Mavs’ Role Players Missing In Action

DALLAS — In the event that they either need or ask for a little help from their supporting cast, Miami’s Big Three can rest easy knowing that Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Mike Miller and even Joel Anthony will do something to make a contribution of some sort in The Finals.

The Heat’s 2-1 lead in this series has been a vivid illustration of that, with each and every one of those role players doing their part to push the Heat to within eight quarters of a championship, courtesy of the enormously powerful coat tails of Dwyane Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh.

On the flip side, if Dirk Nowitzki sends up a Bat-signal over American Airlines Center this week looking for a little crunch-time assistance, there is no guarantee his call will be answered. As good as Jason Terry, J.J. Barea and Peja Stojakovic have been at times throughout this postseason, they’re not giving Nowitzki nearly enough support when he needs it — now.

Even the reliable Shawn Marion, who played above and beyond what anyone could have expected in the first two games of this series, struggled in the Mavericks’ Game 3 loss Sunday night. So it’s not just the bench that is coming up short; Nowitzki has outscored the other four Mavs starters 34-28.

As brilliant as Nowitzki has been at crunch time in this series (he scored the Mavericks’ final 12 points Sunday night), it’s clear he’s going to need a lot more help if this series is going back to Miami this weekend for a Game 6.

“Look, we’ve got a top nine guys that are rotation guys,” Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle said. “I’ve consistently pointed out that we don’t have a specific pecking order. We’re a team built on balance. We’re a team where it may take seven guys scoring four points or more or five points or more, or eight [guys] scoring three points or more. We never know for sure.”

That same uncertainty that made the Mavericks so effective against the Portland Trail Blazers, Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder is what has led to them playing from behind consistently against a Heat team that plays defense at a higher level than any other outfit Carlisle’s crew has faced in these playoffs.

In Game 3, Nowitzki was a monster, shooting 52 percent (11-for-21) and putting the Mavericks in position to steal a second straight game in the final seconds only to come up short. His supporting cast shot a paltry 35 percent (17-for-49) and Barea and Stojakovic were particularly brutal off the bench, going a combined 3-for-10 in 25 joint minutes. That hurt as much offensively as they did on the other end of the floor, where the Heat can take advantage of mismatches against both players.

Even Terry’s 15-point Game 3 performance was a bit misleading. He was 0-for-4 in the fourth quarter, he played all 12 minutes, and clanked a wide open 21-footer from his sweet spot with 58.9 seconds to play that would have broken that 86-86 tie. Twenty seconds later, Bosh nailed what turned out to be the game-winning jumper.

“Well, we didn’t really give [Dirk] much help,” Terry said. “And I take a lot of that on my shoulders. That’s two out of three games, offensively in the fourth quarter, that I wasn’t able to come up with some big plays and big shots. I’m looking forward to Game 4, and we’re going to treat it like it’s a Game 7.”

Carlisle will settle for the supporting cast doing the same things that helped them get to this point, which is play within the context of their system and doing it from the start.

“Our guys are just going to have to be systematic and approach each game with the same kind of aggressiveness they approached every game leading up to this,” Carlisle said. “There’s going to be some nights you don’t shoot it good, but to sit up here and bellyache about missed shots, that’s never what the success of this team is going to be about. We held ourselves in the game in Game 2. We held ourselves in the game [Sunday night]. And we made some other mistakes that were uncharacteristic. So we’re going to have to eliminate some of those. We’re going to have to look at our overall disposition in the game. Again, I really believe the fact that we’re digging out of holes all night was something that … it was difficult to overcome.”


  1. bballwiz says:

    Well, how about that? Another come-from-behind win for the Mavs and another meltdown by the Heat. Lebron James is absent in the whole 4th quarter and most of the game, except for a few glimpses. The physically-ill Dirk scored 10 points in the final quarter AND scored the winning points. Another game-winning layup by Dirk. Only Wade have showed throughout the game (Bosh had a great 1st half but practically disappeared where it mattered the most.)

    What’s the lame excuse now HeatWave, OldSchoolHeatFan, and all the whiny Heat bandwagons? The referees again? The game was rigged? We’ve heard everything. I wonder what weak excuse and conspiracy theories you guys will say next?

    The series is even. Who’s gonna say that the Heat are the better team? One thing is for sure: After 4 games, the Mavs have shown that they have a bigger heart and the will to win.

    As for the Heat, they are more talented and athletic. But their heart and determination is questionable.

  2. mark says:

    There is a reason why heat doesn’t go to the line often because mavs are just letting them dunk and get easy shots and they are not defending if you’re a mav’s fan you’ll be disappointed because it looks like they’re not trying. So don’t blame everything on the refs maybe a little bit but not everything lol

  3. ric says:

    everybody complains bad calls and no calls..guyz this is basketball its physical sport.. PLAY Chess you never hurt….goodluck for both teams…


    I expected Miami in 5. I guessed it right for the Heat-Bulls series. Let’s see if my guess holds true again, and the Heat may not even have to return home for the trophy! GO HEAT!

  5. jeong jeon says:

    good coach knows when to use his players.
    heat in 6…

  6. heat fan says:

    bosh’s eye nearly fell out and they didn’t call anything…that was BS

  7. krid morello says:

    Jet!this is for yah..couldnt you play defense on your man?please take a look back on tapes how basd u play defense in this series..come on mavs fans lets shout,WE WANT TRADE,WE WANT TRADE,FOR TERRY.send him back to ATL.we dont need a concieted acting people like stink!!all the 20,000 fans and your team mates trusted you off the bench,and yet you’re gonna blow out again Dirk’s chance for a title?could’nt you feel shame to them.You’re offense stinks and so worser you’re defense on Mario.He’s like having the luxury of vacation with your defense.couldnt you get that DAMN Terry?YOU SUCKKKKKKKK!!!!!

  8. Melo NY anthony says:

    WE will bounce on y all fools next year!! JUST WATCH…

  9. Mauricio Perez says:

    Why is Spoelstra not using James Jones at all? He was a big factor in the Boston series and he is a way better 3 point shooter than anyone on the team, including Chalmers. Is he injured or what? He did a good job defending Allen through all those screens, so I believe he´s a way more important piece than Mike Miller, who´s really been dissapointing.

  10. @Luke:

    Maybe like your hole life hididng behind someone to believe you better.

  11. HeatWave says:




    I’m getting LEBRON’S FACE TATTOOED to my BACKSIDE!!!

  12. noel says:

    Ont time, I got poked … no call.

    Should I keep waiting? I hope I was good …

  13. LOLakers says:

    Phallus … I WISH I HAD ONE! LOL!

  14. John. says:


    Dont let the darkside take you out. Use your whole force to push out. You can, You can. When I grow Up I wanna be like ..i dont know you.

  15. HeatWave says:





  16. Luke says:

    When I grow up I wanna be JUST LIKE Lebron …


  17. dimples says:

    ur mad bcoz ur team was trash by LBJ and u have to deal it with for the rest of the off season…… GO HEAT!!!!!!

  18. Vamos Heat que vamos a ganar!

  19. Bullsfan83 says:

    So was it me? Or did Lamebron get away with another walking violation last night? Even a 6 year old could have made that call! Every time I watch these playoffs I feel like sending Lamebron a bib to cry on for every time he thinks he didn’t foul the other player.
    Dallas has this, Miami has no offense. They play like the globtrotters. Lamebron stop taking the last damn shot/buzzer beater! You are not Mr. Clutch = FAIL!

  20. I watched Discovery Channel about DInosaurs in Dallas…It´s smell like reptilians are involved and they want win Dallas, but HEAT HAS MORE HEART. EYES OF TIGER….

    “I Heard no bell”.:

    Rocky V.

