Whipping boy Chalmers feels playoff joy

DALLAS — There’s been no in-between with Mario Chalmers and this championship series. He’s either hitting the target, or he is the target.

One minute, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are ripping him a new earhole for something he either did or did not do. The next minute, they’re giving him props for dropping an unexpected basket on the Mavericks and turning into a semi-hero.

Bottom line: Chalmers has been big in the two Miami wins and also emerging as the X-factor of a series that hasn’t seen many decisive shots by anyone other than the Big Three and Dirk Nowitzki.

He hit four 3-pointers in Game 3, taking those shots without hesitation. That’s the beauty of Chalmers: He isn’t shy about stepping up, which is exactly the kind of mentality you’d expect from a player who hit a shot to win an NCAA championship.

But he’s not in Kansas anymore; rather on a team with three All-Stars whose standards are high. And that’s why they’ll jump on Chalmers whenever he makes an error in judgment, which is often.

“They’re just telling me things I need to do better,” said Chalmers, who insists he doesn’t take their criticism personally. “It’s not like they’re trying to show me up. It’s part of being teammates, them telling me what I’m doing wrong.”

Um, but do you give it back to them when they screw up?

“Well,” he said. He didn’t finish the answer.

Chalmers should’ve been the hero of Game 2 when LeBron found him wide open in the corner for a 3-pointer that tied the score, but then Dirk’s finger roll with three seconds left nixed that. Otherwise, Chalmers’ long-distance shooting has hurt Dallas, in Games 1 and 3.

“I don’t think I give instant offense off the bench,” he said. “More like energy.”

All Miami needs is someone outside of the Big Three to chip in with 12 or 14 points or a handful of rebounds, and victory is all but certain. Mainly, that player has been Chalmers, with 12 points off the bench in the two wins.

“He’s making shots,” said the Mavericks’ Jason Terry. “The shots you give him, he’s making them, and so you’ve got to give him his due.”

When he’s late on his defensive rotations or plays passively, he gets something else. LeBron and/or Wade will scold Chalmers, but give the guy credit for being able to take it, and also for not allowing it to affect him the next trip downcourt.

“I don’t feel any pressure with those guys on the court,” Chalmers said. “They know I’m going to shoot when open. They know I’ll give my best, even if I do something wrong.”

The more Chalmers knocks down open shots, the more the Mavericks must pay him respect and give a little less to LeBron and Wade and Chris Bosh. Chalmers, therefore, plays a major role in opening the floor, spreading the defense thin and giving Miami yet another option. As if the Heat don’t have enough.

“I feel like I’ve been a clutch shooter going back to my high school and college days,” he said. “Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a player in that situation. So far it’s worked out well for me.”


  1. rodman says:

    sorry, “heat”

  2. rodman says:

    maybe allen iverson can join the hwat next season, he’s looking to come back to the nba, and lbj and dwade will absorb his ego and make it a non-issue

  3. DJ Duck1E says:

    If the Miami Heat could get Stephen Curry in the off-season they would be insane. Curry would be what they needed from Bibby, but he never pulled through. Curry played with Monta Ellis so he is used to playing kind of a Combo Guard. He’d be perfectly used to playing as a SG when Lebron or Wade had the ball. He could play PG otherwise. He was the highest 3pt% PG in the league in the regular season. The heat have plenty to trade. It’s something they should try to pursue.

  4. mar9 says:

    1st off all, Chalmersn is playing good this series rather than Bibby. some turnovers but his doing really good with his shooting. bibby & bosh need to step up their A 101% coz this is the game of thier lives. but if miami loose this series Bibby & bosh ( if bosh is posible to trade )might be traded next season.

  5. Joe buck says:

    Chalmers has stepped up this series, he is not a great player but has played well so far in the finals. He is much better defensivly than bibby even though J.J. has been flying by him but no one has been able to stay in front of J.J.. Even though he is hitting open shots, there a lot of guys who can be put in the same situation and not make the shot because of the pressure of the finals.

  6. SYDALE says:

    Chalmers sucks… end of story…

  7. albert says:

    i agree bibby should always be at starting five. he is the in the match for jason kid… experience matters most. I like the way chalmers do his thing. i believe heat in game 5 0r 6… Go heat!

  8. Mickey Markoff says:

    Chalmers has definitely made some key shots when we’ve needed him most. His ball-handling skills concern me though as he often looks uneasy when he’s dribbling down the court. Hopefully both he and Bibby will hit some 3’s tonight!

