… he can’t lead the team to a championship… got it?

  31. kewl says:

    come on.. Do you know what you’re reporting???? You must be blind!!! Kobe’s the robin of Shaq….

  32. bullet says:

    wade has proven that Le Bron is only good as a 2nd man, he cant lead a team to a championship.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      And Lebron proved that all he needed was some help and he could help bring the championship. No one (in today’s game) wins it by themselves. FYI Lebron closed out the Bulls and Celtics and with two more games to win he can close out Dallas.

  33. kyle says:

    It’s absurd this article does not say “Karl Malone” and “John Stockton” as Batman in Robin. That’s the best comparison, if any.

  34. bullet says:

    Mavs will win this series, thats the bottom line.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I am not sure about that but If they can even up the series tonite it will be a different game.

  35. Melvin says:

    Mavs seems like prepared for fishin mood,
    Especially JaChoke Terry. LOL

    • uoykcuf says:

      Don’t get me wrong I don;t like terry either but this is the lamest thing i ever heard. jachoke? Pls come up with something better!

  36. ben says:

    Too bad, Terry JET is a Choker, unlike Kenny the other “JET”

  37. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    Shaq was Kobe’s Robin ?! LOL !!!
    What the hell … Kobe was Shaq’s Robin !!
    3 time final MVP with kobe at same team … nuff said !

  38. long memory says:

    I thought Dirk’s 10 deep team is what got them to this point? people said that all this firepower Dallas had would be a major problem for Miami…..? Lets not put it all on Terry – Imean he is NOT an all-star and he hasn’t been. Dallas relied on Peja , Barea and the others to chip in and they haven’t. Terry hasnt played good, but who has against Miami’s defense? If the MVP Derrick Rose had to work extremely hard so will J. Terry. Dirk had one good quater in game 2 and other than shooting Volume shots to score points, Haslem is doing a decent job. In order for Dallas to win they will have to be that 10 deep gang they are used to being and Miami has shut the faucet off on the others and I dont see it coming back on. Each team can play better but this series is an under 100 point grind series, which means unless you are Lebron Dirk or Wade a “breakout game” is not coming.

    • HeatWave says:

      Yeah I’m still waiting for the super deep team to show up, and I don’t like how all this falls onto Terry’s shoulder. He does run his mouth but seriously people act like he’s being completly shut down. He averages 15pts and that’s about what he’s been getting. If anyone should be stepping up it’s Chandler. 7’1″ and you can’t post anyone up? He’s making Joel Anthony look like an All-Star defender. But in the end I hope this continues so that Miami can take this in two more games.

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      That’s the beauty of it, yes? You shut down the bench that has been very very productive for the Mavs in the regular season and force Dirk to carry the team himself. Makes a lot of sense, and since this Mavs squad hasn’t seen the Miami Heat defend like this in the regular season, they are being beaten to the punch all the time. Spo and Riles are geniuses. Anyways, it won’t be long now I suppose. In 2 or 3 games the series will be over and Miami will have won it all.

  39. grasyase says:

    I think you are right Heatwave when they are team mates shaq was the batman.

  40. michael says:

    jason terry is a bum!! even in the 06 finals, he was a wash. when teams get up in his face, he shuts down. lerbon will not let him get loose for the rest of the series. Terry runs his mouth too much for somebody who hasn’t accomplished anything. Dirk is alone in the series. the Heat are smart. Coach spo is a genius. Against Rose, he said we know they don’t have a #2 option., so lets stop him and make someone else beat us. Heat win series 4-1. Now he says, Dirk is the main scorer, but if we double team him, he has the shooters that can knock down shots. so lets shutdown those other people and force dirk to beat us by himself. Heat lead series 2-1. the Heat have figured out how to shut teams down with different schemes, which is very smart. Dirk will have to score 50+ points a night to beat the Heat.

  41. SR says:

    Are you serious? The Mavs are such a better team overall then the Heat. Dirk has much better supporting players in the starting lineup and bench compared to the Heat. The Heat have two superstars and a very decent center. Period. There’s a reason why Terry is considered one of the best 6th man, compare that to who? Chalmers? They even have Peja 3-Pt Superstar and they can’t handle a Wade/James combo… Which team is the underdog in this series? Really… ask yourself…

    • al - respect the game says:

      well right now its not looking like that supporting cast matters, theyre not getting playing time and miami cannot seem to stop dwade.

    • Heatwave says:

      Check out the numbers right no, specially the 4th quarter stats, The Jet cannot be considered as one of the best 6th man right now. Compared to Mario C.yes in the regular season probably, but in the finals right now, he is a distant 2nd to Mario ringt now. Same with Peja. But if you insist that they are still better than anyone right now, then we can brand the two of them “choke man”. Face it he is being out played right now. He talks too much specially during pre-game conferences, tha the Jet is in the runway, whats he doing there, parking? Seriously man, great players may have a bad game but they still creat plays or make shots when needed. So either you accept that the Jet and Peja is not as good as now or you can brand them choke guys.

    • Showbaba says:


    • Viper139 says:

      even so I am a huge Dallas fan – right now the better team is behind. A lot of wide open shots were missed in Game 3 – especially from Terry. If Terry would have made that 3 in the corner with 2 minutes to play (I believe), Dallas would have won. There was nobody near him in that instance.
      Sure the strong and fast LeBron takes Terry out of the game pretty good, but the same goes for Marion guarding LeBron.
      But as long as they can’t stop Wade that will not make a difference.
      As bad as Wade has been against Chicago in the later stage of the series, so good is he now.

