Wade Haunting Mavs Once Again

DALLAS — We’ve seen this before at this time of year.

Five years later and Dwyane Wade is still giving the Dallas Mavericks fits in The Finals.

Chris Bosh hit the game-winner on Sunday off a brilliant pass from LeBron James (and with help from a Udonis Haslem screen), but it was the other member of the Miami Heat’s Big Three that carried the team for most of the night.

Yes, there was some “hero-ball” from Wade in Game 3, but with James playing distributor and Bosh playing hesitant until that final basket, the Heat may have needed hero-ball to get them through this night offensively.

Wade only got to the line four times on Sunday, but he finished with 29 points on 12-for-21 from the field, hitting two of his four attempts from 3-point range. Before Bosh’s game-winner, Wade had the Heat’s previous three buckets, one off a post-up and two pull-up jumpers (one of them a trey) from the top of the key.

“We allowed him to bring us home offensively,” James said.

Wade did most of his work while being guarded by Jason Kidd, who has been excellent in defending guys like Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant this postseason. But Kidd was mostly helpless on Sunday, with Wade taking him off the dribble and into the post.

“He played spectacular basketball,” Bosh said of Wade. “He was aggressive and took good shots. We rode the wave for a little while. He set the tone for us.”

For the series, Wade is averaging 29.0 points, 8.7 rebounds and 5.0 assists. He’s shooting 57 percent from the field and 6-for-15 from 3-point range. His scoring and free-throw attempts are down from the 2006 Finals (when he averaged 34.7 points), but he’s still the Heat’s go-to guy.

And on Sunday, Wade wasn’t just making buckets. He was trying to get his teammates to come along for the ride.

“He had every right to say what he said to me,” James admitted. “As a competitor, you love when guys challenge you. He challenged me in the locker room at halftime. He challenged me on the court. As a competitor, like I said, I respect that.”

“[I] just took it upon myself as a leader to try to lead my guys by example,” Wade said. “And I think for me it started in practice yesterday. I was very aggressive going to the hole practicing. My teammates seen it. They can tell I wanted this game, and I came in with the same mentality today.”

Wade wanted this game, and he got it.

“I’ve been here before,” he said.

You don’t have to tell the Mavs that.


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  1. james says:

    dirk will be the hero for mavz in game 5-6

  2. G says:

    Both Lebron and Wade are amazing players and the Heat are *thisclose* to being champions again. That’s all that matters. I think a lot of this speculation about who’s the leader is just an attempt to drive a wedge between the guys. I’m a D. Wade lover. I’ve loved him since he joined this team and think he is the face of Miami basketball for this city. That being said, I think both deserve high accolades and if Lebron is crowned Finals MVP, I would be just as happy as if it was Wade, because he’s on my team. Let’s go Heat!

  3. Chicago faaaaaaan1 says:

    A seven game series is always the coolest, and most epic.

  4. J says:

    C’mon guys… I’m reading so many posts about it was all D-Wade or it was all LeBron earlier in the Playoffs. Put it like this, if you take away all the points each scored from each game, they lose every one of them. They needed each other, hence the reason the came together.

  5. elizer says:

    don’t count the checks when the eggs hasn’t already hatch!!..it’s a seven game series folks!!..both teams are deserving to win…but i like the underdog..

  6. f*ckyouth says:

    yeah……heat rocks!!!they’ll take their trophy all the way to South Beach!!!!

  7. SOFTY BOSH says:

    Bosh should get hollywood award on his acting.

    He’s playing like players in soccer game, acting + falling +crying like baby

    SO UN-SPORTMAN. Come on Bosh this is a MAN game.

  8. joblagz says:

    nowitzki is gettin to the line for no reason man..
    i watched the tape man..

    i know the heat won and im not cryin im just sayin the truth
    in the end ball dont lie heat went with the W..

    4th quarter game 3
    10:35 phantom lose ball haslem
    8:48 phantom lose ball lbj
    5:12 bad call but made up for it by calling double dribble
    3:22 phantom foul nowitzki flop
    3:04 phantom lose ball foul haslem
    1:15 james 3 pter fouled not called

  9. HEAT FAN says:

    I am a HEAT fan.. but i dream last night that the HEAT will win the series 4-1.. but im sorry.. MAVS will win the series 4-2.. they will win 3 games in a row!

  10. TRIBINSKI says:

    DALLAS fans are educated we know to accept loss unlike MIAMI fans who are arrogant, ignorant , lots of excuses when their team loss and their life centered on this series..Im a MAVS fan but im worried if we take the trophy coz many of miami fans will be disappointed and maybe some of them are suicidal… i dont want to hear a news about miami fans commit suicide so dallas fans pray for miami fans..BTW i just drop by coz im hurry in my work…

  11. Notorious says:

    LoL i like.. Mavs Fans making excuses about chalmers 3 at the end of quarter one.. one would play really determine the outcome of the game ?. By the way.. you know how many calls the mavs.. got.. i saw a few plays where a mav player drove into the lane and.. they called a foul on the heat.. are you serious.. this is the NBA finals..the refs ruined that game seriously.. and seriously in the fourth quarter.. when lebron shot a 3.. shawn marion jumped into him and hit his hand as he released it and there was no call ?.. wow that has to be the worse officiated game i ever seen.

    • jojo says:

      i know its funny that dwade , lebron and bosh attacked the basket and did not get in the free throw line that much and the mavs got in the free throw line more because of some fouls referees in the wnba wont even call. I was amazed when the referees started calling those fouls i mean wow this is the finals i mean plays will be physical and the referees are ruining how the finals should be played. and for those people who keep saying that the mavs is the better team well , the better team wins all the time. Mavs so far has not shown any dominance, their game 2 win was just luck because dallas didnot do any thing special they gave the ball to nowitzki like they always do its just that miami collapsed defensively thats why they ended up winning the game…this series should be at 3-0 if you talk about dominating.

