Will LeBron cheap shots ever stop?

Now that he’s one step closer to putting his arms around the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the first time, one has to wonder if LeBron James will be able to resist the temptation to take one more shot at his former Cavaliers teammates even as the confetti rains down in the victory celebration on South Beach.

At least, Daniel Gibson wonders. Mary Schmitt Boyer of The Plain Dealer reports that LeBron’s one-time buddy did not take kindly to remarks made by King James at the conclusion of the Eastern Conference finals.

“I wanted to team up with some guys that would never die down in the moment,” James said. “The opportunity presented itself with this great organization and we made it happen.”

Gibson: “Great players shouldn’t have to do that.”

If the city of Cleveland and the Cavs franchise have finally let go of LeBron, shouldn’t he be able to do the same?


  1. jonnyqwest says:

    First if you never played real basketball then stop talking! Cleveland had 7 years to get it right but didnt! Oh well this is a business not a feel good stories! Good luck KING JAMES some clevelanders are behind you to the top where you belong!

  2. jonnyqwest says:

    who could ever be mad at a man for getting a better job! IT IS A BETTER JOB! Be a FAN but GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Billy says:

    LeQuit James is full of IT!!!

  4. People's Nation says:

    This is what being clutch is about. Dirk showed it last night., He hit a big 3 and a lay up with 3.6 sec left. That’s what people will remembered if Dallas wins the championship. LBJ had plenty of chances to do that in Cleaveland as his sole team. The whole think about coming to Miami was because he could not lead them to a championship. Thus he needed other superstars to carried the load. Cleaveland was stock with great player but LBJ lack confidence in himself. Later he tried to say his mom help him made the decision. What a follower!!!!!!!

  5. Carlos says:

    Cleveland should stop sucking lebron’s **** already. just deal with it. its life. cleveland couldn’t help him win a title. i would leave to for the better of my career.

  6. leonard says:

    If Lebron had won a championship in Cleveland he “would have gotten help” but because he didn’t win ” they didn’t
    get help for him”.

  7. LALAKERS says:

    Enough with the whole “LeBron didnt have enough support in the Cavs.” They had back to back 60 win seasons, how can u all say he didnt have support? Losing in the playoffs was his fault for giving up on his fans and teammates but he always had good support in Cleveland. That Cleveland team was a really deep team. they had back up players for every single position and their starting line up presented 4 one time or more all-stars. In my opinion it wasnt that he didnt have support, it was that he couldnt lead that team in the playoffs when the pressure was at its most so he saw a easier way out by going to miami. I bet if he doesnt win a ring this year too everyones gonna say that “he didnt have a good supporting cast”

  8. haters says:

    POPEYE JONES it the best player ever to play the game

  9. bagznc says:

    for any one who still thinks that clevland had a real shot at a getting amare last year and b keep both amare and lebron is crazy. NO SUPERSTAR or upcoming superstar was ever going to willingly go to or stay with a team that has another mans face on the wall. no selfrespecting mvp calibur or close to guy was going to do that… even young Carlos Boozer got out of that situation. D wade and Bosh both told Bron Bron not in clevland.

    as a SUn fan i understand the cleveland fans gripe aginst the organization for not being able to put to gether( or in our case keep to gether) a true championship team. i dont care how many mvps he won or 60 win seasons he had noway bron gets a ring with that team. and when u win like that its hard to get better players without destroying what u have (see hawks for the last 5 years… the draft cant help them much and outside of the core 4 no trade value. and in clevland only player worth trading was james)

    but forget robert sarver and the whole sun orginazation. doing my amare LETS GO KNICKS

  10. chefj says:

    Though lebron had every right to go wherever he wanted when his contract was done, I agree with Michael Jordan when he said that he would have never called Magic or Bird & said let’s play together. He felt they were 2 of the best in the league and he wanted to prove that he could compete and win agaiinst the best. In Lebron’s case, D-Wade is one of the best. When they do win a championship of course he will be considered a champion but will it be from beating the best??? NOT!!! Shaq, Wade, MJ, Bird, Magic, Kobe, and the 08 Celtics all beat the best to become champions. If they do beat Dallas will he really be considered the best teaming with Wade & Bosh to beat Dirk??? No disrepect to Dirk and he is a great shooter but one of the best ever? Nooooo

  11. Nuckel head says:

    A king never leave his kingdom. Only princes leave their kingdom to find a queen. It’s all true Lequit Prince Wade always wait to get on stage with D. wade. I wondered what G. Union thinks about that.

  12. no matter what says:

    Even if lebron win this series and even if he got a 10 trophy in miami or to other team and I wish would happen but the people will never ever appreciate it, because of his selfishness, he abandon his own team for his own glory.

  13. Kdawg says:

    If LeBron does not get the ring this year, he will be yanking Riley’s sleeve to go get Howard for center and D-Will for point…

  14. JP says:

    I am one of those people who dont like Lebron (Not hate – simply dont like) I dont care that he jumped ship and went to another team, I didnt like him when he played for Cleveland. I dis-like him more now. Reason being is that when the Heat won the Finals in ’06 Dwayne Wade had one of the best Finals series EVER averaging almost 35 ppg and simply dominating at will. Even though Lebron has played well this post season at times I feel like Dwayne Wade has carried them. Latest example (LAST NITE – Lebron had 2 points in the 4th quarter) and Dwayne Wade went off. I am happy for Lebron and that found teammates to “help” him get a ring but these teammates can simply “carry” him to a ring. I didnt like Lebron in Cleveland because he was to animated. Danced all the time, cocky, and no ring to back it up. I know Lebron is a great player and I like his game on the defensive end but on the offensive end he is basically a “lower your head and go” type of player (although he does have a night every now and then where his jumper comes out of nowhere) and I dont like that. He gets calls simply for “going hard” at least Kobe and most great players try to play REAL basketball where they make a move and go around you. I dont think Lebron will be able to play like this his whole career. He will have to learn how to “shoot around” people like Kobe does (Kobe has crazy foot-work) rather than “shooting over” people if that makes sense. FYI – Not a Lakers fan or Kobe fan.

  15. micko says:

    cleveland !! made him the king and he betrayed that sucks!! and the reason for the traitory he made for that ring such a losser can ba a champion in your own !! and HEAT cant be A champion!! and lebron will be hate by the people of cleveland !!

  16. srmckibben says:

    So much negative talk about Lebron.. Everyone’s gotta hate the top dog for some reason… I could almost guarantee that if any one of you were placed in Lebron’s position (to choose where you want to work, and to take on the best opportunity of gaining the highest achievement in your career, whatever it is you do) you’d be doing exactly what he did.. all this bagging and trash talking of Lebron.. give the guys some damn credit, he’s dominated the NBA for a few years now… now let me ask you simpletons this… looking at the history of the NBA, is Jordan, Pippen & Rodman (Jackson as coach) any different from Kobe, Shaq (Jackson as coach) or any different to Kobe & Gasol (w/ Jackson as coach) or any different to Pierce, Allen & Garnett (w/ Rivers as coach)…. so how is Wade, Lebron & Bosh any bloody different??? Just cuz of the hype leading into the season…..?? please.. GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE…… SOUTH BEACH!!

  17. James says:

    Lebron James only cares about his ego. Thats why hes always talking about wanting to become a billionaire and a global icon. Can you imagine Rose, Durant, Nowitski or Duncan talking about that sort of stuff? Lebron skipped town and gave up on his team because he needed a ring. Not because he deserved one but because his superstar ego thought that he should have one. The guy doesn’t deserve to win. He may be unbelievably good and work hard but the bottomline is he is unloyal and disrespectful.

  18. edimunster says:

    see the thing that makes me mad saying that many greats have moved to pursue a nba championship and then name people, they need to know that comparing apples to dog treats. absurd just like that argument. for starters shaq was chased out of la by kobe not to pursue another ring elsewhere, pippen wanted to prove that he could do it without mj which he couldnt, ray allen and garnet arent even close because unlike lebron they had good players in their prime as supporting casts and gave that up for aging past their prime superstars to hopefully get a ring which did payoff if they had done it 6 years into the league for the same players then it would be the same as lebron, wilt lol he seems like the type to move to another city because hes slept with all the single taken or married woman in the city and wants more girls rather than the pursuit of a championship, point being none i repeat NONE of the greats joined other greats in their prime to win a championships. so not only did lebron wimp out on an organization, and lets be honest if he wanted the city to win with a good supporting cast why not take the heat route and get good draft picksby throwing out and losing games in the regular season it sure as hell doesnt bother pat riley when he does it, lebron also showed what scum he was by betraying where he was from. also lets lookat these other so called big markets. la, boston, new york, sixers, again im talking about historic big nba markets, they won and established their winning ways a while ago, but if you look at day in day out winning franchises today and you are talking about contenders for championships, look at okc, dallas, spurs, portland. What im saying is you dont need a legacy to attract players you need talent and winning seasons as well as good draft picks. IN SHORT LEBRON IS A DOUCHE oh yeah and what makes him a bigger douche on top is the decision, to take the easy way out by essentially taking possible threats away from your chances to acheive a title, speaking from the easts perspective you take out bosh from toronto and wade from the heat and team up with them because lord knows that lebron isnt as great of a player as we think he neither has the heart or the desire or the courage of a true champion even if he does win this year in my book it will always have an astric mark next to his ring

  19. REALSHOTTA says:

    Keep saying lebron didnt show up to playoffs against the celtics…yall should go look at what he was averaging first

  20. PJ_Johnson says:

    People are misunderstanding everything…

    The Cavs fans and players are not mad that Lebron left. He played his best game here (except the final games against Boston, where it was visible that his mind was set in Miami already) and took the franchise to the Finals.

    Do you want to know what was the problem? That announcement on National TV. If he wanted to leave, he should have done it quietly and with the recognition of Cavs fans. That was humilliating for the city of Cleveland. I’m pretty sure that he wouldn’t like if National TV showed a program with 1 hour talking about Delonte West being with his mom…

    And one other thing…he could have accepted to be traded. Carmelo may be a lot of things, but at least he respected his franchise. He wanted to leave, but gave Denver tools to a fast rebuilding. But, I won’t hold any grudge against that, it’s free agency, and it can go both ways, maybe tomorrow we’ll land a top superstar that way.

    Lebron used Cleveland for 7 years, had everything a superstar can have in the NBA world. He repaid with total lack of respect by the Cavs fans when he made his decision (already known) look like a circus with a 1 hour special about one guy saying “I’m going to Miami”…

  21. bossreagan says:

    If you guys will be given a chance to choose “where to work and who to work with” will you choose for yourself or for other people’s satisfaction. I think we should understand LBJ with this mindset. No need to hate.

  22. lebron_yabang says:

    the bottomline is he keeps on making statements that he can’t keep and still is not happening, i remembered him saying in a press conference when he opt to continue his contract for 1 year in cleveland and tole them that he will definitely stay renew after that yaer and make the cavs become a no. 1 team again, he did made the cavs the no.1 team coming from that 09-10 season but he didn’t keep is his promise to stay, bottomline is don’t say you’ll stay if you’re not sure you’ll, don’t give false hopes, don’t make bold statements you can’t keep and is still not happening, just like when he first got to miami he says he will bring the miami franchise six championship even way before it will happen that is if it will happen, just like his statement with marv albert after that game 5 of miami vs the philly he said that he was just finishing his breakfast before even the game ended and yet it’sa close and anything could then he said he’ll finish his lunch with the celtics, finish desert as they go through the conference finals, and finish off dinner and win the nba championship and said it as if he’s already sure that will all happen as if he’d known all along way way before they even started the series against the celtics, he’s lucky if miami could win it all for this year, cause at least for the first time, lebron doesn’t need to eat his words, call it confidence or over-confidence all you want, but for me he’s like playing Gods and so very much boastful, i appreciate an athlete who is confident in his game but not to the point where you’re always sure as if nothing will go wrong, i appreciate an athlete who is proud of his achievement but not someone who braggs as if he already achieved what he’s talking about but the fact still remains that all he said was something he haven’t achieved, ^_^

  23. choker says:

    well have your cheap shots worked gibson?

  24. jonathan W. says:

    The only thing the city of Cleveland ever talk about is Lebron.

  25. peopleRcrazy says:

    Mavs will NOT win 3 in a row on their home court the pressure is still on Dallas everyone should have known it wasnt gonna be a sweep all that talk was ridiculous HEAT in 6 or 7 sweep? LMAO

    • PAULA says:

      Miami will not be going back to Miami to play another game in these FINALS. GAME OVER – MAVS WIN – REVENGE IS SWEET!

