Anatomy of a Comeback

MIAMI — The Miami Heat had just gone on a 13-0 run to take a 88-73 lead with 7:14 left to go in the fourth quarter of Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The Dallas Mavericks had gone eight straight possessions without a score.

Then came a 22-5 Mavs run that stunned the crowd at AmericanAirlines Arena, forced hundreds of media to rewrite their stories in a manner of minutes, and tied the series at one game apiece.

Here’s each Dallas possession from the 6:50 mark of the fourth quarter on Thursday.

4th Quarter – Possession No. 12
After Dwyane Wade misses a pull-up three, Jason Kidd gets the ball up the floor quickly. Dirk Nowitzki gets free in the mid-post as Udonis Haslem doubles Kidd. Once Nowitzki gets the ball into the paint, he’s swarmed by four Heat defenders and Jason Terry gets free on the opposite side after cutting along the baseline. Nowitzki gets the ball to Terry, who hits a wide-open 15-footer.
Time: 6:19. Score: MIA 88, DAL 75

4th Quarter – Possession No. 13
Terry contests a Mario Chalmers 3-point attempt from the left wing which hits the front rim and bounds out toward the free throw line. Kidd picks up the long rebound and hits Terry, who leaked out once Chalmers’ shot went up, on the run for an easy lay-up.
Time: 5:45. Score: MIA 88, DAL 77

4th Quarter – Possession No. 14
After LeBron James misses a drive to the basket, Kidd again gets the ball up the floor quickly and hits Shawn Marion on the left block. Marion is stopped by Wade and fires the ball across the court Terry, who is defended by Chalmers. Terry drives right from the right wing and pulls up 12 feet from the basket. As he goes up for a shot, Chalmers hits him on the arm and is called for the foul. Terry hits both free throws.
Time: 5:21. Score: MIA 88, DAL 79

4th Quarter – Possession No. 15
After Chris Bosh misses a long jumper and the Heat deflect the ball out of bounds on the Dallas break, the Mavs inbound the ball to Kidd in the post against Chalmers. Kidd dribbles the ball out and Nowitzki sets a pair of screens, but the Heat defend them well. Kidd finally gets the ball to Nowitzki 28 feet from the basket with just nine seconds on the shot clock. He backs Bosh down to the left elbow and feeds Marion on the right wing. With James hedging toward Nowitzki, Marion has a lane to the basket. He splits between James and Wade and hits a running bank shot with three seconds on the shot clock.
Time: 4:33. Score: MIA 88, DAL 81

4th Quarter – Possession No. 16
After James hits a pair of free throws to put the Heat back up nine, Nowitzki and Tyson Chandler set a double-screen for Terry. He can’t get free, so he passes the ball to Kidd, who gets the ball to Nowitzki on the left wing with 13 seconds on the shot clock. Nowitzki is double-teamed by Haslem and Bosh, so he takes one dribble and finds Kidd all alone near the top of the key. Kidd hits a wide-open three for the Mavs’ fifth straight score.
Time: 3:54. Score: MIA 90, DAL 84

4th Quarter – Possession No. 17
The Mavs play great defense and force James into a contested pull-up three. On the other end, Kidd gets the ball to Nowitzki on the left block and he’s immediately double-teamed by Bosh and Haslem again. He gets the ball back to Kidd who sends it across the court to Terry, who takes Chalmers off the dribble and hits a pull-up jumper from the right elbow with Chalmers’ hand in his face.
Time: 3:11. Score: MIA 90, DAL 86

4th Quarter – Possession No. 18
After Bosh loses the ball out of bounds under the Heat basket, the Mavs run the double-screen for Terry again. With James, Bosh and Haslem all focused on the ball, Nowitzki slips the screen and Terry finds him open on the left wing. Wade is late coming over from the weak side and Nowitzki drains a 19-footer to make it a two-point game.
Time: 2:44. Score: MIA 90, DAL 88

4th Quarter – Possession No. 19
After Haslem misses an open elbow jumper, the Mavs run two separate double-screens for Terry, but he can’t get free. The ball ends up in Nowitzki’s hands at the top of the key again. He takes Haslem to the elbow and gets him in the air with a pump fake, but James comes off Chandler and blocks Nowitzki’s shot. Kidd gets the ball and throws a one-handed heave toward the rim with three seconds on the shot clock. Chandler gets his hands on it, but Wade gets between him and rim and the ball hits off the backboard into Haslem’s hands. It’s the only time the Mavs don’t score in their final 11 possessions.
Time: 1:55. Score: MIA 90, DAL 88

4th Quarter – Possession No. 20
The Heat get two offensive rebounds, but Terry knocks the ball out of Haslem’s hands after the second. Instead of letting the ball go out of bounds, Haslem saves it and tosses it out beyond the 3-point line. Marion, James and Chalmers all go for it, Marion gets to it first and knocks it to Terry. With James’ and Chalmers’ momentum going the wrong way, the Mavs have a three-on-one break. Terry passes the ball ahead to Marion, who waits for Bosh to commit and passes to Nowitzki. He finishes with the left hand.
Time: 0:57.6. Score: MIA 90, DAL 90

4th Quarter – Possession No. 21
Wade misses a contested pull-up 3-pointer. The Mavs, once again, run the double-screen for Terry on the left side. As he dribbles toward the top of the key, Chandler sets another screen for Nowitzki. Terry gets the ball back to Nowitzki, who drains a three with Haslem caught in Chandler’s screen.

“I told the guards, ‘Whoever comes off me and Dirk’s screen, before you look to the strong side, look back to the weak side, because I think I can get him open for a good look,’” Chandler said afterward. “And right then, the next play, I was able to get that pick. And I was just holding it, because I knew, I saw Bosh in front of me and I was picking Haslem, so I figured [Nowitzki] would be somewhere behind me getting a good look.”

Time: 0:26.7. Score: DAL 93, MIA 90

4th Quarter – Possession No. 22

After Chalmers ties the game with a corner three off the inbounds pass, the Mavs take a timeout and inbound the ball to Kidd, who holds it on the right side of the floor to run down the clock. With 11 seconds left, Terry sets a pin-down screen for Nowitzki on the left side. That gives Nowitzki the space he needs to catch Kidd’s pass at the top of the key, but Bosh recovers after the catch.

The Mavs spread the floor and the Heat don’t send a second defender as Nowitzki backs Bosh down to the left elbow. Bosh seems to be anticipating a turn-around jumper, because he allows Nowitzki to get past him with a left-handed dribble. Haslem is late coming from the weak side and Nowitzki puts in another lefty lay-up.
Time: 0:03.6. Score: DAL 95, MIA 93

At that point, the Heat were out of timeouts. They do a pretty good job of getting the ball down the floor, but Wade’s running 30-footer is no good.


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  1. asdf says:

    Jet is a modern day version of Microwave Vinnie Johnson… no matter what is the situation, if he gets it going he can easily ignite a run for his team.. just like microwave did for the pistons, and he was key in those back to back championships.. mavs are a dangerous team!

  2. Mav4lifee says:

    Lets face it you need a full basketball team to play a truely great game… not just big headed annoying little “Big Threes” The mavericks new that that they could do it and they proved it. Big Headed James said he didnt mean to coach OKC about The Mavs comeback and pretty much said it wouldn’t happen to them…but guess what… WE DID IT AGAIN!!!!.
    The Heat fans dont deserve this Championship… They dont care about basketball… And They are not cool because they wear… WHITE… OOOOOO So Scary.. MaVs WiLL WiN tHiS!!!!!

  3. MAC says:

    Game 3 today!! I am looking forward to a great game! Good luck to both teams.

  4. b-unit says:

    near the top in best comebacks in nba finals history, sorry to all you heat fans that never liked miami until they got bosh and lebron, but its only 1-1 and with 3 games in dallas, and with miami having a more talented team, this is a very interesting series. GO MAVS

  5. Sports says:

    Tomorrow we will have to great games

    Dallas vs Miami
    Federer vs Nadal

    Who´s going to win?

  6. Neutral Fan says:

    Mavs could not breathe in the Heat… It was too hot for them. They couldnt do anything. 1st two games was controlled by the heat. Game 2 was even more controlled than game 1. Which I think was a bad thing. It gets tricky. Once u control the game so much, and go up so much, its natural to think its over… I give it to the Mavs for taking advantage of that. But I believe if they were only up by 6 or 7, NOT 15!!! The heat would have took their time, been more careful, and made sure they closed this one out. Getting to the line, not shooting those outside . But most importantly… never stopped playing that suffocating heat defense where dirk only had like 14 points up until 6 mins left in the game. Where the Jet couldnt find a basket. Once they went up by 15, they let loose. And everything worked for the Mavs. Miami wont let loose again. Mavs fans should be concerned about that. Can they run with Miami against that grade A East Coast Defense??? The answer is No. Heat in 6….

  7. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    everyone it is tied with the best out of five and home court advantage to dallas not a championship game. and some people said wade was tired but lebron was controlling the ball i dont know how eric spo decide that but hey he will learn and not dwell on what could of or should of happened. go Heat bron just took player of the game from wade he wants his spot light you dont be cocky with it bruh

  8. Bask.Fan. says:

    People must stop hate and enjoy basketball.

  9. Aussie fan says:

    Great game, if you are a real basketball fan you should of love this game!! regardless of who you support.
    Prediction: games where the high score is below 90 Heat will win, games where high score is above 100 Mavs will win
    Between 90- 100 up for grab.

  10. Jasper Fong says:

    Why do I keep seeing Riles chewing a$$ in the locker room after the game. I don’t think it’s all in my head.

  11. igo4heatthatburns says:

    to simply put it, the heat lost the 4th quarter which ultimately lead to a defeat. the comeback of the mavs, great. they’ve been doing that in the post season. the heat lifted their foot of the gas and didn’t show signs of great offense, why take three’s and not try draw fouls or make sure two points? i am rooting for the heat in this series, but, they should have paid attention to the scouting: the mavs are like zombies, they can and will try to make a comeback. whether its 22,30,50 or what ever, they should’ve finished the mavs with thrice the intensity in defense in the fourth.

    i hate to admit it, but, they failed on that matter. still with the heat though in this series, whatever game, just take the title to miami!!! 😡

  12. JMoon says:

    Heat made some incredible plays, but choked in the clutch.
    Mavs couldn’t hold on to the ball, but somehow they found a way to win it all at the end by playing very good basketball.
    This is not a weighted series, it could still go either way. 1-1, headed to Dallas. Dallas isn’t ging to want to disappoint their home fans, and Miami is going to want revenge for the Game 2 comeback. Game three should be good.
    I’m not making any predictions yet, cause that’s immature — bottom line, you don’t know what’s going to happen.

    I want Dallas to win, but I’m a Cavs fan, so I guess I’m a bit biased.
    However, I tried to make this article as unbiased as possible.
    I have nothing against the Heat. THey’re good. My problem is with LeBron personally. But as a player, he’s still good.
    Maythe best team win.

  13. vvps says:

    It was Kidd, not Terry, who knocked it out of Haslem’s hands after Haslem got that offensive rebound with 1:08 left in the game.

  14. SMH says:

    The turn of events were stunning.
    Premature celebration or not, this loss MIGHT unleash something scary for the Mavericks.
    Just saying.
    Kudos to the Mavericks’ fighting spirit. They better not let go of that because they are going to need it a lot more.

  15. MIa says:

    IT was so frustrating to see miami lose when they played so good up until the last 6 minutes, Wade wade so amazing but they just lost it. Dallas did deserve the win though because they put their heads down and kept pushing to the end. I dont think miami celebrated prematurely i think they were aware of a comeback but dallas just played amazing and there was not much they could do. I just wish bosh was more reliable he really disapointed me. I believe it will go back to Miami because they will learn from this and become stronger. NExt game is a big game so i expect big boos for miami ahaha. Being away sucks and is so scary.

  16. bonik. says:

    as a heat fan, im just glad this happened early, im sure LBJ and DWade will never forget this. this is a positive thing for me.
    why? because every game heat and mavs play almost all of the time, miami is in control, its just that, they forgot that it isnt over, and simply the mavs took advantage, take my word, this will never happen again, DALLAS is just a dangerous team, if it wasnt for their LUCK, they wouldnt even be here. opponents underestimated them, like what LAL did. and what miami just did. its still anybodys game, dont talk like its over.

  17. John says:


  18. KOBE (GOAT) says:

    Mavericks in five.

  19. JCvs says:

    reasons reasons reasons.. why don’t ya’ll guys just zip it. just accept the fact that is a series tied 1-1. some miami fans are just bitter because of a painful comeback.

  20. MANUP says:


  21. DARK MAMBA JERST says:


  22. WhiteHotHEAT says:

    The Mavs are using too much of the pick and roll screens. They are always using this screen to find the weak side. If Coach Spot revises his defensive plan and the Heat can defend against the pick and roll, then the Mavs are in trouble again. Go Heat!

  23. bigboy11 says:


  24. GEDZ says:

    Heat could not stop what is meant to be… i think it is DALLAS year, and it is the golden era of DIRK… no one can stop the flow of nature. heheh mavz on 5

  25. bigboy11 says:


  26. bigboy11 says:


  27. Jon says:

    Great comeback. Dirk (and Terry + Marion esp also Kidd + Chandler to a lesser extent) just played Miami. It’s been said since the Lakers series that people didn’t give this Mavs team the credit they deserved. They are just damn good. Also consider they are doing all this without their second best player in Caron Butler! Mad respect coming from a diehard Lakers fan.

  28. MAVS.FTW! says:

    Sick of salty heat fans. Why don’t you just face it. We win, you lose. Why badmouth Dirk? You dunno how to respect great playas. Ya’ll eat yo words and choke. I’m not really a dallas fan, but a Dirk Nowitzki fan. I was team thunder, ya right, it still pisses me off that we not in the finals. But seeing Dirk’s heart and pride and humbleness, I gained respect to the playa. He deserves this ring, no more no less. I should’ve been cheering for miami coz mavs beat my team, well not. I don’t wanna be like ya’ll sucka heat fans. Let’s go mavs!!!!!!!!

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Heat Fans even talk trash about THEIR OWN PLAYERS after they LOSE!!!

      They have been badmouthing Bosh all year … Now BLAMING Spoelstra, even Lebron?


  29. HeatVsMavs says:

    Hey MORONS.

    The Mavs did not “WIN” last nights game

    The HEAT “LOST” last nights game

    • MAVSftw says:

      Well…Someone has to win and someone has to lose. So it’s the same thing, the Mavs won AND the Heat lost. I don’t see your point at all.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      MORONS are folks that forget how DANGEROUS Mavs have been this playoffs.