  21. pochikoo says:

    I think NBA televised these games for entertainment purposes and not to spark any war between anyone, especially among the fans. Why can’t we all just sit back and enjoy the game, after all, these players are the only ones who could put up a show as good as this. Boo for the haters – and I mean ALL haters. (Really, I think no one in this commentary page could play like the ones in NBA right? That alone, gives us no right to criticize what they do in their game plays.)

  22. manny says:

    miami is doing a good job off eliminating they oponents strengh. Miami was able to out rebound chicago at leat twice and now miami is making dallas bench shoot as if dwight howard was patroling the pant. Miami is wining because their player are doing whatever they need to do to win and players heart is what the stats cant measure.

  23. Kevin s says:

    Thw mavs have been to the line 80 times the heat just 65 whose direction are the calls goings towards… the heat were screwed on calls in game 3 .. but f it .. we still beat you so go on and keep telling urselves those lies and dont admit the heat are good

  24. I'm MJ says:

    Stop whinning. Both team just losers. I’m da best.

  25. ElKabitenyo-Dwade4Ever says:

    I read one article about Dirk; He would have entertained Dwade or LeBron if they asked him but Mark Cuban called Dirk from Germany before the free-agency and asked him to meet in New York and together went back back to Dallas, right there Dirk announced that he will stay in MAVS. I have to find that article again just curious what if Dirk sign to Heat, one thing for sure more HEAT haters will arise…Let’s GO HEAT…DWade baby, everyday…

  26. I'M A HEAT FOOL! says:

    WAH WAH WAH!!! Lebron didn’t GET ENOUGH FREE THROWS!!!


    Why don’t the REFS GIVE US ALL THOSE FLOP CALLS!!! Don’t they know HEAT ARE SUPPOSED TO WIN!!!

    I want HEAT BIG 3 TO SHARE MVP like BFF’s!!!


    • bonik. says:

      I know … YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

      Those refs are SO MEAN!!! I started CRYING LIKE A BABY when Dirk got more points THAN LEBRON!!!


    • LOLakers says:

      Don’t GET ME STARTED!

      I was CRYING when Bosh hit the last shot cause that SHOULD HAVE BEEN LEBRONS GAME WINNER!!!

      If Wade or Bosh gets the Finals MVP I’ll go through A WHOLE BOX OF TISSUES!

    • bonik. says:

      You are SO RIGHT! OMG I hate those REFS!!!

      I was CRYING ALL NIGHT cause they GAVE DIRK more points than LEBRON!

      Lebron should get the call EVERY TIME! He makes that face so WE KNOW HE WAS RIGHT!!!

    • Lucky Lady says:

      Don’t worry, you won’t CRY SO MUCH when you’re OFF YOUR PERIOD.

      I’m still on mine so I know how you feel.

    • Heat ALL Day says:

      We are ***ALL*** Wusses!!!

    • seewhatyouwanttosee says:

      I want to see Lebron and Wade HUG EACH OTHER FOR HOURS after THEY WIN IT ALL!!!

  27. yes yes yo!!!! says:

    did you ever notice why the mavericks are losing???? their coach is jim carrey….. enough said. hhehehehe

  28. yes yes yo!!!! says:

    i think nowitski better start thinking on joining the heat!!!!

  29. hahah... says:

    without any role player the MAVS used the refs to help them make game 3 a close fight.. what a shame..!!!!!

    EXCUSES at first the y say mavs bench >>>> heat look who’s talking!!!!!

  30. oli says:


    I agree with what you said, but Duncan and Robinson playing together wasn’t ‘unselfishness’ or ‘teaming up’, they were both drafted, first Robinson and later Duncan… and Dirk is 7 foot, that’s already enough :p

  31. miguel says:

    i cant understand, all those team how have a better player, bench, coach! center, point guard, ! why miami are winning all those games ?, if they dont have bench, center, point guar ! its all about three guys! who became your nightmare!! since 2010 the new era of nba has begun !

  32. Heat vs Mavs says:

    Bottom line is that the heat won game three and there is no point of trying to critize dirk or get on the big three. People who dont give respect to the heat now are really haters. The heat have over come the challenge of the celtic and bulls and fougt hard to get to where they are. Game three was bad refereeing because lots of 50/50 calls went mavs way but in the end they still lost

  33. GLG says:

    Someone should ask Chris Bosh if the Heat got the calls. Kidd almost blinded him and the Refs swallowed their whistles

  34. LOLakers says:

    He should change his name to Ohs***ski! Because that’s what he’s gonna be shouting when Lebron and Wade blow past the aging Phallus Halfd***s! That and when Miami takes this series to 4-1 and humiliates them at home! LOL!

  35. Josh says:

    heat got lucky to win that game

  36. ruffhouse says:

    long memory
    The worst foul disparity ever. Last year OKC outshot L.A. 50 to 23 in last year playoffs.

  37. ruffhouse says:

    LeBron is only a sidekick hahahaha. How are u gonna be the best player ever and you’re not the best player on your team. Anybody that’s anybody know Miami will win this series. My point was LeBron had to go to Wade team in order to win. LeBron hasn’t done anything since game 1 outside a couple of dunks. Dude double dribbled and couldn’t post Kidd up.

  38. ddddd says:

    Whoa dudes! The officiating has completely sucked on both sides. I actually quit watching the past two games midway through because it was becoming a flopfest for Miami and also a hackfest for both sides…. It is the true champions who can get over the mental anguish of some missed calls and eventually come out on top… If anything, Miami has the psychological advantage over Dallas which is the SOLE reason why they won the 06 finals and will be the sole reason if they win the finals this year…. Its not talent. Yes Miami’s big 3 is a million times better than Dallas’s top guys but, it is almost as if Dallas and Miami have switched benches and role players. I mean seriously…. Mike Miller has sucked all year due to injury but, all of a sudden he is like the Mike Miller of old??? and what about Chalmers??? Miami has tried to replace him 8 zillion times but, now its like they could never live without him…. Whereas Barea, Terry, Stojakovic, and co. are throwing up bricks like its no tomorrow when they are all known for their offense…. think about it. Its all about psychology here folks…… not talent. Dallas needs to do some soul searching and hoist up a few shots or else Miami will have no problem celebrating on the floor in Dallas.

  39. mike cee!! says:

    what bugs me the most is how the media boasts” oh well miami hasnt beaten the mavs in a single game since 2006(the finals). and from what im seeing im not sure but i think its because none of those games really mattered to them.bulls swept them, celtics won 3 out of 4,mavs won 2of two reg season. and what happened from the playoffs till now? straight victories cause this is where it counts ,matters whatever you want to call it. miami is taking no prisoners right now,just smacking all comp in the face when it really means something.them boys struggled, blood sweat tears this whole season, despite slumps,bad calls or just plain ole bs basketball,but u know what,i’d rather lose half a season of games,but GO HARD in the finals!!!!!this is what matters to anybody and everbody that cares,no bandwagon here,im from the dan magerle daysand on that note..”LETS GO HEAT”!!!!!!!!!

  40. Red aries says:

    Too many excuses. Miami already won and that’s it. Never blame the refs coz they are doing their job well.

    To all Mavs fans, just admit it. 3 superstarts versus 1 is very favorable to Miami. For Dallas to win a championship next year they need to get Gasol and Chris Paul.

  41. lbj fanatic says:

    no one cares about other series, they care about the one thats going on right now. so quit complaining about bad calls, they happen all the time, and Dallas has dirk, miami has lbj, bosh, and wade. my opinion, 3 super stars against one. miami wins that battle, unless someone from dallas can step up, miami in 6.

  42. Sammy Sota says:

    Mark CUBAN paid off the refs cuz he’s like a gazillionaire. Here’s a gazillion for you Danny Crawford, a gazillion for you Bob Delaney, and how about a gazillion for you Eric Spoelstra (you can wipe your tears on the bills). Game 3 was so rigged. Luckily Miami still won!

