Knicks Big 3: Amar’e, Melo & Isiah?

How’s this for a new Knicks Big Three: Amar’e Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony and Isiah Thomas?

After all, they need a point guard and Isiah is only 24 years older than Chris Paul.

On the flipside, the “mutally agreed upon” departure of Donnie Walsh as general manager could mean that the 50-year-old Thomas is being welcomed back into the fold by Knicks owner James Dolan. That is, if he ever really left.

According to our pal Chris Sheridan of, Walsh’s desire to be granted full control of running the basketball operation without outside influence is a prime reason he could not come to terms on a new deal to stay in charge of the Knicks through the 2012-13 season.

The Knicks had an April 30 deadline to pick up the fourth-year option on Walsh’s contract, which he signed in 2008 following the troubled tenure of former team president and coach Isiah Thomas. But that date passed with no action being taken, and Walsh and Dolan were discussing a new contract that would keep him with the team at least through the 2012-13 season. Walsh’s desire to have full autonomy was reportedly one of the sticking points. Thomas has continued to keep in contact with Dolan and was believed by many — including Walsh, a team source said — to be influencing the team’s personnel decisions.

Under Walsh’s leadership, which followed Thomas’ tumultuous term as coach and president, the Knicks improved from 23-59 in 2008 to 42-40 and made the playoffs for the first time since the 2003-04 season. He was also the one who cleaned out the burdensome contracts that allowed the Knicks to sign Stoudemire last summer as a free agent and trade for Anthony at midseason.

Walsh’s departure also renews questions about whether coach Mike D’Antoni, who has one year left on his contract, will remain on the bench.

On a day when the basketball world was jumping up and down on the necks of the Miami Heat, who blew a 15-point lead in the final seven minutes of Game 2 Thursday night, were the Knicks just feeling left out of the conversation?

Or is the first step toward a Knicks Big Three with the return of Isiah to Madison Square Garden? All you can do is hold your breath. That’s what Knicks fans have grown accustomed to doing.


  1. Randolph says:

    If James Dolan brings back Isiah Thomas, is there anyway for the fans to get rid of Dolan by impeachment? 🙂

  2. The Big Pic says:

    @Sad Fan

    Granted, these players turned out, to say the least ‘not so good”. However, individually at the time they looked like good moves. It just was not a good mix “at all” and Thomas is to blame… He make the call. I don’t blame him as much for the inept players but for the contracts he placed. This tied his hands and he couldn’t do anything but drive with 4 flat tires.

    I credit him with this current team because, well, it’s true. Everyone knows that Thomas has continued to influence team decisions and no one can argue the eye for talent.

    I say a second chance, good quality players. I don’t want him to GM or Coach I just want him to bring in top young talent. I’m sure he has learned his lesson with mixing his personal life with players.

  3. JD says:

    Thomas will not be rehired by the Knicks organization. Since the beginning, this has been a situation fueled by the media and every other blogger who considers themselves to be “media”. This is something where it’s easy for the most random person to write a blog like this and say Thomas will be back because they know people will read, meanwhile a sixth grader could have written this blog, because that is the knowledge that being used here. Get over it media and stop making Isiah’s ego bigger every year. The guy had his time in new york, whether he’s still friends with Dolan or not means nothing, everyone has friends in the business. How about you trying being a real writer, and discuss the options that are out there for the Knicks and what each of those could bring to the table.

  4. T.J. says:

    I hope the Knicks don’t bring Thomas back b/c let’s recall the players he brought in: Marbury, Francis, E. Curry, J. James, J. Crawford, P. Hardaway, Z-bo, & countless other players who were signed to bad contracts. Knick fans have a good team now, maybe a free agent or draft pick away from moving up in the eastern conference.

  5. gdog says:

    What this proves is “The asylum is not ran by the inmates” who gives a .hit what New York fan’s think,Dolan likes Zeke a proven winner,he can spend his money however he want’s. …k New York!!!!!!

  6. Sad Fan says:

    Correction it wasn’t Isiah with the Brawl with the Pacers. I was referring to the players you spoke so highly of that he brought along. Rick Carlisle was the coach after the firing. The other points still stand. He shouldn’t even be considered for the position.