  26. Zar The Knicks Fan says:

    i don’t see anything wrong with lebron going to miami, that’s what he wanna do then it’s good for him but i kinda hate the way he moved tho. does he really have to do “The Decision”??? why can’t they do quietly like Kevin Durant. KD extension was so quiet that no one even notice. hey i am a knicks fan so it doesn’t matter if miami win 82 or lose 82 i still will dislike them (as in rivalry dislike) but to be honest the celebration is a little too much. if they didn’t do that celebration i think there would be less people who hate heat and lebron. i don’t hate the heat or lebron i just disliked the organization and bron handled things before the season started. my knicks are same i hate the way they run things. lost too much for melo 😦

  27. Fross says:

    I cannot fathom the rediculous comments made by those against LeBron for leaving. I agree with those about “the decision” but other than that the man has committed no wrong. It comes to mind that throughout the history of this great game many players have made the move to a different team in the hope of raising the larry o brien trophy. What comes to mind is the trio of the Boston Celtics and how neither allen nor Garnett was taunted and made public enemy number one for what they did which was join to win a championship. Lebron also took a pay cut in order to make this work, look at others (Anthony, STUD) who made the move to win a championship and check their bank accounts and tell me if that was the only reason they left for the big city ($$$$).
    The city of Cleveland should not hate Bron for what he did but should take a serious look at the front office of the cavs. I say this because it was made clear that he needed a supporting cast for him to stay and fullfill his dream. The acquisition of jamison/parker was a joke if they thought these to could provide that 2nd scoring option at both there ages. The Cavs had a superstar of the NBA and instead of making bold moves to make trades to bring across players they let slip the only hope the city had of winning a championship.
    He had led the Cavs from day 1 from being drafted and he responded taking the team to the playoffs literally off his own 2 hands. All this crap about him quitting from fans against the Celts is hilarious. Check out his stats for the series.
    Game 1: 35 7 7
    Game 2: 24 4 7
    Game 3: 38 7 8
    Game 4: 22 8 9
    Game 5: 15 7 6 (GAVE UP? More like a bad game that really highlighted the need for that 2nd scorer because no one stood up on that game other than shaq so so much for the other 2 doing anything.)
    Game 6: 27 10 19
    To me that sounds like an amazing series overall by Bron and i dont understand how anyone could say he gave up when he was the only reason they won matches (2) and stood a chance because those stats look impressive and i know if Kobe(ledgend) put that up in a series everyone would have been hailing him.
    LeBron has been modest throughout the season and deserves all that comes his way. Doing nothing wrong yet being criminalised for his own decision in a free world is somehow able to warrant such abuse.
    To all the sooks out there get a life and stop being biased on your view and look deeper into why he moved rather than hate on him. He was yours, you had him at home in the city he loved but year after year you gave him role players that could not elevate the cavs to the next level. You should thank him for putting you guys back on the map, putting basketball back on the maps of the city and giving you guys a shot at the bigtime when if it wasnt for him at all you guys wouldnt have a team left. Celebrate the man for what he did for you guys and hope that the real enemy (the front office) can draft well this off season and make the necessary moves by being bold and brave to give you guys yet another chance. As for Dan Gilbert he is the biggest loser and disgrace to all his people and should launch a comedy career with what he said because he is clearly better at that than his current job.
    Stop hating on Bron, look at the facts and get on with it and follow your team. No point sooking about what has happened, its done so make what you can of your team now and that may be your best chance of getting back at Bron if it still angers you all that much. In the end his in the playoff finals and the cavs arent so his at least doing what he said he would.
    LeBron James is a superstar end of story.

    • PAULA says:

      YOU couldn’t be more wrong. YOU obviously haven’t followed LBJ throughout his years in Cleveland and don’t know the true facts. The front office only followed Lebron’s every wish. He made the decisions, all of them, and everybody knew this early on in his career. He got whatever he wanted. If the front office ever made any mistake, it was giving in to his demands. He’s a spoiled superstar that made a fool of himself. He can be great on the basketball court and modest in front of the cameras, but to know him personally – well let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  28. Mike says:

    Cavs couldnt trade Hickson for Amare because Amare could have left them as well like he did the Suns. Cavs traded for Jamison because they needed someone and he was an all-star caliber at the time.Imagine had the Cavs traded For AMare,wed be without James,Amare and Hickson and there was no guarantee wed had won the title in cleveland had we made the trade.At the time the front office was hiding the fact that delonte was banging James mom,once the celtics series started and James found out,his last three games as a cav were way off his previous average.James was upset.even though he may have made up his mind,Im sure that didnt help any.
    What hurt cavs fans the most was he was a hometown favorite and he left us.Then came how he left which hurt worse!Seriously on national TV?He could have went behind doors and handled it alot smoother.Instead our team went from first the last two years to one of the worst teams in NBA history.Im not hating on Lebron.I think he is a heck of a player.I wish him the best.I have been a cavs fan before i ever watched Lebron play at St.V’s live!Maybe someday he will return if the Miami experiment doesnt pan out.Just hoping!But looks like his team is 3 wins away from an NBA title in Year One!if they lose i guarantee Pat Riley to coach them next year.he wont let a good team go to waist.remember he waited for Year one and then stepped in the next season?Just saying!

  29. Jimmy Tu says:

    All this talk about Lebron James never having any help in his years with the Cavaliers, I think is TOTALLY BOGUS .. The last three years he was there, they finished in the top 3 in the Eastern Conference .. They finished with the best record twice 2 years in a row .. so dont tell me they never had a good team built around Lebron .. 66-16 and 61-21 .. 2 straight 60 win seasons .. so please look for a better excuse on why Lebron has never had a good team around him .. also the reason why they didnt get Amare is because the Suns decided not to go ahead with the trade .. they wanted him for the playoffs .. Antawn Jamison was the right fit for the Cavs .. the guy is an automatic 20-10 a game .. i would know … im a wizards fan .. they guy was consistently in the top 5 for double doubles every year he was with the Wizards

  30. JJBareaFan says:

    Whoever said that Lebron quit on the Boston series clearly is a moron and even if he did quit like all you haters claim..Try playing a series after knowing that one of your teamates slept with your mother 😉 You can all say and hate all you want but at the end of the day The Cleveland Cavaliers organization was the one who LOST! and Lebron James will probably go as the Best PLayer Ever to play the Game of basketball!

    • PAULA says:

      You’re the moron – watch the tapes that don’t lie. He quit cuz he already knew what was going down in the summer. His mother’s done worse things than sleeping with a teammate. LBJ might go as the Best Player Ever to play the Game of Basketball who was hated by more than any other basketball player ever in the history of the game.

    • Yeah right, when was the last time you hear the greats like MJ, Kobe let a 15 points in the fourth quarter slips aways from them. LB J showed weakness last night and he was not clutch when time matter. His clumsiness will never put him to the top as even one of the top ten. His only game is on the fast break. Last night he showed exactly why he went to Miami to be Wade’s prince. Everyone agreed that wade should of get the ball and close out the game. Lequit should of go anywhere else but Miami, if he wanted to be a legend. Yack, what a looser!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey I was only drunk when I made that comment. I am also in depression just had my medecine. Sorry! MJ, Russell, Chamberlain, Dr. J…….Kobe. Top all time!

  31. Jess says:

    just stop saying bad things to Lebron.. its just all players of the NBA making decisions and not all players stayed for their whole career in one team.. like carmelo anthony, allen iverson, kevin garnette, jayson kidd, shawn marrion, shaq o’neal, rey allen, and many.. they go to another team and got some breaks of their career.. Lebron although can be compared to those players when it comes to basketball skills.. so just respect the Decision of the King.. and hopefully he get he’s best career break in this 2011 finals and chase the trophy against the Mavs…

  32. Nuckel head says:

    Dirk for president.

  33. Mel says:

    Oh Yeah,Go Mavs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shut all these band wagon fans up!

  34. Mel says:

    Where the hell were all these so called “Heat” fans before.In my opinion LeByatch punked out on his former team and his hometown.A true superstar of his stature would not join up with other bonafide “Superstars”.I don’t mind the Heat winning but i sure do mind an arrogant self proclaimed King winning a championship.How can you call yourself a “King”when you join someone elses team.To me D Wade is the King of the Heat so that makes you the “Queen”.

  35. Ben-Jam-In says:

    I think the cavs were about two or three years away from winning it all with Lebron there….they had the best record (twice) just needed to add a couple of pieces to the puzzle…Brown was an excellent defensive coach…they messed up firing him!!
    Lebron should have been more patient (in my opinion)

  36. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


    Never doubt this team!

    While your Superfriends were Celebrating TOO EARLY AGAIN Dallas finished you off …

    That is what t looks like to play with Heart and a team that NEVER GIVES UP (LEQUIT!!!!).
    Too bad Lebron didn’t do that in Cleveland, but Dirk DID IT IN MIAMI!!!

    EAT YOUR WORDS HEAT FANS!!! Dallas wins on your court!!!

    All that BRAGGING and trash talk and CELEBRATING YOURSELVES … You are FOOLS NOW!


  37. ron says:

    Looks like LeBron died down on his teammates last year in Boston. The guy is clueless and obviously LeBron only cares about LeBron. He is young and his ego will come down a bit hopefully for his own sake.
    Looks like LeBron and his instant “championship” teammates died down a bit in game 2 at home against the Mavericks as well.

  38. tmac4life says:

    for the last time lebron tried to get bosh to come to clevelan but just like any1 else in their rite mind bosh choose sunny south beach ova snowy cleveland n toronto besides lebrons from AKRRRROOON so stfu he owes cleveland noffin they owe him for wasting 7 years some of his best years on a team that expected him to do it all he gave mo williams exposure to get that undeserved all star nod in 09 gave mike brown a career and made soooo much money for cleveland i hope the worst for dan gilbert, not the cavs or cleveland, but dan gilbert has some nerve man jus like a white guy smfh leavvve ;ebron alone the only thing i kinda critize is the decision and he apologized for that so evry one shuuuuut upp

  39. lebron420 says:

    to la bryant

    if the ship is sinking wouldn’t you jump to the other ship?if you dont youl drown. and who the hell wanted to join others in a sinking ship? and why is the ship sinking?bcoz of the captain,nd the capatain is? not lebron but the organization not doing enought to keep the ship from sinking so what would you do? stay bcoz of pride and drown with the ship?or jump to the other ship who is willing to help? kobe bird magic bryant have good ships which are not sinking but lebron is on a sinking ship so dont blame him for jumping coz if you were lebron you would jump too and if you will not then your just simply a LEBRON JAMES hater because of his greatness! plus his other teamates realize later mo delonte bg z jumped too, the rest?drowned.dead

  40. Lebron is probably dealing with some things emotionally since he’s from the area. It’s harder for him to let go because it’s in his upbringing to care about the place where he’s from…just not enough to make the ultimate sacrifice of staying there. http://www.firefickell.com

  41. Ohio fans should just pay attention to Ohio State. Fickell won’t leave us.

    Do Not http://www.FireFickell.com

  42. Alvin says:

    It died down first with him (LeBron). Gibson is right. LeBron cant do it without other stars.

  43. Kage says:

    The difference between Kobe wanting to be on a different team, is that he made his voice known that if he didn’t get any help, he would have left. So LeBron James, didn’t say anything, didn’t give any indication that he was going to leave, or even stay. It is the staff’s job to provide decent players, and have them perform where they are best. But no one was sure whether to come to Cleveland, because of the Uncertainty of Lebron. Chris Bosh didn’t come because he wasn’t sure if LeBron would stay. I live in Cleveland, and there isn’t as much to do as in say, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, or even Boston. It isn’t necessarily an exciting climate. So I can’t blame anyone for hating it because of the weather or attractions, but that shoudn’t decide the team you play for. Dwayne Wade said he would not have came to cleveland even if LeBron and Chris Bosh went to Cleveland. Now think about it.

  44. BD85 says:

    The cavs made it to the finals with people like Ira Newble starting. Who is Ira Newble? Yes, Lebron James carried that team. There is a better team in 09 and 10 that went 66-16 and 62-20 and they didnt make the finals because of the players around Lebron?? PLEASE.

