Welcome To The Show, Ricky Rubio

MIAMI — Now we know something good has to be in store regarding the labor negotiations between the owners and players. There absolutely has to be something there.

The news that Ricky Rubio might finally headed to the NBA for the 2011-12 season confirms it for us, courtesy of Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune, who confirmed that Rubio will make the jump from the Spanish league to :

Yes, he will.

A winding, often secretive 23-month saga over whether Spanish point guard Ricky Rubio ever will play for the Timberwolves is over.

Rubio on Tuesday signed an NBA contract to play with the team next season, a league source confirmed Wednesday night to the Star Tribune.

A news conference introducing him two years after he was drafted will be held when Rubio’s European season ends later this month.

Rubio signed May 31, the last day he could secure a contract for next season under the terms of the league’s current labor agreement.

By doing so, the 20-year-old potentially guaranteed himself millions of dollars more than if he waited to sign under a new labor agreement, whenever that might come.

The current agreement expires July 1 and NBA owners are seeking major financial concessions from players in difficult negotiations that could total hundreds of millions of dollars.

Thus ends the team’s pursuit to sign a teenage sensation who seemed reticent to play in cold, snowy Minnesota when the Wolves selected him fifth overall in the 2009 draft.

We understand not everyone is convinced, a somewhat skeptical Kevin Love, the Timberwolves’ All-Star power forward, took to Twitter last night to share a wide range of opinions on the topic:

— Ricky Rubio huh? I’ll believe it when I see it…

— Just thinking about pick and rolls…goodnight

— Pick….N….Rolls

But we’ll hold out hope on both fronts — that something breaks in the collective-bargaining discussions and that we will all get a chance to see Rubio sporting a NBA jersey next season.


  1. cjab_1 says:

    Ricky is more than nothing, He is at the same time past (look at the medals around his neck and other accomplishments), present (he plays really, really, good basketball), and future (do we need to remember again that he is 20?). Having said that, I am not sure he is going to fit well in the NBA and the American way of life. I think Ricky Rubio is oblivious when he thinks that his adaptation would be better leaving in Sacramento than in Minneapolis. He is, in that way, un-experienced and immature. But, come on, he is a heck of a basketball player! Good for him, good for the NBA, good for the Wolves!!

  2. tps_6 says:

    i live in spain and i know that ricky rubio will be one of the bests point guards in NBA.
    Euroleague champion, acb champion, 2 time king’s cup champion, european champion and silver medal being the starter point guard in all of them. And he is only 20 years old

  3. watcher says:

    It’ll be 5 minutes before J-Wil,l J Kidd, and potential Nash scoring comparisons start flowing. Hope he comes and good luck to him.

  4. dizwhar says:


    Ricky will make a great impact in the NBA, whichever team he plays for. The combination of youth, atheleticism, experience, and high basketball I.Q. is a recipe for greatness in the NBA. He will also be a good leader of the pack, if choose to run with the Wolves…Let’s go Wolves…..AAWWOOOOOOOHHHHH!


  6. Joel says:

    The kid’s got game. He’s way more mature than any player coming out of college. He’s been playing with pro’s for several years now. Just check out how he did the U.S. redeem team a couple of years ago.

  7. awing says:

    stockton to malone..rubio to love

  8. Grover says:

    Great News! Coupled with Derrick Williams landing in our lap at #2 — the most dominant player in this years draft — a future all star, and likely rookie of the year. Go Wolves.

  9. Reality says:

    As a Wolves fan I’m happy, but this highlights how low we’ve sunk – we’re celebrating the fact that one of our draft picks … (wait for it) … is actually going to play in the NBA! And we’re pretty sure about that, even though he hasn’t said anything! Heck, he might even play for us! And only 2 years after he was drafted! EPIC WIN.

  10. Patrick says:

    Ricky Rubio ! in N.B.A., unique player, very good.
    It’s great for wolves

  11. Jeff PHILIPPINES says:

    Well…that’s sounds good. go WOLVES..

  12. heat136 says:

    hes a good fit with the heat..LOL..he can run pick n rolls for the 3 kings..

  13. Kazzy says:

    I like Chicken. I also think Miami is the best team since the 2010-2011 Toronto Raptors.

  14. reynaldo says:

    Yeah that would be great, another european in the league just like PAu gasol, i hope that he will contribute for the wolves to be a playoff team in the future, go ricky, hope you wont play like a worm like Pau Does and one of thr reasons why the lakers fall this season ..http://sportales.com/sports/la-lakers-and-kobe-bryant-from-sunrise-till-sunset/

  15. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    Haha playoff ready team ! Good one ‘

  16. AusRob says:

    If he does come next season…. ABOUT TIME!

    The Timberwolves might be playoff-ready team with a losing record by the end of the month when this is all confirmed. Ricky Rubio, Kevin Love and potentially Derrick Williams make up a young nucleus that, with time, could really become relevant in four years, give or take a year.