      Your Superfriends forgot what Mavs did to Portland, LA, OKC …

      So the Mavs reminded them what they are capable of!!!!

      Mavs DID WIN and HEAT LOST … so your team MUST BE LOSERS THEN!!!!

      Just SUCK IT UP and watch game 3 instead of MAKING EXCUSES!!!!!

    • underdog says:

      Who are you calling? yourself? let’s see the Box Score… uhmm… Mavz- “W” hey the mavz won! and ow… Heat “L” which means? Mavz defeat the Heat! just accept it

  30. elizer says:

    too much excuses HEAT fans!!

    Stop blaming SPO or players making terrible is what it is.

    Heat can win by talent and not by team chemistry..

    Mavz in 6.

  31. jayke83 says:

    @ all who said that miami wouldn’t lose 3 straight

    Please remember that the Dallas fans hated Miami since 2006. Would you think they’d be silenced? Do you think fans would just let Wade do another ballerina dance in their home floor just like he did in 2006 (spin spin fall foul)?

    They often take the arena for granted but for me it’s a big plus. Why? For one the influences referee calls. That means less calls for the visiting team. Why else would Nowitzki have 24 free throws in Dallas and less than 15 in Miami? And considering how the Heat and Lebron relies heavily to officiating to win games.

    You WON’T make any noise in Dallas.

    I will bet that the place would be so loud nobody will appreciate the Academy Award Performance of the Heat.

  32. elizer says:

    too much excuses HEAT fans!!.

    Stop blaming SPO or players making terrible is what it is..

    Heat win by talent and not by team

    MaVz in 6..

  33. yeahright says:

    @rich yeah right youre sillier than mike, listen to yourself first and look for facts “I don’t want to sit here and be the coach of OKC but I seen a lot of things that could have been done better” ever heard what your great Lebron said.. reference Hoopn Holla.. I say nothinkg like when your words get backs at you.. A perfect example of the pseudo arrogance of your heat team covering up their true true form which is PURE ARROGANCE.. Im telling you arrogance kills

  34. reivaj says:

    I want the Miami Heat wins the championship to been able sleep in peace

  35. Vinbite says:

    The difference beteen Mavs players is that they are way much more intelligent than the brains of the Big Three and all their fans combined, The Mavs vets didn’t need coaching to get the job done, they are great students of the game and know what and what not to do in difficult situations, so therefore you cannot blame Spo, but blame the immature Heat players who celebrated prematurely thinking they waltzed over the dead bodies of Dirk & Co. and showed disrespect by thinking they played against of grade schoolers…but in reality it’s the Mavs who played against kindergarten kids.

  36. Jason Terry Tatoo= Schizophrenia.

  37. Tongue away says:

    Dirk Nowitzki with the tongue away in the final shot like Michael did before….They are similar.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      A lot of players do that … and I just DON”T GET IT!

      It seems weird and uncomfortable to run and jump with your tongue sticking out …

      Just thinking of trying that gives me that “nails on the chalkboard” feeling …

      Maybe that’s why I suck at Basketball …

  38. Hall of fame?

    Jason Kidd= my mom plays better
    Dirk Nowitzki= behind Vlade Divac, one guy who played in Portland, Gasol, Ginobilli.
    In summary Dirk Nowitzki will be in Hall of Famer when the moster of lake ness appears.

    Tyson Chandler= Real Hall of Famer.

  39. peejay says:

    both team played a remendouz basketball offensively and deffensively, knocking shots, applying deffense… just happen that the mavs pulled it off at the end of the game and played a much better basketball… the better topic for this is “who won the game”…… just like vin diesel’s words of wisdom…. it doesnt matter if u win an inch or a mile, winning is winning….

  40. Victor says:

    to the heat fans out there, since when did you start calling yourself heat fans, since some guy took his talent to south beach? here is your south beach diet 5 points in the final seven minutes…………

  41. Dirk Fan says:

    Took care of the BlazeThunKers…

    What’s next?

  42. Being a Laker fan i can’t help but admire these mavs after pulling out a great comeback, these guys deserves the championship ring they’ve been longing for a long time…and after that win the guys stay composed and humble unlike the other end when everything seems at hand the last 7 mins. they start acting like a victor… I can smell that home-sweep-home for the mavs…go guys get your trophy!!!!!

  43. bzk says:

    bosh great defense in last layup..

  44. AGonz says:

    I agree, I truly feel that Jason Kidd & Shawn Marion deserve a championship ring. I would like to see them get atleast one, I believe this is the last true shot at a ring for those two players.

    Furthermore, I believe Dirk is the most deserving of a championship ring in the NBA among those who do not have a ring. Yes, Lebron’s talent and skills, and work load, he deserves a ring as well, but Dirk has been doing it for 13yrs, playoff team after playoff team, and has done everything he can humanly individually do in order to win a ring, he has just run into the kobe/shaw lakers dynasty & the Spurs when they were practically unbeatable. How ironic now we have to beat a team who is argueably projected to be the next big championship dynasty with their 3 big.

    Dallas’s coach deserves a ring as well, Peja & Terry does too, despite playing poorly so far in the serious.

    Pretty weird, seeing Peja on 1 team and Bibby on the other, after they battled the Lakers & Mavs in the Playoffs in the Western conference in the 2000s early on and mid 2000s. I thought back then Bibby played like a superstar making HUGE shot after shot when it was Webber,Peja,Bibby, & jackson. But the Lakers Shaq/Kobe was too much.

    Goodluck to the Mavs.

    The last thing I want to point out….god can you imagine if Dirk was blessed with having Lebron & Bosh thrown on his team? Imagine Lebron,Dirk, & Bosh on 1 team…

    My point being, D-wade you BETTER win multiple rings. I wonder if this begins a trend around the league of teams trying to put together big 3 tandems…I think the 2008 Celtics big 3 winning a ring, began this whole big 3 thing.

    Whos the next big 3?

    • MAVSftw says:

      I was actually talking about that with my brother. I told him I couldn’t imagine Dirk being in any other team other than the MAVS. Well, to be sure, Dirk IS the MAVS…no one can deny that…he is the face of the franchise and they are where they are now and they have always been competing in the playoffs because of him. I actually can’t imagine Dirk being with Lebron, Bosh, or Wade. I don’t know…it just seems…that he will just be out of place…his personality is too different. I really can’t imagine him being in another team…the Lakers, Spurs, Rockets, Magic, etc. I don’t see how Dirk would fit in. I’m really glad that he stayed in Dallas and that we are building a team around him and not the other way around. GO MAVS!!!

  45. juan says:

    dirk = MVP = hall of fame… best comeback ever…

  46. MavsFan says:

    It seems as if The Mavericks play their best basketball deep in the 2nd half of games that they are trailing. It seems like Dirk wakes up and decides to play more aggressive and when he does he is extremely efficient and nearly unstoppable.

    It really sucks for us Mavericks fan. I mean we post the best record in the league a few years and just constantly keep adding big player and allstar after allstar player to our team. How many times we had the #1 seed in the West? And nada.

    Its like we have a NBA MVP in Dirk, and 10 players deep bench, Had MVP Nash at one time. I mean we run into the Lakers with Kobe & Shaq dynasty and then the Spurs Duncan,Parker,Ginobili,Bowen. We just cant get a break.

    Finally, we for the 1st time the lakers/spurs out of the playoffs, and sure enough here comes along the most ridiculous 3 man talent on any team in a longgg time in Dwade,Lebron,& Bosh. I mean damn, if we go through Kobe’s lakers, Durants Thunder, and now dwade-lebrons Heat. We definitely deserve to win.

  47. Neutral Fan says:

    Im not a fan of either team… I jus know basketball. Inten for the NBA


    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      N O CREDIT for the Mavs?

      They scored 11 of 12 possessions to FINISH THE GAME!!!

      They HELD HEAT to 1 of 11 possessions for the last 7 minutes!!!

      Yeah HEAT made misteakes, but YOU MUST GIVE MAVS CREDIT for a GUTSY FINISH!!!

      If you don’t you have NO BUSINESS WATCHING BASKETBALL FOOL!!!!!

    • ujustanegative fan says:

      why would the heat just let the mavs catch them up? especially when they have dirk who can make clutch baskets to close out the game. sorry that u think the heat will win in 6. but before game 6 (if necessary) i am going to say sorry to u because i know ur a heat fan but i u will be crying. sorry heat fans… MAVS in 6.

  48. R Beaudry says:

    Doesn’t matter if the Heat win the series, They will never be seen as true champions, Wade got his title the right way. But Queen James will always be known as the guy who couldn’t get it done in Ohio . Queen James not Half the man as Rodman, Thomas, Byrd, Johnson or Jordan , So James will taint any possible championship that may come along. Besides The true NBA died long ago.

  49. anyone says:

    GO LeBron and Wade….. but Dallas will win in 7

  50. ruffhouse says:

    blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!! Miami lost that game because the league wants LeBron to be the hero. It has nothing to do with them celebrating too early.They took the ball out of Wade hand and let Lebrick try to take over and he failed. If they would have let Wade keep making Terry and Kidd look like fools they would be up 2-0.

  51. George says:

    Wow what an ending, so fun to watch.

    Couple points I’d like to make…

    1) Mav’s will have to be better at home or else they’ll be in big trouble.
    2) What a comeback, so entertaining. No refs helping, just good basketball.
    3) D Wade had a great game… I understand he has to play off lebron now, but why wasn’t he closing… I mean every time the heat are down in a game, and they need a comeback who’s leading the charge, its Wade.. And sometimes the ref’s bad calls. The only time lebron is clutch, is with bad defense leading to a wide open jumper or easy lay in.
    3) Mr. Team first lebron james made a great team first decision with his late three… ( the first one, which led to the offensive rebound.)
    4) People give Spoelstra too much credit for the heat’s success… and it was shown again today with his bad coaching.

  52. The Finest says:

    I think that the Mavs are going to wrap this series up when they go back home for the next three games. Miami is a very talented team, but they have issues that need to be resolved. For one, I think that they are playing with a target on their back. They are putting so much pressure on themselves that they have to win a championship. What happened in game two really exposed them, with the time that was left, it was no reason that they should have blown a 15 point lead. It’s going to take a couple of years for the Heat to find out who they really are before they win a championship. I think that they will win a championship in a couple of years though.

  53. Crucialcigar says:

    I really think Dallas will win this year, every year, the champion team always has some amazing play that happend during the playoff. ie Sean Elliots 3 pt for the spur agains Porland, Robert Horry 3 pt against the King, Derek fisher 2 point against the spur, then there is Steve Kerr 4 3-points against the Mavs.
    This come back fit into those amazing play… seem like Dallas are suppose to win this year….

  54. js says:

    Unbelieveable game. Complete credit goes to the mavs, after D-wade hit that dagger 3 to make it 88-73 I thought for sure this game was over. For the Mavs to regroup themselves and charged back, on the road after that is just incredible. “hero ball” is how lebron and d-wade play. when their shots go in, they put up unbelieveable games and the heat cruise to wins. wade was playing the same hero ball in the first half when he put up 21 points on 8 for 11 shooting, its just at the end of the quarter those shots werent falling. The mavs played great team ball in the end and Dirk came up clutch, it was great to watch. If the mavs go on to win the series this game is by far the reason for it. A comeback to tie it up instead of going down 2-0 bringing it back home with the momentum, unreal. Cant make this stuff up

  55. Crisgo says:

    Simply put, the Mavs got the W last night and the HEAT did not. Nuff said!!!

  56. Fransico,

    Btw, if the Mavs team really sucks as you say how did they beat Miami?? Then Miami must really suck even worse right?

  57. Fransico,

    You need to be a little more objective here. Your 2 players couldn’t score in the last 6 minutes. Your guys come back and beat the bulls in the last few minutes. But you guys just can’t take it when it comes to you guys getting beat. You can give it but you can’t take it.

  58. HeatWave says:

    YEAHH!! MAVS IN 5!!!

  59. Heat ALL Day says:


  60. HeatWave says:

    YEAHH!! MAVS IN 5!!

  61. Sin says:

    This was really a tough one to swallow as a Heat fan. I had a bad feeling in my stomach when D-Wade made the three to go up by 15, and the commentator yelled “And the Heat have blown this game open!” There were still 7 minutes left, and I was just like “It’s not over until 0:00 is left on the clock.” And lo and behold – a combination of Mavs strong will and Heat complacency led the way to that epic comeback. A very, very stupid game to let slip like that. I won’t say “give away” because the Mavs had a lot to do with it, but this is very much on the Heat. Now the Heat go to Dallas and we see what our team is really made of….

    Let’s go Heat!

  62. biebs says:

    I am a true miami fan since the alonzo mourning days but until now i still think wade and bosh would be enough starpower to actually win a championship. Lebron is one unnecessary addition. instead of giving him 90mil, why not get a decent PG and C and build the bench by adding solid big men.
    what really set me off was lebron’s premature celebration with 7 minutes left on the clock. that was really annoying. he just wants to show off in front of the dallas bench.

  63. LOLakers says:

    The only team that beat Miami last night was Miami and it won’t happen again! Miami in 5! Phallus will cry when they get crushed and humiliated at home LOL!

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      Your team JUST GOT CRUSHED & HUMILIATED in the WORST WAY on your HOME COURT!!!

      Dallas wont FAIL AT HOME the way the Heat JUST DID!!!!

      Keep those EXCUSES coming cause you’re gonna need them!

  64. Catalino says:

    How many bucks Marck Cuban you put over the table to win?

  65. MAV'S says:

    That is the BEST finals comeback I’ve ever seen!

  66. Patrick says:

    Three legal blocks of Lebron called defensive fouls. BS.

  67. Julian says:

    I don’t get why Lebron had to make that three point attempt being up by only two points with the game down the line. Then to make it worst, Haslem grabs the rebound and is intercepted by terry and instead of letting the ball go out of bounds and start over since Terry was the last one who touched it, he had to try to save the ball… For me that was a huge moment, if Haslem would have had held down that ball I’m pretty sure we would have won…Oh well…better luck next game.

  68. ArmyStrong!! says:

    This was a great game! I love both teams but I am a Dallas Mavericks fan, and overall a fan of basketball. This was a great comeback win for Dallas especially since they are going home. If you look at both games Dallas missed a ton of wide open shots, and had bad turnovers but still played decent defense to not allow Miami to blow them out. When Dallas plays these next three games at home don’t expect them to be missing wide open shots like that, some of the turnovers will still be there but those shots will not be missed. Especially since Miami is sending hard double teams on Dirk, expect Peja, Terry, and Stevenson to be raining down the three ball. Dallas in 5 or 6!! Lets go MAVS!!