  12. jim carey says:

    i think dork noWINski is already planning to join the heat!!!! go miami!!! hahaha

  13. hanes trinidad says:

    the only way to defend nowitzki’s fade away jumper is to use your left arm fully extended to block the shot,if your a lefty, use your right arm,by doing this you lessen the reaction time,which i believe is effective because i’ve done it before on actual games…

  14. Jos says:

    It is possible that during the course of one game, the referees could have affected the final score. It is NOT possible however the referees could affect a Finals best of 7 series. The best team will always win.

    Don’t blame the refs for anything. That’s just the way the NBA game goes. Some calls go your way, some calls go their way. It evens out at the end, especially after a 7 game series. Let’s not fool ourselves.

  15. me says:

    no one is mentioning the worst missed call…and it was a double miss. not only did kidd travel when wade was flying over him trying to block the 3ptr, but he also deliberately undercut wade, sending him flying into the courtside seats. should have been a travel, with a T on Kidd for the lack of safety/sportsmanship. look at it again, he spots wade, readjusts BOTH FEET, then throws his right shoulder up and into wade’s lower body. lost a lot of respect for kidd on that one…

  16. let me just say that lebron is just going to get better and better. u haters can squeal like a bunch of wild pigs weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. lebron u are the best and everyone knows it. he will show all u haters in the next couple of games why he is the best in the world

    • celtics/dwadefan says:

      celtics were hurt and if they did not get rid of perkins they would have destroyed the heat like they did in the regular season and if it was not for wade lebron would not be in the finals cause wade was better than him against philly my team boston and now dallas he was hurt when they played chicago he just didn’t make any excuses unlike the ringless king lebron he only going to get his ring cause of wade somebody with heart that’s a true king

  17. ted daiz says:

    Common refs!stop being whistle happy!Let the game flow !These players are tough…Then the best team wins….Breaks of the game will always be there.Gee….6 points in less than a minute thru the line…common..

  18. jojo says:

    about chalmers buzzer beater in the first quarter, it was a good play….before he held the ball one of his foot was half way in and was over the half court line,now, if his foot was under the line and hopped in got the ball in the air and land both feet on the hardwood that would’ve been a no basket.you have to get one of your feet over the half court line before you receive the ball. that shot was a big one because if it did not go in dallas could’ve won the game by one…

  19. bigboy11 says:


  20. bigboy11 says:

    do they disciplines the refs when they make bad calls,do they fine them, do league review the games the next day and look at the the calls they made and grade them. the coaches and players cant complain or they are fined . can someone tell me what these teams have to do if they think a ref is not calling the game fair. do they take film to David stern and show him the bad calls..THEY CALLED A BAD GAME LAST NIGHT

  21. i cant believe these freakin morons are being so down on lebron. when d wade was playing like crap in boston and chicago no one said nothin. now all of a sudden lebron isnt doing enough. freakin mutts.

    • Teferi says:

      Check your facts before you comment. In the Boston series

      James, LeBron stats are;
      Field Goals Rebounds
      222:45 51-108 10-23 28-42 10 31 41 18 12 9 17 9 4 140 are whereas

      Wade, Dwyane stats are;
      Field Goals Rebounds
      205:27 51-97 4-14 45-58 9 25 34 24 17 10 15 3 6 151

      Now tell me how D Wade was poor in the Boston series? Perhaps it may be a poor case of your recollection (anemia symptoms).

    • HeatWave says:

      It’s just Haters with nothing better to say since they were proven wrong about everything else. The said Miami wouldn’t beat Boston, they said they wouldn’t make the finals, they said James would choke, now that they took a crucial game they are saying James isn’t playing well. Honestly he’s been racking up 40 minutes and he could be a little fatigued. If two more wins later Lebron doesn’t impress then by all means talk your mess people but till then stop hating.

  22. Lebron Juls says:

    just like phil jackson said: the best way to silence your critics is to win a ring.. hehe
    and that what’s the heat will gonna do

  23. Lebron Juls says:

    just like phil jackson said: the best to silence your critics is to win a ring.. hehe

  24. NBA_Fan says:

    Dirk No-ring-ski

    Go Heat!

  25. Okiks says:

    just a thought. would the refs be paid for their share on Mavs loose. Wow! If I were them, I’ll fight for that money. its not their fault anyway, they did their job—- LOLs.

  26. billy says:

    The thing about these games and why Miami’s Game 3 victory might not mean as much as experts think it does, is Miami’s inability to blow teams out in the playoffs. They won one game by 20 points and more and since then most of those games are at the most were 10 or 11 point wins where Miami’s defense tired out the opposing team’s defense, therefore allowing their offense to go on a run to seal it. But in this series against Dallas, they seemed like in the last two games they pretty much control the game offensively for three and a half quarters and then allow the Mavs to eat away at their lead. It cost them in Game 2 and it almost cost them again last night if Bosh didn’t hit the winning jumper. As a matter of fact, Games 2 and 3 are identical except of course who wins in the end. So just because the Heat is up 2-1 doesn’t mean that Dallas is done. Far from it. If the games keep going the way they have been, then it’s anybody’s series.

  27. lebron is still the best in the world u all know it. if it wasnt for him the heat would nt even be in the finals

  28. 2much4Dallas says:

    if last night performance of the Mavs is as good as it gets then series are over, 2011 HEAT NBA Finals Champions period.

  29. Gary says:

    Mark Cuban probably spent a cool couple million paying off the refs only to get a big fat L in game three. LMAO.

  30. heat loose one on purpose so u can win it in miami lol. the mavs are bums

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      I LIKE how Wade CUSSED out your boy James and PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE … #2 on the Heat!

      You should change your name to WADE THE NEXT JORDAN … LOL!!!