  9. dont hate on bibby! says:

    lets not forget that bibby is a veteran player (almost) and that is the sole reason he is the starter and not chalmers, we need bibby to keep the pressure on kidd. if chalmers started and was put on kidd he would make a fool of him (kidd of chalmers that is) as he is a lot more experienced and would use chalmers speed and aggression against him to spread the floor. bibby starting is a much better idea as he sticks to kidd and pressures him into giving up the ball, which is one less veteran option for dallas, and then as the game develops and JJ comes on to the floor to bring energy SPO then has mario to counter that and maintain the pressure on dallas. its all about pressure boiz

  10. I'M DOING OK.....C? says:

    I agree Bibby should hit the bench but he’s starting because thats the reason he was recruited. They offered him a starting role and he accepted i strongly believe he would’ve declined Miami’s offer if he thought he would ride the pine, so for now he starts but still wont accumulate more minutes than Chalmers… Heat in 5… Dallas lost the Series on Sunday now its a cake walk…

  11. bonik. says:

    if chalmers would start, there would be no energy of the bench, besides haslem, i noticed when chalmers comes into the game, miami has more fluidity. i think miami has more edge in that spot because i think dallas took chlamers for granted, so he is showing what he can do. bibby is there for a veteran presence, but not to be a star. chalmers is there to be an energy and spot up guy, not a point guard or a star. who needs a PG if you have 3 guys who can make plays? but of course, its better to have a point guard leader on the floor. miami will hang on to their plays now, but expect them to get help from a poit guard next season. 🙂

  12. The Truth says:

    The fact is Howard Stern did his very best to make sure the Heat didn’t win Game 3 with those ridiculous refs but we still pulled it off and are closing in on greatness………

  13. luase says:

    tbh i think dirk should become finals mvp even if the mavs lose, just cuz of the fact he got nearly zero help in the stretch, sure wade is crazy on both ends but i think dirks defense is just underrated und unspectacular, so vote dirk for finals mvp instead of the guys thath play 3on1 all the time

  14. DeAndreMH says:

    chalmers cant start in place of bibby . simply because if chalmers starts and they need someone down the stretch of 3rd or 4th quarter and chalmers is tired and needs some rest . who’s going to step up in his place? bibby? its best to use bibby earlier (1st and 2nd quarter ) and save chalmers offense and defense for the 2nd half of the game when the mavs go to jason terry .

  15. it don’t matter right now to get jones on the floor. we need all the inside presense we can get.

  16. cp3ai says:

    i don’t think miami should swap bibby for chalmers right now, they should in the not so distance future but right now i don’t think miami should risk shaking up the starting line up so much. It’s the finals and they are leading so i think they should not make a major change, also when chalmers does start, give him a chance to run the floor and score, he could be somthing special for the heat

  17. Jowell Chua says:

    I guarantee Game 4 Miami Heat will win!!!

  18. The Time has come... says:

    Chalmers only needs to polish a few skills and he could turn into the complete package at PG that the Heat need. It spells trouble for the rest of the Eastern Conference, if Chalmers completes his skills set, with his youth, accuracy and daring bravado, we’re looking at several years of Miami Heat ECF domination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. HEatBoY says:

    Do not Under estimate coach spoelstra, he is a Filipino, so he has a brilliant mind,,,he has a better plan in the next game to finally beat the Mavs… 😀 and i think Chalmers is better to have more minutes of play ..see the unstoppable three pointers ??? huh?? 😀 lol

  20. toaSTEEZ says:

    man bibby and chalmers have had it rough i mean they had to play against Rondo then the MVP. thats probably why they’re doing so well because they’ve already played tough PGs.

    • LOLakers says:

      Yeah, it’s a good thing WADE TOOK CARE OF RONDO LOL!

      And James SHUT DOWN THE MVP LOL!

  21. Mauricio Perez says:

    Why is Spoelstra not using James Jones at all? He was a big factor in the Boston series and he is a way better 3 point shooter than anyone on the team, including Chalmers. Is he injured or what? He did a good job defending Allen through all those screens, so I believe he´s a way more important piece than Mike Miller, who´s really been dissapointing.