  43. Mac says:

    Is it me or were the refs really pushing for the Mavs to win? I means these motha effers were getting ALL the calls, meanwhile we (HEAT) are literally getting punched in the stomach and no whistles were blown! David Stern needs to do some background check on these damn refs, before another Tim Donaughey breaks loose

  44. noel says:

    What? More hard fouls?

    So do we expect more eye poking in Game 4?

    Bibi was poked in Game 2 by B Cardinal…no call.

    Bosh was poked in Game 3 by J Kidd……no call.

  45. Martin from Austria says:

    But also, we as fans, should stay focused

  46. Martin from Austria says:

    The road to our goal is not finished yet, stay focused and get two more wins!Let’s go Miami Heat!

  47. Martin from Austria says:

    What a dramatic win, good job by Bosh, thank God we got this win

  48. joblagz says:

    Refs helped mavs to climb back up to make the game close…
    there were 8 bad calls against the heat in the 2nd half..
    and about 3 bad calls against dallas all game long..
    get the film and watch it again…

  49. Ouch says:

    It’s over.

  50. haha! the mavs had 3 blunders in those last moments.
    1. leaving chris bosh WIDE OPEN. i know he don’t get the ball in the clutch like that but you still gotta gaurd him.
    2. WATCHING him shoot the ball.
    3. Bad shot selection by dirk. he shot have took it to the hoop, having the chance to get to the strip with contact.
    his role players weren’t helpful in the game so he had to shoot. good D by Haselem

  51. i agree , say thanks you did not see MIAMI HEAT power of Big Three

  52. MiamiLovesHaters says:


  53. I agree with Bonik- who is a real HEAT fan just like me

  54. oh MAVS boy you say the Finals are rigged, but when you say this your not thinkin’,the mavs are losing because they just can’t win a team like MIAMI HEAT, because the MIAMI HEAT are real winners,the Finals are not rigged just because Mavs are losing , when Mavs won game 2, the Finals where not rigged ?
    Heat is winning because, they are winners,and you said there are so many false fouls ,but remember we played at AMERICAN AIRLINES CENTER(DALLAS,TX) so its not MIAMI’s fault,you said that Mavs = Real madrid basketball,but they can be even Barcelona ,but their not so good as to beat the Heat in NBA FINALS as Heat will win Game 4 or 5 as MIAMI will drop Mavs in NBA Finals,as in 2006 Finals where D WADE led the Heat to win,

  55. OriginalHeatFan says:

    This is for all the delusional mavs fans who say that the refs were with miami and/or the people who say the calls were balanced. READ THIS STAT

    Go on NBA.COM and check it out go to game 3 boxscore
    before you guys talk and say pointless comments and excuses know that there are people out there who follow basketball closely and know what we are talking about and we, esp. me will rip you and burn you for your comments.
    This series should be 3-0, miami in 6 hopefuly if we get some fair calls in dallas.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      GET A GRIP!!!

    • bballwiz says:

      Heat won the game and yet you still didn’t stop complaining and whining? You’re pathetic.

      Is it possible for a winner to still make excuses? I don’t think it’s normal. It’s the other way around. Stop with your “analysis” like some kind of expert because you’re not. You’re just a lowly Heat fanatic who looks at the box scores and create rumors and conspiracies.


  56. The_Answer says:

    have you guys ever played basketball ? I am a HEATLES all day but give respect when its due…sometimes you go for line for nothing sometimes you dont go at all even for a flagrant, what about kidd’s travel when wade fouled him? it is NBA FINALS, refs are as human as you are and personally i think referring is the f… hard work to do ( one week ago we had a streetball tournament and players who rested were trying to ref, i gave up after 5 mins everybody complaining and stuff) so reffing is really hard and personally i think in this series it has been much balanced(unlike other series ) haters gonna hate but i have one more advise for u, just enjoy loving, watching, playing this divine sport…LEEEET’S GO HEAT

  57. Renzo says:

    That game proved Miami is the best. They did it while the refs were on the other team. How many free throws did Miami shoot that game? 8? Maybe 12? Yeah LeBron alone normally goes to the line 10 times a night. It was 8 on 5. 5 mavs players + 3 refs. Every loose ball there was in the 4th the refs gave it to the mavs.I wish David Stern would get some refs who can call a fair game. Oh and Dirk is a German Nazi!

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      I CAN’T BELIEVE moderator let you post and SAY Dirk is a NAZI!!!

      That is some blatant RACISM there BUDDY … Are you racist against Germans or white folks?

  58. Notorious says:

    @bballwiz.. your the cry baby crying about the Mavs not getting enough calls.. did you watch game 3 of the finals… cause if you did your either just.. really stupid or a really basis Mavs fans. Throughout the game i saw.. like Mavs players just driving in the paint and fouls were called on the heat.. Its the freaking Nba finals and they call tacky fouls like that are you serious. Btw towards the end of the game did you see that Marion foul on LBJ from the 3 point line ? how the hell did the refs miss that call..Marion partically fouled him twice.. in the same play..

    • bballwiz says:

      Please, man. If you don’t understand what I wrote, better not comment about it. I never said the Mavs didn’t get enough calls. Stop putting stupid comments and blame it on somebody else. Geez.

      Oh, as for the Lebron 3-point attempt over Marion, James actually tried to avoid the contact by fading away from Marion. He put himself into that tough situation by falling away from the defender that’s why the refs didn’t call a foul. If he just went straight up, then I believe he will get the call. The commentators said the same thing after a couple of replays: not a foul. Of course, in your eyes, it was a foul because you’re a Heat fan. But if you’re truly a basketball fan, you’ll stop whining and complaining and just watch the game and enjoy.

  59. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    bad calls against the heat

  60. basketballfan says:

    It baffles me how MOST of these posters have NO sportsmanship whatsoever,but I imagine like in most team facebook pages the posters are freaking kids,under 18,who don’t understand the art of loosing,yes you morons loosing is within the art of winning.

    Then one poster compares the mavs to Real Madrid?? LMFAO, so that would make the heat the Barcelona of Fut?? the Champions right?

    Grown up kids,learn to loose,move on, Dallas is a Great team,being taken to school by a GREATER team!!!

  61. bballwiz says:

    Heat won and yet, the fans are still talking about bad calls.

    In every game there will always be bad calls. In basketball, when a referee calls a bad call on a team, he will usually “return the favor” just to even things out. If you don’t know what, surely you’ve never been a player all your life. Meaning: All of you who don’t understood what I just said are just losers who are either too fat or too skinny to play the sport. Such whiny, childish acts. Geez.

    Heat players are such whiners and cry babies. Every time James, Wade and Bosh didn’t get the call they want, they react as if the refs are cheating on them. And every time they committed a foul or turnover, they act as if they we’re being accused of murder. As Jeff Van Gundy had pointed, it’s all on the replay! Why do players, especially the Heat players, have to complain so much about the calls? Such pathetic excuse for pro athletes. Just continue playing the game!

    Have you really watched the Finals? Have you seen all the slaps, pushes and shoves this guy gets every game? have you seen some replays where Heat players slapping hard on Dirk’s arms and hands all night? Miami has thrown everything at him but the kitchen sink. But look at him. Have you heard any complaints from him at all? Have you heard him say bad things about the Heat and its players? Now that’s what I call a true gentleman, a fighter who never stops working until the final buzzer sounds. Does not complain but let the game flow. Can you say any of these things to anyone on the Heat? I doubt it.

    And yet, you still think the game is fixed because he shot a lot of free throws? You just can’t accept the fact that some German guy is dominating the Finals (yes, better than Wade) instead of the highly celebrated Big Three. Too bad Dirk’s team sucks. But let’s give credit where credit is due. Nowitzki is just plain sick right now. Accept that, heat fans.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      RIGHT ON BROTHER!!!! Thanks for BACKIN’ ME UP!!!