  31. Francisco says:


  32. Gdubb says:

    Im a miami fan, and I agree, Wade is back to his 06 finals shape. I want to see both him and Lebron get the co-MVP just coz lebron hit sum cluth 3’s in these playoffs that has gotten the heat here. Lebron took care of the Celtics; Bosh took care of the job in most of the Bulls with help from Lebron as well; now it’s time for D-wade to take it back home. This series shud already be 3-0 if they had gone to wade in game 2. I still think the series ends 4-1, although it wud be great for Miami to win it at home in game 6.. Wade MVP…

  33. im glad the heat have both lebron and wade. ive never seen two powerful superstars on one team. if i was dallas i would not like guarding them lol

  34. im happy dwade is playing like he should and we all know he can. hes a baller. im glad hes steppin up in the finals. the heat need him. the heat just have to much talent and the best 2 players in the world. go heat. kill the mavs:) lebron will have a big game tuesday. lebron and dwade will get co finals mvp:) go heat

    • LABRYANT says:


  35. bonik. says:

    LEBRON is tightly checked by MARION, when marion is on the bench, LBJ did all that he wanted. the reason why DWADE is eating again this mavs because no one can guard him, even KIDD, who you said stopped KB and KD. did you all forgot? DWADE is the flash. he’s too fast for KIDD. hahah! i dont want eating my words, but for me, if dallas and theb
    REFS allows another game for the HEAT, its over. if you say the HEAT are not playing team basketball, sorry guys, they are, they are playing give and take basketball. DWADE is all offense because he has no one to guard except KIDD. unlike when he neede to gurd ALLEN. he is more rested and paced against DALLAS.

  36. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    Miami fans who are COMPLAINING about refs SEE ABOVE …

    Here is my impression of a Miami Fan in 2006:
    “Wow, these refs are REALLY GREAT and MAKE ALL THE RIGHT CALLS!!!”

    Now in 2011 after only 3 games:

    Like I said, COMPLAINING about refs IS WEAK!!!

  37. ElKabitenyo-Dwade4Ever says:

    Final 4, Marquette days when I first saw DWade and since then I’m a HEAT fan (ironically, living in Los Angeles, CA but never a Laker fan). We all loved this young man and one the reason why LeBron and Bosh join the HEAT as they both know how reliable DWade when it matters…GO HEAT!!!

  38. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    why are heat fans fighting over who gets the mvp (finals). They are friends on the same team,,,,to be honest i would give it to bosh. Because it will always be a competition with you guys and who you think played better or is better. Refs killing lebron with those bogus calls i know they try to control the outcome and i said it all season long READ MY NAME i take mental notes and store them. It is a great team effort and Wade, Lebron, Bosh, Mike Miller, Bibby, Chalmers, Udonis, Joel, Magloire, dexter, dampier, howard, eddie, jj and the coaching staff all have done a wonderful job and what happened doesnt matter because they haven’t won anything yet now Miami Heat only 2 more wins and only 2 moree losses you can afford to win the ultimate goal you seek in the beginning of thee season you guys stay strong and i know the refs are trying to affect the game but they have to make it look natural in doing so (loose balls missed shots not calling fouls on dallas) stay strong and confident

  39. Jay says:

    All I want is for Miami to win the NBA Championship!!!!! I have much respect for what they have gone through and what they have accomplished, winning the championship this year would be the icing on the cake and I want Wade, James and Bosh to get hugh slices of that cake!!!!

  40. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    what the hell R U talkin about ?!
    what about all those crazy call at the end of 4th quarter ?
    that stupid call on haslem ?!
    so many bad call against the heat … if any one has to be angry about officiating , it has to be a heat fan

  41. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    for me the important thing is W … james or wade … doesn’t matter
    in the ECF and ECS it was all lebron … and now it’s all wade … that’s the reason why they’re together right now
    and special thanks too MR Bosh … who has been consistence since the game 4 against C’s .
    and the bench has been huge for the heat … the most underrated bench in the league … heat’s bench is really good , specially defensively , but offensively big 3 do the things
    remember it’s the first year … what gonna happen next years if heat gets a good centre ang a true point guard like nash … maybe sweep after sweep ! Cant wait for that

  42. alex says:

    its not regular victory! the 3 point at the and of the 1q is unregular! -3 the victory goes to dallas!
    from now i stop watch this favorizing team of miami!!
    and i m not fan of dalas!

  43. Joe buck says:

    D-Wade is giving to the Mavs again, Butler could have really helped out the Mavs this series with his defense on trying to slow down Wade. Wade has been to finals and won it. I thought the Mavs would be able to win this series and they still have a chance, but the Heat have a huge edge in talent with James, Wade and Bosh. Dirk played great but didn’t get much help. If wade keeps playing this way the series is over.

  44. Heat for Mavs says:

    Thanks God for Wade… but the Miami bench won the game. Look at the +/- column. You’ve got to feel bad for Dirk too.. he played 42 out of 48 minutes, and was +12. That means the Heat were +14 in the only 6 minutes he was on the bench, and only won by 2. Dirk is winning this series; its just the rest of the Mavs who are not. If these performances don’t get him a ring, at the least they will get him a spot in the Hall of Fame. That being said.. what’s up with Lebron? This may sound crazy, but I think he may just be slighlty past his prime. In any case, if the Heat get it this year, they will be hard to deny for the next 4 or 5 years to come. And if they were the team everyone loves to hate, it will be fun watching everyone else trying to deny them in seasons to come. Of course, they could still be chasing thier first next year… as long as Rick Carlisle does not rest Dirk for the rest of the series.

    • Wade says:

      If Dirk doesn’t get a rest, he will just play poorly in those minutes. He’s like 32 or 33? He doesn’t have the stamina to play an entire game, so his stats will just be the same, while his performance will get a slight decline.

  45. great win for the Heat.. even refs is against the Heat they able to survive.. that’s the heart of the champion.. congrats to the team and coach

  46. all said and done – history is about to be made to the glory of God the Almighty. if my opinion would at all matter which i guess is, let the will of God prevail. And what is that will without being bias? I would say in Jesus name, let miami win it this year. Oh yes! we need to call those things that be not as though they were. You forgot what proverbs 18 tells us – that life and death is in the power of the tougue. I better confess for miami now before some else does.

    I really like lebron, d-wade, bosh, the rest of the miami team, fans and not forgetting pat reilly, whose God-given charisma brought the team together to win this series.

    lebron, wade and the rest of the team, i have something to say to you and you better hearken to the voice of God. Call on the name of yeshua christos and you shall be saved and delivered.
    may the lord bless us all

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Why do you pray Heat will beat Dallas …

      Why don’t you pray for peace or end world hunger or something more useful?