    • luis says:

      the reason they are not using james jones is because he is poor rebounder. Boston is not a very good rebounding team so thats why he played. Game 1 vs chicago james jons played and we got KILLED in rebound (remember?) anyways spoesltra made an adjustment and played mike miller instead because miller is a great rebounder. And it worked because the heat didnt get pounded on the board for the rest of the series vs the bulls. The mavs can rebound as well with dirk and chandler and that why mike miller is still playing instead of jones. Bottom line is that we need to rebound against a rebounding team like the bulls and mavs. No rebounds , no wins.

    • Art25 says:

      I think Jones has an injury (i just heard it was rumors) plus they put Mike Miller on the floor because Miami’s biggest problem will not be 3pts. or good looks in the paint but Dallas high percentage shot (which was really affected with Miller on the floor) and let’s not forget aout rebounding you dont want to have Candler following it up or worse ALLEY-OP!!!

  22. lee3022 says:

    Mario Chalmers is not a natural point guard. But he is getting better. He is quicker than Bibby and does a better job staying in front of his man. Many people have forgotten that Chalmers is a gifted ball thief. He has the quickest hands I have ever seen in a ball player. He did lead average 2.2 steals per 36 min as a rookie.

    As for playing time, coach Spolstra has the Miami Heat ahead 2-1 in the NBA finals. I am not going to second guess him! Mario needs to be ready when called upon and the criticism he receives from his teammates will only make him better. I do agree that the title of this piece is wrong.

  23. noel says:

    I love Chalmer’s game and I do believe that he and Mike Miller have contributed a lot to the Team’s success.

  24. karibkween says:



  25. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    boy i would really like for the heat to get nash i think that would be it…out of everyone i feel sorry for nash he was so close but yet so far and the refs last year made certain that he did not win i hope he comes to miami if we can get him and we play lakers next year….epic

  26. MVP Wade says:

    James Jones? I think he has an injury right now!!!

  27. John. says:

    People talk about racist. Haver have seen the advertising in TNT about a monkey with an actor? Please that´s is a joke or what?

    • Fernando says:

      How ABOUT DAMPIER, play him in the MAVS HEAT SERIES! That would be another interesting turn of events…. HEHEHEHE

  28. Vincent says:

    Mario Chalmers emerges as a better player than Mike Bibby, no offense to Mike Bibby but it is very evident in this series.

  29. CALL FROM MJ says:


  30. @Bibby:

    Heat won´t lose the series and ,yes, Bibby is a very good player, but a very good player. People jus talk about Chalmers and his contribution from the bench. Keep us unit Heat. Im more worried about Lakers fans and their bad energy.

    Tomoerrow king james:

  31. Observer says:

    reminds me of Rondo’s first year with the Boston Big 3

  32. ballins says:

    all of you are idiots! please use the tools your 2nd grade teacher used to teach you! especially you julius you have the worst grammar i have ever seen : “give more time on chalmers…and more play u have the deficit ,,more play on chalmers on outside bomb,,,as long that isnt turnover,,,at least that great shot would give hardache to the opponent.”
    wtf are you saying!? any ways thumbs up to Mario i love that kid he is Miami’s unsung hero for sure..

  33. bibby says:

    You idiots.
    As much as chalmers has been playing good in the playoff, he will not start.
    He simply lack the experience on the defensive end, especially when facing Jason Kidd.
    Bibby is a better when dealing with Kidd.
    Plus, Chalmers can guard JJ Barea but not Bibby.

    If you guys insist Chalmers start instead of Bibby, then Heats will def lose the damn series.

  34. @Will:

    What do you mean? Try to be more specific.

  35. JG says:

    yea i was wondering…where is eddie house? The heat have had him all season and he would make the Mavs pay bigtime for doubling the Big 3. He is the best shooter on the team and lebron plays the point anyway so whats the problem with having a second SG on the floor? there is no way he is more of a defensice liability that Mike Bibby.

  36. thetruth says:

    lolol does that mean if chalmers halfcourt shot was actually a backcourt violation…miami shuda lost by 1?

  37. I believe James will have a prefect game tomorrow.

  38. AussieHeatFan says:

    Add the end of the season let Bibby go and make a play for Nash. Chalmers is excellent off the bench because he provides the energy and spark needed on both ends of the floor. He is yet to become a true leader and until he does so, should continue to come off the bench and provide his energy and continue hitting those big shots.

  39. EmJay23 says:

    When the season started I thought: WTH is Arroyo starting? And where’s Chalmers? Then, he came back, but coming off the bench, I can’t understand, he played very good basketball last year and suddenly he disappears. I he works on his defense till next season he will be a monster for Miami.