  69. Good Series says:

    What a horrible finish by Miami and a great comeback by Dallas. Dallas made the plays they needed to, Miami seemed like they wanted to coast. Dallas made shot after shot, Miami missed shot after shot (self made horrible shots, which makes this worse.) Kudos to Dallas, and this is a Miami fan speaking.

    For the people saying its over and its Dallas in 5, get real. This series is just getting started.

    I still think the advantage is with Miami, they just need to have short memories and forget this game. Dallas still has turnover issues they need to correct, and they have too many defense mental lapses.

    Miami on the other hand need to know to not take the foot off the pedal. The lack of any ball movement down the stretch is what hurt them so bad. It’s not something they are great at, but its something they are capable of, and chose not to use for reasons that boggle me. I’m sure if they fit in a couple baskets in the last 7 minutes it would of stopped the rally from even starting.

  70. Nick B says:

    Bad Calls? The Heat beating themselves? Really??
    So I guess if the Mavs win these finals the Heat will get the ring..for beating themselves 4 times? It’s time to be honest with yourselves Heat fans. Win or lose your big three are still human.
    Also, who cares about comparing comebacks, this is THE FINALS!! Every other comeback is completely irrelevant if you don’t win it all!
    I guarantee that no one will ever look back fondly on the Heats amazing comeback against the Bulls or Dallas’ against OKC and the Lakers if they fail here.
    There is absolutely no excuse for your team not bringing it for all 48 minutes of every game it takes to win that ring.

    With all the greatness on that Heat team, they still think like children; but unlike OKC they don’t have age to lean on.
    The same thing happened to the Mavs against Portland, but they learnt from it. Game 3 is where we see where the Heat are at mentally, and if they can’t bounce back then i guess that Bulls comeback will forever remain a footnote in NBA history.

  71. Ravi says:

    Dirk = Man on a Mission. How this guy can do what he’s been doing this whole Playoffs… Amazing! Dallas making comebacks in crucial games of every Playoff series led by Dirk’s determination, leadership, will, and skill… Unbelievable! Didn’t have much respect for Dirk until now as he is proving himself to be a legendary Hall of Fame player. There is no doubt in my mind that Dirk deserves this Title! Even though he swept my team, the two-time defending champion Lakers, I gotta give credit where credit is due…

    • MAVSftw says:

      First of all, thanks and we’re sure the Lakers will come back with a vengeance next season. I just love how Dirk told Terry off during the huddle after Chalmers’ three, saying ‘What were you thinking?’ and then told him, ‘I’ve got your back.’ I think that shows great leadership. GO MAVS!!!

  72. Shahid says:

    I am a heat fan but i would love to see Dirk and J. Kidd bow out with a ring on their finger. Players of their calibre deserve a ring. Heat will have multiple chances in the coming years to win the champsionship but Dirk and J.Kidd won’t have a better chance than this so…… Go Mavs

  73. Brad T says:

    It is funny how back on the Cavs, LeBron would dance it up and celebrate all the time as they would build big leads on other teams. This would piss people off, like Joakim Noah for one.

    Now, on the Heat you don’t see LeBron doing any of that usually, I think he is more serious now to focus on the ring. However, he let it slip out in this game! Not sure it made the Mavs mad, but it certainly made the Heat relax.

  74. bonik. says:

    and BTW. these part of the series shows us what team and which player deserves to be champion. these makes the trophy even sweeter, cant wait who will wins this finals. 🙂

    • bonik. says:

      sorry for the last part, it should be cant wait to see who wins this finals. 🙂

  75. Sammo says:

    Come on… nobody starts to celebrate when the clock reads ~7 mins and the lead is only 13 points…You can turn a 5-1 hockey game upside down in that time. Heat team dropped the ball too early. I guess you can see the maturity contrast between these teams in a situation like this.

    Wade is clearly focusing in playing, while Bosh and James are more interested in making post-dunk facial expressions and all about looking good. I remember when i was in my 20’s (some 15 years ago) and playing in a 5. division team with mixed with young guys and fossils. The younger part of the team was more concerned about looking good and yelling after a block while the older part of the team just played brutally efficient basketball and didn’t care about how it looked.

  76. whatisaw says:

    Tons of BS in these posts I am a basketball fan and watched without a favorite.
    The 2 teams played hard back and forth then in the 3rd the mavs started the turnovers.
    The heat built a lead then returned the favor in turning over the ball.
    After the dust settled Mavs had 2 more points NO Refs, celebrating, or coaches decisions had
    the final say in the outcome.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      And you must admit that 4Q was EXCITING!!! (Unless you are a Heat fan)

  77. Francisco says:

    Mavs team really sucks the only good element that you have is your Coach He really has balls…the rest is trash…the same trash that make them believe they were superior to Los Angeles. Just a darkness sh…Oh my god I said a bad word. Boricua Barrea has balls too but is suc…bal….as well. Your coach no. Do you think you can play basketball in high level? Please- go to your mom and asked how many boyfriends they have. Bye

    • MAVSftw says:

      WOW!!! so much hate… I believe the Mavs never said they were superior to Los Angeles Lakers. They showed it to the world though. I bet that if you ask them if they think they are superior to the Lakers, they would say no. I think Dirk would even say they got lucky. Anyways, GO MAVS!!!

  78. MIAMI2011CHAMPIONS says:

    man shut up!!! he made the decision so he could win the title……….. he was tired of winning MVPs every year so just shut up cuz u dont know what ure talking about

    • Crucialcigar says:

      seem like you are a die hard fan of Miami and the heat will thank you.
      they need guys like you to pay for the 3 players salary.
      Trust me, They WON’T WIN…..

  79. Eating Crow says:

    Look the screen name I chose because that’s exactly what Miami fans are doing now. For dessert I suggest a slice of humble pie. It’s a good thing you and your team has already done so much celebrating throughout (and even before!) this season because it’s possible you might not get to celebrate when it really matters.

  80. LABRYANT says:

    what a game last night..all these people saying Miami choked and thats the reason they lost..everyone is saying Dallas didnt do anything and that it was only Miami’s let down know nothing about basketball..when a comeback happens like that its 50/50..yes Miami choked a little ..they settled for outside shots no ball movement but you also have to give Dallas credit..played good d and never gave up ..this is not the OLD DALLAS TEAMS THAT USUALLY FOLDS IN THE PLAYOFFS..if Miami would of won that game the series would b over in 5 games..its a dog fight know and like i said this will go 7 games…

  81. I am no fan of either team but come Miami fans grow up! I mean you guys come back and beat the Bulls and you are all act like OH WE ARE JUST SO AMAZING!! Now some team does it to you and it’s, “oh they got lucky.” ” We gave it to them.” You have 2 players that can make a shot or play for themselves and both didn’t in 6 or 7 minutes. Go on and on and on with your lame excuses but please do the right thing and tip your hat to the Mavericks and go on.

  82. mad mavs says:

    We are from Texas we know how to beat the HEAT down here. all you Heat fans just got schooled junior……….

  83. Raymond says:

    Great win Mavs…. but it’s still only 1 win. This thing just got started


    • MAVSftw says:

      Yup that’s true. It’s just 1 win. Even if we do have home court for the next 3 games, we must not forget that we’re against a great team that have 3 superstars. I hope the mavs win game 3. GO MAVS!!!

  84. Joaquin Jerez says:

    the difference between this comeback and heat’s come back vs bulls was that ( beside the fact there where 3 mins left) is that bulls/rose tried to answer back and it was understandable that heat defense suffocate him in this one …heat gave it away played no halfcourt offense at all and didnt have fastbreak cuz they didnt played D either…TERRIBLE DECISIONS ON OFFENSE AND A STAND AND WATCH ATTITUDE ON D. shame on them…

  85. Don B says:

    I think the Mavs fixed their problems. The Heat got away because of the many turnovers the Mavs had. Once that got fixed, The HEAT were forced to play the half court game. which explains the long shorts. they lost the drive. they should have kept on trying to penetrating the Mavs defense.

    Soon y’all will have to give the Mavs their deserved credit. They swept the Lakers and are western conf champs. These guys know whats up. I can bet you the finals will not come back to Maimi.

  86. Mahen Bishnoi says:

    What happened last night in game 2 of NBA finals clearly show us the difference between great players and good/fancy players. I don’t want to compare lebron with any of the players from past generations because he is not worthy of that. Leave alone Jordan, he is not even near to magic, bird, malone and all. And I don’t know if everybody agrees with me, he is not even the best player on his team, I think wade is playing lot better then lebron especially in last 2 games. Wade is averaging 29 and lebon 22, 7 point difference that clearly shows that you are not the best on your team.
    1.Great players do take responsibility. They show lot of commitment towards their team and they make it a point that their team is winning and losing with them.Lebron is not taking responsiblity, he is not inspiring his team to do better. He is just looking for easy options to win. This is not the sign of great and talented players, this is the sign of selfish and coward player.
    2. His game is declining and it will go downward when he is on this team. The reason is thta now he has other options to play with and he will not work hard and commit himself. He know that even I will not play good in 2-3 games in series we have the guys who will win this for me, then why bother. If you can win without playing then why to play hard and commit yourself. If he would have decided to stay in cleveland, because of all the pressure and attention of other teams defense he would have grown upto the level that he can challenge teams single handedly. But now improvement is out of equation because you need not to improve to win.
    3.Personally, I think that if miami heat has 2 of the best 5 players in the league at present and one guy who is I think easily in best 15-20, they should have blown all the teams. They should have easily won the chamoipnship with this much talent on their side. Instead they are not winning games comprehensively let alone the series. Phillies troubled them, boston were injured and depleted even then they strected them to 4 quartes in every game. Same for chicago, not so great team with young leader, troubled them most of the series and thanks to some 4th quarter shot making of lebron/wade and inexperience of rose that they won. I think in the end they will win this one too,i dont think it will count and it will enhance their reputation as great players. It will just add a ring. Lot of role players have 5-6 rings. Does ring matter more than playing great basketball or making your own dynasty.
    4. I think lebron do not have respect for coach Eric. He has to respect him to become great. Teams follow coach and respect their knowledge. May be Eric didnt play NBA is the reason.
    Overall the decision last year has tarnished the image of lebron in a way that it will not be same again. His immature and chilish decision in order to get rings take him out of the argument of being best player even of this generation let alone ever. Most important characterstic of best player is to take responsiblity and have acourage to fight through not the talent.
    he will win rins and he will be in hall of fame because of all the media attention andhis great teammates but he will never be great player. I think everybosy agree on that.

    • Fine says:

      You will step on yourself your tail.

    • MAC says:

      No..I dont think everyone agrees to what you are trying to say. LeBron’s game declining?? He is putting up almost the same numbers this season as hedid with the Cavaliers!! Come said all of that to basically say nothing because all of that really doesnt make sense. He is a great player surrounded by two other great players. Great players dont have good games every time they play, so of course its natural for the other teammates to make up for it. Thats why its called a TEAM! I think some of you should focus on not hating and basically give props where they are do. Sure last night he didnt make the best decisions, but he will learn from it and not make the same mistake again. No matter how great you are, you always have room for improvement. LeBron knows this and continues to improve., hence his mid-range and long range shots improving this season. When you try to analyze everything, but at the same time be bias, your point is coming across deaf ears and blind eyes. When you call a person making the best career move “childish and immature” then you have a problem. I wish everybody would just let the Decision go and focus on what is ahead instead of licking those old wounds. Its over and done with. GET OVER IT!

  87. MIAMI! says:

    y’all cluckin like this sh*ts over and done with, they made a mistake. you are fools if you think that the heat will cool down so quickly at the end next time. cus next time we gon shut you out

  88. Mr. No Letdown! says:

    Clearly this series will be determined by 4 key factors!
    1. Offensive Rebounding
    2. Bench Scoring
    3. Turnovers

  89. Dirk Fan says:

    As a Mavs fan, I’m glad that

    the Heat missed all those free throws
    Didn’t play Bibby down the stretch, that was the hot hand…

    I’m also thankful for the premature celebration right in front of the Mavs bench. Just the spark we needed…

    I’m most thankful for the crickets who showed up at the end of the game…I heard them chirp on my HDTV.

  90. It´s unbelievable how many fouls Mavericks committed against us in the first half omitted by ref…If wasn´t for Erick Spolestra attitude they could still calling in the same way. Then…the finals minutes were our responsibility CLAP.

  91. Mr. No Letdown! says:

    It’s funny how some Heat fans blame it on the referees & spoelstra for the Game 2 loss?! Come on, you have to do better than that! Those are lame excuses! LBJ celebrated prematurely with 7mins to go when they went up 15mins infront of the Mavs bench. Clearly as a player of the opposing team, you don’t do that because it fuels your desire more to comeback. These are NBA players, veterans, & competitors and not just push-overs! Any competitor would give it all after seeing that. You can do that in a playground game maybe, but not in the NBA. You have to be mentally tough for 48mins. So LBJ, enough of the show-boasting you started last summer. Do it when you have the ring. More good games to follow..

  92. This series is getting too good I´m excited about what going to happen

  93. bonik. says:

    at least this happened in the early part of this series, this would affect the following games. this could be something that the HEAT could and should learn from, they should not celebrate earlier. on the next games they will know better, HEAT fans, let us stop making excuses, because we know it it still everybody’s game right? just hope the heat will win one in dallas, if not, its essentially done.
    BTW. the play after ESpo’s timeout was brilliant, chalmers’ 3pointer that was WIDEEE open. this could have been miami’s W if they played the defense they are known for, maybe LBJ should have guarded DIRK? that’s the break of the game, let just accept it and expect more thrilling games from these teams. i hope there is also no game fixing, this will ruin the best playoff story ever.

    • MAC says:

      I agree! No one should make excuses about this game. A loss is a loss and its in the books. Everybody just need to look forward because right now the series is even and anything can happen. Miami has been a good road team these playoffs so the wins at home are not guaranteed for Dallas. I see the Heat coming in with something to prove these next 3 games because of the breakdown they faced last night.

  94. Nowitziki was impressive he gave credits to Miami’s players at the post interview game. It´s unbelievable how someone can’t stop Dirk…he is too good. Not even a wall can´t stop him. Unbelievable.

  95. MAC says:

    oh yeah..what does celebrating during the game have to do with anything? Deshawn Stevenson celebrates everytime he hits a big shot, so does Terry, and Dirk when he throws up his lil 3. If its a hype atmosphere (especially at home) the players are going to be hype regardless. This is what gets the crowd into the game. So if LeBron wants to scream after every dunk and Wade wants to pose after making a big shot, so be it. Let’s see how many of you complain when Terry makes a big 3 in Dallas and runs down the court imitating a jet. I guess just because its the Heat doing it, its wrong. People sure do have alot of double standards.