  47. bonik. says:

    can someone tell me where is that guy named DIRK’S REVENGE? hahaha. he always had a bad mouth for the HEAT, where he is now? i want to hear from him. why isn’t he replying in all heat fan comments? πŸ™‚

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      I am right here … I commented this blog last night but maybe they took it down …

      I said Wade played well and pretty much won the game for the Heat. I call it like it is …

  48. Jason says:

    hahaha…. im goin for heat all the way… goner be in miami by august for varsity but i’d lik wade to just give the mavs 2 games so it more fun when heat ends it on gsme 7….. we all know the mavs r just 2 easy for the heat that why heat jst lets the mavs com back from the margin….. so go heat n keep playing with their emotions wade…. give thm false hope and then take the mavs down. Show terry and dirk a reply of 06!!!

  49. HeatFanatic says:

    Miami has the 1 and 2 best players in the world , there is no way you can stop them ! Lebron just has to be a little more aggressive and they will win this seies in 5 . MIAMI HEAT 2010-2011 CHAMPS πŸ™‚

  50. JimmyW says:

    anyone that is saying, LeBron needs wade to win the championship.. look at it this way, Miami would not of made it past boston or chicago if it were not for LeBron!! so they both need each other just as much

  51. This is what is going on! says:

    Heat fans you can talk all you want, Dallas is a better team and the reason why they are loosing is that playoffs are rigged, just like the 2002 finals (Lakers vs. Sacramento), 2006 (Dallas vs. Heat) and once again here 2011 (Dallas vs. Heat). If you are not stupid, you will see that if there were not so many false fouls and wrong calls being called on Dallas, it wouldn’t have a problem destroying Heat. Of course, NBA does not want to allow Dallas to bury they money making “superstars” Justin Biebers of basketball, that is why they hold back Dallas’s power. Mavericks = Real Madrid of basketball. Everyone knows it. It doesn’t matter what the commentators say, they know what they are saying isn’t true. But of course they get paid better if they talk in favor of Miami. Don’t be naive. Cash is the king. You can follow action and you will see pretty pictures, you can follow your instincts and you will get in trouble, or you can follow MONEY, and it will get you closer to the truth! Think. My only hope is on Mark Cuban, he has enough power and money behind him to start an investigation and expose the truth.

    • u serious? says:

      where you watching the same game we watched last night? I don’t think i’ve ever seen so many loose ball fouls on a team or no calls against one team ( the heat) and you talk about the Refs being against Dallas? Buddy if the Refs were not FOR Dallas, Miami should have won this game by like 8-10 points. The Refs are the only reason Dallas was able to stay in the game for that long.

    • Soccer fan says:

      I don’t know you know about Soccer or no.

      Barcelona deserved to win against RM and their overrated coach.

    • heatologist says:

      oh just shut up, if the refs weren’t clearly on dallas side miami would have had a double digit win. if the mavs were so good their play would determined the outcome. but of course some idiot has to come up with a conspiracy theory on how the heat won. its just sad people can’t take a loss

    • JER78 says:

      Man, are you for real? Officiating in game 3 was (to be soft) awful! Man, worst officiating ever!. You say commentators are paid to talk in favor of the Heat? hahaha, sure Jeff Van Gundy didn’t get that check. Dude, come on, you make absolutely no sense at all!

    • MV3 says:

      what kind of senses do you have dude? lol

    • Wade says:

      Yo dumb@$$, Dallas is Real Madrid, but Miami is Barcelona, now go watch the Real vs Barcelona games this year and see what happened, don’t talk about things you don’t know. I’m European, so I know things about soccer much more than you, This is what is going on! Now go do your homework, because it seems you got much to learn yet.

  52. billy says:

    If the Heat win the NBA championship, which right now is a very good possibility, Wade should no doubt be the Finals MVP. He’s the leader of that team, he’s the one that stuck with the franchise through the rough times after Shaq left. He’s will most likely become the second major player on a championship team O’Neal played for to win a championship after the big man left(Kobe Bryant), it’s just too bad that when gets his second ring, that butthole LeBron will get his first.

    • LJ18 says:

      English dude??? LBJ is not a butthole and certainly he is better than everyone in the league.

    • Francisco says:

      while wade shot 40% against the bulls and 18 ppg Lbj carried the team, wade is going to be the mvp of the finals, big deal, you have to wonder it is the finals or it is because he plays good against dallas, 2006 was dallas also.

  53. Guinnyss says:

    Wade wants to drive, Lebron wants to facilitate. Anyone with a decent eye can see that from the stats, especially on the shot difference taken by Wade vs. Lebron.

    Anyway, this is going to be a 4-1 series. Last night was Mavs best effort, and we have to admit the reff (slim white one with hair) not reffs was giving Mavs alot of stupid calls to put Miami in the penalty and they it got ridiculous on the rebounding fouls. I know this game was going to be called one sided from the start when Dirk pushed someone in the back with no call.

  54. StopTheHating says:

    It’s so easy for the Heat Haters to blame the loss on that mistake when the allow Chalmer’s 3-point buzzer beater. There were so many calls in that game that wes very questionable. So many calls that should have been against Dallas. It was so frustrating watching the game. That call on James? What the hell was that? He wasn’t called for the travel meaning the ball was deflected, and therefore should be able to dribble the ball. He got called for double dribble. On so many plays when Wade or James went to the basket people were slapping them all over the place, and they didn’t call. That block by Dirk on Bosh should have been a foul because he clearly slapped both hand and ball on that play.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      But neither team’s fans should keep COMPLAINING about refs … that is just OLD & TIRED EXCUSE for ANYONE!!!

      • Luke says:

        LOLOL Dirks revenge.

        Refs revenge couldn’t even help you tonight.

        Yes, Miami has a reason to complain. Dallas, NO.

        We won either way so w/e it doesn’t matter. Just hope the calls get cleaned up. Either call em, or don’t call em. Don’t call for one what you don’t call for the other.

        Lebron didn’t even travel that time. If they’re gonna call him for a real travel, fine.