    Where’s James Jones?

  40. KEVYKEV says:


  41. KEVYKEV says:

    SAY HELLO TO THE NEW RAJON RONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. AT LEAST CHALMERS CAN MAKE HIS SHOTS UNLIKE COUGH-RONDO-COUGH

  42. Melvin says:

    I think Chalmers shud have more playing time, he can shoot down Mavs quietly because Mavs focus is on the Big Three. Go Chalmers!

  43. ROMMEL REYES says:

    i like Chalmers more than Bibby. He is composed and cool during games. the “scolding” he gets from the 2 big stars will help a lot in improving his basketball career.

  44. Sanford Hall says:

    Chalmers is making a name for himself as D Wade did in 2006 against Dallas. Seems like common theme, Dallas is knon for creating HEAT Stars.
    Chalmers needs to be more consistent and be able to effectively run thye team when given theopportunity. I sure hope he developsinto a floor general, if he does he will e a premium player unning the point with a deadly 3. The money will come in due time, perhaps next year. Best wishes Chalmers and continue to improve on your game..

  45. Wade5 says:

    I think that the heat next season should start chalmers cuz, firstly they brought bibby here cuz he was a major “3point threat”. That might have been tru a couple seasons ago, but not rite now, chalmers has hit wa more shots than bibby, and could develop into a good facilitator cuz i mean seriously, if u have wade and lebron and bosh moving without the ball then u gotta gi it to them.

    I also think that Big Z should be activated for this series, because on the pick&roll, tyson will be forced to gamble with his medium jumper, and most people that have have payed the price

    • Miami says:

      Game 2, Bibby 4/7 on Game 2 Chalmers 1/6 on three points. It is not just shooting the three points, it is also spreading the floor for Wade, and James. Why do you think Dallas left Chalmers open on his game tying 3 on Game2. He was 0/5 till that point. Spo was so blind to kept Bibby on th bench while he was playing his one of the best shooting game. Spo gifted Game 2 to Mavs. Bibby on the floor Miami +7 Chalmers on the floor -7.
      Spo made the right decision on Game3 but Game 2.

  46. Andrew says:

    yeah! i agree.. chalmers is a good compliment for wade.. way back the time james and bosh are still on their previous respective team.. i was expecting he would be in the top 15 of the nba draft.. i was so surprised he was among the 2nd rounder..

  47. Bob says:

    Actually, Bibby has been hitting a decent number of shots. Not as many of Chalmers, but he has his 3’s as well.

  48. AAA says:

    Chalmers has been really clutch with his backcourt violations that somehow still count.This league is a joke.

  49. ALF71 says:

    I dont think puting Ilgauskas will help the heat.. He is to slow to rotate unlike Joel Anthony, Chandler will just kill him with allley hoop ( see what im talking about)

    • Miami says:

      Nop It will not help Heat. Spo made that mistake a few times already one against 76s. We started 4-14 till replacing Z with Joel.

  50. yes yes yo!!!! says:

    thumbs up for chalmers!!!!!

  51. TheOriginalHeatFan says:

    Lebron and Dwade arent scolding him they are just frustrated for some of his mistakes but its more of like a varsity player telling a jv player some pointers and tips.

  52. Miami says:

    Game3 He was hot and Spo kept him on the floor, but in Game2 he was cold 0/5 from three point till hitting the game tying 3. Bibby was 4/7 from 3 points and Spo made a huge mistake and kept Bibby on the bench. Bibby on the floor +7 Chalmers on the floow -7. Spo gifted the game 2 Dallas by limiting Bibby’s game time while he was clearly the hottest shooter on the floor, and making HUGE mistake on last 25 seconds. 99% of real, long time Miami Heat fans knows that you have to put Haslem on Dirk in last play, and double team Dirk as soon as he get the ball. I guess Spo did not watch the 06 videos. Thanks god he did not make the same mistake in Game 3 and let Haslem to play with Dirk.

  53. Will says:

    Does anyone else not notice the racist title? NBA.com, change it now. it is offensive.

  54. Marcus says:

    I’m happy that Chalmers is doing well. He’ll only get better with time. Bibby looks old out there. Poor on offense and poor on defense. Why isn’t Eddie House getting any playing time??? This guy is a great shooter.