      All the WHINERS here can’t last 5 MINUTES in a pickup game …

      • OldSchoolHeatFan says:

        No one is saying Dirk is not a beast…we’re just saying that the Heat are better than the Mavericks. And as far as saying the refs made bad calls…all we’re saying is we got bad calls TOO…so stop making excuses like you were the only ones to get them.

        And for all the hate about us having “too much talent” (that is so beyond a ridiculous comment btw) we play more like a team that you guys have during these finals…you can’t deny it.

        Also, if Nowtizki had better teammates he wouldn’t be putting up beastly figures either…he only does that because HE HAS TOO. Because if we didn’t have Lebron then Wade would be putting up incredible figures like he did in 2006…36 ppg…and overall better than Nowtizki is playing now…check the stats.

        What you’re getting now is a well balanced attack from a team that has learned quick how to gel…and we’re not even at our best yet which is scary…It’s unfortunate you had to be the first team we proved it to…because I actually wanted a couple of your guys to get rings…oh well.

      • bballwiz says:

        @OldchoolHeatFan, did I write that I’m making excuses? Did I say that the Mavs got bad calls and the Heat didn’t? Read my post again, man. And this time, try to understand what I said. You are clearly an angry Heat fan whose too biased to even try to understand anything that’s not in your favor.

        What’s this “And for all the hate about us having…” you’re talking about? Where did that come from? Did I say something like that? Who’s ridiculous now?

        Nowitzki actually had better teammates before, offensively than right now where he had to score at least 30 in order for the Mavs to be in a winning situation. Dirk has been very consistent all his life; his averages every year are almost identical. So if you’re saying that he only puts up great numbers because he has bad teammates, obviously you don’t know the facts. Why can’t you just admit that Dirk is so good, he is almost unguardable? Listen to all REAL basketball experts and they will tell you the same thing.

        Lastly, Wade is not playing better than Dirk. In fact, as you pointed out before, he had to carry the Mavs all by himself and Wade has help all around him. Wade doesn’t get double -teamed every time he touch the ball because Dallas has to worry about Lebron and Bosh and Chalmers getting open. Unlike the Mavs, they basically rely on Dirk’s ability to create plays for himself and for the entire team. And yet, he’s putting better overall numbers than anyone in the Finals. You can’t deny his greatness. It’s just unfortunate that he doesn’t have much help.

    • OriginalHeatFan says:

      Uhh lmao you were right about the refs evening the calls up if they call a bad one so i can tell you’ve played basketball but obvoiusly u havent played a lot. Dirk is not complaining because he gets his calls look at my last post under yours and ull see
      Dirk gets everything if u breathe on him they might even cal it heck b/c haslem tried getting a rebound dirk was fouled somehow lol. I will put all my money on this:
      If dirk didnt get as many calls as he does then he would start complaining in the game too, he would complain in the press confrence and im SURE OF IT. Obviously when you are a big dude like lebron and u drive down the lane and you get bumped and miss the shot your like damn that was body contact and thats a foul and u react, granted sometimes lebron overreacts but its all the same a foul is a foul and i want to see better calls in game four because game 3 was BS
      14-27 fouls and guess who had 27 fouls (THE MIAMI HEAT) and they still won. They beat big dirk, the rest of the old mavs and then they beat the 3 refs with mavs jersey’s haha WOW

      • Luke says:

        I watched Dirk complain at least 3-4 times last night. Would have been more if not for all the touch fouls they did call.

      • Lucky Lady says:

        @ bballwiz, whatever you are smoking, stop it!! the reffs tried to give Dallas the game. I am a Heat fan, but as a fan you should not be scared that the reffs are trying to decide the game. Its been said by many sports analyst that reffs blow more whistles against the opposing team because of Mark Cuban. He needs to take his ahss back to Cuba!!!

    • HeatWave says:

      Your diggin too deep to try to insult people calling them too fat or too skinny. For all we know you could be the slob behind a PC. And seriously get off Dirk’s D cause he hardly gets fouled the way other guys on his team or Miami does. So far I’ve seen Jason Kidd poke two guys (Bosh and Bibby) in the eye but I haven’t heard complaints from them.

      • bballwiz says:

        Dirk hardly gets fouled the way other guys on his team or Miami does? Why don’t you try and ask the Heat players themselves if they feel the same way. You’re speaking for yourself and for all the Heat fans who doesn’t know how to be fair. The Mavs are not making any excuses as to why they lost; they dug themselves a big hole and had to come from behind to try and win the game. They were great in fourth quarter, and the game came down to a one-possession game. But they’re effort wasn’t enough, and Miami did a great job defensively (offensively, their execution was still questionable, but who needs that when you have 2 superstars?) That’s it, end of the game. No complaints from the Mavs. No whining and kicking coolers or whatever.

        But look at you guys, the game is over and yet, you still can’t get over the fact that Dallas shot more free throws. In order to satisfy your “expert observation” you came up with rumors and theories that the game is rigged, or that the refs were paid, etc. Heat won the game, isn’t that good enough for you? And you call yourselves basketball geniuses. Pathetic.

        Kidd poked Bosh and Bibby in the eye? You think that’s intentional? If you whine and complain every time you get hurt, clearly you haven’t played basketball. This is a physical sport. Players get hurt all the time, especially when a lot of stuff are on the line. It’s the Finals, man. They didn’t get here if they’re not tough enough. So get over it and just enjoy the games.

        So whose the slob behind the PC now, HeatWave?

  62. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    If Miami wins a Championship this year and they decided to get a center, what if Dirk decides to play for the Miami Heat as an offensive center? Hahaha.

  63. BJackson says:

    Whats really scarey is dallas still hasnt seen miami with all 3 big 3 players wide open.. we havnt seen that this series i believe. they are in the finals mostly with only 1 or 2 of their big 3 heating up… if they are this good 2/3 (and sometimes 1/3) what is dallas going to do when all 3 start hitting at once.?

    • karibkween says:

      They never will because the refs gotta make it look like there is parity in the league.

  64. kiddcantell says:

    nice win for the heat .. they deserve it
    but i like mavs chances when the game is close..
    btw did you all see lbj in the last 2 min?

  65. Heat ALL Day says:

    We are ***ALL*** Witnesses!!!

  66. cooler council patrol says:

    1 of my memories of 06 was when after losing one of the the games, dallas was going to the locker room and jerk,i mean dirk, was kicking coolers,cursing and punching walls.what real champion does that?here we are 2011, and my prediction is that when miami wins tomorrow, those poor coolers will be abused again!!!you wanna kick something dirk, kick the rest of your teammates where the sun dont shine!!cause they aint worth the bit!!!! (step away from the cooler with your hands up)

    • bballwiz says:

      That’s being truthful and honest with his emotions. Unlike your Heat players, they cried like a bunch of morons lost in a mall.

      Miami Heat, Where Crying on a Regular Season Defeat Happens. We are all witness.

      • GOSH!!! says:

        did you actually saw them crying? were they aired on TV?

        stop hating, just enjoy the game……

      • Luke says:

        Pics or it didn’t happen 😛

      • OldSchoolHeatFan says:


        That’s when everything changed for the Heat and they became a real team…truthfully it was a lowpoint to the season but I always knew it was going to be a turning point. That’s why Spo aired it out…he’s not stupid…Riley taught him well. Sometimes you have to fall in the deepest hole to make your biggest rise.

        …and what happend since then? When it seemed like everyone was saying that the Heat would never play like a team, that they had too many ego’s, that their coach was too inexperienced, that they wouldn’t even get homecourt advantage in the playoffs…that they couldn’t make it past the Celtics….that they would get swept by the Bulls…that they would finally collapse against a good, hungry and experienced team like the Mavericks….WHAT NOW!?