  55. niceman614 says:

    This series is officially over last night the Mavs played about as good as they could have played and it still wasnt enough the series should really be 3-0 they snook a win in d-wade and d-rose are the two best circus shot makers of all time lebron is the best pure finisher ever amazing moves…Miami will be champs in 5

  56. orlyor mvp says:


  57. bigboy11 says:

    Mr clutch got cussed out by wade for playing stupid he was hanging on to the ball and not making good plays ,same thing he did to bosh too fumbling the ball if wade did not say anything they would have had a melt down again.wade stepped up as the leader i remember 2006 he cussed out Gary payton too cause he was playing bad, Gary was like he cant talk to me like that but he stepped up his game after that

  58. Benedict says:

    Heat’s is gonna win game 4 to make it 3-1, then the Mavs is gonna win game 5 to make it 3-2…wait for it.. THEN THE HEAT is GONNA WIN GAME 6 to win the series! Wooohoo! Let’s go, Heat! πŸ™‚

  59. Reddevil03 says:


  60. Sean says:

    I love how when Lebron was torching the bulls and celtics nobody was calling him the best player in the league but dwade does it and suddenly he is. Listen it’s not dwade team or Lebrons team it’s both of their team and i wonder what everyone is going to say after Lebron torches Dallas in game four.

  61. Brother Jack says:

    Because the Heat won, no one is mentioning how the officials DID EVERYTHING THEY COULD to give Dallas the game. With that obscene help and all, they lost. Take note haters, I am reminding you of this after a win so you won’t chalk up this obvious fact of partial officiating to excuses. ITS ALL PATHETIC!

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Complaining about refs IS PATHETIC … were you COMPLAINING ABOUT THEM IN 2006?

      Oh right … YOU WERE’NT A HEAT FAN BACK THEN!!!

  62. nbaster says:

    Dwade is better than Drose, similar stats but Wade rises to the occasion when it matters and has a lot of heart. Drose great player but most overrated player in NBA, Chicago got best record in NBA because best defense in league due to big men and coach, not Rose and also because it is a deep team. Dwade is underrated player, should have more respect/ won more awards, have better profile etc…

    • bullsnumber1 says:

      D.Rose is an overrated player but he’s not the MOST overrated player in the nba..he’s still young so of course he’ll be overrated but he’s still a great player for his time so far in the nba..give him a few more years, and he’ll exceed his overrating status..and i don’t remember reading in the blog the difference between wade and rose so please stick to what’s written.

      D.Wade is an amazing player, my favourite with D.Rose, he’s shown that he owns the heat..his leadership this finals series, well you just can’t argue that it ain’t his team..heat in 6!

  63. tae says:

    naaahhhhhhhhh…..still tae is the best(wade)

  64. LeBron says:

    Miami heat champs 2k11 :)))
    Great performance by wade but i hope LeBron would get the finals MVP award this year. Heat 6

  65. MAVS DESTROYER says:

    History repeats itself for the Heat and the mavs, five years ago, Mavs led the series two to zero and still Heat won the series and wade leading the way, the same thing, http://sportales.com/basketball/heat-versus-maverickswill-history-repeat-itself/ in my opinion , wade is just reserving his energy for the finals, if mavs won’t do a thing to stop him , They would be humilated in their own court, http://sportales.com/sports/miami-heat-the-2011-nba-champions/ and by the wy i hope wade would join this legends in the future, go dwane, kill the mavs, http://sportales.com/shooting/top-10-nba-shooting-guards-of-all-time/ .. Wade is a shooting guard.. LAH

  66. D-Wade says:

    i dont care what anyone says but the Miami Heat are Wade’s team and he is the best player in the nba to me…… and honestly i am not a huge fan of the heat, i love the celtics but i have a lot of repsect for that player

  67. LORD P says:

    Wade just had a terrific game..attacking the rim allnight long.He understand the missmatch and make it pay to mavs and jason kidd who couldn’t stop him..The biggest thing about this win the way that Wade took control of his team(offensively on the court and off the court by the he talked to teamates during timeouts)..BIG WIN FOR MIAMI AFTER LOSING GAME 2 AT HOME

  68. AsPe says:

    Wade was stuggling in most of the games, but he’s playing some great game against Mavs. It’s true that he was great clutch players in last few games against Bulls, he made some big shots in 4th quarter, but against Mavs, he’s doing everything.
    It seems like history is gonna happen again and that Heat will win Championship, on Wade’s wings.

    I am Heat fan and I don’t have Mavericks, but I just don’t think that they can win series.
    Heat will probably win one more at American Airlines Center, I don’t think that playing on the road is big problem for them, since they won 3 games in a row on the road.

    I am glad that Wade finally took control over his team and that he’s doing some great, MVP performances.

  69. heat fan says:

    “He had every right to say what he said to me”……..cmon John what’d he say??????

  70. faisal abo samen says:

    what can i say .. man dwyane wade is just monster on both ends his game level is amazing when i watch him play i can’t close my eyes coz he plays on such a high level and most importantly hes always proved people wrong sinnce he came into the nba hes always been my hero i thank dwyane wade for every moment of brilliance i saw in the past 8 years i wish to watch him play for another 10 years ..and i have to say that im realy not happy with the way the nba treat him i don’t know why they do that but what i’m sure about is that dwyane wade is the best player i have and will ever see in my life and bcoz of who he is i become a better person in my life even if i’m so far from him in distance coz i live in the middle east but he made me change ..and as coach pat said life is not measured by the breaths you take in a moment its measured by the moments that took your breath away …. and that’s what dwyane wade is all about .

  71. Wade says:

    Well, there’s my buddy Wade killing the mavs once again. Too bad we lost game 2, but I felt like had we lost this game, we would have definitely lost the finals, luckily we didn’t. Now pressure is on Dallas, not on us, but if we were to win next game, the series is over. I say Dallas would then win their last home game and we’d finish the series back in Miami in game six, although this is pure speculation at the moment, it all remains to be seen. Yet those early buckets to the rim from Wade and James were simply spectacular, there’s no denying that. Keep it up guys, show them the “arrogance” since they like it this way.

  72. michael says:

    2006 nightmare all over again! go heat!

  73. acryn says:

    the big 3 is still there so i thnk teamwork is the best to win the title
    go miami and for my country men coach erik thnx

  74. 136 says:

    miami rules

  75. The Rocker says:

    Go D-Wade Finals MVP this year again.