  45. Paschal says:

    I’m not angry at Lebron for going to Miami, but it’s disapointing that the league is so top heavy. I guess most people like the 4-5 top glory franchises dominating year after year and netting the best free-agents, but to me that’s boring. I think most people like it that way because they worship superstardom and popularity and live vicariously through those players and franchises. To me, it’s more interesting when everybody’s got a shot to win and matchups and grit determine the champs rather than just overloading on raw talent. To be honest, both of the recent Celtic and Laker championship teams were constructed by gms who were supposed to be working for other teams (McHale and West) that shipped their best talent to their old teams (Gasol and Garnett) which is not really fair. Miami will probably dominate the league for years to come, and as soon as they win a championship, most everyone will surely jump on the bandwagon to worship them. It’s more and more like baseball, with a few powerhouses and a bunch of glorified minor league teams, there’s just not much drama beyond which one of the loaded teams will win. I like underdogs, I like to see a city get a championship that doesn’t already have one or several, and with the miami click and other players looking to copycat that move (Anthony, Paul, and we’ll see more) I just doubt we’re ever gonna see that again. It’s dull I think, it’s more about glamour and popularity than winning with equal parts, which to me is more interesting.

    • PAULA says:

      Very insightful and completely truthful. I agree completely. I lost interest in the NBA this season for the reasons you mentioned. Miami has become the Yankees – just buy a championship. BORING!

  46. rodman says:

    amen to all of everybody’s positive comments about Lebron James’ move to play in Miami, I totally agree…. I just wanted to add one more not so frequently made point, aside from wanting to win championships and taking a pay cut, he, as a professional athlete in one of the most free countries in the world, went to work/play basketball with one of his BEST friend, in South Beach…. not even the Dalai Lama would turn that down if he was in his shoes

  47. GARY says:

    lebron quit 2x last year in the playoffs and he criticizes teammates? frikin looser…

  48. THis is so sad says:

    Lebron deserves a championship but i think he’s become a horrible role model for nba fans now. Ever since he’s been getting success at miami, everyone is starting to believe that being unloyal to your own team and taking shortcuts to win a championship is what every superstar needs to do if they’re not winning right away. Lebron probably isn’t trying to take cheap shots at anyone, but there are so many times this season where Lebron said something to the media and then days later has to say sorry for saying it (for example, saying the Rondo injury was retarted, NBA should shrink in number of teams, his tweet that sounded like it was towards Cleveland when they were on their 20 something losing streak). Basically, he needs to think twice about what he’s gonna do or say infront of the media.

  49. PENNY says:

    dont blame king james he wanted to play to his buddy (wade) and get some championship ring! in the other hand the Cavs organization should start rebuilding there team than hit trash talk to james. be good to the king.LOL

  50. Nel1823 basketball fan says:

    To much HATE is dangerous to your health
    can cause Hate disease i mean Heart disease…..Just like in the song…too much hate can kill you

  51. Wade Galt says:

    I just stopped to take time out of my day to read this. Please follow your own advice and come up with better content than LeBron Cheap shots of your own. I imagine you can write something more insightful. If you’re so high above him, maybe you should set the example. Just a thought….

  52. mindcipher says:

    At some point we have to make decisions that would be best for everyone, cmon, this guy’s a ball player. They should just let it go, if they react, then, LJ pushed the right buttons, people didnt even react when Boston’s big 3 came in….this guy gave everything for the Cavs, but fell short, if that happens with that Heat, there should be no reaction, that’s his fate if he gets a championship or not, just look at the greats who didnt get rings…just let it be….you react too much, you still lose….you wish they get crushed, they get the rings or whatever….Just play ball man.

  53. Mou Flow says:

    I love Lebron since he became the part of LFC

  54. King James says:

    Gibson should stop sourgraping. His Team did not even get to the playoffs and bec. Dan Gilbert just love himself and not care about their superstars. Lebron is on its way to get his First Championship and Ring! While Gilbert and the Cavs will go down with their own curse. King James Rules!!! Go Heat!!!

  55. Nel1823 basketball fan says:

    How this issue started? Who started it? I think the media is to much of this….i know media again

  56. Nel1823 basketball fan says:

    FRAN BLINEBURY : If the city of Cleveland and the Cavs franchise have finally let go of LeBron, shouldn’t he be able to do the same?


    how could he say that? that was unfair to LeBron….

  57. kjldfs says:

    Its a good thing they didn’t make any moves. In case you haven’t paid attenion for a while Lebron signed a 3 year deal after his rookie deal. When you might leave after 3 years no good players in their prime would sign their because they want long term deals. also if you watched the seris when they played the celtics last year in the playoffs he gave up on his team. It might not have shown up in the stat sheet but if you had watched the game he did not try very hard in a elimation game. Thus would you give up a young player that has potenial for a below adverage rebounder and a not very good defender when you know that defense would win championships. Lastly Cleavlend did go after good players but they did not sign their. I.E. Michael Redd pre injury also they traded for mo williams and antwain Jamision so all of you that said Cleavlend did not try to keep them, Check your facts.

  58. Psykosis2k11 says:

    The fact is every time james opens his mouth its not a dig at the cavs the sooner they figure that out the better, stop complaining and build your team, amazing how many people persecute him for being a “free agent” and choosing another team, get over it.

  59. LBJ says:

    Dan Gilbert is only after hes investment. He is a businessman, that’s the only reason he wants lebron to stay. Without LBJ sales will go down…no profit then

  60. E JAMES says:

    People hate lebron cuz he betrayed his hometown, didnt get them a championship an d left in a young age.
    they cant hate him for that, actually cleveland betrayed lebron for 7 years, their biggest addition was shaq, at his prime age !!!!! lebron wanted a championship to be compared with other greats, people say he isnt good, let him get a ring and bla bla, now when he left to get one everybody’s attacking him?? suck it up losers !

  61. LeBronFan says:

    I bet everyone would do the same exact thing that Lebron did, and that is WINNING.
    Why wouldn’t you choose to go and join two allstars to win multiple Championships ?

  62. Inslowmotion says:

    Well I feel that a player can go where he wants to go, it is called free agency. Maybe the way it was done could have been better. Now as far as the word Super Star is concerned I don’t think any player is a superstar. Every player in the NBA are good players or they would not be there and then there are those whose talents maybe a little better but none are superstars in my book. The media is what hype these players up and label them superstars, and the fans buy into it. Lebron is one person who happens to have a talent of playing ball at a very high level. The fact of the matter is that it takes a whole team to win a championship. I believe that the three players got together and decided that they would play together long before the decision was made. But that is their business. *FREE AGENCY* Now just because they are together does not guarantee them a championship. I don’t care what (SUPERSTAR) is put in front or behind their names, it takes a whole team to win.

  63. smh says:

    are you kidding me? cavs didnt make moves? you all are obviously brain washed to think that every team is able to aquire 3 of the best players in the league.

  64. Lbj #1 says:

    People can take cheap shots at Lebron but he has to stay quiet and not respond? The cavs will never let go of Lebron, they sucked without him and they will continue to suck. I’d be mad too if my franchise has never won a championship

  65. LOOOOOL says:

    Gibson is just jealous and probably hurt by the comments at the same time.

    It’s understandable, but let LeBron move on.

    LeBron is right anyway. When it came to those moments, his teammates disappeared. I do remember Gibson in the Pistons series awhile ago I think, but other than that, NOTHING.

    lol great players wouldn’t have to do that? LeBron is still the best player in this league and will be until there’s another all around player like him.

    Gibson would leave Cleveland if another team wanted him anyway. Cleveland is not appetizing at all to any free agent and their draft picks are going to leave after their contract is up LOL.

  66. just stop the Lebron James talk and listen to meeeeeee!

    The bulls are to trade Noah ,30th pick ,41st pick for monta ellis

    ps i am the real chris brossaurd not just naming myself that I sware my life on that

    ps Dwight howard to stay in orlando for atleast 2 more years

    ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps ps okay i’ll stop ps ps ps sorry

  67. KL says:

    Ppl are funny.who cares if Jordan didnt leave.They made trades for great players(of that time ) to play with him.Pippen was going to the Supersonics, Rodman from the detroit Pistons and Kobe getting Shaq from the Lakers, Barkley going to Houston(why he was talking) to play with drexler and Hakeem, Garnett , ray allen to boston , Kareem from bucks to Lakers.the list goes on and on.Being great doesnt mean tradition.it means knowing how to win and who to win with.If he wanted to be the man , he wouldve stayed by himself in Ohio but he made the right choice.The “Decision ” was about money for charity more than Lebron so get over it. Lebron is still the best player in the world so face it.yall will be talking about him until he retires with his 5 or 6 rings

    • PAULA says:

      Money for charity was a ruse. He has enough money to help those kids. It was just an excuse.

  68. cheese says:


  69. Herb says:

    Fran, James is over it. He’s not taking a hit on the Cavs. He’s just doing his thing in Miami. Don’t twist his intentions and words. I wish everyone would drop the controversy, it’s getting old. It’s over…done…finished…he’s moved on…most of america has…why won’t you and other downers like you let it go?

    • PAULA says:

      Sorry, but some things that people do can never be forgotten. He will continually be booed by many people in many arenas for years to come. He’s lost his popularity status and thus his marketability. More haters than lovers now and he did that all by himself. Sure Miami will buy his stuff – all the old people and illegals, but not the rest of the world. He screwed himself!

  70. LBJ6 says:


  71. Commonsense says:

    I think the Cavaliers got so caught up over Lebron being the “next MJ” as the media was saying, that they just put everything on his back and said, “Ok, Bron, go win a championship. What do you mean you need some help? You’re Lebron James just do it! You want help? Ok, we’ll give you the most inconsistent players in the league as help. What do you mean that’s not enough? You actually expect us to do something?! Wait! Lebron, come back! How could you leave us like this you traitor?!”

    Bottom line: no one man can win a championship…period. He couldn’t get the help he needed in Cleveland, the help they kept saying they would give him. So he left. Did he handle his leaving in the right way? No, I don’t think so. A simple press conference would have sufficed. But as far as I’m concerned, Lebron has nothing to let go of, and the Cavs need to suck it up.

  72. fikofiko fio says:

    D. Wade carried the miami in 2006 but Lebron could not in 2007, that means D Wade is better.That why Lebron followed him.

    • PAULA says:

      Gee, I seem to remember a big guy helping Wade win in 2006, just like the big goy helped KOBE win multiple rings!

  73. G Money says:

    lol, this is hilarious. Gibson should take a step back and look at what he’s saying. Great players shouldn’t have to have decent teammates? Really? So you can continue to be crap and unproductive? What kind of a piss poor organisation allows this idiotic thinking amongst their players?

    Have fun with the worst record in the NBA for the next 5 years Cleveland, you deserve it.

  74. World B Free says:

    Small Market Teams Rarely win in the NBA… as evident with LeBron, they can’t keep superstars and other superstars don’t want to go there. San Antonio only small market that has won championships since Seattle in 1978.

    LeBron leaving has nothing to do with Cleveland personally, just a small market. When’s the last time they won anything in Professional sports?

  75. woww says:

    You guys act like every team needs at least 2 or 3 hall of fame players to win a championship. 2004 pistions won the championship and they didnt even have one superstar. Everyone is saying Lebron quit because the Cavs had the BEST record last season, Lebron PROMISED Cleveland a championship, and he was also calling himself the best player in the NBA. Lebron only wants a championship for himself I dont think he really cares that he’s giving miami a championship.

  76. C.M. Holden says:

    The Cav’s and the city sh*t on Lebron and all he did for the franchise. The curse is on them now. Good luck breakin’ it.

  77. VelvetFog09 says:

    “A great player shouldn’t have to do that”. LBJ bailed for two reasons: 1) Cavs direction were going nowhere and 2) An opportunity presented (or crafted) itself. Boob Gibson’s a boob. Great players need great team mates to form a great team. The Jordanaires didn’t become The Bulls until everyone started to embrace their role. They arrived at the point where Jordan trusted his team mates enough that come crunch time any of them can deliver if needed. Unfortunately the LeBron’s couldn’t follow suit to become The Cavs. I don’t think what LeBron said was meant to be a cheap shot, its an honestly blunt answer to why he left the Cavs. He didn’t demand (not openly anyway) that Dan Gilbert surround him with great players, he went and did it himself cause he could.

    • PAULA says:

      Definitely WRONG – Lebron demanded constantly and got whatever he wanted no matter what – he surrounded himself with what he wanted that was available. PROBLEM – NO ONE WANTED TO GO TO CLEVELAND! Thus, the 3 amigos went to Riley illegally and got what they wanted. Oh yes, but let’s all cry cuz they had to take big pay cuts! What a joke the NBA has become.