      • bballwiz says:

        Oh? And letting off stem by kicking stuff are not true emotions? All people have their own ways of putting off steam after a very upsetting event. Dirk’s way is kicking coolers and stuff, and Heat’s players cry in the locker room. Psychologically, that’s normal and healthy.

        What about you? What do you do when you lose something big? How do you cope up with it?

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      He left it all on the court and doesn’t ACT, FLOP or WHINE to refs …

      If you ever had such a big opportunity and lost YOU WOULD KICK COOLERS TOO …

      But you’ll never do anything near the level of Dirk …

  67. rush says:

    Terry is going to get made fun of so bad when he retires and has that stupid tattoo. There is no way he can win anytime soon unless he joins the Heat.

  68. Patrick says:

    The last shot of Nowitzki had to be :” just a ball going into a circle” but…not this time, therefore a very different story about Mav’s team.
    Against the Lakers there were flying on the court, and now they look nervous and lost. (it gives credit to Miami’s coach anyway)
    Referees nervous too ? stupid call each side as usual.
    Nowitzki was good, the rest of the team, except Chandler Marion was poor. No help at all. They can play worth, and they are still able to play much better, I hope a 2/2 before going in Miami? If it’s 3/1 then I wish you a good summer.

  69. J.i says:

    In addition:

    Did you see the reply play of Dirk and Miller once Nowiztki was shoting to the basket?…Miller didn´t touch him. That was a three point play. Over.
    Plus a foul against Miami.

    Have you ever seen how Barrea guards Chamlers?…too much closer…That is Dallas defense…too much closer… too much hands….

    • HeatWave says:

      Barrea is the biggest flopper in this series. He gets real close to Chalmers and when Chalmers moves his off hand, Barrea jumps back like he’s getting punched.

  70. hoop-dreamer says:

    lebron killed them on d! near double double, dwade killed the game , bosh came thru in the end! the heat is on!!… heat in 6…

  71. hoop-dreamer says:

    hey drose fan- if u aint a fan beat it chump, this is a sport we love!!

  72. long memory says:

    ok SEKOU I see where you gave props where props are due ( in instant analysis )

  73. J.i says:

    @James McElfresh:

    Do you know something about basketball? Did you see the three legal blocks of Lebron in Game 2? Did you see Lebron´s 3 point shot fouled by Marion in the fourth quarter at Game 3 omitted by ref? Have you ever had enter in a basketball court?

    A Trick:

    Is when refs cut the play when one team is on run, calling defense or ofensive foul.
    How many free throws had Dirk Nowitzki in Game 3?
    How many free throws got Lebron or Wade or Bosh in game Game?

    Please…I let you all that to your imagination.


    Did you see the first half of Game 2 ? Over.

  74. mike cee says:

    you must be a junkie as well or else you wouldve never commented or visited this site,right? LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. long memory says:

    The Foul call disparity was the worst I’ve seen. And it was in Dallas’ favor. Just like the 1st half of game 2. Miami was going to the paint all game and was not getting the same calls Dallas was getting. They put Dirk on the line the whole 4th quater to make it close. But this isnt all about the refs, And Miami knows the refs are human (and they have their own view on the “decision/Heat” ) Miami’s DEFENSE which is leading to transition is dominating the Mavs. The only reason Dallas isnt facing a sweep right now is because Miami got a little ahead of themselves and THREW game 2 away. Dallas was a good enough team to capitalize and they did. But its obvious that this series is about defense. And Miami has dwindled Dallas’ deep roation down to 1 !! And Sekou your right about Dallas needing other players to step up, But maybe you should throw in your article why they can’t!…… THE DEFENSE!

  76. Lucky Lady says:

    The reffs really wanted Dallas to win the game..I am surprised that they didn’t make it a little more obvious and give Udonis Haslem a file on Dirk at the end of the game to send it to overtime. Heat had control over this game and the series since the begining of the finals and I am sick of all the hating. It is so bad that I bet evern the Laker fans are even on the Mavericks bandwagon and thats sad. I thought the reffs were really going to give Dallas the game. They had mercy. I dont like to watch stuff like this because you want to watch a honest game.

  77. jowell says:

    again im saying this to all you doubters! just like what i said before game 3, Game 4 I guarantee Miami Heat will win!!!!

  78. PAUL says:

    haters goona hate… miami heat players gonna play! said nuff!

  79. Alex says:

    Whatever. At least the mavs are a real team as opposed to 1/2 of the dream team. Heat = boring to watch… *yawn*

    • Lucky Lady says:

      yeah keep yawning until you finally go to sleep and Dallas will join you soon…lol

    • wade fan says:

      How are the heat boring to watch? Everytime theres a turnover it turns into a highlight reel.

  80. Drose Fan says:

    yall all is some junkies who cares who wins a ring its just a ball going into a circle

    • Hey Drose Fan, Hows Chicago??? No playoffs. No Oprah. No LIFE!!!! HAHAHAHAHA……..Get use to seeing your Bulls not make the Finals, because yall might as well call yourselves the CHICAGO CAVILIERS!!!!! yeah lol….its over pathetic Bulls fan

    • HeatWave says:

      Yet your here on the blog commenting…FAIL!

  81. Negamav says:

    Mavericks really suck if even the X-Factor they were talking about (not the bench but the refs) can’t cheat them a ring. Apparently, Cuban didn’t pay the refs enough money. The Heat should BLOW-OUT the Mavs just to show that their 5, no, Big 3 is better than Dirk and his big 3 (Refs).

  82. Guinnyss says:


    EXACTLY… and it was just from that one white reff with hair, thought the reffs would talk to each other half time but he came out with the same stupid calls. Just hope he’s not in the next 2 games, he shouldn’t be in 4 but he may pop up in 5.

  83. mike cee says:

    first of all, wishful thinking mr terry because who goes and gets a tattoo of a trophy he does not even have yet? dallas didnt get it in 06, and they damn sure aint gettin it today,tomorrow or any time soon.yea dirk is good, but theres no “i” in team!!dallas fans keep looking for excuses,ref this,lebron that,please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! miami in 6 baby!!!!!

  84. bonik. says:

    if DALLAS wins this series, i will be surprised. UNLESS, their 6th, 7th, and 8th man do their whistling jobs! ahaha. LOL!

  85. HeatWave says:

    Dallas is a fluke team to me. You get that much help from the refs and still lose at home! It’s pathetic to say the least.

    • bballwiz says:

      All you’re doing is riding along the heat wave of the Heat. Your players are such whiners and cry babies. Every time James, Wade and Bosh didn’t get the call they want, they react as if the refs are cheating on them. And every time they committed a foul or turnover, they act as if they we’re being accused of murder. As Jeff Van Gundy had pointed, it’s all on the replay! Why do players, especially the Heat players, have to complain so much about the calls? Such pathetic excuse for pro athletes. Just continue playing the game!

      Have you really watched the Finals? Have you seen all the slaps, pushes and shoves this guy gets every game? have you seen some replays where Heat players slapping hard on Dirk’s arms and hands all night? Miami has thrown everything at him but the kitchen sink. But look at him. Have you heard any complaints from him at all? Have you heard him say bad things about the Heat and its players? Now that’s what I call a true gentleman, a fighter who never stops working until the final buzzer sounds. Does not complain but let the game flow. Can you say any of these things to anyone on the Heat? I doubt it.

      And yet, you still think the game is fixed because he shot a lot of free throws?

      • OldSchoolHeatFan says:


        All good players one day realize their specific role in the league and how they’re perceived by the refs and fans alike…and how to manipulate the refs to the fullest taking all of that into account…if you “act” too much the refs will turn on you…don’t do it enough and you will be cheated out of foul calls you probably deserved. There is a fine line. All of you that complain about “why don’t you just play the game” are being naive and unrealistic.