  7. Sad Fan says:

    The Big Pic. You’re giving Isiah to much credit. The salary cap issues alone screwed the Knicks for years and cost them any chance of making any significant moves. He basically gave away draft picks signing players that never really played or panned out. He hired coaches that didn’t stay and caused issues with the few players that we did have and then decided he’d coach and made an even bigger mess. Claiming this ’10- ’11 team was Isiahs is ridiculous. If you’re such a fan of Isiah’s then explain Marbury, Vin Baker, & Eddie Curry, and Steve Francis… Explain Larry Brown & Lenny Wilkens. He traded away Ariza to get Francis, Eddie Curry was one of the worst. Isiah Thomas traded three players, three draft picks and the right to swap firstround picks in 2007 to get Curry. The Knicks ended up trading the number two pick in the 2006 draft and swapping the number nine pick for the number 23 pick in 2007. 2006 The Knicks could have gotten Aldridge or Brandon Roy, or Rudy Gay instead of Renaldo Balkman. Due to Isiah’s recklessness we couldn’t afford any decent free agents, gave away our draft picks and couldn’t hold onto or attract any decent coaches. We had nothing to offer the Cavs or any of the other teams a sign & trade. We just had to watch them self destruct. You speak so highly of him in Indiana but that brawl happened on his watch as well. I’ve got nothing personal against the man I just don’t think he did much to help the Knicks and did more to set them back than anyone in recent history.

    For those that say New Yorkers are whining because smaller markets have to deal with it as well. You’re in that position because you’re a smaller market and you get ample opportunity to sign early draft picks because of it. New York is a large market spot players could make plenty of money on and off the court so it makes it even worse when we can’t get players because we have the means to get them here. It’s like being a hot chick that has protective older brothers that won’t let anyone talk to them. People were interested but who wants the drama.

  8. The Big Pic says:

    @Zar The Knicks Fan

    My bad… 76ers and Nets made it to the NBA Finals those years. Now continue to read, the rest is accurate.

  9. kidveesh says:

    A few words on James Dolan and the Knicks:

  10. johnstarksspirit says:

    knicks need a true center..need to gamble on Greg Oden, afterall there are many superstar that get there second chance of success in MSG..if it payoff, heat-knicks rivalry will revive as the bull-knicks, maybe even knicks-pacers or a brief of celtics-knicks..he’s the only guy that can matchup howard and can make room for melo and chauncy to shoot..make amare a real scorer and less worry on defense..

  11. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    @the big pic
    76ers and Nets won NBA title after 2000? wow you must know a lot about basketball than the rest of us. after that line i stopped reading cuz i think the NBA you following and the one we follow are not in same universe ……

  12. IHATELEBRON says:

    the knicks are a good team.. they have to of the best players in the league. they just need players who know how to defense!

  13. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    Ohh Hell NO! if thomas is back i will stop watching the knicks, i am knicks die hard fan but thomas screwed kincks so bad i don’t even want to see him in MSG. the melo trade was bad enough already and now they gonna bring back thomas baxk? if that day come i will stop watching knicks………….. 😦

  14. The Big Pic says:

    O.K. To all you “claiming” to know “b-ball”… Let’s take a look at a little history first.

    In 2000 Thomas was brought in to the Indiana after Byrd took them to the Eastern Conference Title. What happened? Indiana was eliminated in the playoffs two seasons straight by the 76ers and the Nets. (Point: The 76ers and the Nets both won the NBA title) Thomas was having to rebuild the team and stayed in contention while doing so bring up Jermaine O’Neal, Jamaal Tinsley, Al Harrington, and Jeff Foster.

    Now, before the team had a chance to mix, Byrd came back and fired Thomas in 2003… what happened? The Pacers went to the finals… but with who Jermaine O’Neal, Jamaal Tinsley, Al Harrington, and Jeff Foster. (ISIAH’S TEAM) — HOW SOON WE FORGET…Those who KNOW B-Ball

    Now, the Knicks last final appearance was 98-99. The following year made a good showing but out in the ECF, 2000-2003 were all for not. Van Gundy – dud, Chaney – dud.

