All systems go for Dirk

MIAMI — Really now: Why does anyone think a guy who can drop three-pointers from a yoga position would ever have a problem shooting with a bum finger on his opposite hand?

Dirk Nowitzki has practiced his stroke twice now since ripping a tendon in his left middle finger in Game 1 and says he’ll have no problem tonight for Game 2. His long-time shooting coach, Holger Geschwindler, watched Dirk in Wednesday’s practice and again at the morning shootaround and neither tutor or pupil see any reason for alarm.

“I’m not that really worried about it,” said Dirk.

“[Rajon] Rondo played with one arm,” said Geschwindler, “so he might be able to play with nine fingers.”

If Dirk isn’t hitting the mark in Game 2, then it might have more to do with the Miami defense than anything else. That’s because Dirk, as all shooters do, can compensate in so many ways. Shooters don’t allow a finger to stop them. Maybe it might be uncomfortable. Maybe they won’t be 100 percent. But the great ones have made a living hitting shots despite distractions — double-teams, physical defenders, defenders with length, the shot-clock winding down — that they find a way.

So Dirk will find a way.

“He’s a tough guy,” said Peja Stojakovic. “You ask him how he feels, and he says ‘all right.’ He’ll play through anything. He has in the past, he will in this series.”

Also, keep in mind the great players refuse to be denied, at this stage in the season, unless it’s a truly crippling injury. Isiah Thomas limped on one leg against the Lakers in Game 6 of the 1988 Finals. There was the famous Michael Jordan flu game against Utah in Game 5 of the 1997 Finals, when he had to be assisted off the floor by Scottie Pippen after the buzzer. And of course, there’s Rondo one-arming his way in Game 3 of the East semis against the Heat last month.

That’s why they’re greats. That’s why they manage to separate themselves from the pack.

Finally: Have you see Dirk take some of those off-balanced jumpers? What’s a bad finger to someone who can shoot off one leg?


  1. DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:


    Never doubt this team!

    While your Superfriends were Celebrating TOO EARLY AGAIN Dallas finished you off …

    That is what t looks like to play with Heart and a team that NEVER GIVES UP (LEQUIT!!!!).
    Too bad Lebron didn’t do that in Cleveland, but Dirk DID IT IN MIAMI!!!

    EAT YOUR WORDS HEAT FANS!!! Dallas wins on your court!!!

    All that BRAGGING and trash talk and CELEBRATING YOURSELVES … You are FOOLS NOW!


  2. Nobody says:

    Lmfao! If the Heat does make a dynasty, imagine the other teams doing the same. Take the Mavs for example, if they are to lose this chance for a title, they’ll get back to the Heat by making their own lineup built for creating a dynasty as well. Imagine the Mavs next season starting line-up: Dirk,Allen,Rondo, Howard and Durant. Once that happens, teams will begin to build similar line-ups as well. Imagine if Pirece, KG and Rose move to the Lakers? If all that happens, the franchises would be reduced to a mere handful. Don’t mind me, I’m just fantasizing and stuff…

  3. Nobody says:

    Lmfao! Mavs starting line-up: Dirk,Allen,Rondo, Howard and Durant. Once that happens, teams will begin to build similar line-ups. Imagine if Pirece, KG and Rose move to the Lakers? If all that happens, the franchises would be reduced to a mere handful.

  4. Some guy you know says:

    If thats the case, Ray Allen, Rondo, Dwight Howard and Durant should go to the Mavs next season. You want a dynasty? You got one if that happens.

  5. Neutral says:

    @DIRK’S REVENGE; SERIOUSLY, GIVE US A TEAM THAT CAN BEAT BOSTON BY HIMSELF. YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO ANALYZE THINGS. JUST A FAN WHO SUCKS TO HIS FAVORITE TEAM. LeBron went to Miami to have a better players around him and will give him a chance to have a ring. The only mistake that he did was “THE DECISION.’

  6. wekmmoe says:

    Lebron, Bosh and Wade knew that they were going to go to the Heat well before the Decision. But they knew it could only happen if they acted like they might stay with their team so that they wouldn’t get traded well before the free agency period. The heat could not have traded for both Lebron and Bosh because they would of had to trade players and draft picks and cash. So the only way that it would of happened was with their lies. They left both the Cav and Raptor franchise with nothing, no draft picks or players, nothing. That is why they are unethical and immoral. If Lebron wanted out and cared about his teammates and fans in Cleveland then he would of asked to be traded so that the Cavs would have gotten something for him. So they will win multiple championships and take the competitiveness out of basketball for years to come. Horrible for the NBA.

    • OzHeatFan says:

      ‘take the competitiveness out of basketball’ YOU ARE A MORON…

      Who cares.. whats done is done, they gave their 7 years dedication to their drafted teams…
      They were all good mates long before the start of this season… Wouldn’t you want to play with your mates and have a real chance at taking titles for the next 5+ years…

      90% of ball fans are angry at LBJ / Wade & Bosh for being selfish and joining together… isn’t that selfish in itself?

      You cavs fans got lucky with no 1 & 4 picks in the draft, so stop your whining.. little b!tches

  7. Dennis says:

    How can you say because he is a better defender he is going to get his first ring this year, the Bulls had the best defensive team this season and they are now fishing back home. One game means nothing, Dirk and the mavs are veterans and they have a better bench if the bench shows up its lights out for miami in game two.

    • Jeffx says:

      Heat played some pretty impressive “D” on Terry in the second half, 12 points 1st half, gone fishin’ 2nd half. If Terry goes fishin’ again it will be Miami in 4. He better put his rod back in the cupbaord.

  8. Prometheus says:

    Theres no question that lebron is a better defender, so that means he’s getting his first ring this year.

    • DIRK'S REVENGE!!! says:

      There are a bunch of other players on the court than Dirk and Lebron.

      If Dallas bench gets fired up they can still win it.

      It’s up to the whole team to tip the scale in this series …

      James came to Miami because he couldn’t beat Boston by himself, that’s a quote … think about it!

  9. Fabolous says:

    Dirk will still play well and this injury won’t stop him te a offensive threat to miami. I like dirk cause he ha a lot of confidence to himself ( 7 foot guy shooting beyond the paint ) his shots are good and arguably has the second hardest to defend shot in the history of nba.this will be a very good series and let us see who is going to win … Dirk Vs Lebron ,they are both Offensive tacticians and scoring machines so the ones whos a better defender would be taking his first ring this season. Gotcha !