  55. Fernando says:

    The only reason why chalmers have been a key factor in this series is the match-up situation between him and JJ. although JJ is faster, he is still easier to guard unlike Rose and Rondo. Other than that, Jason kid in this series, apart from Bibby’s “Disappointing” Performance have been short. AGE in this series is taking its toll on the MAVs and they will lose this series. The Heat team is an awakened with the hunger to take the championship. The question will be how hungry will the veterans be defending the young and awakened heat players such as MARIO?!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Only reason they will lose is because Butler isn’t playing, Butler could certainly play, but I don’t know why Rick Carlisle isn’t playing him, Peja is a big liability on D, Marion is a good defender, and if Butler comes off the bench he can be a spark along with Terry.

  56. ImInHeat says:

    well, chalmers is perfect off the bench. we have seen many good/great players who dont start but really impact the game. Odom for example. Chalmers has been great the past 3 games hitting 3 poiters which gave the team lead or catch up with the mavs. I think lebron or wade scolding him is making him tougher and putting pressure on him to do his best so, keep it up. Heat in 6

  57. julius says:

    Dont give to james more time the ball,,,make a play,, a real play to the shooters like ,miller,chalmers or bibby these guys play on 3″s not a perimeter,,,play on the arc ..when heat have the lead of 15 points,,make play on this guys on the arch..10 position play would dump dallas squad..as long isnt a turnover..

  58. julius says:

    give more time on chalmers…and more play u have the deficit ,,more play on chalmers on outside bomb,,,as long that isnt turnover,,,at least that great shot would give hardache to the opponent

  59. SqueezyD says:

    I agree, Chalmers should start. He has proven to be the better option and has made the best he possibly can given the minutes he receives.
    One question though, where’s Eddie House, surely if given the opportunity and some playing time he would be a better more potent option than Bibby? Yeah he’s considered more of a two guard, but its not like Bibby plays point when James and Wade are on the court anyway.. Surely he can catch and shoot more efficiently than Bibby has been? Give him a go!

    • Andy says:

      i agree

      • Tarek says:

        I agree that House and James Jones (injured) are two needed weapons. Why else you think Dallas has been able to keep Lebron and Wade from drivin to the paint all day? They can’t spread the court because they have got no 3 point shooters to do so with. Miller has been inconsistent, Chalmers has been a pleasent surprise, but still a surprise not to be considered as a natural 3 point shooter like the others. James Jones and House, when on the court, make the defense honest becasue they have to respect their long range shooting. Chalmers has been big in some plays, like the 3 pointer at the end of game 2, but coach Eric shouldn’t label him as an outside threat, becasue Dallas is not doing it, and that is just making it harderd on Lebron to dribble penatrate.
        Play to your strenght!

  60. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    if that was a back court kevin durant own in the denver series also was one

  61. Apollo says:

    Let´s see how The King Lebron face tomorrow game.

    Eyes of tiger.

    Chalmers and the whole Heat PURE HEART despite reptilians go for Dallas.

  62. holla4adolla says:

    As much as i agree Chalmers > bibby, i think its better bibby is a starter. The reason is because the same that jason terry, lamar odom and other bench players gives a spark when starters are sitting. Chalmers should be a starter but why ruin a good thing? he’s done so much for miami heat COMING OFF the bench.

  63. HeatWave says:

    Wait I though this was one of Miami’s weakness(the PG) that would be exposed in the playoffs, LOL.

    • BILL MCBLAZE says:

      i never heard of that. they just needed a decent PG whose productive.

    • REALIST772 says:

      haha il ike that, man tha’s just miami not being able to win regardless of what they do , something new will come up lebron has dominated the whole playoffs , some say he’s been mvp til the finals now wade is shining in the finals all of a sudden lebron is no longer clutch and he’s trying ride wade to a championship, the media hates the heat so much it’s getting pathetic.. regardless of what the heat do they will never be like, just feared lol

    • emil sese says:

      you are all correct…i hate the heat when bibby is on the f;oor specially when he is in the 1st five..chalmer should be in starting five…i like miller too

      • emil sese says:

        coach espoltera please lets giove chalmer or miller a chance in the 1st five and you will see the difference..bibby is old and should put as 2nd stringer….

      • Saumya says:

        I don’t know, I think he gives them good energy off the bench. Its good to have 3 solid guys coming off the bench instead of just two

  64. steadiride says:

    I agree about Bibby , he hit a couple of shots in 3 but other than that he’s been a major disappointment. Chalmers could benefit from more playing time. However, he’s not much of a floor general. I also wonder why Ilgauskas hasnt got any playing time , he has height and could drag Chandler away from the rim because of that deadly mid range jumper of his

    • BILL MCBLAZE says:

      i heard he is/was injured?