  78. rhackoy says:

    wtf!! you keep mentioning about cavs organization and thier players. then you have no idea whos the owner.. dan gilbert is the owner.. daniel gibson is the players.. wtf is wrong with this people…

  79. Huh?! says:

    I read this remark over and over and I could NOT find anything in it that suggest this was a swipe at the Cavs. The only suggestion this whole thing seems to be making is that either Fran or this Cav player is having a case of sour grapes.

  80. wekmmoe says:

    Lebron, Bosh and Wade knew that they were going to go to the Heat well before the Decision. But they knew it could only happen if they acted like they might stay with their team so that they wouldn’t get traded well before the free agency period. The heat could not have traded for both Lebron and Bosh because they would of had to trade players and draft picks and cash. So the only way that it would of happened was with their lies. They left both the Cav and Raptor franchise with nothing, no draft picks or players, nothing. That is why they are unethical and immoral. So they will win multiple championships and take the competitiveness out of basketball for years to come.

    • Nuckel head says:

      I agrred with that but other team will step up. Unfortunately I hope that s his last championship. To be honest I don’t think Wade has to much left to offer, don’t get me wrong he still has some juice left but for many years I don’t see it.

    • PAULA says:


  81. David Stern says:

    Can’t a guy just say what’s on his mind without anyone getting touchy?

  82. Go Caves, Lebron deserves the ring if he wins this year, but it will get tougher to repeat because every team is gonna get better so I hope they enjoy this win this season and SEE CAVES FANS NEXT YEAR

  83. LaBro!!! says:

    Well i mean what u all r saying is true and all but Lebron didn’t win a championship at Cleveland because he had no support!!! At miami I’m sure he has support with chris bosh and dwayne wade (sorry if i spelled any names wrong heat fans
    ) plus Kobe needed help to, I mean u can’t just have a 1-man team and get to the top. Examples of great teamwork would be the spurs, heat, celtics, and sometimes lakers. I have to be honest with L.A. fans that sometimes Kobe does take the wrong play but when he pulls through (buzzerbeaters) its worth it. So as long as i m concerned, the media needs to stop looking for ways to attack players. LBJ doesn’t have to go back to cleveland if he doesn’t want to and i think he shouldn’t because he has a way better chance at getting a title with the heat.

  84. Lebron is simply the no.1 player actively playing now in the NBA…. he is the man!

    • Nuckel head says:

      Lebron is garbage. Kobe is still the man, he just has old players around him. LBJ is a quitter and all you peoople who thinks he is getting pay less is wrong. Miami is the only city that you don’t have to pay luxury tax and that s where he went. Forget about the quitter.

  85. Lebron234453 says:

    Thank you Zambowie the cavs had to lean on Lebron for EVERYTHING its time to congraduate Lebron than keep [puting him down besides the decision and the after party he did nun wrong Clevland brought everything on itself look into the future instead of the past HE IS THE BEST

  86. ruffhouse says:

    If Jordan or Kobe played in Cleveland players would be breaking their necks to get on the team. If he was truly the chosen 1 they would have went.

  87. Moriam says:

    The media sucks…bring everything out of proportion,…LBron loves Cleveland but he couldn’t do everything, he needed help nd the role players couldn’t come up in the clutch. I love Boobie but i remember one game he had the ball nd he yell at boobie to shoot the ball. Why would he leave after they fire mike brown. He was a great coach, so he can learn another system. The media and ppl put him in this position if you guys never talked about him as a legend or judging ppl by the ring they achieve as a great pplayer. I don’t care because i know know and yrs to come he is the BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER!

  88. ruffhouse says:


    Since he single handedly carried the team why didn’t he single handedly win a ring. The team was good but not championship quality. They always ran into teams better thatn them. Let’s face it LeBron didn’t play any defense the year they were beaten by Orlando. Turkoglu and Lewis averaged twenty per.

  89. STOP THA MADNESS says:


  90. king james says:


  91. Lebron234453 says:

    Thank you Zambowie the cavs had to lean on Lebron for EVERYTHING its time to congraduate Lebron than keep [puting him down besides the decision and the after party he did nun wrong Clevland brought everything on itself look into the future instead of the past

  92. ruffhouse says:

    I never had a problem with LeBron leaving. He was never going to win with that team. The only problem
    I had was he went with two proven players. I would like to have seen him with Rose,Chris Paul or Wade by himself. The truth is LeBron needs a prolific scorer to win. Wade took over the 4th in the first finals game. He has that security blanket. He’s thinking if I can’t do it Wade can do it. If Wade can’t to do it Bosh can do it. Which entitles him to play the way he’s been playing because he has no real pressure on him. I would be impressed if he had only Wade or Bosh or any other really good player. But he has two. Dallas is good but they have only 1 superstar. OKC and Miami would be really interesting right now.

  93. simplyjustdoit says:

    Its easy to say GREAT PLAYER DON’T DO THAT. KG also change team to celtic after trying so hard for yrs. Great player look for opportunity & make it happen, they don’t wait or hope for chances to come. They sees it & go grab it when opportunity comes.

  94. jojo says:

    ahahahha this is funny! why are people so sensitive of what lebron says?this guy has been laughed at and has been the center of jokes and hate! All the bad things that you say about him is true that he is a quitter and left his team stuff like that but daniel gibson sorry if lebron also speak of the truth!hahahah… at these times all the hate and boos made miami numb. and maybe opponents don’t have homecourt advantage anymore because the noise is nothing to them anymore. And you guys made him the villain so whatever he says could be against anyone but that doesn’t mean that we have to be such a cry baby.

  95. A G S says:

    Cleveland and Dan Gilbert suck. It seems like everyone out there in newspaper land cannot get enough of the LeBron announcement, they bring it up everytime the opportunity arrises. Guess what, LeBron would still be in Cleveland if that idiot Dan Gilbert would of done his job, build something around LeBron that would make a Championship calliber club. LeBron wins 67 games with a bunch of nobodies, and the Cavs only win what 19 after he is gone. I think Daniel Gibson is jealous, jealous of the fact that LeBron will probably get his first ring without him, I wander why he is bitching now? Gibson, you suck the big one you low life fool. Nobody cares what you say, you have no credibility whatsoever. You could not make the shots when LeBron got the ball to you, you suck dude.

  96. NEUTRAL says:


  97. NEUTRAL says:

    LOL what king? a king without a ring? lol pathetic lebron fans. no matter what lebron needed wade to get his first ring, jordan had pippen but hey pippen was a rookie when he joined jordan, pipped improved alongside jordan. Jordan didn’t go to some one with a finals mvp and a ring on him, nor did he join 2 other superstars. Lebron could of went to chi town and people would of loved him, but he chose to go join wade n bosh which is why people hate him. look at dirk, hes been with the mavs all his life literally and he never wanted to leave did he? stay loyal to ur team.

  98. abcdball says:

    this gibson guy just wanted some attention because next season he will be benched again because he will be a nobody again when the cavs draft kyle irving

  99. bilal says:

    I don’t care about what lebron said.
    I don’t hate him for that.

    Why i hate him, is because he hosted a damn tv show, held the entire world and the cavs organization hostage, while he made up his mind like a damn baby.What in the world? You can forgive him for doing that, but you can’t say that was the right thing to do no matter who you are.A Miami fan or a cavs fan.Lebron let go and now the cavs can rebuild with a number 1 pick and a number 4 pick.I think its even now.


  100. LBJ Rules says:

    LBJ wasted 7 years of his career, being the best on the league all that time and not being able o win a ring because of the lack of support. I honestly think he was very loyal in that aspect.

  101. Tyronne says:

    Fran, you’re a basketball writer not a showbiz/celebrity writer. Don’t stir things up and insinuate.

  102. King6JamesFan says:

    Maybe he wasn’t talkin about Gibson, does anybody remember how bad Mo Williams played n tha playoffs??? maybe he was referring to him, which i think he was….Gibson needs to understand that he was never tha target of any of Lebron’s answers to any of tha reporters questions

    • STOP THA MADNESS says:

      He wasn’t talking about anyone of his old teammates, he was making a coment about his new teammates. I don’t even think Cavs are in his mind.

  103. cavsblow says:

    cavs blow

  104. MidWestBalla says:

    Lebron has proven his greatness with the Cavs. He left at the right time unlike guys like KG, Barkely. Maybe he is tired of getting compared to MJ. Maybe he just wants rings to add to his greatness.

  105. Shay says:

    66-16. Do you know why the Cavs were 66-16? Because even great players like Lebron have 16 bad games in a season, which is forgivable, since the other 66 were when Lebron had to single handedly carry the “team”.

    • PAULA says:

      With that kind of thinking, why didn’t Miami have a better record this regular season?

  106. Sane Heat Fan says:

    I’m beginning to hate the media. His response is not a shot at the Cavs and clearly not a shot at Gibson. It’s a compliment to his current teamates. Media calls it a shot and then eggs on Gibson for a reply to a response taken out of context. Fran, you’re a little, little man for trying to stir up controversy just for the sake of it. NBA.COM, please get some real writers who have legitmate insight and integrity instead of this loser.

  107. Rasit Cakir says:

    nba is the greatest flamer of all, they just wanna make it exciting, let people hate lebron, let some of’em love him

  108. Javi says:

    the problem is not lebron…..its that no free agents wanted to come play in cleveland even with Lebron there because they would perfer living in MIami, new york, chicago, la, or pretty much anywhere else! Chris bosh didnt want to come to cleveland, boozer didnt want to, amare didnt..no big time free agent want to go there and will never when there competing against LA , new york, chicago, miami..or pretty much anywhere else! there only luck is building through the draft like they are trying to do now! IF big time free agents came out and said they wanted to play in cleveleand, lebron would have stayed. Blame your owner too not lebron…..the owner had his chances while lbron was there and the best he could do was antwan jamison and a crippled shaq.

  109. what will happen says:

    this writer should be fired! lebron has kept his mouth shut while everyone ridiculed him he never said anything bad about the cavs he actually only had good things to say, wow this writer is retarded fire him!

  110. ali says:

    stop hatin and get off the man’s nuts. this is what you have to write about to catch people’s attention … pathetic.

  111. "Yousee'em" says:

    What is gibson so offended by… He’s a role player, know your role. LBJ carried that team on his back the way Iverson carried philly. When they weren’t in the game, the rest of the team seem to lose any basketball I.Q. they aquired over the years they have played. The man gave it his all, but realize like so many you can’t do it alone. Jordan had Pippen, Grant, Rodman and then role players. Why weren’t people going crazy when the dang Lakers had Shaq, Kobe, Malone, Gary Payton and crew – ( still lost ) C’mon give him a break – Who wouldn’t play with a one of their best friends in a city like Miami? Hate all you want – he earned every he has accomplished to this point, no let him be in his new role.

  112. Lakers beasting out says:

    I realize poepl hating on LBJ , i agree LBJ joining with these players in his prime is weak… alot of greats join teams but it was when they all past there prime.. pierce allen an kg all joined in there 30″s i was shocked wen i saw that.. but hey if it makes lebron happy who are we to hate on him, it was his choice wasnt he a free agent, i think he was a slave in clevland!

    • Fact says:

      I can see you don’t like LeBron but still managed to leave an intelligent comment.

      There is hope for humanity.

  113. Golf says:

    let it go it was last year and it was his decision. and in my opinion it was a great career decision if his goal was to win championships.

  114. Tonio says:

    Will someone please tell the city of Clevland to stop blaming Lebron for there misfourtnes and horrible , pethetic season and blame the real person responisble for all of it which is Dan Gilbert. He could have went out and tried to get Lebron some legitmet help but didnt. Had a chance to get Amari and decided to keep JJ Hickson HINT HINT ( Amarie Stoudamire for JJ Hickson) DUHHHHHHHHH … Damn idiot. Nowon to Boobie ohhh Boobie i think you should really focu on your spot on the roster because Kyre aint sitting the bench bra lol.

  115. NEUTRAL CORNER says:

    Should the MEDIA let go as well? Because if they won’t stop writing these kind of article how can the players stop. 🙂

  116. MAC says:

    For all of you who keep saying LeBron is a quitter and all of this other nonsense look at it as if you were in his shoes. Im sure you wouldnt spend 7 years playing on a team thats basically riding you like a horse and isnt making moves to get you help in order for you to win a championship. All LeBron did was exercise his right as a free agent and moved on to where he had a better chance of winning. Now what Dan Gilbert should have done instead of offering all that money to LeBron so he can stay, he should have used that to grab some of the free agents that were available. No superstar can win a championship on their own. You have to be surrounded with team mates that you can rely on. Everyone wants to criticize LeBron about leaving but if you were in his exact position, you would leave too in a heartbeat. The Heat are not the only team with 3 superstars also, People always talk about the Heat when it comes to this, but no one says anything about the Celtics or the Lakers. Its a double standard. All of yall fail to realize that regardless of what yall say about LeBron and this team, they DO NOT CARE. Its not hurting them at all so hate all you want. They will just continue to win championships to shut all you naysayers up!