    In come Thomas 2003, turned another dud of a season to a playoff berth (YOU WERE NOT COMPLAINING THEN)

    So 2004 – 09 Many deals were based on talent and not personal quality (I agree Bad) But a good franchise will stick through the bad in order to grow (steelers – many bad years, but only 3 coaches and still the greatest 1 or 2 franchises EVER) . I said that to say this. Look at the current Knicks roster. All of these players Thomas had either direct (draft or trade) dealings or instructions for Walsh to acquire (Carmelo Anthony, Renaldo Balkman, Derrick Brown, Anthony Carter, Toney Douglas (did not trade with big deal SMART), Jared Jeffries, Landry Fields, Ronny Turiaf, Amare Stoudemire, AND THEY ARE BACK IN THE PLAYOFFS.

    People you must LOOK and know what you are talking about before you just put out bits and pieces. Look at Phil Jackson’s picks Madsen Hightower, Cook Rush, and George Walton… WHAT None of these players are better than Thomas’ worst picks.

    2010-2011 Team was Isiah’s Team and Even more now. So, yes, let the man come back and publicly run it. He has been doing it already… Don’t you get (HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW THIS)

  15. Jasper Fong says:

    New York, what a dump and the perfect place to bury a fool like Isiah Thomas,


  16. Vincent says:

    Isiah Thomas did not make a good job as a General Manger of the Knicks because the players that he signed in the team did not make it to the playoffs

  17. boom says:

    The only thing that runs through my head is that Dolan must be gay and Isiah is his lover.

  18. boom says:

    The move to trade for Anthony instead of getting him for free this offseason is the dumbest move i have ever seen. I feel sorry for you Knicks fan. I don’t know what the hell kind of a hold Isiah has on the owner, but i guarantee that you’re losing a good president.

  19. Andy says:

    S*t – not him again. Isiah sucks a big time when he was around. That is not good for any NYK fan. I hope that this is just a mistake and not the true story…

  20. Zero says:


  21. flipside says:

    Seems the knicks success will be short-lived. I waited for almost a decade for the Knicks to be relevant again and this is what we get? Dang!!!

  22. mister says:

    if its isiah thats becoming the GM, the only job for him is to get CP3. Thats it! Just let donnie do the rest from skype or something lol

  23. Josh says:

    If only I had the money to buy the team from Dolan..

  24. JC says:

    walsh messed up the team mr thomas…..hahaha!!! you might as well fade away from basketball and go fishing sir!!

  25. Lee says:

    damn, this would be bad for the knicks, i started to find a heart for NY then all of a sudden it’s crush once more, walsh saved the Knicks and he gets booted out, i don’t get it

  26. Isaiah_Thomas says:

    This is Isaiah, and I do not understand why everyone is so ungreatful for how I saved the Knicks when I was President/GM. Everything was terrific, and we had a ton of allstar talent. We were easily on our way to the finals for the next 10 yrs.

    Walsh really messed up this team, and now I will need to come back to fix it.

  27. Ho says:

    Thomas just needs to stay away from the Knicks. As far away as possible. He almost single handedly destroyed the Knicks, and the only reason I can’t give him full credit is because Dolan allowed this mad man to roam free for years. He traded away Marcus Camby for starters. Brought in “saviors” like Marbury, Steve Francis, and Eddy-freakin-Curry. He made terrible draft choices, and when he actually did make a decent pick, the guy would be traded by next season. I just don’t understand how this guy hasn’t been shunned by the organization. Walsh finally started to bring this team from the depths and Thomas rears his ugly head again. Its almost sad really.

  28. New York Knicks Fan says:

    James Dolan doesn’t care about The Knicks if he hires Thomas. He’s one of the worst owners in the league. I wish someone would buy The Knicks from him.

  29. NYKNICKS says:


  30. toaSTEEZ says:

    Isiah + dolan = BIG NO-NO 4 KNICKS

  31. NYK Fan says:

    Fire DOLAN! if he brings back Isiah, the Knick franchise will turn into a disaster again, and we will most likely not be lucky enough to get a guy like Walsh back to bring us back from the dead and back into contention. DOLAN IS AN IDIOT, WHO NEEDS TO GO!