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      he would be a big liability on the Miami defense given that they play every screen and jump on the roller, while still rotating to the open weakside shooter. Ilgauskas would be a big hole on that defense because he is slow and can’t rotate well. the Heat would be better off sticking with the small guys i.e. Anthony and Haslem because they are much more athletic than Ilgauskas and they do a better job of closing out on perimeter guys, one of Dallas’ most potent weapons in the postseason.

    • karibkween says:

      Don’t be so quick to dismiss Bibby, Kidd would eat Chalmers alive, but he’s coming off the bench to play Barea. Even Bibby has problems with Kidd but he has more experience and that’s why he is playing more minutes in this series, and he did go 4-7 from three in game 2. Never under-estimate experience.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Reason Big Z isn’t playing is because he can’t play D, and also Chandler is much stronger than him, Anthony can block shots, Big Z can’t.

  65. miami in 6 says:

    keep up the gpod work chalmers… you are earning that starting spot

  66. joblagz says:

    they should give chalmers at least a 5 million contract next year.. IF the bird right still applies..

  67. Zambowie says:

    Sounds pretty good to me. I hope wade and bron aint actually SCOLDING him but just tellin him what he did wrong cuz they have messed up plenty of times too lol.

  68. lambo says:

    people really dont appreciate chalmers. i really hope they start him instead of bibby because he really needs to get cut in the offseason as well as eric dampier, juan howard, and jamal magloire, but chalmers needs to be in the starting lineup because he is a factor when on the floor. he has proved that throughout the whole playoffs that he is a playmaker and will spread the defense. besides haslem and miller, chalmers is the key bench factor as of right now and he deserves more credit than what he is getting…..heat in 7

    • patcarter says:

      Are you kidding neither he or Bibby should be starting in this series. Miller should start at forward and lebron should be playing point/guard for a while to space the floor and get the dallas bigs out of the paint. Every blown lead was when Chalmers was in the game, he lacks defense, anybody can hit shots when youre left open, but lets get real here his shots would be insignificant when youre up by 20 something we have not done that because Spolster keeps playing the same script, each series is different, the reason lebron can’t get on track is because the point position is being wasted, at least miller can help on the boards and create a shot. I’d buy your agrument if Chalmers could move his feet, Eddie House should be playing in this series running off the ball dragging a Dallas player with him to open up the paint for Lebron/Wade/Bosch to get it going (ala Ray Allen) he is the quickest. Instead we go up bring Chalmers in Berera beats the hell out him getting his shots/fouls setting up Dirk, in case you forgot he almost tied the game without Brendon Haywood. Lets not get carried away he supposed to hit something after all he is standing there in space on defense. Hopefully neiher of the big three gets injured or fouls out playing so hard on both sides of the ball because Spolster doesn’t coach to make Dallas make adjustments. I am rooting for Heat but it would not surprise me if Dallas wins. I wish Doc/Bryon Scott somebody who is creative was driving the car. Dallas could easily when by bring in Haywood/Chandler/Dirk (ala younger Lakers) then what we gonna do bring in old man howard, give me a break speed,speed,speed.

      • maybe i haven´t been paying attention, but it seems to me Mario is doing a good job on defense. just check JJB´s fg%. a la chris bosh, that big crybaby. i think they should trade him after the season. he´s the reason why its 2-1 and not 3-0. Haslem looks better on offense, which actually is saying a lot, and defensivly, well don´t get me started.

      • QuestionMark says:

        Trade Bosh? Really.. He is struggling a bit this Series, but he was surprisingly dominant against the Bulls, and he along with Wade and Lebron is the reason why they made it to the Finals.

      • Showbaba says:

        @ Kaare Weidling: I think you don’t know what you are talking about. To trade Chris Bosh? You must either be a chicago fan, lakers fan or Dallas fan. I am a strong supporter of Miami Heat. We know what works. For you information to knock out Miami, you need to knock Chris Bosh out first. That was why I thought you are an enemy of Miami.

  69. OldSchoolHeatFan says:

    As much as I liked Arroyo…trading him and givng Chalmers a bigger role was among the wisest decisions Pat Riley made this year…and, surprisingly to me, giving Joel Anthony all these minutes has also turned out to be a great move on the part of Spoelstra