        That being said, I agree, it’s still very annoying when any player “plays” the refs consistently and they don’t realize they’ve been had…sometimes refs should just swallow their whistles…THIS IS PLAYOFF/FINALS BASKETBALL for crying out loud!

    • LABRYANT says:

      help from the refs..what about Chalmers 3 at the buzzer..that was a back court violation and the basket should not have counted..

    • HeatWave says:

      @ bballwiz, apperantly I’m not the only Heat fan that saw a game badly officiated. Dirk a gentleman? Maybe you missed the 06 finals when he was trashing stuff backstage after the lost. But that’s not a shot at Dirk, just you for being a narrow minded and blinded fan. Dirk is pretty humble, a great player, but he does the same stuff your accusing Miami of doing.

      @LABRYANT…….no it wasn’t, if you know the rules then you wouldn’t even be arguing it.

      • bballwiz says:

        All people have their own ways of putting off steam after a very upsetting event. Dirk’s way is kicking coolers and stuff, and Heat’s players cry in the locker room. Psychologically, that’s normal and healthy.

        And you have the nerve to mention the ’06 Finlas. Sure, Wade played very well and he had the mighty Shaq behind him, but that series was so bad. Look at the fouls Wade called for him. You can’t deny that, it’s in the history books. If you can’t see that, you’re the blind one.

  86. rockhard says:

    but no honestly did u guys watch the game DIRK had to take all of there shot cuming down the last stretch all i can say there LUCKY VERY LUCKY THIS IS NOT 3-0 RITE NOW A MEAN EVEN IF THE OTHER PLAYERS STEP UP MIAMI WOULD JUST STEP THERE GAME MORE SO WAT WOULD THEY DO THEN JUST FACE IT THIS AINT THE LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO HEATS

  87. rockhard says:

    @tom i need to say ntg more well said all u haters please stop hating and just enjoy great basketball u knw u want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. LBJ-D-Wade says:

    your’e absolutely right

  89. bonik. says:

    DIRK had four consecutive freethrows to make the game close, some silly fouls called on miami’s big to get their out of their games, esp. non calls and some ridiculous calls against LBJ. 🙂 the ref is trying to remove LBJ from the picture, luckily for us, we have our REAL MVP, Dwyane WADE!:)

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


      Chandler was getting HACKED ALL DAY and finally STARTED GETTING SOME CALLS …



      Bosh’s no foul call … Wade’s FLOP on Kidd for FT’s … James no call on a drive … Dirk’s no call when Haslem hit his arm (it WAS ON REPLAY!!!) …


      • bonik. says:

        blahblah.:) sore loser. LOL!

      • Lucky Lady says:

        Dallas is old and about to be old news!!!

      • Tyronne says:

        Are you mad sunshine? Take it easy. LoL

      • Luke says:

        Dude you are nuts. Somebody needs to take this guys keyboard away!

        James TRAVELED … BIG SURPRISE!!!– Its not a travel if you come down with the ball off of a deflection and start dribbling again! It wasn’t even a deflection it was an obvious foul, but a no call. Thats why they let him come back down with it.

        Chandler was getting HACKED ALL DAY and finally STARTED GETTING SOME CALLS … Chandler had 2 PF! He was getting all the help in the world by the refs not calling anything against him, since they know Haywood is out!

        DIRK was GETTING FOULED and you COULD SEE REPLAYS of Heat HITTING HIS ARM!!! Yeah and look at all the no-calls for bron. The big 3 shot 12 FTs. Each of those players averaged almost that per game, and the Heat were the more aggressive team!

        Yeah, THERE WERE MISTAKES AND MISSED CALLS BOTH WAYS!!! Except it was 27-14 so lots more missed calls that would have benefited the Heat

        Bosh’s no foul call … Wade’s FLOP on Kidd for FT’s … James no call on a drive … Dirk’s no call when Haslem hit his arm (it WAS ON REPLAY!!!) … More excuses…

        Heat WON GAME 3 SO STOP COMPLAINING AND MOVE ON!!!! TRY TO SHOW SOME DIGNITY!!!! You lost!! Time for YOU to move on!

      • Thinking says:

        And Bosh getting his eye gouged out was clean.

  90. Jay says:

    ahahahahahahahahahah this guy above me makes me laugh (MAVS) you clearly have it the other way around my dear sad mavs fan, your team is infact NOT better than the heat seeing as majority of flops came from your team, i watched time and time again in game 3 as both teams did flops but it was the mavs who tried to flop one too many times and the refs just couldnt award them the foul shots anymore, dirk was sent to the line in the 4th on more then skill, it was good will from the refs, granted the heat need to stop with alot of false calls also but isn’t basketball iq important so knowing a ref will make a call makes it valid correct? its a knowledge of the game and how its currently run, so even if your arguement was valid your still wrong, its a shame really but the mavs will come up short in 6 again and we’ll all hear how the heat cheated and dirk was hurt, and maybe, just maybe will we see Cuban cry as he does so many times

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Miami FLOPS WAY MORE than Dallas … SORRY HOLLYWOOD!!!

      But that ISN’T AN EXCUSE … Miami won and game 3 is over … Dallas players need to STEP UP AND HELP DIRK!!

      • LovetheHeat says:

        Mr. DIRK’S REVENGE if you know how to play basketball then you must know FLOPPING IS PART OF THE GAME…
        basketball as you know is more than just skills and ability it needs BRAIN and flopping is obviously ONE WAY OF USING YOUR BRAIN IN THE GAME…

      • bballwiz says:

        LovetheHeat, so you DO agree that the Heat FLOPS more than the Mavs. Hahahaha! This is funny!

  91. Tom says:

    MAVS …did you watch the same game? the game was 8 vs 5 and by 8 I mean 5 Mavs + 3 Refs against the 5 Heat. Rigged…I actually believe that also…..except I believe the Refs were wearing Mavs jerseys under their stripped shirts…. You have a better team, really? one star ….and a bunch of nobodies….Jason Terry,? the guy that makes a layup and acts like a Cessna? Peja? Is he even in the building? Stars come up big when their number is called…..neither of your players have done that except Dirk…..that will be your demise…… they way, I have a good laser center to remove that pretentious Larry O’Brien trophy in your inner bicep Terry!!!. This series should be 3-0…but we put it in a silver platter for you in game 2. So, rigged……lol…watch the film HATER. We ripped your heart out in 2006 and now we will leave you sucking your thumb…..and Justin Bieber singing you lullabys…..

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      Jason Kidd a nobody? He is one of the best facilitators in the game, even now in his advanced years in the league. At 38, Kidd shows much higher basketball IQ than many of the current superstars. Even without the benefit of athleticism, he is still one of the best point guards in the game. 70+ triple doubles, 3 finals appearances and you call him a nobody. You know nothing.

  92. MAVS says:

    Heat fans you can talk all you want, Dallas is a better team and the reason why they are loosing is that playoffs are rigged, just like the 2002 finals (Lakers vs. Sacramento), 2006 (Dallas vs. Heat) and once again here 2011 (Dallas vs. Heat). If you are not stupid, you will see that if there were not so many false fouls and wrong calls being called on Dallas, it wouldn’t have a problem destroying Heat. Of course, NBA does not want to allow Dallas to bury they money making “superstars” Justin Biebers of basketball, that is why they hold back Dallas’s power. Mavericks = Real Madrid of basketball. Everyone knows it. It doesn’t matter what the commentators say, they know what they are saying isn’t true. But of course they get paid better if they talk in favor of Miami. Don’t be naive. Cash is the king. You can follow action and you will see pretty pictures, you can follow your instincts and you will get in trouble, or you can follow MONEY, and it will get you closer to the truth! Think.