  117. jamie says:

    look lebron did turn his back on the cavs.. they got rid of mike brown cause they thought that would help the team. they went out and got a coach who has proven himself in the playoffs.. now lebron couldnt do it by himself but there was eough help on the team for him to win a ring he just gave up..he quit when the pressure got to him. now he dont have pressure ,,he has one other mvp and maybe a superstar that he can relie on..in cleveland he had good players but old players to…..jj hickson is going to be a good player in the future gice him a couple years but if lebron was with baron davis hickson and jamison and a liget center then they could of got to the championship…im talking a good center and thats all he really needed..

    • STOP THA MADNESS says:

      If labron was with this person and that person. Dude he did not quit on Cleveland he gave them 7 years to bring people. They did not do that. He did his time and when he became a free agent he left the team,. Is he obligated to stay with them his whole career? Do you think that D rose will stay with chicago if in 7 years he hasn’t won a ring? Nope, do you think d howard will stay with magic if thwy don’t do something real quick?

  118. STOP THA MADNESS says:

    Labron will never satisfy you naysayers. It wasn’t his responsibility to bring players to the Cavs. That was managements role. He gave that team so much of himself and they gave him nothing in return. People hate on him for leaving going to a team that has other good players, but name a player that did it by himself. Lakers had Kareem, Magic, worthy and others to help. Spurs had the admiral and tim. Celctics had everybody and still they have everybody. Who has ever done it without help. Don’t even say Jordon because without Scottie or Kerr or whoever was there he couldn’t have gotten his rings. When a team wins the finals has there ever been a player that scored all the points got all the rebounds did all the work by himself? No, Lebron made a very good move and look he is playing in the finals. By the way he is playing very well. He has carried Miami in the finals. So it might be D. wades team but Lebron is making his mark and D. wade needed Shaq to get his first ring. Can any of you so called bball fans tell me when MJ got his first ring? it wasn’t his first or even his fifth season. So shut uo and watch this man do the things that if you are a true bball fan you like to see in the game of basketball. Media you ought to be ashamed of yourself. You caused a great deal of hate toward a great guy, who made a choice that would be better for him and his family. CAVS, you should have done whatever he needed to keep him happy at Cleveland. You see Lakers don’t make a move without Kobe’s approval. STOP HATING!!!!!!

  119. Master says:

    Wait seriously?? I watched that press conference and i am shocked at this, he never mentioned is old team so why are you guys always trying to say something like you know what he was thinking, so he can’t praise his new team mates cause of his old ones, 1 QUESTION HOW MANY OF U WILL NOT LEAVE YOU OLD JOB IF OFFERED A NEW ONE THAT U WANT? Its his job okay get used to it and you know what if Lebron was not sooo good then why are you all still talking about it, good for them though good for the sport, more tv ratings and more money for the NBA cause of the haters hahhaahahahhahaha watch the game haters and they profit from your hate.Its his career, Lebron has not forgotten Cleveland as his rootsm Cleveland should be proud that Lebron came from them and they had to part and thats that he is your son, dont love him sooo much that you hate him what coach will say bad things about a player cause he decides to leave, what are you telling the other players? That they are nothing without this guy and that not fair to them, u wana leave well we wish you well in all your endevours ours doors are open always to you like a father to a son whats all the bruhaha about, u wanted him sooo bad and u could not have him soo it turns into hate? damn like a little kid well he is LEBRON JAMES AND HE IS FAMOUS, try google yourself and see what comes up and i dont mean Facebook hahahahah say all you wana say he just keeps getting better.

  120. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    Right now, Lebron can say what he wants about the Cavs.. Everyone isn’t mad because of the way he left, they’re mad because he left. Shut up. He’s fine.. Just let it go. Dang it almost happened a year ago.. let it go!!!!

  121. Ryan says:

    It’s Lebron’s life and career. I don’t think it’s fair to judge. How many different jobs have you had in your lifetime? I’m sure each and every Lebron hater would’ve changed their company if there was a better opportunity. Leave the man alone and respect him for his game. There hasn’t ever been a player with his size, athletic ability, quickness and strength. We need to stop talking about his decision and appreciate his talent.

  122. jabalja says:

    Wow, again who is this gibson guy and who gave him the right to comment about the king……

  123. Billy Bob says:


  124. Olivier says:

    Sick and tired of this media pundits trying to spin things around.

    Lebron is telling the truth.

  125. Lebron Should die says:

    lebron should die

  126. Ray says:

    Well i wud say that lebron is the best player but technically he does need help to obtaining a ring and also… Im not hating or anything i believe he’s a great player… there’s no one in the nba who can stop lebron 1 on 1… but honestly the man needs to step up on defense i mean he gets alot of blocks but all chase down… But hey get off the man’s back… okay he did switch teams but y does it matter if he brought players or went??? well we all know that miami really didnt have enough money thats y the3y all took cuts but no other team, the CAVS wudnt havee enough for all 3 players to be there… i think he was jus hungry n hey he shudnt get screamed at for eating… but the finals mvp is going to dwade hands down its his team and he is the difference maker every game… even though its just in the fourth quarter lately… but hee will have a few big games when they need him to… i think he doesnt really care about the points right now as long as they get a ring…

    • STOP THA MADNESS says:

      Do you really believe that Labron or d wade cares who scores more or how they win rather than just winning? Come on these are the kind of things that the media says to try and get into players heads to start conflict so they won’t win. You know that Labron and bosh has carried the Heat in the playoffs, dwade has been off. Look at the stats.

  127. Dom V says:

    you guys are un real… d wade had 8 turn overs and no one hates on him? lebron didnt quit if u saw his stats u cant say that… d wade had a bad game had 8 turn overs lebron had in that ONE game too. and for people comparing kobe to lebron kobe had highest paid team in the nba and still got swept by a team with only one star. MJ didnt win a ring until he got help from other future hall of famers. so quit hating on lebron for wanting help that his organisation wouldnt deliver…. if chicago didnt have a great GM at the time putting amazing talent around jordan you guys wouldnt think he is the GOAT

  128. BIG C says:


  129. Realistic says:

    they are not talking about boobie gibson they are talking about Daniel Gibson! Read the article guys…………
    I used to like LeBron before he left the Cavs but now i hate him. that doesnt mean he sucks now!! you guys are stupid.. u hate someone and just because u hate him he sucks get a life and stop hatin on these players. no one ever wants to play on a bad team……… How many people here would rather play in Ohio and never win instead of playing in FLorida and winning a championship……..

  130. Lebrons a Bitch says:

    Lebrons a bitch, straight up, all these other players ( Jordan, magic, Byrd) they didnt switch teams to get better players, they waited an stayed with the team until the pieces came an fell into place, lebron just got to worried because he had all the hype of bein the next jordan an got scared he wasnt livin up to that so he switched teams, hes garbage, no matter how many rings he gets, we all now know he could never do it on his own…. Again…Lebron, your a BITCH!!!

    • jjjewls says:

      damn straight! not like Kobe! he’s a true star…oh wait, no…kobe, or whomever you like, sucks in comparison to lebron…who the media finally started calling the best player the last 3 or 4 years, so stop being sore that your team won’t win anytime soon

    • Tonio says:

      Are you serious. I take it Jordan didnt have Pippen. Majic aint have Kareem , Bird aint have anyone either… Next you will say that Kobe Would have had all his rings with outh Shaq. You sound like a true Bitter Clevland Native. Damn yall Lebron Haters make me wonder what the hell yall be thinking… Oh and i guess hate the fact he is getting a ring as soon as he leaves Clevland ….. idiots

    • STOP THA MADNESS says:

      You speak from pure ignorance! You have no knowledge of the game. If you did you know that none of the above mentioned players did it by themselves they had hall of fame caliber players on thier teams. Cleveland only had one player that would go the hall of fame while Lebron was playing for them and that is Lebron. There has never been a player in the league that won a ring without help from atleast one other future hall of famer. Noone can do it by themselves. Labron has already made his mark on basketball. His mark doesn’t have to be compared to jordons or anyone elses for that matter. You are allowing the media to control your thoughts. Labron will be one of the greatest players to ever play this game. You know this so stop all of your hating.

    • Zambowie says:

      WTF?! HE SHOULD HAVE WAITED MORE?!!!!!!????????? 7 YEARS??!!!!! 7 YEARS?!!!!!!!!!! 7 FREAKIN YEARS???!!!!!!!! OMG. Please just shut up. This is ridiculous. “they waited and stayed until the pieces…..” Do you know how valuable 7 years of play is to an athlete? “Shoulda waited more” OMFG Please just shut up.

    • L says:

      Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure!!!!!!

  131. asdasdsa says:


  132. Law064 says:

    Well it’s a double edge sword for him, anything he say’s will get took out of context. His remarks were just what he felt but I don’t think it’s a shot at his former teammates. It’s a true statement so if the shoe fits put that motha on. He could’ve said the same thing using different words and nobody would’ve said anything. He could’ve simply said I wanted to team up with guys that will carry the load even in my worst moments. When you read that statement you can see the small shot towards the cavs team but it’s not the total truth. I never thought they gave up, they just depended on Lebron for so much. Anyhow I’m not a heat or James fan but c’mon anything he says will get took the wrong way. Game 2 tonight good luck to both teams!!!!

  133. ur a heat hater says:

    hey FRAN you talk about lebron….he’s over it but people like you wont let him forget it…..period he could care less about the past he wants to move on. He’s just explaining himself as if he has to……….rofl

    • Nuckel head says:

      Yeah I hate the heat to, not because of Lequit I just never like them, form Alonzo to Lequit. I gave wade respect when he won the title with shaq that is about it. Bosh(E.T), James (Lequit), need to shut up.

      • Tonio says:

        Will someone please tell me Lebrons Stat line throughout the series last year. Averaging 20 means you quit on your team. Blame the true chokes Antwan , Mo Will ohh hes a true choke artist there ohhh and dont forget give Boobie some of the blame. You Lebron haters are way to funny…

  134. steven says:

    Whatever happen to lebron’s elbow injury? Jordan droped 38 with the flu he was not a quitter lebrons a joke. Wait till miami depends on lebron and he chokes and watch the excuses come out. Lebron will never be considered a great even with rings. Like how do people even look up to him cause he scores alot of points? If you look at the greats it was alot more about the big moment game winners over great teams that makes you a legend. When has lebron steped up to that? He will never be able to be in that light with wade and bosch. And for the record it was gibson 31 points in game six against the pistons to send them to the finals.

    • Boobie for threee says:

      LeBron is an unhuman athlete, but for the sport of basketball is far from a great. I agree 100% with your comment, where is lebrons ultimate highlight real of clutch performances when Miami needs him most? hes a girl and will never live up to his expectations playing on that circus of a team. A true great lives up to the challenge of him vs. whatever gets in his way, a coward relies on those around him to only poke his head out when the fight is won.

      • MAC says:

        Both of yall sound like yall havent watched any of the Heat playoff games, especially the Celtics and the Bulls series. LeBron hit plenty of big shots in the closing minutes to put the Heat over the edge to win it. You two just sound like complete haters.Maybe yall are some bitter Cavs fans or something. Thats okay, keep hating on LeBron. Its only fuel to prove all of you wrong!

      • Tyronne says:

        @ Steven and boobie for three, where were you for the past month? Series against Boston and Chicago not sounds familiar on you two? Damn, fans nowadays are getting dumber or just chose to be dumb unintentionallly.

      • steven says:

        They are not considered big shot’s with two other superstars on the team? Sure its a big shot with average to good players but not two superstars. Jordan hit multiple GAME WINNING shots with good players no superstars. Its harder to hit a shot with three guys in your face not one guy heck i could probaly hit a big shot if thats what you wanna call it with two other superstars on the team. I think I am a lil slower and dumb know that I have read your post.

      • STOP THA MADNESS says:

        he did it in the Boston series, he did it in the Chicago series. There is no other player that plays on offense and defense in the same game at the level that he does. Your basketball IQ is very low!!!!