    • Narrew says:

      It wasn’t the celebrating that was wrong, no problem with that! It was their choice of location that caused the uproar. You don’t do that right next to your opponents bench area if you have any sportsmanship.

      • MAC says:

        I agree, but I dont think they were actually trying to be disrespectful towards the Mavs. Its just them being caught up in the game and in the moment.

  96. HeatFan says:

    I personally love the Heat, I was born and raised in Miami, but Dallas deserves the championship. LeBron will get his time later on, but Dirk and Kidd are truly deserving. Dallas completely outplayed us and with that I feel they deserve it. I think Dallas will win in 6-7, but this finals will serve as a learning path for Miami and in turn they will win future finals.

  97. Jose says:

    I was about to go to bed when Miami was up 15 with like 6 minutes left … but I remembered Michael Jordan bring back his team many times from behind so I stayed up just in case … IM GLAD I DID. Dirk is an MJ type player, very determined to score no matter what and in tough situations. GO DALLAS. (From Puerto Rico with my home made antenna … no joke.)

  98. MAC says:

    The Mavs had a good comeback,,,dont get me wrong but some of you are talking like it was Game 7, or as if the series isnt tied. I am going for the Heat, but as a basketball fan first I must say that the Heat had a lot of breakdowns at the end of the game. they became too comfortable and went away from attacking. You cannot do that against a team who has a sharpshooter in Dirk. I think it was up to the coach to make defensive adjustments as well to at least try to deny Dirk the ball, but it didnt happen. They also should have had LeBron guarding Dirk on that last possession, or at least utilize that foul to give to give them more time. It was poor clock management. The Mavs took advantage when it counted, which carried them to win the game and tie the series. I do not think this win will cause a collapse of the Heat because they are able to make adjustments for the next game. The Mavs had alot of mistakes as well. I dont think they played their best game to be honest. The turnovers killed them and if the Heat didnt start playing all lazy, then they win by at least 15 easy. Right now the slate is basically 0-0 because the series is tied and these next 3 games will determine the winner. I think the Heat will at least win 1 game in Dallas and win in a Game 7 matchup. This is a great series and any Heat or Mavs fan that thinks this series will be over in Dallas is a fool.

    • fatMAC says:

      wtf u dont think the mavs will make adjustments as well? they had a ton of turnovers that game so dont think they will not make adjustments. the heat also made advantage of that as well. look around the room when the finals is over because u dont want anyone to see u cry. 🙂

      • MAC says:

        First off your lil “cry” comments are played out. Secondly, in my post all I did was go over what each team did wrong in Game 2 as well as stating what they did correct. DUH! any real basketball fan knows that the Mavs will make adjustments as well. That should go without saying right? I guess to you people who have no basketball knowledge whatsoever, every little piece has to be spelled out for you huh?

  99. everson1 says:

    boy i swear you heat fans are some sore loser’s lmao.

  100. Tajee says:

    Super Dirk!!!

    Die eingebildeten James und Wade haben nie dümmer ausgesehen! Dirkules!!!

  101. HAHA.... YOU MAD!!!!! says:

    Please…this is the MOST IMPRESSIVE COMEBACK IN FINALS HISTORY!! Whenever the mavs whoops a team witha double digit lead the fans always give the excuse “we beat ourselves” hmm….. mighty funny to me that the Mavs have done this three times this post season…by the way all 3 were ON THE ROAD and to 2 teams were teams that were supposed to “beat them”..Please stop hating on the MAvs were coming for that ring…The worst thing the heat could’ve done was gloat when you have the best closer/clutch player in the NBA and 7 mins left for him to get going..DIRK DONT IT!!! DIRK DONT DO IT!!! OHHHHH HE DID IT AGAIN!!!..Respect that German!!! the best player in the NBA!!! AND WHAT!!

  102. xetinratz says:

    heat’s big 3 needs to grow..this series is still far from over, that is if the mavs wont win all the 3 games in their home court..but momentum shifts on their side now..remember how they sweeped the defending champs lakers?with superstar kobe and co. and hall of famer coach phil jackson..mavs in 5..go dallas!

  103. notahaternotafanaswell says:

    it was a late gamer by dallas. that’s the bottomline. mavs did so many suckish turnovers earlier in the game. good game though one of the greatest i’ve seen. go spurs , go magic! : D

  104. Dallas Ruiz says:

    wow everyone wants to say this was either completely done by the Mavs or the Heat. when in fact it was both. It started with the Heat’s immature mentality to think the game (and practically the series) was over with 7 minutes still in the game. with them checking out and playing stupid for the remainder, the Mavs still deserve credit for executing on the Heat’s flaws, having delivered on nearly every possession down the stretch and keeping composure. The Heat have been pretty much ripping apart the Mavs these two games and being a Mavs fan I gotta give credit to the Heat. But i can also say I really wish the Mavs would get their heads on straight and stop putting out an old white dude (peja) on this incredibly young athletic Heat team. I’ve been dying to see them put Corey Brewer out there cause I think he could help provide a spark in many ways. Despite me having my doubts and knowing how dangerously athletic and seemingly uncontainable the Heat are, I still gotta pick my boys just for proving they have the smarts and heart. i’ll pick that over flashy dunking.

    Mavs in 6, maybe 7

  105. NBA Fan says:

    Mavs a boring team but i’m glad they put up a great fight and makes the final series interesting and not one sided.

    Heat winning this finals now will make a big statement!

  106. sean says:

    It was just one game. Both teams played most of the game. Dallas turned the ball over alot but that is also because the Heat forced them. The Heat got alot of easy dunks because of those turnovers but they didn’t have much success in half court offence all game. Noone has mentioned the Heat and their missed freethrows. I actually believe that is why they lost the game.

    And to people saying “All the mavs did is capitalize on the HEATS mistakes, poor shot choices and poor playmaking choices.” DUUHHHHH that is basketball… The whole point is to capitalize on the other teams mistakes!!!! I personally gave up on Dallas after Wade’s three but was amazed to watch a comeback like that. I am cheering for Dallas but I want the best team to win. So if Miami starts playing “smart” the full game then I can’t wait to see Lebron and Bosh hold that trophy. People hate way too much when they leave comments.

    • MAC says:

      i agree..I think they missed a total of 5 free throws..this is something that they should improve on also because those 5 points could have put them over the hill to win it.

      • GO MAVS says:

        heat lives by the freethrow line and fastbreaks. just admit that their halfcourt sucks. if its not for the refs the heat shouldnt even be in the finals. just be happy they r in it, ok kid? i used to be a lebron/wade fan but i asked myself “do superstars need to fake out fouls and rely on the freethrow line?” if the refs dont call those fouls they would drop their jaws as if they were surprised at a no call and complain as a child would. a litle elementary girl can just lay their hands on their backs when theyre attacking the rim and the refs would still call a foul because their emotions look almost real. if i was making a movie i would definately have these guys in it cause they prove they can act.

    • MAC says:

      @ Go Mavs..what are you talking about?? No one said anything about the refs!!! Both of the posts were about them missing free throws WHEN THEY DID GET TO THE LINE!!! They missed free throws which could cost you the game PERIOD!!..Free throws are valuable and in close games they can give you the edge. Do you understand what I and the post above are saying now?? Reading is very fundamental.

    • MAC says:

      BTW, Jason Terry and Deshawn Stevenson always flop around trying to get calls, especially Terry. When he doesnt get a call he complains! Chandler almost never fouls according to him. You cant even sit there and say that all of the fouls for the Heat are because of the refs or because they flop..NO! Almost everytime they attack the rim they are fouled. You see it and the whole world does! They are not worried about getting every call though. They know they will have to play against the Mavs and through some costly calls that might not go their way. Nobody uses the ref excuse but some of these fans that dont know the game of basketball, only what they read on these blog sites. The ref excuse is getting pretty played out dont you think?

  107. STFU_ALL says:

    IF the heat are the reasons that they lost in this game as what the heat LOVERS says….so be it… it wont change the fact that it is 1-1 going to DALLAS…

    it doesn’t MATTER if you win by an INCH or a MILE… Winning is winning — and thats all that it takes…

    ALL THOSE HEAT LOVERS that cannot accept the fact that their heat won because they were outsmarted, outplayed and Won then you better get a firetruck all over the world — COZ THE HORSE GONNA BURN THAT HEAT BABY!!!!!

  108. John says:

    Hello i wa at the game and i can tell you this Dallas team has to really work to get pints and if this defense shows up like we know they will bcuase this team feeds on pressure.Dallas will loose all the three games at home.

    • al - respect the game says:

      ok MR JOHN. struggled and dallas scored that many points in only 6 mins??? tsk tsk tsk, and u say dallas will lose all 3 games. Breathe buddy, i know u still in shock. breathe breathe. now, lets wait for sunday

  109. All About the Mavs says:

    Lets face it! Mavs are bette than the heat and they will win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miami heat might have so called three stars but they can’t beat the Mavs!!!!!!!!! Lets go Mavs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. auds876 says:

    Daniel don’t forget the comeback against Portland!! 4 stunning comebacks is no buck ups!

  111. auds876 says:

    Didn’t you read the article? damn some of you are so dunce! Out of the many possessions Miami made only 2 free throws and a 3 by charmbers, they miss all there shots, how is that easing up and celebrating too early? you guys have no brains!

  112. Clo-32 says:

    “There´s no astonish come back in this game if you dont win the series”

    As some Heat fan said before;” Matrix was one of the factors”. Heats fans all day they know about basketball. Like knicks Celtics Bulls….let.s go heat. Keep the head high.

  113. Charles says:

    Hahaha..The Heat Got Served..What a lame excuses..

  114. patrick says:

    the heat over boast. james and wade should calm down and play humbly relaxed to concentrate on the game. they got the lead but they think to be heroes and was outplayed. do the heroic plays when all things done offensively is futile but with a big lead they cant be like that. SPO is just right on chalmers coz chalmers can run and defend and do offense. so far its still a thriller to watch big.

  115. Daniel says:

    Now let’s see if the Heat can stop the aggressive Mavericks @ home. Miami guess what!? You just given Dallas what they’re been looking for!

  116. Hatelover says:

    the heat will beat the heat on game 3

  117. best nba season says:

    this comment is directed toward the comment Haters made..every time the mavs win its because of something the opposing team did wrong and not wat the mavs did right so i dont know wat u talking about ..the heat are the one getting all the love not the mavs..and its over for the heat the mavs won 1 game in miami and have 3 games in texas ..mavs in 5

  118. Daniel says:

    They made a comeback at Staples game 1, at OKC game 4, and now at Miami! Unforgettable Playoff Moments for Dallas

  119. Adam says:

    The Mavs have the Heat’s full attention now. No more dumb mistakes, no more early celebration. The Heat are going to put them in the ground now and wont flinch until its all over. Let’s go Heat, they’ve awoken a sleeping giant!

    • al - respect the game says:

      sleeping giant. ? yeah right. what has miami done that dallas did not do in the west. loosers

  120. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

    You all just witnessed the TURNING POINT in the series.

    Mavs go home with momentum and Heat go on the road with self doubt.

    The Mavs proved they never give up, and they played a better team game the whole game, but made crazy turnovers.

    Heat capitalized on turnovers for many points, but when Mavs took care of the ball they slowed down the Heat.

    I just love that Dirk ripped your fans hearts out on their floor! That was a comeback of the ages, and shows you Heat fans to STOP COUNTING YOUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY’VE HATCHED!!!

    See you in Dallas for 3 more … 😉

  121. Mark says:

    Heat fans get a grip. The Heat were forced into shooting 3s with the shotclock winding down thanks to good defence by the Mavs. If there was an opportunity for james and wade to drive they would’ve done so, but they couldn’t! Give credit where credit is due!

  122. Mickey Markoff says:

    Did Dallas play great the last few minutes? Yes. Did they deserve to win the game if you analyzed the entire 4 quarters? No. The Heat had the same type of win against Chicago for game 5. Dallas got lucky this ONE time. The Heat surely will not let this kind of thing happen again. Dallas had so many turnovers throughout the game, it was embaressing to watch. The Heat played great for 99% of the game. If Dallas thinks they can win another game playing as sloppy as they did, they are delusional…

  123. CelticsMJKH says:

    Just like LeBron to be too busy gawking at the crowd with his jaw dropped like a moron to forget that this is the NBA Finals and he’s playing the best of the west. Dallas is gonna wrap this up for my Celtics, and finally stop the B.S. train of fourth quarters for Miami where every call goes for them and LeBron and Wade live at the free throw line. This game was truly the first Miami game all playoffs that was enjoyable to watch as I wasn’t forced to watch players shoot free throws all night

  124. Neutron says:

    Ugh. This is why I hate Miami fans. No sportsmanship. The Heat beat the Heat? Are you serious dude? What about 20 turnovers for Dallas? Half of those which where unforced errors? Dirk shot 3/11 or something like that in the first half. You think Dirk is gona shoot that bad again? You think Dallas is going to throw all the bad turnovers they did last night again? No sir. The MAVS beat the MAVS for 39.5 minutes out of a 48 minute game. They refocused, and took care of the ball, and make clutch plays. They showed the better team last night. If Miami throws 20 turnovers in a game and their start are shooting bad that’s a dedicate loss. The Mavs did not play good basketball last night…..AND THEY STILL WON!!! Get off the high horse and realize that Dallas is gona start playing like Dallas pretty soon. The same Dallas that swept the defending CHAMPIONS. The Mavs erased 39 minutes of sloppy and non-Mavs like basketball in a matter of 7 minutes. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      SPOT ON!!! All that BRAGGING by the Heat is thrown back in their face … They proved they really know how to BRAG and CELEBRATE and the Mavs prove that they will NEVER QUIT.

      That was such a great finish, and NO EXCUSES for the Heat, cause Mavs gave away two leads with turnovers.

      GOOOOO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. reDIRKulous says:

    Did anyone else watch the same game that I did last night? The Heat scored a franshise record 31 points off of turnovers(dallas mistakes). If you take away those turnovers(mistakes) what do you get? A huge swing in the opposite direction. How did dallas find themselves being down 15? Turnovers(mistakes). Heat fans need to stop crying about the mistakes miami made. The game I watched showed Dallas making mistkaes for 3 and a 1/2 quarters. The game wouldnt have even been close if dallas had not played sloppy. You want to talk and whine and cry about mstakes? Look at Dallas THEY made mistakes. Great teams over come mistakes, all the others fold up and go home. I think that was obvious last night! Go Mavs!