    • bonik. says:

      WHAT???!! really? i guess you’ve been gettting those calls in your favor this night? agree MIAMI HEAT FANS?? this game will not be that close if it wasn’t for that stupid calls.

      • Feel The Heat says:

        That’s Right Bonik! Those officials were Rigged.. making bad calls all GOTDAMN NIGHT in Mavs favor!!!! Miami would have blown Dallas out otherwise!

    • VM says:

      You’re comment is childish and naive. The Mavericks seemed to handed the opportunity to come back last night due to silly touch fouls the refs called on the Heat all game long. I’m sorry you’re still a sore loser from 5 years ago, but you must be watching the wrong game if you think the refs gave the Heat calls, when it was quite the opposite.

    • JOhn K says:

      Hahaha. Real Madrid of Basketball? Anyways, I’m not a Mavs fan or a Heat fan (Pacers), but the bad calls have been going both ways. Mavs got a bunch of loose ball fouls, and there were no calls on a couple LBJ shots. It usually balances out and you should go deeper when making such a huge claim that it’s rigged, with more than a bitter attitude to back it up. Besides, the NBA as a business benefits from the series being stretched and Heat losing, which would generate much more coverage in the offseason and next season as well.

      And by the way, Dirk + 4 is not a better “team” than Wade, James, Bosh + 2.

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        Thanks for keeping it REAL … calls have gone both ways … but all these FOOLS for BOTH TEAMS act like refs are against them … Miami fans win and STILL COMPLAIN!!!


    • Gustavo says:

      WOW! It amazes me to see that some people really people really believe that BS. First of all Sekou; as always very good blog, to the point and on it if I may add. Secondly, he’s absolutely right; the Mavs bench was suppose to be their x-factor; their secret weapon against Miami’s big three and they haven’t been. Dallas has been trying to fight out of holes to whole way through because Miami is in fact the better team; this series was one basket or one miss from being 3-0, Dallas my friend has gotten very lucky and they should be very fortunate to have Dirk. Your accusation that the NBA is rigged is childish and overplayed, get a better excuse. Last night in the second half there were more calls made for Dallas than for the Heat (please see stat sheet), some of which were doubtful at best so I don’t know where you got it that the refs were in Miami’s favor. This series reminds me a lot about the Chicago series, Rose and Dirk can not win a game against the big three. Dallas has NEVER taken control of any game of the finals and they never will simply because of their player make-up. They simply do not have the tools to do so, as Dirk himself said, they are aimply not good enough.

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        The series is also one basket or one miss from 2-1 for Dallas … but it’s 2-1 Miami now and thats HOW IT IS!!!

      • Fan of all Basketball says:

        I don’t think last nights game was rigged I watched it. So I will disagree with you there. But I have had a wierd feeling before about the reffereeing in a game for example game 1 of the Mavs, Thunder series, I don’t like to say that they’re rigged, and people can say that the thunder shot more free throws. Well thats good the thunder were actually being fouled, Dirk in that game should not have taken 24 free throws maybe 8-12 at most the thunder played terriffic defense on Dirk and were penalized for even breathing on him. I’m not a thunder fan so I’m not being a sore loser just saying what I saw. And I’m not saying that that game was rigged (because really I don’t know) all I’m saying is that that game was poorly reffed. We know that refs have been caught in the past for rigging games and I’m sure that they haven’t caught all of the bad refs. But to get to I guess the point of my comment I do feel the NBA definetly needs to come up with consistency in their Reffereeing and they need to establish what is a foul and what isn’t. Being a ref is a hard thing to do at that level. I also think if you are clearly acting like someone gets a clean smack at the ball and knocks it out of your hands, and you flail your arms in the air, Not even in a shooting motion mind you just towards the basket, and scream, which happens allllllllll the time, Paul Pierce is one of the first players (along with some others) that come to mind (sorry boston fans). I think THAT PLAYER should be given a technical because you are tampering with the game in a sense, you’re influenceing a refs call or at least trying to. I think Players should just play the game and let the refs make the call, not try to make them call a foul.

        I know this has nothing to do with the post but the comment about the refs just made me want to comment about the reffereeing in general.

    • herward says:

      i pity you mavs fan, you can’t accept your team’s loss…don’t you have any sportsmanship on your nerve?accept that your team lost to miami, that’s it…and try to moved on…it’s just a game man, nothing is personal or business here…your team just lose…but your team can still bounce back!don’t be bitter man!!!ACCEPT IT WITH NO EXCUSES!!!

    • LOL says:

      2002 Finals (LA vs. Sacramento) NICE T_T

      Game 3 2011
      Watch the game again

      mis-calls for dallas > mis-calls for heat

      and yet heat still won… GG

    • Sheg says:

      My God! Are you serious? Like seriously? C’mon Man, I’m pretty sure you didn’t watch the game last night! For you to say the Heat were getting all the calls is outrightly stupid! Gosh! Its like the refs didn’t even care about the Heat. They gave Dallas so many calls while at the same time denying the Heat a lot of calls! Face it! The Home team gets some advantage with the refs. Something similar(although not as bad) happened in Miami. I hate it when fans start whining about refs being partial! When their teams gets all the calls they smile but when its going the other way they say the NBA is rigged! It shouldn’t even have been a close game if not for those calls. Your team is not as good as Miami and that’s the fact! You guys should be happy you’re not down 3-0 now! I love Dallas as a city but I seriously hate Mavs & their fans.

    • jayo83 says:

      yeah the refs were totally against Dallas thats why there was 14 fouls called against them and 27 AGAINST MIAMI the refs allowed this game to be in reach for Dallas and they STILL COULDNT GET IT DONE I dont know what game you were watching but it must not have been the NBA FINALS I think its obvious if the refs want someone to win its Dallas along with the rest of the NBA world

    • kookiemoster says:

      bro the nba is not rigged it the nba it not a street game stop being stupied if ur team lose it call shutting up n go home n cry

    • Jake says:

      You’re a complete idiot and a disgrace to the Mavericks. The playoffs aren’t rigged, if they were the Spurs would never have even gotten close to winning four championships. Plus, if anyone has the right to complain about the officiating last night it would be Miami. Dallas got a lot of ticky tack foul calls that went there way, so they ended up in the penalty with 6:00 left in the 4th quarter! The officiating wasn’t that bad anyway though. It was a little inconsistent, but it didn’t determine the outcome of the game and neither did “cash” (which Mark Cuban has plenty of). THINK.

    • Ricardo says:

      The Mavs were lucky tp get game 2. This series should be 3-0 right now. Miami is obviously the better team. We have held the lead for the better part of 11 quarters so far. You guys would be lucky to make it to game 6. Good luck

    • OriginalHeatFan says:

      magic johnson said the mavs played probably the best they could game 3….and it wasnt enough and miami wasnt even playing well ( mostly because the refs were calling tap fouls on them) A tap foul is when dirk has the ball and u tap him on the shoulder and thats a foul. And if cash is king then lakers would be in the finals every time because they have the highest salary cap in the nba. Mavs are a bunch of has-beens who came together like the heat to try and throw together a championship unfort. the heat did what others have and they came together unselfishly like kobe shaq, mj scottie, robinson duncan,…Any team that had an era like detriot had multiple great players, there is no team in nba history that has had a championship era with one guy. And if NBA is rigged then mavs will win the finals to make it look like dirk the big german monster finaly gets a ring. Dirk ( a 9 foot tall german who shoots over his competition and does his fade away shots and everyone thinks hes the best player ever…Not)

    • OldSchoolHeatFan says:


      The reason the Heat are winning this series is because no one but Dirk…and Marion in games 1 and 2 shows up consistently…and Terry at the end of game 3…holler at your boys Peja and Barea.

      I agree that the officiating was ticky-tack at best, blatently bad at worse…but it went both ways…did you see that super-flop by Dirk late in game 3? Oh I guess you went out for a sandwich then huh?