      • Boobie for threee says:

        @MAC and Tyronne, LeBron will never be a great lol just give up. I think we can agree that the heat is a great team togeather but individually just a bunch of talented athletes scared of competition. Lebron will never be to the heat as Jordan was to the Bulls or as Byrd was to the Celtics or as Johnson was to the lakers… give up guys hes just 1/3 of what it takes to be a great. Here test it out, start a few conversations about the heat and listen to people how they talk about all wade, bosh, and lebron togeather. Start one about the 91′ bulls and jordan alone will be talked about throughout the whole conversation.

      • L says:

        @ Bobbie, Unhuman Athlete!!!!Please!!! Players get traded all the time. Or decide to leave. Even though I didn’t care for how he did it no one made me watch that. It was my choice just like it was his to do it the way he did. And did the tv station have to accept it that way…..no they agreed to it . This is LBJ job. He chose to move on just like us Common people do sometimes in our career. Move on. And as for a true great live up to the challenge of him vs whaterver gets in his way, well he’s been facing that challenge more so now so get out of the way.This was his choice what’s done is done now let’s just play ball.

    • jjjewls says:

      are you fools even watching what he has been doing these whole playoffs!!?? ahahahahahahahahahahahah, you’re just sore

    • Tonio says:

      Again he averages 20 for clevland last year in the playoffs and he is considered to be a quit on the team.. Will somone pleas e revist the playoffs and blame the damn team that he had to carry all by his damn self.. I mean hate the man for what ever reason but dont sound like a bitter female that just caugft her man cheating,, seriously if you wanna keep what you got because you feel its that damn good do what ever it takes to keep it…. Dan Gilbert Obviously Antwan wasnt what it took to keep the best player in the NBA .. Blame the team not the Well the TEAM.. bLAME THE LACK OF HELP from MO , Antan , Verijo and even Big Z sorry to put you r there Bra but damnnn..

    • STOP THA MADNESS says:

      he won the boston series for them. They did depend on him and he closed just fine. Your mad because he is putting himself in a position to get a ring. Kobe in one of his first playoff series he missed 4 three point shots in a roll. Lebron has been clinch. if you carry your team for 3 1/2 periods how hard do you really think its gonna be to make the game winning shot. He has got to be tired. Wake up! HATER

      • steven says:

        lebron did not have any presure on him in the boston chiago series cause of the other two superstars on the team. you take those players away and put presure on lebron he folds like a pancake. put jordan in the same situation he rises up and dominates you guys dont know lebron he will fold under pressure. great player yea probaly. legend not a chance.

  135. Dom V says:

    when bloggers like your self realise, he is the best player in the league, yes he decision was a bad idea but leaving was the best in his career. if you guys want to hate on some one hate on dan gilbert… irving will be gone from cleveland in 7 years too, cause they have no idea how to build a team. Look at the lakers kobe asked for a trade and you all dont hate on him… he asked for a star he got pau, lebron did and he got jamison… atleast lebron waited until free agency.

  136. Righteous!!! says:

    Why does everyone bash lebron(being the greatest player in the league today) and calls him “Lequit” wen he goes to Miami for a better(legal) opportunity and begins to talk about how much he isn’t honorable, loyal and has no heart?? while everyone tends to forget that “KOBE” literally cried and plead out for another team to grab him??? wth!!! he even made a fantasy list referring to the teams he wished to go to!!!
    Answer..Lebron James is the greatest in the NBA today! an his greatest will not only be noticed by the fans but by those who feels threatened by his approach to the game.. “WeAreAllWitnesses”!!!

  137. pat carter says:

    Poor Booby, he was the one guy I always felt besides lebron who was not appreiciated enough. After they got there in 2007, instead of nurturing Gibson into the starting rotation. This organization decided to keep adding dead weight, un proven finishers that not only pushed Gibson further down the pine but also made lebron have to continue to do it all. I understand his pain but blame your organization for not bringing in basketball savvy in the front office,hiring bryon Scott a year earlier. it was easy for Cleveland to get to the playoffs with lebron, but winning they just needed that extra player who could create his own shot, the organization was busy riding the gravy train (lebron). Maybe when his contract is up he can get past his anger and rejoin him, I gurantee you he his better than current guards and get to play for a winning organization/get his quality minutes. trust me it was hard for lebron to go but in the end he realizes that time is the enemy. Don’t waste your prime years after 8 years thats enough. Hopefully other organizations will see the light, look at golden State bringing Jerry West for consulting, Cleveland should have done the same, Oklahoma needs to do the same they may not get back for a while as portland, Memphis, gets better because they are trying to make someone play a position they will never be able to conquer so you wast opportunites western finals. thats insane as an owner I’d be making big changes. don’t blame the players blame the game (organizations).

  138. Natz says:

    I agree with the others, he was just answering questions, its how Gibson interpreted it. Maybe because he wanted a ring and now his chances have gone in smoke because James left that is why he is bitter. Well swallow it man. Life is a choice and James made one, look at some great players who stayed with a team with no other talent to support him they retired without a ring. Move on people stop whining and start doing what you are suppose to do now, accept the fact James is no longer with you and move on and maybe you will be traded to a team who has a chance of winning…and stop picking on every comment of James as if it was directed on you or your team.

  139. PacerFan says:

    Go LEBRON. You just need 7 more rings to match your twin Robert Horry. You know sign with teams that have superstars to capture them rings. Your name is now changed to Big Shot Bron in reference to Robert Horry’s nickname Big Shot Rob. Im rooting for you. You can match him

    • WITNESS says:


      • PacerFans says:

        Micheal Jordan lost 3 times in a row to the Detroit Pistons. Lebron james lost 3 times in a row to the Boston Celtics. What did Jordan do? Jordan stayed and won his ring the next year. What does Big Shot Bron do? He bails to a superstar loaded team instead of staying and bringing the superstars to him. Oh yes, he just needs 7 to catch up to Robert Horry who is known to sign with superstar loaded teams. They are the same. Lebron is not clutch.

    • PJ says:

      oooo… got some jealousy there Pacerfan? Horry didn’t just sit on the bench, he got in there and scored and HELPED those teams win. From wikipedia, referring to his championship rings won with Houston, it states “While in the Finals, Horry set the individual NBA Finals record with seven steals in a game[3] and five 3-pointers in a quarter.” I think you’re just ticked because Horry helped three teams win titles and Reggie Miller didn’t help Indiana win a single title. If LeBron stayed in Cleveland he would probably have ended his career being mentioned in the same breath as Miller, And if that breath includes “one of best” AND “didn’t win a championship”… that’s a breath most people don’t want to have. Although it’s a heck of a lot better than “didn’t win a championship” all by itself… or is it? 😉

  140. NBA Fan says:

    LBJ sells, that is why the media always exaggerates!

  141. Daver says:

    I think Lebron should be very grateful to Bosh, thanks to Bosh Lebron is the second ugliest player in the NBA. No ring will change that!

  142. cavs4ever says:

    I hope Lebron James wins more championship before hes career end coz if this will not happen i bet he will comeback to cavs knelling down and begging to accept hes jersey retirement….

  143. CJ says:

    Great players need great teammates!!! and great teams make it to the championship… It is what basketball is all about. a basketball TEAM! Not even my main man Michael Jordan did single handedly brought Chicago Bulls to multiple championships. He relied onto his teammates’ competetiveness together with his own greatness. Shaq cant do it without Kobe and Wade. Kobe can’t do it without Pau and Fisher. Pierce can’t do it without Garnet and Allen. Duncan can’t do it without Manu and Parker. Magic can’t do it without his showtime friends. Bird can’t do it without his old school buddies and so on…All of these All-Time Greats needs a team that they can rely on. That’s what make it to the top…a Great Basketball TEAM!!!

  144. Turkasaurus says:

    Well i think LeBron deserves a break. Jordan is the Greatest of all time (not comparing) and so is Magic and Bird. but they all had a GOOD team. most of the nights Jordan would score 50 plus points The Bulls would lose,so scoring isn’t the issue.

    It’s a good team that makes championships not players. whoever chose Jamison over Stoudamire is an idiot. i’m just a fan of the game and i KNOW that was a stupid decision.LeBron is scrutinized for the way he presented his decision and for leaving Cleveland,i believe he could have done it more discreetly but his reason is valid. Heck if i was one of the greatest the NBA has ever seen and i come up dry with a team after 7 years? what other reason would make me stay? Wade got a championship after 3 years,Kobe got a championship after 4,Jordan after 7!!! every person in their right mind would do what LeBron did. he was just soooo loved and Cleveland was so attached to him that it turned into hate.

    LeBron deserves a Championship,i don’t want to see another great player who had a crap team and carried them on his back every game and never got to be a champion. Barkley,Iverson,Mutumbo,Malone,Kemp and many more deserve championships and never got there.

    LeBron shouldn’t be the next

    • Carlton says:

      I 2nd that notion…

      Also, you have to be a humble person to be the King of a city (even if it’s Cleveland), all the publicity of being the only superstar basically getting deep into the playoffs every year with your team on your back. Giving all that responsibility up to share the work load between two other stars to win a championship. That’s humility… He is 26 years old, have you ever seen a more respected, well mannered, non egotistical super star in any sport on that level? He deserves this championship and many more…

      • PJ says:

        non egotistical??? I’m not sure if you’re being serious or joking. He’s about as egotistical as they come. His teammates, peers, nor the media annointed him “King James”… he did that. Now that’s an ego. Understand that I’m not a LeBron hater, he’s definitely got game, but he’s also got an ego. But that’s okay because he’s got the game to back it up. Now he just needs the rings to back it up… and THAT’S why he left Cleveland for Miami. He’s got enough money to satisfy the ego, and will make a lot more money from endorsement deals than any team can pay him (just like MJ), so the only thing left is to win the championships… and that you do to satisfy the ego.

  145. Ginobili says:

    Dude, LeBron is a douche what do you expect? He made it to the finals with a “crappy” team. A team that was worse than his last one. He’s a cry baby and drama queen who had to make a prime time special, “The Decision”. WHAT THE!? Thats the most selfish cocky crap ever. But, poeple still suck his…
    Its a shame that the douche was born with all that talent.
    And I HATE Dallas but I’m all Deutschland right now.

    • Blueprint says:

      “The Decision” was not his idea. He just agreed to it. Neither was Miami’s ridiculous welcoming party.
      Oh god, don’t whine about how he was “born” with talent. NBA players have to work their butts off to get to that level. Nobody is born that great.

    • lol says:

      you do know he raised 2 million dollars for charity with the selfish PRIME TIME SPECIAL dip$hit

    • Trey good says:

      Um Ginobilli whats a shame is that you dont know how to spell people. #2, since you guys have so much negative comments about LB23 yall shouldve went and tried out for the team before he left. This guy is making money doing what he loves on a great team in Miami Florida.Bruh stop hating, Where is Boston’s Paul P? Where is Da Bulls D Rose?. At home where LB23/6 and D Wade and Bosh told them to stay. So dont talk bruh go sit down. with all due respect.

    • STOP THA MADNESS says:

      Do you have any idea how much money he made for the Cleveland boys and girls cluibs? He did it to make money and donate it back to his home.

  146. ruel says:

    Lebron is the greatest player in this era.Why too much people blaming lebron?This man proves that he still a human.He needs some guys to help him winning the championship.And he is right.He can’t see his future in Cavs.He do it by himself alone.I believe in Lebron’s journey in Miami.God bless his journey.He is the most fearless guy in the NBA.

  147. heatfanatic says:

    LeBron James didn’t QUIT he just CHEAT..

  148. K says:

    At the end of the day LBJ made a business decision and left the CAVS everyone needs to get off his back. KG was loyal to the TWOLFS and where did it get him, imagine if him and Ray went to boston sooner. I take my hat off to LBJ he gave the CAVS 7 great years. I didnt like to fact that he used up a whole hour of television just to say where he was going but people GET OVER IT.

  149. Aditya says:

    Great players should do what- team up with some guys who die down in the moment?? Right Gibson, you were probably closest to becoming Lebron’s second man in the 2007 playoffs but you couldn’t have gone farther away from success with the way your game deteriorated

  150. mike says:

    lebron definately deserved better then what he had in cleveland. where as for cleveland they could not win a championship with a player of lebron potential . get it right gilbert u are not going to win a championship in next 10 ohh wait 20 or may be 30 yrs…but he is going to win it in his first year as a miami…and he said he was going to win it before him,, yea right keep dreaming…

  151. HeatWave says:

    Truth hurts Gibson. Anyhow what’s worse, the remakes from James or everyting else the Cavs and fans have done towards James this year?