  126. mvp says:

    i remember two days ago, you guys are telling us that miami is not on their best play in game 1 and get ready to be dominated at game 2, well guess what… you lost.. where’s dominate now?! haha! LOSERS!

    • MAvs Loser Fan up there ^ says:

      Have the MAvs won the title yet? has it been 4 games won for the Mavs yet?

      If I remember correctly, its the Mavs right now without a ring and who are the losers.

      The HEAT already embarrased them once in the finals.

      Dont count chickens before they hatch.

      • wow says:

        Why are the Mavs the losers? Yeah, bringing back what happened 5 years ago to make this determination makes a lotta sense, cause the teams now are soooo similar. I’m not a Mavs fan nor a Heat fan. When the Mavs shut up and play, whereas a picture of these Heat is on the Wikipedia page for arrogance, wouldn’t you lose respect for the Heat? Dude I’d feel disgusted to be a Heat fan if anything. Go Mavs.

  127. GOMAVS says:

    At first i agreed with the heat fanboys, that the heat defeated themselfes…
    but now…i think the turnovers in the second half gave miami the easy buckest…they needed…except for the end of the second qt the heat were dominated by the mavs…9 point lead and the mavs missed to extend their lead to 14-18 points…
    then the momentum switsched and the heat run over the mavs…until the mavs restarted…they restarted their defense and forced the heat to jumpshots (their really weakness – but expecting them to improve due to the next years)….
    and thats it…ok dirk was pure clutch…but this isn’t sth new
    and i think the mavs found a really strong way – defensly – to stop the heat…forcing them to take off-balance jumpshot is great…
    i hope rc finds a way to reorganize peja…he is so way out of line…weird
    Mavs need him…as jj and now mahimi…
    In my opinion…mavs got a big chance…to win it all
    Reduce TO and keep on working this hard….the half court defense is great!

    • LOL at comment says:

      MAvs defense did NOTHING. All the mavs did is capitalize on the HEATS mistakes, poor shot choices and poor playmaking choices.

      Thats how the Mavs won. Not their defense.

      Watch the last 7 minutes again and learn a thing or two about basketball.

      • wow says:

        they forced those bad shot selections by hedging the picks hard and keepin them out the paint which exposed the heats lack of a halfcourt offense. and u can say thats how the heat got their lead off of Mavs mistakes not the heat defense

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        You must not be watching the game very closely …

        By the way, so Heat made mistakes on offense in 4Q and Mavs DID NOT!!!

        Oh … WHERE DID THAT SHUTDOWN D of Miami go in the 4Q?


        You Heat fans talked SOOOOOOOOO much trash before the series … Now its COMING BACK!!!!

      • Nate says:

        So you’re saying that the Mavs didn’t have any mistakes? They had so many unnecessary turnovers that led to Miami dunks and layups, whether if it’s from good Defense from Miami or because of their own mistakes. It’s all part of the game. You take those turnovers away and the Heat would’ve been down by at least 10 pts. But according to you only the Heat’s mistakes can count as excuses…. You need to watch the entire game again and learn a thing or two about basketball.

      • al - respect the game says:

        ill learn while we keep our W. :))

    • al - respect the game says:

      EXCELLENT point of view. thats actually accurate. dallas dominated but miami made runs. period. so all the mavs did like u said was reset their D.

  128. Joe buck says:

    This was a great comeback by the Mavs, no one thought they could win this game when they were down by 15. They believed in themselves when everyone thought the game was over. They had Marion keep them in the game when everyone was playing poorly, and Dirk came up big down the stretch. These are not the same Mavs and will not go away quietly, game 3 is going to be crazy can’t wait.

  129. james Yap says:

    I have no Dought in Dirk that is why he is part of the top Power forwrd …..

  130. jay says:

    Wow !! that was awesome.. TC had been a great factor for this game!

  131. Gulp says:

    I think this will be the run through of the series. games 2,3,5 and 6 for the Mavs. go on HeATERS. let’s see what will happen.

  132. MarkMyWords says:

    Remember this day. HEAT will win game 3 on Sunday.

  133. cHEATers says:

    That was a great game. I was on the edge of my seat and the MAVS deserve that W. I have no complaints with Heat players celebrating after every play because it ignites the MAVS to play better. All and all, Heat are the more talented and better team but as you may know the truth, Dan Gilbert vowed that LeBron will not win a championship before the CAVS so LeBron has to wait his turn in line. I am def. forreal about that. Gilbert is paying off the entire league. LOL

  134. Johnny says:

    Come on now we all know the Heat lost this game on purpose.They have the best player in the league and LeBron James.Whoever thinks the Heat will really lose while up 15 in the 4th quarter is crazy.Having Chris Bosh to guard Dirk on the last posession was also done purposely.And if you think Dwayne Wade couldn’t have hit that last halfcourt leaner for the win is also crazy.THEY LOST ON PURPOSE.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      WOW … Talk about DENIAL!!!!

      Wade would miss that last shot 9 times out of 10, because he is just hucking it up.

      You think Lebron would give away a Finals game with all the pressure on him to win?
      If they gave away a game then the whole thing must be rigged because THEY WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!


    • al - respect the game says:


    • korver261 says:

      @ johnny, first of all, there is no possible way the heat lost this game on purpose, immature as they are (lebron especially), even they know that you do not ever purposely lose a game, especially in the finals, second, as bad of a decision as it was they did put bosh on dirk, but it didnt matter who they had on him, when dirk gets hot no one will stop him, third, wade didnt really have a choice he almost had to jack up that halfcourt shot, lastly, oh yes they did really lose when they were up by 15 and they did not throw that game, just yet another excuse by a sour miami fan, the mavs outplayed them in the end, unlike in game 1, series tied up going to dallas, i cant stand lebron and i dont want to see him win a single ring, mavs in 6

  135. Jake says:

    Where are all the Heat fans who predicted a sweep, or Miami winning in 5? It’s funny how one game (or even six minutes of one game) changes things.

  136. chris says:

    Honestly as a Heat fan, I’m not concerned about this loss. Clearly yesterday the heat beat themselves, they were celebrating too early and went cold. I give credit to the mavs to capitalizing on that. We already beat the celtics and the bulls and the lakers are out, some I’m good already. Beat the mavs will be the cherry on top of the cake. HEAT in 6!

    • MAC says:

      I totally agree with you. Everyone is in panic mode like its a big deal. These guys are professionals and not to mention superstars. They know what they did wrong and are kicking themselves right now because of it. There will be plenty of adjustments they will make because of this game. That comeback from Dallas was good, but a blind man can see that the Heat let up a little bit and got too relaxed, which cost them big time. They started settling for too many jumpshots in the end. This is a series that will go to 6 games, with Miami winning it all.

    • GO MAVS says:

      naw the heat didnt beat themselves. even though they got cocky with 7 mins left in the game. dallas just had an epic run both defensively and offensively. dont discredit the mavs for that. c’man man why would the heat want to beat themselves especially in the finals?

      • MAC says:

        I dont think anyone is discrediting the MAVS or anything..I just think its apart of admitting that the Heat broke down in that 4th quarter stretch. When the Heat win, nobody gives credit to their defense at all. Its just “oh they (whoever they play) had a bad shooting game”. You dont see Heat fans complaining about that now do you? Just take the victory and be glad.

  137. cloyzeppelin says:

    dallas should work hard,,, very hard for game 3,, i think the heat dominated them throughout, its just the heat celebrated too much and lost focus on the game,,and them dallas got lucky on the basket,, hope dallas gain much confidence in beating heat in game 3, this will be a very very tough match for dallas,, i hope dallas can win this series although i know there are the underdogs, but this time is there best chance to win because of aging roster, hope mavs win,

    • al - respect the game says:

      dude, miami did not dominate the game. the dominated parts of the third quarter. thats it. dallas was up all first half and miami just made a run to tie it at the half. and even when they went up 15, it happened in like 3 mins. then mavs came right back. simple

  138. Jan says:

    This Heat Team would have been eaten alive by any Bulls Championship Team of the 90s. Scottie Pippen was a better player than both James and Wade will ever be. And he was just the second best player of the Bulls. Well its an entertaining series so far, but no matter who wins this series, this team will rank quite low/weak compared to a lot of other historic championship teams.

    • GO MAVS says:

      scottie pippen was not greater than lebron or dwade. but i agree with u that the ’90s bulls would eat this heat team alive.

  139. arbz says:

    woooh! very nice comeback from Dallas Mavericks!!! Hey Scottie Pippen i think you owe Michael Jordan an apology for saying that LeBron is more complete player than MJ. why? because MJ will not celebrate and disrespect the opponents whenever the game is still on and another thing is that MJ will not let a big lead fall out of his hands. Yes, Dirk is a great player probably one of the best, dallas has great players maybe not the best but they are working as a functional unit. I hate LeBron because he is great talent BUT he is so immature, in the philippines he can be called “MAYABANG” or someone that thinks too much or should i say way much of his self!! I admit he is great but I think he is still not worthy to win the Championship yet…

  140. Patrick says:

    Lebron has the answer, but in such a chess play we never know what is going to happen, both team are splendid, it’s a great moment of basket ball. Nowitski is an incredible player at free throw, so what to do against that player. Shaq was attacked much more and I wonder why he didn’t want to work harder on three throw line.

  141. JJ says:

    For me, the moment that catches what this game was about was the Heat’s last possession. 3.6 seconds should be ample time for such an explosive team to get upcourt. Instead LBJ weakly and purposelessly dribbles a couple of times, then limply hands the rock over to Wade praying that DW will pull some miracle shot.
    LBJ, DW, in 3 seconds they get to the paint and draw a foul, go to OT. “Best closers in the game” indeed!

  142. Nomer says:

    Heat does the same thing last 2006… They love it and now they taste it and i know they hate it but the mavs love it so much and i hope they can finish GO HATERS

  143. Dave says:

    I beg to disagree. The lost is not because of the Heat celebrating early, but because Lebron started thinking only of Lebron again. It’s SELFISHNESS rearing its ugly head once again…

    • underdog says:

      Partly the celebration also coz the Mavz got pumped up… and ur correct in that also… Lebron’s selfishness cost the TEAM… they should have given the ball to wade the hot hand and let james just be the facilitator

  144. Panaka says:

    Brewer should be added to the rotation instead of Stojakovic… If Carlisle can afford Cardinal play 1 minute he should give Brewer at least 5-6 min… He is a pretty solid defender with long arms… whenever marion comes to the bench mavs start to give away easy hoops… and marion will be more and more tired in every single game (he’s a veteran afterall)… Carlisle please let brewer play instead of Peja!!

    • STFU_ALL says:

      I am an offensive minded guy…. so i like Peja over brewer, so if heat scores 99, mavs will win if they score a hundred. Peja can spread the floor. remember how quick his 3 pointers are… i like having kid peja marion nowitzki and chandler on the floor…

    • al - respect the game says:

      naa. they need peja to spead the floor. brewer cant do that.

  145. Andrew says:

    the heat are gonna take game 3 6 and 7 and bring the ship back to miami


  146. Tim@Miami says:

    SPO gifted the game. Why do you keep the hottest shooter of the night Bibby on the bench? 4/7 on three points and keep Chalmer in the game 1/6 on threes. Ohh how about last second mistakes ? You have a foul to give and you let Dallas to use almost all their time and make the easiest drive in the game. SPO You made the last mistake last season agains Boston and let Paul to use full 12 seconds while you had a foul to give. Why do you put Bosh on Dirk, Not HASLEM, WHY donot you double team Dirk as soon as he got the ball. SPO IS THE WORST COACH EVER!

    • HeatWave says:

      Yeah that was really strange how they didn’t use their last foul. Lot of other things too. We’ll see how this plays out Sunday but I’m still saying Miami in six. They did steal two home games from the Bulls who to me have a more rowdy crowd than Dallas.

      • underdog says:

        that’s Chicago though not the Mavz wherein they only need to guard Rose and everything would fall into place… Dallas is a different though I don’t think the Mavz can sweep Heat in their home… I’m 50/50 in this series they’re evenly matched… I want the heat to lose though hehe… self proclaimed King does not deserve a ring…

      • al - respect the game says:

        HEATWAVE!!!!!!! there u are buddy. i told u two days ago to watch out for today and not to punk out bt not showing up. glad to see u here buddy. all that arrogant talk about the heat men what happenned to ur boys. could soeone tell them its a 48 min game

    • underdog says:

      they should have not been in the finals if Spo’s coaching is bad… if you have that squad, 2 players dominating the ball and they’re no even point guards… 3 players and the rest just bystanders because management cannot afford money to get quality players… Spo’s defensive strategy has served well in this playoffs coz if not for that, they wouldn’t be in the finals… throw in Mike de Antoni on that bench and let’s see if tje Heat could get the success they have now… that was just Heat players having poor execution that cost them the game… and mostly the premature celebration that started even before the season began

  147. Matt says:

    No actually, the Mavs beat the Heat. You heat fans can make all the excuses that you want, end of the day, Mavs capitalized on poor decisions, Mavs made good decisions, that means Mavs beat them out. That’s what you do in any sport, you see an opportunity to go after the jugular. Was oh so nice watching the Heat bleed to death there.

  148. Darrel Chan says:

    HERE COMES THE MAVS LEts win BACK SOMETHING that we miss 5 years ago

  149. NowitzkiFans says:

    To u all Dallas Fans!!
    The ring ,absolutely!! we already know that the mavs will beat the heat!!
    Go mavs!!

  150. Too much on 3’s under 7 minutes remaining. 0 out of 5 to be exact. Lebron should use his height and quickness against the aging Shawn Marion to drive strong to the basket and fish some fouls.

    The disease of the Miami Heat is being too confident. I am a Heat fan, they do these many times in the regular season up by double digit lead then loose at the end of the regulation namely against Orlando and Knicks,

    LeBron, Wade and Bosh should go strong to the basket and not make too many outside shots if your team needs badly to score. This is the NBA Finals, this is where the Man are separated from the Boys.

    To LeBron: Win Now or this will be the End of your NBA Career. It’s possible to WIN game 3, 4 & 5 even if it is in Dallas.

    I will watch Game 3 this comming Monday beacaus its Holiday here in Korea.

    Go LeBron! Go Heat!

  151. lose miami says:

    That celebration that james and wade did pretty much cost them the game. They’ve celebrated every series, its about time a team took it personal. Mavs have the momentum and i think its gonna be extremely difficult for miami to win a game in dallas. Go mavs.