  76. Zenun says:

    Wade is one of the best in finals performance

  77. heat 2011 already? says:

    is it just me or is it a scary sight to see the heat in the finals already, after not even a year?

    • kiwifan says:

      yea dude this is scary as. they’re just gonna get better and better when they learn to play off each other. there needs to be another super team to contest the heat for the championship or else they could win the next 6 years! dwight cp3 and iggy??? i dunno if anyone’s gonna be able to beat them!!!

      • STFU_ALL says:

        melo, amare and billups…. just wait and see. NY vs MIAMI — HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF

    • HeatWave says:

      It’s scary to see them win 5 vs 8! Offically the best team if they win it all but already that good in my book.

  78. allaround baller says:

    So much fo a final, mavs.

    Anyway I sense james faded out LOL

  79. Sailor Boy 73 says:

    Is D-Wade not turning out to be the leader of the Big 3 and one of the greatest basketball players of all time???

  80. ABOSS says:

    D-Wade is the man, can i get an amen!

  81. hahah... says:

    with the refs on the MAVS side

    the HEAT still RULES!!!!

  82. HeatLOVE says:


  83. alsor33 says:

    If the heat win the series DWade3 wil be the MVP..Goodluck

  84. jazon says:

    Nice 1 Wade.. keep it up

  85. hercules says:

    wade Finals MVP!!!

  86. MiamI3:16 says:

    Miami can surely get this ring if Wade wont be hesitant to take shots. This is surely his game and he should claim it – Be the leader and show the true heart of a champion. Lebron should take DWade as as example of humility. πŸ™‚

  87. don08045 says:

    James has no heart.. Good for him Wade was there.. Bosh in this game redeemed himself.. It seems that James’ the 1/2 man among the 2 1/2 men.. Heat will win this Championship (Wade has seen it).

    • yv says:

      u wish u had that 1/2 of lebron bcause we here love it, i guess u didn’t see the previous series.

  88. bonik. says:

    i told you, dwyane wade will show us something special. πŸ™‚

  89. Timothy says:

    The best player in the league..

  90. LovetheHeat says:

    looks like D-Wade’s back again to his ’06 Finals MVP form…
    Yeah Baby!!!

  91. Desmond6678 says:

    Lets get 2 more victories and Miami will put all criticism in silence.

  92. remz says:

    wade is the man, i cant believe other media saying lebron’s miami, it aint lebrons miami, its wades miami, and lebron just came along for the ride, lebron is just like other veteran w/o a ring who joins a very good team to have a chance to win a championship… lebron is having a diarhea when game becomes close and dwade will carry him on his shoulders…

    • WADE_BRON_BOSH says:

      Nah.. Dont you watch the heat’s Play off run? That is the reason why they get James, wade and bosh to play together.. so that the three of them would be unguardable at the same time.. At Chicago and Boston Series, Wade aint nothing coz hes guarded by good players and has to guard good players also (allen and rose). In dallas, no one can guard wade and marion is on le bron so it is wade’s time.. No batman and robin or robin and batman.. Its Superman and Batman at the same time. Plus add Green Lantern (bosh) to the mix and you got 3 of the Super friends.. for the super CHAMPIONSHIP

      • WadeMVP says:

        I agree Wade struggled in the Chicago series, but how can you say he was “nothing” against Boston? He scored right around 30 ppg, after only 12 a game against the Celtics in the regular season. With the best defense in basketball focused largely on stopping Dwyane Wade, he still managed to carve it apart like a Thanksgiving turkey. I like your superhero analogy though.

        One other thing pertaining to everyone (announcers, media outlets, journalists, fans, etc.), it is a pointless argument to try to determine who between Wade and LeBron is the “best” or the “closer”. One series Wade will have it going so they will go to him in the clutch. Another series Wade might be struggling due to injuries or whatever, and LeBron comes through big time with deep threes and lock down defense. I think these guys are the two best all-around players in the game today, and a lot of people agree with that. However, I feel it is a mute point to argue who is “Batman” and who is “Robin”. Why can’t we just settle that they are both on the same level? They have shown us time and time again that they are.

      • DBowe says:

        Okay, thats enough about Wade not playing well against Boston. Check the stats before you make dumb remarks. Wade had a better series than Lebron against Boston. Lebron did carry the team against Chicago though, but that’s why they got the Big 3 to play together. In years past if Wade had an off night, we would lose. Not anymore.

  93. FanOfTheLeague says:

    Throughout the many years of the NBA’s existence, there have been great teams with incredible players leading them to the top. In many cases with championship teams, there was the Batman, Robin effect. The 1, 2 punch that knocked out every opposing squad. Jordan & Pippen are the best example. During Summer 2010, Pat Riley might have put together the best 1, 2 punch this league has ever seen. No Batman. No Robin. Two Supermen. An incredible site, it is, when the best player in the world only has to take 14 shots in a critical game of the NBA Finals because another player who can turn it on & dominate the game at any given moment is right beside him. For the regular season, LeBron James was 2nd in scoring (26.7). Dwyane Wade? 4th (25.5). Both shooting 50% & better for the entire season. The same way LeBron James destroyed Boston & Chicago in Semis & Conference Finals, Dwyane Wade is destroying Dallas. Let’s not forget about Bosh. He was a legit 20pt. 10reb. guy last season & he’s the Heat’s THIRD option. Seriously?

    James has Wade. Wade has James.
    Dirk does not have either of those guys.

    That might simply be the difference in the 2011 NBA Finals.

    Derrick Rose would probably agree.

    • Knuckz says:

      So true!! Dirk’s only “Robin” is Terry who comes off the bench. Slow Dirk down and Dallas looses. Same thing with D-Rose. Slow him down and Chicago looses. The way Miami defends the 3-pt shot makes it hard for Before the series started, I had lots of people saying the Heat has no bench. Well, when you have 3 starters who can score approx. 85% of the points u dont need much from the bench. See Miami goes to their bench for Def and Reb. Next year will be different, but for now they do not need to depend heavily on bench scoring.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, but Dirk has players who can contribute like Terry, Kidd, Marion, Peja, Chandler, the Mavs have depth and size, Heat only have Wade,Lebron and Bosh that scores while rest just play D.