    • Zambowie says:


    • Fact says:

      Agreed. The entire Cavs franchise has shown absolutely no respect for the greatest player that has ever worn their uniforms. Enough with all the Cleveland drama. The ‘Mistake by the Lake’ will continue to fail and deserve every bad thing that they bring upon themselves.

  152. Lebron is my Man says:

    Let us not hate lebron we need to understand him. he says something that is not nice but it is because the questions thrown to him makes him say something that is not good. ( he is drafted directly from High School) so let us unsderstand that. Lebron is a very talented athlete and he just want to win a championship..hes a better player than your sex maniac kobe http://sportales.com/basketball/lebron-james-versus-kobe-bryant/ and eh is almost the same level as mike http://sportales.com/basketball/miami-heat-lebron-james-is-better-than-michael-jordan/ and how can you hate him because he don,t want to paly anymore into a losing team who cannot even give him enough support. Lebron will win this yeers championship and prove his haters all wrong http://sportales.com/sports/miami-heat-the-2011-nba-champions/

  153. Rich says:

    Both of them has a valid point. But James should be more careful when making such statements. He may have said that to justify ‘the decision’ but he failed to recognize the negative implication it has on his previous team. Gibson just reacted to what James said.

  154. NH_Hondo says:

    I agree with everyone Cleveland Blows and they were lucky he was there 7 yrs. Boobie,get a clue dude great players can say/do whatever they want to,even if that means leaving from where you grew up.

  155. Coutney says:

    Who is Boobie Gibson??? LMAO..this guy isnt even a role player. He is more like a deleauge player or something. the only reason he is known because he was Lebron Hype man. Tell that lil dude pipe down and go follow Keyshia Cole around and hype her and the mother up..LMAO..Silly guy..He is so funny. Boobie Gibson..ahhh lol

  156. Nuckel head says:

    Gibson is damm right, Lequit as good as he perceive or want to be it sound as if he wants to buy championship. I wish kobe can pair up with D rose in the east so the big 3 can cry and whine.

    • Flip says:

      Kobe is getting old

    • bigE23 says:

      @Nuckel head you make no sense “Lebron buying championships” even if you are right kobe teaming up with D rose would be the same,, and itll look bad on kobe.. looking as if hes desperate to add to his 5 rings

    • Tyronne says:

      Oh well, keep whining loser.

    • Fact says:

      You do know that LeBron, Wade and Bosh ALL took pay cuts to go to Miami right? You do know that Miami’s bench was the worst in the league this year right? You do know that it wasn’t LeBron’s job to recruit other players in Cleveland right? The truth is, Miami offered the better opportunity and LeBron knew that Pat Riley knows what to do and how to do it when it comes down to getting real players. Dan Gilbert was/is probably the worst recruiter of all time. And wait, did you just say you want Kobe to jump ship to Chicago to team up with Derrick Rose? Wouldn’t that be the SAME EXACT THING THAT LEBRON/BOSH DID? All of you “I hate LeBron because he’s LeBron” bandwagoners open up your damn eyes and watch the game of basketball.

      • Nuckel head says:

        No fact. it feels good to hear the 3 musketeer. Kobe and Rose = champs and when you have big 3 against the little two then we know that LBJ is pure garbage.

      • Fact says:

        And what has Rose won to make him a champ?… I’ll just let you think about that one.

  157. robert says:

    wow until what day members of the press will stop bringing down Lebron, just let it go for god sakes, we are in the finals, no body really cares about the cavaliers right now.

  158. COREY says:


  159. robert says:

    gibson is a scrub. have fun not making the playoffs for the next ten years

  160. GoPacers says:

    Its ok, Let Lebron win some rings. Its not like he did it like a true superstar. He could not even bring players to the Cavs and he had to go to Wade’s team. He can win the rings, but lets see if he can win the league MVP’s and Finals MVP like Jordan did. You see, those will be rings with an asterisk.

    • robelopo says:

      You won’t have to wait too long, in a couple weeks lebron will have his first ring and finals mvp. Haters keep hating. Also, haters are lebron are also the most hipocrytical ppl going on and on how he isn’t the best player in the league, and le-quitter, le-choker, or whatever le- they can come up with, when the reason they do so is because they know he is the best player and if he wasn’t there would be 1% of the talk about him that there is now.

      Get over yourselves, lebron may make dubious decisions when it comes to handling his image, but on the basketball court he is above everyone else by a clear margin. Deal with it, this is lebron’s time whether you love it or hate it.

    • Flip says:

      Everyone on espn, and tnt are saying it is Lebron’s team. Last time I checked he has 2 League MVP awards back to back, and will probably win the finals MVP award like a true superstar. Dont hate the player hate the game

      • lol says:

        look at the mini movie of game 1 and see who is getting the team ready for the game with the encouraging speech and its not Wade I think ive even heard MVP chants a few times IN MIAMI FOR LBJ when he was at the free throw line

      • PacerFans says:

        let me rephrase it. lets see him win the league MVP and Finals MVP in the same year. Of Course not, he should be compared to Robert Horry. You know join a superstar team to chase after that ring. His name is Big Shot Bron. Yes I am predicting he may get close to his 7 rings, then we can compare him to him

    • Blueprint says:

      Another one of the clowns who think superstars can single-handedly win championships. Please.
      NBA basketball is a team sport. The closest recent championship team with only one shining player is Hakeem’s Rockets, and Hakeem was one of the greatest CENTERS of all time.

    • Tyronne says:

      Will you dumb fans will ever learn that it is a team sport. 1 man can only do so much.

    • Mark says:

      All champions had help. Why cant Lebron have any? Secondly if you had a chance to live in South Beach and win or Cleveland and lose what would you do? Jordan had hall of famers all around him. Im sure location had something to do with it. If Lebron was in a different city say N.Y or L.A he wouldnt have a problem recruiting good free agents. Honestly who wants to live in Cleveland?

  161. Ken says:

    This is getting very old very fast. LeBron is being ASKED these questions. He isn’t just sitting at the podium and deciding “you know what, I’ma throw a little jab at my old teammates”. Enough already. The guy is answering Honestly. Geez…. that’s why the NBA is going to be boring now. We love Shaq for “the Sacramento Queens” quip, chalk it up to his personality, but we crucify LeBron for answering a media question? Grow up. Media= Firing squad. Hand me the blind fold and my last cigarette.

  162. DBBJ-MIA says:


    • igo4heatthatburns says:

      yeah, i totally agree with that. no one from the cavs can compensate if LBJ gets a bad night. and in time where LBJ is heavily pre occupied with a tough defense from opponents, he cant find them. i mean, he just wants to win a title so bad.

    • doctor 'k' says:

      he is talking about daniel gibson the owner not boobie

      • McLovin says:

        yeah except that the owner is Daniel Gilbert not Gibson. LeBron has every right to voice his opinion on a Cavs franchise that CLEARLY didn’t even want him there. When you want players to stay, you make tough decisions like trading a possibly huge prospect in JJ Hickson for a here-and-now star in Amar’e, because it’s what they want. The Lakers did it when Kobe whined about having no support, which he DIDN’T until Pau arrived, acommidated to his requests and look where he is four years later, two rings richer and on the same team. If you want a player to stay you have to make the sacrifices for him, or else the only thing he sees is a lackluster team that he has to put on his shoulders. He made a great decision surrounding himself with other options on both ends, and you can see that he enjoys playing the game again, rather than taking a “time to go to work” approach to things. I just want LeBron to win a ring so all the haters can stop using that as the ONE SINGULAR reason he isn’t the best today.

      • Ian says:

        um the owner is dan gilbert. daniel dibson is the player

      • THEHEAT says:

        Daniel Gibson doesn’t own the cavs lol

      • Real says:

        Boobie Gibson is Daniel Gibson. Dan Gilbert is the owner.

      • MiamiMike says:

        You’re kidding, right? Dan Gilbert…

      • Tyronne says:

        Owner is Dan Gilbert. What he said is right. ?????

      • bullsnumber1 says:

        @doctor ‘k’

        can you go take your meds please..hahahahahahahaha

  163. swagg team says:

    many great players switch teams so they can win there s nothing wrong with that.and i think that ppl are responding to LeBrons decision and comments the wrong way because the truth hurts.

    • LABRYANT says:

      the fact is Lebron had to join Bosh and Wade in Miami to have a chance at a ring…why didnt he get players to join him in Cleveland..great ones dont jump ship they have players join them..did Magic Bird Jordan Hakeem Bryant jump ship ..no

      • robert says:

        well here’s my theory. all those players came from large well established cities that other players would love to come play and live in. lebron is from CLEVELAND. nuff said

      • Real says:

        Those players didn’t have to leave; they had solid teams built around them. And don’t think for a minute Kobe wouldn’t have left had the Lakers not acquired him some solid support. He made it clear that he was going to leave had they not made some moves. The fact is people hate Lebron because he has been hyped so much by the media, but has not yet won a championship. What is sad is, I think the damage is done, but permanent. Even if he ends his career with 7 championships, 10+MVP’s/First team All NBA accolades, he will still be hated because people don’t like to be wrong. If they have already jumped on the “I hate Lebron bandwagon”, they have to continue to come up with reasons justifying them doing so. It will never end, even if he goes down as the greatest player to play the game.

      • chitown says:

        You can’t add Bryant to this list. He refused to play for the team that drafted him because they had know chance to win. And changing teams doesn’t make you any better or worst. Here are some notable players that changed teams. Wilt, Kareem, Clyde the Glyde, Shaq, KG, Ray Allen, and i could add more.

      • kaede says:

        those players did not jumpshipped because their team is able to do what they need to do. and that is to get the right players to support a superstar. props for riley for being able to pull this off. A GREAT PLAYER admits that he needs help be able to achieve his dream. and he is not getting that help in CLE. all that bitrer dan gilbert wants is to get profit from lebron. and not to win a championship.

      • kaede says:

        oh, and another thing,before, ball hog bryant demanded to get another star in to his team or else he will leave right? because he cant bring LA to the finals without having another all star player in to his team… which LBJ was able to do! nuff said.

      • Nuckel head says:

        Are you Crazy. Lequit was on his hometown Cleaveland . The city of many NBA superstar. He just could not do it. His confidence relies on others. He is not as good as those other players you mean.

      • Jeffx says:

        Cleveland were one good player away from a ring, unfortunately Shaq (great player as he was) was in his twiligt and really din’t help, Antawn wasn’t a good fit, or more than likely was still learning how to play in Clevelands rotation. It has taken the Heat until now to be as good as they are and they really haven’t fired on all cylinders yet. With regard to greaty players don’t jump ship, lets look at a couple Kareem, Wilt, Ewing, Malone & Malone, Shaq, Parish, Drexler, Pippen, and yes Hakeen went to Toronto for 1 year too, MJ with the wizards, need I go through to many more??? I don’t blame LeBron for leaving I just think that he could have used a LOT MORE TACT when he did it. When Miami went to Toronto they booed LeBron not Bosh. Perhaps LeBron should’ve taken some lessons from Chris Bosh, who at this moment is playing so of his best ball.

      • VFICIAL says:

        Your right they all did but its not about them it about the organazation puttting the players on the team. Cleveland had plenty of time to build a team around LJ but didn’t do it. Thats like you work at a job and you need to make a quota each day to get a bonus. But the tools the job is giving you is preventing you from getting that quota because they dont work as well as everybody elses at work and you keep telling your boss you need new tools. and they say ok. And all they do is clean the same tools you had before and give them back to. So there still the same tools thats keeping you from getting the quota for the bonus but just cleaned off. And your still not getting that bonus. So you say to yourself I’m not getting anywhere here i will never bonus with these tools. I need to find a new job. What Lebron did happens everyday in real life people feel the company they are working for just can’t get it done for them so the go find a new job. It is what it is.

      • Zambowie says:

        You do realize you just said why didnt LEBRON get players to join him right? PLAYERS cant decide who they want to play with until they are free agents. They dont pay other players, the owner does.

      • MAMAO says:

        Because who the hell would CHOOSE to go to cleveland.