  152. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    lebron was controlling the ball afer that timeout and they ran the same plays until it was down to 2 points.
    1. how can you takke the ball out of d wade hands if he is feeling it
    2.why settle for threes when you’re up 15
    3. lebron wasn’t aggressive and i feel he wanted to be the player of the game or atleast clutch bcuz that is not like us but great job dallas
    and on a night where mike bibby stepped up coach spo poor coaching too many timeouts

    dirk is the best clutch player in this series but our guys are quite capable his shoots are automatic. but still go heat they needed this to wake up and stop thinking you’re too great and be great

  153. MIA - OKC says:

    Well, even though Miami did not win, that was an amazing game. I give it up to Dallas, they pulled an impossible run to win. Like I said, I really see this series going to 7. These two are too good. Interestingly, the mavs are almost in the exact situation the Heat were in in 2006, except the Mavs have won in Miami. Now Miami has to win two in Dallas, whch will be extremely hard. and the celebration in my opinion was way to soon to. What was that by Lebron anyway. lol

    • Heat ALL Day says:

      What are you talking about? They only need **1** win in Dallas to take back homecourt cant you count? Maybe 2 of course to be comfortable up 3-2 instead of down 3-2 going back to Miami. But the Heat only need 1 game in Dallas.

      Which they WILL get. If anyone thinks their sweeping all 3 games in Dallas along with this last one to make it 4 straight, are nothing but DELUSIONAL.

      • al - respect the game says:

        u missing the point. if heat win only one then they face elimination in games 6 and 7. thats a lot of pressue and i dont see dallas losing both games.

    • Nate says:

      Yeah, Miami surely did celebrate too soon. They started celebrating before the season even started. Guess it’s a habit of theirs.

    • underdog says:

      that is why Lebron should not win a ring… his ego… his incompetetiveness… and lack of humility is irritating… his all around skills though is admirable but him winning a ring is bad for the next generation of players

    • mvp says:

      to miami fans…stop making excuses..haha! you just cant accept that you lost… what a heartbreak ha…ouch! IN YOUR FACE! hahaha!

      • Rayo_Mortal says:

        i totally agree with you ….but the world right now is so twisted that the heat is going to win…
        i hop GOD do someting to stop this for the good of our children and youth….

  154. Paul says:

    Mavs made a run, but have been huge offensively throughout the playoffs, until their drought beginning second half of game 1 in the finals which ended by the 4th quarter in game 2 finals.
    Look for Dallas to continue to set plays and make scores the next 3 games and watch Miami start fouling more in a desperate attempt to not allow any more Dallas runs. Miami’s defense will still have moments, but they will also get into foul trouble and look confused at many times, as Bosh was on Dirk’s final play for example.
    If TC can play the same defense and wet the same screens as he did in the 4th quarter of game 2, Miami will have to count on making their jump shots while at the same time switching often on defense – something Bosh is very weak at and always was his weak spot with the Raptors.

  155. HATERS says:

    Its funny how when the HEAT lose, they give credit to the other team for playing awesome.

    When the HEAT wins, its whatever the opposing team did wrong.

    ITs been like this the whole playoffs.

  156. HEAT vs Mavs says:

    The only team that beat the HEAT yesterday was, the HEAT.

    Mavs fans, enjoy this for the next 2 days because you have something coming for you if you really think that the HEAT will lose 4 straight games in the playoffs/NBA Finals.

    The HEAT made costly mistakes and played poorly in the last 7 minutes. This game should have been won by the HEAT. All the mavs did was capitilze on the HEATS mistakes.

    Let me refresh your memories. Every time the HEAT have lost in the playoffs, against ALL of their teams, they have come back to win it all. They take their losses, which were all demoralizing and lesson learners, fix their mistakes and have come back with a vengeance to win a series in 5 games.

    Dont get to happy yet.

    • underdog says:

      as if the Mavz hasn’t done that in the playoffs also… let me refresh your memory too they both have only 3 losses when they came to this series… both have double digit lead comebacks… the Mavz swept the defending champs… the Heat bulldozed their way to an injury ridden Celtics team with a one-arm point guard and a young bulls squad with only one legitimate scorer… with that said I think the Mavz path to the finals was even more impressive than the Heat’s so don’t use the past wins as a barometer of what would happen… this Teams are evenly matched and the Mavz just taught the heat a lesson… Capitalizing on opponents mistakes is also a skill in any Game… the Heat we’re doing that in the before 7min left in the 4th quarter… just a lame excuse of yours… the Heat lost just accept it

      • al - respect the game says:

        arrogant just like ur team. thats the same atitude that cost them the game. SAD fan 😦

  157. Gulp says:

    LOL @ 0HITMAN6’s post. that sucks. may i remind you people who joined the bandwagon that there is no such thing as LUCK in basketball. the Miami cHeat celebrated too early and didn’t humble theirselves and thought they’re going to win… so….. SHABAM.

    • LOL says:

      Miami cHeat lol. i like that. im guessing u watched them played against the bulls. miami stays in the game by their free throws and fastbreak points. but their halfcourt really do suck haha. once they stop acting out fouls and complaining to the refs they would be getting blowned out. miami heat fans should give credit to the refs.

  158. Heat Fan says:

    Heat are FINE and will be back with a VENGEANCE. Bron and Wade will NOT make the jumpshooting mistake at the end of the game again.

    • dirkman says:

      they do that everytime you heat fans don’t realize cause they sometimes hit these absurd shots to close out some games, but there offence in general in the halfcourt is so bad it makes me sick.

      • wow says:

        yea i agree its like set a pick for lebron or d-wade and clear out or let them go 1 on 1.

  159. Eastone says:

    It’s another great comeback by the mavs. it was a very good game. dirk made big plays and redeemed themselves from the game 1 loss. go mavs.. it’s time for dirk and the mavs to have a ring..

  160. watcher says:

    Incredibly, Miami’s 1/11 performance in the last 7 minutes of the game is better than the Heat have performed in clutch situations the whole season long. The Mavs aint Chicago. And the Heat arent 90’s Bulls or naughties Lakers or Spurs. I don’t anticipate a Cleveland style 26 game losing streak, but that loss will eat them up, and has killed any momentum the team has had throughout the playoffs. Mavs smell blood and its 3 games in Texas.

    • HEAT vs Mavs says:

      3 games in texas and two in Miami.

      You seriously think the HEAT will lose 3 straight?

      • Mavs4Cavs says:

        No the HEAT will win 1 in Dallas and then looses the Championship in their home court in front of their fans. MAVS will humiliate the HEAT. That is for the CAVALIER Fans!!!

      • Frias says:

        Accept it dude.. The Mavs played as a team not like heat playing with just 3 guys..
        WAKE UP! 1 -1 baby..

      • al - respect the game says:

        it can happen

      • STFU_ALL says:

        Have you ever played basketball in someones homecourt? if you didn’t then i understand why you comment that way….. its not impossible but it will be HARD!

      • LOL says:

        and do u really think the heat will beat the mavs? u should feel lucky theyre in the finals when its supposed to be the bulls. the refs just probably hate the bulls or something. anyways, just dont hurt yourself when the mavs dominate the heat in the next 3 games.

  161. TRIBINSKI says:

    Heat fans keep dreaming whole day and whole night coz its all FREE…Do you think Mavs will give Miami a chance.. Not in our home baby maybe in your dreams.

  162. MAVSFAN says:

    Can Van Gundy be more in love with LeBron —- SUCK IT VAN GUNDY your boy lost : – ))))


    • al - respect the game says:

      hahaha i know. and funny too, at the 6 or 7 min mark, when heat were up by 15, vangundy said “and remember dallas came back on the thunder team when they were down but unfortunately, this is a much better team” i bet he is eating those words now.

  163. Jim says:

    When Miami decided to resort to shooting jumpshots/3 ptrs with less than 6 min left, they allowed Dallas to get back in the game. I think Labron let the clock run down to 3 sec twice and took off balance 3 pt shots. Mental breakdown…not defense from Dallas.

    • HEAT vs Mavs says:

      Exactly. Poor choices by Lebron and company. which lead to Mavericks capitalizing on their mistakes.

      The HEAT beat the HEAT last night. NOT the Mavs.

      • underdog says:

        another lame excuse… I can’t say that that the Mavz would win this series coz they are evenly matched… your excuse goes both ways because mavz fans would also say the Mavz beat the Mavz for their bench not shooting well… the Heat is not dominating the Mavz IMO they are evenly matched… this comeback just proved that… give Mavz the credit for capitalizing on Heat’s mistakes same thing as We true basketball also give credit for the Heat caplitalizing in Mavz mistakes… that was a great win one of the BEST playoff games I’ve ever watched..:)

      • Nate says:

        Please!!!!! the Heat beat the Heat last night???? Give me a break, looks like someone is in denial. I didn’t see the Heat score 20 pts for Dallas last night… What I saw was Good execution from Dallas and bad execution from the Heat the last 6 mins. Don’t give excuses for Miami’s poor execution at the end. Give credit where credit is due, Mavs out played the Heat the last 6 mins plain and simple.

      • King K.A says:

        I’m with you 100% on that. The Mavs executed when it counted most but, the untimely collapse of heat basketball cost them this game. It wasn’t because the Mavs are used to coming back from big deficits that they won, it was because the heat strayed away from what they do best (which is attacking the rim and shooting free-throws) and instead; tried to input a daggar three to cut off the bleeding. Though, it has served them well in these play-offs (mainly LBJ) it doesn’t always fall when you need it to. I still believe that the heat will take this series in 6, I just didn’t think that one of the Mavs’ win would be in South Beach.

      • beat the heat!!! says:

        If the heat beat the heat last night, then it can happen again and again and again.. Mavs in 5 🙂

      • al - respect the game says:

        lol. no one is arguing that with with u buddy. but guess which team gets the W? thats right. the mavs, so heat beat the heat… ok. point taken, but we’ll get the W. good analysis tho. :))))

      • drew says:

        You’re ignorant. The Heat didn’t score the Mav’s points – the Mavs did. If you are gonna start celebrating with 7 minutes remaining and just turn it off. Our team has not been playing Mav basketball and we still took home court from you guys. Sorry Heat fans, but you’re going to half to earn this one. Better hope our bench doesn’t start producing like they have been or it’ll be Mavs in 5.

      • Law064 says:

        @Heat vs Mavs STFU they lost a game big deal get over it dude it’s 1 game. Blame Lebron for shooting 3’s and long jumpshots. @Jim your right Lebron was making those shots in the 1st half holding the ball and the shot clock was down and he step back and shoot and he hit some but he wasn’t making those shots late in the 4th. Stop making excuses saying they beat themselves cause they were supposed to win that game but let it slip away. They failed to score as Dallas did in game 1 so it goes both ways. Good luck to both teams in game 3

    • Tim@Miami says:

      How about Spo keeping Bibby on the bench 4/7 on three points and letting Chalmer play 1/6 three point shooting. The biggest failure of the night. Chalmer, and Spo killed us. Why do you think Dallas did not cover chalmer in his last three.. He was 0/5 on three point line.

    • shhh says:

      did the referee awarded automatic points to dallas when your heat missed or made bad plays?!


      dallas still needs to make plays and shot the ball to the rim and through the net, and they did.

      “Mental breakdown…not defense from Dallas.” – your probably right, dallas defense wasn’t that great… but when dallas saw the opportunity to comeback, we did… mental breakdown or not… heat lost.

    • Narrew says:

      When Miami “DECIDED” to resort to shooting jumpshots/3 ptrs ? Why do you think they decided that? How does that even make any sense? They started shooting jumpers because the Mavs defense/the Heat’s poor execution forced them to.

  164. deron says:

    Miami demoralizes teams. Dallas played great team defense in the first half, and Wade & James hit bad shot after bad shot………That was the first 40 minutes, Miami’s poor half-court offense caught up to them in the last 5 minutes. Dirk played like crap for most of the game, then he stepped up big time!

  165. HeatVsMavs says:

    The only team to beat the HEAT on Thursday night was…The HEAT.

    I will give the mavs no credit. The HEAT simply blew that game and handed it to the mavs.

    Mark my words mavs fans. There is NO WAY the HEAT will lose 3 straight on the road. So far, in every game in the playoffs Miami has lost once, learned, regrouped and have come back with a vengeance.

    • Gibbs says:

      What the Heat need to learn is a little humility. Wade celebrating like that Lebron show boating after every dunk is a disgrace. MAVS have got this and deservidly so, they are much better human beings then Heat and deserve it more.

      • Erik says:


      • Heat Fan says:

        No they arent? hahah. Their so much better human beings. What an idiot Lebron and Wade are good dudes. Hey what about Jason Terrys “airplanes” that he does all the dam time anymore? THOSE are always ok though right? Please. THe celebrating was fine. They simply took WAY too many jumpshots, and 3’s, because they were just tryin to knock em out then, instead of just driving the ball.

        Whoever thinks Dallas is going to win the next 3 straight games, to make it 4 in a row, is SEVERELY mistaken. The Heat still DOMINATED this team when its head was on straight. The mavs cant beat the Heat in a series. They can win a game like this when the Heat stop playing because they thought they won it a lil too early, but thats its.

        Heat in 6 STILL LOL

      • Nate says:

        OK, when the Heat won the first game, all the Heat fans were telling Mavs fans to stop making up excuses. Now that the Mavs won, Heat fans are making the same excuses….. Please!!!!! Game 1, Heat out played the Mavs, Game 2, Heat celebrated too early again, like they always do, and choked the last 6 mins, Dallas had a unbelievable comeback and won, stop with all the excuses, It is what it is.

    • krp29t says:

      you give the Mavs no credit, are you kidding? The Mavs defense showed up and the Heat could not do anything. The heat settled for 3’s and thought they will win like that. Mavs get all the credit for having a terrible game and coming back to win. As for the Heat only losing 1 gamer per series, you make it seem like if dallas were losing every game, remember we swept the defending champs. Dallas only lost 4 games in the playoffs, and I think the Heat lost 4 as well, so dont think its going to be an easy series. Mavs in 6

    • Tim@Miami says:

      SPO is the one gifted the ame. Why do you keep Bibby on the bench while he hit 4/7 on threes and you put Chalmer in 1/6 threes. Why do you think Chalmer was wide open on his three. Because he was not playing well, Mav’s coach knoew it but Spo was sleeping. Bibby 14 points in 20 min Chalmer 25 min 6 poin 1/6 on three points.
      Do not want to mention about last 24 seconds, you have to work for Mavs to play that 24 seconds. 1- You have foul to give and you let Mavs to use almost 24 second.STUPID – 2- Bosh covering Dirk – STUPID 3- Not double teaming Dirk when he got the ball STUPID. I knew Miami was going to lose, it was on my text msg logs. SPO is the worst coach in best team. He only coached properly on Bulls series after receiving 16 paage game plan from Riley. Miami Heat played bad on first game too. Thanks to James and Wade do not not show how bad Spo’s coachin is. The guy ddoes not have clue and he does not learn. He did same mistakes last year against Boston by not fouling in last 12 sec to Paul.

