No Home Cookin’ For Bosh

DALLAS — Much will be made this week about the return of native son Chris Bosh, who leads his Miami Heat team into the thick of The Finals against the Dallas Mavericks for Games, 3, 4 and 5 at American Airlines Center.

But don’t confuse the purpose of this trip for the Heat power forward.

It’s all business.

Strictly business, to be exact. And that means Bosh will curb his enthusiasm to cruise around the old neighborhood, hang with old friends and family indulge in home cooked meals. That’s right, there will be no home cookin’ for Bosh this week.

“Everything is familiar around town. But just to keep my edge I’ve been treating this like I’m on the road like usual, which we are,” said the proud Lincoln High School alum. “I don’t want to have that home feeling. Like somebody asked me am I getting a home cooked meal? Absolutely not. I want to eat all garbage, junk food and room service just to get that road feel.”

Bosh said the Heat have been good all season about compartmentalizing things and staying on task, wherever the schedule has taken them — the other members of the Heat’s Big 3, LeBron James (Cleveland) and Dwyane Wade (Chicago), have had to play game at home throughout the season and playoffs as well.

“We’ve got all summer to kick it and do whatever we want to do,” he said. “But right now it’s all about basketball.”

And today it’s all about a critical Game 3 matchup against the Heat where Bosh and the Heat will try to douse the excitement of the home crowd from the start.

“This game is pivotal for us and just to bounce back and to take control of the series again,” Bosh said. “We want to take home court right back and our focus is to take the wind out of the crowd and the home team right off the bat. But I’m confident in all of our guys. We’ve done this all season. And it shouldnt stop now. We’re approaching this challenge the same way we always have.”


  1. HEAT vs Mavs says:

    IF the HEAT win today, kiss this series goodbye for the Mavs.

  2. Petro says:

    Yeah, I know it’s all about the finals, but I must say that today is 18 year anniversary of tragic death of one of the best European players in the history of bball – Drazen Petrovic. Love your blog, but I used it this one time to remind the people of him and how great he was, so someone will find his games on youtube, and memory of him will live.

  3. @hahahahaha:

    Bosh didn´t rolling on the floor to take attention. This not ACTING like most of your belongs. Go with you LOLLAKERS friend to get a drink , a COca-Cola.And satisfy your hardships.

  4. @lollakers:

    Go to hollywood where you belong.

  5. LOLakers says:

    Phallus is practically on its back now waiting for Miami to deliver the final blow! Miami will take this series in no more than 6 but most likely in 5! Phallus is just too old to keep up! Like the Smelltics their locker room probably stinks of Bengay! LOL!

  6. hahaha says:

    maybe when the day comes and bosh stops acting and falling on the ground AKA “selling the foul”, ill respect him a little bit
    plus, the idea of “selling the foul” is the biggest BS in any pro sports
    like when bosh got poked in the eye, yea it was probably a foul, but there is no need for bosh to be rolling on the floor until he gets attention

  7. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    I have faith in Bosh, hes my my favotrite power forward and far the best see this … Hes going to play good in this series and make his home town proud ….

  8. DM says:

    The refs from tonights game need to be reviewed by the NBA board. Their officiating was terrible.

    • Charisma says:

      They do need to be reviewed because once the game entered the 2nd half the officiating went out the window. Even game 2 had shady calls as well.

  9. HeatVsMavs says:

    You mavs fans are such idiots. LOL.

    I said it once, and I’ll say it again. I told you there was no way the MAvs were going to get 3 straight wins against the HEAT.

    This game was called SO horribly by the refs its not even funny. The HEAT deserved to win this game.

  10. OzHeatFan says:

    Miami were lucky to get this win… once again they proved how easy they can lose their leads….

    Bosh was poor as farch in the first half…. only 1 rebound??? call yourself a power forward???

    He got some good baskets.. in spurts in the 2nd half.. but that was an awesome block by Dirk when Bosh thought he was in for the slam..

    Thanks Wade & Mario Chalmers for getting us through this one..

    LBJ.. WTF were u doing launching a 3pt shot at the end of the game… you basically gave that game away.. 2pts or get to the foul line is all we needed..if Dallas hit a 3 after that.. you would.. once again be the biggest douche in the NBA.

  11. Warren says:

    Hey Sekou I was just wondering what your input on the NBA Finals MVP this year? Because if the Heat win, then it’s going to be between LBJ or D-Wade, of course if Dallas wins it will be definitely Dirk…. your thoughts?

    • Sekou Smith says:

      You nailed it. There’s no way the Mavs win this series and Dirk doesn’t get it, unless Marion just blows up. And you know it’ll be LeBron or Wade for the Heat. So much basketball left to play it’s hard to know which way it’ll go between now and the end.

  12. brandon says:

    Bosh seems like a decent guy. But let’s be real…he one of the most overpaid players in the NBA. He makes just as much as Lebron–six years, 110 mil. That’s absurd. He’s a very good players. But he’s not a superstar.

  13. Daniel says:

    Let me get this straight. Chris Bosh willingly chooses to eat garbage and junk food before an important game?? I figured these guys are all on nutrition plans to maximize their performance.

  14. peterd451 says:

    Forget Bosh. How about LeBron as the GOAT of Game 2?

    My Name is Bron, CaBron (the goat). see the funny photo of LeBron the Goat at:

  15. Fine says:


  16. ZULU says:

    Better play like it’s “2012” then Chris.

  17. Miguel Perez says:

    I want Bosh play well today.

  18. Fabian. says:

    I´m confident on Miami´s bench today. I imagine Miller can do a great game and Chalmers continue with his run.I believe Mario is a very talent player more than bad people want to let him down.In my opinion today Miami has to focus in defense and defensive rebounds. I´m confident as well in Lebron and Wade. And i want Bosh plays a great game today.