      • Footy@oz says:

        And the cavaliers organisation proved unable or unwilling to make the decision to trade hickson for stat despite lebron specifically asking for this trade to happen. The Cavs Dan Gilbert was so certain that lebron would never leave he gre complacent and it burned him. The only bad thing about his decision was the actual Decision although all money raised went to cahrity. If the organisation showed over seven years an inability to build a championship calibre team around a hall of fame level talent can anyone really be mad that James chose to leave for greener pastures. Kobe never left his team no but he has repeatedly bagged teammates demanded a trade for himself or for others to me that is worse then leaving after you have honoured your contract. What melo did last year in holding the nuggets over a barrel was immeasurably worse then lebrons decision yet anthony received no hate. Come on guys you really need to stop hating and sit back and enjoy watching a dynasty form with one of the greatest that will ever lace em up at the helm. Peace out

      • cb says:

        There is nothing wrong with “jumping ship,” just as there is nothing wrong with you switching employers. Would it be fair if everyone was ridiculed for changing employers in search for a better outcome/life/income etc? I recently moved from the east coast to the west coast to improve my situation. Lebron is a working professional in the same way. The double standards people hold is amazing. Grow up!

      • Dman says:

        How quickly we forget when things are going well for us;it wasn’t that long ago as I recall when KB24 was trying to force his way out of LA because his team mates at the time wasn’t good enough to help him win another championship!KB understood then just as LBJ6 understands now that you must have more than one all star calibrer type player on your team if you are to win titles in NBA:ref showtime lakers,83 sixers,80’s celtics,90’s bulls,even KB8 lakers before they ran Shaq out of town….I’m just saying do your research before you run your mouth!!!

      • MavsForTheTitle says:

        Because of Lebron James! But Cleveland was so idiotic they didn’t try for a trade. You can’t blame Lebron for wanting to go to a different team to try and win a championship there. The Cavs are a stupid team. No owner invests all their time on one player, that’s called an obsession.
        I think people don’t hate Carmelo because he was actually traded, he didn’t leave in the offseason, he was actually traded and seen ove by the Denver orginization. But I don’t see a difference very much.

    • PAULA says:

      Yeah, right on man – players like Jordan, Bird and Magic – just a few great players (with mutiple rings) who switched teams to win – NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

      Lebron sucks big time!

      • mo says:

        yeah but they had other stars with them. their situation is like wades where they are surrounded by good players. jorden had pippen, magic had kareem etc. lebron couldn’t do it himself just like no other player could. i respect him for wanting to win a championship. how any great players have retired having not won a championship-charles Barkley,stockton and malon etc. lebron could have stayed in clevelend won many mvps and first teams but his team was not good enough to win a championship and the cleveland organisation was incapable of bringing in players that could help lebron by stepping up especially when lebron was having an off night.

    • Mark says:

      I agree SWAGG. If Garnett wouldnt have made the mistake people want Lebron to make he would probably have a whole bunch of rings. What if K.G would have stayed in Minnesota for his career. He would have been loyal and miserable.Its amazing , if the heat didnt make it to the chip ppl would have benn bashing him on his decision blah, blah , blah. Now that his decision was obvious the BEST one ppl still find something to hate. Remember what Dan Gilbert said “Cavs will win a CHIP before Lebron”. Cavs fans you still believe your owner ,Gm or whatever his position is? LOL. That was funny. Talk about blowing hot air, thats all that was, A waste of words idiot.Get ready for the draft and screw that up and blame it on Lebron. Cavs are pathetic thats why they’re mad. LOL STOP HATIN ON LEBRON. I see old championship teams and they have HOFS all over the place, Lebron had none. Not even close to one. Cavs couldnt bring him a great player alongside him so he had to go out and find one himself. LEBRON BEST DECISION YOU COULD HAVE MADE. GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Gman says:

    I don’t think he is taking cheap shots at the CAVS, i think he is trying to justify his Decision.

    • sameer patan says:

      The question is not when Lebron will stop taking cheap shots – when will media stop taking cheap shots at lebron. He was just answering a question – Its not like he pinged Gibson and told him that he was not good and which is why he went to Miami. Who is Boobie anyway – he is just a role player who dint turn up!

      • Jake says:

        Exactly, who interpreted that as a cheap shot at the Cavaliers? It drives me nuts when the media tries to stir the pot and make something out of nothing. I’m sure there are better things Fran could be writing about.

      • Semo says:

        This is like the 3rd time Boobie spoke up on something pertaining to LeBron. He didn’t even start when LBJ was playing with the Cavs. He’s just mad he looks like Juwanna Man!!! LLS

  165. Zambowie says:

    The Cavalier organization has no loyalty anyway. They fired Mike Brown before Lebron even left. They sucked at building a team around Lebron. Antwawn Jamison rather than Amare? Seriously? The organization sucks. Period.

    • Rich says:

      What makes you think they actually preferred Jamison over Stoudemire ? Jamison was the best and only possible opportunity they had at that time.

      • Blacksheep says:

        the Suns wanted JJ Hickson for Stat so they could have gotten him but chose to keep Hickson Paying for now though

      • ray says:

        woah,w8. Who the hell bumped Mike Brown and decided to go for Antawnand not Stoudamire??? LeBron did. No doubt this big 3 was planned ever since the three met durin the Olympics by themselves (executed by Pat, who receives most credit). It’s almost as if this “KING” wanted to ruin his 1ST EMPIRE, his HOME STATE, before breaking off with them on national tv!! don’t forget!! only bandwagons don’t pay attention to detail.

        Bulls fan here, but this is how i’d feel though…betrayed!!

    • sameer patan says:

      Absolutely Right!

    • Ginobili says:

      they did make it to the finals….

      • Anw says:

        Yeah and who carried them there? Fact is they couldn’t get the guy some help over 7 years, and as a result they simply did not deserve to keep him. Make better deals faster next time, who knows when they’d be able to draft someone of Lebron’s caliber, if they ever will.

      • HeatWave says:

        Yeah the semi finals. I won’t even go into 07 cause just look at the stats and James was practically doing everything for them. Just couldn’t matchup against Parker, Ginobili and Duncan in the end.

      • farouk says:

        no king in history had ever deserted his kingdom. lebron committed a treason in cleveland, to his fans there. YOU want to justify “the decision?”Yeah sure, it cudnt be. YOu want respect? it cudnt be earned thru championships with miami.’Cause history have already branded you to be a DESERTER.

    • Tim@Miami says:

      I agree with you. and disagree with Gibson “If the city of Cleveland and the Cavs franchise have finally let go of LeBron, shouldn’t he be able to do the same?” I do not think Cavs will never let it go. James was quite all season even after they insulted him, and question his personality, etc. Now you blame him for those a few words.. Come on! That is a cheap shot.

      • john says:

        Fact of the matter is last year versus Boston he quit on not only the fans but his teammates. Fact of the matter is he made a big freaking deal about who he was gonna play for and with via the decision or whatever he called it. Now dont get me wrong he can damn well play for whomever he wants to play for, but please he has taken every chance hes gotten to crack on us. So please Tim do us all a favor ok? next time you get the use of the computer and feel compelled to state your opinion on anything not just basketball know what you are talking about first, ok?

    • Sleepy Freud says:


      One word comes tomid reading yoru post. IDIOT!

      • Zambowie says:

        Lol Thanks Sleepy Freud. I know the Cavs front office ARE a bunch of idiots

      • Fact says:

        Maybe you should learn to spell before you make sad attempts at putting people down? Ironic to say the least.

    • jwy of Singapore says:

      though Miami Heat is lack of bench players

      LET’S GO MIAMI HEAT !!!!!

    • joebrown says:

      if i remember correctly lebron is the one who didn’t show up when the celtics beat them last year. it was blamed on delonte west sleeping with his mother, but whatever the case was he didn’t show up at all in that series.

      • Tbone says:

        “I wanted to team up with some guys that would never die down in the moment,” James said. “The opportunity presented itself with this great organization and we made it happen.”

        Amen brother! My thoughts exactly.

      • Mark says:

        Lebron is right he spoiled Cavs with his play, whereas he couldnt have a bad game without ppl saying he tanked it. Listen ppl he gave Cavs 7 years to prove that the organization was right for him. I dont like “THe DECISION”, only because he didnt give CAVS a chance to deal him before he walked out. I figure he did that so he could control where he went.In his first year(heat) he is enjoying himself in the finals, so whoever is questioning his final decision is seriously on something. Think of every NBA champion they all have either 2 or more HALL OF FAMERS or at least 2 ALL STARS on it. In recent memory what team didnt? I can think of only 2 off top Hakeems rockets and Billups Piston teams. Oh sorry I believe PIstons had i believe three or four AllSTARS those two years. What teammate of Lebrons Cavs ever mad the ALL STAR GAME? IN 7 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Come on the org didnt make smart trades. Jamison is a small forward tryin to play P.F then they wonder why he couldnt check his position. I agree with ppl sayin why go after Jamison and not Amare? Are you kidding me? “THE DECISION” would have benn made at that moment. They didnt even try to go after Bosh because they wanna keep Hickson. So to me STUPID decision making organizations shouldnt be able to keep SMART players. Even T’Wolves was surrounding Garnett with much more than Lebron ever got. Oh i forgot they gave Lebron Ricky Davis wow. Im just sayin…….. Im not even a Lebron fan but jeez ppl your killin him for wanting to win.

      • media head says:

        couple things, lbj had a surgery early in the playoffs to remove what could have developed into a tumor from his face/neck, and then played thru a jacked up shooting elbow to avg. insane numbers in the boston series, had one subpar game and you cavs fans wanna say he quit, and alot of you voiced you thought he quit before the decision, so take some responsibility, lbj didn’t wanna stay stuck in a situation where he had a whole state on his back and in the end it shows he got no appreciation, the only reason cavs fans are so bitter is that he will go down as one of the greatest, if mark price, terrell brandon etc. left as a free agent back in the day there would not have been so much uproar, why, cause although they were good players they were not great, lbj is great, the cavs are not, all you cavs fans swear you have a legit gripe, but sound just like a dude that just lost the best piece of tail they ever had or will have, lbj was out of your league and doesn’t owe you anything, be happy he extended his contract once, i thought he was crazy for that

    • Tom says:

      LeBron is total sellout……………true superstars stay with their original team, when they have the option of going elsewhere…….MJ did that, Kobe did that……Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Paul Pierce……..want more? He might play well, but he is a sellout…………

      • Sean says:

        yea and whats even more disgraceful is lebron grew up an hour away from cleveland and yet kobe is from philadelphia and hes loyal to L.A and lots of stars on their teams arent even from around the city
        lebonehead is whats wrong with stars in the league now they all are modeling after him and just want to pile up on one team instead of competeing with the best and beating the best like the old schools stars used to do

      • PJ says:

        Tom, I respectfully agree AND disagree with your comments. True superstars DON’T stay with their original team. You have some good examples but missed other good examples (I won’t bother naming them). But MJ??? He jumped ship when he didn’t just leave the team, he left the sport to go play baseball. When he came back to the Bulls he came back to a team he had already won 3 titles with, with players AND A COACH he had won titles with, with an organization who would make sure he had players AND a coach he could win more titles with, and he did. Then the stupid team management crap happened and both he and Phil Jackson left. And you can’t compare James leaving Cleveland with Pierce and Bird staying in Boston… look what Boston did to bring help in for those players. Both have hall of famers and other great players surrounding them. They brought in KG and Larry Allen to support Pierce and won a title a few years ago (and contending every year since). And if Rondo continues on current path he will be hall of famer, too. Via the draft and trades the Celtics got Bird some great players to help win titles (McHale, Parrish, Ainge, Walton). LeBron didn’t get any help like that in Cleveland. Finally, a few superstars and hall of famers that jumped ship feeling they had a better chance to win a championship somewhere else (some did and some didn’t, but none announced their change with the flair and audacity that LeBron did. Hmmm…. Kareem left Milwaukee for LA. Barkley left Philly for Phoenix. Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo played for SIX teams before going to Lakers and being a big part of them winning two champrionships (with Kareem and the other MJ, Magic Johnson). Trust me, Kareem and Magic would not have stayed in LA and Bird and Pierce would not have stayed in Boston, nor would they have been the superstars they were, if they were not surrounded by people, coaches, and management that allowed them to florish AND WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS. LeBron did not get that in Cleveland nor did he see it ever happening… so good for him for finding an organization that is putting forth the effort to make that happen.

    • Sean says:

      dude you make it sound as if its EASY to get stoudemire
      im sure if the cavaliers had the opportunity they would have got him
      but they didnt wanna gut their team when they felt they had the necessary peices
      are you even listening to what your saying? you cant just buy a superstar when you feel like it theres a lot of stuff that has to go down just like rich said do you think they actually preferred it? im sure they did it because they COULDNT get stoudemire and they took what they could get