      • Rich says:

        SPO’s fault again and Bibby’s getting benched ?! You’ve been pointing that out like 20 times already but you’re clearly mistaken. are you Bib’s bitch ? LOL.

      • Zeradius says:

        Rich, thats extremely funny. Especially as he was apparently not watching the game. It’s pretty obvious he wasn’t because to say something such as “why do you think Chalmers was left wide open like that” he could not have been. Did he realize that Mike Bibby was left wide open on all of his three’s? hahahahahaha. Dude’s been an atrocious 25% from the field, let alone the 3 point line this playoffs.Brian Cardinal didnt get the memo to leave him wide open though, so he poked him in the eye on his fourth three, lol

    • saywhat says:

      Just another heat fan telling himself things to make himself feel better, Priceless.

    • al - respect the game says:

      they havnt run into the mavs yet buddy. just watch out. the heat are a lil anxious now cause dallas has tasted the feeling of a victory and are going for the kill.

    • shhh says:

      come on… even if heat played bad offense and defense late in the fourth, mavs still cannot win the game if they’re not making shots. but they did.

      you’re right, it is highly unlikely for the heat to lose 3 straight games in dallas. but that’s a story for sunday, tuesday and thursday…

      fact is, we stole game 2 from you. what will happen in the next few days remains to be seen.

    • hahaHeat says:

      Dude I’d definitely give Mavs a ton of credit. And I’m not even a Mavs fan. All I witnessed yesterday was that the Heat are arrogant and lose their temper. The Mavs fought it out to the end and remained composed. Even if the Heat win, I just can’t respect the Heat. All that pompousness is, for a lack of a better word, disgusting. I just hope the Mavs win cause they don’t complain and never give up. They definitely deserve it more than the heat.

    • STFU_ALL says:

      They Better not LOSE all 3 GAMES on the ROAD or else they will MEET THEIR MAKERS!

      MARK THOSE WORDS HEAT FANS….. and btw, as of game 2…. your HEAT GOT BURNEDDDDDD!!!

    • HeatWave says:

      I agree that the Heat beat themselves. I give Dirk credit for that 3. I’m more convinced that this will be a 7 game series now vs Dallas taking the next three.

      • STFU_ALL says:

        IF DALLAS takes the next three did you really think it will reach game 7? seriously? are you even thinking?

      • WhiningMakesUsFeelBetter says:

        Try and read his entire comment and think it through before you just insult him child. Heatwave said he’s more convinced it will be a 7 game series “VS” dallas winning the next 3. If that is too hard for you to understand imagine the “VS” being “instead of”. Please take the time to think about what other people are saying before you just ridicule them for no reason. Some maturity please child.

      • STFU_ALL says:

        OH pleaseeee stop whining…. you should read it again and again and again…. Did “DALLAS TAKING THE NEXT THREE” mean dallas would be losing 1 game on their homecourt???? SERIOUSLY?? BEfore you reply. KNOW YOUR PLACE.

        VERSUS INSTEAD OF, it never sounds the same, THE ARGUMENT IS WAY TO FAR>….. so please, if im a child.. omfg… what ind of an adult are you

    • Law064 says:

      Well to give them NO credit is very silly. I have to agree that the Heat beat themselves in some way. Poor shot selection is the bottom line but you must give the Mavs credit for not giving up. They made shots like Miami did in the 4th qt in game 1. They really were breaking Miami’s D down but was missing shots early. The Mavs can play better, and if they were making the open shots they would’ve been up at the half. The Wade putback was clearly offensive goaltending so give the Mavs credit. They came back and took the game, because Miami really gave it to them.Not by choice though. Game 3 will be good good luck to both teams.

    • Rayo_Mortal says:

      The Cryami Heat is so good that they beat themselves…same old s…h…i…t…

    • LOL says:

      its really funny reading a li’l 10 yr old kid crying and making excuses. the heat didnt blew it. there was nothing they can do against dirk in the final 6 mins. why would the heat just hand out a win in the finals? expect game 3 to be more physical and compalints for the heat because they will be going on a desperate run like they did with the bulls. watch for lebaby/bosh/wade drawing fouls that never were.

    • sbfern805 says:

      All i have to say is that all this nonsense about Dallas cannot beat the Heat in a seven game series. How the heck does someone come to that conclusion? think about it? Has Miami proven anything yet? has Dallas? so far, Dallas has played stronger teams (lakers and thunder) and not only have beat the thunder in 5 games, but more convincingly KILLED the defending champions ( yeah same team everyone thought was heading for a fourth finals) Dallas proved it can play team basketball and both games were close. Miami DID NOT DOMINATE either of the two games. I dont know if people just see the scores and then comment here, but Dallas at most was down by 5 in the whole game. You have to foul towards the end because of time winding down. Dallas did not dominate Miami either. What i saw is two very close games in which Dallas managed to win one. Now that Dallas has homecourt advantage, thwy will have to win games 3, 4, and 5 or else Miami will mostlikely force a game seven to their advantage. But there is no sense in saying Miami is clearly the Better team because so far they have not shown to be. Now Dallas is in control and will remain there until Miami wins one away. Dallas did their part and so far that makes them favorites.

  166. Mr Basketball says:

    The Mavs have done this in every series. The Lakers, Thunder series; now Miami. They pick up momentum after these miraculous comebacks. We might have to label them the Comeback Kids. Or, should I say; the Comeback Men. Unbelievable!

  167. Heat Hater says:

    James/Wade/Bosh- it took them 39.5mins to celebrate
    Mavs- it took them 24secs to finish the game.. Hahahahaha!

  168. NbaLover says:

    This loss hurts a lot. The Mavs deserve to win this game because they did not stop playing the game even though they were down by 15. Hope Miami learned a lesson from this game. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, so next game, go for the kill instead of celebrating an early lead. Let’s go Heat!!!

    • shhh says:

      rep for you for not making an excuse for this loss.

      this will be an exciting series.
      honestly, i’m not very optimistic we can sweep the 3 games at home.
      i believe we will be going back at miami.
      well whatever it is, i hope mavs will come through… good luck to your team.

      • WhiningMakesUsFeelBetter says:

        Great NBA fan right here!!!! Game 1 and 2 were great though 2 a bit more exciting for me (maybe I’m biased a bit) and I hope the rest of the series is just as great. It was definitely a depressing loss for miami but we’ll have to see how they bounce back, just the same we’ll have to see if dallas can keep momentum at home. Should be a great game Sunday!

      • knucklebiter says:

        I think he’s one of the only genuine heat fans i’ve seen…

  169. 0HITMAN6 says:

    For me that was pure luck by the mavs. the way mavs played from game 1-2 was a no matc by the heat.they just got lucky on that last 6mins..but i bet miami can still win the series.the way the heat dominated them.. go heat burn the mavs at dallas soil.

    • underdog says:

      hahaha… what are you a 3-year old? such lame excuses… do you know how hard it is to come back from a 15point deficit in an NBA game and against this Heat team with superb defense and supposedly top-notch offense given they have 2 of the best players in the NBA right now… that is not luck, that is pure heart… pure will… Wade have it and Lebron doesn’t have that… the will and the heart, LBJ only knows how to quit and hope his next run would be easier…too bad wade got fatigued by the pace of the game and with much effort to lift the heat

    • charles says:

      OHITMAN a 22 -5 run is no way lucky. Your heats had this game but our Mavs aint no punks and they aint soft despite what the rest of the NBA world thinks. So by your estimation I guess you would say they 3 other times they Mavs came back from behind by a 10+ decefit was luck too? That’s not luck that reslience and being focused, if you ask me D. Wade still thinks he’s playing the same Mavs that lost to him in 06, well you need to tell him to get a clue because this is not that team.

    • saywhat says:

      luck? thats why they have came back 4 times beeing down double digits… i dont think so.
      they just don’t give up.

    • al - respect the game says:

      really. who dominated the 1st halves for games 1 and 2. dude, dallas owned them evn in game 1. heat just closed it out thats all. and gaem 2, dallas kept pushing and lo and behold, a W. wow what a win. i know iam talking out of my head here but hopefully we dont have to come back to miami.

    • Rich says:

      We can’t deny that the element of luck also contributes to the outcome of the game.
      The only difference is the Heat has to be lucky all day to win games. The MAVS only has to be lucky in a 6 minute spurts.

      • HC says:

        actually its not luck. Mavs is just a super streaky team (being a shooting team). Therefore, these playoffs, u see them going on many runs and giving up plenty of big leads as well. Its just the characteristic of a streaky shooting team buddies. Go MAVS

  170. ekusonas says:

    That was a good come from behind win.. we now have a finals series… Dwade and Lebron had huge plays but they failed to finish the game.. they celebrated too early…

  171. jongvideos says:

    This is the best Playoff / Finals game ever!

  172. watcher says:

    Ahhahaha. Epic stuff.The Heat just got Dirked on.

  173. TRIBINSKI says:

    Now Miami fans what can you say about Dirk Nowitzki? whos the best clutch in this series?

    Miami fans we all WITNESS!!!!!!

    • shhh says:

      don’t go overboard there.
      let’s leave cockiness and premature celebration to the head.

      we stole game 2, that’s it. it’s a tied series, it still can go either way.
      i’m not very optimistic getting all 3 games at home, but i’m hoping…

      i hope j. kidd will come through and support everyone.

    • yhun41 says:

      nice men miami heat stroke no one can stop dirk

    • MAC says:

      Was that Game 7? You are sure acting like it. Dirk will get his..Everyone knows that..

  174. TheQuick says:

    its a tough loss for the heat, but i think heat will still win the series heat in 5 or 6

  175. ren_justin says:

    i like the way coach spoelstra made that play to tie at 93 all. it’s kinda legendary. haha. go dallas! its epic game 2

  176. Told yaaaaaa says:

    This is Mavs Basketball, baby! A lot of Turnovers, but the fast pace of the Game was huge in the End. LeBron cant play 45 mins with this pace like in Game 1. Dirk is Top 10 all time, like all Mavs-Fans already know and other people have to get. Dirks screaming at the JET was hillarious after he let Chalmers all alone there at the end. These kind of mistakes r typical for the JET, but his craziness also helps a lot. TC was BIG tonight, Dirk and TC both r men of the match.

  177. allaround baller says:


  178. markwonder says:

    Pre-mature celebration of the heat cost them the game.

  179. Kidd Gideon says:

    Trully a comeback of ALL ages! Whether Wades & Lebrons celebration ignited the MAVS or not is irrelevant here. I go back to Sekous blog and that which matters is that this Dallas MAVERICKS are a diffrent team. They may not have such a superb star power but they have an extremely superb confidence and ‘gut’ power.
    I beleive thats the difference maker and until other teams respect such attributes its going to be – ‘Same Scripts Different Scenes’.
    Proud of you MAVS- especially Dirk. Keep it up guys.

  180. OzHeatFan says:

    Brilliant comeback for Dallas… such will to never back down.. That’s something Miami can learn from.

    If Miami lose this series… that will be stuck in their minds for a long.. long offseason..

    As we all know Dallas has a history this post season of coming back to win from double digit deficits…

    Lets see if the Heat can steal one back in Dallas… *fingers crossed*

    IMO. for Miami, too many stupid 3 point attempts in the 4th, giving Bosh too many shots in the 4th when he clearly didn’t have the goods this game. Everything else they did was pretty good.

    • Tim@Miami says:

      SPO gifted the game. Bibby 4/7 on threes stayed on the bench 24 min. Chalmer played 25 min 1/6 – I knew we were going to lose. I have my text msgs to my friend complaining about Spo. If you did not see what was coming then you are blind.

      • Rich says:

        Who cares about your text messages ? Bibby stayed on the bench because he can’t defend well. Mario is both a scorer and a good defender. Mario all day. Bibby was dropping shots he’s not suppose to make, he got lucky.

  181. Patrick says:

    Mav’s are not good yet.
    Terry was terrible sometimes, he lost so much ball, and the rest of the team missed many easy buckets… I wonder how they won.
    Nowitski was Nowitski, not a super Nowitski, but he was there again to do the things he used to do.
    In conclusion I think Mav’s can play much better,

    • Rich says:

      Once they find a way to limit their turnovers, it will be easier for them to beat the Heat. Heat won game #1 because their long range worked, even miraculously in at least 3 different occasions. WIthout those Js, even with their individual athleticism, if you have Chandler on the paint it will be hard for the Heat to drive. It was the turn-overs and the resulting transition baskets that are killing the MAVS.

  182. msfreethinker says:

    This was a sweet reply, of pertinent plays. I throughly enjoyed your play-by-play. As you can see I am NOT a heat fan.

  183. Ryu says:

    “The right attitude and one arm will beat the wrong attitude and two arms every time”

    Same concept displayed in this game.

    • Jake says:

      What does that even mean? I’ll take a two armed man against a one armed man everytime in basketball.

    • Rich says:

      What the hell was that ?! Are you just making that up ?
      I would go with 2 arms and any attitude all day baby !

      • Raymond says:

        Maybe one arm right attitude= Mavs will to win although handicapped (one arm?)

        Two arm wrong attitude= Heat and their premature celebration and not closing the game (Taking stupid 3’s)

    • WhiningMakesUsFeelBetter says:

      Come on he’s not one armed. He has a splint on his middle finger. Don’t act like it’s a handicap when even Dirk himself said it feels great and doesn’t hinder his game. Dallas won, there’s no need to make an excuse for Dirk, he’s a great player.

    • sure? says:

      the guys that didn’t get the message of this immediately are so SLOW..

      or just have very low IQs. hahahaha

      • MOXI says:

        hahaha and there’s this one going to the extent of expounding further to the other SLOWs..unbelievable hahahah

  184. Jermaine says:

    This was such an amazing game for basketball fans to watch. Both of these games have been intense so I hope that the rest of the NBA finals follows the same trend. As a huge Mavs fan this game was a joy to watch and I know the players are excited too, but I know that Miami is going to come out hot on Sunday, so I just hope they can fix the turnovers and continue to focus and play as a team and put all of their effort into trying to win game 3.

    GO MAVS!!!