  32. daniel k says:

    With the way Dolan handles business, how did he become rich?

  33. jer says:

    WHat’s wrong with Amare and Carmelo. New York is lucky. The have 2 of the game best players to build off and the only reason they got them is the big market the city has to offer. Think about other teams in smaller markets that teams won’t play for. Bunch a whiners. Get me a f—ing taxi!

    • Jake says:

      Huh, I’m glad I’m a fan of small market teams that actually win. Who cares about the “big market” when your team only makes the playoffs once a decade, and then they lose in the first round. I’d rather root for San Antonio, Utah, Memphis, OKC, Orlando and other small market teams.

      • Josh says:

        All this sounds like is a bunch of whining.
        Why would you even bring this conversation up, when it has nothing to do with Isiah Thomas, James Dolan. or Donnie Walsh.

  34. Sad Fan says:

    QP I get what you were saying but the end result was what it was Isiah did lock people into contracts and left the Knicks fans to suffer for years. Walsh wasn’t the greatest but with or without Melo they were still going to make the playoffs. It felt like Dolan pushed them to make the trade and gave away most of the scorers on the team. It left the Knicks with very little left when the playoffs came around. Knicks fans so okay at least we’re on the right track and now this ish. How are we supposed to get that third player the put us over the hump without a decent GM. Walsh asked for control so he didn’t have to worry about Isiah and Dolans opinion getting in the way of what fans have been waiting over a decade for getting back into the playoffs every year. While there’s no guarantee it’s going to be Isiah Knick fans should be outraged at the timing because the free agent signing we need to make the team better would happen this summer. We’ve lost most of our first round draft picks basically giving them away for players. All we really had left was the free agent signings. Leave it to Dolan to screw that up trying to keep his hand in the decisions instead of trusting the guy that got him out of the mess he got himself into.

  35. cool knick fan says:

    WHAT!!!!!! thomas is a disgrace, dolan should be kicked out, i wanted Walsh back. dolan is an idiot. how on earth will thomas be better than Walsh. a little kid could do better at this job than HIM.

  36. ban says:

    Isiah’s a has-been, no management skill and a terrible coach. GO SUCK EGGS WITH DOLAN D…. BAG

  37. NoIsiah says:


  38. Poils says:

    Thomas sux as a coach…

  39. Gary Schantz says:

    Dolan is simply the guy who has to get in the way of everything.

  40. derel says:

    David Stern…please step in and save the franchoise again from the idiot Dolan. If he hires Isiah Thomas, the franchise may be doomed forever.

  41. jcruz1123 says:


    Did you ever see a Knicks game before Amare got here? Did you ever here of a point guard call Marbury? You are obviously not a real fan and don’t follow basketball.

  42. Bruno says:

    That’s very simple: Knicks fans should not go to the Madison Square Garden anymore if Isiah Thomas returns. When a team can make his arena full every night, losing or winning, team’s owner will never feel any difference. The moment he starts losing money because of IT, he will start to wonder if he made the right thing.

  43. QP says:

    Well Isaiah Thomas roll was to play pach up because Fans dont want to wait, But he got destroyed by Mabury and Curry (who had potential his 1st year being call a Baby Shack). Isiah die with those choices Marbury the Point Guard who thought he was better than the team(EGO) and Curry non-work eithic, his other pics wasnt that bad picking up Jamal Crawford, Zack Randolph, David Lee, Nate Robinson, Channing Frye who all is playing well in the NBA. Also the Sex suit didnt help as well. Isaiah got a bad wrap, and Wash did a beatiful Job as his roll was to clean up the mess and Make the Knicks a Contender.

  44. 33 says:

    The Anthony aquisition was a little isiahish already. Just go ahead, Dolan, and finish my favorite team off, again. Should become a Mavs fan anyway. Greetings from Dirkland!

  45. ???? says:

    Who’s Isiah Thomas????

  46. Héctor says:

    It is on Knicks fans to say NO to Isiah. Is on their voices. If Isiah comes anywhere near the MSG, Knicks fans MUST show their disagreement. If not, Dolan will keep doing whatever Isiah tells him (maybe he’ll sign a 30M contract for Shaq or something like that).