  94. bong says:

    go heat…..go wade….go lebron and bosh……they are amazing

  95. FactYou says:

    thats what am talking about…..

  96. I'm MJ says:

    Wade is nothing compare to my legacy…

  97. melvin says:

    go dwade your the greatest player ive ever seen,someday youll be the next michael jordan…if the heat want to win a championship game you must play the ball to dwade.dwade is the best clucth palyer than lebron and may be erick spoeltra knows it,this is the finals dwade have more experienced than lebron,lebron is great player but he cannot carry his team in the crucial situation.dwade already proved that…

  98. BONYOT316 says:

    ahahahahahah… thats right! you will be the best at the FInaLs… because you ate dirk in the last 5 years! and now you prove to them that you will eat them again now… go heat!

  99. OzHeatFan says:

    So glad Wade is stepping up this Finals series..

    It’s either Dirk or Wade for Finals MVP… May the best team win!

  100. Herr says:

    I got to tell you, Wade is incredible, and I’m a Portland fan that doesn’t really care for either team. But it just amazes me how he got the game under his control and siphoned momentum from the Mavericks by hitting huge buckets. It’s not often a team is so good that they beat a good team like the Mavs and the refs. That was some poor officiating late in the game. Mavs only were close because they had an 8-0 streak, solely on Dirk shooting FTs. Starting to think that the Mavs don’t deserve to be where they belong. A lot of teams would have won with the ref help they got. Oh well.

    Just shows that the Heat want this series a lot more than the Mavs, who expect the refs to help them. Well, they are, and they still can’t get it done.

    • yv says:

      im so glad so glad im not the only one that saw this. it seemed like the refs wanted the mavs to win from the beginning

      • QuestionMark says:

        I noticed it too, especially on Dirk, he went to the line atleast 6 times in less than a min in the 4th, and atleast 2 of them were not fouls, I still want Mavs to win, but refs need to make the game fair.

        ALSO CARON BUTLER NEEDS TO PLAY!! Enough said, if Mavs lose, Im blaming it on Rick Carlisle for not playing Butler, he can defend and he can score, why play Peja who can’t defend Lebron or Wade, Butler starts, guards Lebron or Wade, Marion comes in and guards Lebron, Mavs will be a better defensive team and better offensive team with Butler, he is near 100%, and its the NBA Finals, you need production from every player including Butler so play him already, Butler could even come off the bench.

    • Pad says:

      Especially obvious when they called all those lose ball fouls. Well one against Mavs (Chandler) and …uhm… kinda 5 or 6 against the Heat. Everytime Bosh or Haslem went straight up (especially against Dirk) it was an immediate lose ball foul. I don’t say that because I dislike the Mavs, I’m even a fan of Nowitzki, but yesterday, it was a shame. They did get calls on everything. When they called the foul against Wade (Kidds 3pt (later ruled to an 2pt) attempt) and the replay was shown you could clearly see, that Kidd jumped to the side into Wade. On the other end, Marion jumps into James –> no call. Same story, all night long

  101. Wademan says:

    Wade bringing it home. LeBron James isn’t the only person on the team, Wade is still the leader it is HIS team.

    • Alex says:

      I see tension in Wades eyes, in accordance to Lebron James. Truthfully be told, Lebron is a much better player to be taking that ball up and distributing as well as scoring. If you go back to the game and rewind to the momentum Dallas started gaining, they caught up and took the lead when finally Lebron took posession of the ball once again. Slowed down the whole team and got organized. Out of nowhere 3 for lebron immediate play after lebron finds chalmers for 3 again. Wade is afraid of Lebron for his MVP like skills that may snatch his finals MVP away from him so he is being super aggressive to get back into the spin of things. Throughout Round 1-2-3: Philly-Boston-Chicago Lebron James displayed his awesome skills of overcoming any type of defence to be able to execute effectively. Finally coming to the finals wade has realised how poorly his performance was in postseason series so far and decided he wants to be leader again. So he’s executing well with Jason Kid gaurding him: hmmmm……….. DUH! Now let’s look at Lebron James matchups, Andre Igoudala(AMAZING DEFENDER), PAUL PIERCE(EXCELLENT DEFENDER/SCORER), SHAWN MARION(SUPER DEFENDER WITH HIS INHUMANE LIKE ARM LENGTH)
      Lebron’s already shown us who is the leader on this team, Wade just wants a trophy and Lebron is mature enough to say, “Take it:).”

  102. Decrepify says:

    YES ! .. Heat probably win the series .. i bet the series will become 4-2 . πŸ™‚ Yeah GO heat .. GO heat !

  103. The Haunting Part II: D.Wade once again

  104. hansel says:

    Is there any chance that the league can overturn a win? It is quite obvious that referees committed a mistake when they awarded a 3-pointer to Chalmer in the end of the 1st quarter. It is very clear that Chalmer committed a back court violation. The score would have been 85-86 in favor of mavs..

    • Heat in 6 says:

      What about all the calls that Wade didnt get when he was getting fouled when driving to the lane or game 2 when the heat didnt get a whistle for over a qtr. The Refs cant make every call, but the heat are not the one who are getting the help from the Refs.

    • heatwin says:

      what about the 2 “fouls” for dirk… four free throws right there. can they overturn those?

      no excuses, there’s been worse calls in previous finals #theresalwaysanexcuse

      • Alex says:

        Ok, I know there are lots of Mavs fans out there. But let’s be honest here, the whole world can clearly see these refs are either paid off or clearly blind. The heat were robbed of game 2 based on ref calls, if they keep it up like this Stern’s reputation may fall to nothing for not interfering to call a fair game. Games like this should be reviewed and refs should be sat down and playbacks of the game should go over to point out they’re mistakes so it doesn’t reoccur. Ref calls this year have been one of the worst years of seen in nba history, however this game 3 finals match was by far the worst cherry picking on Heat I have seen in a long time. Common refs call it fair will ya?