  185. renba says:


    • lal:P says:

      I really am a huge basketball fan more than that I love the lakers.I Should actually be cheering on miami because dallas blowed out my team, but damn DALLAS HAS MY RESPECT THEY ARE PLAYING HARD AND THEY DON´T SEEM AS THE OLDER TEAM PERHAPS OLDER IN AGE BUT SINCERLY THEY WON AGAINST A YOUNG TEAM THE OKLAHOMA THUNDERS. I believe Dallas has all the equipment to be the NBA finals champions cause they want it more and they ain,t thinking as 3 but as a team andwith skillful thinking.

  186. david41 says:

    this is the best COMEBACK ever in the history of NBA. This should be a lesson for the HEAT, they celebrated too much in their 15 point lead and lose focus on the next offensive play .

    • Jake says:

      Portland’s comeback against Dallas in the first round was even better.

      • Rich says:

        Blazers comeback didn’t matter – they lost the series. It will be just one of the many comebacks that just don’t matter anymore and will be forgotten, very soon.
        I hope you’re not one of those Blazers fan who are still crying at their home, still wearing the same shirt they’ve been wearing since Game 6, and stuffing themselves with cold pizza ?

      • Dallas cannot beat Miami Heat. The team is too old, and they are going to have big trouble with their chemistry.

      • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

        Roy’s comeback was AWESOME, and even better because or Roy’s situation this year …

        But this comeback was in the FINALS, against the HEAT!!!!!!! That just makes it so much SWEETER!!!

        Plus Mavs have done this against Blazers, Lakers and OKC in thses playoffs, and now the HEAT TOO!!!

        BEST game finish EVER!!!

    • Heat ALL Day says:

      You’re completely DELUSIONAL. Lebron and Wade will NOT make the same mistake again of just putting up long jumpers instead of owning the dribble drive to the paint like they can at ANY time. Sorry bout it.

      Heat in 6. ALL DAY.

      • Rattlehead says:

        If he can do that ‘ANY’ time, why didn’t he? I’m sure he wanted to win, so why not just DO that?
        For anyone who knows the game, the heat are disorganized on offence. The don’t run good sets, and they don’t execute plays well. They get away with it just by having so much pure talent, and they lock it down tight on D. But it doesn’t matter how much talent you have if you do stupid things like taking a bunch of contested 3’s when you’re leading in the 4th quarter (Wade & Lebron)or dribble the ball out of bounds for no good reason (Chris Bosh).. you have to play intelligent basketball.. Dirk and the Mavs just gave yaboys some basketball edumacation!

      • Zeradius says:

        Exactly Rattlehead, cuz uh, even LeBron said, I dont want to seem like im coaching OKC but I would have done things differently instead of allowing Mavs to come back on us like that. Hmmm………. soo funny you said that Mr. James, you actually got an opportunity to prove that you would have done things differently, and didnt.

        Lets get one thing clear, LeBron James is the best player in the NBA right now……………… but Dirk is the purest shooter in the NBA and has been for several years now and he and Jason Terry are one and two in 4th Quarter scoring, especially in the clutch. (In the clutch constituting the last five minutes of a game).

      • WhiningMakesUsFeelBetter says:

        Rattlehead is right, Heat ALL Day is just an ignorant child and reminds me a bit of how Lebron reacts to any call that’s not in his favor. He’s a whiner and complainer. Which is fine for Lebron, he’s a talented superstar and can do what he wants. Heat ALL Day however, you need to show some maturity. “they can at ANY time.” really? Why wouldn’t they then as Rattlehead said. That’s one of the least intelligent comments I’ve ever read. Please ask your parents to proofread what you post so you won’t sound so childish.

  187. Michael Tran says:

    Great job with this break-down of the of the final 7 minutes of the game. I watched the game from beginning to end and it was an amazing comeback from the Dallas Mavericks. Got to give credit where credit is due and the Mavericks earned this victory with clutch team defense and heroic Dirk plays. Mavericks in 6.

  188. Chris Ross says:

    That was just an unbelievable comeback to say the least. I mean, if you thought the Heat comeback against the Bulls was something, then I don’t know what to say about this one. Dirk Nowitzki finally, truly, showed up in the Finals and did what he had been doing all playoffs. This was a huge win for them because I think the series would have been over had they gone down 2-0. We’re in for a treat for the next few games because it’s going to be a battle. First OKC comeback now the Heat. It’s something special we are seeing for sure.

    • Mark R says:

      Funny how LeBron was quoted as saying “I don’t want to sit here and be the coach of OKC, but I’ve seen a lot of things that could have been done better” after Dallas came from 15 down to beat the Thunder. Only for Miami to resort to outside jump shots late in the shot clock and a real lack of any kind of half court offence when they were up by 15 last night.

      • Tim@Miami says:

        He is right. SPO screwed up by keeping the hottest shooter of the game Bibby 4/7 on the bench, not having a game plan in last seconds, Not fouling Dirk in last seconds while we had fould to give, Not putting Haslem on Dirk, Not double teaming him, Letting Chalmer shoot threes 1/6 ..SPO does not get and learn. He coached well against Bulls after getting 16 page game plan from Riley..

      • Rich says:

        @ Tim@Miami – Bibi was not on the floor because they are already leading big and they only need to defend. Besides they have more firepower with the lineup they have in the last half of the 4th. And how was it SPO’s fault on the other ones ? He can’t control how his players sucked the last few minutes. They ran down the clock but missed on their attempts. And they simply panicked on the other end of the floor too. MAVS are also a good in transitions.

      • Zeradius says:

        Is Tim on crack? Hahahahaha! Your quote unquote “hottest shooter” has been shooting a shade under 25% in the entire playoffs. The simple 14 points he gave was his highest production by far this post season. Added to which, LeBron James went 0-4 in the final quarter and his final analysis read 8-15 which therefore means he was shooting a blistering 8-11 in the three quarters that came before it. Please people, before you comment with something stupid, please actually watch the game and know something before you say silly things to the rest of us. Thanks

      • Sean says:

        he was actually talking about the game, not the whole playoffs
        and if you payed attention to the game mike bibby WAS one of the hottest shooters in the game… for once
        but dont bash people when they actually have a point Spo did not coach well those last minutes Tim is right

      • Zeradius says:

        Well in that case, Tyson Chandler was 4-6 and scored 13 points, are you gonna say he had a hot hand too? LOL

    • Heat ALL Day says:

      Sorry but the Heat comeback against the Bulls is EPIC, this is NOT. The Heat did it with defense AND offense at the end of the game, shutting the Bulls down.

      The Heat simply celebrated too early, took their foot off the gas, and Lebron and Wade for some reason wanted to both play hero ball and shoot LOONG jumpers, when EITHER of them can get to the paint at will and draw fouls at the LEAST.

      SO SORRY, but this is by FAR not the best comeback ever, like you and some others wana make it sound like.

      Heat in 6. ALL DAY

      • beat the heat!!! says:

        this is a better comeback..i mean they did it in the FINALS!!!! :/

      • shhh says:

        come on let’s not downplay game 2.

        the heat comeback against bulls.
        the dallas comeback against heat.

        they’re both moments that will be remembered and talked about for a long time.

        they’re both epic, each game has their own heroic actions and events significant to them.

        “shoot LOONG jumpers, when EITHER of them can get to the paint at will and draw fouls at the LEAST.” – true. but why didn’t they? you’re heat weren’t executing… whether it’s the mavs defense or the heat rattled when mavs came back, i dunno.

        you can make all excuses for your heat. probably if mavs lost game 2 some would use dirk’s finger as a excuse. but truth is:

        you took game 1, we stole game 2. series is tied… series can still go either way.

      • karibkween says:

        We must thank Doc Rivers for giving us the term Hero Ball but Lebron and Wade weren’t taking those shots because they wanted to be heroes they took them because Joe Crawford and his crew left them no choice. I checked out of the game in the 1st half. The officials took both James and Bosh out of the game very early, by heaping fouls on them and not calling fouls on the other end. In which Universe does Chandler and Terry have more FTAs than Lebron and Bosh? They were doing the same thing to Wade in the 1st half until the blatant push by Chandler that drew the ire of the crowd, the coach and Wade, then they gave him a few make-up calls but Wade was 80% from the field with 21pts before those useless make up calls, useless because they served to break Miami’s momentum. Basketball is all about rythym, and neither Bosh nor James achieved an offensive rythym in game 2.

        Both Bosh and James were fustrated with the officiating so Wade took over but by the 4th he was out of gas, being the eldest of the three and having more miles on his legs than either Bosh or James. James and Bosh are responsible for letting bad calls upset their defensive intensity, which ultimately is how the Heat wins games, but its obvious from this game that they’re not there yet.

        Both Kidd and Chandler were HOLDING, not blocking out, Heat players from reaching rebounds, consequently the Mavs outrebounded the Heat, and won the game with lots of help from the Crawford Crew. Once again Joe Crawford comes through with dirty work for the NBA.

      • GoMavs says:

        Yeah dude, I agree the Heat simply were arrogant. And Wade lost his cool early in the first and tries to draw a foul on the last play. Real respect for Wade man.

        I’m not going to debate that that Heat Bulls comeback was better, If you can’t admit this was epic, umm lol SORRY

      • Rich says:

        They’re both great comebacks. But they will only matter on who wins it all.
        LET’S GO MAVS !

      • troyo says:

        the heat did it with defense and offence at the end of the game? well what did the mavs do it with? i believe they held the heat to 5 points for the last 6 and a half minutes (thats called defense) while scoring on 10 of their last 11 offensive sets? thats called offense. This is a 15 point comeback in the last quarter in the NBA finals AWAY FROM HOME. IF you don’t give credit to this win then you don’t know basketball.

      • Mike says:

        I could agree with you that your referrence of a greater comeback. 1st) you a MAD Heat fan, so it’s natural that the Heat’s comeback is the gratest one of all-time. 2) You’ve watched these Heat all season and are accustomed to these blow-a-4thquarter-15-plus-lead games. So I agreed with you … NOT.
        So when’s having to defend 1 superstars equals having to defend 2 1/2 Superstars?

      • LOL says:

        lol an angered fan. sound so cute. if what u say is true so is the toothfairy.

      • Justin says:

        Ridiculous. Doing this feat the second time in the same playoffs. Now thats what I call EPIC. I’m not dallas fan either. But wow, did I expect them to come this far? No. Did I expect Miami to come this far? Duh they got like the three top 10 players on one team. Mavs are crazy good in this playoffs. Enough said.

      • I agree, but they just relax… Dallas took the advantage. One thing Dallas cannot matchup with the Heat defense, so it is going to be a nightmare for them to beat Miami.

      • Rico Suave says:

        Heat all Day…Clearly you are just a hater. How is heat’s comeback more epic than this one. We all knew heat’s could beat bulls easily playing good offense and good defense, not a surprise. Here we also know heat’s at their game can beat Mav’s due to more talent on the floor even tho they started playing a nervous defense and shooting unnecessary desperate 3’s However that’s expected coming from the younger team…so of course this have’s to be the best comeback in the finals so far. Not to mention these are 2 big rival teams. So recognize!

      • Zeradius says:

        Oh yeah Karibkween, the refs were sooo against the HOME TEAM…………….. that makes perfect sense what you just said. Especially with D-Wade slam with ball obviously still in the offensive cylinder………… not called…………. constant replays of Dirk being slapped on the hand after taking shots………….. not called…………. even to the end of game 1 when Dirk stripped Chris Bosh as clean as could be (even said by jeff van gundy and commentating crew) and a foul was called which was the turning pt of that game as they went up by 7 late in the game when Dallas could easily have had a fast break. Oh yeah………. Joey is such a dirty cheat, unbelievable!

        D-Wade being the eldest of the three……………….. uhhh, are u even serious with that? He is sooo old right? Like Dirk that is turning 33 this month and J-Kidd who is 38 and Dallas average age as a team is 32.5? Oh yeah, having to come back from down 15 points did nothing to them, they are soooo young and athletic. FYI, LeBron James played more minutes that D-Wade in the series and D-Wade only played 2:30 more minutes than him. So lets be clear, only one thing happened last night, that was Miami choked in the clutch, plain and simple.

      • Sean says:

        the heat came back because chicago LET them shoot threes and did not close out, they were defedning them on drives when the only way the heat could comeback was on 3 pointers
        the ref called a STUPID foul on d rose for wades 4 point play i am a d wade fan and i even say that was a stupid foul
        and then the bulls made really bad decisions down the stretch, with miamis defense playing a role in it too
        did you even watch the game? this comeback was a lot better and it takes more mental focus to do that in the FINALLS!

      • WhiningMakesUsFeelBetter says:

        Don’t be ignorant child. This was a great comeback. I don’t care if you’re a fan of another team or not, you can’t just act as though this wasn’t an amazingly entertaining spectacle to watch. There’s no reason to compare comebacks from different times. Especially when one’s in the finals and the other isn’t. I really hope you sir are not a representation of the Heat fan base, although from what I’ve been reading it sounds like you are. There’s no need to act like children whining here. Game 1 was won by the Heat, both teams played poorly but the heat won and it was a great win for them. There was no problem with “cheating refs” or anything. Good game heat. Game 2 Dallas cameback and made a very entertaining evening for most people out there. Yet again no problem with “cheating refs” or anything. It was a great win for Dallas and for the NBA. I am rooting for Dallas in the finals but since I’m not a Dallas “fan” I just want to watch great basketball and a 6 or 7 game series would be great.

      • famohsen says:

        man quit hatin

      • HEATsucks says:

        A bitter-heat-fan’s comment right there is non-sense. This one’s better given that YOUR Miami Heat is a better defensive team than the Mavs. This one’s better because a fifteen-point deficit is way more than a twelve-point lead if you are in the position of the Mavs. This one’s better because it doesn’t include ACTING in it, if you know what I mean. Let’s just face it, YOUR Miami Heat got beaten on their home court from a 15-point lead. Unbeatable at home? NOT THIS TIME, EY. Bottomline, James doesn’t deserve a ring.

      • John says:

        How funny to think these BAND WAGONERS cannot admit their foolishness of being arrogant and over-confident in game 2. very evident, they messed up in the last minutes of the game. Where is the “CLUTCH”? Now, you are telling us that Heat made a better comeback with BUlls?..See how brilliant Mavs are. Be careful Heat. I love to watch this series. Good luck to both of you!

      • John says:

        How funny to think these BAND WAGONERS cannot admit their foolishness of being arrogant and over-confident in game 2. very evident, they messed up in the last minutes of the game. Where is the “CLUTCH”? Now, you are telling us that Heat made a better comeback with BUlls?..See how brilliant Mavs are. Be careful Heat. I love to watch this series. Good luck to DALLAS!

    • Bambi says:

      You are right ross , now the heat is in bad situation, Dirk ranks one of the greatest power forwards in the league v and maybe got a decent rank over all