    • OzHeatFan says:

      I agree… fans should call to arms…(so to speak) barricade the arena and not let this scum into the premises..

      If both dolan and isiah get back in.. God help the Knicks..

      Don’t turn up to any games until they get the point…

  47. Ricardo_Almeida says:

    I hope this is some kind of sick joke… Is Dolan on drugs or something? For the first time in a DECADE, the Knicks were actually going somewhere and all thanks to Walsh. The guy is a mastermind! He basically transformed a train wreck in…a slow moving train. I doubt that anyone in the business could turn the Knicks around in such short notice like him. Basketball wise, this is the same has Pat Riley trading James to some bottom feeder team for Eddy Curry or equivalent (pun intended). I can believe the Thomas’s reign of terror is coming back…

    • John says:

      Yo man Isiah Thomas is the best, he traded Zach Randolph for Smush Parker, yo best deal ever

  48. Kenny says:

    U dont Care about Ya”ll. all we need is get christ paul!

  49. Kenny says:

    Ya better get chris paul to the win the titles! u can win it with out him

  50. Poldi says:

    Why?! Why are my Knicks doing this. Dolan is a jerkoff…damn pleeeease not. Boy, this is really a worst case scenario.

    • John says:

      Isiah Thomas is the best man, don’t listen to him Dolan, do what’s best for us, get Isiah back here

  51. needles says:

    this is ajoke.
    DOLAN is the one who has to go, he is pathetic!

  52. Joe says:

    There is nothing wrong with the NBA that the unintentional comedy of Isiah Thomas in an NBA management position can’t fix. Go ahead, Dolan. Bring Isiah back. You two deserve eachother

  53. Knicks Fan Here says:


    Are you on crack boiii??? IT made a bad situation worst after he took over the Knicks, from Marbury to countless bad contracts he took on! Dolan is an A**hole, he needs to sell the team. Fire Dolan!!!

    • John says:

      GO Knicks Go, don’t listen to them haters get Isiah Thomas and get use Eddy Curry GO Knicks Go,

  54. Ricardo says:

    This would be a good chemistry, i thinks thomas has a good management skills and he has a vast knowledge in basketball management , i thinks it would be better if he will take th place of walsh. Isiah is one of the greatest players and i know he can handle the team and the players better than the previous management . .. I hope

    • Knicks says:


      • Muntagun says:

        you too

      • TruKnicKfan says:

        How about this Big Three Melo, Stat, and the “Zen Master” Phill Jackson. Forget about Isiah Thomas Knicks fans theres no way he could ever come back to the Knicks. Not after the mess he made with “our” team, and it is our team fans dont let them tell you differently. Now is the time for Phill to come back to new york and lead as a GM. With news like that how could Cris Paul not wanna come to the New York Dynasty. So lets get the rumors started fans so we can get what we want….PHILL. NOT ISIAH

      • Chester Bochan says:

        I do not even know what to say! Thomas is the single worst thing that has EVER HAPPEND TO THE KNICKS and their fans!

    • Evar says:

      Perhaps you are not aware of what happend to the Knicks the last time Isiah Thomas was part of that organization.

    • Chris Blake says:

      Isiah Thomas was the previous management!!! We are doomed, after Walsh saved us and got us into great B-Ball position, we are bringing in this clown again. Now I see why we gave up so many players, “Zeke” had to be involded in that disaster.

    • Dr_Gonzo says:

      It’s alright guys Ricardo is just joking, there is no way someone woud make a statement like that and be serious.

    • cool knick fan says:

      You don’t know anything about B-Ball.

    • JJ says:

      I agree with you, can’t wait for a 5 year $100 million contract for EDDY CURRY again!!!!!!!!

    • JJ says:

      Imagine a Knicks Payroll filled with this $20 million per year for Eddy Curry, $20 million per year for Nate Robinson, $20 million for Anthony Sheldon, yeah we’re screwed

    • Charlie says:

      I think this guy has been living under a rock.. Say no to Thomas…