      Basketball has to be one of the toughest sports to officiate but if a call is not clear and its THE FINALS…I say you let it go. Stop being blind to the calls that unjustly go your way…hater.

      • bballwiz says:

        @OldSchoolHeatFan, I say judos for your smart comment. Your is probably the most civilized and intelligent Heat post I’ve read here! Finally, someone with real sense! Unlike “OriginalHeatFan” who kept on whining and complaining about calls being rigged. What a pathetic dude.

        I’m Mavs fan and I agree with you. Miami is clearly the better team right now in all aspects of the game. But the series is not over. We’ll see about that after Game 4, where the Mavs HAS to win in order to survive. If not, it’s gonna be Miami all the way.

      • bballwiz says:

        Oops. I meant, “kudos.”

    • Poyser says:

      I’m not sure what game you were watching, but Dallas shot more free throws than Miami and got the benefit of the doubt on a lot of loose ball fouls. The refs have been pretty good about keeping the calls consistent though. I’d like to see technical fouls handed out for flopping though, it would really make the game better by making players like Nowitzki, Barea, Haslem, and Bosh actually toughen up and not fall over from every strong gust of wind.

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        If you gave techs for FLOPPING Wade and James WOULD BE EJECTED ALL DAY LONG!!! LOL!!!

    • MIACB#1 says:

      Real Madrid actually win titles mate and as of yet the Mavs lost in 06 and at the moment are trailing in 2011 so maybe instead of whining like a girl so its unfair you should do what your team does and thats shut up and get on with it. As for the games being rigged if you truly think that your a moron

    • karibkween says:

      The fact is that in all the statistical categories that count the Miami Heat have outplayed the Dallas Mavericks except for one FTA-M (80-65). The Heat get more possessions, (steals/turnovers) they have a better FG% (Wade’s is better than ADD-Irk) and are flat out better and are outplaying the Mavs on both ends of the court.

      But despite the fact that they are more aggressive (40-22 paint points) they don’t seem to be getting those whitsles. Only Wade is playing like it doesn’t matter; it seems to be making Bron and Bosh a little timid; and Bosh has reason to be as he’s almost minus an eye on a no-call.

      ADD-Irk is in the same position as D-Rose and CP3, as D-Wade, Lebron and Bosh were, they must be great every night for their team to win. The Heat have two bench players (James Jones & Eddie House) that are interchangeable with Jason Terry and Terry is Dallas’ 2nd option. Open your eyes, that one missed call doesn’t even begin to make up for the number of non-calls for the Heat. Were it not for the bogus calls to the Ref’s Favorite Player, ADD-Irk the Heat would have won all three games by a margin of ten or more.

    • Fire Gorilla King says:

      I want what you’re smoking dude. LOL.

    • Mike Xin says:

      I love it how all of a sudden the Finals is RIGGED. If you weren’t so blinded by your bias, you would have seen both sides got alot of non calls, or horrible calls. Officials are human, they can’t see everything going on at once, and or will make some mistakes. I’m sorry if referees aren’t perfect and that’s why you think your Mavs are losing. Stop being so naive, basketball is a amazing sport and although I am a avid Heat fan from the Tim Hardaway and Zo era ( so don’t try to put a bandwagon on me) and followed them through every rebuilding, I love the fact the game is so competitive. I am a basketball fan first and the competition of this playoff has been extremely memorable from every series and every team. It’s not the officials miss calls ruining the game, it’s the idiots who feel that there’s some giant conspiracy everywhere. You probably still think 2Pac is alive too right? Grow up buddy your team lost, it’s over if you don’t like how it’s officiated don’t watch anymore, cuz the excuses are getting really lame. When Michael Jordan hit the shot over Utah’s Byron Russel, he pushed off of him slightly, that could of been a foul to some people too, are you gonna say the Great One won that game cuz it was rigged? Stop being a idiot. Dirk is a amazing player, and will be a future Hall of Famer, and so will Jason Kidd, Jason Terry will be known as one of the best 6th man to ever played, and they still got an extremely deep supporting cast, if that’s the excuse your gonna make for them losing, then honestly you’re belittling your own team. Cuz great teams win despite all the issues.

      • bballwiz says:

        I say kudos for your smart comment. Yours is probably the most civilized and intelligent Heat post (also by OldSchoolHeatFan) I’ve read here! Finally, someone with real sense! Unlike “OriginalHeatFan” who kept on whining and complaining about calls being rigged after the Heat won the game. What a pathetic dude.

        I’m a Mavs fan and I agree with you. Miami is clearly the better team right now in all aspects of the game. But the series is not over. We’ll see about that after Game 4, where the Mavs HAS to win in order to survive. If not, it’s gonna be Miami all the way.

    • LovetheHeat says:


      do you really mean “WRONG CALLS BEING CALLED ON DALLAS” ??

      i guess I, or WE, saw it the other way around…
      that game wouldn’t come down to the last possession if not for that ridiculous calls going into Dallas’ favor…

  93. NikoB says:

    Excellent points Sekou. I expect the Mavs to bounce back in game four. After that, its a three game series .. anything could happen.

  94. Intense Heat says:

    The reason is a lone superstar cannot spark his teammates, he needs help, he needs another superstar ( Dirty Nowitzky ) compared to the heat packed with stars, any one could step up, any one is dangerous, , they have the best players in the league, Heat will win this series and im sure about it, , This is a nice match up and very exciting, full of drama and thrill, but at the end , it is the miami heat and lebron james whose going home with the win..

    • James McElfresh says:

      The dirty y Nowitzky comment is just that a stupid comment anyone can buy a championship with $$$$$$$. All the dirty players belong to the Miami Beat…

      What is stupid is allowing dunks versus blocks and fair hard fouls….the hate cannot be allowed easy baskets THUMP THEM!!!!!

      If they go in the lane make them pay!

      • Blueprint says:

        You do know that the Mavs’ current payroll is about $24 million higher than the Heat’s current payroll, right?
        Though I do agree that Dirty Nowitzki comment was uncalled for and really random o_o

      • Gary says:

        This is the stupidest comment. A “Fair Hard Foul”? Number one, it’s a foul so why should it be allowed. Number two, how many foul calls did Miami get when attacking the rim? Number three, If the refs allow hard fouls when someone is attacking the basket don’t you think they should have allow the players to fight for the loose ball. You know like the ones that the Mavs got all those calls for in the 4th.

      • kookiemoster says:

        bro do u knw how to write u sound so stupied go back to school

      • Luke says:

        How about Irk? Thats not offensive… Can’t believe the ref gave him 3 “blocks.”
        You know Irk doesn’t block shots! He has no D!

      • MIACB#1 says:

        alll of those guys (bosh wade and james) took pay cuts to play together so how can it buy you a championship?

    • Bullsfan83 says:

      Is it me? or a 6 year old could have called Lamebron for that walk last night. So Lebron had to go and grab two more superstars to win a championship. I smell a bandwagon jumper fan here!

      Bulls fan for life!

      Sounds like your comparing Dallas to Chicago. So what if it was Miami, LA? Miami = fail!
      Me being a Bulls fan I was stoked they got that far. I didn’t give in to thinking they where going to go all the way. They had a good shot until they played against the crybaby lebron.

      Let me ask you one more question. First game against Chicago. Miami blown out by 21 points. Miami hasn’t blown out a team yet by that margin. Can you say rigged for them to win?

      • Usuck says:

        Go with your BULLS team fishing.. LOL

      • LovetheHeat says:

        and what do you think matters most in a playoffs game,
        a single game win or a series win?

        and what hurts more,
        a single game 21 point blowout loss or a 4-1 DEMOLITION SERIES LOSS?


      • ziperi says:

        are you even serious? ha rigged? you must be 9