      Lets hope Terry finds a way to make the open jumpers more consistent, same for Kidd and Paja (which has shot miserable up til now) and this will be a series. Up til now Chambers has been the difference with his great shooting….

      GO MAVS

  42. DJ says:

    TERRY always disappear during crunch time, but he appears more on trash talking. He’s supposed to be DIRK’s help but no~~~~ he chokes…

  43. jowell says:

    I guarantee game 4 miami heat win!!!!

  44. just hilarious says:

    Heat fans as always hating on kobe hahahahaha this is just hilarious, how much they hate the man for having a successful career. but i do agree Shaq wasn’t Kobe’s robin, they were the perfect 1-2 punch as Shaq himself says. A different story is the Heat, we can see that clearly james is the robin to Wade, soon to be 2 time finals mvp.

    • Dran says:

      LeBron hater will always be a LeBron hater. Which is, just like your name suggest, is “just hilarious”.

    • HeatWave says:

      How was I hating?

      • Luke says:

        Who calls the best player in the first 2 series “robin” after 3 bad games?

        Yes, thats right. A Hater does.

      • Gman says:

        How arent you? James and Wade is clearly a batman and batman combo.

      • Gary says:

        @ Luke an Gman, I never said Lebron was Robin. And to me he hasn’t had 3 bad games he’s just letting Wade finish in the fourth. We’re on the same side! lol.

      • HeatWave says:

        @ Luke an Gman, I never said Lebron was Robin. And to me he hasn’t had 3 bad games he’s just letting Wade finish in the fourth. We’re on the same side! lol.

    • Jpalm says:

      uhhhhh shaq was the guy who won all 3 of those finals mvps when kobe was with him. Im pretty sure it was always put as shaq and kobe not kobe and shaq sobeing a miami heat fan has nothing to do with it. Kobe was shaqs robin

      • drew says:

        ya shaq did win all three finals MVPs they played against indiana, philly, and the nets. but if you watched the entire lakers playoffs of those seansons it was clear that kobe was the mvp against the spurs and the kings and utah in all those seasons which were much more difficult series then in the finals all of those teams had a weak back court except maybe philly at the time they had mutumbo and it is the same thing here the mavs are focusing alot on lebron they have marion, and stevenson and even j kidd on him all the time so the heat playing to dallas weakness wade is being guarded by terry, kidd, or stevenson but there are big streches of the games were he is guarded by a much smaller or slower guard which gives hiim the oportunity to score more and shoulder the load and plus he is playin some crazy good clutch basketball.

    • Showbaba says:

      I am a heat fan and I love Kobe. What are you talking about?

    • Showbaba says:

      @ Just hilarious:
      I am a Heat fan and I love Kobe. What are you talking about. For your info I pray for Heat to win this series but as a basketball fan I have to appreciate the effor of Dirk, Jet, even Marion to Dallas to come so far. I don’t know why people talk stupid things about these talented guys who have given their best but the truth is just one team has to win the Finals. Only useless people would talk trash of Lebron James too for leaving Cav to Heat. Is this not America where you have freedom to choose your employer? Is this not America where freedom reigns. I love Dallas, Lakers, Heat etc. I only cannot stand people with pride and hate like Cavalier President and Dallas President and those people have haters supporters fans like them. God bless NBA.

  45. Gman says:

    The JET now knows how Rose felt.

  46. bonik. says:

    i never saw that, the heat can’t guard dirk, so they are guarding the other mavs, nice strategy, simple but yet effective. that is the reason why the heat is winning, it looks like dirk will be forced to score 60 to win.

  47. Joe Balbony says:

    Poor Dirk( dirty Nowitzky), hes now really a lone superstar in dallas(lone star. with no help, his teammates should step up so that this series will be more fun to watch and have more drama http://sportales.com/sports/miami-heat-the-2011-nba-champions/ .. Dirk need more help from the perimeter and beyond the arc and the role players that should act on that is jason terry and jason kid ( whose beeb good in the three point lane). Heat will definitely win this http://sportales.com/basketball/heat-versus-maverickswill-history-repeat-itself/ … heat has plenty of playuers taht could close out games and could make big shots for the heat… http://sportales.com/basketball/top-five-nba-players-of-all-time/.. Nice article Fran..

  48. HeatWave says:

    Shaq was Kobe’s Robin? Absurd!

  49. AAG_SR says:

    The Jet is a disappointment so far in the finals. He still has a chance to make up for it. One problem i notice at times with him is his shot selection. Sometimes he would force the issue instead of making a play for his teammates. We all know the Jet can score but he needs to learn to be a play maker when his shots aren’t falling. I know he can do it

    • Showbaba says:

      Jet is being there all seasons even in this playoff except for this season. Guys have to recognised that Lebron James is defensively guarding Jet and that makes things tougher for him. People can talk nonsense that but this guy have given his best to dallas. People talk nonsens and stupid things about Heat, Lebron, Wade, and Chris Bosh when they lost game 2. Guys these are two great teams the fact is that one team has to win and that one team just happens to be the Miami Heat. You need to accept that and suck it in. Thanks. God bless Miami Heat.

      • AAG_SR says:

        As far I know the series is still playing so you need to accept the fact the champions are yet to be crowned and don’t get in way over your head as the heat did in game 2!

      • James says:

        As Lebron guarded D. Rose and made him miss, so is Lebron to Jason Terry.. Good job Spo. Angas mo pinoy!