    • Danny07 says:

      CRY BABY!!!!!!!! Wasn’t it enought that you had the ref’s playing on your side? Miami Heat won (5 vs. 8), so stop crying. If the Mavs would have won you could’ve thanked the ref’s. MORON!

      • ElKabitenyo-Dwade4Ever says:

        agree with Danny07 and DWade is just amazing just like 2006 finals but Sunday game I felt all the calls are against us, in most of all the qtrs Heat are under penalty…

      • ChandlerFlopper says:

        yup! and when bosh was poked in the eye and no foul was called..and not to mention the moving screens by chandler on game 2.

    • are you joking. he had his foot on the halfcourt line when he received the ball. and honestly mavs fans should be happy the reffs kept ya’ll in the whole night. they were calling fouls on the heat when there were none and the whole league knows it. kidd even poked bosh in the eye taking him down and not even that was a foul for the mavs. every time the heat got a lead for no aparent reason there would be a hurricane of fouls called against them. and instead of a trophy dirk should get an oscar for his acting. i didnt know dallas was also part “hollywood”

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


        Wade won the game for Miami, to his CREDIT …

        But HE FLOPPED at the end of the first HALF on a loose ball and got free throws …



        But Dirk didn’t FLOP … let’s see you name the play he FLOPPED ON!!!

      • Chalmer Fan says:

        If you see the play in slow motion you can easily see that mario chalmer had his feet on the halfcourt lane, but he doesn’t have the ball yet, so he lifted the back of his feet at the moment he received the ball cuz he was running, SO IF THE BACK OF HIS SHOE IS ON THE AIR AND THE FRONT ON THE FRONT COURT, THERE’S NO BACKCOURT VIOLATION…………But let’s say you Mavs fans are right, we take that basket out, (bad call from the ref, )86-85 Dallas………Them we have LBJ jumper where MARION FOULED JAMES AND THERE WAS NO CALL, (2 FREE THROWS, MADE 1 AND MISS THE OTHER) Game tie at 86……..Now we have the loose ball fouls against UD, -2 free Throws, SO where are we now 86-84 Miami,
        3 REF MISTAKES CORRECTED, OUTCOME, HEAT WIN………….So don’t complain, either way, Dallas loose the game

      • mj says:

        There was too many calls in favors of Dallas eventhough it was clearly on favors of the Heat, Cuban must have paid the refs.
        Maybe that’s why Cuban is so silent. He’s paid off the refs. No need to act like a fool when you got em in your pocket.
        I thought nobody else noticed it and I was just being biased because I’m a HEAT fan. But even Brent Barry said it. A Lot of calls went the MAVS’ way. Yes the Mario Chalmers 3-pointer could have been a back court violation but Dirk also obviously fouled Wade GAME 2’s last shot which should have been a 3-pointer and if Wade made those, it would have been 2-0 HEAT. Anyway, I hope the refs call it fair. Last night would have been a blowout if the refs didn’t let the Mavs come back

    • Guru says:

      Your comment is beyond absurd!

    • misho says:

      ur mavs were back in the game bceause of 2 consecutive ridiculous fouls that sent dirk to the line for 4 points to make it 82-80 , also if u remember the clear foul on james while he was shooting that three or when he drove to the lane u’ll realize u must thank the refs instead of banishing them, and also i don’t see where is the problem with chalmers 3 .

    • Heatwave says:

      With all the response to your blog, Just have fun and watch the game. I guess you are really a cry baby, Jealouse of the winning team. Can’t blame the refs, calls can go either way, at this point I believe the calls are even. So the tougher team won.

    • Evan says:

      You cant complain about referees, and calls… Any player or coach will tell you that it is part of the game. You have to try to figure out in the early quarters how the game is being called, and adjust your play accordingly.

      Also the game cant be overturned because of one missed call. There is no way to determine what the final score would be if the 3 pointer at the buzzer was taken away, because both teams would have made different adjustments depending on the score. The 4th quarter would have been completely different if that shot was negated. The best you can hope for on a blown call is that the referees will recognize that a mistake was made, and look the other way on a call in your favor later in the game.

    • wadefan says:

      you’re a moron.. first of all it wasnt a back court violation.. second of all if they were going to overturn that call they would have then.. not after the rest of the game is played.. just like if they review a play and up somebody to a flagrant 2 instead of a 1.. it would be an ejection.. but they dont erase the rest of the points the guy scored in that game

      and you dont know how it would have played out.. if the first quarter ended differently.. they would’ve played with more urgency.. maybe they come back out with a vengeance and go on a torrent.. you never know.. one play doesnt determine a game.. use your head some.. thanks

    • bon jovi says:

      !!!! Ignorant !!!

  105. papamis says:

    I only wish the Heat had any decent offensive plays for Wade or Lebron…I just wonder how unstopabble they would be with Celtics like offensive plays.

  106. Vincent says:

    It looks like the Mavericks have not learned their lesson yet and that is when they limit Dwyane Wade they limit the Heat’s offense. Easier said than done but what if they let Corey Brewer guard Wade maybe he can limit Wade but of course Brewer will need help to defend him. By the way Shawn Marion is doing a great job on both ends of the floor and also Tyson Chandler.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, Brewer should guard him and get minutes, but what is better is if Butler plays and guards Wade, one of the commentators said he is almost 100% so why not let him play? Peja can’t guard, Marion can come off the bench and guard, Butler is also a scorer and can give them 15-20 and he is also the 2nd scoring option on that team, so let him play already.

      • Jake says:

        Is he really healthy though? And if he is, how long will it take him to get up to game speed?

      • QuestionMark says:

        Well one of the commentators said he is near 100% and also he has been out since Jan so I am sure he is good by now, if he is still catching up to game speed then he can come off the bench, either way he will still be a huge factor.

      • QuestionMark says:

        One of the commentators said he was so Im guessing he is up to 100%, if he is still catching up to game speed, then he can come of the bench, either way he will still contribute and be a factor for this team.

  107. uoykcuf says:

    I guess the haters can’t blame the refs on this one.

  108. Maxi says:

    i’m f…g first!

  109. D-Wade all day says:

    Taht’s D-Wade baby, and he and LeBron are gonna take this trophy to South Beach. Haters gonna hate, PEACE !